Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DELIVERANCE: I February both birthday

February both birthday

Both, booth.

D’elle ivre rance
D’elle live, ere hence.
Era. Hera.

I need to walk.
she is a super tutor and a good prof, that will.
In my case only god can help.
I go round and round and I don't know.  
went to zucchini?
or it is just to send me to my lectern?
stump - a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

Yes, with the horse, looked lie like they both needed a cuddle.
but yet you will find 80 per cent of their and ADN in beef stew. dud,  not that astute human being.
 ADN and.
she is a very good lyrist.

the videos are rude sometimes, her lyrics are poetic, sensual, melancholic and melodic, parfait sometie, somatise, sometimes sexual.

Also, even if sounds a bit passé. It is why it is so important to have one’s mum cries for our file, life, past and present, as to look into the future it is preferable that love did not mark by its absence.
The filth of this existence without the feeling of unconditional love in constancy. Unconditional don’t mean nuisance.
Both, the mother and the baby, both separated.
Sept, scepter, setter, A rated

Unconditional love, like the one to one’s mother or the one to one’s lover, even the lover that we lost, grieve, or long for,
To love someone is so existential, that it is preferable not to be with them if they don’t suit, or if we don’t fit- as the last sentence is sometimes easier to understand when we love them to the last degree. As love is not a question of degree but of absolute on and on eternity.
And when we’ve got the impression of the eternal, it was the souls then, that were proving their irreducibility.
As the pursuit of somebody sould, believing that they belong to one’s, in the past, the future, and search in vain or in gain its presentability: the ‘Ecclesiast’ would say that it is simply ‘vanity and seeking, erring for vanity’.
Love is a gift, not an abondon, a construction not a destruction (of the other, in asking something else, of oneself in punishing or forgetting one’s eligibility)- though the soul like err and going in corners where no echo but the one of death and misery makes resonate our unity. And how to die, and to erase, to vanish, to live with or without, to ordinate, re or donate one’s priority. Prior? Was e destiny.  disturb, but the power of love should not be gone with the one that decides to distantly stay. We are deists, and may think that she is gone just to strengthen our research capacity. To toughen our life prospects, as nothing else than the search of absolute in being sole, and love raising from stone, a bird flight, or the smile of a child whom maybe since that now we are alone, time won’t forlorn us for having forgot the disinherited. Since she is the woman for whom one feels, one has been able to feel the need for due protection and paternity. Since we cannot live without it, and since she is gone, the feeling is transferable, and this absolute of us being in search, re-conduct and construct our appreciation of infinity.

And our fear of finitude that may draw us to solitudes, or jealousy as destruction, an habitude.

Pater, re-tap.

Son, sound.

Sun needs light to answer its galaxy like hung, hungriness.

And why without a mother, standing for unremitting love, one can go rapidly insane. And swallowed by the absolute, though we have to admit that this is not a bad life or death, all the same.

Love loes loss or impression of loss, and delirium.
Love search and ... wpr, worse, but cannot be avoidd.

Ando android.

Perhaps are art here also to convey, dpn’ die son, you were not the only one chasing eternity. Calm down and take here with the wife that welcome you, mentally, psychologically, physically, daily , stop waiting for death to take you.

And in devotion ,imtemporality.

Artist, are cease.
Caress Cesar.

 Love wiht marriage and family is associated, a life do long commitment. What when it goes away?
Enchantment would become sorcellery?

Seal, sell.


On losing one’s girl friend,
That has to be a good news, as what is good to follow someone out of love when they know for you that they ain’t your natural?
It is absolutely time on consuming in vain, to pursue someone with other aspirations, and with those they don’t want to meet you half way, for symbiosis not for delay or belie or belay.

e, like a foetus.

Prostitution cannot last a tiny bit, as social stabilizer, as sexual relationship of this type, are not exiting.
Don’t provide what is to make love and its reconstruction effect. Approval, improving, to give and be given.
And for the prostitute acting like the boss, they would not go with simple money against sex, as sex is a free will in society were people are kind and free, and homos. It is difficult but any one can find sex from marriage diamonds to a night as another one could not fake the lack of affection easy.
As to make love is a gesture of cuddlery, if one does not like the person tenderly...
So for obtaining a kick out of someone who asks you money. . . ?
To make love abandon or trust and envy is necessary.
And it would become violent if the money could dictate this, as acting is not to betray the body. Ailment.

il neige, il neige.
Enige, enigme.

i hope the crane walk will be all white.

Dear           , don't worry. I did not think you were rude. You are passionate about things and you feel strongly. The art of true dialogue is not easy. My tutor
Thank you my tutor.

Doce, duce.

i just wrote that and read your answer. thank you. i need to speak anyhow, and be challenged, in the right spirit, and if in the wrong....

I did not want anything but expose my thesis in the corridor. I mean it was not  recommendable or insane, in my view.
I am not saying that it is a conspiracy, I am saying that Hitler, to come back to democracy, has been ‘elected by the republic of Weimar’ and that if one cannot say without being countered that ‘marrying a 9 year old when one is 55’ is not paedophilia, one has to say that it is in fact more than it.

Do we have a world for the little girl sold and worse than sold by her parents, in sexual and domestic slavery? Could we go on talking about marriage and that conditions?? Without being the accomplices.
I tried words like ‘horrendous is a sweet word’, ‘beyond gross violations’, and in fact it is in saying for the thousands times, i haven’t got a word for that, to you this time, thank you for the discussion i know it was not on your tutoring time- i think i ve got one of them and it is ‘extermination’. Once, c-on, one of them to describe.
To force people, babies to live in these conditions, is just equated to their death, or life by torture- why life? To serve the predation? Can’t work- and by expansion to the species extermination.
It is why it is universal. The torture ban, to suppress others’ people liberty, by torture replaced. Not that it is respected, but no one would in that circumstances, be.
It is why this universal ban, practical interdiction on paedophilia- and that should be applied to anyone- as the torture or the exploitation of one is the marked  evil of the whole.
Do we have a word for society, or for people like us, letting its youngster violated? Just like this.
I am talking about the youngster, as there is no choice here, they are the ones in position of vulnerability. Of total vulnerability. With no choices for them to say, i ll have to be courageous, renounced to my security, renounced to my payday.
Hopefully, someone more acknowledged, physically strong, experimented, skilled, that has in his memory someone good for him and others...(and hopefully, not having been put in total state of dependence or scared and disabled so much, that the only strength left is not for the escape but for the breathing taken that will or shall lead to the next) have more possibility of asking for help or protection.
Why do you think it is telling about protection provided, if one leaves little girls bear the veil, and go to islamic school that say, follow his prophet, nearly as much as follow his god – and they are saying they are religions, if anyone would ask for proof the life of the prophet counts as underlying and riveting process-, and that this prophet (in the hadith, the very official book of mohammed life) actually locked into the auxiliary) socially?? Approved household the little girl, to be used as a pantomime. Pantomime, yes, as what also it would say about the relation of married people, not a position of equal power, not one of exchange- i think i will try to exemplify that another day-
Exemplify, comes from amplify. There is nothing that would do the trick though, what is more than this, treatments permitted by the around, and in the case of today, all around society. You know in french society count as a synonym for company.
sexually or mentally-, or he just behaves like a pimp or an incestuous father would do, or a boss looking for sex in his employee would do alternating physical proximity with threats, expecting that everything is done for him, malevolent things as well,

I don’t apologise naturally. I think that you know that it was no at all mean or ungrateful the way i express it. In fact i was not careful but a act of care for me. 
I am working days and nights at the moment, and Friday i was, not knowing it, before analysing it, exhausted really. I work with a patient with dementia, there is no much boundaries left for him –sexually, physically or mentally- he might be violent, so you know the psychological defence one gathers are in tune with the situations they have to manage. I am very happy though because at least it is not me managed by someone having all power since allowed and supported in his will for exploiting and beating up others, as in my support worker job i have the right, my boss conserved me with the right to stop being abused- to work around him not to ask for innapropriation and to obtain, not what i found in any support worker work though just to tell you.

I don’t apologyse today with my heart but with fear, that if my stance is not understood, the department could well start threatening me with my diploma because i exposed in a sentence my counter argument, no, the disclosure of additional information or observation or conclusion, in their corridor.
I talk to you like that because i trust you understood it was not disrespectuous, and also there is subject involving more than the value of our power over discursive. Well, all, as long as they are worth. Ok, let me interrupt myself, and say that if there is lame and gap in my way of explaining, this would deserve much more than explanations.

Of this discussion i d like to say that it is true that rights are invaluable and therefore don’t have ranks. There is no injustice that should be left undealt, as they would be ground for the theatralicality of a storage and a growing amount of rapt and rapes, but there is a logics and this time mathematical, logical, ethical, qualitative like quantitative, vulnerable people, the childen, and also because they are the perpetrators of tomorrow, are the emergency, as in the case of little girl married, it is because of, all her rights, every single of her rights are violated, and in case of life long violation, in fact they are killed.
 They are killed, much so, and in fact, they are killed, they are killed, everyday, with our knowing, more than knowing, with us being empowered by god, to go and fetch the proof as they are just beneath our noise, and nose, because in fat there is no proof no more, there is just us the accomplice, not the witnesses, the by slanders, the diplomatic, the consensual, but the abbetors, the first degree  of it all. Check, “mohammed, aisha, age”, google it, you will have thousands of writing about it. At least to prove i read it i would not have to buy millions of books for people to keep.
I read it and i know that we leave this kind of ‘religious’ education happening.
And also they are still, because hopefully, if i am a mature women and if someone starts abusing me, and if i still have a physical, geographical liberty, at one point i will be understanding that peopel are not dumb or disable, but just want to violate me, and i would go. Whaht is the case of a child brought up on the baissis on the regime o f not knowing love, liberty, education, symbioses, help, self help, well being, choice as what activity to do, not harming anyonelse – as pedophilia is the result of corruption at each level of society- there is nothing else than life as more devilish than hell, because at leas t in hell it is represented with torture by something else than your own parents or species.

i really apologise, if i would threatened my own sincerity with people believing genuinely that i want is violences and not seeking reparations for what is not outrages, as they are ignored and let like if they were nothing, but the result of this globality.
As for my last pamphlets, these people are overtly more than pedo, but we know that they are put in a atmosphere of being invaded, paied nothing for hours of working, for another states that are in their culture to waste products and resources, an alimented, animated natural. That looses their population over wars, and have to bring someone up to hope being protected.
There is pedophilia and there is infanticides, and it is the western countries and liberal democracies the direct actor of the last one.

I did not mean to be rude today. it is just there are subjects about which one cannot be passionate. when it is no more a question of choice but integrity. as generation and their indivisibility.

So it is why i said, i so much heard that my job, is a menial one, that academic have little job as well, because they don’t put themselves in charge of reforming mainstream schools just not acknowledging that children within families are by nature the possible prey; moreover by people producing them just to obtain this effect.
I am not emiling you today, as it could well be the subject of your new complaint.
And also as it would put myself in kind of un delectable habits, me i am working on fucking fairy Sundays.

thank you for your kind answer, I need to be reassured.
complained about participation to the larger debate within the lecture room, caused me to wonder how people will allow me to think and react.
I had been noisy it is true, but one should accept to be hinted as long as they are listened to. and I don't think that at Roehampton there is much of that, or at the lecturer discretion, but this is not enough. not near to it, but nearer to dogmatism, and time allowed to lecture room and its debate cut back.
dangerous prophecy, dangerous profession.

Tok speed in order not to say, i did not stop this abuse, as i was too busy, to speak and judge me and myself as self heroic.
Or we speed process as far as creating havoc of the results of us being relentless and for speed work like porks.
As pork.
Of sort.

Breath, t breading.
Breast. Haste.

To reincarnate into a caterpillar, all round and comfy, elastic, caoutchou, then in a flyer, a butterfly to be so light, but so heavy’ how pein painful to stir this big par pair of wings, and wingery.
Do we know that?

To have been set up as being thieves, by thieves, who wanted us outclassed, like outcast.
And having for e remains or practically, the pride to dome become expert at stealing, since no one would allow us a living of a life, not with dignity, but a life in which living did not rhym with deal decay.

Book, hook

Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo        obbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

.Also if you spot abuses, don’t report it because who is gonna give you or not access to another jobs afterwards, you former boss. it is what they say or make clear by punishment like that.
The system of reference! A lock-up system.

but what counts, that it is still, is this person locked up by the council for being autistic and not being able but to shot to describe his horrors at things.

Religions, philosophy, technics, and all other system of thoughts and actions as the repository of human evolution. Not that evolution means the most that one has done, but the results, seen or unseen, of this melt-pot.

it is ok, I think it is a sexy look, one has to look after themselves, and there are books involved in the storey. not nice what you got. I was prospecting on my own suffering yesterday, I suspect at last the rage of arthritis precisely premature, I was expecting all the way. and they had been listed as worst 10 pains with your stone kidney.

peaceful or passive aggressivity?
passive till the toll and proportion, progression, initiative and initiations, depletion will permit.
static, or statistic as peace for all matters of opinions. opine.

In a world where everything is justified and deemed as inner agreed, the fruit of consensus, that would make contractual offense to equal treatment and right to harmless liberty. In a world so potent, having fabricated lethal and all destructive weapons, where the countryside has been looted and loathed and the cities, the decision centres of those squads that brings the resources of the nature to depletion and dying through the ruins of all environments and conditions.
In a world where democracies seems to be the justification for human activities, thoughts and dispossession, as it has historically taken in its aims and meaning to serve the people, and by this very purpose, would serve human rights ultimately. Just like all other concepts as soon as serve is the nerve of true and shared loyalty. Loyalty to a concept that is loved, beloved unconditionally if aims and ends are to be humane and beyond genuinely.

sorry about asking things that ain't suitable. wasting your time having to answer, when I get stressed I revert all juvenile. I wanted to say initialy this afternoon, but I know is no good.

don't take any time, please on the writing it is too drafty.
please don't take time looking at it closely, I need to re read it, did not do reference it... I know that.
don't take time reviewing the expression, I have to do it my self first.
I d rather a review on meaning, information, data and first of all construction, and logics, coherence, gap in knowledge, bias, balanced overview...

I ll try and email you with a beginning of a literature review tonight certainly late.

Clan, lane, colon,


the snow, now.

u would not be up to see what it does when it has melted along the way, rivers, lanes and other calamity.
S,o.s, as pompous as poem Pompeii.
Propel popes.

 i acknowledge that you won't answer me before midnight anyway.

i need to walk before my week at work, but i don't want to walk alone.

To experiment life through sensation, while intelligence needs this transformation, this vacuum, taking place for reason. It is a moment where it is astray reasoning.
A restructuration, not dumb, but just like to other species pertaining, the moment of further evolution, is not the moment where one can provide explanation in addition.
Dum, dim, drum.

pop, oope, pope, have resigned, would not be seeing a woman, siege, fit, feet, l'oral, L'Oreal.

cull nimbus, or halo.

I guess he will be ok, he is actually into a hour, their ritual loud about things lengthy discussion usually towards the evenings. sounds interesting.

Tra, treasure.
Tre = tres = trait = feature.
Tres = bery very.
Trso tresor, very gold.
Sore, soar.

Tram, travail.

The asking for transparency problem is what if something goes transparent and the other obstructed or inactive, uncooperative, intra murros, hidden, or unknow, or busy at pledging your exit.
Or what if they want the worse to be in the lair, cleared?

yet another quasi sleepless night
 my final personal opinion is that one could need an increase. I think that jim is calmer right now because of the rhythm he is one. keeps on tidying or wanting to go out, but today was severely limping from the second walk. sometime something is gonna crack. are you sure I could not be in the doc office for a brief moment if she has precise questions to ask.

Before you talk to me about it over, the woman in the cartoon have this feature that would make me feel and fell in love automatically with a loe lover.
Loup = wolfe.


Today he started to want to beat me because I insisted he went on to his bed to sleep and not stay hours on his armchair.

I meantn ot he is one, but he is on.

 it was in order to warn you earlier and avoid discussing in his presence. but actually I think it is good he is aware we are discussing his behaviour, the risks they entail for the others and for him. if we were to listen         and follow, his own health or self would suffer. he is not expecting things possible or healthy, or moral = unhealthy for others.

subject:"can we make the cake together?"

writers like kant, and all others, just speaking about threw old world that they knew or try to, in term of their own civility, civilization, collectivities, the money they were depending on.
Secularizing their writing, or religious writing dealing with the ordinary of our conditions and the unknown of being beyond one’s civilization.
All prophet (prof, tate), all prophetisaition, if not of god, or else, of human conditions.

threw old
the world .
old lord

your behaviour is not toxic. let's me hope it is solely inconclusive.
happy u did not break the chain of command. bad luck you need a third person to check on what the second is paid checking the first buddy. I guess is to avoid corruption. it can't be the deed of one person only.
check these bastards sherry.
even though you do extra hours already?!

no, no, it was good to walk any way. I mean since I could not alone stay.
yesterday I saw the moon like if she was triple or in another 3D. even square in its angle. it was something I always watch the moon. I watched it hundreds, thousands of time. never have this effect. it was expressing something imposing to me. imposing and curdly. sexy as her habit will have it.   
cradle. curl. cull.

 whatever the final findings will be, I am happy to have, to live it.
This is it.

She stopped being a funny one’ as at the place she was she was treated, if not akin taken, as an idiot.
Not at home.

The man facing its solid solitude as age an maturity reveal the complexity of things, and things the undiverted universal alterity of time and progress. Things are souls, not noting, admonishing, diminishing that, make human a virus to humanity. Humanity a face, not The.
To be enlight by other human faces, differ from being enlight by other species faces, as our faces tend to go n on and mimic us similarities. Render us faces the sam e tone.
Whild whild while if enlight, enlive by other species one’s face is the stat stage of others rumming rumminage, acts, acts of survival and contextual progression and the time species devotes, species and groups of them, etnies, gam, family , communities, household,… devot e time at what kind of systems. And the thoughtan and realities animated y by them.
  And the thought an and realities animated y by them.

don't be grateful, it is because you are that I do this with so much pleasure but anyhow they are own.

Noy noy yo not to be ashamed of one’s vagina, but ashamed of oneself.
To encounter one’s nature and limitation of one’s nature when making love with a dearest.
To encounter the detestation of the body of others when thinking to be in relation with other not by will and envy but by coercion or conjunctures.


What’s the use of this standard to all enterprises, telling you that your call has been monitored if the service and quality and results of your call to solve your fucking crippling problem has not been solved.

You could take tomorrow afternoon, and we could have a walk somewhere after you are done. Or we could do it without you taking your day off, and walk up to the park near the horse, that kind of stranding. And talk as much as you want, we need it also maybe. Me am good, I feel really, genuinely good anyway we always talk.

Missing sex, as the warning from the body, need for physical exchange, make usre sure that we go out a little while looking for us mates, or for the half that makes dreams and reality sweetners or sweeteining e reality by the revelation and relation with love, an actuality.

Rew. Reve. = dream, oneiric in french
Honey, honor. Own or.
Apple , emblem of eggs, the fruit that can be kept over seasons.

If you are a democracy, you are not to be pointed out as a rogue or vagrant, you are a legitimate agent.

Democracies is the, if not unanimous, war cries, of most internal conflicts, or at least the ones that were seeking approval and legitimacy.

yes, just another blogger-them- looking at my blog, I can trace some of them. so I thought I could send. I am not sure they look really, I almost sure that not, but I get a hit.
I have this insurance site coming visiting my site each time they got a new post, it might be for commercial purpose, a way to invite, I don't know. I just thought you could be interested. any how I am lingering about the day you edit something about how they corrupt and crook.


hi, honesty hoe. hone, horn. exactly.

To avoid the dark, to avoid to see in the dark, as if we are to be seen, then, we are to, or prone to, be assassined. Or assassins.
As prey for prey one has to get rid of the one who would take it as a danger, or a danger that cannot be dealt this kindness or candour – so possible time bonb bomb, or an immediate biased bore birds prey.
So not to see to avoid, not to be seen, but to be taken as a witness or potential future prey or vulture. Pray. Pres.
Pres, = near or field in French,
Pret, borrowing. Or ready.

Corn, cro, coron,
Coron ation.

To remember not to darken everything and to always think of the human progress as being also quite miraculous, but there is a but, and a serious but by the way.
And never as miraculous as life, as it is what human intelligence investia gate. Invest and gate.

Gait just like the way one is moving and how their form – the mind- is showing.
Shadowy, your, nine, mine, theirs are the shadow of antiquity, vicinity, insanity, spirits are not in-sane?? Funny.

To stay in apnea and to feel one’s beast knotted, knocked at the door of one’s life like it will have to burst you away.
To stay in apnea

One don’t need to keep sake things, only to respect them, offer them dign life, for the sign to arra arrive and beam on tho and fro thse details that make meaning symbolical and expected. Even if inconsciently, there and here awaiting, to be used, polished and shine.


The boomerang, boom ,just like the shape of the lines of knickers, wide at the center, and finer at the end, or hips attachment.

have you asked her? I mean if she did tell you about the toilets, and the poor hand over. it is possible to ask her why these contradictions. at least I owe them that, specialising into sociolising with people is not my cuppa.
Socializing is not ssociolig, socioleague, sociolising, socio liaising.

Bough, borough, bow.
Gap gob.
Go glob up goblin.
gape  (g p, g p)
intr.v. gaped, gap·ing, gapes
1. To open the mouth wide; yawn.
2. To stare wonderingly or stupidly, often with the mouth open. See Synonyms at gaze.
3. To open wide: The curtains gaped when the wind blew.
3. Zoology The width of the space between the open jaws or mandibles of a vertebrate.
4. gapes (used with a sing. verb) A disease of birds, especially young domesticated chickens and turkeys, caused by gapeworms and resulting in obstructed breathing.
5. gapes A fit of yawning.

taking liberties. Or,
just taking liberty.

i don't feel like working
i don't feel like wording
working i don't feel like working
i don't feel like working i don't feel like working
doh, wor-king, ding.
Just in case it reignite old fair anger, don't. I tried on and on to contact them about the wild life in danger inside        itself, about their campaign and the fact they have been cutting anything a bit dense, just killing habitats by the dozens for bigger mammals, by the hundreds for smaller ones and the billions for insects...
they don't reply. they are blatant liars core crooks, doing business with lying words creating the illusion for whom haven't put one feet on this soil. it is what they are.

let's go on dong custard on the uncoated pan, the plastic whisk are not long term solidity

Call libre.

Manliness appreciated as a precursor or pre-something of the sign that one is thinking their actions according to the lady. Their voices and actions becoming ‘man’ and becoming man because of being for and towards a lady, and a dame needs- through her function not by the foot of her capacities but by the dangers she may succumb to because of the hole and wall we are all into, because of society, and its plurals, secrecy.

Ze veut.

Felon, fleur, fleurons, effort, leurer, heure.
Offer, couvre, feu, fievre, facon, faillons.

Faille, paille, saille .caille, baille. L’ail.


Etourdi, tourniquet.

Thinking to have a long prospering life, because of behaving like a parasite.

Sexual behavior the object of censorhip and control as they are a reflection of what one is ‘taking’ during its over relations. Also leading to coping or to over coping, symbol ising oppression into an act that should be liberation.
So under controlled for bad reasons, just to attack liberty. Or under scrutiny as it is a tool to normalized and intimised worsening and worst other type of relations and communications.
Ex: it is ok if my boss torture me , it is wahat we do during organsm with my lovey.

To believe in number, required observations, but also the knowledge or the quest of knowledge about number. Bar none, one ow would have to be mathematician, historian, philosopher, and all that count (to) them, too.
To find their logic, singing, echoing, significance, meaning. To believe in a scheme.
To instruct and intertwine sciences. Or pseud o ones, as till now, they would be only from personal empiricism, where datas are used according what one’s own machine, the human machine, has been willing to perceive and pursue, to arithmetise, adding, and multiply. To concede to believe in and make ins form, to shape its destiny and the information for the formation of its thoughts to operate that.

And thse deviant catho would preach marriage while the whole story of jesus Christ and his mother, is about the excellence of virginity. And the ability at reproduction without genitals implied.
Bunch of racists, debonnaire, arrieres. Just in ministery to nick the true blatant essence of biblical knowledge and wisdom in the same basket. Ill bringing shooters of dove, love and save our souls reunificated.
Pontiff. Stiff.
On and niff.

even in red quarters this is a vulgar, shamecrumbling lady.
Though this is not her area of work

Cats, tac, a tacs.

 it is manipulative. she expects people to be at her boot- and to have to sole will to lick it, they are better beatable like that.

managed to re-confirm it, I want her to stop saying that this guy that takes everyone else for its submit, everyone else but the ones he had to suck to obtain corruption and bribery, is my father. stop it.

To be happy just by making love to the soil and to pursue the land, the lane, to pursue and coil.
Coil, l oil, loi, = law.

But to see the paysage, visage, pais, pain, bread and paix, = peace, s amenuiser, as people drill out the terrain.
Then due to your knowing love through the pier and the jetee, the corner of a wall that delimite the effort you will have to produce on your bocage and not emptied but full filled field. You will have to interevene, stip stop steep action, draconin, draconian like you have been taught by the mother , la terre, the dryness or the way one is dried or regenerated, by her care, her breast, life counted. And counting.
And also to be aware, that vegan or not, one cannot stop at being proound eating potatoes, as potatoes are also child, and daughter, mother and father of us child and rest of the domains of the big and ever-increasing, on the crease, in crisis, creation.

To stop the bandits that violate mother. And to go to understand that oones is violence ot to onesehlf and dishonesty, of saying and sailing in protest of us not stopping but taping , and eat without cease, withoug ceasing, sis, and ter, terre, to regoerge and regurgitate add pain to our babe, the re-creation.

Meaning, beaning, beaming, beaing,

-        Harassment!
-        Haras.

haras (ˈaʀɑ

masculine noun
  1. stud farm

C: it’s the English average understanding, it is not me.

ARA. And just boy mimicking the pretense of being adjusted.

just to explain how it feels the lies from ones’ ‘colleagues’.

if you don't believe me; then for me the summary is simple. not that the work is excruciating, tatters, even if it dangerous. and not that I would work forever without putting wheat in my purse, even though my assailants are at the closest of the spore. spleen and space to me. off the spree, of the sprain
but I would still have worked in v . ain't. vain. . us use ousted.  just like unpaid work by your employee.
C: nice recipe that. “juice to it and maybe a little flour and light soy sauce to make it into a sauce”; problem is that you need fat, and coconut oil like palm oil might be a bit saturated? anyhow as a vegan, and any other eater, but human rights should make us vegan, and study for it. you need to eat of every single thing, and any way of preparing it. ex, milk, yogurht, fresh milk, pasteurised milk, cheese, all different types, creams, and any kind of oils….any kind of oil and natural preservation or way of preparations…as they detain or preserve different proprieties.
coconut oil and some recent studies might have shown its capacity at fighting the occurrence of Alzheimer disease- even before you have it.

Man sip.

People, armies art are trained to kill in case of necessity.
And slanders are used to censor writer that try to disclose people that kill without neescessity but their own desire to be served by l at e l slavery.
When the writer only start working to raise awareness before hopefully hit against fleau, and curse of the society, or to it, or her, when society is feminized.

you know I wanted to tell you , that between my writing, university, the apprenticeship of a new language, my professional trainings, my professional activities, and my taste for quiet time and when with time reading, I haven't time to socialize a lot if any. I personally don't care, but this explains my being beyond under average and clueless sometimes.
Socialite, and learning buddy interactivity.
each act as a signification, moreover when it is not intentional, planned, but just felt, oor lived, like you, come upon us, and strain, play, bit, by bit, bite, psyche.
It is why one cannot re-act as uniform, comform and military
As when we are killed and stray and stry astray continuoisuly.

well of what?
anyhow we only know people when plunging into the adversity. and big stresses or more, only make the soul wondering what good are we worth after all weighted.
 I hope I would react fine, even though surprise and struggles take the best or the worst of me and of this planet next to be immersed in all her predatory misery.
Miserabilism or nihilism refusal.
Refuse, and so our way to parady.

I was rereading you last note, making sure to leave a certain space of time, for it had the ability of making me all giggly through relief and completely unexpected factor of extra great relaxation.
Windfall, Work is done.

The ones, that say good and practice bad, just like pedophiles, who count on ‘spoiling anything but the child’.

So many, permanent, incentive, threat on the psychological, clan, psychic, mental level and economic as well as social, the people go all drastic as for permissivity, in order that the rapes be cantoned the more the can to the psyche and status, not physic and actions. Well actions yes of course but not cross communities, or just a certain type. Not all war, and the last horrors taken to the last degree, and savage, all destructrice cruelty.
But what is worth the survivors?

- she is the best person to advise on dates. How is the dissertation going? Michele 
- only these are not dates, they are deadlines

very bad.
I think I start having a regenerescence of energy though. if not it ll be perfected during summertime. It took university for me to suffer from the blank page syndrome.
it could bee from having to cut the crap mind.

Foul’s day is impeccable for me. I d rather afternoon but give me any time, I am free on this day.

Vertigo, as people struggle to imagine death, as body haven’t got thorough too many experiences in which it felt that more shock would have been fatal.
However to see so a big abyss convey to our sense that it is impossible the body rescape, escape, rescue, whatever, to llook at the depth is to look at one’s death possibility, instantaneity and its instant, sudden, ready available offer, like a hand that stretches to ourself.

Women strength is that if they are not mountain, if, better not being under their scalpel.

Landscape and what is left out of human inhumanity, and worned out by cur cruelty.
Planet rock.
And hopefully what is left for them- logic is implacable. Implyable.

Ace, face.

maybe hitler are the ones who don't let pepol sleeping.
we should organise ourself and live into group of accommodation reassembling people from silent to loud to render life in London and all other close housing, a life agreeable to live.
 Pee poll

Response on What is Genocide?
the ulterior motives,
to address the precursor, no variables, and determinators.
i think that the definition lacks a bit of that. The secondary intent, the ultimate objective?
A victim trying to fight back, isn’t still a victim, even then of course criteria, in that scope of time, of good manners, politeness  and bearing – even reason and mental regulation and day to day practical understanding -, are then capsizing.
1-     It starts being seriously difficult to quantify and qualify the ethics and psychology of actions, when people now know that they fight or respond to someone having in mind their enslavement or other form of destruction.

2-     I would not describe this type of killing as solely dominatering.
I would think that sole domination can be let’s say the one of a mother, saying if you are not nice-or any other way, even nasty apply here- to your sibling then I ll bring you down.
Genocide I think it is when the population can avert the killing = are not in the risk of being killed first, or when someone kill in order not to be dominant only (however armed power is not sufficient to ensure long term domination) = to make their believes and production the rules or the objectives of protection (one could argue that we have to fight to death to protect liberty, equality, etc…, humanist values) = believes and work are what will survive us- but in fact to create a ‘two standard society’. To impose upon others the weight of one’s own shortcoming = if I cannot work enough to build a mansion, then I will make others building it while they are forced to live in shackles to reestablish – ‘redistribution in chaos’- what I could not produce to sustain me (in fact not me but my grandeur sense of folly). Some maths here stupidely.
What I mean here is that genocide is the precursor, at the beginning of the finishing end of the installment of slavery.
Maybe one of the ‘other groups’ might be welcome by the oppressors group like or as “family”, provided they agree on defending this two standards treatment.

Family here standing for degeneracies, degenerescence, degeneration. 

Before a tribunal to intent to someone life, or to the group they have been linked to. With the intent of being served, of installing slavery, is without appeal. To have in the conscience to use genocide as a weapons of vicious domination.

The means, and how, but what about the circumstances- or lack of substance- perceived but not real- or fear of being dominated but through initial instauration of heinous bills = fear of the very one’s own institutions be overcome and take over by another groups, as the institutions one cherishes were in fact facilities of propagation of discrimination and initiator of inequalities- ends- and aims?
Whence aiming at the destruction of cultural, intellectual and other properties. The instruments and tools of human development of the self and understanding of their strength.
Or ok let’s say that genocide still can happen when objectif is not enslavement but by a real fear that one can call irrational, or rational but not justifyable as the ethic would demand that human being concentrate their effort into the amelioration of human peace and progress = not kill or not punish, imprison, curb rights whenever they can, and that people make a priority of their lifestyle that rights are not inflicted by circuit circumstances and lack of means or resources.
But I f killing is done while really fearing something, even if only perceived and not real, as long as real fear are possibly averted by possible problem solving.
Before a tribunal it is not crime of crimes as the intent is not killing to obtain slavery, or any forms of slavery = servants comprised. Crimes of crimes are killing intent, and killing to be viciously dominant = destructive, not dominance through better or greater knowledge, or… dominance here only partial, as knowledge is born with the combinations of experience and their meaning as relationship and further discovery. Partial knowledge, anti-democratic, produce to use only a partial section or to be used by elected only- if use for pacification
Pacifist not = to no violence, as violence to stop genocide or discrimination is sometimes needed.
Genocide without intent to exploit, the result of real fear of being the subject of exploitation when it is not the case, possible in case of hallucinations or collective ones, happening in immature being or unit, or in case of profound (prefund) traumatism or when things have gone upside down.
Genocide without the intent of exploitation is not genocide I think. 

Problem = look after others’ rights while not developing oneself. Look after people well being while they intent to others’ well being instead of making progress with the time imparted, spend on solving created problem instead of solving natural problem. Spending time solving jealousy created feud instead of studying cancer. Spend time socializing with meat eaters instead of impeaching animal suffering. 

the ulterior motives, not very refined un definition of societal conditions and psychological conditioning. status quo/?
Not, n knot.
Key, kay, vow, void, boy. Cot, cat, bat, hot, boat.

Prod, product.

Manners. Hammers, humors, humbler.

C: To lose the old leaders and figures. The old companions of social healing and rebellion constructing.
To lose people like theresa’s, ghandi’s, and al.

Macro, cir.
Chi micro,
Me crow.
Etch, ethic

ego effort
ire cut circumstances
circuit circumstances



Fore in.

C: mind in this magazine I saw as well homophobic comments, so as homos are the target of intolerant and warring society, as they need to suppress holistic and natural feeling of love, what these so called, self called religious, would let themselves using and abusing the name of god, be doing.

C: religious like that offering rapes and familial as well as society vulture down the cross and reassemblement, cross roads against the little destructive power of their sanctuary = obey or you will be killed by the pedo cure.

When I perspire I smell your flavour now honey.
Perspire spirit.

Picture of a satan said to be in fact submit, look at the ears, to its devotee.
Surprises then would be.

i could have done without first class delivery, but good stuff-big ended toe but that is not your fault. Ta for the fabric bag.
Ta for the fabric bag, am an environmentalist, and like keeping my stuff for more than ages.
the shoes they are bigger than I wished but that is not your fault. they are fine town trekker, I hope we will invent something to try the shoes on internet, as these shoes are exactly the type I want and cannot find good price or numerous offers enough in the high street. they are perfect and strong but too voluminous, a big 6 also for me.
but that is not your fault at all.
you know what?
I let note like this now and then to interest people reading my blog. if only....
ur plastic bags are solid ones. I ll keep them for long term  storage.
it is what annoy me for internet buying is the amount of packaging. one of the big way of ruining sustainability. but, it is strong shoes I need.
they fit, and trekkers, all shoes need insoles.
good trekking... or swimming.

Ot e
Or would Christ nativity some symbols of incest as the ‘father’ what is called the ‘father ‘ by these Christian absurdity, is in fact permitting ‘his child’ mary, to have a child without marrying or even to procreat e a child without even probable link of consanguinity.
Not that the story of mary is incestuous at all, as she is the living miracle of the baby bearing by a single parent, but the Christians stupid way of their working miserably worked wording.

Poll ply plan pal plan pole vote. Hot.

Micro, acre.
Icon, iron.

No need for u to answer, it is a blured as muck, and vague as froth i know.
Blur, rul

The work , orque, of an actor is the acknowledgment that our lives could have chosen so many different paths and statures, postures and bereavement, that would have changed all of our substance of experiences and experimena mentation, mental and fermentation. Farming souls and dual to the matter, the conditons of lives versus psyche.
To act as if wh we had chosen or undergone other stuffs that here in reality’ but very present and potentially all potent in our psychology and therefore psyche.
Underwent understudies. Spy, psy.

I feel calling you and then I feel like kissing all over you sweet skin.
And the blossom of your gentleness, the day you haven’t eaten amiss.
away from the correct or expected course
"has gone completely haywire"
on veganism.

thank u to the less-by.

Isn institutionalising, instill

Miss cell lane

State, etats.
Etat = nation-state in French.
Table, stable.

State, etats.

Je sus, = I knew in french or I w sweat. A sansuere. A
Je suit, I follow or I am.
Sus, sais-je?
Sur, siege.
Use, age.


Patent, parent. Patient. Patio.

The self defaitism of parasitism is that they use pay pa psychology to convince people of wrong to do or endure, but at one point the boomerang of training suit them to the grave en dur.
Dour, door.

Claim, calms, calm. Lack
Lake. Lacquais.

Pax, peace.

and also so worn and worsened by technical inconvenience

The different feelings that we would have for the same pepo people just deped depending on whether if they would protect us even though your fi differences and dissidences. .
But one cannot spend times to protect every or anybody.

Love is diif difficult to understand, but make us understand the without it we are all but lost and diffident.

Puritan system, like ‘religious’ syt systeme where sex is permitted only if you do nasty stuffs.


Keep climate change in the curriculum

The Government want to remove climate change from the geography curriculum for under 14s. We think this will threaten the wellbeing of future generations and the environment.
Find out more and sign the petition.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth engages in bold, justice-minded environmentalism.
Are the Tory wanting to assassinate the whole planet this way, minus the one being able to buy space shuttle ticket?

Show that to your friends, I am sure you are all right. Not janet or the other patricia maybe, fluent in fluctuancy. Am just making guesses.
Next conversation when u come home.

wait- (-er, or -ress) –
 Ress, ser-ve. Er-re, and accustomancy.

am happy but all the same,  

am a vegan.

Collectivity spirit. Divide and locked up to exhaust plurality. Monopoly of stuffs made and display and for everyone to use with such great stupidity.
Why the y are not practical or as straight to the point thtat TFL journey planner, that send you taking 9 buses, 1 boat, and 7 tubes for the third, saving you ten feet to walk not ten miles, while you only have to take one, in the case you do know cross country.
It is because of that. It is better if you take more, you pay, it is better if you can less, you’ll work for the blind. –or in fact against- such so and so fasho, that spurn you with job place that ain’t taken they are so pitiful at ‘go go’. Endless. Journey to the unknown.

To trust institutitions and mechanisms (folelesdal) then demand for an immense work to be done and continuous debate and social, intellectual, cultural, mentality, morals struggles, yet posing the threat of possibly upsetting the continuum of efforts and already achieved virtous stability- have to take place in order to redeem the most widespread set of errors or misjudgement- a titanic task of equilibrium versus the leviathan.
Equilibrium, libre, liberty, balance.

Drugs literally burn the brain and other tissues.

Jarle Simensen

television provided a powerful new instrument of diffusion

In Cameroon the local police was dubbed "Securitate," and in Togo students named their square of demonstration in the capital "Tienanmen
C: imitation or inspiration, need for knowledge, human rights per preservation, as it is as restrictive to say that human rights appears at certain periods or places (what we have are vestiges of an intent of legitimate them through official canals of authorities and authorisation, authors actually) but it strives as being universal shall be kept, every one of the effort produce for them, and shared.

C: whatever we like it or not, permit insolation and the pursuit of own’s own rule of law would not be possible for individuals – since states are in fact exploitory of people and territories, and since human activities is bound to spread on other’s resources and libberty;
Also however democracy as a human rights watchdog, within the states, and other institutions has to be implemented and reinforced. The clear movement and incontradictable logics of a globalising and intervowen world make global institution observant of democracy all the more important that they will become or will have to become the mian venues and instruement in harmonisation, redistribution and the sole enabling peoples as individuals, each of us, are so categorised and identified (as person born in certains places and under the yok of certain rule of law and social, economic or cultural customs- and their individuals-


Coup = triche = trick or block or neck.

Nevertheless, I am very aware of having to obtain at least a M.A to help me access any type of position as competition within the human rights sector might even been harder in time where economy is in disarray.

MA full time £5,100


Purse, puss, purr, pure.

What ha, hat.

Genius.        Gene.

Genius.        Gene.
please show me love a little bit, don't eat meeeeeeeee meat.
Genius.        Gene.


am i talking in the ffffffffffffffffffffffff (like the wind) empty air or smth?

Stich u tone.


please don't mind me when i am on that kinda advice.
no need to be over sensual or sexual with peter. she is a consensual virgin she would, here the sanctrum, will disapprove of that. her body not poor but tougher in matter of these calls compliance.
if you want to take some risks, I would try and talk to her about meeting someone. it is just that when you indulge and strengthen yourself into being your own consort, then you are not waiting for talking about sex, but tallied your patience to receive love.
if priesthood was without celibacy I certainly would have looked into it. when I was young and I did not understand what the weight of institution is really. even not the institutions but the people and the external circumstances that rule and rock the ghost of what once fathomed.

We, head,
We ed, wed.
We heed.

36 h sleeplessness. yest night 3 hours sleep by phase of 30-50 mn.
I was thinking of being in ur side. and that I should listen to u and serve sun night for Monday. I wanted by I thought too late to ask.
I wanted it violently. not in a violent manner but yesterday night for u to come in my sleep I could have cried.
Not tried but cried.

and in fact at times savagely.
savagely but not violent. i wish i could take u completely. with my sole body
no violently but how would express a pact, a passion.
No violently but find the keys of pleasure without harm as to enter in is salvation. Relief of the sense, the haven.

Democracy as repository of all souls good have for logics and duty to protect all people and all resources and habitats as people by nature depend on matter and other forms of lives in their understanding of how and how far, the nature of live, the nature of human and their right to exist as well as their obligation to revert this right to all others precondition the very nature of existence- balance of true legitimation- legitime and offspring or related naissance.
Esquisse, exquisite, esquire.

bring to me tai chi stuff, time sheet.

Krist. I-anna.
 B.C Ch. Christ.

Human has nothing superior to animal. The killer instinct that would return in each ofo us and that would be controlled in every beast through society and apprentiship.
B g

To fight naked and release its power of the have to kill, not to under, to sum u submit to ande anfer anger but to survival. Theory. Metheorite.
Meteor. Meteo.

the best not private news of the year was that my having been received to this another degree had been not a good - to obtain it revealed to be very sporty, I was a high school drop-out (or they dropped me, not sure about that- I was tiny I cannot be curt cart certified or less certain, so easy to be adamant but sometimes one can't be) bizarrely - but very good intuition actually. still rewarding even if a decade ago.

Rise, reset, risks, rite.

quite agree it is neo Nazi

dark, card.
Discard, dark disc.

any how every one know that the swastika is in fact from ancient symbol. Asian particularly if my memory does not go wrong. it is the sun. the god fire. this cooled, kind of light. but nearer that would not fooled our eyes and senses. us we in view www.ewes.
We, ewe,eve, us,sue.
The females in sacrifice, the entrance of a generation that would be damned without god intervention, the one of destruction. Dark angel. Gel. = frost in French (latin)
Latin, lasting.

Human philosophies of little compassion and aiming at possession, insist that human are not animals, because at the end of the day human will always go to love an animal, like they love a baby, because between us there is no justification to go on harming each other but what has taught us society. Not the survival of the fittest but what disgust us and put us into hatred the grown of the most not canny but profeetering.



Theories, theorise
Theo            rise.      
Rack, care.

It is always good foor a combatant to be aware and cherish their own feminity, in order their agressivity towards exterior with more spring may,
External. Tern. Term.


Hijab, highjack.



Experimented, experienced
Expired, extra, era, led, exert, exp. export, expends, expense, expand, expel, expedition, expedient, ex pet. Exped.

Political, poetical.

Studies, stud dies, dies, gigs, digs. Deus.
Din. Dean, nod, named, naked, named, knee, near, need.

mor norms.
More, morn, mob, mobile,

A mature,

Reign, ruin, rueing, ring, rein.

define prejudicesjude

Fairly, fairy
Fiery. Finery.

Massification, mystification.

Unfit, infidel, unfilled. 
Inf reflect, deflect.

Mend, re- mend

Oaf = me.

Paradoxal, parade.

 Ord, hord, door, rod, ore.

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ame.

look due to the fact that i cannot upload word document really necessary to a faster and better and more pleasant understanding. or to be honest without plays on underlining you will drop the reading as if not prioritized this style become really too much tedious. i will be closing cettevies blog and upload what is to download at

Human rights that should be renamed rights and duties of everything we know, or we happened to have known, is a rather technical account concerning 'human rights' as a social sciences, moral and legal (and much more) field.


U still s-hop me tonight?

Reel, real.

Of course the danger of one single instrument, or of one interpretation, or one system of values, is to be prove disastrous in the case the state is biased, present and omnipotent. And just like political parties, creed or religion, and would be a terrible enemy if applying not universal but ramping pervasion of a system omnipresent and omnipotent sepulchres of autonomy, and its all exploiting perversion.
Ultimately, what to say of a democratic system stripping the state of its power? The state or its equivalent as the attempt of building an institution necessary for all society good functioning, institutions that in fact are part of human vital needs and necessity. The state (supranational or other level authority), here in the having to establish something linking everybody and permitting to make development and improving of the human conditions, as well as peace keeping.  Is that this political system, on top of all, applying itself to all area, would have lost the main components of justification and living instrument: universality.

to be lost won't last
salt, assault.

pretend to be liberal, tolerant over things that are detrimental, is not but the inconscient of self destruction or that when one did not pret prevent in time then the l solution become dramatic to stop the abuses. That is instead of prevent abuses, to endure abuses worst and worst and then becoming extra violent with reactions such as death penalty or wars.



I started to really wear the trekker, too big a 6, while mine is standard. I am disappointed with branding. just to say about them. 
Sell through internet, companies don’t edit the soles size on screen, while being well shod is of extreme importance, and them making money over people medical and health and care ignorance. That can harm their back spine, sedative and skeleton dramatically and definitively, chop chronically since everyday habits.

I know what is golden now for my own training. it is to learn how to, not to commit an offense. that would be very less of one taking in all context, even though. I mean what one does have to do, when threaten verbally and abuse and harass mentally? at least not go for being physical, it is why people invented other barriers such as demoting of responsibilities when people that handle them are willing to harm. I don't mean that you have to help everything but everyone. not helping a rapist with being well enough to rape, mentally or financially, or else more, but act in order to find the right environment for him to cure himself without being a burden over the care that society is providing for him. one of the tricks is for the perpetrators to continue engage with production without having possibility of bullying.

The futility of enemies voices awaiting for your death a wanting.
While you already have been.

Charities, parities.

Ame = soul in ~french
Sesame. Size. Cease. Case.



 with the kiss? Sik, ssik, seek, see qqquay.

The idea is to take democracy concept as being a favourable factor and vector of human rights as long as both concepts are idealists = preconceived with being expendable and never ending perfectible.


See stem. The tip of the iceberg.

-        ‘Privatizing child protective services?’
-        to treat them like customers?
privatising is under liberalism and capitalism deregulation protection. it will never bring that. it will be an agency competition for privileges obtention. when privileges equal exploitation, and everyone following the bourgeois models = doing nothing and wait to be serviced paid = horror contention duplication.  
without pareil.
why talking about privatisation, they are privatised already, as permanent and dominant job and services providers or through sub-contraction or temporary use of agencies.
and after that they are under local authorities, not accountable towards no one, worse than the states, atomised.
I appreciate government can take the piece. the whole piece actually. but it is certainly not with agency that you can address accountability to the people, to the every person your actions will have an impact on, or to address the gathering of information, at the state or international level- or you would be a little organisation spending all their resources in networking and obtaining only what other- competitor in the free market- would like you to gain? castle of cards and cartels.
I think civil society on social services are not here to provide service, the companies, the profiteering unit, but to challenge the way it is done by the states. also with the state the duties to provide equalitarian care, and not a posh one or disposed, dispossessed one according to clients or quarters.

dem, as demo, democ, democ-rate, racy.
The fear of the name ‘dem’ is symptomatic of pre-established, western- and others- developed own institutions, procedures, body of laws and value, accentuating property for example, the damned same concept which permits somebody to wage wars, employ people for nothing in very nociferious industry activities, drying the lands, why not buy and sell kidney calling it name of hero therapy, to obtain to buy entire island, why not tomorrow the sea.

Hi, haine,

With or without the agreement of the authorities or not, you are my wife.
My half, whose life an d breathing just make mine divine.
Divine, dive.
Dive, vid. Vide = void in French.
Vide, video, = to see in Latin.
Lating, relating,
Nation, ration.

Lasting, lusting, lute. La lutte..

Crap, parc.

Democracy from political sciences recorded birth, and Socrates. Is Socrates particularly western? I do not think so.


instrument, in – truth.

And as object have memories.

I d like to work like the damned, but I don’t manage, it is too exhausting.
The brink of ex-hoist, host, haust, hauteur, haut = height.

Ration, creation of inequality, creation, action, reaction.
Criteria, crater.
A ratio. Horacio.

u never knew,
The nek, neck  of thing.

Je n'aurais jamais cru, qu'on se rencontrerait:
Le hasard est curieux, il provoque les choses
Et le destin pressé, un instant prend la pause.
Non, je n'ai rien oublié.
Charles Aznavour

cacti capital

Literally, laterally.
confounding, co-founding

I would be more aware of my limits I would have said before tomorrow ends.
Before tomorrow, instead.
Exept, exert.

Family links gives the absolute of protection and its inverse that would give you the absolute of loyalty termination when s.o you love is hurt by family then you have to react. Moreover, to react against it gives you the strength of reacting against anybody, thereafter.


To try to write or interpret religion, as flirting with the demon. Since the lord is everything.
None of that beling bl belongs to him.

Democratic regimes are exhorted as being or bearing a name by nature benevolent or humanely justified in their choices and ways; what if inequalities and exploitation come eventually under any other shame.

Democracy – moc. Racy, and gold rush.

La trinity, ignorant(e), imbecile, et faux jetons.

New, wen, when e wa e weane.

Inrwe cwn inter vene.

Vital, initial in vital.

Eco fiasco, make into a leviathan, untamed and devastative, without any dikes counterweighting groundswells coming from all communities, is not as much the absence or nuisance of a state but of the rules set by what is still called political whose aims is the spreas of inequalities and their barriers, moreover their paying tolls and the depletion of skills and job description aiming at create an atmosphere that is livable, but the opposite the opportune extortion power that importunate; to say it lightly. 

. What is absolutely terrorising with the idea of a people ruling; is that unleashed bad laws applied by all and approved by all (or more surely constrained approval- forceful), could be so powerful and quick to collapse disorganisation or organisation.

. What is absolutely terrorising with the idea of a people ruling; is that unleashed bad laws applied by all and approved by all (or more surely constrained approval- forceful), could be so powerful and quick to collapse organisations (as the decline of productivity level showed repetitively for communist states, or relentless and unopposed massive actions could have tremendous and tenfold detrimental effects) (Gilbert,1999), or so devastating, that one would not live to regret their mistakes.

. It also has been accepted as a political strategies but without accepting or following its humane principles, as another reason for dem as a world put forward to be fairly doubted.

Till, lit.

Also to articulate more than abuse of human rights but sheer abuses on human being. Pray it’s over.

freedom house country rankings 1972

abs out
absent. Ante.
Growth, abscess, abbess.


C:I first had a prb with the systematisation of the erotic representation of women by them being naked...
but this rhythm is exhilarating, talented.
I first had a prb with the systematisation of the erotic representation of women by them being naked...
but this rhythm is exhilarating, talented.


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Woo do.
Wolf and word,

impunity within borders is growing
                with it

Besides, be sod,
Be sot.
vilified or followed
villi, vaux l eau.

Tore tour turn, true,

His, its.



RES. public

Luc, = light.
Lue = read = phonetic of wolf. Whole, vod, void.

Trig erring
Trig her, hearing.

deal odd dodo.

C: Smith, the real identity, my bank account, and the number of strikes I should have started. And for the police and organ donors, my DNA. From marchands to marchandies. Merchandise. MARCH AND DIE.
you see it is what is asked to upgrade.
for google blog and for youtube.

The tears that comes while one is calling someone, something that cannot hold.
The mother gone,
As earth on old.

my pleasure and duty.

i hope the meeting went well. if not you still can work for the no-ruthless. it is these ones that needs integrity, and in fact integrity needs them.
With you real, honest, concern of everybody work.

The supranational dependent of the national, itself overwhelmed by the global and economically tied; are thus prone if not obliged, not to follow international human rights pseudo, quasi, para-legal obligation, but to obey the free market ludicrous binges and whims, lethal bankrupt (Donnelly, 2002 ) (Hertz, 2002), and even more deadly routes. Most of all, supranational financial institutions subjugate dem and h.r ones (Parekh, 2006).

To top.
To tip.


Democracy has, DUE to its being the more humanely thought institutional procedure, a link to human rights, its partner by default, as in any case no other approach has been substantially proposed.

While h.r rights are for all, and are proclaimed as such by the supranational society of states, and for it to be done, have to be under everyone protection; current mainstream politics could be said to aim at a single creation- keeping the state at a minimum. To be diminishing this uniquely big enough institutions to guarantee rights with means and perspectives enough in order to serve financial domination over ethics, over other trades or professions is the most serious attack to dem and h.r. It is an attack to their being feasible, finally it could even results on their concepts being ones of the past, having depossessed of a global shelter and ramifications, if no reason d etre anylonger, no possibility to be kept even as simple conception. H.r is this concept linked with human nature, whose essence can be lost or even hidden for too long, but eradicating its institutions would be the equivalent of making all treaties, and writing, art works and social thriving for them or in fact just talking about them. Down to make their being research, their very pronunciation (dictate and jurisdiction), the trial at elaborating definitions, and then their lexicon, an obsolescence.  

How does human rights advocate democracy. ??? if ones reviews human rights  primary text, just like we will see on the ‘states chapters’ below, the name democracy, in fact its derivative ‘democratic’, this although master idea (at least the more popular and generator of generation of plot or political action propelling human identity) of political studies, will appear very little, one or twice, on the international fundamental human rights  treaties.

valence, valency - (biology) a relative capacity to unite or react or interact as with antigens or a biological substrate
C: valet

Get, gut.

ce n est pas se debarasser de son Coeur, mais pourquoi pas, c est plutot donner son Coeur. give away
1.  To make a gift of.
2.  To present (a bride) to the bridegroom at a wedding ceremony.
a.  To reveal or make known, often accidentally.
b.  To betray.

For institutions and mechanisms to be trustable and that their being put into question be sustained (Føllesdal, 2008) demands a colossal work to be done. Yet posing the threat of possibly upsetting the continuum of efforts and already achieved virtuous stability and continuous debate and social, intellectual, cultural, mentality, morals struggles (Parekh, 2006) have to take place in order to redeem the most widespread set of errors or misjudgement: a titanic task of equilibrium and re equilibrium -versus the leviathan.

In addition to the ‘moral interdependence’ human rights  have with dem, (Scholte, 2008) and that same ‘moral interdependence’ anyway human rights own, to every domain, sciences, and area of knowledge, alongside the right and duties to develop.

Other domains have to take ‘human rights’, in its fundamental meaning, as ethics, human rights have to enrich itself: by taking into account other sciences and (product of) human actions.

without a companion to ak ask oneself why going on.
With one                                                        how to

Clothes, close.

DOB =  daube = trash in bad French.
adobe - the clay from which adobe bricks are made
adobe brick, adobe - sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates
clay - a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired
adobe - sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates
brick - rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
adobe - the clay from which adobe bricks are made

gender dysphoria

what about identity order. synchronised syndrome. agoraphobia just like gore. what about the electroshock inflicted by the psychiatric community to homosexual subject in the 60's in this admirable west, land of the plenty iintellectuality. mind it was just at the dawn of being authorised to choose one's partners as long as they belong to the same honorable class identity. it would be difficult to judge homo when heterosexuality has been the spouse of forced marriage and arranged ones, just like as integrity-inspiring as their authority.

What abot sin, drone, and clone.
U a girl rosy?

Chose, = chose = thing in france.

Bur pal pew PLEASE  don’t tell my GP, PG.


Academic language ban emotive or emphasising language, but then how to convey disarray for example facing a system that goes but onto the wall?
Or they do but with vocabulary so little used that the precipitous situation we are in are described the posh way.
Although precipitous is absolutely adequate and remind of the exacsy of finess and subtility; and its necessity .

C: elephant cuddling during pilates and chinese massaging.

Mess, messiah, mecca.