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Blute nur, du liebes Herz: VI For me. form

Blute nur, du liebes Herz: VI
For me.

Humility as for being helped, without the substance of spirits, devoid of hope is the p quete, quest.

This brave people trying to assess who is showing fashist.
Are dangerously out of the mark and point, funny enough.
Our societies are fashists, calling trials to human rights and duties, utopia. And trying to spot the eventual nazi like if it was to calm down a little bit. For the moment, we don’t need that. And social pressures are not this tone; wait your turn maybe, us are the chameleon witting for the money, your houses, our children that make us feel full-fledged and fleshy.
The rest, I know anytime that I would have to sell my companion )note on marriage by the way, chums(.

It is all they have to worry about these people and you know why?
Because it is the untold drama of their emotional and the rest freedom.
Don’t think of sex, think of maturity.
And those of their society that would permit but the hope of money.
Common agreement on what?
The end of greediness, through reciprocity.

To be gutted at someone because they call the ones they pay for doing, their stuff mainly, a servant.
To calm down and think that cultural must be, an in fact no. Servant is an English word isn’t it?
So wat, calm down because here we weren’t servant because we used to hope for better education, they close universities to the poorer, we used to hope for time for oneself, what will happen?
Are we sure to be employee? Yes a propos your salary?
The job is good? Would we work under the same regulation? Would it us goad to god? Or was the sin holly?

There cannot have revolutions, as since people are a cattle, they would run towards the new fafshion in rambling manner, trampling on each other, as killing nature has been their distraction.

  Find the keys of some of anyone demons is some of what is called withcraft.

To mae love when the rain is ing. When sounds innondate and no one comes under but the birds seeing what will have blossom their reign and out of the human wisdom break their chains.

When you are saying that one has to be modest, in front of the universe, as one cannot do more than its very same tiny, whilst your life is coming towards the money that brings life and no its liberty, then one unmistakable logics: there is a lot that you hide about this very same modesty model of your or mine.
B o

You might ne be killed as the am main bribery amongst human.
Do you really think the way it is important to be among?
Youmight ne be tortured?
Is it not one, to stay without naught?
-and with the liberty to fight for life, the sole way we have on life on knot, heaven not and the land of virginity, to try again is how won’t hope be vanishing out of the way.

am vegetarian you know in fact i think i d rather to live in the dinosaurs’ area.
As when our era will finish it probably be the way we pour poison, industrially.
And individually.

When you cannot be more than an employed slaves, when you ve lost hoep of changing some of the terrors around. You are looking at how you could kill some of the emblems of your salvery (salvation),

To reduce the top salaries, one cannot ask a politician to do that because I would be executed.
What should hhappen is the people demanding it, by referumdum?

All that I have of good?
Id if I had to reincarnate, not in that bitchas of human,
Bo intro

To suffer more from doing or not doing.
One suffers from doing nothing ‘to help’ a world, a thing, that is dying.
Oneself? And qwaht about pro priority. One cannot save oneself it something is left deliberately abandoned and if this is in worse shape than the energy life’s given, to make life a paradise come true and in reality. Spring.

in religious the caste representing the one having to undertake celibate, in order to rehabilitate the normality and desirability of a life without having to pursue the maintenance of a sexual relationship by any means: giving time, imagination, money, comfort, children...
b o

Sometimes one could wish being god when they realize that humanity is at the break of its vanishing, being exploded or diluted. One will adopt the utmost serious in oreder d orror, order, orer, to wish that be stopped theses insanities.
Humility is good, when you understand that the only thing you can is to be the better you can, that never finishing into being more than super trained from time to time, restricted to your super atomistic you dumb area, if any good results out of that.

A shadow entering your bedroom, through thetree in the garen garden dancing, is a ghost.

Revealing is question of timing. Creation. An idea, a storage, a reworking, an editing, an issuing, when will get the target get the reading?
Action, reaction, events, atmosphere, angel dust.

Bi, bye.
Of course it would say that the society is too advanced secru security and norms speaking; for people whose sole thought that destroy the other simple happiness is a dream.
B o

The beliefs products of other believes, conditions, reactions, situations.
I am a lesbian vegan, feminist, atheist, and bouddhist... and notion of marriage as long as I don’t get lay will make me laugh or cry for the prisoners till I stifle myself with still having to breathe hetero dumpiness.

Compare to the others that are so crippled withing their homes that they have to believe god reincarnate to cope with their own people wanted them and all others as shoe shiner, not even the guy, the black and white chemical comical  polishing.

Rights and situation on the redress.

Brought up, borough.
Borrow. Burrow.

It is when one sees troubles.
That the ability at saving seeing other things might decuples.

 would think any species around our dumps

homos said to manage their choices only when they are rich to propel the frustration and despise of the people, well-off or not, those of the castrated. It is fun to mob ablation and circumsition for what one is free. And do you think htat the circumsice woman to who you say don’t wear your traditional clothes, will believe that north countires attires would have help in any case her woes, unhappiness, and pauperisation?
Us that make slavery a primordial conditions.
Whence the guettho, sir, and the countries in separation, the rich with the rich, the poor with the poor, and if one trespasses it is the end of ti s obvrall overall conditions.

The Indians speak hard, but what about them melting richessess with extreme poverty, are their worlds to recreate the atmosphere of untouchability create by guetthoisationa and estate the other side of the continents?

One can establish intellectual, menta, psychique relation with an animal. It suffices to understand the absolute necessity at stopping harming them.
And for vegetables? One can do the same.
So why to become vegan? Because furher more to telepathy one can relate to another aniamal by moving and by using similar organs.
Even though if I was a scientifist the first of my concern would be to create food without to have to kill or to derpive them of liberty nor animal more vegetable.

To live for art enable the taker tasker to see artistic forming in every say.
The part of the typing, the pattern it is on a screen or on a sheet shaping, every hump or heap, an occasion for shadows and their drawings.

To be cold ashay shy and one of its grand pleasure to be cold whilst drawing thrill over it.

very easy, it is the way you cook that counts.
being vegetarian in london is easy and cheap.
there is thousands ingredients, spices, all sort of herbs, veg, fruits, roots, pulses, beans, dry fruits, nuts, milk...roasted, stews, steamed, fried...
it is what i thought to be unable to have a good diet without meat. after reading a score of book about vegetarianism you realize that you will get healthier.
i saw cows in meadows, i saw them going to the slaughter houses, i saw them being kept for years and years giving their milk for humans and be not like but kill when they were getting older other this job. i quit. blood makes me sick. physically, mentally.

When you do good, you are getting your body and soul ready to enter any sign of the life you fight for an dwith. Width.

To criticize enough to make one’s children understand that thre is something not to reproduce.
When disorder are welcome inside a family. Frame, farm, mily age.

You know what it is the malevolent definition of power?
Slaves ownership.
On property the way it is thougth and extended

The big danger in a deep reshuffle on economic model would be to hate luxury. What is to be hated is the accumulation of it when this luxury means poverty, exploitation, depletion, name it.
The bigger morbidity is to consider invention, creation, production, even money as an devil in itself and then treat creativity and plurality adn the long work and freedom that permits it like if they were to stop, or to suppress or to abandon...without those humanity is devoid of humanity- human search.
B o

it is true it is not fair if you know that people cannot cope properly with being attached to another person, but on the contrary I think that difference in feeling is treated like a disability and I think that it is the real damage in our society. I explain, it is so many times that people won’t finally melt because of this divergence of view points, and it is for that, that everything become so complicated, so acute, so pathologic maybe. I don’t think it is a big thing not to have the same maturity or experience or even though you know that people don’t expect the same than you, should it be compulsorily a problem forcibly forbidding the extention or the trials at building a relation, justly made of new adjustments. Life in one world, as long as you know that the others won’t suffer from it, or perhaps that one will have more goods to have done it than troubles. People search for their ideal, even when they think about average comfort, but still one from a dream, a preconption , this = ideally.

The impossibility of being just as if you criticize both clans, one will find themselves under the protection of none.
Also to say something relevant, one has to inspect, which has become in our very dangerously portioned, partitioned, discriminatory, inequal society, very dangerous to do. Each parcel of the terriotoires, geographic like legalistic, having become total no man’s land but Mafiosi, and the nini that serve them, politicians and people.
Epopee? Prison inside which no one would dare a peep, if they were to have to accent uate it.
U ate?

To make believe, brainwash mouth and tongue into saying what?
On the safety side, one truth, each person it is to god they belong.
And ceareful of the day it will have to take back its progeny. To whom has been being stealing.
The joke risks to be less amusing, cosensualing, combining, grasping, grinning, griming, grinding, groining, or hilarious.

On luxury. Sensibility. To eat their super one will have to change their spoons or if want silver take care of bringing it with them. And if they want 5 stars each time, then all their salaries will have to be spent.

To cl collect the ogj objects in order to recreate environment ane and famlily.

To become “theirs”, to meet “the”.

What fear humans is thought not turn towars them.
Which is amsusing because they focus emotionally on thought, whilst all their creation are used or are by nature, what will destroy their ends and aims.
B o

At the time of the inquisition, the witches for their gifts that the people pretended, were tortured and killed, in quite that order, for them not to forget. The results on them afer after death, sincerely, let to wonder.
Surely, they stay in their covens not by naivety, even though let guess, that killed and hung by the vo borough for this kinda felony a, or the wonder would, will remain.
Ti was not by naivety they were still in their maisonette, it was by sheer, basics, human need.
Hoping to be ther real one that would eat the humans, not being but rotten, not humane save their doll, up; necesseraly would have been. Will.

Hid dole.

The better that some may have done, could have been, to manage to kill some, and use their elixir, long time prepared and held tight near, for the torture be performed on their corpse happy before end to have quit their bands and bonds. Suicide would not have been a sin on this cocky occasion. The right to reproduction should be abandoned.

Any way, now people will be better living with the devil, I meant above all now, since it had been outwitted. That they so long pretend to not wanting bad whilst performing worst. Not wanting to hear different, up to no voice. Or in fact hearing them but to let men being the parasite for mean, I mean,human, it is in this manner than woman will obtain formal equality, yes to go out and perform officially, legally, formally, what they did unofficial, under no morn, norm, or recording. Be the suckers, the great deniers, denial. Deny all.
It is why men are traditionally attracted by sex, like it is by an easy lay. By an I utopy that would need only its an easy pay.

People will finally say, that everyone can have that. But to welcome it one has to be for the role try perfect. Sorry but one is even when playing open after the blows are gone, not entitled to jealousy or make it appear to be cool, or what will be missing? Who fills empty? Filly?
Or maybe has one a fright of being eaten, doing that, just met by that woooould in one flash of a regard, slash and slay?
Or in only have to realize that in one’s room the death under one’s horror shape has sneaked, and is hovering, reigning over up to heart’s beats and grey matters’ breathing brief.
It is not how it will enter, it is the way you wll admit of it your, or other ones’ desire or pervious previous give up, in, over, on to, ? other preoposition. Other transition. Which preparations?
And thereofore one’s spirit yielding on it simple view of having met in the shape they recognise the pur devfil.
But one question one has to ask all around: who is today the inquisition?

Humans believe in devil and behave like ones in saying to get rid of it, and to heal themselves from it?
Who are they, the humans? Not intelligent beast, the least that should be said.

To look for being monogame, as much as monotheist.
But who would be faithful to an ecclesiast that would follow the scriptures on what they have as a magie?

And if earth wasw the purgatory with the potential of finishing hell whilst having the one of opening paradises?
You should start condoming  or stoning the homos, stunning. You might be late for the great common pourpse, pose. Picture,  pic, maybe?


Reproduction under the form of a machine that one will ply, and plug, thinking the partner deem of being a parent, perhaps a partner.
Proscri.nating. ?

When people speak about the devil or about god, like if they were not to fear, like if they own it, they are the pity. Pittance.

People don’t love no more, it is too difficult and too dangerous to surpasser being abandoned or worse conned. Ot live an illusion??
K dillusion as a keepsake taker. Under.

An economic and social exploitation of the proletariat caused by wage systems that devalue the work of the labourers in order to create profit for the capitalists.
Patrick haiden (2001) on marx.
An economic system that devalue work as owork has to perform dumily, and what is bringing money is obedience amounting to aut o destruction, as the way one work is dangerous for humanity, or even the more you do that without scrupules or at a higher scale the more one own. By anyone is capitalist nowadays it is like religion.

It is perhaps when the bodies are naked that they resemble each other the most, has the breeze enter it and the flesh bear this sensitivity and toughness, this impermability, this throughountess and though emcombre and connectivity, that make her humanize.

“His long earlobes symbolize the wisdom of the ages”.

a propos this paragraph I don’t know about examples precisely. I insert it in order to balance the fact that I found the tackling conspicuously absent. I still think that it has to  be left in the essay in order to make apparent the fact that I realize that diplomacy employs more discreet means, that international politics will be benevolent in creating ties enabling genocides to be averted, but I am not able to produce any references for this, maybe?
Or could I suppress it as I ve got to many words?
Time through creation of mind. No possibly recording it, acting on it with profusion, ties tic its evasion.

“there is no economic justification for this measure.”
Lexibase dictionary, Collins eds.

Being in love with you, was the equivalent of a horse being in love with its fly.

This coast that is now a landscape of desolation. Like a forests that had vecome plains through pesticidication, herbicidication.

“Maybe was it an illusion, but if you believe in this illusion enough, this can make you achieve, or recreate what you saw of the jewels of the situation.”

She said she did not find my messages, tit, but I did not want to start blamer the electronic, as I know that, ore had a severe doubt about her inventing it or to annoy me with derision, or to send me away, while decontracting her through sobbing it laughty.

The popular myth, created by the same person, that would slay the hero, if they could act this way.
To make believe to some liberation, just to ease up, to smile towards the trught truth a ltitle bit.
But one would really start operating towards a just redistribution, that he would been made killed by the one that applauded their images heavily. Tales and tall, tolled and told.

Like a cat walking on snow. Purity.

We know we are dead; but still one has to die with dignity.
And optionally without being tortured too many hours before.

I always thought that the last thought I would have was about this woman I loved so much without it being clearly reciprocal even a tiny bit. And it is now that I know I can think myself as a writer, as when I think of going, and that comes this shroud that blacken my exhaustion, I open my eyes more and say no, I have still to look after my lines, pages, I still have this caution.

I am not one of that say I am not racist, but am not one of whom that has to suffer from this.
I am not discriminatory, but I am at this position that fuel slavery.
I am not homophobe, by bye, I am not one.
I am human.

When I hear people saying they are not for homos, like one say that they are not for you to simply life, in your brain rush the killing spree adrenaline.
I am not saying that I would correct them because let’s hope they are dummies on this subject and would change their minds if there not prostitutes and dirty, but then they say that into your face I would think that a big slap right in the face, wood do of good plenty.

One can feel from here grinnings, all convenience, all connivance, all around. it is not saying fight to make people live in order them to suit servility, it is saying fighting for living the love that stirs everything that life will sustain.
Finally it is in this name that one shall calm down, as the losing battle is for this porks that don’t have developed their brain enough to understand they are prepared to back up slavery, and if they have developed enough, what other stuffs in them are in the ramping, empty souls by meanness and weakness and subservience guided. Mind, ya, it is pornographic enough, this boyes and girls insulting others for desiring each other. Prostitute, stock, it is like that that your lot have been brought up, in the view of fornicating with your own and sole community. A culture of Congenitally limited.

Not to have realized that one is bi, be, because of not having found the ones with whom unlimited trust would permit it. And also stay in one’s own old trends, as not ideal in one’s territories, the one that one has taken time to idealize, and through which idealisation that has brought good consequences of this having being dreamt.

Stop writing, what I write, is my holly child. What do you think that books were brut burnt, or that simply the work on which human beings spend so much time is completely alienated, completely dirigist, compelling people to do stuff that are bad. Humans are they?

To be compelled to assassin people if they are the ones torturing people, owning people, slavering people, capti capitalizing people, and that nothing more than this is left to defend self and body.
Will one have to gun, or blade, or find the point, the one that just need to be pierced or torn for that may begin the mercy. But still a question with dna.
To do it in silence, to do it in the manners that cannot be spotted at once, leaving not trace but for an autopsie.
But still cctv.
Do humans need assassination, do they?
Mind assassination digital will be, don’t it?

The concept of denizens, as the citizens is endow with the possibilities and opportunities to slavage and loot other peoples an people, whence the need for discrimination and nationalism.

Complicity whithing generation, intimacy to death, pass over, hand over, of the wisdom that one brings to have been faced by it.

tu sais dans ma petite tete j ai touhours cru dure comme fer que tu me protegais, pas aqe tu m enfoncais.
Et puis sit u penses que de te faire traiter comme un triton, avec un peu moins de cerveau qu une salamander est suffisant pour retablir une moyenne quandje realise que j ai ete  prise comme le plus minable des ref e ref rejection ref rejetons, et bien non.
Tu m excuseras j ai du travail, donc c est pas de la retape.

This liking killing spree. Some people might give the best they have and be treated like the refuse of the community. By organsiations and people only wanting to take the piece out of it.

The means of violence, all condone by human organisaiton, will out date all human reason.

Read  litterautre work and to have to connect with the context in which the author, through and by which the author expressed- art universality. Art is not about an individual playing but about the relationship implied in having played, and having listened to this convergence, another one, the one of the present, the one of the readers, recalling. It is in that a prouesse on energy, by intellectualisation and its content, backgrounds, and the way they have been contented, triggered.

The people should be in the maturity stage of believing that the combats they are simulating are for fconsequences a play, just one play, in just one corner of a school play yard, where one can redress habing gone too far, oin one good lectures and sublime them in a series of seminars. Maturation?

Marriage and houses, representations ofr the ones supposedly in the society dominant.???.
To be on top of the down? Amusing racing of emasculation all over, but still reproducing.

The rape by men that don’t understand they could be raped, would be attend to look for them having pleasure through the anus, of through having to perform whatever they don’t socially like; they have sepdd so many hours to say they dislike. And when they have no choice but relax it, come back to a violent, violating, way of making it feel = objective pain in view of physical scars added.

The lesbians as their females are threatened by heterosexuality enforcement would know how to rape. The way were you would not like the females to be hetero no more, unless you want someone teaching you gay sex by not with love, with revenge as you ruin every couples, every natural love, from having the potential rapist played. Rape on a rapist? Not too much dildo, but truncheon in the mind would expand and finish being compel having to behave according to one’s neighbour greed and feed.

Are you all right, right, right, right?

Merci quand meme de t etre reve rebeller contre ces merdeux de paysans et de bourges en meme temps, et de m avoir finallement tres rapidement laisse porter le type de vetements que je voulsais, que j aimais porte

They will play as well the way of tolerating until they can crush homosexual up to lock them in red quarters; to agree for them to do what the untouchables used to.
On that there is a solidarity coming back on enemies, the danger homos, as they are in the beds simply paying through what they call marriage, mari, age=triage ravage, those zeros.

People so conspicuous in there lack of respect behaviour, were still welcome as a study on what were echafauding others more discretely

When they say adamantly they need a man for itis situation, I could well be to say to the others you won’t do that, too dangerous, no, it rather being restrained and a cuckold ad vitam eternam, as lonas as its mates are agreeing.

Having been the fruit of international diversifying themselves, not recalling all the horrors and certainly all the marvels that have been occurring, saying that classic music is not black is as untrue as saying it is not white, the opportunities of having made it belonging to the world, as it is the consequences of interrelation sand support.

The comtemporary mass murders (yougo, Rwanda) certainly being now the recrudescence for private collection as they are for the London museum, the of the foreing art and civil--isations.

An they invent the laws and in order that the people know that law was an existing concept were harsh to talk about it. And one day means of implementing more accurate and systematic, and then they did not decide to change their laws according to the frame of grace that god provided, but frankly regress in implementing more and more without soul, more and more with killing all humans, as modernity wanted its slaves to go as cruelty permitted to represent on earth a human chief without humanity, or nothing doing with that is alive but to kill what else has a life: the demons, the wrong ones that are not demons for not being humans but demons for make believing that everything is shit, oneself excluding.
They are not people, they are not person, they are SELF. Serf.
In not saying that the self is ungood, but is what is law without conscience of others’ blood.

The power that burnt the eyes as when you look up presumptiabily thinking that god for you, yoyo, would be.  In the sense of arriving and that one could received its abundance.
Give up, or let one self go.

The shadows of my old masters, of my old granny, comin g back from my force while hers would agree.

Agree, gear.
Agrees, rise.

Idealism, ideas.
Into fruction. Contradictions? Insults to intelligence, diabolisation of the connexion. Between let people ruin other people, and other people ruins individuals.

Politics. Maybe the other countries

It was not guilty trip, it was inner introspections.

Nationalism comes from the fact that since bad things is left to be done, lavishly at home, one fear other people coming in for doing the same things.

8.      Critically discuss the difference between social and political emancipation with reference to Marx.
in this question.
Sorry I really like to know as I did not manage to answer by myself as much as I was reading the core texts, as social emancipation never appears. When you say social emancipation” are you talking about what Marx called human emancipation” or specifically about “civic emancipation”?- about which if so I would understand why marx required special support and attention.
Also, would I be right to link directly concept of emancipation, and of autonomy, (liberty, equality?) and by exact contrast, inversion or contrary concepts of alienation?
Subsidiaries: {Could they be interchangeable? Or what would be the limits of their interchangeability?}
(also from last time) What I d like to know is: at the end of the essay one does not need to establish a biography, or do they? Is referencing author and date inside the body of the essay enough?
Besides, would it be possible for you to answer me concerning academic matters, at least one time in ten?
About H.I  just now have I to hope that your silence expressed your consent.

The conscience, the awareness of this cast, this bundle of shadows. That take a go, that fake it, fate.
Social, amongst others, fake. Weight.

Shatter a object, as one would like this burst to stop the bubble forming in his frame of spirit and body, a set. for nina books.

To bring upon onelself a cushion, a pillow. Recovering one’s body in what could be the weight of another person on sa laying down, over, slightly.

Their trick of offering an attitude to promiscuity, of quasi proposal of prostitution, that was hany handy as they could see who did not like them, or that, as uncontrably emotional was the reactions.
This working when one has a special power over people and play the dominant like that since the others will have to hide their disgust.

He was claiming someone raped his wife, for not saying himself rape his daughter.

To stay not for the customers, no for the trades, but for the girls whith whom an atmosphere of solidarity, of no oone was treating you as shit, with whom you had this time where no one is judging, just making sure you have a great time, free, amusing and laughing. A protection, an affection, regular, a passion.

To exhibit his natural bisexual is very dangerous, as one is naturally more trusty of one sex, not because one sex is more trustable, but because due to the caricature of the functions, the need of the persons that adjust better to the needs of a particular sex will ask of a situation will render the cooperation, not more dependable, but at least more bearable, also it is easier in this context of segregation to engage with one or the othe r sex in hoping that what we expect doing shall be in better harmonisation.
Ex, I like cooking, or what I do better is cooking, I envisage complete collaboration and long term one with the one tha t are liable to need or desire it.
To decide to trust the other sex about which one is not socially pre arragnedly arrangedly attract is a bet. Of higher stake, which will comprise other notions on which, over which, one won’t have direct actions, such as the fact that this person won’t the other person to mend a shelf, activity one don’t want to ve be investing in...stuff like that.
Or the simple fear of social segregation, meaning that the relation is not duel, but is melting with parameters of tiers persons grantings and observation.
 an aggregation.

To have stop drinking so much, the moment they realize streets were not all fun.

Hetero, homo.
Om, et,
Company and co. &.

The prostitutes were putting aside, a shame they are not given a chance to show, to make the people they want them to go back, how much for not having to do that for the others, they would attack.
Or yes, they are let so, but not to the people that want them, that want prostitution to go on, but leeways are let for the people to attack other people, leeways are permitted, organised, supervised, reinforced, built-on by people wanting prostitution to go on.

The se people that are brought up judgint the leat of th e dust they could find of their neighbour, their neighbour I say because it is not related to the work than they have to share, because if they were finding a poor person not being able to cope with real dirt, kilos of dirts pouring by the same exclusion they polish, they would not help a little bit, nor they help to em better the humans’s and their institution.

To say that he was a mother, but to say that as this person is a mother for him. Prssure ultime.

People whose functionment, as as simplist as the society, hide what of our status of globla intelligence and losing ground as an euphemism for broken lay.

People as frighten by the ghosts and vampires as they are of the spiritual sphere.
It is not modernity but rush towards history with for only superstition unanihilated those of the money.
Who’ll devor ?

Homosexuality emelt with prostitution as they are the sole place in certain place where you can be free sexualy, not tali talking about being allowed to toruture.

You are for me the singing the she wolves, for whom I felt, whom that make me desire an operture to the skies, and bridge between everything and the sun and the stars, eternal.

The human spirit is carthesian. To follow the proofs of the materials made them scientists and master a little on several matters. Not prioritarily follow the air where proofs was not regular, substantial, re provalble, reproductible, dependable, reliable, countable, blabla, have ensure their survival, though the abandon of the thought, of the spiritual to the unique and ovec obcessional handing over materials, and without spirituality, without the animist needed to prolong life in her harsh nutshell, will bring them to the same destruction they inflict of their one type, neuro moon, nazi mazo mono type of product, suction.

And it is that they will comfortably conform to this carthesianism, that naive animal called the way thy are organised, politics.
Politics are the way all is officialy kept secret. That is to say even though every one knows they are being conned’ as long as proof, measurable, bringable in front of a jury, proof that will be proved not having been fabricated- which is logically practically impossible, if not complety-
Without these burdens of proofs, populations will go on being abused for thousand years without their brain telling them we have to react, as we have been taught for centuries that we are not worth it, worth of this life, if we sign up for being or owning slaves.
Con fiend entiality. Entity, enhancability.

Love is not the what we do, as dry matter is the tool fo the fight and cast of the mould around shapes, but love is hole and whole inspiration.

One cannot call leisure the essay at , the trials at understanding human nature, or nature of all other themes. It is called life pending, life tending.
This society of abundance try to reach one point, thei s comprehension, understanding, avoidance. By being slave onto producing tools for comfort, but no space for nature defending.
Contra production of modifying, or shape as our restrict by orders have imagined.

The fire in the eyes, expressing a light of the furor, the have to live, the fight and desire so subsistence.
Not having it as the foyer of our thoughts has gone where we haven’t followed.
To be the right body weight may help in the sense that the body has to be alert, for food adequation, if the soul on other sphre and summit might be expert.
Expire. Extasy, expect. Exert.
Ex nihilo

She could not love me, then I became in love with emptiness, with death indefinitely.

The empty that s empara d of her when she in a day of boredom asked me.
Not that I cannot cope being only friend, but after loves promises not only. Yes? Love? No? Crush sand witch course
After promises a termination is ok, but what if you laughed at your prey?

You, but how many time women have trigger the moon light to beam my soul folly of attaining nothing but the menace of finitude in eternity monopoly?

To do semething againand again not by stubbornness, because of waiting to know the underlying common pattern. The rivers of what is to be addressed, the main engine and its distresses. Intertwined, unravelled.

To believe is not enough in the sense that to believe without withdrawing one’s weight each and every time things are not 100% alright is in fact fuelling the exact opposite for what we are supposed to bring effort for, weaving for, ot to produce bad vibs.
Believe is dangerous when you don’t believe enough to put yourlittleself at risk. Believing become propagandist of one scheme of lies, stealing up to the power of raising. The only existent in live.

When one attends a plants they know that its waving is at them thought. As she is waiting for the water or all what she needs to thriving, her moves go towards the hands that makes her grin. Roeare. Roar, ore. Gold goad.
God, prick? Goad, sake the prodige keen.

Treasure of humanity, feminity.

Homowsexuality banned as naturally one feels in love (and maybe in toatal subversion if the things one does is always in direct relation with one’s life’s love- to bring extra contentement, to keep things going, not at the best since artificially, sell oneself) with the other one that has the saem activities.

Be ware of when people are inconditional of things they love, as inconditionality means that they react of by fear of another unsaid danger, or because they prais one thing by want of knowing it.
Example, to be so praiseful about a father, with whom one does not speak with or work for, the same for a politics party.
Or in order to keep what is really done in or confidentiality, or in a state of being uncritisability, to partner? Patern-alistically running it.
Why parternalitsically, pretending it being without a fault? To profit from it. Pro-feet?? Run? Proffer.

To live around objects, to use and depend on one’s tools is sufficient to be aware of wailed wise animism. So what happens?

And if jesus, mary, Joshep, Magdalena was the same fact-et, the facet of a same personage?
Why none reacted byt emotionally to the cruxifiction, like if their bodies were as tied as the one surrounded, whipped, and unfreed.

To love and live for someone, as to show, that be recongize life’s time achievemeht.

Slut, said what, lay, which, saddick.
Cock croockery ditch.

Person, Perse phone,

To depend of one’s instinct like one depends of its good and venerable streak as well as one will fall from is badly leading leaks.

The belly as the circle of life.that you have to leave empty in order to her hear, but loose my weight in mine let me, before lecturing you, altogether with the slmis. L slims.
It wants vengeance, it is what have stomach or guts means. Vengeance in the sense of pay tribute to live.

People leave their fashos express themselves against minorities, as for these half breed, the fashos as much as any of us, average humans discivilized, they have to find a way to express? As half cut, treat as citizens hybrid, how coulw we resolve problems, an y of them, were we to have true and non discriminatory claims?

Poufta? I am one, at least I would like, but be honest resit resist the peer pressure is too difficult.
Resist, sister.

In a relationship.
If you possess the ability at exiting, prompting, you possess too those at
calming, pondering.
In – ter – action.
Ter and double play.
Remedy and/or its poison.
Der. Ter. Don’t worry nor argue too much it is just Latin.          

Deter, ter = three and terra = land and soil on earth, and
Der =terminate.

To create one unity.
The artist or scientist has to link what they have found according to
what they feel is the main interaction.
They in fact put together what have stricken them with the help of the
type of energy they, at this occasion and stage, met.

A propos, the French former hegemony coming from being the main
remain of the Latin mastery.
Lyrics and elaborated grammar.
No, it is just the privatization of up to my grand-ma, which leaves us
voiceless, deprive of roots, references or chiefs. Or the chance of
belonging to a just society, just fragmented to the point that the break
down of units render no one able to report about the condition of their
humanity- you get the sack if you want to follow the few good laws that
are supervised by ??? Santa-clauss and still if you write your letter
about what is missing, the address of the Gestapo is the one receiving.
You loose your job if you want to speak a bit more than what you are
told to be paid. Privately Deprive of dignity.

I use to feel all my days taken by you.
I gave myself now. Nothing that I could not do.
More than thinking, I know.
And since this gift is up to me, as my life is for you my jewelry.
Anything may happen, my heart, my god, death and sufferings.
All can come since you are infinity.

Unemployment? No jobs. But increasing undone work of resources

Why to let people die from hunger in nazi camp.
Along side trainin an army of deshumanized people, in human why?
To watch people killed by oneself every day, whose family has subit the same fate, is to look for the supernatural to act, as mind in this circomstances will release to the last its being revolted .
But aroa. Arian,

as the lesbian as for brother gay men, she would say of course I am myself a poufta. Poufa, but sorry sorry fraterntity as a gay man I am not free.

To overcome oen’s handicap, permit to know how to do something else, and special as you have to find another ways than other’s to make it, or that you will have to try and perform something one thousand times instead of one, and that will make you master of it. But not master of the simple stuff you have made, just master because it appears simple but it is with it htat are done mistakes and lure lulls.

And the people with andicaps about whom every one knows that their understanding is perfect, like the rest of us, understanding, aware the moment they will focuse on what other fold folks do, in order to participate,

What is missing is the way one can communicate what they perceive, but another question, is what they perceive communicable, namely would human beings already manage to find oworlds to describe what has been seen?
How to explain new concepts, how to explain the fragement fragment of some other place about which other people never had a glance, or never try to develop thei explorations or believes?
And final question would other humans be equipped at revelation, at receiving the comprehension, would other humans have this special tools, at probing what the differently able do?
sensor ial

cunte and maria.

To chose to be a man or a woman should be a privat matters. To chose what one wants to do in the society and to chose what one to do while choosing their sexual or life time partner.

In singing there is a lot to do with the position of your body. Also if you make your face angry and open your arms like if you were 18 stones, then your voice will raise manly, even if you are a little woman of 7. Still have to be willing positioning as a ogre. And not as an ogress or she wolf. But study of postion will tell longer of the resonance that eh other general artificial alparenece, namely clothes, make up, and beard that you cut for it to grow harder every day. Or hair youwill defoil.

It is only an opinion, but having said that these people should be drawn down to what opinions make laws put to others have went through. Just down to that, and they may start to aprpreciate what an opinion is.
I would drawn you down where your values put others and their toddlers, Liberal tolerance of puta.

yes, i have to focus on reading, when i have dead line it become as franzy as stubbornly mentaly vague or dull, fond, confused, intense but then exhausted.

do you really manage to do all of these at the same time? i mean do you have still a personal life? i manage to do quite a lot but because i gave it all. Or what I found out is that people taking a lot of responsibilities when they finally don’t attend them, are to the others’ life gun down.

To hers.

but human rights is about to fight for the other's lifes, all others, even the hypothetical one, is why on this 'existing order' it is made, virtually impossible without being like a drop in the cyclone have(n). nave. navel.naviguate.

dike, dig, rig, ring.

Man ranking himself as the highest being but not through it shad, having to respect the realm but pretending that its actions don’t have an impact, as if all what they will be doing were a boon in itself, as a matter of fact. Sick.
Ok for having to test..., but test are on the range of the spiritual, test on the mundane is life threatening, and also should be the aim of everyone to abandon.

Height, high test, gh host, highest, ale, altess,

You know what is dangerous with you, is that you say to people what they are doing it rubbish, as you were told of your own products, as you think of your own products.
But to whom are you talking?
To b people that have been prevented, bullying into not doing them. You were allowed evenincentived to do, perhaps you ad to change them alterate them even though, you are talking to people that have been made estrange to their capacities at such creation or is to what serve introspection, of not being dangeoursly unawares of its chances and stunts trauamatisms and florishment, and implementations.

To play the queer, not from being real one, not because being queer means you are not straight, no meaning that behaving like a queer mena mean menace. Mean that you are not straight forward, no.

But behaving like a queer like what you are adopting is the if you behave like a queer it means that you are not straight.
Meaning: behaving as such in order to hide some hypocrisy, not because you are a queer but because you think you are not but t simply using this way in order to represent the way it is conceptualised as a behaviour related to being unfranck, s disguised, concealing , hiding.
So say by that look I am concealing, but concealing it ins  pretending that you could be a queer, instead of saying no I pretend to myself that I am not but I adopt some of these behaviours as I recongiszed them myself for being considerate being a possible way of disfranchisement, franchise, also I am still straight for letting them know by indirect code that I reacted twisted.

Development as human development is constraint, economical one is dopped, to give this sensation of content, of works, or animation, of achievement. Surrounded a by a always renewed material that has something to say, as we did to those you are the ones to be replaced.

I slam,

“the veil”t hat is in western traditions the habits and suits of females vampires, ghosts reigning over a harem or brother that slam or bang brother and bore in their esteem marriage as a brothel.
, to
But careful as ideology as good as they are, are theory with multiple, well repartied, problems to be realized, to be solved, and that is it is not done, and who will, who is gonna?? Because below these ideology, as good and well thought, and respectyous, and god willing, and human sensitive, and nature loving, they are not beyond, as at roots are us, just for not having ever at their measures? But above all at the measures of what teh courage we have, have effectively been given, what did we do with the all common and so sensical sense? We are dying, but in our lifes came across, and first with our parents, et cetera, with ideology that will separate us, but for what? Did we realize them at all? Would love, intraseque love for all fold folders, folks would have impeach us to try and raise some ideals?
Would not ideals teach that whenever possible, complete, not only superficially, not only partially, not only on surface. Not, only.
Would not ideals teach that whenever possible and done, any human would to prefer being under real protection and respect and dign, would have won?
Let’s not forget by unrealized ideology the ones with whom we have shared, and share life and thus love.
Love is the unexplained energy enhancing going on.

But still I dwon’t write for whom who read everything, for whom that know that we aere blocked, that policies are but sold words.
I am not writing for whose who think that it is still ok, because they will make their pensions. So for whom I am writing but the one condems t o illetiracy.
Or the one whose stupor before such dishonesty are lost for words. The front.

The guerriesr the soldiers will be asked when to make their song of vainaequors their spirits. They will tell you when the win is strong when the wind is burte, when he dicates  efforts.
When the tempest is around, bushinh you bushing me, puahing pursue none of us if not will be free. All of us? It is why one won’t say we are free, but only my soul that will think the end is when I belong to exploit. But not when I am exploited to war unjust. When does a war unjust?

When the wind is fresh, when the wind is flesh.

You would nesve have been ninterestested if we did not meet to meet? Why do you stay, why do you commit?
A survivor.

She says she is passive, I was asking her to answer when she wanted my passion

The next war, the next door, as after all that, they want to attack true literacy and the choice with words, sentences, rhythms, themes, perspectives. Whatever might you move and harmony. In and out reason. Reason for nick and then the reason of reso r restauration is gone. Reason is perverted.

We are made for each other. Both same t ethny and socio professional salary.
eThny not for the culture but the fashion one is coerces.

Review or revoldt.

They are jealous, I would say that they would like to have it. Ha ok to have it in doing nothing. Get it.

They are jailous.

Je-aal = je = I in French               jeal = I am all.

She was yelling the story of her childhood when by certain kinda of event she was hypnotesysed enough to let her vod body uncontrolled,
AS it haven’t healed, as the horrors of the past never have been bla balanced by a present that could say, look if we had now know, then, the horrors of your past, press, meida media of your awareness, your sufferings we ll have expelled. We will haeexpelled? No would, now we, will, would have expeleed. Peeled.
Eith with people she was around, contour. Control contra. Leave leave the spirit will be in charve of that.

Animals, plants, stones, the voice of the nature, and saltimbanque of the man that god raising a want to tend. To diviede humans like several casts, now everything is promiscuous one will cat cast division inside their womb. And if you say, well it b tomb. One gesture of protection and you are down. Cast away will become the primate.
Omb or ombr = shadow.


Champanzees in clothes and well shaved has finally be entirely own by what they were robbing talking lound about their inventions. The patterns that they were reproducint out to f of looting and animal testing, whilst they should have to start talking with the mice, they start toruturing.
So what will have them to do to enhance their findings? Like in porno or prostitution addiction when the level of saccage always rise along side with pretention.
Anyhow humans reace is finally finished, that maybe it will create mutans, but the day one won’t belong to them will be a day of extreme onction.
A yes, let’s stay politce, onctuous.

B nothing, not hing. No door? Outdoor? Well byond one thinks it is that the media, introspection or revelation mediatation is banned from ba. G below.
As people don’t haven’t asked god, they well just be doing self servicing from the garden. Although, sorry for not mentioning other religions, I spend time at schools learning catholic archives of blames, and also the others religions don’t speak of me too much without depriving me of my equal rights, similar to the mice one think better at extortion, from the garden that was paradise previously due to the fact that e people adn animals were living in harmony.

Arranged marriage to ensure security” in order to establish and strike a social consensus, you marry my children and our family become linked...and auto protection beingable to clalm down exchange, trophy, contract, agreement, always they have been dimplomatic.

What if the treatment humans being administred were serving as blue print o how other ps species, alien or not, would treat them in return?
I hope that your dog has been more than petted.
They can be be healthy vegetarian by the way, let’s set freedom.

Problem after this impetus of hope and redressment. Other species are in their mind have to put the human straight and down, they will be sorry about not being in position of refining their attacks.

Not ressembling anyone of th efamilly, but thinking that we have the character of the one that saves us’ and at the same time smelling his odour, the one of granddaddy who have gone ten years earlier. Chemical body. Spiritual.
And though thinking that all life stems pertains to an odour, the tat taste of life and its foreign distant flavour. Ompmipotence of the distinct to be discovered as a present, the gift, the traces, whithout which one is no more with which constructs him as a childish.

To die as one agrees with not going on more through the way they are treated, the way the know or feel or imagine other people or life is suffering.

To think of the future, is the only way to look at the present in relief and dimentsion.
And have been redeeming the past as much as have permitted visions. Envision?

-Is it what you think about humanity?
-Not oding doing as much as thinking.
I don’t think, I see.

Would women been considered as not conductive without a bidimensional nature, as religion has to represent holiness that marriage were representing a danger of emotional conductiveness, competition of reproductive mess and mate mater, if of so males should not get married in order not to have to be specially protected. And a male unmarried representing the ful fluctuence in gender,as being a priest, entity protective contrary to physically combative.

Active in sex because you don’t open leg, and passive because you do. Inappropriate therm.

Read religious texts all the time as you need to remind, that the sole element of ser security, non volatility, not commiting actions, that cannot be rewarded, rewarding, to postpone, annul, that you are in fact containing so much anger and infidiliy, that the streets and homes are full of the possibility of blowing up in front of tauting and si disarray, read religious at all the time to calm down the tic thac o fth  time.
Bombing I f unleash, reminding that we are mere working extract. Not to think we are not worth better, but remind that efforts at containing at caling clalming as much as they are flat, if sincere, will work.
And the anger of constating that instead of your effort to help be taknen as so, they are taken if they were easier to target and looting.
Jesus, offered its other cheek, in order not its followers to be hit. Toe be, hint?

To play music in order to wai t and call inspiration to slip new notes and game in it.
Like the wrier writer spends her time reading, and listening to the echoes of it. Rehearse.

Shortness of live is the stock of humility , manage nothing more than live the utmost in counting the potential days left for trying to insert one’s work: unfinished.

Women as castratrice as they might have been the object of all love, conjugal, filial, or divine, for only to realize after thousands blood battle that they did not love you.
But maybe better the one that d beat her son.

It is why it is so sexu sexy attitude it is because notwithstanding the instant pleasure of an intercourse, the other perspective are insincere.

If helping people would equate to solituede, who would come to rescue, support, strenghen or cousel?
Who would helpe the helper, as if world is world it is because help does.

Good and refine, and standing the ime time plan come from a wide range, the wider possible of examination, and divergence view point of classification .

I was insulting her, as she revealed my lives’ nightmare, and even more so from having encountered my denial as what did I have to love but spiting despair?
The one I now would love. And guardianship.

Talking to one’s? Spirit as if they were humans, friendly as one cannot measure the impact they have.

As woman and man are not the same, poufta, poo and ta,  insane.
Re-enter your house, glory of u infidel, that don’t e recognise the place , the palace of god as being love as equal and eternal.
Your object they are, community of bastard, obeying to, imbecile prophet, you.
What doyou want religious minable, abet, and me and her?

What’s the rproblem with your creeds, very dear, the fact that one could like and love their women’??
Your! women. Cattle enchained.

But we ve got nothing against you, it is just they are too over-the-bridge people.

Best, bea, beast.

There is no such thing as society”
And it is why people are afraid at home, at work, in thei other activities into the depleting and ultimately in pubs, sterilized opened grounds, streets. End street.
Fucking rats.

“in contrast to medieval society in which the state was inseparable from the kinship system which determined the station of every person in life and even their occupation.”

Could be defined this way:
“Nowadays, the term "Civil Society" is sometimes used to refer to the emergence of a petty bourgeoisie independent from the State, sometimes to strengthening of the "rule of law", and sometimes to refer to the development of voluntary association independently of commercial relations”.

Religious ceremony about?
Marriage, death and birth. Here the conception of god, reproduction adn feudal public hygine.
It what of the morals law what remains, reproduction of cheap staff in their dens. Mundane.

Good girl that you are, once you ve got the nuzzle. Museauliere.
No, no don’t worry for that it is not the anti rape girdle.

Ban on homosexuality avoid homo rape?
I think it is a shame because people that are ef relief that it is other that get toruture, should be spotted more rapidly in order for ti it their plots that are get rid of quicker.

Do unto others.
That you have to fight for all others.

Thinking of you as I think to your mum. Profundity. F proof of foundation, ondes.

Or as your mother drive me fucking crazy.

How many times deceived, years and years.
A life of your faults anddd failures.

What would you do if you could all your life review?
Everything, but if I could I would escape.
On reincarnation decision making too.
No rank, as in  a life opportunities at reversing.

Self harem harm, as lies projet people out of being treated as reality.

To be able to haunt a place, because for a reason or another, because of the desire of meeting someone, or the need for example to be in a reoom if one live outside..
To think time and time again of inhabiting this space, think at. Thin kat. Nit tak.

The laws are whatever is good won’t perish and come back or if not enough come back it is teh present realities, i.e the present species that will do.
And the back will come back as long as it did not transfer into.
So what s the point to do efforts at all?
To be a perishing grounds?
The love of the complete, the love of the plenty, as one’s found is sound.
Plenty you possess?? Torne by one’s harness. Earnings Earnest.

 We could liberate children, and further down the line, the cattle.

Art as a pattern in which we recoan gnize that follow it for a while give us pleasure, unrestrained. And to know oen’s el self elf thanks to that, as following its trail will lead to unknown of how our total may well change of attitudes and dimensions.
Are, i.d.
Art, idea.
Heart Entity.

External , internal                            reform but external imposition                so kim is for dialogue but does not seem to prompt it to happen

To be devoted to one’s sport, and then draw people to see what, similar to art, sciences, an activity that of devotion will be the product. Rod, acduc, devolution.

To work for the humans but with only boss an higher instance, is that religion in the sens of universe celebration has for leads.
Least lease.

personal interest harming society


Did i?
Deed die.

Dicko, dickko. castra

Dull cine.
Di don qui shot..

It is not objectivisation, that is done but common attempt at relativizing the logics endowed with abslolute that we won’t subsister.

A common project, receive the common will, the human attainment of divine.

Dick. I
Duck. U

“Analyzing. “

The com cym cumbersome desire that one has for the other to have restricted knowledge about their own awareness’; in order them ot still have to be led towards the importance of dating myself.

In bad communism, when marx said that state has to vanished because state was in his writing the supra institution used by the bourgeois, and that he wanted it to be replaced by a institution social protecting every body in their rights to research the human and the nature, as well as the freedom of not searching the way people command, being alienated by a command of one man over your own research and you own way of living life. And still with in mind the fact that minimum of cooperation havce to be reach in order for the species to survive well, the common work, (dominate nature in the sense of not dying or suffering the less possible from our shortcomings, but by emphasasing each step an absolute freedom i.e, process and means of production free from destroying in the permanent and prompted research for improving well being, not to work in conditions of mental or physical or chemical misery or simple damages- and any research attempting to reduce problem within our work, because at the end of the day, work is the key, would be considerate as a work and being retributed like this. This would sound too much but what if the aim primarily is not to produce work damaging in the first place, then we won’t have to imagine nothing to reduce the consequencse of what they brought of pain. And what if someone want to carry tow bags instead of one, well let this the y will be pay twice, as long as carry one is enough to pay a satisfactory life, why be paid twice, for leisure activity, what own the power, the family, the common effort here is to stop people pouring down product and destroy mother land to be this twice effective, also alienation of work has brough this suicidal state in people that want to destroy and poison human and environmental life with the secret relief of terminating it) and all of work thereby having to be strictly in harmony with (non detrimental) to human and other species.
The bad then, want the state to be gone only to be the owner of a single unique party, the state here as what is remaining of an attempt at people certain consensus at building liberally.\

It is not hat this the time we stop loving, but that physical srtrenght to go on the arena to hop provoking a change. A cahan, a caha.
But older age is to stop to love, the mind unveil that discover and/of rage will unfold.

Discover, corpse cover.

Trying to kill unconscious and psychology as the were both used tools of served demoni.

greg if it is not in your practises, i don't want to give you more work than you are expecting and fairly expected normally to do. i well understand that there is a fix date and the need for one, so don't do it i will wait for the final mark to be issued .

to set ones' elf free is more than a profession but a sacerdoce indeed.
What could free us from the sacerdoce.

To think that a book, whereas human have tried, even though perverted with the condition they were writing, entangled, billions of trials, even if semi, but denoting of a possibility for them to do better than the then expected. And say that this one book is the only attempt to a better life, morals, respect and understanding…

The vampires cannot stand the daylight as a gaz or liquid are in their bodies, the same one that allow them to fly, or smoke at night. A reaction to light would go inflammatory.

It would have been the person I would have married would I had this life.
This person I adore.
But would I love the life I had to have to marry this wife.
So would I have loved her?
Have it half.

You oke with your life?
Ok, but better not touching the happiness of mine.

O to
O how.

To ansewer different person, and atheir functions in having to meet different aim is the way social differenciation have an immense weight quasi uncouternable on the way we express.
The tone, the edepth of our voices, gesture, and coy.

To have not love the reciprocity, recited, but see one children find it, or see one children through it, or see that one children won’ find but elaborate though some tactics permitting the m to get tougher, and that love is everywhere, and above all in our conduct, think.

It was just a bit of colloquialism, nothing like a complain.

‘let all things believe in themselves and let them live’
‘there cannot be happiness at someone else’s expenses’
‘poems and detour, a fro form of apologies’
On which the temple is so he jealously zealously guarded, as to keep poeople’s hop going.

Bones as lime.

24 years time, 58 years work with a woman of power, ahands in hand.

To write one’s beliefs and experience; why to write, for know lunge.L. Head.

Would man like only what is subordinate to humanity, to eat it?
As tehey make aliens idea of earth liberation as when they talk about god, they perfect hideous load.


It was just to say to youthat thanks god I loved before and after you . but that the sole happiness whose taste I knew and up to knocking you now are, were these days is this hope when it comes like a aloof possibility for the day after to be  near you. Near you, sex not this way.

We could not have poursued, countered, cornered, contourned it. It is on this not on that, I lie to you a little bit, that I manage to hold up neck and what one has to say. Hold together is another, just altogether lay. I intimately, I grandiosely, I even publicaelyy miss you, as being as ghost as ante. Haunt.

I wanted to prove myself you did not want to quit me, to kill me. So I start thinking you were doing so the same of it. I wanted to vehemently believe in your faith and louy louyalty . I made of this my sool sole victory. And now I am possessed by this empty space. I would not beg for it, even that is gone party.
Fool of me after that I leave this to you. I leave you as you did it and again already. Show me a back, iti s that I do, to flee. I must go on. This show till the rest of its lie, till the moment when my heart will won’t star nor start it.

I must go, such for it so frivolous, as much as what has been of my glee. What about poetry? When I listen what you have done, what has become, and beckon too, me. Beck .

Now I am as alone as your granny, as lonely. But the one who I talked to is in this world and don’t exchange more than a lack of sanity, and a kiss for no second.
If I could I d write all night, all life, but what I write I cannot reread, they petrify me. An nothing else on no companion on no account than the shadow of survival. That hover over me and the people that would shake more than mh shame of being still ill not sick of what should be.

Uthe only way I can undersanad thwat they want, it they are plotting to get out of this planet that they kille without stipping by going out of I with goods, a way of producing good, food, hodd hood? Now hot hoves won’t has producing water, hater, we can not. Can, jug. Huge.
Refuge, fugue.
Refuse. Chute disposal.
Spindle miss lie. Missile.
Lie life. 

Time shell, time zone, spindle rocket.

Some say, one should not give god an image.
And though they agave a name to their believes and punish and commit the most atrocious crimes, like banish two person of the same sex, tow persons is too much, when reproduction of children is not involved, I am not tali talking of production as production belong to the ones that brought up individuals. Or claiming that they are holy and leave and create poverty like the human hole where sufferance made by us is buried, THE CRIME.

In a revoliution it is not automatically the forces that create it, namely the people, as it is a revolution and not a coup, but the people of the militia, that pick up.
For example the first, and second Russian revolution were not lead by the bolchevicks, only the third one, time to gather the dissidents? Or to create a new nomenclature.

They present themselves as gee, gay held ing, as being religious, as being people fighter, in order to serve only but their clans at the detriment of others, they assert themselves as mystic as if you start comtemplating what they do politically, they aer groups that should be put down. Deposit.

Her dick.

Her, here, there.

On the other groups that have vanished, but count on the poorer countries to revive ancient myths of totalitarian colonies.
They don’t go an pray togheter and gather as it s not related to their careers anymore

She has done everything and qualified herself as  a doctor for having given tablets to her nephwiev last summer. Coming from oxfort, a painture, a lawyer, the kinda people that despise others for having just one job.
People have many jobs, many salaries. Their responsabilities botched at the expenses of what they were supposed to inflict r training with. And though one job don’t exist the one of reporting what is missing or have been done so many time that we aer forming idiots. Riots.

Now what is at stake is not national as the company are omniscient. The people will fight international, religions and party that peace in their nation state is not what they need nor want.
They need unrest, the leaders, they needs horrors make nothing out of labor.

Sari, ary.

Association, act at?

Animak know sufferance, also they have to conceive withing their relation exchanges that are meant to relief their pain’ and through this to adore the other, and all around there, and their species. And whatever is the war try to bring harmony, ultimate, conducive atmosphere.

well i cannot quite know your profile is not telling. but zen rang the bell so much i could not resist to ask for long.

People, like in English, the person with though you work, your socio economical background, yard. Like recognized by the U.N the right of total lack of transparency as soon as a people as being excluded enough to collapse their idea of universal and want, ready to be coagulate, their revenge.

You know in my contry what ethey do to wash the toilets walls, that have got to be whashed every other months?
They put down the building.
On plus values Facilities (easy and faculty in french).

The hell of having choices but no will.
Wares of aawareness but no strength. Vanishing.

Human as much as they fear cold, fear darkness.
As much as ridiculously to switch the light during the day on their buildiongs, their bulbs of energy will perish as dim blossom in their mind.
Spirit, spire, pyre. The nerve and energy draws out of our souls, what they have stolen from the pits.

People are awaiting for miracles coming from shit. Not out of, but from the u, human purposeful senders.
They are clustering saying and praising the ultimate, in thinking that to avoid being caught by another group, even more fiercly that they are already caught in theirs, or definitely more so than if they were out of prizing shame, is the finishing end.

Leg, and legal.

To respect the enemy is extremely important, as every one knows what is to be ally.
‘one love, one life’ . u 2.

The problem is that if the will of the people is to work as prsostitute, the majority would make of all jobs, prostitute legality, egality, equal before this should not applied, on the contrary contract.

Egal = equal in fresh.

 Egality, legality.
Equality legs, legal.

rpaising the lords in research of fillip c.v :

In french cock coquillard, shell.

It is not being for someone but get only one to too trust indefinitely.
Politics should be thus, the one of everybody.

The pleasures of an honest man is to permit their progeny to a future of opened honesty. It is the fight for the thoughest and it should be prompted by the rest, but no. What won’t come to it?
The species that rely on being nasty will fiulfil foul filled a promises, is the famine for the whole communauty = all idiots resting on their, this planet.

Ass hard.

As to bolt as a vault.

Between guettosh on e could circulate in the hype hope of seeing one (of the guettos) dying.
Even the formerly cosy, and rich, guettos of former leaders of majorities revolving.

At least in true cold war even I f we were paid to do nothing more than try to calcutlate the enemies cuasing damages, whe were paid to do this thing.
Now? Noo critizise your are all companies poisoned belongings. Pluralism, tolerance of diverse fashism and biological warfare. Shattered  human and ecologic, economical on the gun.

Tole = in frech
Rance =

An unresolved. How come you can read so many criticisms about the liberals amongst the intellectuals? What is it hiding? Liberal are no brains? That is not a storming.
The intellectuals are no legs? That is not appetizing.

Pretexting jealousy to make out folly.

-For the mai fia.
-Fpr the money?
-For the info.

The lesbians to treat prostitutions could organised the whores, so many times called, to burst the sex that rape her. And o t stay in the side, whether had she a problem to achieve.

I think we won’t have time of for all this.
We won’t have the time. Possess.
                                           L for paying for excess.

Surveillance will finish the means an possibility to haching, the sole method left to challenge slavery.
And dem humanising.
De use o

To have a object, is to acknowledge its past and identity.
Not doing so is the w equivalent of curses.
Respecting its history or leaving it to invade one’s orfevrery.

My love hasn’t law.
My people for faith, not
Forfeit so
It is better in that kinda
To revise one’s voice on the tribalta.
Than to play dying hero
But well war is all what our countries hope ere to rate.

Of course between the gays as we have this another r trick of having cross genered gendered attitudes. 5o to try and resolves the aims on function and quality.
To be manly not to be manly but to draw feminity upon an oversea.

People demonized you not because they believe in it but because they want to exclude, what they play at being anyway. As if they would believe, the consequences fo else than overall protection to anybody they would start fearing redouter

To drop out at school as to concentrate take of one specific behaviour that would be condenned. Discriminated.

To be togehte r was aobut kinesy and the wjy of the opportunities at touching one’s other body.
Making love in the sense of having open door to the others’ through the experience of the other soul envelop through his moaning and schrieking shrinking through her rebuffade and mocking.
To whatever a companion of life, eand possibly life long, and anyhow life is shor t enout gh for us o need some ebats aiming at dressing the ache thas t send to threshold trepas.
Trios pas.

Be bothered by one’s job that without knowing it to death to be drawned.
 Whenever nice inaction or absence of challenges seem to be. Alterity.

K time chane ge in.

As long as one has not got someone else to protect, they may f suffer from complexe of superiority.
The feleling of being alone.
Attitude like.

Parent. Per annum. Rent.

 No one is listening to knowledge and therefore ist is finished.
And if dam and eve story is that the y knew everything they have to know the diving way.
Divine, divining. Dive in.
But instead they wanted to do the equivalent of painful testing or testing slavery or caging other animals for their plays. For their plays as knowledge don’t come from doing this, as nastyness produce maudisse.

People are not listening to the knowledge of them sproducting suffering, also they ll be banished. Sit? Sift.

Adam. A = of, or to in French
= belonging to dame.

Madame, ame = soul
Ma = my.

To refugier, retrovert into a passive attitude, work as when we are not asked to think, of how better we would have to perform, or we are asked to think how the way we are asked to perform, even though it is a stupid way, or a way with horrible outcome. Don’t think, don’t challenge this as when we try to get it no wrong but right our limitations, our limitations of our wanting to do best shot are on the paths. And the how weak on individual is against the remix of its own group. That if you do different, that if you star t showing how killer the species it is; how it shouldn’t; you are as deals’ dead as any flower. Flow flore, faune own.

Ring, rong.

To forget in one’s grand love sorrow, that in life a grand victory over the horrors of pos session is that it is to me my body. No one to unduly touch it, however raped by general activities that are molesting children, wives and bros.
People don’t want to kill, but what ethey don’t want either is to prevent the killer. That are secretedly assimilated to the way one has in hiss plate meat but the slaughter house haven’t entered.
And because speaking about work all the time like he does, human is a lazy, that d rather count on butchery.

Cull rit.

Terrorist are accused to hit random. Does not the economy, the loophole in laws, the wars technologic as they are killing the civilians otherwise forbidden to transit, the every time one cannot put things right, hit random?
Only when they are shpaede to target some people in particulare or otherwise.
Every one are using so low, so third class arguments, and though every one bying it.
Bying abiding.

He was getting  drunk before being aware how tired or how sick he or they were.

Mere = mother.

Or the dame of the lack a reflexion of the self.

To suffer to be a called the same name or nickname.

“I would s#ck, but not ##ck it is what it to be written for death threat don’t go a la rescousse  of dead polygamous prophet.”
But one cannot too much complain sat sack as who came to the rescousse of without recourse recluses?
But for be put to a rest from the first to the fourth of some dildos, that one should not be as easy as putting straight one dead man.

And the better is that we cannot say that the ones staying in their communites becoming more and more gluesome by the day are entirely culprit, as here family is everything, that you would lose your family as they depend on their communities. And who will date you after that in the u.k? a part, a crook, a violent guy, or for the love a refugee?

In us the representation of the god, of the entity that religion, philosophy, poetry, believes justaposed while talking owards it.
Also the more repeating or striking one is hovering upon us’ like even sometimes an entity that don’t correspond with your intellectual. A representation that is in fact those of the community, an idole or effigy, that even if coming when thinking of god is inf act more of an intruse.
But what is reassuring is to “be able to probe into one’s memory and to realize that in fact this girl friend of the past that one loves so darly so entirely, awas in fact the goddess equal to the god. Not in her, but in the aim she made, the entire love nearby absolute, only not as I thought it was still my girlfriend,
The love, as love, is thei s energy that you can regive and relive, so my wife the real one is as much a saint when she protects me, and as every what you ll meet as the gift of transforming into her. Trace.
A the god this thought that make one to act, a work? A body of reasons?
She is not a god as who give me her or the color to cwhich she reassemble, the bells of my bienveillance.
Concentration one would say.
-And you manage easy?

For the sky sake.
Which welcome it all, the aim, them, all.

Ration al!
But when comes to reciprocal or proportional.

The charity that make reports, and what should we do to make the trugh th onself heard.
Bom b the parliaments?
If we manage to build up a really democratic institution and that the parliaments would still do if it was bundle of slits and faeces. Then it was would happen, a combinaison of strength that wouls otherthrow every quarters, and then the police that is really reduce to a few patrols would have to make the laws pass it ve before one make the mp throats. Swallow it.

Id on’t want to be told by this fucking people how it comes that religious get richer, and that pet others poorer.

The crawling for terra incongnita, we will ahve it live now.

To say that people who don’t look at you are spurning whereas it is a way of not in others’ business meddling. Problem is why not. Fight would have us be completely respecting of others’ doing, help when needed, and interposing when these bastards are destroying.

People wil work their energy around the job description or what is on the grounds; in order to have energy left for their life beyond. As for the job, their progress stay unchecked, unthought and unwanted as retaking into mind would eclipse the private scene.

your really puzzled me amy.
the more serious of the evening was you. i mean too be honest you fuelled the discussion with topics and reference. i find your intervention very refreshing as your approach is different and what i like methodical.
what you might find about this group is that for example it has become very very rare when we socialise after having spoken of the book. on this i find it incredible that these women just gather here to talk about a book and never have an additional drink or a night out or whatever. they were use to doing these, but no more. but ti is london, it is how you have to take it.
you will find this informal approach with the other group.

what are you on in litterature?

People are turning to the virtual, as real relationship have lost everything of a hnoset honest, concret dream. Our relation are linked to have something in our plate, for what? For the jobs to be more and more detrimental. And no one that would take any risks; as one fears to be eradicate. Anu risks live comprised, the sole reaming is to educate one’s children to becom vampirical.

University manage like hostles.
5 stars, changing the computers has they have a contract with HP, saying to the students is for you, changing brand new buildings, brand new furnitures, that it d make you crying to realize what is goonna be binned. And the fees of students that rise dangerously, you the worker would have to work all day to pay what  a prof?? the intellectual professions are hated no wonder!!

The only thing is that it is not profs or researches or studies we are paying for by renewed contracts for the mafia the boss you adore.

Nazy germany, 7 millions unemployed and the boom in gross production.
Kuhle wampe.
And it is gonna be expensive the night at brothel and at boredom boardening broading breading uni.

Religions could well be pratises in solidarity to others’ groups. Now dictacturship are out, that could have said to have to be because of western supports, then with a now similar system that the western

love spreading, what will they have to state now everyone secularize? They are means for pe pleasure of getting decency on its knees?
What will say the liberals, we like religion when they are fahsiste it is something less we be ve got to preach??

They say they are insulted, as they can take a warning.

Dysfunctional thought.

Psychologist should not say poverty induces...
As they have to understand ‘personal construct’, what happened for...this to occur.
Creating a menaing, resulting in a behaviour. Change the menaing change the behaviour.
Meaing, meaning.

A correlation is not a cause.
C:Just maybe a style.

Gene explainatrion evading the social explanation as society and family are very dangerous place to be raised.
70 s art, dram, music, analysis....therpay therapy golden age, and now everything disappear
Written down the person ideas............their constructs
Nature of death, pruprose of live...religous ideas.
Some situations are not goanna be solved in a life time...
c:but tried 
and value oneself
now, not psychological  follow up = bad practise. End of the dialogue, black hole
Dorthy rowe. Cognitive therapist.

Struggle for control
C: iddifferent from struggle for power
Feeling comfortable with this type of depression as one’s mothe r had this kind of depression...on personality oro behaviour, feeling or empathy

Frank wills

I don’t know who I am; I can’t think
Alice wonderland.

Anthropomorphism tales.
Look at the animals, they are flying out of the distress of being culled of mistreated.
But deprifed of beind considered with suffering, loving (a caress) or other human felling?
human felling????

Women with capacity of calming down.
Constructor snake. And the poison another insidious ability
Of physical eqyality .

The learnt delicatness, patiente, intentness, slowness and quickness in order not to kill insects and bring them in a spot where everyone is safer?

Pantheonm pantheist..

Response. Res.

Read between the line of for an expert.
Si listening skills or what is tos tore of hind, hint and cut cue for a future thesis.


Family as work is alienating, lesisure is not leisure by achievement come to a very limitive; for an individual no t to be completely sole in life as every field as being sold for lucrative.

When benefit is not benevolent nor beneficiary.

Static state.

Hit hint.

Sexual disease that bring people to speak about promiscuity or taboo permitting sexual cruelty, including the lack of knowledge and mean to practice safer sex.

Sacrificial victim.
Clonnings dictionary.


The scum of monkey that prevent working on earth as they act flippant hiding their  mobster , gangster or truancy.

All what is asking of builder now is fitting and screwing or bolt and unbold, the savoir-faire and true skills of making something, maintain, renovating object completely scrapped from intelligence and economy.

‘Trading on people sacred feelings.’

‘To live on impulses without ever bothering about if you are following well, badly, good or bad.’
Don’t know what one wants, or is scared, and it is why one is running after thousands of little things in life’
Books enlivened life. Comprehension of it. Gather knowledge and collect memories spaces and times.

People, alive, like books’    art.
C:Like the owls that follow you when they are been made with the sculptor carvying care.

Otto Preminger.

C:Dealing on sacred people’s feelings.
Gyp! see.

Rev = dream in French
Rev up..

“We were born to tread earth as angle angels,
To seek out heaven this side of the sky
But they who race alone shall stumble in the dark
And fell from grace
Then love alone can make thefallen angel rise
For only two together can enter paradise.”
Otto Preminger.


Bawl out.
Balls bail out?

That’ s the snag.

And attendance.

Suit he? Satire.

“initiating and sustaining”
Commencer pour que puisse se continuer.
Change and maintenance.
 Continuity and refinement.
Evolution of revolution’s every one appurtenance.
Upper, apart, prey predatory prefatory preparatory to once (one’s) hence, penance.

Preference, preferment.
Fer = lead, iron, fetters.

Bug, dug.
Drug Drub.


Up the duff
Dull set.
Dug out.

In high dud genon. = she monkey, monkdy
Dud geon.

To commutate, communicate,  to share languade and imagination. But isn’t the ‘psychic’ all about it?
Or the psychic well past this communion. Commute?

Because the ignorant know now that there is pollution.
To play not understand, as they won’t be paid to have explained, and are paid to boost insane.
The one who explain the fat cats of administration managering retention.

The cats of whom mice, lies as they speak. Pick.

Benoite, geum.

Or buy?

“Doing nothing but taking your time.”
Say the extremely intelligent (they have to now to pay the universities) managers.

Upright, uprate, uppity.

Marital, martial art.
To get to know and know o get what is moving inot notin into somebody.

To make a declaration, thus of love for hope or hope for lode load nothingg is remaining. 

Beginning. The 3 n of bridge and nativity.
Beg for one’s inning.
No elle (she in french)?

love or loot.
karen, je vous l aid dit si you don't like my mails just tell me.
because if you were using this letters against me like did my every females my every.
i know, i guess tout du moins que you wont' do that.
but you know why a macho is a macho, in the bad feeling of the term i mean. is that if a lady is pretending to love him without a voice, without letting him, then he will become woman, meaning voracious, and after that prend garde a toi.

i ll tell you now i read it the draft was better. reread please and shift from your parties, or it is hang and dead that you willl bbee.
don't think right now that you will vbe ableto name and tell we are dead, it is what i am killing to tell you, we are dead and the celebration is you.

aristio, aristo , aristo, we will hav you we will have ya.
o aristo aristo asristo do not whorry you are one only.
british despite it but they in fact regal on the french marval cos after the revolution came the bourgoisie, et tu vois moi j en mangerai bien des comme toi, des millions de petits cousis.
even that under the revolution they kill all the familly.
but me i d like to eat such like that, thousands of little, worry
mais moi je n ecris pas bien c est ambettant reamarque ca passera peut etre mieux aujourd hui.
you see whwat i am afraid , not afraid, not petrified, i don't know really i think that i can not think again. is that my generation were thinking full employment, prosperity, of course we are all counts, but we were still not too obviously undermined by the sicences, we bekieve in it a little, bvut you the yound you know what you parents when they come logics finally they tell you above don't come, ahappiness is gone, and the next wer it is in the laboratory, j insiste encore, we are the human rights excelllence of human rights and they let the economist devbate, i cannot understand that this board that are so many calaims oh yes so many i cannot remind them but all the same.
that you left teh economist threat us like that in the wall of all our underground, i am telling you, and i ll sing it you ar insane.

what is your policy for the profs, are they due or expect to help and guide their students for them to be able to hand over at least a  'pass job' provided they take into account and perform the work expected?
has a prof this obligation to lead their student towards the product they want to obtain?

Kalim, kali,

Kali, has her tongue red, as she has eaten.

It is too dangerous to propose to erase history without englobing it, to censure all beliefs or opinions, as long as they don’t harm anybody, without a state I feel that marx wanted to protect humanities from abuse of power theoretically. But to say we would not need it is the equivalent to say that marx wanted a life entirely spiritual without material or produced or kept personally or commonly.
And here in the state of nu, naked equally, complex arranged control could be averted mainly.
But however natives people might be, means of harm are available, and means of coercion should be in store and line. So what did marx mean by state vanishing?


What pay for prostitution? And why not rape a child, as the parallel in violating people victims of vulnerabilization and vulgarization.


Not aiming at a sexual relationship prime project the slavish self beyond half alpha talling tales and short story.

To make love to live, or to spouse death in furtherance one’s passion onto an after dice.
Spouse, spy. spies S-pise,

49, you are my hero. am equally happy we are finished.
kimlicka was not bad, hm?
the way he said that he will tolearte bad rights and try to convert out of it people in bribing them to liberalism, in particular aiming at supranational regimes is edifying.
about marx i thought that his didactic, no, dialect could not go well, as he was erasing the history of religion, believes, and therefore what was the main official moral domains for what, to transfer emprisonment towards social servility instead of a perhaps more economical one?
contrarily to feuerbach i don't think one can understand human without the help of god. and therefore love and respect for the universe.
as human as to believe beyond to research, as he has to believe below to spare things with their unrest.

The tiredness and the wondering about what and the benevolence about I was being or giving the fight, support or bedding. Touching one’s face and feeling even hearing like if one’s own brushs were plastified. Stiff but without profounder.

The well being but one day where limits are not pushed like they know they should have been, it is let’s go that one to them, to the body say.
And like the rays, the winkles, the ruts that brood lymphatic-ally tie tied, time to its display.

Jes        us.
Je, jeu, sej, sais-je?

Purple as pulp.

To let one’s presence, beyong the violation violence and rape absence of guerison.
But what is to exist? Ache, bad and derision.
On wanting corporality what one is bringing down of misappropriation?

It is not exaggeration it is magnificience.

Answer to communitarian.
 I wanted to know since you decide to called social emancipation, certainly socialistically coined, tha has been called by marx all along human one, if it would have been possible to jibe at that.
Isn’t politics anyhow a prolongation of the social and vice versa?
And called social what marx called human, an attack on marx humanism. And a deification of the commune, worse still an identification of the commune as being god or the supreme knowledge, or the supremacy of comradely, as it is.


!!!i saw your remarkable attempt as justification for the right the ebd have to assembly.
A little proble m here is that in term of rights in I never read you as weepy and ful flu .

Shall one would have the right to march in producing a clear manifesto of what they march for.
1 it could bring discussion or lack of discussion to the fore.
2 if one ban a book, it is inquisition, so if hatred and incitation to I don’t know discrimination not justifying itself as coming from fighting something discriminatory or segregation
Nina, if you ban the whole book and not only the passage that has brought the book into  question, what the inquisitor is, but ogres of mediocrity.
To censure the whole lot is exactly the reproduction of the pressure endure at work. You work might be all what is needed, still one can ruin you taking 5% of it into malevolent screening.
And to arise, Arian, Arianne? Arimary.
You know why, anne?
Because no one goes into details, it would ask to have work very much at it, and to dare expose the work and condition of ethics.
Decease utopia? Ravaged id, idea never gay.
Lay? But the abas abs abs abasourdi absence
Delay? Dead line of apply application ore more complex than social stupidity.

Conrad, comrade, cor an. An core.
Encore, ahncor anchor, chore

Searching, fabricating, fab acting, an enemi in common, as the common sin was money.
And try to put fault onto them, but who is the don quichote? Who will believe you believed? Certainly not a believer and even less the boy scout foam which you are, the author.
Autumn, hautgh tone. Is nerd need nearly finish, and th e winter of our sins deep in torture profundors.

Humanity is self deceiving and defeation.

i feel you don't give advice enough, precise enough. advice in general are almost all the same given by all profs. where to start when it comes to your own practise, to tackle an essay in particular render the task impossible. if one says ten times i have got a problem with planning, it won't help me to start knowing how to plan, etc...if i work on a subject then if someone give me idea about how to reorganise my thought then i could start exercising more than brooding.

At uni the poet.


And this pseudo intellectual that practise more an more sweetness to take other people for dummy easy lured, as they are not allow to do more than thight- lopp lipsed, mute, the intellectual than beyond discoursing are not allow to nothing like the rest. Only to repeat theory proving that we are by the shame stiffening, but what about investigation, they are stuck at their desks and chairs, mellow becoming, as being this pourcentabe yet, still allow to with words and data play this little bit, and to pretend they did it fully, monstruous salary be paid.
Unmuscular simile smiley.

First one to penalyse lyrism in essays, it would become funny if you knew their prickish degree.
At leastevery one can have a laugh, remembering they are a low rank university,
Bur rire jaune. Dire jeune, jeun, yellow.
With the gentleness of the nature, with the song of the poet might be carry some sadness, but away? Not from this background of knowlogeable insanity. Spurious to the last degree, venting totalitarism and intelllo slang precursor of future hymn, as in words or not, professional of all orders will have to abstraint to mime, if any will be able to sign the check of their food, feeding secret success, succession of another contrees.

X factor the poets and legislators, kill my donkey, timbre.

But am telling you I know the boss of this industry of knowledge the uni, they, the staff are not having a laugh. They, the bosses, are sweety as long as you lie and play serf, cervant-es.
For all ther respect that Is own to don quichotte de la manche, the channel of it is dimanche, Sundays, will have to wait bloody, as for religious of it, none truly.

Uni announces 2012 tuition fees
Story Posted: 15 April 2011
b honours degree programmes will pay £7,900. For those studying on programmes that have higher costs or specialist provision, the charge will be £8,250. For students studying at Foundation Degree level the fee will be £7,500.

So let’s imagine a society  where people get what they deserve in therms, terms of their owrk, work no more not less, no people asking o do more than you were supposed to do, not for improving yourself or the content of your doing’ but just because they could have feud found a opportunities to find someone else to do the job they were supposed doing.
Imagine there is no dummy jobs no more, meaning ok I am  a cleaner but I do my job intelligently, I doom dorm’ do the same surface ten times in a wastage of capacities’ and besides there is space, streams, rivers, lots of others, with inside the amount of rubbish, our insanities.
So you have chosen clearners. Chosen mending menacing meaning (man mean acing)
That at disposal is training permitting you to and do whatever is good for the planet and their inhabitants as a whole or
But one would ask after, but what would happen if someone is more intelligent than other ones, so it would be the more intelligent with the beaufiful house...cause ok if you exercice your intelligence or your muscle, if you find a way, well the work you do might be twice a s productive than if you don’t.
First answer: don’t tell me you are given me the dummy job and it is why you are the boss, because there is no dummy job, just dummy way of doing them, isn’t it desktops (despot dustbin) job and intellectuals?
Second answer: ok let’s say that one cannot do extreme labor, but one thing is it the aim of everybody to do that, there always have the majority that want more something of a good work for health and the rest the dolce vita and if a guy work twice his time for better specks well ok, if it s job is super harsh to do- mind safety at work will be here for him not to do it by absence of chance, well if you harass yourself at work, you won’t grow your vegetable also it is normal you are the one buying the soup already organically made.
But my point is not here, my point is the day we would arrive at a point of equality and equality of the efforts we make towards peace, and security. .. the humanity itself would change its face. Also to ask oneself the detail of this achievement (now inequality  is 1/100, how could we make thing up when it be 5/10) but of course no one wants to have this fraction to pay) cannot be answer, as the effort towards modifiying unjustice would change all the datas.
Without saying that one thing is missing in transcending human conditions it to find the right thing for people to do, and for them to develop what they feel they want to grow as well as what we originally need to as a society, as a gathering to have, to built life and its tools- life not death, easy.

The pleasure in live?
There is no more genius than happiness. When you are stroked by the grace it is from knowing and performing your business, in the sense of ethics of your doing and making, for the general and universal subsistence and for you as a being.
Remarks the individual who d like to live as an hermit could, or give very little of its time in order to reap the food.
For those who cannot, would remain whose who can and the mission as a whole to permit whose who can communicate easier or do together to find a bridge for the others to be able to do (construct machines for the heavily handicapped for their living, for their working...)

am sure i have got rocking thopic.
the rest your personal appreciation.

ok so you like it feminine but you may be rude?

People are frowning at women waring the veil but what about women that could not but war clothes and make up and move the way that females are deemed???

The predictable?

I cannot even pronounce an muslim name without being treated as as a threat.
What does it mean, theat it is an insult to bear this term and same insane.
‘Well don’t believe that, we are here, all of us, and it is the end of this humanity now.
You want to study us, hold on, you ve neglected our truncheon, the one you gave for us to be the whores of the party that nourish us, but not with bread, with their hatred.
And i am a love, and i am a mum, or a daddy, or an uncle, but next time you r touching that, it is the war that will go on.’  A mother mummy.
threat. Th’e at, theatre.
Th’eat it

We talk about cultureal rights, but what it is is that it arranges the blood sucker, it is just for that it is going on this masquerade.
I don’t know if you know a LOT about your communities, but no one no nothing about their history, their reasons to be, and this and that.
You are talking about christianiy, muslimitnes,, because you are supporting the powere that seves their rights to nick the next in line.
You all know that all of this is mythical, ad as anyone had the choice to select ones religion, we were enlisted, a no was excommunication and if like now in Africa you are out of the territoire, you are la brebis noir. The sheep because tout le monde y passera. Yes everyone is gonna trespass, it is in our genes but yet more again in our history.

Us French we have been too kind, you yell your victory. We collaborate am not to o pround of that, i will tell the truth , even , my france is even not my country.
But you yell av-out war.

Come across with Paige in a yea r or two.

 What is this monster that make? People wanting the sufferance of others, and willing?! Their own endurance. It is from corpses that any juvency water would have meant on this scene.


Being fat as one want to hide one’s tiredness.
As lean is the observance of how one’s body is crying and skrinking, its suffering.
But suffering going is, have to be taught, start to appreciate.
Added ingredients: to know how to fuel onese’f to  do od do, dud, the most of it; also lean haven’t got all it yet.

You can lie on me you know i won’t beat you.
I am in search of my wife for years and years.
On end if i am a freak, i a sorry.
I am in search of her for so long now,
And days when i don’t know what am gonna be
Then if i am wrong if i am freaky, please please ask me.

S-Avant vampire being broken, all bones
I cannot even pronounce an muslim name without being treated as as a threat.
What does it mean, theat it is an insult to bear this term and same insane.
‘Well don’t believe that, we are here, all of us, and it is the end of this humanity now.
You want to study us, hold on, you ve neglected our truncheon, the one you gave for us to be the whores of the party that nourish us, but not with bread, with their hatred.
And i am a love, and i am a mum, or a daddy, or an uncle, but next time you r touching that, it is the war that will go on.’  A mother mummy.

We talk about cultureal rights, but what it is is that it arranges the blood sucker, it is just for that it is going on this masquerade.
I don’t know if you know a LOT about your communities, but no one no nothing about their history, their reasons to be, and this and that.
You are talking about christianiy, muslimitnes,, because you are supporting the powere that seves their rights to nick the next in line.
You all know that all of this is mythical, ad as anyone had the choice to select ones religion, we were enlisted, a no was excommunication and if like now in Africa you are out of the territoire, you are la brebis noir. The sheep because tout le monde y passera. Yes everyone is gonna trespass, it is in our genes but yet more again in our history.

Us French we have been too kind, you yell your victory. We collaborate am not to o pround of that, i will tell the truth , even , my france is even not my country.
But you yell av-out war.

You can lie on me you know i won’t beat you.
I am in search of my wife for years and years.
On end if i am a freak, i a sorry.
I am in search of her for so long now,
And days when i don’t know what am gonna be
Then if i am wrong if i am freaky, please please ask me.

hi nicola,
thank you for enquirying. you know i thought you, you and greg, were satisfied with the genocide essay as i was. it starts representing a very big amount of hours studying. i failed 35. greg say that it is due to it being unclear. i am waiting for its remarks, i will apply them, and send it to you directly to apply yours. it is the second resit, i produced 20 different references so i don't think it is a problem with research.
thanks god i passed philo with 47 for the essay even though i though it, as i think you did, to be less reworked that genocide has been. i pass the exam too, but i had to be fine as contrarily to the first time i worked a lot on citing authors and specialists.
 for genocide i agree working whatever on it, but it has to get a pass now.
i think that genocide thought was more politically engaged than humanitarian intervention, as i work the former more i was more forceful with my opinion.

are you aware than you don't have only birds (fox, fish, baggers, wolfed) here for a start. that the starch story is valid when the food is their staple which is far from being the case in here. feed only on protein would be all new.

i am very happy to hear from you though mister brook as i email you at least twice without hearing from you once last year. 

besides, at this point i was asking for your help.
namely it is possible for me to have access to the recycling point, i know it a little bit you throw every week not only starch but meat and cheese and eggs that would even suit the cats that are humanely fed by the little staff, less paid for little staff i meant.
would it be possible for me to arrange something for this stuff not to be thrown?
besides if i may mister brook the cafeteria which you are responsible for throw kilos of sandwich still in their cardboards and patissery without even recycling it but in black bins these kilos might be found.
it is why i would like to know if someone would give a second thought on green issues, roehampton university have made publicity about them being aware of their pollution making and ponds (= produce food without using it, call a lorry to recycling it, and the cherry on its top, refusing a bit of pet feeding).

i had a good look, it says avoid cooked oats and milk, the rest are not on the menu.
as i say it is true when on the staples, fish and canadian goose are ok with paysan settings.
the skirels are regarded as pest when you won't have on on your roof or on your barn, i don't think the argument is holding in roehampton
birds are in danger here in the uk, i was not talking about starting breeding them or the like. it is just to be a little more in harmony wiht the space, the green space, the nature already torn by agro business, can we see any field from here mind,  that is occupied.
 on hte ohter hand you would think that they advice specific food for birds because humans would not be stupourly stupid enought to waste human food in the first place.

ok well in fact i realize that i may not have worded the problem correctedly. the companies to which i ask if they would have me to have a bit of their to be recycled food, say that i could not as the environmental team of the university did not want so. Could you then give them the green light in order for someone to go on with the socializing with birds story?

there is no communism, there is not liberalism, there is no politics but profeetering bastards hoping for their intelligence being propped as a reason for connery of eloquence.
Dialect tics.

Thinking on what we were missing of not being able to share this life.
Why not able? Because of the difficulties that arise?
But then difficulties would not be here, we shall have been naïve about the lack of conviction or courage we would have gone under? The fact that if less easy we would have abandoned voluntarily each other.

Corporate responsibility.
Public good rather than private gain.
Tell about mami et les voleurs.

On friedman economic theory, it is in is name a fried man: 1: someone who did not do nothing to reach the result of being able to move toward something. 2: an arrivist.

My work. Don’t take any word as being a definite version of my thought. Thoughts are the link with infinity, omni presence, and omni potency. Thoughts cannot be to me or to you, to their readers, authors, interpretators, creators, receptors, communicator, conductor...stopped. they are living and the perceptions’ evidences that minds are, lay, navigate, propagate always on another where. and stay.

Atmosphere and tensions might raise or deepen very quick and under the radar, as already any individual is a containing duel in search of absolute. Why is everything so relative? Cos one act only upon what they can see they touch, an infitisinal particule.
A web of destiny and ridicule.

The ‘vice’ could come from the fact that people have to show at least way some mark of consideration for the others. But what if someone is showing it but at the end would like to keep you under the water?
Or what if one has to let go their own rights and thus weapons at staying a functioning entity, because they cannot act directly against oppression?
Being screwed or between the anvil and hammer.

No, no, you are the boss, stop analizing, you cannot cry, you must not.

Hell-haine de troye.

What they were scarred off were not the devil, as if they would have stopped their sins and stopped to pretend to have to eliminate what they say were harmful, the scape, an exit of landscape, scape goat.
Goad to were, mais si. Messy, missy.


Would you prefer to stay on this plante. Plnate. Planet.
By fear of another life? The one coming.
Boy buoy. Beacon.

The right the left all what they want is to reign and to succeed in rouging without accountabilities or humane results whatsoever they took the people in between them.
Having dinner?

But finally no one will have hard time to addict admit that situation as a whole is so horrendous. It comes like two podcast in a pee.

I shall either fith fight, I shall either evser not surrender.
As the if fight is the delight of a death that don;t take the forms of the rumours.
Together or alone, for the present or in the past, for the past or in the present, there is nothing less dur, though than the construction of a mur wall. A placardeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was the kinesy my inellgiene but since people don’t wwant to recongnize that is no t taught by universities, they think they can attain what I knew and did for them taken ou oof but it won’t be that at all. All what you fabric out of inflictesd sufferance is suffering for the future. Period og p34 peri die odd.

I 3ee  l write hog for og but am I the true interpretor of the mistake I was writing?

To not be in love with the one you know but to go on being with the one you knew or wish you do.
I is not feeling but work on imagination, concpetualisation, love and its theory. It is not feeling but its remission.
People are not sick of that as people in row are out of honour, and what are they doing this for, expect ofor money or one of its core, corps, recognisance when on had hand

Praise a knowledge handle like this to root roten her ware warden and rapist to the core. Elaborating tricks on their skin, but for wha hidden being mort = dead. No as it my may well be an no honourable condition, but no alive is another party.

it was just for philo were you wanted me to scrapped an enumeration, and that i did not know how to do it as without reminding briefly of their existence and influence my essay felt like amputated of a know and very discussed reality. thus if i thought myself of the novice that would have to read my essay, i would think that i led them into thinking of this subject without having been any close to try at being comprhensive.

whether you like it or not; wether.
On fake politeness and false policy. Pole icy, public oubliette.

Public, publish, oubliette, oubli = forget, for get.

Secular secluded.

For the taste having.
And leave your sex, must be ser ving ha ving, arse assuring, assert, cer titude, a titude, secreting .

Op rewiew. Power.

love or loot.

i ll tell you now i read it the draft was better. reread please and shift from your parties, or it is hang and dead that you willl bbee.
don't think right now that you will vbe ableto name and tell we are dead, it is what i am killing to tell you, we are dead and the celebration is you.

tiens en sous titre de petition je vous envoi ma mami et oui elle est fracncaise, meme que sous la revolution ils ont tue toute la familly.
mais nous on chant comme meeme.
aristio, aristo , aristo, we will hav you we will have ya.
o aristo aristo asristo do not whorry you are one only.
british despite it but they in fact regal on the french marval cos after the revolution came the bourgoisie, et tu vois moi j en mangerai bien des comme toi, des millions de petits cousis.
even that under the revolution they kill all the familly.
but me i d like to eat such like that, thousands of little, worry
mais moi je n ecris pas bien c est ambettant reamarque ca passera peut etre mieux aujourd hui.
you see whwat i am afraid , not afraid, not petrified, i don't know really i think that i can not think again. is that my generation were thinking full employment, prosperity, of course we are all counts, but we were still not too obviously undermined by the sicences, we bekieve in it a little, bvut you the yound you know what you parents when they come logics finally they tell you above don't come, ahappiness is gone, and the next wer it is in the laboratory, j insiste encore, we are the human rights excelllence of human rights and they let the economist devbate, i cannot understand that this board that are so many calaims oh yes so many i cannot remind them but all the same.
that you left teh economist threat us like that in the wall of all our underground, i am telling you, and i ll sing it you ar insane.
malsain, devile tacin poubelle. ca c est pour mon cas elle va se faire virer je le sais bien.
mais je m en tape bine, car je sias que vous savez c est la pus vilaine.
elle et son cation

i am caring for someone with dementia, for once it is a rewarding job in the sense that you don't have to see people uncared of or people not using you as a carer but as their servant. each profession has its ethics we could all feel guilty. hopelessness kill the jouisssance, unawareness the intensity, denial the cry for it, reluctance the essence.
is it about duplication, metamorphosis, play on light and energy a little bit the focus?

big mess and fun does not go togheter only when the mess is surrendered.

 i have two compulsory pass, it is just a full time i am asking. next year is getting too expensive.
no need to answer me i am waiting ofr greg.

Writing has been here to link human to their experiences, their causes and consequences; enlighten by what should be deriving from as responsiblitiies.

Minimym obligation. To provide oneself for a diet, a roof, a land kept while nourishing the lnad and not depleting it, and the mutual protection every other owns to every one other.
The rest as personal research hazardous. One can do without planes if they are not to be invented by the common will. The rproof, we should have put into mass circulation what won’t damage.

He could have flirted with this woman, but would not as he was missing men too much. No being able to engage in the realtion ship he was longing for, the forbidden having rendered the ideal of love so umconfortable all the time and cutting at other odds. He would not touch this woman even this woman as love, the love he was feeling 99, 99 % for men, since in ways of ideas endangered, turned into pity for his odd other  loving unattractive.

Fwwr feet flex and toes apart, tale of taking a hove shp shape close shave to the horns like an aurea aureole that would have taken a bread bread bread break.

The people that mean bad for other people or whatever else; have got a trick to be psychologically and psychically well. And tha is it of the human power to h shif t that to what is deserved and waited for one to get the adequate and not the wrong treatment. But the secret is o to find out how the death they are calling could in their own life of thief being represented.
And ti his this would come to spouse the element. Elle aime. Hant.

Their, thief thier, fier.
Thiers etat, estate. TATE, ate. Est = is.

Chief, shift.

Not kidding, not killing, jealous no, but having to do the thief.
Thieves. The eves?
Vie heave.

Killing, elle, ill, heal, eel. D kid.

If demons , de moon, forms of spirits, could; ‘inhabit’ humans then it is human to be a dem-on.

‘; = dag it, dague.

Or inhabit. In-habit.

Le contre jour, show light in contrast, and the wall of lumiere, the screen like in cen cinema could create another show of sphere.

S how.
Sp here.
S hop.

C:    worrying tendency by the state to despotly attempt to silence data freedom and circulation, and awareness propagation.

Cul = ass in greek? In gothic? In french.
Muscle of bottom, second more powerful in everyone standard body.

To know that touching you would releaev my body for good.

And throught his hint try to ease you as much as this conviction.
Is = ease

Alice. All ice or a lice?

Not hinge.

Knowledge who should be power, is the one that respects itself and by extension life (as sole procurator).

The economic, political machines that made everyone subsistence eternally dependent from a party.
p- arty.

Visage, vie, vis.

Instinct versus spiritual or psychic I is soo taboo that no one oculd draw a line as it is not studied per se.
Perse perce pierce.

What remains of human in a being tht live in luexury when someohter die from necessity, is just a navel.
k-Nave hell.

Do I have perfect control? I d be good god.

The world o f the death that will eat the world of the alive as much as the latter did not prevent the former.
Doing it orl let others doing it, is the same sin borether.

Brother, border.

I am ok with cleaning bu bug surface big happy even, but the way they mjake the sweeper in hthe street work over working their hands instead of adoptin, putting in place other organizational technics.
The graudated are gohre. Graduated.

Would doctors know if a mundane throat disease has been caused by the cold, a virus, or allergies?
Would doctors know the components of what imbricates us  for us life, reasoning and moving?
On experiment.

The bigger articulation, the bigger artery, the bigger muscled part, from the bottom to the knee, around the sex that is at the descending door of the whole organs sets that are support by its enclosed entry.

To breathe the same ari air that someone who pollutes when not polluting. To have to create infants that will have to consort and resort on the same thick and thin and play.
Pal play / play = plaie = wound.

I it was not human god but god.
It was not human rationality but rationality.
That will ‘have the final word’. The one that will be served, serf.

The crooks having children a screen at being respectable.
Forced marriage fuelled by the police this way.


Count what one buy in a shop for the sake of mathematics; and because sine since some garland goes without even prices on their products even when they price now I d be intrigued to know how much one might have been overcharged?

 When you know what the body is aoubt about you are delighted not to be a sex addict and manage to be an happy single for not having trieed to sum simulate love with the other, stranger to one’s heart that an than the man to one’s bo, box letter.
an happy single
peddling the shingles.

Perf romance.

Patriarchalism or matchar maternalis        is this group I with or without alcool who span and appraisal their time spend in saying their at the best, whilst in the same prof process they are being diminished.
To enslave others. But one day one will be freed by the stranger.
Def herctor.
Def victor.
Innate ignition

Of this empire of shame, the cctv is the army that kings and abusive kings used. As any strength it is alos the weakness, once neutralized…but for wha, whom and how? To deliver a bit more info.
The first one that one has to know it is that, am not talking about the existence of quality, if you want a superior quality home, well work for it all day, but no one give you the permission to have to destroy the one I could have so for cheap, because you want us not being able more than paying the room in which we will be asking any deals.
In a world where richesses used as comptempt for others, as they are no more than recession with the rich building more and more precint 5 stars while people are worrying all day if the y will be able to eat sane or have a pension. This riches should be at blame and instead the propaganda is from September to june spending every penny of yours to make it glamorous; and in summer the pictures of lost paradise of the hostel from the tiers wold, that finally have come over where salaries are in fact wages, where money is ranson. We are trapped even with arson. Dream, rev shingles lout.#

To loose some, not  by being punished by warrance but warn by having to use prudence.

People like in the victorial n times will have to look up to richesses when povery t is depicted as the threat.
England was then an empire, what empire is now?
Which good is left to abuse and lott loot and ransacked,…
Us, Humans.

Like this sign ad, that were asking to donate for a woman who could loose her numerous children, all under nourished siblings. O too many and how people become heartless or without nothing, or “less and less”.

How would I make warmth out of this fire without you now?

Jamil story was co occurring in the side of a church. In fact I was like supported by the staff of the church that know there were a big problem. But the church is paid by the social services to rent this room and I am pretty sure that logically the staff in real time would have done nothing that could have hampering the social services using their room. Did they? It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest church in hammersmith center. For confidentiality??? (lack of transparency too often) matter I cannot say nothing else. Ask them.

Is sue.

Rea son?

And in free year, If there’s spring seringue there will be fall.
Th ree. On trinity. Eternity. A component of incest in jesus Christ story. Patriarchalism.

2     3
Too tree free.

Her voice took another tone.
The need to have th one of her ma.

On the sadic smile of Cameroon when he repeatedly touches his wife inappropriately in the midst of the flesh pressing. Keeping easy.
Don’t think he gets id at home whence the vengeance of him touching her. Unwillingly.
Work relation.

52 in hand writing forms an omega and an heart. Like ea on an ewe eve of a year, and the weeks’numbers.

To think ot spend one night hearing what it felt to have you on my chest the second preceding, foll-owl-ing  the when me on the higher than bliss, short for work as the word would have exceed happy.
You are not here saying that it would not long last fire.
To loose you would have brought me direr, than the insipid time that gallop to noting that I am but a sapped span of a moment in a time, without bridge as the notion of you came without the lens of tasting you, without the chance of being wanted for it from you.
But the time I can be liberated is to have to imagine a reality where you would have wanted my shift. Me doing what you dreamt from another buddy. Me doing what I must not concede for paths to go on having more than one display- of you.

Having to write poetry to show, to persude about the nature beauty and sovereignty.
To be, to have been able to explore others certainty teh nature would not be put into danger by beyond insensitivity; but murder.
Art are condemned by the bourreau, and express a douleur as trying to help surviving the weakness to the slay, of the blade what is under.

To have this luck that the work you have been doing for the past 10 years has been saved not by you having conceived way of protection, but because it happened not have suffered malediction.
To realize that you could well have lost it, for yet another incident.
To be become peculiar on simply preserving one’s sanity on preserving what you can count as tentative towards achievement.
Not having done before as what life let us achieve is so branlant. Not on what we achieve as spiritiutal psychic equality, but the feeling of it, leading to impertinence and deed without having calculated their essence.

Why do people say that we need money and inequality principles?
Because look these people with a car that have ask for millions hours of conceptional making and fabrication, that don’t for that cease to be danger for life...extensively because of its profusion.
Who would really might afford such an object woth with their personal work????????????
On plus value and salvery.
This there.

To be for quality but not for luxure is to be for the art and skill of renovation.
More and more unskilled of unused skills, silly position.
On humiliation unnamed. Work krow, SssssERRVICE.

Why is there no warning, start stopping water, oil, energy consumptoion?
O to wait for it to be too late, to wait to be cripple and say to the population, we need it for the richer to avoid invasion.

The ignorant waiting for the genes to create the creature, forgetting that the soul by only deeds and thinking will be life’s operture; let alone parades of glamour = the money, the shpes that the gene convey are only tool serving the hell oof our already proven dis-may.

In and out to make go swollen and up the system reproduction.

Homosexuality is not a dislike of the other sex, but inequalitarianism is.
Homo could like to have other sex children for a parity.
Homo as extended family in case of non adoption.

One might have gone tourism in thinking we gonna equalized.
We did, in the west we will work for 6 stars industry for a bowl of rare ice as well.

This little thing just going more and more undulant envious with, of vermin; that will say to ya, you can be homos if not practising. Their surplice supplied but not banged.
On little christianity chi.
Entitle errmine.



When social work made the opportunities for srvice user made clients to perpertuate and reinforce discrimination. Reinforce as if they choose not being racist =ethnicist, alembic for castophile or homophobic, we would suffer from.

Is lam.

Idle: discrimination and stereotysation is ‘do as you are told’.
Med, dem, idio rat.

Is pedophily accepted as psychic and when attributed adult, grown up quality?
                                                                                                     Or children one, that would not be sexual content but unconscious intent, translate into vouluptuous?

Apprentice. Conjugaison, inheritance, gene fabrication.
Of go on mature.

As between 80 and 3333333333333333

Or love with a so stone or a sexuaguany.

You have be3tter staying in your caste sort of play. As if I am of the caste of the killer I don’t want to attack you, for you to have to learn how to.

« -who permitted genocide ?
-well everyone, be consistent. »

Toll err ate.

On drugs, sleep and spouse.

Poverty as a taboo, also conflicts as a taboo. As who wants let know tha they left their family in misery?

And as the war and revenge cannot not meet their equal than when neglect, threat, trahison emerges from former reciprocity, combination or intimity.

Be happy as to be alone by the being free from a life that is going.

Religion and asylum seeker, on spiritual search

These guys gthat are defined by e religion just like other define by their food or clothes, just like customs worth a baguette weight.
Not talking about benevolent thinking as for the ones that want to defend, why restricting their people in memory of a past they never habited.

Psychological war is remaining as the main war in countries or hypocrisy and lies occurs.

And it makes of moral, a impracatibale, cani ground that a salute ethics by ridiculization.
A castrated people versus immoral attempt that would render them, ridiculous even to evil.

Love is not enough as it is the feeling what comes naturally,
Or is this feeling, what we called love, not love really.
‘So what is love?’
We all know it but could we try to bring this ultimate into each act, scene and deed, is what the divine conception of the human should be perpetrating.
Love as not takne for grangted. Not in a stock, not unmoving, mo no barren lands from where no can sing.

To understand the world and oneself better I think we can imagine that the world is world and would be the same if it was our person that duplicated in billions each of the seat would have taken and beghaviour would have performed and from seen.

To have been without knowing it on the verge of loosing everything, of whom mainthing could have been saved by your being more careful and foreboding, conscienscious, getting ready fully, and could have been lost in a, just one sad occurrences, even two, and the third one the one you could not think or would not dare think about.
To have fall from inadvertence, and thank god that there had not been a strick and now you know a caution will be the so slow pace you ve got not to depress but prepare in case of detress as quietly as minutiously.

As to rise you would have to reap, as how many abuses are occurring bec

A(b)use people let them occurs and rules while applying the label of good thinking on top of it.

To be let focus on h.r breaches in other countries while in own’s own they occur with bigger means, and on e purpose props propos: internal censorship.

And thise people making their business saying that they are intelligent. But would they not being able to put their intelligence across- as when they manage it it is notwhistanding denied’- they would then been deemed as a put down through mercy of the lord and landlady humanity.

We were all fighting reactionarily through ge fears; but not the dangers are passed. Leading to another that we area ll condoning as cowardice brought us to too easy tear.

Womens’ rights with person v wearing the veil as not a submission to god, not a sumision to man, I don’t think women would be queuing to be submit, felomy.
But since the tradition has been lost of the men wearing the same protection and camouflage, (bearb and cap) but submission aoubt what has become the today society, striding and the phenomena that women has to wear the sign that society, women like men, has been perverted by obligation to differenciation, inequalities or being under threat of being dissociated.

Yes my wife.
It was only k joke that bring shor relief intentity but as life on human span is short enough to render joke as dangerous as tied jockey.
Tide thighs?  

So s doing nothing?
No but perceiving you.
On nine life.

People doing politics at work – protecting their own interest, e.g doing the less in obtaining the most at tge detriment of others, and ruling moral on how it is hopeless.
WOR (k)capital.

You d be intelligent you d made something of your life.
Playing the good parents educator like this would have soon to see what would become their theory the day we d become “paralysed”.

And when it is said that we cannot go o n reproduce like cockroach and wait that plantet be eaten up, or wait for the new born or the less newer to die quickier, well we are not using the images of inbavasion for one ethny in particular, theis type of antagonism ishighly dangerous is in fact racist to think that by one term defining one behavior in one circumstance (nowithstanding need- meaning that people needing economically several children should be helped (with their pension in africa, or with job instead of welfare state in where it is practised). It is just but style to encourage family with more than 3 children as planet certainly wants to get rid of us, that other species needs space and place, that fuck the number and let’s try quality- but what people are after a big team inventing the means of escape the main land to some satellite, before one of us start killing in a way we would start being in pao pain as a
No antagonism    anyone they re is no difference with us color but a cultural one =  political one and an intellectual one = all way of coping gather and protected, the remains of what realma migh have been.
But people need to have their baby,
 adoption to help replace the seconds after
of course the welfare state permitting to avoid to entrust your infant to somebody else, still make sense.
Although it heck encourages to want bad institution performance to deepen backgrounds ‘handciap’ and gaps.

philosophy as the voice of command.

People are sayin g that the uk is a nanny state, but when it is ni fact a reproduction of the monarchy.

Are we together in that?
And what when it is not about a boat but is wreckage? The same applied?
Likewhen people say that one has to wait miracle as a bit of intensification at least a direct consequence of having neglected so much ral reality.


Would the only marriage aims aiming at reproduction as in order to ban pedophilia (even if practice as you can starting being in age of reproduction without being biologically mature or anyhow), zoophily, (or profund attachment to an another animal that would make kill other humans would it be put in danger) fetischism…
Don’t worry about homo, we do like each other as intense as hetero, meaning family would find a thousands of thousands others ways like other super fragile if not protected by laws and societies, when life for them is but market super.

To think you can have it all, now all of these cretins and cretins creations, pick youppy your stuff from a vast supermarket. Should make change rapidly. So on how to this situation intenable might change without regrettable occurrences or regression?

Sister and brother were used to designed deisignation of religious members not of the profane, meaning a religious person that in fact is making business…the bulk of their life doing stuff not linked with the protection of life…is an heresy. At it was for the religious, more even, not fighting godly.

Philosophical stone the life that inspire, phyre.

People are talking about profanities in order to murder behind doors, sec.ular one or religious, professional or personal. To feing highness? As long as life has been trod on.
Higher is no man’s land.
But of course this sentence could be used to retain mediocre and allow them to appeal hell not by any performances but means of depriveing other from except executin.
Performance, latence. Tent, lactile,
appeal to hell

heal from live herding, not in term of using, but protecting as well as protecting it from other over whelming.

The rest logically, protector or exterminator would not be able to protect our funest langda data, nor to speak to each of us in cells.

The profane is waiting for instant punishment or transformation, recompenses.
Don’t work like that in a world where we are all responsible of all the sufferings.

Human rights is not aobut duties therefore not about morals.

Was he right, the power of the right, would it be rights, should it be to be implemented.
Justice bar on.

For me.