Monday, January 26, 2015

Blute nur, du liebes Herz: V Hence end a sense of purpose- to poor and pour; propose to the moon

Blute nur, du liebes Herz: V
Hence end a sense of purpose- to poor and pour; propose to the moon

I am dumb certainly but not completely.
That means that you won’t have me for you’ door mat...
But one can imagine when you are completely...different.
It is a horror.
And one of what pushes it; is that you understand every bit of it. And therefore go inside and insider as for not hearing being told and her(d)ed.
Hear? Here.

Personally I d like to be married and I cannot find my match for that.
Then I won’t have a partner as if they wish the all lot; they would loose their time on me.
The symmetry of why I d rather have flings and party.
The reason as well as one might imagine marriage to be the paradise for cultivation of love; but love is love and as I live; this garden is to be found and hold; whoever you will and would be.

What is called?
The “what” English idiom seems reducing the object to the name assigned by the talker, instead of how it is called, because what is not the same to the call.
All in talk and word stalk.

It is called disability be-fore and correctional after-wards; it was no long away from genocide or could not fail far from. Frame form-frivolous formalities and deep-seating horrors in generality.
Side, deis.

If you played the sympathetic psychologist, to pass comment on my my behavior that you recorded like if I was a chimpanzee you know nothing about it; as a psychologiest you were just sucking my balls or whatever you were thinking at when counseling.
When nicest is a false attitude and should a no good strategy as it means you are hypocritical.
So why it is the tactics of the general herding?  Because hypocrisy means that you don’t face your own feeling and warn you that if you have yourself to utilize it it is because you will have to censure yourself.
And if you censure yourself even if you attempt to gather what after, what you censure at the time you would have intervened prevents the events from happening, impeaches people from responding, discrouraged us

Ok I ve got a question that I am very happy to have the opportunity to pose.
I am aware of the duties of care you owe to your staff, and well ok I want to apologize to the person concerned if my lyrism went further than I should have actually planned.
I was shocked myself to hear about harassment in your way of putting it; as it was not that I had in mind.
And I want to ensure that I won’t send any thing personal to you.
But I am sure you will yourself intrinsically acknowledge the fact that I am myself an activist that right to protest, art, philosophy, academia, in brief freedom of information and expression needs to be defend and this by everyone, citizens and paperless, professionals and in-training, on the job and on the dole, powellful and powellless, prow and stern, by all prowess and poor landing, by poverty and all riches, white and grey, black and blue, maroon and then stranded, red and green confounded.
You know I am a communicator, also I spend my time sending stuff to my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, a true community life by my standards –you know not only m(od)ulato .
So yes, no more a lot of choices left anyway, the forum, the net, unless I start calling bare voice the population! But it is just that, we are defending ourselves and the place to do it is already so, so, so much restrained.
Also it is to let you know that I am not killed as a political animal yet; and that as so convicted than it may sound I ll participate. If one wishes not to have contact with me, not even as much as saying hello, well it is on their page of history, but forbid me to get into public places and public blogs to pursue what they are for, being political, exchanging, interactive and informative, I don’t think so.
I mean does it sound silly?
I won’t be getting personal, but the fight must go on, and all what went too far for their degree of comfort capability, won’t be communicated again.
I understand I have been gauged as being too direct or private in certain zones but that any one now niggardly owns the place, it will not translate.

i never thought of it. but what if i am not threatening anyone.
yes i admit that since you, the content would have been granted inapropriate.
you want me to stop sending political stuff or literature stuff over because she is a staff?
but you know in context everything has to do with your working sphere, moreover when you are engaged.
afterwards if she does not want it, it still has nothing to do with you.
i d be dangerous...but maybe one should not brand and treat someone dangerous when they decide to throw and cover them with such an appalation just like that.
or it is just that you don't want your staff to communicate anyhow???

COS    you know the serioius one, that are taken by their profession or their faith, their facing responsibilities towards serving a specific area of the human debates, will finally have the need to liaise to make some advances (whatever they encounter intellectually, emotionally, privately,

It is called disability pending being dimmed to be ‘fit enough to study work and so on’ be-fore and correctional after-wards; it was no long away from genocide or could not fail far from.

In the name of my peers, in the name of my pairs, Socrates, Sappho, Sabatier, Sigmund, Syraccuse,(and their wife, children or partners)

I d like to know if according to the admin ‘ is it permutable to ask another professionals, members of any other crews (colleagues, interdisciplinary, the education or teaching team…) out; or are they bound as psychiatrists, corruption inspectors or spies are and can we still avoid to choose these fields, as I d like to think I can be free within certain ones’ scope of interaction? 
Because apparently I can be super handy as well to forbid communication with students and teachers whatever internal or extern
Talking about communication, internal etc, I mailed Stephen driver twice to know about the way I could find information over how Duschene was fond, it seemed to have made the headlines at one point.

To remind you no rights to make general assembly, to protest the students, with the workders for example and this is a formal law that says long.
As informality consequential of this later ‘the intelligentia’, the ones who spend their days collecting informations, officers won’t be permited, or risking their jobs, to transmit the info to the work force, and so on.

For example when the university has to face rescuing the last but one human rights and social sciences/humanities in the uk, the proof (pro off) is that the profs were not allow to associate with the students in the defense of this dramatic not lost but abandoned cause.
Yes cause of course even if we don’t dream that the teachers would have been doomed not to attack their own direction even if this one was faulty even conspicuously corrupted by the way they pretend to be in charge of the human rights speciality 6 years ago, accessing like that to the funds destined to human rights purposes, but do you know with what good joke we have been welcomed by the principal of the college two years ago (4 years after having accepted a funding and a ultra modern and 3 storey building in prime for human rights concern bonus)??
That the business side was to expand. I remembered and just am requoting to illustrate simply onsequently that human rights

The unemployment for goulags.

It was in lokking at her emphases that her innate stubbornness shows their rage.

-If you want to survive, you will have to be nice.
-I d like to be nice; but I don’t want prostitution.
-ok, well you will have to kill, I don’t want to kill nor hurt either or made of my job a parade and parody of desolation (and that is another kind of prostitution).
-well you gonna be facing unemployment! To like to kill the (political) animal you are; you were so to speak.
Being nice to each other, and produce evil of destruction.

For the psychologist to want the ‘short term satifsaction’ of their clients, and their cash, working on the more exterior signs.
Example: you have a problem with someone- be it your own mother or child- and you cry and what the psychologiest want to obtain to easy fees or to give to them or to their patients the feeling of having progress is in line with what happens maon amongst the rest- suppressed, repressed, depressed.
That is they can do up to advice you to quit your own family because you will stop crying due to your thinking of dilemma and complexified situation; it is how they do for some, stop thinking you go and see an objective doc- they want your money, a preacher- the best medication is in morality.
I am not saying that some other aren’t.

To be a dike, to like men exactly like they like oneself and themselves.
A bit down but…
Son rise and bet.
Daughter set and let.
Anything for our children, together, the same, as others will have to respect. Expect.

morning greg,
 i d like to start asap genocide issues again, could you post me the exact question and biblio. Sorry I threw it.
all the best.

Students were no allowed to speak with the professors in order to prevent this catastrophe.
We were not allow to associate under liberalism sorting think and things ok.
We are amount to nothing, our house.



nor the grammar in that matter. all don't go automaton.
The atmosphere was in the meeting was strained. thank you for your time.

If since when love is not a game, equality of forces, make us agree completely deeply even.

well without showing ways as everyone has their paths to attain spirituality; the looking for it promise mervalous conversation and understanding.

What we feel as being beautiful; touched.
The voice that is generate by one of our organs vibrato; it is why we find harmony in this sound; a dimension applicable to our level and content.

The gay are wanted dead or the symbol of the omen for cataclysm.
Of course! As a reminder that humans are heading to be the, happily, extincting species.

On genitically modifying people, one, the humanity if any, will need thousands of the different pillars of intelligence to absorb and hold shocks.
On disabilities, then machines are here to redress productivity.
As mental and imagination cannot been approach even more by how well our people think and use
Intellectual and genetics, and even not being bothered  by the hit essentials the one of controlling numbers of new geldings,

Work and know what work is at.
Work as leisure and work as production for the whole lot to work and its self preservation, but wait a moment what is you work. What do you produce what do you destroy and pollute? In addition, what happen for you to make, how do one process, regarding the whole lot respect?

Being gay for some is the happiest hours. And other want them to vanish, from? Happiness?

The problem was her auto-satisfaction with the vulgar.
As a defence, to exterior offences, but if fencing humoursly lock up in that pen, she could not go further.

“To want not a party; but a people. “

While she was covering humming, homing in him; love wit with whirl will and shadowy whispers. She asked him to do like he was not hearing them.
Just like all her life around, denying acumen, she spelt, spilled and spread.

When hetero or appendix biased pretend to be inside of.

Fear of sexual envy or desire as associated with rape.
But with whatever image, presence, or person the gush of desire will be preceded or succeded; should not matter as the fantasy and feeling has to belong to its owner, one’s own body.

Because apparently I can be super handy as well to forbid communication with students and teachers whatever internal or extern.

 for one thing you were right, i took me this last past 17 years to think, really think, everyday feel ok, living like that.

I feel sorry, but is tie tic, it,  just a feeling.
greg if you wish could you send her that, it is in order to avoid her any ridiculous- it was no prank though
Greg could you pass that to nina, because I am fed up being ostracize for stuff I did not mean like that.

if you could send that to doctor power i would not like the ambiguity to be going on.

I would like to apologise to you.
I think I deal a little bit too much passionately because I am thrilled (equality liberty fraternity-were in my bib) (there is a question of careers and a question of filed fields) by the same subjects you treat and it is why i naturally came to meetings like i tried to explain already
my intentions are nothing but thematic; don't feel i am nothing but a militant. and as for my other lyrical claims; as you decline them to be readdressed they won't be- ouf, it is therapy.
I d like to reassure you over the fact that I did not mean any harm to you or to any of you, yours or partners, allies, colleagues. i have to explain that since you reacted as if i could not understand, which is astonishing from an equalitarian in intellect and emotion like you more than you may seem... in fact i d like you to know that never ever this would have been the case or will, whence my reticence at being expelled from assembly.
I am sorry about that.  
I feel sorry, but is tie tic, it,  just a feeling.

That people even your so closed might be hinting at your being abandoned, and since you love them you take that as their idiosyncracies , or just ways of speaking loud, of distressing...whatever other explanations you could imagine...till the day where you have to test it and realize that you are get riddable. On do for other people and sacrifices for a sense of family??
Why family values are so supported by the fishiest fascist party.


Of courste manhy of the humans would find funny and neutertaining (enter what?) to participate at the grand race for higher salaries, reaponsibilities, power stuff? Nope, power in that case it is just that the button you can push will have more measurable consequances, but to think that you have got the decision? It is just a button, there due to what previously controlled and constructed, the wheel’s will of what have been assembled of qualities and defects.
We all would llike to play this game having it as a play station life size, would it not have real impact on population fate and sovereigned disarray.

are you alright to attest of my mere existence, or of my being alive to be more certain or more precise?
 to be legally alive?
legally, league legs?

Mary is represented with a snake under her feet. But did it mean to like killing?
I think it mean in control, as sure as love would have to canalize need for brad brake bra breaking free brave freedom.

The moment where less expected, as illlogical, but then real felt, as you are my second hand, fate.

We make love during a storm as our cry will be covered and enhancedly strummed.     
Strike on extreme.
Steam, trim on cease stem.

Ethic ethnic

To pretend it is creativity while one is looking for its coming, criteria of creation into the crater look down upon, navia, navigating begging betting begetting between too much of too less imagination.
Also to be able to focuse on a matter and labour hard till the when where the true rushing out of nowhere idea sue surreptiously and is thrown at you just like the product of you habit of having retrace on the area where you truly think to be needed is rewarded
Rewarded and the exchange, the communication that is between spread, succour, scour, save and seldom.

They could permit freedom of expression but what about prevent terrorism?

To look into mirrors. To have the reflect. But who is looking at their turn and detour and angle, what angel or demon?

De mon = of mine in france.
Detour = of circle, of tower.
De to ur.

People are saying keep on thinking that it is the end of this world, but nope the end of humanity, praying that will go on rebirth what it has decimated.
Prang, prying, parring, mind a lot of them could think that it was not so bad to destroy the nature, and therefore the humans, just like one could be relieved to feel that they won’t be more. Participating to their terminal?

I write to you because I had the most amazing surprise of my live.
In my family we had big, big issues. Maybe should I have been astonished first, for the family to go as still being in com, not commission but communication by the time when I confided in to my very old aunty, Annie, they had changed her name she was called marguerite, which is daysy, too nice, too favour and flavorous.
Despite having huge arguments, disgusting ones, revolting ones, serious one, very serious ones, despite not being able to go on seeing each other as the matters were too dirty and grave; we still have each other on the phone with my grand ma who, god bless her, was at the origin of revealing the big secrets of the family or on as for we have been brought up, in which kind of kick, kink, dilemmas, deal, or aims.
When she revealsed the family frame and mentality she then prioritarily permit her children to know themselves, thanks to god, to understand where they were from.
After that, she could have expected you to comply or go along with thiese chief thieves insanity; or just renounced the bargain inheritance and go out.

What happened this week, I would have thought that impossible because I don’t see these people no more, because of all these big stories in the way they behave and hate each other...
I rang my old aunt, the spinster, she is 80 you know ‘mt’, since I don’t see the family no more, I have been ringing her quite regularly for the past 5 years.
One day in front of my mother, she said you know there are guys who love guys, and females who love femake, it is like that in the nature, it is not bad, they love, etc...
So a fortnight ago I phoned her ask her why she has been a single unmarried, not with any parters (partners, partiers) woman, and tole her about my being in love with another woman. She says it is ok, you know when people give you love when you know you could receive hatred just for others’ pleasure to destroy the most surest thing- love and the strength of what one feels- that is not destroy but impaired, in the what might well, will, spring out of live despair.
What went after? My aunt told my mum, told my grandma. No one wants to speak anylonger, as I am more than 30, that I am with no one but in love with the sky as homo cannot really go out.
Everyone is hanging out on me now that I really say, more than by hints, look my live is this, I am really in love, in true love with another woman. How is that?
On coming out.
The taboo, is that, that everyone whispers it an if you want to defend your liberty, up to your family, up to the one who needs you will say beat up, society is not about that.
Although I d rather to know the extend of integration-repulsion on under which the discourse was based; as you don’t know nothing until you get this. Age of Innocence as final response is pinning hearts to the wooed wood and floor’s coin corner ciao coffin .

drivers are sometimes so rude even with whom are in their tracks and up to put everyone in danger- i know it from cycling.

Might, hymn.

Do go low, and lower, grounded,
Give a sense of gravity.
On being and experimenting truth and reality.

You lied, I fcannot go hard again sexually.


i was saying is there any regulations against courting or befriend a member of staff when it comes to be artso a civilian?
don't think it is a threat or a joke or anything i am just curious of your customs.

Culture for culture, yah, yah, yah.
Mh, hm, hhmm, beatuful curtain.

i was saying is there any regulations against courting or befriending a member of staff when it comes to be artso a civilian?
don't think it is a threat or a joke or anything i am just curious of your customs.
Or it is just in case society does not exactly overlap with human rights issues.

Genoc dies.

To relish in tactics at work and play, but what when one depends on viciousness and debaseless to carry out diner; having to spread misery to have beneficiated from the system own mercy.

“Dishonest woman”
No, it is just it is a woman that I put dishonest before. At least be frank, I needed a reminder.

Your facebook profile- apul.bicfigure. when you say yes to damages, prompting  people, young people- and with what other devices- to destroy gratuitously objects, that I don’t think have nothing to do, are not culprit of human disagreement. While you are yourself a representativw of institutional authorities and that you would not have taken as much risk as for 5 minutes talking to or listening to somebody whom you had previously taught- or just let them live as a free agents. Think for yourself about 10 now, and it is what should be on the warning, people are not doggies- as doggies are so for being locked up.
Ps: could you remove the ridiculously smilling girl- what? Is she without a dowry- as for fostering (not whelp or help but fostering) will take you the time you actually give to your public live- or live a lie thinking that text without an answer is enough for a parent to be providing?, I don’t know about the private, but not much left I would think. Gillette. For goodness sake you are a dum or what? Ok ok but it is not always funny. Remove the little girl she could have been your child, I know you know it but don’t spit on your travail.
Remove what deserves prison too nina, don’t fucking tell me you would do that on top, and why not squeezing the docs while we are at it?
And in case you wanna know, gilette is free he is happy. Intox or info?

Besides who is thid fuking blond guy always encroaching?

The one saying that they are practisioners of a religion and transforming what tried great spirits in order to bring peace and order in their time and place into justification of nowadays unequalities; are ...
Guess what, cheaters.

The duke called the queen sausage.
How do you want her to be called...? Button or vestibule?

The body suffering is a body in pittance and departure.
Love is there to eternize as the momentum of emotion and aims might be driven towards a place where we think that will might be some paradise.

You are away, no longer, any leg or length. The legacy of our distance, all aloof.
When I need to have sex, I can still be thinking that you are in the room, looking at how I have to fuck wit another spectrum.
What was making love and blossoming is only the way now two persons and the third one, the ghost of love, try and thrust their blowing.

The traditional beating of wives, while males were fighting among each other at every occasion.

We hope that the futurisation of all these horrors would still give us a glance on them despite privatization, as if before forebearers could say we still have the mother nature and its sufficiency and magnificiency, nowadays we would only have the cine to amuse our spirit; unless they want us to die at once away.

Since al quaeda one can wonder where are the counter power??”
The counter power now belong to your, our one of them, children.
Including the ones you can find and terrorized as if they were rubbishes.

The people that are against others’ people leisure, are their leisure are wars.
Or exploithaition.

People are frowning at women waring the veil but what about women that could not but war clothes and make up and move the way that females are deemed???

I loved this person more than everything on earth, and suddenly another one, not from the past but time present comes to be more than birth.
And for the first one I tried and tried and tried to make it appear, theis eternity that I fought till feeling that death was my need. While eternity offers her charms with what will be at play and may.

ok i admit it leaves some room.
is it the same between staffs?

to hae no rights, no political, not civil, no equality rights but they have property rights, isn’t that good??
Eurgh, rights? In fact rites, Ritz.
The opportunity to get as ritzy as furniture.

Being, benign.

It is human rights to get euthanasia. Yes you will suffer with you carer.
You would go “I don’t know if I am for or against… but when you will be under the care of someone (don’t think money prevent everything- as you have still to make it profitable- as older are pariah, as if you are treated well it is in this world thank to your money- this debility enough to trigger (confection) any physical or mental confusion and combustion anyway. 

Victims of whom you won’t have a report, as she would be bullied for having spoken before her killer giving thanks (mind people would do their fair lot during their live and would still be included in the communauty and therefore need no one carer for themselves all the time, the gratitude would come easy from the other population that would have to show on the ground the respect they owe to older [the older are scrapped in our society, far from everyone like the dirties-and it is also because if they were in the city, profuse, how many of the youth = the worker, would profit from this slowing down to constrain and at leisure abuse?] it would take time for the society to manage it with grandour, but its highness and spiritual maturity cannot be obtained without THAT to be overtaken and THIS to be honoured] and mercy.

I am still ok, still resisting (I have still money) I did not think I have to die so early.
But I am relying on the virtue and virtuosity of my family, (who are themselves) or depending of the government that take charge of me.

i d think like you that chomsky is in fact us.
on your previous comparison between alquada and maldic, the numbers of dead is not comparable, but alquada were a danger growing whereas bosnia would have found allies?

People treating you as senseless, and expelling you from the debate; as they want it one way.

From these stie on internet making fizzy play to look after, to look like a boom in democracy; and what is to be found being the curtains, sinple closets, lodges where the people non elected have set up what they finally own but more than that controlled while giving impression of being public.
These sites were every comments and therefore appreciation, notifications, need to be, well become more completed or rectified or belied, contested information, challenged authorities that have taken into their networds networks to stomach debate alleys.
Internet could it is true alleviate the general censorship, no arguments our stories but no.
There is no parties even no more, there are, ease, an agglomerations of bloggers for whom with whom you will have to be friends just to hope trigger the shadow of a exchange without facing disciplinary.
The means of coercion?? No answers, the desert of talking to oneself even though your question is directly relevant, to be filtered, ciphered, not being allowed to comments, or being ‘in awaiting moderation’ the same as being neutered, without even more than an address, or a right to comments freely, without name about who held the reins, cybercuffy. The civil and democratic sphere the spider? Another trap that will see us all dummies.

In critizinzing and aiming at communist or other economies, capitalist have them bear all the weight of being against civil and political rights; but look now the capitalist are alone, sole pests running in the pits, who is allowed to say one word without loosing its jobs and where you could talk in the civil society, in organisations, etc, you cannot say one word are people are there to secure other hubs, not as hobbies, and a means of redeeming wrongs conducted by conneries- there should not be at the first place, but one could think ok during our spare time we still can modify the market ogress a little bit- but as jobber, as another means to secure other jobs and ready-for-the-lucrative-and-segregative-organisation cvs.

I once believed and hope or forebode or got ready about what I could imagine; now I learn? Of the better was for everything to be ready, maybe.
Turn learn. Earn.

Hi ‘jd’, look I would like to ask you a question as I am completely distrayght.
I saw the police dragged you from your wheelchair. What I completely don’t understand is how they are charging you with what already ‘disorder in street’ or something like that? Why are they saying that they are charging you jody??

By courting one also means the area-politic, don’t they?

-am telling craps.
-it is good to know.

Sancty mental.

The sportpersons so well paid, dressed like the royal family, awaiting honorific medals, or better knighty.  
accursed [əˈkɜːsɪəˈkɜːst], accurst [əˈkɜːst]
1. under or subject to a curse; doomed
2. (prenominal) hateful; detestable; execrable


When they will euthanasia you or take an organ it will be without being violent, smilling to you in case you would struggle a little and complicating the tasks.

To say that religion is just a way of idealising what humans possess and could achieve is true in the sense that God certainly cannot be represented and that religions are the shapes, very narrow and strictly restraint, of what we have broken as being potentially share of our individual real relationship to the six, (doubling trinity, in us facing avoidance and dishonesty- between Pandora box, closing and nevertheless fully agreemented) sieved spirits and spirituals, along side rules to avoid society stifles.
On Feuerbach

Merci pour ton post, tout ce que je n ai pas.

How come you did not notice about the blatant dying world? On being killed? To busy to smile and obtemperate like if your, our actions were alright, and all but left, that cannot enter the brain.

I will I don't know if your box as well. but i used to be able to copy what is written within my box and paste it elsewhere only to keep a copy, a proof of my having emailed...or whatever useful it might be...but cannot any longer.

we are a group of women discussing books in a very relax, informal atmosphere (not compulsory to have read the book to come), every second wednesday of each month at the star cafe 6:30.
we are looking for other members.
thank you so much to gaydar to permit us to advertise it

Celebrate, brat.

Hind, all these numbers, all these colors, are meaningful, as whatever and wherever, it was whilst I was thinking of you they were coming- come back to me.

If one think of the meanness in man, then one has been achieved is not htat bad.
But if one thinks of the innate and inherent goodness...
You see the need of more of your lectures.

To go in mode insomnia, when the body will take these moments to relax, to tired to do nothing le else, and also responsibilities of the normal hours taken away for a little bit when related to this we are not in agony or dejection of the time passing by or aside?
In my own company. Of achievement concentric.

To make sure you are not agonizing or something.
I ll come on the 30th, but I ll let you when the guys ll go to court. I don’t think that my yeallings would be much appreciate, also there go caro.
I had a painful chest today Saturday, fire in my lung I was wondering if it was not you.
I hope you save the guys, it sad this story I must admit. Good luck. If it can reassure you I won’t let them down.

She said she loved me, and it was all mystery.
Till she finally
That love was the passing of the time

The robots should not be able to hurt humans or humans’ liberty, treasure, dignity, reason d etre...
What about the humans should not be able to.
Society enabler, holder, betaker of the hound.

Like the builders that destroy new stuff, without renovating, without recycling but chungking.
Like the nurses that take care of the mininmal organisations without having as aim the rehabilitation, nor the health of their patients.

All dreams jobs, all jobs dream jobs that bossed around, rendered useless or counter productive for the individuals, for the benefactors? or for the society as whole, erase the jobs’ and hobbies’ raison d etre, raise alienation and this folly of having to do socially what will bring the riches’, kens’, kindness’ of humanity to its keen? knees.

Positive thinking.
Is unbalanced.

Injustice. Doing one’s fair bit, as much as you can, and  belittle as much as you want.
Wheel is the nature’s rebellions.
If ever I could myself remind of this sermon.

   Pepe people ak asking for mercy killing not because fo the way ehthey fell but because the way they are terapythed terraced treated .

Purposes of control: have you done shit?
Good, let’s have a rest and all sweeping biases and thoughts that are no complex and above all the sempiternal we are good.

On a no astoninshing prediction bid, women will be able to prove theri physical superiority the day scientific research will propose activities different from the old habit nesting/hunting.
Their muscles coming deeper, their flexibility, resistance...
Not talking here about superiority; but the proof of its not. Finish saying this type of guys is constitutionally stronger...but research on everyone’s highest would be similar.
Avoid exploitation? – you are good at that you will have in that persevere- research and choice, but what about rewarding 1000 times special abilities? Annihilation of choices, evaporation of instincts, broken balances, and exploitation, enforced activities over what survival still allows grooving growing monstrosity.
The human race refaced as a breed.
As every acts, and feel is love; but love with a special ingredient coming.
Whence the all-crucial inner commandment. The outer link search, when outer our established peer on society does not mean but still rational the unexplained or hidden or unsealed. Can-cell, con-ceal.

Re ace.


We can do anything at work and outside, rules by money and dirtier aims and lies.
We can do anything, next stage austere, civil wars if you do not comply to the same spirit of law. The first fucker is the most beautiful piece of shit, yes, but on safer end. End, no hand.
Breath, brother till there is room to.
As we reproduce for a cheap manoeuvre, it be that to handle you, like the living without a serum nor a father to grow happy without seeing survival as a murder affair.

I d like to spouse, you but true to me. Are you?
Honesty is enough, but this one is doubtful, as if we are so, we are the mary, marry, martyrs of the soul and other counties.

A good soul for everyone but, and who, where, what to enlighten?
To know and don’t do it is impossible, but to acumen, flair it without do as much as possible give us the sense of the fallen.

If I am name thus, it si because the end of your world is near. Because I cannot even marry my choice; even if I could officially but too many people inquisitive and noisy, would put in disarray and misery my wife or my husby.
This piece does not sound excellent, but sometimes it is only for the plain truth or sad verity that one has to write it. I am not saying that I have lost, but what about you? Did you find the one that are ready to die or live lesser if not because of you    eco cause of the society?
Is it why females want a husband and hate other woman and homosexuality?
Is it why males want a wife to hate others males- but the ones that tame her faith and fake loyalty, her, and again homosexuality, you the bastards that live like gays that would have lost the other gender view dignity.

The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.

To wave wake, up at this same hour, I don’t remember my dream but I am sure that the dream was ready to be awakening, and what I am now doing emprunt of him.

But we still find means to feel happy amongst the end of us buddies.
To do something challenging is enough, to learn something new, to smile even though it is game over.
But what when the game is gonna be us, body, truly?
We will still have for reasons that we knew about that, that we knew about other people mysery and that we lived this life in, under the social conditions of having to smile for the others to know we were acknowledging that.
Die, case.
k. will be ya. What is kill will come back and its violator sorting out.
The nature won’t combat, the nature is more all knowing than that, the nature will ana aneantise you, but what is the horrors is that as suicidal as you are, not noticing that telling good roam bad, and telling good from better is the only power.

The person was frigid, but guessed that if her love was ready to suck for hours, just for her and also for her, their own pleasure, even if she would not come, what about  being the delicacies of lovers’. And her face and her tongue, her teeth. For the other the hope of her breathing easier, when she would remember after. For the other the paradise to be able to touch her.

To massage all around without no sex, not even an hit more than kisses and brushes and to the binned bones not to the flesh. To be touched for health. And months after or not, make love in the same context. Touching you for sole route.
Being with, being to.

Why should one be faitful to someone who loves you but without doing it, making them a couple? For your ego, for feeling this faith and perhaps ‘love the angels or angles instead’? (English song)
For your ego? To love intensely, without having to do my, a couple bed with another person that would take more than imagination?

Taking one’s time as for not become angry at every turn.

I thought I would have had with you a first occurrence of languorous love. And when it never came I asked my intuits and inner voice and the fact that mind speaks in term of images or not have begun. Begone.

Under a cap or whatever hid your head your identity is conceal, as what is more recognisable that someone’s skull and face shap.
As in country side where to live and move you have to stay discreet.

Whoever they are, whatever the customs and horrors. A being rationally cannot but hoping for the live love around him.
And the one who let free to love one’s turn. Intertwined and bendy.

“-You were playing doll, me too.
I was playing vroom, broom, so did you.
And we have been separated.
And of course who is out of everything?” “sore, sole, soul.” (Gainsbourgh and anon)
-not of all.
-but you are every see and seed.
Of the importance of love-making, taking it as an image, of you let me the tea and towel bearing.
Because I know that the time I give to you, is time you save for the same cause of liberty treasuring.

The are, art of dying, is when the edge (eden) of exhaustion one’s being is going only to be replaced in our effort and concentration by what we were absorbing. Will and devotion.
Comprehension at the end of the carousel chains and web when they are our aims.
Reveal revel.
Duties family, the earth of ingeniosity, to have hive as balance the truth in advance, today’s as demented, tomorrow ends defence, for time is our finishing. Not make the best; is out timing.

Catch upon my tear, Leila.


To pretend that the working class are not as greedy as the ruling class, would pretend them to stay in position of inferiority. The statu quo is the consequence of not one being courageous and educated enough to break the viciousity.

It is simple to invent oneself a sexuality or orientation.
I love you, but be with you never. Possible in everyway as imagination is taking over.
But the real thing leave you where? The limitations and its rancour? The deception and its torpor?

To love without result incite diasporas. How could I live with everyday seeing you away and digging onto that? Disappear. Disaster.

My having a glimpse at your coming carry away all thrusting.

A tout prit.

Par priest pierce price.

Never, what time?
In a fit of pique. Not knowing if what one’s did never counted. An uncontexted act.
Contest was no scheme but shame went and all the scenes apart.
I am fool that cry wanted instead of breathing like a pick, in my heart.

Time, I am.

I am sorry that I cannot re-proof myself, as I drop stiff bored.

The music that I transformed or regnal regulated with the dance of the light that was coming into the door that ought hive have stopped it. Regain.

Endowed with teh volupty I am not to imagine.
Here, the comtemplation of you, fairies and saintety.
And the way the would have a making love to me, she.

To cry making love, when knowing she has gone.
On more than a wanking.
But that in my mind there is still more than touching but transpersing spear, spirit.

Transope transpire.transpose

To cure elsewhere, whereas here I could do the same.
But going to forget and forgive that once were chienne chains.
The chains of mountains now, no, then would erotise my departure, your stay, our murmurs.
Today, I made in my imagination love to this once upon a time lover, that should have enough proof today that I did not mean prison. It was possible today for her to admit my deraison.
And welcome my probity.
A bit.

My having a lover, an honor, is for all that remain personal to me the beat.
Even though I could consider polysexuality, but not with you, or with you, but in this case I would go the same way instead of mine, stay.

To love one’s siblings.
To be killed by the parents; as they will create for you different activities and different responsabilities justified only by their will of having you behave like one of these vile societies; with ranks.
They kill, love, they betrayed.
              Love and trust.

To be manipulator, calculator.
A sign of intelligence? A sign of conceitful, repulsive intimidation.
To criticize one’self in giving the weak reason. Dissimulation.
To force feeding one’s dependent to have for oneself undue (un)rest, only personal consideration like if people were nothing, like if they were in our prison.
To make them fat, by inviting, and once done play by their mass thus asked added be disgusted, revolted. Mocked. Aided like assistance to self killing.

He ressembled too much his mother, to trigger sentiments and leaving people like if they ware were negligeable quantity

Price son.
Price, prince.


Re-medium-dy. On a too late awaiting shag.


Or have like for Rwanda’s trialled perpetrators after the blue helmets themselves retreated from a long time mission refugees camp where they left without defence the-about-to-be-killed population, already tracked and surrounded by their awaiting assassins shouting death threat at the door of the camp that blue helmets were evacuating taking the whites people under protection and leaving the blacks to be killed within the ten minutes of their abandon).

Polluted by these cumbersome but still oping that will avoid me to ruin myself one of these advertising.
On defining (h)opening.
Edge fund, development?

Some political leaders would have us believe that there is no
‘political will’ in their communities and governments for firm action,
especially in the case of the USA and UK with their forces heavily
committed in Iraq. This is a ploy. If leaders were genuinely
committed to the need to prevent and to punish the perpetrators,
they would build the political will themselves. In short, there has been no effective or even barely credible
international response to the genocide in Darfur. As one activist put
Early warning is useless without early response. In Darfur, as in
Bosnia and Rwanda, the world has spoken loudly, but carried no
stick at all.
Austin, G and B, Koppelman (2004). The European Think Tank with a Global Outlook Darfur and Genocide:
Mechanisms for Rapid Response, An End to Impunity. The foreign policy center.

To be in Soweto, and begin by the apartheid combat, and the fight of all a people, to say ‘it is because to them that this fights have been laid...’ and to finish one’s eloquence by and ‘it is because of them than I am the first lady’ is fucking foul filthy who’re propaganda comparison conceity given by m. Obama insolent pub are pubescent speech.
They ain’t social there are populist, thinking themselves as god, satanee.
Socialo? Rich whore giving the people the slap on the rump soon tyrannised but ‘the licking them and abusing other’, their loyalty. Like a Cameroon story, smelly smally samy- and an “exotism” from the armies of tortionaries.

My computer asks me if I want windows to open normally.
Left in confusion answering him into gazing how many bugging are included?

The politics that impeach people to go into their job as they should and would too.
With trust and entirety; as long as you know that what you do is benevolent and that what the others are at, will be investigated the same way.
What one want.
Waft not die out.

It is summer i work and I like ti. Inadequate regulations could make the worst of this. Work will be the high torture if alienation con-ceding. To work towards alienated end, funny world, and dig.
"you feel the same, like me. Don’t ya?!!! (You know the song...)

My old gun whose drawn spin I know. The curve of strike even by winding windy climate, temperature, wavy circumstances and had to straighten a swelling clot, sewing the seal of awry clothes.

Far from the truth, moreover when we stare starting and perceiving doubt, strangeness or coincidence that draw more than similarity; far from verity we d become demented, as it would be insane not to. Man on reel research and taught curiosity.

Wont and customs.

We will have dementia from having accepted to be ridiculized at work and at civil play not an ounce redeeming; and will be treated with mercy killing.

I d rather die rather than reporting you to any of your peers, or lisle lo lips else,  -when our liaison d be concerned, for the rest I ll send you personal ultimatum.

Don’t kick yor dust deist desk
And I won’t protue protrude my tongue
Challenges lead work carat? arrg.

You don’t a care now you pull me out.

Everything is better when one is a single, but the tilt coin of living that paradise is elsewhere.: i.e live for you as a life, a whole, and : zen “an end in isle itself”, mu my land.

Who’s jean d arc but a woman killed for her passion before she could make her dare draft a work of master. Pieced as her words draw and quarter.

When the body get older or has suffered or known or have been seeking for ecstasy (extras?) to be honoured again, will experience what one knows as being experienced by them only presumably. What others might ‘illusions’ call, provoke, miss, avoid, avert, distract, celebrate and grate.

your react savage, don't ya
make the mind feel stronger, do you think?

“Women the compendium” of what we d do for god. Up to extremity. Feuerbach. N p. Merveilleuse intro
My woman more precisely, specifically.
; and when you ll be gone, at least it d be done for it. Ul team mate.

Teem mate.
Précis. Pre size.


To win, to owe the discipline you know for work to the one person; than in general would have exploit you for their own pourposes. Generation or degeneration? Creativity?

Piece of literature, of arts (even arts, even if they have been scrapped by the kilos-it is now on internet one would say) are all autobiographic- or from personal direct experience or indirect experience, while the beings and situations encountered taught what to say. In case it is not the case, show your genie and demonstrate otherwise.

Art and whata bout on other field that are not art, it says, hit say.

In. On.

One day, to have to regret to play the litany of love that will restrain the scope we can an alter appreciate as the all other, the population, humanity. But concentrate on one just for the passing time.
One question honey, sensation or feeling, are we?

In Collins, French English dictionary, the first meaning for coach as a female is the hostess in American bar, and the sport of others in second time and place.
1: female entertainer.
2:coach (sport). We would have had to ask which sorrow surrogate sports one day.

Tally talking about antic anti hegemonic, racist, exploitative, capitalist..........anti whatever is a nuisance; to practise it onus and onto another groups or differently. The same altogether but could still persudan persuade some of the layers fog of  the pullulating  population, put in, that we have to murder some of that. Pushed not by total irrationality but  because since inside a countries so many injustices and servicing are authorized and enforced people are ready for hatred, seeing it as the logical ultimate.

Unemployment + children allowance system. Cheaper staff economy created system.

Cut on police and all social services, not the one that spend tax money to disgust even more the population to pay, but the one that gives protection and inspiration to life = anarchic system solely improve by monopole of production (capitalistic communism = present system only obtain by disabling the state instead of making it the nerve) + cctv camera with people that will proscrinate and put the people they disapprove out at any time proving that they did not say or do what was in the safety and regulation were inscribed.

The prophets are like shaman, spirit impersonator, imper or per penetrator, interpretator, interpret at tort, of the spirit of their communities.
And if no one is to come it is just that nor will the community.
No an easy but a logical guess when you know what people do with technology, a destructor progress awaiting for redeem oneself? Being replaced more surely.