Friday, July 8, 2011

link to

defendtherighttoprotest and the uni and the policing company.

Here is the link,, that has to be thanked for being alone to do work about tax avoidance left unpunished among ‘reasonably peaceful’ demonstrators being sent to hospitals and before the courts; in an imbelievable but true publicity on what politicians are determined to do to shush the fact they are selling the national heritage.

Proofs: being attacked by the police without them summoning (why don’t they speak with loudspeakers, why do have they to charge the entire demonstrations instead of the ones that attacks their lines or attack buildings, etc, why don’t they target the hooligans without starting to lure and lies to people occupying completely peacefully shopcenters taxes avoider to bring them to justice after custody??) the protestors and explaining in fact protecting the population against not protestors but people determined in hooliganism and breaking of windows... the police knowing about the risks? The insurance of attacking innocents while kettling and surrounding groups of people to bash them.

Though I would not personally cautioned them, as they clearly practise total and discriminatory censorship, this site offers a rather good overview if not exhaustive, nor investigated or researched about what happened to demonstrators as well as a quick reminder of the crucial of what we are losing, what we are being stolen: non lucrative reservoir of knowledge, our universities.

Proofs? For the same reason that gross tax evasion will remain unpunished while it is of the highest treason for a company, they are but companies doing the highest perfuse prefound perjury to their professionals and ethics, insider trading, abuse of trusts, they are the mafias taking up official branches, they are the police targets that become our chiefs.