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Blute nur, du liebes Herz: II - Terre 05 other half

Blute nur, du liebes Herz: II

Terre 05 other half

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How consumerism is becoming the main stream global culture?
What, how and why?

Maintenance, enforcement.
Standardization, uniformisation

i like your last sentence though, it emphasizes the delimitation issues.

- fear of older cultures coming back for their known toll of tort (route rut) torture and nothingness. With their grand allures of virtues and holiness- the nonsensical when called with reserved politeness. While politeness is used or to admonish towards more and more enslaved and fuel devil by being servile. Or politeness of the looming elites, thanking their lords. Ord-er. Hord.

One of the main aims of sociological surveys which is ‘to understand attitude and beliefs’.

Since it cannot reach its purrpose

Globalisation and its reactions to it, nationalisation, come back to tradition, even to older tradition than the ones in current usage

Main culture, westernized.


How maintain

Can be regarded as component of culture.

The way peoples incorporated the respect of nature in their way of life.

Important problems as every state is facing it , since

Nation-state building builds on symbolic unity, the importance of creating a nation around a people, a language and similar cultural features are here antonymic with the cultural and ethnic melting-pot of that make the populations under state-sovereignty and function at protecting its inhabitants.
Secondly, we cannot speak about an impartial uniformisation   as in general politics are elite and majority centred, that is to say they will tend to replicate a potential demagogical attempt at overrating the cultural identity of the main people in order to maintain a political statu-quo suiting the decision-making top leaders within what already is in some degree, the state, a structure perpetrating privileges of, stratified classes like would advocate Marxist, sex discrimination, like would advocate feminist reviews on legitimacy, a system where the competitors are few and often business-like pre-selected, like Weber revealed.
The fact that politic persons have to content money and power holders and the majority of the electorate (majority that may become tyrannical), will by default tightly keep a static ‘hierarchical, and traditional’ production of inequality of legal rights, and any other status at the expense of meritocracy, proportion, dialogue, openness and collaboration.

Even if not systematically treated as a priority, multi-cultural integration, assimilation and tolerance are as serious subjects as racism and discrimination are rampant and damaging.

Justice not only to the individual, but social justice and to groups and the problematic paradox that would be to protect groups but not at the expense of individual rights  and vice versa.

In the judicial system but as much as any kind of institutions: schools, employment, representation, opportunity at personality and skills development…

‘egalitarian, liberal principles@


Culture versus equality 

Affirmative action
Discrimination on grounds of beliefs or practices.

National level.

Importance for the individual psychological, ideological, ‘sense of self’ and being integrated to a supra-structure, sense of usefulness- to be part of a construction, of a running an establishment, to ‘what bind people together’ p.7 cr

Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.1).

Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.2)

Kelly.P. (2002). Multiculturalism reconsidered (p.13)

ÍII  Brighouse, H. (2004) Justice. Cambrigde:polity.

look at how your site is rated and thereby filtered! do you think that the filters are gonna permit for much longer relatively free freedom of information and further contrarily they are set to do permit any kinda unfair trade and bodily exploitation (am horrified thinking what kinds of stuff and services one will be able to put into place without the shadow of policing - ok, ok, horrified by the states and the police? of course as they let that happen, it is why the scapegoat is at the honors, the first we shoot if one asks for fairer account) transaction? a chance i can find your link still.
morality is easy to find, it is the cross path to follow, they could start the police to police your life, like its absence does but then who to ask for redeem? fucked fatality? 
if people pretend to do bad stuff under morality, it is just the trap of common misery. but since it is command common disability at handling it proper, the fear of the police would not exceed the fear for (of) the neighbours. the police becomes too big, nothing we can see.
well the people have to start by what they can, not the neighbour (bobby), it would be the scapegoat, but one what they do, the civil society, a prison like every one, but a prison improbable in probation? which proof on her being improving -able?? maybe some consideration.

as for some site about which you have any kind of very accurate information (the hosting site, the name of the titles...), you can screen all your live if you don't have the exact address with all comas and the right space, they will never ever again shown. Appreciation.

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I am so sorry for all this mess including you.
I am so sorry for all this mess, including you.
-It is no more love, ti is trust, but will I have to count on your back for self-confidence?
-no, fool off course.

Dear nina,
I should not have done this.
I shoud not have said this either. But what do you want me to do? I am your half, it is pretty conspicioius, you don’t think, I don’t think.
I mean this story of the other, I believed in it with other I owe it to you. But between, bet win, bet wane, wean, our profiles and character me I put my life on it? No this sort of sortileges it is together both at the same time that they will conjure.
I told you I was listening to my instinct here the explaination for some of my blunders. There is this inner voice that tell me do, so I think ya good idea let’s do it, and then it continues, but or it is hardly audible, or edible or it is a mockery on my capacity to rationalize. But here is the trick is that taken unexpected you learn a lot a propos instinctive!
I read you, each time I think yes but this is hackneyed and each time, oh yes this is literally killing me at the end of it. You know I read only reference books but your smashing point I never heard of ti. Maybe, yes surely when I revise my position upon common things through reference too, I go on wanting to be an academic when I realize I was reading genius, it was in good tone with ecclesiastic, that’ all. And it is how much rationally I love you.
But there I so much than rational, because love as to be the strongest if not it is not love and life without it is dying. Ok I am a pro at it, ok, but dying for love and dying for want, it is what seper separate the all lot, allot, of thing. Thin.
You are my most merveillous image, it is because you could stay on a ues, maybe, but this is changing toot.
As for my part, whatever, are you, I havce to take you wit all the wisdom I am capable of, in life we don’t have many sisters in are art arms, in yours, ours arm me, I mean a life one. You won’t freak out maybe when you will notice I want your forever = rever = dream, dreamed.
Here eh, eh, we are split and have to reconsiderate the adventure, but for me it is with ya, as long as? You ask me really to go or stay, really down to the bottom of my scantiness, na. I won’t die for that, it be true, we would have achivaled achieved, archives, verity. And I love you and that it is the sweetest veracity. Race.
All your life you ask yourself but why, why loving? Here we are, the privilege of maturity. Mast.

Verity overtly. Liberated, you are in your heart miles away but doing is to make this travel to where it can be felt eternal, internal, external, terre = earth, here is the paradise on earth it cannot be die play, display. Or spurned or ritualized, I am your angle I have to be perfect, as you are an angel to me, this is lesson (lesion? ney) to be again and again said.
I will be gain going on loving you, my life is to writing is all that I know for me grandor ok.
M y life is to you, one can be mistaken, it is not play it is life criteria of creation at plaie = injury.
It is creation, what true choice do we have but the one of choosing, shoeing.
And get back to the engine.
I whould have send it to you my message, as soon as my rising up, but I ll have to wait for 7.
I am the one to say, whatever, let’s with the dice play, and roll it and roll it again. But why seve-n today?
Why severn, I ll invent word don’t worry I will for you to “ay”.
I will go in Africa lile kant, it is long time I know him, kant cunt, this English little may.
Studying, I will find out the same rubbish than in here anyway. Redefining work would you be please? Bay, bay.
I am waiting to send to you my last apology to your last remonstrance. Later? I do’t know don’t have a family. Fame-mile.
I pout fetters on me but while waiting for you, everye things goes, naturally.
You gave me signs but jest culture.

family. Fame-mile.

Load, toad.

Arm me!
But why people think themselves as having to kill their similarity, why?
Because of parents.

Parenting and jealousy. Population growing, and in fact a good deal your little load ones are not put under systematic control maybe?
On personality and individuality.

I won’ t be approaching you.
I am so sorry.
Cucumber, cuc? cub number.
I am so sorry, as much as you would be please? Could be. Well I ll have to do something with my sorryness equal to the feeling of you love.
I felt for being an angry person, as but neveeer at myself.
I ralize I was singing for no one even though I thought I could pass on a message, there is somebody up the stressed stairs I sung you for it. I sung for a demon. But aren’t they like so any song. My calling you.
I know you were about to report to congediate, but tomorrow or in 3 years what difference it d make? For me!?! Formica.
Big didon of difference, very big difference. You d know I truly love thee.

It is the middle of the night I ll be sending it to you

I am not to be with you, I love you
Il I love you therefore a am a euh pastiche.j
Fucking silly.
I am ham, making my potatoes for the day, go to uni hans send it

Yea, it was art, artifice of one to present one’s feeling and at the same time being, conceal it.
Seal and k-dike.

Your o voice on all tones. Supersede. Seed. Being your garden as far as the “night will be fallen”.                                                                                                                                              
when night is falling, no good trailer.
Ridiculous trailer even disgusting for its level of poetrical romantism, the film is good though
I watched it I was 20, but still cult.

The way she martyres her fingers, her hands in wriggling them, picking them with her nails, (my nails, let me tell you much more harder) when I would thik she is deeming herself too soft or fragile or admonitionable – monitor, munition-, or is it that something happens inside her that challenges what she wants or expects from her concentration?

In psychology, psychosis is when you for example hear inner voice. It may be a few like it may be thousands, it may be conciliatory or intellectual or poetic, or insulting and ordering, from it like from any other intereactions, you do manage to do things you d do them again and their opposite. What is reality? Our actions, but what shall we truly believe? And act in proportion. Pandora made intellectualisation.

Intellectualisation is the paradigm of anthropomorphism tromping itself.
The justification for its constituation of troops towards what since hte basis is we are sole to possess??

I went on internet.
I phone the police for confirmation of door to door selling.
They say to contact the council
I contact the council but the specialist for it knew less about it than I knew about being polite.
I ask him his email, I email him because I told me I did not need a permit – in fact I manage him to say that he was saying that because it was not exactly his area.
I ask him to answer my mail in order for me to have a proof on not having to provide a permit in order me not to provoke my illegality.
He went nicely.
I mailed him, no answer.

I called back the police no I did not I ll have to do it.
I mailed the police. No answer.
I mailed back the police, saying that I needed a proof of my having mailed, cos I did not want to be out the law.
No answers.
Who talk about police culture??
They are cool the guy I don’t feel under surveillance. Well now.
How will I be proving I have contacted everybody, they don’t keep theis kind of data. Before a judge this one won’t hold water, maybe I could be said to be trafficking and it won’t just be the moment to underligne their lapse. When to do it then?
Thank you for your reading, mate. If we had any influence...

No answer, hence her, where are you? Youare with her??
Ok then if you are with her...
(yes let’s call it her, as there is but you, my lamb, my dew, call them it, I am the baptized beast for believing that communication is what love makes me sing. YOU.
MAYBE will I obtain in insisting, but no as why, inside, in woods the wind blows in my ear and these sounds hound hidden. Inside me. Talking about my nun, about my mum, about you othererwise name. Sname? Same.
Shame. Upon when I don’t traduce love but insane. Love, you.
Forget, forget, for what?
Another? Peace? We will do that, should you be free? Your heart is and is to be office.
Oh fils = son.

Suffice? Infinity trick, the completude is in the move, well it will be as it is all words and the world we would have to. Mind is explicit, always having a noise and search for who but those who do?

Infinite trick, wait to see affinity. And the grand lord is freedom so doing our job, separatedness, we would not stay.

To hide one’s hair, the equivalent of military haircut.

well no it is the problem, there is almost amnesty only to defend human right nowadays? and still with fat cats salary.

To critics:
I think that you would like porno really you would write not about it but on it.

You used to say you loved me completely.
I am, seek. Entirely.
Sick obviously it is what is important, you in me, where am I now, it is tearing, thorning, not toning, it would have more adapt, like when you said possible. Pause ability.

“If I move somewhere bigger than a shared one-bed flat (soon), I hope in a while (if I pass the tests) to be in a position to foster whoever could use it".

You treat my devotion like hell, I am a best beast making love to a god.
Abatptized beast as I would not hurt you in any of my positions.


What art and all? Listen to music wahtching film dancing drawing.
But without those I would have killed me or myself the boundaries of fate would have been too less.

i need you to understand that i am the kind of person who could have been waiting for years without even seeing the object? The aim of my love or almost. For utmost sake.
it is what i was dummingly planning i admit i am simple minded but it is how i cam.
despite the obvious if i haven't found the proof of having someone in your life i d h thought you d be a single.
i would have accepted not seeing your for your career- because if I am mistaken tell me but for my being controversial not by submission, and try to prove my worth through writing.
if i did not come across with this sole hint on your thousands pages blog completely obliterating nothing but your true lover i d have thought that i could at least attempt to 'make it up'...
when i say waiting i mean be faithful totally faithful, flee the others in order to stay focus, do you understand? I know it is peculiar but I love being alone to contemplate marvel, it could have been lasting for years.
it is why i prayed you to make things clear. Would i have believed you if you had suddenly said that you were into a relationship moreover a serious one?
not exactly because i found your face and manners and bravour,  your bravoes, your completude, attitude so beautiful graceful and pure that i would have thought that you wanted to bet get ride of me and make sure of those.  But at least i would not have decided to adopt a position of devotion for a woman that i reckoned to be at her own work in total donation.

Why join up one’s woman in everything she does?
Because their places are in between their tighs.

It is not concession, it is growing in you

I believe what I hear, and trust what is meant.
But can I rely or know what have been spelt?

For tfemales I ammore than hot I am in vapor.
don’t thik sexual, but dye death.

Alcoholism rising as when you are really sad what you want is to isolate, be able to walkd throught the trees, stare at the moon, even hurl it out till you cry all what you got, and stop pilling. And resources at the sights of animals...
But no forests, no wide parks...

Be sweeter when you slam!
It makes you twice twitch is it that?

Your life like to read a book rewind.
You get better the significant signs when you interpret backwards, tiny details become prophetic- profession thinker, profession tragic.
I have been thinking all day it is why the shifting of proportions and decision making so different, sea of opposite lanes (froth), and rail.
And theirs, there is nothing like a trailer.
Your acceptance was like an operture for light but not lightening on me that is love.
The love of the one is a light tear off both of body ready for the melting? The warming? The warning up? 
The mixing out? The come? The calm down? The supersizing? Some said that there are more than billions on billions of words and worlds.
Tired with the secant scene.

The goosing goo goo gossips in town make us live celebrities-the morality. Conclusion, concussion findings.
But as far the geese are concerned people would rather throw their foods in ht bins rather than confide them with recycling.
Cycle Sybil.

Marrying you as il I love your foly. An also, thus, happy and intensity.

Stop it is no funny no longer.
I watched sex in the sexy I know why your obcession with giggle want harder, more complicated stuff.

To be together fort, the arch of noa, but no I am too afraid my companion has to be suffering from that is a part of the solution poor soul of yours.

Mecy on y ceeaticity                    hsou I writ e to nd ecoe eeeeeeecyogody ..ceas acitivity acticity should for every  body.  
Mec cem, mercy on cetacean, ecocyclogody, cease acidity, cosset are they ready?. 

-She is the such a pest. (precision she is the woman of my life.)
-Do you think it is love?
-it is because you are dummy. We like it real. What’s your problem? It could have been simple?
-what’s your general aim to you women -or to perhaps men, I mean do I look like a pussy? -to severe?
-look I did my math, and I don’t think we could ever really (the reality make made women) match.
-ok why did you not take this paper before, your -experimental- psychology degree?

We don’t say women, to say women, but to say other, the other, the other half- and if you are gay well I could be you, and your male, whatever, the word is sociologically, societal to be understood.

The tension, the attention of sex, makes the deal, id deal, coming, flowing.
The completion like flowering ability to ideally open and close to adjust to.

The computering profession is just a cleaning stuff, organising and reorganising desktop all day. Can click and click and click. It be clit it be terror, no, no bettor.

 She was my wife and was worried about the age pilling in a corner of faked spirit forged by the non respect of my state and perpetual love and this and that.
She was my wife we were in our 40’ but would I have the same years and her comes to her 90 suddenly, then I would like to go on kissing her lips, mouths, skin, with my tongue and my tears lest woman of mine takes her last breath. Would life kill me with sadness

The image of food and sex. As when in love interrelated, inter-lightening, inter-lapping, inter-mathing, atom, it is not eating each other but production.

I love the British, brutish? Because they are saying ‘mate’ and ‘darling’.

It is the day I talked open heart to heart discussion with the sole

It is when you know well and love someone completely that you are taught bisexuality by your body. Be complete.
Could the fact that older people are not allowed to be in the communities be because of their having knowledge, liberty- restricted if they need to pass the punishment of the shower by some nurses and to be treated like if you should not move play 24/7-,

In the story I ma that vibro?

I understood then the rush people have to get children, an infant on their own. And for the one you will meet into their later age, please, please, amor’s sake, make him belong.
Be long.
To get ready, to raise one’s aggressivity on one element, as the marathon coming is gonna ask more stamina that one has ever had. Stud-y.

To stay with people amourously even if we don’t see them at all,  by desire, simply. It is what I desire to be, to be with, to learn from...
True love story.

I ll come on Monday, for the cd!
Would you please not to talk to me like if I was a bad dog. To know you are with someone is enough for me to unbite, even though I would start wondering???...i am not the one who socializes anyhow.

To be a parent, you still have to deserve the title.

The being a celebrity effect is the aim of the fans or opponents, belligerants, aside,
It does not to much mater if one can love, an caress the hope of having, no habit having, but conquering every day one’s other half. The gays are without parents, without prospect of marriages or kids, they are like killed.

Don’t tell me it is due to that you could lose the rest of yours because of my life; would you have lost everything, you would not chose me.
Given to?

Mon amour,
You know I would like you to know that my jovial job I did not loose it like that, they would have fired me for naught reason the day they understood I would have truly stood up to exploitation. When I say truly it is when you don’t want an exploitation replacing (pleading) another exploitation. Also when you won’t tolerate haughty attitude of abuse and disrespect for equality even or perhaps above all inside the caln of people saying that they fight for it.
I want you to know it as even if you don’t say that is wha t is real, I won’t have to staunch shame with my amygdales admiral belly.

You just want me in your bed, but I am bored to death sharing only this. We are but hurted.

J’arrive, j’arrime. La rime.
Aux rivieres du temps, le cours, jamais un moment.

-Are you a demon?
-Are you a psychologist?

The scientist offer us some data about the risk for the planet to g on on like that, and no one is taking it seriously, some don’t even believe in ti.
They are all right for two reasons:
Because we all know what exactly mean the serious at work and the worthiness of our little daily reports, we all know the way they are censured and don’t correspond to any reality, emergency that encompasses the living conditions and sustainability.

You are telling me to stop to think of you- meaning bothering you when this sentence has to be understood from your lens perspective. Well fine because more demotivated than me now is a dead moron.
What it is not romantic the way I am sounding? I adapt that’s all.
And yes when it says romantic, the proper stock, is to be able to err without having no terror but the element fighting, to find love and its profounder in the country.
This jungle that has made us human, and that always had been a promise to eternity. A promo?
Promotion or still-born.
Borne = boundaries. Where cocoons culprit. On human made nature. Hun burial mound.

It is not a dying world it is a dead one.
Dying it is when you react.

To love or solitude or shared completeness.

What about the fight in political change made by 1/5 being woman, moreover wife of some certain. Salary pose problems? Or is it a war waged on salaries only, holy man?

You fear I could be a vicious? And me then what about my fear when you talk all the same about love, that you are without fear and beyond reproach?

They would not be concession, as it is with you I want to seed.

Don’t worry in fact because if you can bring to your home the copy of your students whose marks is gonna count in a academic contest, well you can bring your student.

Comfy home and corrupt uni-ni err city.

Dunce since every procedure e is corrupted; a maybe discounted, euh, discorupted one could have a snow ball effect.

I AM NOT assaying it is anorbmal unsane to love two persons at the same time, but they have to know it.
Tell me if your love monopoly is not.
That I can be free.

Affection: imagining you touching my body after my death, proves me that one can still feel.
Upside down of the dies distress.

Two dreams about having no children, very unusual, very first time for him.
One a woman, a felt for love, a woman for whom he felt asked but what prevent you from having kids? While he was searching for his same old answer, a problem iwht his keyboards on the computer.
No that his work the problem has been, as he wanted to help children and adults, people with it. The question needed reformulated. Little lilt lit.

Why devil is associated with children and childish?
The devil of the unconscious, the elaboration of our view on reality and how to “make it functioning.
The strength and reason one finds to search their different identity- namely the ones that framed since we are born- whatever oneself or the person that want to probe-

She said ‘she is beautiful hu(be)rt’s mum’. And her own mum making a mmh of reprobation. The girl heard it so vividly as her own mum did not at all in general use it. An went ahead with this sensation that Hubert’s mum were somewhat to be childe even though her own mum specified orally that no she was nice and touti quanti.
But the mmh was not for Hubert mum it is was for homosexuality.
Bias and insert confusion, even though we had tried to smooth their impact, a bias is a bias whose abilities is just to circulate discretedly.

Why do we have a lot of prejudices for the people of another cultures?
It is because cultures are making up spirit, view point , thematic, expressions, an all oaf lot of cods, codes. From those

As mean consirated themselves as finished product. Finished and servile to human finitude.
End of serial.

What to be sure I am faithful. Even if I considerate to be the woman of my life today, would I be with the woman of my life would-have-been 3 years ago story, I could never considerate to renounce my vows. I mean never, even if there is this story of affinities, fuck the affinities, to hold on on what might be, the vault of our existence, this respect for love, we know that we can make it. And each day to have this excellent ex hange with someone, exchange you can find practically and intellectually through so many systems, just pick it up, but to come back home at night and enter the arem, two arms, that I have choosen and that have always welcomed mine. Decidedly. Decision, destingy, destitute, desisting.

Why are you fleeing, it is a usual way, experimentation? Pas facile.
I imagine you doing it, and coming with thousand pages of wittiness, witness from having performed it, yah.

You are my way of feeling. As the other real longing, relation have one become a rarety, two even if pleasant and of thousands scattered funny persistence in my memory; they still are the one no one wants as being the carnal, charnel, the psychological and physicality of abstraction, this spiritual.

Could the way people might love you, ascertain it for after practising, often violent, vile, without second consideration, without taking time, giving opportunities of a re-edition or rehearsal for abandon. Or an intimate partial practise of renunciation? Maybe in order to emotionally “be in control of the depletion, demotion of this one” and take those inflicted- by others, by society, by work, by uncountournable and blatant injustice more lightly after having done and more over on the most general concept of love, self-injuries.

Common –no pokemon moon (sense of living), Explanation.

With her love was not possible in antoher, another, life but in another planet. What do you want me to do or become again??

I forgot something like ‘600 pages of translation of his translation that you had under your eyes at the moment you were typing”, so I cannot imagine no one permanently sleeping in the lounge.

And to manage to sing strong and pure while I am thinking of that.
But suddenly what is what, are you the one I was thinking you were, my voice is losing its lair.

She would stop being polysexal the day she can trust to receive all graces one, and give them back.

This light in the eyes, when we were with all the body meditating in some other spaces, and that the attention,  the circle, the circulation of life, by that another presence in another group ground, just came to pomp this inescapable time beating.
Is it time beating of the beat of the time that goes or have us gone and laid? Time moving, time shifting.

The problem with one system though aim at emcompassing and reassembling all of us, would the establishment of ruses rules

To start having very peculiar interest to enter into another world.

To write a novel, with a frame and everyday taking note on what we thought about also shaping characters and events, according to what insights life has been giving randomly; and reinvent a series.

To love and find out that it was not returned; as the cord around your neck that your forearm untied or slid away can? Jug? Stock? Content? Could not.

As people paid by the community to care after the community, are money and intelligence going to the private sector, as agency transforms service user into clients and workers into servants.

In love. Innovate.
What was the reason for crying? Thinking? Renouncing? Headache of jauging? Or the other ones that, whom I did not know were to compete?


Whistle and we will blow you.

This song you play again and again in order to pass through this scene. But what when I will hear it the day you will have stopped to ring?
And burst into crying of this sound that make all my body for the moon howling. When sky is there. Blues are here. Arrears. Harass.


Ours. Out.
Ours = bear (the almost extinct animale)
What is gonna be extricated from the wreckage?

To relativise the fact that female sex is not regarded as being autonomous, i.e able to come without a dick standing for let’s imagine what can obstruct, seal. Not that a female sex with a female sex cannot do it or not that a sex alone would do similarly but because female count the taboo, is. Ease.

And because, making a descriptive even though too obviously optically oblique (umbilical) succinct not instinct report on it, and deeming that seeming into proclaiming they know all about ti’s surrendered functionality- is  ti not painful?

Then, son, what do you think about this fucking ...?

20 05
Tomorrow I see my mum with her mum. The year’s day is gonna be.
No I am not talking about when I see

On fostering or having children.
I d think there is more than one way to look after people within a logics of what is crucial and vital. Mergency towards those who are suffering.
It is the way of having children when it stands for parental instinct and preservation when surpopulation problem doubled with injustice and human destruction and self destruction rulings.
Why don’t we do that?
Because unbalance system would cause the carers to be the next victims?

Despise as not having blood linking, genetics duplicate.
Will my adoption prompt the same family to have another one, and therefore disrupt the genetics “proportional representation”.
It is in this way racist behaviour persist in all of us. This fear of losing one’s own historical stems, the fear of melting but what if the other family keeps on proliferation, will they crush mine in a while of this same reign?? Oh, come on.

To render her humble, to see you with others and don’t start having her nerves in order to protect your couple. To have to look at the floor, at the distant or at the nil and try and imagine the possible: overall for her, for you and for all other-improving.

She wanted to separate but in staying in love and see what next would be.
But what else but going on strong whilst learning not to cry the all day?

Even on life changing information dealing.
Why one cannot find the rights information unless they phone, or mail, or appoint 20 different persons?
And if you don’t do so finding oneself deprive of what is existing but hided or missed or gave to someone that show misconduct or give to someone that don’t hold the appropriate permit- ask, do ask, they do not know but neighing, or a noshing of what the banquet and its suit should stand and serving for,  about what they are advising for.
Administrative info, a lewis carol to find out. Never the same size, never the same frame, never the same road. No end to faulty means, where appropriate possible right way of working are the fruit of luck, and their absence an engine to general excruciating route and misfit.

To give him the best of my work and thus being protected when something bad comes-

One bed flat in dictionary property or decorum? Joke or real? Salty trick dangerous in all circumstantial, dandy? Or am I it’s spurned cuckold of the century? Scent query teary tuerie.
Don’t qualify too much you touch someone else and give me back my liberty, and if you don’t touch my liberty in every corner of the scene, not yours the one that rule the community. My liberty yours but that better saying not a single detail about it. I feel like destroying any smiles when you quit me.
The smile of a child? The one through which we touch still and again could, so no, yes but them actually.

To fear or to prefer live alone and old but free.
And if you d be free with me, every corner with every soul, only not sexually?
No that I meant, yeah ok why to come back home then?
For the everyday shared freedom.
And if I am dying while waiting.
Well life is about gaiting.

Why you?
Because my worst story amuse you.
They can, they must, evapored my worldly coner corner concern
To spur and spouoose a church has htis effect I owe you spirituality.
All life will go, and one can make sure to besten it, as for your strength one will pray ti.

People had tole them so many folding what they were not thinking, or they thought what they would never said. Their reality as physical actors was so fading in the reality of what the relationships were indeed creating in matter of conditions that would become superimpose just like if people were not people progressing onto research and approfundissment of human nature and culture (treated human like object having to behave according detrimental set rules is no more than a sign of a dead culture, mainly a group going on assembling not by choice but by necessity –economic, being repulsed by other groups, whatever negative reasons, to hold still in a view of destruction ‘learnt’ bias via the inside corrosion, and dessiminate it outwards.

Not wanting no more looking at people that will be sooner or after the actors of betrayal.

-For what reasons rise the university fees?
-Some persons will have to work as pole dancers to pay.

Apy, pay

You hutch me tarzan.
 What have you done to write for them, they did not inspect your blog? You changed you cv?

The fear that he will become more and more violent; it would not come easier with him and her growing older.
I was sure he was threatening her with a knife now that he would not go around the house.
But that was my mother would I have asked she would have denied it and denied me at the same time. Going out for a few shoppings excentrically expensive was its sole elation.
She always has stayed adolescent. Not that you could have acknowledge ti no. Someone very mature, very regular, very in control, but when violence was coming, when violence was coming her crisis were of a mortal destruction type. But who knew her like that?
I did not know even me did not know-but me.

Cultures and the ncessesssity to have one’s prophet heard at the sem level than the others’.
To ve sure history have been taken into account.

“a means to an end or an end for itself.
Morality is integrity”

And you are asking if I d like to spend Christmas with you. And I say no.
Because I don’t think that you wuld like to do ti anymore than in the psychologic.
But for me if I start saying yes it be mental too, up to the day you tell me good-by and me left with the tales of the day you’ve been smiley.
But it is always at this stage of thing thin that I am become jolly but never for the merrier.

The time in life, like the wind, unstoppable or spending it to the tower, among dark and shadower.

Her face trying to be impassible, but with never reaching that, as when I watch her well would she comes into my eyes, that her true at that moment animal, gender, sane, would be revealed in a showing of her genes.

T est.

Your pork, everything is allowed.

To ask oneself question in order to go into them and to explore by experimentation.
Here the philosophy investigation.
To be actor of the pond of risks and schemes and pattern: superpositions, suppositions. Briefs from our side, guide by others’ cohesion whelming out of the insane, but governing what? Who ever answered; only inside shame of finding what but scraps and shreds.

Single boiling rign. Ring Buffalo
My new kitchen apparatus.

One of the greatest delight is to grow in life, thus talking to her mother like if we had more and more the same maturity of age.
Nota bene: the mother having given patiently the fruits of hers. Hand over and the why we are the dead (not even deadly fuckeders) without elders.

Marriage ideally, might be related with the vicioius way, as unwanted and unchosen, of enforced union; but the marriage ideally is the way I am your husby, in the sense that your life is here to conduct me. In the sense that this consenting association as the nerve of destiny; quiete logically in deepest intimate reality on my chance of understanding my all world and existence through this another lense- my marriage, loan, pass to borrow it- and adjust as I am my other husby (in case I am a gay man, or a les claiming her protuberance ...etc, there is for everyone, no worry guys, girls and appendage), the partener as being the way exterior. I know you so well, I identify so entirely that from my vantage point I can complete and vainquish hostility. The personage that incarnates oneself as being the lover: the one that is trusted, the one that enacts ourselves- and it is then inside and outside might see and watching their flying.

To start feeling one’s sex-vagina and asshole included- the day we know to whom co-own.

And if the hair quality of different tribes were coming from, partially, the recurrence with which one cuts them. Thicken or smoothen hair and skull altogether. 

I feel in infinite scrutiny in front of your grandma’s watercolour, the shadow, mes amis.
And inside pigs’belle elyse.
It is no enforced nor my fault it is my style and techniques favorised. Helps me.

The werewold in Iceland. Appropriate temperature. And forest that for it is just one.

To eat and moisterizing with the food you would have regurguration.
To oint with the thought that                                             suppressing.

Food thought. Admirably refined English.
Admirals? English speaking shoyld be reentitled the language as langa franca mind it is somewhat too late to considerate this, don’t send me the nationalists, weight is not on your side. Not any longer baby. With the Chiness, start to sympathise?
As bore as you in the see. This grand England best poluter of the European island civilizing other countries. Fuel on war, and lighter for nini.

To wait for a female, yest she will come on day. And when she is here but with a sex other assigned, but to know that this person is the one you were waiting for. Understand all of a sudden why you were overhopping for all ‘the she’ as it is the phrase that maintained your well being thinking the ideal is out there just keep welcoming the promise of my murmuring heart that I served and went through so many disarray. And it is when you understand everything about gender, your homosexuality and the why you kept on thinking destiny. Because following one’s heart will transform every word onto the one in the midst of mystery, life at last and at least eden since my one is chosen as being the travel towards ways, milky.
Millesky and word contingency.

Marriage. Do you understand belonging? And longevity.

Philosophy is like religion is like acts of everyday.
The tiniest suggest, subject, is still the gigantest.
And gives a pattern for all others.
Trying to practise every gesture right is sanctity. And call for mystery,
which one?

To do everyghing for you, for you uniquely as being the choice of my life, life loan only.

This that I know I have to do. But rather think myself as being exhausted or willing to enjoy resting.
But when the sensation of plain has gone it is with the void of having not done that one is laying.

Probably a lot of people represent god to themselves as being a father or a lord.
Problem is that it is true disrespect, meaningless to compare what is written to be comparless.
That therefore what is said to be taken as god is nothing more than a representative of a higher authority- hopefully benevolent, comprehensible and understandable (shared and with power of equalitarization, harmonisation - but in no instance the true saviour.

And it was soo gentle sex, that these were th flings that lead to considerate the one or so off like relationship quietly loving and moving onto.
Once sex is an issue

Any how look after oneself is ‘self-erogenous’ so do it not even to expect being met with your partners’ adherence; but for your own res-pite.

And then self erogenous

Being bi, transgender, gay as minority suffering because of indierect  (indirect) sexual exploitation (sexual orientation induced exploitation) and fucking hetero politics = false candours and direst sexual orientation manipulation= what slyest?
P                = public

Having seriously spent so much long moment ascertaining mrore and more my being unsacklesdedly wandering on how come that some of my acquaintances confessed before me having taken the 30 first year of their life before acknowledging their homosexuality.
Whilst it took me more than the same range and spell, but now I can count down, before putting on me the term of transgender. I knew my both possibility but beo, beat. Bio. Logy is ok but what is deduced being rooting in her is never what she cares about, whist they say they know where hew they kill (her self) life.
They kill her.

-If you say what they will call profanities. They will kill you.
-What you say is grave; not that you are dead.

-Is to worrying, the state of the planet and humanity stock?
-Of course it is worrying!
-No, but no, for us generation?
The wry serious sir, why people don’t even talk about species extinction.

Am a woman, and women pushed me into marriage, by various means of conviction.
Ia m mysogyne,
As much as they wanted to control my bad vagin\
vagina, virgina, wages, in.

Vagin, vague.

Vagin, vers gene.

We can say whatever we want in this part of the owl (automatic correction- why? Innapro0priate prey? erradication) but nothing is working. And for those who would think it is a propaganda protecting suiting inaction; well I cannot more agree. What are you thinking to do about it? Shooting as a last deed of faking liberty?

Before me.
The orem.

Or you like me and you read this, and I ll ask you to write about your status. This bed room shared. Or I think I am a cuckold an eunuch more appro.

To combat this feeling of being raped when feeling not one’s sex per se, but its erogenous part tickling while the ideas that come forth are to say the least unappealing- to think of you, and desire most profoundly for the longest of times what was immangeably, immanquably wanted outside. Out of the side? Out of the sight, out of the sea- and choose you my har(E)vest lad.
Harv = harve latin shelter. Everest.

 I thought I d have to wake up at 4 22 every morning  I was doing it, I am released. My body gets a feeling the day he wants it and listen to the nighty silencing he will proceed alone. If spirits was body of ours, speaking its way in amongst others, getting old and sorting out what we call it perception.
If body was the key and not faked fashion. Not something that one dresses but listen to and give food – coming from what embodies, no who, nature- but organically grown and attention. On the how should have been designed alive cultures.

They are mad, they have got no more empathy but worst they do not know what happens in life.
They run the country, countered, and do quality control.

Offer yourself some pleasure, you lll become less insnlolent..
Insultory, isolatory.
But when pleasure are exploitory...mother philosophy.

We need theory to do.
And the real theorists make sure that it applies.
In all other circumstances.
And by love of the theories all oddities and constraints and refractions...will be taking into account and be part of the reconsideration.

Writing is a therapy as when you re read again almost all the time you find som much incomprehension, so many faults, total failure and out of reach mediocrity sometimes. It is the proof of the palpability of own’s actions.
Writing, arts, craftsman. What when there is nothing like that in our life, more than will be control by others, sold or scrapped?
Action auction? Hammer more like that.

She was like a wife life would have indicated {and a dic and a cat}; but her not willing did not come to the myriads ceremonies.
Monk, monkey.

To do the useless is a fromented form of pleasure.

It is ok, I am paid for it.
And ask people to get on with it, to espouse my shaping of suicidal void, in a manner of fucking them dirty, treating them like whores, furthermore.

The myth:
People, women, in particular, treat person utilizing ‘pussies rhetoric’ as being mysoginistic.
But it only proves that knowing not that guys are true pussies, means that they don’t encounter them often.

You know I d rather you report me to anyone, if you cannot do that otherwise, meaning talk to me, and leave me answer, than to keep on thinking of you as someone who really had and have some potential exponentable feelings.
To avoid prison without doing sophistry.
Is it hell on the demand without remand?

Matt Travers will be introducing a short text by Jacques Ranciere, 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster' (rough translation here),

Stop killing the love I bear for you. But women keep you in the waiting for nothing they believe in; they are without brain they would not know.

A tiger cuddling a pig, or a monkey or whatever arrangement between two species is
Image of evolution.

I d like to call my lover, liver, mon Coeur, my heart, for obvious rational reason.
Spleen and quality blood.

Why do we not switch off when going out of a room, and let the light the all night for the depletion of the planet like a born bored burying burning?
Because there is no policy. And that are we get used to following polite policies anyhow?
It is a question of die rection.
Ruction, erection, rectum.
(I am bilinguist; am making it profitable)

If you read me stop thinking supernatural, the day it wants to come, it will, don’t think call it round; because it is when you become funny like me; no good as you can see. I am a slave, good entendre?

Look if you read the French typing from my best mate, he is totally loony. So he writes answers that are not reality, don’t try to figure out what happened; if you want the truth just ask me as far as I am concerned; cos he is not a loony for nothing, he had really really tough times; problem is he is more than vulgary; sometimes porny ok just one thing he is just my daddy ok, nothing even distantly...whatsoever just he si swearing all the time

I go on putting the alarm at 4 22 but voluntarily this time. Oh as well I want ya. O  I ll  wake one hour later around.

The fact that a word might be shifted of order, specially if abily, in order for the folks that learn one language to find themselves in the situation of seeing more than a order fashion- to experiment what pluri linguists has.
Don’t thank me.
The pleasure is extreme; the grace almighty.

I won’t call. I read it no trace of a lover of course a dimplomatic stance a pro decision it could be, but then I trust my hearing for once my life. And even write for you is a real thrill I admit
So whatever the outcome ill beat it.

Ah Daniel is also very suspicious sometimes thinking am is daughter and asks if I ma not at some hidden sexual prowess investigation whilst I was out my unshared fall out flat. We used to be neighbor.
Senior Lecturer 

To find reason what are under one’s control, to say I did that because I decided this (and sometimes makes situations and so called decisions make seem to be irrational or childish; whereas the true why it happens like it did is in fact beyond one’s control.
When it is to bury happening or ‘state of affairs’ that people are talking; but not talking for giving but blurring info. To make it sounds bearable that they were not subjected to others’ subjectivity but at the same time thus constitute personality that are not theirs but putting on and constituent to be of their way of cope in, copying on ways they fabricated because of a vexation, some events that they cannot redeem but that will be the blue print for regurgitated false confession and future behavioural pattern iwht impediment.

Are the ‘sacred’, religious texts –everything is sacred- intellectual in the sense of being rich with language techniques, profundity, and double entendre? Or do they prompt consensuality on?

‘juste un regard facile a faire’
No, just checking if you were aware of my derision.

If you have som respect for me could you please let appear clear if you are looked after by some other body?
I am going out of there. I am ready to wait my life and stop waithing because we cannot make it up; but if you beneficiate from someone already...

Don’t remember if it is dec 2008 or 2009 year when IT describes the whole affair as “we fly to touristico india”
Any how for the “we” I don’t think it ll be precisely indicative for ya for all that.
There is the picture of a little girl that you did not need to zoom. Caption capture.
“Ridiculously sweet” are you posting under, there is moment, there is a moment when one has got to stop lenina.

Sin gin?

If I say I don’t want to do something with you; it is only for you to get sport.
I want everything and one you do.
And if your love is a sham, anyhow there is other countries.
Would you like to see me?

-People are expecting you to work all the time?
-It is true whilst also true that there are expecting it to be nothing.

When you  think that your true love my encounter problem, live like if you were in the skin of your mum, the same anxiety than she had to communicate as a the almighty protector, protection.
Duty of labor.

One is justice, the other balance; together could become e-quality.

At her marriage, her huband to be had chosen yellow submeaine.
My little voice said one day you will so much like it.
I thought ‘impossible’. Ok it was the beatles I was 17.
I now know that yellow is the sun of your similes, smilling.

Not having an idea of how much influencial.
Not                                                  one has to think of the other to get to flirt with it.
On the other (h)and.
Leornado de vinci pictures

To be happy one does not need to be rich,
Not but need to nick the rich and end dishonesty.
And it means war to everybody.
Including ya, without balls, clunching to one’s wrecked  wicked work like others to their tunes.

I only love you, you and your deglinge, bold and broken humor.


It also reminds me a bit of Last Year in Marienbad, Jon says it looks like a Panopticon and Roger one of Bruno's memory places.
Any sexy benches?
Ok I am waiting?

You don’t want I write [want me to] but please don’t report it I am not dangerous or anything like that.
If I am dangerous it is only for me; but I am not suicidal, never, I am bullet proof for that- I owe it to my first love; I am looking for the second one the problem is this.
I am already dead and I don’t want to die twice. Mind you would not fear thrice, it is still that.
I haven’t died from rage; unlike you going on with bravour to say we will et tout et tout, I died to be spurned but in a lovely way, to do it again by knowing that the person is not sage, is not wise, would be suicidal would be detrimental and this clearly is no. I d like to die out of rage like you; I am wondering what is missing I could eventually tell you. Do you accept to do everything, I did. Do you persevere? Do you stay in the same clan whilst you now they want you in the sense boiling down your essence and throwing you if you wanted still to defend equality without your own force of self standing (remember you produce legitimizing for the clan). No you don’t now that, this I know you don’t know. But what do I don’t that you do; is that I d like to determinate; any tracks, any help for me, hone-ey? Even if I know that they are envious of you, how don’t you get that? You reconciliate yourself with money? Exploratory nina ok, plight, plaidory, pet, drill, pit, spited money. Spit.
Please don’t report me the psy are too expensive and I know that my writing is silly, right?
It is following one’s instinct stuff, the first person after your hatching. Not that I am taking you for my mummy, justly no- I don’ t need a dad and all that, I ve never had. Hopefully my mates and dads-just like you,ami not right? will forgive me, the way I forgive them- for getting to look after one’s pages like other garden the land while people are blowing the entire planet (j)us(t) aside.
I have got a mummy. I was shocked at your representation of happiness and love temporality. I am asking myself now if you did not make me discover in some degree what I was wondering about her.
How come you live and lie like that, talking still about loving? Why did not you quit? Why are you so cold? Detached? Introvert? No, silent more silent than tombs or mausoleum, musoliere. Why not spare even 5 minutes when you know someone is drowning? Why do you seem so please that it might render him stronger? And Why afterwards do you deny any labor? Or lice live with the privildege to have read you?
(talking to my mum not to ya!?- it is so pleasant these exclamation marks everywere).
You won’t report me? I need the “old chat”. C est toi que je veux. Comprends ca? le temps que ca mettra, que ca marche que ca marche pas au moisn ca me bougera. Mais personne dans ton pieu. Je suis pas sad o maso tu comprendra ..drai sit u me connais -sais mieux. But I am talking more and more like a loony, dephaser, diphased, rephrased, depraved from the reality. At least I hope I am going against what you want or hope or that.
In pink I could even try that I d become from clearer to clearest.

I don’t want to die twice before the true pittance (pretence, parlance).
‘I don’t want to die.’
If you don’t answer me I ll do like if you were married, and do everything to get me an affair; problem is if you are alone like you said; am not saying of not being with you; but of not having tried’ it is nausea the size of germany reunificated and bigger than china the sadly notion on no play, no opportunities, but actions and its strength completely out of interaction.
But I am ready. It is just that the love for you will be melt with soho oddity irremediably. What can I achieve. In love I could stay, no problem even no the shadow of one; you are doing a great job, it would have been sad but said, I could convert for London, not problem and do my trips any trips from here, I am Kantian you noticed it. Anyhow this is this year incredible findings, it is that in my situation I ll be better no travelling if I want to get a bit more serious with what I am rewriting. So here it is am 33.
But without it I ll be out ok maybe 4 to be sure that my writing are in order, I ll send them to you. I always afraid fo dying without ni no on keeping they.

I think that you favourite be the geese not the pig. She draws them also. Being the mother quickens quacker.
Je vous aime pour la derniere fois il faut que ce soit dit. It is this way also that love is gone; people saying that it is insultory, whereas, love the child spoilll...and we are all baby above all when left with responsibility too heavy. And any how I have a carer and if I begin switching off the light they will fire me.

Maybe are we waiting love to be a deliverance.
Surely we neglect there to set it free.
It is because of its being locked, threatened, conditioned, conditionalized, that make us fell this way. Pushed away.

If you are alone, don’t let me go, to love dignity, to find a way courting you with my intelligence not with my folly. Don’t let me deceive my sensibility; don’t let me cheat on me; don’t let me be inconsiderate, be torn of you. For the love of jesus, for the love of allah, for the love of all the days that have past and the only one that might bring us to it, ours, and their celestrianity.

Why said us, quoting the main one, maybe everyone could reconcialiate were they doing that with the heart of spirituality.

Here we are we are calming down, the, a passion is eating the nimbling nibbing nabbing nibbling way, discreeter, like the past of a ever surroundering, haste, question and rebounding noes and yeahs.
Psaychotic would you think or is it our neurtotic that we don’t even acknowledge being more intracks, and out of its sanity when going unpaid.

I would like you to imagine what was my situation if you were lying, what is my situation now if you were not. But you are like mummy you don’t give these realities of mine a second of a naught.

I know you told me you were alone, but look what I found, and beside who I am to postulate you should be? If you were wanting me to only.

I have to repeat that for you; even if I understand your half being said, even if I can hear your whisper, and that I know you cannot be more than secret; but please for love sake write and then in front of my eyes I could understand discretdly sustainably because it is not that I don’t believe you it is that to dare believing is too risky.

I have a bit of a care job coming back; will it last, lost is more probable. Probable one or the other droning drilling on bein profound.
I watn you to know that every action similar to yours, militantism I ll do I ll do it for you, you are the one in me I cannot impeach it. And it was so much luscious that to keep on trying, to keep on focusing was for a true building what was necessary.

And I knw how did you die from rage. It is when you put it in a very clear and very substantiate way; the danger; the martyrs; and that whereas you thought that it was this ability that was missing; that you work more than harder to obtain your brain to be even more than clear; and that people; the bosses; the people for whom you write 10, 20, 30 different ways; will have a weapon against you the satire. Because they are still hire to “sat”, hire sit.
People are ready to take you; to make you believe; to do everything possible to make you pass as a dummy; as someone debilitation or debiting dummier and simpleton; because of no how you say but because of what you say.
Of yyou course the how you say it counts as all is in the exact meaning.
You acan spend your day a well done text of profject of something with a workable function; if you put system (of disabilitation)  at risk you are threatening as the down syndrome bearers: id like to apologize to people I thought were with this designed designating limitations.
To be autist and to stop saying nothing as everything you say is the way one could bring you more in and more thrown into our common system and prison.

I know how you have compassion, and know them well, as your comrades prisoners, as your companions.

oh yes, it the right time to get logical, after running the packet on insanity.
Prove is best.

In the family ist is out if you are out.

Woman put you up to father or second mother to directly in the bin.

Are you gay?
Are you happy?

Dites moi quelque chose, je vous en prie.

They rule with taboo.
You get the feeling to have breach, to have reach.
But go and speak loud will you?
Go and live your life like freedom would like to.
And what will be raise, would not be the whisper you were receiving on our former comedy, but quite is opposite.
They let you whisper for you to have a glimpse on what they are crouching on already.
Speak, or act. A loud, loin, and from breakfast to supper, brunch and lunch you would become.
So please, don’t take your whisper for history.
On the heart, when you stop thinking than thinking was relief providing,
On the heart, it is desertification, depravity.

For her love was a lost workd despite the all attention and affection she was displaying.
It was how she was relying on asserting this; she was relying

If I don’t have your grace, woman, I cannot write on prayer for god anylonger.

 There’s the disability team that are on my back; they said that (prior to our ‘interview’) that my ability to study might be qualified as being impaired; did I not get a pass?
La commune? Clap, clap. In French meaning of clapier, hutch in son.

Since the course is finished, maybe not quite regarding the quality on my essay on the quality of their knowledge on French Classic theatre and playwright, just typical- I thought you went and logged out.

Fucking wife.
No, no, fucking why.

No, no, fucking (whim,) why.

We would not have to kiss; as while coming towards each other our bodies already confounding.

Life complication is on a place to live and the future a place to die.

If love is this pure heart, transversed, turning to read rid red from torn totally transparent.

Emancipation, dissipation? Dilution? Cessation? Recession? Division?
It is if you are with him that I d answer on how much you might be?
It is if you are that can be built up answer on how much you might be?

To be left without job whereas one wants to produce, honestly, cleanly doing so, is the perfect illustration of how societies are barbaric and prompting to dishonesty, inequality, stealth, pollution, dispossession.

The problem with hetero, homo shishm is that the fear of having to kill someone as an only possibilities to get married or hanged to the person we had chosen; make us homo, some of us, make us tho consider not the heteros, such stuff exist, but maybe even people in love and engaged in a heterosexual relationship, as freaks. For the reason that one has to be first reassured of them not to have to have to fight for being able to marry someone without anyone of the population becoming dangerous and insane.

Love is tough.
Love is law.

Tell me you are with another pig and I ll let you.
I was the fucking sole info or even intox I was asking, and if you create one, well I ll be gone it be for that.
You ain’ t the kind that will do that with any regalia regard  girly regret. So let s do that.


If it was inot you, women (love, marital), I d stop mondy mundane monkey definitely.
I was not you, women, I ll stop mondy mundane monkey definitely.


You can do whatever you want to me; even if I find you mistakes. I ll nothing bad or then to what love would be of use too.
And if you stop with me? Same apply. Problem is that you act like if you prepare against some attack vengerress? Avenge what. You don’t take care of me? I ll have to find someone who d like to.
My energy in that, you haven’t spit on my baby... if you had it is me that d split.
Finish you see, easy? Why react like that##?
 Ok I s jut shut my mouth

Eh, wjhy don’t you take time while making love, it is just like having sex; it seems like if you were ashamed of.
Or rush against remorse, or what are you extricating?
Love, juice, secret, abandon, stealth, ?
Ad nauseam, ti is underneath you.

Monday-mountday, first day, breakthrough and mountain.
Mon= my my day, Tuesday, tu, toi, ton, your. And wed, thrust, free, satellite or saturnal, sun.
Ode a l amour (Amor run amok).

Run amok, mockeries. Unfree Frenzy, killing (shopping) spree.
On Cheaping and human commodities.

To the singles, don’t think marriage is a paradise, we love each other like one can do without living or touching.
Uesyes, but being not married when forgiving unauthorized unfair forbidding (‘mixed’ marriage) is helle made on earth.

The type who does not check if she feels someone in the background; and will after ask himself for ages who was it. Why not check? Robot-team? And check like a robot? But at least data are not ????? question-mark filed field.
Maybe ti is where my mates are alright that it is better to go really go on people who will exchange with you that on people who will make you guess what could have been life.

Contradictions in love at least offer you the liberty of saying I loved and since no one attaches to me; I am as free as further I went up to the strong pull/push attraction.

Gene us.

You ve got the gait of a skeletop. Skew.

Mary ward.


Democracy is translated, like it is virtually universally known a compound word
coming from the Greek, by 'rule by the people'.
It is one type of political arrangement or                  and I will try here
to summarize its limits, powers, pros and cons.

An interesting start, tackle by Dahl and led by the semantics is to question
what it means by 'the people'. Universal suffrage is used as the ultimate
instrument for democracy and justification of any coercive policy- but who
actually vote?
History reminds us of how vote might be highly discriminatory, but what about
now where peoples' votes are also restricted (or qualified) by their being
recognised as a part of a group or not, as for example your being a citizen of a
particular country, country nonetheless acting or affecting outcomes beyond its

Five centuries B.C the concept of democracy was applied within the boundaries of
a city-state. Nowadays it has to be applied at another scale. Without even
thinking of the supra-state institution dimensions, the nation-state is taken as
main model.
However democracy concept applied to a city of a few thousands individuals or to
a country of millions will greatly differ.
Partly from that difference in scope, various form of democracy will emerge, the
main two, direct for smaller structures and compulsorily representative for
bigger-size poll.

If different styles are a question of size and practicality, they are also a
question of spirit and change the nature and philosophy behind it. For example
some people will rather vote for delegates- people supposed to be solely the
'piece mouth' of a group, or representatives- that are elected but keep their
autonomy of opinion and decision.

The fact that democracy if genuinely followed ought to be in every sphere of the
social interaction network has to be emphasized.
It is of crucial importance; one, because in our so called democratic societies
it is not the case. That major power-holder like companies impact, and order
happenings reflecting on people lives' without having to take into account the
danger to freedom, choice and equality that their acts and organisations may
constitute- the market as well as employment business being sovereign at
regulating people conditions.
Two because it is logically argue that democracy is like everything else: a
skill that has to be acquired and practised. Also for the democracy to be real
it should be in any places - schools, jobs, associations, local, national,
international level, and that for democracy to be real it should be at any stage
of our doings- alongside with access and freedom of information needed to make a
'right choice'.

Here come why democracy principles may call for its opponents, starting by
Plato, as people may, lack the necessary information, or the will to push for
move beyond their personal interest, or even tactically choose to restrict
others' freedom- power and influence- in what has been called the 'tyranny of
the majority'.

to conclude, what you can find in the politics sciences specialists, at, I
think, the general surprise, democracy is mainly treated as being a process more
than a.

A means not an end in itself.

This qualification is urgently essential as popularly democracy tends to be
regarded as the best of what politics may produce, whereas even a perfectly
democratic system could in no way be immune to human rights violations.


I matter.
In matter of remembering, one can compare it at times to this image where people look at their ape, apps, past of future, or future, like they do their faces in a fountain, or on its surface.
To look at oneself like the brain a storing place.

Brim brain bring.
Dim, bright. Light, dim, mid.
I matter.
I master, mattress, hatter, I am terr.
Deter, after, attar, aster, diner, enter, dater, inter.
Interment. Internment

Sword, wed, word.
Wood, bio, buoyant,beacon, boxing.
Vow, wow.


brim brain

 Gravidity and parity

In biology and human medicine, gravidity and parity are two terms that refer to the number of times a female has been pregnant (gravidity) and carried the pregnancies to a viable gestational age (parity).[1] These terms are usually coupled, sometimes with additional terms, to indicate more details of the woman's obstetric history.[2


The sportpersons so well paid, dressed like the royal family, awaiting honorific medals, or better knighty.  
accursed [əˈkɜːsɪd əˈkɜːst], accurst [əˈkɜːst]
1. under or subject to a curse; doomed
2. (prenominal) hateful; detestable; execrable