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JADE J’AIDS HADES: Chapter II Jungle and thor for extase

HADES: Chapter II
Jungle and thor for extase

Jungle and thor for extase.
For estate?
They wail devouring.

To work, work, work. More than one can do well.

Ah, ashes, phenix,
Jam, may, mag, jamais = never  Janus.

Ceinture, belt = ceint, saint,       = pregnant in French.
Faint, feint, fag.

yes,  me too, menstruation

Lud, do ludicrous,
Lit darkness. Lid.

I in life,

Than, thank.

To bear arms to protect one’s liberty as a slogan, agenda, and policy.
C.ET: protect one’s ‘liberty’ to have a state non-respondent.
One more on the abject, and a sense of value that in fact aims at destroying the sense itself.
The law of the city that should shoot itself of, for, out of, having killed anywhere it could establish its properties. Priorities unclear.

The War of the Word BBC Documentary Women and Religion

C.ET: The ye, eys, eyes of a church.
E              yes. Eyes.
Yes, connections, when eyes lies but cannot lies our abnormality, our ware werefolks or werewolfed compression.
Y  y,            nose and mouth. Face an opening on the brain, ventilation.


In myths, hunter people killing become what they have killed. To kill a danger, therefore halting a lethal threat and to become it, or to take on what has been associated with it. I, in the manner of evil, kill and becoming the monster that one killed.
Wee hunter.
The sacrosaint sacrifice idea coming from it. When religious feelings are really incorporated.
When one did not have any choice as to kill or not. To avert one’s own being injured, or to be starving, life threatening lacking.
But the contrary happens when the killing could have been averted. Between evolution and involution.
To pray before eating.

Test, tit. These, thesa.
Isa.  Isis, jesus. ??

Sleep and rest, babe, during your day off. It is normal human being needs and reaction. 

Enemies, demise.
Mies = half,
Bring to half?

Incantations, which give the words, or the sound, the sense.
To have chant a certain names for hundreds of years, could mean that when this sound, in fact the same phonemes are chanted, several hundred years later, they might bring the same invocation or evocation to the earth that bear them, and then to the speaker that spoke then or the hearer that listens to them, then.

Anubis, a jackal, scavenger, for the dead protector?
C.ET: question, is it really in contrast? Like in hunting culture, justified if the hunter can only feed themselves by killing another animal, a ritual of embracing relationship might be established. i.e to say that one’s prey will become the one who preys on him, and vice versa, that the bird of prey, the hunter will become, or will (be seen) enter the soul of what he could not but killed.
I insist on ‘the could’ not but, because the moment the hunter do not have to kill for their own survival, then the magic would go reverse. And the magic would be there only if accompanied of prayers, including first and form, foremost, I pray I won’t have to kill again, or I pray that I ll manage as if not I ll be starving. A gesture of death, but still a gesture of life, that one will have (hate) to try and purifying. No prudently, no prudely, but by loving life and do whatever is to do, not to kill. 

Still I. sometimes difficult journey. Lost my intimacy in the flat. Comate noisy n spend time near my door. Starting being alienating. 
. I hug you all dearly. 

Roam, prom, promise,
Callous, cuckoo.

Embrasse in French hug and kiss, embarasse = embarrassment. 



The same I was desperate to find a software to upgrade my computer fearing to lose my data.
Instead of the free software that I had searched for hours, when I clicked on finally a link that did not run on my computer advertisement and program that I would have to pay after filling a form. I clicked on this prize lottery wanting to answer 3 questions and finally downloading my software as there were absolutely no other way round.
Click for a free software that you searched for hours and despair to acquire because you need to have on your free time some time out, you clicked and the only door now is a lottery. I thought they wanted a survey, cause it is a survey, you answer questions and after they say you ll win a prize. Yet again impossible to say no you have to say yes it is ok for the free lottery, (as you still want your software, you need it actually, or else your computer is in disrepair.
I clicked on the link thinking that the survey and the lottery were finished and that i could have finally a link to the software, but ney. So i clicked and clicked and clicked, and received text messages suddenly, informing me that i ll have to pay 6 pound a day to entering the competition etc, i received 5 of them, the clicks i made that i thought did not work as nothing appeared on the webpage.
I just have to reply them to stop in order to stop them wanting me to pay them daily for a lottery i never asked or agree to.
I replied praying fervidly that i did stop and that i won’t even be charged one day (five times as i was clicking frenetically trying to go out of this ad that i thought was only fantasy and waste time not pure high way robbery)
Consequences? End of month my phone bills asking me to pay for the texts i send asking them to stop something i never agree to start, and even pay the texts they send me saying to me for the free lottery you could not not avoid (nor see the real content of it) the prize is heavy. I assure you they anounce me i have to pay something while they intrude in something i was searching, block me the route, you are oblige to click to get rid of it and go on with your search, and manage i don’t know how to make me paid for their texts with the risks of me having to pay a fee daily.
so yes they stopped harassing me, I did ot pay to them directly but I had to pay them to send me text announcing to me I had been conned. or that I was to be if not clicking again. sweet thing I could use my phone, what if I was out of credit. do they have access to my bank account the same.
To be over it. Not the Net police are on it, honey, and what if it was the little scam that prepare us for the big, and bigger, and grosser scenery. Set up.
Software searching.
Try to alert the police who gave me a 10 minutes file to fill up, unless i wanted to pay for the phone maybe. After the 10 minutes an error on their sites, id on’t know what i did wrong, it have no patience or else to retry the procedure. Thank you the police.

To whom can one report that report to the police is an odyssey?
Note: metropolitan police does not provide you with proof of your request = no proof of you having raised a offence, in case they don’t look after it?? Or in case they give you wrong information that would bring you in verge of illegality, or in case they give you wrong information that make you sweat 100 times more that the others do (in case of commercial authorisation, etc), they don’ t like the peddler too much in particular, if wrong info given, arrestable in no time for the offence of following restrictions unknown by them and too lazy to check it right anyway.

Faites attention tot ou tard ils vous traiteront comme une renegat.
Be careful sooner or later they will treat you like a renegade.
H se comporte comme la pire des especes parfois vous savez.
H behave like, as, the worst of the species sometimes as you know it.
Ils chassent ou s’ignore en groupe.
They hunt or ignore each other but stay in group.
Restez detachee. Par pitie,.
Be, prove detached. By, and for pity.
For the silence remain, whispers for the crowd are all the same.
An opportunity for lose cowardice scene.
I beg you. Don’t think, don’t feel.
At least for this story. Ariadne, without her discretion and her maze secret, theseus (n est rien) is damned.
 Taisez, niez rien.

Puerile (peril)

Enfer = inferno in France,                        enferme = lock up.

They are


Ob River 

lux et nox 

day and night

C.ET: lair and noise.

nunc et semper 

now and always 

C.ET: nun, sempiternel, sentinel.

fac et spera 

Do and hope

C.ET: cap, fact, and spear.
Violate hopes,           espera =  rape.

arte superbia et conatu 

skill, pride and effort 

C.ET: art and cognitivity.

et omnuim hominum validissimus 

Hercules father of Jupiter, mother alcemena 

C.ET:omni- homi- omit- homo-          validity.

See double.

THE souls waiting the end of, time?

So used to write sold instead of soul that now I stop and manage to avert it.

Tod (t0)do,
Tod (t0)
Toad, towards adding.

Disguised, distinguished

Structure unknown (or knot)

Ab-ill- hill, between breadth and depth, birth and death

Hierarchic (chic),

Far to(o) late –
Towards late-
And sober, sombre, sorority.

Spurning me
puring. Turning.


Dompting, redemptory dompter = breaking an animal, tame


As much as ethics are not following /followed.



Hiss, heck.

Rance (m, race.
Trance, transit.

Mess = mass in French,
Mes seigneurs,                  nobles.

A bent,

That’ d (Vlad, evad)

H is not sup, he is blind only.
Sup, erior. Sup error.

Satan, d’antan,
Antan, once upon a time. Of yore.
Attend,       wait.
Attempt. Temptation, temps.
Top, step, tip, dii, dimmer, temporal, times.
Times immerse immemorial.
Dimmer. Dine.

Ok, we keep calm, we eat, we will die, and it’s filed.
Oh, mon amou-r
Ame = soul in French, amen.                       Soul = exhilarated, stoned in French.
Ame, am You are. You’r
, am I supposed to find you? On the moon, maybe in, to have to be buried, what’s life without you? A project for sects.
In-sects, in-cest.

In which (witch, itch,
Tick, which is witch.

Deposer a state,                                to dismember, or discard a static institution able to help its nations.
Disposed people, population.
Genocidal neighbouring.

Sacrosanct, sacrosaint
hank, hawk.

Ot to,
hot, opt out,

Suicide. Genocide, parenticide, insecticide, ,,,
suis = I am, to be, to follow.
Suit. Soucis = cares French..
Subir, submit. Ubu.

Gto, tambouctou.
Bantou, tambourine.
Bouc, bout, goat.
Jumble, j’umbe. .
Tame bout too.

Ffid, erent, errand.
Feed, errant.

Beset, exit.

Bec = bill, beck.
Case, cause.
Ose = dare, eso.
Esoteric, peso.
Hap, please.
Apesantor = gravity.


I just, joust, adjust.

Hear, prayers.

Odder order,

To, ot, hot,
Could, cold,

Heavy, hive,
Mayve, may eve, may be,

Putin, putting the head in the lion’s mouth.

The last right.
The last rite.


Opulence, please,
Place, c-enter, scent.

Gosh, goo, gauche,

Regret, greater, later, really
Re-gres, = in French grace, will.

muse, museller,
seller, sell, saddles.

Understand, underset

Blue Blew.


Fascist, false, spy, cyst.

Lignes, line in French, lig, lines, liabilities,
Signs, signatures, cygnet.

At article.
A, or an.
Ana = derivative for Mary.

Casual, casually, casualties.

From above
a dove.

Type, top,
Apper = French, swallowed.
Appat, = lure.

Lure, surge,
Luge in French, sleight.
No, the glace, blip, bloc, beauty, global warming is defiantly defined as global.

Snow, ball.

Much,  eunuch,

What about birth, earth, control?
The rib.       Crib.

Beur, beuhh.


Necessary,                harry.
Necess,       array.
Cesse = cease in french
Nesse, naisse, nascent.
Naisse = to be born.
N’ est-ce?                              =         is it?


borethers, brothels
vera = males pigs.

Torture, re-rout, torturer, error.
Troup, overture
Tor, tort, trop.                    Over. .
Trou = holes,
Outre, added, bag in French.
Trove, oven.

Este = to be.

Wise, direction.
Vise. Viser = aim at.                                   Visor.                         Aimer in French to love.
Vis =      could be abbreviative of vies = lives.



Tatum tu tan ka moon.
Ka in Egyptian word for soul.

Parade, par, per sad. Das. German determinant, article, and Indian surname.       Vedas.
Paradise, in disguise,

Husband (hussy).

He the, hear heir,
Hearth, earth,
Like a rolling stone.

Courage, ‘’#/’#///////////////////////////
Cour = run in French.
Age, tee on tie = the same.

, on-e does (not to
Not                            to
On, one,
Dies, does,
Does, sod,

Certain (arting, acting, carting, parting)

Gibing (gibet = penance in French, prey, board of killed animals)

Modern, matern.
    Od,            at,

Age, gea, gain, again.

Respect of respect-obtention, getting, our rights

She wants love, and me too. But what one does not deserve, I they, cannot claim.
Lame. Clam.
Convey, I, they, convict
The hut, eth,           eve.
Eternal. Terra.

Save from a prison,
To be pout into another.

Power, mon amour.
Lower, revolt.

Sum, mus.
Mary, mar, ram.

To jump onto, to circle, o how hug you every morning, and yield the warmth and softness of a night as each night when I would perhaps could have given my life for you combat. To be wrapped in law, in rule, in ya.

Wife,        fiw, fivvvvvvvvvvv               wifffffffffff,

Son, song.

The day you are dead, no gender, no race, nor age. Just a life, before and afore.
Four wards.       As many as horsemen as there is directions, but on earth there is 4 since we deny the deepest to come back, forth and sure, surely won’t buffer nor buffoon.

Oblivion, duplicate, desolation, wastage.

To beg god for her to be my wife, as to beg for (frau) her to stay, or for me to do whatever she needs, as her, as hers, its stay, as her his say.

- After WWII, new world order proclaimed with a sense or aim at equalitarianism and universalism.
By Marx weber, WWII non conformist view.

I so much devoted my time to self-analyses or the like, imprint with imagination or just the often ridiculous or impracticable version of possibilities that would never come out of what I am living, that.
That when it comes to resuming more professional, scientific activities, I question my would endeavour and think that I miss the train of thoughts that should have brought me to a decent level. That won’t relieve, relive, reveal, level up my dig dignity.
Meditation or intellectuality.

Dign, digit, deign, din, den.
Dine, dingy.
Dingo, dengue.

I o (who’e, owe)

The elites’ fear                        of the masses.
The masses’ fear, middle classes, of the poor.
And the poor’s fear of the bourgoisification on which they have to count to just work without their breath.

The racists are racists, because now the minorities are becoming more majorities, it is the same ones they suck. Because racism is a form of taking the piece, it is well encroached because people to take the piece will have to go with the mainstream. So racism is a way of forming an elite based on race or whatever else in order to have to suck less.

I am a roaming traveller but when I think of you, my soul tur into statue.
My, yours or mine, soul entire, tired of solitude that can be broken by a one that want it to move on her center, and stir, shift no more, than a feather to see you.
For the love of you, most endure. En dur.
Dur, rude,             solid, though, hard-on, HARDENED. Den, hare, hazard, chance, hence.

Stature, status.

I have say nothing

:            Human rights literature,     maybe too concentred on redistributive justice, as effectively posing as naïve. Because of losing view of the danger for injustice to become worse. In every domains, freedom, creativity, research, invention, preservation, human, environmental,
Ever again.

Naïve, knave.


 War. Harness.
Swam, raw, raws, rose.
Swor, sworne, sword.

Fate, fame.
Ate, ame.
Ame, amen
Ame in French = soul.

Blue, blew pronunciation in French bleu.
blue, = bleu,                  
Leu, leu,                   tail,          tales


When the thought of you, took everything around. That has to be love, otherwise, lost energy that makes my soul succumb. Be it commitment, involvement, dedication from now. The by whom I did transform.

To be impressed by life, and cease to move.

Coalesce,     cho as, cha os.
Line, crow, square, carro.
Collision, coalition,

The laws of nature.

How little is done, and contrarily how serious the propagation of the problems is, and finally on cannot be more egregious crimes. A consensus on ‘that should never happen again’ has been issued on crimes such as genocides. However, is the rapes and sequestration, the sexual exploitation and trade not another genocide?

To allay fears,
Allee, allez less bleus,
Alla, aleas, all, ey, ole, all lee.
O lit, lire, = read, lyre.

On people claiming direct participation to democracy was only possible in city-states. :           not if grass roots is taken into consideration.     Problems here is not participation but control and cohesion.


Do not need culture, just democracy to hold us all.
C.ET:          I think it is denying that cultural aspects are ways of eating other cultures. And its strength not necessarily residing in its goodness but in its circumstantial cohesion able to destroy others, inside or outside it. And so would it for democracy.

What might be forgotten here is that nations meant, tried to define also the defence of a people, a unity ready to stay such in order to defend themselves against others.
A cohesion, an hermes city. Hermeticity.

Strong maybe (auto) destructive conception versus (flimsy) versatility.
Ready take away.


Could territories, states, becoming like companies. With selected citizens according to their origins, diplomas, schools attended. With bankrupt countries and others bankrupting the rest by being at the financial head of things for example. A stock of staff working around competition of means. = loitering. Looter.

Diplomats, dim, dip low mats.


Differentiated rights, laws, and opportunities according to territoriality.
 Landlords, In other words, warlords.
The discreet mafia, subletting regions to local tyranny.

Institutions like the electronic media, medium of civil and civic politics.
That discretely shaped through censoring acts and deletion.

I watched the miserables i even cried today. ron idea. i think the concept of love might become more universal for perhaps. much more than i thought it was already. life is so short really. i think it is just that i might have wanted to find someone with whom to be buried. unlimited materialist and stupidity, or hypocrisy. no the crisis is that you never know, not in my lifetime at least. but love for an individual or the need to love back, might be used at religion and spiritual aims, so anyway, only recycling really. 

Este = to be.

A world growing upon ) inter-subjectivity, that is a shared believe, will be, and become elevating, the day it will be shared, and drawn from animal and all what comes from the world. Alike.
The day.

Theo, rising.

Teo, t’es haut, you’re high.
 terre,  eh oh.
Ethos. Terror.

Id, idem.


Le via, than.

When you think that the Christians after the lamb story, invented a devil to be a goat, to the roast embelly(sh)?
Embalms of avilissement, abasement.

Abject, object.

Cure, cruel?


Bratty, rating

But then I met her, and the more I was looking at her, the more was I falling into the ground.
Not a love at first sight per se, because I was happy by then, feeling like traveling the word, land, skies and waters without a tear for not having married any females. But my sight and ears hers became.

a mal game.
Mal = evil in French,                                  lam.            Lame, lamb. ?? so pitiful language soe (so, some, sow, woe, somet, summit, submit, sonnet, summer, comet, sunny, suny, ) sometimes.

Social rights such as the right to work at a decent work, with decent aims, in a decent way and for a decent wages…
made dependent, at the service, of economic perceived or avowed performances.


To say that some rights cannot be reached rights, right now…
C.ET:         this kind of discourse would make people think, or participate in making people think that for example ‘right to a fair trial’ actually is in existence, and is fully completed. Con complete.

Hr only


Research is just this                            search and re-search.

When I comtemp; late the samples or parts of my best works or best of works I have ever done. I think of the cosmos. And more and more, or in fact since I start growing old, no more older, that I consider them not as my writing, as my jewels, but as let’s say, to give an example of what I se sherished- flowers.
But of cous course not as my flowers, but as flowers, a flower, when thinking to one piece, that I lost the sight of, that is somewhere, I just don’t know where, now, it floats.

Kto dring k a hot coffee, to finish one’s plate, to listen to one program, as many as rituals we have to time. Our time line, we way one can flirt with the allotted time. Flows amongs flows, drops in a sea, inside.
Seas, size.

Er, we, human being as what we create….
:              we, assumptions,                     or we as the telos or telescope, or scope, or cop, or cup of the instincts, etc,                        we, us as an anneau, angle, a net, magnet, agent,           agneau.

Anneau, rign, ring,
Ring annual,             like the circle of the planet,               the planet.

I was thinking, whatever happens makes sure you do not suffer. One needs to be free, but one also might need to have someone, like a family. And then one needs to free absolutely.
Sometimes life is painful, and we cannot do, or cannot do very well, or sometimes cannot do at all irremediably without a should, soul, a company. A sister along or at least a hand in arms, hair …
just a thought, it s hard all that. without hard feelings. i hope the best come, during spring n for the time being. 

Thrift, rift,

Thunder, hunger, under.
Above, hinder.
Hunter, hander.

If I could not keep the paer, and I had nothing to do, I think I may try to draw, (being under zero at it) instead of writing. To understand volume and my little ability at comprehending. Maybe sketches of thoughts and train of intelligence, slim, slight of understanding.
Light. As in painting.

Interdependence of human rights,                       environment to fulfil human rights rights and duties to ensure their own living does not affect other species, and species diversities.  A duty on life and genetics.

It is your mind, and there you are right. But is it?

i am so sorry. i ll explain why it happened to me so many time. i have got something wrong with my software. mycrosoft do not save my document under the same name, it opened named document without their name but with random numbers or on read only mode and make impossible or very difficult for me to go on on the same docs. i have to create additional files or they do not replace the old by the new..... and on top of the mess i creates i am not always aware of that.
Or I stop being aware, because the modifications won’t record until I restart my computer, which I cannot do often before losing my day. My days.

Restart, se roe’s resort,      resat.       Sore.
Why Microsoft is more than a pain in the ass. Philanthropic, but software the slaves.

I do not even have a complete guide with my Microsoft software, that is butchery, we should get rid of this mate.

The planet as a world you do not respect, don’t try to look further.
Fur                ther.

Seeing a rising or setting sun, I wonder, at the time where people could see in the distance, whether the myth of underground would not come from there.
The sun, disappearing, under the earth, coming down to, going into, under, hell, the sun inside then.

The setting sun, I think I remember a phrase that I heard in the past, swallow by the earth.

Del,               deal                                                               led.                    Le;,            elp,         lep.

To feed the god, like one would like the image of feeding themselves, the food providers, rewarding and rewarded. Or rewarded only? I mean politically speaking.

In a way the taboo on spirit and the taboo on our animal, instincit, mind create a living, a toleration for drugs actually. If it was let alone by social killing rules of humanity. Following rules that kill nature, nature in general, and our nature inward, inert, in the first place.

Plea, plight.

Thoth, Egyptian god of magic.

Thought so.

In carnated,

The god is nature.
And beyond us more than supernatural, but le’t s not attempt to describe what could not open doors to us, as we are a looting sale espece. Loose, lose of space.


A spirit of our psyche in          Egyptian antiquity  called       ‘ach’,         pronounced, pounced, trounced ‘art’.

Psyche, scythe, space,               spice,        ice,          speech.

To long before messaging.
Too long before messaging.

Maat, Egyptian goddess of truth and justice.
Mat, where our feet lie.
Tam, theme, aim, ami, ami, mire, aimer. = love.

Tram, tra-vail.
Avail, vail, available work, the one of eternity and boundless seeking.

Si, see,
Nis,                   nids,                           -=        nest in France,               or denyal.

Specs,            space.

I managed it because i was in honk kong to obtain a visa. i think it is a problem for me because i work in mainland china. Censorship sensitivity. Perhaps. 
Thanks for asking i might have had problems if not. 
Still i found amusing that censorship in china would correspond with a reading list a bit remote from the core of the course, but i cannot find a reason why the reading list would be in itself a sensible subject, unless it is in phase with the almost faint and evasive fashion of all universities when it comes to describe their curriculum??

Still till.

2015_01_07_Nik_Wachsmann: After liberation – legacies of the nazi concentration camps.

C.ET: Above a lecture on how Nazi trials ended being lenient specially on those managering, the higher ‘dignitaries’ of the camps.
And on how germans told that camps where places run by the extremists of the ‘party’.

2015_01_07_Nik_Wachsmann: After liberation – legacies of the nazi concentration camps.

C: Above a lecture on how Nazi trials and on how gypsies and homosexuals were denied the right to testimonies.
After liberation – legacies of the nazi concentration camps.

'Citizen' is a combination of cite (city) and sein (to be).
Sein (to be).

Like an open triangle, or waiting to its second, its being seconded, for its based to be double.

How states, and ‘other companies’, might at will, remove people or subjects being searched. That is if someone is published that you don’t want other people to read, you can pay someone to put the targeted material down the list of google or other search engines.
You can obviously, like previously recorded on this blog, pay to make the headlines or to be up lists.
You do not need to be China or Iran to be best at censorship,


How Israel manage to rally vote related to Palestine by a notifications network.
Voting power for whom are connected to a group.
The guerrillas to the poles.

Bury, buy.

Human as organisation, human as organic.

How to wrap an object one buries

Zero, hero.

Jesus,                 sus,           ej,                      edge,                  ej,         ai-je.
Neigh, neige,

Sus =                 under,                 
Sous, sur.
Coin,       sure,
Su = savoir,

Jesus,           the age of the knowledge.
Sus,        ej, adge,           

Humans extoll human rights because they are off duties. And because they in fact fear so much for their lives, not even comfort, because once you have lost comfort, then your life is threatened (maybe also threatening, the image of the right kingdom). Human life others’ life descry, destroy.




You know on youtube you have got the hottest as higher monopoly on ‘science, religion, magic’ appellation. Pte le me. Ptolemy             point, pointe, l aimer.
Bien joue. A star game.

Este = to be.

A world growing upon ) inter-subjectivity, that is a shared believe, will be, and become elevating, the day it will be shared, and drawn from animal and all what comes from the world. Alike.
The day.

Theo, rising.

Teo, t’es haut, you’re high.
 terre,  eh oh.
Ethos. Terror.

Id, idem.


Le via, than.

When you think that the Christians after the lamb story, invented a devil to be a goat, to the roast embelly(sh)?
Embalms of avilissement, abasement.

Abject, object.

Cure, cruel?


Bratty, rating

But then I met her, and the more I was looking at her, the more was I falling into the ground.
Not a love at first sight per se, because I was happy by then, feeling like traveling the word, land, skies and waters without a tear for not having married any females. But my sight and ears hers became.

Witchcraft dealing with death,     and condiments.

PROF RAIA De Courtney says: objectivism, just the description of what the objects, or so are the called, impress on us, subjects.
We do not experience the objects, but only the impression, feelings, sensations

C.ET: They have left on ourselves or at least the ones we are aware of, or ready to explore, or acknowledge a little more. 

And she also manages, to explain something about perception differences are not only psychological, but physical. Interval of time and space differently (length and depth variety, flexibility) lived physically by the same subject.

Kab,                           ala.
Kaba, bak, bach, bake.

K       Ab 
A  r   ab.
Are,   ab
Ba =            Egyptian spirit when dead.

jewel (ˈdʒuːəl)
[1250–1300; Middle English jouel, juel < Anglo-French jeul, Old French jouel, joel < Vulgar Latin *jocāle plaything, n. use of neuter of *jocālis(adj.) of play = Latin joc(us) joke + -ālis -al1]



C.ET:                  In fact, most of from personal account videos are blocked in china, the all YouTube, and anything with the title blog on it.

Don't forget to tell her everything you know. she will need her parents more than ever. Sometimes parents may forget their friends and other members of the family do not get involve as a mother or a father do or has to do. to transmit everything that one's got. 

In China, cannot open almost any files with videos, or any content considered subversive or expressing personal, more local view, not static and official organisation on it.
It is not only, but dailymotion, youtube….it is the inferno obtaining civil society documents here. Actually any, even lessons topics, teaching templates, lectures, and not one blog.

Sexual exploitation others.

Trafficking is very lucrative, it brought lots of money and the authorities do not fight it with high punishment, or it is left unpunished in fact, even in Europe.
As for the benefit there is none. it is only human degradation. A vicious circle that takes human being for food. It is depravation and predation. No a predation as a fight to save life but as the most coward and degenerated ways of living while not being aware of how much oneself is rotting.
People profiteering from this and we all are, but the direct victims, as if we are indirect victims we still have the power to rising, are logically their end and degradation awaiting.

But I think that who benefit from it is a, even the central question. That has to be translated into action. Given that law punish, prevent, redeem. Or ain’t law.

Prefer, per fect, fact, face, fake, defect,      PROOF,


Geg,              gag.


It is on the way, but it will be so every day for everything. So i try to get used to it, and hopefully beat it. Thank you for the recommendations. 

Eleves,   = students, pupils

Elever = rise, or raise.


Ah, no sorry, i checked yesterday in fact it is anglo-saxon, but i still think it could have latin origin. You see prout as route like in English means path. and it sounds like ‘preux’ which means courageous, righteous let's say a mix of pride like the signification of your name which is near enough of prey, or bird of prey. that is my extension, but language builds this way, in producing sounds close to the one of the same family even though they may clash...
i also thought they could sound like 'prew' as it is the french pronunciation for prout as a surname. the proue means prow, or the bow of a boat, from the poop to the prow, similar pronunciation again as proie, a prey. Roi interestingly meaning a king. and preux the nearest adjective to valiant, gallant. gall. 
Gales, gallow in france meaning Wales. 
But also meaning gaulois. gaules. gallow in gallo-romain.
And you’ ve got marcel proux, famous french writer.
in fact it really get funny in French since ‘preux’ that means brave is the contrary of peureux, which means afraid, and not very fare or far from heureux which means happy. 
Do not worry about this it is but fanciful writing, it is one of my occupations sometimes to interrogate sounds and the way they have been played. 



a. Earlier; before; prior to: prehistoric.

C.ET:      same pronunciation as                           prey, pre = field, file                      pres= near.


 (pluː) , plu or plue
1. (Textiles) (formerly in Canada) a beaver skin used as a standard unit of value in the fur trade
[from Canadian French pelu (adj) hairy, from French poilu, from poil hair, from Latin pilus]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003


plume = feather,             plu = verbe for pluie.       = rain.


The poisonous effect of alcohol on the ego.
Jetter = throwing,

Magical Egypt, Chronicles from Eternity | Full Documentaries - Planet Doc Full Documentaries

Classroom  management.

In China, cannot open almost any files with videos, or any content considered subversive or expressing personal, more local view, not static and official organisation on it.
It is not only, but dailymotion, youtube….it is the inferno obtaining civil society documents here. Actually any, even lessons topics, teaching templates, lectures, and not one blog.

Marcel Proust.
French novelist, author of À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time).
 His earliest love affairs, which had been heterosexual, changed later into homosexual affairs.
and the next parts made him internationally famous. The massive work occupied the last decade of his life.

King Richard the Lionheart
King Richard the LionheartAKA Richard Plantagenet.
Richard lyon heart. Heat.
just a bit of french history.
Richard Coeur de lion.                        Rich,    cir,    sir,         cir valid pronunciation cour, no, Coeur.
Rich,       choir,            rick,          cir, cus?       Curse?                           Rich.

At the contrary Jean sans terre, known                John Lackland, the lack of land of course.
Mother elianor,                helen, hell,             alienate.

Resume, exhume. Those content is contemptible, tempt, temple, comptable.

 Choeur. Church like song and nave.

Monism or dualism?
Publicity, duplicity.

It is when I imagine god, destiny, life, to ‘give’ me the one who I cherish all this way, that I want to knee, at the canto, aca, cat-oh, so Egyptian in every way, a catholic or muslim way, whatever gesture that shows that all my prayers would not suffice for the time to retain my gratitude of having been made half or tiers, of a woman who I love you says, sies,
Si est, s’il est.
The one who shows me that death is not possible since there is something stronger than life without you. It is the will that will never fade or evade. As my prayers cry with our without you, or the shadow of what love taught me by megarde.
Dieu me garde, grade, read, rade,

Dare, dar, radar.

And when I think of you, coming back, I know I cannot thank enough what life told me there is or there might.
Also there, their might.
I did not do enough, not for you, as you are my only, but to thank life to have shown you thee.

AND at the thought of losing you, the only strength is for crying or to stop living, or to love this life, to love it to find you everywhere so profoundly that at my first sight of you, in the back, at the dark, I will be dying. Free from my body, unable to follow the breath, the depth or a soul that light mine, even in hell, as I still in hell could try, to make us two, to make us a unit. Even if it is not you, I think that, I can feel that one as my half there is. Ere et-ic.
Sym, mis-s.


Catharism, catharsis,


n. pl. ca·thar·ses (-sēz)
1. Medicine Purgation, especially for the digestive system.
2. A purifying or figurative cleansing of the emotions, especially pity and fear, described by Aristotle as an effect of tragic drama on itsaudience.
3. A release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience, that restores or refreshes the spirit.
4. Psychology
a. A technique used to relieve tension and anxiety by bringing repressed feelings and fears to consciousness.
b. The therapeutic result of this process; abreaction.

[New Latin, from Greek katharsis, from kathairein, to purge, from katharos, pure

C.ET: to reintroduce a bit of other psychology in these social services system whose vice is to shut up everybody. Guided by laziness, conformity, nothingdoness, uniformisation, pettiness, and then everything that goes for money.
That shuts, in place of shooting, everybody.
In place.

Concrete? The enemy of practical.

am owrried.
Worried.        Owned, owl, rid or hid.

Don't think you can summarize human rights with recommendations and even conventions- even though there have been many. human rights historically is the fruit of much debates, from where it starts, humanity. Let us not be trifle or too anectodical. 


You said that ‘the supposedly inalienable rights are proved to be unenforceable’.
It is why rights are qualified as being for example inalienable. It is because they are not ‘unenforceable’, they are unenforced.
Whence of their nature to be betrayed by a dysfunctional human society. It means that we know they can be implemented, that they can be put into force, and if justly exponentially, (but would one be able to maintain and repair more and more of the intensity, frequency, and extend at all times? – could, would the machine explode or implode??)
So why are they staying unenforced? The fault of the perpetrators, of the commentators, the fault of the victims? A lack of will? A gap between concrete and abstract? Between matters, essence and mind or resources, mineral, artistic, religious, cultural, or mystere?


Approach, arch.

Ap, pre,
Roach, rock,


Naturalism (philosophy)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the term that is used in philosophy. For other uses, see Naturalism (disambiguation).
Part of a series on
"αθεοι" (atheoi), Greek for "those without god", as it appears in the Epistle to the Ephesians on the third-century papyrus known as "Papyrus 46"
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·        Irreligion by country
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In philosophy, naturalism is the "idea or belief that only natural (as opposed to supernatural or spiritual) laws and forces operate in the world."[1] Adherents of naturalism (i.e., naturalists) assert that natural laws are the rules that govern the structure and behavior of the natural universe, that the changing universe at every stage is a product of these laws.[2]

C.ET: perhaps interesting to know here that naturalism, or maybe natural laws for some, might be the opposite or rather the opponent of supernatural, or spiritual.


Some philosophers equate naturalism with materialism. 

I was wondering why they insist on natural law so much. It is not about the laws of nature, or the bow and respect due to environment or cosmic consideration. It is down, put down to materialistic intendment, the survival of the fittest and its social sciences application mockery.
And of course the exploitation of all what is not talking back at you in a what you will be able to hear and willing to acknowledge English, Arabic, French, Greek, Chinese or Hebrew.

 Poor birdies.


C.ET:            describe the study of a phenomenon rather that the values the observa      will be deriving out of it.
Two different activities.       Why not separate them??

C.ET:        turner in this text I think outlines how sociology distances itself from the dynamic of rights, which is activism and taking position. Rights as what they ought to be and what they are, just like humans and institutions, in an inherent position of frailty and precariousness if left violated or left be taken as a tools helping violations.


Des- cribbing

Deck, dick.

Against     t again

Discipline, sip, sick, sync, sink in.
Since, ink, inspire, ex.

Apre, approach, apprehend.
Apre, apres. Sharp. After (what)?

Identic, identify as inventive but as identic. 

Radical, read.

Again turner describe weber’s conception has being biaised. Of course socially human being are something else that competing for monopoly. The problem is that in all objectivity, it is not being radical or extremist, to say that even though human beings are interested in justice, redistribution, arts, sustainability, and everything else,                 the unreffutable global, comprehensive, results, amount of what humans have done has been to deteriorate their environment, to create a machinery of produced and having to be consumed needs (a capitalist mechanism where one has to be customers of not renewable products to be employed.


Identic, identify as inventive but as identic. 

Fatal futile.

Bow harder.
Or der,            dernier, = last.
Denier = money, cash..

Cash, ash.

A noter,


C:   Marx, underlying that rights might be a smoke screen for people to go on with a economic system that deprive them. That rights are in fact a security for the priviledges as they stop exploited people from starting revolts or revolutions.
In addition, not in view in Turner’s text is the fact that rights might in fact be at the already exploitative person advantages. An equality of rights will for example reinforce the gaps between people. It will apply more and more structure to the unbalance of society. And in fact here the word rights is thought by marx like traditionally the word law is. A body of law that can in turn be source of justice or source of injustice.

La détente, = release, relax or trigger.
Relaxer = in France to release out of custody,       or in fact            (law) to discharge

, not the detonator.
But ‘detenteur’ in french means                              to own. The owner, or at least the one having in detention.

C.ET:  For example, interestingly, T in order to dismiss the principle of universality cites ‘cultural relativism’ very well known by the anthropologists, which in my own opinion is in fact a policy of non-intervention. For example, a sociologist will not try to stop a female mutilation ceremony on the ground that it is in someone else’s culture to do this. For one it cannot work practically, as it could suggest that it is in my culture to kill or harm anybody. In fact, this principle of exceptionalism has been used so successfully in religions and others giving the members carte blanche of all vices from pedophilia to extortion- it is really amazing what can been done under the pretense of being a community. Secondly, this principle of cultural relativism has been successfully invalidated by basic philosophical mechanism. ‘Everything is relative and the claim that everything is relative is relative itself in turn’.