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DELIVERANCE: V Mature nature

Mature nature

Religions try to embody some of the rules supposing to protect lives within society and acknowledge the core importance, ritualised or hidden, of spirituality.
They are the outcomes of what is supposed to be the summary of the most successful attempts at the celebrations of man, nature and their origins and supposed purposes and outcomes philosophies. But philosophies here standing on one book that were at the heart of protection. Humanity, or peoples could not give that much, protection to a library, so they idolise a few persons and few texts in order to manage to bring unity.
This being respectable as one is concerned about the possibility of all standards and norms going out of windows, and through this sain fear will judti justify the more and most relentless, daily, life long damaging bigotry.

As man, will adore themselves. And go onto a pretense of unity and invasion. As they will find themselves so adorable as to kill other species. And threaten to call for explosion if one says that they have to share, they will say you don’t love man you are despisable. Despicable.
Despisable, is the tower not of babel, but the tower we are now constructing, it says itself highest and of the same size will be the fall. Is pis tower tilting due to earth trepidations, of her heart conditions. Never mind the confusion, her, still has one. And in a body of an abuser, not the one of the redemption, of the one, where people has to reincarnate to stand or reinstall justice. The one without heart because it want to ‘benefit’ will see if ice is cool habit.

Green, rain, drain.

On debate about behavioralistic process and procedures.
maybe can you achieve this, behavioural changes, if with when bringing self an outer (towards others) understanding.
Else Automaton.

altruistic, all truth.

Track, trac.

Benign being beginning.
Dol fine, dauphin.

Sued spirituality

On lot of kids in social services or schools that would complain because a teacher is trying to push them doing somethings. Obviously pushing too much is abuses, but the reality is they are discretedly pushed doing absolutely naught. And the staff that care and would like to motivate them, the target of reprimands. System abuses that turn duty of training kids into action into impossibility as the grand mode is to pretend the teacher that motivate is in fact too demanding.
I ll be honest with you. I am against any abuses whatsoever. Having said that the reality is the social services and school do not care enough about their kids to prompt them towards activities, such as sport and any of it. There is a culture allowing a child to waste their potential. There is no dumb in the world. And there is no jobs. Also society creates a state of uncivilities and passivity. it is disheartening to see young people not doing half as much as they could do with tranquility. They are trained doing nothing in a lot of cases and that is neglect. Kids are neglected, their potential wasted. Waiting things are done by the ones that still get some salaries.
Series. Severe services.

Kids need to learn and to toughen, not to wait the teacher (waiter) be fired to try and do their job of educator.

Deduction.                                 A waste generation is upcoming.

Pay, pays.
Pays = in France countries.                                     See paysan. Peasant.

To the ones who say progress is not possible, that let people and place afloat. People.
Mind animals and the rest will have to think the same about the humanity race.
I am a support worker and the ones who say there is no recovery possible, that let kids under not performance, are the ones working within a system that do not permit it, do not allow it. And they are aware of working with these limitations, too much aware of it, if you want my opinion. To whom the benefit?? And who suffer from the one that benefit, thrive or enjoy.

I have got a question. When you experience had been traumatic. If you forget it, it can evaporate from your present, conscient memory. But if you re-enact what happened, can't it be taking contagious proportion, extending, assimilating all experiences with the outcomes of the ones that trigger the trauma, or could it not lead to fantasy?
A flee fight approach strategy, keeping in constant state of vigilance and reactions.

Vagina.                    (view through a BBC play on pagination.)

Cod, code.
Rot cod,
Rotation, gravity.
Tor, tort. Ok, ko, dockey, donkey.

Dunk, dip.

Global glowbal.

Rob bust.
Robust Bust.

So able.

The story of the king Salomon and the disputed infant.
Just shows how come, in what ways people are sometimes left hand hanging ending with the support and safety of children security.
The true mother has gone, because who cares the child being disposed of, and cut into two, it would bring more allowance or salaries anyway- and less to do, but even more to say.

when it is nothing about politics, the way countries’ leaders are paid.
D Day for the manufacturer there are or ain’t all the astonishing  same.
Ton tone as ishing, f    fin
Fishing                finishing
Ease on health and patent, would africa be able to afford the med.
After sharia law, hysteria, and Ukraine.
On and on on and Ukraine rebels.
The battle approaches biggest companies and major chic shit cities, chemical spray to look less morbid.

The reason why we could start abhorring technology is because even though we spend so much time in front of our computers, trying to work at it- or we are made useless, redundant, unpaid, unemployed, poor, poorer. Or that security and environment, and even freedom of expression, even the ones praising, praying, asking for liberty and verity. And for stopping the suffering, some attention.
On top of it we are half of the time completely and utterly censured.
Even here on linked, or YouTube, etc, discussions are not real discussions, as chiefs of groups, or chiefs of specific topic edit people's comments at discretion. Ending up with debates that are in fact only the ghosts of the real ones- censured real one, never appearing comments, string of it. or only ghosts since it has been a long time we do not even try anylonger to surge against abomination.
thank you for letting appear this message. at least psychology groups tolerate it once, if not twice.
Technology that can see my bank account overthrow, and my squeletoooon of a life with it.
Technology that can see
plate , platoon.

How to react with misbehaved kids??
would sport and culture be a possible outlet, left under carpet?
also I would make sure people do not treat people that are nervous (or else, or less, or les) like if they were lepers. because people easily, above all on children, mirror their own incapability, frustration, facile mentality, to the discreet mistreatment of the ones that behave differently. also it permits for them not to indulge in any put oneself and the system into question. are schools appropriate or the dubious system appropriation. piety.

And are (maybe)- the smooth ones, the violent ones?? And how?
it’s psychology after all, what about that?

Head, heeded.
Heeding, heading.

Complicit corruption in the symbols and their distortion, tortured (tour tort) between practises and eloquences.
Maybe religious communities more apt at times to denunciate corruption as have a direct effect on communities. But what about close communities with their scapegoat. I always been intrigued why the parable of the lamb is so strong amongst Christians, and why people have a roast every Sunday. On the other hand, how it is so well known that churches defended rich people or nobility, served by people deemed only worth the service they render not to god or good but to private or self-interested authorities.  Moreover, what about religious belief propelling corruption against other groups.
Religious point of view, where people say that they do not want to be corrupted, the fear of god, because corruption are not fought by humans anylonger.

Court corruption poison, poise, pose as and ‘the having to have’ to attract favouritism through compliance and complacent evidence of allowing corruption and crimes.

Cord, set up.
Corruption, crimes.
And grimes, grim.

Done, don, dozen, doze, due, doue = gifted in French.
Doux = sweet. 

Sweet, sweat.

Adult .
Aduler. = adore in French.

The problem of the working class?
Taking people for imbeciles.

The nature, the birds and all other animals will or in fact will have understood that human beings is not a predators like others. It will process the fact that human beings exclude nature, other species from everywhere, even from the green. For nature, the lawn and gold or golf courses and mine fields only. Other species won’t have no choice but to see us as what exterminate, not even damaged, bud but consciously exterminate the common home, the common boat. They will, like we do, they have attained this degree of consciousness and awareness, every animal now do.
And will perceivers. At it.
Persevere  At it.
(kill you man). After the cancer for all cells what is gonna be. The dilution, the delusion, the desolution, the oblivion, that mate matches the fact we know we kill things out of ‘practise makes perfect’ not even on occasion. Human beings can’t heal and have havoc other species’ deals, the planet concentration of the poison that will make us lose all defense, immune only to acid citric, ascorbic,
Score sick.

At ti
At it.

Revelation, but not elevation.

Check hercule, as heir cull.
The Labors of Hercules
The goddess Hera, determined to make trouble for Hercules, made him lose his mind. In a confused and angry state, he killed his own wife and children.

C.ET: Also I was waiting for humanitarian internship answers, but very unfortunately and despite dire needs, to find an internship in order to help refugees or other poverty stricken people, turns to be an impossibility
When Hercules made it back to Mycenae, Eurystheus was amazed that the hero had managed such an impossible task. The king became afraid of Hercules, and forbade him from entering through the gates of the city. The Nemean Lion
Initially, Hercules was required to complete ten labors, not twelve. King Eurystheus decided Hercules' first task would be to bring him the skin of an invulnerable lion which terrorized the hills around Nemea.
When Hercules made it back to Mycenae, Eurystheus was amazed that the hero had managed such an impossible task. The king became afraid of Hercules, and forbade him from entering through the gates of the city.

C.ET:Also I was waiting for humanitarian internship answers, but very unfortunately and despite dire needs, to find an internship in order to help refugees or other poverty stricken people, turns to be an impossibility

How support work, is transform into suck port, even in land London, town of thrive not thrift.

You have to know, I just hope it is not completely irrelevant or ignorant of your own feelings, but for the first time in my life, in between staying with you and having to go to work like I must, it is as much as compulsory as intriguing, I am torn between.
I have to go and try my best at what I am meaning, I would want and try to stay with you unless.

Irrelevant, ire,
Relevant, lift again in French. Elevate.

We, why, wee, wry.
The why there is not animals hybrids, with multiple heads or other shapes, is because of lineage in the form of breeding.
We already have lost our genetics diversity.
Alarm, orca, oracles, Heracles.

Die verse city, quote, cite.

Kheyron. Accidently killed by Hercules, Prometheus, freed by Hercules.
Centaur, reincarnated in prometheus.
Centaur, Sans tort =faultless in french.

Cent, hundreds of taurus, torso

Prometheus, prome, Gazprom,

Too badly,
Too bedly.

In chains,

To respect old priests because they are virgins.
To you I can say ‘father’.

To be accused of living promiscuously by bigot. Big Goat.

Hetero may be promiscuous, as well as gay, we are the same. And it's their rights as long as there is happiness and consent, contentment and fairness in short relationship as well as long life one.
And as for gay we ask for marriage. we are not asking for our love to be recognized, if people recognized love they would stop trafficking and killing, but we are asking to be ceremoniously and legally be protected by the human community. we as people seeking couple and family. And we as human being in a communities who attempts at reunifying.
The eternal.

Prm, prime, mucous.

Eternal. Eten  rale. Eaten, den, eden, teen, ten.

To answer the English native speaker, migrating in huge numbers for well-paid jobs (or well-paid job god), and benefiting from easy visa agreements and their propensity, propenposity, composition, proposition, pomposity, porosity, trends at thinking England made its money just due to its geopolitical space and situation.
Or hard working, that is about the migrants that work for hours, for nothing but to act like the ignorant, brainless, heartless servant.
 I hope they will deliver visa for non-natives as well. It is also true that an ‘international accent’ in English is sometimes more understandable than a strong English accent. Nonnatives know that.

Passport Requirements: UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, NZ, Canada
To protectionism discourses abuse commodity.

Please, plight.
Polite, light.
Politic itical, ethical.
None of it.

Children fleeing CAR are dying in Cameroon, says UNHCR

A scavenger collects plastic for recycling at a dump site on World Environment Day in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati, June 5, 2013. REUTERS/Utpal Baruah

The largest democracy.

DE Mock won’t play.

They ask me often if I am a brother, a sister, a sibling, or else, perhaps an auntie.
I could anw answer that one does not for a second choose one’s family.
Of the human cupidity.
Scare scared.

Family, mill.

an auntie, hunt, out, ant, haunt.

Sill    seal           bing.

That this lady, just divorced, and talking about big money, having worked for a good couple of years for a business in fact own by her least it is what she says.
This person is owing people money and is in fact looked for by baillifs, in real term they cannot ask her for money as she owns a house secretly as she managed it to be under the name of her sister.
This person lies and set out other people, speaks about peace while threatening everybody of worst stuff if they don’t want to act as her servants. 

Nor or.

The awe awareness of a writer consists in knowing when the audiences will have in mind what he, they will avoid formulating. By spirit of spontaneous choir or hint or by gain of time.

A piece of news: if someone still doubt glad GAB global warming because at times it is freezing in hot spring or even in summer (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) in the UK, is that because of the pole’s ice melting. The polar bear are now endangered species, I don’t know if you get it. SOON THE POPULAR POLLARD WILL BE, IF NOT THE DOLLARD.
And thses guys preaching, warning that pollution of that scale and of a ‘superior’ ones is not happening. The sing signs that we are rl ruled by prostituees. PROSI PROSTITUE INSTITUTE.

Very important propos, purpose or proposal.

Environ, Environment.
About, vague, undetermined, as mysterious as life.
And if not treated as such, as sacred, will give and take, death.
Suffering. Fuss earing.

What are democratic, h.r, and ethical principles?
They are based on the concept of lives. All lifes treated with the most of respect, while they have as duties to reciprocate to everybody. It does not mean to be or bully.

Concept, pet. Concrete. Concert.

Lives lies rife.

Serb.acerb. assert, asserer,
certifier. Bear, russ, sure.

 V Cerberus.  service of money

Nb: Cerberus creature of the underworld, in Greek mythology, not of the damned or of the doomed, every soul was there. No hell but repository. Dormitory.

Read, greed.
Breed, creed, dream, crime,

Clarion, carolin

I d like you to speak to me while I am acting on it. Swiftly and tidy.
Supp surreptiously.

A warm magnet appealing all, whole my sense, senses, sense of direction and reason, reason to sleep and slip happy, fulfil, comfortably near your heart, or the flow of pattern, neat, and nigh nightey. nighey.
near the heart that nourish your color, complexion and the hair, air, hairs that envelop the one i come closer with. to stay.
Then my skin, my feeling turn to be silk, skills, whatever that make it played, play, plague, pledge, lays, my eggs on your vicinity, vanity.
when i embrace ya. 

“Yes, in fact the duration i would opt for would be related to the kind of volunteering and to how much it would cost me”.
I said that to a volunteer organization while desperately looking to volunteer for people that need the most. No questions that with millions of refugees or people suffering from poverty or disease or from poor education one could have found a niche.
I was looking for it also attempting for the cost of volunteering be minimum as well as for the opportunities to give while there the maximum of my skills. Be slightly trained why not, since in Europe it is not any longer done. Dorks ’jobs. And also oblivious or restrained from thinking and acknowledge how poor and poorer society (all societies)- their range of destructionabilty, and inerty) will be.
Where you can find placement in posts you are qualified already, the most numerous or at least more advertised, for 1, 000, 3, 0000 pounds asked me!, for a few weeks of organized half work, half holidays camps.
These aren’t camps if you ask me.
At this price on definitely has to stop complaining about the price of university.
Rerun rich’s charity. Alm.      Lam, lab,.

Ben hur, Penury.

In case I haven’t done that one:
doc-trine, latrine.
Rhyme, haggard, rim, rom.
La,    o cod, o doc, tall.
Salty. Brine.

They scrapped the petition and none is answering me why. To “own” (as in to have written) a website or webpage is so dangerous. your work can get binned without any possibilities for you to ask for your work to stay preserved- at least handed over.
Possibility for piles of books or other work of academic or artistic nature to go to burn.

it makes me wonder n then shivered.
More than.
Mortal. Mortar.

Aimer aude.

Pun and spin.
Pin, and nip in the bud. Impure incur, unsure.

BBC article on students wanting 9,000 pounds worth for their fees.
An article on this in world only legitimate governance would be towards a free education.
In a world in which every acclaimed intellectual had to fervently denounced knowledge power dictactorial and abusive ‘relation ship’
Why I am bored with relying on BBC (back big commercialisation) (big bribery cleric) monopolisation of the news line.
Off conduct.

Strong then.
Tren, train, trend. Rend.

Rat retaliation, retail.

Theatre, fief, thief.

Definite tone.
Define tons.
Neat. Death.
Defi = challenge in French.

Penned.  Pendent rodent. Road dent.

Immediacy. Median.
Dial, dialect.

Slid, sly, slow, slid, slip.
Silent, lenient.

Infer, info, infidel,
Deferent, referent, defend.
Expenditure, expend.
Pan, pants.

Ten fold,
Hen field.

To a humanitarian agency only recruiting committed people to their particular book. Prosy.
sorry I thought I would welcome any faith, as long as we would try to make things humanely and environmentally right.
 When faith is not committed to all humans with all humans following life as good, faith is missing.
Treach, not reach.

Lethal, leather.
Moby mob, morbid
And lethal hoe hopefully, nature will find way to reincarnate itself into solutions that forbid to be this murdery.

Elected. Lecturers.
Readers. Headers.
Leaders, bidders.
Feeders, needers, midders. Vidders. Vipers.
Ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppoli does doli


Doe, digit.
Doe do. No stag do.




threaten in


Or author for, or of a stay seat cyst system.
See stem.

Of ten
Of then.

B                         e
Ar                         e

Comment était l'eau des piscines ?
To the financial world, meeting in spa or most luxurious places, to at leisure decide on the poorer names how they will shut up human rights to thrive and sane?

Sieve vile.
civil war.

Ana the mass,

A name meaning Grace in Hebrew, the name of the blessed Mother of Mary


To separate accounts, to be told and censorship to be regulated, and not the way that throw our ideas and attempt or tempted to reply and pray and replay.
Art, tart.

C.ET:  the problem is that, you absolutely can’t
So when you think of the measure (grandiose) of censorship and possibilities for people to delete account and why not entire work. Kus people spending hours working, networking, sharing via internet are I think in great potential but extremely potent danger…of extinction. Not extension.

Not to inflight, penlight, pain plight, enlighten, penlight, or underline, one’s own work, as one knows that it won’t get support.
Are art discrete?
As in Crete in greek.
Crate, create, caveat.


Neo liberal, reducing state, trusting the company, and making citizens customers or services users, as well as transforming public institutions into agencies, and yet again customisation in which welfare cannot but be consumed.
What if corruption comes from the public. ??

Ain’t reasonable.
Rise, raisin.

Something I did, something pushed me or guide me or misadvised me. Though I am not sure what even worse experience, I would have had to get in the face before understanding my meanness.
All that I am sure of, it is that I did it for you. Not as it’s your fault or inspirations, as I was breathing the air I loved because I could, I have the opportunities to think of.
Meanest, mink. The leather I made of, off, knowing. That errance will have to be my game, the company of the heart that bled.
Miss stress.

Den, needle.

And what if important sources, could disappear like a castle made of cards. Nowaday, now a day.
When what previously on the net have gone away, AWOL, a whale (of a time, not laughing though).

I don't know if you know but this video is now private, one cannot any longer watch it.
it was so brilliant. I hope that I will be able to find it back taken from somebody else.
I hope you have not lost this speech. maybe you should be taking your own speech on video

Look at the score, YouTube used to scrap video with 'too many dislikes' Like 15     Dislike 14                        
While for me, this speech is the quality of a classic.

A Britain got talent, and X-factor democracy. Please don’t go, please don’t leave me.

Name ibis.
Name egypt, crypt, script,
Git. Gitan.
Git = lay.

Lay = slay.


C.ET: religious point of view, where people say that they do not want to be corrupted, the fear of god, because corruption are not fought by humans anylonger.

Trax, antrax

On mockery, muckery.
Who kills the mock-bird?

Ami main

many, main
main maniac.

Manipulating, muniteer, mutiny.
Whistle blowee.

After global warming, the future banana republic could occur, install here in the Europe continent, maybe north in the UK, though a bit more acider the banana may. Flower of barbarism, entremets.
Acide decide, aider typhoon, python torpor.

One, one, two,
One, we.

Lavatory, gist.
Savages to free from greed, read, dear.
Da ere.

I hope you will duplicate the video, don't let anyone monopolise (or bin) your oxford lectures.
Oxford, the bull.

Corruption famously riddling sports, footballers, boxing or cyclists, where the most money, bribery, and drugs are involved, where match are fixed, so much for the perhaps more popular image on competition.
Sports are very often compared to politics.

Investigations, litigations.

rip rip into
To attack or criticize vehemently: ripped into her opponent's political record.

rip, pri, price.
Crip, crippling, creep.

Pire, pierre, = stone or peter.                 
Pire = worse,
Prier = pray,
Pre = meadow, pres = near, close.
Close, lose, lost, rost.
Post, bost, dost, fost, host, gost, kost, tost, uost, iost, oost, sost, dost, aost, coast, jost, lost, slot, lot, slat, salt, most, nost-ra, vost, toss
Zost, zest, xost, ox.

Eech, speech. Hit, pitch. Poach.

western appears providential compared to countries in which resources have been drained out. Where wars and poverty are ruling…
But whose faults, via which networks, the control freak, frocked flocked. ??        Neo colo.

civil servants
serve VAT.


De terre.

But what when people slow down governance that would ultimately be endangering human beings or the environment??
The mess, the ss.em, same.  Stern?
Scum, scam, stem, system.

Nemesis, scrutinises.

Cats listening or not.
They do listen. Though they suffer from the same misunderstanding than an Asperger person, people treat them like if they do not know you were here, or did not have feelings.

Ado about out on something
they don't listen, they never do.
But in a way it is why some people endow cats with witchcraft and wizard property, because they embody the mystic mysterious reality of all nature.  About  something that belongs to another system, or rather to a side of a system unknown to us, and our ways of thinking, looking, feeling, reception, sensing- and be in communication.
Mind it is one of the graces of living with other creatures, and loving and care for them, I am sure you know it.

PS: maybe insist on them, everyone should have some political and ethical notions.

It is cat specialty, to pretend they don’t see you and being beyond upset at when you don’t know or doubt whether they perceived you or whatever is at stake.
Proud is that.
(might also come from they are highly receptive and sensitive (sensible?-no, depending on their degree on acrobat proficiency, embassy, diplomacy, but no), certainly hundreds time what we are)
I am tuning into my neighbors’ cats in the garden. In summer time, they have a propensity to inspect everything on their path. They particularly trip, study insects and all that move or don’t. They survey. It makes me ecstatic to see how they can divulge their own meditation on the subject.
As for your fridge, don’t give it too much work, they won’t even be make redundant in the south and north poles these days.
And as for geopolitical and the rest sandwich course, it would be gutted certainly.
No way. Or the way is Norway.


Much literature will recall how donors or actors set  models of western interests, laws, policies and justice put forward in order for the current power, having produced unbalances and ‘uncapabilities’ from precolonial to post-colonial periods, to continue inequalities, exploitative relations (Felices, 2001).

C: The danger of accountabilities.       A means of control that may be abused through manipulation, bribes, ignorance, or bending                             to weight power.
C:Unbalanced accountabilities, when acc or tr become undemocratic or unethical or damage the complexity of the comprehensive demands of a particular professions or situations.
C: Oversimplified reports, or scrutinizing only a part of the whole, putting pressure on one side while ignoring the other. Leave this checking procedure that can become draconian without it being just measure.

ET:         and that not towards a democratic aim, as every societies have installed within them democratic mechanism original to their infrastructures and functioning, but more twds a systematic consumption. A society organised by corporations that exploit people and impose way of life through consumption, it is why growth has been linked with cor and here is even linked with good governance, has being the panacea of all ailments, while the way growth has been organised is in fact at the origin and structural causes of poverty- through unemployment or rewards’ inequalities, unsustainability, exploitation and other damages done to societies.

The problem could be in the how. If privatisation takes as an excuse corruption through the state to permit businesses to go more and more easily under the radar of morals, laws and inspections then we are in fact witnessing a coordinated and orchestrated trend that will legitimised deregulation and the undeniable risks and windows of opportunities for more and more corruption. But in a retrograding way, corruption that will stop being measured –if still appreciated- and, or the object of countering.

The bankers’ bonuses sometimes more money that employees of the same company can earn in a life time delivered after failure, would tend to be proof that economic crash are desired, and the very product of systemic and unchallenged cor rivalling the scale of ancient empires ruling out of wars and serfdoms. And disregardless of the level of develop, creating gap in the level of power, knowledge, a capital accumulation so huge that autocracy cannot be possibly countered.

Growth, born, broth.

Like for growth, competition sake is taken as a fetish trunking all cards. Sports are very often compared to politics. Corruption in sport, europeen, footballers, boxing or cyclists, where the most money is involved where matches are fixed and drugs involved. So much for the sempiternal liberal ode on the qualities of competition.

Seeing her I pitied myself, the remembrances of a past that did last in disappearances and dissemblance.

As main heads neo-liberals will have the honours to designate anti- co approach.

That there will be no more common good to corrupt maybe the neoliberals assumptions if they take their stakes at fighting cor seriously.

To a charitable organization searching for volunteer.
The website is definitely awesome. Very good to stipulate exactly what it is bought with donation.
One thing, you know here for simple workers things are very tough in London. I think that the money you ask for volunteering is maybe too high. Only richer people can afford to pay this, or inexperimented staff. I think that people would like to be welcomed as volunteers but not as money provider. I assure you Francis, here in the cities with all our wages we barely can rent a decent accommodations. In fact we can’t. 
ODIHR The OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
Oh, dear.

I think I would advertise all this information. Ngos have suffered from a problem of accountabilities. Bringing so much info and also showing that you do the most to bring people over to sooth your community is a great good point. I find it so reassuring and it has to be viewed as a great bonus. The other organizations tend not to do this, and it is a shame.
Also people don't forget you need means and salaries. But you know in this area of wastage, and shortage... I think all of this information should appear and in fact more results, means, schedules- a true transparency, but this still has to be pioneered. I am sure it is worth advertising, your project is definitely competitive. persevere please Francis, do not forget this is not so much about people apathy but almost everybody fears unemployment, discrimination for such or such reasons, and lack of money.
 I had a closer look at your website. I just wish with all my heart that you obtain funds for these kids, their parents and for your organization to work healthily.

I miss soothing and warming my lips on your belly, that you have tender, what a tragedy. To caress my face with it for it to done. bon. bond, bone.

Tragedy. Tract. Target.
Ta, r, triaged,
Trajet in France = trip, course, path.
fess 2  (f
intr.v. fessed, fess·ing, fess·es Informal
To admit to something; confess, often used with up:

In French fess = bottom or buttocks.

History, or histology?

'A nation's treasure is in its scholars'?
And when everybody is and fight for life to vie, blossom, and wisdom to lie in peace and not acidity.

And the way they treasure space, time and resources. And any other species.

“Monitoring and evaluating”
When an organism has that kind of power over others, it becomes beyond crucial that it be done with all the care and attention bear to every situation and everyone’s rights and abilities (abilities to bring light and skills and improvement on the current knowledge and ways).

Abusers can also become very skilled at covering their tracks and may appear as very caring people.

C.ET: or people who appear to stay distant and uninvolved.

Having clear lines of accountability
C.ET: it is just that it is more than a line, but real interactions necessitate a myriad of cross references linking eventually all people concerned. And everybody else.

It does not mean end of right to property, or taking risks or experimentation, but not at the expenses of anyone else.
It does not mean stop taking risks while life is also about moving on and strength, and strengthening all abilities.

Board. Aboard, abroad, bore, broad, host.

i wanted to tell u, but it is just an idea i want to convey. i really liked our interactions, etc. i find that you are a serious interlocutor, with in depth interview. the only thing is the way you sometimes write English (i know it is a play) but could pass as not enough formal particularly for a language agency (not talking about the music, and artistic side, events). it is just a comment on past impression as we corresponded efficiently, but i think it could prevent people from engaging further, you know before ice is broken. and i think that would be a shame. it is nice and indispensable to have people knowing how to let their hair down out there.

Human rights philosophy has originated from every continent’s big ‘tradition of thought’- and of course from Taoism, Confuciusism, Buddhism,…. Every thought that inspires progress and respect for life and creation in general. I am not too good at explaining that, I think I would try to avoid speaking a lot because I am very ignorant of it all- I am not read in philosophy, not enough read in fact. I would have to listen a lot, and try to be taught. 

Digging inequalities.

Digue = dike in France.

Delayed. delayed.
Lay, ayl.                         Hell.

Laid, dail(y), dale, dedale.
Ail,          hail,       
Dli, delit, delice.

i am very sorry about the pond i realise i rush you into it. me and limbing limping linguing logistics. i am very sorry about the pond i realise i rush you into it. me and limbing limping linguing logistics.

I always miss having a girlfriend almost deadly’ or beyond that actually.
But I always weight it off with my dear moment alone, on my own, which I would not to become with somebody.
Today, and certainly for the first time I am longing someone who could be there, and help me, and hold me.

Friend, frame of mind, of mine.

Girl, gild, gold.

Against sharia laws, is it against Islam, or is it islamaphobic?
let's remember that sharia laws are. extremists. fundamentally 'fascist'.

To be around kids and feel like crying.
To cry as their future, to cry as their positions they have been or are being put in.
To cry in conclusion, to cry in injunction.

Ban the veil for protection reason.
It would have been preferable for the reason to be protection of women from ‘sartorial imprisonment’ like Anne Marie Water would have coined it.

I do not compare. but still in the background is the 'we ban for the moment the sharia law from being implemented as they are fascists laws. Though put in perspective, what is fascist about the laws that are implemented, i.e the effect of common law here or roman law continentally. it is why I think a discreet imbroglio is kept as to know who is ultimately discriminated and the object of exploitation, the works of inequalisation, deformities, unbalances, etc ....

Here there the press summary I did, it is messy I send to you my notes there is more than in the final doc. I know I did not follow essay techniques I just wanted a summary of kent’s book. It was kind of therapeutical after having realized that genocides intents had indeed been publicized  beforehand.

For the one sided posture, is it really balanced if you can find thousands of failures but that you still have to talk about the one attempt? Perhaps the sing sign posting d work, Let’s hope. Don’t answer I am not serious here. Mind do you think it could lead the U.N to produce at least one action or one example more porbabbly as a compulsorily-have-to-appear-in-academic-essay incentive.
No? Ok. I ll resume resume research.

Be violent because it is cultural?? Or saying that it has to be kept pretexting it is cultural.
me I think that I could be not so cultural as people say it is. torture, exploitation, slavery, maiming are the physical danger that human being faces, and that in any culture. it is simply different forms that has to be fought but the violence is the same. and at the end of the day while we have to conserve cultural diversity and knowledge, and inventivity, etc...we are one word, and violences done anywhere concern us all. and also violences done to beauty.


A warm magnet appealing all, whole my sense, senses, sense of direction and reason, reason to sleep and slip happy, fulfil, comfortably near your heart, or the flow of pattern, neat, and nigh nightey. nighey.
near the heart that nourish your color, complexion and the hair, air, hairs that envelop the one i come closer with. to stay.
then my skin, my feeling turn to be silk, skills, whatever that make it played, play, plague, pledge, lays, my eggs on your vicinity, vanity.
when i embrace ya. 
 i ll be honest, me, i miss you all day. well, when you are nice or happy of my being around, that is.

You know just to reaffirm it. the age difference btw us, do not bother me, do not impair or scare me.
it took me so many years to meet so that accept me as I am.
I d like you to cope with me having to cope with the jobs I ll need doing.
I mean as far as you like it. and after that I wish the best for you, entirely.

Don't try to look around to find with who you can make me a cuckold or a thing get riddable, i am still in the game, according to you this morning!
N don’t pretend I am insane. Or misunderstanding. For that matter.

I miss soothing and warming my lips on your belly, that you have tender, what a tragedy. to caress my face with it for it to done. bon. bond, bone.

I always miss having a girlfriend almost deadly’ or beyond that actually.
But I always weight it off with my dear moment alone, on my own, which I would not to become with somebody.
Today, and certainly for the first time I am longing someone who could be there, and help me, and hold me.

Friend, frame of mind, of mine.

Girl, gild, gold.

i am very sorry about the pond i realise i rush you into it. me and limbing limping linguing logistics.

Yes. I ll miss you that I know.

I remember how you treated me like your boy from the start we unexpectedly, unhoped for, form of desperation, I would not dare hoping for so. And sorry for being all sorts, sore, soar, forever will make me blushy.

Babe, I try this week to be relax. I work on my IT course. In the flat, bar for my boxers I am always naked. I miss my summer clothes… what a dick, a kick, not having understood I’d be right on the tropical line before unpacking. I love the weather. In my European clothes I d stink from midday. The air con is on all nights and day in ‘her’ room, I ll have to half pay… to rent is too expensive. However very quiet, but the air con noise that awake (I guess)  us all night round. Maybe not ‘her’ she has the balcony.
I tried not to withdraw but I don’t think I ll be able no longer. I need scandals, I stink like a hobo in my trekking shoes.
At the school, the staff is exceptionally all young. It is not maybe all good for the kids, they are mostly all super nice but you cannot avoid immature mistakes.
One or two of them have been super charming. I think of you, at work, with        , whatever. Me thinking that if I could find a more appropriate job here I would really rather. So I think of you, falling for somebody. It is just to say, I know you justly would not, but it is what I desire, fall for it, don’t mind me. Love, likeliness, passion, affection are noble, fell and feel free.
I would like just to say it again. I always be there for you.

A man you took on is in fact living off being a crook.
This person boasts on conning people, and indeed do it unashamedly.

I thought it was urgent to tell you as to ensure people’s trust, he uses the fact that he works for film-maker, for famous and celebrated martial arts master and his own sportive records to steal people’ money. i d never thought that a guy with so much credits could be down to be a nuisance for people without the money.

One could argue that a lot of people are dishonest. Also it has to be specified that he just is not being dishonest, but go as far as being cruel, and ready to dispossess people out of pleasure, simply to have the satisfaction to drive someone to poverty. I am not here talking about act of revenge but sheer gratuitous act of robbery and hooliganism. 

Concern, cancer.

For the same blog I got 30 visits a day with BlogSpot and 1 visit a day with WordPress, it was to let you know, maybe I can make it better?

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 12, Episode 9

Gray (15 Nov. 2010)

C.ET: I liked this one, one how university administration were covering up their scandals, working against the police investigations even. Maybe selling their females students to guys after some kind of affluence or young marriage or pregnancy offences…
What I don’t like? Like a lot of tv material, news even, this episode is not freely viewable.

When some would, if some were, I would have been able to derision the BBC coverage, or other sources, so many times, that hidden places are to advice.

Like the way one could satire the tone of D. Cameroon making the pro independentist Scotland sounds like if he was a sweet father prompting his lot to calm down and football play.

In France we have, or had, I am not updated, hours amongst the 5 different channels, of satyr aimed at famous people, wealthy or politicians.
Just mimicking big boss, even not well wrapped, intentions, weakness, propensity to simplification, and laissez aller, their neglected way, the without a shame they want to mock people and their lack of intelligence, competitivity, their lies, their self interest, their thief ways.
How to let people think they are in charge when you know that the puppet wants his money.
To patronize the whole audience in making believe England is a rock. Well it is a rock actually and very little without its provinces, even though all what DCameroon remark about them is their being red instead of blue. Blue instead.

Each time I say this CEO playing intello in front of camera, I think that to obtain hidden camera effect one does not need CCTV.

It is so laughable. This guy, presumably, supposed to be the premier.

One book of jokes each time Cameroon endow us with an intervention, it should be by that it be paid. When I remember how British satire napoleon, then they should start gazing at theirs without the apogee.
Sis, steer don’t stare.
Steer away.





Macro-Murkle in Frenco-German pimps.

I used to be sporty. and year after year I opted more and more to transform my need for moving into cleaning, caring for people, animals, precincts, etc... well I am paid like that. but if I get an office job only I would like to volunteer for the RSPCA for example.


All discourse around protect of interest but what about attack of devasting devest.

I remember how you treated me like your boy from the start we unexpectedly, unhoped for, form of desperation, I would not dare hoping for so. And sorry for being all sorts, sore, soar, forever will make me blushy.

We eat animals and as long as we do that, we are some kind of cannibals. I mean I am not talking about people who would have endangered their health or whose security was directly threatened by wild life. But as soon as they can, the logical duties of human species (and all others) would be to make sure we live in harmony with nature.
For those who think we master animals.
I think we think we are masters because we do not know how intelligent and what in reality cerebral or physical activities (such as exploring or nurturing) produce as mysteries and marvels, puzzles and mazes. a relation to nature, and to the divine, to the universe in an infinity of diverse and verses.

I think we think we are masters because we do not know how intelligent and what in reality cerebral or physical activities (such as exploring or nurturing) produce as mysteries and marvels, puzzles and mazes. A relation to nature, and to the divine, to the universe in an infinity of diverse and verses.

Or common passion I do suspect liking writing also.

Caucase, coc use, cause
caucused, carcass, cactus, accuse.
 Ass? Or use?

Spring, ring.
Charm, harm.

Defeat, defecate.

Fit, feat, feet. Flee.

When one understands that everything is alive, from animals to vegetals, to material. From my computer, to the salad in my plate, and all the plants of the planets. And the plan and the nets. And the meat that still are called so even though they are corpses industrially murdered, assassinated and tate, ate. Even though. The feast of the bandits. Not ass, nor assesses or assessed assizes but chorizo.
Assisting the deport, and the diseases, the trespassed, and the missed, in the haste and halt of all bunkers and genocides. The sirocco.
Sirup the nature serving as examples, the crucified, for the blood even not thirsty too much cinema on the account of the blood drinker of a race that should see its disadvantages, bande d’impuissants.
Entitled nazi.

That is super healthy, to work in the fresh air, surrounded by vegetal.
A garden where I grow my own food almost sounds like paradise, healthy, nurturing. But still I resent my having to kill vegetal. It still feels ok, because I know I cannot avoid it.

When hearing a piece of music only instrumental still to rely on the title to envisage the epopee epic story that storms hearts and minds. That revolution and activate the body, its brains and veins.
Brains, rains, reins.

It is good to be separated when one feel the needs, it is much better for families. in the same village. for me I kept on moving, so a same village idea I feel the idea just like spirituality. To know people every day the whole of one's life. I miss the experience, I tend to replace it with moving, travelling, changing of towns or quarters for work.

Little, petty delinquency, maybe, but at work.
Dealing delinquency

Val, waltz, evade, erase, walk.

Thunders inAmin Khan resembling the tree, fire in the wood,
And how Zeus became godsskills of godsFred Astaire.
Or silex as the weapons stone, producing heat that warms and after sparks that amazed and what revelations leading to persistence going beyond normal expectations to want to make a fire from hays from them.
Or is it the fascination of producing a stone more and more hot, more and more sparkly?
Nethertheless the fire came.
And always through elements.
As they should be respected, like the divine, like when they were, in the future.
Like in the past, people should recall those wisdom, without transforming them into tyranny but into paradise. Still one question, what will be burning? Not me?

Future, fur.

I wanted you to know what happens in my head, even if I have to cope without knowing quite what is in yours, or at the risks of taking your affection or kindness for granted.
It is sure surrealism what I live at the moment, this moment that lasts for one year and a half of being with you Sherry, one year and a half and maybe more. I hope more, but I am not sure if hoping is very wise or recommended actually or healthy. Since when I go I cannot think nor ask for you to keep the faith, or be faithful to me. Me I could do it, but yet again would it be reasonable. Where I am gonna be, and as for yourself you are so sure, it erases me.
It is surrealism because instead of living in quasi poverty like I am used to I come back from journey of deception to a home I like, to a home that I share with you, or rather that you share with me, to a home that smells of you. I am ravished, I am vanquish. I am happy.
I long for the morning to last very long, I cannot think of more homely. When I am in your arms, resting, listening radio, I don’t need no more, no other connections. Even the image of carole fades away happily, tranquilly.
It is surrealism, I love you and I am going, at least when recruiters will come back to me. But I guess they will ultimately. Where, somewhere where perhaps someone needs me. Do you need me? A little, but not (in)exhaustively.
I am sad each time my time is wasted, because now I can tell myself that I am there on earth, without my girl to watch the time that passes, and that flees. I know that I will be your age one afternoon, not far from, not far really from this one, and what will I do if I realise that I surreptitiously lose you. I will be happy to know that you are. So I don’t know with the person you decide to stay with, or follow, even if it is not me. Carole will stay with me forever or over, so I could consulate, console, myself with it. But survive it I am not too sure. Well it is better like that that you find someone more grounded, more valid, more certain of making you comfortable, serene, worth your time, and happy, everyday so. The day we slit, sorry split. I think I am quite sure that I would say I do not want no attach to the one that would want to share some moment with me. Only travel, trips, maybe, can calm the fever that is in me. I just hope life can bring me activities enough for the struggle to be worth its dependency.
Thank you, I am not sure if I could have known that without you, and I am sure it is the first time in my life, consume in half already. I don’t know how to say how much I love you, I will still love, and how much I owe you for restoring my confidence in me, or in my destiny, in term of mine, in terms of being love for my and with my body, and what it is all the day on and about, not much, sometimes reassuringly.

I don't remember, I literally roamed the web.
If you want we could have a quick Skype conversation.
I would like to know if you let your volunteer know the rules about paying, example. Unqualified, paying, qualified paying for foods. I think rules should be the same for everyone and know by everyone for people to be aware and the last of things, feel that they could assess by themselves if the rules were will you present fees, participations- accommodation or free- except the food. Something you could even post on the web. it is very important people do not feel cheated, or feel that they might have been a burden on the community, or something, this could reverse the most happy experience into something bitter. I admit I would not volunteer for an organization asking for the prices you initially asked. it is only after when I realized that you could accommodate someone like me that I decide I could have come. I would pay for my food. Anytime if I felt the organization was kids’ orientated. and your salary I know you need them, I do know don't worry. Whatever it is you decide to do, I think you should have a template to make sure people know before they 'invest'. a say like usual that you are open to discussion. at least it is what I think. can you tell me how you will proceed.
life in a family might be super, some people will prefer the tranquility of an office room. but that it is up to them.

Cette = that in French.
Cet        tec             take,    that.

Why would people take great care and time to juxtapose a big stone horizontally upon two other vertically- like in Stonehenge or other temples or tumulus-? To create a roof, a protection against rain and fall.

And to create a monument that could not be moved or dented.
If under enough protection and observation.

Hede, head, edge, age. Angles. Angels.

I had been able to make an appointment on Tuesday with my consulate. I was just amazed at the website error in the otherwise poorly organised site of a consulate. let's hope it gets better for the embassy.
I should have asked for a confirmation email. I could have come from hundreds of miles away to find out that my appointment had not been taken into account by the system….funny.
on trusting one's institutions.
when I think it still happens to me, it should be a mental survival mode, not to be dead worry.

A society of charity instead of welfare state will put help and redistribution and reparations at the discretion of private person and secret selection.
It will become at the image, more and more, of the laws that will be produced. Laws without being applied systematically, without universality and equity. Without consistency nor reason.
Or absence of law or absentee applications.

To claim yourself as being positive is denying the force and the good of negativity.
It is to push for agreement even if agreement might lead to catastrophic neglect, self-consideration, and self-admiration, obscene obsessions on one’s own facility.
Ob session. Hobbes sessions.
When positivity does not mean being positive to everything but means being paid.

Medication anti malaria, 1 to 3 pound a day in the UK.
How expensive. How dangerous the price to protect oneself against a widespread disease in Africa.

The security for whom? the rich versus, against the poor?
Volatility and short term storey.
Good with politeness.
And emptied sentence. Ess.

How women can be at disadvantage in relation to men?
are they justifiable rights or just a way to share rights that are in fact hold too much power. like being paid millions similarly to CEO, usually men.

Comments on essays.
I agree with you both, it is broad, maybe too general. but i found this proposal super interesting, i lack knowledge on the subject, I need (not a but many good) a good overview.
To distinguish btw motivation and objectives could rapidly end up writing a lot about definitions and philosophical concept instead of the precise IR subject here. Both are good, but need to choose.
Though to differentiate btw the two sounds good to elaborate on a plan.

Agreed on too many points to gather evidence enough, and to link them logically.

With academic writing, you are asked not to use emotional language. The reason may be that many subjects are so essential and urgent that we would end up using ‘colored’, bigger language all the time. You have to impress with accuracy. Our subjects, all subject are vital in a way, and the means and end with which they are conducted. Convinced or interest one’s audience is also about being discreet and assertive only when one makes sure they got a point that are super supported, and then you can irremediably think of it as being well, and emphatically, stated.

I agree with that it needed more of both sides of the argument.
One think you say this paper does not have a line, even though it does not explicit it, implicitly I think it is very very clear it has one.
I like implicit in paper as well, it is sometimes better when the word limit is concerned.

I have got the same problems that you guys. I am obsessed by neo liberal policies and their damage (not damages). I know that I have to closely monitored my writing and approaches, or else. Or else I end up exploring the same points again and again whatever the subject of my dissertations are. So of course I reassembled diverse evidence and ways of saying it…but it is too much specialism for my wanting becoming generalistically more trusted.

i have no understanding on military affairs. but maybe in terms of political students, you could try to give us an insight of political question within the military. Decision making, independence, how actions are broadcasted or hidden. military diplomacy or influence, impact on population, of their 'national or invaded' population... maybe you could give us a more military view point not a civilian ngos ones. i don't know, how does this work? The internal politics of the organisations.
“Western/NATO actions are perceived by other Powers”
I d like to read about that, thorny questions, caution!

What they think or that they strategically say that they think. Or think without knowing or the no.

I always like reading you because you are so IR focused. This title is too broad, or grammatically rough I would say.

The security for whom? The rich versus, against the poor?

Self-esteem as I adore myself, when I am wrong through alter loathing?
respect are gained, I would say that in many respect in places and institutions they are bribing. no wonder how social care find themselves being a pond, a nurture to adolescent prostitution. that is a niche for pimps let on the roam.

Top Hollywood or Bollywood guys
While censorship is everywhere.


I have been looking after passport and vaccinations. I did not know malaria medicines were expensive, at least in the UK. I hope they are less so where you work and live.

Horror, when the night reveal its crimes by the light, unhidding, unforbidding light that permit no shadows to proclaim it grey.

Thank you for that. I write a bit like this so your criticism is precious. for you own essay i would say that in terms of human rights if i was taking very specific case studies i would try to compare them, cross compare them, in order to make sure that human rights progress be not confound with privileges. ex, the only ones that can afford education... because it would raise the questions, what are the people supposed to do to obtain these rights compared to others. Compliance, assimilation.(yes, yes man towards herd complexion, keeping people thinking they are critical while criticism = rejection, pariah..??

The wealthier, the more secure. In fact security should and had to aim at that, at being secure if long term of it. This made and makes perfect sense. My question was more about: are the wealthier getting more security at the expenses of the ones getting less wealthy, less protected. is this less in protection what permits wealthier to exploit more, be it individuals or situations?  also it could be interesting to jauge security vs liberty here. you know sort of secure in global golden jails, or the liberty to talk for wealth and growth, but banned from tackling their shortcomings or side effects.

And maybe the wealthier, the bar against justice could stand higher.

Wealthy, we all, the.
Not saying all can and are to get wealth through pillaging, ancient story.

‘Guixing’,  = name in Chinese,            sing.

‘Wo jiao’             =        my name is           =     sounds like bonjour.

 if I could have chosen it would have been to give material support for poorer kids, for them to have more possibility of activities at home. I know labs are very expensive, and I would think that a lot of information might be enclosed in a good book and that they stay available to the learner not depending on schools sessions.

A dissertation proposal about the media or (internet, communitarian, or familial) networks role in propagandising Jihad. it just made me think more clearly than on top of denunciating the practises of Islam, other religions, or communities, we could emphasize our effort on propaganda and attempts at legitimizing, or prompting acts of discrimination and hatred.
Hatred. a terre. on floor, on ground, crunched or killed.  
At red. At read?
What is done (

how manh atu autist in the population %%%%%%%%%
  It is also true that an ‘international accent’ in English is sometimes more understandable than a strong English accent. Nonnatives know that.

 If ever I cannot answer you be assured.

You know in relation to human rights what I wanted to express on Thursday is that of course, human rights philosophy has originated from every continent’s big ‘tradition of thought’- and of course from Taoism, Confuciusism, Buddhism,…. Every thought that inspires progress and respect for life and creation in general. I am not too good at explaining that, I think I would try to avoid speaking a lot because I am very ignorant of it all- I am not read in philosophy, not enough read in fact. I would have to listen a lot, and try to be taught.

A friend, born a muslim, explained one day to me how to do one thing was punished by God, Allah, but how also the thought of doing it, was punished as well. to think it, is half doing it. So what about preaching it??

spruce 1  (spr
a. Any of various coniferous evergreen trees of the genus Picea, having needlelike foliage, drooping cones, and soft wood often used for paper pulp.

Neat, trim, and smart in appearance: "a good-looking man; spruce and dapper, and very tidy" (Anthony Trollope).
v. spruced, spruc·ing, spruc·es
To make neat and trim

[Short for obsolete Spruce fir, Prussian fir, from Middle English Spruce, Prussia, alteration of Pruce from Anglo-Norman Pruz, from Medieval Latin Prussia.]

C.ET: make me think of the eastern people taste in clothes style. Spruce.

By so much for the pussycats celebrating chrismas in Russian churches.

Chris, crises.

Art permits a reflexion. Self or grouped. A link with others and although similar or identical to our call.
Higher purposed, throughout, that my essence, my existence, the fuel of my moving, will, fuel in some kind of sense, in every direction.

After listening indian Buddhist indhu whatever it is god good godly meditation .
Thou rout,
Though out.

I completely agree. What concerns me about regionalism is that it is reclaiming a land. It is why I think it is to do with internationalism, it could be the tacit acceptance that the world is gonna revert being owned and managed by landlords (see Irish history, or other colonization) or warlords in many cases if not all. And anyhow rendering everyone subject to war and the resources (as) games.
It is strange that people agree so cheerily on this, while the climate should be and in all emergency at reclaiming that lands cannot be possessed, and certainly not bled. In, as our fate, is to get fast posted.
Post era, head, heat, missile and range of destruction won’t be rearranged or reined. Only perhaps the armies scattered. 

ID did

shall               ange, angel.

Download as much as you need. Academic library are cruelly expensive for the individual buyers with a worker salary.

Mao in Chinese means ‘cat’.

Meikong,                      ‘free time’.

Gonzo                           ‘work’.

Ere                                        2
Shiba                                    18

Il semble que ce geste ai été invente pour dénoncer ou célébrer (en catimini oubliant que trop d auto-victimation fait de nous les prochains nazis, (pas commémorer). la France collaboratrice.

 Heavy rain, hot, and thunderstorm just began. It made me think of you, the darkness fell suddenly, from bright to simmering twilight. I ll try to work on Tuesday or around. Dear Francis, I hope everything is well.
Like summers when wars break up and down in all heat and so much strain that sadness and exhaustion do no permit more place for being ashamed.

Like the cold press the body to gush and rain.

Can I edit some of it on my blog? I would warn you when I do, to make sure I am not infringing on your copyrights and remove some if needed, but don't worry I ll watch myself and avoid editing too much.
I ask you also because I know my blog is sometimes very low or just passable in quality.
I ll make sure I check your new posts.
can I edit some of it on my blog? I would warn you when I do, to make sure I am not infringing on your copyrights and remove some if needed, but don't worry I ll watch myself and avoid editing too much.
I ask you also because I know my blog is sometimes very low or just passable in quality.
I ll make sure I check your new posts.
can I edit some of it on my blog? I would warn you when I do, to make sure I am not infringing on your copyrights and remove some if needed, but don't worry I ll watch myself and avoid editing too much.
I ask you also because I know my blog is sometimes very low or just passable in quality.
I ll make sure I check your new posts.
ok, I ll do them in full. but I don't want to copy too much- they are your copyrights, so I ll ask you for your permission on future posts anyway.
 I am sorry about the string of abusive emails you received, are you gonna let know the authority? do it, I hope you are in full security. it is this the problem, one person (incited by others) is enough to make freedom of expression- or attempt as discussion or change, progress, essay- a danger. I am in a very quiet quarter for now, but I have to admit I have been afraid.
yes. exactly that.
Take care too. anyhow you are a public figure so no good to do anything for them. but I know your writing is special, focused, enduring and endure.  
so to go with more than one organisations can simply be a smart move. I ll edit what you write, my blog supposedly do 30 hits a day. hoping they are not all robots.
Hope all will stay well, in the UK and elsewhere.
simply to say, bizarre this epidemic on planes. all well located.

 I ll admit sth, I know knowing about the conflict. only that I sympathise with Israel because they could be in too much danger of being bombed geopolitically, at least it is what I think I know. just one thing, I wonder whether today Israel is not accused of war crimes. yet again I know nothing. you don't kill entrapped civilians that is for sure. my idea is that Hamas should be disarmed, and maybe the creation of an international zone tampons instead of Israel occupation, something like that. because I do not know how Israel can stop defending themselves against a pro jihad population all around. even if the pro jihad are a minority, activity at the borders could be enough to destabilise, at least I think it is what is perceivable. even if jihad was an oddity, which is clearly not.
can you imagine what happens in Nigeria? Mali...
I understand what this person  says about being for the protection of people just packed in Gaza, and her being against Hamas, her anger, but the way it degenerates, her letters, saying everything and its opposite. I think she is not really mad, I think she is just 'an hypocrite'. I think it is a good demonstration you see. sorry you did complain, in case you are right, also wars 'liberate' ferocious impulsions, imagining kids killed, etc, sometimes make you say something lethal in retaliation.
maybe you could qualify your thought on Israel, it could be a good idea, tricky the problem is there, but also in one way we have to be careful of sympathy, because it is this one day but, what about tomorrow, when we can't be certain about yesterday.  we have to strike a balance, dead of civilians unacceptable, human fields unacceptable, wars unacceptable... I am afraid for Israel this I can say. they need protection, I think they always have been used as a zone tampon anyway. like the Gaza's people used as pressure or weapons anyhow, what a misery, international mayhem reduce to observations of horrors. and generating behaviour of terror, stupor, death corridor, and death pallor instead of parlour.

The only way I think is to list one own reasons, to be extremely precise as to what one endorses, and why. The whole conflict is too riddled with innocent, including adolescent sent on suicide. Whose once or only hope remaining, and maybe motivation is to left a note. You know how adolescence is, and anyhow adulthood when ruled by mystery, taboos, propaganda, poverty, inequalities and manipulation: a condemnation.
Not a jubilee, but only the possibility of swerving in between last judgment, paradise and hell on wheel depending on interpretation. And also situations.
After that you may have to study Israel present doing or responses, as human rights defenders we owe that to the killed and the suffering. Intractable. Even in free country we are tied, so we have to react also knowing our limitations, we don’t know about the horrors they are actually in. humility, like in religion in front of infinity, or total absence of direct actions, power, reestablishment of reason. To know the love for life to only watch and witness death or life permission. Pervasion, persuasion. Or just you know the last move you get to. Strike, scream, corrosion- choir and char, chair and cohesion.

 I was rereading her string of insults in fact what I think she expresses can be boiled down, they kill my people, you are for them, you kill my people. I do not know what happens today in Gaza, the official or unofficial, but I think that rhetorically she could have a point. not in saying a lot of what she said, it is at one point completely incoherent and lying to oneself but on the other hand. one cannot stop having to protect trapped population. and as fiercely as everyone is encaged anyway,  us and our political assumptions, and the practicalities that teach us we are nothing but tax payers anyway. in this west where you have to endure breaching h.r everyday for organisations that boast being their protection, or social units that however millions of pounds, means and staff they got, drive the kids they have in care to depression, self-serving behaviour and philosophy,  incompetency, chronic unemployment, delinquency, prostitution. families to receive:
maybe you could diversify in posting about Israel in evaluating how they could avoid, or should avoid its killing without putting their state in peril. maybe about force marriage in other culture, USA, Hindus. as it is because it is present or even rampant in other cultures that Islamic culture does it. I could bring a precious perspective on present endangerment of our own species. and relieve the pressure. Saying, stating, proving the problem is not your being of a religion or communities the problem is how you kill or mistreat others. Muslim, Islam is just there a theme, what we combat here is the taking the piece under any other name.
you know these millions spend on kids that no one cares about, their future and destiny. by these same persons that now defend them to be spent, by these same persons that defend the kids to be challenged for a better performance of themselves. They will be the same to say, let's cut the funds, the kids are not worth it anyway. just everything to keep their salaries going, absolutely everything that the next fashion will bring.

Here attached docs about how UK let human trafficking co-occurs in its lands. it is completely horrendous what is happening.

On the experiment with a monkey left in total isolation that were cuddling a machine looking like a mother with woollen tissue around her. Well in isolation and maybe it is a lesson for life thereafter one learns to bound this object, to love object and to communicate on the spiritual level. Existence versus existence. The fact of being there and of sharing time, space and persevere.
Invention, creation, but isolate someone to pretext experiment is something that would be punished by total lack of anylight even the simpler.
And to allow people to do so, by the same. Cease experimentation, to make the earth revive, to protect her, the only one that will save the day- or no.

Ange, singe.

Singe = ape or mondy monkey. Maudlin, monk.

Ashes, seah, sesah,
A she,                a = belong to
Ash, esh.
Shall,           hall,                         shell,            lash.

A             men                     a     = for, at the attention, or belonging to.

Ame -= soul

Haine (phonetic ‘hen’, haine, hatred in French).
Hen = very in hinese

web wed.
bew, bedw.

When u think of it, every words tryingresponding to revolve around 3 poor modelled monotheist religion.
Religion = believe in one god, but of course every one believes in on. But who have protected its realm?




Crate, create, crypt, ate.

Script, crept.


Mind the sales stage might be complicated and disheartening, so they may need an hand from time to time. to be sure that motivation keeps the team moving. i think that craft, if done with respect for nature, people and material, is solution to our economic problems.

Ma in Chinese = mother.
And also horse.
And scold.

Yao = want.

Bu = no in Chinese.
Like but.

Cha = tea
Like ~ chat.
Cat, cut, cot.

Foe reign-

What if face and throat, chest shaped according to pronunciation. Language. Comm coming from tongue and lane.
Root route.

Fei = fly in Chinese.
Like fire or fairy.
Light and leger-ity.

You = have in Chinese.

Men = suffix use to make a pronoun plural.

Wo = I                       women = we
Ni =suspicions of child abuse you sing            nimen = you plushould:
Ta = it, she, he           tamen = they

Qu’ (phon: tchhhhhhhhhu)            =          to go.


Dui = correct in Chinese, same pron than doue = talented in French.

To have viewed, ?, witnessed, seen, scened, to much suffering, for our heart to be taken, as l a life cannot be taken, some say that death leaves empty space. What it leaves is amputation.

Only. P

Only, omly

Onus, own u.

Onus, hones-t.