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Mailed on Brexit.

Mohammad, THE prophet of Islam, ‘married’ a 6-year-old. Millions are preaching the sanctity of child marriages and of pedophilia as a result. Please, check the web, to realize that it is not in any case an exaggeration.


This email is a part of a one only-sent campaign. Your email will not be used again nor given.

This petition aimed at letting people know about a simple fact:


Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 and the ‘marriage’ (I am sorry there is unfortunately no other word around to qualify that daily officialized horrific shame and guilt of our societies) was said to be consummated she was 9.  There is some debate within Islam about her age, but the overwhelming consensus is 6.  Below are the hadith (records of the actions of Mohammed that are very much a part of Islam) in support of this:
Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.  Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236

'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.  Sahih Muslim 8:3310

From the hadith of the Sunan of Abu Dawud, volume 2, #2116 "Aisha said, "The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old." (The narrator Sulaiman said: "Or six years."). "He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old."
By wikiislam.

“These texts are direct translation of the Hadith, Arabic Ḥadīth (“News” or “Story”), also spelled Hadīt , record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance, second only to the authority of the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam.
By BRITANNICA encyclopedia.
Hadith has become a synonym for the term Sunnah.”

However, the plight is not more about what the scriptures say but about the thousands of documents produced by Muslim preachers, believers or followers entirely condoning, honoring and recommending this marriage of an old man with a young child.
This information is accurate. Please, be aware that ‘these teachings’ legitimised as fundamental to the Islamic religion can be found by the thousands on the internet via a very simple word search.
Preaching that the marriage of Mohammed to a little girl is appropriate or can be taken as a, or the model has grave and beyond horrid and vile consequences.  From child marriage in countries like Saudi Arabia, to the many stories of Imams being caught on camera in Britain agreeing to marry children and presenting it as a suitable practice under Islam. 
The campaign and petition have two purposes: One, to ensure that people know what happens. The ‘marriages’ in themselves but also the fact that marriages of children with adults are in fact professed via the teaching of Islam. Two, it would then ask the government to sanction direct or indirect incentives and incitation to paedophilia and child marriage (paedophile marriages). Pragmatically, it means that Islamic teachers should be condemning child marriage systematically, and be severely sanctioned when advocating it. To praise Mohammed’s life without expressively condemning child marriage is in fact support to paedophilia.
The prophet Mohammed is highly praised and constantly cited as being the prophet and only prophet of Islam. His name is introduction to almost any communication and verbal or written exchange in culture Islam.
No one needs to enter madrasas, Islamic schools, to figure out that Mohammed’s life is given as example and model.


PS: These acts or arrangements have traditionally been called child marriage. Still calling them child marriage hopefully would remind us who needs to be, by any means, protected. To call them paedophilic marriage could focus on the criminalization of paedophiles and paedophilic cultures permitting, encouraging it. To call it ‘child marriage’ stops naming what, once we know, make us all complicit of, since not stopping it. 

PS: Please note that two previous petitions has been refused or removed without any warnings or adequate justifications, also on main petitions specialised sites, petitions have limited time to get signed.

The petition I attempted via the UK government website, did not match the criteria, and had been catalogued under unpetitionable cultural matters. 

This idol, for which no discussion asserting the grandeur of islam and its master is tolerated, and is in fact, quite famously now sanctioned by death penalty. It is not called terrorism, the rules, here sharia and other Islamic laws, that are perpetrated by the power, or one of the powers in a given country.

Can Muslims be executed for converting?
Apostasy, or leaving the faith, is a very controversial issue in the Muslim world and experts say the majority of scholars believe it is punishable by death.
The Koran itself declares there is "no compulsion" in religion.
By the BBC.

Al-Taqiyya, Dissimulation
There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (for the Shia).  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. 
By the religion of peace.

Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers - and all others.

HOW CHINA CENSORS ALL OCCIDENTAL VIDEOS AND BLOGS (while next could be Russia): not an exaggeration Chinese people ARE FORBIDDEN FROM ACCESSING ANYTHING THAT IS ON YouTube, google (to name but a few), these sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since last year internet users could be imprisoned if they try to access them (by buying software able to jump the firewall). SAME AS FOR THE SUBJECT ABOVE, HORRENDOUS BUT NOWHERE CLEARLY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SOMETIMES IN FACT INSISTING AND REPEATING THE OPPOSITE (like the BBC and to my knowledge all others major media institutions very own practice, so much for the 4th power, estate, and 4th branch of the government), THUS MAKING BELIEVE TO THE HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IN FACT THOSE GROUPS HAVE PEACEFUL INTENTS AND WELL-FOUNDED DOCTRINES, WHILE ANY DEBUTANTS AT IT, IF SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING, WOULD KNOW IT IS ONLY DECEPTIVE.

Cannot hyperlink because was on the radio, but worthy item by the BBC to which I will refer here because while censorship of all informal (all blogs and videos) and artistic western sources is taking place and that the main media does not talk directly about it, many blogs and alternative posts have been made about it (perhaps mainly by people having lived in China- in the past since now blogging for west (only possible with the help of software bypassing the Great Firewall of China) from china will be regarded as a criminal offence. However, the BBC (updated and ground-breaking- it happens) is the only one that I know that talked about how internet choices and activities made by their citizens are stored by the government and how it affects (positively or negatively) their welfare states, perspectives of jobs, of becoming civil servants, or benefiting from states services (in some part of China people cannot afford for their ID and multiple certificate applications), if state thinks that the citizens ticked the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ options.

Genocides we don't know, or don't want to know about.

Given that is going on in the USA where everybody surely fell for terror and cannot speak any longer without going against their nations. Or by taking side for her finally flourishing demon or without daunting anything coming from their colleagues and neighbors- an opportunity to clean kkkill. Even if this far right presidency went away, the schism, the hypocrisy, folly, impunity, misdeed and unfaithfulness all combined it created, will never ever in one generation heal. And to whom will profit the deal? To whom will profit from the dictate and fears of speaking it will have been sowing?
Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment propelled by the new-born-again like politician figure, who is worse than mafia, for having become civil servants- and let’s hope or pray or say that they won’t be able to do dodge their being investigated. Since if tax fraudsters are at the head, amongst other things, then it amounts to announce that democracy was murdered (and slaughtered again and again most notably by the biggest companies and states when pulling off international treaties attempting to decrease those same agents’ possibility for appropriation and destruction- in terms of capacities bacteria could [wail will] do the same) well before by the clear majority of philosophies, politics and religions [wile and wilt] destroying animals and environment as a concept of progress and enlightenment Un-naively democracy is dead, or rather not it, it is done as: ‘has never lived, but its every shred shared’), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies through A-level censorship method and pathway, that regime of ‘no news’.
The people who attack the media this preposterously, are in fact very one cannot be happier (versus contented) with what the media do, they just want them to do it more. They work with mainstream journalism and do not bother with others; because to attempt campaigning otherwise -outside the few hundred people speaking to millions- is just as socially and politically impacting as being unreportedly kidnapped, made disappear into a desert and die. You do not need bullet for a whistle-blower, you just need a sack and a gag. As for firing the arsonists, they hold the keys- though not to the Olympian sky.
Ban the preaching of child marriage by Islamic preachers - and all others.

-        Item on grooming in the UK while police and social services have been proven complicit or passive.

One in four children in the UK under the poverty line: not a secret, a frequent headline, at least in the UK. Dozens of sharia law court or councils operating in the UK under the government approval. The scandal ‘Trojan horse’ with 6 schools in Birmingham found to impose Islamic regime and discrimination on teachers and pupils in state schools.

-        How while far-right threat has spread all over Europe, the UK is the best destination for female genital mutilation.
-        While Europe starts excelling in human trafficking, and organs harvests. During which time population more and more die of respiratory diseases caused by lethal pollution that have for only equal the degree of desertification of the country side, not the lack of their sirs, but the one of the trees and species that are no more, but farms destroying any corners left of nature and then enjoy animal breeding -culture- for slaughters. 

-        How university fees and research will be paid by the banks, that will decide from the students they will agree to send or not send (to ‘recruit’ or not ‘recruit’, to the surveys they will lead and initiate and the results they will publishate. No formation, just to format.

-        How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional step to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.
-        And how ‘child marriages’ even when illegal are tolerated and happening de facto in so many ‘muslim’ and ‘christian’ countries, including the USA, with the highest rates in the world in Africa like Niger, CAR, Chad, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Mali….
-        And how in France notably, cons and business alike get away with anything dragging journalists before courts asking for millions of euros when the press did disclosure or searched for information. Charlie Hebdo had to fight several trials by many organizations (mainly islamic, catholic, far right) just for having published caricatures, with the clear aim of entertaining, often out of situations and people so discriminatory in what they do and successful that laugh is used as a last remedy, for long no more as comedy. Pre-assassinations, the press itself in France, treated Charlie Hebdo magazine with a generalized and systematized contempt that is agonizing to watch, and now powerlessly, cowardly witness. On the megalomania of the inquisition, or how cheap will sound now the idea of a philosopher king. As for the rest, the extreme will sympathise with the Russian who reignites the armament armada stupendously, and the others are so filthy and rich they don’t need to be far of any side, they just are gods to the same way they respect insects, inspect, the same way they will do it to the common, a citizenship dishonest. People since then won’t dare to speak or at least to do so with an honorable meaning, they will suffocate at the idea of breathing. The man and woman in the street who will in return roam to make sure everyone is in the line of nothingness that numerously will enumerate, who needs discrimination when the reign is annihilate. In France one in 5 children lives under the poverty line.

And murders with dignitas, swiss style- another fiscal paradies, the emblem of money cleansing, and when the pro-life are mostly the ones that would, lives trap, threat, throat and rape.
But of course, all of it and more will be taken back by far right and left throwing the responsibility, the culpability of not responding at others groups, while their countries had plundered. And while they are too coward and undignified to address, pretending to candour, their own countries, nations and workers and say we cannot not stop misery- because misery is what they would like to assume and produce on a very larger and systematic scale than the upper middle-class, and every of the rest helping her, that just let it hap-pen.
Awe. You imagine now, with the kind of work that do the police, this will encourage the far right! While police are in most countries where a far right exist very keen to be ‘ultra-nationalist’ members, encourage a polarized, a fascist position on teenage rapes or security that they do not deal with, therefore producing an enlarged and enraged population or populist reaction. If so, could one envisage the next step, a coup that could be staged. To neglect one’s work to force people-for your party to be voted for.


A referendum initiated by a pm, premier representative that was against, or rather so he said, what the referendum propose to dramatically alter (or perhaps rob) = generations of efforts within what will always remain england’s continental neighbor. Those customs design in one song to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who had pledged to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office. A culture of overturned engagement and promises.

It is so astonishing that a ‘president’, well PM in the uk, against such an idea, all the same launched the referendum abolishing decades of a continental construction, without even a fight. I mean ok we heard before this a lot about eurosepticism, but did we a lot about an exit? The exit I was aware of before this one, was the independence of Scotland,

Not the result of the people but of people voting. No one any longer listens to the politicians, unless they are after a course or the path to take to a sad, sad, sadism - to have to stop listening to every politician, because 1 min on their recital, you know that you are leading into the most frightening and ugly ‘mode d’emploi’. How to get away and administer sinister and sin that will in the course of your career help ya.

How it just takes maximum a first semester in political sciences for beginners to know that referendum is widely considered as potentially totally undemocratic. You know, would you like to vote to rip lgbt people off their rights to marry, (one of the traditional step to bring people to worse than serfage) novelty.

A referendum initiated by a pm premier representative that was against. Those customs desing to totally undermine any trust that someone may have in the act of voting. Won’t proceed. Just preceded by voting for Clegg who pledge to protect university fees, for doubling them the moment he acceded his vice office.
As a reminder, people arguably had voted Clegg while his campaign and promises supported freezing university fees, ever growing fees that were so high in the worries of the voters. Clegg this lib dem (Sir Nick Clegg who after all this will work for facebook!- and shows up with his multimillion pound holiday like villa in south Africa-mind it is almost forgetting on how well guys you were so supportive for apartheid-london gettho and the almighty not even disputes over regions and gerrymandered boroughs, and coalition offer until now little cohesion nor collusion), to-be-deputy-PM alongside Cameroun, has been voted in, to give up and double the university fees the day he was sworn in. People, and by that I mean specialists of all broadcasted board and politicians, in unison are crying out for this referendum to have been democratic, while police in London in 2010/2011 were cracking protesters’ skulls who were demanding for the fees to stay as they were (as well as stopping the cuts on all humanities towards the god admin and business), since the coalition had been elected on the account of university remains almost affordable or repayable or free from begging the vultures bands banks systems.

Maybe they wanted out because of having each time to exchange and fat the arses of their bankers friends (free to say friends when one is ok to indulge on such spending for things worth no pennies- project jet-set all over the country, quelle largesse!) without being able to show enmity. And also the cruelty of thinking loudly and forcefully for their counterpart, that a deal of breaking up would be better or lures livres lesser according, depending of their one leader, facing the logic of millions of other countries’ inhabitants (and not owners). In english a word might be in underuse: exasperation.

And also to flee(ce) the European community through the back door, without a gesture towards fighting for a better EU, without a debate, without a stance first- only making sure or trying to have no debts to be repaying, lacks so much of distinction that it might well be this that will remain in the annals of political history- historical hysterical. Poise on.
And officialese, in terms of Brexit, sometimes often, bbc does not say much about things, but bbc 4 at least has a whole program a month about gambling addictions taken to a severe level of oblivion in the uk.

SMUGGLERS: As for the backstop and the border of Ireland, surely the uk would not consider becoming a back door to any traffic, a bit like North Korea (after who have surrounded Tibet, the water can of all Asiai am not sure if that was in return for Hong-Kong or what, to China?: not the com) or other terrorism linked.

Latin: Cor (coram) 'In the presence of the people'.

This BUNCH hilariously jesting on democracy and the will of people that are once pull forward (not when (ex) education become or remain unaffordable- no, that won’t disturb or disrupt the lords). No one is for any split second of a ram -random- remain and except because they are not politicians in web minister but just forgers why????

BREXIT IS AN ONGOING TAKing OVER OF A POWER THAT HAD BEEN DEVOLVED TOWARDS COOPERATION WITHin A BIGGER TERRITORY – COOPERATION ABOUT WHICH NOONE KNOWS, AT LEAST NOT THE ANYONE LISTENING TO MAIN STREAM WEBMINSTER COMMUNICATION ON EUROPEAN HISTORY (apart the fact that the UK royals are of german descent- german who have historically been themselves the one best ally of the ottomans, it is a relief for the sole French culpability on collaboration [even though the French have been regarding themselves as the epitome of resistance]- let’s now hope it is because they were surrounded not fully engaged).

It is perhaps why the deal quick exit has been postponed in that end year of 2018, because since revolutions people have coined to beware the speed and peerage of passions. ABM MAD then what would do your patriots but selling their teaching cap-ability and then play a peep along ‘an englishp(e)ers-on in New-York’.


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Blue blew. CHAPTER III: (first part)


Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014
Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2014

Listen, you will excuse my tone, this is me; it is why I took as a moral habit not to hide it. When I am in transe I am taking the game for granted. Nay to, not you, not anyone for granted, just the game, it is like that, the science has ‘to let be infused’.
Do not think that none of my word is predications, pre-per-dickcat, preydick, perdi, predictions. The predicate is you thank you for this help – pleh, play. Even if it is in every truth that my love is at, for, in, by, through, across, in-between, in front, facing, in turn, onto, sliding, torpor, I ve lost. Everything, you U
For the pictures, they are the only ones that I ve got of my famille, did id not planned it, my camera the same year I understood I have to raise the problem of exploitationary incest-nothing big, the same cinema in very family, we are from the same system, don’t we? Intercede intestine intersected inter-intra scene incise incline. 
I am out of there, could not take it no more, yeti am constant in touch with myma.
Let me cover you with word, ord. Her.

Mon amour,
Do you want me to call you mon maour? Ame-our.
Finally, I have pity for the people who did not get that love was this, but pity not, they may rather the solidity o f a rough upon one’s head, me in the bombardment, the bricks might be dodgier all of a sudden. Sud-den, (south end).
South and north end. Sous-den (underworld)
My dream before you as a mistress was to be the mistress of the words, I intimatedly intimately that we are in.
You are the butcher, hammer, surgeon, MECHANICER.  Of the sentences, it will do.

They don’t want of homosexuality , they fear a bad husband or the whores of the communities.
Fed up with obeying the whores’ institutions. Pro of in stitutions.

Please, please, please, don’t think that they gave you freedom. They might leave you speak and choose every single-tone. But they are jealous, look one sec at your position, you are the pour delight into the live of a prescription. Proscription of us French miss dismissal before being on the trade, perhaps allowed to have entered (neu, new) but for apprentissage only.
One day you will be as embraced as the dodo. I use embrace for not using em broche ed, you my cameo.
I love you more than I should, as they will do you a trick, I know, everything will be fine, till the moment where they will flap the trap locked. In doing comments and having behaviours that you would not believe on earth that people could have in the middle of a so called post modern society. In fact, it is that the post modern, it is about to be past as much as they are rotten more than gone.
Please, please, please, if you want to prove to me your liking, I will listen to you and know if I am whenever you want and can quoted. It will be enough for me to know that my words did not repulse you and that if you read those and go on giving the cue.
Please, please, please, don’t say anything, they would arrange to make it regret, greater, later, really. I tested it for you, nina, the last time I work for the social services- but not anylonger even if I ended up doing twice the chores- and their hired blessings, the threats for being amusing was to bran down my books on human rights, and symbolically they did, the trial me fashion kangaroo trial. Before I had hope of reporting these kind of acts, but now noway, they would have done a set-up, and in fact I am wondering how much not the court would disagree but how far it could be judging, what on the juridistion, what under the protection of professional ethics (even If they are not always even close from right) nothing, nina, nothing.
The rules now are to beg privately. Don’t talk about our rights, love is more than rights, it is the absolute sovereign law, but you know about that don’t ya, you read history enough to resemble my goddess having be passing through the centaury of all millenniums.

I realize that my notion of wanting to change something, create a difference, in the sense of trying to stop watching every body dying, was vanitous. I am not conceited in fact I think (let’s see after), but vanitous oh la, la, la,,,,la. It is logical why would the world stay this way if it was enough to try hare, hare, hare, krisna, hare, to try hard.
The famous revolution a bridge to abandon, it was murders no more than depleting the institutions, it was a lazy acts, the ones that did it for bread of course, but to whom, their neighbourgs with which they combat were the most to fear, when you call need for those rebellionary murders a yesterday.
Hostages would have been enough? Enough time to sort out bread and pay an army.
Then in roe it is the same thing, it is so beyond the credible, but yes, we have all been sold-hire. And for what, let’s start attacking the way everything is looting, and there is no more party. It is game over.
It is game over, off, of power.
Shush, you understand. They know our theories, especially yours. Do it do it balance but balance we cannot count on the communist connery. On you liking me, if it is real, not of course if you can amuse them by being extremely witty, i.e mock me. Shush, shush, shush. And for once I d allow you to do to me every single ecart = gap, going aside or away, refusal, abuses even, but on this don’t disobey me. They have my career it is as bad as that, it is why I told you I just wanted (ot) to do my cleaning the environmentalist way, I cannot no more sweep or any thing including the care to the person via ivy company uk.  They will have you, can you hear me. I beg you not asking yourself if I am just a freak of a very, very atrociously dubious contro. It is not it. I am like these jealous saying you got the money, but what you got is a seat from which you can play. Keep it, keep it, keep it, it is not a privileged, the privileged is when you can abuse everything with money, it is what is generally called a privilege to be put down, your privilege the one we all survive on is the philosophy, they are there and in use, please don’t drop the place you can educate people from. What you can drop is you rhetoric too generous, you do not attack the famille, because you know that they could cry famine. They could and it is half why we are screwed like mortal, mantel, mar-teller (=the ham.mer) and anvil. Ayng. Aung.
Above all, ablove all don’t yield to anger, even if you decide to hide it, they would FOUND YOU OUT.
You are there, it is the sign that little things are working, and those are under your protection and these things are under your protection, don’t spoil any of it.

Of course, could you walk in the corridor is more getting to the point that don’t run, but what if the problem is that they don’t run enough, not allowed, not prompted, anyhow curtailed, tail.or trained.


People sadely, dangerously, lethatly, unhappy for a religion, take ‘their desire for orders’. That is their perverted preferences for the duplications of human obligatorily enforceable and coercitive foly.
They want people be like them, in order to disturb the true equal opportunities stories, if you don’t meet these criteria, your out of the pattern. They protect their preferences as in order to be served, as their way, feeding is another man’s poison, and to oblige people doing, liking = adopting the same zeale, is the most secure means to alienate them.
On muslims, and together all of your sects that pretend to be religion but are networks of thieves, Christians have adopted the charia for centuries and centuries, it was already a winner, it is why cowardice has taken it as a leader.

Anyhow I am not gonna work not on religion, that are texts classics and have to be celebrated for their magesty even if they are also the results of so marvellous arts and sciences, morals and attempts at humanitization just being burned through movements similar to the inquisition; I will stop wording, working, but on your well cladded, cladode, callous.

In fact I find amusing that people say it is the last text, it is the sacred, as what is sacred is all creature of god, and pretending one is last is to prevent people’s research, devotion, artisticalinness, everything that permit people to work for universe and not to be exploited by everybody, included by heel  of doing bad, by the hell impersonated by the society that everyone hatred transform into bordello.
Bordello, from having to marry someone you love, as love is natural, but for you there is no elaboration on what is marital love, your choice, your nest, your self, yourself looking for god.
You see am a believer, am not saying that for you to stop your anger, as anger if rom god, is not self hatred, or hatred for others, it is the strength needed by justice, and poverty, palaces are there to well remember that religion exists but in hearts not in your place of abusive devotee to theirc ommmunities, that is the local, and widespreading a little bit, the globalizing market, the souk, yet again I am sorry if I use arab term it is because they are the only of another language I came to speak, but be careful of your propaganda mes frères, mes soeurs et vrais amis, wisdom is the most alone, but pretension it the blinder. If you are not eaten by another community, yours will be looking after you on time, as if the aims is not the respect of any of you, of us, of all, of them, and around, the crypte will be closing back on you, on me, the one that thought that block-house was ready.
CHARIA. Charia has won for so long, genocide, wars, work, exploitation, slavery immonde, outlandish.
If I were you I d celebrate the spirits as one are counting on how much hell we are in, that now they will claim their property, the souls we left being behind, bashing, begnign. I fuck Microsoft but their automatic correction preambly on my horse, my comput, say microsoft don’t go with a lower case.  Spit it we are ordain to the last theory, the death for technology, rendering everyone more and more tailored to be whimsical, calling one’s neighbour a stuff, and one’s ordi a game,
I will prophetise something we are gonna to yield to sheer folly, I don’t use madness, too soft, too hackney, too handy.
People have focused on keeping their seemingly behaviour like if everything was fine, every thing easy, and assujeti, assumed

Doing activities implying the betrayal of one’s body , intelligence, moral, reason, the wisdom, the knowing there is a blain balance, and though not obeying the rules we know, or at least at one precise moment are use of being sure of (ok for acknowledging that belief are dangerous, and when you understand you were wrong, but at least you ask, and as long as one what want goodness for all others (nb: am a woman, if you don’t want me to have a wife, think reciprocal, and if I am in aplace where I have to die without, believe my bothers, believe my sliters, believe my blisters, that unconscious or the other part will have you get the more, the most, morbid of charms.
To work and live and think and conditionate oneself, not obeying the riches of what the live we live ahs brought is the greatest betrayal to omen’s furbearers and opt out from invalidation the offspring.

Put the sponges in the washing machines at the same time with clothes in the same area of dirtiness, in order to wash them. (kitchen clothes with casual clothes), and potentially  dangerous  dirt, places around  body fluid excretions for the older sponges.

They did not get that this writer, or this letter, was for them, for them all these words, all these words to try to explain using faithful emblems. They throw peace, piece, by people who were writing spirits on a bit of sheet; therefore one that could acknowledge your fate or destiny for ages and ages after prompt, respect us reading, peer, scrutinize next time, hopefully these words couch, cooked come back as long as when is blurred sac caged necessity, savaged by otherbody. Fatwa.

Sac caged.
The veil of impunity. Their banks, their laws, their works, and the dying poorer paki.
Paki, paki, paki. May your brothers in occident come back for the alms or don’t let them come back or their money will be so dirty that what they will buy will soon be your progeny.
Pardon to whom that can help you, you know for the Europeans to share own salaries in taking a room in a house of extremist muslims is impossible, they want met me skinned, stone, or whatever else, one logic is that since obviously they are not the one I amtalking abou that use fraternity, and bring to Pakistan an help that erase trace of infamy, beginning by the servants, that we all are but as god property. My female having chose a female-female marital life, taught me, lide everyone who love will understand that the spouse one loves is all that is needed and brad, bread, and health that can be shared and protect with the whole community. Not Angelina joly, as you are all bribed, the money to the one that gets it all to be able to beg a part of it. Bad, bad, bad, brad, the figure you have in occident, strictly alike to orient.
Ange line, perhaps but dimensional, naz, nag, money, money, money. It has never been skin, countries of plucks,

To be brought up as the servant, the utopianism-dummy, the authoritative-sackedactive, sedative no therefore suicide comtemplation, what would she do without containement?

By the way, thank you for your profile, because that I felt under your chains and nets, I was finally not doubt, even if I imagine someone very poshy to teach as professor such subject like this.
You are bourgeois like me, I would do everything to stay in my book company.
But your profile? How seriously could I imagine such coincidental folly a deux. Thank you for the 16 topics that you said, you said it, that you like, such combination, even a 1/5 of this combination, I could not hope for that. Now I get the jackpot, don’t be contradictory, the note, the notification I got. What will happening to me? It is time to sourer, already?
What am I supposed to do with your tambola? Draw? Dote it.

The camp.
The one send under fire. To die for love, it is maybe why it is not recommended at the army.
Hi,hi,hi, bastards.


Ah yes, conceited is when I see enemy everywhere forgetting that for me, they don’t do it for the cause  as they don’t want to be treated like dust, so especially for the just cause that would concern me...

I cannot converse the all day with you, jokey only, also I will have to have recourse to subjectivication, the subjunctive, the tense of the ‘we ought’ as you are my the midway of my second say, of my ultimacy coming to tell me, this you hope, happy, love is eternal, and put into subconscient your voice back where she was, the one who brought me here, simply not at you but to.

Praise the past and tradition aiming at entertaining a personal short memory.

An intelligence working by differenciel, when I think at it generally good, but before I thought of it, the mountains can wane.
For you

I don’t want to speak with anybody, as in this society the cause of my love would be removed from me, maybe would you “‘kill or punish’” my mum, or my lady.
If I was with you, when I think and in fact am (ame=soul). Save our soul. With the love of my life and after lives, you would without a doubt annihilates, bring to neant, muse, museller = snarl us. And when I speak and intellectualize with my lady or my mummy, I don’t want to approach you d have stolen my possession, my right to be under tur charms, under true discussion, about the whole world, about destiny, about all that excluded your dumped humanity. Humanity was and is a pearl, a gem accomplished, it is because she is accomplished that people wish her demo lishion. Evolution whould have surpassed, overdo our smokey meanery, the fumes from it blinds the game but not the fools. Ciao. Adieu. In any another tongue, we know that it is the next homage to god. But who would not smile to be taken inside the earth for purification? The one I guess that thought they were or demons or angels, grave breach of misconception.
Respect one and another, as if you laugh and play with these ideas ,it is because like me you did not meet one really, simply their hint and messages perhaps becoming weaker and weaker as there’s not enough time to explain our dismissal. If you at your personal level don’t rebel lion. Rebel, belle and beast allowed to at last marry, we will be more than witnessing the apocalypse, no more film production, the face of the Demon will see itself through the changing color of our blood, are the deserts purple? Between black and white, an enormous array of playground for the one who would avenge earth and her offsprings namely, zoos, frozen foods, ill-treated pets, farms, slaughterfactory, and captivity, their is not more houses, the wild where is it ?????
Under our skirts is sure the last of the hidden places left. Be sure it is there.

Who would be afraid of talking to the tramp, who would not be afraid of talking to the one boss?
Logics going to a(d)vance, logic gonna avenge.

We had accepted hell, there were not much choice but not hell as slaves, pandora has been opened, what a delight the old tales of using to be able. Pandora box our bodies, are buildings, are planes, every facilities, exactly like a wall dysney cartoons, where cutleries, forks, cups and spoons start speaking and dancing and acting. Child mind are not childish evolution so many steps has missed. One of them is animism.

You know, in France we have a saying, ‘you will find your partner at the moment you think the less of it’. I do not have many good lad, but I remember sustancially when they insist this fact on me, the one that knew this little my psychology, and since it was the sole sentence that could bring me down for a renewed mercy. Towards me I truly though, do not panic, think and thought are interchangeable, I truly think that I could please only god, and the cause, it is theory in practise the cause.
I find, am I finding, if we get loest, don’t be afraid of hystery, I am philosophical enough to understand that it was an intended scheme, in live orgasm comes from perseverance, I would be happy to have found this prototype and leave you as untouched as your wishes. Untouched maybe not, I have to concede we are making love every time, this fact goes somewhere, don’t you think that?
I should be counting in my equation like the days of the week, if we are the Tuesday the first, the next Tuesday is gonna be the 8th, as in the equation it won’t be a simple round as Tuesday as counted twice, one week is not seven days, we had already started the first one or already begun the second (n + 1). Something has happened, a beginning, and I d rather die with this.
Don’t take me on pity, I am the queen of the unfinished.
I ve found my partner, I don’t say the future but you are the closest of one, I found my partner, the year after other women freed me from being faithful only to the earthy love that led my ascese serving inner thoughts. And you came, in fact I came is more the trough,
I met you, the day I thought even if I met the most interesting person, there is only one left for my fate, is utter, singleton, sacrifices. But you are my sun, even in war time, the sacrifice is not that it would have been without your reading.
I was hiding from philosophy, as when she discussed there is no way of concluding or not praise her by a new beginning. You found me. And for you brain my life, do you thank it, has become a long sinsong of mystery. More than a thank you, more than existence, an holy see for companion. Please, grace, make it not poisonous in under no pretexts, in under no contexts.

You do business (simoly renting your room) with somebody and if a problem no possibility to report its to consumer organisms.
I think that the big banner saying yes if you know someone doing crookery report it is most probably crookery, because if one wanted really pin tax evasion, there would be at disposal organism recording transactions.
Tax evasion is the biggest of all bribery and corruption. Firstly incite by taking so much if you decide to join on. How much would cost simply a student to teach a child, two, three at the same time, coming from primary? 15 times that poorest people could afford, it is so mean to speak like that, ask the poor children money, there is nothing at the bo(re) rough, bro, borrow. For this simple case of educationary.

To be more than oneself, but to be the what one lives for, thinks for, fights with, pee with, peer with, poke who, spoke to, see through, see you, (see you on Thursday, what a bliss, but I can’t stand the other donkeys, you are ma chere et tendre, entre tenders I feel in danger of showing that I live, I feel astonish to such pearl and then fury erecting from your body that I can feel as being constrain, and I know that your bigger fear, a legitimate one would be to become as aggressive, as poorly defending her territory like I presently do, I know that this is my true folly, but I am taking as therapy to control my acts though it is far too much showy, in your name, the name of freedom-liberty-fraternity-my-dear-all. My dear all is from today not a concept on which I have to ponder for hours without finding a way of not qualifying it, you are its essential roots, you are its essentiality, you are the troubadour that whisper the day long into my ears, I do know it sounds utterly childish to write this, but at least a little I would have tried to clash the taboo of people talking to other people without having to meet geographically. If I put geographically it is because physically I am transcended by you, and that secondly, if you leave me the choice, it is absolutely everything, including foolishness that I could do for the reunification of my ear and mouth, your fingers on me, and my tongue in you, I feel banish from giving you my eyes and all thumping of my sole soul from being your spouse in this realm of hanged concepts and litany of conspiracy) my nina power de mon Coeur. Look this is irrational, ah bon, but the author of this ‘poetry’ half of the time is not me. It is your voice, I firmly recognize her. firmly recognize her and the ‘important thing is the rose’, the rose that you are and that I would be watering and bring the sun to her and her little son every and each morning in reading what my eyes still allow me to be scrutinizing. Her little son are the name of revolutionary concepts of revolutional flower power. Nina power is the author, and me the secretary, nina please don’t think I challenge you, it is the truth and owe you, and everyone, your name like my own life would have to stay secret, but Nina power is the author of this little manuscript whose hand is the one of our spirit. Nina power is the author, and it is not finished. Nina power is the author, and it is not finished I ll count you as my best friend it is the least that one owes to honey. Listen, listen, I am now wondering if you d be afraid of my own tyranny, I am in stupor and how much I am stupid is so gravissim, but every thing you d need and ask, I am entirely in trust with your integrity and philosophy, my best friend and yours has well, as wheel, obey anarchy for them as those who rape liberty, who rape liberty, money. Like for the women I am afraid of the communists that would be there for the same fucking rules but by adaptation would have found and establish other ways of circumlocution.

whatever happens, between two persons who love each other, it is whatever happens the industribility that shows how paradise will never be annihilated. Love is god, god is love. The proof is inside the first of the first love. The sacrifice that are talked about it is because others could want your skin not knowing what to do, as this feeling is indestructible, is beyond all. Not us, not our houses, not our children, not our belongings, not our lives, our feeling, immateriality that has build not only all the precedent but the heaven and paradise everywhere potentially. We all know that, what else mysteries? Don’t be too curious as mysteries are in the simplest of things, the one we can attend in doing so good that god could rest on them as little as us, reciprocity.
Contract with god, the all loving of all lovers. The gay, teh bi, the hetero, please don’t be vulgar, don’t be so, and bow not to their classification but to their true nation, the one for you, the only one to bring happiness to you in and within the whole of one of the hall realm, little planet-arid. Dire (dire straight, dire=say future tense, d ailleurs = from somewhere else by the way.)
The ultimate sufferance could open our ultimate candour.
And when times for dying ask but little to late for extension or absolution, what are we spoiling? Our ass or our living, the end the solution view through the maths of global peace taken into account the cadavers that counted human superiority, hihimhimhim. Human accomplish complete waste of time and wisdomery.
Am lesbi, beurk, am lesbi beurk, one thing is that I am well aware on gender and when I say him, don’t start you slut of playing it disgustingly lovely, long time I know that on women better not be anyfurthery comparatively trusty. Fuck you woman. Fuck you woman. Fuck you woman. Fuck you woman.
You remember it is for my blog I remind principles of feministery. Feeble your vilainery.

We are all asking for the end of the capitalist, at least for the one who wants a life for their children.
But one question is in suspens.
What will it become??
Are you not worry?
Or are you simply wishing the end of all? Trendy.
On how a homo fuck you with you ‘mainstream normal view on how killing everything, children first and god to lick you pussy?
Pray gentlemen, pray beautiful ladies, the law of procreation will give you it siblings
Siblings, cible (target) and prosperity.
The day you are good parents, you could fuck the lesbians?
Your children my dear your shame. Hoping for impunity, constitution of an army. We would see how long they could take you collapsing insane of self-serving cupidity.
Homo, what do you care, you d already sell everything to lie down proud and satisfy of the blood that is around, all over the ground. You do not enjoy sex, you don’t enjoy husby or wife, or friends, you enjoy the altoghether moquery, the sense of being dominant in the use of dishonesty and poisoning the lords and true ladys. Plural of all sections, I am not pretending to ascert your sexual orientation, but if you touch female, if you touch even my friends, and their right to live helping other to substain. My love of blood will come and if you kill me before hands, anger, justified anger is not for the selling. The ceiling of your Esperance in the cave of your miserable time left at hoping that there is no god in the story. No god in the story, why are you adoring the devil? I am not too anxious, he is moquery. And who for its last bait? By all the gods I just ask you to think a little bit.
I am not your devil, it is predication, invocation you think? It is your selfishness because people we made suffers they are thousands, billions, no need to preach and bet to know where are anger, in each heart, and where hearts are? Functionally in beasts, spiritually in its.

But having said all these dirtiness, I d like to thank religious practises as since we owe them the sparks of the communality of the divinities.

Advices: when you want to read the blog, read the little paragraphers the longer are or too complicate for me to be clear or to have clearly revising or revisiting them or they are clear therapeutical range of rants.

Imagining you thinking, or of me or of ours or of you related to the story, I could wait, I could wait for I know your body is wrangling upon it. Upon it, is your whole presence and when I am alone in the room or else or I would have to pretend to do anything for my territory or to pretend that I don’t have some need of secouring myself, and yourself since you don’t appear. Instead now I imagine that you are in this room, and all of the sudden it is all change in my behaviour, I am with tmy ange. And the territory the misericord, of eternity as you are the one with which my moments are full of this substance, my soul knows that there is no distance. When I see in your eyes, the mapmonde where our travel will have to go round and round to find perhaps how to stop boredom and the greatest danger of doing nothing more than hoping for better score and better outcome through superchery.
The true superchery is to use the word misericord without remembering that it is the work of the ancestors, and to thank them with all my brain, but what to do, more than being the witness of more inquisitionery-connery, connery like shone, like the light artificialising your modernity that is the artifice use to trump our dimity, the light is wawing, the light is crying, the light is sobbing, the light is cracking, and inside earth the only element still in good chances of lasting through all this is the inside fire.
Good luck, good luck, the next story will be how a people of murderous daily instance, how the all lot, the majority from the rise to the twilight were nicking absolutely every body, in pointing for homosexuality as the new ramping of demonization. You are so sadly in pain it felles (Eiffel) like crying when one find some peaceful means of reacting once again without shifting one bit of these cruelty.   


I cannot imagine more than touching your lips as when this done, I have burned outright. My belly ask me to look down, my breathing becomes whistly, my nose like a pipe cannot content a fountain so much watery, boiling my stomach, oozing under, my belly is not one it has become a bed, bedding fusion and harmony.
What do you want to say after, that I would not dare only a peck, this is my treasure and you the key without which my land will die. The land is for you, it does not demand for naught but you in any kind of state.

(Look at the word count?) you cannot they are for me as long side I inscribe, you know I think that your name is anti-demonic, or pro you are this generous and fines of spirit.
But be careful I don’t remember enough to pay god (and its saints, anyone isn’t it?) for us to have meat.


 If they said not to me, it is that they knew that the others were coming, who, the s.a, the s.s, the other people in thirst of (cultural) genocide or fatwa (counting on their rogues states to make everyone knee under threat of H bombings) if you want “the most ‘exo.tic’ name”.

They want to interfere in marriage, in everyday life, annihilating every right to privacy. If you touch mine, or hers, or one of your brothers, they, me and them, us will start following you sadistically. (youou, youou, let you be my prey with all the crows and fangs of the dispossession, my thirst the content of you blood filling my belly, vomiting one after one, the aims the whole company, and your black pudding for the dessert, push puss)

The religious people, coming, or born (here it is a feeling of similar appurtenance) in the uk speaking about morals in waiting for everybody, to become their servants or have lovely (lavish for them) kings.

You know in reality what is transcending me is that anytime I hear your voice I trust 100% of what you said. That is transcendenting because it is the first ime I am thinking of me being the part of a couple thinking with dignity what best planned plan. A plan over 5 years? U..s..a, what would you think? London already our prison, there we will not be recognized on every single street. And Africa for me is dead as blacks don’t want to become the target of education biased and lee way for the operture to what is not market but cull and murderily employed people for more and more, psychological, cultural, social, mental, torture safisfaction of the more whory the mike carrie(rtz). One voice only one that we can trust has not being paid by advertissment system, the voice coming into the brain without the need of a mouth to be opening. The problem is how far we can go, as spirituality is as dangerous as Pandora, and spirituality only will not stop human scelerat, villain, ar at, a rat.
We are in the panade = in muddy water, in quick sand maybe, between two fires, and me I write but what in front of the Misther, what justification will do? Myster? Mystery will arrange themselves to save my next life from my penury of dishonesty implied. What do you think my love, what is our mission? Permission of calling you my love, I have only one, how could you love that, how could you call that? Submission?
nn from now it is when you dictated. Not the typist, the sounds and (end) the beat.
Don’t count on the accuracy of this though I am levitation. And your sound the mat on which the conveyor of this same sensation (sane, sens, action, sen, nest) I cannot win  

I know that with you I can abandon the do for others and concentration will flow on doing it for you, the all, because you are all, because you support it, because you are so much more than beautiful. That I feel pedant, ignoring how to say, or to make you feel, or angry at you that would not understand that there is a beyond and that I should be kneeling before it with the all depth, in debt, of my short coming.
How would I become less so, how could I spit, being this pretentious calamity? Tell me, tell, me without splitting if possible, any possible at all, at all, at all, at all my indifference but the one, the vic.tim. The only image that make me react are these children dying and us giving lecture on education and insemination. Help me, please my god help me, why did you do my left overs with a brain for such insanities to ahappen without me to respond, only with emptied words, emptying the world with respect for reason. And the world dominance over the word intelligence.
Nnblog is from nn or as cunning as the vixen, les enfants du rock or enfants terribles. Ils le savent, sush maintenant. Stop singing, shush.

You threaten me with if you quit me, but if you quit me after threatening me, I would pursue you tempting with proving to you that you left our beaty, beaty, beayty, beauty, that I left for you the world of incertitude and beatitude permitting to think that one day my princess could arrive, but who aere you? Her mere nighmare? If you dare retrieving your personal belongings, namely Marxism, the Arts, and it’s enough what would be left of our realm, left over, the abandon we fear so much, you like me.

No, I am not homo, like that I can flirt with all the girls on earth, without even noticing that I am completely, utterly unfaithful. Not I am not homo, and like that I can avenge the rest of the ceremonies of being faithful and loyal to every thing in my life, of which none I choose.

Are you a simple toy for my body, voice?
She is my equal, as finish with mystery, she answers, she responds. This is love, and life without a cruelty.
You want me out? On earth I will be as out as a worm, as out as the norm.

Religion is a language subliminal, with all these thousands of world, muttering, talking with the shame word but totally different meaning and intentions. What religion? There is no religion, there is hypocrisy and for the beeeter an attempt at improving literacy. For the beater?
Popular aims are not to conceit but poplar belief in vouching selfish trips? Oh oui, oh oui, oh oui.
Bless this to day bread, or it is you I deny, and when I talk bread, the dough Isa as exponential as di-able (diable, devil, duplicity).

When you think that the Christians after the lamb story, invented a devil to be a goat, to the roast embelly(sh)?
Embalms of avilissement, abasement.

Abject, object.

I fear to be seen with you, even if it is only being guessed to have communicated, not just like that not really. What I fear the most is more self-centred. I fear that you try me, and realize that I don’t fit, ok but in the meantime I would have lost my time? Not my time, what is to come like blank, blanch with eternity that is eau de javelized me from having slipped with and over the indications and to be honest am clumsy.
The worst of the story it is that you could really, really love me and what if people don’t like that. You culd pay the consequences simply, simply by your having showed whatever superficial but genuine interest. And me I world be left like a wolfe too put at distance to help with you Sufferance.
Suffi.  Sophy.


I do not know what will happen, but this would have given me some good at the personal level, were you to not read me anylonger.
I d be still something because I know that if it was as completing, as at least giving you some pleasure and some little facts, as I would like it to be, I am sure you would agree.
If not, misery, but enlightened one and the love personal more and more into the cause. I d be one of your hero for this, and at some point, don’t be shy of preferring your freedom, it would have sufficed for me to write with the feeling of winning sober over dying with cold and indifference. Beware, beware of this ambiance. We are little one, all our generous thought can easily be in 5, 6 secs in any individual’s brains. It is why I guess true religious teach in the practise humility and devotion, they could nick us in 3 seconds. But at least on what we would have been if clearly devoted and the humility for not fearing, the air would have been you, the clearest stuff I v seen.

I would like to kiss you all day.
What if my kisses were not healing.
What if my strength was impaired, what if I was destroying more than repair.
I d like to do so, to be left expermimentation, I d sure I would find something??
At the same time, we could listen to bbc world or your pick of intellectual radio, maybe not music, concentrate on both is surely the more artistico. Gymnasium.

At the party, they welcome me like a prostitute but since I still wanted to help as some ideas are fair even if every step is so much complex, I started helping and then they treated me like an orpheline, orphean,

I am breathing for and gthrough you, I cannot believe what is happening. And am wondering, and am wombering, I cannot move no more only to try to peer and let my eyes lingering into the air, so, finally so translucent. I am wondering, and for the first time I think that I live, I can think that I live without thinking that I am late, that I will never know the human feeling of being loved and have a glimpse onto the other’s desire of my up to every part of her inside cuddling. Your neck, your throat, your apple, your pipe, you would have to train me for me to be sure of the pressure you are regularly requiring and this changing and this shifty, and this to equate each of the time I would apply mouth and hands and throat =, and arms and every part of me onto my sweeter conquest. Sweeter as it would not be a motivation session, even if they are sometimes therapy, it would be heaven, it would be my best contribution at relieving and entertaining your quest, that willing or not you are doing through the body, abode, and our breathing, our tremble, our facilitated digestion, for embalm. Going through the heart, going through all organs, the feeling, my mi, the feeling transported on any port, on every counter, of every place you designate as having the need for a caaress till it conveys veracity., check vera in French, my pun brothers me as much as the pen.  
Did you know that a propos, the pig as a pet behaves like the dog, very faithful, very attractive, and stable, able to when fit and well trained to block entry to undesired trespasers, me I would like to, but another story asnout them is that they eat absolutely everything, we, in country side have got old stories saying that it was ideal to conceal without a bloody trace the lost little poor and abandoned little, little human beings from unwanted birth, awe awry away. It is like that we respond to death and slaughter house, the organisation, or even the simple fact that this might happen, awe, awrty, all day.
They might have preferred to give their little to it than to let them endure a live of slavery salted with torture.
You know I play with the figures, and 6, or other symbols to our culture, to math, to me, are not omen, they are figures that have chance to appear, an hint, but I don’t want a fate, I just want to remind my people of what surrounded them. And I, I, I, forget angel, you need to teach me. You need as the fire as I can see, would fit some instances when people want your trance. I am your de- mon, not the bad luck, not the bad deed, not the bad dude, but what see you not, but peep, de-serve ‘purify’

Today, I am not a plastically wirgin any more.
I always knew about my clitoridian fashion, but today with you I understood personally, I always understood others, but personally I ve just experimented what could be a marathon sexual.
A marathon sexual is when you have have it, but you manage to go on, not going on coming but going on the act generating further troglodyte swarming that will arrange for you (a-out, Augustine), abounding, the wet necessary for further merchandises.

I feel like going to roehampton from the Wednesday evening. I feel like taking a shower, rubbing myself for hours, to try not to go with my lassitude, the bother of the romantics that lived for poetry. It is goodness, it is godness but the word does not do the lady that dictates them and me around.
The demons of midnight told everything about these, but when they arrive they could cold cult not recognize anything, again. Everything had changed. Everything had flourished. Everything had played. Everything had flourished. Everything had flourished. Everything had played. Everything had flourished.
On one should not be brought up and down their little demons this way.
Everything has changed. Everything has flourished. Everything has played. Everything has flourished. But since they are still demon ignoring what they are, the secret will be eaten the parents inside the grave. And the flourishment nothing to do with the oak that have been eating you, am not saying sheltering, or reincarnationg, am saying eating you, like vulgar meat, like vulgar milk, the soul won’t stay in one and we would not be able to save the souls we loved, or we said we love, but the love for us, as everyone knows it, will be lost, it is the only thing that has to and can be gained.

Homosexuality, love not obligatorily, but these a personal matters. But ok love between two adults, and don’t say they don’t love,  pretense of despise is not genuine, self defensive hatred and does not make no one stronger.
What about people pretending serving love, meaning god, when they don’t believe in it, meaning love and therefore GOD. DOT. DOT.DOT. in French dote, the woman duty to bring money in the future male married under duress’ family.

Dur=hard, har ess ment.
And the hell of not privacy but domestic jungles. They are the how the tyranny of the government can go on and on, is that everybody are too busy avoiding being eaten.
Cunning cunts. Counts, and countery. Completely broke. Completely broken. Completely burke. The complain of the tatcherite, that says magguy is the hero made woman, snatch the milk not in thinking economy thinking a weak bone is a bone that breaks easy as long as we can pretend to give little money to prevent people to have a job and start to ask for the reasons of the privileged by all the means of crookery. And in fact it is what is allowed, to take a job and by all the means of crookery.
This one, ok we ewon’t have it repeat, every one smiling, shrugging or vomiting with the great danger of passing the organism a second time onto severe, too severely damaged by the acid that is gonna take its revenge.

I cannot vet betray my beast, she is in me, looking after me, having me elf life, and perceiving your na.scent laoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooΦΦΦooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove.
In French louve = wolfe.

Human trend tyranny because of potential unfair trade or absence of trading, or existence sercurising, how to beat it?
We have somany proof, somatic, of uor refusal to face the beast majestic, the strength, in our killing spree on nature, the speed with which we kill will, and education, only instruction (so nany,nanties) at ‘spitting on every graves, gravity of situation’ be. Leaving, it is what is death, an abandon before so much fewer and fewer pardon.
Don’ t you start having the sweat, but for god ness sake do you read me really?
I had never written so much, you are reading maybe, but to sustain love, any pregnancy (preg more than prick, or prey or prep?

People called other people privileged because they do not accept the fact that work has to be rewarded, or that these people would like to better sharing and equality, but who is able to implement these principles in this big shit society of whores untenable????
Not us as the first candidate that would offer genuinely would be certainly shot the day after it.
What to do?
Attack on consumerism.
But you will broadcasted as a paria, and you will loose your job after some years of that, and after consumerism arrive the famineryrectory.

When I think of you saying romantic to the latest of all mongrel, pogrom, kennelled, patronned, nabot, and my name like if it was lovely perhaps loveable, when I think at these moments that I in general have high interred inversed interest to take as a mockery. When I think, or rather recall endlessly your word, your gestures, your face, even your eyes, not your eyes directly but the warmth that are reperable when desiring, touching in the sense of going towards others’ bodies

For the first time not to be alone, I don’t want to make an attempt at miserabilism, as it had been a choice of all along. Did not want to do other conversation other than cetvies. Over than cetvies, I knew not, but hope, you. I can be alone all my life, for the moment and never could be, never has been sor reassuring your voice, your tone, your speech, your everything, you are everygthing.
Thing? Th + ing
Th + eory.
Th + ought
Th + em
Th + the theology
-theo Phy (fit=did)

On advertisement compaign based on saying of a political opponent that they are threatening “ if you do not ad-here, I’ll kill this kitten”.
On the kittens’ contest context, about this big societies. I don’t think, strangely enough.
 They choose for barracking, bragging, bargaining, the image of a man threatening to kill kittens.
But where are we? Who is supposed to laugh or buy their feigned insouciance, in soucis (= fright, agony, cares)?
Everything that has a prize, the prize of this cardboard, guardboard, comprised (con praised), overbids, is propaganda, paid by further adverts.

Where are we, I have the sensation of, if I signalled (animal ‘f.cabrel’) that they ve got dementia, they would throw my blood, brood, book, saying I had been lacking with several chapters.
Why would we have to step to stop the argument and say “the rspca could explain to you how many are gazed, and how many are bought, and how many are left in the shit that they cannot spread, bred sprayed. A market place where we do joke about little babies dying by the millions, thousands, hundreds, dozens, one, in fact are you veggie, leggies?

You know the cod of this joke, is that since they mock, debase traits that are their own, our own, that happens under our every day treat and treaty, that are voluntarily theirs and the one of the majority they address (it is pretending to be nicer whereas committing exactly the same- promising-promoter. (and plat-form {=flatly shaped}) (manifestos {man if ethos}).  They are overtly traitors, doing a shaming campaign on no idea but what one is allowing, buying, boosting, busting, bastioning everyday, you ve just seen the singular, pack, mash brainwash lashed (they are all meat eaters, they would even being shocked by animal welfare issues irrelevance here if the question was in the row, they see cats and others as objects of whom it is said “don’t break, accepted ornament”.

A propos Wollstonecraft, who said that she is threatened as if someone could trample on her the same way he would do if she were an insect, it is trope, for the story above. It should not be easy to kill insects, it should be defended, I think that the more cruel is the impunity with which it is as done as re-commanded (look at the soft roots of this ‘comme’ = ‘like’.
Because in this society, people kills people, kittens, the same rate as this. Exactly like if you were not doing it on purpose, or that you were not supposed to avoid the tramp o line, on tramp, creating, the surge of abuses and poverty? Nope erasing, crushing poverty, and to do it even on purpose whenever you can claim I m saving insanity on vault (burial chamber or bank).

To feel oneself sovereign, save rein, is certainly natural as one is the one having this viewpoint known by them only.
But how to be? And when to be? And all that kind of modality?
The problems in our beliefs could not belong, become from the beliefs themselves but melting between means (menas) and end, live and death, future and past, youth and maturity, the ying and the yang, won’t reinvente the order of what we have so much buried into the naivity of thinking that the wildness of these forces, of these puissance, of these incommensurables powers would not be ordonned, hlke the hook for a short laugh, the sketch of a smile, elims, elim inate, we wont put elism. Elitism , both would be ugly.

I am shaking when I think of not being able to defend her against death or sufferance, but when if she is suffering because of me, because of my ignorance, imbecility, helplessness, I would give the world for the devil to appear and chase, k-ill, (qu’il)(en soit fait ainsi, ainsi soit-il = so be it) what have us for their plate. To be several, to not preserve=deserve.
Erve? Oeuvres?

To be devoted, but hwo for attacking efforts, goods, gods, children, companion. Who? The devil? Lived.

By the way, if ‘she’ was my kitten. Quit. Quit the boat, it is this way they do the punky, in a ponk, in a   pond, in a bag, together, sin-k and charm the frame farmed.
Far from med, frame, fare,farm  me.

On the hightest purpose of finding love.

Why on ‘earth’ would love being a prey?
One explanation is business, because it is easy to corrupt people needing prostitution.
One they are corrupted in order to buy something that ough to be not, twice instead of being quietly at home they are entering a business, procuring, that will have so many people getting money from so many so grave abuses.
On of the reasons people don’t leave mafia or sects and don’t leave the market, you are here to do ‘bus (L)Ines’.

There is the time you inspire directly, in perceiving, indirectly, in conceptualising and rethinking, with postpostment, in recalling. Live, love, or thanks god is of you.

Could yoy not stip scratching your check. You ve got two to four fucking marks on the left of the long side of your lengthy jaws and temple. As vague as it appears it is backward.

Ok, could be hard for all of us to live like sadu, but we should provide protection for each other at least in teh context of being able to find without disturbance.
Love leads to any protection ideas, feelings, followings, sciences, plans, projects. And when we are away from this ultimate, it is not live it is cleanly dying. As clean, I would say clan. To be viewed as a function deprived of this aptitude (from where your blow is observing from above the mountains overseeing plains and the ones looking after the chains, the one of the air, the ones of the seas, and what overlooked, nothing it is love, nothing escapes him, his, hers, the sex, what pretension. You are my male as much as my female, you know that well, dis donc, chocky? What without the aim of love, first you don’t have the family, because love gag? Gang? Gagger , gag her? Gather? Love do a lot, it is the cause of everything, love is life and without it? It is why people says that in the most tremendous misery, they have seen miracles, it is live, where there is live, therese, theresi, th heresy, there’s he. Vers, air (her) easy.
Vers(e) = towards.

I was so light on knowing after fact what after?
But you, but you, how will I have the map? J ai peru, j ai peur.

Sat, is, factory?
Sat, is. Fact.

Love and religion.
If I had a religion it would have this name. If I had a name it would hav thi name.
                                A dog.
        A cat

                  A treature, a treasure
Near of which tree? Would I ipiut all my belongings, I would have chosen one resembling the tenderness of your voice, the palour of you eyes. I habe to stop to describe you so, as I am sinner and to recognize the beaty you show me, it is in my rethink that I ve got extasy. And when you come back with same theory, this know rethorique the one I grown with, my god her image you,
                                                                                                           Her being too

This is poetry, a tiny little one, and god what should be beyond every principle one s got (goat) so lovely, demon, I let you know but why.
The human voice or consciousness or, is dirt.
The animal                                                    is discovery.
           Demon                                                    is salvage.
Or pout our purr pour, and mix, whatever is done with it, they are the same family.

When it comes to mental activities and phenomenom, the Pandora bode is that no one is talking, from where our belives, from where exhausting, from where all realities. Every one are bad perhaps all but the more accepted form of neuroses, as their forms are through which
one may order s.o without reasonable reason, neuroses?,
                   do    slo slo s.o
           Ascert s.o                         particular believes, which we could analyse, or think, or speak about, or devise
The psychology like they teach is capitalist, you dislike your mother it is good as long as your happy with miser cord (misericord

s-peak maybe not the mountain summit but when the bird songs
again a s. The word are hardness treated like ‘joly’ ‘coward, useless tongue’
one speaks words, one thinks world, are both ok, but when what about one is doing them both in intentionally dissociate them to discord

I did not know the why of her betray in fron t (frown) ot) to the whole community.
                                                                                            The whole
                                                                     The whole?
It, she was the voice of it all, she was just talking about their leagu-all agreement to ??? Whatever they arrage, barrage.  Hare, bar, art. What about age, our civilization, our communities. What about ageing of these groups, that exploit or spoil their children or eldest, heirs and heirloom, into exploitation??
Not grown up, loop hope. (loupe = to miss = magnifier specs) hope.

On democracy tenet (=hold).
And under scrutiny, scrutin (=vote)
In france, one may not be able to vote secretly, you ve got to pick the paper of your candidate in front of every body,of course you can peak more than one, but then? In front of the co-horde (cohort.


The treasure to me from every god. The family that may love or kill me. With ereason, maladie, deraison, jealousy, just like Diana or eudipe. What am gonna do to my brook, brood and with my wife. What on earth to preserve us from this tragedy?

C like cetvie I ll try to establish code an d thematic chapter, the rants will be sorted out, I don’t know what to do with those.
B blog, n and c tne tone provenance, jsut to remember that I am not alone, when it is both nothing v but the destinatory.
Wisdom without truth.
The concept, the existence, but is its proof og being refined?
Pre sumption of all theories, in practises our living diery.

If you were to kiss me, even after years of my soli.citery.
If you were to kilss me, of course, I would not want to engage in further exploration thatn dressed (dresser=bring up, tame, arise) up.
I would like to unclothe you over months of indulgence and like the dressings that kept me in one, before your feeling, off touch, and my body being (on earth for someone) would be reintegrated as it does each time when love insight.
Inside, my thought for yoi, they are in fact not mine, they are this exchange between you and me, between the thoughts and teh theory, the concepts that illuminate what are about to sea(l).
Th bridge between us and theory, is there a us, tomorrow you culd go like what is left of those days of pain-hurry, penury.
So what would yu like to make love to ya, I meant the cow boy way, unclothe you as if I know each of them, that I ironed them in the morning, like if I cuddle you for weeks-i-wish-the-wish-it-never-end. These moment r-even, my heave.  Even-ing.

Why would you then try to spoil everything. Over so doing
At the ideal you left, because I could not be the shadow of it.
Ane me, reproducing, to have attempt at reproducing, but you went so reproducing with you I failed even after baby. Abbey.

Reproducing. Soul, luos, (lu=lumiere, light/os=haus=house/os=bone)
losu, loss us.
Os = hausse, rise, re-

When I think of my life with you, and you like live, going around, flourishing (from floor, flour, or flower) fluid and my place vacant as for that going you have to do.
When I think of you, and that in my hugging my whole estate, my sole soul body for honoring honey.
The ore in my chest, the hart to which I have to say thank to find you back I won’t to reincarnate, unless it is incarnation, everyday skills at live dimensions that let us devoring, each other ceiling.
Sailing, floating with happiness as well as your boat is as comfy as being next to me.
When I think of you, at teh moment when I am lying in crouching, embryo, in reel, pilot, pelote, = reel, PINcushion, crouch, position recovery, I can hear my heart, the noise of a river sliding, gushing out of a pit.  
A pit without you, a pilot without the wheel, the will, the woman that is you.

Jeasous sou lous
Not remembering that she had to love others to love myself, ot, to love herself, to self not less, not sell, not serf.

Do cuddle you, massage,a nd as I wriggle when doing it knowing which par to part of you it could remake, coming through proxy, in thinking of you without you, just wriggling out of the hope I can touch you from my being o tot to you, of you. Tremble in my body, am reconstituting. Stitus, status. State in and out, it, hint at. Hit tic tac. Stir state
State, = etats.
Stire, erits (rites = rite/heriter=heir=to whom is hand over) 


Res. Lu.ul.tat
Ulul er.

Dat detachment and the idea that I could raise or help or try and estbalbish contact, or tel let live someone what could cause you harm. Detachment, ache, debt, attachment. Tache=task. (key, sat, set)
Or att(ack a)che.

Attachement, nem, cata.
Catho, catha

I did an investigation, investigate a little, what I could do, they knew no one who go out of it without it to be redeemed.
They point to a culprit. The cull and torture was without limit.
The one they point to, were they the doers? If they did, out of which rumors?
Sacrifice, and let us go, the demi urge the truth, am not god, but who is “waiting for goddot?”

Demonization is to establish ‘arbirtrary’ fight against what is haunting us, without exploring, without taking their own risk at understanding, without putting others in our personal spiritual schemes, and make some demons won over others, are in our fashion they depend on humanitized deems.
But one won’t take demon to be whore, they are prisoners, and who can get out of our prison.

Oh, yes, we could, we should, but we cannot.
Then good-bye, and see you in another life.
In another life, it would not be this, it would be the one who says yes in his.

No, do not think I am attending your sex for hours.
As I attend it, he is mine.
Here, it is you vile bar velar me the road.

Re pair
Pere = father.
Re peer.
Repere, = mark, millestone,
M-ere = mother
Reperem res(p), ere (res = law)
Law of ere = Esperance,
Respire air.

Am I the mum, am I the dad.
Not anything.
My babies are.
Love for head.
Head, he-add.
Shead.  Shaf, shef, sheaf, sher, shed, o please, please, please, please, it is not to convince of naything but the ying yiang of linguistics and sex.
And don’t think I d need to cut you don, to celebrate mine, to celebrate hers, you, one’s

Over celebration is the act of maiming as you know that in turn we cut when miming.
Ety, ity, a lengh.
Pi pen.
Pi end. Sermony.

She is my privilege.
She is an aiM Pi.
To dersrerve, serve.
Privy- ledge.
Por heavyage.
She is my privacy, my right to think of my divinity.
And as long as it is flourishing and well kept, under good guard and liberty for everybody and the followers (the children) and their discovery, as there leads our will and candor, welcome reli-G-ion (reli =relier=link-bounding=reliure=relire=reread.

Under pretense of controlling marriage, one will spread, other forms of slavery, condemning free links, of which sexual free activity will represent the coercion on privacy.
The agreement on this affected by the slave and sexual trade run by this very coercion on privacy-as long as unharming for others privacy.
What you do, how you do, with you, if not outcasted. Broadcasted.

Having saying that being so strict in some families towards practises of any king might have been the way one will try to emancipate from barbarism coming from the fact that people are spying on each others and have quasi absolute power of action, ‘emancipating’ in suppressing all actions.
Problems if it does the trick, if it does become the new rules without the tyranny being removed, and rights and duties exercice to be protected, then the absence of actions finishes in concealing and perversion (doing an act for another=I cannot beat, I ll pinch, just because it is beating that is forbidden, no the need for space or activities that is tacked (shackle), hiding.

People sadly, dangerously, lethatly, unhappy for a religion, take ‘their desire for orders’. That is their perverted preferences for the duplications of human obligatorily enforceable and coercitive foly.
They want people be like them, in order to disturb the true equal opportunities stories, if you don’t meet these criteria, your (you’r rerouting) re-out of the pattern again. They protect their preferences as in order to be served, as their way, feeding is another man’s poison, and to oblige people doing, liking = adopting the same zeale, is the most secure means to alienate them.
On muslims, and together all of your sects that pretend to be religion but are networks of thieves, Christians have adopted the charia for centuries and centuries, it was already a winner, it is why cowardice has taken it as a leader.

Anyhow I am not gonna work not on religion, that are texts classics and have to be celebrated for their magesty even if they are also the results of so marvellous arts and sciences, morals and attempts at humanitization just being burned through movements similar to the inquisition; I will stop wording, working, but on your well cladded, cladode, callous.

I find amusing that people say it is the last text, it is the sacred, as what is sacred is all creature of god, and pretending one is last is to prevent people’s research, devotion, artisticalinness, everything that permit people to work for universe and not to be exploited by everybody, included by heel  of doing bad, by the hell impersonated by the society that everyone hatred transform into bordello.
Bordello, from having to marry someone you love, as love is natural, but for you there is no elaboration on what is marital love, your choice, your nest, your self, yourself looking for god.
You see am a believer, am not saying that for you to stop your anger, as anger if rom god, is not self hatred, or hatred for others, it is the strength needed by justice, and poverty, palaces are there to well remember that religion exists but in hearts not in your place of abusive devotee to theirc ommmunities, that is the local, and widespreading a little bit, the globalizing market, the souk, yet again I am sorry if I use arab term it is because they are the only of another language I came to speak, but be careful of your propaganda mes frères, mes soeurs et vrais amis, wisdom is the most alone, but pretension it the blinder. If you are not eaten by another community, yours will be looking after you on time, as if the aims is not the respect of any of you, of us, of all, of them, and around, the crypte will be closing back on you, on me, the one that thought that block-house was ready.
CHARIA. Charia has won for so long, genocide, wars, work, exploitation, slavery immonde, outlandish.
If I were you I d celebrate the spirits as one are counting on how much hell we are in, that now they will claim their property, the souls we left being behind, bashing, begnign. I fuck Microsoft but their automatic correction preambly on my horse, my comput, say microsoft don’t go with a lower case.  Spit it we are ordain to the last theory, the death for technology, rendering everyone more and more tailored to be whimsical, calling one’s neighbour a stuff, and one’s ordi a game,
I will prophetise something we are gonna to yield to sheer folly, I don’t use madness, too soft, too hackney, too handy.
People have focused on keeping their seemingly behaviour like if everything was fine, every thing easy, and assujeti, assumed

Doing activities implying the betrayal of one’s body , intelligence, moral, reason, the wisdom, the knowing there is a blain balance, and though not obeying the rules we know, or at least at one precise moment are use of being sure of (ok for acknowledging that belief are dangerous, and when you understand you were wrong, but at least you ask, and as long as one what want goodness for all others (nb: am a woman, if you don’t want me to have a wife, think reciprocal, and if I am in aplace where I have to die without, believe my bothers, believe my sliters, believe my blisters, that unconscious or the other part will have you get the more, the most, morbid of charms.
To work and live and think and conditionate oneself, not obeying the riches of what the live we live ahs brought is the greatest betrayal to omen’s furbearers and opt out from invalidation the offspring.

Put the sponges in the washing machines at the same time with clothes in the same area of dirtiness, in order to wash them. (Kitchen clothes with casual clothes), and potentially  dangerous  dirt, places around  body fluid excretions for the older sponges.

They did not get that this writer, or this letter, was for them, for them all these words, all these words to try to explain using faithful emblems. They throw peace, piece, by people who were writing spirits on a bit of sheet; therefore one that could acknowledge your fate or destiny for ages and ages after prompt, respect us reading, peer, scrutinize next time, hopefully these words couch, cooked come back as long as when is blurred sac caged necessity, savaged by otherbody. Fatwa.

Sac caged.
The veil of impunity. Their banks, their laws, their works, and the dying poorer paki.
Paki, paki, paki. May your brothers in occident come back for the alms or don’t let them come back or their money will be so dirty that what they will buy will soon be your progeny.
Pardon to whom that can help you, you know for the Europeans to share own salaries in taking a room in a house of extremist muslims is impossible, they want met me skinned, stone, or whatever else, one logic is that since obviously they are not the one I amtalking abou that use fraternity, and bring to Pakistan an help that erase trace of infamy, beginning by the servants, that we all are but as god property. My female having chose a female-female marital life, taught me, lide everyone who love will understand that the spouse one loves is all that is needed and brad, bread, and health that can be shared and protect with the whole community. Not Angelina joly, as you are all bribed, the money to the one that gets it all to be able to beg a part of it. Bad, bad, bad, brad, the figure you have in occident, strictly alike to orient.
Ange line, perhaps but dimensional, naz, nag, money, money, money. It has never been skin, countries of plucks,

To be brought up as the servant, the utopianism-dummy, the authoritative-sackedactive, sedative no therefore suicide comtemplation, what would she do without containement?

Man a part of that would gonna want before, in front of, enrolling them to be flourishing.
Flower: PN. Π, and. An ea,aend in.
Letter alpha α


Tu Sais a propos j ai un truc a te montrer c est en rapport avec la bague que tu as au doigt, dis moi que c est une alliance a la Φ, je t en pried is le moi. Dis le.
Et bien moi il y a plus de 12 ans Presque 13, 6 mois avant de recevoir la confirmation, la cicatrice sur mon nez, pas un accident, an attack, iron bar, just like that just lucky enough that I moved back and that he did not have in mind to put me more than down, underground.
I printed one.
But my problem starts here, it is that I ma so full in love, I mean you know it is not serious, in live you ve trained to wait for the finishing line.
But here is my problem, th e work I do is dull, even if it can sound a bit funk at the beginning of the time, she will be bored or fed up if she cannot take interest on me being a little man.
Someone who does cooking, cleaning, does miles to earn a few pounds, who eats like two, and for hours and hours just lie down, in addition of true hours of seeping (infusion of universe more or less in me animated talking. Sleeping.
To love you, my god, oh my god, how much I love you, and to have said it before, I take shame.
I cannot regret the time where I went with a few persons, if my body does know the caress, at least he knows the wanking, and oh this I regret, because they were gesture of love, but for love how many did I take? None.
If I had the choice I d wait for you, 33 years, 10 more why not? But for what, for you to be bored by the politeness you should preserve till toppling down your cup of coffee and terminating me.

Does happiness exist?
When I feel love, happiness is the only existence.
But this love, do you thicken it by expertising in quest or questioning?
Do you think love will be by some assurance of a presence, pres séance or science exerting? 
But why is it you that have to ask? They are not my demand (dem-(h)and). Without this power, your wrench I d become and after this status? Of happiness truth, expect the thrust, I have not instance. Or except you, but to keep (a peek?, let’s thrown out), what will, what may I do?
Standing somewhere-stand hard.
What do you want the fuck me to do?
Of what I can reach.
Reach, react, or rear the sufferance, or re-arch, in the hope that we will be in noah’s when the whole world and us will good bye, god by-standers, say.

One does whatever they can. We don’t even know what the world is, so hypocritical would imply to have opinion, idea and something for them to be in integer.integrity.

To ask oneself how come people were aware about sex practises at the beginning, or when one does not have a sketch.
When you become wet like fountain, it is obvious the rubbing. Bur, bur, bur.
With the having to be exact enough and slide and to be exact enough not to miss or crease one’s partener because instinctively one do that for love, and the other’s jouissance, is the having to burst a one millecron story of alongway modified on the basis of the partener forms, shape, erection, and position and one’s own and it is from here to adopt every position or boo-sting, moving, sliding, retracting, aiming, following, targeting, supporting, holding, securizing, stiping, stopping, and take you into my arms the way your body, all your body weight could be droppoing on me with this leeway where I am just free enough to do the above, providing you like it, and you don’t mind beasty to go into stretching in all figuration.

If you refuse me, because I just thought that it could be concevenient to let me do the speech, I just imagine you could answer and taunt me “no and no”. You are a feminist that like (not s) my ckdi only for put it, nail it on your door or some.what (??). What you are jealous of is my per.sever.rance.
Can I know what you write? Of course not, fucking missionary, fucking military, too good the strategy, of letting a poor soul.

Writing is changing according to what you want it to be use. Spending days on two pages or two minutes on twenty.
Still one question, our parents were all reading, we are all writing, for who is the story?
In each tale, you’ ve got to imagine the moral. A lot of them give you a view on society and their morals or recommendation, so, so, instable.
Instance, instate, instore, instil..............well, well,
I never encounter so frightening that at tales for children with the morality unclear or difficult or edifice for more sad controversial.

I don’t dare reading one dimensional woman became beca us e if you start talking me about the content of your bag, or I ll start hysterising on pollution or consumption or the vibro stuff would finish myself in I don’t quiet know which condition. Not the vibro I mention, mention your arroguance only.
Only, only for me.
And by me.
And don’t say I start fathoming fetishism with my own swords
A vibro what would it be, the vibrato, feminine in desire, I see...


People calling other demons, that they would beg for pardon, if they met their own incarnated disdain.

Ma I, am i?

There is this story where people report with their pity. Tales of horrible stories are written all other the world, and though we don’t know the personal aspect of the individual circumstances. They are just numbers, they are deshumanized.
But what when the name, the age, the identity, the opinion, well to try to give an account of what the personal story, including the nick name and whose of your mum, had been and let this person die, or torture.
We all got name but what about investigating when one can to present it to the public and doing nothing??
The more deshumanizing, the lack of i.d proof and life account of the stock (exange, culutural, data exchange?), or ordering a despicable tone of the after-servicing to let people one know towards intimately know or know the intimacy DIE, which is which more deshumanizing, or deserving the cause of humanity??


My happiness, walking, lying, sitting, eyes rived on th e floor or ceiling, on the forest, for rest, in everywhere I adore or hate to do some duty.
My happiness is and have you for landscape, escape, the domain don’t know any lists, any borders, any degree.
Dome where my all saints and you to explain, my living plan, the mystery in my mistress, to an enviable mast be. My air, my seal, character.
Carcase, caress.  

Char-ace, chance.

(T)nias = recant, or refuse denial.

They were looking into their professors the light of the doctrines.
But you know prof are here to teach others’ lessons, would they want to alight that they would not have permission.
School are there for a profession, for politics, not for higher, truth mission.
Alight, allow.

PS: it is not because I do some love letters, that it is the suppressed revealing sign of frustrated expression that would cost me to have to write for months about my rational envies.
En vies.

A villain view on sex, as one is so vulgar that they would like to destroy other pleasure as theirs is done by malfunctioning humiliation.
I am wondering if sado masochist pleasures are not derived through having to have sex with another person that the one we would have chosen.
Since it is not this person, it is not the making of love but fighting with the biological need treating the person not as a person but as a tool towards not a real handling but serving a fantasy.

I know what’s different.
Let alone the quantity, the circumstances, the odour, the flushing, spraying is instant, the recurrence, the complete orgasm, the next proposition would be a pass out, even if after a while I adhered for not touching me at all (I am used to wanking what else would I like) to go in a pub to tend the conversation on how rouse the bar?-other conversation to make a brave new world I don’t get the money-) , because, because, it is better for the imagination, and now I am trying not to relieve from nothing but to find out if you would like to be touched and mine and how.
Musk. I never smell like that, or none of the above, perhaps not the quantity, perhaps not but yes, because it does not stop even when I start theorizing on you, ah ok, could be the factor determining.
Amber. This time it has blushing tone like if from that could come marbre (=marble/arbre=tree)
We are being of soil and the stone the skeleton taking its calcium from mothers they kill after.

And, and, water = steel

Ok, let’s do it I just understood how to qualify my anguish.
It is the writing that is calling you, the vamps I am serving want to be at your service too.
I understand why I write so much, despite that ok I always should be able to give a few pages, why now, inspiration alone? They are jealous, for once he-a-lousy is okey donkey they are my only companions and they want you, only lesser than my beast would howl till you yield- as long you are decided.
About my intellect, rather not to deepen. It is more the side of the woman, they got only that and the will of the womb is here to remind the heaviness of responsibility, more than quietness, more than too much parle =parole.

I am wondering if we are fashion of making love we are not making electricity and the watery this time for the conduction of soul and . “‘immateriality’”. And rubbing and rubbing, as long as desire is isolated flesh from chafing, like silex, climax where the thunder.
Thunder – under th, (th=phonetic=feu=fire) th-y. Fonder.
Seal lex, l electricity. Trick (trique=baton), conduct.

I try not to go under paranoia, as the world is like that, we are in chains and forced to put chains around other. It is like that let’s avoid paranoia.

They are the rank of west prostitute and the west is gonna benefit from more tyranny by its enemy banning homosexuality and individual freedom.
And ultimately like all states they will count on wars, on like the post modern area it will be civil wars, when unemployment won’t be tolerated anylonger.
People cannot complain about nothing outrageous, and they don’t fear homo, they fear poverty. And one cannot say nothing to the states anylonger they got to strong army, so cvil war as a population regulator and for the government to say ‘you see you are children in need of being batoned (bastion/ba=low/ton=ton, tone (low)=yours), therefore we will get you that everyday.

When I think that mum could know about the woman I love. I always say, but since no one is in my life, my flat, she will try to make me go with everybody on earth. Even with people, it would have been prostitution or self sacrifice or injury or disgust or I don’t know about expressing my feeling about that.
I am so content of having being able to have platonic experience, but not with person that were chosen for me by what was allowed by convenances or circumstances. Love as being the only teacher, die through love or its envol (flying, envoy, vol ) and die free.
Here, eer (err) earth.

Envol-loven. Oven-low-not lower but earthy.
Oven for the non pregnant, or rather the one not more assigned at the baby, what it brings for the feedings.

Fashion or loophool of monosensical functioning (straight to the wall).

I though I possessed it, celebrity, money, fame, influence.
But when you possess it is when it is imposed, the mode is imposed to you, you do that, I ll get that, you sign for something you ll obtain something else, the partner of bad possession when you obtain by fouling deed.
They want you notorious, but not for something you ll do or say in order to have a voice, no notorioius to make reputation, to make pressuraxing.
Don’t use it. Don’t do anything with it, they are not yours, everyone’s serf. Serf (=fer, the irons = the chains of what you don’t want that will take over what would be needed, a focus, an intention on the faire = a freer doing, and redoing, I am not oppressed so I can say and say for something that count, make a difference not participate at the iil-atmosphere of helpness and deprivation that leads to control over the easiness-destruction of what is so difficult to preserve.

To go in hell.
But to go in hell for one person. Would you not know for sure for whom, it would have been the devil’s name on your tomb.
I have only you on earth (I mean exempt mummy) and I am already fed up.
Fed up by what? Would you gonna thinking giving up your lease?
You release.
Relise. Reread, travail, avail, ava. Cava, lava, ova, eva.
Pour toi.

And the other loves, they are inside, they are us by now.
So why you? Because it is logical. Gol, glacial, goal. Cial (ciel=sky). Loci, cog, coil, loic (light)-God.
Glacial. Glas (tune, toll) = light of the sky? After all the night brings its frhost.
Why you, because you are my host, in religion, ingestion.
The thought I am feeding with.
The person who transforms life in serenity, my torments, the strength building to take you at the late moment.

My father just one or two sentences told me but each time I don’t follow them knowing I could be disintegrating my body, I remember its scene. (in French same phonetic than sain).

People start being nice when they want something from you, or when they want to get rid of you. Begging for your not being angry? Being angry, a lost for time, angriness is a gift for god, from god, but have to rhym with necessity, and my necessity no one should be, as long as it is not free. The true duty liberate from having to be dependent and at the opposite from having to seek autonomy.
Equal. Qualms. (quality, quantity) quod.

There so many omen that did signal themselves before occurring official, as a permanent feature (to know that we are gonna live somewhere, hang out with somebody, without having been introduce to them). And here are the faith story.
But the ones that could be saying that you are not gonna be nearrer me, kill what I had of celestiality.
Near rare.
Near raen.

Don’t hear their jeremiads, it is the same they got at home, it is just to do a little bit of scandal, play the stronger, when your prison is not others but your house and its shadow, or the darkness of what is left, insincerity, and unnatural of thinking that things give themselves to the intruder, (the one that doesn’t guard them with all fervour), without causing the harm of a rape.

You play being docile,
And what you are is a sir(e)ne.
You cry because of being abandoned
But would you not said that you read my poetry vile that I would never know you love me this bit
Don’t start wondering, the wonder is already, I am not giving constrained the card of my party.
I love my woman, I love her dearly, but there is no love when not free.
It is why I can agree that my writing is plain as today we are prisoners of our regimes
And maybe prisoners of our love, as though it is the poor I should be ehelping, I cannot resign from my sole space on earth: you.
As you are the hero, as you are the one still bearing arms for this legion of greedy, I will be applauding you, but me without my writing I am nothing, and you everyday asking yourself whether and when you should go. So you can leave me with my nothing (not hing) but the part of you I am able to have, the way I describe, even if it has to be the day of faction, faire = to do / fer = iron, steel. confer,fake, refer, reflection, effets = effects, goods / and rejection, there is one thing my brain is mine, so go, since you are not the one that will be mocking, the one that will ask me for nothing, don’t ask me, just go.
You would say what do you want me to do with this?
They are not yours, even if they are for you.

The extremists are the one who kept the bad of a culture and go and vulture the other cultures looking for the bad agreements. Traditionalists? A lie to tradition and a lie to sincere humility.

You don’t want be my male, it is all o.k but since you reject the part, it is of the macho I will plan to play.

To believe in demons, in terms of believing of their superiority or inferiority, in terms of pledging do with eliminating them is the proof one is not monotheist.
As one god is the gods of all.
That it is conceivable to believe in other dimensional forces to which one will associate or disassociated, to try and be partners, servants, opponents, any kind of relationships, but believe in divinity in this account, no. Or believe in it in outranking, which is pretty why not but pretty stupid.

Like my child, the one who defends me against prejudice, my love is cause of unstable emotion, I love you but how, I would not be there if you decide to flee prejudice at your turn. What would I do with my principles, with my protection? Dying from being angry at me? Dying from anguish? For who would be this force, without you, to be haunted by deception.
I could take a child, someone new needed me, but to do what, teaching to morn (roam), mourning what was of life in me?
You want my heart? But what if you had enjoyed it already?
What if I had only my eyes? What would I need? To see you happy. But it is also because I think that from my eyes your move would alight what for the heart is necessary, the fire, when seeing in you, what embrazes wisdom after folly.

Mire. It is good to know when there is, solving, dissolving, solution, all to do this fluidity.
Fluid, druid, guide, eid, hydre, liquid, ouir, (=hear) , oui, passage. Passade (per-iode).

One ecean (essay, ici, site, cite) not lost love as the mission of god is to look for it and take it back from being lost again, but love is but liberty and protection to everybody#’s, and all part ease.

Ocean. Oceanacee. Hyped. Biped.
Cetacean. Ceta can.
The children I had of you, somewhere perhaps inot water, in fact into water, or any element.
Element-electricity-aimant (between loving and magnetic).


I cannot leave you to help me without knowing that I will be able and allowed to render you the same.
As your help would not be love if not it will be pity.
Is pity the power of paucity or piousness?
As you have to have the minimum to serve justice and morality.

They did not bring the child up to listening the other people, they were too nasty the comments around.
Was it for good? If you don’t deserve the comments would it be preferable to know under which spell you have been put on? And if you deserve maybe could you beneficiate from intelligent offrande?
But what about saying nothing, as the guetthos are raising.
Why was integration preached?
Because no one has the right more than commenting nasty but all but whispering?
Has someone the right to ask for stopping pollution practises, exploitation...? no one. Even if they are reason to be voiced by everybody who does not want to kill their broodings.
Then what is the right without it to serve life, its sovereign?
Not human life, as what is human life? What we have defined has been needed (as being needed) to boost the commerce in every single way.
So what is left to have the felon of participating? Muting, mourning, and call for help in demonizing.
Mutineers off the moors?
Don’t count on water there is no more, and polluted only.
When they said running it was to leave her in the desert, to care for her, to make sure that in the hottest place every one would make sure that water was the most important feature to be moving and blessed.
But now let her gush and even drop for nothing but lust and laziness and your blood against this waste.
Waste, west? Haste, to what right now?

On demonizing, what is this mocking? An attempt at knowing, hand, at dying easy and fastlie?
Fast and easy. Proc.rator, procreator? No, no, no. procurator.

To love you is similar to pregnancy.
Will it be working, what responsibility.
What would be happiness? To know that I any time I could go to the garden and work it fro us to have enough. A garden protected by everyone else, as our couple by the respect of everyone for equal life value would be safe.
To do anything in thinking and knowing that the garden is as sane as this fro the rest.
And you would like to go, because what I think and do when my work is finished is not your fancy.
Go, go, go, there is no such garden without liberty.
And what about polysexuality. Well if I am faithful for someone the same I would pray.
Careful, careful, as coercition can take the form of neglect and vagueness and individuality.
Without you my wife, I would loose my identity, my name, more than this, without you, words, sounds, would not be the same.
Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. But what about the spurned, may it give time to find purity.
Would we be naturaly in a couple, I don’t know, but my realm for this.
Problem, problem, problem. Coercion, correction could come as emblem.
Naturally, of course, yes, I am lost in word, when you no more in the vicinity. I am lost like a babar baby.
And what about the others and their offerings?
No doubt, I am circling crazy.
Maybe you love me, but you take me all day. What’s the point of loving, if I drop in paranoia, panacea for loosing fright, in the long run one looses everything. And what about the people who would want bad for us really? Or the one who would bring that without intending?
I am lost, I am lost, even with mummy.

Then ok we are ok for you to be a lesbi, but not with this one. You can do everything as long as we direct the way of your consumption.
Consumption, meaning the way you destroy, you put fire at something, the way the log becomes smoke without no longer time for it to grown-up.

Symbolic, symphony. Still limited number of instru.

Diabolic. Dichotomy, one group on whitch honor? An itch, people whatever the chief or the asided, when people are not there for each other. A group a commission to error.

To love you like the first day, in addition with all others, as you are my disc-ovary.
The woman to whom I owe my truly fighting for. What for else, the little one that remember of every gests, what else for? The element that tells me, go on, my son, go on, daughty, go on downty, nature is god, and in the immensity for you your female, through whom verity, find it. For goodness sake, cannot you see the definitive intuition for happy?
Womb verity.
Ity=space                 ver=towards
Deficient? Definition are barbary. Am I normal. Am I yours, am I the vector for it to explore?
Exploit? Ex plot? I fear modernity, obsolescence like a house in countryside that you d like to sell, but no one is wanting it, no more jobs around, and your money, your security, in the belly of possession.
And the risk of living frisk (risk, kir = Coeur) cuff, kiff = desire / freak as here the most are indebted mainly. I could become that for you, a chain? A cannon ball.
Would I become this for you, that I could try to make it up, folding in tort, in more than two, but my care would become repugnant as there is nothing like taking one’s bag and say life is the space I need as much as the space needs my move. I d like to follow, but why? What would you do? And perhaps less secure or less adventurous would be my following you.
Here come the babies sealing the pact, the impact, growing, your love in fact.
Give me your problems, give me your concerns, everything you want me to be as secretive as vindictive, invective, your choice, my life is yours, take me as your baby, I am a grown up too.
And if we don’t have for human beings, the ideas are what lead the cattle, gaggle, and as for the fleshy, every one that I has lost their family because of treat(R)ise, everybody my love.

Vindictive, invective, = ‘to expose sb to public condemnation’.

I was thinking for you to leave me alone, you and your disabilities with expressing your sentiment, words are facile, factive, I don’t want a big room, I’ll do cleaning, but your too busy and me too slow. What about a room with para, folding screens, like a maze, where we would not have to see each other all the time and a hide space where the mess could rest unnoticed.
Do you in real listen to music, but when bash (Bach) needs to tell you that soul will go forward than precedent?
As far as the other sources of information as long as we could be near a silent library, or if I could at the same time, in the pleasure of gain it is the suzerain, to look after your body, namely cuddles? No too girly baby, mechanics.

Mecca.                             A propos could you be politically correct a little bit, your site, prof, militantism is
Not private.                           And the coco (o.c, ok, aussi ) as a party are as pick assiette, thieves of plates.
                                       Show them you are the prof, I know you are consensual, consulat, show them you are the proof, I can hear you nina, show them you fight for love and true equality, meaning not the one that want the luxury from previous abuse, abuts. Abuse, sub. On them how many left that would follow you, the one here for being the chief? The one who wants talking? The ones for tyranny? The ones for clemence? The ones for fundamentalism? The ones for its wages? How come it is political only, how come it is not helping but in word abuse of poverty?
A new way of living. The will would be there, the kibust would prove their welcome, bust (sub) your favourite party, I am jealous of women that could bring you down for me pretexting weakness, pretexting ignorance. Don’t let them play lesbi, I am your sole romance. Or smile the day if there is one, you convey me in bed, we will sort out how, where and wet and when and wed.

Ceremony of the dead people, how many burials had been used for the living?
Crematorium is based on crème.
We could be happy if really outcast, but capitalism says no, you will be left-overs, between the litter tips or the sexual factories of the employers.
It is what has been forgotten in the larger equation, we menace each other, we praise each other, but who shall give the bill for our accounts?
Shall, shoal (deluge and the poisons).

You know what is rich in poverty, is that you can see people putting you aside when they would have done the contrary, were you financially easy.

They as want to kill me, but when talking about it they use romantic world “your girl, her name, her profession, her philosophy, everything that might be soft and humane”. The romantic who started to know about the prospective on the certitude about the map hading (conjugayson) an end, and game.

The king was only elected to conduct the wars asked by their people.
And if not, they would have vanished, hence their being said to be divinely appointed, the ill of the people to profit from killing.

The soil social ladder.
When you help someone, this someone will have to refuse a true help towards emancipation, as if they emancipate, what would become the ones that keep you under?
I will have to refuse your help in refusing you altogether, if not he could loose all others’ bribes on cooperation, that is? That is? Thast is? Occupation.

Social, c is a weapon and soc = in latin, the nobility in the sense the exploitive ive, eve, but eve dear women was the symbol of a saint woman in literature, it is why it sounds like breathe.
When women, the girly (and job previously haul hurl in vengeance of having no finish balding bad line adolescence transmit through the words cleansing, the genocide instance, the power they got into raising anger in each of their worms or should we said bird of preyed) exploit, ugliness hidden in their organs, not the ones that fuck, the one that costs (soc).
And hurl their baby. (byba the loolie, be my lady, delay and postpone reason maturity in their brood, the victimisation, to be the favourite among the world of fabricated (family like) promiscuity.
Insomnia? Incestuous and beaten up for free. Women could not say, their tongue are for money, like the pork monkey that they tag beasty.
Uncivilized in homes.
The men of those? The prostitutes.
The prostitutes granted with mummy support. What delicious and strange way of leading humanity in l’eve.
Promotion the way one is upwardly moved before knowing what is expected of them or at least contrarily to the parents, what rewards in life the boom rang.

So, after the above, tonight, is no? Maybe we do it for you as well? Yes, but you are disgusted. Of me saying women, instead of you are the myrrh. Of the whim-in.

And about the preservation of my feminity, fame.
Look you take that as a proof If I die could you please take my documents and put that on the web??
Please I don’t ask I beg.
I don’t think I will have a widow if I would have a few mourners, but none of whom that are technical, mother don’t want to hear, my monk, hate the people, and you? If you do not I would come back to haunt it, if I cannot reincarnate into the one sliding the ring.

The plus value of communism?
The fact that Marxism is one of the 4 or 5 stronger post modern findings.
The plus valu of communism would be intelligent equality, that is renumeration in accordance with density and time of work, exchangeable against such product, and with security provided on the basis of perpetual and sustainable peace, admitting the possibility of not socialising if you don’t want, and staying in a way of possible protection, and of production not harming nothing.
As long as privacy, sorry but children them has to be ready, to learn and teach what is spiritually new for them and the all-bred. Children as well as production. And in what concern abuse in domestically, the dom, the house, would be community.
Now what about abuses, hiding inside the community even if the laws were not feeble?
Fixed match, set up, connery.
By now every one has abandoned. Perhaps should we need a line on reproduction right now, as with scarcity, every one knows that in the plentiful one does not interact with human wisdom, era of depletion on earth will strike with lunacy, but not the one you sent at hospital, the one your boss will be told to use and to dye it, or be slain like a salad as slanted as the rim.
post modern or post intellectualism?
Intellectualism was to fight for idea, but what can we do to fight with?
But idea in terms of creative (its weaker, colorless word opposite, not even other side, but aside (as creation when consequencing in destruction is not a creation, more a stir-up of flings,) “destructive”.

A columb on her sex.
Between the sex and the navel.
Simply philosographically promoting peace, between infant, and her husky, its Microsoft, it is not me, but me that tried to imagine what you would ahave done with a tattoo. Tribes of the concept for you, what about sociolizing, for you it is point of view liaising.
Business it is about skills at systems undone and loopholed and unachieved and empty of short cuts to multiply in hand short comings.
What about our idea? I doubt, I doubted on life, for years I was in affective position of wanting to die to finally like a truly demented vampire revived to punish the humans that ate up in common cruelty.
But the humans are not common they are just obliged to group via necessity, by who would they be eaten if they let their brain tell them about different orgueil, pride, ride, dire vanity, being of vanity or reasoning and balancing with tremendous difficulty?
~ y      

YOUR eyes brown are from zeus’.
What around and about ooooooooooooooooooom your soul, with whom did you feel having the closer form a sort of spiritual pact?
Me I follow primarily the roar of the thunderz. I am no t saying he is everything, in their mythology there is the titans, etc. But in my perception of things he has the last word, the very few time I can hear it.
But in fact I beg him to bring a confirmation that he does and permit me to ascert and hold it stronger.
He delivered me from her. So now I am not a ‘divorcee, having never consumed marriage more than my half and not totally, (she deign having it once, twice she slaid me, but these two ones were not making love, it was trying to arrange it). I have to be careful at not slaying her, in a position up right our way of seeing the world held, help me into being faithful to what I have to write about my kinda philosophy.
She was honest carole, she was extremely courageous, like you, she made me out of a psychological mayhem, without ther I won’t probably speak to you, no this last phrase is that when I unconscioulsly realized that I was the cuckoo, I think that the honor crime, suicide transformed into.
She saved me from my crime. And after that and her teaching about mentalities and perception I manage to want, to resist it very successful. She healed me. She cured me.
She was honest and I am out because even if I did not wnat to believe in it, as her philosophy was entertainily liberating, I had to fight for the money, and only for the money (the comfortable level, not the luxury, but for the money) I thought she was teasing.
So now I know why I am out, the library in Africa was what she said but too discretely a dream for the guilty-tripping.

Family an illusion, which one is solidary and equalitary? None.
They produce the kings, the abbots and the nuns, the servants in a system completely broken and afloat, saying be profittering, they will notice nothing, as we are slightly intelligent.

On how words manipulation plays on perception, is when someone says that you are right.
Will the moment you step out of the room explained to their children that they said that to tromp their enemy? The codes of the language could change our reaction at our perception story. Manipulation of this kind render you finish, doubting everything, and even love gesture may reinforce hatred, as a yes could be the worst of the assassination. Who holds still in human behaviour to predict the odds?
And as far as being doers, doing bury us little by little, and what we do no one might do, to prevent tyranny we instated anarchy, but not anarchy, anarchy, liberal anarchy, that is one is protected for the business only. After that try to ask if the rules are humane, in simple phrasing not converging for the extinct of the flourishing of our members species among species, and you are the dead boss. Sob.

Authority matters: there are different types of authority, the one one will respond at once and the one that you don’t notice or the one your respond negatively to, but that for the remonstrance, or the impact on vaster comprehension will last between strong, long or for ever.
So long, Marianne.

The difference between a human loving human and a dmon sloving human is that the demon like them as its eggs when the human like them as its semblable, seemable.
It was a joke and of course, I write it.

Je t aime.
Je t ai aime.
Jettez, aim.

Logics is the devil coming take its toll, look at what we ve done

Look I have to read again, and each time it takes me days for jsut noticing that what sounded good at first...obsolescence of my work and skills and style, what horrors of lost investment, or not being able to search return, no market, no network, no permission, no tools for action. Cre(ed)action.
But all the same I d like to say that that is written your fruit.

Does your mum do the garden, it is like a prof of latin knowing all names of the plants, when you try and do grafting?
I feel like a land that has been given to the mistress of what make me flowering.
Your voice went mature when addressing a request that I did not think possible, pod.
Why are you so tranquil and intrepid? Are you already, sir?
Don’t you think dangerous to convey incertitude, who are you? My life on this bet, you are the queen of deset desert that I loved so much as for personal love it was promising.
I tried the communal but there haggling is not on fair and trade, entraid, is facultatory, optional and not advisable but when off tactics and strategy.

Aid, raid.

I was talking about you, I have to talk a little to my family. You know they are older person and even if it had not been always easy, I owe them my life and by the way a large part of my early philosophies.
 And you know I have to do that discreetly, when you are spurned you cannot go and fanfare victory.
But whatever, you are my sun, so one has to describe the rays his inn (he’s (eases) in).
And I was trying to say were, after searching how extraordinary you were following by an adjective, thinking intelligent, performing, reassuring, (and in fact I don’t want to say the other for fear of catholizing [catalogueazing]) ,  my old aunty suggested.
-“She is really, really, very, very, very,...”
-“very good ?”
-“yes, is that”
It is when my eyes go dropping from the strength spending in thousand years light of searching.
It is not to write what I don’t believe in, but am I at the level of what provides sudden flashing enlightening?

Φ, like two females in pregnancy.
Π the pi at infinity. Fees.
Infant. Inf-in.
N (they are no more code, I think of you infinitely..................i mean of you with you, of you indefinitely since I ve heard of the word happy.

Between the 8, 9, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1, 4, 0, and their com-bi-nation don’t know what to do, and how.

‘she says she is the one, and she scarces me with my son’

-“You should not be homo.”
-“You should not be called religious and servant of love and humility.”

The “demonization” problem is in fact misunderstood as if people start saying that other people are demons to kill is because they believe themselves to be demons de, moons too,
moan too.
It is as simple and short as this.

Why don’t things go better.
Because of us treating things badly and amongst we are all salves slaves.

He wanted the divorce, giving me death by exhumation. He had all my hopes and kept them for ages and times pass by, all my lifes went still, had all my hopes that he knew he  WAS going to drop.

In a new power.
Ina n-we power.
In an-ewe power
An in ewe power.

Before meeting you I had to make my mind, to love again to fight, absolutely, to face relative welcoming immensity, inviting me to join another world, my ex, was for me the incarnation of the initiation at spirituality, and after her abandon, if she took me any, I thought that my difidelity was the sine qua non at my empowerment for strengthening my quest of the grail, grace indeed.  

And the day I met you, or the day I was thinking of your grades and know that I was about to meet you, my general, (=Jane eyre) I thought you were or married or viper (pervi).
I did not want to shake for you. Shake, cash. Kasher. Cachet ire. Cachetiere (hiding person, type of personality or endeaviour. Cashier.
To have refused to look at you this day, where I could build or ruin my empire. Vamp pire. V-empire.

It is tough for a macho to noticeably realize that his wife holds the steerwheel.
Fuck you woman.
I thought I was lucky, one wirting, weird things, writing, about pornography, but in fact an in-tell-ectual (actual) sieve from the libraries because in dec 2007, in one of her lectures she mentioned it.

And writing by telepathy, do you think that it could do with prophecy (professy) especially?

Profession. Fesses = butt, pornography
Around = faeces.

On of the sign supporting the fact that I am truly, durably in love, it is that at the simple idea of making love to you, it makes me die before touching.
Well, I may have to want considering stop apeak, speaking about it, see concealing, before being punished and go into counselling, consoling (the psycho not paid for the healing but make their customers believe that they are as fine as the fiddel) instead of your prometheeing fire. Evil.
Fire, erif, Eurydice.
Let’s forget, though the diams and the gold, hour of the time, ore through geological rides, give? Not give, no, no, brought to live (the ones humans abuses-when one thinks that humans benign begin begging wants theirselves to represent life) the mineryal jewels.
Mine-eury-dice. More than a bet, less than divine. But without her dampen damned.

You are the more vicious of all the mystery that was about how people can become rich.
You were a ‘councelor’ to industry to which you were provided the most racist, mysogyn, the most unproductive, the ost lethal, the most puritan in not revealing their indecency. They provide you with all the money to say to the people look we have it all. All and your eyes an yes>

I wont go on to try pitoyably to show you that it is not melancholy, you are my first serious, me before i was warning rather bluntly, even if after that i could meow and mow but inconvincingly, i want fast and travel, i want breaches on chains. Don’t think you are my tasty, up to my tongue love was. is my desertee.

I will do short, but I loved a woman for 15 years, she knew, 3 years after the first 3 years, she managed to meet a woman to whom I wrote a love letter, speaking about the latter but mostly about the former, that is it was fantomatic I wrote this letter thinking of the former and not knowing that they were about to know each other-though I really like the latter, but nothing near corresponding, impossible this woman for me really did.
I phoned her after years of her abandon, she was married, quit after the pregnancy, announcing me that the situation was too violent, anyhow I had the age of a baby. I quit school following that, I was a zero stricker anyhow, I never had the bac a laureate I had to pass a equivalent 4 years after.
I quit school in order to get money and to go and work in Africa like she wanted it to be.
I d never go beyond paris for reasons to explain, the past 14 years it would take me.
I wanted you to know that this female, married, remarried, I don’t even know no more, I am such an imbecile, and even not it is spriritual, she did not love any of us, the brood and forbearers exempted.
I knew, I knew a lot of her, not a lot in fact but some of her intimatest secret.
She knew about the latter letter, and she did of it the most reproachful of her discarding.
Now maybe it was natural for someone that has to be preoccupied for her reputation. She was teaching.
I thought she was hiding, you know with the smally on top, a husby who tracked me for being her best friend, a caressing only, just times enough to cross the boundary.
But now the smally is 15, and she never returned.
I tell you that to give an appreciation onto what might cause of dependence and inconsistency in a fucking shortening life, reputation and jealousy.

In fact I think she rsemlbed my dad. Liking sex for its cruelty. Curee (=priest and cull/ cul = ass), crue (=raw-row-war) war raw death, instantaneous, without reasons, without the body to do something of productive causing exhaustion of the body, the devil being able to pick like pickles some flesh. No thing like life in, with fine, just raw, just a gushing raffled, riffle, raffles. And life on its trifles.  

N eri


My life will have a currency, the moment i thought of you, happy.]
And though thinking that we leave aside this misery.
What do you think of this ? the worst of the party. Infinity in contemplation. Limited in truth and action. We sold our soul, honey. How could deserve being and staying your husby ?  live, les miserables. Pitoyable, ma amenable to worse and worse debauchery. Even love is a pit with lotery and insanity grotesque, i dote on you like froniting a fresque of the most beautiful paradise whose i will be loosing the entry.

Offer, off faire.

Euredyce, my past, but she does not follow me, she is with me, it is why it is forbidden to lose time and faith in wanting to de-pert de-part-hour. Departour.

Maybe she kept on saying demons, maybe it was the easy way as she spoke about others and not herself, but she did speak about what people are trying to hide in the irresponsible easy in saying we don;t need internal voices, in our world it is so spoteless that why to have recalling, weight memory/moral exercice and thinking over.
That we don’t need, that we don’t do, that we are the kingdom of the cuckoo, because it is not to be thought that other natural forces would be there interacting the human peeing in letting it looting and more than despising their own species (in fact it is left from an human centred view, as for the majority larger comprehension has to become mainly from the due respect you own to the ones resembling you most in order to be compact enough to meet and exchange other realities) but to allow themselves to be inspired (as well as completely directly dependent-as dependency is a constant, but in our relation with the earthily nature..., poor fool) I don’t want even imagine if human had to enter relationship with a force more remote, look at what we ve done to mother, they would think we can loot, but wait a minute, whata bout the prayer for god, what about the holy strength, the one with who we are with the world, they are our subconscioius, without them we are the dying people. They would think they can loot, till we d be felt and the logics of destruction, of well-pushed ignorance, the last of our deed. .
Ignorance from ‘to ignore.’

The demon of midnight.
Is the one that one is expecting the less, the other flip, the repercussions of the daylight job onto (on ot, (h)ot) the territory where humans cannot do dodgy controversies.

She is my master, I am hers.
Tt is nullify by common absolute respect.
Absolu further more than without her shadow, I could not leave earth without being damned into searching dementia. Denounciation is for the one in live you will have to quit, would she be an assassin I would have to prevent, would she run I would have to follow, would she be assassinated, by illness or others’ anger, I should tend her, her body, her corpse, or the woman that does not appear to resemble the past, like my baby, the one by whom you are survived, outlived, your gift to humanity.
You are a spo.use. OP in use.
Φ, ({q}OP), hope symbol, Greco letter for philosopgee.

Ok, the nomadic are a bit loaded today,
But what do you want about it.
It is the weight of poetry.

In guise of chapters.
I use holograms.

One cannot prevent him from loving their sons and daughters, and it is divine like that.
But the problem is that they don’t like or love the others no more, they are so afraid of th e porsitution, they are all c()hhores and want to be in control to give the impression that they are the bosses in stay inst(head) of being the servants.
your are my blance. La blance balance blanche.
Any nous.
Aninn al.

The west is culprit but what about the ones who left that happen to theri people and family?
The same old story, telling tales pretending to be the savior or the avenger of a people one likes for one single devilish feat: money and good for the lazy and the disrespectuous of others’ labour (including nature’s production that is supported by all the processed thought of all being from the whole creation.

The problem with the white is that I don’t take into account problem generated or simply limitation, it needs the black as much as the black needs the white, as what about life if without sundry.

Marocoo king homo
Bless you yur courageousity.

On scripture and cabal, all messages are not instantaneously understood, logically by the way are they warn of a future not right away present.
The receiver or the heralder of the messages tend to transform it in order not to appear as not mastering the language or the reasons, or the probability.
It is why I think lots of messages takes form as the pity, pithy.
Or on purpose to signify to the mind that they are at plays or because the messages were exact but transform by hand in fear of being taxed with insanity.

We might have a functional-restricted to a single point of “view?” intelligence, emotion, mind, soul or whatever, but not any case, we are superior.

The parents leading their children to be pest, as they have the servants work like not work but counter productivity of leaving someone spoiling your energy, intelleigence and time.

Satiric, and my olymph.


What if I was content, 100% fulfil, with being able of writing? I would not long, log, for the time when I can see you, hold you, speak to you, make you dinner, make you healthy recommendations, make you love, have you come. And again, don’t... (here I am 10 miles away) you woO.u.ld not dare letting me disemancipated.

Manc, monk, manqué (=lack)call. SIP, as vanished. Pissed without comment.
Would the time be still for infinity? Or is my talking to you, in my mind, stirring something in your mind –dnim. Dim, minimum. To think it is not render me orphean, cut in two, to think I communicate as the trace of my having to search for more than you, more than me, the trail of our destiney. Destiny, destitute, constitute.

People pretending to look for a prophet. A prophet for killers? They look for the failure of their false aspiration at becoming better, they look for a culprit. People go fast and vite. 

It is id iot

They are not pain that are coming in, they are coming out.
Pain. In, ap, happer (=eating, disintegrating), ni=no, denial.
On pain value, pain is treatable through life behavior. Beheeve. Warrior. Behee, like the goat, hee like the horse, for the troops of moutons.
It is why they are sacrifices, we human weeing and pooing (sorry I use becket) and dying, that want to mock their, his own behaviour, to go and do the same, like in and constantly empetrated indeed in our lobotomy. In life we say yes, and one is taken and asked to do its best to root discreetly.
That is sacrifice and the animal taking the token on how we are tribal, and more than dubious it is not primitivity, it is its abusive way of killing herself, and the brood of which she is fed up and about which sorry.

When one is forced into a marriage without love one loses it s sympathy, the aim of finding and perfecting oneself for the one we are seeking, waiting...
Paradise. Par, pour, por, for add sth to its                and is.
And so it be.


Your mama gave you a gift beyond imagination.
Well you will admittedly recognised that 9 as with the C block letter when manuscript, they are the same shape, mirrored for the 9-of reincarnation, than the phy lower case letter. I have got this lower case letter tattooed since I am 21, between my navel and plexus. I explain because you cannot see, and would have been as athletic than some others I could have pretended do an anatomic show out of my abs, but let’s be honest the completude in matter of epicurean education did not strike that far. Though it stroke. If you want I could try to show you in the dark, I haven’t inherited-inherent, from my mummy’ sensitivity or here sensibility are the same, in how to look after one’s ship, the body (sheep sank, I think there a biblic story on this, panurge.

To depend of the ‘society of states’ commands on appreciation instead of depending from morale equality, and not talking about morale usually portrayed by religion and lobby protecting the so called interest of sectarianist groups while ruining the right to happiness and fulfilment (and duties, meaning that it is not something someone has to provide to someone else, but something that everyone has to make sure that there is every opportunities and capabilities and protection of the resources’availibility and perpetual profusion) for life at its highest freedom and respect of others (without racial, ethnic...and even sexual orientation discrimination to applied.)
Freedom, free domaine cannot be thought without respect of, and from others.

I use to go in this shop where they had so definitely food for cheap and very good.
But when I notice that these people would like to see me killed because I am an homosexual, that I could find myself in a situation where I bring back food at home for my wife that they would like to sell as a prostitute or I don’t know even other cruelty and torture applied to someone who would have just chosen the one they want to be with –and do the things that we both wanted to do together-
When I realize that they treat each other as servants the rest of the day, that a word in your mouth is not welcome but to socialize towards business, the same in other businesses, of course but at least in some other businesses I am regarded as being another human, no more or less differently treated. But we will treat you different if...if what? If they cannot sell my soul alongside theirs. Thiefs of dignity, not of the one they profit from because one is completely depending on them for their survival, thiefs of the dignity one has to make sure can thrive in others, in others’ situation and in oneself.
As for going in this shop where the beans from my grand-da where, I won’t do it again, even if it is difficult to find them nowhere else, as my greand da would not have me treat as a inferior ranked human beings. As all people had to fight and die for liberty, do that to my grand-forebearers would be trahison. To let my rights of being just another creature, hoping for all to be and live in good conditions.

Ok a few hours for calming down, and my grand pas would have told me but you know every one was treated this way, don’t forget that it is together, only together is possible, to go out of tyranny, as at worse in each place there is the victims of the slavery. Each place where there is one abuse, it is the sign of god, its proof of the institutions being pervadingly looted by holoopholes.
Don’t see yourself as a victims. Victory on times.  As a problem is everyone else’s problem, or shortage of views. View, we iv, heave.  Or vie ewe.
And of ocurse this argument would be working in other curumstances but to do what to go to a big shop, on which there is no name, no one to ask nothing about the way they treat their employees, and providers, and the citizens that they pollute and treat like market, target.

It is not conceivable that no one whishes to work of their lives for wasting prostitutions, so what’s the problem then, beyond the fact of posing the question?
It is because the society as a whole being a prison, one tries to preserve the space for themselves to have, and for that they chase all others by tricks and farce, and finishing by the true real torture and bias, when complete confusion.

The fire between tow person, as a common desire, energies in fusion.
Git, jaillir, upsurge.
To flood out, to burst out
To spurt out. Pure, route.

She was pretending that she was believing in others’ stupidity. And the o-the-rs were calming themselves, thinking I am not stupid, her limited.
But in fact she was none more stupid than the others, so?
To react energetically, in proving mental or psychological strength, so was I here to provide entertainement about the way my body could answer, or answer by letting it to its original freedom, not letting myself to be abuse by someone playing being a dom in the sense of convinced that her abuses were justified.

This people would like me to imagine that I d not rather die for my marriage, and the love of my life than to live with them, bourreaux, executioner, torturer.
To say to someone don’t be homo, that is renounce loving is the proof on how people think societal, familial and finally or from the beginning, conjugal relationship as being sado-masochists.

People from other countries originally profiting from the people coming from the same countries but as immigrants not as residents to endoctine them as servant, using communities as a leviathan, a power inside the power, bribing everybody, as using systems twice, imbricated and doubling the errors and jailification consequences of or uncontrolled malversations or the fear of control as when it is done through true ignorance – but one has to start somewhere to stop abuses-, but in reality through ill-intentioned or people or system, that feed one another anyhow.
In what hell are we? Is it possible for someone to answer in another fashion that to say ‘that this kind of questions are bothering or unproductive, as production is more than a bother its mainly a finishing story with for all morals, the failed humanity.

It was funny to con state (constater = notice, realize, understand) that what a lover, a true lover does not want only love, thoughts, flat, air, food, chores, time, plan (i want nothing from you that I am not able to provide for myself, that is clear as long as I am not crippled by whatever others’ wars, or that I am not deprived by the action of the shadow of providing, the looters...nothing to do with love, just an economic allusion, talking about marriage not business and farming as entertainment, )
It is funny to constatizing that I want from you teh same than yur enemies do.
But all of this, I want you r life.
So what do you think, how do you think is important the concept of happiness?
As your happiness is the sole way of differencing what love and hatred want from you.