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Member’s lost on gross-texts, grass-tests death: a spirit silenced Chapter II: BEA tricks

Member’s lost on gross-texts, grass-tests death: a spirit silenced

Chapter II: BEA tricks


We walked from 2: 10 to 3: 40. i really was surprised. more than 3 weeks ago i found a young pigeon while i was walking A. First surprise axel never went to touch the pigeon while i stealthily take him. i thought i was only giving him shelter to avoid him dying of cold or attacks as i tried to rescue many before and they all die very quickly, under 24 hours in general, but this one is a very young adult, found him 2 day after the first day lasting frost. Gl(le) is still with me. Today A saw him and he just was brilliant no overexcitation, nothing but a nice looking at the pigeon. frankly very very good.

No, but without taking her. because you know even if An was the best master and could take her with him at work, does he now? basically she will lose her family, you know you are her mum too. but what you could manage to do, if An reacts with intelligence - i know it feels lonely without a dog, but he would still have jess part-time or more, and then it is so cool to be on one's own too. 
you could take jess part-time, sometimes, holidays, or more.... there is one thing i know is that if she loses you, i guess or you or An but mostly the one who will stay with E, she will be heartbroken till the end of her life, it is inevitable. 
he problem is that if you have problem between you, then it will impact on jess. you know whose dog is it? you take her only when it arranges you....!!! drama. but i am sure that if you do not manage to take J now and then on holiday, her heart will be broken. literally. you know animals think a lot, they also have a lot of spare time to do so. she will think about sadness only. nostalgia, what you do, why she is not there, where s the bond, why she can't see you.... she is sensitive, jess is particularly sensitive- you can see in her eyes the way they come to live, also she is still young, and she had for mission to be with a little boy and a family life, so busy, etc, etc.... you who are i am sure taking her into respect and you know true consideration. like a complete being, it is not every body who is able to do so. or able Yes, but doing so, no. it is so easy and an entertaining and exciting pass-time - unfortunately nothing that has stayed in the past, horrors are convenient and undeterred are their doers, to dismiss their being equals. 

In term of health and care, the amount of money the state spent on agency for people not able to deliver one the job is stunning. i saw kids whose care plans cost millions of pounds of staff and building, with them resulting in absconsing, doing drugs from 12, never do homework, housework. not going to college..... etc, etc, etc. with one to one staff thing, i thought for years that i was hallucinating. you know taking non native speakers work a lot at the lower scale because it is such a cultural shock and also the staff take abuses, not only directed at them personally, but at their functions, mainly doing nothing, take no responsibility, see gangs forming, while sponsoring it, because the only thing that is left to them is to perfect vocabulary, slang, and accent. 
Sponsor spoon,
Fuck sucking functioning.

Studying rare diseases will be keys to great discovery, without a doubt, as long as we don't engineer them...
deadly respiratory diseases due to air pollution cannot stop rising. 

Drones against planes.
You know, what a joke, i did not know they are super dangerous if impacting a plane in the air!

I am seeing sad, at the moment, i look after a dog, i know very well, her owner are divorcing, and on top the divorce is being bitter, and i mean it was like this before. she will be without her mum and without the kid a lot. for her i am suffering. she will be alone or almost now... they are very nice people... … … she is 😊

But of course, all of it and more will be taken back by far right and left throwing the responsibility, the culpability of not responding at others groups, while their countries had plundered. And while they are too coward and undignified to address, pretending to candour, their own countries, nations and workers and say we cannot not stop misery- because misery is what they would like to assume and produce on a very larger and systematic scale than the upper middle-class, and every of the rest helping her, that just let it hap-pen. Working for the people producing misery not against them.

When you had close to nothing, you can understand hw why and how some people may in all piousity to decide and throw themselves, launch as well, into a cause, that is able some other ideals convey.
But then there are these ep people who have been completely disposed, dispossessed, and there are these people who have less than the nothing, no one else can hardly, and at all imagine.
People epopee eponym by proxy.
Pope a hope, rope and soap.

People o does not pity the orphans, when they do, because they do not have parents, it is because the orphans will have less, or likely less, support to access information, maturity, the safety or the security of a long-term loving and teaching relation.

I am though wondering whether the anti-Jew attitude might be a residue of an antic American attitude who since 2017 very much officially while having spent years menacing the whole world through their presidencies, just rationalise it.

The jacket, padding shoulders, make them all look so coquette.

I love you and i have to find a solution to not lose control of my spirit. 
and you too, but this does not have to do anything with me. i mean i cannot be concerned by it. this is your intimate story. 

Nearly as important as good insoles and shoes.
I am very homely. i stopped wearing slippers at home, as i have a fascia from having walked miles and days after my boots had become super comfortable, but too wide to really be closed to my feet. now at home i wear shoes that i only wear inside. particularly warm slippers tend not to support the arch or the sole at all. Plantar fasciitis might give you an inflammatory sensation during whole day. when i am stressed or too much at my desk, or tired, maybe alimentation too, my great father, would do gout, it is like my feet, i don't know how to describe. it is a fire, stabbing inflammed sensation most say. 

Mr Johnson, a long-term critic of a third runway, was challenged on Sunday by a Tory colleague to "put his money where his mouth is" and resign as Foreign Secretary over his opposition to the scheme.

C : and the biggest shame of all, the person making buses ride unaffordable in London, hunt down by his party for what is respectable to do, to stp the planet to go into even more a fuming cemetery.
Yet again no need to be emeritus however to gyess.        If Brexit is losing they never wanted it, Cameroon was against, may was against.                         They are against themselves for added security. One more reason to in a party, in them a treator does not have to be-tray.

I like what you do, this video for me is too sexualised. i mean sexualising might be pure, because it could be a love song or a sensual song, but i cannot feel you are living it or desiring it. so if you don't, abstain.


Hi, would it be possible to reactivate my account. i did not know about old email addresses. i try to contact politicians.
SPAM or not spam, in the impossibility to contact politicians, journalists, civil servants… you know ignorance is bliss, even if they are not, now they will be able to pretend they are disconnected! And pick the campaign they want, while leave the sordid and putrefied, putre-facted pay them off and away.

You all old fuckers attempt to look like either deep thinker or saints, thank you for your contribution in translation...pfff.  the poor anchor is the only one participating but is seemingly afraid.
To pretend discussing god! when in fact the background sound is how far you are for rapists, forced marriage, forebid at the fore of pedophiles and polygamous. that s your motor. god.

You might like to widen your search, and just type the search terms 'Anne of Green Gables' in the BITRA search category, to see if there is any work on this novel in your language pair that might be of interest

I love christmas to mark the passage of time. Middle of winter, while first November feast the beginning, the solstice, and the days duration re=opening.

iI finally know why some translations were a bit inaccurate. it might be using good but still very standard translation machine that gives a text but not as good as human translation. a lot of translations will be done by machine, with a guy still spending time reviewing it. I use now a machine, the OU gave us the link a few months ago, for free for the moment, it is so good it is astonishing, nothing to do with google translate, it is called 'catmate'. On it, you do not have to do it all, you can just change a few words and the result is astonishing. i think with less performing machine, people would give the text almost as it is, but what the machine is able to do is still too far from a good translation, it would just give an idea of the text. 

A life spent to witness horrors. Intelligent caliber.
Spot the error.

Number of children in poverty surges by 100,000 in a year, figures ... › News › UK › Home News
22 Mar 2018 - “The problem we have is that four million children are in poverty, and some of the children due to be hit hardest by cuts – those in single parent families or families with more than two children – are seeing their risk of poverty rise.”

Child poverty facts and figures | Child Poverty Action Group
Poverty affects more than one in four children in the UK today. ... Families experience poverty formany reasons, but its fundamental cause is not having enough ...

The UK poverty line | Child Poverty Action Group
Each year, the Government publishes a survey of income poverty in the UK called Households ...Many official poverty statistics employ the BHC information. At ...

Most children in UK's poorest areas now growing up in poverty ...
24 Jan 2018 - More than half of all children in the UK's very poorest areas are now ... Child povertylevels in Theresa May's Maidenhead constituency are ...

Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show ...
16 Mar 2017 - About 100,000 children fell into relative poverty in 2015-16, a year on year increase of one percentage point, according to household data published by the government on Thursday. About 4 million, or around 30%, are now classed as poor.

Poverty in the UK: a guide to the facts and figures - Full Fact
22 Mar 2018 - Relative poverty, absolute povertyand how the UK is faring. ... the inhabitants of Dickensian slums were in povertyin many cases today things ... to refer to them as measures ofpoverty (for example, in the Child Poverty Act or ...

Poverty in the UK: statistics - Commons Library briefing - UK Parliament
23 Apr 2018 - This note sets out information on the levels and rates of poverty in the UK, including ... although poverty may be defined in different ways and there is no single, ... 2.7 million children were inrelative low income BHC (19% of ...

Poverty in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
This article is about poverty within the population of the United Kingdom as distinct from UK .... In1964-65 the incidence of infant deaths was more than half as much higher in the two lowest social classes than in the .... Roughly 30% of British children are now classed as poor and of those two-thirds are from working families.

UK Poverty 2017 | JRF
4 Dec 2017 - UK Poverty 2017 highlights that overall, 14 million people live in ... This is made up of eight million working-age adults, four million children and 1.9 million pensioners. ... But that progress is beginning to unravel; poverty rates for both ... a fall in poverty and are now under question; state support for many of ...

Most child poverty in working families - BBC
16 Mar 2017 - More than two-thirds of the children living in poverty in the UK are in ... and lone parents - with much higher levels of work among couples.

Slavery and islam is not salvation for others taking the piece from everything they can, and done that for centuries, as people or just as individuals wanting to promptly make is solid. Perenisating prevising perenising it. Pereninising pereninising
Yes, but pretend that misogynist, homophobic, and other fundamental human rights are opposed by islam only and that the solutions is via immigration policies. when mass immigration occurs first place because of vast and morbid pocket of desertification and poverty, the crutch of countries swearing by growth of debilitative stories. is. far right.
i said it already, it works already because all the exploitative people cannot wait for slavery to grow. and pointing the finger to one people is negationist. though that sharia law starts to rule in your countries is i don't think the migrants ' only fault but your dear administration that finished profeetering from an empire 100 times its size, and reselling it to any, and leaving Europe, to make more pesticide and legal contracts that will suck the lives of every almost body.

·  Opinion | America’s Child-Marriage Problem - The New York ...
Oct 14, 2015 · The Tahirih survey focused on immigrants, and it identified child marriages or forced marriages, or both, in immigrant communities from 56 countries of origin in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, but it also identified such marriage in so-called American families.

·  News about Child Marriages Usa Legal
In ceremonial signing, Gov. Carney renews Delaware’s vow against child marriages

Analysis: Child marriage is legal in 49 U.S. states

Sudan child marriage: The 11-year-old girl divorcing her 38-year-old husband

Analysis: Child marriage is legal in 49 U.S. states

Sudan child marriage: The 11-year-old girl divorcing her 38-year-old husband

See more on Bing News

·  The "ugly" reality of child marriage in the U.S. - CBS News
Child marriage is most common in the southern United States, according to the Pew Research Center. It's most common in West Virginia and Texas, followed by states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Nevada and California.
·        Founded: Sep 18, 1927

·  Child, Early, and Forced Marriage: United States ...
The United States is taking a whole-of-government approach to address the issue of Child Early Forced Marriage (CEFM). Our commitments demonstrate the concerted implementation of the U.S. Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence Globally and the USAID Vision for Action to End Child Marriage and Meet the Needs of Married Children. CEFM projects are integrated into sector specific …

·  Child marriage is still legal in the US
It is possible for minors in all 50 states to get married. A scholar explains the long history of child marriage, mostly of young girls, in the US.

·  Child marriage in the United States - Wikipedia
Child marriage is generally more common in the southern United States. The highest incidence of such marriages per thousand is in West Virginia, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
·        Laws against child ... · 
·        The status of a ... · 
·        Statistics by ...

·  Child Marriage in America: Current Laws Are Failing to ...
The United States needs to see that it is not only critical to solutions to child marriage, but also an integral part of the problem. Tahirih is pressing for reforms to the legal age to marry in the United States. We urge that the legal age be set at 18 (or above, if the age of majority is higher) in all states, with an exception only for emancipated minors who are empowered to advocate for themselves.

·  Child marriage in Tennessee: Lawmakers try to close legal ...
Child marriage in Tennessee: Lawmakers take action to close legal loophole Two Democratic lawmakers have introduced bills to prevent marriages in Tennessee where a party is under 18 years of age. Post to Facebook

·  Why can 12-year-olds still get married in the United ...
Child-protective services are usually not a solution, either: Caseworkers point out that preventing legal marriages is not in their mandate. Those fleeing a forced marriage often have complex legal needs, but for children, obtaining legal representation is extremely difficult. Even if they can afford to pay attorney’s fees, contracts with ...

·  Child marriage chart reveals girls can wed at 12 in some ... › News › World › Americas
Watch video · And a separate Statista chart plotting the minimum legal age of marriage for girls worldwide reveals that the US is one of the lowest on record, with several places - including Massachusetts - allowing girls as young as 12 to be wed with the consent of a judge.

·  Child marriage - Wikipedia
In certain countries, even when the legal marriage age is 18, cultural traditions take priority over legislative law. Child marriage violates the rights of children; it affects both boys and girls, but it is more common among girls. Child marriage has widespread and …
·        History · 
·        By gender · 
·        Causes of child marriage · 
·        Child marriage by region

Recourse, crux.

How I understand the  reverse     psychology of a referendum launch by someone who were against it in the first place and now with Brexit done by people that were against also? Is that they were all for it. It is just a                     bullet proof car                for everytime Brexit whill bring misery, or Brexit or not being part of the EU, when it comes to build it as well as when it comes to fight them.
Mind knowing how the brits scander their money on millions project involving a couple of people, with a zero social and cultural (and economically bankrupting all their councils, yes council since they will be the sole units subsisting, to be led by people against the state everytime this one could help)

And the other people for the state, because it will serve them- and the people holiday hooligan that will and do as their masters- plundering public money, workers, customers, bosses, anything that can be surrounded. The homos first since the only thing that protect you is to belong to a religion. Bizarre? Err, well no, the first of the illegitimate bullies.

Unherd of.

One,             with dog coat, bedroom
i was walking my dog just near the wall of the surrey fordbridge women prison in ashford. a woman with hunting dog appeared with her dog who had in her mouth a cot, a wild bird. i asked the woman to have the dog dropped the bird to stop it from torturing the bird. she repeatedly refused. the bird was half alive in her dog's mouth and she did not do anything to stop the dog, but repeatedly stopped me from interfering. i guess there may be footage of what happened as it was visible from the prison.
i know this woman and she goes in the foot often with her dogs, i did not know she was using the only piece of wood left in ashford for her hunting game. what can i do about it?

Coo, cot, coat.

Writing Tips


I saw a while back a list of good websites to promote your books suggested by someone. I cannot find it. Could anyone suggest these sites again? Thank you.

You eat animal your murdered nigh every day. Quand bien meme, si j’etais vous, quand a vos recruiters qui tuent ou abandonment leur animaux familiers, je me mefierais.

What following mohammed’s models imply: this information, even Isil fan may not have known it.
And then there are the babies you always can lead to anywhere, that easy.

yes, mainly amongst propaganda that israel is to blame in every university. i stopped reading about israel palestine, but i know that before i knew how islam was a religion of slavery to say the least i had been convinced through an entire module in a UK university specialized in human rights that palestine was the biggest open prison in the world, and that israel was stealing lands. now i just wonder how people will survive islam, i am against all religions in a way that they dictate people how to define themselves, are fiercely segregatory, and power onto the cattle is their common aim. They give a notion but to be straightforward, I don’think that religions fulfil (not even tiny partially) the why so many people that don’t belong to them still defend them: to be kind or appraising deities.
I want to write it again, in fact even in places like the maghreb, north Africa, Africa, and everywhere else, Islam is a new invader. They compel people to allegiance, and was absent, pushed back, ignored bravely, only back to during the 20th century, at least in some of their remoted places

Insight, and insider trading: To insist a politician is anti-semitic is in fact a way to boost his electorate, in a land where muslims votes are significant.
Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, ‘married’ a 6-year-old.




Insert equivalent in English site.
Un culte, Islam est le pédophilique culte par excellence (et ceci parce que la majorité des personnes ignorent ce cependant très reconnu et pourtant idolâtré personnage et précédent).

mention verb [ T ]
uk /ˈmen.ʃən/ us /ˈmen.ʃən/

B1 to speak about something quickly, giving little detail or using few words:
I'll mention your ideas to Jacinta. The story didn't even get a mention in the newspaper.
The story didn't even get a mention in the newspaper.
The story didn't even get a mention in the newspaper.
The story didn't even get a mention in the newspaper.

Man shun.

How China censorship forbids all videos (while next could be Russia), and blogs from western cultures: not an exaggeration Chinese people cannot access any YouTube, google (to name but a few), these sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since last year internet users could be imprisoned if they try to access them (by buying software able to jump the firewall). SAME AS FOR THE SUBJECT ABOVE, HORRENDOUS BUT NOWHERE CLEARLY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SOMETIMES IN FACT INSISTING AND REPEATING THE OPPOSITE (like the BBC and to my knowledge all others major media institutions very own practice, so much for the 4th power, estate, and 4th branch of the government), THUS MAKING BELIEVE TO THE HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IN FACT THOSE GROUPS HAVE PEACEFUL INTENTS AND WELL-FOUNDED DOCTRINES, WHILE ANY DEBUTANTS AT IT, IF SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING, WOULD KNOW IT IS ONLY DECEPTIVE.

Cannot hyperlink because was on the radio, but worthy item by the BBC to which I will refer here because while censorship of all informal (all blogs and videos) and artistic western sources is taking place and that the main media does not talk directly about it, many blogs and alternative posts have been made about it (perhaps mainly by people having lived in China- in the past since now blogging for west (only possible with the help of software bypassing the Great Firewall of China) from china will be regarded as a criminal offence. However, the BBC (updated and ground-breaking- it happens) is the only one that I know that talked about how internet choices and activities made by their citizens are stored by the government and how it affects (positively or negatively) their welfare states, perspectives of jobs, of becoming civil servants, or benefiting from states services (in some part of China people cannot afford for their ID and multiple certificate applications), if state thinks that the citizens ticked the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ options.

Though, God knows the relief brought to some people on the perspective to be taken by China, as a worker, and as one that does not have – until proven guilty- to say they’ d bend to allah.

Le directeur adjoint du service régional de police judiciaire (SRPJ) de Limoges, Helric Fredou, 44 ans, s’est donné la mort avec son arme de service dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi alors qu’il se trouvait au sein des locaux de la police de Limoges, a-t-on appris de source policière.
il y a une theorie du complot comme quoi ce ne serait pas un suicide mais un meurtre lie a charlie hebdo. 
mais bon, 2 suicides (son collegue aussi commet un suicide quelque temps auparavant) ca s explique aussi parce que connaitre quelqu un d important pour soi- si tel etait le cas- mort de cette facon est tres perturbant...

aussi limoges etn les catholiques, les communistes, une ville de mort ou on sait que la foret est mourante et privatise. Ou l hypocrisie, don’t laquelle on ne peut echapper. J y est habite, soit se tirer une balle, soit perdre son temps au cafe, soit habiter dans les bois- mais puisqu on ne peut se l off offrir , se tire. Tirer.


Genocides we don't know, or don't want to know about.
Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment propelled by the new-born like politician figure, who is worse than mafia.), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies through A-level censorship method and pathway, that regime of ‘no news’.

Dogs: yes, but for the road sense i think they mostly are all like this. they just want to get away from the cars and if they have a wall on the side, they will then try to cross. ok, then it is completely normal, she did very well then. in fact she does not pull because after i thought i had to rearrange myself. i told her, i said molly you pulled, if you pull i keep you on the lead. and when we arrive in the wood and other very calm area, molly just stopped pulling altogether. so it is the stress. and then i took her off lead, because i had nothing to correct.

Date and plans can change, also i guess in the police you are asked to change shifts, i said to you are needed, your expertise in particular. and take those that are guilty in jail! Show some magnanimity, because sometimes poverty and hardship, coming from all corners might impair very severely a person's judgement. 
And the ones who profit from that, twice as bad should have that.

Ebay is the scam, do not punish people sending wrong items, wrong color, wrong listings. i depend on online selling. the vast majority of sellers are honest, it is a pain to have great deals that would deserve more while you lose money on people who does it for a living.

Are you ok, babe. above all don't ask this to P. i am sad for her. let
 s hope she will be ok, well after.

Before a death.
Well looked after.

We miss you here babe. we are with you though. pay attention to p, i feel like crying, it is so a pain. i mean we lose people, but pat you see, has been on her own all her life. me i know, i mean it was not my decision to be that way, but i know i could not take it.
so thank you thousands, every seconds of this life that is left to have.

Half coma.
Of course the body is in kind of limbo, but she knows where she is. pat should talk to her very simply sometimes and talk as usual other times.

Yes, law of series. it was so awful, you need to have rented where death is on their way. eclipse yourself a lot today, they kdon't know it yet, maybe, but they are giving their goodbyes, and in a hospital it is not the perfect environment. To busy, to professional, to cocky.

Looking at the ceiling and wishing it was the floor as it is not so that far, and that there is nothing but a light at the center of a plane on which there is nothing.
Faux, fare, nowhere.

Coma before death.
You know maybe M is today grateful to her fate, because this way she can say goodbyes to her daughters and to the world.

Jist lost the auto recover doc, lost 10 days on it. with nothing on my part, just a template, again, unable to save or something. disgusting. once again

From a dyke, don t get no fatter, keep your health, your passion and your strength for your spouse. nice wedding by the way. from a dyke, i tended to watch only feminine couple, now i am happy to see also a butch having it. makes me happy, for both and for all.

Very interesting, to know, that social movement originated with student movement. And now there won’t be anymore students, just people acceding university through debt and begging the banks or their parents.

Water is so much a mirror, drawn by light as if the distance of air between zone of enlightment was counting for nothing. No shadows but ghost.

Dis---die, deuce, stance.

Distant, tant, much time.

Do not think that none of my word is predications, pre-per-dickcat, preydick, perdi, predictions. The predicate is you thank you for this help – pleh, play. Plea.

Even if it is in every truth that my love is at, for, in, by, through, across, in-between, in front, facing, in turn, onto, sliding, torpor, I ve lost. Everything, you U
For the pictures, they are the only ones that I ve got of my famille, did id not planned it, my camera the same year I understood I have to raise the problem of exploitationary incest-nothing big, the same cinema in very family, we are from the same system, don’t we? Intercede intestine intersected inter-intra scene incise incline. 
I am out of there, could not take it no more, yeti am constant in touch with myma.
Let me cover you with word, ord. Her.

Hord, order.

mon maour? Ame-our.
Ame = soul in French.
Soul, us all.

Us all, our soul.

How come?

The will and policies to protect one’s language, francophonie. For the native speakers to possibly have better command of their own language, or of an alternative one. In England, subtitling is exotic, as many media are English at the source, so only a few will be in an alternative language. French is protective of the studies to be in French, not in other languages. Only one official language, not several.
To learn a language, subtitling is better. At the same time mainstream media used so basic language that listening to them, become very quickly very mundane and redundant, not bring more vocabulary, facts, or linguistical riches.
Boost its being european and global official languages in international institutions.

Cuff, fuck.

Dubbing consists primarily in domesticating a foreign product so that it appears to be realistic and credible, and related to the audience expectations and experiences.

C.ET: this stands as a general law in translation, repeated, and reinforced again and again. The translation, in similarity with rules about journalism and literature by extension or induction, have to be at the image of what the people already know, have seen, held as opinion. Makers of belief…
Checked by reality as disbelief.
And too late appreciation.

Real heal.


The shaman able to transform into another shape not because they can but by being into so much communion or complicity with the animals themselves that, the live separate but drawn by one spirit.

It also means that only virtuous people can do this, by virtuous, one that gives their lifes for nature to be safe. That is very few from now to the back or earlier age.

Since time immemorial have to be though again.
But the fight it is at an end.


The animals (and others) even if they could speak as clearly as our species, which would be weird because species develop their own means of communications, just like groups of people dvp their own language, would be killed as they are physically and as we kill our own spirits and divinity thinking we are the only ones to do the works.

And when reading the others, human being will think till…that it is about them.

Language mimicking and normativisation, media repetition and impoverishing.
Famously when being simplistic is put to 'good use'. plus clearly fuelled apathy and loss in interest, also enabling debates to be drowned. and therefore leaving space for the absence of debate. as debating the surface never will allow anyhow to swim or stand in 3D. or whatever, however alter-native dimensions would have been striven to be found.

Dare or der-nier. Last. Or derriere.
Last. Enduring or end.

I learnt hearing complicated english with tv subtitles. and they are always late, not synchronised. a change in color helps. me if i had not been able to learn with subtitles, my english would be half what it is today. plus i am deaf to some accents in particular. :(
i mean i guess it is politically correct as everyone wants you to speak with a certain accent, as if they were native, which well it is in the def, they will never be. for an international language it has been (for some, in fact a few) delightful, no worry.
Now awry or dowry.

Few, foe.

Be careful tomorrow. vets do not generally insist, but make sure he has his cone solidly attached to his collar in order not to lick open his scar.

Of course, minimum wages should operate, but look in the uk with 0-hour-contract, it is looming that fair share is not the trend.

To boost subtitling viewing, i would try to loosen the rules and give people the opportunity to read literal translation, and not automatically shorten and simplified version of the original.

Lien sur La takia (la dissimulation pieuse) : selon les écritures islamiques, la permission d’utiliser le mensonge et la dissimulation afin d’échapper à la ‘persécution’ ou sous de meilleurs auspices, d’aider à l'islamisation.

PS : vous pouvez tous voter extrême droite et catholiques, ce n’est pas un hasard si on en est là. Ne faites pas confiance aux racistes et sectaires, ils attendent des gens aussi déguellasses et salasses qu’eux pour se nicher, tant qu’il y a de la viande sur l’os des victimes. Et ce n’est pas une question d’intelligence, les opportunistes a savent que c’est eux qui bouffent. Leur restes, l’humour adultère est qu’après cela- tout un combat est pour, en revient à l’épuisement de la bonté et du courage. En vain, sans jamais plus de bons matins.
Pour se nicher, jusqu’au dégel, le prince des ténèbres, viendra nous parler et nous apprendre la lumière, les lueurs qu’on a fait se changer.

Where s the devil?
I d like to thank you for your tale on ministery, and told you that you did something great for the concept of magic. i think that they are the themes you should pursue. 

4 dogs is too busy and gilbert is calm with MO so i did not want him to see her play with MI to avoid replication and chaos. and MI keeps on her regular though occasional misdeeds round that i cannot leave unaddressed.

I hope you eye will become better, you know ops...nothing to do directly, but i had a close buddy, who have been operated on in algeria for a sight problem, at the time it was very risky operations, he came out of there, almost blind. in england, people dying for operations such as preventing you from snoring, and something more intriguing i think, i know in my neighborhood, let say, something about a cluster of people only, but i know about two people who have died of a sepsis at hospital-not of their disease, - but by blood poisoning caused by an op, or just during an advanced check-up.

Talks on how consciousness is so small compare to the universes’ delve. i.e. so many stars, planets, name it….
planets, animal, space, etc, do not have minds it is what he says. it is called materialist? whatever it is why it is moral to kill them, what is so puny i think it is human beings it is what that really means.     

I think this scientist is just a waste of space. has goo joke. hook

Convention in translation: replacing regional language with alteration of the one mainstream (already very simplified, shortened, pruned…) language.
I would be worried that to adopt a differenciation from standard language instead of transposing it with the help of another regional accent, is more a political decision that it is an artistic one. in fact i admit i am confused on whether this decision is made because of political, linguistics, literary or artistic considerations. but overall the political correctedness has won, just because why if else, the standard would be to ignore regional accents as a convention.
on another hand, to create one's own language deviation, (when allowed?) must be so much fun.

Correct dress.

The size of the audience using a standard language could be the reason of adopting it rather than regional ones. but in the example of the chti, i believe it is an exercice for the French to understand accents and expressions, or re-discover them while they have been made disappeared from their own country. also it could very interesting for the translators to mirror expressions that have been lost in even the french culture as a whole and to transmit their imageries and wisdom into Spanish like in this example.
social dialects i think follow the same rule.

Also as it is clearly stipulated in the course, the big challenge is to understand what underpins this socio-economic cleavages. also it is possible that standardization has been adopted in order to evade the responsibliity of the translators to understand and transmit. or to deeper envisage or stipulate about the author or distributor aims or the way their work will be received.

Why i would not translate for example a american slang into a spanish slang. Just because they are not the same, so one lost all of what might be explained of their uniqueness. You need a translation that is literal for this. Or you would do adopt the own target audience language, because you want it to become more dominant or because you want it to still be heard by some audience.
finally can we consider a particular accent or omission or subduction of some words as being a regional language or are their only versions of the mainstream language ? or therefore to replace it by another version that did not adopt the same linguistical and poetical types of transformations, would suit less the purpose of translation than trying to replicate what kind of differences the mainstream and local slang had. in that case i think i would go trying to replicate the shift in grammar and poetry between them, rather than writing in a pre established other local slang, that is known of the target audience know or that can already be known of them, that is available to them. I can study slangs of the languages i know, not of the ones i do not know. For me to understand the difference between spanish and spanish used in a more localised way, i will need the translators to reproduce the marks of this language, not adopting a regional language i can study through reading into the language i know- i do not need a translator to initiate me at a language i know, i need a translator to translate literaly the language i do not know. It is the reason why i would not substitute a slang by another. the translators here may be more at duty to transcribe a version people do not know or cannot know about without the translation.

On D. Attenbourough. And tall all those anchors spending theri theri theri their lives speaking about stuff they cannot know a lot about.
I found really disgraceful from a guy who present nature for decades on tv, to show one big beefsteak, to make a point on tv. all these people that fed on pretending caring for nature and our equal animal, and that never had the idea to stop eating them, must, are extremely likely to venere venerate the devil, themselves or some vectors bringing about free cruelty for all.
Just a long time i wnate wanted to answer, not alpha alp all powerful to help his case, theorisation of domination.


si j en cuisinais comme je le voudrais, j aimerai de la soupe tous les jours ou a peu pres, je trouve cela hydratant. se rehydrater en legumes pour moi c est une clef sante de premier ordre.

maybe you could do a special on child marriage?

in africa, highest rate, a lot of to do with islam but also in christian countries.
you know after what happens to LGBT people out there...

Ceux qui évoquent les âmes (Psychagôgoi),
Gogol, Nicolaï.

My favorite kick is audio-description. Unfortunately, i have no time for literature, or very little time, and therefore my voca has been drained near (next) to senseless. audio-descriptions are a rare treat for a non-native speaker.

It is very interesting how the woman can be presented in a totally different light according to the vocab and expressions she will use or not. maybe the translators' experiences or opinions, access to or understanding of the character, here, will be the limitations.

Cultural substitutions
Playing conkers = jouer aux billes, Morris Dancing = la bourrée, the Loch Ness Monster = la bête du Gévaudan
I do not think cultural substitutions make any sense, above all now when people can satisfy their curiosity by checking what the author mentions even though it is unique to their countries or locality.
La bete du gevaudan is still there do not worry. be it for hunters, sheep owners or people wanting to bring back wolves and bears. a living legend, a trace of history.

Psychology? i thought you know i am stupid, of course it is not police, it is like in roehampton, criminology. i took a module on gender crimes, honor killings, rapes as a weapon of war, etc...trafficking. wholly frightening the psychology behind it... it is just annihilation. i think psychologists must be very feared upon within the police. like people say, you say something and psy, or counselors can come up with whatever theories, you say nothing, and they can do the same. i d love studying psychology too, but i saw it being used as an instrument of spoliation. you know to threaten people with being judged as dangerous or at least invalid, when you make them talk... the famous in the movies when the uncorrupt cop or busy to catch the villain go for counselling and is being told, you need to take a break...

Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment propelled by the new-born-again like politician figure, who is worse than mafia, for having become civil servants- and let’s hope or pray or say that they won’t be able to do dodge their being investigated. Since if tax fraudsters are at the head, amongst other things, then it amounts to announce that democracy was murdered (and slaughtered again and again most notably by the biggest companies and states when pulling off international treaties attempting to decrease those same agents’ possibility for appropriation and destruction- in terms of capacities bacteria could [wail will] do the same) well before by the clear majority of philosophies, politics and religions [wile and wilt] destroying animals and environment as a concept of progress and enlightenment Un-naively democracy is dead, or rather not it, it is done as: ‘has never lived, but its every shred shared’), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies through A-level censorship method and pathway, that regime of ‘no news’.
The people who attack the media this preposterously, are in fact very on cannot be more happy (versus contented) with what the media do, they just want them to do it more. They work with mainstream journalism and do not bother with others; because to attempt campaigning otherwise -outside the few hundred people speaking to millions- is just as socially and politically impacting as being unreportedly kidnapped, made disappear into a desert and die. You do not need bullet for a whistle-blower, you just need a sack and a gag. As for firing the arsonists, they hold the keys- though not to the Olympian sky.

Mass, maid, made disappear.

I am ok to give my opinion, but i want to stress that i know dogs just domestically. i am in no way a professional. i do not know about these questions.
i am all for them keeping them intact, but the problem i see is that when a rush comes in nature, they have the wilderness to kick it out. they can start running for miles, i don't know migrate, play or just fight, etc... doing crazy things . and even then one cannot stop rapes, and killings..
as domesticated animals, in homes, my opinion is that it is too much to take. not maybe for an isolated animal but for one who socialize. and of course, they need to socialise, but this side, ben is very lucky, he has ted, a family, social walks.
if ben was my dog, what would worry me at the moment, is the fact that he does not come back to me when i call. just like axel the big shepherd i have.

For both of them, when they do not come back, then i come where the dogs -they do not come back because they are showing up their strength and authority...or seductive potential- to the other dogs- are and take them back on the lead, that is at this point walk off lead is finished, and i keep it on the lead till the end...but yet again am not a trainer, i just trust their intelligence and obedience, wishing they understand it is not acceptable.

Also at times i ended up other dogs being in the same room as B, because it was visible that there was physical sexual happenings- an erection to be blunt.

I would be worried for T. ben is massive, and it is very likely that ben won't really been able to control himself. and even if ted says to him no 20 times, when there is nowhere to flee or hide...

Having said that, i do not want to be for the castration if it is not needed, because there are too many times i thought i knew about something and knew too little or too wrong.
but i could separate ted and ben when i d be not here, count on a better recall, etc. so i ll give my opinion but not as his master. [as a master i would go for castration, my girls are cut, because i cannot cope with menstruation, but also because i do not them to risk becoming pregnant, dogs are killed by the thousands...] but as his master i could ensure - if i could- that my dog listens to me even when he is not happy about another dog. this i cannot do, because B does not half trust me like he could trust me if i was his owner.
the reason i would go for a castration in any circumstances is that if i had to separate 2 large dogs, it is simply very very dangerous. i would castrate as soon as the dog gives clear sign of him wanting to fight. i think he might be difficult to see it in B, he is so big, that no dogs will stand up to him...until...

I don't think they are unhappy this way. the reason is, they still feel desire and are able to have sexual relationships. in another note, we killed the nature all around us, so we must be in the same situation, the equivalent of having been maimed. which is certainly not ideal... but i see it as birth control, and a diversion from the primal instinct of establishing a colony, etc.. .. I mean humans also needs birth control...and the other means haven't been made easy.

Sorry about this long note, i love my pets very much, and it is a difficult subject.

Without books, humans would be prepared to swallow everything. The problem? The books that they swallow in this process.
poor process
pro-pre, excess.
Cess, cease. Lease. Peas, pease. Peace, nest, ness. East.

Humans are searching for life outside the solar system, also because they cannot understand, or will not, maybe shall not, that they grossly confounded what they called inanimate (in-animate or un-animate) with lifeless. A planet is an entity (titi) and is alive. There cannot be a lifeless planet for example.

All these of an old age wisdom are in the animals, the vegetal, the fungal and mineral mind.
So then the humans will think but that’s ok we will put electric readers onto and into bitches’ brains to rake and drain.
Humans as a society, as this society, would make yourself believe that you would need to say. But you cannot discover the truth and the marvel of life if you torture, even when without too much say, or neglect or defect. Or….
Humans is about to be dis-crowned.
As if they stole fire, it was to destroy not to warm up to atmosphere to live longer and then care.
It was not then, it was vain.

I managed to find an item, not having to be commissioned on ebay. i am a service seller as well, and we are bled by commissions taken on every transaction by third party websites. i wanted to thank you for the offer.

Magic is the fight of the elements, and it is what is sainthood, being left between a rock and a hard place.
Because you faced it.

You search the web,
we plant trees

Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.

It is easy because they follow each other, and mimo never leaves my side. she is sometimes very difficult mimo, but on this, she will never leaves me out of sight. she has deep attachment issues, but this side i so love, it makes things very easy for me, plus i am a bit like this with my dog too... one thing i directly noticed on Jessie is that she has a very self-absorbed concentration and this makes a personality an often discreet one. she is very lovable weaving her presence times after times, in fact it is very peaceful to walk jess- apart from the few times she did not want to meet another dog too closely-, things are often simple with Jess, maybe also it is the positive side of companionship, we know each other, thus everything becomes regular and comfy. mimo and me will miss jessie a lot. jess is quiet, organised or at the very least determined i d say. i think i am like her a creature of habit. :)

Except in legal/political///scientist glossaries. ‘finding source’ is not possible. I found it in articles I did not have access to because of being priced or being legal and confidential.

I managed to find an item, not having to be commissioned on ebay. i am a service seller as well, and we are bled by commissions taken on every transaction by third party websites.

Where are, whereas.

Set, step. Sept, scepter.
Peter. Pester. Pupil, pistil.


People mock or wonder about how dumb might be an animal who lives with human not understanding they will be killed in time.
But do humans realise how they participate to this slug slaughter???
The funniest obviously is they don’t how they will be it.
Every thing goes circle.
Last year, four rivers were granted legal rights: the Whanganui in New Zealand, Rio Atrato in Colombia, and the Ganga and Yamuna rivers in India. These four cases present powerful examples of the increasing relevance of rights-centered environmental protection. Like corporations, which have legal rights in many jurisdictions, these rivers are rights-bearing entities whose rights can be enforced by local communities and individuals in court. But unlike corporations, these rights are not yet recognized in international treaties. Which raises the question: what are the implications of rights for nature for international environmental law?

Granting Rights to a River:  Enhancing a Right-Based Approach

In international law, legal standing is principally employed to distinguish between those entities that are relevant to the international legal system and those excluded from it. Current international law conventions do not give legal standing to water resources. Instead, international conventions — such as the Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses — mainly address water management from the perspective of the participating states. Similarly, European legislation on freshwater resources, such as the Water Framework Directive, recognizes the importance of protecting water resources, but views them entirely as natural resources belonging to states.
In contrast to international law, some countries have granted rights to the nature, and specifically to rivers, in their national laws. In 2008, Ecuador recognized the constitutional right of Mother Earth and, in 2010, Bolivia adopted the Laws on the Rights of Mother Earth, which gives legal standing to nature and establishes an ombudsman for the protection of its rights. And in May 2017, Colombia’s Constitutional Court recognized the Atrato River as a legal person.

No, i can see he already have the knack with them. sometimes they need challenging, in fact often. it is visible he could be a good handler after i think, you know he is actively looking for a relation with them. i am pissed at lyra actually. she tends to be sometimes very very caring, but at times no good bossy. they ve been punished not human food and in dogs'room for a good few days instead of roaming the home. and believe me to act like that with someone in their friends' home and of course particularly with a child this is only the beginning. it took me 1 year and a half to start cracking down on their behaviors outside. i realised i was talking, talking, telling them off, explaining things, and no penalties would ever come. i realised this last month, while talking twice as more as i used to. maybe it won't work a lot, but at least, they understand i am definitely not only talking without being really revolted at it. i am fed up with them, and with myself actually. i start thinking i could have given them better training. 
Hey do straight away. dogs and rats are now used to find some kind of cancers in patients now.
You know dogs are dogs, they are looking after the pack and try to be on top. it is not vicious, i think it is natural. the personality goes bigger and bigger, which is fine until one does no good things. 
Try to take jess for holidays. you know what may happen is that she will show loyalty to AN, but when she realises that you are not a unit, anylonger, her heart will be broken, without talking of her life. it is almost idyllic currently her life. a bro, a mum, a dad, friends, workers. it is just super, busy. also you know instinctively she will try to keep the pack one, that is if she feels you want to go, then she will put the buck on you. don't resent it. because when she realises she lost you, if think it be irreparable, plus my guess she will resent herself.  also a dog grows if they can  follow their master, and you are her master, maybe not the main one, since it sounds like AN adopted her, and of course it is very important for an animal to know who is more likely to keep them. the attachment issues, it must be terrifying not to have liberty or independence. they know things may change. 
Be firm when she does things that are not appropriate, i saw her too much on Ethan. not today but at the beginning. it always takes a lot of time realising they go to much, it is because it is good also to let them play, and so forth, but there is always one moment when it will become too much, i am very bad at knowing when. 
Firm voice etc... it is not enough. take action. and be super rewarding when she is doing fine. also staying calm when you are not particularly angry, jess is nervous for two. 

It is a question of time and species, space, not only time, as when one wants to explain time, it has to go with rhythm and move. A trip, a travel, oscillating in the matter that surrounds-hour.
Huer = hoo.
Heure = hour,    er.
Eux = them.
Oeuf, egg.
Flow. Wolf.

Low, loaf. Faol, false. L, las, laf, safe, salve.

Enjoy australia to the full. if you are lucky enough to go and be in contact with wildlife think of being extremely careful, have a local with you. it may be super beyond dangerous for who does not know, but one will want to see the jewels of the crown. 


"Pigeons know more than we think - and think more than we know" ~ John D.

Metra (womb)
Maitre, mètre.

In french Meter, master, put in.

About glossary and dictionary. i think specialized dictionaries are a necessity, but you can see how glossary enable you to work with your parallel text. the dictionary won't give you all the answers, i think. as you work around cross-references, new academia references. also maybe it gives you the ultimate reason whether to use a word or not, it is not in a dico but in various peer- reviewed texts. with resonances that are contextual rather than lexical only. for a specialist reader, that must be the treat. maybe can it bring more subjectivity, or more thickness to the subject treated, a dynamic view of how a word is utilized to participate and deepened, qualify, diversify, develop as well as synthetise a discussion.

People keep on gathering behind religions, or ethnic origins or vomit-vampiristic political parties out of fear of being eaten if alone or rather on their own. That instead of rallying to get something that respect everything, that is races as well as species.
Or do they do that because being together around things that are not real or buffon, like retard, would permit them to do nothing.

I banned mimo and gilbert from going to the garden together because they run showing off and destroy plants. i forgot about gilbert rolling and scratching plants! i try to curb the destructive behavior but it is difficult, because he has fun and also i think it is a sensual activity often, maybe...other than that, always sweet and he is so agreeable, sometimes he smiles with all his mouth when they are having a joke.


Animal communications does not always, anf from far, through the vocalization organs, but from the organs. Period.
That is to say that the way we move, produce a language, that our brain can decode using words. In fact I do not know if they are words or if they are sounds that can be codes, then translated into words, because my brain produces words, but it is logical that other brains’ will tend to produce emotions, images, memories, instincts and whatever different and differentiated, but nonetheless’’ ‘divine’ calls.

Call, llac. Slac.

Qu, and.
Quant a toi…

Overall, the strategy that served me the most, even more so at the beginning of the exercise, was to read texts directly related to the primary text in question this helped me a lot to grasp the main concepts used and to see how authors would compare, contrast and couple them.

I did not know one could go in prison for speaking insults in a personal way in the street. That is not engaging in power relations per se. it is not just like you are dismissed because your colleagues rather see your species dead. And this is ok because they just need to make sure you do not work and the boss not to send you the re-commendations letter after days of working for them, that kind of purging.
The judge insults him too??? What bizarre way of making sure everyone understands it is not justice for everyone the same. She can do, she is the master well-paid.

Fun Pigeon Facts: Super Vision

Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 12:29 PM
Funny British TV quiz show Quite Interesting hosted by Stephen Fry, covered before on Neatorama here, also has a weekly column on Telegraph. Today's column, about strange animal facts, is particularly ... well, interesting. Take for example the humble pigeon:
To keep alive in the wild, a pigeon needs to keep its eyes open for predators. Having eyes on the side of its head gives it a field of view of 340 degrees and, in order to fly at speed, its brain can process visual information three times faster than a human's. If a pigeon watched a feature film, 24 frames per second would appear to it like a slide presentation. They would need at least 75 frames per second to create the illusion of movement on screen. (This is why pigeons seem to leave it until the very last second to fly out of the way of an oncoming car: it appears much less fast to them.)

I thought of becoming full time student in case of problem during brexit, but full time student, frankly i can't do it.
Part time job, part time study ok. even if job is busy. busier than part time, but full time study, for me it is no. my digesting system  is not endemically so tenderly standardised, my banker's is. what a fail.
Digestion issue for the unpalatable. Implant, impale.

Hi, thank you very much for telling me. you know i am in a situation when i have to thank my partner deeply for what she does for me everyday because despite my best efforts i did not make it as a human rights staff or something that had to do with my degrees. i am sure your situation will get better. after all you chose An, and he is the father of your baby. so tough time but it was worth every minute of it. also it is life one has to experiment to understand better others and oneself... and any other case, you have E, you are secure professionally so i am very happy for you. just to say, to have just one parent for every day stuff, when the situation is secure, because people go on and on about one single parent, because society is not a safe place, be sure it can be just fantastic. both my brother and I were dreaming of it...just with ma. my dad of course, but you know if they do not want it, or want it to be cruel or is what is amusing, is that they would go on thinking they are somewhat missed...unbelievable.

What kind of secrecy or manipulation of what kind would surge and merge people who said no, but all of the sudden are as in American, shitting themselves as each vocab or vocal that would not suit the new in place dictactoriat. The fishermen in search of nurses more in hue of their view of what were the ware and sack of Gutenberg or Saxe-Coburg.

Same here, in china, when even with the address of the main avenue i could not find it, while i was in the same avenue i was looking for. cities are massive. and i asked tens taxis without having one positive answer, the police, the traffic police did not know either. i was very lucky it was main road one of the biggest cities, also i found someone speaking english at one point. and translating it in chinese on a piece of paper. without this lady i d never have found.
i am vegan, and i don't know why but my vegan card – which reads a little bit like Aung San Suu Kyi, raised concern many times, or i ended up with non-vegetarian murdered animals’ remaining flesh on my plate.

Hi J, yes, you are right, vegetarian but eating fish and chicken, they cannot feel any pain! and what about the horror?
It would be good if one could be mum, no numb from the stupidity of those who slaughter.
With Buddhism as with Hinduism, some people eat meat, some types of ‘meat’. basically they are also meat eaters, only some are vegetarians, depending their schools or temples. I think Gujarati people are likely to be vegetarians. the shaolin are vegetarians.
If you ask me ‘meat’ is there used to give a certain sense of dignity that they don't have. (not the slaughtered animal ending on a plate- poor dear, again for them according to human psychology), but the whole industry. words are sometimes used to stop us thinking properly. above all the ones of tradition, when people w(h)ere or dying at 30 years old max or rich enough to have all farms and what was inhabiting it.

Labradors are in general very nice, as long as food source is not if O is competitive for food, it also could come from this. just an idea.

In terms of Brexit, sometimes often, bbc does not say much about things, but bbc 4 at least has a whole program a month about gambling addictions taken to a severe level of oblivion in the uk.
As for the backstop and the border of Ireland, surely the uk would not consider becoming a back door to any traffic, the north Korea or other terrorism linked.

Latin: Cor (coram) 'In the presence of the people'

Text before brexit, on how this guy handled the Scotts wanting to stop being part of the uk. the uk.

While the only thing he did was to exhort firemen for inundations in surrey. pathos won't go all the day.

The complexity of feelings, attitudes and thinking that may be turned to all good but when gone at some degree or in some changing situations defect our will worked at the most we have been able to do, into some edges unadjusted, unrecommendable, devious, for us, malevolent and until now unheard of.
The making of person. Nality?
Nuk, nal, nat, nah.

The cut does not look good. when i had A, the vet did not insist on the product one needs to apply localy, though when i applied it more, it did clear it quicklier. but i admit it was so bad that the tablets were very very needed. not comparable, but skin problem like those, let you expose externally. 

Pseudo professorial lecture, saying Athena did not have a mother, to fit a patriarchal agenda disguised into a feminist one.
sorry, but was not Athena born from the goddess of the intelligence, some even said that her wisdom did not come from zeus, if you know what i mean. also it takes one of this philosophers - pretty much all of them really- that do not put anything into introspection to say it is punishment to be medusa, it just make her a mortal, or moral?? pretty good shield, i am homo i would not think i d necessarily hold grudge to protect my mistress like that. you are in the god rush, poly and ploy, craft of drawing what i might be in your spirit, remember that. forgetting, occulting, erasing Metis, it is racism or what?

Any how these lecturers, rock stars, drop, stop knowing what they say, the don’t research, they don’t do knothing, oh yes, usually they are the heads of their departments or of organisations, that make them twice employees, just like the MPs that slur the nations.
forgetting, occulting, erasing Metis, it is racism or what?

Fill up with oxygen, i mean it is not trait of genius, however i live near a big airport, and really, now we know thousands are dying with respiratory diseases linked to pollution, it appeals to me. canada is one of my dream destinations, i would have thousands of them, but staying in canada for this, air, cleansed by forests, and near the poles that are less man-destroyed is just so, so, speaking for itself. though i guess true canadians know their nature are being depleted... like the rest. rarity.

It appears that 'vouvoiement' that does not exist in english is replaced by many other things to reestablish the borders respectful or less so between people, professions, status or just by politeness' sake. it has to be translated in some sort of way. though the text is Quebecois. and i am not sure about how i could decode culturally the tone of a tutoiement here. but maybe it is due to permanent fresh air, and the trekker mentality of saying hello in remote situation, free style. mind the ad might not target nature goer, lest the use of a flight.

It is refreshing or reflecting.

I find it appealing, though as a customer i would recoil at the mention of the soul, too ambitious, to depressing that i can't, and then i would start thinking but for this where on earth should i go...
Mind possibly, but to directive i would think.
To me soul, is a religious, spiritual question, beyond intent and purpose of a spa. it would not put me at ease but yet again that might be only me.

Human beings if at all, are formed with maybe what is called dark matter from an external view, of these maybe worms that are. Or have to stay, lest we would torture them as a whole.
Being is a gnome, being is a dogm.

External nail
Sex, snail
Set, ete, etern

Mohamed, THE prophet of Islam, ‘married’ a 6-year-old. Millions are preaching the sanctity of child marriages and of pedophilia as a result. Please, check the web, to realize that it is not in any case an exaggeration.


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Can Muslims be executed for converting?
Apostasy, or leaving the faith, is a very controversial issue in the Muslim world and experts say the majority of scholars believe it is punishable by death.
By the BBC.

HOW CHINA CENSORS ALL OCCIDENTAL VIDEOS AND BLOGS (while next could be Russia): Chinese people ARE FORBIDDEN FROM ACCESSING ANYTHING THAT IS ON YouTube, google (to name but a few), these sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since year 2017, internet users could be imprisoned if they are caught trying to access them (by buying software able to jump the ‘great firewall’).

Same level of rubbish every single where in china some parts, but you know when no one cleans and above all if one cannot stop the people who throw them away, it starts getting the same in rural or just stripes of green areas in europe. it should have nowhere been this way.

Klan, or clown, only pathetic would be better though. i am sure they are pretty happy now that america is defintely soiled by the president. i find that great too, too much innocence is not good for furthering something valid. and when you think they think themselves as husbandry, typical hitler that should have been put down the day one listens and execute its will, how funny...but let end the entertainment-advertisement.

To Christians and all others, racists, homophones, bigotry pd.
time it stopped, i am getting super angry, the killer of christ, not that i am a christian because the world is cosmos not only a single story, but still that one was not too bad.
The bigots are pedos .

Muggle? Smul? Small, mule, Smuggle?
Slum, lup, lumps,
Smut. Smudge. Sly.

As soon as you enter the Burgundy region, all what you will wish is to loiter and match your pace to the local snails’ rhythm and stroll from cellars to micro-climates (small areas of vineyards)[i], from towns to villages with castles nestling in the vineyards’ midst, and houses made of yellow stones arranged in clusters along the river Saone. Between Tournus and Beaune, it is the road going across the ‘clos’[ii] and celebrating the grands crus[iii] that will preferably be travelled.

I stopped drinking alcohol years ago, due to also quite liking it but i hate feeling deterred and tired so i completely quit, but here an exercise i had done. it is a good example this because even though english people are in fact super good at making their own wine, the wine industry in france is renowned internationaly and therefore has taken a super-king size space in french culture. It follows that French language is more likely to have incorporated both in its day to day language, at the very least in the many regions partly living around it, in its literature, and most of all in its touristic register so many times talking and discussing and describing the world of vineyard, its fruits and its frin drinking that it will ensue a real difficulty to match the tone and tons of essays written in proportion of all the activities, restorative or else, relentlessly springing. Yes, we are a culture of drinkers, and it is most of the time best if one has not fallen into it right at birth. Everything is not altogether, holistically, all magic.

Translations studies often would say that one has to satisfy what the target audience, i.e. the potential readers of a translation, know already. Like if these people could not do with receiving alternative meaning, or occurences from other cultures, or like if a few words and notes was to difficult to handle compare with the rest of us who tried to be bilingual or several other languages in order to have a peek to the rest of the world. We are regented by f-akes, fi-ends and f-oes.

Super funny and remind us of all the possibilities, i was after something that would really remind the potential customers that having an accident without covers could result in thousands of pounds bills, but i haven't find it, maybe it is good for advising, but insurers would not be tempting to take it as an incentive to buy their products in particular. to me so far the best is this image. it is very humorous, even though i think i d be rather be reminded of how bad it can be not having one. i had someone to convince me to have one when i went for work outside europe, and it is only after i realised how foolish it was to think i could do without one. maybe it is compulsory to obtain a working visa anyway.

In their dream.

It appears that 'vouvoiement' that does not exist in english is replaced by many other things to reestablish the borders respectful or less so between people, professions, status or just by politeness' sake. it has to be translated in some sort of way. though the text is Quebecois. and i am not sure about how i could decode culturally the tone of a tutoiement here. but maybe it is due to permanent fresh air, and the trekker mentality of saying hello in remote situation, free style. mind the ad might not target nature goer, lest the use of a flight.
All of them, terminology, sentence structure, tone maybe register, also double-edge function, not function...modality or possibility, capability, mathematical, or military, diplomacy! of language, but then language can work in duplicity, since irony, but i don't see readily how i could use punctuation...[???!@@**}

no, no, poitevin is not poitiers. poitiers is a city, old city, old medieval city at least, but poitevin is a very famous region, with its marsh land, etc, a poem by dubellay (no, no dubellay, dubellay it was the douceur angevine, etc, etc...part of the new aquitaine, near rochelle, limousin and vendee, with the potee de choux, super anti-carcinogenic, etc...
clafoutis, tourteau fromager and the wholly potent mushrooms and chestnusts.

Cor (coram) 'In the presence of the people'
De minimis (non curat lex) ‘The law is not concerned with trivial matters’

It is not ok to deprive a human from the possibility of seeing one's mother. they are afraid of the child eloping to echo their parents and start drug addiction, homelessness etc., the social service in the uk never work with kids, because they pretend they fear them absconding, since absorbing is just let every day. sounding terrible, it was the present they give their pupils, perfect loophole, no one can work, isn't that grand?

Hook hold.

How many times have I started to hate someone or something real really mele melted with qui-proquos/misunderstanding?
Too many times.
I have to remember that figure.

Nude Remain protester challenges Rees-Mogg to NAKED Brexit debate

NAKED Brexit protestor Dr Victoria Bateman, who is also a Professor at Cambridge University, invited Jacob Rees-Mogg to a “naked debate” while giving a nude interview on Radio 4’s Today Programme.

C.ET: I start in fact warming up to that kind of protests, because your, our bodies have been sexualised, and that it should not be that way.
Also I think she is right, a departure so strategic, not trying to fight for its place within its continent, and is hilariously anti-establishment. Meaning actions that says, we want to get us a fuck. Or v/v.

And I would say, mar, maternal body.
Which could be as bad as, and also is the case, become so bad as what could become what I say.

I think it is very good the fees applies to the customer and not to the service provider, it is why i try to work with you rather than agencies that do the opposite.

Also i sometimes have very energetic dogs. but one thing is that dogs will always be a bit vehement first contact, so do not fear the first contact and introduction. you can stay in a enclose park for example and she will meet dogs several times and from there they will become friends. a park is better because they do not walk, they can stay put and without lead, so they are in charge of their approach. also if she does not want to be approached so much, do not worry, they like having their personal space, it is very important for a dog to manage to say convincingly i like being on my own too, and not have to engage in plays or close approach every time, etc...

Am looking for a video about how china government grant points to their citizens according to their behaviors and allegiance to the party, point having a consequence, huge consequence on how they can thrive in their career or private life. has been done by the BBC by a german french tv, but none are still available.


Ok, gosh, i wished i have known this before, i stopped all trade when i realised i was not licensed and supposed to, i have lost all my hard gained customers. thank you for this precious info.
the council suspended the license 6 month for a union and corporations completely and comple compellingly invalid reason. i had to complain they finally granted me the license after this first inspector who literally came to my home with the most insulting behavior, i am clearly minority people. not very white, not specific ethnic origin and gay as they come.
this first inspector made me buy a lot of things before laughing at me and did not grant me the license. i saw a lot in my life but i did not know that kind of behavior could take place in the uk 2016. they finally granted me with the license just like this, when this person was out of the way, 6 months hours of covering my ponds, and hundreds of pounds down the drain, of things she asked me to buy and I did not need, not practically and never legally.
i will avoid report it, because it would complain to the people who are assessing me, and i admit after that, they have been good to me...thank you for your help.
I just hope they realise and take action against that person. I was really afraid, cannot said it never happened to me, but this degree of hate and prejudice totally open in an inspector!! It is worth the judge series on the tv, really handy.

Vegans: The most googled questions about veganism answered

Recent analysis, which compared the health of vegetarian and vegans against that of meat eaters, suggests they are. Recent analysis, which compared the health of vegetarian and vegans against that of meat eaters, suggests they are.

How do vegans make cake?

Many vegans like to use egg replacers, which are easy to make at home.
Typical substitutes can include things like banana, flaxseed, applesauce and chia seeds.


If you're considering a plant-based diet you'll want to stock up on alternatives like lettuce, rocket salad, parsley and kale - as well as stuff you might not normally buy like edamame beans, pak choi and dried figs.

It’d be super if you could post the references, it is very hard to find mass media links to these horrific deeds.

It is so true what you said. for france exactly the same, before charlie hebdo attacks, they had been so many times targeted with the mass media half of the time mocking charlie hebdo treating them like arrivists and upstarts!!! for a enrolled mind to this ideology it was the clear green lights to their butchery......this is so disgusting, did you know that germany was hand to hand with the ottoman empire and that there are branchs of islam ideolising hitler. a sign.

Food poisoning reccurent in china, industrial level.
this is accounting for part of the population that are very poor and live on tipping sites, as the party does not even find the duty to pick the refuse. it is not from nowhere, even with a good salary it is difficult to afford veg that are not rotten in china and the rest. i also find curious that in china every drink you can find is all with sugar no diet drink there, if you want a fizzy thing that is not water you ll have to take 50 calories sugar a glass or more. you know in europe it was very well know that states wanted people to smoke to avoid pensions and difficulties in managing an ageeing population.

People buy things from the street, because yellow pages or directories do not exist in china communist. also quarters are dedicated to a specific products. so in some districts you will find thousands of electronic, or in a different quarter thousands cars, or doctors.... but nothing else in proper shops- that for the middle class that can afford it, workers cannot afford any of it- so they have to be street elected, the stales... and only normal that it is completely irregulated market very hard conditions, very little money, harsh
They are arranged like fishermen villages or harbor with the market place all along the meain street all day and year long, it is very nice of course in a way. it is lively and maybe this way people can still earn a little.

About inserting the all-powerful and all-pervasive latin here, i was wondering if latin could have a special connotation since it is stonehedge and that i think there is a very heavy history about the druids, the romans and the christians for sure. i am not knowledgeable in the matter but since druids have been persecuted by some, could latin be an issue in this very specific place. yes, it was just a remark in passing, because i truly do not know what people, even the most concerned would think. i am super pro-latin in general (roots of many living languages and also a scientist one), for it to appear as the second name or something, but i was just watching something on the historical Merlin the other week, and it is clear that druids have been persecuted by the romans and the catholics respectively as native believers or pagans. and i would wonder, Stonehenge being i think maybe mainly a wicca, druidic symbolic architecture and device, what druidic tradition would think about latin for medium of their places if not stories. what do you think? Any Wicca reading it?

Respect, expect.

There is some literature about the animals, native animals or nature around directly inspiring the language, and a lot is transparent in English, twits, wolves, roar, etc, onomatopoeia, and many more but i forgot. it is a real treat to read about these, many, many of these.

I think it is almost an international appeal this reminder on the Roe Deer. i was thinking of the deer also as a first concern. maybe i would not treat it differently because still thanks maybe to santa clause it is still a very well-known species. it is possible for a very lucky french person to have come across with deer in rather vast forests or domains in france. those, some of those are still regional domains and not all are private, so you can just park (without being a member of the royal protection of birds, etc). I have no clues if it is all over England but the places I visited are with very narrow roads and parking is a massive issue. Mind when today you heard about how people have been trashing the Everest mount with rubbish so much so that the chinese authorities has closed the path. Meaning now that one will have to very close to the party to be able to access it…
to come back to the deer, I think yes it is definitely british heritage, in that, they are all around London in the royal parks, and they would not be culled in these same parks twice a year with parks that are rather depleted of bushes (maybe someone came with the idea of cutting the undergrowth, the homes of animals, and raking the floor- fire or arson being a possibility- irony-), it would be hugely awesome to have them there.

There, their.

Very sorry about goûter, I did not mean to use it, it is true it is gout, I was swearing that one could say goûté, checked on line could not find it. i was born and bread (bred actually) french until i came here, but i guess now, that the mistake might come from mixing things up with bouquet, this or this is a joke i heard many times when i was a kid and assumed it was correct. it is when i taught french to non-native speakers that i realised that in fact i was not talking french but only the french specific to the regions i lived in, of the people i was with, be them friends or colleagues or family, etc. that is a very small number of people and situations, or TV or radio programs and books that i had come across with.

Defo, the ingredients in brakets, is so appetizing, parsley onion, the (farce). i will admit to you, if i had to translate a dish meat based i would not list the ingredients, out of sheer horror and utter repugnance.  at the end of my career in care i stopped taking jobs that had something to do with meat, so i would do the same with translations. with translations it is ok, with care it is really difficult. amusing that.

Out of


I know sometimes i cannot find things on internet even with a pretty accurate description and even though this thing is commonly used or spread enough. but knowing me, it is one of my dyslexic fits, where it was bouquet instead of goûté. sentences such as 'ce vin, or ce mets a vraiment un goûté inoubliable, ou quel goûté!. mais plus j y pense et plus je suis sure que c est un faute utilisation ou de comprehension venant de moi...

I’d like to try from french to english though because although i loved my mother tongue, i feel more and more alienated. i abandoned everything to learn my second language... translation studies has been as natural a decision as it was a very difficult and inner, inside fight to have.
It was like this francis cabrel song, pour se bruler les yeux.

Unless en-nuit is a poetic attempt at the encompassing darkness of our waters and wetlands.

The Treaty of Waitangi was drawn up and both sides signed it. But they were signing different documents. In the English version, the Maori were to "cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers of Sovereignty." In the Maori translation, composed by a British missionary, they were not to give up sovereignty, but governance.


The Vendee, it is one of the first documented genocide in the world. during the terror. with famously whole families and people of both genders and all ages locked in boats and sunk. 

China's Internet Censorship Explained

Maybe also this types of lists, framework and theories are good for the ones who are professional practitioners to get in and out of the intuitions and routines' great qualities but also and sometimes pitfalls.

I don't think it is insulting. i think people find it insulting as they just find convenient to forget how other animals are, or may be intelligent, intuitive, knowledgeable and decent. but of course as they would eat them, how s that became politically correct?

Green tea, is bang on diet though, even grey. just to make a note of one of my fav. do you know why brit and indian people still have the same population of cancer despite drinking anticancer, anti-oxidant tea??

Because if you add lemon, sugar or milk in it it loses it property. go on with lemon and milk, many people are calcium deficient but not at the same time as your cuppa.

Agree there, as it won't be just a problem of maintaining peace between Ireland and northern ireland, a new duty free and trafficking that was already on the rise, and taxes, with the UK having a back log i think with the european union for failing to make pay chinese taxes at the border.

Mist, mister.

I have been thinking of your last email to me, and on the day i could not find the words i needed to use to answer. you talked about male privileges and it absolutely true that to undergo an op to have the phallus that appear to be the necessary tool one needs to be with a woman in some societies is super not the answer. i see this op or transformatory experience on people who are not transgenders but homosexuals like another way to torture and scar, even rape, and disqualify an individual. to make sure their bodies have been mutilated by the very people that refuse them their right to be human, not the social-construct and instructed woman or man- human.  it is not a man privilege to be with a woman, in opposition to a woman to be with a woman, but the worst abuse of power, and perverse manipulation and constriction of the reality. you only have to do that to kill an homosexual. to make sure they will never find nor even being able to look for true love, for this other half. also it will lead to hatred, of what humans are able to do, to treat you like you were nothing but a suffering refused, i am even not sure creature is still ok. deshumanising a person might also steal their warmth and what would their heart would do but witnessing others scorching and battering, incessantly, for free and to build something else, more and more ...evil and void of any respect for the life they mock so easily, frenetically to

I think it is great you always show you are in the discussion. i worked on campaigns that are failing at the expense of the victims and try to contact people really less influential than you are, and I never received any signs. you are intelligent.

Infant and death are naturally associated with grace, angels. it makes people pray without a religion behind to say.

Let' s not call it revealing.
Ok, one of the things that shocked me the most when i did my dissertation while trying to find relevant very very serious documents and primarily texts on governmental and inter-governmental websites was the proportion of links that would find themselves indefinitely broken. without even the possibility of retrieving the original documents and sometimes nothing that had to do with them in the archives.
It still makes me deeply wonders though apathy won over.

Cool, thank you, for the moment i am 4 days behind. Cl. just sent a note saying the link was back on, but i tried and from my side it is still broken. thank you so much, before i was able to work on shortened nights but now sometimes if i do so, i somatize... above all when i realise i did something too late to appear to be thoughtful or organised

I am talking objectively i think, i have no religion, but the respect of life, with a L, and the respect ofone. but what i think was the christians message is that if a being lives towards purity at any price, and towards purification for everybody, through and through, even though this deed is not possible in our materialistic reality, then there is a way to meet the divinity during this time.

It is why it is nice redemption, because people make their oily book tell them how good, mean bad, they have to be towards other bi, beings, who do not follow the translations of the keys, through this little hold. hole. thus it is so easy to be mean, and still make believe you are thriving you are trying.

It is why it is nice redemption, because people make their oily book tell them how good, mean bad, they have to be towards other bi, beings, who do not follow the translations of the keys, through this little hold. hole. thus it is so easy to be mean, and still make believe you are thriving you are trying. cet vies

and the why of rootened lies in religion. rot roof.

As for the devil, one can er her-r certainly see that trump that …. Cannot be. Just because of that, the idiots are never leaders (but ladders) even if they may seem like it. Playing idiot and an aberration will never do the trick. But what could happen is that its election could allow suite.

Ite, su. Eat sue. Tissue. Butt.

Privation de liberté
deprivation of liberty
Privation of liberty?

depraved, private.

In another way, 'sans domicile fixe' means for most people, people in danger of living or living in the street, while administratively everything has been done to condemn life style such as travelers, etc. not having a fixed address, a permanent residency is totally condemning while it could have been dealt or belt very differently.

The right to remain silent is still a right though. there are lawyers that say it is the best defense, even though you are innocent, because...? justice may be incredibly biased. it is why one needs a very cunning lawyer not to prove you innocent necessarily, because at times it is just impossible but to create loopholes. and why some innocent people are imprisoned while others very culprit ones are richissim.

As a mesa, message of hope?? I truly think that in many instances re racism is born out of the real terror of being victim of it. I want to make sure my skin color win in case one day, my color of skin will be the why I ll be ostracize.
Still a question, what does that mean of when I am in success, for what of my quality, attribute or what did I do or helped- helped? Helped what, if no matter how.
Help what if the sun of my skin and the ones of my stock is the reason I did? I have been allowed?

who knows? you know, and of course is debased.

It is so true what you said. for france exactly the same, before charlie hebdo attacks, they had been so many times targeted with the mass media half of the time mocking charlie hebdo treating them like arrivists and upstarts!!! for a enrolled mind to this ideology it was the clear green lights to their butchery......this is so disgusting, did you know that germany was hand to hand with the ottoman empire and that there are branchs of islam ideolising hitler. a sign.

I was thinking of what we talked about yesterday morning, you know with you working at home, do not worry i am sure gilbert is super happy. just to say, it is good to know particularly for the food bills and also sometimes above all veterinary bills. small animals are just super company, i think people do not have them so often, for the kind of incontinence problem and also since they are less independent because of this, the spontaneous cuddle goes less easily. but a dog or a cat- any inter-species in fact, would have not problem being best mate with a gerbil, or 2. they are small animal rescues for animals, and also you can leave them overnight this is not a problem, i think there is water dispenser working. i could even take them for free here if you were to go more than it is possible to leave them. i am not sure but i guess even with a good dispenser, maybe no longer than a long weekend. just an idea. have a very nice month. 
i am just fascinated by birds, they watch tv all the time, some species, i d guess most, their sight is so amazing. their visual intelligence, i can understand and witness all the time, is just so revolutionary, for a human being that never understood anything but its own breathing rather than awe awareness account, they have heard of it.

A quick word as i am again suffocating with things to do, i dont remember if i gave you the link to this website, you need google to use it, it is amazingly good at translation, i was baffled. MATECATTranslate a file with MateCat
I loved what Farmer did with LP. very nice. and the other way, like howling. 

1 h 5 min walk, very peaceful, just sunbathing today and listening to the happy birds, even the girls did not play more than 1 minute today, we ended up mesmerized by this spring day.

Is not this a play on word by the writer, 'les centres de retentions' do not presuppose 'detention' that belong to the criminal system, while migrants will be 'retenus' in view of being returned to the borders. these types of distinction proved to be essential to avoid situation or 'surencheres' such as double penalty, or the criminalization of victims which is a classic of the judiciary system. it is retention instead of being let without papers. note it is absolutely not a political statement here of any sort, but to me this is not euphemism, it is a horror enough to have lost one's country and being targeted in another. the moment of detention is very possibly for most of the people there a sheer moment of horror and certainly with never ending consequences- even in the case their situations might be alleviated as some point. such chaos in one's life will never be recovered.

Child robbed grave.
No i thought that writing black on white disgraceful is disgraceful. i think grace is superior to it, and not on the same level, also maybe grace is this sense of purity, hope, candor and grandeur that young life may be able to inspire. to me it is a bit like people insisting poor or bullied people whose lives result in having their dignity stolen. to me the one you lose one's dignity is not the victims but the people at the origin of poverty, of unjust acts, pollution, of exploitation. etc... it is a reversed language taking place. grace is given and not stolen. maybe i am wrong because this mean that the item is talking about the grave while it is in fact talking about the theft. but what makes the theft interesting is because of death. and maybe also because we know that the parents will have to read these puns. and i am not too sure how i would take it. i think know i would have the maturity not to read about it, but how long do you stop trying to reconnect with anything that had to do with your child, you ll have to search the subject one day. moreover because i am sure if i had to write about the subject the more i would think of it, the more i would end up with play on words, something trying to be witty about it. but for someone who lost a child it is just vanity and superficiality. an accident yes but that had poisoned everything. and death has no motion.
and death in life has no potion.

I don't know anymore, i think surrealism just had the better of me. am torn a bit, because and this is stupidity i would think it is very bad to have done that, but i would think of people who cannot afford toys for their kids. but to me it is a tone that does not fit the death of child. i would not put in the title the way he died because it is the only time people will write about him and it is to say that he died a domestic death. i think it shows how we go round vultures in search of something moribund. i think the whole situation deserves something sober, so many things are outrageous, without being so petty as a teddy snatch and that have led many child into poverty. or maybe how our lives are devoid of more romantic accounts than supermarket, car parks, and eating, and traveling stupidly anyway. being around promiscuity and horrors that strike despite the whole society at large advertising on gregarious opportunities, as we could die surrounded.
to me disgraceful is in the act itself. to me it is too universal, and to state it in the title is a tautology. also it is not news. though i agree to include it in the body of the text is ok. one to show respect and two to try to literaly teach the authors of the act learn the meaning of the word.  they are likely to be kids...

Yes, ok. you know i don't think you have to worry very much. axel has problems with nipping and know he is the biggest dog. i think he has the biggest dog symptom, he knows he almost cannot be challenged physically. and i think he wants to show this. now Ax is clever and he is obedient. you know what i do with him is to observe his behavior and every time now he is or on the back of Mi, Mi because they love playing with each other, or starts barking then i take him back on the lead straight away. but it is only 1 month or so i noticed it, he is practically a grow-up now, definitely powerful and more to come.  what i found difficult with axel sometimes is that when i come to him he will nip me. i don't know if he does it with you, you know dogs are very different with their master (do you yourself experience nipping?). just as a precious note for me, he did not learn aggression from my pack, Mi stays near me and flees when she is impressed by a situation, and the others do not have this kind of problem. i boarded a mix- rottie with a problem like this, (it is because when they play when they were little, or with other dogs or with hands), nipping, and one day he was excited and he bit, just a little, but nips becomes a small bite. it is the excitation level that needs to be nipped in the bud. but you know axel for example is very good at yours, i can come, etc, so it shows he is not a territorial, potentially dangerous dog, but he is the strongest, and i think axel likes it to be known, he wants to lead, but also he can show he is composed and calm.



Copyrights on translation:
I know we had copyrights on the first module but i am not sure on this- while whether you own the copyrights of your translation, if you translate a news item, say, can you blog your translation or sell it, as if it was your own text, provided of course you specify it is a translation of an original? i posted at the cafe, and someone suggested legal advice, and publisher's authorization. but would someone knows more legally speaking?
Ok, so i think a better question, if you think an article you ve read is super interesting, and lack in the TC, not published per se, that makes sense but if there is no business behind it, just for public access, same thing of course, so just extract then... i think it is the first time i can sense that s fair enough... gosh, it will be a war for (on) info.
What i meant is that if you do not obtain publisher consent, which i presume is super rare and difficult, people seem to not be sure about what the rules are. so i guess that what you can obtain, when of course citing your source, what is to be allowed is a paragraph or 10 percent of the whole that you can release if it is not to make money out of it. 10 % for copyright or is it?
I was talking about things very basic, not professional but more like fan-based translation....etc. rules on posting on blogs, not on professional deals.
As for the pro deals, who will afford it?

Maybe we can hope for transfiguration.  with no hope for the translation to resemble the ST. a pure recreation.

Aid and abet, could be a very big subject. i don't know for sure, but what i could guess is that complicity is to simplify the matter and give a shortened summary to lay people. while you could need by any means to keep ‘aider et encourager' because you clearly here needs both 'aider et encourager' as they are distinct criminal acts. this was a very big progression during genocide trials starting by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, if i am not mistaken.  L'incitation au genocide was new to be recognised and condemned.
iv) planifier, inciter à commettre, ordonner, commettre, aider et encourager doivent être considérés séparément v) la responsabilité pénale pour des actes commis par des tiers c) Participation : la conduite de l’accusé a contribué à la commission d’un acte illégal (élément 1)
Ordonner, commettre et aider et encourager). L’acte d’accusation contre Seromba l’inculpait pour chacun de L’acte d’accusation contre Seromba l’inculpait pour chacun de ces cinq modes, mais l’appel ne tournait qu’autour des trois derniers modes.

Abattoir made in France - Alès (English subtitles)

Des peines encourues dérisoires
La peine maximale ici encourue pour plus de 60 infractions est de 6 000 €… Tellement peu au regard des souffrances supplémentaires endurées par les animaux dans ces lieux déjà violents et cruels par essence. Peut-on imaginer que cette sanction dissuadera les abattoirs d’enfreindre la réglementation ?

TO ANSWER a famous French songwriter: no, this human world is nothing near serious.

So many thumb downs,  c’est gens sont tellement degueulasses,  que ce ne sont meme plus des gens,  pourquoi? ca profite.

That's cool, I am happy you have less to commute. commuting ruins life well-being over-time. by the time you are finished with him you can roll any marathon...when i saw you near the park jogging with him i thought you really look the team running with him, you look your trade, super dynamic, alert and ready for action when you run- it seized me because i would have taken you for a sport professional or i don't know you know someone making their living out of it- military, lifeguard that kind of woman. i wanted to check its ears by the way. i even forgot my dogs to be honest, i used to do them very regularly, i don't know why i keep forgetting them. ok, very telling, the infection thing. ear infections are extremely painful, face, jaw, brain...notoriously painful, i could have lost a drum on them. 
he does not try to mouth you, it is too very telling. they are nights and days, with their master and others...

At his age, what i noticed is that they become more overtly or more aptly sexualised, with both dogs and humans, with axel i do not have this towards humans and its great because without humping behaviors you can end up with having hard times avoiding dogs touching you in places... being with axel regarding this is cool, but for almost all dogs i have to check they do not sexualise with the other dogs- too insistent noses. it is super complicated, me it is because of their relationships and lack of opportunities to build a family or love life that makes difficult to have super happy pets, even with creatures as possibly independent as dogs, with them still able to go places... live is though. 

The problem is that the library would not find the content of some books, as not many books, except thesis, would be on this subject, and it would be too much for us. it is the problem, the short-coming of the course i think it is english-centred, the example of newman, catford etc... came with no many examples of english/french, and they are too lacking in the literature i read. i found books treating that at uni, 17 years ago in paris. treating theoritically of the tips of translation eng into french and vice-versa. don't be sorry about your keyboard please, azerty, querty i can relate...before having to deal with both, typing was fun.


Prepare now for accelerating climate threats, military officials warn

Thursday, 21 February 2019 16:51 GMT

C.ET: the best supporters of denial and backing political moribund, will now be in charge of cleaning? No, even not, but gathering the funds that their previous masters’, or rather that their masters previously conscientiously worked Wreck
Wrecked it.

I am into correspondence and I have a sense that the notes written for me, typed on their computer, on certain, the author can be felt. The soul through the caracters.

I think that even if you do. i saw guidelines on interpreting that stipulated very strongly and very clearly that you should not interpret any of what is said but just translate, even if the service user is asking you to explain. also i think that there is a loud question on how you get personal with the service user. i have been in a situation where the agency asked the interpreter to exchange no information. in fact it was so heavy that it was weird, very weird. i am not sure what is the case with other agents.

-   God is Holy, and willing to show His wrath against all those who reject Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

-        Jesus?? by this you mean christianity?

Don't you think that the phrase adam' s offspring will be more numerous that the stars is a wording that would threat tocollapse the universe, there is more than us, don't you think?

We are looking for moving out at one point in the future. I ll ask her but she always says that prices goes down and up, she is an accountant, but the home just next to mine have been bought a year ago, and i think that prices were down last year. this quarter has its shortcomings, very strong point here, is police everywhere and no only on round, many many police lives here - very secure quarter. 
and now fire brigade you know instead of these so beautiful and cute poneys (without the horses i think that our town really gets ugly, i don't think it is about to stop worsening . 

The shape of the feet, just at the ankle like it is on its sole, an arch or the entrance of a temple.
Temple near the ear and the eye, en-trance.

Homeless, without address.
In another way, 'sans domicile fixe' means for most people, people in danger of living or living in the street, while administratively everything has been done to condemn life style such as travelers, etc. not having a fixed address, a permanent residency is totally condemning while it could have been dealt or belt very differently.
I say that because it is the appellation 'sans domicile fixe'. and this means that the society, today, will make life impossible for you. What do I think of 'gens du voyage'? they are people. what i think of it, is that it is a way of life that will be proscribed by the good god not Poseidon but possession. Also it will kill arts and craft from traveling. or people from instructing, sharing- or simply long as people respect the land they go into and that sedentary people do the same thing. but the truth, it is not about that. there are no lands left anyhow. the forests are gone, the animals are very very s seldom (serfdom) -life - vegan- and by the way homeless, there is no life possible without woods, bushes, undergrowth, unpolluted air and streams, what is to see, is dying land, suffering lots exploited and concretised is what is left. travelling now to see is the voyeurism of how people, humans are godless. And I am not talking about how they manage it now.
travelling for leisure is now to see is the voyeurism on death.

Also what i think is that people have recognised a little what happen to the jews sent from every corner of europe into concentration camps. while religions have their agenda of their own and very often organised society in which their members will be treated with privileges (i mean by that, while your peer human is regarded and considered with all the almighty random though of dominance and inferiority). commemorations for the gypsies, homosexuals- orientation that could unfortunately like religion end up being politicised and at the origin of unjust treatment- but that is present in all societies, for the other target of nazi ideologies have been famously now absent from the perpetrators -collaborators included- activities.

Non-voyant has been very contested by the community of blind people. its suggests that one does not see, while literature is inhabited with stories in which the blind person is the only one to know or to see the reality, or happenings that stayed unknown by everybody else.
You know blind people are famous to perceive speed, movements and also volumes. and many other…less or more defined for the mainstream ... things.
I don't know. maybe people also identify themselves. because also with the vocabulary may come to the style and political appurtenance or tendency or period. the LGBT words for example, which one will someone identify with??? and above all in what drawer is that term may put you in...not talking about the compulsory debates followed by dissensions, caused by the attempt at naming.

Yes, and maybe, i am not sure, but maybe mal-entendant is more used for sourds (deaf) people . sourd (deaf) also was used to say i cannot hear very properly. maybe the line is more blurred. also deaf people can adapt to people more easily with lip-reading. it is not as easy and as fundamental to know people cannot hear, while someone who cannot see is physically much more dependent and in danger. because of the appreciation of immediate surroundings.

'L'écriture inclusive' :'Académie française' has officially recognised that professional terms could be feminised (l'autrice et non la femme auteur).
But you see it would lose, hauteur. and by the way auteur as always been feminine as much as masculine...let you wonder.  auteure was much more clever to preserve suffix and phonics.

To me disgraceful is in the act itself. to me it is too universal, and to state it in the title is a tautology. also it is not news. though i agree to include it in the body of the text is ok. one to show respect and two to try to literaly teach the authors of the act learn the meaning of the word.  they are likely to be kids...

It is a question of years that people will enter into religious study for the sake of anthropology.
As religions are antropo-centred in their thoughts, experiments, acknowledgement, when they think of themselves as god to deliver death and make sure that lives are destroyed, like their followers stole.

You are ars on unchristain that you don't know that the first anti-christ was unchristian or so like so...don't want even to waste my time.

Commandement- sacrifices? that s top of the meanest ranking idolatry.
Idolatry for the sinful is the respect and love for nature, so they find the trickster debility: kill it pretending they are saints in quest of salvation whereas they are in search of blood for free that takes their interest into all surfaces of cruelty- it is how they make friends and kills love like they do the loving.
Salvatory. Salete.

You are ars on unchristain that you don't know that the first anti-christ was unchristian or so like so...don't want even to waste my time.
The bible contains everything, it is why you are waiting. :) instead of being truly virtuous, not to the high of your fabricated book, but to live that would teach you. life and its holiness, and says that we are, and were here below close to hell as death is here, and death is provoked by this idiot man. or  pathetic men.

Virtue, woo towards.
No per-vert. thinking your killings are superb or just, sod.

You should drop the honor of helping, try to help humanity and reveal its horrors. because we certainly tow know enough to know that we are condemned, already dead as we killed our mother, as we bleed earth and its plants, animal and all that we could take and display, sell and destroy. people are waiting for the dead to wake up. but there is none but the dead who participated to the slay and onslaught of our guardian or of our angel. earth on which we had been sent.

Tow, tall. Taux -etau- rate, anvil.
A key ? a crush that will save our souls maybe but our bodies are in it.

Could the anointment come, be, or become from prayers?

How did you call us gay?
Yes, though since homosexuality was punishable until around the 70’s in most of Europe or the west, and though homos would have done everything to be able to live their love (because without it, one dies, it is that simple- or is dying all their live which is admittedly much more fun to see or discourse on)- as long as it was at all possible, depending on the degree of coercion, imprisonment, and (sexual) exploitation of the society they live in. crude and official words for homosexuality were sodomy or unnatural acts, bestiality- not too bad until it is used in court or in any other situations where people will have you paid for having chosen else than theirs (in fact even not, because someone who does not understand homosexuality does not understand heterosexuality either. If you love women you understand that someone else feels the same, and vice-versa. And if you love women then you understand, you will come to understand that if their happiness is to be with a man or a woman, then so be it. And if you identify yourself as masculine, or as feminine, if you really have respect for these qualities, then it is a question of gender and not of sex, and we need as many qualities and different qualities as there are- an infinity or infinities (affinities- de-finite?). know talking about WW2, the famous scientist, Alan Turing, the hero of the enigma machine, who is  the one to have decoded Hitlerian messages, which has been essential to the English victory over Germany, was gay. This man after having invented the machine that had decoded the messages able to stop the war, and officially it was recognised it was him, and therefore made him officialy one of the fathers of computing as well, had been chemically castrated when proven to be a gay man after WW2 against??? the nazis.
After all maybe gay always has been for the LGBT and the ineluctable happiness felt around free and democratic countries.

As for the lesbians, and still now, since financial independence is much more difficult, no terms, even legal applied to them, the men were thrown in prison, I guess the women were made disappear. An euphemism.
I like gay, because gay for me but it is only personal, is like homos, it means both females and males. And as a a woman I don’t mind giving what I need to give to stop gratuitous misogyny- I mean to the last shred, coming from females or males heteros or females or males homos. But what I mean is that gays have been disputed because of the breaking-down of the family values and possibility for families. You know it is amusing because families are viewed as nepotism and emprise, empires in many many instances, so it is difficult to engage. But one, it is fine to be a lone parent (as long as you are not ostracised and therefore forbidden in the impossibility of looking after your own in a regular or stabilised manner. As long as one look proper after one’s child (and to look proper after a child is a life of devotion which I don’t think is really widespread). Returning to the gay specificity and the retrospective torturing on paper torment seemingly so fundamental in societal favorite emotive pre-emptive parlors, and the capacity for gays to be eligible creating structures around children of more than one or two members, we are females and males and well…we are family.

Well you know sacrifice all you want, because in the day of resurrection and hopefully before death will teach us a lesson. and it won't be on how to call. would you think that the souls whose bodies you killed for pleasure, leisure or idolatry will say to you, come to me mon doux ami.

If anything is when you understood your sin. the glee and grace that you, for one has not seen. and the terror, horror and fatal error we contribute, that one for a sacrifice to the blessed, to the innocent, to the lamb, one will do with all to give. but speaking to people that are for sole restriction to not eat pork and bring fresh blood for a play to soil their god, or sold their faith in a temple, will not bring us far away. from concentration camps and the slaughter that the idea, the very idea of sacrifice against work would mean, end entail.

It sounds like you are dispatching. but religions are for the souls i don't get your turn on eloping and the sacrament you pretend there is on geography. you say midget. in french we’d say such a declaration, c' est petit.

Yes and yes. this weekend i kept on sleeping though. even though i do little physically, i was around sport guys when i was young and they reassured me when my mate at the time told me that  professional footballers, after 5 hour work needed abundance of naps. to repair the body. i knew as well a guy very gifted at stone work but at the same age as me, before 40 at the time, his back was just like chewed on. you could see on his face he was suffering all the time. maybe with An. it is why he needs when he is on his playstation, just to unwind. to sleep at the right moment is almost an art. all this to say, that physical jobs may take the toll, or tool, much more than expected. i worked with horses. and i so liked it, also i wanted to be called...because with horses everyone wants to do it, like with animals, so and so that everyone does it for near to free...i just bring you pleasure and life experiences- mind building a home must be so interesting, moreover because it is so needed, and needed by everyone. because of that in the building industry the competition is so renewed and so fierce. with the horses at one time i was working t 5 hours intensively. some days, it was taking my body over so much, that i would tremble like a leaf clung on a twig on a windy day and could become so heavy or light headed that it was just like experimenting fevers, when after the day, i was starting to stop moving, and would take a shower.

To reappear, repair.

Tool, tall, told. T-old

Big con, big coin.




Cyrus (Cyrus king of Persia) at the origin of what is very often the fist first of the enumerated emaciated mediated documents on h.r, was by some regarded as a prophet.
Religions had this duty of spirituality but in not duality but unity, serves the rights and duties of god’s creatures.

Fist first of the enumerated emaciated mediated

Auteur teur, ture. Tenure.
High in French, auteur = writer.
Rite, write.
To transmit.

You know why fully human, because in no time, it is something other than human that will rule, and you know the best about it. humans cannot be in charge, they destroy their chance to have loved. so of course they are still in the race, but wisdom?? all managerial for them on its topic, and therefore on all other, is gone.

Anyhow I thought we all have the same ancestors. and if we do not, what s the problem, exempt an ego that is everything you like but slighty remotely religious. child of god?? and you want to give us a definition. ... Septic skeptic speak by itself, you should shut up you.

Tora, thor.

See the redemption quickly, hilarious. doubtless in fact. what is not clear in EMPTION, not auction.

Veganism is purity.

Yo big talk about conversion. one religion. the multitude of are sects. the highest does not ring nor bell nor rules nor despondence.
You know be careful because explaining the world and its infinity with the erratic terraced torpedo twisted accounts of all the religions we have known is just terrorism. And it is what people are seeking in belonging to one of the sects, a family. Problems in general they want to enslave because…they are not about spirituality, nor about the defence of what has been created.
Of course, plague and that has been created, and death is in everybody.

yo big talk about the prison and enslavement that represents conversion. what do you do that saves lifes that were threatened or annihilated? as justification is what i mean. one religion. the multitude of are sects. the highest does not ring nor bell nor rules nor despondence.
You know be careful because explaining the world and its infinity with the erratic terraced torpedo twisted accounts of all the religions we have known is just terrorism. And it is what people are seeking in belonging to one of the sects, a family. Problems in general they want to enslave because…they are not about spirituality, nor about the defense of what has been created.
Of course plague and that has been created, and death is in everybody. ..and everything.

Tora, thor.

but you sound to know so much about the all ages of history that you are surely the guardians of all angels and all generations.

YOU SAying to many things funny, for people to be able to respond. you do not sound religious, partisan of whatever parties i s that rather. and there is a bit of interesting. so what, is that a rehearsal on temptation?

Soon? does not sound that respectful for your time.

To pay for the sin to be human- and therefore not god, and therefore not able to save and love and defend and spare every of the creatures and the creation, no one will pay whatsoever for your sins, morons.

Amist, anoint, no one, nods, noose.

Ok, there resurrection-insurrection is when depth does meth death was untimely, just caused by blood thirsty. thrifty. 

Rift, apart.

Ment, meant.
Ment = sizing, grandeur, dimension in French, portion.         And lies, mensonge, amen.

Mess, mensonge = boniment. False requirement.

If it cabala, nothing will be revealed academically speaking? no news, bad or good news!! nothing good if they are lies.
A mystery. There is one, but whose nature is greater, you know it is all about faith, coming? or calling. and whatever the time, every single deed, has to be purified until not that we die, but until...something that we could not say, as we did not do enough to have the slightest covering.

You pretended christians, are not really glamorous, are you they? protected by donal trump and the other mormons. could stop playing righteous, and you see counting on the coal of a country you colonised, (colonist) - nice to have microsoft to epic and epitomise, these homonyms- counting on their industry you show to be the one.

And if people said jesus was human before they had to trust their life into what is not. but will resemble them...:) you know communicate. not that the humans would do that with animals. so why would something else do it? intelligence, honesty and let's-hop e nothing else. and let's pray it is not at human's image.

You all, you follow jew , christian or goodness. what? just as a note, necesary to all bigots, goodness is not ... caress your schools for the money. or the load of blood. the chains of command that you know to ord-hone. fight, tendencies. tend hence ease, no seas. it is boring anyhow because apart from abrameic you know knothing, it is not cosmos that it is more cosmetic.

The christians and the jews are having a feast, and for all innocents we know that it is supposed to make them dying and living trembling.  scramble for the pickings the quarry. one god, and many levels yeah yeah year yeah.

The code, like alan turing, that defeated, the german, the ottoman, allied, the italian, and papacy, for ideology that claim to be christians, the nazi, again one. and castrated by the english, whose throne descent from the german and liked genetics just as much as apartheid. grand, even your discourses are just drugs, for that that was though as exploitary as yours, was right, and him had to fear poverty. uncanningly- not you, they would not classify you if you did some good. have they? i mean church sold money, pardon, and girls, under familial outlook, no needs to be liberal when you can have from porn to horror as a real oligarchy. for mentor. fermentor.
Girls and boys.

But if we are supposed to await the son of man, and that it is the result of our sins on earth, the suffering we afflicted on here, and here, won’t be enough any prayers, any, thought won’t resolve what we neglected. Killed or abandoned. And able to harm and hurt we know that we would do the same with these prayers. Stop them to forget what one arrogant at the whole word, or the most pious even, could not resurrect. Abandoning and after that hope that the infinity will extract us and will do us that we won’t have another path than abandoning ourselves to …. well what? Nill or …


Yes, you know nowadays, there are poneys that are healthy and sold for a tenner to slaughterhouses. but nowhere you can do proper horse riding. proper horse riding is for the more than rich, because a horse can cover kms in a few hours and where is there kilometers after kilometers of unfenced territory. maybe in private domains, and still in the north of these few magical lands where herds are let to graze freely. you are right, intuitive and feeling everything. so much of running, and skins, the whole body ready to race and receptive. they are i think, thick and thin tense intense- anyhow so much stronger that humans can ever be. but unfortunately i do not know them any longer. i personally think it is a sign of great poverty that one cannot afford to be amongst them. to feel rich and highly civilized because of being surrounded by cars and concrete is a trick of the mind and of policy. maybe people build on everything as they are so afraid of freedom and life itself. you still can take Ethan to the poneys in full liberty when you will go nearer to the new forest. it is very hard to find, but maybe somewhere people could start volunteering, to take care of them a bit. don't quit physical exercises even more so if you feel you miss them. maybe if your body does not feel it then you can do but if you miss means you lag behind, the warning systems in general is when it already started 'eating you'. feeling it is simply knowing that staying too still would grow inflammation, cancer, obstruction of any kind. anyhow you have the perfect excuse, you can, rather you will have to practise with ethan- also it is perfect bonding, effort associated to liberty, happiness, nature and be with one's mum. take him to big parks- i hope you can be near of one, not like in ashford. running, did what i did unfortunately not, learning to recognise trees and so on. i d like to learn but far from forests it will trigger sadness, sense of being lost and wasted and all that. when i walk but of course when i am on my own, even with my partner, i admit, i would listen to music a bit, but to podcasts a lot. i could stay strolling for days like this. and the forest never stop speaking. the roots of the unknown, never stop educating, its the charm. and also to remind us of how we had been failing, every single thing. your being small but big enough to kill as we breathe. and attempt to do good at the standards of peers and all others. the richness or the looting, being so distanced that the only thing we do is to drop responsibility. just like the animals we mock at leisure unable to get outside the place they will be slain and laid

If you are awaiting the fruits of what have been done, then it would be good, or will be god, good, for you to realise that son of god is not son of man. amen.

Kushner. Kasher.
It is just someone you can see has gone slightly mad, and more to come. just that lets hope for the jew. fire. a sick burger but not for the higher.

Sound ash shame, and it what will take us all through the underground. killing and sacrifice all included, only have the twist to do it naming it sacrifice will be two killing in one included, as the people would attempt to let you know you deserve it. trying to break the souls of the perpetrators and the victims. to make the victims resurrection as fierce as fire?? one will not have to attempt it it is in the deed.

Hasten, because contemplation is the way to see live as blessed. and so humans say it is dangerous to think, so lets loot, all together united. in uni-son. 

Kushner. Kasher.
It is just someone you can see has gone slightly mad, and more to come. just that lets hope for the jew. fire. a sick burger but not for the higher.
If you are awaiting the fruits of what have been done, then it would be good, or will be god, good, for you to realise that son of god is not son of man. amen.

But you know what if the so self called are bad enough to have trump and the Mormons and morons as president, i cannot see gone enough to have them as their models.

Kushner. Kasher. it is just someone you can see has gone slightly mad, and more to come. just that lets hope for the jew. fire. a sick burger but not for the higher. if you are awaiting the fruits of what have been done, then it would be good, or will be god, good, for you to realise that son of god is not son of man. amen. but you know what if the so self called Cristina are bad enough to have trump and the mormons as president, i cannot see gone enough to have them as their models.

And sorry about that, but where are the templars?

Because humanity is not going to be the chooser. 

Please, be careful with your soul justification. slavery would be justified this way by the 'greedý'. also it is not revealing to say it is not the body but your soul(d) that deserve that treatment, it is applied everywhere up to apply by those pseydo psychology or feeling, ostracism...
Pseudo, sadi.

The americans, going for more looting in their land, as they are leaders from having colonized a whole new continent a few generations ago. And in enslaving another.
A lot should have been said…but never a world has ever reached reason, as it is not her that prow and prod.

Self-destruction, any how i am not gonna say what i d like to. because google will suspend me, and there were not bad words, not very. and only word compare to what and how the usa as an example plunder the planets, through plants and all territories. its own. what treatise, how many t-reasons.

I don't know if one is meant to like th job. just like socrates? These thebes fibs elected!!! what a laugh, and be ware am not christina-I.ane, either buddy. but between their chosen presidents and what they say you d like as a factory owner...let's hope ou your next prophet is not a destroyer- i meant a slave owner. a slavagist.

So it says it is a woman.
What is sad, is that people will wait for an end of the world they know have been killed, and what could stop a humanity that proved it cannot be trusted?

The 7 Laws of Noah

Meant veganism or vegetarianism.

An arch, but not for crucifixion, or slaughtering. the ones that do that aren't religions. anyhow what religions' strasse trade are is crucifixion, power from horror and exhaustion.

Did you all go to the same binder? Blinder. blind who does kill for any, any more. and stop the torture, they sleep on it, they serve the target, the most that kick the fewer, those looser, those loosens, loo and loose, what beautiful language all the same, those looters. what? even more? again and again, but who are you praying for?

Maybe it is a treasure, but a treasure that one will find only by looking for it, it is what bring us to every second is an entity, an eternity, and incommensurable and never won, even never thought or really at it, as we know of our previous dead locks, incessant renditions, lapses and sins, often inner-fighting.

Because god would need one of your temple or anybody else to come back to what came from its own, or is its own, because it is called god. you are just incredible, that one you could not do it even to the devil. why? because humans think to themselves they own and can abuse, they destroy everywhere, and therefore your, our appointment with something that will initiate some kind of pay-back is therefore whenever. expectation on this prospect.

No money? shit man. cos it is what rules, that, exploitation and ostracism.

The only sacrifice permissible, is on ourselves and not in bringing any other destruction, and then a sacrifice such as this, is or when thinking of after live, but always not knowing on how to fight in this one- that is do not do it when you can identify it as one, because it is just not knowing how, and it is afterwards. and sacrifice will bring wrath. All sacrifices that is made, and they all are, because dangers were unbearable, or untold, unseen pain inflicted such as normalization of being bad, in the name of religion, economy…all of that to means perverted – homosexuality are not talking. Of course I am homo, and I now start guessing what would be to be this and a jew and a resistant…it shows maybe that there is no black and white because they would ask this person to be a saint, and would lead them to being killed without being able to stop the extermination, even if it was the only one -because one every one he loved would be far and torn from this person- they know could perhaps attempt it.

By ash, it would mean our death, or arch but you see that is in biblical times 2 of them, in modern one is that calling the water to grow from ice and fire, the species to be drown, we all known who would deserve.

To own nothing, no wife, no possessions, no body.
I think that what you describe is just like any other religions that are in fact counting on their bloodline and nobility, not of their principles, in hoping they have some, and they are good. but i believe that true faith in good will stray us but lead us ultimately to more and more truth. to say that one cannot live without anything and still be happy to be with god. is not human, it is one of the very few, very very very few and many are not the ones that are so named. and other people, these communities, well religious to name mystics and heros, and the one that are in chains for whatever reasons, for being sucked by that vampirism, very human even humane vampirism, do not look for anyone with crows and claws, that are in chains from the beginning or have been caught to have tried to unchain things. Saints. people want saints not for themselves they want saints because their game is to disown.

But wait, we need to fight and sadness because live is making mistakes and the loss the want for resurrection. sadness here is not negative, it is interaction and action. and there is no action without ghoul thoughts, only when one does not know or do know, but before knowing one has to lose their limb. the only thing is that one would answer then we have to cut...well know because there is more to come that one can 1/999999999999999999999999999999999999999 infinity can see. cut on purpose is to drop in the bottom, in the background, where there is no more light available for the soul. and after. i haven't have a clue. cos our condition is there, as a species, in chains, link of it. just for you many people wonder about prophetisation, but if your clan say it is imminent, and that nothing happens towards alleviating the furnace we are in, it i feel could be the end of studying.

And one another thing about the highest place of our belief, the third temple, if you build it on coal, and more digging and building the lands, that is on people that are damning that is left of our mother earth, of our mother soul, be this people…well logically you know it that must come.

You know trump is like trumpet may all the loo and poo that he is guilty of coagulate through the throat the moment he opened that mouth degenerated. and do no think i say he is disable he is the product of our society, and we cannot say we had little warning, with the usa and their mormons parking the people living on horsing. maybe you should now report me if i said poo poo to the mster with no mind. just a hind. that will call for sodomy, because you know no sadness but one has to stop that does not even merit the term of enemy. i do not mean homo, i mean what rapes mean, because to have this power, it is the power of a dolly. a puppet. and how to stop someone that will attempt to destroy any for the money, that everyone needs and even have to gather, since it is all race to insanity. you need castles against one of those that want to dry what we needed to water. water down to appease the sun that gave us to see.
Water will with loave work and hand, not this gonomerha poisoning.

Yes, of course. i am going on the site. you know i had news from them, they change their fees and ask me 5 % of what the money i make now instead of 0% and you still 15%, great contractual work! always a pleasure...they should not be allowed anything that they do.
These agencies are just vampires. And us trying to stay healthy, for the blood to be taken.
As you need flux, that kind of flux to still have a job.


Expending to maybe less westernised attitudes- though I think that western will adopt or would adopt the same caste making demeanours, you know in countries like india, but everywhere in rich countries there are that kind of ghettos, even capital cities are in fact small towns, in that there are small milieu, where I saw it in china, where young girls are shipped from town to town, quarters to quarters, and certainly spotted the moment they are out in cities where people cannot afford housing, where unemployment is taboo, where jobs are familial or the fact and decision-making of a party, a corporation, a work history, with employers that employ you for years and do not have to issue any recommendations. the same happens to lgbt where homos I argue will be forced into becoming transgenders and being operated on, just to illustrate the barriers that other? people want to remain between biological sexes. Ultimately forcing homosexuals not to envisage themselves being possibly ‘allowed’ to live with their chosen partners as homosexual couples, will ultimately drive gay into becoming transgender op. a chirurgical op that is so painful but mainly a denial of their having been borne in the right body, loving the right people. As long as it is respectful love. And not to replicate some heterosexism’s inequality of treatment.
The link is here homosexuality is also very targeted by prostitution advocates. Hay happy?? We just had to thank god a decade ago that we finally may marry after a thousand years war that I would say was enforced depravity and poverty, it is as happy as it goes.

To me the absence of marriage that is still subject to referendum, at the question, would you enslave them or not, because there is only the slaves that have been deprived of the right to marry, without that, and of course the pocket of spaces where we can go freely, happy for me would be this double edge word used by the devil. To tell you everything is normal, and therefore you will be send to prison and endless affliction and deprivation, because it is just that you won’t even be permitted to know the reason.

When I said casts like ghettos it is because in India for example it is very clear that in some parts of the boroughs you cannot escape sexual exploitation, that are in fact exploitation in the most grotesque industry based of its definition. there are mafia at each door, there are mafia on all roofs, there are mafia at each and every corner and there are posted everywhere in great numbers. those poor women, because i think that our westernized languages that benefit from colonization, is simply not up to have another word to describe the living, or rather dying condition of women that are thus parked. not any word can do the job, because we would have one if we had trying to stop it, we really don't. however, the same vampires claim and demand staffing, and here go other types of selections, else than for example being borne at the wrong moments in the wrong places.

Tu sais je contacte de nombreuses emails de professionels sur le fait qu on enseigne a des enfants que le prophete de leur religion est considere par des millions de musulmans comme etant un actif pedophiles, deifie et magnifie.
mais c est bcp d efforts pour tres peu, car mes emails a traite comme spam et donc pas souvent trouves, encore moins souvent ouvert. mais j ai fait parlements, journalistes, radios, syndicats, professionels d education et de sante, maires et autres elus, pour l instant dans plusieurs pays. de toutes facons a partir du moment ou je peux continuer a envoyer des emails c est un truc que je pourrais jamais termine. sauf que sur 10 emails boxes qui n exige pas que je donne mon address plus que 2 ont marche. les autres suspendent mon compte au bout de 3 envoies, microsoft meme pas, apres 1, le russe egalement..... en fait je depend d 1 companie permettant 2 types de compte, le reste c est deja completement impossible, bloque!!! donc a mon avis ca pas continuer. ca fait 1 an que j ai commence, et depuis septembre j ai capte que je pouvais acheter un logiciel capable de trouver les addresse, donc depuis septembre mes envois sont vraiment reguliers. l envoie est suppose pouvoir se faire en automatique, mais non j ai pas essaye, car je veux pas vider mon portemonnaie. je saia meme pas si  cest tres possible meme en le vidant, car je perdrais la possibilite de voir et de gerer mes comptes possiblement.

Regarding brexit, if i could not have married my wife, i would be sure to be escorted, escrow, securely escorted out of the uk in not long from now....

pour , our.

Speaking of which, the pits or marshland let’s hope will suit vegetables and more than only pumkins and squash- for those who have for centuries the lambs laid and slain, the same one they say they would serve- and not galvanise themselves through farms, pharmaceutics, and genetics-or eugenics again- in view of more commercial – validated!- slaughtering that hopefully will soon see our logical oblivion, washing, dissemination- not insemi (it seems that the seeds of horrification sown seldom sick seduction submissionsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss). Arch sacked, Sank.

Favor, flavor, valor. Lavor.
Washing, ashing, having, last, lease, lea-sh, lashing.

Anyone who does not understand that ‘racism’ or ‘ethnicism’ of its real name does not work in every direction is immature or has not suffered that intensely. If unaware of it. Or has just been so inner battered that they would not recognized it as biased.
Battered, or to make suffer inside or outwardly to make sure no development occurred.

European collaboration, will it? -rhetoric only.

Whom, womb, wound.

Rehearsal, here hear sale: Smug faces, parrot like repetition, and inchoirence explained.
This BUNCH hilariously jesting on democracy and the will of people that are once pull forward (not when (ex) education become or remain unaffordable- no, that won’t disturb or disrupt the lords). No one is for any split second of a ram -random- remain and except because they are not politicians in web minister but just forgers why????
For just one in brakets: one can go on, on and on, against ill islam and its sharia, pedophilia, slavery, that is thin and think inner to it. But for the moment the ones who permits sharia law in England are not the millions of muslims preaching that their prophet is that ignominy on themselves. Not stopping the ONES responsible – the non-muslims allowing that- for that while increasing islamophobia, while islam could soon become compulsory for the rest of it is what?? Nazis and castrated (of which I am, enable to do one single thing against the plague of child marriages to list again that one, and on which they are right, it is not pedophilia it is worse than that, pedophilia can be stopped and cure, and disarmed not one cult combining millions that are respected and in power and expanding in all manners on top of that- soringly sorry but I am not the one venerating a pedo and sex slave owner being adorated by millions and protected by billions by what people self-called  tolerant instead of scelerat (French for polluted, soiled, miserable, petty, ignorant, pervert, weak, lurid, rogue coming criminals.)
All about terrorism yes because, contrarily to the definition of terrorism, what they do is sponsored terror that is states organised.

Why does ‘decisions’, incisions making (deck dis) sometimes take so long, for the MPs to understand where lie their profits, nothing ever to do with human rights, democracy and them to be served and serving.

Naming things gives us power over them.’
Or does it?
Humanity thinks it has defined it.
The proof of it not thinking.

It was a story extremely traumatizing and shameful for me, because I neglected and lost control of something extremely important to me, because this project was taking all the time I had. This project that reveals itself to have been launched unseriously. That was doomed to fail, that did not unfortunately last. That caused me, caused me but entirely by my own fault, greed and stupidity, to my horror, to not have been able even to think, to solve, to find, to love. To save. In fact I did let death kill this little dog. I killed him.
I do come upon words that hid the devil leading to that.

Unfortunately, or not, the project success or failure would not have changed anything, though the secret that on that light the kindest say is that my life is naught.
I cannot remember clearly what I felt, but an horror a deadly one on my subject, on my subset. But this is now knowledge e certainly that I elude mostly but when reappearing really, there is nothing more that I envy. Repair can’t be and my brain switched off to show how my being will follow suit definitely.

Just as an answer, thank you for the discount, it makes it possible for me to go on booking with you. but while i am sure people would have considered you first because the fees were on the customers' sides, and make them realize that the amount is for the carers,  for the vet and ads. more than 15 percent will decide service providers to opt for other agencies now. personally, the moment it is over 15 %, even if i know it probably would not work, i would try to launch my own publicity as 15 % is already an excruciating fee. 

A cycle track, would it not be good? people if they can walk feel free and hopefully will know and love life and land more. 

In france the big scandal is that i think since napoleon, the farmers had to leave tracks for people to be able to circulate through the countryside. almost all of these tracks have been swallowed by farming and no one can do more than a few hundred meters at best because of illegal fencing. this your mairie should know, maybe you can use this. maybe there is no need to create tracks as the ones existing had been illegally taken away.  

It is good to follow the light of the day for sleeping.

Let's hope for the tracks though, i stopped cycling in london for fear people would start bumping into cyclists by play. and it is so dangerous without that. one cannot cycle on the borders of the roads that are dilapidated with holes all over and cars that push and speed, and the bends without any visibility. but i know what you mean, my dream would be to have a home without anything around it. and when i say anything is no trace of 'civilisation'. more and more a dream. 

Ah ok!! yes, but mayors are very good too at building homes where it is not safe to. very proficient at it. big money on it. 
what i hoped if it was my property, is that they do not start urbanizing my area, it is what would worry me. 

In fact it was a story extremely traumatizing and shameful for me, because I neglected and lost control of something extremely important to me, because this project was taking all the time I had. This project that reveals itself to have been launched unseriously. That was doomed to fail, that did not unfortunately last. That caused me, caused me but entirely by my own fault, greed and stupidity, to my horror, to not have been able even to think, to solve, to find, to love. To save. In fact I did let death kill this little dog. I killed him.

Just as an answer, thank you for the discount, it makes it possible for me to go on booking with you. but while i am sure people would have considered you first because the fees were on the customers' sides, and make them realize that the amount is for the carers,  for the vet and ads. more than 15 percent will decide service providers to opt for other agencies now. personally the moment it is over 15 %, even if i know it probably would not work, i would try to launch my own publicity as 15 % is already an excruciating fee.

Agree with you, there is however something that worries me. it is the religon or ideology race. no one of them doing nothing towards being good to nature and to life, but into establishing itself in order to take slaves or servants of others. i am not jews and i do not know if it is really representative but for example for the jews i am shocked at jewish people seeing themselves as the priests of the world, and not allowing conversion to their faith at the same time. at the inner belief of the jewish based on sacrifices...we are in a race for slavery and serfage. nothing to do with religion or spirituality. of which it should feel well humble the one thinking that the cosmos is written on pages they can read. shalom.

I wonder whether instinct does not revolve around death. Death speaking, death warmed up or warning, running, moving of sorts.

Censorship master
Pedophilia conducted on the millions of people scale through the life of mohammed the prophet of islam, piss upon him, horrify me more. and it should theresa May, the uk’s PM, and the elites of political culture as i guess they know about this prophet of which they welcome the worship, is a life of slavery maker, owners and worse even -or equal because it is hard to do better than sex slavery admittedly- deeds.
Yes, take a piece of PIE.

Thinking that advertising, that is to say paying facebook, to redress the biais in mainstream news is i think misleading. you will pay, but if you are a youtube user for a good example, that is a google user, some adverts are imposed on you a thousand times, thousands of times the same ad, about which you do not give a damn, but for sure people pay for that to be distributed. even if you pay for clicks, your political or commercial opponents might well click for you to pay into thin air. logically if people, if information is closeted then advertisement will make sure it stays this way. what i know about the opposition to mean stream agenda is that they don't try to come together and gather,...because in general they pursue themselves a very limited agenda. so until they create a unit at least for the purpose of protesting, a one -for-all grouping, we are doomed i think...i know i would be last to be welcomed- if ever, minority gay you see and moreover- but the inertia on those matters suggest that you all are playing lone. 

Pensez a ses collegues comme ca a pres toute cette merde, c est un peu bourg.
c est marrant, ca m arrange or m arrangue, la chance de vivre en campagne, si on ne pense pas que l homme vit pour tuer l animal, duquel il est en dessous, parce quel malchance au change, le predateur est une pest- pese, mais quand on en est on s endoute pas.

just to say, i can see Capita cited again and again. i was recruited by them 5 years ago, they sent a big bunch of us to china, to a huge agency blacklisted by the government. and after having so many problems in china, when recontacting Capita after the whole 2 years. the answer?  the department does not exist any longer, we can't help you. i never have though this could happen within a so huge firm...there are days you don't want to know more than the one that just went...

Who will be the light-bearer?
you have no respect for the divine or agnostic forms of other believes system, you are not predicator.

Just to say since jesus christ was before christianity, in the logics of line, who believes in a return, announced that it will be at its ends of hegemony for a restricted idea of an universe that people seriously sees as barbed, bearded.

If you forbid me to marry my wife, am a woman, i wish i d do much more of you than a, the homophobic argument.

You know one has the right to kill...if it is the only means to get out of slavery. smatching?!

In fact this month i just stopped buying vegan food for my dog, because what i bought just again really increased their prices. i cook for them now, i am vegan, i cook for them vegan. i am very lucky to be near London (for what not for the green or the fresh air), as i can buy vegan food from indian shops for a good price. but just this term i am done with commercial food. it is amusing because i bought it thinking it is so expensive it should be good... but maybe even not. let's not pay that amount to them. 

I hope someone near you can see you have it and takes it. or a charity if you can, everyone volunteers they really struggle with fundings.

Yes, i was thinking of you, i have a trick, i spend so much time waiting for transportation, etc, etc, etc, if i can (the chinese do it all the time, well at least some of them) is to stretch when you have to wait. also when my computer, many occasions for that, just stop working then i will try to remember stretching. for this it is good to stretch the very shoulders and neck that cause pain. you can do it from your chair, and also it calms the nerves and anxiety propped when facing a tool that is not ready to operate. 

I like and know copper. it is of good quality, just felt its effect on my wrist the moment i wore it. an enduring effect. 

Religions are specist. They give humanity at the center, when it is not, not taking account of other creations, only to eat them or enslave them, standing for what they would do to other species, to extraterriality but also to their own.
At least how it is mainly practiced, religion?
Extraterrial, supernatural or magic. But notwithstanding what humans do not know because they destroy instead of caring.
Of course humans and other species alike, we are in the same monde.

With standing,

Biblical clan calendar. Lane, lend. 
ok, just occured to me, these people who lives hundreds of years. could not they be familly name instead of one person only, families, schools, or temples?

Yes religion, spiritism will cm come back into mainstream discussions, into unveiled reve = dream revelation, not of higher sphere that no one can even see or regard as they banish themselves soiling the foundations. Will come back, as we will have to implore that this torture, this earth threat will be put to a stop rubbish litter is what will become our strand just like one eats become what it should not have hurt and revive death enchanting.

Corrupted and flesh-eating. well done.
Book of Enoch.

Why last attempt of the devil as the end or argamendon, because humans won't last?
Too devil.
No return policy.
Or postage is well too desensitized.

And people would use to travel the act of conversion. From a religious culture to another, when culture there had. As only marriage and cruel rules to beat up the members of one’s society while licking the others so silly, it means human aberration, that will allow them to forget they think they are god. So ok hilarious but however reduction.

The humans that think that they philosophise, but that only do is to speak a language that they happen to share from time to time jeers at animals they should have been despised by.

Poetry comes, when I first had a very rational thought, that I could not write, because of a lack of a paper, because I am tired, or to stirred still by the threat and thread of the discussion/discursion.
So then when I know that it was a idea and that I would rather writing it down, then the particular course it had taken is gone from the context and have to be reinscribed into sounds whose now wombs is the one of a brain that I have known too much connections that were redundant and worn it down, and too few of the though open (welcoming it like its child) ones it knows it should have wooed for unwind towards its soul.

 A religious judging a rock and roll singer.
wake-up, she is an artist, whose livestyle could more way ore saintly than yours is. yours, as far as this audience know, god by.

On someone who dared disagreeing on there their prophets.
did he say do not sacrifice innocent to redeem yourself?! bullocks, a presently perfected jackass. who do they think they are these animals? you should teach them to, to a tee.

To see what happens when the peste (not to confused with peseta) will understand that it let kill and kill itself its m-other, its kids, in the future, the past in all strand of time and that this space won’t be long before claiming, just howling, protection from ether, or either.
To almost damned oneself, save from knowing what a being could endure without its whole soul- or a worse version of that has to be seen- but that one who would think of dying not, but to lure one’s destiny, famously, no one can.
Just the prayers to wish to do better.

'Jia' is a homophone to another character meaning ‘false’; and the other Chinese family name 'Zhen' is a homophone for the word ‘real’

I am thinking of reading chinese literature. but thinking of contemporary literature, i really am wondering how a text about chinese life in english could be translated in french, as references if still in chinese may be difficult to cross-checked due to censorship. i am not clear on that, but i wonder how difficult could be to check on what is really there. in some cases even english is very very absent from the chinese web and above all when it comes to describe localities.

Not to understand the social complexity of a dialogues even in your own language, because of not knowing the cultural class or regional connotations. Cult, lut. Lute, loot.
i am sure i would have made the same mistake as the parisians. though i really love the french quebecois.
but my thinking is that in a good play that want to be international you find devices to explain what joual is.  or if you don't you are bound to lose the sap, the living energy of what you said. i know that although it is a few years now i try to understand the quebecois better, if it was really slang, i would not get the 3/4. and that is enough to put me off. mais moi vous voyez, je trouve que joual ou cheval c est tellement romantique.
i think that in london, the effect could be massive actually, because it would be the means for english speaking people to have a translation of the expressive mode of a language they normally cannot understand. moreover when it is in this particular situation of being much closer to anglophones than to other francophones geopolitical relations. i would tag quebecois as being very strong in images, i think they are an absolute treat when literaly transmitted.

The bible is the Christians, that insist it is the word of god, why, because theyw wo wo wrote it. And the Christians are proved ….

Unfortunately, in that example it is a maze that is quite hermetic. for example for chinese people phrases such as tianmen square story or even contemporary history such as the famines under Mao, is completely under censorship, so how could people check what chinese people feel, think or know about subjects that cannot be found on the web used by the chinese.
I think in these situations the web, which is our principal tool now to research our subjects, does not apply or is used to create a vacuum.

Of course the electronic wall, also censors an incredible amount of all western media too. Chinese people cannot have access to millions, billions of documents produced outside china.

I was wondering if you are the person lauching a campaing against gay stoning. if yes i have further info to give you.
see this site:
Just to add, i have been sent by capita to a darklisted agency in china, they let us completely astray, never have helped and say their department had been dismantled when due to provide a reference after the 2-year period work, or labor as it should be now named more appropriately.

To come back to one's work hours or days later, is also in order to forget and recreate from afresh, giving them the translator more than one possibility.

I wondered about why I did not try to study literature. The answer for me came up when I read literary critics that were of excellent quality. I understood then that I did not understand the texts I read. Good literature is full of references and is, many academics, described narration as being like a thread. That is to say the writer choose one word and not another for a very strong reason and that will give the book its meaning, mystery, a symbolic system, a psychology, depths, wrought-textures and strength, etc…or alike to the creation of a skin, a content, contended, organs and finally a body, that can take life itself when articulated.
In a text, when critics work they usually create echoes, linking everything they said about everything else pre or post suggestions.
It is when I understand I was not talented at it- it will generally ask from the ones who write or want to decipher a large and developed culture. Not necessarily through reading.
I do not think it is possible at all to start translating before having read a text. Or else, it will be anything but literature.


Knot or untie.

Naught, note, or the shaking of thoughts unfounded.

Even for the depiction of the wild, or anything else, but nature is so powerful and plentiful, well originally for us to see... one has to treat scenery just like characters in literature, i think it is the main thing i have been taught at uni about literature.

I am not one to use antibiotic lightly but it worked magic. also it is less impacting on her feathers, i had to use liquid hibbi. good luck with your study. i hope you do not use animals in laboratory. it is not long ago i realise how badly animals are tortured even by academics. i worked in care, i am sure psychopaths choose that line of profession just so they can do it. with the society who agrees...max thrill.

The resistants are the ones that go against a fashistic regime and have lost what was previously in their lives to beat it or to try to. Some have lost everything, the saints are the ones that never counted it all their lives enduring. But a society that wants saints, people suffering just because they won’t be help towards bravery, is a society of perversity such that it drifts towards a nazillon system.
And then when, if the resistants are won, they may, sometimes, often, they may or they will- or shall depending the sources read and respected- be replaced by the other guys that now will condemn perhaps drastically, without compassion (no that you don’t fight, but the humility that tells you that your life has also been cultural- what would I have done if borne in a criminal family- though pray that the ex-crimes might support resistance, that in cases crimes left them outside the acknowledgement and approvement of this bounding sclerotic apparel.

The other guys that will when the time is opportune, take away the discourse, modified, of the resistance, their strength and force, their weapons above all, not to continue to combat but to seize it all. Perpetuation so of a collaborative movement that do not care about anything but to seize goods and soil ideas.

One slang or dialect cannot have a complete equivalent in another culture.
To find the equivalent in translation is impossible when art of one’s language has been used.
yes, but maybe it is this the magic of communication between cultures is to convey that the other cultures possess features that are absent from the one the audience is accustomed by. i find that reading about different ways of expressing things is just magical- open new doors to thought and representation. also it means that maybe one does not have to go for the equivalent but also for the transcription of what cannot be equated with, because they do have this quality of being different.

Maybe it is also the proper, or propeller, the destiny of art itself, as after all literature whose tool is languages is one.

Not the ST, i was not thinking of the ST, interesting i have not though at all of forgetting about it yet. i think i am not at ease enough maybe. i try to stay very close to it, because i know i would tend to go to far from it if 'released', or free to do so. i cannot picture a moment when i can forget about the ST but i know it is a short-coming also.  i think i would find it hard to strike a balance.
no, just forgetting about the one-track way your brain at one point decided to go with. later some other contexts, ideas, aims, semantic field, and the way it can link it all, may come by.

Chinese chatbot vanishes after spurning Communist Party
China's largest internet company has quietly deleted a chatbot which told users it does not love the Communist Party.

C.ET: but this is already in practice in the western industry. Already is partisan, not meaning that it has been poisoned by other, meaning western is in itself a filthy censor.

They do this to everybody, but also to people who does not earn millions and thereby can throw a legal party.

People, souls, rather, will not be bother quitting this world. Not because it is not wonderful, but on the contrary because it being destroyed, often by the same people that attempt to redefine happiness pursuit- or are we trying to go with a smile, to what shore if here we have been sould.


To wait that the atmosphere permit for writings to become what thy are” writings.
A calling, calling to reason, and that, one who will rea-rise all contentions to be strength to reckon with, and not the umpire impious union umptieth failing.

English, german crown. German ottoman.
Ice melting, priest of the world, sacrificeice melting, priest of the world, sacrifice

French courts

As a french  I d like and need especially you to know

Towards the homogenization of the cultures or rather the hegemony of the ones that are self-serving and adapt to whatever just to eat, drink, slave, rite, and riot notwise notwithstanding.
You just or they just has to say for you: similarity the women always has been low and with them the homos. And that is it, you have a common enemy. Homophobia and misogyny.

You said respect with the very aim of demanding adore, suspicious.highly so.
Servant, it is what you are looking for.
Tedious, to stay polite, theus! the jok-.

Play with characters.

Alter, altar.

Immigration is good, from the pint pin point oint of view of the sadist, that you call on slaves or grey matter, brought up by others. That you will create utter povery for. Is savy, no more to say than this. It is an inert intern -ash ion all elites and their fleas conspiracy. Flee. But where. Revolt but whom -womb- and against what and how? without in not many days no food.

Comb-ine, com-bin-e.
Combine, how much or how many in France.

Sorry to have asked, was tired, should have googled it. - i mean not with google necessarily. i am using ecosia nowadays. if you use them they plant trees. also just a tip use more than one the difference in results is sometimes astonishing.

To emergently say, the new inquisition could come from where unexpected for still the major majority. To research more but I found Islamic sites prohibiting witchcraft, i.e. druids, again, any other rites, trad and rites and wed, and the gypsies. For their eyes on india that will also come handy. And half of the thousands miles around Germany- well la boheme.

They won’t try to trace all Hispaniola, Iberia, luso, Galicia, italiano, polish, ukrainien and other slave-romano-russo deployed- still luckily. Deplore-explore. 

WHY dos they say it is a miracle animals talking these species so original?
because no ones listens, you want people and animals animate miracles for you?first step: stop kill them. or else, it is a special miracle you will have to witness. i guess.

I have no idea why Charlie hebdo does not work with me. it is so incredibly slow on my computer on any search engines. i do not have microsoft explorer but i have edge. and edge cannot even open the page, while everything is alright with all other websites. i am really really intrigued. look it is not possible to do anything on your side. i just hope for others the site is easy to access. thank you.  i ll try on my other computer.

The ones that claim to be against cherry Charlie Hebdo, contribute to assassination, and not only of them, but on all people (not peoples- countries are to subservient to aspire to this idea) that want to live.

Make sure your desk is ergonomic when you will go to the new place, without it, you ll get injuries. i just bought a vertical mouse, changed the hand positions. less handy but i use both for the muscles to have a bit of variety. without it, being on a computer for me is line in chains at F-ord. 


To the people saying god gave the essence of life in their deadly book.
sacrifices – even death by accident- means you have a stained satan of a spirit and mind. nothing changes, of what is was at the beginning. which is not your goodleaktickbook.

Occur, concur. Acc, ax he dents.

Access, accident.

Human with choice that eat animals in all conscience or are ignorant, and nowhere is to be seen nature around them, or is so superficial that they won't mind other humans killed the same, or do it in full conscience and are satanic and therefore soon to be said, laid and slain.

human with choice that eat animals in all conscience or are ignorant, and nowhere is to be seen nature around them, or is so superficial that they won't mind other humans killed the same, or do it in full conscience and are satanic and therefore soon to be said, laid and slain.

And if or when waned nature is not to be seen, it is because humanity has been pushed further down proudingly, proding paradise lost. The end of their purgatory.

And od not think of buying places in Tibet or rebuying it, humanity is unity.

With the animal reign (neigh for the noble, the conquest of horse has ended, no roads is long enough or fear of trafficking) and all oath others she can, she has seen. Scene, sceau (sea-l) seat, see eerie.

Translation approach.
A very very fair point. for the audience i thought the same, but thinking that pippi was so successful that adults could want to read it. or read it with their kids. to me the whole approach has to stay flexible. the best on each sentence or each segment of sentences or whatever however you will link your phrases and connect the logics. whatever is the best wins. why not foreignising one and domesticating the other? to keep it as rich maybe in the poetic pippi's long stockings stranded, stranged, maybe estranged even situation, the more eclectic-dialectic the better. a A for her on all matters.

I stopped reading but still go for audio books. the rest of what i really read is non-fiction. well in fact wonder if argumentative, and the lack of real journalistic investigations do not verge on the fictional, or artistic in that case, lacking the flex. or propaganda also. lately on audio book i read Russian Classics, i love short-stories, so 

Ok, i ll try that one. maybe you d like POE, Coleridge and vincent Prize. maupassant
has a hypnotic writing style, but his stories in my opinion lack in real surprising outcomes i think- reading all the short-stories by everybody and arrive at the same conclusion- in the search of a quickly and strategically obtained and lasting revelation. But his writing is definitely addictive and attractive.

Stretching is super important, but also ample moves, rotations, you know like cardio. make the articulations work. but with sports is what one loves, the rest is too boring. limbs and joint moves, should or are done with every sport, they are just moves to allow your body to go on, and get united or untied. mind i talk but on a desk all day long i could not physically do it. i move like a zombie after a while. if i had money...definitely i think i would categorise you among people who needs a sport, you can see your body is dynamic.
Shoulders i have been told is the most complex joint in the body. many times of moves they can do, at different degree. plus near the head, the neck and throat, near the cardiac, diaphragm and respiratory system. All the upper back. take care of them. :)
I so don’t do it, and ache that only writing about it, mentioning it…hopefully have some effects.

I am vegan, but still gets a, the hellish problem- plants are sentient.

People claiming they have been chosen.
Thinking that man or humanity has been chosen makes you haphasard and confused, for the still a little bit good, or not completely wasted. for the others i t is just the mocking way to defy lives, all lives, and feed themselves with it. why? let's hope that will eat up itself and not even talking about history, please for the planet and its other inhabitant quite fast. Man, here was the hope all animals could get organised with a common log, maybe it was that, but the moment people think the others are food, then. it won't be dust to dust, but nothing more than smoke.

I think jewish writing looks a lot like Sanskrit.

i am unable to really counting the meter and the iambs (I am b, rmb)... i also made a choice around the time i spent, and naturally i would sacrifice this measurement.
Yes, not anything technical and also i think i can do ok things with vocabulary but i know the rythm is not in.  i don't know a note. mau homonyme, mots and maux, and passant - passing, like by-standers through the passage of time, the ever-glittering reminiscences, like the breath of a mouth, not that of a spring, swallowing. for them that describe ghosts, and passing but vibrant or exhilarating vision, that will change the course of what a person will think and feel of lifes for life. and its passage towards alternative words, as death is always here, or still here, her and the revenants. where to go, or where are we about to depart- though it is unlikely to be the void for very long, and less yet eternity- we don't know. A sense of it maybe when mirroring of a life lost and never filled, but the directions of further time, in a land that we would like welcoming when we eat the one who used to be. It is a cerberusian door as it is none for us to even have experienced the place just below, so not mentioning what is well beyond, our wildest appreciations.
Apres, pres. = after, near, in french, later= ate,

Apprêt, pret           
To clothe in readiness?

Translations of Mallarme

Its nails, pure, high-perched dedicating onyx.
Anguish, tonight, support the flame-bearer,
Many dreams, vespa-like, burned by the phenix
That did not hold their ashes in an urn.
On an altar, emptied living: ptyx is none
Abolished ornament foolishly resounding,
(as the master has gone to well out tears in the styx
With this sole object taken by the void for self-adorning.)
But close to the crossing of the north, vacant, one or
Agonizing according perhaps against the background
Of unicorns fleeing (freeing from) fire galloping towards a nicor,
Nymph, her, dead remains and in the mirror undressed, yet
Who, in the oblivion set by the frame, shall bring still
Standing in scintillations, this instant, the septet.

I focused on the order in which the words appear, literal here.
After this I concentrated on giving back a bit of echoing in sounds and rhymes.
I am completely unable to do anything technical with poetry, as I cannot count the music of its words.

I think it is better not to touch the structure here, and the image. I think it might be a highly imaged poetry, very heavily based on the culture of magic, and Egypt, etc. so sources of secrecy… and even why not coded.

Communication is from a certain form of intelligence towards another, the only possibility for interaction is their overlapping view. 2 geniuses not enlightened in similar ways, would not understand each other. Our interactions with other species is this, only humans do not even attempt to communicate, but mostly nick-ate.


Margherita Laera: So I first thought of this project when the idea of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU was first being floated in 2013. And I thought, I want to do a project that is about how theatre might encourage intercultural dialogue. I started to look at how British theatre dealt with translation and translation practices in the UK. And the first thing I discovered was that very few translations were actually being produced. Only three percent of plays that are put on every year in the UK are originally written in a language other than English. So then I started to look at how the plays that were being produced in translation were actually being translated. And I realised that there was a lot of concealing of difference in order to adapt those differences, so that audiences wouldn’t feel challenged by them. I’ve always conceived other theatre as a place where you go to encounter other worlds and invent new worlds, so I like being challenged at the theatre, and I realised that those kinds of translations weren’t really doing it for me. And I came across a theorist called Lawrence Venuti, who in the nineteen nineties started to theorise foreignisation. Essentially Venuti says that translation is a domesticating practice. What that means is that with translation you take something that is foreign, and you turn it into something that is familiar, something that people can access. In that process, what happens is that most of the cultural differences of that source text are obliterated. So Venuti asks what is the politics and what is the ethics of this practice of domestication, and how can we counteract this?

Support working job.
Differences in translations, or in texts directly.
I would say differences of interest. in french i keep on finding things about transhumanism and nuclear wastes, i have not came across with in english on day-to-day basis, in relation with shells and shelter.
In english, the collection of what is to be human, for example could reveal to be a difficulty while a series like this has been left less explored. also for example the differences between diplomas or nvqs, one in france, the other one, more or less equivalent in the uk. in french, Support working jobs training was about psychology and paramedical notions, in england it was a lot about law. 2 different approaches to train the same professionals with similar roles.

You are ars on unchristain that you don't know that the first anti-christ was unchristian or so like so...don't want even to waste my time.
The bible contains everything, it is why you are waiting. :) instead of being truly virtuous, not to the high of your fabricated book, but to live that would teach you. life and its holiness, and says that we are, and were here below close to hell as death is here, and death is provoked by this idiot man. or  pathetic men.

Virtue, woo towards.
No per-vert. thinking your killings are superb or just, sod.

Un clin
Enclin, declin.

Suicide d’un commissaire qui en savait peut-être trop sur l’affaire “Charlie Hebdo”

Le directeur adjoint du service régional de police judiciaire (SRPJ) de Limoges, Helric Fredou, 44 ans, s’est donné la mort avec son arme de service dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi alors qu’il se trouvait au sein des locaux de la police de Limoges, a-t-on appris de source policière.

i was first picturing two rabbits with myxomatosis. once i walked near crematorium- mental health job- and found a dying bunny. nothing could be done, so i took him here, i just nursed him for a few hours, i think he was a baby. when he died, i rarely wept like i did on that day. it was for him, and also i d looked without mourning after many animals, even then.
A reminder of how badly i needed a 'pet'. any pet but a pet, the problem with other pets than cats and dogs is house-training, so i gave up. i am not patient with handling enough. 

To top stop the dog doing cra zy thing like eating the stairs.
When mimi or lili do things i cannot overlook, here s what i do. one i definitely ban them from going into the main room when we are not there. they became possessive of it, and go and pee there each time there s an issue. and this room is a total hell to clean and also there is less space to keep in check. So before the repeated pees they could go, no more. almost every day. i love garlic and onions a lot so sometimes i simply cannot. but most of it, i share my meal with my dogs. their pellets of course, but every day my meal or some treats. if they did something bad, i d never stop what is healthy but superfluous i stop for the time i think they need to have a think about what they have done. cutting down on special attention, also, because cleaning after them and cuddling after. I mean they have to know it is too hard be or stay happy. they like food, very nice food, it is not good when it is not there. and a cat, adopt an adult cat, you d leave him at your parents!
Have a nice weekend.

-        ‘As animals move up the evolutionary ladder’
They have bu like people have managed to spurn autistic even dumb ep people for e centuries, so they do with animals.
Should they prove it, the animals, they would be experimented on, exploited or killed.
Dies, dei.

Je dirais que majordomes peut sembler etre moins naturelles en francais. to translate term of servility it is less common than in anglophone country, it is one of our 'cultural and socio-economic or political' big gaps. it think here the audience are two different ones, on those terms. and it could be of some use to keep it distinct, i mean not making sure that a worker in french be translated by a serf in english hopefully.


P-RESENT cause,

Gift, if, lift, rift, fit.

Between nixon, bushes and the Mormon that almost get elected, I don’t see why you d like to make America great again. It is just as if.

I do have the item but wonder why you have been removed. i am worried the goods are not what they say they are. i.e i wear sun spectacle that do not protect me from the UV.

Compare 2 websites one French the other English version of the same big cain chains.
On the English website, you are asked to do one more click, that does not bring anymore info. There is less info than on the French. The layout of the French one is on more than 1 column, newspapers style. The English one goes only on 1 column.
For the same amount of info, the French does it over 3 columns, the English one you have to scroll.
After this the amount of the French description of the product is really more details.

Cleaning instructions, Articles complémentaires with links and marketing, Plan(s) de montage, avis (review) , et most importantly Description du produit, that is the materials it is composed of. All of those does not appear on the English link.

Cain chains.
‘Cahin, cahan’.

You mean 'je pense donc je....

se pen

These people are a paid to explain that what happens is not good for nature and y by consequent not good for human beings. No one or almost will tell you it is not good for nature so we have to stop it, they will have to explain that it is not good for you. Like these people saying to you they are paid for nothing but telling you that things will be deadlier and deadlier, and that in all logics, their logics, of the food chain, that you will did like the fish eating plat plastic. And seeing this an again and again, who will be compassionate of your fate.
Last in f the list the animals, and for the humans, they should be stopped, not reassured nor praised.

Psychology of the mass
Still not for the other species that will have to think about them being disempowered facing the tragedy and the comedy of this inhumane.

Amongst the clergy, it is not preaching about global order but social order.

When you had close to nothing, you can understand hw why and how some people may in all piousity to decide and throw themselves, launch as well, into a cause, that is able some other ideals convey.
But then there are these ep people who have been completely disposed, dispossessed, and there are these people who have less than the nothing, no one else can hardly, and at all imagine.
People epopee eponym by proxy.
Pope a hope, rope and soap.

Vivant" renverrait au vivant animal, végétal et humain.
And this examplifying what all that human being hb, did not understand nor respect. Thinking there were only what they can eat that were alive, and eating them all the same.

 I thought the blanket could suit the color of your mother's kitten, i noticed that the dogs like to camouflage themselves a lot and curl themselves in similar color to them, it may be reassuring at times. 

One of the biggest translation dilemmas was on the topical sentence. The French text says: ‘La parole est à la défense ‘. There are numerous instances of this saying which is linked to court processes. In English the translation I chose is ‘the defense may now speak' that is a literal translation (                    ) of the French text. I did find a few texts using this expression, however it did not seem to be used by the judges in English jargon; phrases such as ‘you may proceed’, ‘Please present your case’, ‘Present your opening statement’ (Oneida County Youth Court, 2019) being spoken instead. After searching for alternative phrases, I finally opted for the literal version. What motivated my decision is that the ability to speak has historically and presently being taken into account in the granting of legal rights. If nature needs a representative to articulate its rights, one of the most notable injustice of the psychiatric and legal world had been to consider the inability of people to speak as evidence of their mental and intellectual disabilities (Colley, 1999) (Harvey, 1857) (Crowley, 2018), these scientific or medical assessments in turn instrumentalised in determining their diminished legal status
Amusingly enough it is recommended universally to pay a lawyer to be represented anyway.
As who can equally articulate before the at artifice of justice, often proud to be mafia and capitalist.

A triumvirate (Latin: triumvirātus) is a political regime ruled or dominated by three powerful individuals known as triumvirs (Latin: triumviri).

·  Birmingham Circumcision Clinic For Infants, …
Welcome to Birmingham Circumcision. Birmingham Circumcision Clinic is one of the largest circumcision service providers in the UK and Europe. We carry out circumcisions on babies, children of all ages and adults.

iI finally know why some translations were a bit inaccurate. it might be using good but still very standard translation machine that gives a text but not as good as human translation. a lot of translations will be done by machine, with a guy still spending time reviewing it. I use now a machine, the OU gave us the link a few months ago, for free for the moment, it is so good it is astonishing, nothing to do with google translate, it is called 'catmate'. On it, you do not have to do it all, you can just change a few words and the result is astonishing. i think with less performing machine, people would give the text almost as it is, but what the machine is able to do is still too far from a good translation, it would just give an idea of the text. 

Un missile hypersonique chinois aurait volé à 7 344 km/h

Carrie. cross


Prepare now for accelerating climate threats, military officials warn

Thursday, 21 February 2019 16:51 GMT

C.ET: the best supporters of denial and backing political moribund, will now be in charge of cleaning? No, even not, but gathering the funds that their previous masters’, or rather that their masters previously conscientiously worked Wreck
wrecked it.

C.ET: incredibly difficult sites to access, easy guess, every slut of a putainist, petainist, Islamite, the same, hacker is on it.

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

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The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

C :  CHARLIE HEDBO, incredibly difficult sites to access and this on a daily basis and on several browsers, easy guess, every slut of a putainist, petainist, Islamite, the same, hacker is on it.

I hope you did have time to enjoy dublin. i regret now to have not enjoyed the places i went to for work thinking i would never settle. and all of a sudden i understood that if i did not stop somewhere i could not form a couple, and that i could not opt for. at all. but i really wish i had made the best of it, or at least more, when i was where i was instead of being blase with transportation. i was listening a radio program about the privatisation of airports in france, and you know the gilets jaunes demonstrations about the rise in price of petrol and people having financial problems to just commute to work, and they said that the combustible for planes is not taxed and it is why trains are far more expensive etc... maybe this will change. it is a necessity for nature. i love traveling so much. but they should make it possible to travel by planes and to have to travel less often. some green ngos and parties invite guests to talk, for a 1 hour lecture on green issues and they make it compulsory for the guests to take planes for this and go round the world for one hour talk instead of doing it through skype...
at unis they do the same for human rights lectures and so on. on duty.
have a very nice weekend. take pleasure resting also.
and never ever rush with your car. you have something that reminds me of my mum a bit, so in case i ll repeat. 
never ever rush with your car. my mum is by any means racy, but behind a wheel, the car becomes a sport, a grand rally... at least when i was a kid. now, i don't know, i don't see my father anylonger. good rid. 

And never do stupid things behind the wheel neither. I did both. I thank god I stopped driving – I happened to stop. Or it happened that I topped. before some horror.

This bracelet does not look new. i am into copper and i never saw a new one like this. i won't leave you a negative feedback because this object has a very high personal value for me. and i do not want to be negative. but i want you to know that for any other item i would have asked you for some refund.

You know why fully human, because in no time, it is something other than human that will rule, and you know the best about it. humans cannot be in charge, they destroy their chance to have loved. so of course, they are still in the race, but wisdom?? all managerial for them on its topic, and therefore on all other, is gone.

I am not talking about transpeople that relinsh the adventure, but of the ones that have been forced or compelled to disown their sex but also the gender that have been pre-made for everybody to endorse the same, a pre=made, shamefull and though idiotic recipe. A toss of the brain that the ones whom adher to it are so deadbrain and brain washed that they think they are normal.
Ormal, hormone. Dormal.

The text does not talk about (hiding from) children but infantilization. Make you think, make you feel, make you talk, make you react, make you vote, make you do, make you discriminate, make you eat, make you ate and love, make you make. It is like that, the world. Make you sneer at, nozzle, muzzle. Emotions dependencies for crippled. Sorry hating, so for crippling.
maybe it is also about the dictact of what emotions are, if they are and what they should be. also emotions can be made to replace actions, sentiments, thoughts maybe. a culture thing. embroiled in emotions, or when emotions drive us in the wrong direction or to a stand-still maybe. suppression of those can be of the same manipulative fabric, social reproduction versus individual, personal, intimately-corresponding, independently lived and well-weighed constructions. why not here to give an idea of how badly this is commonly use hint at aversion therapies?

I also was expecting a room in a spanish villa with in the shadow a shoe-horse like commuting wall in black and white, like in a chien andalou. to have opened the scene to a court-yard makes the noise coming from the funerals that is really omnipresent in the scene, be even more part of the characters- possibly an interaction (though in the film one cannot hear the procession, in the play it is heard). it is well done to be in the open-air as it is like we are listening to a pseudo secret that is being divulged to the whole village and procession at the same time. the way the chief-servant, the governess talk is really theatrical, she talks for her voice to be heard beyond the villa's walls. one can feel them approaching as a table is laying down for them. the first scene is painful because of the servant french-polishing the floor, a huge area in the patio, it means that what she is performing can only be an endless chore. this way the weight of the hierarchy abuses and locks upon the individuals is clearly set and made this oppression, one that cannot be lifted. a croissant? sacrosanct and repeated types of exchanges, irritated, ritualized observations. and an immutable play. the set of a set.

Potion, passion.

just saw ad, pardon, juste visionner nurofen pub, ils disent que les maux de tetes peuvent venir des positions mauvaises prises au travail, specialement assis a un bureau. 

I never had that sort of infection before, and i rescued a pigeon 6 months ago, she is gabrielle, a very very nice pet, and in googling it i realised that serious diseases could be spread-but it is 1000 times rarer than i understood it from google, skin lesions that resembled just what i got.

Checking the inbox emails so often, because it cannot be anything of importance, real value in there. As when something of real value strikes your lives is busy with it ever after, the works spin one on and out.

Relgion prays for power, as sine since it if they preay prayed for god, they would do so attending any and every of the world’s creatures. Not by loving an image they think they made.

A is very nice. just they all pester me to follow me in the house, which i banned. unfortunately i do not know the region, but that south is super. i know the montpellier region, and around perpignan. montpellier is middle age is beautiful and you know perpignan in summer is the cricket atmosphere, perpetual singing is just beautifully haunting and becoming. but maybe do not go that west, and keep it for a next trip, also not far the pyreneans or near the tarn gorges is really unbelievable. - my knowledge 25 years ago, canoe kayak there, splendid, magic, dry and sunny, rocky, yellow and though green.
if i was where you are i would look where i could find the wildest, free from tourists, i d rent a car. and also go to some sites, with old castles. middle ages things or artist villages maybe, to sleep-in. go for the wildest, it is why france is still in. the beauty there is to be at the convergence of mountain, sun, seas elements but surely the most tranquil will mean further from the coastline. do the coastline on one day and free yourselves from it on another one. a bit of fresh air and the flavor of the vegetation too. the year i stayed in china. i left my partner be in charge of the holidays. the internet was poor where i worked, i had none where i lived, and i was struggling with finishing a course, etc, etc. she did not do anything towards researching it but booked us on a hotel for ever (we could have cancelled, but i gave in, as i did not want to spend the 5 min a term i had with her on the internet). i should have organized it myself, so i have been had. results: i missed visiting china, where i will never go again, i want to avoid using planes. while it is looking at china landscapes that initiate me to complete meditation by only looking at pictures before even been recruited to go and teach there. you need to prepare these things. moreover as it becomes scarcer and scarcer, nature. they manage nature. all other in officials papers it is how they word it, manage it towards humans' sense of profit. and when you see how they manage the rest...

People and victims of murders committed for gains and advancement of fashism (i.e not in a reaction to self-preservation) to commemorate the shoah in some ww2 guettho enter in a bar joke.  it was yesterday the anniversary so. but i have nothing that can release the tension to say.

Everything is in our story about destroying and around it our demented stories of loath and love, or the ones that made us alive, surviving or going further than the debased high t reason otherwise owned.

Power Distance
I could not say. social conventions, social strates or immobility, social and cultural diversity all might be shaping, unshaping or contribute in some sense to emotional development or obstacles (hinderment) or its reverse make people focus on emotion rather than thinking or action. i don't know.
Parents also respond to social expectations, power or disempowerment- positively or negatively so.
You know aversion therapies- it is the perfect example of how people are ready to kill someone just because of their genders. it is perfectly ok for females to fancy males but not so for males, et v/v. it is elaborated and consensual torture and imprisonment in reality.

Power Distance, we need to interpret emotional dependency as greater reliance by the less powerful on those who hold power.
This phrase is extremely powerful and just says that the one holding the emotions are just under scrutiny, like a rat in a lab maybe. because you know at anytime anyone can tell you that it is not appropriate what you feel, or how you look, and when you are in a servile position, i think we all are though, any pretext can be summoned and if you do not want to say it is because of the way you worked then you will target people psychologically, you are asked  to respond emotionally while the one in power can get rid of this demand and act immorally. ???
To support that claim that i might be stronger in france, that emotional dependency, france famously used its medical staff or psychologists to target people. in other countries, you do not need to prove or say that you staff shows signs of depression to fire or to avoid hiring him- instead of evaluating their work and the goodness of what they are asked to do,, infrastructures, ... but i ll be honest i have no notion of psychology and i know I am be very bad at it. psychology is a very important domain too, but might, like all others, be used sadistically. what emotionally you need to induce to convince people of the goodness of inequality? i guess nothing that good. a sense of fate, mediocrity, and biological limitation and despair, mistaken for love or strength or real connection often.

Really amusing, today, bbc just before 5. scientists say the Neandertals’ faces conveyed emotions, essential to the communication (ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link) and by extension the survival of the species.

What one can answer: communication ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link. i think that the opinion they say they have is a stance on eugenics. that is people again that say that the controls of emotions are keys to survival to evolution and they say it as it was premises: and you would have to agree... muzzled, muted.  interestingly, muted, mutant.
Or it is because emotion is here cofounded, mixed up with servility or immaturity. or in a world of emotion when people are made ignorant of wars, they are in fact put in a prison. the need for people to strike a balance with emotions ok, we all strive for love, though that is sentiment, but i don't know maybe emotion are a flow, sensation, instincts, that happy or not we have to understand.
Or are we talking about deference, and also showing respect for what is corruption?

Starting by love your dad 100 times a day, while the same person renders your mum miserable, and want nothing good for their family... clan spirit complex, might be wanting to be too on self-protection, or might want to trade with other tradesperson clans = trade your kids in that same scenery.

ALSO, an English person, can say to their family more easily, I take my bag and go around the world with a passport that is a key and a language I can work with, not a French person. but also english society i d say is more rigid due to the royals, and the same royals asking for a respect on traditions (all traditions and religions) rather than the modernity. mind it is the modernity that has defined how things used to be, you know history written by the conquerors. so i am not sure one has to put so much pressure emotionally if they can do so 'philosophically'.
Also in England there is less scrutiny in how the power is exerted, independent regulators, so if one cannot fire you in france without having to give good examples of how you failed, instead of setting-up people with verifiable lies they will do it on feelings. Too nervous, bizarre attitudes, etc..etc, temp-tress. Of course, derision, but in the mouth of the devil can be found fountains of trumpery.
Also it is old school to pretend to target someone emotionally, to suppress their emotions or all sorts, why in fact it is done for question of politics. One will say that homos are not good, abnormal, etc. that is to say to dismiss, while what they want is this distortion, this tension, that makes people dead with sickness, and what makes the ones that want hurt and so wounded people for free, makes other thrive on the annihilation of competition. But not only. It is so entertaining to be able to watch daily inflicted misery by people who mocks the same reason why they say they did it-morals.

Really amusing, today, bbc just before 5. scientists say the Neandertals’ faces (protruded features) conveyed emotions, essential to the communication (ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link) and by extension the survival of the species.

What one can answer: communication ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link. i think that the opinion they say they have is a stance on eugenics. that is people again that say that the controls of emotions are keys to survival to evolution and they say it as it was premises: and you would have to agree... muzzled, muted.  interestingly, muted, mutant.

Je suis le premier à la ligne d'arrivée mais je ne suis pas le vainqueur. Qui suis-je ?
You know the pun between ‘etre’ and ‘suivre’, i found people used in for charlie hebdo. puns are certainly not humorous all the time.

Joking about a french icon. :) i admit that since his death and understanding he went to the usa to disinherit his first kids i stopped liking it- above all from one who has been given songs of as good quality as 'Laura'. it is maybe because he was a singer, not a song writer. but i learnt my poetic french in knowing our best songs at times by heart, and halliday is the greatest in concert. while many best of all composers end up singing badly when singing live, halliday was just faultless. he may be an english joke, but he was an american follower.

You-th , you see numeral, multitude, numerous. and when it comes to halliday it did not leave anything to their first kids.

Peaple, (pis). pee-pole.
Definite rendition of the tree of life.


You-th , you see numeral, multitude, numerous. and when it comes to holiday it did not leave anything to their THIRSTY (first) kids.
Water is soiled and our souls are empty.

Peaple, (pis). pee-pole.
Definite rendition of the tree of life.


That is 'pis' standing for pire in old french, you know apple joice. it is ve’ggie or pure oil.
Don't  try maria, it is not that interesting, they are wild distanciated unbiblical terroir com-posty puns- s il en est, if so. i followed the laboratory spirit, in humour style, the interviewee said one could take during a course. ..
Ahs, ash, vache, taches.
Se trouve qu on retourne poussieres. si ere.

A tree turned a pole, when killed and used for human, people affairs. Ppppppppppppppppppppppppphiss.

Virgin, verge.

Toulon by the way, very military, very trafficky and mafia too. and it is a france i just had a glimpse of  only there. it is breathtaking of singularity, the crossroads of all these elements without being an island. 
I’ ll recommend you a piece of nature, as long as it is still there- even if it is in reality gone, not all gone, but all went into prayer. Mac qui?
La guerre.

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Microclimates define small areas, like an individual row of vines or section of a vineyard. Available at: (Accessed: 5 oct 2017)

[ii] Definition of clos, plural clos \"\: a French vineyard; especially : one enclosed by a wall —often used prepositively in a compound naming such a vineyard or its wine (as Clos-Vougeot, a vineyard in the Côte-d'Or, or the red Burgundy produced from its grapes). Available at: (Accessed: 5 oct 2017)

[iii] Top or great vintage wines.