Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Black beauty

Terre glaise = terra cota

To manage to forgive as when not forgetting that people did have mental disablilities and could not cope with it. Thinking that success is in fact in the money , or the status, that is the possibilities of making effective some of one capacities.
Vicious circle as s without developing capacities we zombify ourselves and it is where pa psychic and talking to the nature , the common voice and universal, arrive, perdure endure all what life may bring, and beyond, death and its secret not as a knowledge but as an edge. Ledged. Alledge.

The ramification of death like the ones of our veines, as peiny painy as verveing. Verveine.

Art is a fetish with part an d party we like to endow with symbolistically power to express work and disarray.

Preciousness cannot be protected without true masculinity and engender y by true and genuine fam fa feminity. Genuineness. Forteress.
And that truthness meant that have to be acted by everybody.
As far as the openness that its unobstrusitveness.

People that don’t swear but insult you in and out of their politnesse.
Sduduction, deduction, adubtion, manipulation .
Robbery in series.

To expel one children for them to find a lover, but which place or void is to fill. And which one is to guard to make sure and certain that is fulfilled.


Praise indu individualism as there is nothin g but it to research. All other institution mafiatiser. Research an illusion given by classification of data pre analysed. In anal, not disgust, deguster, but only to reject, the rejection of ci crimes already ingerer. And digerer, digest.

Like when use photography as a moment in the movement, the painter use the anatomy actingand making muscle and organs perve perceived as a moment in their tne tension or move towards tension; accumulation, move, evom evol, subordination.
Subordination of the picture taking not what the photographer is viewing but when it lenses is acting and following or prombpting his capture movement.  Net eve home.

Love, l’ove. L ovation. L obsure.
Sure. Obstenation.

Photo of the lenses , and the repos of the camera. Re-pose.

Is ti the camera that moves or the subject or the connection between the w two. K like sex or the end or beginning of a breath.

Sex that renders so gr fragile and gracile all aspect. Readedy to jump and assault as well as hope Esperance, expery pire. Till the end of the vicinity and ailleures, ve b well beyond all lointaine laider sa ls laideur.

To choose that ones’ p spouse or partner do our chores instead of have time and opportunities, and without making effort, natural love, as coming round since love is what is shared. Preferring one’s spouse to serve as a tool or aperture more, than a loving matter, to do for each other, in all equality. Not begin being human, or men , but hwores and bores. Not of bearing or upbearing, upbrind bringing but laid.
Laid = ugly.

To laugh at, as a derision of people thinking knowing, the situation we endure without no repentant.

Sherry,sharry. yrrehs, irish, iris, irise.

Hare, share.

Holy wars, but the ones who sinned might be the ones that preaches equality. Then if the ones preaches equality and search opf quality, happiness and development, mental not material for everybody, and for everybody not material, then ideology of revenge and illness unsane will emerge. Emergence of hypocrisy should be punished the same. Not double as at least to start saying it well on paper, do inspire theories. Theo  ry.


Deep and acute or deep but acute.

Rea rape is the culmination of the sex hatred, gender hatred, to kick someone not because of them but of their sex. Into their intimity, their strictly personal territory. Another of that is harrassement metnal and sexual. Sexual including the diminishment by whatsoever theories.

Hate, etah, etat, state,
Hatred , trade, trod, tred,
Red, der, dare,

Haine, enia, nia.
Enee, ainee.

M and waterloo has just proved that you might have built or ahs or ravage an empire-whose sheer sport remain the one of the almighty- cricket-, but any how would not have bee n Belgium.
Waterloo then could be from sewage, and roman site, yet again, inspired

Noise, and poulution for next generation dying out, just heath row. Treated just as if. But whatever if countryside where the nature haven, and not the organized prettisone, Tyson, retine, man andanimal slauthter I would not approach the cities, zoos of amateurs.

A photograp j in all black might sell thousands if the beliefs might, could be to one daPJy have the pure history of it. Through machine assessment, accountability, countability, or romacny , 

Human beings presenting themselves good, but they ain’t no better pests. Put but pesr stinential mo boasters thinking themselves good enough to pride themselves and justify at all other no even accidents, nor murders but slaughter, laughter ever after.

Birds like the ones you cannot hold down.
Pruce, and prounce. Bruce house.
Like the birdey that cannot stop harassing a man. Nam e woman. Named awe.

To have find one’s sould mate , but to leave live with her ney.
To have found one’s soul?

S ask my other than her, my pretense, fin fiancée

The ones thag roug fr grounded me for celibacy in is not borne. Not as not alive, but would have she, shd e proved to me should have.
Prove me.  Dove rove. Prove, pride.

The white cfi cliff and dove, dover.


Aux allures princieres, je t ai aimai comme une reine russe. Toi pour cela la premiere, en deuxieme de m avoir instruite sure l e legnace et la distinction, l intellectuality l intellectrualisation.
Micha, macha beranger.

To sweeten one’s world my instince once told me. And me of dedainer daigner like a bandit. And when my body  at last I would have to say is seized not by remorse and s doubt but  y by death bona fide, to regret and understand the pecher. Sin. Nis niece. Nice. ]and my aunt my other part watching me kill my self and the family i had to grow with and by, why my aunt the same passe. Essap. Assap.

My aunt, put at the same distance from the same people with the same very verdict, promisucouti.

Past, paste, escape, sap, sape, cape, horn.

What I previously thought er earlier than Saturday, satur, not at the first sight as yrrehs, ire, iris. Here, s erry.


It is why one should not be to acrimonious, something has to put you right. So one cannot count on a straight direct justice rendered as it is just impossible. As we are in Richmond park where the deer s reindeer, are taken as pets visibly, while being shot down at down by the green team and horses keepers regularly. But one day one dies of its own hypo crisis.

Issis, asisiss.

Sex on an exhilarate animal. Ex hill

Evil, evol-ution.
Il               o.l
Ill             oll.
I o
Goind round, completion, comprhensivity, holistic, altruistic.

To drink from the moon.

S as crescent or milky. As roun as funny.
Pun, sun, bun, cun, sum, lun,
Run, dun.


 Why nothing moved nor voe nove.
Ask the ariste, artiste, but arrivist, arristocatr aristocrate.

Bl ue.
Bl odd.
Bo hood,
Bl hod.

Th to hagve retain one’s property overseas through capitalism , hegemonical story.

In choromancy you have to live to interpret ti.

Tremens tremendous trance


Instinct stinct. Instant.
Is about or may be about make one feels that they know, to tell and teach them seconderly, later one, or tersely, that they knew nothing but reveries. Alchemy. If not revenge.
Reveandge reve ange.

It is not the fear of homosexuality, but people to avoid an all time, pervading, any time, relentlessness, violation of physical boundaries of sex then had compartimentalised sexuality onto hapartheid as well as gender. Instead violation of physical boundaries were the violences that would follow not people eager to protect people but to have them out of the d way. Like the violences endure by women if they wanted to go with men for the sake of liberty. As their fates would have been objectives of tactics violences and its technicality.

Essaim, dessin.
Sein. Nies.

Religion asr so loved, as when one knows that their si smile could be taken for weakness, their presence to be raped, their intellligence to be l slaid.
As the big group that fo consensually protect individual and communities. But when?
But then?

Dick, cid,
chez les bourgeois, when males thought themselves as sucker to their own gender, that are more queer than their own inventor.
More queer and narcassic than the lord and so father.

Father, favor, wafer.

It is no question of shame, but a question of love and intimcacy, trust and deserve ing it.
Sex. And application.

Is this natural or just possible.?

To get rid of the texts meaning by working our brain onto its floritue, puns, vocabulary, humour…while not assessing in one sentence what is their morals, orpolitical, or personal application.

Individualism is not political in the sns that I don’t belong to the sphere of assessment and controlling of what people might provoke the nature with harm.

To play the bad man, just to pretend to play man.
The macho pitiness.
As well as the machista, the women who think that making war for jewels is their hormones support or thing like that.

 no, it is my last break and bread before uni yni.
ok glad you need time for yourself you enjoy. see you later.

People calculate the time they need to work thinking that everything already a has been done (=only to work for the lec electricity produced and not for having to install the wires, and maintain it and be sure they don’t get stolen or broken….
Calculating like if left on their own they could go on doing no more than eating and thinking and lingering, without being attacked, from strangled to enslaved.
Slaved,    saved.

For having too taught me the arithmetic, and without you I know that no one would have stressed my needing to do it.
Je t en dois une bien belle.

At seven, seve, sap,
At 7, lined up in front of houses are the cats, and in london, the seagulls in all that. Not in London that is, in its region, were . where there are birds, there are birds finding somenests and it brings us to applause.

Not to do things for good or well, but having done them, they would serve for that.
Humility of our actiosn and work implications, are but lifes of ignorance and contrition.

The revenge from the g jewish call plan A that was to kill 6 millions germans back, would find its justification into being nazi again, because of the danger thart represented the others nations- cf, that people becoming richer deu due to their having participating to the geneocide or for the perpertartors, the tops, f even the officials, still staying free from all charges.

While it is legitimate to have them in prison, why wishing them being dead, only to avoid torture, or to avoid them being treated like if they were in an little bit down the line pension.
Less than alimenting Rwanda with guns or letting murderers wielding machetes, but here comes the competition of the nations, arming and damning daming daning, daneer the neighbourings.

People when not living in a secure , sustainagle society, just go on thinking on how to reduce the numbers.
Also they sep speak or they may speak about peace in order to exploit slaves not consuming like them but just producting what will be by the upper crust thrown away. And producing like pigs, with almighty pollution, as if contrary work would be the first place where is tu taught the respect. 

There is limits and boundaries that a or any politeness should not , must not trespass.The respect of atu autri.

Reproduction is not about the character of the person, that is the couple side of it, but not how you love you r partner but how you would like to implant genetics in the h child.
Ch  ild.
Shold, should.

Ild, yield.

The faschos are so queer that they could not allow homosexuality as they are jealous of others’ being not their assholes.
The Nazis aere the ones whom nac narcissim and adoration to the devil = easiness , are even more broken down.

Like racism, with pretenses or revenge, they are these people that would call any one ;negro; waterver for their color or for their physiconmy physiognomy for a single once consistencty. Taking the piece.
But of course there is more than way for taking it than imploreing racism for the sake of the betiese and imbecility, the first level of that don’t even belong to intellignence, ir or the ones of revenge inflicted on fen genertation that have nothing do to with the past, but to play a nice wall remoting any discussion on current business. Apex of neurotic continuity.
To have a fragile foot until after pain of excrutiation, controleed morel orless, will become as dry and use to w sweat and swanp, hoof.


More maure, less les.

Body and elbow and tight knee

Bonnet, beauny

Bueno dict ation.

Freedom element keeping beings further down from dicature, maybe.
In martial arts, what counts is the will not the power. Lliw. Live.
Whiel one cannot harm if  or not attack if not determined, and who determines the impact/
Contact, and wheel.



Pa psychic  possilbly havein gto envisage any fight and any partnership. As in life no one knows how would react the sould and mind in other circumstances, or brought up by other conditions, or past.
And the power in availability.
It is why strong, n psychic demonstration is banned from human being s stories or just asre used as endeavour fu figure for nastyness because seeking psychic is seeking spirituatlity. And then would find other certitude than the tvery basics and very personal of what the sects want s to impose on everybody. As their real creado and the way they exploite it are, not only, but surely exploitartory and insecure.
Like if dark was not the dark, but a thing’
The seeker: the dark is rising. Film

Problems that can  be terrible terrestrially, fight envy, would in some individuals or species, would reveal golden psychically.
All that is in defence.
All that is defense
Fence, fiancé.
Defiance , the face of god.

God, dogme.

Dog, me dog

Dom, dogma, dog me, dog ma.

Magic is shcock, shaves, shoves, shape and shakes.

Shpa shape, ape.dulution and solution.

The tall ones are more length for oppportun disproportionateion. Hearts, length of the arms or tibia. Breakable.

The dark is in the hidden place, the dark in the place that has to be hidden si the light in await.

People think homosexuality a vice or finitude imagining woman and men living in different quarters, or different houses even. But the answer is nay.

Manipulated all the times , with people you ask advice too and that have in mind to sell anything , meaing retain iformation, not kionwinf it, tranfroming it, out outer liesin order to sel to you. With shaming techniquest that will make you buy an items even after you genuingnely just spotted cannot do the range of play. Row.
Manipulated all the times , like our objects and tools designed to be ditched not repair. Attracting no tfor the use of society. But for its desmise, dismay.

Another form of censorship is to havemore information when you are just a new ne members doing nothing that when you tr y to post and interacting. On social network info are advertisement hidden as pretenses people are just members like in a voice a man theory, while even on facebook you ll have to pay to be on what is appearing. Even not on topo of what is display and commicated but no money and it is not even disappearing under the mass but simply no access to just click click and let know people aobout your foundation or you webpate pages.

Play, plaie, plague.

To be a master in hell.

The sects and masses , some, sum, summon, sermon, are alike technics of self esttem crap, done and necessarily proclame lame = blade, blame, proclaim when the dogme are of self servinc even not psedo necessity.
Genrartions might have fight to be quick in hoping that things on earth, and earth, would be left at peace some day, for them to have been locked and distributed by one individuals or two redistrubviting it as unvelensly as the hell that cloe closes in.
Hint, and hue, the terror all over suddenly reveal if the veil of our hypocrisy had been tamed.
some day

sometimes it is not bad intention seeking, but just attention seeking, for a discussion from the bottom or the hand cliff be started.

 The trick with fast reading is that there is so much material around to read, that if the structure did not catch our mind than then one just could leave it awaiting for the information, even though precious they might be, appear  in a way that offer writing efficiency, packed I n a way that structure louder our mind as we read and heavily. If sources enough and object of interest and priority are so numerous and of good quality , or even quality, that the piece we are on is not higher, then the option is the opne of survoling.

The truth is believed as it is the truth.
My sister is a keeper movie.

A guy whose wife go and fetch the foold, cut it, line it, up, watch it.
And the guy just putting the food in the stew, awaiting if at all all the cleaning being odne done and put into canister till the guest arrive. And who calls himself a cook if not the coolk.
It is why history book is only presented with men, as the wife her self would praise him for his quality as gastronome.

i had a review with my bank and these crooks did not tell me i could have a better interest rates by regular payment directly onto my saving account.
i also found out that my interest rates be much more better on the same account if i ask them to 'refresh' it. i had to ask for them to update my rates for the record i cannot believe it.
i am not sure i ll stay with them but if possible i d rather the wages to be paid on my other account now same bank, lloyds tsb.

i should have done it earlier, but i wanted to start do and compare stuff, but now they rearrange my rate this could be delay, plus the stuff i talked to you about.... so it is certainly worth to change the account order, even though i am ready to change this bank for any thing better, should it be a fraction better. simple inside traders. click a button a create interest hegemony.

Hell, heal
He, all


Racism has aways been a faceade to hamper real discussion s to happen.
Anyhow would one type be exclusded that they could serve one or another majority to fight the main or counter power.
And racism is as stupid as the struggle withing groups , not for freedom but own the freedom , space, life of others.

Males’ vagina unsuspected, and rests as unexpected as untakenr for or unattacked.

The quest of the grail the religious dimjension holding the Nazis, SS needed a miyth to project their raceinto justifaction of insolation.
We are alone, but to gether.
The ss therefore Christians, killed the jewish people just like one killed inner adversaries.

And the gays and sis disabled put in position of unemployment to be destroyed graudually.

Or into a m position of mouth to feed to be selection, sorted out genetically.
All disabled and for the gays, as we are all, a fault in touch, and it s alive they would rectify it.

Love in a couple, like an envy equaling one’s ego. Growth.

Strone ger than starve.

There’s no easy touch but the one that is not protected.
Whence the vo violence escalating when gap are not comble

Other type of society.
Gay, all times. Gay and happy?
The people that would we we wreck anything need uniform family, reacting like an unbrainded
army .

brain, bride, train.

i d have been happy to wash it.
watery region, colder than london.
well and wishes.
ok, i ll wait for you tomorrow.

 hope it don't take much of your time. can you believe it, they announce me that i should have be getting twice as much on my interest rate of my active saving account for month, but that i did not because i did not ask for it. >:) devil

not to want to be avenge, bvt to want to be alive.
Tip to Assange.

To protect a whisle blower, renversement, ti p for toppling could begin by that. Just that.
Not to a altogether reshuffle nowing too well by what croodks is constituted other groups, but making a point that would chain some contestant. Trail.

Ail ment.

the surviving attitude of the male that don’t need more than a few moments of speaking communications with any one, and survive thank to his mate, is a much more romantic situation than recognized eventually by their lovers or potential lovers that as bandit, or slwuth sleuth, backwards, arriere, think them.

Arriere = backwards and what in k bank//?

Rapes is figuratively if not effectively (depending for the outcomes, but I any how cannot but be utilized with theis paychological , as scientifically proven than is the body) an attack on reproductive capacity, the one of a chosen family and then of course implied the choice of everysingle moment of one’s lifes since of course like in forced marriage ti is ‘organised’ perpetrated by a society that violate and ‘control’ intimate, is making from hell scratch of an hated vie for a society that violate and ‘control’ intimate,
In time
is making from hell scratch of an hated vie

to secour with pus a mount of detritus.

i am with you with cats. the animal lover have for responsibility to start vegetarism. it iswhat affection convey, the knowing of equality and mutual respect.

 When one has been as manipulated as they are in a need now to be d guided not directled by patiently guided into disinterest but true meaning.

Ill placed hypocrisy might well rapidly amount to the perpetratoros of some crimes that did ithe m so deliberately and with such not conviction but those of befneficiating from it, just saying and swearing that they did not commit them to obtain that their sentence s or their treatment be lighten, weakenwould be tei rtranslation of it.

Pep people cheers them up by rp rapes, one than, one could wonder what d be with anti sex, retaliation goes without saying. Could be.

Be, bebe.

Could, lud oc.

If you hate life, you ll be hated by . life.

Admit, aadd mean.

Yesterday I thought that this theory in witchcraft just equaling thinking that people were simply ingredient, and part to clloook cook, clock, of a recipe.
And not remembering what approach in , and s discourses, I had thought about, what k came into my mind was that in which part of lifes and politics won’t you find the approach appraising of if sometimes appologising to ”theory and practices, long shot, instantaneous, ends and mean- or no means, just equaling thinking that people were simply ingredient, and part to clloook cook, clock, of a recipe”
in which part of lifes and politics

Yesterday I thought that this theory in witchcraft just equaling thinking that people were simply ingredient, and part to clloook cook, clock, of a recipe.
And not remembering what approach in , and s discourses, I had thought about, what k came into my mind was that                                                    won’t you find the approach appraising of if sometimes appologising to ”theory and practices, long shot, instantaneous, ends and mean- or no means, just equaling thinking that people were simply ingredient, and part to clloook cook, clock, of a recipe”
in which part of lifes and politics

golden like gay. J

old, dlo. Dol.

Dire low.

Low, wol

Nothing  but politics = fight for personal interest = accumulation of goods and their way of securising them.
This is in the third world and this back in the capitalists way of creating third world, no place for art, society, bla balance…

‘scaring the living dayling light of sth’


 i read many books about vegetarianism it is a no-no problem if you cook what the different authors are suggesting. vegetarianism is very very easy in a town with supplies such as london. believe me.

Beans replace the meat. And veg, herbs, stews, sauce all over the place.

-Not to lick menstruation for example in a couple that were supposed to mate, faithfully o for live, is just half of love, and half of procreationwhen this occurs.
-And what about you homos?
-I eat their mother, for them it is what matter.

I am not these fashcists but the other fashist are so despising and fearless, that …. I approve therest.

Nettles have iron and protein

yes? that s good news. i really needed this invective. you remind me to make so soup this autumn.

and why we as need the country. Organic.

on a 'be tac for tic what you eat project'

-tic and tac, nettle look just like menthol anyway.
-Lightly does, dose.

tic for tac, you ll become or paid for what you have been eating...
tic tac: menthol candy.
do you have still the 'bic'. the new pen are see through.

the medias, whose interviewees are the journalists themselves. And why we can be thourougly sure that interpretations and their renewasl, revamping and vairiety are as empty as, well read.

To be an positon of helf help, thinking would I d be helped if someone could, or if the ones I am helping, if necessary?

the polemic, the pamphlet, the declaration, the address,

pr paris, pris.

Pris, prix.


To make love is nothing to do with sex, but caressing and massaging the body , that like such a flower could open , not to genital party, but entirely, as melting with another, that wants all of it, repair and restore, par all aminuisities.
The fruit.
Tiurf. Intuit.
Turf? Without the ‘I’? or i

 not as desperate as to loose some money. plus i rather the other i want to get they are nicer. maybe you can bring one to me that i ll give you back this evening. I-) sleepy if not i still have pencils. ‘Cil’ in french means eyes lashes curiously.

Cil, lisse.

Subgti subtitle.

Subtle, su belle, betl , belt.

Manie, many.

To mak e love is the process of asking the other a baba baby, baybay.
Even if reproduction is on the act not operative or make not impossible but not effective by homosexuality, infertility, age…

To give the right to raise children only to whom association who can procreate is the equivalent of offering as wife to the rapist the victims he just raped. Because the society live in a climate of fear and an propesterious athmosphere .

People that aske to be proven, to the same ones who lies, riped, killed, for the m to stop what?
Stop other energy and work asking/?

‘Paid to start stree t riots’
To which is never be revolution but involution

The wi whites and the rest leaves the arab world being undemocratic as in humanity wrecking, because they want arab people and their own people as no more than prisoners in the bvest of case.
And don’t let you be overwhelmed by vocabulary. If someone said you are a unrepentant pedo, you deserve to go to hell. Well who in this scenario fear to go in hell.
How many of these people wreckers, I will take the o pic piece over you, even I f I have to knee ans and suck sick another one to do it’ policies, would take their pride from thinking tha t in hell they would be, thanks to their meanness and meaningless in hell some boss. Eaten will be.

As a far as I wish that mine take the same path, not to expend evil but for it to eat me.

saw your message yesterday. did not know what to say but that yesterday's conversation did not reflect in depth what i think, the standards results when it comes to explain mayhem and future when uncertain. computer refuse to operate. but i ll need a break when amineh is back as much as i need now.

then i am too old for you hon. don't look at too mature lady until you are beyond 25 or so. it be abuse on your not yet completely formed. biologically, xxx. may your girlfriend participate to your morality and maturity.


Nature, native.
Your, eve.

Rickets, rickety,

As for clitoris or vagina, balls or tips, anal or bucal.
Now no matter, it don’t stop there that kinda of vibrations.

Don’t stop nor start.
Star, noma tter.
Gnad gonade.

  Well inspired hitler to take at its central myth of personal megalomania, the story of the kinight and the round table and identifying himself as the ‘king arthur’
Just like its adoration for blonde air, could have been su usded as a mean of pressure , induce, by his ‘subordonates’ who now giv e lectures to the bbc as how the hitler ‘s character went.

We watche, we wahs. Wash.

The governments letting their populations curbing freedom of expression to other nations. Good job for businesses.

And fo worse than curbing freedom of expression, the journalists and politics comments on discarding other than their program, will enforce control of expression. Giving the ones with the right, the pass, the laissez passez, for express, the most basics and scanding, and repetated notions, the money. The attcraction, the recurrence, the brain wahs, the power. Rewop. Revop.

Animals not letting people approach, as if they did, to depend , their lives and conditions, and the way they would be treated, depending on the human emotional condition. In Addition.

Bank failures , that are thiefs, rescued by tax paying, shows in a nutshell our being cerfs with something in their wallet but threat by unemployment if contest and would never do nothing for mass unemployment by protests.

‘a majority of house rperesnatatives in the congress and senator house’ are millionaires in the us.
‘the democracy that money can afford’
R.T tv.

To light and like inner fight, as if not the whole gropu would could become expansionary and dictatc the why they cannot get along together but go beyong in order to inflict it to outer groups more I directly. Extremely, outerly, and without escape , fight back, negotiations, counter fire.
Firing. And discrimination destroying.

Guessing, guesting.

Like in cechoslaovaqui , were hitler has just to ask their leader to sing sign a paper to surrender the whole , the ir whole country.
One man , as fragile as tones of mountains, billions of water gallons, lllllll.

Love is not a hetero/homo put in danger. When you love someone you can love anybody else who are benevolent to life and its freedom as well as ti its obligations and no duty free mission even though and even so penniless.
Or when you cannot love anyone but behave out of profeeterings.

Roll. Earing. Hearing, earning.

Love is what makes vibrate inside.
The elevation of organs.
And gamme.

Rpa rapes followed by forced marriage could have been a way for women to control’ their marriage.
If reap rape was not one, but rap, rip rap, to make an otherwise illegitimate marriage into one one could not seemingly avoid. Hone hour.

Hone, own.
Honing, honey. Owning


Ebe, elbe.


Belle, bell.


‘it s my end , it ‘s my beginning’
‘the unicorn that cannot be tamed, unless by a virgin’

Yesterday channel. Mary stuart.

Or virgin in love, and eternal feeling of purity. Or feeling of eternity, for purifying all che chimney.
Cheminer. Chemin.

Serving the pedo, defending them, or obey them.
Between boses boes bosses and their patrongs.


The love for its countries come s l from international bta battles, wars, and struggles, for the worse, and think that it missing the plot would be like the killing or the liunching of its own grandmother.

 try and think or do of the most pleasant activity all this evening and morning. i don't know streching, ..., or whatever in which you look after yourself and spend time on that. reducing anxiety, increasing vivacity, agility for future work out... i insist on the results it s guilty free session. relax well and deep, more than think of it.

then i am too old for you hon. don't look at too mature lady until you are beyond 25 or so. it be abuse on your not yet completely formed. biologically, xxx. may your girlfriend participate to your morality and maturity.

And if the machines were too busy collecting memories instead of proving the human ‘they exist’ in order to human? Attaract and divert money?
Last a jugement one day.

X, like a cross that is skew.
Kew. ?

Attract, cataract. Interact.
Refract, light.

Cathar, catharsism.


Cat, te eh ether, and fluid from body witchcraft and poisoning.

Cat-hare, harte.

Heart, hearth, heath, health, wheal, whwwa , whealth. Left, save, bathe

Elf. Health.

The proper o f a movement that assert themselves for people to consider them to be the first and r prominent one, whereas they are not that, are not but dying, decaying and at least most movement trying to recreate oneself onto lying and corrupting, into eroding others, and their own a sanity ultimately.
Accept? Exept. Pax, expet. D expat.

PAT, hibulaire.

Pandora, first woman on earth, greek me mythology.l



Wrought, wrong, wrai. Vrai. Vraisemblable.

  Etir. Er.

 pressure cooker damages too much. i think. not sure. but.
steamer or frying pan if not afraid of oil. but steamer they don't stay in their juice and nutriment are preserved.
i ll call you in the evening.

This question from 2012, 2020, for beans and rice, even veg now, electric pressure cooker, fantastic for energy, still have to wonder about cooking veg inside.

Pedophily and incest in order to sa scar everybody. The victims as well as the society that find themselves in not possibility to act. How to prevent a child from being abused by someone who have access to the home? How to punish//?
To abuse someone sexually to control their emotivity, as then the perpetrators should be in jail, they are still around, sometimes at higher rank professionally, order ing and bribing and threatening their victims with their living now,
And counting on psychological torture, the fact that one gives nightmare saying that they may or may not have done it. As a mental and moral ones the people around keeping their opinions as secrets and to avoid saying it like that saving other incident s, with child or with mature people, ah happening as they not knowing they are a preys, or not knowing how to run, or not knowing the real intent and at what level and degree the comoomment , jokes and gesture s of the person s are for him/her , their meaning, mining, digging, the degree of vulanariblility and disempowerment.

The e persons that did, and the ones that helped in keeping it secret or discreet. In letting other s child approaching.

And of cours e the delight of all sadism, to say to the victims or their this time not opponents, that reacting to the situation, in trying to put a term to it. And therefore agressivily as if the situation a has been going on and on it is because the people are complacent, complicit or culprit.
 Then the opponents, no opponents but those who want to stop the deal of inhumanity, are procrastinised, are beaten mentally and other means just to have stirring opoistion, to just let these things going.

Stories of all b villagers of elders knowing about the active pedopile past of a once have been ‘a father in-house’ and letting him, just caressing the children of the young or younger couples.
Without intervening, but worse in smilling, even though despicably , at him. Treating like a baby, or wielding by blow of hypocrisy, but whithout putting an end at it, and without prevenir loud and clearly and/or not at all.

Clear, clerk.

Making love equals to look afgter a body and this to result in an all pleasure and longevity of the body and its pleasure living, thinking , moving, its passions. Pass, sap.

Failure, fai fallit, almost did.


My offer protruding and ask you to take in.
And I ak ask, hack, bef beg for you
And knee, bend towards you for a please, take me, for reproduction purposes.

The problem in economy is to think that people should have a git bit more, than others, just proportionally more than they earn because of harder work. Ok.
Problem is that people talkabout a value that does not exist as people are not protected by this society.
This kind of calculation would be valid if states and civil society s would automatically protect the work . life and helath and freedom of all their citizens, and all be citizens.
But in this life, who can nick you and be richer for ti it. Or nick your money, or opportunities, your time, your work, your creativity, your potential, your happiness….

In this situation  and ideology when every one claim power without any proof and organizations of proof and proof failure integrative system not ending view to its complex and not to its complications.
Where power means liberations.

Intellect, professional, spiritual, ramic ramifications

I am a painter, and I so want that my fox reappear in my garden and eat something clean ou of him having to be hunting. That when they are not herethe grass dessine draw themselves for me to see im. Mi.
So much.

Nobel prize sadat, Egyptian capitalist.

Bag, gage.

The manifestation against people cartoonist people and character from r sects, are not about defending moreals, or defending anything alike or unlike it is about showing how to take an insignificant things and throw events, riots, display, theatre playing so much hate, such as death threats and destruction. It is a mock, it is a warning of how things could become dispropiortionalte and justice in the hand of driven hidden interest.
It is about slavery and its prison.
It is a moquery, hello the e west. And all the politicians pretexting tha tthye ain’t for this poor tiny film are the collaboration

What is decadent in the west it is the obcene difference and power in the hand of men at the expense of being in the hand of justice and humanity as well as in the hand of nature and harmony an dcer creativity.
People of little virtue called it decadent as they don’t hagv eth e same means and are not as developed to spread destruction.

Heel, hell, eh all th, the heal the, health.

The film nostalgia of all what lifes has not been, or has not been prevented.

‘ to blush because one cannot help, as the capillaries are close to the slkin’
Crazy hear film

Consumerism is gonna and is eating and selling us.

We ain’t the same age but in age expectancy we narrow the gap half, it s true,
Of different countries.

And for us too.

The polygamous wanting their traffic to be law, wipe all four, but the children, or are the women to be liberated, or waiting for another rapists or dig gold another way.

The beauty of life renders all attempts, all human attempts, to study, describe, judge, classify = attempt to ruel rule it , a caricature, a fail caricature.

Quarry, capture, nature.

Cray, wook, wood, not in this culture.
Human basture. Hardy. Basse hard ease.

The journalists asks relentlessly what are the limit of freedom of expression, h while they should have to ask where the limits of fanatism and their complicit
But they can’t as they are the accomplice accomply.

Complete folly, but rationality towards modern slavery and knowledge destruction by dishonesty, lies of saying oneself religious, and hypocrisy, the one of the democracy and these agent s so much goodly well clad.

creep. peer, perce.

Wife,m efiw
Effect heave.

Let’s justice to be done or the heaven’s fall’
‘Jfk’ film.

C: QUITE revealing and still but real, for the one studying politics and coup d etats. No nneed for conspiracy, but nastyness in team na and work as it is.

ok ism is independent studies, and this work for all of them. i am sorry i currently have problem with on time registration, i did not know you have my email at all. thank you for your answer. i was afraid missing a lecture on theory. thank you.

no cryptic impression given is just the way i hid my bad writing.

personally i don't need 48 hours break, i ll be bored to death. just playing daft.

religious movements or sects as major benefactors.
Factors. And mail sending , paying philosophy or ideaolgoy.

Religion and as sense of peaceful inner feeling and convictions. All to god.

But what if the permanent firght needed to try to do good instead of wrong, don’t take place by illusions.

A tie is just a fancy noose’
Desperate housewife tv show.

Chap, champ.
Ca chimp.

Chick, chic.
Shard, shark.

Pedophily is just down the road the same as misogyny and homophoby.
Aa sex ual try to convcerstion and subversion permitting abusers to pretend they do that in the name of sexual categorization and gender performing for other’s

When pleasure go beyond any paroxysm, as my whole body needs to stay and cling on indefinitely, a hu mp and jump towards eterntity, as the heavens of your body, hid ob, adobe, obstetrics, tantrics, obscure, secure, recure, recur, ruck, ur care, our, the need of the whole me suspending time and movement for all the feeling be sensations, all.
Pleasure. Plea sure.

To stop for all ner ne energy go through intersection. Ere ction. Higher state s of the body, producing the next generations.
But having to understand all past to be at one’s turn opened up to evolution. Integration. No.
Grass, grease, grate.

To freeze right to go finalncially outsisde a country with one’s assets as rich want to relocate one’s properties registration once they got all of them from this system that abrit e them.

The only lovo love, nove, she believed inot into  , the false des dispay of display of emotional and sentimental declaration. It is why sex is also important, for at elast in tis concrete.

Fac fake , c fact , the no matter of fact love, the pit and well we die upon.

When evetns becomes psychic and spiritual. When analyzing reactin, creatin, cretin, process of thinking, beliefves, long process or further down the road of fuse throurough, on not quiet e yet, as without fund, sbottom, foundation.
When mind and spirit are on the fore, and make us fronting lifes and position, there an dthen, now al the line of histories, become to ar hard if at t all possible to tackle with philosophy.
As ignorant simpy.



 and if destiny would make me meet one who don't dislike male mates; she could be less disorientated...


 -unlucky i haven't a wife to look after that (all these papers rubbish).
- Isnt that sexist?

-oh come on.
 it is if in case she wanted it and that i can do something more in my taste, and aptitude in exchange. she could like me a tiny more muscular way.

 and if destiny would make me meet one who don't dislike male mates; she could be less disorientated...

it is not sexist. at all. it is just that she would be like this ideally.
or rather be married to an ideal. all ready

it is not sexist. at all. it is just that she would be like this ideally.
or rather be married to an ideal. all ready.

 in fact i don't dislike papers and am not totaly zero at it. but it is a survival thing, to grow muscular i d rather; they tend to prefer it, i am doubtless about it and as far as the white collar is praised and prizing i am not hot on becoming a full time clerck, as white is so devaluated nowadays.
don't try and get me to evoluate, like anybody would do reading this- to my great disconcertment, it is just a joke as sad and powerless as it is.

The horror of the vampires is to embrace someone who wil kill ya. Suck you up through and through.
Hypnose and exhaustion.
Psychologie and prison, not having mor place than in a coffin and a graveyard in each villages for its salutation.

The master of the dead, and one’s death in a bod box our tiredness waiting to give us up to blood trahison.

Cannot cope for themselves, put into pis positions where they won’ t have to be responsible and respectful of t others, being maybe in power but nothing but despicable , unabe to bring upon them desire.  Pedohphile in the making, society of abuses maker

Ti is not to be laid but up.

The laws of minorities or counter power not about changing the game but just inversing it, or even not, ony , only shifting victims and criminilasiont and rotten to the core justice system.
On genocidation.


To speak about beauty is too weak, sweak, when it comes to the person one loves. The opening and exploring and expending of a n universe. And its stability the infinity of vision and its al ever pervasing and melting condition. Timelessness. Beauty is a flash, a conjectural seize on what we already been shon and told and on how to like it. Love is subversion

Butterfly as one resembling femaele externa l sex, well sex, as what resembles male internal sex.
Papillon, papille

Pap a pille

 enamel problem could well come from calcium deficiency.
1 sure you take your tablet?
2 is preferable to take calcium from milk, and green...

yes it is for sex. But I have a much higher opinion of sex than you.

And the big work is going on. Most of the ner energy in fact al and beyond whagt we have normally. Exahsuted at eh moment if of protection, even when executing, swapping, or dismissing the simplest task while on the verge of extinction. The work is lost or eaten as the machine did not run smooth or any smothered by human actions or interventions.
Why the best work and luch luk luck can  be sr struck out of dimension.
So lost job.
Job = poor.

People might see recession as an aubaine, as one does not want to feed so much of the porks on o going.
bIt is why recession is about ethics starving and con s feeding, to kill any spirits of recovering.

Toooo make people fat, as to endorme endorphine, slow down thei r sexual receptivity, and then ‘fuck’ them without them noticing.
Just like people are promiscuous within their circle or family. And them as adut adult having sentiment of acceptability only just because their environment pre condition them to accept, like, adore, admire the person, the other person who exert a power. The one of not being discussed and of  being wecom wo welcomed regardless of their pomposity. To restaure their ego,  and folly des grandeurs, that outside has hurted, bes bv blessed, usurpated, or simply put back to their places, or avoid them to s in darkest or darker lunatic dister distress somber.
Sober.  Sob.
Re, he rehearsal Bos.

 not natural, soya? is that one could say a out homos or bis? :(( crying
drinking cow milk is as natural as heterosexuality. parked and in a pen.
it is less expensive, i have no one to praise when i come home it is rather silent, it suits me alright.
you work solid during the week sherry. week end is for you time to buy food and tidy and rest, it is not your fault if you don't sleep properly.
we won't try to attain , or re attain slavery.
what about tomorrow? is not gonna be fresh tuesday. and it would be very late when you come anyway.

you said you took calcium when i investigated.

You a said , hussain, alternative.
A ai  lair an native.,
Lair, harry, era.

A said, assert.

Sert, serti, by slavery

I could not cope if someone ak asked me to work 8 to 8 quasi everyday of the 5 days week. My work would be littered with mistakes anyway. Well it is my problem, fatal errors, but multiplied if under pressure constantly. On productivity.

On asserting inserting errors daynamics in way of working . as fatal errors will be not conjonctural as peple get on with their slimmed job descriptions ok, but live within structural mayday.

To be hypocrite saying we ha ve been.
To say we are hypocrites in saysing that we like someone just because we know that the system we endorse id is ga gonna damage them
So to show one’s feeling of love or compassion, but to say they are false, to endure and justify what is coming, as injustice and unfair reprimands or consequences.
All to easy on the two faced. Lying as much as the system is everyday proving.
Hr. udhr.

yes, you arrive, parvenir, parvenu = manage to appreciate it. i saw.
i knew you would end up beating me anyway. i always knew.

yes, you arrive, parvenir = manage to appreciate it. i saw, i hear, i taste, i felt it.
i knew you would end up beating me anyway. i always knew.
mind it is (would be) 'better' for me to shut up rather often.
for someone to endure my tongue is quiet unusual i admit.

To play being a villain to the gays, can only take place in disfonctional society. Where mae mel males and females cannot share any friendship as their love is disrespected.
And the other way, the friendship or normal other relationship is becoming obligatorily vulgar and derogatory.

When the west speak about it s freddom of expression, it speaks contrating against religious bigotry. But freedom of expression hasve to suit consumerism an dcapitalism or would loos any money .
Back yp. Up.

 Do as the romans do’

The idea of re romans of hegemony was to rebrand societal hierachry and patronage in order to run it the roman way.
The time team on tv

On capitalism and hegemony

The water boundaries of the world of the living and of the dead.

Without water death, too much water death.

Immediate 5 days of thirst death, or crippling food and body humidity.

Essential , unavoidable, survival work and rituals.

Religious ideas should not about believing having found the doun foundations, and exit any doubt about having the key of an universte going into a books of verses, less chatty that birds on a late afternoon, durng summer time let’s lee way say.
Bur but recongnition of being under undoutable and untouchable hold of strength.
An dpray.
For us spirit to become more benevolent without tletting us or any breath to be taken for sufferance.
A way Away.

Incen diary.

Herediatariy rights rhyming with gang, mafia, bribery. On the rim of nothing ness but boundaries.

Whish, from which wish, and from which philosophy and bunch of etics, in the acting word, fighting, unfariness fr airness, f airness.
From which protection one wishes for. Mafia, and sexism..

Sexism and mafia, sects.

Our primal instinct, or whispering of the guts, our stubordness or inner ear. Are o not always good, but have to be tamed and refined just as much as the more elaoborat train of thoughts.
The ones though we could rely on more, as they turn the basics and then make us obtain unusual results giving odd but sometimes very precisou s information.#[ok

it s no nagging it is your plants suffering.
a little fresh air might make me as hard as a plank.
wrong interpreattion i fear the cold even. you know my hands are cold. cold would kill me very quickly it is just that it does good as well for the body.
and it ruined my concentration and sleep completely.

Yogurt is good for calcium but you cannot rely on it completely for your ‘rda’ as such an amount would upset your acidity balance in the gastric system.

 eat your indigestion, particularly oinion after 5 pm, if you want to wear parfum at the occi office.
To avoid the digestion happening in the office.

Sleep, leep, leap. Hip, pael, peel. Paen. Le ap. Le happer. Gobble. Bog.

Politeness is how to prove respect and love to other women, but with all the tools to circumvent desire, commitment, and from sexual to conjugal love that one owns to one’ s wife exclusively.
I won’t cheat, but still my appreciation can be expressed like it.

To always think that one instinct is abouat to teach ach, hack, people or to learn something about them .
To regard instincts not as an inbuild grandeur but as a way of wh showing and proving ours- inner grandeur, or grandeur by the unrevealing events and torpeurs-
But instincts are the prompt that ensure, back yp up, enig enlight or destroy or smoothen our believes and e desires. That is they might , they will push us to far, or in opposite directions for us to know ourselves and what we should fight for . they will bring us into error, and is needed this intervention for us to think with rationality, and realize what think we should never more than think of. And at the same time douting  rationality as to purfe pru neing, pruning, pursuing, them to listen to them always show that at rest is another game.

Sorcellery is to know the pain as sorcerer’;/withc are doctors, and also if at the a state of their act and art , they took risks and have been the victims of obscurantism.
And the knowledge, as well as the spirit, and the feeling, the passion but also the pain convey. Arms. Rams.

art (at-are_) act. (at-sea)
art thet expression of the being.

 i ll rest well. no worry for battery charging. i ll go nowhere and i am satisfied like this.

Go, do.
gd. (inverse shape of simplify letters).

To ve feel peace when the homophoes up to ruin families and lifes of our own, it is about that these phovies, phbies, to think on has the powere of life and death, misery and happy.
To know that they met a same sex love.
And this happening not in context of I am a guy, I suck other guy at work and before the lord, the lords.
To get to rapes the females that are waitng for it.
Ord. order hordes.

I bet that they could finally banned pro pornography mainstream in order to justify strong language. Like this. The prostitution within each family and the red quartesr viewed as a necessity in true decadent puritanist society. The falsly religious one. Homo ban.

Not feeling afraid afraid of my wife dies before me. As it would be my fate and destiny. Knowing that gon goind going awol and knowing that no ne could replace, and that the time would be counted, to be a sin for me to go hunting, as with no sense since haunted.
We ll to fill my last years, shall they be numerous, even if their numbers be probably upt to or towards ten. To devot e times and pray. I am not feeling afraid any more, as my wife is the most of my I life, and fear cannot spoils my idea of being separated.
An artist note to death.
Death, hated. Thead, fed.

Not to tolerate patronage, as the way peope le convey their knowledge, experience, years of commitment and observation, desnity density and intensity of their studies and experimentations.
Because they count on their family to reign, creed, rules and slay healthy competition. And competition at all . like in these society were where development is synomyme of assassination. Not cunning and contrevinag nothing but their own tiny (tiny by nature, one cannot do for all but its fraction) sciences to rules for aperture, their own holy crap for absention. Retention.
The wholly sects and their party politics including the westy. In west, invest. Introvert.

Wife, efiw. File, fille. Filial
Vita, natal.
Latan, natal. Latent.

Jane, ane, neige, nage.

Gaei gaelic.
Gr garlic.

In the semblance of an used body, the form of a beast hiding beneath. Ding. Hi.

We aso love humans the birds would say.
There is somtheing to do then I would add, had.
Their lifes if they do that to you. Talion law are not only for th erectus erecting connery and su usurpation.

Revolutionary.  Volatile.


Vole, love.
Late till. Tile.


Layers of discrepancy.

Sexual taboos last as if they were not here then everyone would be expected to perform everything.
But how many people are into a relationship whose they don’t choose entirely.
If no taboos people not in love or in love but enduring an disgraceful spouses or their family of blood or vicinity. Taboos permit to s disengage our souls entirely when we had to sign under duress or near duress first hand.

Feeling was anti manly as one knows how one can be ruled, on thing, but above all, ruin by the lady.

With ‘ruin’ pronounced lik e ‘run’
Nur, nurse, niur, nuir, nun, none.

Two men, or two females, together as a couple are disregarded and ill considered, as the whole dysfunctional targeted and labeled overall role of gender.

Controlling couples like controlling family like they would do t with their diapers.
Disa. Dia.

To hate, hating, this stuff, this food, eating, with western packaging.
Development, the survival of the fittest as they destroy everything. Each itme you breathe and a little more of propolant.
Propos lent.

Lent, la scencion? Slow.
Purpose ful elevation. But not sky rocket propulsion. Or expulsion.

If it was only for a not a target, but aim that d be waiting for embetterment.

Target, egg rat.

These ravishing lady, ladies as they , for appear feminine, have to haze to o concentrate.

The attraction nurtured by love and respect, pull the magnetism able to push all other distraction. And emotion at the purest of sincere devotion.
Voix. Bo vote motion bo voice. Deft.

Deft, def, defait. Def eat.
Orgi original pronouciation def ignition.
Defeat, defait. Fait as fact. Death of fact. Fact of death. Ta ed, aid, head. Da, eh, he had. Ad annun domini. Ante. Dale. Dahl.
Lad, ald, as algue. 

Defaite, de fait.

Deaf, fa eh ed, head, fa – diapsason in lation, diapason in latio in. ion.

To love one’s children with the heart, go to g create, crate cradle, dark, a life.
Instead of lob loving with the sex, this as pro creation.
D    ark.
Crate, create.
Eta erc, etat, herse.
Etat, state,
Tarc, tarse.
Esrat. Qui sera sera.

When the success of a man, was whether he be accompany by the woman.
Twice a s much , ad as diverse, and surprising . added creativity, ability, debigt.

If ask to take one’s possession. Sex.

Pervert. Treve rep. pere, reve. Overt.

Free, eerf, er eerie.

Man, male, alm. Mela. Lam. Elam.

Hell am.

And then people think they can squeal when they squak. Sqy squack. Squeack. Quacks.

Without skies about our head, ain’t no sure it d be secure no more to be a blond.
Blond, nobl.
Or noodl.
Unless a nuclear cloud can be found. Find fine. Fine find.
Fine for fish, gill. Lig, league, allegiance. Allegro. Galle.

Fou, fuck, fold, folk.

Lof. Loaf.
‘ gin, geni us. Howard?

Gigolo rigoletto.

Awol, yawol.

Talk about an nation, when they never conquer on or nor concur with wales.

Go, hog. Ogre.
Or ganisaigton. A galvinisation.

 Block, lock.

Language if not revealing ideas, uncovering ie ideologues.

Justice prevent older people to get a punishment for their past afct. Act, no because it is sensible, but because it is proportional to the fact that we ain’t abe to catch and pusnish the present one.
As they rule the , a way or another.

Lazy, yzal. Ease all.

Lucifer, reficul. Redicul. Readicul. Hic?

Satan. Nat as. ?
Native, nat eve.
Sa evitan. Heavy.
Evit evitable = avoidable.
Ex=a. ex-a

Orphee myth show the utility of being covered entirely.
Morbid affair. Riff. Reffair. Again do it.

Not twice in a world of ether.

Ether nity.
Et err nit. Nest.
Eth. Effet. Fe, fairy. Effect, things and fact. Do and consequence.

People that think they can t control other people, by fear, and underminment,
While in their al l tactics of life and endowment. ‘am a decent bo llocks, blocks, is not enouth.
Enough, youth.
And bewildment.

Words and pr phrases so mjuch used that they are to kill the real idea. Or aed i. adding I , the creativity, the receptivity, and the taboos of one’s own thinking, believe, experience, visions, interest. S

Devotion, desacralisation.
 Vot,    sac cralw.

Welcome in french ‘see you to’ ‘pick up’
Gathering, like in the fruit, gaythering. Gelding.

Gerd, gird, gold, girl.

Herd. Hord, dron, dred.

Regle, e ger. El guerre, belliguerant.
Regency = rules, as a rule. Law, ordainment.

Be lingering,
Long for. Long = last in latin, longevitivity on longitude.
Our children don’t belong to us, our spouse does as long as reciprocity and choci. Focis, choice.
Exactly like we don’t belong to god, in the sense that he creates us. But ssssssssshe is not responsible of our link ot to the past if any, and how is for us t o link , to the good to the bad, without waste or haste of energy.

To try the extreme as then the reaction permit the emphasis to po prove a point, to make it kit and conspicuous.
But like in the wonders happening, were most powerful and led to bewildering. The shot you want to take of an event, unless you are the observators and I life live with your way of recording, one never can take the moment when the pulse just make your skin go swollen and drive your sense and appearlance. All your lines in the body, or obdy, obed, berserk. As the moment you want to take with you a proof of it having existing, it quits to go where respected. Unexpected. As to record it would say that it gives itsef l and alone, when it, want s to be the sake of eternity . in its quest and never ending vers, towards, verse.
Never, ne = non, vers = w tow hard, wo towards.
Rev erent. Reverie.

Lone, long.             e g

not knowing oneself well as nobody is to reflect our ordeal. Dale.

And don’t worry the boys ar exquisitely, exclusively feminine. Min.
Masculine, mx, max,

Focus, suc of.

No bi, as there is no gay or lesbi.
And the one that wh o shows chose, is chase out by pesti.
But becareful to the people and peoples that say they want us finsin , as we have for us our present, the ddignity and the truth of love, and its strength. And the anger of those of all nations and every spot in this planet of misery. Of whom who die for it.

Murder, murd, drum.

Whisling fo form music, c musc
And music form words.
Words are music.
Whisling are words.

Row , raw deal.
Competition not based on creating but subserving.

Create, re=ate.

Hypocrisy is to be content with smiling or its equivalent in lana guage , promises, brokne k limb, ligne.
And its being avenged, revend, revenge will be savage.
Avage, average, avanlanvche, avenge.

Ssssssssssssss avant.
Avant. Before. Avanti. Nava. Naval. Navy. Yvan. Yv an.
Eve. Natal.


Noce ger fera tu/

Per     formance.
Perfect romance.

Roe, ro, re--------------oooooooooo
Fo or ror.


Ne =no
En =verb termination

Ah ah ah           

 ok i said 'appreciate it. i saw, i hear, i
taste, i felt it' that you were appreciating it. meaning i even felt it. .
 appreciate it. i saw (ex your smile, i hear (ex your kindness at times), i
taste (the miso or other food), i felt it.
but don't bring that to a industrial tribunal please, whence the practical side of the cryptic.
otherwise i will check with you how you might manage my feelings in your first of the two of substancial mail.

it was the start i used facebook and by mistake i added you on my former account, but i wanted to ask you on this one.
anyway i don't use facebook no longer as they don't allow you to contact people to become your internet pal, they ve got a policy that you have to know people in the street life before. i think it not suitable nor interesting for my use and it is anti vibrant to start a community via the internet. i ll stop using facebook. basically i am this. thank you for you kiss.
Instead of reporting me cos I let you know I existed.

 and it was a pun as you taught me one usage for 'arrive'
well in french 'manage' = 'parvenir' just like 'parvenu'

to threaten peope with jobs and position, jjust as if the bullies own society , as a tool for civilization.
Tool, loot.

And stop being threatened by losing the right to act within a need of the communities , as bigh punishment might be from the oprressors. Keep  calm till have it personay. And proofs th e wrong policies or applied by and for traitors.

And on this ‘speeach a hatred’ a tread, trade, could begin menaceing me.

To impose ideology in order to chase other people, not wanting to sell their souls or the pre established to get rid of versus the ignorant , the prfoefeetrering and each time one can not or a cannot easily or won’t risk intercede or intervene.
Cahse chase out or slavery.

To establish some indicated or counter indicated freedom of movement or constraint o r shematise corporal movement, or body language, in order to be able to show or see certain areas that shows imitations and its de discrepanscies.
With a hat one don’t move their head, and then the code of body language will on the hand be focusing, etc, exemplify with the own piece of body we choose to stress or let unresponsive.

Democracy for the people? But what when they are a bunch of cons associated?

The imoorals can not alone stand, and just deliver wars because of them being subservient to antoher guys.

To imagine being in love, is in fact a exercice of construction, to build over time the force necessary to carry out convictions, and the one , that one needed to be a good husband versus husbandery and urbanization and commodities.
Random association.

 To put into scene and on tv, to make popular , ert m eroticize, heor heroticivze our life of triviality or automatons.

The exercice of an actor, each actor, as important as it is necessary for the mind, to mild it s tensions, obscurity and opoosition into having any kind of activities and discussions. Actors and the studies of situations.
Site. Etis, entice.

The appearance of democracy. The windows and word within the sentences and style , all stronghold of killing tools. Loots.

Tools, slow slots.

Smen,  amen, so be ti.
Ame = soul.
Amen = verb of souls.
A men?

Upstar, upstarting.
Sir, serf,

It has been a good thing that he did not have love for his son; as would he had it he would have been f ar worse with the rest of the family, even worse.

mum has her dates. i think i ll do like amineh and take 3 weeks. from to 8th of november to the 29th, if it is ok.
mum has a job opportunities within her company and move out of the 'marital' house for a year. she will replace someone one year in the south of france. i ve never been so happy, even if it s too little stay.

What is an homophobe?
It is just a ras raciset, ratist, or name if no ending list of discriminatory process. But why homophobe more than racist? It is just a question of opportunity, he would go less far today in this world of ethnographic ethnologic cosmopolitanity. Spontaneity.

Lesbianism demonise by machos who would favor feminine delicatness not for its treasure and irremplaceable features, but to brutalize them.
Delicatness not protected anylonger but to be repaired and understood by the same.
Unbalance and of course no woman would like to , or prefer barabarism, when this one is an equivalent, or exact synomy m even (ind discusision and textual understatement, the goes without saying assumptions of manliness in machismo and their sauterells) that men equals donzelles and the band of cowerds co own herd, that live s for the facility, of having sex through rape and other coercicion while thinking life is gonna thank them. Collusion.
Co illusion.
Cow lewd led us he on.

He was hating his o son, has he taught him discretly, what the son would do now overtly, and betray his scheme and horror horrid philosophy. Idem the same.
Hid den.

Distribute. Tribute.
Tri, three.

The aim of love, and its consequences. Free.

my mum working out? it will never do unless she divorce. but she likes thinking she has avoided a wreckship i think. when it should be 6ooo miles under the sea.
ship wreck.
Werd , wreck, kcerw, care.

Mind could spare us with reapparing in one other millenaries.

When females think they are nay any good at psychologies.
And cherish their molesters and gru gradually ‘progressive’ progressing monsters if they could do what they had by wanting to appear clement and understanding, permitted. Reg. aggr essive.
Regret, regressive.

my mum working out? it will never do unless she divorce. but she likes thinking she has avoided a wreckship i think. when it should be 6ooo miles under the sea.

how, hol, lowwwwwwww, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhol.

But to know you are being lied and abused, you ll need to experiment (be experimented, beurk) different ideology goy. To catch and be definite, sure and theorize, avoid , and defend against abusers, by recurrent discrepencies, change in tecninques, as they are so devoid of honesty that whatever their intelligentce , the fish cannot be drown all the time. And then if intelligent will be as muc h as deplicated the wrath.
Islo isolation. And as also if the victims is loving outside they would be loved by people giving back their affection and not in manner pretenting, affected. Mannierism and the one s that are the mellower the more predatory.
And flush s away opportunities and dignity.

Other schema appear when one a figure and forms won’t stop the boundaries. The lines go beyond or shade differently.

 i am not sure what is was all about this negotiation time comedy.
Come and die, and die, and dye.

Time table.
T I’m able.

 for internet, there is nothing that stresses or die distress me more than having to look after something that don't need, or to pay or be busy on something i don't need. or is not needed to be done.... piece of mind, a p rapiecer.

Cholera, colere,
Choir, ecole, school, shaol.

Tolera, tole. Tolerance, toll errance.

To thank god that the connery one has to do and endure are onlyu about money as if they might give feeling for the pegre, with more mafia this excahange in discrepenceis would be lifes taxes and taxis.

As people like being around people they vexed, being un fair to, o r bullied.
Complex of superiority, is still a complex.  Xel, zeal. Moc, mock.

T it is no joke, but to be tasting the water, and see how and to wchi degree one will get cruler. Cu crueler.

 for internet, there is nothing that stresses or die distress me more than having to look after something that don't need, or to pay or be busy on something i don't need. or is not needed to be done.... piece of mind, a p rapiecer.

The phone could have been a way of dissiminating information, but the problem is that people would not keep trace. Mails and touch as much people as there is phone directory or mail boxes simply is as there is the possiblility of millions and billions of connections, but would be very expensive to do as the paper and stamps and e deliveries…
So internet we all thought was revolutionary. But how would you propagate, informations to anybody, in the sense of everybody or whatever it is.
On internet you cannot take a directory and start emailing what you think that important or important for being alternatives, or summarizing or other, of all categories. I am not saying the possiblility of sending one message to billions of people simulatnaeously as if not the system would be completely colog, clog , log, but on internet impossible to contact people on face bood that you did not see in flesh before and that won’t report you to say what you think is saying eh hello or nay form of communities or activism… when you participate in a discussion via new papers, features ac articles, other blogs, fortums. Whatever, don’t name it, mostly if not systematically your hyperlinks is deleted and with it you r all messages.
They pretend to po protect the consumers, and some of them just nod at it, while you pay money each time you are clicked or by the commercial pop up.
To promote one’s activities no possiblility , end dead end and no fluidity not propagation but propaganda.
What is a newpapsers counting on , relying on it s readership p to interact and to discrimate automatically, peope that want to participate in or while indicating there address, their blogs, their works… is that discussion? No it is subservience.
Democracy bandits.

3. Botany The congenital union of parts of the same kind, such as a calyx of five united sepals.

[From Latin cohaesus, past participle of cohaer, to cling together; see cohere.]
3. Botany The congenital union of parts of the same kind, such as a calyx of five united sepals.

Ling, m cling, lingua

As for y with your partner, you don’t thu thrust you aim.
Aim, mia

Yummy, you me.

I t t is no racism but the fear or else that human goes sheep.
Chap, ce cheap,

And now chip on top of that, not all of it.

Match, math.

Between, vit bit, win, ween.

According, acceding, acoding.

 i had to move in total emergency yesterday. a council complaint.
 i am knackered and conned if not pennyless. penned. pen seal vanish, vanilla.
i am at my boss, will see how it goes.

To make people happy by fomenting their attempt at ridiculising relationship as they have to find ‘bullies’ and jock with their ‘affinities’ , other people of the same gang, in a desperate rail of trial at masking their incompetence. And infidelity.

I am happy you were with your friend. In moment like this you also need to see a support and recognizance from the community, professional and at large. In no les les leisure activity.
And certainly with the people you’ll see after regularly.
Funerals and mourning as a process of memory and impact sharing. departure and wondering.
Impart. Pat. Tap.

Celebrating, celeb, bel ec, bell heck.

Ksex and the door to the seeds, the key to the necessity of endowment and amelioration.

 also i was thinking that an alternative to a potential living in situation could be to keep the shift as they are. i am too weary being conned everywhere i go or to have no alternative but to live with partying people, without going on and on explicitely about the other options.

Options, optimum.
Opetion, com petitions. operture
Come petition.

Model, idol.  Doll, erection (i) statufication, and stratification like in ecriture aca where the slkills at writing just adop one celebrations. The conequecne of it being

The academics thinking themselves as a part of establsihement and running their courses, institutins, research and tuitions just like a part of propaganda dwhose alphabetization is an aseptisation of the language and the style that orneate and couronne itself with being the perfect way of expression. H whereas academjic writer are writer just in the sense of being aca, aka. Not in the sens e fo of mastering the millions of millions of words and possibilities with the structuration of the language.
False possession. False masterisation.

The sirene of police or ambulance, starting like a door creaking.

To find attractive and finding similarities. Drole heterosexuality a proof of gender mandering.

On the mending.


Al sale a manger.
Sale, salle = room, or saddle.
Sell, selle.

Handy, have, your.

No cycling spaces where park one cybcle at the stations and so on with cctv. What if each time you go oyour back is stolen or damaged.
No police scheme with fining car dir driver when driving and speeding next to a bike.
Road plenty of hole, no de d education that is driver think cycling might be done at the sewage level or next to and push us on the pavement curb.
Cycling sheme just a thing of the rich or eatch time a I want to bring my bike to central London, hip hoping that there will be witness and camera if I am run over.

ta, thank you very much for this precision. i could not open the link. it is that h.r is scrapped all over the land.

Whild manifesting why resisting the police? So how could one organized mainf manif better??
Into groups pressures? And we will finish going in prison just to proeve o how people manipulated us to do their stuff for 50 p, which they will take back at the final by putting on the way another con.

To to Africa and get killed while doing humanitarian job? As colons the colons’ people own that.

Adapted adoption of nice’ signal of nice behavior while you are on the way to get nicked. B e nicked by the adopter.

To make love to a body of sufferings.

The apple, fruit of knowledge, connaissance = in latin also ackaintaince.
To union ot to the wrong body?
The theme of  being forced or ill indicated or miss adviced.
To have sex, or any other activitiy not at as the better choice and the one of liberty and eternity but in dissipation of one’s energy and being.

Athing stays obscure as you would have to reveal to people, to the very same people that would put into prison, just for their pleasure. And jealousy, lousy, contention.

people playing low at work and quality but not to support other people having the freedom to go beyond stratification in the way of running and managing considering orders, demands, and the side of , the fashist side of society community that enrolled. Role and roll. Ok.
No, but lower the standards not to stop consumerism and order and patrons to ask to behave in a certain way design to hide and perform servility and aperture of edpxploitation , drill of humanity.
No but to extablish low standard s in order to put people lower and ask to be slaves of slaves, to be slaves of people that ov obstruct proges ress of the mind and of all what is able human and human nitty. Gritty.

To target people with prostitution and denigrate them and prostitutes at large, just to forget their own demolition. Devotion.

Paradox, pardon, par don, parade ox.

The transmission of thought working with remote people or dead , missing person as the thought had already been produced or the spirit of the comment or replicque, cue,
already been produced.


To this promise, life threatening.
Lift. Fiel. Fidel.