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Entirely unreview draft about uni, still makes sense at time II.




All clear, up.


Listened by an agreeable woman, that engages you into doing what you wanted to do, giving an exhaustive account…

People not here when event occurs bu t give their status enough importance to take side to their colleagues in simply saying that the other people were lying and not their colleague or saying that the gross reaction of their collequae were justice f justified (given that their status versus another)

As good as a set up.






One way to complain since it is not any longer to the undemocratic government in direct for us apparently much longer, is to complain to the new boss, the leeches of knowledge preably availavbel and the ones that is gonna slay any one not willing to speak the same as them. Grove hous.


Ex the percentage of the money put in new refurbishment or pecs for them versus courses, education, tuition, research, networking, partenariat, and publishing, editing, projet pilote for , hopefully, directed to the production of new or used knowledge.

Fat rat.




And the odd way of making believe student of primary level that they are first class; and their tutors as well.




i d like to know if you d be available to comment on my work, or for me to see your annotations.





I enjoy the fact that I really have to get in touch with you again. Last time I saw you I went and showed my being nervous concerning the concept of making people losing their time, so I owe you an apology. At each time and step of my dealing with roehampton I.T, vagueness or total dead end like this had made me spend days worrying about my timing, checking 30, 50 times instead of one, contact I don’t know how many people in different departments, offices, or desks; and yet again put me into hold as for my timetable outside roehampton, were I not with the best and most flexible colleague and boss, they could not keep with the fluctuation (while I put all the rigidity I am able of in order to work at uni as well as at my other obligations) that the lack of seriousness of roehampton organization and polite notices had turned upside down my own regularity and capacity at fulfilling dependable hours.

However I thanked you to have me remind of my having to log on two months ago when I saw you- as I don’t remind it automatically always uncertain due to resit eventuality.


still i was waiting the green light from you, hoping you did not confound my being tired of roehampton never on time about my files updating, as if i was critical of it it was not a personal comment on you.


Roe did not email.




have you had any news about the h.r society hosted and advertised by your department?



The lectures tha t lsast one hour with the projection of a film included


The cim criminal teachers tha would swear to hell that prostitution is the oldest of all jobs.

And who works with an ocb for exit of extortion.




Of whom most of students would think- and helped- that she is the leading ground of the debates on prostitutions. Well of the punters and mackerel  apparently.


were you not asked to do the advertissment of their society hand in hand with the renewal of the department yourself and k.costa jacky? i stupidely got rid of all my roehampton emails.




ok are you sure for the oyester?

look ask the chief of my department, he is used to IT failure and will confirm after I ask him to perform this extra work. for the second time only this year that i ll go part time.


Mind it is quiet handy that the team is so disorganised with people, t hat you ask dozens different guys to research a n administrative matter concerning uni but under the have to know responsibilities of diverse professor, as each time , twice a term, there is a bug with my file it is not more than 6t times I have to advertise my need of being second to the same person, I can just dispatches between convenor, convener, tutor, program lecturer, that by nature could not give a damn of administrative suxzeraintey.




no, the situation is since the department did not find useful to warn or advice their part time student that they will be under on  going student status and therefore will not have to pay the new fees. although i sought assistance on this more than once, and with more than one reference (asking people of authority at university). i decided and actually did a full time year last year, whence the jerky path all the way, having to negotiate on things that are not mentored and just left like that by the university- just like because it is taken for granted that students are the lowest social classes and what for or who would give a damn about their time and finances, their organization and timetable outside uni- which enables them t o succeed and pay . is it this conductor?
certainly not the profs or admin staffs whose children d be better off- if their parents convey- not having to suffer from others background concurrence.

Thank you, thank s il vous plait.

Thank you, thank you, thank s il vous plait.









i d like to make progress on my own work.

 thank you for answering this one. green wishes.






i d like to know if it is possible to see my essay with annotations?




The academics thinking themselves as a part of establsihement and running their courses, institutins, research and tuitions just like a part of propaganda dwhose alphabetization is an aseptisation of the language and the style that orneate and couronne itself with being the perfect way of expression. H whereas academjic writer are writer just in the sense of being aca, aka. Not in the sens e fo of mastering the millions of millions of words and possibilities with the structuration of the language.

False possession. False masterisation.




thank you wade, and good restructuration.




Thank you for your email. We now have a societies intern who over looks all of the societies at Roehampton.

If you could get the person with the query to, he would be able to chase this up for you.

Sorry to pass the buck, but this way would be best to find a solution. Michael has been copied into the email.


Hope this helps.




Image removed by sender.Best green wishes.



You’re right in thinking that they are run for and by students, and although its encouraged for departments to be involved with departmental societies, they are still ultimately lead and managed by students.


I have a query regarding one of our students, Caroline Baranger, and access to the Human Rights Society run by students within our department.  Caroline came to see me this morning to say that she is denied access to the Human Rights Society, in spite of several requests to be able to access their facebook page etc. 


I have no expertise regarding student societies and need to seek clarification on Caroline’s behalf of the terms of reference and the mode of operating of student societies.  As far as I am concerned, student societies are run for and by students, and the staff in departments they belong to do not interfere with their operation – but I may be wrong?  Caroline’s point is that as a department we encourage students to join societies and we promote them, so we have responsibility to ensure that all students have access to them.


I would be grateful if you could give me some guidance on this.  I have copied in Darren O’Byrne as he is the Human Rights Programme Convener, for information, but he also has a depth of understanding that I do not of these matters.


Thank you.

Best wishes,



Roehampton spending millions of tax payers money partly and moeney that could have been dedicated to d education and research to new furntiture replacing completely functioning one, when not quaisi new other ones, instead of putting low consumption water button in the w.c, or regulate heating orthat don’t give ten times above or under necessary to study. For the heating concentrated the zone of study by night, but who would enforce the students to be quiet for the sake of others’ time? Cctv maybe.





you know quichia i never understood how a university offices used this red open box in the middle of the corridor for its mail collection. just like using a bin.


you know quichia i never understood how a university offices used this red open box in the middle of a corridor left without any supervision for its mail collection.




i could not tick or change options via 'online module selection therefore i have to ask you even at this stage.



 aisha, thank you for the extended notes and comments on my essay.

i ll ask nicola to read it with me, just to be sure i have read every word

 am sorry i did not graps these subjects in particular, better.

sexual exploitation were a huge one. i had difficulties in associating it with other particularism or subject, such as immigration policies. where are the h.r there properly?



Research on the topic of the professors.



University like a camp holiday, level le v el the same diligence in organization and seriousity.



Limited grasp of understanding not as much as grasping real data is.

Never as c much.


 hello ben,

thank you for your email.

i tried to acess the 2010 to 2012 archives, it does not look like it is working. could you help me on that?

Thursday, 11 October 2012, 17:20


i tried to view 2010 to 2012 activities and subjects on face book. and it did not load.



You f fleeming idiot, idiom


Democracy ,




i previously asked you for me to change my options selections, but don't do it yet, as since you won't surpervise me i will drop an ism. two ism was a bit heavy anyhow. and the clarity or the standardisation of my language would never have made it in time for the more literary markperson.

Englisism. And of why would one want people all all other the world speak the same idiotically, and calce to true native speakers. As people interested in globalization and internationsalisation will ask to speak like upper clasee, even better. And mock you if your accent, and discard you as a gypsy in other quarters.




I am obviously not for th e multiplication of specific and idiotic meaning and expression, but not on one specialists, teachers, or inspectors that would make it its revolution, but if applied as general rules, englisification, or focus on only ho histocrical English, hcin Chinese, or arabatisation, is the shrinking of mind and its convention.

Circumvent.  Circ us vamp.



As good practice is still in use, even here, now and then, and that I would be asked about my feeling, e let’s try to exemplify after none of evidence.



It was lke to be treated like a little tramp. I tramped when I was 20. I tramped when I was 25, I … and so on. But this year I am mid 30 and of being treated like on by 20 year s old speaking like par rent, rant, and by about my age or not very much older teacher and head that earned fith time what a gypsy obtain on their best week every day of their career, epic with furnishing everyone with polite or formal letter, where there is every thing, no, they need clarity, but missing information absolutely necessary.


They missed to tell me, even though I asked so many times, that my fees were not gonna treble, I was among the very few with a status as part time, as little tramp had to work one year to sustain a year trying to study part time in a british university.

They faile d to tell me so I had to convince my boss to reduce my hours in order not to have to pay the rising fees…

In vain as it did not rise, and nor anyone about giving theis information for a little tram p that is vital.

I will all the rest of my life, thinking in transe and dismy, how much I am grateful to have this year then, a boss that did not bear grudge on me to have asked for my hours to be cut down, in this economical turn of all adversities. Happy manager and other organism funder and other party are from the uni. That my boss accept ed all of that. And how just lucky, as she would not have been able to do nothing about it. How lucky I had been that one of my colleague quit the yaar after and permit me to resume my full time job….

And this people talking to me like if they were superiorily busy, not willing to send information, that would have hv challenges my wages or my occupation for all what I ve got as more pounds than pennies, and a boss on which I can rely on.


Pray the gods, I can show him he can rely on me. And as long as they respect me.

I am not saying that for me not for my good boss, but for you just to know, even if life itself is tricky, when someone is honest or not in asking you tasks …. To do ones’ best but not helping peope that employ to screw.

However when you find someone fair, just nest him like a mummy.



Meaning you the mummy, not waiting the job be done by procuration or proxy.


Though you might want to look at other advice, for some other reasons one ca nlose it.





the last of h.r conference  the same time as announcing degree cancelation.

Cancer, quacker.



The Sociology of Human Rights, Subject: FW: The Sociology of Human Rights special issue of Sociology - publication and invitation to launch event.
or the roehampton wreckage.

while roehampton is closing its door to the speciality its a said they d endorse while grabbiung the du funds and dumping it half a dozen year later, a quinquenal plan, stolen from other university or center or netword of power.


Pan as pay.


Paid roehampton had been to em-power h.r being studied through sociology and humanity.

Fund s taken now the deans decret that the coru courses will be o ls losing their h. r etn entitlement against  being called sociology.

In roehampton we assist and witness sociology eating h.r in a denial of other dic disciplines and pluri discilplinaries approach, any how there the heads preach ‘voluntarianisn’ instead of calling the people ‘servants, or guinea pig’.



Since one can not transfer uni email to their pero sonal email account, you are on something wl else, at work, or wherever, and you end up paying heavy fines, the books I read.


Loggin every “20 minutes or so” into my zone, the university research engine and your email account,  for its info to be ongoing.



Academy and the the theoric oric, oniric, knowledge with which on e can draw assumption and deduction – corporately approved - when sounding more concret example from the news by the moguls manipulated.




Have to count on the little = not little but lower paid = would left in the quasi impossibility to pay being taught what is considered the intellectual standard intellectual study without risking a repossession upon their mortgage staff.




AND RESPECT this beautiful place, that has for extra rid, extraordinary campus near London just a paradise of quietness hold by intelligent security staff that make studying within Roehampton campus a blessed journey.  Stop the barbecue or grill veg, please. Students Grilling meat in this vast paddock near the ponds   in front of the still surviving goose, ducks, and hens, heron… is just an image from hell.  





On why people relativize so much??/




Cultural Relativism: Crumbling Away

Since this philosophy is nonsensical, there must be some fundamental absolutes of right and wrong, regardless of the opinions of any given society. Since there are disagreements among different cultures, we cannot assume that these truths are developed by one particular group of people. In fact, the only logical place for these concepts to originate from is something more universal, or at least more fundamental, than culture.




Real ativism.


Vain, vein

Throat, troth.

Thrush truth, thrust trust.


There is no absolute truth in the sense that human beings cannot comprehend, but still can serve its reel.

On why people relativize so much??/




Cultural Relativism: Crumbling Away

Since this philosophy is nonsensical, there must be some fundamental absolutes of right and wrong, regardless of the opinions of any given society. Since there are disagreements among different cultures, we cannot assume that these truths are developed by one particular group of people. In fact, the only logical place for these concepts to originate from is something more universal, or at least more fundamental, than culture.




Real ativism.


Vain, vein

Throat, troth.

Thrush truth, thrust trust.


There is no absolute truth in the sense that human beings cannot comprehend, but still can serve its reel.


I was a student at a university. This is for particularly a working student, as it is hard to compile both work and studies, and that places where enough place to find quietness or silent as either very expensive or unfindable –here the societal organisation is faulty- as it is very difficult to find people respecting and searching the same amount of noise production and respect of intimacy- and also unaffordable for a working class wages.

Libraries are full and the silent places are overcrowded while the restrictions with speaking or other are not always respected.



At this university, there is a chapel.

Between the chapel and the chapel store room there is a corridor where it is written that people are welcomed to enjoy quiet moment.

I am not speaking about the meeting room, with sofa, etc, the place i am talking about is in fact a corridor at the interjection of several mostly unused other doors.



I know that this place, as it is well hidden, and somewhat cold, colder than almost any other area, and much more sober, is never used by other students.

Each time students wanted to use it – a parish team came a couple of time and film students, i always packed my stuff and let them to enjoy the place entirely.



Although i made sure that my presence were disturbing anybody. It is the chaplain of this place that very heavily ban my working there.

I was as surprised as shock almost hurt. I respect teh silence 100%, i never stayed when people needed it, asking them to stay as soon as they entered, and packing my stuff at once.

This place is never ever used or practically and i really wonder why i have been refused to use it.

Yes silence and quietness are precious and to meditation, be it intellectual, spiritiual or otherwise, a complete necessity.


I am very concerned as what i think is very unwelcoming and very disrespectful and anti religious.

Also i will repeat that this chapel though having all the space certainly very needed is all the same totally unused. Why? There is here at least a part of the answer, with such abilities at outing people, or are these policies to your church and order pertaining?