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Entirely unreview draft about university, still makes sense at time I.

Entirely unreview draft about uni, still makes sense at time.


that Roe is something like 80th in 120th, that is quite low on universities ranking


THEY CALL THAT THEIR apologies for any confusion caused. This is not rotten confusion, that it is not random errors it is spending times and clicks by the dozens and the hundreds or the thousands chasing the golden geese of these administrators too envious warning about their confused apologies.

On beginners day, one who would underlines 10 times, careful one cannot log in, as roeroe isn’t a member of the journals they display; should be applauded.

Confusion? Ok.



British academics don’t stop emphasing discourse and discourse analysis, mocking again and again the simple statement of informative paragraphs, because they don’t have any information, they play being independent and critical but are all completely tied outer, inner, by organisations of all denominations, to find out, investigate and name the source of concerns.



livestock at Roehampton


First of all congratulations for the environmentalist award.

I tried to contact again and again people and professors from the green team at Roehampton, in order to see if transfer the leftover of the different restaurants and cafe at university could suit the fowl and other wild life at Roehampton

I know the surrounding very well and I am alarmed at a habitat ever shrinking or outside the uni or inside as well.

how do you think could it be done?


I asked to start something done by the students just feeding animals a little bit, including cats, squirrels, all the birds...

And someone answered me that it was unhealthy. I researched wild life website, they contradict this claim.

Roehampton had become an island of true green, truth, a few square metres of wild bushes and shrubs before Roehampton managers cut them all down at university.



energy saving culture


Manicure parks and


The narrow narrative imposed by ‘art of the dissertation’ itself (or almost holo cause).



It is about Roehampton, and more largely what may be happening in other unis or to other students, to teachers even -how their jobs might be prone or (re)viewed for regression, or to the educational system at large.


Not kind king, but (Din- much ado, Dean – D (the mark and brand) in) kind of king.



Roehampton is a place where one is still enjoying to be trusted while using free space, walking and secluding oneself in order to study due to a well intelligent way of managing and security policies. Guardians with intelligence and the obligation of giving to students silent rooms – whatever the risk of theft, minimum in there. Roe is quite secure, or overcoming the potential of disruption in order to provide this vital function, - silent, studious access fulfilled.




Please respect the areas for silent study.

And the church, the temple, the mosque, the sacred place: the nature.



And now cutting their undergrowth without which no wild life might persist. Roehampton whose advertisement strategy is too insist on their environmentalist premium and first class attitude on environmentalist issues, (h-)as just scrapped their environmentalist degree, and taught their teams to cut the remaining bushes as well as throwing brand new perfectly functional hundreds of tons of furniture and buildings.

Cutting the bush were animals can live, eat and hide and to have planted like 29 year old birch tree at the price and attendance that this operation might (might he) hint and hit, instead of go rowing little ones in a spirit of nursery. They cut everything and after that replant big trees, that it looks good.

To say that they look environmentalist just near the door of the buildings while the green space are shrinking, and salvaged, slaved behind the (sceances sciences) scenes, just 19-38 yards behind, (at the doors they replant while at the back they empty, say) but enough to dress the eyes and sense astray.

Sense, ness.

Astray, trace.

Stay, aster.



Lock ness the forbiddance of the nature upon our race.

Dragon summoned. Severance semen, semblance remembrance.




In fact- info act.

There was a gay society in Roe, though none (nonsense nominee) of the students beneficiating from it, advertising it to other. It was a closed, almost secret one. Though doing fundraising not towards visibility but their little personal trip to gay pride outside the borders of UK.




Uni to refine or already written.



In my uni, 6000 students, nowhere you can see gay



About the university SOCIETIES. Whose administrators are called ‘heads’. Daft-humpty.

Taking over of groups to transform them into ambassy, private clubs.

Ex lgbt example of fund rasing.

Taking over the population of the university. No accountable , no duties of openness and tranpsarancy…………….visibility.

To be taken over by non gays to destroy the networks and fight to have to keep legitimate place withing the general campus, society.

Or taken by some having in idea to transform the guetthos in their residence of particular wallets and trendy ways. An harem, one’s mates and excluded the otherness, guy ness. Who who don’t tricke, drink, spite, spit, have sex louder…


Embezzlement and laundery.

Where goes your fees?

Priviledges of business students. No human rights, cut of humanities, what will humanize trade then? Or will we be oglidge fto RIP them.




Email instead of phones when big, urgent and complex problem

+ dealing with several people

+ you knew big computer prob



sorry to change again but i came accross with the last big piece of info yesterday.

dave gave explained to me about the timetable (the comprehensive lists of all modules don't appear anylonger in my zone i don't know if you knew)

and thanks god i ve been remember that i did not have to take the so called requiered module of the first year. also this year i ll take second year modules.

i ll take law finally maybe i ll be better at essays in 6 months time.

also my final choice, it is jerky i did not remember how to distinguished between spring and autumn modules, i thought they were along the whole year any way- such big themes.


law for this autumn. on friday

history for the spring.



but instead of anthropology.

i lll take words politics for spring.



History & Philosophy of H...
Room: (S) QB.148 Queens (Gen Teaching)
Staff: Power, Nina Dr
09:00 - 13:00
Wks: 1S-12S
Human Rights Law 1
Room: (S) QB.252 Queens (Gen Teaching)
Staff: Jarman, Andrea Loux
14:00 - 17:45
Wks: 1A-12A



ps about the spybot, yahoo have had me changed of password this morning, i did not know it could be dealt like that.





library when a book is reserved you should have a warning of one week before having to bring it back or being warned by text messages.


You threw my usb key, i left it in july and did not find it in September.








The seal of compass. Scion. SI on si non. Si mon. Scie mont.

And Pandora box.


roehampton uni problems.





University should be near to free, as its knowledge, or at least the knowledge it should be(d) procuring (pro-cut). Procuring. 

Compulsory education.

On citizenship and lost sould.



To neophytes from recruitment team:


Staff at uni, young and self-conceited. Just like the students that think appropriate to speak during lectures on unrelated subjects, forgetting that to enjoy the lectures the rest of us have paid.

Also like me, but at least it is to produce pun or controversies. And counter verses. Like one is supposed to drink the lectures content like it was holy.

To the self-sell called head of students (tool not stool) dwarf societies practicing monopoly over decisions, bring their mates to be sure to keep the bureau, and censor like crazy crappy nazyish (groovy( see above in the post) groupie.

Draw a dowry, dolly.

Like other students that take the lead to abuse the little power that give attitudes and cv to have been a student something in one of the societies. This greener THAN new bud that react like CEO of the work world cup of resistance to intelligence and optimum corruption assure.



What about filling university staffing with all students of 20 years old playing hard to harder lines at teaching everybody how to work or better since in undisputable minority not to work at envies uneven rite city?

Landslide. Landscape ecorches (scorn v cor). Score, scorched.








ore, roe, reo, rea.


Roe and end madrassa mascara.




all these writings btw 2009-2013. Though I wrote extensively knowing about a bit of their immutability.


the LGBTQ.

Furthermore, it would be more so in Roehampton in particular, as the LGBTQ community there, is invisible, which entail that on top of not being represented by the university, while the person in charge of these subjects are completely unresponding even email, information put forward by voluntary organizations is completely absent.

Besides, it would be more so in Roehampton, as the LGBTQ community there is quasi invisible, whether through the administration network or through activities or through consciousness-raising campaign put forward by voluntary organizations that are virtually completely absent- but one poster I found in 4 years of peering at the wall, one party maybe (absent), looking inf act

In fact- info act.

There was a gay society in Roe, though none (nonsense nominee) of the students beneficiating from it, advertising it to other. It was a closed, almost secret one. Though doing fundraising not towards visibility but their little personal trip to gay pride outside the borders of UK.






The pomposity of saying that more humanites.vs business, increase the duality, are art rulers paid?

More critical studies when papers consist in political i.e and personal interest only.


Ok, me pompous, me ok.





Duschene. Oak oath.

Amazed and delighted.

Puzzled the time of adaptation delighted what you mean for a catholic?

Even so why catholic are in fact profane, nurturing if poorer always poverty , sign on imagery in having the lamb roested, and ignore the lifes or their holier lifes representant, as if asisi spoke to the birds, we speak to them into the pot or extinction now.


Like these professional conpersons and liars would have topped just as far as she has done.

Uncivil nonperson.





When one ought, should and would rather work on the quality of their duties and education rather than being the mouthpiece of these 6 star hostel instituition; were friendship is spelt accomplice and collaboration. Did not say conspiraseas.





just to say about tomorrow i wish to remind that the note i sent was a note i sent to you as my consellor on different ability i thought it could speak about personal feeling and emotions.

may i remind that this school is the only one providing a single honour in human rights, that this year is the only one the universities go one with fees that won't double or triple in price. that the only school left in london is in kingston h.r and terror. just doing that because writing prose here, in what i think is still an establishment paid mostly by tax payers money, sound like omen.

i come from france in london for getting an education in human rights. i am in london for this only. i have been working as a cleaner, bar reception, apple picker, farms lads, loory driver, and a lot of different functions with all ages and abilities as a career, in conventional language i sent to you that i was sorry and for having caused problems to doctor nina and for being forced to notice that university don't encourage students and profs coheision or at least liaison but the opposite certainly in the same spirit of not advertising lectures or not promoting disclosure of blogs and other activities, or not authorisatingstrike covering all professions at the same time.




diversion, misappropriations of funds.


money for academia.



Proof of embezzlement of former juggernaut h.r building.

They did not do anything to attract students they knew it was gonna clause and ready to be business relentless like reconverted.

As anyhow in h.r classroom h.r are let and permitted to appear as a business = an industry aiming at generating profit, not reinvest on fighting up but on accumulation of private property or indecent common monopoly, permetting the so called social to embezzle in doing nothing good... and avoid harmonious redistributing.



While we formally wrote reports on how the genocides was going on. Now it is what we are paid to produce certainly the same result than committed individual would have created in being paid as researchers exchanging or commuting emails an d prof and popular project.


Look honestly I cannot say no more as if you simply ask, I mean the union itself, ask, as you have to add asking it is not issue automatically, one would think.
If you ask for how the expenses are dispatches, euh allocated. Well you still can ask but no one will be providing.
Unless maybe you threaten them with information act, who would have the time for that?? Ah and erm, the authority. The authority would you retort ok, but never again in security.



Human Rights Education at the Heart of Roehampton

Story Posted: 20 October 2011

Human Rights Education at the Heart of Roehampton

The University has received a grant of €946,842 from the European Tempus Scheme to support the development of fully accredited undergraduate degrees in human rights in the Western Balkans. 

The project bid, entitled ‘Putting Human Rights at the Heart of Higher Education in the Western Balkans’ was led by Dr Michele Lamb and David Woodman and will last for three years. It involves a consortium of eleven universities from Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro with four EU universities from Germany, Sweden, The Republic of Ireland and the UK. This exciting project combines the Department’s international reputation in human rights education with its growing research expertise in the Balkan region and will provide staff and students from all the participant universities with significant opportunities for knowledge exchange and development.

This success adds to the Department’s existing European Tempus project on Service Learning and Civic Engagement in Jordan and Lebanon and establishes the University of Roehampton as a leading partner in Tempus projects in the UK.




Uni sanction if student relate or try to relate to profs under another matters:

Arts, politics.


And justified its position saying that they are expecting you to behave like if you were the employe of such and such industry.


If I go to the university it is hopefully in order to work for people that would prompt communication, also at the inter-personal level, and at other level, forum, civil society, freedom of expresiion, and free circulation of information, free liberty of association….



Forum, knowledge, transformation, corum, society,                 pouri.


Fly posting.








I tried to communicate with these two people at an interpersonal level due to their subject of studies, h.r law, Africa, jurisdictions and territoriality and philosophy and Marxism, feminism, equalitarianism, alternative thinking, critical ones……. respectively.

And that I consider university the depositary of a larger debate, actions, consensus, concern, not coner or cornered by plurality or simplicity (even in style possibly).

In response to the university new letters:

For the human right societies and students have your said I think you melt down two different entities.

Why is there not a human rights action or benevolent or charities actions represented in your new letters. Why is there not a section with ‘students have your say.

And what if human right societies does not allow the students say. Where are they?? Nowhere. But where are they gonna be? Slave and hostage of this ‘society’, monopolized and control by a few students as far as I know well and above all and therefore beneath scruples or any scrutinies, sieved, selected, reformulated??


Students should create sites like this??




I don’t want to go to university in the basis of accepting the industry policy of belongings.

Having said that the university are very very very cool compared to the what they now represent.

Format towards employer, you’ll regret to have want.



What if find very dodgy is the fact that interventions is very controlled, in general not encouraged.

On subjects even the most honest and serioius professional would miss for a proportion the comprehensive, or how the information might be perceive…taken into account polktical sensibility and live experiments, choices or events.

What is dodgier is the fact that lectures, all of them that don’t include watching film is scheduled to last for ex 3 hours and will last only 2, but there even though, the lecturers won’t appreciate questions at the end, as they are busy. Being afraid of owning to their very limited area of specialization?? We should understand that no one can answer hypothetic questions, the error margin is too high, and the memory and accuracy of reading, lone try at understanding sole fact or interpretation, is too  low.

But what is let happen is the magistral magistrate oral delivery of what you will learn you are not to question, interrogate, ‘qualified’, improve, or complete with some errors ridiculously but if I attend it is because I am full of misconceptions basically…

The lecturers is the chief, he is late, he come early, one cannot put a question in front of him, unless perhaps it is so specific to the subject that it will loose technically everybody the lecturer himself as technical are the affair of being scrutinized and always at the core of disputes whatever conceptual or practical, definitional or when enforced, topical or jurisdictional….the unethical and hops, and loopholes.



About unethical even in human rights courses the students are let thinking and ascertaining, planning as it come into projects, entirely unethical, attempt at discrete embezzlement, or how to beneficiate from a grant for a competition, which competition will be likely to be of interest or be presented to these students only?? Again as debates are very ill viewed, expressing strong view will be repressed and suppressed as there is no notion of I held a opinion as it is to dangerous to proceed like this, or I hold an opinion just because your head is not my liking or more you have been recently targeted. The taste of an institution.

Well at this moment it is the teachers that will have also to shush.

They would start raising their concern, as more experimented, if they have any, concerns, more than hope that the higher organizations to which everyone ask the right to work and from which everyone has to beg and cry, make up feelings and permitted of granted pretension,



I d like to make apology to the muslims, that one groups of veiled lassitude lady one day trailed me.

I though it was sharia to come and adccuse, ad cue, someone with something, in saying nothing about what he is accused of, and I knowing nothing about whom is accusing. Something like something went wrong somewhere, or it is the generality as far as you are concerned, could you obligatorily answer this question.


I thought that that was sharia, sharia forget about the law.


You don’t know what the charges are, (what do you think about the way you might be perceived, all go very psychological as if I could get a hand of what I am accused, and if somewhere ethics was examined by people believing that generations might going on without hoping for one’s cash to be in in thinking that we are last or will survive through unfairness or more generally by (temporary) enslavement or (and then) killing.

But no, it is practice in roehampton university bureau, by its acclaimed? Aca indeed innate inmate inner intelligentsia.




And you don’t know who accuse you in order to avoid retaliation, everyone has to agree before hand you are the one to shoot.


Any how the debate is not recommended and if it take place it is to be remind of the policies are in fact piece of papers serving the direction, that no information and then debate will go beyond the mansion, mention.


People are taught avoiding debating, like that the first beginning will be exert (expert, no impertinence) end exemplified exempted for the mass destruction without seeming doing can be worked out in tune till break down and exhaustion.


Hip hope: on the later let alternative partys that say enough to capitalist in consuming and polluting like the old porks they have been discontented by or with.



And of course when the E.T ads as a comment that you are or seem to be from another planet, the direction on your have to resign paper takes it as a reason sufficient.



On saying in a lecture that: the government could not be h. r anylonger and for example make higher education a low fees storey.

Or perhaps when I insist to specify in lecture that despite the lecturer headlines. Gays were not meeting in the toilets but more around the bush around the public toilets when they could be out of sight enough from the common gentry.

Or that I ask who say that the government could not be h. r anylonger and for example make higher education a same opportunities at equal proportional financial investement story.

Who said that? I had to ask, the lecturer answered and started saying that this sentence migh need a bit deforestating, pruning (in his name) as being supported by now vaguer and vaguer ‘the policies’ makers…

It is strange what lecturers sometimes make the whodunit say.



The paper reports both diversities and commonalities in the student experience and its outcomes, some of which challenge the predominantly hierarchical and reputational conceptions of diversity and differentiation currently dominant in debates about UK higher education.


Brennan, J., M. Osborne, et al. (2008). "Higher education's many diversities: of students, institutions and experiences; and outcomes?" Research Papers in Education 23: 179-190.



I sent you the authorization to see my copy because I have already asked the whole department about it. They say that the reason is that my writing belong to roehampton, having saying that I am happy for you to keep the original as a proof of my attendance and longer than that in a spirit of appurtenance to a specific ‘school of thought’ perhaps…but on which rational roehampton might claim that my work has been transfer to roehampton that would own its exclusive rights in order to bin it within 6 months time?






On roehampton and its international publicity  around being at the state of art of environmentalist intellectualism and behavior:


  • The lights that are systematically turn on by the staff everywhere and never turn off.
  • The tons of brand new furniture thrown each month, and at the basis of the fees increase less and less sociable.
  • University and the restaurants at lucrative aims have forbidden access to the kilos a day of food they get rid of. They also keep on forbidding access after official request on the ground of feeding the few wild goose remaining on the ponds thanks to Richmond park proximity.
    Please could you boycott eat company in particular as their food are completely inaccessible as university as more and more closed doors nowadays, and clearly refused all negotiations towards what was just feeding the birds next door, now the fences have been done, in the very same garden surrounding university.
  • Also could you notice that the surface allowing posters on board are shrinking quite miraculously. We are doing fly posting now. And it is logically presumably a only question time till the day posts on wall and window will be remove and threaten with legal poorsue like in town.
    The other places were reluctant but at least there is still an access polite enough not to condemned at least a possibility of exit and to take some food for the survival of more species, and animal in general as globally endangered.
    Could you please add some comments, and also if you have any suggestions or comments, or complains or who would like to feed the birds at uni made an official activities???? To begin by decriminalizing ti_
    Titi : French abbreviation for petit, small. Do not see any parentriarchalism, they ve got as feeling, as many ideas, and one day could (cold, cult, cull) cub, cusp on sub, resent directly enough ending up on plate or some other induced cemetery human produce activism.
    the birds an other fauna and flower, that thank god thre are there.
    there is no way of posting stuffs in the town to the communities, or limited way, and send it could quickie, instead of being spammed individually, treated systematically as harassment or cyber bullying.
    Handing one’s work when one not work for the b.b.c or other general audience channeled by TV.
    To impose between students, and professionals, wahever when status are melt in meeting to reproduce the stylized relationship demands from the companies to make impune dirty tricks and objectives for insanity: see pf profit as the cards trumping and cheating on everyone’s morality.
    Hopefully the students now working, could sense that this order is the one of idiocy.
    The hope in knowledge and in working for a country that beneficiate from relative peace settings, human rights flourishing would be. Not playing politing lay military for head quarters that wants your groin to stuff anything on the periphery of CEOfficer (soph, caugh (coup-coo) makes itself bigger moon honey.
    On style incestuous and promiscuity required to run aground the country, whatever will go for us to play bossy.
    ‘equality of opporutinity is one thing’ which one is “equity”, “access and equity”?
    Or of opportunism has to be, say.
    Little, B. (2002). "UK institutional responses to undergraduates' term-time working."
    Reflexion on university and gathering of all abilities, and conception.
    faculty, mental faculty, module - one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
    because they are my work. i d like to keep them as being a essay within my work, my other essays, my body.

     a copy i am not asking for the original. a trace of my production.
    because they are my work. i d like to keep them as being a essay within my work, my other essays, my body.

     a copy i am not asking for the original. a trace of my production.
    Appear like a problem when questions are coming about a wider approach,  e being reproached of not stiking to the subject. A can go for essays but for lecture.
    Where profs resents questions only answer them in a way you cannot hear. In a fashion manner with the time like if they were the rabbit in alice. So who is the lice on the hare.
    Allie. A lie.
    All lie.
    Support, resto on.
    -Work in the offices are so shit as well.
    -Yes but they are paid more.
    -To poison more..?
    -But at least for the higher education fees paid.
    When studying pout everything on delay. Save later, after having been indebted and pay for the loan with increase financial loss. As how much will uni cost after having to pay interest on thei s unavoidable asking a bank to pursue working knowledge and suitability.
    Vice: work should be considered as the growing ability at serving with more and more skills and insight what is needed by the communities: for everyone to be freer, happier, fulfilled, without to have to make sacrifice but in a view of sypodium of harmony- reinforcing state of art, the state of art of specifalisation, specificity for whom aim at it, as well as ensuring that the broad need be assumed, shared and conveyed.
    Work not a loan on future scavange t but a aim at delivering better towards sustainability and security.
    That is not a argument, go t o uni you will be able more to steal other people money, but subsequent education to prompt efficient and stable system, that is not based on inequalities, and toatalitarism in view of securising predatory exploitation.
    The lanu guat ge of other clase ses alike a foreign benign lingua about you need a whole life to learn with only the nt atu it ives acut tually mastering its every niches , rhymes and seens.
    But fear of losing more refined fu ruffian as more worked common way of jungling. Techincs.
    But you start understanding people that don’t deem you a palabre arbre as welfare might well be the way people embezzle pai tax payer money in pretending defending h.r i.e equity.
    Narratives foucuse on comments, crititcs, theorization…as the descriptive would reveal what happens, occurs and recurs within the walls. Justly where procedures, stories, reminensces,
    The product of what has been intently and laboriously, legally hidden. Dd.
    Big issues about participation and comment on lectures. With the prosf at the end saying that thy don’t get time. When you know that lecture are supposed to last three hours ewhen they last two and a quarter, max of maximum.
    I understood them in saying students would become disruptive…but at the end.
    Too much busy would be enough to scorn you at the corner of your imbecility, eternal.
    Eternal, meter nal.

Maternal, paternal patern?? Parent per rent?



To preach like they lie.

As preaching where covering the gap. Not htat we discovered anything but to have another activities, in parallel, try.

What I do. Lie.



Lie. Rest. Dependent.




The vermine that dig their way in thinking that they can do as much harm as no one is paid to shoot them. Where a more liberal independent way of thinking should apply, e.i not waiting for the social good to reward you, directly, in instantaneous wages for the job you did.



The vermine, as humans think that they are the only one allow to say of other speices that they are.

Explaining then their true ;’relation’ their hypocrisy to god. A good.




She was staying as she married an angel and her hope was to kill the other creature, the one malefaisant, that occupied not entirely but normally, the remaining body.

False sentiment.

False, lase, lasse. Tie.slg alfes.



To traumatize one’s children to keep them in a loawer status. Paid less that they worlk and psychically afraid raid and dependent. Dependency. Pd edent.



To be sam aller but gathering knowledge enough on e naught snout one on a bigger to hate his unfaireness and lack of honour, to be able to face them and be stronger.

Valid on the next ‘seemingly more imposant.



To start killing people in order to obey or searching the ranking of supranatural.


Veil. Live.





Change in light are traumatizing, as the shadow and shape that are guessing and guesting, transform ramson ran o sorm the surrounding.




The people that had to fiht more for their survival because of a hearder harder natural conditions, or condition coming from the environment are more spiritual as they have to spouse the ship more than keeping foes, population at bay, that render their victories on land more of a scam sexual cockroach type, morpions.

But now to render on purpose life more complex and harder atout would trump.

On purpose in order the environment not to be stolen, would have the come back of many more spirit that the pretense of progress missing on enlightment.

Jungle, jerk.



defendtherighttoprotest and the uni and the policing company.

tax avoidance left unpunished (among the whys protestors ended up beating up)  among ‘reasonably peaceful’ demonstrators being sent to hospitals and before the courts




film festival to every student as student community websites won't advertise itfilm festival to every student as student community websites won't advertise it


what is happening in roe



                       in all, e.g.







A well, ah.

I really felt in love with for my colleagues. But I could not possibly be in love, laugh and loaf with the p spspider spy in my bedroom. You ed bed, I work a lot and I have to rest, wash and sleep then. So it is not that really I could not be in love with the spider that come and see me, fell, heave and sieve, a little bit from time to time on me. But the fact that I already bound with ya. My heart taken broke a wall of misery that won’t start being baby easy.




When communication by students.

Review by profs to allow email to lists of students only written ‘professional standardized to the political avoid with information but agenda naked from their details as could permit more informal but still buoyant of info for whom wants to ‘inspect’ or connaitre go cognate…


A clocked on pimp , a brother. L



I don’t dare putting bad word. My world in case they would remind of their duties of being maladively self centred and crying out about on how that can feel.



Invaded, invaded by the worse sepecies. The new bourgeois. The bourgeois. I am not talking about intellectuals, people owning their own means (as far as respect). I am talking about all classes waitng counting on the syste m or the system loopholes to get them people and their work, to abuse and to rob.




what i am afraid that could be misunterpreated is that is not through insolence that i quest what i am taught. i have th emost respect for the position of a teacher. i reckon that is it impossible for a human being to be objective and knowing the wonderings of their students and it is why it is an interactive tuition that is needed to try to abridge gaps and misconceptions as well as misunderstanding or generational or class...inter-diction.






Immaculate conception, the making love through love, thought of the everysecond I live for you and for our progeny. That is.

And not only in bed that would be as functional as toilets mainly.

On stalking and prosecution, persecution.



I am not saying I am wecked, vampires, that would like me to be your sheep.



Don’t do that , the same, as I am belonging to a ‘ I have nothing t loose, as I have lost everything alraeay story. I sould not say that ut I could no , almost beng your parent, or at least I with I shall ne be.



But at least list as good as you.







A module in chich w.



They could train fture terrorist . to trade the diploma like that.



The 28th annual findings from NatCen's British Social Attitudes survey are out today. Fascinating insights into the public's view about the role of govt., attitudes to poverty and lots more on life in contemporary Britain.  For the first time we're making it available free online for everyone, a great resource  for lecturers and students -


Kandy Woodfield

Head of Learning and Development



Having saying that I really appreciate the diversity of subject, the comprehensivity of the most that we can get of issues and informations, misery and work tackling them, across the globe.

The refine, perseverant, applicated, industrious almost way of analysis the films. The films media taken as the piece of art, a linguistic tool, the way people use images and words, or the way emotion, felling and believes are shown or hued. The way opinion are turned on. All of this in a films festival seen through the lenses, free lance, of human rights subjects /and/or objects.

The organisational adventures, and communication efforts.

Also the conveyance of plurality of opinions and skills that shape chaps and buoyancy as well as bouncy bounty of today lecture. 


Every one feels very witty saying exactly the opposite of what they are thinking and eaxperimenting, proble m is the lente death  of institution and sprite. Sp esprit. Special supernatural


Lente, etnel  


Lecit lecture.



The fact that tomorrow every one can be a prof, even me, as nothing of this element where there, project a film can be that easy.









Spit spiritual perjury.


Pro fane.

F pro f ane.


Ane = mary



Proof in annuity.



‘Lecturers, Defend Your Students!’ she bolshily entitled her contribution to a collection called Springtime: The New Student Rebellions.



Western countries, uk in  particular as taken over by agencies, are not democracies.



ALSO complaints formulate by other point of view are legitimate, but are heard the moment they va favorised even more undemocratic or discreiminative grounds.

They are used politically as a threat, saying look what you can get instead.




Am I insane? Or not? In fact might I be so, in preserving my reputation intact.

but rogue they would never tell you. unless they use  (A) degree(s) but let's not get too technical.

And also it would entail that you are able to listen.

For vanity and si dishonesty, I don’t think that the recipe is dialogue , or rod.

but let s be honest it is surely due to your magnificient listening skills. just a guess. as for reputation honor, just spare child.

have you ahad any comment of the directors coming to a festival starring less than 30 people? on performatnce..

beccause this for the reputation could come a bit gozzo. it is not difficult to start a project, the difficulty in the givving him place and breath. happy new year by the way.

family party? Or have the directors not gone out often?


;) what it is exactly this sign. a skuless, soulless head without a noise?



sincere congratulation. problem is that they deign to answer to late.

And for you “boss” I mean to a late.

On being a hypocrite, thinking that saying good, good, good, make a good project. On being a zero.



and in my youth, the cool had the dignity of not polluting.

You are so at rear with any principles that someone will have to ask you why you went to tailand otherwise than to take a plance plank without for yourself any reluctance.




Very small unit, restraint speciality where people have to acf agree to together contuinuisly as the count of their very tiny circle to be employed and company.



And it is what companies will own, little diplomas, for which, for g the obtention or granted (via bank and loan) one will have to suck in chains. Inchanied.

Canny in can.


Smilling to subbenventions, mansions not mention.



In university one don’t learn to react as a citizens holding account of the need of everybody, but to hold on to profeject as one was part of the one-state pary party.


Yes-yes man


And what we do, pomping money, is extraordinary. Out of proportion rather but their lexic is not that sexist.



today i cannot.

would  be possible thursday 10 o clock.

i am getting tired of people coming to you and up to denounce the opinion and stance i have. i don't think that this is a working place where anyone is my boss, whre i sign job description.... will i be able to know what complains they are this time?? or would not be possible for you to explain that to them in the first place?

At the r fire place.



The mirror as who is gona paying attention. Who else, woo heiress. Rehearse. Whom, womb.




People rushing in management and administration as they ahave left nany hope or confidence into their talents being considerate as a proper element, else thatn how to deplete and drill people.


Human rights. You know we believe in business, etc, fair trade, as we are like you, human rights devoid depossessed of ethical strain and train.



For communist to be a real utopia in the sense of good for humanity it needs to be rudimentary, natural in the need one fulfilled and I bi give all possibilitity for anyone to conduct study towards abvsolute knowledge in any style and field.



Style. Stylet.


Sigen, sign, singer.





Ape aprete.



To learn to hear at hte hauteur  distance when one has to tend ones’ all own all and own, body towards survival and territory.

La vive, ruse.




Hauteur, auteur, high, remote, distance, complete observation if not pervasive. Vase.  (or no) north. Nor. Noor.



Hear. Rea l.



thank you very mcuhc for this. because me f### the gestival i really appreciate your discretion, egal reliable mood and elegance this past 3 (not so free) year. but a reference from another person could be more pleasing for who it may concern.

on integrity.


if you need another reference, because i don't know for you but it feels like begging from othe rpeople that even though they work with you, saw you working and attending, are not polite, sane enough to acknoledge life aside theirs.

write to mari boman. she is mature. humane and human rights.



Over other.

is that a conglomerate?

is that a conglomerat?





thank you lovely. you ll be entitled to have strengthen my trust.
don't read this file though, it is just a token of my faith and to say ta.


don't read this file though, it is just a token of my faith and to say ta.





straight hen




thank you very mcuhc for this. because me f### the gestival i really appreciate your discretion, egal reliable mood and elegance this past 3 (not so free) year. but a reference from another person could be more pleasing for who it may concern.

on integrity.






I, caroline baranger, can testify that Alijca Herman did participate actively to the making of the 2001 human rights festival at Roehampton. Alijca is a person reliable and dependable. Her regularity at each of the session that prepared the festival is a gage of her serious and her being both interested and informed about the subject treated. Alijca is someone able of a refine presentation as much as with her appearance that she is ordered and conscientious with the way she looked after files, documents, notes and minutes. Her presence is always agreeable and her humor always polite, supportive and cheering to everybody. She has been a regular contributor of the festival itself and her insights are refreshing.

I would recommend Alijca Hermann for the Human Right festival in particular as she shows great and continuous sign of open mind, professionalism and integrity.







The play at university, to group between students, a little numbers, look as if you were intellecutual and take the chairs in order to block access to any kind of further and othe initiatives.

The little groups doing nothing more than finding themselves and their dolce vita, grandiloquence and deraison to build garbage applauded.













also if you don't want to hear from me just don't read it. we had enough of your censorship during the project, if you don't like discuss don't even bother coming to meeting but for showing faces and pushing incomplete, unrefined scheme. like the way we finish with only one style of leaflet to publicize to many type of audience, in many places, and above all by many other means (walls, displays, leaflet distribution).

i came to every single class and i thought there were programs and posters. and instead of doing real pr communiacation with outlay provoking people to stop and read, we finish with a grey, glossy, with tiny letters, super expensive, and polluting paper and ink, programs unfit for the outdoor publicity. that needed succint info and big case letters. it was about being, sound, lound, visible, competitive.

it was about being competitive.


But obviously if one thinks that they have the rule…











chris, first of all I wanted to thank you for the links you sent me. In fact it is today I find them as I don’t know by that trick I never received or spotted them (but I cannot believe that I did not spot it as I always double check…

really I think that e mail are not more secure than classic box mail.






--- On Fri, 7/10/11, Chris Dourado wrote:

From: Chris Dourado
Subject: Undercover reporter films care home abuse
Date: Friday, 7 October, 2011, 0:54




The only thing left for me to propose an 0065x exorcism or some other arrangue arrangement.

To say that I post inappropriate stuff on the wall of the university.

Cos I say prosti-tuition..

And Bourgeois, ass tard.






Respond, rescind.



W ewere.



thank you for letting and to let the real freedom of expression i will recommend you.




jsut to put everyone into context darren.






h. r student setting, wilst uncitizen . the shame that sould not be bear, bore, born. Carry.




Never has been religion but states.


The groups of survival that were gentetics for the most of the odd, will change.

And alos o to take the spirtitula survival – siurvieval of other species, concpetpsts and generations.



Why roehampton is so dead?

Discriminative environment where you have to beg to be accepted in group paied by everyone fees and tax payers, advertise by the publicity, where you can enter if you have been obedient.

Politically speaking. The culture of playing satisfactory. Sat is factory.



People running for pseudo offices, giving them social power even though as much crap as the hypocrisy and starve your brina brain conductor. And put on cv.




could you make sure there is a proper, adequate, decent time to every question and comments by person might be made? observation.






In my opinion, if I am still entitle d to one in your pays of oin-oin, you are fomenting and permitting, like a n electric serpent hoping and crocking vicous viscous vicious reglement de compte , personal vengeance, that enhance you dock u sucker  whose doc, code, ‘doc suer’, and avoid dissidence, and they do not all suck but still think that they ain’t. as there is nothing to see of democracy.




i d like to know if you could tell me when the gay meeting will b at roe, i stopped receiving the emails i don't know by what wonders again.



we talk extensively at the meeting about fundraising, accountability, gay visibility and the fact that the groups might improve their being accessible.



Sodom suffers from a reputation of scatology. Whereas we reproduce by the same way that we pee. Exhorte, expel, sift, diarhee denree en ray. Den raied.

On the obvious.

Anus one of the most clean (free from infestioys bacteria), second after the eyes.

Very infectious the mough.



on a totally different note.





You are treaty treated like vulgar consumer in search of luxure, tee, tee, de dim.


What about the real why you, don’t forget you fat.hom, the diploma.

The guy, the vice president or precursor, say that you won’t pay for research.

Bout but how are you taught



They question your essay? Question on the lettuce lectures the academic content, because it is not on the makeshift majority, but there is nepotism at roehampton yeah.


They provide you with good infos?? Intense, condense??

Work out punctuation and puncture. And pucker that are not worth the title of prof at university.


No cos basically as roehampton is discretedly taking our purlieu nature

[Middle English purlewe, piece of land on the edge of a forest, probably alteration (influenced by Old French lieu, place) of porale, purale, royal perambulation, from Old French porale, from poraler, to traverse : por-, forth (from Latin pr; see pro-1) + aler, aller, to go; see alley1.]

purparler, plurality.

Conversation or discussion preliminary to negotiation.

[French, from Old French, to discuss with the aim of reaching agreement, conversation preliminary to an agreement : pour, for, before (from Old French, from Latin pr; see pro-1) + parler, to talk; see parley.]



No cos basically as roehampton is discretedly taking our purlieu nature. They are obtaining from some students to emphasize how the surrounding is green and lovely, which is true, but what about the establishement instead of protecting the inheritance from the past, an dtry to enlarge it in view of the more than a environmental crisis more than know today????

They are contrarily to their publicity praising environmental actions and the natural, central and centurial beauty of the campus. They are building taking all the space “pricy pricky” (a description of you with your for-getting at car, oblivious absconding abuser of vital long term even not attending to the slightest step towards responsibility. Pons.  Parking. And bush survival minimum for the still living bunch of fauna, resisting. The bushes they are cutting.


To speak about information, to speak about recruitment. Happily leaving the institutions being runned by students, neophyte in everything but taking the piece out of democracy. Why??

Cos they are great advantages potentially to assault and ‘societies’ taking over.

Ex: funds raising named so with words like charity redirected to amicable cocktail where your members that you sorted out according to if for suit suite suttee you wit h another jobs or props or specs. They are ready. 

(don’t call me a racist I use words to depict prostitution, corruption and infamy or cur cruelty carnality actually eventually on infancy, pertaining to all over the countries. Count try. Hidden with whatever dubious call to basse court morality. 


Who are you reling quishing profs? Who rect recruit them??

Rectify, deify, rect-hom. Hum.


No cause in human rights why not to take on one that are nto but vague notion of managering skills for crook well know internationally big company.

And left out of the door real papal apple people that risks their lifes or are very experimented in at least on modules and that would be great at entertaining us with their real expertise??

I mean I don’t get it.

On how our university are ruled like 5 stars hostels

And manage like anti democratic businesses not allowing (instead of questing, investigation) the slightest time to debates…

By staff not knowing if they flee after lectures because they obey the market or because they are afraid of being incriminated by f…little students that cannot stand an opinion if they are contrary to the talc that still apply their mummy.

Or just because they  are incompetent. And not competitive, just the way they will teach you to react to the criticism, no debate, no teachings ethics, not ethics, just spoiled dummies.

Some truly are, but I won’t throw them stones as as I try to denounce students game never campaining but complaining (and without any intelligence or honesty will be taken their complain, as what do you want to expect from a nano uni that have lost , its duties to educate with embettering the so calle(n)d word,



Cos it is not to do the pest, no, no, no.

But you know how much it costs that, the info that they are hiding away.

They will const cost your being ready for interview at the end of a day.

View, vie, wive.



Additional question. Do you think ti is the majority of your poff that have read a book on pedagogy.

Because the situation is:

  • They have to run towards other obligation that those of teaching, you see. It is with these arguments, here they argue, that some are more cod condescending that if I was the worst thinking monde, moldy money, monkey not yet manage not to communicate my relative intelligence, but proving it in laughing like a human in articulating is moody: wages and slip on banana as long as ape puck pundit punction. On salary.


Something intrude intrigue me too, ti is on intellectual ownership. How come that these head fob cattle leaves eve basically (and heave as for regeneration fog oxygen it is not the tons of wastage and tree cutting that will be produce from roehampton lying publicity)

  • . How come it is so ownerchip, honorship, the courses, even the description of a modules as roe is happy to provide 3 lines for their idiot (and edit indeed idiotic in scale with the forcing fording feeing foereign  that pay for the pounds of sheet crap how to lick and persevere after university) but ready to commit (what) student




On university astonmomical fees, I am here a cleaner mate, that could not afford to be part time or even ¾ time and pay housing, the prosti tuition and electricity. My pension to have not to beg the cruelty.

And as well I know that work, job before or afar after uni are dim dirty.

On a safe side, I am a cleaner at roehampton that these academic intellectuall they know what a word mean and way or say paving pacing. They say they are the top of green, I am a cleaner there and everything goes into the same bingo bin.

Bingo Bring being.

Can you make sure you understood it? We ve got bing for recycling visible to the student but if these implolite flea live in dumping their rest of packaging – that should be forbidden already- on the table for the slave to move or in the wrong bin- mind they got almost the medals for not having the parasitary habit of asking for a sweeper behind their little scene, and sad sin, act tor, tort. There is no play in pollution enacting. Why to pass dimploma if we have to stay so much more whoring imbecile? Debilising.
Formerly people could count on competition and think we will be taken over by people less insignificant than that (vat).
But wait and vet, who is gonna take over from these companies that are so obscure in the way they dispatch knowledge and fund that they are so smokeing screen malversation of was.hed laundering and loan money.





 thank you very much, it is like or it seems like a maze for this kinda info, if ever you can get to it.

i ll have to send you a formal complain just for you to tell me if you find it appropriate on the why i find it abusive to forbid me from human rights lectures. green wishes.  i took it from somebody email.




we realized with a co student (the rep talking to me about my negative behavior actually) that we really don't know how in exchanging emails; the email adress shift from siobhan to another siohan i never had the email before.

it happens strange stuff with mail you know. we tend to considerate as unfailable it is not. i even experiment not receiving a visible letter and retrieving it afterwards in searching for something else than it...

 my meaning it is tha t it is likely that it has been happening to greg too.




Recruitment and redistribution of tasks in h.r programs social aka sciences at roehampton.
The guy with no or almost no backgournd in h.r ending up doing 5 completely different modules on the first, second, third year.
Even by a super good professional could not be done seriously. And anyhow what this should be done as how many very acknowledgeable professionals with profs will and ability should be holding the seat?
So when it come from someone with very limited experience 5 different modules is impossible, even though if the case would have been that it was a serious guy that they had recruited. 


How many goo professional miss an opportunities to give us students something of quality?

Who is on?

Let’s ask the board, of directors. If they are as telling as their representativity…who knows about the functioning and arrangement of the uni?? Looked on the website, is there something of governmental policy under info freedom and accessibility.

Opportunity and reality.

Porte = room. In which stall of this dungeon are the administrators, has the inquisitor which one of key??

Certainly not those of openness on accountability and reliability but of the future of ours jail, oui.



Go. Og, Goo hose.


The role of a prof to provide a general landscape of what is the general er reality and debates. To provide s.w.o.t and watchguards and dogs on what should be done for democracy and its difficulties for thaat to be dons done so.


But becareful students criticism said constructive ones not cos you cannot get away with your fantasy, aggressivity and hipocrysy, thinking that you are the next ready.

How? ever, becareful even more, as if criticism is having spotted unjustice, unethics then it is no more of the domains of the politics, how we try to arrange, administrate, manage things.

But belong to the domain of existence.

Make it law or yourself cease.


If you want un peu de francais.

la vie ne m’apprend rien. D. lavoine.



Tor ender to Cesar what is to them:

You might always or so find a quiet place to stay for a while and the staff are well-behaved if not always polite- or extremely nice (in reality not superficiality, contentment, containment,  by the way.




While I m njot denying that there are mostly efficient and serious enough teachers.


What could be roehampton university:

Increasing case:

Stake-holders that counts on students asttendance thought what?






There is no probleme with working towards one’ own development, you workd to have more I don’t know, nail posilishing, furnitures, get away in country side... but that mean that your work don’t come whatesoever contrary to other development = pay te h work of the nail polisher for nothing, polluting and think that nature is one’s or the communties’....



Everything is influence, and denying life to live, or denying what is living and perceived and communicating in the sens  e of every move directed to anything we cannot know, but directing,

The human will never know the slightest pre percentage of what consist constitute his being.





Poke it or pocket it.

Poet poker, dough.  Your simagree = playacting or fuss.

Dough, doe.




ok, thank you too.

just in order for you to take on consideration maybe for your future students, the great quality of english study are their faculties in choosing the options one's is interested in and build a focus and personal speciality.

also in my case it particularly made sense as i am in an international study and i have been taught by sociologists, an outsider can hardly get closer than this.


but it s ok  il l try to make the best of that. :-)

policy and practise...



pansies, the unehealthy atmosphere of being reported as a rpof could be down to you. You smiley or grumpy little generation that don’t gave a funny ounce of fur-ry to protect and respect not the ‘old ‘ in general but the idea of the old, the ideas and things proetected yb the old, the history of horrors for us to be still alive even if in that kind of shape.

People are afraid of you, groomed up by your parents who teaches you how to obey the incoherent, the obvious neglet or how to do anything in the word to get what is still called jobs, thinking that the badder and you will not have to wory about the consequences of other workers or citizens direct.

How to do that: ti o give this non democracy, following life ethos, bad breath but a shape so shallow that no one oculd trace its evil as the one workd is relaex or condemn .

Now way you would speak to a teacher as you would think that he could start demark you or that you would be push aside tby the rest of the stud, do(ub)ts.


Democracy forgot the debate as like that wou who would have to explain in detail what they are doing and exposing their shame of high scale and official corrupting. Whe n we can mock and mock islam, that is but the tohter workd ofr politics and societal remembrement for western communities. Who would thing that western is better doing nothing moreal but consume that what is gonna lack , poion, poison. Dismiss, dismiss, you would say.



Discard, the way of not being polticis as what do you want? It is of ripping tax payers or foreing staff we are beneficiateing from. What the hell with complaining, soon it is prison or being expratriatied.

Asl onsg as the profs an d you take the oath orf being objective (balanced fro the profs, it takes a specialists for that) but critical as it has to be looking for the truth or simply appraisal of data.

University, is not god, and all knowing or truth reaping, we are the best we proved it.

But the universe as we understand it.

University participative.


As for the ones that are in direct communication with god. Well good luck for the marking…



Prof in a ticky situation where they ve got to research to  be real prof, but at the same time salaries should not pay their time to research only their administrative and lectures and help ot the students only.

Therefore true profs needs time additional to perform well = prof is someone who have decided is one’s own life to be dedicated in a way of another to the subject.

It is how their higher salaries are justified to some extent.

But if so much of them, of other tasks are asked, can they perform.

Same job description, less modules.

Other job descriptions?

The ones who do that and this , write books, inscribe as a quasi compulsory thing that each student buy the book they have written (incentive enough for a publisher), give external lectures, are busied with organizations, as for their real time relevance to their modules, even though they are great = ok professionals otherwise, make me laugh slightly.

Usually they are the ones that you have to hear on and on about their own records and then the lectures time cannot be much longer as they are busy.



That there is a common taboo and refusal of incestuous behavior in almost every culture is to limit the am almost all power that parents ‘possess’ on their children as if they were ‘owned’ creatures. I draw a line to the extent in time and in the worst of all cruelty and also bring a ‘point’ at having children as they are not supposed to be sexually exploitable. The contrary would  ve be the surest path to the highest destruction of any society. Exploitation upon children means that cruelty of adult would strategically plunge the next generation into a non functional strand. Only brought up to suit torture and auto destruction.

Kon the legend of sodome and gohmor. The statute is the person that instead of wanting to stop something or run away, will look at leisure, at a distance, in judging in doing whatever by save the dependent persons torture or paid.





I argue that I am today the object of complaints by people that wished to go on with the work totally unchecked as it was the case by the teacher himself.

When he told us that the work was not assessed but only the writing production, cv and covering letter, I think that everyone, me included stopped really performing. For proof in the moodle none of the subjects has been finished, like one is supposed to do when files are looked after.

Such subject as money spending and prize, attribution left unanswered.

Another event. One evening we stayed as a student suffering from seizure was lying on the floor waiting for the ambulance to come.

On this occasion dave reacted like he was going to physically flared up, shaking and like restraining himself from jumping on me and attacking me. I again had to take physical distance and make myself obsentionally discreet.

This happened because or after dave put the rubbish bin directly at one inch of the mouth of  the students in case she wanted to throw up. Yet again it would never have taken the form of a reproach, but in my profession I had to take up several time ‘first aid’ test, and one thing one knows is that nothing must be let around the ‘accidented person’ or casualties, as it is a possible physical hazard and is in fact intimidating. I am sorry dave don’t know that, but still it is the case where people do the contrary of what should be done and it is a potential greater danger for the people in need as well as being counterproductive and hampering.


Well in fact I am still wondering what would be the best gesture, don’t start tell me put the casualty head into the basket bin, in this case study. ??? idea, technics, pure knowledge anyone? Any?







Look at the environmental policies.

Worth in complexity the like of a primary schools.

Say nothing more than wishful thinking, unexamplified,

In a nutshell to produce less pollution, we will try. Pouha.




To whose students that feel that criticism are enough to rokc the baby and drown it after it has been thrown. No, know that you are d(etestable ignorant) ignorant. So don’t feel free making your little politics of little baby teeny recently set up free’ it is more complicated thatn that you see. You will see. Sweet indolence.




I don’t want to demonise roehampton as on parallel it is a very unusual place as you have encounter with very nice, educated, and mindful to put their knowledge and respect for the object and subject into practices. Thiefs are not high…



I r(e)ally spend many days in a total tranquility, find places conductive to the best conditions for my stydy.


Of course I am not demanding that, but some of the interactions (interjection inter-diction) with teacher theaters, and other staffs, students…are not anything but derelictions, they are delicious.

But now let’s talk about the teacher thugs, that think they can talk to you like a head of cattle that they are ready to shot, gun in hand. And that speak to you as if you were their inferiors, like saying you are happy that I do only a 1 hour 15 min instead of two, I know you are happy. “Competition thus will be easy. “

That forget they are not judges, thanks the lords. That forget there is no police in red quarters so better change of tone.


Or how to learn being despising.

When they got powere but not control.


Because their lives is better, is worth more than mine. You no, you know there is only the ladder about the social.






And their long life term tradition of not being approachable!!!!!!!!!

Prof (welcome) the raison.

Bienvenue, See inaccessible.




To really take into account is that teachers themselves should be so bored being used this way. What they do is the equivalent of to have to do it once and be filmed, for us to see them on the screen. As since there is no interaction, no feed back, no controversies, no simply asking questions for them to bring about the bridges necessary to our most comprehensive comprehension. Of ocourse repeating one’s lecture give them opportunities to think over their plans, their further refelexitons…

But what can be said of a system that teach the art of the argument while forbidding it when it could take place, almost the only place, where people have studied the same stuff, and are not paid to implement a particular approach.????

Hardly a center of knowledge. The production??? Pro Porc duti on.




Old good knowledge:  the academics supremacy.

The school of thought that denies itself in not networking with their students in no organistion open study or research, in denying them the right s to participate actively in lecture…

Endoctrinment, proselitism.




On holiday class room 5 celsius for student.

In the profs habitacle 40 celsius. I mean if you open the window to create more, even more waste, deadly, who will manage to correctly study.


Ps: in witnter in the uk you do need more than one jumper. Be warm to yourself, and to the rest of the humanity.





like in some families, where conditions, other people brought their very kids to some standards lower than theirs.
These people thinking, convincing their children they are not bright enough to take on studies in order not to pay the fees or keeping the offsprings for other projects, like even not be associated but help in the family business or to keep them as companies not for their children any ambitious and embrassing something somewhere else to get.
Roehmapton keeps their room during the week end at around 10-15 degree celsus.
Like thes e profs insisting you don’t want to debate, that you d reather finish the lecture asap.
While you buy your ass off and their books, and while they keep on excusing themselves not being available longer, to write an article, not (always or not at all) for the glory of theirs = for money, for power, for decision making, for obstruction.
And bullying the students with the help of other s students praising the chief of not the war but destruction. The war my friends are lost bcause instead of progress you vote for coercion appeasing your greediness.





Favorised students, the ones who scheme to appear pretty, busy and as brainless as senseless.

Glory, thank you.]]]



The horn slike the womb, the tromps of the woman.

The cloven feet. Foot. Hoot, heet.



Politics required to say to the people that will grant the party ruling and cost to say to them:

Lwt s go an d the beer are on me

Tax payer money.

Tax?? Or royality




Clap clap.





 Furor of living,



Four her. For.










To think of artist only recognize psthume.

Who culd have to mock the fake flat la flattery.

And aboce all despitse the ones taking back their texts to change their meaning.

As e well as those who explained further without humer.

And worse again the ones that serves on their purposes, to praise the lord to worhip the devil to steal an d real reel orguil and of course money. Of orgueil, guile.









Int er

Int er est.

Est east

Hint, ante, hant ,hunt,



The park.


I already contact you regarding to make the fauna feeding an activity possible in relation with the kilos of food daily thrown by the several cantines of the university.

Quaintly enough, one of the ‘environmentalist’ team answered me that human food are not adequate for wild life. Despite my sending back proof from the leading organisation for the protection of the fauna that wild life really enjoy some left-overs no one aknowledge my proposal.


Today i am very worried as in term of nature, roehampton have already cut the wood of froebel entrance years ago only to draw some paths. Last year they build a parking on the geese and crows lawns and one month ago they cut two scores of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 year old trees and their bushes. Now the birds and squirrels and foxes has lost their shelter and can been seen distressed and fleeing any human moves when you enter the place as they have now to survive if at all, off what were the only possible for the fauna to lodge.




Last week and today, a survey has been taking place asking the student at around 9 o clock pm what they were doing near the ponds. Off course every one was about to go to lectures.

This survey was about whether students are using the green places as a recreational area, asking if they enjoy the nature.

It sounds to me that you are doing a survey to ask people if they enjoy other animals’ life taking place, just violating the first tenets of human rights : a life has not price, is priceless, because it is a life and not because people are up to buy them.


On ecocide.






The possible reusults, the upper class of students brought up to order around ‘lower cllasses’ and this applaud by the teachers and the institutions, deemed to be the bastion of knowledge balanced.



R error erudition eruction eradication. 




I met this student that started to assess and critics roehampton content and level  of th teaching.

Never I had even begin to criticize roehampton to the slightest as in between the building you got spots of green that are more than lovely. Within the building you can isolate yourself like if sole and secure in the world one could be and think and at the max of your own personality, capacity, and envy to study.

So let’s assess them regarding to their stories and pedagogies.

When on top of it thief pro porks are cutting the trees.



TO BE IN uni and have to go on listening to a debate for the pros and cons of prostitution.

Led by intellectuals that are for, and thus has sold all including their pussies.

But count on others to endure the trade that they let call or call themselves, the elder t job.





Say that hey cut the woods for question of security, as three little girls went to grove house crying, and then it is like that they endorse ecocide.

Like when I t omces comes to handy listen to babies.



Then ones that say they are listening to complaints and then erase the wood.

On erasing?

Democracy is this that kill others is not permissible, however how many complaints you might make up.

On poss, puss.

On peter, the wolfe waiting



What kind of big boss might fjustified the fact that they destroy something because people coming and crying ‘ oh loup = in french, loop, loose, lose, the poul = the hen, pull what kind of graduate,  for what kind of money these lots lying thourough. And praise hysteria as it suits their good poo.

God good, hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.



Let s end of a lecture, where students draw the conclusion that prostitutuion is said to be a work.

Because one won’t have the opportunitie s of letting themselves heard, that the threat of being politicized and complained on will refrain every one to stop the hysteria of prepubescent child just out of high school that never have don e nothing with their hand but jobs for their parents and that think that cloadd co cloag the dist dic suction will them see alraight to the lecturers’ yes. Eues.


To whom that put racism at every su auce here one.





i don't have the exact paragrapher but restricting me to one comment by lecture is unsensitive, philistine. i don't approve it.









I am not talking about the blacks or other immigrants that are as rich, as well protected with their little diploma access to endearment well renumerated brother bo brother s ls= the wi wi whites.

But I ma am talking about the poor people with out a job or too tired without teeth because of malnutrition that would not be looking good serving in ar restaurant or ptu putting into question the neo colonization by the bureaucrats talking standards but no more viro virile.

They think prostitution is alright, beat unemployment.

Prostitute – the poor women, exploited by new feminists that take feiminine quality the way of fucking and depraving without  e being noticed or coutn on a par triarchal type of intervention permitting their nails to pass before other well beings’ prosperitiy.

Or simply l right to live. Without having to polish the arrgenteriy of whatever the job desrcripiton is , salety.



Slate, sla a salete




here. for the first square to fill up they are what you already have in file, my complaint as already been formulated as well as the demonstration that i hope you have taken into account, the more documented extract of official exchange and the endeavour at imposing a politically slanted style.

example proof of the module inviting exclusively data base network described by mr tinham as radical left and a network where censorship- anarchist uninterestingly is at the base of the selection. i.e not like a youtube where you are free posting documents and comments, if not links, problem with you tube no possible posting website links, pouahh.

as long as you don't threaten people that are not threatening no one or thing.








It is this  bug big chime ney going with out a ‘hotel inspector.


Writing essays, however crucial it might be for some of the profession to be proeficient at it, the academic side, should not be constituting the only skills in university tha tdon’t train academia but professional so f of all exigencies.

A way of putting people at bay, into writing and theories, without having the time to develop the applications of theories, and above all the test of them,  the data brought home naturally in conduciting wisdom and wheighted knowledge.

Problem, would it be aknowledge?



Th e maount of the impr ortance of the forms over the content in british univeristiies is not reasonable.



Have fun and laughable.


The way they employ their students, without d saying to the 20 year s old to be polite to people tha t have worked before being sponsorised.

As well as to take on s alumni as professor who don’t know shit from shit.

School of thought still is here, in these forms without beingt he networking of students and professors touching the same area and co existing or co working. When on air, desirerata.



The nature of an university, likea shcoll , ah ospital…

Is that it is a non profit organisaiton. At least the us called that academy. As for the uk yet again proof of being (their) malindring.

Stop calling these puppet of the cons uni. Ted.


because you are monitoring the other students reactions and opinions? on my own presence or on the general participation account?



Going out of lectures where the summaries of them or the conclusions draw by students are like prostitution is the world oldest job, judas . or mercy killing is a good thing above all when money and renta speaking, or femine genitatl mutilation is under culture and tradition so I would not dare to challenges this ‘thinking?’ , let’s dok it , let’s dok it , let’s dok it , let’s dok it ,


I don’t why lecturers leave such assumptions unchagllenges, an din a way I might well  e be a policy of non intervention as students are so mental that most of te h one that interact cannot put up with being contradicted but one sure thing is that they are missing, betraying their duties and the object of knowledge via studies.

An university that is pay by tax payer, as the only chang chance that society has to bet  get better as for thei r exchange, and these gues, guest, guys, payd well to manage influence handle knowledge without violence, let happen such murder urder, in disarya.

The fats cats. Profs are included in the fat cats theories id on’t know if you knw ?

Yes to roehampton, let’s be greener.


Big precision: where weird and dangerous slops have been taken place or occurred by lapse ofo time and will…it is still bery crucial to add that in my opinion it was precisely with the teachers that could graciously if not encourage, permit and respect the participation in their classerrooom, it is why I d like to urge anyone not to be relentlessly critical of how debates go and come, as it implies people time, courage and openness.

Tah debates by nature will formulate problems, or the problems will show in the formulation. And that one never be able to solve anything without enquiring contradictions.

Thank ou for your focused attention.



Royal families of Europe- or one family?

Tell us about obeyinn obeyance, obedience. Bed hence



And soon o to obey the rue les of the market, these bitches will have to respect the same humanities, and therefore forming other complex similarity and dependence and pledge to cover their reciprocal irregularity, monstruouisty.



When alone long, you type of partner becomes solitude.

To attract and embellish gift, give and wishes by what one has produced I ntheir lives lift, is denigrating for one’s work as one has managed it by being alone, previously forlorn but warming by, near the body of one’s construction, mis en peril if time is stolen for the partner that don’t praise the value of these elaboration.

Destruction.  Ruct.



She threatens me with death for my recantation. Say that you don’t love me this way or I li kill you. I never recant as I overtly thought that she loved me too. This way. I faced death and be killed thinking that she thought, while she did not and thought that I did not respect her feeling. Disbelieves and misconceptions, the mind and deeds violate. Insanity bear convictions and sentences upon our hourray, our ray.



Eat, tea.

Eat to cover exhaustion. Host.



The bizarry of reproduction I sthat you might not want to reproduce with someone you would like to act sexually, . to find someone able to balance physical misery, a big partner if one suffered from being too light into the cirmcumsance of one’s life, while one would prefer to be sexually with someone as light as one has like their own lightness but suffer from it being attacked. = choose at contrairo via restraints and previous torments. Unfairness of live.

Couple, marriage, and accouplement.



Humans used to count on the next generations for perhaps resolve their problems, but what now time and space are shrinking through resources lack and consuming.

How to make sure you ar taken for a slot? In-sult. Slut.

Minister Culture of uk saying that close and cut libraries (that was already crowded before closing them) could be a p opportunities to open even more libraries thank s to volunteer. Prison. Noisy prick.

Cult you are.  

In democracy as in politics tha  t should not be even remotely permitted.


As ofr the voluntarre work I por ropse the p m and the ir troups go down to their knees to pick u p the rubbishes polluting the little lanes and river that ar still in London

As a gesture of community services, for their past lies life (in front of everydbody-for no once we won’t hav difficulties in por oving it. And lack of citiznehsip for their having ruinin people an dcountries.



I am not xeni ophobe nor racist nor homobphobic, I am the chief, says the big companies and the police.



ho whats absolutely bizaree and endemic and equally prove of ignorance and neglect and lack of cooperation assuming that everything is fine becaue of an absence of reaction to ti. maybe i become stunned or inactive or so intelligently irrelevant that no one is shocked about it (who reacts to banality?). or maybe i stopped being part of a project, or maybe i stopped hearing that genintal mutilation was fine according to sociologists.

ami am i going (to be) report?


ok  but still you are not making the students my supervisors nor my maker thank you for that!



The democracy makde whims and the productions based on not progress ubt ass lifting, upfi lif lifting.

I hear you Caroline but what we are seeking to do is to find a way to support you to complete your studies in a pragmatic and workable way.  I hope you will develop strategies to judge people's potential reaction to you in a way that make you more adept at making the impact you desire rather than receive the counterproductive reactions you seem to have generated todate.


i will.

counterproductive? to aims/desire? no reply it is just rhetoric.


i understood workabbe.

Workable , babe. 




To say and being the decision makers that our actions results in such and such, while it is because you are the decision makers that you can make, objectify, vilify, judge, punish, reward...........the action of others.

That is if a child has no cake and try to have one without success and then steal the bit of cake they can in order to eat. And that the other child that have the cupboard key report the child that have taken the cake. And the m’aman’ say




 sherry, i asked amihan, if she could do my saturday this week, i spend the week looking for a quiet place at uni and it reveals to be impossible. she said yes. :)



of course that permit of the profs that would have gotten thri eir jobs through ‘union’ and student activities at roehmapoton level not to mix with students whose aims is not h.r is not the communities, o is nothing but …bullying others into compliance, annihilate the bureau performance, and keys for them the kept of void of knowledge but wages rise (and talk to you like if they were NATO)


also but this need an honorable communities, not interrupting teachers because one want to salvage knowledge transmission, or because the tehachers is out, hot, or the level of one’s brain mor into gossiping thatn working, more into exploiting people calling that communities and social capital and socializing than an honest contribution to humanity not yet total recall  (llacer= lacerer= lack of air) of a crumbling.



n a  student survey