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LANGUA, L’ ANGLAISE: II Drink from the consacred land

Drink from the consacred land


The church want to make us believe that if we haven’t met the right people in which we want to pursue marriage then it is become it is a u question of destiny.

But never would it say that one cannot be a fulfilled person, and havfe companion suitable for their lives, as the choice of their ligfes make them to face the impossibility of finding a person wanting share most and ultimately.

Marriage such as a ring on a finger is not the marriage according to god u but according to the church appendix of states and nationality.

As the marriage according to god has one and one only meaning, the marriage to the half the day we are born as a whole. Its meaning want to say the day we become its sole and entire servitor.

The tales about the ideal marriage is one of spiriutuality. Not possible nore envisageable unless one gives itself to the purest of the aims of divinity. And its marriage would be the one to one angl angel.
It is why hetero and priest become so cin conceited as they think their charnal marriage worth such comparison. While they hue so that their lives by itself are in the same level , dimension and mention and sensibility. The day one people, or the to two that met gave their life to god, the paradise would be retrouver. And the fight for eternal. It-y


U.N as a school fees.
Eef. Et

To be most intelligently , tell gently, in-tel, using one’s all four limb, pedestrian.
Human devolution. Quadrupede dischanted. Disenchanted.

One of the most daunting though; computers exploding at our faces.

Fae, fakes.

Fame, mil.
Ami = friendin French.
Ame = souil soul                                                               gobsmacking
Mille = millennium = thousands

No to be govern by people confounding secrecy and wall to conery, and to be govern by people all day having tea, or the other s one striving to accumulate filipandry.

Wrote, rote.

It, hate,


thank you for your encouragement. it s good to have an animal at home. they are a living proof to the must of adopting vegetarian way of life and remind of the never ending equality of the spirits and souls.
thank you Robert.
Gente, gence, gentil, gender,
Genisee. Genese, genisse.


Very eager, age, voy, to keep the concept of fmily as it stands as family support the states as being this corporative mafias that are groups fuelling their in-terrestre, terest, meaing puncturing earth, rth,errth,
And states from this precepts glorifying itself being their representant.

These most corrupted people pepole, peephole, that want to win social and cultural ascendance with prostitution to glorify from the social services services doing no work but promiscuity or discarding to the marriage representing royalty and its servants. Of slavery.

Uniformisation of this society, as well as the destruction of the nature that makes off our particularity, will have us to disine disintegrate at the first wind blow.

Pussy punk riot against putin in prison , Moscow.

To stop searching the texts and their rvelation, as to search if desperate, if lost is asking for action. The unreeling of not what is good or not but what good we ought to now.

To experience pain in bal tlel would mean that the body would gather to protect its endangeri ed parties.
And redouble with furor, also fear were not here, as injuries decuple the or roars.

What had been brouised with an opportunities to get in place through inoc inconditional, reconditional  battering.

We al lhope to find the perfect love, that the scientific will find a special pi otion to cure the worse efvil spelts by humanity, and by maci gic erase the doom already wilfully scattered or of any other proportion administered.
The same hope we nurture for the future. Not a hope of the diving but of the corruption that make us accept to joyfully destroy.
Diving , dining, divine.


People stupidely think tha they will have a profeetering situation and are laughting aand rejoicing at that. But in every being the instinct of fleeing being eaten for one, and to secure one’s safety and the revenge.

People pretending themselves to be traiditoional to adoprt primitive atitued in attitude in advocating racism for example. The very shame of the primitives as to have to at times rely in racism as wars were beyond control and enemies more prisoners of their tribes or hostages of others. Pretending that tradition equals to the coweardice , and idiotie that resul on being non discriminate or discrimate through one’ will to hurt other by play, nasty ness , greediness, and madness, (mop moulah and mogul assured destruction).to pretend to be traditional while reproducing willingly the exact how, what and why ancestors have died of , uncontrovertibly.
Open society.

Insisting they are one’s children, as they would siik seek desperately for another family- the second one the one we choose out of its paroxysm of doom or genesis.

To discover passion, to consume oens’ destiny, to meet one’s regular, as she received , welcome one’s self; own envy.

People wearing uniforms not to be cool, or religious, or for the lobe of their professions, or their believes – as beliebves and knowledge and veritable commitment to them would be down to quest and not an honorary one (status for the lies they hide and dne den). But to r prepare not even a war but attempted murders in mass ci criminals. Well prepared.

i wish i d be in the bed of spanish godess
and i d cover you relentlessly

Cam addict.

 avoid eating veg when you ve got a tummy ache or another aches, hold on things more neutral. bread, pasta maybe 3 pancakes, cakes, allow you a sweety or that kind of things. nb: avoid having tummy aches just in order to dip into them.
Take mild, neutral food, sa ge soya or other vet g vegetable milk.
People like depicting the extrems and makint it the staple of their precincts. As polarizing and gross maners are a shield of less vitriolic demeanours as ill behaviors, result re-sluts and consequences causes further higher criminaliy and even justifying cruelty.

The type of performance similar to ho oh Olympics suiting suit (see u) mygonistic value. One cannot won medals only if males or lnly if youth. But one cannot know what the individual is  worth of refcords on only one ordeal, at one point, of their lifes in a artificial seetings of erpeuve condone and elevate and perform already by to those who judge thir being spectoral respectable.
What does it take?
To I kill a man.


Misogyny orchestrated by gays or hetero perverty, tee.
The same final .

Dim, mid.

The super ease with which Microsoft might ask us authorisation 10 times for a small act, and at the reverse would let us to discard of a whole fil thinking we discard a small file without asking us if they think that their not underlining it is not as riskiy as deleting one or tow year of our work maybe.l

Th e high effect on display and paswork while my computer does not think to save saving minute by minutes simple typing that its bugging will erase in a coughand a wee.

At micro not soft in face.
Sack sake.



C.ET: where apprise meant apprendre = learn, to get to know.

Fille, lif, fille, filiar, filial, = offspring or daughter, dote.
Filial, fil-lif.

analyse - subject to psychoanalytic treatmentanalyse - subject to psychoanalytic treatment; "I was analyzed in Vienna by a famous psychiatrist"
psychiatry, psychological medicine, psychopathology - the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
care for, treat - provide treatment for; "The doctor treated my broken leg"; "The nurses cared for the bomb victims"; "The patient must be treated right away or she will die"; "Treat the infection with antibiotics"
Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

1. examine, test, study, research, judge, estimate, survey, investigate, interpret, evaluate, inspect, work over This book teaches you to analyse causes of stress in your life.
2. break down, consider, study, separate, divide, resolve, dissolve, dissect, think through, assay, anatomize We haven't had time to analyse those samples

can hypothesize how patients unconsciously are their own worst enemies: how unconscious, symbolic reactions that have been stimulated by experience are causing symptoms.


People of minorities wanting special rights not to construct, ferment, foment, strengthen equality but to react as mini government and enrich elites while permetting to their members to take other groups into pieces. It is why it is backed by governments, o legitimase themselves doing the dame. Same.


Groups rights are not human rights because groups rights is the rights of institution and formation, of corporations and mise en collectivity. They are not including human rights as human rights is the principles guiding our duties and rights bearing towards life (our experience of lifes through our most objective subjectivity) . end not means. Even if institutions are beasts – and entitled to life also – per se.
Bu t institutionalisatin cannot prevail over any other living entities. So the collective rights not stronger than the right of individuality.

What balancecs each other is mutuality.

Problem with individuals rights not taken within the bigger pictures ex: people opportunities to take baths while rest of population starves, or people having ten bag while others have mansions or have five  babies while other stop procreation by fear and knowledge of surpopulation and spread of poisons.

no pas une liste de toutes les pieces, simplement un recueil. comme loge.
anthologie Anthologie, Chrestomatie, Blumenlese, Kranz antologie, bloemlezing, chrestomathie אסופה (נ), ילקוט (ז), לקט (ז), קובץ (ז), לֶקֶט, אֲסוּפָה bloemlesing, chrestomatie антология krestomatio antología, crestomatía, florilegio anthologia, selecta carmina coletânea, crestomatia urval ανθολογία antologia Antologie Antologi 선집
n f anthologie [ɑ̃tɔlɔʒi] florilège recueil de textes, de morceaux de musique
une anthologie de la poésie espagnole
une anthologie du rock
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Fille, file.

Fils, syphilys.

Karma, car ma.

Car = because, out of, since.

“equal concern and respect of h.r”

To say that one cannot find ‘rights, o morals, orals or whatever justice, by fear of electing an usurpator, an upright w ooing down rights violators, or to start making good.

Human rights should be the ra reality forging the sense to our actions (consensus) (donnely, j) . Beyond beliefs and individual paths that are as precious fo r individual forming that they are inf if applied collectively a distortion

International standards, h.r lg legitimacition, leg, digit, summation.
And fouled pretensions.
To create a good to spit at it. Atic.

In animal reign animal staying immobile while their pupile are en pleine dilation. Dilatation

To establish a spiritual, pyre, world were justice is equal whilst the material is foul by the roten nature of human left to be a god pretension. To say to build towards the skies for terrestre obligation oblivions.

Fillle, elle if, elop, hell lit.
Lit, lie.  Lye.

Not to stay with people who have passed into our lifes bringing bad and good, might permit to retain only the goo, , d, as they embodies the experience necessary for not replicating absurdities
Personaly, I need. Personaly.

Pr person-al-ity.

“all h.r for all”
But h.r does not mean eating others in pretending not knowing or not being able to prevent. Prevent eat.

“Ref e reject cosmopoliatarianism to prevent redistribution or ‘ to result in a sovereignty of states;
Competition in that case should be recalled unfairness.

Lawe , production, action and distribution.

Phily, filly, file, philo.

My realm for a horsy
An horse, a norse

Irev erencial.

To check and see if it s in order.
It ease, it is, and to accumulate registration and instincivcation to repere, sort out, sense anomaly and differencation.

-and who kick the ascertitude of the aca?
-The people.
-Shut up. God bless.

Kick and balance (on throwing the ater0 hater, water) in the u.k (ku, cue) and else where.


Dog, dug, dig,bull, bold.

To wit wish there is light somewhere else to avoid other creatures to come to get it only here, where.
Over there.

Over, revo, there, ereth.


De erethm , eref, fere.

Fer, farie, faire, fair.

African the fairy, as here is regrouped still animal of the realm of the terrestral mammal and wildery.
Human will want s arracher just like to reedeem its battery.

E relation between rape and virginity.
Prostitution and bought virility, mysogyny and men castrated.
Irreal. Relate.

Astre, caste one’s shadow.

And devil prosternation. Lived.

44, all fear finished, died like a poor, to have seen poorest. Thanks the skies, to any of its stairs.

Star, air,


Zeohurm , a zephir

Dum, mud.
Drum, murd,

Again, like in    thsee films whre humanity of one metre is being destroying ants of 1 cm, while bent the mother of them is about to destroy a human, 1000 times 1, 7 littler.
This giant and more ant in our counscious and uncouscious. While one day she will come to do it seriously’, phaysically.

Just behind su su us, is not homosexuality.

Once brought up in the country  more inside, what could resemble a mais plant I could not remember. Corn. Corner.
When you ll die you ll remember.

When you die you ll remember.
You will. Lliw, leave.

We lie, and the truth is know by no one.
Hell ish.
He-llish, leash

We lie under ddown.
Dan dawn


To pretend that to want to ban magazines and other books, bar for the oldest person, is for example exre trem trim ex trim, is to reveal the very dangerous attituted took by the mainstream in showing up ignorance under the forms of outrage or hurt innocence. Inooculous the nothing to do over the threat over our survival hovering.

Respond sible for nexd generation and gene ration genr, a have been culprit many times.

The spider, pid, dip, like h the fumes.

Fumes, muffle.

There is no hope for negotiatins, whith people torturing their own children, reign
Or onw nation

I won’ be not through prostitution or force or arranged marriage that people will fulfil their lives with girls or boys fir friends.

Fur fair.

To bet attached to ione principle, or one work, or one book in order to interpret it just like it suits you , an greed-id-good, greed is god, superpowers. And find excuses after lames comments in order to shade wha is vital and only simple for everyone.
Happy pin.

 The women, mother, saint, wife, prostitute and all of thes persons being one the one that is presuurized into law lord obey.
Lnad l ord, land hord

In a population where every one is veiled and hide identity, for to obtain as consequcnes imputinity.
“that god punish the liar”

People stop talking when they know how much hypocrisy in which so entangled that none can be escaping. Oppoistie to who who still try to ring some thruth or  some morlas to people in charge who abandon it all , conscientiously. Silence is gold , admit.

To grant the right s t for people to wear an uniform coming from countries where you cannot but wear it. Is anti patriotic.
Uniform or naked.

To forec force ps people keeping them in a name o a god that despise them.
And blind the very nature and potentiality, liberty and equality of what the life has been constituted and not  the life that ones would us to endorste along side legal sauteries.

As allowing women-haters, like machos, to have sex with women in order them to become gays women-bahser and killers.

To be rpaed as it is wel beyond physical torture.

To be misogynistic to hate the role that women are supposed to maintain or o hate them as they don’t

‘Evading taxe s of ‘elites, and others bear the burden of the budjet’
RT television

Consentment to sexual behaviors as a base on the way genders are supposed to show themselves. Whence the admonigation quasi obligatory of males multi taskers, into thinking that it is straight. But to be with ladys doing the same and manipulation by the rest of the groups. Orgy blurring personalities and choices and establishment of a moi autonomy.
Down right prosti.

Prostitution is a phenomenon from males idle or corrupt, s-m, or dupe, that from the morin morning o ot to their twilight, from their camaradeship, to their fatherhood and anjy tiype will interact and relation in ony one aim to w own sombelody else, the target being the simplest ones on earth, the product of their reproduction, or the ones of another mate, what is cheaper that reproduction for staffing and make concrete the folly and retro regressive, abuseive, auto destructive, attitude upon another person. Complete alienation.

And to obtain these very kind of relations with other individuals, making them madness total.

Prostitution what peple want o to not go into chaos as their marriage and all their lifes wer we wreched by management society.

To destroy psychologically someone and adversaly to deny them identity and identification to the other. Granted, grounded objectification and calling objectivity.

Pray prey.

Peple the most crying over ‘their empire decline’ are the very same that makes it drown. Transforming exploration inot loitering, and make no people wanted it to go on, as people becoming morally whorry and insurging not war but massacres, psychologic, physical, on their foreigner as much as onto their offsprings.
The pillar states and their idiotic followers.,

It is not to be equal before the law to be treated with fairness. At the same rate and real investigation.
It is not to be equal but the law being or not pure disgrace.
On chair charia on other complication.

To see a good at vices- people only interested in money’ – in society where rules are so ridiculous, weka, conceited, ffedding the freak, and chief no protecting anyone but appaling. As if the society were succumbing to their law without showing its meanest face, it would be rootening sur place and its disgrace and stupidity making a seat for oblivion.
Lost cities.and bagdag, scum and acrimony.

The image of Sodom being on the image rie level, the image of marriages, all societies taking people as meat good at producing household and more than ere but stance and culture of depravity.

Porno is mysogonistic as it is hetero. Similar behavior would stay volatile and verstatile then could appear for all style . hetoro is the depiction of rape mental.
Forced, labeled, etiquette. And pay bad.

Re guard
Reg hard.

Putin would say it resembles quantum solace, I d say I t ressembles the d ondky in shreck version homophobvic Mafiosi but though sodomised up to the necks. Nice, e-cin, sin,

Skeakespear, theatre, seen , sceene and sin.

Sea in.

To authorize people of a country where it is lethal to wear other col clothes to go oifficialy with their uniforms (Europeans and other continent tie and suits are almost this, as you don’t get a job without it emmndorsing one world stories, unscrupulous salaries). Uniform of countries that are not the countries of all bu t of religious, military, bourgeoisis, nobility, top paid for having en invaded in order to slay for the money.

To have lost all sense of honeor,
And now to trad one’s nation = the right of everyone to chose one’s garnment and fulfillment.
And their symbole to be respectable, not the Christians that think that a male with a female is authorixationg for pro pornography and obscenity. No need to watch a film all the stuff in their daily life rephrased re wind rhetorcy.

Equaility the elment throught which one cannot afford faulty philospy , principles or applications.
Why so redoute.

Despised by the despicable.

Fruit. Through-it.

To age and know the ‘self’ to be nothing but what the sould knos as being as stranger as not inscribed.

Cheer it up, share it up, share em me.

Command by people onloy with consideration due regards to their 6,7 or 5 (their hit man) figure fugue future salary.
Wait on wet.

Clock wise,

People secretedly truly religious as far as they have managed, but unable to ask god, ad as god is at the image of their communities.
And pride and pround of their bribery, humans invent racism just to foucse over the concept of humanity and just like that oblige everyone to submit to the concept of human anthropomorphically counting on one single simplified concept, their egoism, and egocentricity.
The hell with the lot.
Tool o toll.

And the hell with racism, pussies.
Obliged to bow at whatever the ‘skin of otnes’ w’tone’ while the all rafce is killing themselves and the space futurely.

Baning homosexuality or other freedom concerning coupling, marriage, flirting,,, in order for people not to have to wait what they had deserved. But compulsory, category, clasisiicator.

To see the beast in someone and go about its anormality as the sign of horror and natural oddity. The power expressed in its different features.
While this same expression would stay alone being a possibility of liberation as supplementation
The voice of the nature expressed over categorization and rigoristic manipulation. Style and standardization.
And nature retortion. Detention, retention.


The old age permits this inviolability, all these buch of people, playing having mercy or pity on what they don’t know.
The older have this crazyness past from knowing better, as he might fight other worlds, as clinically called hallucinations, but who will tell the docs, ok.
No one as wisedom is a kingdom. And don’t tolerate to be entered or to enter but t o make piece of one from plusieurs.

To make us belive in paranormal in order no  t to fight human disorder and l killings saying that another power would enslave us ultimately. And if thes e orders kill humanity through human being pseudo belives and s ceremonies. Belives even if wrong are never dangerous if honestly conduct.

 i don't know i ll ask, they are very jealous of their certificate. they are not duplicate for fear of fraud.

Fear, feux are, fera, sera.
Feu, late. Dead.

These poufiasses donj’t want gay and expect their children to whom they deliver earth ravaged, on top on verge to exhaustion or more ohopefully in terms of our expulsion. And they expect their children t o obey an dbelive in their sincerity, or authenticity.

Wind, oz.

Ei win d oz.
W indo w.

Banks operators and clercs that are or acting for , more ore less bank chief of thiefs.

 And now we will have to vcount on real intellectuals, not from the west and colored , to back down racisms, against armies of people taught to believe in money only. Not designed to any reassurance bring. Ring.

V-count. Viscount.

To know from the sleaze that it is better one, oneself, don’t get everything on hand, as whatever best intentioned they might get, they would get in the wrong net.

Almost wishing that no problems shall be risen’ in knowing that if not so the situation would deteriorate such; that unredemiable, not turing back measures would have to be takne.

To bury one’s past when alive; and stop regretting bad or good, wio will viole, or no , conscious or even not ye t happening.

This little game of the linguistics always inventing new words and expressions, that would say that one never shall cease socializing by fear, rea, ref, to pass out of touch.
Pass as being, pass away.

Hypnose like the flash of light passing through the eyes, not for us to see, but this moment of third, fourth dimension time. Sup suspension.

When violence whould not have been the coi choice, it become fore ce duplicated, us suspplicated, through what? By good will

How many older guys , working ca lass one, could beat ex cahmapion, of l gold let’s say, in senior competition if they have enough time and dough to train and play../
Just like these when it comes to professional elites, dices are piped just like this.

She was used to just like me to provide people with prophetic meaning. It helps in a way to understand that people undersood your fat, but die they understood you aswhat was the additional help did we need from this. Maybe how to avoid goind g down.
Prevent such treasury. And the bill of innocence

At school one is used to accumulate so many zero, that during all his first part of adult life, is tolerance to ec failure, echec,
Is u abnormally, un helhealthily as high as a t wewenty ero.
Weeny, went

Artists would take away the ones tha accepted to be transported emotionally to the place and timehathey drew. No note and v’/v drawing one’se way.

One cannot whistle blowing as they are to o afraid not of their company or former company but to the reaction of the state to your query. Fear the state traat you as a liar as you cannot gather evidence, as they won’t investigate, or because their investigation will only have one task to report your whistle in the wind pee.
Whistle blowing wasthe only way to chek out and balanceal itllle bit.

Program like the keiser report where theory of banking jihadi , that are robbers and terrorists is plenty and usefull extremely. ]but why why don’t they take very precise example with dates and names? And explain how to spot it.
For fear of indictement for blaphey, perfury, attempt at ruin a good name only? Or what.
Why not attent, minutious, inverstiage, proper case study. The theory andrehetory is already in book, what power confer rtRT?>arte

Think, f ill. Filo, filly.

Phinking pink


To wear ornament or the ritual of gesture (readjusting ties or clothing, jewell or hi hair, in order to hide nervosity and work of disagreement.
Consensus, census. Sense, sang, sanguine, guinea, cock-tail.

Some think it is the prelude of new forces of concentration, while it is the end of all humanification.
Ps: whites would not have e certainly be sub or less intelligent than letting other people, claiming colors or else to justify their genocide, to grow up. Creepy.

 just one thing is that when vegetables without carbo , bread... is your main diet, you ll find that diarrhea or softer residues are normal, or courant.
I mean it s not always bad.

I am mean. Me an.

People pe predetermining, inciting their children to certain believes and attitudes, biternerss and sense of failure or irresponsibilities, to under-achievement or over confidence…condmning them to no studies saying that universities are so expensive. And the other praising centre of knowledge for barring their neighbor or guettos neigbours from participating in building it.

Playing families and class o consciousness , the nation and family betray.
Be traite. Tr]aitore, traite esclavage, traire a cow.

To over achieve or to achieve at the max of certain of one’s pob ssibilties not out of choice, but out of mistrust and near hatere hatred for the same person who encourage it.
Not to devot one’s life avoiding polluting and causing other harm either on people and animal or nature , being or elements. And to tfind the object of on’es passion a and research , or quest ultimately any way. But work all the time not to improve but avoid somber sombrer succumb to jealous y run ruining every effort of humanity.


Ground dig and deed.

A left handed person might not be able or advised all the time to mirror its own re right or others’ right and left handed manners, as it will have to position differently finger or use idffernt finger or orientate differaently its limbs and members as side are asymmetric and balance won’t operate the same way are tensions provock disorders

Art like nature or society might well be what one can see at the second , third or whatelse number on;ly.
On and on.
Concealment, council.

Cease, sis.

To say of someone that they are ras racist, the most gross insult with all other discrimination.
To make it easy, to make it a story of race or class or gene or gender priviledges. To enquire like Nazis.

To be the doctors, but whose involvement is bound, will surely, as circumstances increases in diffuiculties and intrications, that will become a part damn sick. And this not supported by society = society members anti risks ak taking or denial or abnegation or illusion.
The hallucinations and/or  collectives lies.

Passé par son sang.
Passe temps, sans gain. Cent gens, s’en gens.

Observation might restate and t o put into place yest yet again, the slavishness of both or either is imp

Debunk bunker and liberalists.

What might say intervention or intervertissment of phrases or words/ grammar without interpretation but poetry , moquery, as imitation of falsification and all other trumpery, trumpettery, troc, truncation.

Grammar, masculine, feminine and neuter.
Unir, onir.

As their muscles are finer, women attack sharper, to the point, Nippon.

Distributive quantification.
P qp quota of quantity ro r or deception.
Reception, terra cota.
Over ride , and joy, off motivation.


DIFFERENCE BETwin ween kill and exterminate, assimilation
Or deduction

Her, hers,

People let with the possibilities to campaign for social justice, when possible and imagined. But what is worth protecting a glimpse out of an eclipsm that fear to be total of toatalitairty. Tart, tarid, taridity.

Industrial production of poison and consup mption through waste , plan of eradication. Rad.

Talking when the cities are melting, droid drop and dro ning and drowning.
Oar, …su synonym.

The shadows of the night that seemed seam maes sea, to hollow the flesh I though were plenty. Empty.
Like the fish currently.

Initie, initial, summon, summary. Su m mary, coherence. Co here.
Co, oc, ok.
Core, rock.

People take great care to normalize meaning idealise relation as a moment of folly and misinterpretation able the body to take over the mind. Those actions that cannot be repaired, nor played back.

Na and with themind eitherbut less ether than terrer,

To wait and sabbathic year awaiting the retru return of a government candor condor that don’ kill their citizens in making uni form university versatility unaffordable.
I d sent them to camp. Fear of cenor sentor, censor, sore necek, to preche civil disobedience to a government that fabric recipient.
Recite receipt.

To fell feel is still short of understanding, chiasm and aadded meaning.
Machine ll be mat mastering.
As human epuise their resources such as elec, oil, and symbol.
Symbal su synbad.

Mobby dick

Love, and its prove.
Amor, roma,
The quest, no sedentary,
Compost chaque pas.
Amour, ruoma, room, rue, rua. Rumor, rumour.

But what when ypou haven’t felt itbefore. ?
Answer for after.ter.

The work of the reader to qualify it, the text, as sane, obsence, sceneric, oniric, poetric, or insane, combat. Bat.

Comb among dandy.

Or mother hood gandy, ganges, salubriety.

Mutanism like mutism or mutinery. Or by reward of the mind over body or by impossibility of sustainabilitiy , for the whole and all species.

Psychic exchanage are also to be gift even in battle, as the movement bring s moral like turbulences and one needs prudence and ardor in bounty of the sould to fight back the vivant.
 Ardour, hard dance.

Je ne suis rien, je ne sais plus rien, dieu est grand.
I am nothing, i know nothing anylong, allha is great.
Ta erg.

Ou riy touareg.

To put a veil while working, prey or prostern before the sungod.
Survival item. Idem medi.

More maure.
Er, u, am

Lapieta opening her legs for providing care and stability of bodies.
Or sacrilege brought anger of god and human insanity.

To accept challenges in the spirit that one has to combat. With the are arts of no making suffering the adversaries but make it him understand, as long as it does not provoke himself injuries.

Massage of shoulder and upper go body so important as the cage of heart, lungs, and artery.
The more pent penetrable one, compare e to the chest (of board) back is h the trunk, malle

The bodies influence by climate, geomorhy, diet, temperature, sunlight, activities,matter to which they are in contact or subsatanceindirectly. or whatever other factors.
Thousands and thousands of year are necessary to produce new organizes , but thousand s of years to produce something like breeds, the ones that humans are so happy with, and divert life to be vaule valued money not differently.
As if not contrainst with pattern reproduction, pattern for the people to distinguish to the eyes different type fo of gnes genes = create a darker and a lighter, or whatever other taken parameters. Paler or heavier.
Example, from a black couple whose offspring would stay north of earthlnand, how many years would take for the first maroon and then white to spring one morning of indecency/
Maybe 20 years for one and 2000 for the other
29 years fir fir== for the body to unvderstand it has to take vitamins through the skin, or whatever other theory, body adaptation, just likewise with paler sking o going on scorthcing sun territory.
And 2000 years while not policies perhaps but etchincal research into producting tannest and palest
(tan = tannery ? = leather , white leather, from cold.

The image of the dearest wil ask you how much alive they are from this relics or rest?
Will lliw. Leave.
Another being, not possessed but inhabited.
Pere. Mere. Pure mure. Er, up; er, u, m, aim.

The body something apart, researching for its own survival, and genetic modifiacations as it know what conditions it has to face, and what ingredients he will have to focuse, multiply or divide.
Se sleeping why, to give to its independent unity, monster to our conscience and even more to the conceited mircro shrinking aimo fthe human and their fashist and ilianeted organizations.

Concentration of the mind able to produce electricity, kill, move, and repair. Pari.

Religion, means lier, link , like reliure, like the book, of appaising mantras entres.

The delirum of h. b not h standing for high but human, going faster and g ga faster, crueler and crueler, worase on vo vorace worse.

 the problem with french uni is that they may let student work like idiots without ever refering to the need for studying the structure of an essay and the art of writing. or no one deign to tell me, precious time mes amis. as for the english they never talk about accumulation of knowledge but only the art of argument and show down without too much as for the content of their talk, or the implication of form, shapes and meanings.

Roehampton, like royal

The universities fees saying no money no knowleged , not ackngodledged.
 Not acknowledged. Bridge, abridge.

In a society where knowledge, and research whoul should be the ultimate aim , to share and restuare and protect and lauch, and lounge. For a year wehre you are being lend 10 – 20 books and lectures verge higher than high scholls degree, a minumm wages has to work one year for thei s one year cine.

Uni will be equate to born righ rich or by the rich selectioned.

Rifch, rig. Reef. Rig.



9grm grands to be lent 20 books , and their pseudo help on my essay whatever, but on my personal tutors.
Quality of education, less and less controlled by realcompetition, barriers of money to cicluation of ideas and knowledge perfection in the forms of 3 years costing the eyes of their workforce diplomas. A make people believe that after a ba or a master people dexter or master more than nothing but what
10 fingers.

 I forgot the person from pakistan of humble'' social origins, not upper class or neo nobility, that manages to finance her studies in london were already a doctor in pakistan.

Suicide is forbidden as if induced by people that want you to be dead through their having been profiteering or abusing or violating, one should find the force of fighting back and prevent further damages, prevent them from furthering down their schemes of people killing or more l or less direct murders.

As long as attacks are not out of protection. Our perverse, to have to react to threats or to threats or acts of the past, and not react or act out of proportion, be it to much or too less,

Pt peter repet.
Rp repetter.
Pierre.  Pi   ere.

Or the boys raped and abused by the perverts or trainjed and deregulate by them.

It is why the most vicious not but the most extreme e vice is in some dead end welcomed, as machos when realizing their fates facing the pervertion at the origin of their philosophy, whill then cannot but see. And wer wreck wreak their ca chains. By doing what, bye doing it.

Did nto not understand that the whoe whole family were setting up her children. She finally , herself brought up like a dog, that her babies were as devilish that the father a said, the grandma, the godfather, and even the aunty.

Cop coop

To permit the sects to ascert insert themselves as religion s or party politics to regroup nation s and any other groups around anti human rights as anti humanity, in a waywards? that is not expension but annihilation not of restriction of the whole species but of to other groups of it, while promising to others lavishity, abundance, and luxury y like in slavery.

To invent social prayers, just as a guise of wishful thinking. To invent pseudo heros or figures, in them doing all the job awaiting. Religoion.

Not to be allowed to describe how other people kill people in one or another way. To say that it be ‘a hatred speech’ while talking just the way people do and acts such as threaten permanently is censured, like if hei never happen. And like that these acts secure.
No depiction, no argument, no put into relief to show and represent reality.

To allow oneself to perform action not because of the need for them but  because the emptiness felt without this agreement, would have left one useless or ill. Fortuitous relation.

Tal - lat.

The sphincter like a muscle and to train it a pleasure.
The sphincters, muscles and to train a pleasure.
Writing takes the forms of the moment – of the diction, of audition, of the seeing, or the saying.

What if mice could be 1000 times bigger and like a god would punish the killing of the littler ones or kill us as we did not monitor their overgrowth numeral, or to prevent us to kill or torture further or in particular that one more a daunting.

A dream, an idea, and its comer commemoration.

Comere, Co-mere,

CONversation. Con verse.
Convey, con vie.

Racism is just the image of a family contests. If it is not by ethcny or social position the fight  for the etter or the dishonest segreagation for the worst of the human race, is gonna go one.
Racism just a mode.

Eves, elf.

Kind of media claim that ‘the Olympics couldl relive the guest countries form from recession., claim like that let think people that could be true to around at least 1% even if it is not the case at all, of courst. Instead of discarding it just as it is real theroier rubbisher.

In the course of power,
But human riace never mange ti.
T o pretend to be religious and be guided by the immorals setting a few agreement of living to after say thei were the iniatied
Nor the government that are the rulesr of th epoice, police as high way robbery, making business poison and lotting a lottery.
The nasty power, the power of the nasty.

Conscience and redeeming it might just be like one of this morning hwen you think that you want 10 mn more rest and go into a coma hourst after this; missing an appointment.
It is also for this tha commmmon sense people don’t resort to violence eachtime there is violence to stop.
But what common sense people should be doing when pollution, slavery, or killing are commited, or are in the process, or are at the beginning?
Maybe should we be bewared of this common, that is like the cake we decide to share, or at least divide or crumble instead of cooking , build another and its ingredients,

Why hear. And ear, such as Y like a stethoscope. Or a wander stick.

Human beings make thesleves psud pseudo fear the lat j last jugement’ , the hell ; or v even the ‘purgatory’, the karma , the reincarnation, the ‘ates’, the’ punsicment from downsatris or the ‘psychic misery’
Whereas human being are too dishonest not to portray themselves as a group and with every of thiese individuals being under some other rules, not inhumane,
And the sold and sole part of them , belonging to their betrayed, food feeder of what may be called whatever they would fear for de vraie.
De vera , de vrai, devrait.

15 august,  assumption.
To one’s strengh mirror, acting, blooming into another. As we choose its is there it bay.
Beam and bay.

The epopee of human and animals in the name, to a name, for the land. Ana. Theme.

The propageand a of sex in the marriage or in other places as being the duties within marriage as a burden u bud, ren, in ore rod odd, order , or-der, to make themselves believe they are stail stallion, and not stalle or stale hall, but born to reign and rules mother.

Raide, raid,

Reg, rules.
Reg – ulation.

Rod, dor.
Rod, door.
Dor –dort = sleep.

Red and blue aer one of the colors of the skin whist expose to the cold or to sth esea.

The power of the wrting when really tired or exhuasterd, the narration of the plenty, bewildering, belwilderment of the earing. But who have the psychic strench, and t stench strength streng, estrangle.
Es trange, triangle. Of writing in such conditions.
Lose end.

St, sh-ore.
Sh = as wave, awash, wage, wag = vague, = wave in french.
And though for so the sea will sing.

Forsake, forseht.

Host     soph           soft
Such, hutch. hat

to play the guitar as well right than left handed and give other on consonance and iver inversicall melody.


Hiver, hive,
Ete = use to be.

The tattoos as what might inhabit our limb, the force reconstruct or sybolise, their path visible an d movable but inscri bed. The idea, the purposes , the painture of ht ehome cinema .

After so many mistakes and mistakes to come; I would think of the instincts of experimens, thoughts, or telephaphy of thoughts,that I would apply them when they were making sense to me only.  Or maybe.
Come and go understanding. In and out.
And is understanding like a tending just what is under but never take responsibilities or the lead. But just the blame or the sack; as if we followed it, we would have stop flying and wasting our children death and misery.

Naomi wolf,
Systemic not marginal huge frauds by banks like hlc, Barclays.
And no one journalists send by big journalists channel, such as cbn, fox to cover.
Journalists threaten if revealing frauds and other government or cop or corporation misdoing.
h.r killed.

Hypocrysye or politness are two different notions. Moral and psychic or psychological moral need for evolution but any of those confused or arising from mistakes potential annihilation.
On all those reservations. But the tampon that preserves oneslf to act when beliving believing.  lies or set up or not understanding the real dram a of situations.

And if authors could haunt their own works and scripts. To the scribs.
Giving away ideas just hide, as, just like they ave collected previously.

i just find it is a shame you have to bear the veil around men- or other person forcing equal into it- not doing the same, if it was a matter of personal belief on how one might want to pursue one's presentation.

et pour tribu,
as who likes it? 

power. Peau, pot.

Ehrn when religions are the states privileged. Prive legged.

Her, earn.

Top down, bottom up.
Hiearcical, and inegalitarianism, just the worker s pelying mimetisme or v/v, same empoverishing that makes global and each one powere, with the anger of becoming next suceful murders.
Suce, success.

Religious? Social and cultural practices. Act, hiss.

h.r as the rights and cultural practices and financial , commercial frauds and other tolerance; as well as their permissive into exploiting for example children lavor and imposing brand new clothers on every body wo wants working.

Nationalist model of democracy, segregationists world population.

A community before the self, result in a selfish community.
The self before the communities, the shrinking of possibilities, with eradication or radiation of the stiffening authority. Dependable on one multitude of torturers instead of the work of one blessing the creator.

Too much light fades shadowm , erase movement, decrease ruts and eat tones and destroy work line and burrow.

Arts, reproduction of realities teaches its complexity by the absence of it being seen after the most have been done and the future of it to be construct and rafine.

Confuse Confucianism
Con found

Group and priviledge, but aren’t groups armed to protect the sl self shapes and its slaves?

Religion as sects pretending they hav found god’s way.
When what is to be seen is the very life they help astray.

Damus, damas,
Dime, dim

To preach tradition in order to rely on retarded methods of rules and isolation. Ex: majority rules, soummary execution, unchecked procedures, illegtimated and unbalances claims, the one woho slay voted as the fittest, and the ruler cofounding freeom of sex an pro islamist and catholic in love with their system being a threat by and for prostitution. Depraved. Privated. Hated.
Religion as being a groups wall legimasing communal rape under forms of masturbation. Or hwo to enslave and do bad work under the name of gain notion.
To edict and erict, erect oneself, even not the human alone, poor clone, as god.
God dog
If only faithful and loyal, sincerity could hunt the righteous onto a bay of carrying charity.
In pieta way, not mongoose.

In life one cannot do experimentation, as the social is freaded out, as normal as paradoxical of the illness of the most mal. Freaked.
In art, if I heard a nasty work at least in , the supposition of one path laeading to thousands depending on cons and reconsideration.
Siderer, s rate, assess, and evaluation, emulation, for a concept is a force from whoever will always have to do a bon.
Good relator.

People don’t k like to be compare to animal, whereas maybe could it bring to us, them, bred, some reconvertion, as sympathy for human conceit and degeneration.

People making religions or other subject the contention point or bones in order to assault and drown the others’ rights, and other rights.

White, weight.
Black, lack, lac, lake, kcl kcalb.

Cl calb.

When words are no verity but the parallel trace into their utteration.


Dark and shadow as fear from or for collision or encounter.
Light as fear from or of emptiness and desertification.

Religion. Relire.        

Invsasion, inversion, vers,

It is the end of the world, for please protect us from the most almighty devils.

Deviance, vil.

ON TH            IS planet there is all thing new and renew, and you find empty places where children resides all repain and brand new furniture, with nothing to do, not play , no books , no object to which relyies and though and handle and pappropiate, use and chherish, nothing but the dancing waste. E west.

 Religion as a temple open to everyone. A castle for the people.
Contreweighing the caste murred onto walls of taken , lured and taken and I hidden treasures, left in decay of spirituatlity just like in a bank were their lives is just to ensure autocratic continuity.

inimaginable the way people have and manage to calm down soiceity and social disorder r as well as individual anger in context of mass unemployment, povery, feud…

if person of our groups were doing what we originally call terrorist we would or be likely to brand them as hero and freedom combatant while if person of other groups were doing handling powere and threat and injure to the law or law that cover their businesses for them to become hanwky or without respect for fair trade oro permission to inside trading and lure, we would treat them as dictacture . instead of grow and economy endure.

Life provides dream (dread, re-am, drame) and masters.
For example the dream of living somewhere but this exact one you will postpone as duties I s awaiting you somewhere. Else.

Else, lese, less.
Lese, = injury, lese-majesty. 

Selle, aiselle,

 Power flower as at least they are the most likely to stay after.


Affo- a faux.

Doom and dull.


‘Trial and error’
R.T t.v

Every time a  being is a pest to another – being or no being- well it is like so that they will like each other (between beings , across, among or never

People think that they have to endure for their children not to be threatened. But what will be the condition of their further offspring ? tier, and tighter.
Escapable , any?

Infame community where we don’t even manage to really hate what we just don’t like or don’t support. By the extincition of life, any second of any day. Ayd. Aids

To come to the fact and to reason that vocabulary mirrors our being = disgusting.
Le’t#s ananlyse the word

Not knowing , since searching.
Don’t develop a syndrome in though.

As laconique as rocky.

Use of movement initiating the same kind of emotion.
For example speaking of death if people in a culuture where people nod to express sadness don’t nod at the moment of conversation, might not express sadness. As not mimiquing others reaction s and postulate withing cultural conception of death as being sad. While not nodding , not expression of sadness as person thinking about relativity of death or at its unavoidableness and so expression confusing for other people as not sign posted.
Expressing.     Ex---------press.

Politeness is precious as it is diplomacy and it time itme rithme, intime, generate time precious to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretation or over heated situation.
Though it become the tools of hypocrisy when neurotics become the source of violence when politeness might be a way to secure and seal approval for misconduct like ordures.
We are the bosses, we are the deviles we are the gods of your cultures, respect us to cook and bake you till dure, hassel.

Est seule.

When it seals and sell.

Cil et aiselle. Vaiselle. Vaisseua, vasseau. Vat sot. Va. Av, valve.

Rat, tar.
Et deveinir fou par le bruit s du rongeur nocturne, mangeant juste tout ce qui se plie.

Deciet, conceit,
Deciet deceit.


See, et, ciiel.

The impr ortance of parents bringing up as they access emotional and intellectual area no accessible to person non identified as parents.
Or neglect could bring dependable to identiy every one as parents- not only just partly, but completeldy , not only at moment but giving oneself to someone like if nothing could happen as being protected by this said higher authority or unconditional love, or systematic morality.
Erable. Arable.

Shrug not hug. Rug.

Hypocrysye or politness are two different notions. Moral and psychic or psychological moral need for evolution but any of those confused or arising from mistakes potential annihilation.
On all those reservations. But the tampon that preserves oneslf to act when beliving believing.  lies or set up or not understanding the real dram a of situations.

And if authors could haunt their own works and scripts. To the scribs.
Giving away ideas just hide, as, just like they ave collected previously.

Prostitution dones does not control libido. As libido is enhanced and one is getting more and more apt at sexually wan t the ones that says no.
And even more when possible infinities in affinities to a person that don’t want us while one manages to perform ‘th eimaitation of intimacy with someone doing not for real but for money.
Biased , sei sexism. Illusory. Fake in person. Support of unhumanities, unanimities.

The number “2” (“”22 manuscripts form may be like, may like, a cobra or a dragoon. Co-bra.
Could it be in the bible bad reasons for parenting, or for controlling, or cease to live in harmony an d like bad reader of the bible would say in order to use what is on eart h like if it was their due and compile.

Poetry is the remerciement, thankful of the melody as the writer or talker or painter, have listened to, pray ofr it, catch somewhat the prosody. The discussion with the spirits. Higher in franc ailleurs = else(where).


\sell, in the view of crooking, or stocking what is life and matter,  n, not for the picking.
For that matter.


Poetry or other kind of creartivity is just that learn to hear; and then learn to sense better, and teach. All hope of success reussite is gone, but with it all hope of living returns, as a creative and exchanging spirtituality.
Not bad dude, just a lure who have to seek not to be sought for eating and hatred, and its diner.

To say of other profession they are not productive, or they aren not useful, or they are makeconnery and generating looting synomym of work. Without any vaulu for ethical and morals and spiritual, work diol dilapidation only.

Le leur, les leurs, des votres, devot.

De vote.

Side, hide

Art fulfilled the emotions of moments that will never be arriving.
As the sould would like to go on and on; and perform so higher and better that the time.
That the time left us to see or seen or sang. Sans sass.

a video? there is nothing like ballet for the grace it inspires and spires.

And, nad-a.
Danm dana.

Non breux.
Non preux.

well ok don't worry though i was inspired by the word must must muse, inspired and attracted, i was not applying, for it...

Passport, inside recycled envelop.

All f puftas, more melted than butter, but no one told them, as since they are hompophobe, or so frightened to be treated like a sod, that they would go with a illness mental that would show too much for allegorie, or alleviate it.

People promise to their slaves that homosexualiy won’t be laws as they might be assured ot have like liberal heterosexism produce a family on their own, poe potentially ebal ebalble ebable  able to protect them. Here and now people do so as prostitution is the mark of patriarchality, inflict upon men and women. To say to them we won’ allow homosexuality to equal families stands for this guarantee of no widespreading prostitution, for one reason and one reason only, prostitution perdurance and endurance on the other hand is looming or even sustain explicitely.
The promise of not lib rerating as it is clear that uulteriorly the new regime or renewed ones but expensing or s establishing is gonna be about people for now in the west whose second countries’ in the south will be treating people and good as second entity, as the follower (foe low) of their practices and whims, whence the claims for a culture reassembling economic unit only, a culture slavage =  washed by claim that it is one greedy and irrespectuous of their members. Cultures claim autonomy brawling legitimacy, and imprisoned whose of their members. Hi-jack. Terrorism and kidnap.
In the west too.

To pretend be Christians following the’ son of god’ while what one says is that they ac cannot reproduce the good will of what jesus is said to have gone and been. Simple, and make oneself unable but to glorify the since godify unachacihvalble of other helping. But still slay justifying oneself of having a better idole.

Allure of peace in order to let the seaker pecking.
Allure of peac e are not good fi faithe, thief.

Am not the devil writer as the devil is you who he reads, dar daer, dear, daren.

As jesus and mohammed of other goddessnry, yet another world for violence and revenge.
Excuse me.
Accuse.                             Same in french.

To be not a prophet but a person of letter. Like the sword and its move, the coupe , the coupert. Couperet. Copper.

What a weather! Id like to have a partner and enjoy the thunder. Walk maybe, just hearing and translating the groaning and roaming of the terror and sweeter appeal of the skies surrender.

Wait and see, theis tempest like so settle me.
Impossible to go impssible to stop the hearsay lesser than what is above.

Hypocrisy is the way people can say they are for peace while they are sowing the seed of despair and inequality, irrespect and love for the only treasury.
At least and at last it convey and is a rest of what should be, to speak good and to do good. But if one betrays in only p speaking god good then like they don’t care about their children disarray when polluting and just looting other generations labor, they don’t care about how ree venge can cast twice its axes when realisin g the trahisons were well documented.  Short term ah anyway.
Good reason.  Re- Eas -on

God notion is very important to earth as all of ours deeds it is the only one to go an djudge.

In zone where god cannot help as we went out of its reach, in the arm of our devil and redempter. Redeem different ways.

The internet not enable any competitivity. No possible to get in touch with people, as censorship on your link and web address, not possible to go and search to get in touch even am manually, click by click, sending by sending, as accessible address or accessible promotion have to be paid before hand, and thence eternal press and political party, corporation monopoly of datas and information story. Perennial.


        knows that I was not. I told her many times that I was the example between alone and lonely. But now I like my reality of having avoided marriage, there is no one counting on me or my adequateness. Some people cannot see (theri) life (or the one of other more dictatorially) without a lot of human interactions, or spending a lot of time together, or cannot bear silence, or are dubious of people liking alone activities (but maybe she wanted to explain some of my idiosyncrasies, or other nervously ). I really like Terry speaking, talking to me all the same because it is the minimum one has to do when sharing a same work- most of our talk were around Jim anyway, and it is thanks to Terry experiences and maturity that work progress onto better and more secure practices and understanding.
Besides, I was entirely alone, and so have been for months and years, by choice, as if I meet somebody, it is, since after my 20 or nearly, in order to see if it is possible at all to form a couple- I don’t need verbalized friendship, well I need but all the same.
 What I sent about the tempest is solely because thunder makes me tremble infallibly; I write something I find funny, it was to make you smile simily- well try.
I did one year of theatre at the regional conservatory, with cloning around one day with the promise of being paid when I was 17- it goes a long way.
I am puzzled; thank you it is a good one. I d never ever thought you would felt this way nor about a truly loving relationship or a sexual one nor about friendship- albeit I am very pleased you talk of it. I would not dream embarrassing you with a vein subject like this.
The reason I am very pleased is that to be open to you, I spend my life writing mediocre stuffs and resuming studies I completely abandoned when I was a teen- in English like in math my marks in high school never zero exceeded.
 (Thanks good your tone is reassuring. So this is very complex living- professionally just like personally and forbids intime.)
All of this makes one also a rather particular character and get on well with others might more than average or often reveal to be tricky. So at the end of the day, it is the first time in my all lifetime that I have a job so well paid, with regular hours, and that lasts more than a season, with a boss or inspector whose visits is some I am waiting for with pleasure and desire instead of apprehension and dread. I mean whatever the hardship of the work I d like you to be my chief for infinity- I like to learn and do my best.
Well I don’t want you feel that I might be profiteering from the fact that you are mourning- well I feel love for you anyhow. I used to tell people that overtly but now it has become more of a secret that I like being tighly guarded- partly because I think that my past sadness came from the fact I am homo- and its social and economical and professional and status whatsoever consequences, and because of my ignorance and candidness partly- so vast that could have been legendary.
When I was 16 I met the woman I had loved till then- not now- but I considered myself a widow, all considered.
She went so far as saying that I provoked in her a hi heir son; after the few month fling we had, add.
I don’t want make myself sound serious as I am not, writing is a leisure and also I need a lot of time to relax, and reading and dreaming type of person. But it pertains to that I spend years and years on my own- always sharing a few hours a week or a month with male mates that did not too much fear or unwelcome my dryness, to avoid mutism, blackout to install itself completely.
I know how physical contact lack can drain one out entirely. At least I did that to me. If I touched you it is not in order to provoke some sort of sex appeal or sensuality, it is because I am honestly a tactile person, and when I trust or when I am fond of someone if become very much so, instinctively, I would have to think about not doing it, and not that I am thinking in order to do so (it is not a planned endeavor, I beat myself up you were uncomfortable, flesh needs to be massaged, this kind of thing). It is not a comparison but an explanation, I have been brought up with animals, when not by them, egoistically I also feel like it. Touch is a grand way of communication, and bear warmth, as well as body consciousness and consciousness of the body.

Also with you is very present in my mind that it is, where I am, your home, that I have to respect 100%, as you make people feel so welcome. Doing otherwise would be a real high treason. I want you to be certain that I cannot forget the fact that you are my boss, and never will be. Also if you want to talk about this or about anything it ll be never a problem, or at least not with me, as taboos are very dangerous totems that ruins lives, careers, good morals and comprehension, even though they permit not to jump to conclusion or evil deeds to drastically. It is thank to you and your magnanimity I admit, and the fact you keep me that just sort me out of having to worry for my fees and other mismanagement. I owe you my second year bachelor degree I don’t know if I had been so clear as this. I am not saying that I ve always been so mature, but I would never do anything consciously as to impair a good working relationship; I ve never had any serious relationship because I ve always admitted my passion for voyage and total liberty; also putting into danger the way I might survive and fuel my living is not an option; guaranteed.
On the fact you are not gay, for me no one is hetero or homo, natural is bi, for me so excuse the abruptly. I stay gay because of heterosesix, and misogyny. And also as because of this context it is women that, love is higher, and have no price, that taught me- and follow some men (or lesby) love for their wife more than maybe. 
I edit out a lot as no one can stand me (It)-meat, meet.

I don’t know what to answer, except that if I touch you it is because I know what it is not having physical contact and do it on purpose as my life was without it, until very recently. And anyhow I was using it as a friendship bond, you are a fabulous boss, a very nice company, one cannot ask for everything, all the more since it is work involved I ll never forget it.
There is something that shocks me, literally. How come you don’t realize that it is not about Pete or me. I mean let’s be frank, you are too damn serious you need an interpret. You are professionally successful, your career established, you are healthy, you are slim, nice and sexy, you have good idea and are a interesting coach, forgiving. You are real nice, you are patient, understanding, you are fair, indulgent, and full of surprises. And good salary have-no, that s just to be insolent. I forgot you are intelligent, witty, vivacious, active, energetic- at least for me, sleuthward.
Like any other person you need that the other person enjoy your natural- when alone- daily. And this , the share of activity is not happening anylonger because of the area we are in, but because of the exact match of our leisure and activities = net searching. I cannot believe you think that the ones expecting to really fancy you would be Pete or me only, I mean the only ones that you are remembering.  I cannot know how many men, and women, would just come abode in your aegis.
It is also because I sensed that that I was so proud and feel you. Contradictory but magnetic.
 There is thousands that would like to have something shared with you, flirteous or not, and another many that would ask you to marry, in fact too many, a good character cannot give itself to any.
If I may, maybe you should go to the gym not to this session with women with back problem but somewhere in   Af     were people know you and might come across with you, or make you meet somebody. And with women of your own age or younger and not women older than you- like it might be at the pilates maybe. I know you like very much your area, it is dangerous you don’t go there the few hours you do socialize. It is there, in   Af       , you might encounter someone relevant to your life, and more I hope this deeply.

            knows that I was not. I told her many times that I was the example between alone and lonely. But now I like my reality of having avoided marriage, there is no one counting on me or my adequateness. Some people cannot see life a lot of human interactions, or spending a lot of time together, or cannot bear silence, or are dubious of people liking alone activities. I really like Terry speaking, talking to me all the same because it is the minimum one has to do when sharing a same work- most of our talk were around Jim anyway, and it is thanks to Terry experiences and maturity that work progress onto better and more secure practices and understanding.
What I sent about the tempest is solely because thunder makes me tremble infallibly; I write something I find funny, it was to make you smile - well try lamentably.
I d never ever thought you would felt this way nor about a truly loving relationship or a sexual one nor about friendship. I would not dream embarrassing you with this subject.
 I spend my life writing mediocre stuffs and resuming studies I completely abandoned when I was a teen- in English like in math my marks in high school never zero exceeded.

All of this makes one also a rather particular character and get on well with others might, more than average, or often, reveal to be tricky. So at the end of the day, it is the first time in my all lifetime that I have a job so well paid, with regular hours, and that lasts more than a season, with a boss or inspector whose visits is some I am waiting for with pleasure and desire instead of apprehension and dread. I mean whatever the hardship, and complexity of the work I d like you to be my chief- I mean not only for your father but for the rest.
I used to tell people that overtly but now it has become more of a secret that I like being tightly guarded- partly because I think that my past sadness came from the fact I am homo- and its social and economical and professional and status whatsoever consequences, and because of my ignorance and candidness partly- so vast that could have been legendary.
When I was 16 I met the woman I had loved till then- not now- but I considereded myself a widow, all considered.
I don’t want make myself sound serious as I am not, writing is a leisure and also I need a lot of time to relax, and reading and dreaming type of person. But it pertains to that I spend years and years on my own. i know how physical contact lack can drain one out entirely. At least I did that to me. If I touched you it is not in order to provoke some sort of sex appeal or sensuality, it is because I am honestly a tactile person, and when I trust or when I am fond of someone if become very much so, instinctively, I would have to think about not doing it, and not that I am thinking in order to do so (it is not a planned endeavor, I beat myself up you were uncomfortable. It is not a comparison but an explanation, I have been brought up with animals, when not by them. Touch is a grand way of communication, and bear warmth, as well as consciousness of the body.

Also with you is very present in my mind that it is, where I am, your home, that I have to respect 100%, as you make people feel so welcome, so as to be given an opportunity to render the favor. Doing otherwise would be a real high treason. I want you to be certain that I cannot forget the fact that you are my boss, and never will be. Also if you want to talk about this or about anything it ll be never a problem, or at least not with me, as taboos are very dangerous totems that ruins lives, careers, good morals and comprehension. It is thank to you and the fact you keep me that just sort me out of having to worry for my fees. I owe you my second year bachelor degree I don’t know if I had been so clear as this. I am not saying that I ve always been so mature, but I would never do anything consciously as to impair a good working relationship; I ve never had any serious relationship because I ve always admitted my passion for voyage and total liberty; also putting into danger the way I might survive and fuel my living is not an option; guaranteed.
On the fact you are not gay, for me no one is hetero or homo, natural is bi.
I cannot believe you think that the ones expecting to really fancy you would be Pete or me only. Mind maybe it is what a save, you saved me.
 There is thousands that would like to have something shared with you, flirteous or not, and another many that would ask you to marry, in fact too many, a good character cannot, shall not, must not, give itself to any.
If I may, maybe you should go to the gym not to this session with women with back problem but somewhere in         were people know you and might come across with you, or make you meet somebody. And with women of your own age or younger and not women older than you- like it might be at the pilates maybe. I know you like very much your area, it is dangerous you don’t go there the few hours you do socialize. It is there, it might be, in         you could encounter someone relevant to your life if that is to be done without internet, and more I hope this deeply. If I talked about that with you, thank you to permit me, it is not to check out on your availability, but know the emptiness of being without a true companion, and want that to some guys who would chiefly purely deserved it, deserve you. want the reverse of that to some guys- someone to live and breath for- brief.
Proud to be your friend. Very proud.

it is to me to make amendment and apology. there is no the shadows of a problem between you and me, i can guarantee.

also, I dl ike to thank you for listening to me so sincerely.

Flirtous, flattery.

Aegis, haji. A proof that language are not enemy haine aim, aime, but quite the opposite.

Excuse the content and style, I ll write and have written bizarrely.

Vengeance, revenge, reve-gen, gun. 

What I wrote about the thunder was also a bit of a moquery on me. If I never get really a love story with anyone is that my ideal relationship would be one with a person who don’t need to talk basically…

Intimate, in time.


Dear Caroline

Yes, extreme weather can- will-  highlight the emotions – authors often used
weather to set the scene for dramatic developments in their plots or
reflect the state of mind of the characters.

T said that she spent time chatting with you and that she felt you
were lonely. I am, by nature, a ‘carer’, so partly I would spend time
talking with you as I wanted to know about the people who were looking
after D and partly to show that you were not alone and to become a
friend to you. I used to talk to T too, and after she left I
thought that you would be more lonely and so tried to spend more time
with you for your sake. Maybe I was partially transferring my feelings
of loneliness onto you. I did and do enjoy your company so it was easy
to speak with you. As D has interacted less I find myself speaking
with you and A more as it is easier and more pleasant to talk with
you than with D.

I think you have sensed my sadness and sense of loss and my need for
friendship as you are a sensitive and kind person. Like a good friend
you have looked out for me and care about my health and well being. It
gives me a good feeling when a friend does something for me and pays me
attention as, since P died, I have become used to doing everything
for myself. I have missed the normal, everyday companionship that P
and I had.

I am very lucky to have my family and good friends. I have made some
new friends since P died. I want to thank you for becoming a friend
to me as well as looking after D.
I wholeheartedly apologise if I have formed the wrong opinion but for a
while I have thought that you may want us to be me more than friends. I
feel very flattered by this. I also feel embarrassed as I do not feel
the same way about you and could never as I am not gay. One day I may
meet a man that I want to share time with and possibly love but for now
I am do not want to look for him but I will not say ‘never’. You are
young and it has given me confidence to think someone, other than P,
could like me and it has given me a lot of comfort. Thank You.

I like you as a person and enjoy chatting with you. I also do not want
any awkwardness as we work together and want us to still be friends.
Instead of addressing it I have tried to ignore the situation, as I see
it, by trying to interact with you as I would with a friend from work
called a, (who is about the same age as you and lives with her
boyfriend, she is the one from Ch) if she made the same
comments to me or put her hand on my shoulder as you have. I know some
people are far more tactile than others and you have said you are a
very physical person. The physical contact from you up until several
months ago, and from a, feels different as you/she is/are only a
friend (we hugged when her grandmother died and when I was really upset
over P). But recently you have been touching my arm or my shoulder
and it does make me feel uncomfortable, although I try not to show it,
as I feel it is an advance as I think you have feelings for me. By
trying to be ‘neutral’ and by not addressing the situation I have been
dishonest with you and with myself. I have not addressed it before as I
still want your friendship and to be able to chat comfortably with you
and be myself but I have no sexual feelings towards you and do not want
these from you and so you should not have any such hopes. I have
wrongly encouraged you and taken advantage of you and am ashamed of
that. I hope you can forgive me and that we can work together and
continue to be friends and comfortable in each others company but
understand if this cannot be the case.

With friendship and apologies.

Petra, trape.

Ol only and beyond holy.
The hearsay of the sky, yks.
Like the souls not saints but the expression of higher purity, the mask not the assurance of it.
Don’t listen to your instincet completely blind folded otherwise than it teaching its salinity. Not salvation.  Alvae.

To write wrong, to rewrought it, and leave the trace of the erring, errance , herring on a wall, as if, hazy.

Instinct, intercept.

Cert, it-ude.

Sert, it-tune, hood,

Not to be so self centred, and maybe not feeling so much resistance and existence, as the way one is forging but at this moment sense outerly a glance of what one has to pursue and that we ignore up to it. Up to it and now. Hip and now, narrowing story.

Fuss in hell.

f. us.

To believe in god and to believe in that Adolph hitler or aka the worse enemy, staline put aside, that in books not in history, note in not,could have been brave and bon. Bon homme. Meom, mome, memo, mot.

Note in history. Ease tory.

The religious texts trying to ban and repel death threat thread, and renegade, renegat,
Gat. Prayers refoule, mob, the it and delirium , rium, room, par approchant, that loomed.  But more prs present, and pressant. Pressing, cocket, pressant, pheasant, faisant, peasant, appeasant, ap-ly, ap-ease.
Loo, look, doom, dom, hom

The shadows that form as quick as the light or if not althogether for the human eyes it does so and no albeitly. Not so. Os ton. Oz. os = in french = bone.

Albeit, albatross, beit, bait, albasse,

Shados ws as quick as more shade ose, ca chat dose.

Humans want the scripture to be holly more in fact divine absolutely.
In the hope of maim the preachers to offense all others into saying that for them are destined the prayers, hip hope and all ceremonies . monacal. Monies. Money.
Maon, mao, moaning.

To cite the memories of someone like so and so. Is not citing them but what people have constructed around rules and personalities. Vil viele. Prehistory. Modern times is . tamise.

Water so tame , that it will become croupie.
Croupion croupier.

Fane, fanon, fanons.

Fan, wind and desertification, decalcification.

People that again and yet think that other people are sensible or sensitive to apologies. But what when someone as a k donkey have make lose their senses, to chop the pain and thi eir penny.

Pn pen.

Option, hope, sion.
Theon, pan, nap. Nappe. Eoo eppee.

Echo, et haut. Oooooooooo. Round and circle. Circule. High, gill, guilty. Hight et haut. Ehonte.

- Don’t feel that you were totally mistaken; I must have edited to much out. You are not wrong.
What I really like is that since I am engrossed in my other preoccupations during the week, I have this time with you were we can talk about a bit of everything quietly and ‘laughingly’. i like lightly or else fatily comes and groans, gronde. like thundery. we have to like lightly. not superfluous but jolly.
It’s great. Really thanks to you.
It is not even advice but suggestion, like your niece should go on the net maybe. We are in London and the net took over its dimension. Di-mansion. Also there is so much I write for the sake of writing, that I bona fide forgot to edit out, and that seems so much out of place, and sometimes really are. Do not worry if I do that, and so goes for my endless thinking and untimely chatting.
Chaffing, cheating, shifting, charting, chanting.
My point is that I finally grow out, even if recently, of wanting a marriage (as eternal commitment are fleeing). I think I like quietness and endless voyage (of the mind and why not of the geography) too much to find someone like me. Or happy with me which the ultimate aim would be. What shift in my ways is that when I always waited for this person to come back, or another to stay like this, I now look for someone I could look after for a while, a long while if permitted. But with or without it I can feel well and am not expecting anybody, that is the great change, a veritable relief. No one. Even if tenderness shall take the prize, and greater and greatness envy.
I can hear your pa. I ll have to let it like this. Can’t wait for the cake, it is the one think I ll never do pastry.

Explain, ex paln plan.

- I am so pleased that I was wrong, I hope we can laugh about this
misunderstanding and be good friends because you are a lovely person. I
feel rather big-headed now and silly – I wish I had said something
earlier but we live and learn.
I was so lucky to be with Pete for so many years that I want others to
experience the same wonderful experience that I had and I suppose I see
all potential relationships in the same way. You say that you know the
emptiness of being without a true companion but do not seem to seek
this for yourself. Maybe we can talk about this.
You were being a true friend and telling me what you thought suited me
and making me feel good.
Yes, you can give me advice – but I may not take it! It is interesting
what you say about going to the gym to potentially meet people rather
than pilates etc. with just women, especially older women. Pete’s niece
worked in a small office, loves crafts (knitting, embroidery etc) and
so does not meet single men. She is now 32 I think and has not had a
serious boyfriend since she was about 19. I know she hates pubs etc and
I know she wants children. Anyway, let me work on my problems rather
than hers.

Thank you – do not beat yourself up – put the bat down!
I will be round tomorrow morning before going to my sisters for lunch
and will bring the cake that is left. We just must not ignore Dad and
chat together.

Death, thaed, fad. Fade.

And be a mum on top of it, you remind me more and more person I once loved or still love. Llike a genter version of my granny, for whom I always though we could have efficiently perhaps married. Well she gave me the tone for efficiency at leat least.

Lesbianism is not such feared hypocritically as the end of heterosexuality, whoe myth of amazon fuel, as if theire is no such thing as heterosexuality , only when forced, there is no such thing as homosexuality, but sinc epple apple pee people papple view and prise praise prsise life as a prison, and imprisoned freedom and force.
It is revear deify  or revile as the stoping of polygamy going in only one way. Males claiming having more than one and women having to one number stay. Or to have to stop taliing t omen like if theiry were stallion having to engross and duplicate and lies about the ir size on one hand, while being admosnidshe dif presenting it to another eunuch playing stallion.

The gral r grail just like a tit.

Joseph, anna.
Mary, an na, noun.

 I still have the chocolate taste in every part of my mouth. she uses good products.different superposed layers are surely difficult.
Well no exactly all over my mouth and appendices, chocolate cannot beat sex at all.

Not to want to call one’s date when I was thinking of you, but since all day it is what I do.
And for the years taught me that I have to call others if I did not want to stay in a life where I am the sole dreamer. Only me.

Queen, neeuq. Nick.

King, g-nik.

 I told you these chocolate tastes like cigars. very nice experience, savorous. i d rather one all creamy. and push my inches out. (waist round)

It is hard work to be careful. like the hare of the fable.
maybe could she use also less decorative product but as good quality ingredient to lower the price and diversify her clients.
 that one cake resembled a castle.

Castle, hassle.

I cannot believe that the chocolate is kicking in now. yes it is really good stuff. a little bit like my lentils.

People have cahged changed the world intelligence inot the willing of dsestruction. If you are not enclined to produce what will cover and convert earth into a garge, garage, slaughter houses, poison warehouse and spli spillings and garrison. Not participating in it and you will be caged or entwit, intertwine with warden and butcher as your guard in some gare rison. Garni-son. Or reservation, you work where one will be employed to feed the rest with the abovce , for the exact compensation.
Fed et rale.


Necessity of a ch cohesion, of a one nation, as one spot can sploil the lot. One pollution like one nucleon enough to kill one, and with it the whole spirit.

Rainforests are home to more than six million different species – including tigers, agile gibbons and a huge variety of birds. More than a billion people depend on these precious habitats every day. Rainforests are also vitally important as carbon stores and are crucial in the fight against climate change.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: RSPB

Anxiety and the way one looks, is not the way one is, or does in spirituality, but the culture that will have us to feel we are acting this way and sensation or thoughts receving , as the communauty wants them to act, think, do, produce, create or their opposite, stand-by, deny, blind-fold, or commiserate bending, teasing, dishonesting, beating, mimiquing, minimizing, propaganding, destroying, ravaging, looting, not my favorite words but consequential activism, consuming and wasting. How to behave is intrically related to how people enables , tolerate, reward, propel, direct, censor, expel, disturb, maintain, profit, pro-feet, prophet, pro-feat, from, thro and to, wards ego and go.

Hare, hard, drah, rah.

god created theory to think, and psychology to think about others and us belief leading to treasures or erros errors. Instincts and labor, s labyrinth and squeletos.  ssssssQu elle est os/
scale, let on.

To forgive her, or mourning and nuning, or the lady killer, relaxing not woe wooing, or vowing, but cuddling the lack of a motherly trust into her breast and succulent bust. Shary. Shere.

Ub 10000 years, human no more being but life as a process and all of the aspects that counted for nature intersects. And will be study as a single spirit. Singleton.

The confusion comes from tha t the puftas aren’t the men who loves another men, who loves another being and therefore their sisters as deeply as this, this does not describe homosexuals, politically as it is, heterosexism is the idols of the injuries, nope, these aer not the fags. The ones who are are the guys hetero, and homo, that pretend to be in love or in partnership to obtain out of them, or out of anybody, the product of their shame, their hater hatred or their being cowards, egocentric, exxentric or lazy. The ones that manipulate in order to be served, by or with the help of the lady.

In life it is not through the all lot that we identify and collaborate and take pity as well as admiration upon human being and humanity, it is through very ep peculiar to us specific endowed, love,d, truly perceived and followed, the way we like it, activity. Example reading, or hockey.

Nothing makes sense without someone to read it or view it with the conviction and determination to make sense of it. And the great authors are those analysed and reprised by the population choiring, and choar choraling, c quarelling,

To be n ensr ensorcelled by nature; and to convey ensorcellement from so down the dawn day .

Way, wed.

Security, cure,

Passion makes yiu understand that one has to stay onto certain path to specially succeed in what we aim at. Ami aimed. Med. Dem.

And to know that we have for that discarded ; and so to have to stay w very awake aw wild wide clear and po sed as well pissed in the understanding that what we had to ao avoid will lack in our visions. And count on the propaganda no, but propager of the spirit that will release their ultimate, harmony, withing the word happy. Hip pa.

Happy, yppah, heap, head, pa, da – he

Dat (da)y- day                pa            y
May – ma –y                     ma                  y

Ma-t and prayer.

To have had 3 mums as human, mama and grandmas, 3 m grannies, mama and grandmas, and to be brought up with all the cats, folws…tarzan in the more than the jungle cities.
Set is. Ies ites, exit, etis.

Sherry, yrrehs.     

To think that instinct or whatever spirits, inner, or satana, sa tanna, sat anna, ana and the reful sal of penetration, is something hors pari pair, to count for good and long.

Long, gnol , nol, gol, gone, log.

The worked limb of one’s limbo body, bolw in, just are transofrme dinot visible  mind of their own, perfecting their lifes in having sgtrengh and form, energy and unit on their one own, wo, voe, vow, woo, agendan. Age en day.

Someone who comes to you and that pomp your sexuality the same that you ll pomp hers, heirs, is belong to the mystic and comsmic not com cosmetic experience of the earth. Ban sexuality and free partenariat as well as gr free aboding with the person one has chosen is the ban to our extra. Human and animal alike in thei search of the throb. Rob bor borth, borht, abort, birth.

Abort, rotab, arbo.

Logic or perception of logics, and point of view and focus as objectification, perimeter and vision. How come I see that more than the fairies around? Or her beauty more than her absence she will be taking to make me low love is fecund and even if she does not want me, her image forthcoming just inonde.

Human being wants to classify every thing from personality to interests and what they think are experience of I vie. Cos they want to apply to everh y an ordonance, and to demonstrate that since said it is known the will of the body its energy is gona de ga gonna cov v convey for they company.

Sciences and studies saying that the truth is inside what they have said or have to say al-ready.

Ready, hinder.

Already, ydaerla, ideal.

Adhere earl.

Rely on religion.

Success or reussite.

Ma drogue est le the vert. Trev.

Vodoo, vow oooooooooooooo

To be marryed to whom one loves and not whom one shag, is the difference between building strong, bright, and brave or sane but not seed for the obscene

The religion of incessant indecency provide people with a you don’t know what it is about when their intelligent remarks or absolute repulsion or question intecede. Intelligence then as ignorance or subsrervience is trated.

Some with priviledge agree being less condescendant or open to ideas of democracy and real security.
In contrast of poor battling for money vulgarly mockingly
But where ideas of democracy are the most like and most fought for are in the red areas.
‘the last will be the first’ and why one’ l deserve one fate theory is inspired by real horror ( pertaining to humanity and to the humans that want endorse it_

To have to heal and teach the body the process entailing.
Antlers and avoiding.

Women more resistant, knowing in and out, the body, the body growing and naissant. In combat endow with the blow that breaks and the ones that heals.
To combat and restore one’s partner when training, oneself when amortissing, or to lure the danger into readier bones cracking.
Women won’t win maybe in doing boxing or other Olympics games but in a nature where all men is not sucking all other men in order to pa psychologically led them to rape phwysically all the females, then everybody is not killing everybody and a woman to kill their equal can train. More resistant, mor e febrile as she will have to consult the spirit, like she knows the babies and their spirits, and know how to cull the one s that would tr threatening them, or their upbiring bringing.

The u cultures of making one’s wifes or daughter big, as well as fancying the slimmer. Making the fats ashamed of themselves and in position of serving, while the fits cal classified as the ones that get paid to image and being the aim of prostitution, no one wanting being fit, where it means to attract males. No favor and dysentery where everyone must pray for us nation to be taken over, even by worse, as what is worse thatn that kind of Malheur, mal odor. But the slaves owner, and bordello doormen and madam lady sour, sueur, suitor.

The leaves moving thanks to the wind through the window that can be seen. Alive end stille. Still

Still, lilts, lits, lit = bed. Intensity provoque luminosity, as the shadows are or different or expelled or in volupty.

Sex and virtuosity.
As the music replace the elan of destiny. Replace our deeds numerals, ordiansls, minerals.
Nuu numb.
Pink floydd.

Sex,     de xes.


Pl politic.     Cit il op.     kit ill hope.
Pole hiyt  tic

To want to catch a mouse not kill, not injure her, but to trap her to rea lease. The rat just takes the trap and eat the bait. Could do wit living with one if my food were tightly stored and that they stopped eating my notes v of the bank and clothings.

The shadows, a bit round or not , not quite. I can go beyong its surface by fact. Shadower but with more of relieves. Like an eye. A mirror, a path. Epitath. Pathy, tapi.


Him, hym ne.

State of mind just like the trob and thrust of bullet and mallet on the mind, nimb.
site with subjects about antidemocratic fees and universy anti democratic procedures and etat de fait.

i cannot believe- well yes in fact, got used to, did not pay right to send my web links or something like that with the net web democracy- they start to spam me- while i am your contact, i don't even own my email adress lists, they also block you from sending messages multi receiver, multi adresses.
look i did not do it either.
hospital i knew. maybe we could give her a lift and have a walk around while she is with christ in between.
speak to you tomorrow.


Parents that obliged their children behaving the same than them, while they chprofession and wha want to pass as hero to have done them, or have don’t those think only for the money, and the power that birth nait from abusing freedom. Thes parents who want their children lower as they refuse to see the combat and formation before tham. Narcissism.

To not stop being intelligent or else becoming mad, and violent.

The patriarchasim the most when martriarchaism is about prostitution. In the sense of people wanting to be served.

This kind of pr pornography but about this kind of fornjication.

And come tho the fact that one’s parents are not but in vitro breeders.

Slim, as nervous, as the phantomatic resurgence of our blood vessel. Sleek like th snake and the feeling of  sensoring every single nerves.

Opne open legs like open body, and hollow heart for empty. Spirit.

At night every one fells a presence. Feel I am sory.

The torture and convulstion of the bodies when exorcism just like when wanting to escape or violently wanted wo to watch behind or I u when under police or milita investigation.. not that all the burread are militia, just for the amteur murderer and sadistic person in the street, not only men, say that.

The cross in exorcism or whatever other talisman standing for the human control of symbolistation.

I don’t think, I have nothing.
One does not think when all is left to think is that they lost everything in live.
Lost everything in living.

I don’t think.
One does not think when they have to think that they lost everything, or pretty much. Or why not, at this rate.

And if when I think of you, it is in fact another being joining your soul, or spirit, or mind, or memory, brain or heart, and where passes the artery.
Another being coming into you, one tha ihavit me or the messanger or harbinger, what/

The travel it took, the place it slid onto, even when in me, I cannot say what is ‘it’?

Hompophobic sentiments are homophobia permits so mediocre acts and thoughts to stand to obtain job of acrimony. How many people just got to have mone y for displaying their digust . disgusting bo budies.

mohamed prophet of islam were married to a 6 year old child. worse form of sexual slavery called a legal union by people that should be put in prison.

You will have to put ointment on your mother knee. whatever she says you can be sure she would really feel the need now. not tomorrow but later. it is a very pleasant and reconstructive exercice for both participants.

Hero, ero.
Brother, rethorb.


Retors, rethoric.

To young lass that play being older and more evolved than their ga grandmas.
You marry the real old at least and last in possession of some wisdom when they are not trying to play the virgin lass, an d enlace laces, for money and ply plummeting.

Art mihg t be to express without regret, as one action don’t have real impact, instant but instinct impact socially and professionally, let say.
Till people take you r art like they take god, that is in distorting your pr purpose and aim, and lie to live. Where life lies.

To create images and similes in order for the psychic and psychologic experiment might be expressed in common language.  That is one will express their spiritual experience with personification of the characters posing for induhism, Judaism, islmamism , or christianityy.
What does that might imply?
Blure blur, lure, an dbondaries put aside, mis a part.

To answer else than in the human fashion, not human fashion n in fact, but what our cultures or societies want tht e from form ofour reaction s and responses can be. An dfeel the crown, crow, crownies.
Row, ron, run.

Row, o wor.

Forget about marriage rage marri-age, iram, assort, as a contract for sexual slavcery for worse than pedophiles it was and still lies, and still is as I can see people contesting saying that she, or all the little girls like her, and the people , females like males victims, engaged by force, raped, and in slavery, l though I can see people. I can see people arriving to me cr certifying and arguing

To find the strengh blocking females like one woluld do with males, are males are said to be sole actores and responsibles for disasters, murders, threats, rapes…one has to think femles as being the same, just like males, like males, as being male. And then one reckons that there is no gap and that there is no distance, and that patriarchalism or matriarchiasilm, is theirs, the products of bothe sexes whims, fantasies and idiosyncarys, just unite fo find their goats without for them the possibility of exit or tixe, tax, entice.
Possibility, sibile.

Social services is plenty of these guys having read 10 mn a day of psychology when you are extremely lucky and who think they are psy. And pe plenty of s psy who think s that the ultimate of their jobs is their salaries and before electro shock for them to be quiet at night and day and constituete conscience and moral consciously. Like in church likely

A french saying, is that in that kid kind of quarters, or occupations, it is like a life in prison, a sentence long-life long for the innocents.
And the jail keeper the whole in connivance nation.

And what when jobs skills and ethics are inscribed in such documents as nvq, etc, and that despite heath issues and equality for all parties, the exact opposite is in practise?
where are the boundaries of job description and it be a job at all at the end of one's duties?