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-          My dissertation mentioned sting operations, I really took an interest and from what is publicised I came to the conclusion that most of it (a lot by vigilantes, who do whatever they can within their own means) is about hitting on lads who are desperate for a date, enter a dating forum and pretend to be teenagers. I know they have caught dangerous active pedophiles doing so, but for the most part, it is guys who did not target even young adults, who just are single and spend hours, days, weeks trying to date women, and end up chatting with someone pretending out of the blue they are underage. I am specifying that because instead of the police to be doing their job and tackle rings and hidden in plain sight brothels, and the rest of society trying to reorganise lives in order for people to earn money with dignity, in the respect of nature and human beings, nothing is done but the building-up of sordid stories lines for tabloids.


Big lacking element in this paper: children in social care are in most setting dramatically more likely to be trafficked or being the victim of sexual exploitation.


Exploitation certainly sounds like a mundane word, just forgetting that by it, men mean death and mutilation. The sense of utilisation being the most exotic and paraded with some impunity, immune impugned.





I try to have social media presence denouncing human rights abuses, one of my main topics being sexual crimes.

My MA dissertation was on sexual crimes against children.

I work also on a project denouncing religious beliefs enabling paedophile to be protected.







-          How difficult it is for victims to readapt to a normal live.

Adding to the difficulty is a society that were not here to help they way it should have. Induce trust issues.

Society may also tend to put aside people with different behaviours, ways of thinking, or simply the knowledge of how things as horrid as this is in fact perpetrated ‘so easily’. Their own experiences make it difficult to just live within the so called normal, integrated society.





Maya's Story: Why Romanian Girls Fall Prey to Human Trafficking



C: He is very likely to traffic the infant. I would not have thought, with Romania a part of the european union, that the baby could be possibly left with the father. The grandmother does not seem to express concern on the recording sample.

It is horrifying.



It is not only in Romania, there is ‘parlor’ in every single country, above all in cities and near touristic places. They prey on very young adults too.




Coronavirus lockdowns put children at risk for human trafficking: Ex-CIA agent



Child sex exploitation is on the rise in Canada during the pandemic

Social Sharing

Police and experts say abusers have been taking advantage of children spending more time online



C: when the streets rule.



Beyond Rotherham: scale of child sex exploitation revealed

As one support worker told me: “Rotherham is not the exception, it is more likely to be the norm.”

But what was different about Rotherham, was a number – 1,400. That is 1,400 childhoods stolen and families broken. It is hard to conceive in a town of around 250,000 people.

Victims and parents were ignored and at times, treated with contempt by the authorities. It rightly prompted questions about who knew what and why they did not act.


C: interesting videos on this link.





What is dissociation?

Many people may experience dissociation (dissociate) during their life.

If you dissociate, you may feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you. For example, you may feel detached from your body or feel as though the world around you is unreal. Remember, everyone’s experience of dissociation is different.

Dissociation is one way the mind copes with too much stress, such as during a traumatic event.

Experiences of dissociation can last for a relatively short time (hours or days) or for much longer (weeks or months).


You might:

  • have gaps in your life where you can't remember anything that happened
  • not be able to remember information about yourself or about things that happened in your life.

A doctor or psychiatrist might call these experiences dissociative amnesia.


For example, some people dissociate after experiencing traumatic events such as war, kidnapping or an invasive medical procedure.

Examples of trauma which may lead to a dissociative disorder include:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • severe neglect
  • emotional abuse.


  • abuse or neglect that begins at an early age (the younger you are, the harder you will find it to cope with traumatic experiences without dissociation)
  • abuse or neglect that is severe and repeated over a long period, or by many people
  • abuse or neglect that is painful and makes you scared
  • there is no adult who you have a good relationship with and is able to provide comfort and help you process and deal with the trauma
  • a child’s parents or caregivers dissociate themselves
  • abuse or neglect that is done by someone you feel attached to
  • the abuser tells you that things didn't happen or that you were dreaming
  • things are different at different times - for example things seem normal during the day but at night you are abused.

You can read more about the causes of dissociative identity disorder on the PODS website.



C: including sensory loss.


Other symptoms of sexual trafficking are endless, such traumas might trigger any mental sufferings.

Personality disorders, suicidal tendencies, psychosis, loss of identity and self-esteem, memory losses, paranoia, loss of communication faculties, selective muteness, panic attack, loss of rationality, panic attacks, self-harm, loss of sense of time and space, physical capability losses…

Like being a prisoner in a world that is about to kill you every time you breathe.


Very clearly perpetrators will manipulate victims and will abuses them relentlessly in order for the victims to lose their faculties. There is not good answer to give to a perpetrator whose aim is to keep their victims in the loop of trafficking. Denigrating anything someone do or is or feel. For example, talking simply or keep quiet, moving or not moving, or anything else that make the individual a person would be encountered by terrorising acts coming from the perpetrators, endless, relentless sexual, mental and physical attacks. The aim is to ‘kill’ the person mentally. I personally think it is more than control, because one cannot control someone else autonomy, their aims rather is to destroy their victims.




Ms Rowbotham spoke out about grooming at a committee of MPs in 2012 and was later made redundant.


Rochdale grooming victim: 'Parents told I was a prostitute'

Social services and police "missed opportunities" to stop the sexual abuse of young girls in Rochdale, a report into a grooming scandal has revealed.

"Deficiencies" and "patchy" training of frontline staff were behind the failings, the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board said in its review of child sexual exploitation.




Study: Child Sex Trafficking Victims Not Who You Think They Are


AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) — A new study of child sex trafficking in Texas finds that victims are not adequately identified, enter and exit victimization multiple times, and are exploited most of their lives.

  • The lack of healthy, trusted relationships along with economic instability create ideal conditions for exploitation.
  • Youths who lack support when leaving an institutional system such as foster care or juvenile justice are more vulnerable to exploitation.
  • The rate of victimization was higher among cisgender girls and young women and LGBTQ participants of all genders.

Minor and youth commercial sex trafficking does not vary much by region. What differs among regions are the services available. Some have well-integrated levels of care that range from drop-in centers for homeless youths, to shelters and residential centers for identified victims.




DISNEY executive charged with felony child sex abuse …

Other Disney employees caught up in police stings and child porn cases include security guards, a VIP tour guide, a costumer, a gift shop employee and maintenance workers, CNN reported.

Not such a happy place after all.



Child trafficking case could be tip of the iceberg: CP

Health officials likely to conduct a search at the hospital

The detection of an alleged child trafficking case in the city involving a doctor and five others could just be the tip of the iceberg, says Commissioner of Police Rajeev Kumar Meena.

As of now the police have found six cases where newborn children were allegedly sold illegally. Two such recipients have been traced, and one couple has been arrested.

The doctor allegedly has a criminal history and the police suspect that she could be involved in more cases, including in the hospital branches at Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

Poor women targeted

Her modus operandi was to target women from BPL segment, especially those who have unwanted pregnancy, said Mr. Meena.




A European strategy to fight child sexual abuse

The e­ffect on victims of the circulation and re-circulation of sexual abuse material is exacerbated by the surge in the distribution of this material. One international survey found that 70 percent of survivors of child sexual abuse worry about being recognised publicly because of such exposure.




Human Organs Trafficking Thrives Among Refugees in Turkey, ANA Says

(ANA) - Athens Macedonian News Agency's Praktoreio magazine focuses on Thursday in human organs trafficking that thrives among refugees in Turkey.

"My name is Ahmed. I am From Syria and I live in Turkey. I would like to sell my kidney. Blood type A+...Telephone number O..."

"Μy name is Mohamed. I am selling my kidney in order to go to Europe. I live in the Province of Hatay in Turkey. Call me on my mobile 0..."

These are two out of the thousand posts in a closed group of the Facebook entitled "Online kidney sale" also written in Arabic that is updated on a daily basis from desperate people who came to the point to sell their organs.

The picture of the online kidney selling groups is frightening. All the nationalities from conflict zones are ready to sell a kidney.

The representative of the Syrian community in Greece spoke of a mysterious case of the disappearance of young children whose parents were drowned in their attempt to reach the island of Lesvos. The children were hosted in Moria hotspot and afterwards they vanished. Some linked the incident with organ trafficking but nothing was proved.






Greece's child-trafficking problem

Mr Kanellopoulos says traffickers often use Roma communities because they live "largely under the radar of society".

"She was accompanied by a member of the criminal ring, who posed as her relative. He paid her 3,000 euros (£2,500), took her baby, and then sold the child to a Greek couple."

Childless parents pay as much as 30,000 euros for a baby.




Male Genital Mutilation is a Joke on Talk Show





Perhaps the most concerning aspect of child marriage laws in the United States is that in 23, or approximately half, of the states, there is no minimum age for marriage with parental and judicial consent. This is known as not having a “floor” for marriage, or no bottom limit.

This means that if both parents and a judge sign off on the marriage, a child of any age can be married in that state. This lack of a “floor” for marriage puts children–most often young girls–at risk of sex abuse, because in many instances of child marriage, the parents are the ones who are forcing their child to marry.



What You Need To Know About Child Marriage In The U.S.


Sarah FergusonBrand Contributor


BRANDVOICE| Paid Program



    Worldwide, 12 million girls marry before age 18 every year. Say "child marriage" and the average American thinks of a developing country, where economic hardship forces parents to marry off their young daughter to a much older man. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, 4 in 10 young women marry before age 18. In South Asia, 3 in 10 girls are wed before their 18th birthday. While there is some evidence that children (mostly girls) are more at risk of child marriage in rural and poorer settings, the fact is that child marriage affects all communities.

There is no federal law regarding child marriage. Every state sets its own requirements.

Child marriage is a harmful practice and a violation of child rights 

Parents may believe early marriage is in their daughter's best interest, especially if she's pregnant. But the vast majority of girls who marry before age 18 are harmed for life. They're separated from their families and friends, and 50 percent more likely to drop out of school. Early marriage doubles a teenager's chances of living in poverty and triples the likelihood she'll be beaten by her spouse, compared to married adults.

Marrying before age 18 traps girls in a cycle of poverty

That's why UNICEF believes marriage under age 18 must be prohibited under all circumstances.

According to a Kansas City Star series of child marriage in the U.S., Missouri has the most lenient law in the nation allowing 15-year-olds to wed. Only one parent's signature is required.

More than 1,000 15-year-olds have been married in Missouri since 1999. Even children ages 14, 13 and 12 can marry in Missouri — it's one of 25 states with no minimum age requirement. For those 14 and younger, a judge's consent is required. Missouri is a destination wedding spot for 15-year-old child brides




How to spot human trafficking | Kanani Titchen | TEDxGeorgeSchool


C: On where they may be.



Domestic Sex Trafficking - A Survivor's Perspective | Karly Church | TEDxOshawaED


C: on luring and manipulation




Child sex trafficking becomes a consequence of COVID lockdowns: AG weighs in



Sex Trafficking in the U.S.: Young Lives, Insane Profit | Yolanda Schlabach | TEDxWilmington



I was sex trafficked for years. Brothels are hidden in plain sight. | Casandra Diamond | TEDxToronto



The Face of Human Trafficking



Hidden in plain sight - slavery in your Community



Tim Ballard EXPLAINS THE ISSUE Of Human Trafficking & How To PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN From It


C: Not true u do not need the dark net, underage photos are all over some pornography sites found on any search engines. The police simply do not do anything.





C: one of the strongest reasons that abused children are more vulnerable to sexual trafficking, is that they will logically search for the reproduction, for similar adults to their parents. So if they have been abused by their parents, the closest individuals to them, they will find that their abusers’ deeds are ‘normal’. Parental even?




Edita Gruberova - 'Casta Diva' - Norma - Bellini . (multi-subs)



:C i dont get the negative likes (lies), maybe they are anti-pagan, she is superb, the set and direction of the troop are staggering, thank you for so many subtitles and translations. i am an art and diva lover and this is about to become one of my favourite rhythms.




The Matzneff scandal shows France’s attitude to consent is finally starting to change

This article is more than 6 months old

Natasha Lehrer

Matzneff’s predilection for underage girls was certainly no secret in Parisian literary circles. His diaries, in which he details his sexual exploits and boasts of the dozens of young girls and boys he slept with in Paris and the sex tours he took to the Philippines where he paid for sex with underage boys, have been published by Gallimard for years. In a widely circulated clip of a television show from 1990, Maztneff can be seen being quizzed about his predilection for “schoolgirls” by Bernard Pivot, one of France’s most famous literary figures, with fellow guests laughing indulgently. He appears deeply offended when one guest, the Canadian writer Denise Bombardier, expresses unalloyed disgust; the following day the writer Jacques Lanzmann declared that someone should have slapped her for being so rude.




The Matzneff scandal shows France’s attitude to consent is finally starting to change

This article is more than 6 months old

Natasha Lehrer

Matzneff’s predilection for underage girls was certainly no secret in Parisian literary circles. His diaries, in which he details his sexual exploits and boasts of the dozens of young girls and boys he slept with in Paris and the sex tours he took to the Philippines where he paid for sex with underage boys, have been published by Gallimard for years. In a widely circulated clip of a television show from 1990, Maztneff can be seen being quizzed about his predilection for “schoolgirls” by Bernard Pivot, one of France’s most famous literary figures, with fellow guests laughing indulgently. He appears deeply offended when one guest, the Canadian writer Denise Bombardier, expresses unalloyed disgust; the following day the writer Jacques Lanzmann declared that someone should have slapped her for being so rude.



C: check maztneff, one of the biggest scandals in France. Despicable.



Maya's Story: Why Romanian Girls Fall Prey to Human Trafficking

Maya is a 17-year-old living in a small town in rural Romania. In this film, she shares her experience being trafficked into sex work in the city by her boyfriend.

Her story is not uncommon. Due to widespread poverty in rural Romania, many young people see the sex industry as the best way to make a living.




Thousands of Nigerian women forced into prostitution were left to starve by sex traffickers during the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, the Guardian can reveal.



U.S. senator to change anti-child porn bill over Google, Facebook encryption concerns: draft

Nandita Bose

3 Min Read

(Reuters) - U.S. legislation aimed at stopping online child sexual abuse material is likely to be amended to address concerns of platforms like Google and Facebook that the proposed law goes too far to weaken privacy protections for ordinary users, according to a draft of the bill seen by Reuters.

Attorney General Bill Barr, who opposes end-to-end encryption. Tech companies had previously feared the practices would attempt to help law enforcement investigations by including weaker privacy protections for messages sent by users.



Wrong arm of the law: Homeland Security agents should protect, not abuse

However, almost two years later, those charges were dropped because officers were not allowed to testify in court, and investigative journalists discovered why. 

HSI undercover officers were given approval by their supervisors to pay for sex acts from the human trafficking victims during this investigation.

Make no mistake, that is federally sanctioned sexual assault. 

If you are curious if that egregious abuse facilitated the conviction of human traffickers, it didn’t. 

If you are curious if the victims are now safe, you will remain that way, because we don’t really know. Those victims cannot be located. Those victims were very likely retraumatized by this unconscionable investigation. 

In the anti-human trafficking movement, survivors have often decried the practices of law enforcement, and rightfully so. 

When the people who are designated to protect take the most marginalized people in our community and threaten and abuse them, we are left questioning where the justice really is in our justice system. 

When many survivors talk about law enforcement, they tell stories of being forced to have sex with officers to avoid arrest.,209467

Most people don't know about our nation's foster care to sex trafficking pipeline, but the facts are sobering. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) found that "of the more than 18,500 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2016, one in six were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 86 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing."

Child welfare systems can, but often do not, prevent that reality for children. Pimps rely on that.

Children are learning all the time, and in abusive foster or group homes they learn that their worth as humans is not intrinsic. Their worth is what the abusive caregiver gets from them, whether simply a paycheck from the state or their bodies for sex, as happened to some of my clients.

This conditions them to be subservient to pimps—giving all they have in exchange for essential needs, like food and shelter.

As one of my clients put it, after extensive physical and sexual abuse in state care, the day she turned 18 and left the system with no community support, job or money, she saw herself in one way: "There was a gold mine between my legs."




Diplomats from Greece have been blasted as “traitors” by the country’s former foreign minister, after he shockingly repeated allegations that visas were issued “to unaccompanied children to illegally traffic their organs”.

Nikos Kotzias, who resigned last month in a row over Macedonia’s name, damningly said last week – and for the second time – that some 93 cases had been sent for prosecution, with a string of “highly respected ambassadors” already behind bars.

It is feared thousands of unaccompanied minors roaming Greece are at risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking. There are 3,050 unaccompanied child migrants in Greece, of whom 1,272 (42 percent) are either homeless, live in a temporary or an unidentified location, local news site Kathimerini reports.



It is feared thousands of unaccompanied minors roaming Greece are at risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking. There are 3,050 unaccompanied child migrants in Greece, of whom 1,272 (42 percent) are either homeless, live in a temporary or an unidentified location, local news site Kathimerini reports.



C: this report is intriguing, as it can be found on an apparently serious academic site, and on RT, which is very big and very Russian, and on the news site Kathimerini, a big newspaper in Greece. I tend to believe it is not fake news but thereby wonder how it can possibly be the case that this string of imprisonments of politicians has not been reported by anybody else from the mass media.

In any case we know that refugees are at incredible risk of being trafficked for their organs.



A propos survivors there is another ethical problem is that retelling one' s story might bring the traumas to the fore. Retraumising the victims depending on how the retelling will happen.




Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy


Last updated at 23:13 24 October 2006


Tesco has been forced to remove a pole-dancing kit from the toys and games section of its website after it was accused of "destroying children's innocence".

The Tesco Direct site advertises the kit with the words, "Unleash the sex kitten inside...simply extend the Peekaboo pole inside the tube, slip on the sexy tunes and away you go!

"Soon you'll be flaunting it to the world and earning a fortune in Peekaboo Dance Dollars".

The £49.97 kit comprises a chrome pole extendible to 8ft 6ins, a 'sexy dance garter' and a DVD demonstrating suggestive dance moves.



c: Those are tools to sexual trafficking you are right.

Tesco, a giga supermarket network in the UK, and a notorious tax-evader.




Possible sexualisation of children comment:



if the intent is to sexualise the situation, then i don't think he tries to justify it. i think he could show you he can say he is a pedo and make you watch for your back for the day he will strike. or maybe it is an innocent comment. you know we also may say so stupid and without knowing dangerous things. there are people who still do not know these dangers. maybe also because there should not exist, underlining our lives or the interpretation of speeches or texts. i hope he is innocent in his comment. the context of people predating on human beings...

dark poverty and human rights abuses sometimes make any word sound like they could be abusive. in any case there are psychological torture technics used by abusers when they worsen their torture at the exact moment they address their victims ‘positively’, with what would be literally be construed as positive opinions, words, comments. I hope this guy is not a pedo, i think he apologised.


Dawson continues by saying: “People have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about everything…so why is it when someone Googles naked babies and jerks off to it, they can get arrested?”


C: he said that, it is very sick sorry. I had not read. Makes it clearly pedo material, that does.




Love Island: Eight-year-old Llandeilo children 'emulate contestants'


A primary school headmaster has sent a letter to parents complaining pupils as young as eight were emulating behaviour seen on TV show Love Island.

Aled Rees said Year 4 pupils at Ysgol Gymraeg Teilo Sant had been commenting on each other's appearance and "pairing individuals together".

He told parents the show's contestants were "no role models for our children".

ITV said the show aired after the 21:00 watershed and was not aimed at primary school children.

Love Island is a popular reality dating show set in a Spanish villa where contestants are encouraged to "pair up" with each other in order to win a cash prize.




Children who watch pornography at a young age are more likely to have sex earlier and adopt 'unhealthy sexual habits' later in life

  • Researchers surveyed adults aged 18-25 about their porn and sex habits
  • They found that those who watched porn younger started having sex younger
  • The average age to start watching porn was 12, with sexual activity starting at 13
  • Researchers hope their findings will encourage authorities to provide better sexual education to children at a younger age

By Shivali

Ms Walker said: 'The rates of sexually transmitted infections in the UK continue to rise, and this research shows that the standard of sex education is not currently sufficient to prevent risky sexual activity.

'With the 15-24 age group accounting for over half of the reported sexually transmitted infections reported in the UK, it is crucial that this education takes place at a younger age, particularly when our findings on the age of sexual initiation are taken into account.

'Without appropriate sex education at an age when exposure to sexual material begins to occur, children are at risk of turning to unreliable sources, such as sexually explicit material, and are at risk of adopting unhealthy sexual habits in the future.'

This suggests that the age of exposure has a more significant effect on sexual behaviour than the quantity that is viewed.

'Sexually risky behaviour was defined as behaviour that puts people at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

'For this research, these behaviours referred to a lack of contraceptive use and having multiple sexual partners.'




U.S. Marshals recover 39 missing children in Georgia operation

According to the Marshals Service, there are more than 420,000 children currently missing in the U.S.  Of those about 91 percent are runaways believed to be in danger.



Know the Language of Human Trafficking: A Glossary of Sex Trafficking Terms

Sometimes these women are recruited by other female inmates who are paid by outside pimps.

“These recruiters coerce female inmates into working for the traffickers,” says Meekins. “When they walk out to what they think is freedom, the traffickers are right there to pick them up to lead them into the worst kind of slavery.”

In other cases, female inmates are directly contacted by sex traffickers through websites like and, which provides inmates’ mailing address.


Choosing Up: The process by which a different pimp takes “ownership” of a victim. Victims are instructed to keep their eyes on the ground at all times. According to traditional pimping rules, when a victim makes eye contact with another pimp (accidentally or on purpose), she is choosing him to be her pimp. If the original pimp wants the victim back, he must pay a fee to the new pimp. When this occurs, he will force the victim to work harder to replace the money lost in the transaction. (See Reckless Eyeballing)

Circuit: A series of cities among which prostituted people are moved.

Facilitators: It is important to realize that human trafficking operations often intersect or exist alongside legitimate businesses.

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Landlords
  • Labor brokers
  • Taxi and other driving services
  • Airlines, bus, and rail companies
  • Advertisers (Websites like and; Phone books; Alternative newspapers)
  • Banks and other financial services companies
  • Inmate pen-pal services




Human Trafficking Awareness: What Parents and Guardians Need to Know

Some traffickers specifically target vulnerable children, such as those who have a caregiver with a substance use problem, have a drug or alcohol problem themselves, or who are facing poverty. Kids who identify as LGBTQ+ are more likely to be targeted by traffickers, too, especially if they don’t have a supportive community. In fact, a startling 58.7% of homeless LGBT youth have been sexually victimized, and 1 in 3 teen runaways is recruited by a sex trafficker within just 48 hours of leaving home.

How to Talk About Human Trafficking

Have candid, age-appropriate discussions with your child about what human trafficking is.




Drugs, Sex Trafficking and Sacred Stone: RISE (Clip)




Children As Young As 12 Trafficked Around UK To Sell Drugs




16 Marines Arrested On Human Trafficking And Drug Charges | Katy Tur | MSNBC


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