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JADE J’AIDS: Chapter VI Nan Chang, the Nadja: cobra royal where altogether also mountains playfullyed hide


Nan Chang, the Nadja: cobra royal where altogether also mountains playfullyed hide

Nan Chang: a forever island                                                      



Amalgam,           even a problem with exploitation as exploitation is also a simple economic world, not generally positive, but still used as a word of pride by capitalist theories and systems, hinting here as how prostitution could pass as being  work, its justification and officialisation. At least we can demonstrate here how a professionalization of prostitution could called what is rapes, tortures, crimes against humanity into a pre training sessions. To people disagreeing, I would suggest that people for, agreeing with prostitution, then prostitute themselves in guise of a ‘solution’.
A horror, an error, and nonetheless an opportunity

Proves of the state of mind of social worker system, disempowered, threaten by a system of laissez faire but never independently under surveillance. Private sectors not linked with the thousands other kids without help, not worried by result driven policies.

With rids
with risks.

And what if the carer does not report abuses committed himself or by a tiers party.

Economic does not have to mean production, it is about security, about the massage session one is able to pay without increasing their stress thinking of a pension that won’t be paid, about arts, and how to protect our environment time, leisure to participate in wellbeing of beyond that the communities


C.ET:Within that types of discourses, where health might become a way of adbancing political agenda, enriching certain people and institutions to the detriment of others, as develop goes hand in hand with vandalism on older object or unfashionable ways and the lethally threating pollution. Somewhat a person attends for what she will bring of health to her community, economic potential, to a community that would and have used her life for the same effect as a prostitute. In this framework of ideas the individual still belongs to the community who is asked to bring her health in order to be able to have better reconduction, or production rate. Of course it is certainly a way to explain why prostitution is bad and counter effective, ultimately damaging individuals and society, but to explain it only and to justifying only as a worse investment on return is bordering infantilisation of the people one is addressing, as well as being completely oblivious of how other ways of life- risks taking, politisation, pionnerism, invention, exploration, resurgence, insurgence, polyvalence, beyond data. Yet again the stigmatisation of prostitution serving the mainstream society into they are above questioning, because they are more healthy?

C.ET :a means to an end theorisation all over the literature and put forward by the unicef itself, that is of utmost concern. Following the cosmopolitan view that we might not reach an agreement because we agree on the causes but on the outcomes. Here the socially raped and imprisoned in socio economic role and prostitution is still the object of instrumentalisation, view as a data, a way of basic health not overall stances of the how exploitation and sexual exploitation is done, not mention of the level of atrocities taken place. A taboo on the state of our society, displacement of the subject on how come this type of violations co-occurs with wealth and a more modernised, efficient, elaborated world, that allow have and have-nots and could start counting prostitution as work, children as robotisation via foetus modification, organs trade a stock exchange activities

Financial, but how a right and a duty to education and work permitting self sufficiency would not beat the problem. Would solve the problem and if problem subsisting not financial or then just because with or without money people would be still coerced into it.
Give money to the victims, while money has been the tools or the motives of perpetrators.

Any sorts of abuses
Beyond sociabilisation.
Empowerment of expression stops when threats to disclosure approach
what about it?              What has really been done. One constatation, even in school which are the only massive serious tool against it provided universal education is actually provided, which is not always the case even in countries that pledged it or in countries where denominational or private schools would like by magic being not concerned or could try to wriggle out of it , there are no traces of tools against scourge of incests, sexual exploitation or even the notion of any sorts of abuses. 

Just like explained in the first chapter of this essay, though holistic approaches are necessary to prevent abuses the fact that donors and actions deal with all ranges of child exploitation covering labor, physical violences etc, diminish clear and sustained program specificially on sexual exploitation or sexual abuses to take place. We also have seen that added to the confusion on how to define and target precisely those abuse, the sense of its being particularly horrendous, and the sense of its gravity, and with it the appropriateness of sanctions and the emergency of such situations, all of them have been affected and people are left in inaction or without the necessary tools.
No mercy, emergency.

Se, sometimes we sa start, we stare at stars and feel we are in communication with the environment, animals, flore and fauna, oj, objects that are around, cosmic, get in touch with the events.
Vent = wind in French.
But also, so they may.                            Feeling in touch with a human being though observing and repus, saoul et lase, et blasé of its convc convc conviction of suep superiority.

DNA co-lapses.
Abcess, access. Excess.
XL of fashionable new hell.

Co They are then the victims of victims or of less well-off people. It is certainly when the sense of nations and society does not make no more sense and when dire poverty and atrocities are just in the open air, with everyone knowing, with the power of proving, and breaking the chains, but with no one even starting. Even if in general BBC or other type of mass mediatisation are not very informative, images speak of this. 

Monetarisation. commodisation
Where one could start being afraid that prostitution backed by many as work could lead to more and more sexual crimes against children and less and less actions, and less and less possibility for valid, substantial opposition.
Even unemployment that props flexibility, censorship, and people keeping jobs that barely earn them to survive, politically could unemployment be directly ‘wanted’ due to people kept into prostitution and people keeping them in this isolated system, a torture scheme more than a prison. Could unemployement be what ensures supply for stealing of all kinds –down to the most horrific, and that will bar us for ever to put aside society and humane- to prevail?
prostitution as work
Co      But having said that the reason why one might be so at a dead end is the way that, and this for every family, there are no places within the society at large, where children and people might exchange out of an exploitive context and just live within a public place. For this it would also mean that this space organised itself in order to supress inequity happenings. That is one cannot consider to be ethically right whenever elsewhere people suffer still from wrongs and in this case from horrendous acts perpetrated on them, while no acting when it is possible. This would suit a definition of the obscene so often used to describe gaps between poverty and richness and the mediatisation around it: from a culture of secrecy we then assist, become the audience of one of apathy, from wrong-doing that are in fact made in the society name since we are the ones standing but by the no-doing.

U look beautiful, today. good day?

Amalgam in research under the shape

Of aggregation of data. Instead of the data being for children they are about adults (Daniel D Broughton)

However, how many more specialists have been put on the task, we know that results suffer from a categorisation that does not differentiate adults from children. The vagueness and approximation of this so called research -no qualitative research (Bryman,           Hart,       ) even of lesser quality could argue to obtain such poor, in fact misleading, almost senseless, dataless, perhaps demeaning view on how amalgamation of suffering just take place. The data emerging from research are so agglomerated that one cannot always differentiate people suffering from domestic violence, poverty, lack of education, or whether the trafficking took place as sexual or work exploitation (Dottridge,    ) 
. The practical reasons of the origins of this entangled picture of real situations is that problems are accumulating each other. Also one of the (sometimes made by the perpetrators purposefully) main factors rendering people less and less apt at fighting back. So someone may be on statistics when she is a woman, though having been a victims since she was a child; she might suffer from drugs abuses, prostitution, mental health, and illnesses related diseases. She might be exploited as a worker, and also abused and used sexually. She might be the object of trade, be on record for poverty (             ). 


Most sexual abuse goes unreported (Whitakera et al., 2008)

Social care,               providing little more than housing, and no education, a system of complain where work and constrain are seen as unwelcome, not an antidote but the quasi ideal setting for prostitution to take place. Robbed of their skills cognitive and inter personal.

The conclusive comment is how little is done, and contrarily how serious the propagation or at least the consolidation of the problems is, through technical means and more and more complex networks and associations, of a finally one cannot be more egregious crimes. A consensus on ‘that should never happen again’ has been issued on crimes such as genocides. Remembrances days and regular campaigns have endeavoured bringing to awareness these horrors of the past in order to actualise and warn against still present ones. However, how has been make possible that daily rapes and molestations, the sexual exploitations of children- without forgetting the adults- be regarded and sanctioned just as type of genocide- or as its legal equivalent, punished and dealt with just like any gross crimes against humanity should be treated?

Like genocide, that is called the G word, people, researchers cannot comprehend the suffering it has occasioned and still goes on, as to be betrayed by people but also by the society as a whole, that cannot really heal. Not in a psychological, mental, even rational sense as victims are beyond aware of a society having left them to offenders as sexual preys.
Reason why, society itself allow it to perdure? Both guilty and victims?                   i.e. remission not possible.


Furthermore, by robbing children of their ability to reach their full potential, sexual abuse and exploitation of children have negative implications for a society’s development as a whole. (Broughton, 2009) (O Briain, 2006). There is no doubt about this, harming a part is harming the whole, but while harm to children is averred (and not averted) if someone too much insist upon ‘their health for our health’, they may also ensure a continuity towards a self-servicing, self-aware, self-centred viewpoint and justification of others’ lives. These people alive in order to facilitate mine, or more precisely like the one registered and approved by a system. Could be if taken as the main equilibrium point, a barter against used by one towards used by all. 

Once again robbed by information network, or robbed of information and how the news are run. Only one story one at a time, impeach the bigger picture to emerge, result maybe of what cannot be investigated, journalists cannot hold only on witnesses but would have to process onto the gathering of other types of evidence.
Bbc only channel on the subjects of the investigations, first part presented as the police men presented them, without critical analysis, or even a bigger pictures placing investigations under some kind of quantifications, or a way for the audience to be informed overall on the actions of the forces. Constantly on the fore what have been caught as evidence, pictures, videos in which the victims’ face and intimate parts were covert, children being assaulted and rape, YET AGAIN REPORTING ALMOST FEATURING THE ABUSES. CLEARLY PICTURES THAT WOULD BE CLASSIFIED X IF THEY WERE NOT IMAGES OF TORTURES, AND RAPES.
Investigation taking months in having proved that rapes and indecent assaults occurred resulting in a couple of year in prison only- some bigger sentences though. people, adults in their 30’s, and of all older age proven guilty of raping children whose bigger sentences will be to stay on the sex offenders register for life.

4C: seclusion and networks as well as possibility therefore politics allowing such violations to such a scale to happen. Of course if one individual was victims of pedophilia it would not be a lesser violations, but numbers legitimised and render less and less impossible hope for interventions, changes, preventions,     even educations???

C.ET:                   like genocide, that is called the G word,   people, researchers cannot comprehend the suffering it has occasioned and still goes on, as to be betrayed by people but by the society asa whole cannot really heal. Not in a psychological, mental, even rational sense as victims are beyond aware of a society having left them to offenders as sexual preys.

On the other hand, culture, generation clashes themselves and not change by themselves just would exhort revenge, abandon, and people exercising their duty of mutual protection. If the society you live in starts being against you, then living would rapidly become a dead-end, whence the necessity of safeguards of minority as well as safeguarding democratic principles guaranteeing equality for everyone.

Th, ht.                 the height.
Ht, in French haut, high.


Against, absent, assent.

A loss.

Quasi contrarily to others, the US have politicians and police forces clearly involved.


Or the gap between parents and infants, or inter-generational gaps, and vice-versa. To the old towards the youth, or from the youth to the old.

Parents. Filial.

Firm, farm.

Could the disreparencies between what is done and talked about be explained by the very gravity and the overwhelming numbers of people living out of sexual exploitation and paedophiles themselves? Could the disparities between the horrors of this situation and the pauperism of actions come from a tacit societal agreement or laissez faire. Could, what a Marxist writer called the prostitution of work, work for what the body can produce blindly on order (and not what we can produce out of physical, intellectual, moral efforts will attain), have brought the fight against the most terrible scourge in a state of inertness? Or in a state of terrors for those, not the ones who read or don’t about it, but for those who are hopeless victims for being left without help while their abusers are thriving with money.
Should be almost considered not the substantial intervention matter but a one off alongside ‘a never again spirit’ that would see no a better rescue device only but the need to rescue be lessen not by inaction or fatalism but because of the criminals given up what is considered in most of the literature as lucrative, easy to purvey trafficking, ‘sold’ to people less and less mentally competent, or too insane to see and act on their own action, and therefore increasingly unable to stop the circle of sheer horrors, but rather determined to bring it to completion (i.e., organised, rationalised sexual abuses on children. Within a postmodern area where black poverty, increasing riches gaps, ‘epidemic prostitution’ in general, unfair, here on purpose unemployment, and bad economic and political practises add to any pornographisation legitimation.). Actions focused and develop in the stopping before any violations happens = more severe sentences, and systematic tracking.

Nevertheless, praising or pointing out the families more at risks may be a defective way. To state that a single parent family or poor parents are less apt at protecting children does not explain that it is not their skills, be it quantitative or qualitative, but more systematically the fact that they are themselves targeted or left unprotected by the community at large. Again it will typically reject the fault on the mother or on the person with less means without analysing how and with which ‘means of pressure’ people will be forced relevantly enough to more traditional ways, thus including not option than marriage or accept protection be them financial or physical at worse cost. Pointing out constantly family because they do not meet the regular criteria, here single mother in particular, might well be said to constitute an endangering factor, but because they found no facility to raise their child while working, or simply because traffickers and society competing for work, will be at the coordinating point where abusing and even abducting a child become possible.

Below are some traits and coping strategies that demonstrate the gravity of the sequels that make victims of abuses very difficult to help or even to reach. Ways of coping includes self-harm echoing the suffering inflicted on them and also the attempt at stopping a situation by auto-destruction since there are no apparent way-out.
We can see that independence from society, i.e. earn money or not having to ask for help illustrate how help here is not the word one should use. To stop abuses should not considered as help or charity but the duty of any communities. The many endorsements by many academics and policies to prostitution as a profession legitimise children sexual abuses, it also professionalises them. A system of depersonalisation, where people stop feeling, stop working for their own good, where work do not equate to enhance well-being, participation to common goods (Power, 2015) or communion to society but creating coping strategies or dependence legitimising the abusers’’ deeds or organisations.
Coping, adapting to victims whose balances and esteem have been destroyed.


On the coming back of psychology.
Otherwise than sending you to their something counsellor fantasising high graded psychiatrist under a Stalinist regime, but it is not all delusions as he has been taken by the uni one of those purpose is to prevent people actively talking about the UK ace and world and worldly appealing center for FGM, Sharia law, ex-PIE, human trafficking, mercy killing campaigning

There is disclosure, as how victims managed to understand how they can report it, but there is disclosure on how society as a whole manages, is willing to face speaking about what happens, how it can be, and should be stopped. That is by the state intervention if necessary. But of course what if scapegoatisation, setting up parents or others, and destroy lives in turn, as the same mentality that permits children to be sexually abused or enslaved, would permit the notion of paedophilia to help them with destroying the lives of those falsely or fakely accused with it- that clearly deserves worst term of imprisonment and disqualified sanity, and responsibility (could affect right to vote, obviously to certain professions, and in fact affect people action and interaction within society. When in fact in turn people would be held at gunpoint with such accusations, ironically orchestrated by the actual abusers themselves, as well as how adults/children relationship could be affected in the distanciation people would have to take facing a suspicion or rather frantic control done out of hysteria or power abuses. -). How can we deem a child or teen to disclose what society itself maintains practically unspoken for.

Legality, illegality. Egal = equal in French.

F av           or.
Have, four.

The eyes that look for a still background, elsewhere and on T.V.


They has pledged, advocated, argued.

Co:         SO HOW COME.???????????                        Perversion, raise in phenomenon, ignorance in the past, social changes, more awareness, less youth marriage, arranged marriage, more police participation…?               And from today. Perversion?           Knowing, morally condemning but leave it as it is, coming back to almost putting it on the victims’ particularity to have been a victim rather than on the system, since system untouched, violators unprosecuted, and victims diagnosed.

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[01:47:05]: no you know i am too hard on others. i am ap parano, etc.............miss u. skype tomorrow?

Reports, port, import, tent.


I super regret not having taken the chocolate with me. I miss it too much over the more than the last year too expensive to buy.
I super regret not having taken the chocolate with me. I miss it too much over the more than the last year too expensive to buy.
I super regret not having taken the chocolate with me. I miss it too much over the more than the last year too expensive to buy.

We anticipate this will be towards the end of May 2016. You will also be notified via email of confirmed dissertation marks and MA Award recommendation after the Board of Examiners which has been scheduled for the 21st June 2016.

Terre pizdabol.

Just don't go to Harris, he fleeced me, he accepts arrangements n then take ur 3-month caution. he is on gumtree, a few properties. he does not pay his staff; in fact he does not have staff officially.... He is a professional conman with a lawyer and a bailiff. 
Mafia landlord.

Comparison with the victims’ situations to the perpetrators’ strikingly worrying.
The whole gap identified when needs and necessities are compared to actions undertaken, and in the case of SAAC the one cannot be more dolorous preponderant failure on their termination can be explained by this implicit but certainly convincing unconvicting formulas.

Furthermore, very serious questions about definition or wording are present through core texts. Severe lexical malapropism such as disserting about ‘the prostitution of children’ rather than sexual atrocities, or about an industry of sex rather than designating it as the conduction of gross crimes - crimes that with not doubt when organised or the subject of re-offending belong to crimes against humanity.
However, one will have to interrogate themselves on whether this is a language problem.
The jobs of academics and anyhow of professionals in many papers and lectures or interviews, and in fact purely academic ones, that have for responsibilities to establish communication, public relations, and a common and shared vocabulary cannot misuse words by mistake on a regular basis. The work of scholar is to understand and use words in an appropriate manner as they convey directly or indirectly the frame of meaning in which the more official side of society will be able to communicate, legitimising vocabulary can only be the officialisation of atrocities into trade.

The one,

Linen, line, clothes.

Interdict, intermit.

Though raising awareness offers great hope as it would transform the latent inaction and silent by default postures taken by the authorities, the vast pool of ideas and prototypes projects inducing awareness raising might also hide the fact that campaigning the public could have become NGOs’ prerogatives. And that on the other hand scrutiny by or into the states, only true powerful enough to beat very organised criminals apparel or entire communities will not be possible.




People don't have money, and moreover they are afraid, resource depletion, security, food security even. And want to keep their old ways. Partying funny.


Early rally.


Off           ice.

           Even a problem with exploitation as exploitation is also a simple economic world, not generally positive, but still used as a word of pride by capitalist theories and systems, hinting here as how prostitution could pass as being work, its justification and officialisation. At least we can demonstrate here how a professionalization of prostitution could called what is rapes, tortures, crimes against humanity into a pre training sessions. To people disagreeing, I would suggest that people for, agreeing with prostitution, then prostitute themselves in guise of a ‘solution’.

Health reasons given as the redundant reasons for countering paedophilia, not the necessary attacks on predators
In terms of resolution, and justifications in debates, the overemphasis on health to justify condemning sexual abuses against children may indicate that the health of children here is primordial to establish, as cynically as it is, as only the least of its consequences can be expressed through words: that sexual exploitation is profoundly harming to its victims and the society as a whole. The society is partly guilty of it, which is never the case with the victims.
In analysing ‘the reasons given’ and the objectives for improvement, two opposing effects might come to mind. Campaigns may be very convincing thanks to their comprehensive approach, aiming at helping victims or potential victims with all aspects of their lives. These campaigns are very reassuring because they explicitly aimed at the elimination of what brings and keeps people in sexual abuses and slavery. However, the great insistence on women’s physical and mental health and their ability ‘to other kind of productions’, see (Whitaker et al., 2008) is or may be again a way of minimising why sexual abuses must be stopped. Within that types of discourses, health might become a way of advancing political agenda, enriching certain people and institutions to the detriment of others. Somewhat a person’s needs are attended for what she will bring ‘materially’ to her community’s economic potential, to a community that would and have used her life for the same effect via ‘prostitution’. In this framework of ideas, the individual still belongs to the community who is asked to bring her health in order to be able to have better re-conduction, or production rate. Of course it is certainly a way to explain why prostitution is bad and counter effective, ultimately damaging individuals and society as both lose potentiality and capacity, but to explain it only and to justifying only as a worse investment on return is bordering infantilisation of the people one is addressing. Yet again the stigmatisation of prostitution serving the mainstream society in that they are above questioning, because they are healthier?
There is a growing recognition that the prevention of child sexual abuse is a critical public health concern (Daro, 1994;Hammond, 2003; McMahon & Puett, 1999; Mercy, 1999; Whitaker, Lutzker, & Shelley, 2005 in Whitaker et al., 2008, p.541)

Ultimately, to try to convince people or perpetrators of the wrong doing through means to an end theorisation all over the literature and put forward by the UNICEF itself, is of utmost concern. Following the cosmopolitan view that we might not reach an agreement not because we agree on the causes but on the outcomes. That is prostitution might well be ok, or not here is not the question, women’s health only and not the way people treat people and maintain them into prostitution. Here the socially raped and imprisoned in socio economic role and prostitution is still the object of instrumentalisation, view as a data, a way of basic health not overall stances of the how exploitation and sexual exploitation is done, not to mention of the level of atrocities taken place. A taboo on the state of our society, displacement of the subject on how come this type of violations co-occurs with wealth and a more modernised, efficient, elaborated world, that allow have and have-nots and that anyhow could start counting prostitution as work. Within these programs, some initiatives can drive away from helping the victims as far as harnessing the ‘distribution of condom or sexual health advise instead of tracking down perpetrators and punishing them with penalties’ (Siverts, 2003). If one cannot deny that it will be preventing sexual transmissible diseases; it is also mere accommodations towards the crimes. Some will say that it minimises the impacts without addressing what is wrong and evil. But one could also say that it is only enabling the terrors to last longer, with professionalised ways surrounding them, with nurses and social workers as helpers, instead of the location holding child and adult sexual trafficking to be judiciary, or militarily sized when necessary, and no doubt it would be in many cases in order to dismantle then. Instead of this, children and under-age teenagers are given ‘sex aid’. In any account how can we count on disclosure of the worst evil, while professionals of the mainstream society are all around facilitating it to appear cleaner. The most horrendous on that account is the sizeable amount of academics and social workers of all types openly for prostitution and supporting it.
The reason to counter pedophilia for the sake of society, productivity and health and not to free individuals from torture and enslavement, brought up the questions on the debates themselves- open towards a mean to what end?

It means that one has to waste precious time in explaining and securing the prohibition of sexual abuses against children rather than protecting the children and the society at large against the ‘out-of-danger’ predators. It means to have to actively managed to situate the discussion on how bad and how much and why paedophilia should be eradicated, and not on its eradication.

Dear Professor, 
just for my defence, i will not be very vehement because i know you are very right, i missed half the spot there. let's hope not half the mark. but i still was not aiming at the 'high sphere political version', but 'lower sphere' concerns, such as economic, and debates in the media, that are all political, i think i would argue very strongly in favor of that. but i readily admit i lost sight of my initial project, investigating UN's, supranational primary docs, instead i started with the secondary sources and got lost- very interested in the new to me information i was reading. 
I definitely will try to analyse the mechanism of the institutions next time. thank you for telling me.  

 mm      can         mm

I wonder, I just wonder, as a gadget i admit, but possibly it could work for people interested in languages. if the websites linked the articles in English with their translations, people could start reading both articles, and possibly favor the websites’ items also because they provide alternatives versions in other languages. i know it is for a very limited number of people, but as a language student i would definitely do it. 

Maybe you tell her not to worry about all my suggestions, my style is a bit idiosyncratic. it is what the prof that reviewed me just told me, and i know he is right. it is the rhythm along which i think or something along those lines, and i keep it. but still i know it is too heavy and convoluted at times. Though for these translations I chose to stay faithful to the texts.

World and "owl".


I am looking for a teacher position in an independent school as long as studying a PGCE for independent school at a distance with Buckingham university.


Yuan, Chinese currency and the Mongol reign in china.

I know u r devastated over her illness. when are you going? am not sure what d b my reaction if i had what she has. maybe isolation, maybe physical isolation. if not psychological.

People say changes are detrimental for families and social stabilities and security… a great example is the industrial revolution where people died in the mines and patriarchy was at its finest.

Trek.  Know, who knock.

Doc, code.

babe, I untick any sound coming from that stuff, let s  see before I get suicidal. me, and my late ideas or reactions.

XX century said to be the most murderous in what people still called wars. But what about before security problems and discreet murderers or all life poisoning and even better.
What will be called our future famines or pollutions related epidemic and chronic murderous deeds, kills, and vies.


WHEN one realises all the nationalism, socialism that were taking at the time involving purges, corruption and famines, one then realises the role of capitalism or liberalism at bay from state fuelled systematisation of horror and surrender.

Is the story of the boundaries drawn (drown) in Africa colonialist being the fruit of inadvertence true or genuine?
Or wold I suggest the inevitability of civil wars and the discreet purge that would (fatality foci, forge forcibly foolishly, folk fall) follow or be in- get rid by murder and after by majority, or constant terrors?

When I gauge my life against the love I had…
An emptiness, but this time, it is mine.

We will see a world where teaching positions, all teaching positions, will be taken by the financial people that put us in a pouring economic crisis, and the business people in charge of the ethics. Over the philosophers and other academics that will have to lie to go on reading, writing, and looking after scholarships.
Ships. Schools, and no mayday.

What people forget in being completely outer despising to other people saying that the way is business and we don’t want your art, we don’t want your aca specialists, etc., etc., is that we don’t want their shits either, and take the way of consumerism, or consumerism. That we want something as concreate as abstract, as spiritual as practical, the dignity and digging, dignitary of living, means only one thing to deserve it and to deserve it one has to honor it.

I pardon my fellow citizens for some if not everything, as I (also allow) always run for power, and to hold one inch of it, you have to know what is or may be going on.

Be guided by ideas that are greater than us, meaning greater than little heteros, religious parties, etc., etc.

The fact that people will leave longer, without leaving behind, being, any will, or financial or concrete legacy, will bring parents and children relationship, old and young to another threshold, and themes.
The ones of euthanasia energical, generically or sickly sited, cited.

Science, sequence.

The dimples we have nearing the kidneys, like eyes.

New, wen,
Vein, vain.
Wen, will, win.

The marks may be less good than may be expected, but in general I found that the students did an ok job on this exam, so congratulations. What was missing is a summary of what I handed over, and also more diversity and plurality in the words (different numerous words) that were used. you can say that to the class for me please, it may be useful for the future.

Even the mightier of the storms, for the strength of the nature it is very little. Its natural.
I means that nature is gentle or haven’t come down to a cycle where here her agents understood she hosted her killers.
We are not capable of this, but next stage and in fact right (rig) now, would be waiting in awe.
Wetting our weight, a feather. Disposed of her body, good luck and mercy.

The murder going on onto breaking news, recurrent, incessant. Unascend, scent, confirmed by LAPD and neighbouring states or counties. Or countries. Look like advertisement of a substitute for the game of throne, and shone.

It is somewhat intriguing that the metric system, sole we intimately understand as working through units, are going by 10. Just like the numbers of toes or fingers.
As big as our mathematical sense, it presupposes.
And the way we are so sure that other animals cannot think or philosophize.

C.ET: art will end near imperialise, perene, enoble enable humans to represent, lasting 5 mn, what is at the apex or apocalypse or apology of all life (a sample of their extremes or exterior/internal, inferring, king sheer uttering, uterine, infernal or extremities) but this one, this tension lasting never ending. Overtly. The opium that we are looking for, the live fully, that we reach 3 seconds a day instead of all the time, praying almighty. The reciprocity. Live in sin.

I life, I live,

Knowing your art so well that you would have to search for something that you haven’t met (in the archives or the popular of what is exchanged) and then you need to record, to produce it, to find a line providing a portion of a sample of what you miss. Or missed. Or fail.

Like when u r on skype, with me... sort of. Unrealistically, aesthetic, list, call. don't bother about that, I am tired. it is not that but sometimes it is virtual, but in fact real. it is not the relationship unreal but life in itself.

To watch, to be let see, be besied, besited, besdie, bedsie bedside, a so nice animal, with all its wonders and pr personality and understand what , how to pray god, to ak for ap pardon, to have been so destri destructive, ignorant  a dvile.  Devil.
The animal that a same god we pray. Transimit tranmisioon of thought. Pensee, nt not pence.


It is just i need more money to survive without retirement scheme. i hesitated to take the contract as i know i could lose money, ok but also recommendation letter. 

My wife, my religion.
In front of my tomb, in front of your womb, praying for everything.
Knowing that you are not with me, reassure me now, since how to deserve you, how to protect you. How to thank the world. Or. Orl-ando.

Nothing wl will do and ee even less my poetry.
There are no ghosts for you, nor for me. I, you don’t have to die. Everyom moment we spend for me this three, continuously.

 I can’t thank god, I could not thank the creator that would allow me.

In front ot of the autel, asking why I could not do better, and take care of some of the souls around, the love you inspire to me.
The wife, who I should before knee, the children any living change, chose.

You know you can take me, death, my body for you. The next journey for her, to find the way. How many kio kilometres, years, millenary, how cold or hot, sole, lonely, desperate, but praying, crying for ther there, her, for you to put your feet, fee, on my spine for your security. For your life? Not without me, not for another, be take eternity. Or you the door to divinity. This life did not want me with you.

When I prefer not to be with you, as my person could not convey.

My contract is not signed, not the one I have been given.

I went there twice stayed more than 1 hour with the secretary of the school, they never found any solution to send from their bank to my bank, i cannot transfer 2 years saving by western union, at least i will avoid. their maximum age there is 25, and they each time contradict each other about what can be done etc, ... at the spd. last time they ask me to send by western union, converting only in dollars instead of pounds!

Philosophy is a many mani, maniac. Query. Just (jus) like customary religion searching a justification to their rhymes and crimes.
Creamed. The cost of sacrifice that never killed but boosten aggressivity? No stupidity.
One day will surely die 10 times worse than the way we eat and make suffer others, and other species.

Because the contrary would not satisfy any logic. Logis.
Logis = lodge, log.
Loi = law.
In French surely.

The Christians faith does not allow (sick suit) suicide, but what about one that cannot live with their sins, deeds or conditions.
Fight, flight. Succeed. Predecessor, secession, decease, procession. Predate, predation.

Reminder: in martial art, the belly is everything, so are the women.

Having a strong instinct is different with having a right instinct.
As there is no absolu, absoo absoudre. Absolve one’s faults.
And limitation, or imitation.

Cultures and cultural quests.
The grail, god, blood, life, eternity, or just idea that makes travel, tremble or wanked.
But do not think that nature will take us like that, the day we decide to go up to the mountains, because we cannot decide for that, and if we try nature won’t take it this way, this easy, we will suffer our death, day, or life, without breathing thin nor this, or fils, thief.

To be on time, but not only at every appointment I manage to arrange with others but to the appointment I knew I had this me. my ambition and what it took, and at this, I am not sure I made it (once maybe).

We don’t choose destiny or fatality, but these appointments and how we make them, yeah.

Lies about luggage allowances right on their website. it is by total chance i checked with the airlines, which gave me completely different weight, i could have lost 100 pounds not knowing the real allowance. it is not the first time i use a third party for my ticket, i guess it is the last one. i spent i don't know how much of my time to find out about my luggage allowances, with all of them, which is ridiculous in fact suspect enough, but with them they said and stipulate on website in general what the airlines allowed, whereas it was in fact half of it. complained about it, the staff sent me emails after emails like if they did not understand what i said, asking me all other kinds of other questions. i guess with a good lawyer, one ought to have a case, and punish them....but.

I need to know how much cash I am allowed to take out of China as a foreigner, I cannot find any data coming from official websites?
Moreover since, I cannot take out all the money I earn here and also because my bank status is so low that my card, in this time and age, does not permit me to buy or any other kinds of transaction via internet.

You know that inevitably one day or another, watch, that day will have its time; the role of a thinking and acting being to minimize or maximise what happens.

Unavertable, vert – direction, bear bare vertebral.

When ideas such as the world and its units are systematically described (or describing.) within a tubular approach of our own ‘scientized’ (FORMALISED) understanding.
It is why art arts parallel to any other academics is purely needed.

TO HAVE the impression study death in any academics’ (sicne not acadmaffairs, to be devoid of arts, views and aspirations, spiritual ones that is, the ones that do not give us the 1 + 1 in our dimensions. Or to do all of that well but without an inch, an out of an ounce, of power as for stopping petrify pet metric t petrifaction.
Melting pot. Factions.
Fascism, ash, fictions.

Of a ich

But of course, she is too disinherited for this.
you should check with a lawyer, if you had not done so.
I am sorry sherry, I always told you it would end badly.
I know why now everybody called him dad?
and if I were you I d pay the lawyer for              .
Gracious god, poor          , I thought she was to know a bit of respite.

It is not morally wrong, the law is legally wrong, I guess it is not even the law but in fact they way it is applied, john did not sell his property himself, no consent in that, or tacit consent? ok so he should have known he could have dementia and lose his home, right enough, so do you think he knew that this could happen, or is it a ill written will?

What ones feels, or what one won’t, and the supernatural expecting, knowing the blindness and deafness that accompanies us all along the way. Being stroke by sudden phenomena or perceptions, and know that we are too (time team) tamed to take once more again, waiting, hoping, thinking, nothing will attain.
Stream, and where aren’t I going?
The sorcellery, relation to the dark- unknown, untamed- and inner essence of the nature.
Why taste a poison? bCause we don't know what its medication is.
Why going in the dark, because of the dark. The dark feels lonely. If you are terrorized by it, it is simply the fear of what (that) needs to be met and under-gone. The dark is dark only through absence. And the dark is light as universal needs call for going through to the restful.

Yes, thank you , that is to say all the rest possible. in fact it looks like if i ll have a problem, i buy through internet and in china i cannot use my chinese cards for that, it means that i cannot pay with my wages. therefore i am left with a lot of my rmb.   my big problem is that the bankers told me i cannot transfer the chinese money to my european account, because i don't have taxed money no longer. 
The banker told me i may find a tax agency to pay tax again and be able to transfer. 
they told me I can take 30,000 rmb through the border, I  checked websites, they all say 20,000, my problem is that none of these websites are official ones. 

Do you know about the tax agency, or the cash you can take with you out of china.     do you know other ways? I am completely stuck. 

Nom, name.

Moloch, burn children.

Alms       ame = amen = soul
Lamb, real resale, regale, realm, re real rale.

Jesuit,     it, suit.
Je = I in French. Or in France?
Sus = savoir, = to know.

Suis = or to be or to follow in French.


It might be oily, sugary, salty, spicy. As a way to conserve the food longer in china, impossible to find sugar free. But why people live longer is that you never want to die surrounded by the hills and mountains, the jungle, the pure nature, of the country.
(except there is no monkey, or tigers left aside-but here is my meaning, meeting here the source of eternity. Eternal youth, the amazement of mother nature, mother that won’t end, and for whom we did what we needed. A day.

It might be oily, sugary, salty, spicy. As a way to conserve the food longer in china, impossible to find sugar free. But why people live longer is that you never want to die surrounded by the hills and mountains, the jungle, the pure nature, of the country.
(except there is no monkey, or tigers left aside-but here is my meaning, meeting here the source of eternity. Eternal youth, the amazement of mother nature, mother that won’t end, and for whom we did what we needed. A day.
Not only china, of course, but if in Europe all is extinct, god need to rest, and cry. And us die of envy.

These animals of whom they are countries. Territory.

To search for servitude, to build classes or strates that cannot speak, count, or fight, and that will be under control. To serve the same aims, extension of the territories where marks of geographical origins, different accents, language; or others, types of abilities, bodies types, affiliation, sexual orientation, will categorise you as a master or as a slave.

At least I would have written for the love I felt rather than the one I shared. But in fact the day I die or rather every time, I could rest on a stone and us become one, just because my land is hers, and that o cold marry flesh blood thought sentiment.

Art as an only representation or imitation conscience of herself.

27-06-2016:  ah yah. today I am with Cameroon. Today, it is just because it took 2 days to really hit home.

I think you should specify you are a professor. i know you from UCLA lectures, that i found amazing, the topic, and your tackling it. but searching the web, i know i choose the profs. you know it is addictive, the components of things that one realises they misunderstood or ill understood.

What do you think about hermetic regionalisation?- i.e. the Brexit, of this week. vertigo is my answer, taking apart slap in the face, and who will allow free exchange, harmonisation, inter dependence that could solve with common solutions, etc, etc. a people that flee from a bigger zone, without fighting to expand their zones of being a member of apart. a part not apart. does not seem very hopeful. why? for long term solutions, or final ones, or in fact the end of time.


I am passionate for languages, expressions, meaning, exactitude, information, diversity, explanations, and regularly question my amount of knowledge.
Often, each time I fail.
I realised I fail.

If human beg beings killed a species that took billions of years to appears, like all of us, how many years of damnation for this, who wants to do it/?

And if the light, that constitutes spirits and ghosts, was not light but ways that were shown. Just a field on which or in which could slide our concentration.
Free ways to the reborn.

Or the light just before the absence of matter, suck out or leaving space for encounters with what desperately try to reach the mind or its sister, soul, question, nervousness, virtuosity, verbosity, impulsion, intuit, intuition, ignition, Inuit, ion. Input, progress, protest, procession, progression.
Profession, pogrom, mort, gap, the death we spell and sow, will never let us know that.
A cat, unaccounted form.
Track. Crat. The foe, the fur, the fort.

Omnipotent, present, by the thread of a theme, read fill.
Filial, and the partaking.

Line, linear, agent, cm, complex contingency.
Seal, siblings. Lease, bliss, nil.

Determine, deterrence.

On property.
you can't say all empty property, it would mean to become the trumpeter for people to violate individual space, the one we work for, we live for and thanks to, and live by, to experience oneself, to keep some kind of relative, subjective, absolute liberty, the one we found ourselves, we need to work out, and grow not onto property but propriety. etc. pela please spell your boundaries, the limits of between reappropriation and thieves sheer execution, exclusion, if not exclusive executive.

What are the empty spaces for? To get exploited? Invaded? Subjected? So militaristic, endowed with unlimited false justifications against any good will.

And then.

Using mathematics was designed to solve problems; not to create them.

no i came to the conclusion that pgce on line is not possible. i guess it is a control thing. thank you. 

Easy on.

To get a visa from there is too dangerous. i did it 2 years ago it cost me 3 weeks stay in a hotel. 

Depict god as nature just like as human is misleading, mill, not lead.
So what.

I really want to thank you for this precious information. i asked everywhere, I did not know. 

It is maybe because he is a very professional communicator, open to discussion, listening and answering so many times. that sometimes you just stop out of, you know, there is news. and as soon as you know the situation realise that we spend so much time commenting on situation we never know holistically, just building on false information.

Also i realised that pgce was in fact 2 years, in order to get to the nqt and i think that it gives time for situations to become too 'singularised'. 

Veganism: one of our responsibilities

The myth of the werewolf to stop people enter in communion with the natural world,
humanity pretence superiority whereas in fact they don’t even belong.

We can imagine a vampire myth (mirth), around the fact that cemetery are near the refuge aspect of a church, the comforting ideas that for a living one could need only a grave and people around serving as food, more deliciously (delict, relic) people that could or would have before made sure that life would have been a living hell for the victims;; now eating.

Monsters and the hungriness revealed for curiosity.
Or having to have one’s own life lay.

Spouse visa.
it may have been a revenue problem for your client??     other problem, how to obtain the citizenship, the rest? cool. ok. because you have money. you’d be poor like me, not possible. sad world.

The state domain was totally nepotism as long as the salary was alright. By nepotism it was meant the behaviour of whatever got the mild milk easy nowadays. The private sector existed at the relief of everyone because we could not fight to get a job when the state employment were included, it was too near the rog, or the clog of the machine, too explosive, too near the jugular
, -= the the the throttle.
The other ones, less good salary, where staff quit, and the others excel in the no wrong right doing.
Doing nothing. Where no one word can(not not) be said nor seen.

Thinking of how I loved your mother, of how much, how far, without limits or boundaries, without living as I was given to her for anything that could have sparked, give me feeling of destine, design, define, disintegration, to vanish
As I proved myself to be short of all my volition.

This happens, in general, it is during war time or transition time that rape and sexual abuses occur the most frequently.

Between circus, pets and domesticity: between lock-in flat and slaughter destiny.
C.ET: the question of human captivity is also at stake, what we would not do or live like that if we were free, or not dependent on rules that do not enhance nature, force, knowledge but servility.

‘Homines honesti, la classe des gens honorables’
Edgar Alan Poe, traduction Charles Baudelaire.

C : could honesty mean honorable, and do nothing for honesty and integrity, responsibility to the other class, etc…

I was listening my instinct and I also always was rewarded by some increasingly worrying catastrophes. That made me think that instinct was intrinsically wrong. Till the day I understood that it was rewarded or punished or tortured by human beings actions on what it suggested.

Punish, finish.
Pun, pen.



Instinct, instance.
Transient, intransigence.

Laws, slave.

The oceans, seas and rivers, once uncross able, uncrushable, crux and flair, lair and grail a gall, scene of our despair, now, will be prayed and venerate for their giving, space and air.

I am afraid i do not have time this month for that amount of personal writing, also i do not have access to any library at the moment, which makes things more challenging. 

I was a bit puzzled that an European degree in translation wanted from me to be an English native speaker. 

It is not emigration the problem. you cannot accuse migrants to change the rules of one's country for worst. it only shows that people inside were waiting for things to become more and more appalling. just to fall into decadency and live out of the dying. for conning be more fast and secure, is why people will split nations, geographic area and the world, to preserve inequalities. and some without having even to admit it. as for tweeter it is why people end up all day insulting it is so few character and world limit allow that it is ridiculous communicating, let alone discussing.

It is in the human nature, if you have nothing to do (studies, libraries, communities achievements, entertainment, give them or watch them), people will find something to do, and each time it will be around resources as you will need to compete for them or just decide to destroy the word that cannot regulate in fairness and harmony.
Auto-destruction marching order could be as simple as that.

Just to reassure the americans, when devillepin, foregin minister of france, come to tell the americans that they should follow france because it is a old country having known barbery, without remembering its collaboration per se, then it is only worth the still hysterically funny good mockery we can see us, on French tv at 8 pm, caricaturing the politicans and other celebrities, the problem ream remains I am not too sure it is allowed to depict one’s nation given to this level of dirtiness, vileness and in fact inhumanity. Or any other low and coward, or treacherous, or lying, propagandist, stealing behaviour nor measures. We still have to mock other people, other a nation. Becore before slipping into further blasphemy. Ballast blast.

Males are said to be competitive to permit the entire family to steal inside and outside their reach -just far more beyond that could sustain insanity.
They steal their mothers, sisters, fathers, as a service for the patry.

We divide cultural and politics, denying how culture is politics and the absence of culture in politics just pillage and raillery.

Lock, crick, concussion.
Cession. Cissors.

 No god in the story, why are you adoring the devil? I am not too anxious, he is moquery. 
He is.

Logics is the devil coming take its toll, look at what we ve done
Toll. Loot, stool.

M’aime très.

For the color you should take the pic of the actual trousers you will send. customer advice. i don't buy trousers so often 

Creator in Egyptian mythology = Atoum.
Latin Odin .
A tome.

Very interesting theory according to which the Aztec mythology say that creation comes from a divinity originating from the emptiness of the world, and renders it ambivalent aand polyvalent, with no trace of masculine or feminine entity determining its shapes for example.
Plato was from the latest king of Athens family.


Domination is used to ‘naturalise’ societies that submit people into poverty, poor individuals building poor society will have to fight poorly. And here goes the species.
Just like these universities peering pretending debates. But not about more knowledge or in-tell-line, e intel, ingenious inter-exchanges, but to profess how none is relevant just how to gt get (a jet set) job, speaking rubbish and abuses hidden in fees and fizz. A freeze of corrupted training and conscripts.

Let’s conceptualise a world where mythologies are in fact the ones who are right. Logically, as they were the people listening to mature, mother nature. Or even when not listening as not virtuous and virtuoso, hearing.
Minus the aim of destruction, slavery, utility. Mythology reserves, reveals agnotism and the need for a circulating and doming, dominant energy.

The horror, and the gross vulgarity of talking about phallus, while not noticing that it is vaginal, or a tunnel that only the individual can own and slay.

Satan, the fallen agneau, angel, said I cannot bow in front of human beings because I have been created first and I am older, and therefore superior. So would devil be defined this way??
A chronologic, logical justification identified, personified as wrong.

I Christ had to come back it would be for an old woman to host it.
To tak form like it happened under the one of a young man.

You think vegetarianism would be bad. so for the moment what is it overstocked with. overstock is your belief that nature is your kitchen. in hell. what if life's aim would be to balance, that is to stop the need for killing or invading, without pretending they are going so weak that they will have to die, to their believe we are in a predators prey situation, that suit their weakness enabling them to prey on people searching peace, creativity, etc, by stealing with no morals or stronger attitude concerning existence. i know that there are carnivores and scientists should study the way they could live without having to kill. or eat flesh, eat one's own flesh. fell like flea. humans are not carnivores they are or starving or for what is here just stupid.
And you can check there are no striving imbeciles that are lasting anylonger in evolution theories or drama.

Theory, hero, terror.
Scientist, horrific.

Why would the unconscious not be material?

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin Lyrics.