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Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014
Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2014

Flew, flue.

Faites attention tot ou tard ils vous traiteront comme une renegat.
Be careful sooner or later they will treat you like a renegade.
H se comporte comme la pire des especes parfois vous savez.
H behave like, as, the worst of the species sometimes as you know it.
Ils chassent ou s’ignore en groupe.
They hunt or ignore each other but stay in group.
Restez detachee. Par pitie,
Be, prove detached. By, and for pity.
For the silence remain, whispers for the crowd are all the same.
An opportunity for lose cowardice scene.
I beg you. Don’t think, don’t feel.
At least for this story. Ariadne, without her discretion and her maze secret, theseus (n est rien) is damned.
 Taisez, niez rien.

The natural law applied to human beings.

When someone is pretending that such and such job is more important, for example that politics is king of the professional art, that people from other profession, especially working class one are of a lower rank.
What they forget is that politics, the end of the game (prey), politics is hidden so much as it is disgusting, unhonourable, crookedly (CROCK, KILLY), easy play bastard doing profit that are none profit but thieving.
And that the high degree of working class activities is doing it like politician should for one’s and others’ development, well being, and longevity.

Analogically to the presupposed intelligence (the shape of intelligence that have the majority over the when grouped hundred-folded majority, that allow people to pretend their work is worth the death and low rank justification whereas the assumptions is that we are too dumb to cooperate and sanely. And life our liberty. Our in the sense I am a free as happy freedom, free from the damage that we did not let occur.

Man is a wolf to man.
By analogy to the lamb. Eatenon Sundays and slaughter like a gay. Holly hook. Like Christian paradise for lost say.

To abuse a phrase ‘human rights’ in saying that they cannot be found nowhere than in western literature, whereas the fact that we are alive, thinking, doing are at all levels and period the results of the human having applied them.
A question remaining how to avoid the dishonesty and torture?

Hundreds, hoarded.
Hoarder, order.


For you to die happily. Or from being far, or from having to come nearer.

He put lipstick just before the session, looking at me sympathically, let’s saying, I would have consider you were I free.
I thought you skin is gonna turn dry, cosmetics induce violence animals.
And yet, to see him again, like an ink on my brain, impulse the return to his smile, and my jouissance as well.

You were at work this morning, the fountain while my having to rest transforms into imploring siest.
Tonight I have to do the same, try to gather info and thoughts that could count on your having me posted.
It, if, were you in the same position that mine, now that your body ask for a break, I suppose, I compose that tonight earlier requests could install on and in your willingly body and soul my long lasting fire. Even if the spark to me is yours, the one that you maintain at a distance, according to which wooing, holding longer would sound like die.                                                                                            Crodil

As much as I love god, as much as I have to serve its people and lands and people in the sense of other animals.
I don’t want to be a saint. I don’t want to want.
What I want is needing you as much as I may render your world, the world better.
On desire.

It is all that I think I’ ve lived, the hope of belonging to you. Not the property side, simply the hipop.

Don’t let you work properly.
Bourgoisy, privilege, play.

While I was passing by his door. Always, always I made this gesture. A carresse. Visible more or less whether or not there were someonelse.                                                                                    cares
Perhaps recognizes he this gait.

The ruling class are also in the negative or positive sense, the power use by the proletariat, for freeing the people form and from alienation or putting on more chainings.

Yes, my love, what a degenerescence to think just a second, that we are on, one, of power. Of any one.
One day I maight think that I am a single for the rest of this life, the other day thinking that you are my half, or yet vetter, implore.
Deploy all that I may, my astuteness, compereness, compareness, salience, irony of the sort, I would not be able to say with certitude, assert in other word, what is gonna be of my shity life what once I called my destiny. As for  my fate. Ate. Hated her as I could, I would teel tell you till then, I crouch on the soil every single day, the bottom of this existence just to know, verify if Dieu, God existed, because Dieu, in French resemble, humble, deux, two, you ma belle. I always say he when I was thinking she because I am a lesbian but I want to write to and for my bro. All the same. for them. But I have ha(l)ve to concert, maintenant, now, holding on to it, instead of going my wife and bro discern, discretedly, because the atmosphere at work, in the street, have me tremble. It is like if everyone wants my liverby, (liberty) eating up to my organs. It is for her it is for her, my freedom, why? Because without nina, neuf, nein, nine, mon rein, mon reign ou rien.

Having power, sound like Hawaii. Ha way. I would not know my own name if it started to in array.
I would not know if it worth as big and hard as my nail. I would not know if the response to the question is whether ya or nay. I would not know I am not powerful I am powerless, I am nothing and think the best. Think the best but no for long as every of my gests, are the results of a more or more and more or under too command, that I obey or sieve, obey, or misunderstood, or over-cooked, or every single hue between yes, no, black, white, not the coulours honey, the when the light is none, too much, never plenty. Actually I am like intercepting the voice and themes of the one I d like to die with, but die for is the sole emblem as the problem in fact is that if either she was my half, it would be too good, indeed very nice, for the rest of us, to operate on that.                           ever


Enchained by democracy moto. The opportunities of voting, vowtion, motion, devotion, to the red or blue mafia.
They lie, they serve themselves onto the sweat and the distress.
Of course, one will yawn, problem is that is done might be good but is going so bad, and build, build, destroyed.
The law of the lords, whatever rich or poor, who kill my mama.

The animals seen as a wolf for man.
In a context where Christians favourite songs is the ‘lamb of God’ which they roast every Sunday.

Cat ch.

Po(w) lice.

If the sky were sendid, sendig, death in a manner that we db only you and me left. I love you more than everything added, as you are the one that keep my eyes open for them. But should we be left us tow, two, and even if you and you and you, is, are the paradise really. We would start wondering how come, what the aim, same maim, of this atrocity. Would we have to study ghost, or supply, supplication for find health also diversity?
Because this way of polluting like if we wanted to drain a vein is quiet resembling to that, it may well seem.
Will we have recourse to the space, or will people population be reduced to very few? But this is the future, for now and bless, what to do?

What about if I was so certain, and for cause that all my intuition, beings, inner voice and constrains, it is your destiny, it is you other half, and what now?
It disappeared, for good, I cannot more pusrue pursue than eat.
So what about this new, my destiny, I pray, I pray, for this sake of being complete. And as for the former, to you, it led me to it.

Historically, power happen to be held like that, as people were for the geography racing.
But now to where? And how?
New forms, and from what of the ancients, would it be preferable, advisable to lend?

My souls sisters, it s started to be seriously strange.
On fate, as if you had chosen me, you my angle, the compass, direction of whole degree, my life on this instance, my angel to be frank, from strange I d utter magic, o mage.
The mirror of one’s faith.

How to be sure, you are mine?
To do everything for each other, that keeps us, happy, sereine, and thus completed. Nothing we would not have done with a total liberty. As far what we would have done, to stay alongside you and transcribe my duty to any others and honor.

To think in terms of need as for being single, means more than alone.
The representation of one’s other half, of one’ s duty.
To experience the vital, never again the needy.
How people have ever come to fight dragon, with the Esperance that the dragon’ s killing were not a stupid and cruel form of allegiance. For you, the dregs and dragon I culd becaume to. And slay these impudent that would kidnap, bribe and ransom, up to their mum if their dad would, agree.
Ramsun, rhapsody.

My instinct for tell me, she will leave, you left with her past friendship.
And I pray, pray, without believing since I don’t dare to hope, it would be too easy to die from the pain after such prove of weakness. I pray for my instinct to say, after this love, she, you, won’t be the same, and then God will reunite them, their souls and songs inside the scheme of infinite compassion. Bless, bless, be my bliss, pardon.
I’ ve always resigned myself to convene or conclude that I would die alone, and if I could love you, what then?
I’ d be that maybe, I need explanation, that we would do one, and would be so sad for humanity.
So sad but this time happy. My dreams saving me from the firing, from the insane, from the vengeance that take me when I size that I am alone fault to you and jealousy. Believe me it is not paranoia. But where is my wife? Gone for safety, gone for money. Because of you, the pimp, the machos, the heros that want for your deed, my blood, my cross, even if in the process your dignity is lost.
And I imagine that I ll have to love. But when I would give in and admit it is years that in my nights and days you have –only- been. It would be your final nay. And the proof of that life is nothing.
What we did not probably like each other, the magic was in what was drawn.
But how could I appeal with this little poetry, facile, as you are its owner, the rightly author. If any, If anything remains after my own remains, it would be for you, but you are far and well.
And if I id, did now, that you could need me, as a provider of simple generosity, my hand lying on you to the healing cuddle, just for teaching you that without you and despite horrors, your body could regenerate from being mine, sister.
And mine from being yours, I am a weak man, I hesitate. Between becoming werewolf, vampires, pirates, nobles, peasants or simple shaman.
Between protecting you, developing myself, the rest of the pack that deserves good sex.
I’ ll perish of having you not, but maybe is better than deserve naught.
If you’ d be hurt by these ceremonies, what would be left, none remains of me.


Feeling power. Megan boler.

I feel good from thinking of you.
Beholders and possessivity.

You want me to be nicer, but it because I love you that I know that I would have to fight for them to let pass you through.
Or maybe is it because I love you so, that the others have not to let it go.
Would I be the source of re-comfort, or you the stream of tragedy?
What I know by heart ma mi (middle) is that without ya, life is deprived of blood and warmth. Blank, bland, ice, and misery. The misery a mystery, as in all place, happy will be, as long as in your eyes the light I see.

I longed for my sleep, to cut with the insane, to stop thinking empty, the void of tern, the for I don’t know who, I simply can’t tender be.
And then now, as stern as ever, but tonight alright, since you, every night, to sleep I won’t do.
I won’t sleep, I won’t go, as for me and now ever, as song as long as I hold so, for their, and this world to be better for you and me. I ll have to think of them, as you are the sole emblem, of the lov, love I ve got in me.
Love me back by pity for my soul’s in sale.
For my mouth will sell, as without that, you, what is for I could not do. Without life in my prospect, I have for joy only death.
And if one day, you deem me not worth, don’t be worry, your love will fade or die. Knot.
I won’t commit suicide, I believed in your spirit and at present it is my card of having been allowed a visit.
Without this, the word insane, would be sweet. The word chaos for poetry. As without ya, I ll be nothing as would be inside my bor, bros.
I don’t write fast usually, but look for you, incite it.
When I don’t write I am sorry, because without you, your voice near me. To the hearings of paradise, heaven, promise of a new land, not newer than me, I ve forgot as a human that I am a so young slot. By new what it means is on this land will be a film, on your patry, paltry, maman, and where I d build with my own hand the fortified believe for our children that nothing can and will count more than be alive. And make sure that for others it is so equally, as without life nor love content, nature would ruin our species.  
And what is it this recipe, egality, fraternity. The liberty given by infiny as long as sun.

I’ ll have to stop writing to you, I simply cannot find out what to do for you to hear, the voice for you I expire, inspire, the day long by beat bit but not only, the whole day bring me outside, out sky, I am there for eternity.
Please, please, please, note, jot it down that for me, the glimpse of God is through you, and what I hear even when, since and if, you are at miles of my foly. Off my solitude, off my query.
‘I ll have to get round and come back to my study, but how, who is alive, but you and me?
Me I don’t think so. You, on the same fucking line. Sir, sur, soeur, be my companion. For you don’t have nothing tod (t0)do, but trust me as I’ ve trusted my misery. POSSESSION.

Th, The silence providence, the silent prophecy.
Just waiting for the mirage, to dict hate what sounds have cried from our deny.

These days and days I try to know if you d come.
You, now in front of me with the same light and mark on your face and forehead that I know I once swam.
I will tell you the trough, the troop, the truth since it is on that we were tailed.
I am etc ready to go and die, since after you and this birth mark that I waited for my bless lack.
I am ready because after, at worst it is you , at best vest, its the one that has made me come through, before I know your name, even if, I should have known, that they were the slayers since the beginning my life and house and bed and desk, as much as my gardens are as solitary as the wolf of hobbes, who prayed to be safe and alone.
Without her I was naught, without you, without you, I really can’t say if naught is still classe.
I use to feel noble, but for nobility, my friend, my all, my soul, I d end that for you, gave me the damn recall that without an halfai, rye in the heart won’t grow.
I would go by the seas, the mountains, and the towns, to see to horrors deeds, without seeds, I ll be well to do. Die.
I won’t become hungry of self savagement, let me (, to) write to you, what charms will bring end followed by firmament.

What a mi, am I aggressive?
You protecting yourself from the tension in being underperformant or damaging?


She was thinking that even if she thought (tough-fro-throw) of her the all day long, what would good it be to be together. I want to have all my time for my career, what else would you haunt?
You would have the same amount of time if we spared the waste of hypocrisy down to where we lie and pee.
And I could not convince you that my head on your belly, your hip, your knee, on where the sp erm, and term, smell reside, would be, is still since I am doing Plato fashion, an invocation to juvence, the way of seeming life a chance.

I thought if I find the other, it will be when at work, and what does he want me to do?
Career, for sole console thing. It is why I am writing to you. My life is a desert, my swift, elf, wolf, alf,  wild, wife an error of my candor. She wants desire me dead more than alive, as when alive, my thirst for sex is imperishable. What she ignores is that the gap is not on the orgy is on that sex is not my ex nor rear, but her whole temple, her mind, don’t mind, why would her body?
Totem and taboo. Are we afraid of cease-fire while fuck the same? Would it prevent any war if I tried to resist him?
My want don’t want, not even me, risk hurting rate of destiny.
Would you be my fate, or df, defeat, death, deaf, silence, still moving??~~, such chimaillery. When canals are but rivers on which my chivalry count on reach you by, for and through, heathen you won’t see me.
This incessant vice, coy, cock, voice, that murmur constantly that. With your new heart won’t work the deal.
Stop praying for that, or life won’t reveal, existence only on its most seconds after escapes, second, difficult, dis factual, de factice, dis tactile.

Why do you insist for the woman to stay at home? To call them lady?
What don’t you want to see?
Your having to suck and pretend you made it through.

-What if you’ll encounter someonelse for, about who, you think and see more as your half?
-I want you to have my eyes.

To find something worth of good for you.
The definition, the whole sensation of being sexy, so?

The definition, the whole sensation.

For this re-terminology of all philosophy,
Who have conducted me?

You are my image, what should I do for to take a page of my life too ripe to be observed by someone less than you.
By someone more, what else, when the dream of my life could be you.
Too ripe as advanced only devoting and absolute, sincere, sweet, sure, extreme will bless
Lack of esteem unless.

Sense from you, for you, a raison d etre.
A raison, a cause, but what future in that?
I ll be drop dead from loosing you.
If I don’t kill me or my own dignity, the fate without you will do that exactly.

Don’t think I usually writ, write like that. The wire is here now. I ve just met you that’s all. And the years of penury, the one before, the one past me, ressurgisse, sure sudden surge, and loom. But you know what this time?
Just go and go further, the most, farther you can. Because after this blow, I will be immune and size for the long, long voyage. Travel is in my brain, I use to spot where she could be invariably found, time and place unbased.
To think of her, to fight, defeat, loose, retrieve, and back, get up, the same sunset.
Tomorrow when at your turn will go, no more even trace of the envy or desire to track the shadow of what use to be able to grow. As for your blossom, if you knew how you left me and my apple, you would not further more bet it. Bet on it, eat the beast, joist, hoist the bargain till the haggle transient me and me and me. No. More. The sky and its sirens, that had had me believe that Ulysses could be pale with the torment set on sea.
Tempest, the whisper mature, Ariel. I beg you to report, and port to me the great novel.
Or she will be my queen, Or she will be my reign, or be please onto you, I will finish, please stop, rein.
Mind you I will agree with that, there is nothing to fear, I could do whatever and no feel any, longer (lounge hour) (loin, loud), hour, could be easy this way, to call for curtain.

In the U.K, so many people coming for liberation. And of course they will believe in this, when they will see the fruits of millenaries of slavery, the pork grease, progress.
And they will go on hoping as they have little jobs- even the one to 6 figures don’t think they are bigger ones, a job is not supposed encompass servitude. Servitude to your clients, servitude to your colleagues, and chief that are not one, don’t think super visor they don’t elect any, parano-ing for eventual set up, crying for the money.
To do more with the less one can do: slavery, aims of the aims, here because at the end of the day, you are servant to you. A job you wanted progressive, you wanted rich, something that could bring a little freedom in the world, your patch some say, your work before grand, the handcuffs, the mark of our dedales, the grade for go out of git, ‘g’,

God, not god, bye, but its image, might be for me an older person, certainly an older man. But if so it is because it helps me to find paradise. Eve. At the heave of the first sight for live and centuries of battles for having more than one (lives). L-IVE-S.

Bye, b a shackles. The one you can say I am going EVEn your contract has failed. My adam,
                                                                                                                                                  M adam.

Adamant that I ll be your most comperely man. Comparatively not. You are my absolute, and even if I am a woman, wooing the female that you have token as a way you dance and move all around the sites I ll ever pass and lash, vanish, clash, anguish, anger, spring, lavish, labor, caress, pet, economize, grow, deplete, play, behave, slash, and all alone, but feeling you, croitre, and stumble, perish, renew across but love as they are the path to you fountain, the one that permit no eat, no meat, no blood.

I don’t think I create, I just listen to the sound that make me find back the fruit of others’being labor and observation. Whatever birds, insects or lava, the noise and winds of creation.

The horrors of being tracked, all the time and trapped.
Survival, taking it as a play, but never or hardly, just when it bursts uncontrollably, play you as they are salvage educated, who apart wisdom would be able to last?

Police beat up passers-by (or quiet (ah, ah, ah), or simple protestors).
Assembly freedom finished.
And as a bastion, it is customarily, the last.
The last stuff, that was left for us, the citizens lost and without haste for being knocked onto the head
For having dare pronouncing ‘democracy is it to raid?’.

You don’t want gays mates? Suck you dick or your pussy, before I take and cut.
They don’t want gays, they want slavery, and sexual slavery, you do it, you don’t do it, of course, obviously.

It is all this, vice, with art. It is not my text that, even if, I, I preach to be of naught beauty. But my subject is.
To you, my hero.
Ere of my wife.
VV O                          ©

Working class hero? working for the mafia.

She is the only one thinking that this is good.
The one that would send me to the outer world, as she does not recognize that what she emotions is the sum of the moments I d die entirely for that.

Und evaded
Vat abetted.

Refined. Ruffian.


Why people don’t recognize other ethnies? From not melting, from being homogenous family.

P(ower-owe-her), c, co. Language of the community seeing each other, interacting in the aims of scientifically, thoughfully, communicate? Survive? Abete? Hide?

Survivre, Sure? Viva?

The era of religion when groups of people was trying to protect them integrity, physical and the rest lets, lest say.

A little remark.
Human right or droit de l’homme instead of being called law have both the same double-entendre. Right like right side of board. Economic and social rights have been regarded by the west as not right- or dangerous for their asses, interesting to know, interestingly enough.

Horror to live with a beast. Unless it is one’s own.
On my marriage.
Or my being a suitor for the rest of this fucking life.
Honey? Any? The bear won’t be eating you since you are so juicy.
Don’t be afraid if you are not, or not any longer, or not every day of the week. I could even let you go, I would in fact go whenever you would feel like as long as like me your song is not the one of the cheating wife. I would rather know it ASAP, for my beast, my best gives herself to another lady.
As for leaving you alone, along with your friends, your work, your moment when you think crazy, of these you are a druggy or whatever, whenever you want, you need, tell me. As for me, nearby I just would need a library, knowing you in your castle or those of your friends, colleagues, parties, whoever, wherever make you happy. For me to have as a companion, pan the universal liberty. From this your joy, from you, my love, the what I am more than a beast or a good beast indeed thank you for the animal being I have to do? mhmh, and be. Harst. Old y-English
When wife certifies, creates the why air is fresh as gold coming from the rivers of mount freedom and glee.
Let me go out, there is god, waiting for the humans to perform their duties. Cherish nature, the all vicinities.

The true conceptual is so when ready for due application.

I think that........................................
But are you?

-a dildo, why not?
-let’s begin by why.
To actionate your little rear. Ear?

I sign myself when entering the church, searching the way she crossed herself just before it.
Cross. Across u α (=eand) =(=infinity) ll = +

My favourite tales is the one where I could be Ulysses: Penelope.
Where are you going away from riches, out of the tempting death, from this depth and ups, for the chains be that relentless?
‘Nel, without u, nil.’
Ulysses pushes by the winds, and as the travel in between, howls, and howls that has one only name his trip.
    Y? L (hell.)
It is without Nel.

Ma d am.
Ham, like ame [soul sold in more latin}
Ame, amen.

Soul sold
Cell, cess.

Ache ion.
CreyeAtion. Penultieme.

All those ghosts from the past, we all have committed suicide (succeed) because love was not unfoundable, but unaffordable was what was happening.
This time and upon wiv you, you that are the sums and the total, the future, the era where there’s no alas.
And if you want check it out, as our union will draw the thunders upon we, I ll agree to go hundreds, thousands of miles, year lights, as contrarily to you, I know you are the one, and if I know this way, when I ll have to part, you d die for it one day. But not like the usual, the suicide ceremony, you will die in your soul, for your mind makes in clear in your spirit.

Usually time is pressing but since its passing when with you is daunting, I don’t want it to elapse however you are not. As nevertheless, my staying far from my hon –own- you are here at least in thought as you permit their flow toward the concept of what could be the union of both us and eternity.
Then even when you are far from my place and time, as I love you I pray for the time not to trespass, as trespass now for me is when you d say no.
Since I love you, I would never desire this time to go. Eternity. The same with boredom, the same with excitement, the same with everything, without you life is not worth its chain. And with you, my kindness rebels as I know too much that the world is not the refuge it should be as far as love and live is concerned and abroad a game that would kill the whole humanity. Abroad is you without you, me without me. The hope to join, reunify only for a sole aim, this so, so nice fountain, the juvenity. As my children from you would recognize what is worth fighting. Love our integrity.
Period of serenity has lost its value, since you, you ago, for you there is absolute completeness only. Only from you, as you are my quest, as you are the one pushing me towards the balance of love and hate provided by it.
I hate no one but if touch you, the all demons I d call for you.

Don’t write, don’t write too much the music you would like him to hear without cease. Don’t be flirty sister, even as a writer.

I hate apologizing, why, we are so slug, in the death spread facing.

I am feeling sad when I feel happy, to know that happiest is not possible as you are here and there all dangers, including the one of my being faulty.

The privacy to cut us from the dictatorship, not that people are not so in private, and more so since there is a non go area for legality between their four walls, but because at least one might come near to a match of personality and idea.
Even if the problem is that ideas without echoes, universal and carried by the community, are to perish.

-Are you gay since you were born?
-No I am since the day I saw the person having the same mission on mysticism, my god.

I love you so much, that I lie.
As I know too that finally you ll cull me, I ll die.
This without anymore any of your sympathy.
All the same, time worsens as much as my devotion.

To think that I am your suitor would be error, as I am your lover, by mistake?
                                                                                                                           Mass take.

An error as I dream of being your hero, more than me, more than whoever will love you, won’t havvve (valve) my heart as I have died from terror. The terror of loosing you as I lost my first wife, but wore even yet I am afraid. You were here, inside of me, like a long, very long awaited baby. And if from now I lll loose my egg, in my nest no new guest. As my new lover, you will be the first to guess of me, my virginity. Not the one that can be named pure, but the one never loved even once just abandoned.
I used to sell my soul to the devil, saying please, give me my career, against which I will play heartless. She gave me away, so what else, no good for me in perspective.

Homo, meaning giving my heart to a lady or a man according to where my heart chooses, not loose.
Are you homo?
Are you not sister.
What I am regard the one to which I give my property.
Priority. Prior pray. No prey let’s knee.  

He did not take a shower often, as when he did, he knew at last some pleasure.

I always wonder what sacrileges was to be the bigger.
And always the same response, if not frank, at least uncessantly going back, lurking even when I had classed logically everything. It was so long I ve had been in love, everyday, rethinking, redreaming, consuming life away.
But now, in front of someone I could love for life, I d say what is it to do? Woo her, or my new?
Woo her first as first she was, but was a prick I am at last totem it is clearer. It is so long, so many years, she left me here, like this, a slave.
As for the new, she is nothing new, but the date on which she came.

To be a machine gun.
Or to be a machine gun in love.

I v got a hear t, t, t, t, t, t, t,
But what is wor the, wor th, th, th,
If it cannot flap, hap, asap.
Why I am a harshy.

These are just this term draft, will be able to letter, let her, refine
End of cap    talism, man? Check it out @. Hat.

Tally (Attila)

On talisman
 M as aim An, in, on, un, en.
MAn, min, on, mun, (m)en(m)

If I d like to become philosopher of the environment, who would found me?
No one certainly. Everything is about human, included pity. The self is not, it has become ego, forgetting the lessons of a ‘deo omnipotenti’ nature, that was well well and above, in, around, aside, under, that used to say every day, you see, can you feel such a power. And the humans believe seriously he can tame, in hurting, harming, condescending, of such horrors they’re no similar or equivalent, the humans are the villains on top of all ones that they think intelligent. But what is gonna be the next of its lessons, my friend? Ah, ah, this time we will now if joking is its favourite aim. Concealing it inside of you, is the sine qua non of the human relation. I tried to be severe when I saw you treat her like if you were beating up your aw(e)akening mama, it never worked, but it was to give you too much of importance. Try to severe you, the boss. Of hypocrisy the boss, you d sell up to you, your boy up to his body with a smile as if not it could upset your company.

I am writing it to you as I’ve heard about it this morning, anti-humanist, thank you.
It won’t prevent me to love the humans but as any other natural entity.

I’ll have to find my other, my half, reunify, my son. And from there marry ya. As if am too apart from my source for love, my not ready to cherish you as much and beautifully as we deserve when free and sound from acrimony nevrose, paranoia, forgetting our part of responsibility-incited.

Marry ya.

Shakespeare, Conan Doyle (more than per-haps), Ed Poe, when authors start speaking about supernatural. The English, as the French and the Spanish suppress it with the inquisition. Note, present tone of their psychology destructrice (=destroyed).
I am the mad, you are the sane (saint in latin) and what I know is that you must obey the rules of a church in which riches’ accumulation is not at all lay. Infury, injustice, unjust, don’t even mention that. I’ d be a religion, long time the human would be liberate through that. Like that they are sects, well disguised, distinguished of course. One of the numerous customs, suits and prose, pertaining to the mafia, the politician sign and the all world circle. As for, my friend, the ring is gonna be broken. We wanted progress, we are outdated. By what? No more ceremony, the man is not priest. He was bird of prey, parasite for and to their mummy, nature will have to show who is running all it.

I used to write for, in the idea of being adapted for so many, and thus was my worry. Till the day I’ ve found this thought funny, she was the one, she was the one. To ponder but to know that the essential doubled by the necessary was to encounter this other spirit. My thoughts themselves turned to her. My thoughts being there for that. To try and try making the bridge leading to my sympathy. For her, no melancholy, she is the one, she is my mi.
Middle of me severity, middle of me serenity, middle of their apology. My ploy, my coy for the passing time which brings us to more wisdom. I recognize now that to write, you, my own, is largely, well enough. As a completude live for echo to my own call and question, not the same sound, on her the shape rebound, and attached other to it it so necessary second. That will become the half of what I knew first, she has the way I ll be as preached as protected, the view of the boomerang. The Talion’s rule, you have to know that if you impair one part off you, the counterpart on you will also succumb. What to do with her? I know that since I care, so afraid of stare into her being hurt by me the brute who made as if it was to be fecund. And even in my enemy, since this rule she has made my prevailing and real harsh story, it would get into unjust trouble, she could bear the rubble by the butterfly, caterpillar, in one world, tout ce qui vit= every who lives, every who sees, knows. My echo.
And here are the followers, because it is to thrive that God lend me to share and give them the shelter.
Shell. Ter.

I am not used to poetry, I just that at the moment of my thinking, being in and, add, towards, on you, all sounds are beauty full of all arts, the one of love. That the more aesthetic, the more complex and courageous, as little as I knew it, is the most simplicity, the dialogue, the whole story. My soul, your soul, ame (soul), ami (friend).
I am talking about friendship, even, either; I would have dreamt you as my lady. It in fact does not matter, we don’t control the time, the time is the control remote, emotionally emoted. Far from you, my lady you are not, but on each of my gesture or decision making, you voice the one who rocks, with it all pleasures. Troye and treasure.
Troye I would deploy everything for coming soon deliver us from alienation of the soul, soil.
Satyre of our condition, would you love me, were you free? Would I protect you were I at sea? As if I d love you, I d have to conquer the whole world, terrain, to make amorally sure, that no one is gonna to hurt you. Amorally as during the travel I would have to let perish and suffering others that are as worth as love as us, but who am I without yours? The miserable, the miser noble.  

Over one’s being nice, attention-ate, honest, faithful, the receptor of these feelings will miss this presence. Not enough in love, that is true, as it is when without them you feel (not like) dying that are au rendezvous true fill in.
Looking for this person, that would dismiss me because of my non so pervading quality, but be ravaged if discontent whereas I d make the best of her, beat it.
Be at. Beat with harmony. Reside, resign, resin, remodel, no me, but the world as I did not see without you and the possibility of Esperance and hope of having something like a baby. Be it a book, a dog, an almighty sufferance when I render to the evidence (video-hence) of my debility. Accusing the world like usually done, I am an insult to the probability hormones. To make for resisting, to do for the penury to be shorter but still healthy, without waste and connery. Is it enough to make apology or (offerandes French for offering = offering, render) for my being other-wise a fiend? Is it enough to accuse the homos to be the problem for the children that are abused, abandoned, exploited, by you the all lot of ill-married or associated?

For you I could go to the moon. But what about coming back, you d rather me to get lost further into cosmos.

ame (soul), ami (friend)

Would you think that I d finally found animals deceiving? No possible, they are all perishing- human including.

The most amusing is when people spend their day saying no I don’t have the right to be homo, thinking their efficient. At what? At killing love. The most amusing is that you need homo to tend the children because as all tastes are in nature, they need someone to look at and find other splendour and imprecations, extrication, implications, implorations...basically render human as it should be choosing one’s love and clue to paradise.
Example: a lesbian attending her son, will love him, like a woman. Period. As long as she does not do like the stupid predicating what’s in blood, what’s for sold, what’s for rhyme.  

How can be that human beings are rather generally honest when it comes to rumours and do nothing when genuine, truly studious, thoughtful, balanced, just, equallabor.

No recycling?
I d wish we would be fined.

I had to say I was a suitor (auditor) to somebody, thus they could understand why and how I was looking so happy.
Me with my live of so and such lonely.
That’s it.
Yes, when I look good, buried by all titans, it is when like the phenix, my mind of thought go to her, and reach its right time.

Lesbian possible position: slide on, while a leg, perhaps two is quasi or indeed ready to enrol.

Beaten up, beaten up and render the target like if it was spineless.
Torture, human modest?

Mode, most mode, modest the top fashion of evolution-revolution.
Or pretending everything normal, smilling and wait for the new clothes to be one’s skin.
Or the one of one’s infant, if the rationality of being=use one’s logic and philo, morals and ethics, natural balance and ratio as well as whose of the one he is deemed and endowed to have some, part of, seen, if the rationality of being she does not decline.

Mum, or mumes as I should say as when you are married you get more than one. It is the beautifulness of tradition but not it is whose of every and each, thus, in fact all, husbandry. Mine, who’ve got two of a similar sex, not the same I admit, but let’s say like say bulk, at the same level. We are equal, even more equal than others if we follow the precepts of these idiots that say they reign: the hetero. That say they reign, because hetero they are not, they are just suckers mothers who listened to their mommy in the purpose of being the hair, heir. Looming were daddy, adjusting according to the language of monotomy. Traumatised they are, being told all day what they are, what they should not, in the name of money. Vasec, lobot, Otomy. Autonomy, pee, pee, it s why they play the boss, conspicuous like them is the stage vomit, that is, refiner, but well can’t do more disgusting than that.
                                                                                                                                                     Gus = gouter (gusta) and taste, what could bring sex, sexuality or their delicatessen, up to the moment when you say ‘oui’ = yes and hearing, a good understanding of what love is made. Not from horror, error from such hatred, one word for it my friend, jealousy as you are too coward to protect each other really, and I ll choose the one with you are, you share your life up to your bed and every day the same, your aims, your end, your whereabouts, your liking, your natural friend, your everything, as a threat supreme. Sup-press. But not for long as we manage to populate the world but who is looking content with the hypocrite ceremony, certainly not God. Don’t pray it, if you used to pray for the pardon of the big guru, as the devil, he has a scheme, the same than big boss, don’t let you, don’t forget this. One can suffer without sins, the hell is when the calcul we did, come back when the bill addresses the end of the sup-per.

To think with signs, to her, corresponded all the numbers, words, wits and minds.

And for the next messiah, meaning just after one understand the crucifixion, we would have to die for it, the gods, goddesses of our souls, the light that helps us continuously to find and live morals a little bit.
It is more than believes, it is the duties this time, and a duty onto oneself too, to regenerate. Cut with tradition that were there for good reasons and don’t make ashamed the older who die for bad understanding. As their death conduct the next generation to better living, self and alter and community and towards any creatures respect as long as a focus on how this mutual due respect can applied.
People who pretend that religion or politics are settled, that the debate and major, outbreaking findings and changes are not ahead, are denying religion and politics to be creative, performable as bringing new material and info and experiment, performing as having to improve its credential and results, are dealing with their subject as if the subject was dead or notion of helplessness nihilism- as our current systems reproduces pain and inequality. These people in charge of an art reflecting, affecting others’ life and pretending, asserting (accreting), without even any conspiracy, just like that outrageously that this phenomenon, our life or its part-y, should be dead, still, not redeemable, not teachable, without soul and quest, without a higher pattern than our dying all the same, deprived of all wisdom, of all cry, compassion and despair, fight for report, rage, range, roam, repay, repart, repair, whores stealing magic, raping beauty. Without this application and quest for everybody to be rightly fulfilled, the community of people become purgatory, dangerously purgatory.

What the aim of religions if after those stories we find immanquably in lethal and disgusting application of celestial envy.
What’s the aim of religion? As for us, messiah and messages, as with us, are already treated as dead.

She was not in love with men, but in love with their appendage. Appendance.
Not about control this time but envy, not to have a baby, but to have one.

In my head about my writing, it happens not like but actually often, we are two.
This entity who thinks, like my alter ego, a person who I know and with who I engage in a natural conversation, when she intervenes on my already set up settings and theirs, and hers, contradiction.
From this exchange, on my other capability, distinctly separated from the moment when this thinking is occurring (the time to hear, to record and understand, the time maybe to counter, and again maybe to wait for another instance), another capabilities intervening where either I type functionally, either I try to convene techniques in order to organise that precedently thought either I ask this other presence desesperately.
On witchcraft, and on I fuck this all more than hypocrisy but denial, negotiationism, negationism, anti-spirituality, anti-religious, anti-mind, anti-spirit, that this fucking whore of the psychology, discretely replacing without saying, under the pretence, the wallpaper of a secret, the metaphysics substance.
I hate you as you are hateful clients of sciences that for their little polluted riches, selling their souls would.

I had to have a glimpse at myself, to understand fully, to see it on my skin and flesh, to be near her, near him, I write for you, for everyone, it is my pride, my reason as author, when I am near my half, or at least we are working on it, my fucking all buddy, my fucking all body, this all world moving up to my every crazy cell, up to my single brain, marks it.
The forearms usually soft almost sluggish, then and there, the bow the more strident.

Not getting attached to the other person, even if it is ‘your one’, as if we go onto quest, even if it is together, at the end of the quest, will have changed way of life and purpose. Prudence and calm as for passion, God and her is my only one. The work I work if religious, would appease all that I haven’t. Her love and eternity to have her got that I am all yours.

And it is after year of being a couple that we finally prove our double,

My son guerrilla, her daughter philosophy, our children our surv-eys, r_ival.

-who are you?
-an ad-quag-mire.

Writing the day long, and when the other books come along, just draw, face the, ultimately reassuring pace, that one is a part of the stir, store, of the almighty womb, parry, parish, mosque, temple, and synagogue, that we won’t create gore-blood inside outside our own body and the community, for a sacred God.

When I love two only thing in mind death and abandon. If you disappear, I’ d see that (thee, tha, va = to go in french) back of my life waiting for Orphee, or losing Eurydice.

Following perhaps irrational, but backed by an element of logic (logier) that proves that irrational has a structure unknown (or knot) obviously but at process.
Problem with following what one does not know that it could bring round and round and the vertigo for due expectation.

Resist, insist.

Mad and damned.

Losing everything-for the cause and the purpose-but one’s servitude and faith.
Don’t tell me I am not homo, see over such is my god, a goddess. Unattaquable, the mark of serenity, the sign of this eternity, my procreating to this lay world. A straight in dire, homo without kids whereas whom produce is wasting them at Eid.
When one says pork, he does not say pig, as pork is pro-murder, the one human try to make thing dead right into their being- al so deadly, and Allah deprived of its blood. Don’t even have to say ‘its’ as we are by birth, and incarnation, wherever we are seen, possessed by Allah, by god when speaking English.
Same people, but what about them claiming being gody and using servant and laugh poverty, thinking of one principle, accumulation money. See the churches and others? Same people, same religion, and what about death overlooking, as we did not notice the horrors of one’s say, the evil of one’s deed.
Bleeding when allal is nothing but bad song.

After twice, several, and time after time, to know she could be my half in its plurality.

They made me believe that he was cast out because of its behaviour, whereas he was because of its believe in progress in humanity, and defence of the oppressed.
As all the clan was at unison, he fell into disease and malady, and years after years he succeeded in recovering its autonomy ability (ab-ill- hill, between breadth and depth, birth and death), up to the day when I was able to understand that people were spitting on their very same what they claim and pose and justified as cherished, their theories, their shame.

To be sad not from being oneself but from being treated as being different, or treated differently, or cause their stellar was not an altar for god supremacy but for the lords of Connery supressmasses up to what happens in between my knees.

To make love with your whole body, and when you succeed in this for only one plit s-cond you are happy for long. More than satisfied, satisfaction is gore and for piggy. The one like when walking with a cig, are impressed and in hurry to die. Attention I don’t just myself sex as I would do and seek the same without loving you to kill up to the last of my sacred demons.

To be so in love, that you have to listen to anyhow to try and catch a hint, a clue, a name, an nymph, an offrande.
A listen as much as to hear the thump of my heart inflame chest and my head, down to my foot bone cavities to chant it is him, her, whatever, no matter, no worth the distinction as this person is for me the end of the word in the sense that from now, on my stream is their bleedings that I will staunch till perinity.
And after that, they will know what is love when it is when your heart know.
They  know, won the k.
Is this satisfactory? Infinite quest, is the divine ar-t.
On utiliitarism, forfeit style of of happiness pursuit and its roguery.

Fainting through introspection.
Inspection. Sterile if I don’t.

Forgetting for the reconstitution. Malleable not ion.
Even the smallest particle will be experimenting the shift, dance, funny prolongation.

Twins particularity, jealousy, possessive.
Be male jealous, and female possessive.
Male possessive and female jealous.
Example of yin and yan and intrinseque, auto sufficient balance.

The signs after you were not so the one I was desperately hoping, but the one I could not dare to even desire, the end of an era of torpor. Tort pour, pore. The other side of the decay, after having seen the end of my dream, it comes back with another grill. No black but white entering. I use to welcome the night as what made nobles painful. White is now after the purge, after the under-completing the day. As night was the entre entrance, constituting my deepest trance before transit toward the night that we will keep my day bright and avoid it the infamy of underestimate why so jo(ll)y, the holy accostumance to love dark as well as sunny.
As the dark right now is becoming the right people, that were previously looking for a soil where it’s sunny.
The why of colonisation, heliophily. The why of so settlers, to avoid cold and its horrors.
Something everyone has to keep in mind, nature has been murdered every spot now. No more beautiful, friendly mammals, your smile drive me mad. My milk for a wolf, whoever needs to be remembered. I say to think higher, we act mild and the results are incessant vomitery, infamy the empire. Mammals were are not, we are the vampyrs (pyres) and let’s hope for the bigger picture, that will come a good escort, punishing our ugliness, before the carthesianism perish in its last commodity, its prediction for logism, end, avilissement, coming from vile, to become or to spread, not spare villainy,  slavery and torture of the all divided humanity.
On a note more spiritual, the vampires’ of our genre, not from our species this time are about to lead the drama and if following, fellowing our style nothing moral that could be said, they will mock us and eat us, like we did.
Treating this fabulous human being like the last ranked, a sod.
Not talking about sodomy, who are you to ask me, how I do inside my bed, when you would, when you are fucking your own smally, the next generation that bring by you will find euthanasia sexy.

It was not memory problem it is just that the mind does not want to sort and have out sequences like we are lazily, already puzzled them, but the brain want a benifitation, benification, (Latin: coming from beatification) pontiff (latin: homonym with bridge) of what it has had on review.
Example: wanted to have out a text like we learn it and undergo a blur, because the brain want to be permitted amelioration, creativity, spontaneity, research, terrain of liberty.

Research and religion, god, more than a universe, human version calamity.

Not ashamed of being a homo, ashamed of being a human.
And as the rest of you, my hope in the future, is symbolised in the picture or any representation of my companion and our children.
Without it, I ll be hopless, hapless, hipless and yuppie for my desert. Mind, mind, mind.
I am still afraid mind, as they could cull tactic in having me purposedly left without my family, the one in which I can say ‘fuck me’. My wife, my wife, no drama, freer, frère (friar), she is my sole litany, the one that leads to humanity, as her image render time wiser in me. Me, me, me but without her, the spirit and spirits welcomed in, in my body, would not find their temple, but a cage damned and maudit (poisonous mildiou –mould-).
Don’t think kill whatever like that the next egg horn. Or... wrongly, dishonestly, categorize and unlevelled (im-monde) the arithmetic and aesthetic of an equal, fair world, a so plentiful, refined...higher complexity. And lose your soul for la chaise cemetery, the father of the doom to put someone on a chair to electrocute what society has laissez faire. That if one has to kill every people having killed or participating to the human misery, it’ d have been and be apocalypse directly.
Loose humane in you and one’s soul for la guillotine, but death is not an enemy, she is of its higher order, that people had not admit. Heed.
Ces salauds de yankee.
I should remove, as it is the American dream.
Before they remove it for you like they were pretending hunting the communist theories for the good of humanity.
I won’t explain what it is to say that ideals are wrong- not speaking about when they are exploited wrongly- as I am about to disclose how eradication of communism meant in a nutshell, we will nick easy.
To say that is not to be for the soviet, the Khmer, the Milosevic, but for this, Satan, freedom.
And freedom in every terms, included the liberal philosophe, as for damn they are classics because their writings are so intelligent, complex and inviting to harmony, that in them, everything or almost is explain as for equality and justice. They are exploited just like us to render the juice, our blood.

Be able to kill one’s own children. And this natural thinking when near one’s other half. As one feel physically that any threat to her/his is unbearable.
Unbearable without them, to be extinct, like in the Pyrenees. Do you realize that all the other big mammals to take only them as example in order to draw -sympathy?
The other creatures are sure to be grieving for another lottery.

God and its bearb, the lacteal path.
It is why it works so well, the white flow from our green, yellow, brown, red lands, my mum belly extensional.
What about homo? She is my everything the path to any gods, their hunger and serenity. Why so much serenity in texts, because like Marx said, religion are medicaments. Medicines calming the fact that the ministries of religions are another government that implement the sod fact that if you want to help the needy, you will put into the pre-fabriquated, the predicated, premeditated, presidentially prescribed rank of servant to lower and lower schemes of organizational social function.
You won’t be able to help but to serve as if the one that in fact need to be given back their independence, will be put into the situation of replicate bourgeois exigencies, and ask you to cook instead of you teaching or simply permitting, facilitation their cooking and eventually their permanent, unconditional opportunity.
Message: if you want eradicate need, meaning the way of pressure for exploitation and rights violations, you’ ll be the next to beg this whore of societies.

I know why my ex-have been staying the number one for so many seasons, because I suppose that for hundreds of them for my happiness near the right one, she prayed. Pried.
She has. And therefore as my family, the comfort in agony, will stay, like a tutor that know from what you’ ve seen you was made of. This communicative laugh proving the sharing flesh and bone. This communicative thought proving spirit and soul. More my life she is, my life with her, is the sight and elevation, the where to go whereas one crawl on often back (Offenbach, Ufo) to this point that is known to be there thanks to that. Love is a zenith the air of whi-ich is impregnable, inexpugnable,
Ich = german for I.

Favourite food oignon.

Drema. Drama.

Cul, cull, cul = bottom, buttocks in France.
M, intention, aim,                  aimer = amour, love.

Congenial, genius.

I am not nice, no, the only nice element in me of nicety, is my lady, my lord. Without him/her I d become the enemy.

To give feminity, for you to feel the same, as well as male.


Humanitary arian.

Humanity law.
Is humanity right?

To letter, let her.

End of cap    talism, man? Check it out @. Hat.

Police beat up passer-by.
Assembly freedom finished
I had made only one slogan to let’s concentrate on no insults policy, plaice, polissee, .

Not sexually, as it is by your sex and body, but through your soul that you completely possess my skin.
Every moment, not to think to someone only, but dialogue, with the certitude that to see him again without to have to count on her pity to be welcome as a friend. You are my new, and hopefully, off this certitude to trust, per-use, in your accalmy, a kali, calm to become or to be a moment, a relapse into calmer zone or time, became shy, the skies? Vanish, depletion, exhaustion, extortion-, maybe would you be my last and therefore always the new as when trust is installed, within future, and all in all.

To hear your voice and opinion suffice to give me back re(a)son for go on neat and inventions, to he(a)r you well, better, my sir.

What is falsely called politics are not dealt more than devices of exploitation balancing banditism, banditries, tries, tribe, with the eventual capacities for revolts.

People in their knowledge of dishonesty, cannot smell anymore each other and white wash everything into, towards a death, wiping clean.

I might be your hierarchic (chic), but if I love you and love everyone the same fair amount, as the children of the landlord and landlady, where hierarchy won’t come any longer as an apology for hatred and company.

Grave Note: nothing left in the nature, extraction of the minerals that constitute the buildings, cemetery provided with power central heating.

I hate this name power as when it linked itself to abuse.
To calm me I today now that power rhymes with Irish, poorer.
Poorer we are from being dement, as demented as the society, that say the rules are so like this, and destroys all. Finish.
In decency.
Today I’ ve been told at least, list on word is irony, of fabrication of understanding pity.
Not enough.

Waiting impatiently that she starts one of this crisis when I have to isolate myself in the cupboard room, place enough to lie down, and draw a table when my covers have been being folded. In order to eat oπnion.

Π π in French is homonym with the breast of cows or mammals, milkery, and the shaft of wheat, mummy.

Love never dies and it is why people play at murdering it.
More than probably to try and glance super natural manifestations of its longevity.
Longevity is in this life, eternity inside the ones that move through the cross path.

There is serious research that proves that the only fact that big ruminants are digesting might produce a gaz able to destabilize the planet good aeration system. Let’s try to calculate, a little, the 1/1000 of our consumption rate would be enough to draw torpor and sweat.

Love? How can it be?
I am afraid with loosing you, or having you hanged.
I am the demon, incarnated, since my love could bring torture on him. Her sorry, I have to hide myself, not because of homox, but because there is the rules to general rapist, cannibalism scheme. And pretend to religion is the motto that slay intelligence, self respect and brotherhood.
Father? Fiver.

To give a spank, gratuitously with one’s little money.
Here the general sadism of the human community. Followed by set-up and discrimination and trap to evaluate assessment – meaning wider the range of the responsabilities, skills, functions, scope of the complexity and technicity as well as duties (should not rhym with danger of being sacked-as more the tasks is complex or not, always the promiscuity of an error or forgetting loom- these ones, danger, automatically relieved by a team work, aiming at cross-checking, but not in the aim of punishing but having a work done- when and only when this one is necessary and not impairing time, freedom and other necessity).

They are not mean, they are interested to the point, above everything do not put the all weight on their basket. It would be mean that o.k.

You are in love with someone dead. I could say to you that I am more lucky as I am in love with someone that is gone due to have discreetly and far to(o) late –to late- spurning me (of course as I could tell, but now more and more as I can remember, but in fact.
You could well have more hope to find him again through another body, that me finding their grace again.
Plus, me in the asking, threatening is the indecency of not recognising my life spending into her remembrances that I believed holy.

One Arabic tales said that if your hand steals a fruit, it was not with the head.

Would you be my temptatrice?
Would will be dying of love or desuetude,  the miam and same endings?
Mi-ame (latin:half of a soul) miam (latin: something of a gluttonery avaler eating)

Cap on tall and high-scraper.
Cap horn.

Al-cap (italie) on.

Cap and corridor coo rider, like in tauro-machy. Tort au tauro. Bull fighting. Corrida.

We have to die, and therefore fight the disease, like fighting death each time a little more. As far as society is healthy enough to have understood this necessary spiritual process of spirit strengthening.

Ame (soul) ne (negation).

To have a chance of keeping my reason intact, I would have not to sleep. To think of you the all day, and answer my reason of being, and keep on working on what we are made of and for.
On having to touch purity and nver abandon.

My son did love me, but by mistake as I love him without him possibly knowing that 24/7 I was thinking to give him the mummy I wanted for my companion. Not that two parents is needed but me was haunted, and him, deprived of what I was shamelessly but innerly begging.

Nos tros
Son (hers. His, on latin)

And if you touch my baby, I d turn your head like a fucking clock, the way the damn red-neck kill the duck.
Clock as retarded, unless you want to be put-in with someone you did not choose.
Choose, loose. Fucking lobotomised, castrated people who think that they will chose for me the love of my life and destiny.
Des, (hominyme in latin with deesse, goddess)
Deo = god.
Deon = duty.

And if you worship satan as the superior not of your lack of understanding and hole, but of the equal of all.
it will be paid by.
Your possessing you, but not in equal, to pass information capable of liberation, he will treat you as its rival, and break each other of your bones and facilities.
Capito, amigo?
He, too, it’s a servant.

Goddess not godless.
But like each time with liberation that are not but emancipation, is that the frustration that broke the chains be abondonned to replicate the same schema.
If women come to power for the same plan then what’s the matter, as insane as ever, only more sure that the pattern is decided like that. Disgusting human beings. I am not accusing the sisters nor the borther, as we all have bin in the same bag, but what about now, when we know who killed mama. Us, again and again. Re, production is not enough, it has begun to become our Satan, the plan developed now.
Qui (=latin, quo = who)

Taken as being as what is deemed to be the average intelligence of cattle, of a camel. They speak about being trained this governments calling themselves religious, like other Mafiosi called themselves democracy.
The human rights like the other religions, pretending to respect everyone and creating sufferance and poverty.
Human being Bastards. As holly as forgetting about their ass they don’t even dare to thank for being there.

Walk, smoke, the pursuit of the American dream.
Auto massacre, die.

Came l
L in latin homonym with wings.
And camel are angels, but are they of ‘very good use’?

To feel so superior compared to the beast one milks and bleeds.
That at fortiori, one should be very fast getting aware of the hopefully soon back goat-shoe.

Only you, and me.
Only you, ennemi.

To find someone with so similar affinities and same interests and repulsion and/or hatred, is almost completely impossible.
Therefore I will follow you, till my quest, not near you but for you, con-duct me to our dia-monds.
For ever, and ever, as this quest cannot be achieved and I will slay up to the last of our demons.
Me, included, as for you like alchemy, I will have to cahge, change, arch ange, into husby.

Praying include this secrecy of the survival in good and godly bigottery, bigotry, lottery, Lot, big, lot, of society. Shut up and make money, or order about people when you can play at common afrosity.
Affres. Begetter. Affreux.

I notice that a lot of Indians on top jobs has been found out with corruption or very serious misconduct.
Question: is it on purpose that the a: other ones choose on purpose people with trend for sleaziness them to latter be put down?
B: Or is it simply the same rate of corruption, (100% of the employed-at any seats, of course, let’s not laugh at the Romantisation, of the so-called hero, honesty and deontology being prohibited) for the other background?
Answer: b

Public size.

The nit, lose, that is human beings, insult themselves with animal names, because they manage to hurt each other with names of creatures that they are themselves ill-treating.
The human is ill-trained. And the house, its graveyard, asap, for other creatures get their fair opportunities to simply live.
If you touch to my camel, I’ ll cut you into two, because I devote my life to her, and if you touch to her desert, we will cut you into two together.
Touch meaning hurt, used as a synonym as when human beings are arriving.

There is no messiah anymore, we’ ve got all the knowledge and infrastructure = true opportunity to do well and wise.
What then?
Vengeance is only a story of a few gust of winds, that the other species and the outcast of ours would be totally in reason and duty (know about that?) to bring and decimate us with joy and glee. Liberate, emancipate, if knowledge has become so pervasive, omnipresente, omnipotente, is that God itself in announcing its bother regarding human beings porkery, their sense of pride in revengless deprived of any honourable needs of self defense. The murders punished via hell.
God is untouchable, but giving our comprehension level, don’t doubt one instant that revengeful and due anger will take us vampires trough parasites exit.  The one of our spurned duties, our awareness, the forces we are killing instead of paradise of prizes and praise and felicity towards and in order to protect the whole chains. The god job by excellence, the one that we deny, weaken by devils, but in life better weak than rotten. We will see that, what fun. Praxis.

To be honest, but not fundamentally and that for all human benign that we know, mean that fundamentalism is a lie, as when we become pure in live, we would become impure for the other to go on with the main and mass business that are politics, religion, jobs, and leisure. In fact are still called with these words to pure to describe mafia, lie and disbelief, torture and backwardess, exploitation of fanatic fun. To think we are better are a hypocrisy as in such thing that life, one will have to die to bring something better. I am not talking about sacrifice but duty, but do it with joy, reincarnation is the exit normal, moral and simple metaphysics for the over-pride, such decadent disease, deceased.
To be honest is to face dishonesty and be wiped by the very person we were helping as the rest of the pack we will ask to act as a predator to him. Bite the hand who help in wanting more than he should and the rest of your success will be own by who you know, or not already, if you feel a sense of strength it is just to spit on you the idea with what kind of energy you will be crushed and turn and turn.
Turnip are vegetable, roots will become poison, and the so high ranked, will have to cry for its season.

One cannot have the sense of glory before god, as too is too much complicated, and the state of confusion is the permanent state when we start to want holy resolution.
But still one can be satisfied of not having failed too much, too, many times and lay and stay lavishly, contentedly, knowing one’s sin, but calling for bad pretexts, believing in the pleasure of the flesh (meaning the one one’s eat from someone else sufferings, not the flesh that belong to my privacy as long as the other nick me with honesty), thrusting one’s self not in the mud but in the sewage of Dorian gray.

But for godness sake, M, i told you already you have to date somebody. If I was envisaging us I would have said something different.
Fuck you. It is what is important to understand about relationship is that people want to be free. So I like you and I’ ll show you with my body but not like a husby.
By the way I am a lesbian, to be honest you d be a woman, i would have said yes for starting dating you as you are honest.
The only thing I would be afraid of is that your are cunning, this a reproach.
Any new room, or decision making?

For godness’ sake, M, go and have a real fun or real serious dating. go to internet since for the moment you don't have time and space for anything else. a move from this cellar, move and be alone and you will find the way of dompting, redemptory dompter = breaking an animal, tame, your solitude by desiring frankly to find yourself a true companion.
Could you do that for me, my brotherly cutty friendly temptator?

Be and go.
As hell is the fact of having sold one being.
Not to be.                                Sole.

My first adviser, not as my first prime minister, of left arm, but as being my half.
In case of disagreement it be a holy and courteous process of reunification, the time of exclusively bringing in all type of thinking, stress, review, intemperaties, into a stronger one.

I’ ll be in your family but not more than a modest time, as I like walking naked, and that it is extremely dangerous to dictate another’s behaviour, little polite woman.
Respect is this, if I don’t damage any, well you should well try and interrogate yourself, instead of arousing hatred or its other one, pity.
Pity is a disease, not knowing oneself, thinking that one’s life is the ultimate. Lie.
I accept you cover, accept my nudity.

As for the little ones that have been said ‘don’t be or do be’ it is the rape system. The way of talking about reproduction, and this is dirty.
Also, to say to one’s children I care about you only in some of my own conditions, even if most of you will say it is for your survival-not the spiritual and mental ones, just the mein kampft, menial- is a way of saying I had you but as a way of discrepancies (creepy), I took what I have been offered. And I’ ll tell you each time you say to them if you are homo, you are not any longer my son, your baby land in my arms just like one of mine.
A way to talk about reproduction, bribe, prostitution as a marriage of institution, offerandes, and hatred, as pushing like that is a steal. Pretending one has taboo over it, funny. Urghh, so much than uggly.  U r duplicitous.  Urdu family like European, western, Asian, the all lot one have spent so many days of that, punishing instinct of fraternity and love for all. Without wife I am without home, and will be ready to kill, problem technical being that without my freedom blinded and mass murderer I will become. Pro-mise.
Miss, miser, and muse.

Here too they have stolen my wife, my husband, and deride my children. Everywhere hell stands, and the story you permitted, of soiling preferences and true love, will convey you crazy. Cray. Cray the days till the abnegation of another’s of your being holly happy, cray the day till this demon will you carry.
Carry. Carriers. Careers. Carers. To deem respect of one’s love lower than jobs and facilities, will gonna be settled by the bogey’s gee.


To be who, with you, as much as one can be.
Woman and secrecy.
Secrete. Secretion.
Spy. Python.
Who, what, whom? And the sacrosanct baby.
Lullaby, light and the abandon ceremony.
Despysing, neutrality.

Don’t threaten me calling me ser(f)-ious.
I am thinking of him, and not a little bit. Terminus.
Fiery, fairy will reign as much as we did not deign recognize the strength and length they were enlightening.

And he takes some talent to manage to come across the ones that might spoil my honest and loving nest because of jealousy, to find one’s female you ve got to have made yourself every second, every gram of your body ready. It will take some talent to come across this potential enemy not wanting to strangle them without losing my force pour autant, emporte le vent. For we ll be gone by the wind.

Dev, all.

Our work or schizophrenic job?
Or family or the way of not permitting other societies and nest of affectivity and learning and solidarity?
Or governments or the top of the cooking pot?
The chicken or the sucker despots?
Me or the whore of this all-mitey, comedy?

I haven’t a girl friend, I am married with my half, but we have to wait as to prove ourselves and be married by God, conferring alongside the real power, of healing each other and don’t think of escape.
Secluded not with her, she is my paradise, the way the prison are not the end of all freedom.
Sex, sec, cess, exS, escape, x-cap. I could die and no horror is most atrocious than live without going towards the idea of absolute loving. You.

To love is a thorn,
As before knowing you, all my being has been conducted by another one.
And now when I admit that you are the one, it is like a betray, or if it is not it, a demonstration of how the mind can play as never forecasting has lied nor been telling the strict reality nor seem.

Why a place, why a plant, why a plan or plea or pal? Why a palace, because goddess. But we should have felt that as good as this the nature is still empress, and by now conceive our dream, like the one serving gently.
My dream in the forests of the deserts that we would tend enough for it not to trespass on the water stream alimenting Mother, with M as grand and bold.
Upper case.
And dry the rest consisting in treating life as barren as gold for business ethics. No, not ethics but villain values and principles. Don’t feel like dying but as everyone is expecting, don’t feel like being held underground, the way we were stiffening the one we should have trend. If children reproduce the way their parents did, the new ‘ethnic cleansing’ will be the young to the old, like the old stuff we banned, all for the euthanasia. Hopefully one could be reuse for fertilize the ground. Gown.

Corps sage.
Cor sage.

I could well, not well as I would have to die first, but I wish so not w-ish, but will, say yes

N’est = To be not.
Nier = recan’t

To be not, recan’t

An germ.
And England forgetting its one fussiness and gabble over a people it wanted as in one of there is on my crown.

And span-ish.
Not forgetting about the ese. Easy and geese.

Why people strive towards the negation of language and are happy to learn by default sciences poor in ethics and technicality poor in spreadings, and renovation (respect, and particular restauration, value of the past and of the object and of whom will have to know how to preserve skills and indicative of a nature to fulfil and seek need.
To negate the language as it is used to stop understanding what’s in the tricks and cons of the future leaders, always saying they are right, whereas their motto and motives are to kill without saying it outright. The language and its knowledge to replicate to their argument that they are sadder that sodder and sodder. And from there to have the clear outlay that one will have to resist if they don’t accept through inactivity, the devil decay.
Decades is what it takes to really get it, but once ewe, we have be happier, freer and more honest is the lifetime duty.

One cannot ask others to be like them whence the counter natural situation where children are dependent on their parents availability, aptitudes, skills, personality....
As in the absence of solidaritorial communities, ‘there is no such think as society.’ Tank.

Beat nik.
When people want to kill what would give power to flowers, the woods are getting peopled by popular insurgence for the note, bill.

Law. Awe. But without affinities, they are finite as long as our species.
Affinities and refinement, art and law in firmamend.

Con and cunt

You are not my half, as my half is my child.
But you are my soul directly. You are my sole.
Sold the humans that would betray it.

Violating the terminology,
Violating the tales.
Violating the word, might be to restore the truth, as words has been tailored for the propaganda.
Viola ate, hating.
Viol is rape in Latin, not the yellow plants in field where it is comfortable to lay, or much more less.
Torture nowadays is in the fact that we got ethics and education and that despite of that.
Rest ore.
As for my husband it is the same I ll attack every work and word around you for me to stay your superior in grades. Speaking only about the way I ll protect you as you are my jewel more than you consent to do it for your self.


With the actual intelligence service and the simple fact that researcher would have notice the unbalance of the Serbian press, would you think at all possible for the other governments of ignoring, at least as soon as legitimate concerns would have triggered surveying, the genocide about to burst and ongoing?
And if so, how? By what trick of the blurring or halt to a ground still bureaucratic, administrative, politician blurring or mudding?

Gens, jambs.

Jesus Christ, in Latin is homonym of shout, yell and cry.

For the item you send on minority discrimination, of course I agree, the problem tough staying the same. People are wanting to take the place or to go at the same level of consumption, bribery, over-exploitation, things bad in our society that nevertheless benefit (Deficit) from high ranked glory, prestige, accumulation of luxury...the lust is the social game.
So what’s the point defending minorities for them to access to such way, manners, values, objects and tools for future replication of these same discrimination and violence?
Further accumulation and exponent?
Exponent, opponent.
De la misogyny, thinking of this scramble this is renders me phobic, do you understand?

I’ ve even abandoned my fiercer love in sending to you these letters, in writing for you at all hours.
Don’t freak out, I am the freak, but don’t be afraid it is only live, live is thus, like is like that.
Life is though.
Anyhow I am so idiot, that I am bullet proof.

Powerful complexity.
Range of simplicity.

Mind what one’s is doing as energy for the soul, is precious, as precious as blood.

Arranged marriage as because they are so linked and dependent with communities, system of revenues, abandon of one’s personal preferences are but prostitution, and it is why it is draped with a propaganda, of religious doctrines.
Not t-h-at I accuse these people to be specially puta, as the system at work, any work, no regulation, no fair policy, no pity, not taking heed of workers daily concerns and skills as the specialists they are –dangerous doing that? Of course dangerous as much as ethics are not following /followed = the ethics of doing things correctly without damaging no one and noting it well: nothing.
The work is prostitution and the citizenship, counting on others’ countries distress also.
At least some muslims, due to the fact that the word religion is compulsorily used as soon as you are born, have the frankness to say that islam is but politics as they are as the west, forgetting that politics is deemed to be noble and not a poo of self-service seffishery
, save my sherry, selfishness,

If communities prevail over individuals we are in fucking poo, as communities are just a market, the machinery of a business, using one principle, terror.
And if individual prevail over communities, well it will be anarchy as individual is in the complete impossibility to even if they were ethically perfect, to assess, reassess, each portion of what is happening and has to be observed.
And after all that there is liberty, there is creativity, and beyond cre-ation. Cre (Latin homonym with cry.)

Discrimination alongside servitude has one aim, to prevent people from check and balances and thus preventing perhaps exploitation. Servitude and exploitation in a system like in ours that will become more and more monopolistic, with one single network and with dead entity or Mafiosi maverick for alternatives, with less and less accountability and transparency, will im-manquably, that you cannot miss, fail to notice, become slavery.
Notice, m, mo, noise, noce.

To be the child of a prostitute, to have had to undergo prostitution and torture done by one’s parents, but still to cherish them and to wish to see them reincarnate as they give the raison-d-etre. One the will of stopping prostitution as when possible, two the general principles of live such as honesty, and the believe that one day the planet could be free. A religion over which will go and rest your anguish and hopes, and own behaviour, and this is bestowed, with these principles that one will learn to estimate oneself as their own savoir, savior and nobilities. Nobilities not the one that come and rape the ones that get less money, not the one that will that opportunity in the word of infamy.
But if I could tell my mama about the evil that slipped in me, she would stop to tell again and again  that the word is beautiful as I thought the same about the culturmers. Customes, customers, who plaid it so daddy. And it is why I could now kill everybody as I know that sometimes the more nice they try to appear, my worse than enemy, but a disease.

I am not saying it is important, I am saying it is honest, therefore is important.
I am not saying it is honest, I am saying it is important, therefore it is nothing but our death.

I was loving you like I could not even imagine, as what was making my imagination to a standing block is that you could well go tomorrow, or you could well stay for only tepid exchanges. Do I love the present and future deepenings or do I love the past figure, my regret of having believed not in one person but in an accident?

Growing old like the clothes and building and everything that are thrown whereas there are simply in a stage of reconversion, reuse, or of repair. To grow old will beome our nightmare.
Become, behome.    Cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Unit and company.

The devil has the human beings shape.

The time to understand that if there are so many rubbishes in life, is that we are rubbish ourselves, and here come the time of true possible resistance.
Resistance not out of celebrity but out of the necessity of looking up to someone in order to remember every moment of this life that resistance is love inspired and should not go into the spiral vampire of glory and values vampires. I d like vampires if they were choosing to inspire respect for all ranks creatures, the rank is difference, the norm integrality. A vampire to frighten who would trespass the threshold of dignity. We are not such vampires, we are the one that want to feed their flesh with more than morbid, insanity.
Don’t take insane like a disease, it is the norm, the pace of destruction, you so called intelligence if any more than plagiarism, is obviously evil moquery.
Afraid. A frey.


Your are not a chive, you are a little baby, it is that to be a chief when one does not work at it.
Chief, chide.

To show all of your persona aspects to you child is a natural thing to do. And show them your feminity or your virility, your way of making love and cove, show everything is natural and advisable, if it is not in fact a betray to retain family secret. Doing it while saying you can only know bless for mummy, your family, your clan, your country. In short specifying the bliss, bless and boundaries to some limits, specificities, or whatever oven extremities is an act of incest. Pretending one is the sole, the best, the only, selling, enforcing an illusion of dependence.
Nevertheless without my dependency to my wife, my moon and my dependable and loyauty, I d b out-rance (rotten, gone) (outrage).
Alchemy. Scheme. Sham or shame.
                                  M as.


Thank full I am a woman, I can watch you without visible protruding.
Not that I think of anything, but you, your presence is enough flying me into trance and reportaduction story.
Port in Latin means carrying and having you into my soul is what is needed

It is like Khomeini said that Islam is but politics, and Christian ministery, the problem is that they spit at a good concept originally. Politics are supposed to free one’s people and free the general will and aim at live together, healthier, an exploring whatever can. So speaking about religion as they were politics pretending we are straight forward is still hypocrisy, is only to para-vent, partition the goal of having some servants, and not of god, of one’s monster self, the excitation of sadomasochism, the wanker wandering into the  Seine. The river of Paris, don’t say I am eurocentrist, it is the only one I know, the others are barred from my sight as a dodo.
They d rather tourist that true humanist, as cannibalism is universal under standing (tomb) of the mot [tome](mot, word in Latin) to.
Parish. Romantism facing death, the absolute that leads a lover to choose the elixir rather than live in chains. Not by weakness but to avoid being raped like everyotherelse are from the cradle to the grave.
Was I becoming serious with you honey? No I was becoming up to the infiny, up to the infancy, grave. But as it is my true envy and policy, I could glimpse happiness, possible a little bit. And my hatred and frustration not for the fornication but for my poetry.
Ring, rigged as the family of one government, of shame.

Islam slam the door of others’ opportunities at the global hunting, hotting. Not warm but oveny.
Slick and slit. Genocide as wear so many times, ethnic cleansing to make clear that we are the new hitler, jihad, the inquisition. We rob God with the words and concept it gave us, by using them without application.

The lazier is your children and unconsciously I doubt it is for their free good: dependency and guardianage, is what is called. Lad, clad. Locked in on non-skills mess miss mist misery.
And mystery eaten by false parentage.
Era non spiritual, announcement of what food will become our springs.

People might pretend that it is naked that we are weaker but it is also naked that the defense would grow fiercer.

Marx said that religion was the people’s opium, but it seems like the first bust has passed since a very long time.
Don’t you think?

To be the new writer speaking and challenging a bit of religious dogma. A prophet, not an angel.
Angel. Age. And gel.

The hunch back from having read, prayed, and listened to while on the bench.
The hunch back as curvy as its belle.

It be better to pray to god, instead of addressing prayers of thief to each other. The community of babar and vampires.
Pay, payed.

She was dong, doing her show of importance. And to understand her tends to promiscuity as it has to be in a situation where she d play to the madam in a bordello, where and when she could be growing her ego.


She, sheer, she-her.

Uni-vers (latin: towards) all.

He is not more gay than you are, as you are only interested in the same sex company, he is just lovely and likeable.

It is not belief, it is theatre.

The body is here to remember that we have to give ourselves self respect, as if we do not, it will transform into a wreck of reason and hatred. As propel by grand principles but unattainable as we are dying against the evil others’ thriving. Mind and body, balance reality on ground, and reality in abstraction.

I love you like I would love my wife, my reason, my mother, my child, my god, my logics, my soul.
Not it is not violent, it is peaceful and bliss.
But, as with you there is always a but, and but is aim, motives and purposes in Latin. Lactation.

Before a threat don’t say any, as the threat is asking for a consent. And when reasoning loose the stilts upon which they were acclaiming their hovering, they re is nothing prepared to drown in ocean.
The toll of lying to one’s own scheme and intellectuality, to one’s own children and building, to spoil everything up to the genes. Mind there will be always the holy spirit providing for light, especially to the degenerate but even so, human peelings are ready to take this tool in getting rid of every specimen don’t aiming at m-oney.
Manning market collapsing into mud to the hairline, the terra cota we ve destroyed to erase Africans’ life and juggle prosperity, is gonna come back plentifully. The statutes of Pompeus as free as we are petrified.


And he played being despising, though he like so much the dicks, but with me, the other father he does not work as I love my children more than my husband, as my husband has over them the shaping of their lives as conduct, I would have crushed him by any means, to retrieve their candour and bravity.

Bravity. Brevity,

Costumers of prostitution are submitting to the same demons as what they have a laugh at.
It is aborted self love. Whory in one word.

Working for a whore is not a job, would we proceed onto reconsiderrate general vocabulary.

When laziness becomes resistance. But when resistance becomes neglect and cowardice.

Does love exist?
You cannot be in love with your jail nor with your keeper.
On this world, artificial.
Artifice? Weapons of w. Ar and/or hore.
Whore, artifice and fire works and turn over of staff, staff made dildo, but our system is dead as the dodo.
Do, love exist.

My neighbourghs coming and coming.
I suppose they caress each other all night to manage this degree of relaxation.

To say no, not in an aggressive manner is to say no like one says its prayers as, if one believes that the answer is a holly one. Ad decision to participate in the air of one’s time and study.

Because one says something others look at you like if you were the devil reincarnated, don’t believe in anything resembling stability.
Spy and satellite.

The people laughing at abstraction and theories, mocking it is not applied.
But without the drawing of it, the reality tougherly they would remind.

We don’t love any longer.
We have found each other.
I don’t dare to sign by my own name as every sound of my following is the sounds that from your tone of voice coming to my ear, despite hurdle mountains between our two corps.
I am your plagiary, as every word ma bell(e) is a prayer for you as long as my being (om).
In French amour LOVE, is composed by two syllable, ame (soul) and our.
And love is O VE-thee, and dove the symbol of peace and fraternity.

L ove, l ife, heave, if, health (elf).

To acknowledging of one’s honesty, don’t say thank you. As one day it could be a question of survival.
To have the duty to betray, or to have the right to check out.

The religious communities not in general praying God but in secret, are in fact market place where people pray each other to build an empire, but not the One, bother.

We are not only human, but creature of God, universe and nature. To spend one’s time discussing the human aspect (organisational, functional, anatomic) is taking the issues by the shortcut, but avoid the more general context of who the creation is, in its moral, metaphysical, strength, force, relation to what else, domain??
Human beings except the shape recognized ‘unanimous’ does not say nothing of its origins, constituents, surroundings, link and aims.

The common in society, is this big machine rolling on whatever is in front. Go from this monster, flee, fell that one cannot beg for it to be fair.

To choose between love and death. As loving each other will attract our destruction by other. And our decision of not living together would call a spiritual mort.
Then it is not choosing between love and death, but in fact choosing between love and live.

They ban homo, but the whole population is in camp and barrack.

On promulgating the matricide trends of saying that women are only beauties, bounties when younger.
It of course reveal an hint un-avowed for paedophilia policy (obligatory) as one is supposed to look at the most young people.
On the other hand, age in good terms are associated with wisdom, and therefore justness of taste. It could be well be associated with courage, liberty, knowledge, and power of mystery demystification as people near death will fear less than other people counting the seeker of the former against their career of sham.
And there is no beauty without these quality, at least none that could take (intro)inspection.

Could it be a discouragement at looking ‘used’ as a flee from activities, militantism, resistance, responsibilities, or a hope for less sufferance, or a desire of being the exploiter, leaving people fighting while oneself is agreeing to the servant rules and servitude instead of work conceptualising solidarity and the complexity and intensity of having to share tasks and heighten the dream and deep conclusion of our viable offspring on, uma, the society meaning.
Could it be the need we would have to stay young and stop reproduction as they will have to assume the longetivity without to depend on overpopulation backlash or a younger taskforce or neglecting their (deities) duties of care or not going on organising a system in which people have access to job, and job not detrimental nor for their physical or mental health (well being to be appreciated and taken into consideration altogether with the skills and knowledge piously drained by experiences)

In addition, in proper love story we d proclaim I want your love and age. Without these assumptions what exactly is beauty? Reproduction, production, elasticity capable of taking more abuses and endure? Or is it the sign that one don’t feel, don’t react at them?
Anyway people fear to get older because older are banned from staying where children are living, separating thus energy and wisdom, imagination and inspiration, raw and release, spontaneity and series, impulsions and telepathy, believe and motto, auto and dialo, mono and deo, anyway two, so millions fold different stages that are so in pain of being separated (how, in which state is gonna terminate itself this satanic apartheid?)[parenticide by euthanasia, infanticide by  genetic manipulation].
I don’t thik there is sadder than imagine one’s life and by consequence one’s older life without one’s finding, one’s female, companion (con {with} pan {all}), or m-ale (as long as you don’t mind the protuberance).
Or yes maybe if one see oneself a widow, dido, (id) maybe it is the why of looking for juvence when thinking about this society token on a glass (clef de cider) content still half running prospect.
I don’t thik, I don’t think




Bien (good and goods in latin).
Good, goods. Which is which?

As for the Jewish question, I was wondering if it was possible for me to try and gather info to submit some of it but after the course, as it is a question that I d be interested in enough to try and further opportunity.

Whatever I lose my money, my job, my country, my life, my family, my friends, my everything, I l l o go nearer my wife.

The ‘non-sense upon stiletto’ that these writing unworked, unchecked, unreread nor trained, does not contain.


Whatever I lose my wife, I’ ll kill the people being on my way to love her with all my heart.
Love is survival beyond one’s species and specificities.
The one who say, please abandon this message, you would not lead ware nor war in a proper way is my spouse without I would die after nothing anyway would soar.

Sorce(lle)ry is rehabilitated when stability is at its point of overturning, as a recipe could be the means of avoiding massacres and genocide. Sacrifice for the preacher, but hey, life is sometimes good shorter.
On torture admin or afro. Whatever the state, whatever the jungle. The preacher is the one, the ignorant among ignorant, who for only precept hear the voice coming from the firmament ‘wait, wait, wait, and bloody hell, it gonna be in life and as soon as after it’

On human rights specialty total closure
If it is possible for you to let people know:

We could repaint the prison that we have educated, informed, fashionable, modern, our beauty. Finally people are funny talking about pollution and all, as we are as extinct that the other species.

Modern, moderate. But intelligent and honest moderately. So so such that for the global death one is ready.
Mode earn.

I d like you to know that alongside scrapping art diploma, the U.K has this year entirely binned the specialty of human rights programs associated these social sciences (not the legal aspect, but philo, history, socio, politics).
Please could you take a few minutes considering this information as it is horrific to understand that human rights bachelor of art single honor degree cannot be found any longer in the whole U.K, country of the mean international language.
HUMAN RIGHTS, the only tool that are supposed to defend democracy, and that is invoqued by politicians, market, and civil society, alike in order to gain some legitimacy.

In the U.K, and elsewhere of course, there won’t be any more specialists it is finished.
Thank you for your attention and carefulness.
If you want more detail:

In a world, that’ d (Vlad, evad) like to be regarded as democratically growing and comprehensively globalizing…
It is one of the very ‘arms’ that these people want us to give up for the profit of more laissez-faire, or better “laissez-aller”. (meaning next time is on you the security guard, even if the only of your instruments are loose ‘polite’ letter.
very few human right university diplomas might still be found in the US, but god knows how expensive – and thus elitist and prefabricated, and per se anti human rights they intrinsically are.
Like the dubious fees demanded by some human rights lawyers, linking money – and whence economic discrimination - to the propagation of information necessary  to the benefit of human societies and peace and security as a whole;  these fees are in fact a contemptuous publicity  toward the very idea of human rights and obligations. The blatant mise-en-place of a domineering and insulting masquerade of impunity.
Losing one’s field, like losing the autonomy from the market tactics, a what want to be put with as generalization, compulsory assignment for everyone to accept discrimination as being inescapable- if you don’t subscribe- no entry to we let-you-live-in-the-laissez-faire- area.
The so-called human rights alongside all sciences, theories and practices are dependent on this and it is why human rights are actually bearing a bad name. At these paces, let us hope they would still have one.

To conclude I’ d like to draw your concern on the fact that police beats up peaceful protestors. It is the clear sign of the end of the genuine rights of freedom of assembly and manifestation. The greatest of new is that this opportunity to voice one’s opinion is the last bastion of freedom of speech. Believe a older worker, freedom of speech cost you your job or even your voluntary seat within the counter power of civil society, very, very, easily. Freedom of expression had just seen put down its last bastion. Let’s recall that in the U.K general strikes (students, plus workers) are prohibited. It is done we are completely dispersed and ready for the kick.

On a last note, about the fees I thought the demo too much concentrated on the pounds, because if we paid the profs and all, still why not, but after university what? Unemployment? Or having to accept to work in any kind of conditions or unethical programs.

A little more sadness, let’s to say ‘utterly terrifying’, this system will leave each individual dependent on the bank assent to grant money to start for study. It means that one can be tested psychologically, intellectually and ideologically. That means that the banks would have the monopoly on who they would like to send for 'qualification'.

Enjoy your day.

If the bible were announciating that the human and only the humans were chased and hunted out of the paradise? Believing by the same occasion that they are superior only because they are the destructor, but if so, as God is God, it would be only the destruction of their own mirroring.
Fuck you all and deep.
Fuck you all and deeper.

Love is dead, as everything is throw, nothing is kept, or even respected, the nature and every being is regarded as rubbishes. Love is of course where it has had its living, lying. Also it is gone.
Also, All solo.

Do not count on having the follow-sati. As it is not worth thinking more about the former. Since it will be asked again, but for godness’sake what’s this insanity? It is not clear enough, could you spend more time to expand yourself honey onto profanity. Because explain that again and again is more than difficult, it is sado-masochist, pervert and border line racist, homophobic, altogether rapist. Clear enough clarity, charity, calamity. Every of these words are all but empty as your brain is not recognizing that it is in fact of you that they are gonna to be monopolized. Pole bear no more than it could, there it is a so simplistic rule. Hiss. As long as you much, it won’t be long enough to fire the devil out of your building. You rent, and encourage its home, but I will stop to speak of him as a “it”, because human first sin is to deem oneself as being bone enough for not driving spineless its fragile cock.
Bone, agile, one would like any monkey draw the cover over impunity. Do, do, do. Dodo.

To meet the woman of my last days with the meaning of the succession secede on an explosion of joy, fireworks of meaning mining the play of the compatriot that wish us to dive in.

At 20ish, ‘of my evening’ (mano solo: singer) I fell on the stairs because of alcohol. I bumped so loudly my head that I don’t recollect my remembrances of what happened at school. Now I know am hunted, I can well imagine why I had to be lavish with good underserved feelings. Underserved and unwanted as people need severity, even when they choose the total hypocrisy of calling that nasty. As far as hypocrisy is theirs, the name of my domain is called therminated easy.

They said they were waiting for the prophet, but what happen with convergence, is that everyone gets ready, and build a meeting for and to energy. And so happens not a dream, no prophecy, but the sum of imperfection and apex of what we’ ve got if it and from.

The devil is a scarce mean; as if it does not retaliate quickly we won’t understand that poetry is on the becoming of the accessory.
See intelligence of the politico-polito, correcto, fito (as fit as a whimsical tantrum). Of course, it is still risky as you don’t understand it either. In blank and frank methods, your sole rights and even more frightening, your sole duty is to say yes, I am a oui-oui (yes-yes), tac, tac, tic, tic, toc, toc, the clock. Time is finished as sure as your radio talk about only one menu, the soccer, people under the drugs of infamy, the famine of our tried body. Even when it is for sex, notes, bribery, trick in game, unfair injury, malicious attempts and all the company, the only worth of it is to stop knowing pity and be fast and aghastly ready for the outing, but not by whistle, by sovereignty. Not talking about beckam arboring (aborigenes)

Nic it.
Understand a little why some person did advocate agrarian revolution. The ‘year zero’ (Khmer) is (mer can) gonna be not a beginning but for the underground storey.
         Can’t tile
Or have to til’t.

abhor , gene.
I am disgusted to still have to talk about ethnic cleansing, more than for criminalizing the wordy beginning of the conspiracy. Piracy is what idiomatic construct == and idiot for so many. They are not words, they are swords, canines, pin, smiles and grins. Just word is in the nil believing and holy ones, a matraque in French like, mat rack, a police iron bar, a club, tru-nche-on.

At yours 30ish you worked with this guy of the smile that brought you in awe, as for your respect for older in the family. Up to feel now that it was one that raped any woman for not having had the courage of the standing.

Bout de diou, de (sa)cre de nom de die-u.

Dieu. God in French.
Remember Trafalgar, waterloo? Sea.
As for the f-ish...


Humanit arian.

The only person that I might content with my activities is my mummy’s cos she does not speak too well, so since the sound for her is still the one of her baby, she could feel ready, happy. But she does not read either.
Even if I am, the proof is, in the mash, mask up to the ears, there is still something saving it, I am not an English person, what is a good point.
Don’t rush on that, I am not actually calling on dissemination. Dissimilation.
I write, keep myself content humour running, but I have doubt about how could really, rally,  this be read, da herr.

Simple message have become boring, we don’t know nothing about ourselves, only that transport is not only nacelle.
The denuded literature, for the poor, for the people whom do not have anything, no thing but the corps (body). And it is that is prob ably this hatred and fine thin thud hove phobe (fauve) on illiteracy, or withcraft, witchcraft, of the none.
Even thing are not thing, but what may we be doing?
May man, y?
Why as, whereas, whyas, prouding human being?
No, not rushing the gold is no in the murder of souls and seats. Sit down and one would know that the human race is petite.

For the god's pity, this one is a secret one, like everything after my knowing, used to nigh existing.

I did not at all intent to send random, I did not remember that I still knew people, and about the others' address. Anyhow cetvies is about this crazy unchecking.

The last right.
The last rite.

Gale axies.

Reproving. Dis approve.
What tracks is on death row, wor, wore, habit (clothes in French) cover.
Solution. Sole you.

Aloof alall.

Knew, new.

You my half that clues give me with all the awe that deserves the preservation of any love.
Reason, your babe inside every word.
Reason, the ability at giving to future, our world, son on and on. Doubt her.

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