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The bulk of responsibilities does not stop with one leader only (in case of human rights violations within a dictactorship for example.
yes, and a political system operating within a country, with a specific societal and economic model and machinery. within a global context, etc... I think that we are all equal also in that, that we are all pawns (including the leaders) and all in charge of our destiny, and then responsible for the way we are pushed, incited, or whatever lead to mistreat somebody or the institutions or the environment that humans (and the planet also, it is what i think) need to survive and ensure better and better well-being as well as continuity. Still a questioning: what would bring this opening doors- or bring over.
(of every species).
S[ec. Sale, sake.
Space, spec, se, species, précis.

To kind of narrow the subject, it is still great to have a focus on Mugabe itself, but knowing that he, the authority of the chief of state, had been used to some national purposes, biased. presumably by the majority of the (how constraint or 'willing' maybe not determined and active but still operative??) population??? or was his position unable to wage or leverage other types of relations or actions? what were their margins and freedom (able to do better), or their margins of freedom violations here standing for impunity of actions?
One might get stuck thinking, just to notice they will be put to pay. people against the horrors will be firstly targeted at all levels. it is terror, unemployment and (menace by the very independently acting spectrum of) sheer poverty. i don't know what to say.

The rewards of so much bravour or isolation, th e feeling of bc becoming more masculine or feminine.
All the ways avoiding emasculanisation.
And famine.



The center, canter.

My mail provider box changed and reading messages have become incredibly and increasingly tedious. I sent this message to you two hours ago, and it is in my own box that it came...
Wired the way it is highly possible to miss an important email.

For religious people, this guy could still be the prophet, a valid model, if he married only to bring protection and without any sexual relation with the wives.
When people say that it is a problem of its being not contemporary, a story from the past. For any period on earth and on hell sexual relation with children is the death of individuals, and of the civilisations or societies perpetuating it, for physical, psychic, psychological, social, familial, ethical obvious reason.
A world of madness. An end in a while whirl.
Whip, whip, wipe.
By the old wild. Nature will go insane of anger as one has touched its children. Life and the devil. Lived.
Devil. Lived.

Short, trop = too much.

Whatever the smile than one can exhibit, if one’s life is at the conjuncture or origin of killing others or being in no position of protection to all, whatever, however slighlest that be; this will have for impact that this weakness of us would have us kill straight away by the anger (reaction) of the cells and entities that we don’t manage to secure, or by the ones we damage directly.
Here might be the nature (and culture) of death.

Poi position

He has lost his home, so I could well die basically.
The monster that is : economy.

Water problem.
Of this world crumbling.
And the human thinking of himself that it is gonna be fine his viciousness pervading.
Complex of superiority hopefully will bring back modesty. But too late as in its way the lost of creatures, all creatures, any creatures will be paid.


Flake c flu flack.
Lack lake.

What is left to the government scope of responsibilities then?

The baby giraffe killed while hosted in a zoo and given to the lions with its robes. The color of his fur still given an hint to the lions that their neighbours in other cages can well be predated.
That is not a zoo, it is a butchery with windows.
Should be fired to kill their animals, taken them like food, and incite the lions to predate on whatever moves around.
Who should be given to them?

Some comments describe (decried descript) the him as being unaware, I think he was starting to be, but he was certainly mimicking and wondering about the nature of certain show and display of pity.
You know it was a baby.

Crypt. Whose ‘y’ and ‘p’ even ‘t’ aren’t as long as the neck of a giraffe.

Killed in front of everybody, announces the end of civilisation via the incessant heralding of media links to Barbary.
Herald, air hold.

You know there is doom and doom.
One hat that is put to death and the other one that is put to hell.
And a third that call and bring hell upon us. You. Upon you.
What is upon about? The skies won’t stay long.
The (an) earth will crumble at the human view.

Like being held like a yoyo in the barn of desperation.

Hat, hate, hast.

(If you search for child marriage in British mosques on Google, you should find some of this - I can't do it myself at the moment).

To say America, instead of USA
for IR scholars, America is short for world order.
And what about referring to Europe without east Europe? Is it a no go?

Mixed feeling and o body response between feel like raising a child and producing it.
The mucous liquid that has to be produced by the body even when raped in order to protect from infectious disease.

Admit, add meant.
Half meet.

The earth is scortched and cannot be breathing. Its winds will try to get rid.
Earth and each of her cell will punish us for having destroy herself, each of her babies, and the punishment won’t be global warming, that will be only a little show of hell.
One of little shows of hell.
Chad, chaud, chaos.

For those who think that earth dying is our punishment, it is not. Earth dying is the consequence of human beings, the punishment of ours will come after life, for each we have done or did not. Have, in prospect more than view. Ewe. Vie. W.
Will double-you.

If you really think it is racism to think that we are not over pedophilia, and that there is no man and women awaiting to be served by their children and to choose the ones they want to rape daily, well wherever, whatever, whoever, your origins you think too much of yourself and are true danger in giving deeply uninformed, or misinformed, delusional opinion on children rights and children protection. As well as pointing discreetly that you the whites (westerns) are not judgmental or condemning and will suit therefore the judge position next to the saints of all faith and countries.
Falsely fall.
Post positon of nazy?
Me I am waiting for one thing, is that true religious or ethical people coming from everywhere break this circle: your innuendos, implication or insinuations, as valid as WW2 french collaboration. The collaborators are famous there for having got significantly richer while and after the occupation, mind. Hind.

One cannot be called on racism, Muslim is like Jew or Christians, or Hindus they are not an ethnicity. Maybe the confusion originates in the fact that in Islamic state everyone has to adopt the religion or a very vast majority without the possibility of going out of this ‘religion’. Please wake up before (my) assassinations.

Some people say just prosecute people who do it, and do not speak about islam directly. These people haven’t grasp with what material these human rights gross violations are perpetrated. These practises are written to be at the center life of the life of the ‘only’ figure muslims are supposed to idolatre if not deify. Potentially everyone can do it since it is what it is written. And as for the people who insist this is something wrong, they could become the minority and be sanctioned. Abanding these questions is abandoning all person of muslim origins who fight paedophilia. Abandoning these questions (issues, dead ends) is to be anti-human rights. Be anti-human rights is to be anti-human. Full stop.
Now we understand the religious and other that become suspicious of human existence as human allowed human to destroy nature, to deny that there is a universe, a infinitude of universes beyond its conception, to destroy other humans and destroy for good, to destroy good, to destroy children even for their last damnation, to destroy God.

I cannot even say I am for an islam without pedophilia, because it would consist in saying that Mohamed life should not be followed, and most of the fundamentalists (please do tell me if I am mistaken, I am praying for this) would become disagree, with the more moderate that would still say that it is too dangerous to speak about this topic or subject. That is, it is what is preached discretly or of course most family are against, discreetly again. But till when? Till when can we all, muslims, non muslims, afford to contradict and not follow islam in this world of violence where everyone become beyond fierce when you mention privileges of the empowered. Beyond fierce you are, this is my way of being polite, when all of you know that we are leaving thousands, if not millions of little girs, if fact, the fate of whole nations, and the fate to the globalisation, to people that say it is ok, that it is defamation. That we will leave pedophilia to the hands of the predators while we do nothing against even when perfectly knowing and educated. A civilisation: barely.
Stop treating like a racist please because we are ALL  accomplice and view to the standardised reactions of empathy, sympathy brave, put forward by the well paid and well graduate, well employed of the white sections, we are all accomplice in that we are all criminals and that for centuries.

You are now discussing the age of child bride ok at 16 because you do not want to raise children after. I don’t know if You know that you are the kind of parent that should never have children. After 18 (teen) a person is not a child anylonger, but in good society they have to be students or just by other means reach their dream without their parents being behind their back, for some, dictating them what to do, how to dress, what to say, and who to sleep with. You are older than me jack and I ll tell you what is the nature’s logic or the nature of the logic or the logic’s nature. You find distasteful to have to support your child after 16, and try to get them hitched. I ll say they will find distasteful to keep older people that were their pimp instead of their parents. Good luck to you. you will say other, over and over, and other to others I am anti something .I am anti paedophile and in fact I mean a lot to me you are creepingly philosophising with less crappy people on how and what my stance might be called.
And me dinner would be you.

Stew, steve.

These people targeting this campaign as anti islam are in fact the ones who condemn muslims trying to fight against these horrors, and the ones more exposed to its violence, to have to submit to pedophiles using the Islamic texts to openly rape and enslave children, and submit to liberal ignorant, that bear the desire to go on with diplomatic attitude that permit them to be the chiefs of looting wars.

i wanted to let you know in case you were not aware of that.
i am very interested in your posts as you are editing in the exact area i usually research. i responded to both of your posts. Organ trading and this one if i am not mistaken. Each time i had been censured. I thought it was you and still I was surprised because you let people, mostly all men, religious background expressing themselves again and again while I would have thought you of a more equitable mind. While I am a bit of a fierce writer, I wanted to comment and amended my posts in no avail.
Now I started a discussion on my own, I am aware that it is not me knowing what comments appear but potentially the manager of the groups, whom I don’t know, who is not cited, and about whom I do not know if they chose to censure the material and what material. So basically I am completely unaware of the real discussion if it had occurred the democratic way.

And on top it is a group called:  The United Nations (U.N.)


Inferior, infer, inferni, inferno, if infermiere.
Fermiere, infirmiere.
In if firm.
Inform infirmed in farm.
In fire.

Look, look, look,

I understand your obligation to stay focuse on your speciality, but in fact if one institution has to tackle this subject urgently it would be the UN, our only
current hope at legislating globally. it is happening everywhere. A global problem, whether incentive to paedophilia are perpetrated via religion, or under other groups, networks, and very powerful whole institutions practically. I am sure you are aware of human trafficking and how it had become international and dupes police, ngos of all countries because of them being isolated from supranationality, centralised information and synchronised actions.
the un as being the one organ protecting freedom of religion and being in touch with all nations, and regimes should be the one (as it is its very function) to regulate them in order that freedom does not become a synonym to impunity to harm and violations (most egregious, pervasive and omnipresent in that case). to condemn one's family, one children at state and family level is the most powerful weapon of oppression and destruction. that will get rid of any fundamental rights and inspire relentless fear by excellence. children gross violation. the ones that would get you to lose your sovereignty as a whole. it is pedophilia incentives within family and schools we are talking about. the state helping, the communities potentially following the same law, the whole institution and nowhere else to cry help, in case you've heard of integrity. or one will hear about, but be reassure that it 'is more than just like that' 'beyond despotism' present themselves to be the only way. pedophilia is morbid and is the death of any society, but still is commanded by people whose wish is violence under all its forms and extremity, moribund and decay, to sanitise the description, simply because there should not be discussion about it but going there and stop it straight away. all the description I can  add is just vain, and to pretend describe the suffering of children that everyone let dying, is the devilish side of vanity. I can't do it, you don't describe life being an horror as if you permit it your own life is stopping to go down the neant. and we can't stop it. so who are we but …
dead alive.

I read your blog, it is just a template letter for a funding I ll never get. if you could put a link on your blog or your posts it be super. I am gonna do a post with the list of politicians or civil servants, I found it impressive too.
Yes, I think people get away with it because even when they are not pedophiles they could want something very mysoginistic back, or very patriarchal or matriarchal, whatever they can get from enslaving people basically. I know my explanation is a bit simplistic but there are too many covers up like you say for it not to be one of the basics causes.
You spot on, people answer me I am a racist. I am against pedophilia from everywhere and everyone punished, sanctioned, prevented to the same proportional degree. It is true it is everywhere but what I know is that I can go anywhere on the web and watch people talking about religion and pedophilic marriage without any problems. The rest of the paedophiles, I did not do research, but hopefully when found would be reported to the police for paedophilia or incitation to pedophilia and sentenced. At I hope, at least I could do to the police and say you need to arrest this one. When you do it under the cover of islam, you are under religious impunity. If religious means that I understand why the world is becoming a human philosophy openly waging decay.

Would you have any suggestions about how I could campaign better? I ll do it through facebook, but I am very afraid of being flagged too often and lose my account (even if I do the same manually that they condemn and ask me to pay for advertisement or professional account from which I can email everybody). I spend a great deal of time on Linked, my discussions are bared, or moderated, and now they put me on hold for a few week. They don’t like the subject Anne marie. I campaigned already on university fees, it is dangerous, this social networking, as a blogger is all that I got… if they manage to ban me, I would be screwed totally.

They try to shush us not out of freedom of expression and play being offended not because they are, but because they harm. It is simplistic in fact abusers, and sexual abusers techniques, to say they are disappointed in you, that you are a liar, that you are not loveable, that you are bizarre and unfitting, that you are not a good person, that you are limited, innocent, disempowered, that you don’t understand everything, that you are dumb, mentally handicapped, dumb (you know disabled people have been treated as inferior even though they proved their intelligence and even though even if they cannot prove it, life has an intelligence in itself that clearly cannot be encompassed, nor comprehend, it is why genetic selection is a fascismation that will transform us into fiend, because it comes from the false reasoning that we know what human, humanity and any body or soul holds), that you are not up to the job, that you are too soft, too aggressive, name it, any of what is of yours or not of yours compulsion. The practicality of discrimination, and domination, not domination has being the strongest but as being the one with the more pressure for destruction. A classic, a very very classic really.

The birds singing spring. What should we be asking. They don’t have maps nor calendar for what may seem.
But their flesh and the care they are taking, know by hundreds times more what the nature and mind are inclined.

It is not enough to and know the grammar, be it English, or Arabic, or the thousands tales that human have produced. Forget the have, as the haves nots will be the ones whose betray put them into shapes and forms of a donkey.
Don key, certainly so, done key for the coffer that they fill but not full fill with love but with hate, the so famous and called: Pandora box, is not phenix the ones who have not stopped it even discreet
No secret, once the box is full the one that fill it up cos there were room for death to stay, will be trapped, just like their tons of rabbit and folw that they gorged on. Just like it? Ney, nature likes to teach lessons for the sake of her own ownership, copyrights and loving nature, as life she gives and just asked for it to be protected and if possible continuated. But killings is not the price of longetivity, as the length of a or one soul have for its hear, and heart, for not secret, its divinity, the one that loves its creatures like just because they are its true babies and ingenuity.
Enemy won’t last long before nature that have been bitten till her bone, without marrow bone fire, will burn no far from the eternity. Just to get rid of what thought were superior and here to disgust, just gusto for the taste of everything to be swallow. You know what you eat, you are in deep, and no hero.

Carmen song opera translation.

Love is a rebel bird, or rebel bird song = spirit, hiding minding soul.
That never ever has known some rules.
That never ever has been subdue, or which are higher than any law.

There are plenty fish in the sea. But not so many.
And the curve in the story is that they were not to be eaten.
Net, ae.
Net, ea.
Net, ten eaten, and tueries.
Territories. Death will be certain.
Certify, crates, insert.
Les Tuilleries.

To progress to be wise, to inter and intra help, each species needs old souls to see particular things of their speciality. And to reincarnate inter species and inter world to sense, change, comprehend and flirt with what they knew and could not know or distantly perceived if none of their organ could have touched it, with their souls just traveling and tripping alongside every and any of what all can imagine.

To reincarnate into a smaller species, from human to insects, is none of whom is pun-ish. Punishment is not, it is for us sould to live distinctly. And think while weighting difference and burden, unpleasant, the lease, pleasant, please, plead, lightness, delicateness levered liberty.

In prison with guys that would kill your mother for money or no. not beating them till they stop speaking advertising their ‘will or their wish’, would give the energy to volunteer and catch the one that service.
Ser-vice. For them not accomplish, complice.

We know that you will bully homo, as like just coward you replace any vulnerability, the one found by the pedo, but not anylonger by what everyone should wathc, the child, but to create other discrimination, while the worst of all may reproduce and repercussion.
That is if people agree on bullying (worse than bullying homophobia, one cannot marry their love) on discrimination creation, on such killing, awaiting for all the worst to come about in ‘discretion’?
Homophobia, like slavery, are advocated by people wanting the worst of aberrations.
Or at least mainly, and would become that the second people understand how people want to harm other merely. And the time to understand that does not take more than a plan split in a decennia. One second of love or something like that.

The spark of time won’t take that. Homo I am and I ll stay, as your hormones will say.
And bi

regret ring.

Lir, lure.
Lie. Lyrics.

Amen   dment
Amend, amende = fine in French, sanctions.

Convention establishes a committee of ten people' to monitor the conduct
Of all countries.

Cof-fu, confuse, cof-fin.
Confine, co fine, co – fee.

People are animal like in focusing on building homes, and nest, and spending so much time preening, caring for themselves.
But do that in destruction to others’ habitat and their own show that they won’t survive their clones.
Let spread.

And firms are let saying on and on that they provide you with a tablet providing over 100% of the vitamins required, whereas excess in vitamins is dangerous.

Be- tween

Dy        name.
Die, di=git.
Di = 10 or 2

Controversy in politics, in fact coming from verse and contradicted (contraindicated) as almost being a heresy beyond, against hegemony = the easy way to create money in a stolen, barren, rendered infertile meadow and land. (lead, and mercurochrome red)

On drugs
barren (bar-on) iron

Following, fol, fell, fall,           low-ing.

Ap pro                  ache
Ache = axe in French,
Ache = jerky, see-saw like.


Allegation, ligature, delegation.
Relegation, elevation, elongate, distortion.


Pedophiles are against homosexuality. Why?

Eleve = pupils in French
elever = bring up, educate.
Clever, deliver.

Lever. L evier.

Case studies utilised in the academic context, because there are so few examples that have been studied, or whose results are available or whose primary information are divulgate, fully and without covers or lies.
Vigil, wit out.

The atre. The acre.

The atre
In French atre the fireplace.


Sherry, yrrehs.
Backwards like iris like the red sherry, the yes, the eyes of a demon.

The rapist

The adherence effect that possess the water. If humidify matter stick together.
Deft, defer.
Enfer. Amber infers.
Faute, faust.


Hi deer hole, on university perdition and fees for pigeons.
Fess, fees, fake, faeces.
At face value academic and honesty don’t melt plus value.

To see like our double in a light of ghost escaping our bodies. Live like dead alive, and that spotted by our best friends only. And maybe at the end of the drama manage to survive but with pain that will handicap us till death.
Not free.
Like our knight, our old dinosaurs should be, but human kill the nest. Handy. Ended.

Spins doctors are now informed.  Psychological warfare.
All what these studies, testing the public opinion are for, I am afraid, is to test what the population is saying more or less officially. It is for the spin doctors to adapt their strategies.
It is to make believe that public opinion is enough in the making of law and in the respecting of alter ego. Such altruism.
No studies will be at the heart of actually debunking and finding corruption as it is, since scholars to study what people give them, the guinea pig, are only that allowed.
Just like in the judicial system, where judges are not authorised to start an investigation if it is not by other demanded (prosecution started privately).

In assuming that data from interviews (of type poor population of the south, are you trusting north countries or your own dictators??) is free delivery.
They will give you all, only and nothing but truth, as you are the almighty.

I think it is a bit ingénue to take result of a survey for what it is or what is ought to be, if one proffers (prof proof err) it should reflect the reality.
I do not think that interviewees would at any times suit 'the sweet and wild salvage' innocence that have been described and 'documented' widely in Victorian civilisation literature and even more in the contemporary.
if I was living in my country and that a rich academic from whose countries who might have well helped some systems a bit, more than a bit in some case, but notoriously puncture local economy, whose presidents and governments intervene not, but to sell cheap weapons, cheap yes but yet able to kill everybody... i won't try to exhaust the list or line of endeavour (misbehaviour of democracy). i do not think i would start giving my data or the data i encounter to everybody.
I you were the interviewee, tell me why you would entrust the questionnaire, the institutions or the guys collecting it. And if so, if you trust them, why??? What are the proofs available of their integrity???

Along my character yes i could have confided into someone who i would think and feel particularly lovely and sincere, but being a little more mature would also tell me even with the best of intention, that this lovely person, lady or fair man, (lady more like [a joke this one, viva homosexuality, though it is not a sexual comment, just in the west I am not forced to marry anyone, or less forced, and I also can marry the love of my life, which make things easy- at least on the instinct of destruction and lethal compulsion that someone will have and cultivate if the victims of such vital bullying- death and love are not linked in every mythology for naught) will be able to manage with their bureaucracy. Also, if I started to say it all and therefore if my witness becamea bit particular they would cut the corners for more amalgamy.
Talking to a wall, research for tally.
In UK, they let sexual exploitation happen and come in over exploited they are all, area, vampirised first ones (also called underdeveloped) to get what??

Again, i would tell them that they can return from where they are and run themselves a bath and forget about it. But that it is only me. Or i could try to tell all what i know to demonstrate i studied, but for what end, a dead apology.
Other i think would have the reaction of telling and interacting with the interviewer in shifting the reality, just are we paid to inform you? what you want from us phrase is quite telling actually? liberalism never talk about liberty. And being equal in front of nature the sole boss of everybody (abused since quiet and running deeper than politics or sociology)
To assume truth from the interviewee.
To assume that the people will believe it to be scientific and enough to reveal pattern of anything, like if the phenomenon could be studied.
It suits the dream of the elites; after what?
after in fact the only study they care for: what population is after, their reactions, their own strategies, ways to cope, their discourses showing, hiding, relativising, make better, be jocky.
the comble of irony, by the scholar guarding guarantee.
 and after?

To kill the guinea pig and let children die by the thousands is that the medicine of today.
Adjourned. aujourd’hui.

Tally, Attila.

The hydra, monster with 9 heads. The circle on top of 9 digit here could stand for one.
Nine, neuf in French = new.

Hydra, medusa, hidden.

“To take your life like lovers do”.

Moi j ai vecu avec le philosophe (la tete) dans les nuages ou dans la nature toute la journee.
Oui je peux bien imaginer.

I lived with the philosopher in the nymphes and asters, in the nature and come closer.
Imagine is for me a second thought that blossom the day I move towards the word destiny.

How bad, about.


Gram. Gran, grand.

Homosexuality have been made so much of a problem because it is attached to gender conflict, relation and organisational, cultural problem. They are huge, they are very threatening, they are the heart of the propaganda of politics of expansion, they are the discreet name for slavery and role configured just for life’s of lies and misery.
Gender and sex conflict.
Misery mystery certainty.
Life won’t be a miser, engrossing themselves.

I am fed up having to fear your reactions. I am off it. Love is not made to entertain doubt or distrust.
Put opt.

Poele = in French frying pan.

Sore did.
Sort. Out.

Peut eter etre.
Pleut, pluie, lui.
Plu, pli,

Poele, frying pan in French

No shortage
hort _ manifold? Exhort.
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSShort. To shorten their divinity.
I try my best by the rhyme of distinction and similarity. I don’t kill, I don’t eat what runs but still I would like being the tree that saw the weather for dinner and its wisdom past legibility.
Leg it mas, maze.
Mast and polarity.

i am sorry to say, but I found this picture (too) sexualised. I just wish I am wrong.

When you think that air is 70 % humidity.
Like the body, like the planet. TA AT


Flow. Low.
F calligraphic thick for example could look like waves linked.


Pain staking.
At stake.
Pain taking.

Ame = soul in French,          notice link with amen.
Ami = friend,         firend.   Fire end.

And al ie.
End a lie. Analogue.

Loue = rent.
Loup = wolf.
Luse = light on the loose.


apologies-1The image I am using here is from a poster from 2008 responding to the then right wing prime minister of Italy’s plan to create a national registry for all Roma people including fingerprinting (translated from Italian – “for greater safety you offer a finger to Maronites”). The article by Bernardo Parella where I found it is linked here.
C: I am not too sure where I stand about finger prints because of the rule of law potentially usable to reinforce and enforce injustices.
But take finger prints of one side of the population only, is to say that criminality is just one sided. It is a set up. And a lie.
But of course as long as the innocent or the one cornered to steal, discriminated against by people that blood-drain, drink dried,
As long as rule of law is feared by them.

Like the robot to which we can see humanity in which there is to deny too much similarity. A lure or a spark.
Why would’ nt one be able to recognise in object same virtue or life, death, and pain. When one’s reason d’etre. Won’t go and (is) refrained.
Etai = pillar or used to be.

Waste, and scrap will signal the end of humanity
He err old.
Herod. Erode.
1.     râle d'agonie death rattle
2.     [de blessé] groan


Ron, throne.

Wide levels of economic, that are the sine qua non of all respectful other word employed in politics and other sciences, have got for premises within our know politics arrag arrangement that one will have to work minimum of 8 hours a day to satisfy the society that they are worth living a living. = not have a house and try to protect our environment and other species but have a car, two cars, plane trips, bath, chemicals spreading, infects, infer injects,  insecticide not spare but spray.
Man insects, insects, and paricide. The planet that should do the same thing.
And god that endow her with patience but less patience will come to the ones that know we are, we were, a Cid.

Not working for progress or for research or for peace but working for what we know what is aimed at it. Alarming destruction. Vendetta that is called liberty.
Not employ to the protection but used to foray and s display.

The wrinkle in her hand formed like an eye and a face, could have been any shape, but it was a face of this living image, that was below.
Sharp sap.
And the time of old, in which the existence will show in and through your body furrow.
The existence of below.

Es table.

in French Ames means souls. Even more interesting (striking) I think when you think of amen.
O-MEN. Like divinatory, or lyrics and ode, a praise or appraisal.
An invective or directive, a hail.


Et hic.
Thick tick.


By then the crb will be traceable and if not we could do one, in hoping they like me. I hope the service user will get her independence more and more. are there advised lines of actions a propos her vulnerability? how one is supposed to take steps or interact with her if one feels she might put herself in danger, in her interactions with others for example. I do not know it might also be the reason why she has 24 hours care. do you know if there is someone the carer can talk with to report progress, or simply ask advices on situations, etc...
these are just questions I would have before the interview. I think that it is the other side of her care plan. employability, sociability, activity but with what might be daunting, potential vulnerability.

Of course, everyone fears? Prefer or prevent, prevail or pervert, about set up if new policies put in place. Of course because how come in the first place bad things happen? Who would set up if better things were tried to be put in place?

Unveils neo liberalistic bias (western or others placing growth above everything else).

Line     nil

A lie, nation.

Equality folliage.
Before god, and ethics.

Equality folliage.
Before god, and ethics.

Umber lass.

The same, debt people, calling, texting endlessly.
I ask numerous time they erase me from their lists, but some give the number to many other companies. loan, etc., sharks rod.

Show, showing.
 How,  how.
Saut = leap forward.

Female symbol.
Symbol of the cross.
And the holy trinity.       Bearing creation. And creativity.
Grave to the cradle.
Read, rad,   = French is   raft.

I am done.
I am don.

The government that should be here to make sure every one can work while making a living doing a job that is giving not taking out of the present and future generations of species. All species without need for specifications.

Between Scylla and Charybdis
Scylla, sci-Sicily.


Char                  y                            bdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdb is the whirl Pool, pull

Zeal or all hells break loose.


Call Taxonomy

:          so it comes from court,           and not curt??
courtesy (ˈkɜːtɪsɪ)
n, pl -sies
C.ET:          so it comes from court,           and not curt??

D. Cameroon your noble preaching praising the voluntaries. For him the note for you the lavatory. Lavish of incentives, no counter-band, or poachers, this time the UK won’t banish slavery.

The head of England with council like realm and the Scottish that will make history, a ‘head of state’ leaving afloat, and drifting not drafting for the UK.

The face of the nanny state, version milk snatching.
In Britain, they fuck the hoddies instead of education recipe.
See, MPs scandals, Jimmy Saville and PIE, and BNP which is a French bank but with that kind of global bonuses corruption won’t have an end, without the (h)en of the species.

See, MPs scandals, Jimmy Saville and PIE, and BNP
That is called wealth accumulate.

Mulato without exit. Sont des or sorties.
Desormais. Disorder.
Et des orties. Neddles and hords.
Hurde, hurdles.
Hurler, howl.           Hurl, earl.

Wipe whip.
Whip,                  MP

Score urge.

Academic, cadet.

To be judged in the light of one’s mistakes without taking account of the success. What kind of professionalism or state of mind at work or at play, would that generate?

A bow.

Inequalisation, injustices in equation

When people say ‘gay are bad to society’, they feed hate as the normal tac for tic reaction to that, is to say, that hetero does exactly the same. Effect, affect.

Could have the apple been chosen to represent the fruit of a painfully acquiered knowledge, since it is one of these fruits that older people can difficultly co crock.

Crock,      onomatopoeia for crunch with jaw.
Oh nom = name

crock1 (krɒk)

1. an earthenware pot, jar, or other container.
2. a fragment of earthenware; potsherd.
[before 1000; Middle English crokke, Old English croc(c),crocca pot, c. Old Norse krukka jug]
crock2 (krɒk)

1. one that is old or decrepit.
2. Slang. a person who complains about or insists on being treated for an imagined illness.
3. an old worn-out horse.
4. Brit. Slang. to disable or injure.
[1300–50; Middle English crok old ewe, perhaps akin to crack (v.) and obsolete crack whore; compare Low German krakke broken-down horse]
crock4 (krɒk)

n. Slang.
something false or exaggerated; humbug.

C.ET: also the apple is to be found wild widely in the world.

on·o·mat·o·poe·ia  (ŏn′ə-măt′ə-pē′ə, -mätə-)
The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

[Late Latin, from Greek onomatopoiiā, from onomatopoios, coiner of names : onoma, onomat-, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots + poiein, to make; see kwei-2 in Indo-European roots.]

ono·mato·poeic, ono·mato·po·etic (-pō-ĕt′ĭk) adj.
ono·mato·poei·cal·ly, ono·mato·po·eti·cal·ly adv.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.




A butterfly of all colors in the nature, amongst air, view and plants he will find fine.

Language, slang.
The way of turning one’s tongue in order not to be followed, dumb, dub.
Langue = tong.


c.  tongues Speech or vocal sounds produced in a state of religious ecstasy.
4. Archaic To scold.
have/speak with a forked tongue
To speak deceitfully; prevaricate or lie


Ton, tone.

Sees it.          Lover lv oversee it
how lover sees it.          Size it.

Lover,                            over.

Corruption does exit, exist, does belong.
F f corrupted to the core.

Exit, exist.        It              ist  - est = to be. Essen, essence.

Gefallen like fallen, faust and the paradise lost; Milton and bronte.

Ify, dEf definition.
Finition, dimension.

Manipulation of the rail. Real.
Rail = same approximatively to reel = real in frenzy frenchy.

Typically, this civil society organisation could well be accused of reacting like a business and not like a non-profit, desiring corruption to persist just for them to benefit indirectly from it.  The perfect image of western own corruption.
Even though this example sounds too far reached, as it is not like if corruption is not a problem intrinsic to democracy and the desire of working and living in state of justice-     that would imply amongst its pillars: corruption eradication.

And uncontroversially
In control.

Fourmi = ants in French.
Fourmille =swarm, warm, hive of activity.
Four, = 4 and oven
Fournil. Oven in a bakery or mill, bake house, where you could picture everyone pro protecting it.

Raffia palm
The Raffia palms (Raphia) are a genus of twenty species of palms native to tropical regions of Africa, and especially Madagascar,

C.ET:                     RASTA                    AND                   RAPHAEL.

Graft         by thefreedictionary
a. A detached shoot or bud united or to be united with a growing plant.
b. The union or point of union of a detached shoot or bud with a growing plant by insertion or attachment.
c. A plant produced by such union.

C.ET: and plants, vegetal manage to do that, just like the geologic sustainability of mineral.
Proven superiority, so abhorrent to the human vanity.

·       * rich, the assumptions, the clam claim that one has to be rich to experience more perceived security, and liberty or other rights that are in fact here depict as luxury. Because of what. Because of rich in this sense means “rich compared”.
·       means “rich compared” to the ones we looted.
·       A heck of a hitch. Etch. Itchy. Loosy, scabby.


SCARY, SCARCE. , scarcity.  
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscary. Cary, cary, cary, ary. Cary, cary, cary,

Brook, rock, rook. Roster.
As a poetic image, not politics since ethics are gone with the boo blood of nefarious mephisto vampire mage. Age have has not hit the human page.

On one cannot, shall not, refuse all the good that derive, emanate from other communities. As each time that is done, it make vain the pain full of the millenaries endure to stop these effect.
Spill highly in error came horrors when mistakes are for real, not but yes when for whores, the efforts.

Worsen, horsen.
Ride famine and family.

Trans                                             parency
Heritage of ancestrality, DNA,
Not a gift of family but from the beginning of what preceded humanity. Animality. Nia, nina, l ami, A ni mal. Mal = evil in French, not pertaining to it.

C.ET: It tales takes all of that, a petition signed by 100 thousands, a campaign, etc…for legal aid to be granted by ministerial ‘courtesy’ for someone killed by the police mistakenly
Who still wants of this kingdom??

Tales takes

The affection needed to bond physically and proscribe attempt to body harm, also to know how blossom a body in trust go for the warm.
And between fall into all emotions, sensations without the will to leave one’s passion.
Or to not touch people with affection but in the view of controlling, compliance to sin and submission- not to see further than human relations, and compulsion- to sexual exploitation.

When one more than embrace but mary life, as in taking care of, assuming responsibility, know and fight, take dread dream drake drastic actions that go on up to despair, caress and revigorate, inspect, heal, nurse and suspect.
To marry life for the deity, to meet its highness, in all spot of duty, in all spot of beauty.

Myrrh marry.


Price disciplines.
Scythe.                           SEE THE???
Seethe. Teeth.             Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee theeeeeeeeeeeeee
Si        eve.                                   Seth.

To have one’s head and brain that spins. Spin.
Pin down.
Not of all its senses, its sensations or its sense of purposes.

I rely on sight all day, but what if evolution was laying on other illuminations, such as close my yes and eyes and censor. Think through the day. Feel through another ways.

To breed, construct mulato, as people wanted to fight along sking color lines is very easy. Introduce one cross one time and come back to eligible skin color and noise size breeding. Yeah yeah it is no racism it is breeding that killed humanity and its evolution. Or at least unjustified as long as any individual indifferently are preserved, them and their DNA, problem is that they are not, so is breeding justified? No because it stands as a consequences when in fact it is a cause. It would be honestly the consequences of us wanting to preserve all dna. Then we would protect all individuals and if breeding means it is not a consequences but causes racism, it means that consequently we will be increasingly go backwards, try to to things better out of our own little and slashed, and petty way. Instead of having espouse the nature variety and ability.
Dead insist.
In                                  cyst.
The cancer of derogativity.
Rogue gravity.

To investigate


It is just like PIE due to firstly allowed inappropriate invasion of private and personal space as a social convention on TV.
Just like it was constantly on dirty dancing with the main presentator-anchor.
It is depravation but beyond it, it is predation.

When I say appropriation, it is objectivation, the other as your property. It is vile, not need to be scandalised at the outcomes, it is generalise and advertise such rapes one by one, as it is implicitly what is recommended: the person in power, watch by millions, set the comportment and comments.
It should have gathered all objections.
Instead of that. Britain find two guys who have managed to get 200 convictions to try and start making a wayout and getting away with it for themselves.
A scandal is when people do not know.
Else is collaboration.

In zones prone to inundations and flooding, people will get to think each time it’s raining now.
Get to think each time it rains now.
Eaten by the elements the way humanity ate its components.

Imagine yourself shouting zeus to the skies.
ZEUS      IS a sound that can pierce and mount, go high.
In English it means ze, zoo                     us.
In French it means eu, eux,                oeuf, = eu eggs,                                 eux = the others.

English descent not from the latin OF Ancient times or of the ancients directly but from one of its form, FRENCH. ?? ?? ?? ?
Like the bible, a support to a common language, as to language everyone stays for its life time an apprentice, as for the rest of all sciences.
A book that have the vital advantage to talk about survival for everyone, and everyone in spirituality. Advantage and responsibility. A religion content. The education and survival of all its people = humanity.

Human not in control but repository.

Because I support you.

I like your way of approaching LGBT issues. Everyone’s love.
I know you may not have all the resources needed.
I happened to listen to one of your radio interviews in which the anchor said you were not very paid. I also support this, because in the nonprofit sector, directors may be very well paid while there is no much, practically an absence of workers. Conclusion can be drawn, apart from fundraising and PR, and HR maybe, not a lot is actually done pragmatically.

I would like to do like you, be my own boss and work as an activist.
or simply work for a NGO actually.

I quoted you quite a lot, but they are on posts that I still have to edit. I ll do it end of summer after university.

I grew with the terror of the impossibility of marrying, or of courting the person of my dream simply.
and dreams make what is life possibly. It makes life love, and love life.
Or what make life possible.
so I am for your approach definitely.

PS: if you needed any one in term of staff, as, I cannot do intern I am too short financially and too busy, even if for very few hours for a short term, I could work, research, French translation (interesting when it comes to Africa continent, I think it is the continent that needs pure help the most (people flee Africa as there is no jobs nor high salary). Africa has been plundered completely- it is even not help but compensation that should be called actually) or anything, be sure I could work a lot for very little, I d like to be able to work in a NGO but I am a mature student with a long working class job history. And in the nonprofit sector, we score on volunteer unpaid opportunities. back to Victorian area, it could be very threatening this, even (more) for us homos, and bi. and anybody that don't fit the election story, elective elites said to be. I enjoy creative writing or vocabulary. This is not a genuine cover letter - I know that however I would like to really, there is too much competition and resources scarcity for you to take me- similar to my blog just drafty, draft of conventions and atrocities.

Thank you very much for your answers Mr Tatchell. and if you need anything.
You know even in term of reunion and meeting, I went years without girlfriend due to having avoided without much choice transportation fees. For us girls also there are very limited themes. one may end up having to socialize hours with a very little numbers of peers whose affinities for a long term relationship are unlikely. And I was not one for socialization. So it ended up in isolation.
If I had a comment it could be that you might need to mention girls more often. Lesbians are like any other woman potentially very frightened and threatened by exclusion and misogyny; like gay men.
Perhaps could you post some info or debates about extended family??  Questions of society will have to get to the fore, the questions of maternity and paternity etc…and how to raise our kids harmoniously. 

Yours sincerely,

Transparency, currency.

The world is made with rules that have been shaped authoritatively and accepted, ticked or ticked off, by elites, by rulers aiming, or having strategically (gail, gall or piracy, fabric, galore haddock) to do with the pressures.
And on and on, we are asked to resonate with the rules of the rulers.
Providing provider. Provide providence or pittance or remittance.
But since humans are not gods, one day they will know no better.
And bitter won’t content insuffisance, and place to the pain they convoke or invoke for dolour .
Dole hour.
When revoked by their disasters.
Yet again this is a human centred note. Too much, yes again too much, since it won’t be for the thankings that nature will ply and bend to get rid of the infamy. The famine in which human brought about all species. And around no echo for humans to determine, extermine.

Human rights single honours study graduate. Single honours via social or political sciences for BA or BS students does not exist any longer in the UK, and are almost inexistent elsewhere (2 universities programs in the USA).

Case studies utilised in the academic context, because there are so few examples that have been studied, or whose results are available or whose primary information are divulgate, fully and without covers or lies.
Vigil, wit out.

The atre. The acre.

The atre
In French atre the fireplace.


Si mill,                     in French if thousands,               si = if                          is mill.
Seem lard lord

Sense, cite.

:           it is how investigators become themselves corrupt. Almost inevitably if overwhelmed by external corruption.

Like dg dragons, all resembling chickens, when prone to excitation, the fire comes out.
In vain? A culture of apathy. Pasta pat pastry party.
Party as in ply pal plan politics and plurality.
Looting vendetta vendre = sell hypocrisy.

Vain? Vine.

Too row.
Two row

LINGUISTICALLY AND IN FACT IN EVERY LANGUAGE, I would be curious to know the relation of the words and characters or syllables between them. Perhaps particularly or more regularly between the first characters, first letter in a word

Between bitten.
Systematically stem.           Thematic. Sys, sister act.

TTTTTTTTTTTTThe                                        the                                     he
TTTTTTTTTTTTTTThat                                      hat                        haste
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNo                                    no                   o
Honest                                                             hone nest
Own nest.

Liik at this one,                               sample not ample.
Map hap pen.

That is the result of a state abandoning its citizens to self-defense or more subtly to the rules of the more armed and trigger-happy.

On rep respecting animal lives compared to own’s own.
C.ET:     problem is, we guess that it is not one of these heroes, able to merge with animal instinct of conservation and survival, as well as the one of respect, that the policies will be coming from.
With policies they will end up being drugged, parked, bred, whatever red tapes fakes will be able to invent to feel their sovereignty.

Not the wide world war, but wild life organisations.
By the WWW.

The story of disability…that are in fact, will turn to be difference in ability.

(To have) because of exploring not alternative to give? To kill animals.
I was admiring the videos of this sir. but it is why we should get to keep animals in the wild, because an animal lover cannot feed animals with other animals. and when you are not an animal lover, you should not keep them. I wish sciences would do whatever they could to stop animal to have to eat other animals. be vegan.

I have been.

Ich bin.


Doc trine.
Latrine.     Rhine,
Rain, rein = kidney in French, kidney not kindness.
A kid of a kind.


Ot. Oft.

Stem, the tem, them, theme,

Re tile. Ter reptile. Tile rep.
Re pile.        Tell.
Respite, spite, retire, rest a, rest all, rectal, rectangle
Revile, reveal.
split rectum hidden, take that.

Appeal, appears.

Me                         dia = two

A idem,                 idem,                hid aim.
An item,      met      in.

In        terro = soil, compost, earth        gate,
Intero. In vitro.

De  traction
Detr  action
D estrier, decrier, destroyer. .
Destin, esquire.

doc- acum dentation


troy,                   trojan horse.
Here say, hearsay, heresy.