Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Is the new black gold.
On the new deal, who d back, who d back, the vegs and fruits that without
Youare ending into feeding breed to cancers and loot.

What if we had been a cop le, even heritor herectero.
We could not have done that.
The victory is far, and us only ero.
It is that the dragon, my les, and less
Than the vocab, we could play the dramae.
But the drag=on

Your asshole is so loose,
That homosexuality.
Danger, danger.
Inconvenient incontinence.

It is just that the real meaning for pufta.

Do youi know why she is so jealous of anyone approaching.
Because she is my sole talent.
And when making love to her, of course it s caresses, but what need so much time is get and give at her from back to neck.
Her, who is not in her-e.
In a hurry of suffer.
Because to share my bed, the danger is real. Since the lot are insane.
We could have a garden, growing some vegs all health and natur-all.
Look after some roeage, give an aid at the functionment.
We could do that only if in this sacred life, the things that the others did was not a massacre.
And the reste of the week study the laws since they need doctors.

In my melancholy, persist en core, the love for the bush, the tree, the pond and all their color.
At least it indicates that in face of the next and last abandon, the love iv e been left with will be more reason. Season.

When i think o fya, fille, an hill, an ile, in the deluge my sole soil. I shall stop be mesmerized as much as medusa, when  ill thin off you, seule comme un petit cretin, alone like the simpleton,  sip the tone,  ill have to say,  I ll have to draw my attention. Because you are so far, that left in my ore, oree, the travail.
Travel-o. Trans vested, with the honest constatation, contract, con-tract, on track  that my wife is more goen, gun, that the last dodo.
The lat dodo, in French, in French, meant the nap that nobody more ta,ke.
At-take, attaque.

Mu boss says to me, tummy, tomby, that if i want to say any comment,  i ll have to ttell the bigger pricsure, and if i go so fare,  ill be thrown in prison.

Et puis quand ti ecoutes, ce que te dises les gars
Tu comprends que discours ne sont que vague caca.
Mais cette fois ils vont etre, ser e fugier tout contre toi.
Parce que tout le monde a pige-on, qu on est fait comme des rats.

The muslims wash with a bottle.
And in with a bottle you can wahs everywhere.
Only a few liters down the pipe, yur down is done,
And a fabric, mes frères, for the armpits pu. Power, power, pouvoir.

Between tow enemi.
The battle is not rude. Because it is life, the next is gone but gold.
Image-in. A third one, htaht you should be afraid of it, or terrorized by the lack of your protection.

I ll.

You say it is a soft problem demonstration is that it is hard ware.
How come students and profs don't fight side to side?
Could not be this national level problem not the ba at roehampton but the ba in great Britain be treated as a module where people could launch campaign?
if anything i can do, am not an employee, also i still can say what and how i want and is necessary, as if militant are fired from the civil society, who is gonna protect rights, tied salary, and blur policy, and the dictact of company? Perhaps chery blair, that ask for millions to protect things than even if they were rights due to these privileges on our imbecility, render rights, simple allowance of opportunity, void of legitimacy, and advicing no less than dishonesty, rewarding the fact that right are not justice of everyday they are just use as notion take aside from time to time for tambola essay, for mocked trials. Tria of money, celebrity, and semblance of charity.
Why don't they fight together, because it would be beyond, maybe, sectional interest only.
And that an aperture to outward dialogue, could be the setting for inwards, insider one.
If one day one could been told to do things not against the general good and chance of survival, existence, forget. 

They give me authorization to start my own save the human rights ba

To finally used bad word, bad words perhaps but still in the dictionary, I’ ll concede to you was of a certain vulgarity.
But relationship are also sciences above all when it comes to power.
Yet again am not saying read anything of my reproduction but as a litmus test it was the confirmation of the theses i was trying to put across.
Karen, believe it or not, the campaign they have been launching, lunching is irrelevant.
Read the petition it is laudatory for roehampton.
It reminds me that roe is called centre of excellence ranked the second in the world and that is actually inside is a few cds and books about international ngos. Am not talking about the library here but about crucible. I would be reading this i would not believe it to be true, but you know like me what the crucible was.
I started being rude, even not i d say tough, fro once, because i addressed this people so many times on the fact that they made people believe that the inexistence of the human rights speciality was only local, whereas it is national and by extension mondial – since the uk is the country debating in English, and we know how important is this langua franca crucial as a global vector.
Am not saying am a writer, as people tried to convince me that this was unintelligible (while trying to drag each other over a coffee bar in eagerness to consolidate other affinities).
Ok i am not the clearest of all and further so when attempting do deal with more than one consequences, subjects, circumstances before an audience that are the will be human rights defenders and that, do you know what they are advocating in socio and hr lessons?
They are advocating mercy killing on individual ‘choice’ ground, without taking at all into account that people might be forced to do so by peer pressure or simply because they will think everyone want productivity or again with this type of care provided (one day the tacit aims of the carers’team could well be incite service users to suicide, like today dependence is more on agenda that any forms of autonomy or self-reliance or empowerment by participating in activities- despite everything one papers promote these attitudes, on spot it is difficult if not extremely dangerous for your own job to try to apply them.)
In parallel to this, it is like the older person, who keep on saying i want to die rapidly, because if not  ill be use of nothing. It is not so much strange that the elder, the wiser, speak about life thus, they just are talking about the abandon, the neglect, and loose of liberty that they know will be cast upon them if they decide to prolong the breath inside them.
You know what the presentations on campaign for euthanasia finished with?
It finishes by we advocate mercy killing or assisted suicide only for (suicide is not illegal, but does not mean that it is legal, deregulation and common law, merci) terminally ill patient (let’s remind that the terminally ill in other precincts of the planet are flu or sanitisation, or malnutrition only). Only for terminally ill do you know why,  or what she said? It is because the organisation is still not big enough.

I started becoming colloquial in this site for one and only one reason.
I signed up in this facebook pleasantry,  because it is presented as being a working group, i hail them so many time saying that the petition- the only campaign work they have been doing for weeks- was not reflection of the reality, could not inform about the gravity of the topic they simulate to talk about.
I wrote so many messages, no one, not a single person answered.
So after 2 weeks of proofs that it was not a working group i took it as it were, like in the village place where everyone talks without deeds, and i took the liberty of relaxing a bit in that was not else than popular forum, and from the working group perspective that we were enforced to take my essays as vulgaris as they would come.

And there the horrors of this play.
They blocked me without not talking about the issues, without talking directly to me, in saying that it was their supporters that were asking for this, that i was the origins of resignation, that i was unintelligible, that means that they did not restrain themselves to read but say that i am not intelligente enough to retain participatory rights, they gave me for reason that they did not understand-asking me nothing precisely to clarify, and because of their no understanding chase me off the site.

I managed incidentally, to assist a last meeting, where it is clear that they don’t want me back.
So it is a democratic group involving person in a fair manner, above all when this person is directly touched by the topic they talk about.
I said ok  i’ll stop the profanity- just saying that their little comedy only trying to get at numbers and show some of their targets that they trained to be insolvently ready to campaign with so much hypocrisy, segregation and idleness and in the way that are human rights abuses, not human rights, sorry.

Now the purpose of the next note, the e-democracy

It is not often, but today my body would have expressed the necessity to cry.

Have a look at this site, from the beginning its very first pages to have a succinct idea on how your students work.
Mind we should be working together, students, profs, staffs, anyone, but is it still allowed?

What about crimes at the human rights bureau?
This link being valid as long as they did not remove correspondances.
They already practiced censorship, and I cannot check for you if they erase trace of it, as they decide not to accept my comments anylonger. Viva the e-democracy, one thing is now sure it won’t be as free as the little one (of democracy, accountability, right to trial, transparency) they inherited.



On official document whose purpose is to ensure justice or equality in dignity (the one that you receive and give)…
On the opacity and smooth flux, covering egos and narrate impossibility.
The vagueness, naissante of a class, mondial, supranational, of …?
Jetty, pier, and romanticism.
Romanticity and publicity. See documents modern.

I understand why you ve got some interest in psycho. I have been reading the document on the setting up of the optional protocol for the UN and all, and the techniques adopted are so openly, analytically empathic with the humour and mood of the invited members, everything to avoid a crease.
On what has ever unfolded and para-political flirtation.

Is it clear or is the case arguable that without external adversary elements, uncertainety about the nature and scopes of the debates, the assignment to their compulsorily and designated function, the rules of democracy-diplomacy that forces into an attitude of adoption or prise-en-compte, the protagonist could have preferred or at least favorized the ‘leaving the room’ option?
If possible, what and where would have been the best premises for ‘table of negotiations’ towards immediate and full realization of progressive abled capacities when these ones are treated as primary concern and aim at fulfilment?
Interim procedure: do not take measure ill revised this paper.

Everyone talks talk to me today.
As to every noise the
And only fact to which am a prey, am au près.
Is that I won’t see you again after that.
I only saw you, never more than, even not a solely touch.
Nor the perspective to enter your day.
Now it is finished, you ll go to other streams and lines reading.
And of this lapse in tie, of this lime of time, of this space in the constraint of traffick of parcels , realizable, honestly projectable, realist, rational.
The idea of you has to follow for it will accompany.
My believe in the shun of what you were to bring back
While reanimating my fervour and candour
The being happy due to converse view on and universal spendour.
You were the travel, that remind of duties
The complicity of souls that have to seek a find (fine) rest from torments.
Back to the waves and storms that make our children the people
That dies from the tempest of humans battling the void and crunching system
You are gone, and the rest of this story,
Will restate well that you disappearing
Still might bring to me, the want for doing the same.
In taking the arms, don’t worry, i could not just vanish for naught, it would be the betray of a
Fairy’s light trial.
To the beauty that animate life in the sense you ll stop having destroyed.

Or nullify.

At a homophobe.
Would you like a cage, because this guy could be the only one to bring you the peanuts.
And you ‘d cry your mother to your diarrhoea and for a stopper.
But reminder: I was talking of oil.

In fact i am even up to check my email, just to read your being fed up, at when i think after doing it, it’d be the only available answer.
It is gonna be hot, the next few periods, any idea about territorial effects on a surrounded and casted out body? I ll have to do my prayers, it is a god job that it might bear  as a name a spiritual concept around poetic, romantic, absolute idea; ok for the ideas, but for the state?
A slaughter on your castel border.
You are entitled to ask for seeing it, it still can speak.
And take order.
No? Regency. Not for year ? funny?
Bon ok alors what to do with the soldier perverted, by the course of justice, and law due to the life’s fervor, elan, spirit and avidity?

Middle East organ transplants
Trade on organs, and the west let them, awaiting nosily, some kind of completion?

Trodden. Should have, but no. for people to be massacre, there we can find, expect some kind of cohesion.

Have you notice the play on sound with laid-ease.
Mind there are still hatches.
The lad, y(why) as a lesbian too, shall i have to ins-hist.
Hoist, and other enhancement.

To have in mind the person who you love.
The photosynthesis that will permit the mind to call in case on all types of problematic that this person may be covering.
The way she would give me a child of mine without insemination spermatozoidal.
The way my child recognised and connect.
Connection is still available through fear and recollection.
But this one where you name the one who you know would breath out the casualty.

Nothing directly relevant with yesterday’s comments but from the moment i realized that pour my heart to my bestfriend, ok buddy, about my bygone (beg one) days of love, would not be a catch for otherwise than me staying alone for years on end, waiting for the coming back of someone whose want was in my being far despite what I dreamt, or suppose to be true, but not so.
Those days instead of going out of her, the only fucking time where i met nice girls, i was working in immense spaces, and we were promiscuous at 20, i manage spending hours speaking of the loss that could not be repaired (mind one was in for the service, the other to cuckoofy one more).
 And after that, just that, when i understood that it was becoming a pathology, the only thing, this remembrance-besides the idea of going and work in Africa to send her letter from there, just to say, you uttered it, voice fait- that had an effect on me, i was working only thinking of that and when not working spending my time smoking sheet, with me dog and mates, drinking on top occasionally. Without a diploma, i run out of the familial home, i was so rubbish at school, than in 5 years in german klass the only work i retained is gefallen, da? Gay fallen déjà.
The all lot was like that but the French and some humanities and social sciences, and eco and socio of course she was at her first year of teaching when she saved that would have probably be finished by myself, a raison d etre, un castel, a princess, a dragon, a quest quo-it.
A good  point in life i learn that there is a sole luxury that holds and be worth of them all, that is beyond dropping for a better conception, someone with intended love to share the place you living in.
La princess quoi pardon.
She was from the heart of the emptiest countryside in france and had been brought in the territoire d outré mer, taihity, la reunion, elle m avait apporte cette fraiche odeur de liberte et depuis l ors je mettais dis si on ne peut etre ensemble un jour saint j apprendrais qu elle est heureuse- comme ma maman qui se dit et tue a me repeater-malgre toute cette merde a ses alentours que je suis la mieux place pour comprendre, mais vous savez les meres meme s il on sait tout d’elles, leur mots, leur phrases, leur attitudes, regulieres, not flinching maybe sometimes the odd millimetres to maintain your head in the reality, just to confirm, no, no don’t jump from a bridge there is this daily pain you saw even if i deny it while i have to protect my face chiding away and go.
I never understood how someone could endure physical or mental violences, never.
Till i ask myself the dum question. If only she did not dump me, if she had stayed, would have i taken from this person, from this entity i adore, a dire, some ‘painful moments’, and blame me, but my answer after 32 years of certitude of this people are just weak bonkers, went the other way, i would of course, i d have taken every blow she would have played.
My experiences is very limited (they don’t stand me more than an evening and me socialization bores me to the recurrent image coming into my brain of my appending coffin, then in the middle of brunch is not easy, and it is why once i met someone, a pro, in a church, i was working. It took me days to fully realized that no other way round she was here to be paid, me and my finesse, only find it out when she started going to customers and coming back to mine, but i mean as discreet as in tomorrow  i’ll attach a red light.
Eh bien i still respect her so much for that, because she was special, whimsy, capricious, hysteric, violent but respectable, only me that was only happy for not having to do something else than keep reading, the books not the sous entendre, it is why she was respectable, eh bien since her i know one thing is that this deals, even if i used to think that, normal, i care a little for the adult baby, never again  i’d accept even one uptieme of the penny or nature of this category, even from the what i have been thinking for ages could have been the one, never i would let anybody steal taking for pretense take care and likeness story. You see thank you to the puta. A lesson like that, no one had succeeded.
Manage to give me boundaries on my way and give way up to the dearest of my wishes- in front of this finding they would move on toward the needy, anyhow, love is this, fight and give that has, should, ought to be-even if only to think about your goddess will enable you to give the strength to the other wounded you might shelter when the weather spares yourself from rough unstay.
Since her i d always knew( or not-from the habits of more or less reliable forecastings) that i d be with a black man. A man it is when like for years i am convinced that no one will come after her, and that i will have to associate myself with a son perhaps, or the alike. Or a man could say that like i thing logical my wife would be as diverse and all that one,thus, may say. Black, well the skin, or the darkness, or the blood that in the vessels slay.
You know there are so many people who have an accident or even hurt themselves one day, badly enough for their fluid to show that innerly it never passed completely away.
You know. Even sometimes i think that one might have caused damage enough for being surprised to be there the day after, and one time the torpor that maybe it is a postponement a simple overdue protraction of existence, and at that times where and who is my con-science?

At the beginning i just wanting to say, it has been so many years that i tried to bar myself to reveal anything i do, and did, anything personal, the only part of my life personal i wanted to build after a while without Africa, my being a carer, my grotesque, enforced, unreasoned, tortured –but finally i learnt a little academic ways ok- consequential resuming of study from A. From i breathe it was animal rights and after human rights but i wanted to be a champ of going to place stricken by misery and give back to these person a ground where you can grow where you can pray, play, think and embrace, (embrasse in Franc), the sheer simplicity of making love to a soil and its respect. I did not know people could love poverty for others’ derision.

I have been spending year, hiding my activity, because my writing is enough for me to display and dissect. Also when i need to raise awareness issue about what happen to me, i won’t use the ‘i’  i’ll tell the story like if it had happened to someone i heard of.
I work in health and care and i heard of so many stories. Not mostly the ones that people have told me but the ones that are in the files to which i had access. And in all history, and in all family more than problems, dysfunctionment, sadnesses, but complete tragedy.
It is why today i started giving up more info that i am used to. Not comfy, not on this page, just like that to someone i work with or i share the room with, not because i felt like doing it, but just because a little voice incited me and that i say o.k let’s see, she was whispering, do it, open your stone. I opened it, and i reckoned why, because now i am writing to you these facts that are of no interests. Should i stay totally quiet if one day i ever enter a share relation in all promiscuity?
For you it is done, and the little voice that asks me to open it, will be reassure that if want to pronounce from now one it’d be to one that would feel or else keep it as she d me.
My mission won’t be never near being a success anyway. I spend my time reading, writing, never able to reread again, under the water each time one tries to do something a little properly and ensure its continuity. I ll die unfinished and nonetheless crying upon the wide open scar bladed torn that will leave my final sentiment being there enough to still tremble for the women that succour horrendous nihility, still there till the last moment when my body will take the movement of shaking its last memories of it, and knowledge that without life would have been a destroyed devil despair. My body revealing, confirming for the last tie to my conscience that it rather shackle from its wounds while it is only thinking to the reasons of its combat.
The day i caressed her and the moment 3 months after she told me she was pregnant after being unfertilized for years. The baby who i hardy saw, but to which for these scores of decades and i guess more so, i felt being its da.

Feeling so sorry.
Who is gonna pray for our souls.

On a last note, with encouragement.
sounds even more posted, mature.
Ok i ll try them thanks.

They are simple essays at poetry though, surely linked with well-being in some legisl-ligature.
I was giving, submitting to you my extra work, that is right but why would the ‘not endowed with all her faculties’ would be lurking for that?
By the way, I could have argued that was not private matters, but just an art snapshot. With the potential of become private, the day you would have queried, but should I have looked for your immediate involvement that I would not have so begun.
Enfin ok, tout est bien qui finira, bien.

Relations most of the time is with love and excitation but we said yes with the potential to nick on or the other life, so no.
And without love then the excitation is to the fresh meat, that you realize that is not fresh after all, ideal to vomiting as token.
Merci mon dieu que de joie ici.

You know why i was corresponding every day to such a degree, is that every word i d put somewhere for reporting to you it’d like to be.

By Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.
n.         1.         (O. Eng. Law) The lord's power or privilege of holding a court in a district, as in manor or lordship; jurisdiction of causes, and the limits of that jurisdiction.
            2.         An exclusive privilege formerly claimed by millers of grinding all the corn used within the manor or township which the mill stands.
Soc and sac
(O. Eng. Law) the full right of administering justice in a manor or lordship.          

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

In reference to what you say about origins of the word ‘soc-iety’.
                                                                                                   yet   Yeti.

You don’t have the rights to be gay.
Apartheid: no surprise they are killing each other.

That would frustrate me is that uni is a big resources opportunity, and you have to make the most of it while in it because after they close their doors to the outside. But then you have to build up your now library i suppose.
are you english?
there is no best evenings that the ones that will enable you to understand better tomorrow and adequately participate in.

It was not a problem calling it the lord.
As speaking to my wife, daughter or mother, the same orison.

My cat strokes me with his tail.

It is not a waste of time though to study the un, as the emblem of the wholesale political, civil and diplomatic agonizing vomiting pattern.

About pictures of previously raped and found naked body.
I think that the pictures, and i understand you use it as evidence, but i think that the photos of naked bodies would be ok if you show them no more than 4 seconds after claiming for the attention of the all audience, just in order us to understand, more time on it is in my opinion is pornographic, we, we, we, we, we, we, are despicable for those sinthu, we are.

To stay critical facing oppressors to one’s people but oppressive people within one’s battalion.
We know that rigidity might be the sole instrument to survival but.
Is it worth living in abandoning one’ s dignity.
And is the aim of the rising to be the next abusers?
maybe, and i think that also for you to remain critical to the whole process, maybe you could study a little bit in a comparative point of view. studying Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka dependency to other powers, in relation to Tamil condition. But i do think that one need as well documented info on the rest of the system in relation to the Tamil majority region.
With all my hear in being with you and with any discriminatorily oppressed people

Consider the environment. Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
There is all these funny policies of switching off the light, that of course one has to follow, only to be able to respect oneself.
But what are these promotions for policies that urge you to switch your veil while others , big others, are allowed and in front of the all public to let hundreds of bulb at night or eating energy uselessly, or one of those taps that vomit 2-3 liters of water each time you want to dip your hand, the amount of what is enough for a daily corporal wash when you don’t need the shower needed just when you are really dirty, I mean when you need to wash not to get rid of your natural protective oil and perspiration.
But who cares? Don’t appear like a shiny, the emblem of whose don’t respect the longevity of clothes or any other objects, and you ll be despised like are the others’ people lacking the basic substantial.

These monkeys are at once the ugliest
And most beautiful creatures on the planet.
They think they are superior because of using superlative
The monkeys don't want to be monkeys.
They want to be something else.
But they're not.

Am a vegetarian, because i d say if i kill animals then i d kill a human beings.
It is why i eat vegetables, they are from the other reign.
Also it is why i think that i am restrained in talking with a tree, because i know i eat their sistery.
At the end of my life, at last, i would authorize myself doing it, doing it meaning here really, purely, as now i am too afraid of my profanity.
I would die happy to stop the fact that i have to attack their souls, we die soon, the consequences of our decadence and decay facing our
Ta as thank, at for this.
Ta at.
At ta k.

Living for the potential partner, or improved version.
But fortunately, happily there are the mates, the others,
Or if not one would hang up.
                Par li amant.
In frech, for bed lover.
                 For bid
Lit = lie, reading

People that ask jesus for help.
Just ‘ve forgotten that it provided it already.
So on us, is the what is next.

Sports are also sexually based, cos don’t say that men can beat women because they could generally kill them in a ring.
As true capacity building on survival and life-proof and knowledge on killing are nor in ring nor in a field.
On martial arts.

History of abuses.
The other saying that you don’t reckon the cultural differences and the latter losing their minds in seeking about that so called mystery.

Loosing the plot when afraid of quitting someone.
Thesus, and Adriane.
Adriane, Adrienne.

I can recognize them as my child as they know that when I start being angry; they can go on being safe and settle.

In German, the name Edward means- Strong as a boar..
Or in English wealthy guardian.
Edward for me in English sounds like head wards.

To do an essay like before when we could not paste and cut, do it from the first time.
Meaning that you have to work at your plan, and revise it each time a paragraph is completed in writing.
a.e   advice essay. Assay, assez. Asseillez void donc, s’il vous plait.

10 days ago, there has been a rather serious row at the public library in the central library of walthamstow near the market place.
After these people throwing violently a chair and punching one man in the face up to make him bleed, i try and report it directly to the library staff.
after a good few minutes, i found amazing that no one came to take any comment and witness details on it.
there were at least 5 people who were on the side with the possibility of seeing what happened and whereas the all library could have heard the noise of this row, whereas someone was bleeding, whereas my calling for help and assistance, no one came to take more detail on that.

I will tell you know what is shocking, is that despite the cctv camera, despite the eyes witness- the library responsible said that he had not taken the witness details because you would treat that as insignificant- i though he was kidding me, but in fact it is the whole stuff that is not given a damn about, despite my callling the police to report that, it has been more than one week now, and no policeman has ever called me.
what do you suggest?

We like that nicking children, don’t we?
Driving the cars, water trigger, polluting everything with chemicals, letting the lights go on everywhere and without any fines. The lists of the poison we are delivering to the next generations, let’s not start to cry.
We like that nicking a child.

I think it is normal that u.k is not equipped, equipment are extremely expensive and extremely cumbersome for a country where the snow is a one week holiday per year.
if you ask me i d think that the cars should not be running but that for the rest of the year.

All end, he.

The longer term problem is that cars are, one of the among, at the origins of this ice melting south, and maybe the why the wind might be so icy. i don't know but if before you would have to bless, water, sun, wind, snow altogether, now what is gonna be the matter?

I was just kidding, but at the same time we never know, it could be like that, and i would not respect you less for it.

On discrimination ground fear.
yes, view the degree of unemployment no surprise, people want to move now.
the people from the east i work with, are support worker employee with psychology, social worker or psychotherapy degree...

Divorcing from a cheating wife? A night mare with an end.

On quitting, or not even attempting.
But unless you feel nothing or less for the person, i think that one always can build something as long as it feels right.
then after it is the degree of how much you can commit, through affinities, needs, wants, obligations...that will tell you don't go or the opposite better not insisting or developing.
What i d b afraid of in a relationship is ending doing stuff i don't like doing just in order to keep the relation going.

On commitment and saying no one, even one’s close buddy, to achieve one’s goal.

-“I know that my aim will take a lot of my free time thus it will be hard to develop any have friends but you don't feel guilty of not seeing them often and they understand...whereas if you are in relationship or just developing one, it takes a lot of time, it's like nurturing for a want it grow, you need to take care of it. But i am sure with the right partner it will be just fine! it always takes two not one person to make it!”

-yes take tow, two, how fucking difficult.
Well it is exactly what I think of my friend_.
In that kind of condition maybe things get easier if you get to do your obligations together, example reading, studying in the same room.
 it ok not to, if you want a simple pass time with someone but if you are thinking about relationship building then in order not to involve oneself in something you don't choose or will delay ya, i think that the better (vetter) solution for me is that.

Taboo of homosexuality in secluded community, where you have to be dependent of the others to survive, and swear allegiance at every level, in pretending that the other guys are demonized.
Taboo on homosexuality, of course, when you have to suck this way.

On war, females did not always send perhaps because one would fear they would not kill potential husbands.
Send me am a lesbian, I d kill for me, for homos, for my wife, my children, the laws, and equality, everything you want as for me what is not bro is the potential end of the ones I love and their liberty, included the ones of having me like another any another spousey.
As a male? Viva generale.



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I think it is so great, that babes book is back inside a gay sites.
it is not that i want to avoid the other ones, but I think that we all go mostly into them as workers, or just since when socializing the odds are very much that one is gonna end up hanging about the other side-sorry but the topic is still polarized.
yet, again, it is not at all that i disapprove anything nor anywhere, and i don't know if you feel the same, I haven't been in London enough to be sure of that, but don't gay places tend to close down more than open?
I am happy to go where i may participate in keeping one of the places where one (in this case the discreet if not silent minority) might encounter its potential partner or brother in arms-in case of further recession.
Explanation on why gay people want their places.
Because without, no more way of getting together and the prospect of marrying or living even.

Special upbringing in order to conceal ‘atypical behaviors’. Problems focusing on the from, form
Leading to
Amorphical minds
And though process destroyed.

Treating her as one’s puta.
Because the day I treat her as my wife, I would have to give her every of my values.
The day she quit me, who is gonna be left, who?

Homos despised as religions authorized themselves to grant or not morality power.
In the sanctuary that despite the love of God, erect payable status, like marriage, or the mass you’ll attend to in giving you a sense of spirituality while avoiding social justice- non-sense.
 Like the jokes, harmless, they said, but to whom you have to smile more than cry. The jokes and easy subject, just here to divert the attention from the veritable drama of corruption and deperdition.

The greek mythology as a mirror for the struggle of the souls.
Like African art made from wood, nomadism and terra cota, as for fabric mark the colors and patterns of the spirits’ tales. And the lionness’fight, as there is no a wolf alive northern.
Act and mind.

The peak from what you ll have to reassess your all life and the acuteness of commitment and revamping of integrity facing the election of one’s partners.

On psychological bargain and falsified torment:
Well, now they may well all die, because me I suffered enough from the barter of wedding.
When personal fulfilen is the play of societal conditionment, enhanced rivalries, and autonomy mockery.
On materialism and corporalism. If I haven’t got a patry…I haven’t got nowhere to lie on.

The Hitler salute, when performed in crowd, is intimidating for the each one who find themselves behind other guy, hailing bendingly, biaisly.

Alienation, when manuals (practitioners) are not allowed to think, and intellectual (theorists) are not allowed to do or apply.
This world is fantasist.

He judges the information the other was imparting, as puerile (peril) and irrelevant, impudique, even,  and did not acknowledge that this disclosure was for nothing else that for his own sake, for him to have a better reading of its own past and present gesture.
He did not want to know, he did not want to speak or to think, investigate, ask about it.
And, end in judging what he claims was in-discreet.

The superbery of state-of-art, the reward for its guardians, and no paths left unexplored.
Labour, slaves owner.
Conservartive, s.s.crap active.
bon faut s arreter de deconner, le vegetarism ou bien l’enfer
enfer = inferno in France,                        enferme = lock up.

University, privileges while studying lost its meaning and common sense.
Public good.

Massage nervous, fibrous, glanderous area, joints, face, scalp, eyes, temples, near and around organs, bosom, throat, thoracique cage, kidneys... to keep fit, functional in between the washing duties.

One outfit is enough
For somebody to be FASH ion.
Or not to be.

Just a word.
I told you there was another single honour human rights ba at the uni of east London.
While it is still advertised on the net, they just scrapped the program like at roe.
University, privileges while studying lost its meaning and common sense.
Public good.

Massage nervous, fibrous, glanderous area, joints, face, scalp, eyes, temples, near and around organs, bosom, throat, thorax cage, kidneys... to keep fit, functional in between the washing duties.

If I could pray.
‘Speaking at the country’s largest diamond mine, President Khama accused the Bushmen of living a ‘life of backwardness’ ‘a primitive life of deprivation co-existing alongside wild animals’, and ‘a primeval life of a bye [sic] gone era of hardship and indignity’

On insisting and emphasing.
I told you there was another single honour human rights B.A at the uni of east London.
While it is still advertised on the net, they just scrapped the program like at roe.

 Therefore no ba single honour anylonger,
No M.A as pushed as with the B.A single honour student.
Result, the death of the speciality.

 Yes, for your German student, it could have been seen as a Treaty of VERSailles reenactement.
Thinking of the afterwards w'hole O-(sales) cost', and wall for barbary, both sides of the scie (Axe).


When standing
Play with the pressure in the whole body (ex: the feet-its contact on the floor, the knee, don’t let its joint collapse under the gravity and squeezed its own flesh, but reinforce its compactness and connections) wushu, tai-chi techniques.

You know about ‘idealism’ I read in baylis book on international relation that it was used to portrait a ‘liberal’ opposing to ‘realist’ school. funny?

You are homo, you cannot have children.
Don’t worry, I ll adopt one from the sewage.
On heterosexual system parentage model.

We are waiting for new prophets.
Yes, yes, waiting.
It died once, it d die again.
Waiting, waiting for it to perform yet, just like brought to us over a tray.
No, no, no one wants to be picked up.
The nice, the fair, here the innocent would be slashed away.
Maybe prophets, but what is more to reveal more than us being bad to what is next to dilapilated?
To be devil.
As for the angel, we have one figure, it is to reach not to order.
On the simple command of respecting a realm, of which what has been touched by the human, is in more than much disarray.

It ideas

Homosexuality linked with incest, as the love we hold for one’s partner is hopefully as strong and pure than the love hold for one’s heirs.
People suppressing homosexual feeling will tend to compare the love they would give to their parents or siblings.

However one can be believe for long that the confusion between pedophily and homosexuality is the fruit of imbecility, lack of thinking, intellectual laziness or perversion, traumatism residue or whatever but in a secure society where people are free from marrying the guy next door (the at last heterosexuality freedom but not as free as it appears since not able to do without torture over others’ heart and feelings), this confusion cannot be more terrified than hypocritical lies.


11 September 2001
11 September 1973, coup d etat of Pinochet and the C.I.A, murder of the legitimate president Augusto Pinochet.

For example, the right to work is in every comprehensive major international treaty.
Have you heard a lot about it you?
So, isn’t it that this its a little bit estrange?
Led by nice-polite and proper- people.                  Pumplish, pompous
Nice and bizarre.
On led or fled.

Moral law , ought to be
                Th ought.
Th                               e  o.

Humanity law.

Nu n no.

Nu and no.

Paroles, n parades.



Any way, it is because I take my job very seriously and it takes all my time; I think there enough people in need, and i consider any person like my relatives.
I have worked five years with children, and now I pursue my study.
To w-rite and travel where one’s education is needed for ambition.
To do love children and more aged, some activities are too adventurous to enable to have children on one’s own. Sown.
In the circumstances of taking one’s job seriously and solve needs like any, the many persons are relatives.

Faites attention tot ou tard ils vous traiteront comme une renegat.
Be careful sooner or later they will treat you like a renegade.
H se comporte comme la pire des especes parfois vous savez.
H behave like, as, the worst of the species sometimes as you know it.
Ils chassent ou s’ignore en groupe.
They hunt or ignore each other but stay in group.
Restez detachee. Par pitie,.
Be, prove detached. By, and for pity.
For the silence remain, whispers for the crowd are all the same.
An opportunity for lose cowardice scene.
I beg you. Don’t think, nor feel.
At least for this story. Ariadne, without her discretion and her maze secret, theseus (n est rien) is damned.
 Taisez, niez rien.

The sportspersons so well paid, dressed like the royal family, awaiting honorific medals, or better knighty.

In defence of the French, a lot has been said about the way their workers have been better protected.
But if as a worker you start proposing to go beyond on fix assignment, or simply to try to follow closer the ethics of your profession, then every staff- won’t like in other countries say you are breaching the rules, no their set-up will more be to say: “but I don’t think you are coping, are you under too much stress, are you alright, have you seen a doctor, they are definitely bonkers, let’s fire that.”

Human rights theorists say again that the problems with human rightsare to be told to be western centred.
And then in the one or two remaining university teaching them as a from the first year speciality, the only perspectives and examples taught are western philosophy, history, social sciences, politics...

Much are complaining about the hegemonic action of the western interventionism.
In fact they are not saying do and serve the us when they are well intentioned.
When they are well intentioned, they are saying do like us.
Take a ridiculous, uncitizen, undemocratic, idiot behaviour at work and you will be like the rest of the employees.
A paid yes-yes man, or crushing element that could improve human conditions.
Because what they call work is to do just enough, to make the more money out of it.

This world is not mad anylonger, it is dying.
On hypocrisy.

Once upon a time, When Hobbes was a nice boy.
In London, a few months ago.
For whom have still money enough to use the metro, in the underground, in front of millions of commuters’ eyes to feet, an advert, an enormous banner posted, staying for ages, in every random station, a perversion, a question posed by ‘The Economist’ magazine-rag
‘Are you for or against organs selling?’
What do you think about the content of this proto(zoo-ere)-philosophy?
Pro to Nazi.

How do you think it is ever possible this to have circulated in front of the population without generating a big debate on how to punish and ban such incitement, allegiances to experiments, crimes, maiming, routine and glamorous commerce on torture , slaughter, genocide, annihilation of all integrity?
Presented as the price to pay to go on with a life compulsorily-officially the product of cannibalism and self-be-tray-ed.

We’ve en-listed.

The ones who don’t or ascertain their not understanding, confusion, vagueness and blurring are the potential buyers.
The same that hatch policies to do their opposite in practises.
No hypocrites, dishonesty.

N.B: did you know that the human rights students made a project on euthanasia.
Comment: it was only on terminal diseases, as like they literally said ‘their organisations was not yet exponential enough.’

About the rise in the fees for education.
Unemployment + rise in fees = illiteracy
No more (economically, party) independent research, programs.
They always started like that intellectual alienation.
Next research on how lobotomize, euthanized, and nick the people, more and more.
Those politicians here for the wages, the population symbolic whores.

Salaries, the remnants. Paid by who? What for?
Exchange skills without possibility of conscience since the fasch will hold everything.
Do you want to eat? Eat your neighbourgh, your parents. Eat everything and everyone if you don’t want eat to be you.

Demonstration London against the rise in academic fees.
Police truncheon a university professor causing him a traumatic stroke.
Intellectual annihilation, they always begin by that.

What will be the new sponsorised research on? Lobotomization, euthanasia?

In London for the kids without money, nothing to do.
Nothing to do, a simple activities would cost their parents’wage.
Nothing to do but play blades.
And kill the surplus.

Oh, no, we won’t go as far as that.
 We are future teacher demonstrating, and we will have to shush tens of dozen cases of pedophily and domestic abuses, or only grave difficulties, chanting our psaumes on confidentiality.

We are all the same.
Serving alike monster.

We talk about democracy that are in fact no much than oligarchy (the dictact of a insignificant few over the voluntarily blinded rest) with a right to vote for them.
By, for the people. Through.
In absence of genuine politics-non-profitable, the people is.

Education for all.
The fact that universities are gonna cost more than the average salaries might afford is only the clue of future but foreseeable restrictions.
Nowadays, every one try and relieve themselves thinking of that they just will need to mortgage their diploma ascension, but this is only thinking produced out of the ruins of logical and honest stances on the fore-cast-able.
Once this unaffordable fees will be in customs, what else?
Because in fact that does the obligatory sentences of having to ask and be dependent from banks loans mean?
It means that in a while the bank will pass you under their psychological, intellectual, ideological tests in order to assess or assure the potential that the elected or not to the loan application would bring to their financial perspectives of a return of investment.
In clear ensure that the guy will be the next shark, nice and ready for vampirizing the next human feeding field- other workers, share-holders, consumers, slaves or beggars (someone big cat-inspiring=a zero rate on scruples)
Who will graduate? For what kind of occupation? Policies and practises? One hope remaining- praying for our salutes.
Knowledge imprisonment for further annihilation.

For cast.
Castle, ecarteler.

Forecastable through admitting that in this land of yes-yes man if not you are dismissed, even if you tried to protect the very ethics of your profession, we are, when we are, only rich slaves, or poor slaves obliged to kill and discriminate to get the left-overs, or to go on practising our ‘jobs’ the way they are aggravating our dooms over all.

Remembrances on holocaust, no more survivors as the time has gone.
What about millions dead of starvation in Ukraine, china, genocide in Croatia, kosova, Cambodia, Armenia, Somalia, Rwanda............
How come that none of their survivors come and attest of the failure of all the states?
Do you know where they might be foundable. In pseudo psychiatric hospitals because their traumatisms has been too violent.
Though don’t think one can beneficiate from psychological help.
Whatever you are giving in that you could be about to murder someone or yourself, or that you have been repeatedly raped and assist to the murder of your own family, who is for you to try and cry it.
A psychologist appointed once a year if you have got enough dexterity to ask it nicely.
One day I wanted to direct a woman repeatedly raped when in Burundi during a genocidal attacks.
I try to contact in London the academics looking after such post traumatic problems.
They did not even care answering my email, saying she is too poor to secure a specialist professional.
I have been wondering what the perspectives of their researches are since then.

Women when hail as sensitive, in the case they would not take the rubbish and whims, and thus get ready to label them unfeminine in the sense of inhuman.

God’s joke.
Everyone is from the same family and left without spiritual choices than this divinely reason for love is enough even in a life show of infamy.

Irish for Poorer.

Completely economically and therefore ideologically empty.
Sucked, yes of course, but what about being over that, completely stuck.

The laws that bring into danger people from having formed relationships (interdiction of personal matters when you are colleagues, or simply accept a book that a client would recommend you) are to constraints people into ungenerous, unspontaneous reactions. Mistrusting everybody as the law could reproach you friendship or civilities in the frenzy of the complaints leading to firing when each time a risk has been for the taking.
Conventionalism barring love and exploration from our daily relation (ah if I could date my prof) defend us to believe and thereby constructing beauty and glorification to the level of the feeling experienced.
The eunuchs, vacants.

Yes, soon a world without homos.
Would be a world of eunuchs, that day, lay.


-I am in love so much with you, so deeply, but I can’t.
-no wonder about the machismo as the monologue of last resort.

I became machist as a last way of resort. Because adoring the wife marriage was supposed to propose, and them preferring money, comfort, or subservience of mine towards the system of providing for the crooked. To protect myself, to preserve me from what they love more than I could be.

Each time I read power, I think of her. Being in international relations studies, it is a pain.
When conjugal life has for all inspirations, everything that make you believe in religions and swear on the           bible.

Loving this house, this place, like I would love partners.
And with the same passion, wooing it as my pair.


When I think that it was a split second for my pseu-‘do be ‘it’’.
But ok, infinite thoughts, that’s good. It should have been found.

Llust hurry

Lied to, imprisoned, blackmailed.
By the one that have, that, could have, been loved.

I feel one instant that for the love of this (my) woman
I would start having a decent living.
And it is when it makes me decide (again)
To do anything to save our child.
Not middle class, meaning.
Ready to live in a block-house or no females could enter.
Even not her.
Why so monstruous?
Battle the vampires.
This guy that accuse corruption having made politics a formal terror.
If they are not corrupted asking millions to protect the people, it is not from politicians, not from the society, but mafia         gracie          sparing.
And if they are not corrupted, then they are not human, so is the hour of crucifying.
When one calls for pardon, it is to god not to satan.
As satan him does not know the pardon, and it would eat me for having nodded to the next in power to kill my parents for the environment to be doomed for ever and ever, with my children inside out the space opening onto the mirrors of the human race alone had produced for itself of horrors.
The torture is coming since the human beings could not even recognised the establishment of equality for themselves and between. Now, no longer humans, the mutants like the titans will crush like mountains mocking a mouse. Finish with our electricity, the next to be tested, the kings of the sacred dese-crated.
Dei-created, crater, of the earth we have condemned-hated.

Be the one to say let’s do something good because everyone is doing bad.
But what would be our position if everyone was trying to do good?
Equilibrium and fear of the vacuum or vertigo.

The annoyment with love is that if they were to touch you.
 The solution finally would be for me the machine gun.
It is why the arranged marriage and company, the all strategies rendering us sick and sacked and sad at work or in the civil society or in the family, preventing love, the absolute humanity in revolution this would be.
The problem now it is that we need to overdo, surpass ourselves to avoid being nicked and pinned by this former discussed, converse average.

Disc used.
Disc lose.

In dept.

It is dolorous to know you
As I am fatedly alone
That you are the split second of being the perfect girl, or maybe ante since you remind me that as much as I have reason to fall, it will never stop, only for my finding being scavenge-red, crushing, spreading, thousands times, parcelled apart.
Elle, hell.
On Osiris and how the fall is life in mash.
Better not to know, or do anything but await death to come.
The one that people say to be evil whereas they mock life.
Death epie, surveille, and will get son trepas.
Death will die the day you will say yes, even under the possibility of being attacked for that.

I ll imagine you and me in the center of a city.
And like now, I told me ‘please, please, go’
But I cannot because you haven’t seen but even in the center of the center at rush hour, there is only you and me.
I follow you, I cannot, I am too afraid to be alone.
I follow you my love rhyming with ma vies.

The Jewish people might have been targeted, as it was very difficult to enter their groups.
The pass-over of the conversion possibly operating through the marriage to females, females that will traditionally marry less in exogamy way that men, travelling and dealing more with outside economy, could.
If I cannot enter your groups or if I cannot pretend to a woman- let alone the heirloom and so on, passion has been dictacted so much by families and much more by love stories.

If I cannot have my family say the outcast, I ll become your death, like you have been mine.
The fire in my heart promises me to come back, even th(r)ough body changes, even after suffering and die.
I am already buried from being made enduring a life without the prospects of happily marrying.
Death is something I know, through there, will come.

Seth is a one from the underworld.
It does not mean it is bad.

Smelling, smelling.
At the same time, thinking, feeling.
All that brings me out of me.
Time I am in elle
Le paradis. Your part add to this.
Parade of ma vie, since elle, render it eternal. Merci.

La guerre des guerres.
         Ders   des  ders.

The jewish people might have been targeted as it was very difficult to enter their groups.
The pass-over of the conversion possibly operating through the marriage to females, females that will traditionally marry less in an exogame way that men, travelling and dealing more with outside economy, could.
If I cannot enter your groups or if I cannot pretend to a woman- let alone the heirloom and so on, passion have been dictacted so much by families and much more by love stories.

if I cannot have my family say the outcast, I ll become your death, like you have been mine.
The fire in my heart promises me to come back, even through body changes, even after suffering and die.
I am already buried from being made enduring a life without the prospects of happily marrying.
Death is something I know, through there, will come the means my soul looked for its vengeance, resurgence and love.

have to do research on vodun.

La guerre des guerres.
         Ders   des  ders.

We own half of hell.

everyone was calling him pedo, sexpest, and he did not quite deny, even he kind of admit it.
Theory, the woman are not prostitute if they have to perform sex for money, they are just getting by. Prostitutes are licensed.
The lure,                hidden
Something derouting though is that he did not have the behaviour of someone completely criminal in his sexual behaviour, so you though no, he is not.
The tick? Sexpesting was not the speciality.
Speciality was lying and manipulating, profiteering in fact, let people believe that he was such only for them to think of his behaviour that he could not be it, what was underlying was any random cruelty. Down to the most, worse of the lots, ye, ultimately.


We own half of hell.

Using a word such as ‘big society’ (reminder people paid so much to council on communication.
Big, as fat, as saturated society and clogged democracy.
Big as fat cat.
Big as big fish in relation to small fry.
Big as big brother, a society of the nip in the bud real travail and creativity.
They warn us, they get us ready, for the big slaughtering house. And with a smile, like the cows, it just to notice better the spark that still reveal that you are terrified-but resigne (resigned).

I will have to stop, he certainly wants to be the best friend and husband.
He would not find that in me, even if he could find his most devotee.
I am faithful, I am loveful, it is just that convention and me...
He could not show me, my diploma, their resulting, in an aberration of the ladder with its scale of distinguished savagery.


She could be expecting a flower slid under her door seal, a note, an attention.
But since she knows of me everything, since I could give her the sky.
My only honest envy is to slam open the wall, and yell ‘take me’.
For the love of Christ, take me, for me to feel forbidden from the hell that otherwise is (h)as eaten, is eating this rest of energy.
For the love of Christ take me, this is only for you, the half that I have to give to a human, for the other could bring us toward eternity.
Lead and bring us, and let us be. Divine as the infinite thought and feeling that guide all ceremonies.

This love that my wife bears and that belonged to my patry.
The lands that permit us out of the death that deserve those who make perish. Or let it to be evilly touched.

My fear, the utmost horrid Esperance or expectaction. To give my life to my writing and grow old taking heed of that I ‘ll be good for the false note, the purgatory, without a doubt, but perched on the thickness of my words and phrases, tilt to the Hades, why not?

She did not want. After all that, she did not.
Taking her by force, not for nothing but show that not that I was physically stronger, but what can one do when someone turn up to dress up as a fighter?
To stop before everything, everything but the violence, the betray, the weakness of this attempt tempted having.
To stop.
To have so many cares, to be such aching.
For being more empty that a bottle vide.

To find my counterparts.
As melting means that they will have me repair-ed.
                                                                                      Short and head.
And that in their readings, I lll look for providing their aches with my cover.

I for so long believe in marriage.
That even after years of it to be gone and wells. After having spent years and years, second after seconds howling, begging, crying to the moon for it to last its spell.
After an after-life, considering life as being void without him.
I see the benefit and freedom of divorcing. At last. Being in an able state to stand before another and stipulates, “I am alive, before I lived, my anterior? One, many failures, but one entirety, the love, ability, courage and perseverance that it has taught to me and my bribe.
Love you, but if you write my name.

Millions and millions of times. No times by times by person, my inner told me it may, it is the life of your love nad versa.
You are here, in front of my mind, the morning, the evening, each breath I truly deem.
And you know what I am waiting from the next ploy?
I wait that it finally kill all hopes for joy. As life tamed, I see you as I love you, as much as if you were and are the foundations for my sight-see-in. And this same voice that cannot be pondered, that whispered it’s her, the end. b
Since again she gon(e)na disappear, vanish with all the good that could keep me warm. Of course they all are still, but myself turn cold on my couch. If one day she’d touch, my resurrection would be up to the day she would say ‘come in’. And in. Side by side, I ll turn and placate as virg-in as one new, but no so new, as my mum was my exegete.

The teachers:
It is not one case in their carers that they will have daily blatant signs of their students and pupils to be beat up or worse at home.
It is tens cases a year.
And what do these bastards. Because we are in right to think they are here to educate the people.
No worries am not saying judge and punish (as anyway the neglect in the other institution else that the family), I am saying help.
Oh yes but you see, it is not our fault we are not linked with the social services.
They are paid to convey to the population a false feeling of security, thinking if the teachers stay shush is that they are alright our baby.
Bonds and securities.

these politicians claiming millions to pretend securing the people.
The whores of the nations.

We could even not make love.
As we were as halves.
I was waiting like one waits the last day to be delivered from the last jugement and be conducted where I was to go on finding. It was that, pray.
As when I ll de-serve only see her as my half then it will announce the end of a journey.
Ready to go beyond all sources, and all the strength and forces peered before, returned in her p(A)lace.
                                                                                                                                                                           Professor and will be goodess.
What shall I do to know it? Wait in aperture. Await that no doubt could stole that I endure.
I wish you d be my last. Even if my virginity meant that this solitude would perjure.
Be ti the last tie I adjure. The last I conjure and implore, please leave me sole and sane, as if I condole once again my console of hoping the next to be you, then my live, all of it would have been abandoned too.


Ceremony of mumyifcation, only permitting in a ritual and controlled way, study of anatomy and organs...preservation.

She is dictacting that, for the sole, seul, yseult, soul, I had.
My heart if I occult
Hit ya, for her to significate her emoi. Et moi.
Moeurs. She could think I love before but ney. I just try to find someone would could take it, the debris.
My and nativity

If I was asked to carry you for miles and miles, without you be able to rest a foot.
Like the cross, a fall that crushed.
And with it the end of my life but beginning of et ern ity.
                                                                                    Et earn it.


There is as much debate at work or in the civil society than what humans prefigure of the debates undertaken by the ants communities.

You would be the one who I could lead any fight but for the cause of the orphans not the abusers, seeking to be antis.

Minimizing their work at the expense of others’ or general degradation.

I don’t want to sleep, I ll see you in the morning after.
I don’t want to waste this time so near, nearer from sensing you, in this reality, where I am allowed to site facing you. I don’ t want to sleep as when this finished, I will have to wait seven days, nigh, in which no sound I deem except the one that drift onto my ear and that I suppose is the tone I am linked with, perhaps mere souvenir.
La voie de vous appartenir.
The path of belonging, relentless as it seems, the scene of sufferance, lost in remembrance.
Jee, like j-ouis

‘here educated people use their intelligence to avoid risk, to accumulate power, money, privilege. We call it security.’ ‘that makes our choices sound less cowardly, not so greedy.’

-Besides revolutionaries tend to be scared of love. Not ideal love. Love, period.
-even if those who love them want to work with them?

‘you look like your beloved just arrived’
‘it is a beautiful read’
‘ideal. Ideas’
‘nazism, the slave trade’

 Ayi Kwei Armah. (1995) ch 4: Set: Osiris rising. Per ankh.

And if he reanimates, as she is he, whatever may. For you, for me, homo, hetero, love is unique, a unit that without all be massacre in one second and nothing the second split later.
If I teach ya, it is because I have got only that.
And without you, she would be killed, my wife, the way I saw, awe, the lord, a it, it but this time meaning all.

I have to stop, I still dictate, what is in my head, because without it, her for my case, him if you want, my soul, my half, the organ of all and every happiness. But if you derogate my right to love, I will with my heart, brain, with all that can be taken, I will, I swear will kill you.
I am homo as much as you dumped my sister, my brother to be unlike you. To be inferior as I d like to snap buriying you.
It is the end, and this hetero family have proven one thing, they kill their own projet.
I am in love with someone who could not introduce me to its mother. With all the strength that the ideal of a perfect family I d like annihilate you, mon frère.
It s finished, my inferiority built in my non alliance will explode while your engagement are going to smell tombs, snakes affames.
If I had a family, I d do everything for my neighbourgh to be as happy as a man well married. And my wife me the lesbian, has to count on me to be worse than draculi, just in order to protect our nest, a nest where our babies is as human as the rest, the lot, who fear him alike to be.
Mercy on me, on her, on him, on that, if not what will drive, I ll drive you up to folly.
Mercy on your children that you compel to love the manners that will bring money.
Whores in a word, nuts in a sentence, but beware that betray love, is the death penalty not light sentence.
It will suffice, no thousands pages to understand that one don’t sell one’s soul twice and an half, na.
Ok, it is good, you ve heard now, and once in your blood, once you ll have recalled how many times you manipulate, you spoil, piece of this eternity, so let’s it be lead you back to little more simplicity.
But if too slightly then let me add, that you rotten purse, your body in one peace will not last.
Piece, peace.

I am there hanging between go on with my study empty of you, or go on studying you emptying it, me, everything around with value.
I d have chosen to be spared, but why not? The monstruosity of human lives will not last. Telling apart, and be told at its turn. One sole, once, a redeem, to die in hoping finding you.
. per iod .
G od is my savior, be it my woman, wo led me to it, or at least at its figure, ash, ion, lead, (e)at.
I am not a feminist, for me it s a woman, be it a man for you, for her, I am like her man, even if the others like an indoor servent d rather me to be con-duct-doct-dict.
The men are servants, but if I am writing it is that I am without the aim of all of it, my wifey. And without a wifey, that threat everyone to happen, ok, is the end of this world, that no one could take, as they, me, her, ya, suppress up to the last honest word.
Ca ira. Les ariscrato on les aura.


People sadely, dangerously, lethatly, unhappy for a religion, take ‘their desire for orders’. That is their perverted preferences for the duplications of human obligatorily enforceable and coercitive foly.
They want people be like them, in order to disturb the true equal opportunities stories, if you don’t meet these criteria, you’re out of the pattern. They protect their preferences as in order to be served, as their way, feeding is another man’s poison, and to oblige people doing, liking = adopting the same zeale, is the most secure means to alienate them.
On muslims, and together all of your sects that pretend to be religion but are networks of thieves, Christians have adopted the charia for centuries and centuries, it was already a winner, it is why cowardice has taken it as a leader.

Anyhow I am not gonna work not on religion, that are texts classics and have to be celebrated for their magesty even if they are also the results of so marvellous arts and sciences, morals and attempts at humanitization just being burned through movements similar to the inquisition; I will stop wording, working, but on your well cladded, cladode, callous.

In fact I find amusing that people say it is the last text, it is the sacred, as what is sacred is all creature of god, and pretending one is last is to prevent people’s research, devotion, artisticalinness, everything that permit people to work for universe and not to be exploited by everybody, included by heel  of doing bad, by the hell impersonated by the society that everyone hatred transform into bordello.
Bordello, from having to marry someone you love, as love is natural, but for you there is no elaboration on what is marital love, your choice, your nest, your self, yourself looking for god.
You see am a believer, am not saying that for you to stop your anger, as anger if rom god, is not self hatred, or hatred for others, it is the strength needed by justice, and poverty, palaces are there to well remember that religion exists but in hearts not in your place of abusive devotee to theirc ommmunities, that is the local, and widespreading a little bit, the globalizing market, the souk, yet again I am sorry if I use arab term it is because they are the only of another language I came to speak, but be careful of your propaganda mes frères, mes soeurs et vrais amis, wisdom is the most alone, but pretension it the blinder. If you are not eaten by another community, yours will be looking after you on time, as if the aims is not the respect of any of you, of us, of all, of them, and around, the crypte will be closing back on you, on me, the one that thought that block-house was ready.
CHARIA. Charia has won for so long, genocide, wars, work, exploitation, slavery immonde, outlandish.
If I were you I d celebrate the spirits as one are counting on how much hell we are in, that now they will claim their property, the souls we left being behind, bashing, begnign. I fuck Microsoft but their automatic correction preambly on my horse, my comput, say microsoft don’t go with a lower case.  Spit it we are ordain to the last theory, the death for technology, rendering everyone more and more tailored to be whimsical, calling one’s neighbour a stuff, and one’s ordi a game,
I will prophetise something we are gonna to yield to sheer folly, I don’t use madness, too soft, too hackney, too handy.
People have focused on keeping their seemingly behaviour like if everything was fine, every thing easy, and assujeti, assumed

Doing activities implying the betrayal of one’s body , intelligence, moral, reason, the wisdom, the knowing there is a blain, plain balance, and though not obeying the rules we know, or at least at one precise moment are use of being sure of (ok for acknowledging that belief are dangerous, and when you understand you were wrong, but at least you ask, and as long as one what want goodness for all others (nb: am a woman, if you don’t want me to have a wife, think reciprocal, and if I am in aplace where I have to die without, believe my bothers, believe my sliters, believe my blisters, that unconscious or the other part will have you get the more, the most, morbid of charms.
To work and live and think and conditionate oneself, not obeying the riches of what the live we live ahs brought is the greatest betrayal to omen’s furbearers and opt out from invalidation the offspring.

Put the sponges in the washing machines at the same time with clothes in the same area of dirtiness, in order to wash them. (kitchen clothes with casual clothes), and potentially  dangerous  dirt, places around  body fluid excretions for the older sponges.

They did not get that this writer, or this letter, was for them, for them all these words, all these words to try to explain using faithful emblems. They throw peace, piece, by people who were writing spirits on a bit of sheet; therefore one that could acknowledge your fate or destiny for ages and ages after prompt, respect us reading, peer, scrutinize next time, hopefully these words couch, cooked come back as long as when is blurred sac caged necessity, savaged by otherbody. Fatwa.

Sac caged.
The veil of impunity. Their banks, their laws, their works, and the dying poorer paki.
Paki, paki, paki. May your brothers in occident come back for the alms or don’t let them come back or their money will be so dirty that what they will buy will soon be your progeny.
Pardon to whom that can help you, you know for the Europeans to share own salaries in taking a room in a house of extremist muslims is impossible, they want met me skinned, stone, or whatever else, one logic is that since obviously they are not the one I amtalking abou that use fraternity, and bring to Pakistan an help that erase trace of infamy, beginning by the servants, that we all are but as god property. My female having chose a female-female marital life, taught me, lide everyone who love will understand that the spouse one loves is all that is needed and brad, bread, and health that can be shared and protect with the whole community. Not Angelina joly, as you are all bribed, the money to the one that gets it all to be able to beg a part of it. Bad, bad, bad, brad, the figure you have in occident, strictly alike to orient.
Ange line, perhaps but dimensional, naz, nag, money, money, money. It has never been skin, countries of plucks,

To be brought up as the servant, the utopianism-dummy, the authoritative-sackedactive, sedative no therefore suicide comtemplation, what would she do without containment?
Her phobia, the hystery, but my love, if I manage to come, which is a miracle for me in build already, don’t you think it is for you, even if youare not touch by the transmission instantly, did anyone have prove it, or am I at all authorized to approach?

Union quotation nine
Obi s uni

My jouissance coming rom room from the right you gave me to touch you, you are my imploration to god, please give whatever mission, as long as is my wife etcetera, the life corresponding to others’ bliss leaving.

 I found what is a wolf, it is not a bad lad, only when he thinks that the lamb is the one that he will rather slaughter than to defend.

Found, hound,

In di-an.

I want gabble, gaggle, more than healthy, When if efeeling satisfaction on committing assassin sin, it is the satisfaction of not commiting and redeem that I will have to fry and coo, again, exactly like I did not know what was the taste of being free from eat.  
Don’t fell, feel assassin, it is only poetry. Not for the food anyway.

You kept thinking that your voby is average, but if it is my sole belonging, in the sense the only for I am longing, my prolongation, what makes life, an instance of the greatest beauty, what do mean your resistance, if you wanted I could go and get one of this in-stance to hwere you d have wanted, but you killed me indeed. And now what about your body, my totem, my tot-in, my cordon that avoided me to be hanged up by mere necessity of eating, sleeping, and at my turn killing through morbid pleasure. The face of this alive, but no more treasure, trace sure, track of you render impossible, as since I love you your noes are breaking me, but more than psychology, they have taken my soul.

I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.
When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.
I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.
When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.

I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.
When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.

I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.
When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.

I am not gay, am not hetero, am not bi, I am not sexual.
When it comes to say I am a female who chooses for sole marital live and devotion another with a very different sex, female as well, poor lusty sluts.

===================================================================================================+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++infinity sign

Who is the head of all of this. Sociopathy, in this department sociology drives it. Apathy.
Pathy, pathos. Loss.
Path,               faith.
A pat.
Ath, half, affres = limbo.
Sociopathy.       Pa(th(y.             pay.

Fail and funny jail.
Bankrupt, bank route.
Back. Bar route.

Are your hallucinations, sensation by any other, really building reason?
Rea son.
The death to rea, what goddess is she? Not my patron, my child is forbidden to this world as people did not think on the necessity of respecting others, but where will we be progressprofessedprofessionalized,propiced,are you prone to believe that it would be done nicely by the nature who entrusts on us her feeding necessity?, for us to rally to this simplicity. It is so frightening, that att, at, tat, fact, art, aft, act, this invocation, we shall know, what is crying?
what is crying? What crying is when there’s some water left. Dream of your body, and you will pray for dust, before orootening, rooter, inside the last cabage. About cage, hear, hear, hear, disgusting you, and if your not in the city, you wll arlequin, already know, that the reign animal

keep on talking of you. Crow, crowd, crow, cow. Crow crow crow crowd word crows crow worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.

worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.

worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.
worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come. worm they will come. they will come. they will come. they will come.

They will come and ncie. Nice.
And nicer and ncicer like everybody.
A half term rappel.

I thought she was my promise, promise of the morning, the cark of down, the crak of down , of low, what a consistency (r. Gary)

I understood, one day, why I did not suffer my worst attrocities. It is because I loved someone who did love me but not the same way. And if I found you, it is not to suffer but to realize that you my true abode, my on-lit (bed, of the river) mansion, immense as each scene, is teh one of a kingdom, my queen et son empire, daughter, docteur, (doctor) doctorette for cette, the tinier one for whom have been erected strength of character. Ere of characterial, I should be concise but length I smy duty, who would read that, lump, chunk, little of a-brute-tie.  Abrutie.

Who am I, what am I gonna do if I cannot read the one that professes, the one that governs, if I cannot read not their manifesto, but the road they take to deliver so unsaine, malversated, boa lot jobby.
Jobby as their hobby is the harvest of us and our baby, the mother nature, erut an. Natur, rut an.
Les furians, les furians will come over for les ruf-fians.

Rut, tur, tour, of the mother will say, it is time for manslaughter to cease and the fire to  ..-_gently burn all the animalslaugher. Laugh, no, no, no. Slaughter. And let me tell you when a people has been eaten for longer than memories, he does not laugh long. He does not joke long.

Oh yes we agree, but we can’t say nothing, in case we d need to act as collabo.
Oblibion, oblivion. Vaudou and other believes, the one eaten by mohammed and jesus Christ believer pretending to the throne, ahs for long comprehended, the animal, the same complexity, if they don’t wirt philo, think of it at the same degree. And about their title, at the moment it is witness only, but for how long will last human body?

I don’t think I have prolific yet over one month, maybe when I have been, can’t be more, so down the road. Let’s pray for it not be. You are my fortune, the one I would serve with all simplicities.
The innocents, are not in this world, they are liliputin, they are Lilliputians, they are lilipuatain, they are lilliputain. Call them like you wish, seignor of these cities, I quote, I cite, citation, site. All of us, in sum. Careful, it is your main premises, the main, the Nain (dwarf in French).
Oh sorry we said all of us, it swas jsut slip of the tongue, all for us, we said every gringo, we said every going.  All to us but this time for the Lilliputians the giro.
And of course, you know evolution, if you refer to logics the nain naïf as claws, not the nails that is compulsory for your secretaries, but the one not horrific, they need a drop poison, and human recipe found (pride and money)  themselves foison (fois-on =times on).

When I am hungry, I pretend to eat in mind in order to spit it when I am full in my body and brain.
With angriness, I could start to do the same, the innocence is gone, or if don’t hear the toll, you will hear tips, ties, tic.

Haine (hatred in France). , chaine.


France, fiancé, and farce.
No more matcho than France, pround of not paying taxes, evasion the more funny of games, the joke of our alcoholic plays.
But what about you all. Tax, id don’t think than any of us it rings seriously the bells.
It is why more than perhaps, very certainly you don’t Get in trouble with the mayor messy.

And for the Lilliput, what are we right now, a file, a field for.
The GM
Groups maniacs that will be so rapidly modificated, that they won’t recognise themselves since their commode, lust, is to know-nothing, but notes. It is not wondery, that people want plastic all other their body. Prostitution pads or electronically.

 To show honour in front of those who lost theirs, will bring jealousy and frustration about.
They count on their life, is not it saugrenu?

Think. The ink.

We know we are animal and we ate them in order to get them strength, as sad serenade.
But now, if I was sady, it as become the highest point of sadistery.
The fire that are in their eyes, or ni the brain, the energy of any cells, that H does not know for a scold abscond , derision will be time, doctor who, a ham.

The fire in their eyes. E Y. E raves.
 Watch out the electic, as when a soul is argy, hungry, she could lodge in anyanother buddy.
Elected, it is what you shout on evil ears, smiling.
The beast is one of choice. It endures your raillery for so many centuries, that whatever snakes, goat, lamb, bat, tap, loup, ou, or, whole, bear, unbearable for yo us will be.

The sound, the sound, the one or tow in mouth’s humanity. Do they think that they will compete with what nature construed, constructed?
I play with the Microsoft suggestions, as they are still from my errors, and a play with my compute, compote, competi, I know is the precursor, of a new deal to lay. We are post modernity, I admit, but as a ravaged body, who runs for juvence by not helping but destroying will perish in the blank infinity of hanging, haggling, having nothing to do than watching what causes inside impairing.

We are cunning but clumsy.
Too elaborate, too fastidious, but time is unfinished.

It is when we start recognizing disease, than our own corporal odour does not smell nay longer welcomed even by our nostrils.
Note for later. Am I not the disease somewhat?
Decease and deconstrue.
Frech pholosho, shop, phy, zoo.
Not ready to admit that inspiration are the dog you nourish with your aspirations.

I am traumatised to think that someone could love me. For the abandon, or to think at what should be done to keep it. Keep it but what about you, are you, is this a good idea, which omen would you?
The moon is reachable, what other travel?

Trav estate,
               Hi, hi, hi.

You know it is what I thought, but my mother I saw her working like a mad, so much work that doing all this was surhumain.
But what I could start getting it is that when she started send me upstairs, with the ultimate threat of beating me up whatever the level, skills, or tenor on spiteness, spottiness but the urge ogre, it were these moment where for t##9)her was starting the idling waiting, or worse apparently, she is so keen at walling al that on prestigious, incessant, undated, so void of true stories, on sheer and certified ornaments, condiments, boniment (=goody lies).

Man , woo man, whole man, who man, wolf man, wore man, whore man, whirl man, whirr man, I fuck you.
It is the law that we have established and found.
Good luck.
And above all good religion.

Animal.                              What’s left AIL
Name.                                      Or mane.

And I would touch you
And you would slap me
And the all world would be love.
However much and violently you did it.
I would not sue
Just stay like a dog obdedient near you.
I don’t wont it twice.
One neo enough, but I have to flow, yyou are the only one having been made for me.
As I choose. Shoes and talyor.
I precise, I was a bit dumpy, I d rather your hand that your will for a no my lady.

Do you rember the tailor joke?
One goes day after day for a suit that don’t fit.
He, she comes back, again and again.
-        “And finally said, god made the world in 6 days, and you don’t manage a suit in one month?”
-        “6 days for that?!”

I think so mcuch of you, that I can see the scene from this.
In your rom, your Greece, Athens, Babylon, the square where goes the philo, sophie.

Avis = opinion,                remotely advise.

Care essen.
Essen = to be in german.

Do you understand fiend?
Fry, Ri (laugh in French)-end.

Put oil, ointment as much as you like it, to grease your skulls, your tool of work honey.
Please do it, like I would do it, taking all the time, to massage it genly, maybe frictionate, as you would wiggle, wish it noney. You understand, the fucked box does not need only a drop, and it is before a shampoo that you would do it instead of as often as is done the lipstick. Not every day ok, but after this caresse it is not fire, but volcano that erase your contempt of the body, the box body this time, the skull than as so dry when born occidental.
Ps:  does the length I f of the hair play any kinda role towards intelligence or form of evolution?


The reach rash I got upon my skull, like yours, I know so well the form of your bumpy dumpty cranial, crane oboe bone that your rash, alike so many of our junctures, railscredwed, and dike, and gap.

What is revolution would have evolution.

Terre (land).

L etat de droit, meaning a state where rights reign but also where the state if just enough to have the right to treat people as all equal in worth.

Femme. Femal, family. The bigger social institution in the world, do not forget it when it comes to calculate what place did get woman in society.

L epee d amocles, is the one that everyone has over the head, but is the only tool one can really count one, the tiers state, the detenteur  of what Is made injustice and disloyoty, always hidden somewhere this energy, hidden because we have not detected it, but always ready, for the hit or benediction alike.
On psyche and psychology. Phenomenon immesurable as they are prevent from emerging and in the counscioius, and in the incounscious, and in the pratique, and what is even more dangerous and very disappointing, certes, but furthermore very carelessly inquietant, it is that it does not appear on theory, in knowing that people make themselves a damned play to praise theories at great length, so what is theory for them, of which utility, emptying the words, and like a sacred book, under the bad spell of giving birth, just syllable and syllabus in fact the words are from any energy already in use, words are mere failed, or not perfect attempt, at giving into our lifes, the shadow of concept or thing, but if we want to speak about thing, we are one as well, let’s wait the butchery, to know what it is.

She is the why I still am generous, as she is still alive.
These information if not would not befor my blog but for my log.
Be for. Before.
Belfry, be the tray.

There would be a denial of others’ reason to pretend that one would not like a world goof good for everyone else.
And the ones that would disagree, the entire group would have to find out what are the frustrations at the origins of this traumatism and completed it – not the traumatism, the lack and surrounding, oceans and lunear seas-.

I knew that magpie have for havit to vil bill silvery stuffs, but what about the day when at one of glance, she, the bird, or he, glance at me back adn the light scrap striking tricking like but at the contrary beautiful money.

Nb: it is just that I noticed that you did not type the stylist way and for a writer that is bond to have more than a drawbacks.  To type the most efficiently possible the wrists have to be and stay, lay down still on the key board surface. The wrists must not move as thus you hand don’t have to shift, the fingers only are moving. Doing this allow the typist to know at any time where the keys are since the hands position is the same, it permits to use every finger which relief overstrained and prompt body building equilibrium, and also allow the typist to focus only on the text they need to read without checking fingers’ adjusted position, or

Hell haine.
I am there awaiting, hating for are not out of there, even if it is our love that we concede to others without knowing that the remains of my half was in my soul partner. I ve been thrown in hell to have given my love to the right person at the time, as you were also there. But now, through our love ok we might reign this little with which we can play the chain, nia, niach, bach for the gnawl  but what bait are we? I always know that I had to take by the horn this voyage without the warm of the most remote love, a bet, I always known that my love and life had to cross each other, r.i.p, but now, a bait?!
Ba-it. I know this is hell, but just at its entrance, cos what am gonna do when I wont’ see you, on which contumace, accoutumance is not the problem, you are my tremens. It is not the problem, one does choose one’s mat(c)h, I pray, I pray, but what, to look into you, to implore espair, the way in the cosmos to lodge in my memory. Memoyr. Grimmer, in French language, grimoir, means.  One d do whatever to record to his life, you are my mama, you are all that I lost, lost soil, st oi or is are only the inflexion of my knee, et toi pour mon vrai palais, the plazas, where we could go hand in hand not discreet this time but distrait.
I spend all my life regretting my illusions, and now my concret is abbheration.

I found a dream, so complete, that this odd exactitude cannot be guessed, or supsonnate, before being met. (them)theme, tem, aime) aime (love) is the highest point contrarily to what think my fiancée.  Spare me, spear me. What do you want, enhance?

I have to thank the ex of my love who conducts me to peace. To you, infinity emblem. It would be fun at home, but it is just that for the first time, the same intrigued unfolding, I would do every, any thing, and you the same I think just more discreetly. I do everything, even what I swear, I never gave to no one, even the former one, not a little one, the one who has been led me to you for more than half of my whole time. For you everything, as everywhere else is prison. But not the prisons inside which you travel, the prison sliding, sleeping inside, not the threat of being destroyed but its actual flame.
And not the flame that punish, but the one you have to stay with, as without it, no more hope for knowing something brighter, even in theories, the theories that changes my live, in a winning torpor. Demand a press enquiry, of a so beautiful story there is not, it is why love it at its highest, and as far as it is not, the hatred is its mouroir depth, dept on death row.
Liberate me, who could else, certainly not the one ticking all the boxes, my coffin has his seal. I cannot look at you properly, what image proper do my brain could keep of ya? I cannot adore you and start touching you will all the love that wants to do that, and even if I could am I cunning enough to convey it the proper way, the adequate endroit (substancification of you, the part of your body that would agree with me too. )
I d like to say sorry when I behave ways that could put you in danger, it is never planned, and this time in the sheer oven would be accompanied, show the door by you if I had only in head the remotest of this hate.  Hate, eta (state).  State in haste.
Hell she does not want, but what can offer, the only survivor of the vendetta that ensue, ensure, that my previous deaths, genocidal condemnation,  that my living honour, won’t be fattening the clerk.
There is soothing else, I cannot believe that, the only to who I could say, I could have a baby, and in not adding but you are in charge if you want it. It is you. Because at least for good matters, we would be wondering, what with this and that, we are supposed to do? Right. Also, here is hell, not that we did not know it, but this time it is return, so what is the way, who is the one that are not allowed to watch back, nor won’t aloof, allow to stay? It is hell, so imagine won’t go far, image here are mortem mirror. I start understanding that I am in big trouble, proving myself, my love , but when then it madkes realize that I am a defunct, in search of its life, but would you give me to you, were I a dign messenger?
I am an open tomb, without luna. Here it is she is gone, the luna cannot sparks no more, for all my life that she has in every moment the light emission. You are my moon, who is in the sky this one? She is to others, you are not to be seen, you cannot come closer, I would rather the backgrounds darker.
They take all of me, I am not saying that for the complain, for me words, writing more precisely, is the freedom of my ideas, revolts, the children that through sentences I could perhaps tend.
But if we are in hell, they are also, how can we stop the instinct for destruction without which I fill musk mask myself zero.

And when the gee get gem whereas  benefit of the doubt is in fact your lasting dream. Drama gel. Don’t know in witch order is it drama first or gel in second, to finish where white the drama of nice transform into mummey. Because mummery it is what I was pretending to attain, without the right masks, but now, a slip of my though toward reality, the fact that you are true, and here I am perfumed, shrouded, emptied, and seth spectre inhibit  inhabited me, but I still lib, is still live for the sake of the dates. When the time is gonna stop? Am I supposed to engage in the army that want me not for defense but for assault. You know which army, or the fiends ir my enemies give me more than missions, gibe me impossible fight, gibed me torture at last. That I don’t stay so long, this spell that destroyed every second. I don’t talk of now, I am talking when I would not meet you, or meet you in knowing that you aim a t the last of’rendez-vous’. I am not talking of now, do not condemn me therefore, a m talking when what and who I could look up to or from down, which is less pleasant scene.

Note, when I love I can find or skiny, scanty or fat person ablosutely sexy, due to the way they think, approach and tackle...the wya they are, or the way I perceive they are, and the weay their body is moving and how the light, the warmness and density of their movement will touch me.
On love, due to the basic fact that one don’t want be a widower, or look for its partenaire to have the same intensity and rythm with activities (possibly)weight body is a criteria taken into account.
As for the lkinny I think that it is sexy potential comes from the fact that when someone is skninny they might be ‘unodor’ as the body processes less, they are lighter, so with a credential for mor suppleness, something you get more easy grip and round, a lightness is a promise of [(a)miability]=

For years I thought that my last thougth would be the one of a woman who did not give me love back.
and now I love that my last though would be the same, thinking that the lat but one would be of the same tenor. And theat I would quiet here with tears of pity and desolation.
But no, as for today would I be thinking of you, I would, I still (c(y)an cygn=swan) theo
Eritically give you my soul without concession.

I am like if I had most my mother, I am like if I had most my father, I am like if I had most my country, not the one with the passport, the one with my fiends and some of the academic support in it.
Aca-endemic for a poorest world, give you an idea why some all the same mistaken war and genocidal campaign lead their terminology on them.
And as for people that think that they obtain a jobless  new terminology for’ professional position’ less stupid than people working in tesco, they forget that the means we ‘work’ produce ‘end of the world’. What else stupidity more than this oblivion?

It ist th problem with self respect, one knows oneself very well through the permanent content constent enquiries operated on his body, but the ones of you, others, and in fact more on you, alter, the one I have chose for being my professor. I know my desire, I know it so well, ti leads the dance each imutes of this ballet, but yours, theerotically, (feerotically) I can be sure there is one, it is your concession, but what does it bring to a dike’s life? Have you sip of a crowded water? People are all inside my bay to check if I don’t, I won’t touch the fruit. And the knowledge this time would be the pardise, refound paradise, refound in each and every place of the bodies, all the bodies I cite earlier. Cite earl. When love will be kindom.

Love because we were alive was not to take for granted, as we were organic and thus changing. And what about letting one consider you a very tinny bit as your object that he adores though, but from which they could separate, disunite, even in this life, let alone the project ot finding back one’s construction the day after we go.

Did you have the series called ‘the fourth dimension’ in the royaumes-uni?

And spend time, on your lips, trying to open them or carress your gums and teeths through the arder part, the skin. The beauty with the flesh is that it can relax as much to let me go until you collapse, not from exhaustion but because when libearate, the fles h creates, exploses, in flower, jouissance bounty.
I think I ve just find why the populare revolution are punned with flowers names, whiose are not insulting for whom made love instead. But you well know me it is not all about love, as if won’t do nothing against others’ equal rights, like they are not if different, generating an unbalance that will conduct one of us into haveing to kill to defend the flower that I can on you, my reader, a one who needs for sky their lovesr’ appetite and to let know the body of its infirmities as long as in the air their seeds in prison were.

If I was with you, in this grek island, only us, looking after our children, and reporting on how libeliness is. What I think that would count is to avoid at terms possible matricide, and to do that they should lobe each other.
But what if we’d perceive an external danger? What kind of pot would be at the resort?

On your habit to kick your fingers or your hand violently, brutally on the tables or on your thighs or other part of your body. Is there more fragile and industrious that the veins, capillary, knuckes, microspiques filament that action our tools. You won’t have a secretary to dict the perfect though, we find in a perfect moment, of our knowledge of what the perfect mind are it’s task, tusk might be.
We are lalone, ond it is why we can indulge so much in these cermemonies. Cemeteries? On, no, on yes, bbut the true place we ill go in rest is the one where to gether to think, together to be, together to share all these sermonies, will be like being alone, as without you I am not, I am the errance pursuing its compagne. [companion}

I use to be reactive to people who I know what I do, about what I think. But I ll have to drop, as me I am or so I would have to join, in the cosmos to reach each of you messy.  My miss. The woman the pure, that I don’t know if she is my promised, life so plentiful, so graceful, can’t be. But in my brain there is no more place for any other else than your vicinity.

The only one that should be feared is god, in fact oneself for disobeying, disobeyond, the path of the all considering. Not god as god is the graceful almighty but before finding the light in us and all, the shados w is taking me. In there it is beauty but they have found their aims or they are not at it. When I understand that your love is mine, I have to look at you with feeling beyond describe.
Amateur, I look like an amateur, that could be sacked by you by all his shortcoming but the true one of that his love was not showing. If you could experiment the state of my soul, when alone in my cell, your fact, you face, appears so cool, as this time I ve got all time at my sdisponibility to enter in the transe that permit my on your entry. Could you please for a second consdidering the fact and figure, that if I had the choice, all my time, all my time, and the one afther her, her, your body and charms. Don’t jump at me, don’t jump at me, a charm it is the ondulation under which I cannot move. If I have the choice I could die at once, only to prove that I loved some one monk once {(monk, knom, know, kome, come (alike)}. Speaking about holograms, it is very easy I will convene, but I just inprint that should have been but has not by fault of paper, ink, and leisure time.
Leisure time in which lay the treasure of each one departure, for its promise land. You. Small specification I am not writing to santa clauss not to its hierarchy.a muse I don’t want, all my need and help and dean are in the term you, my wife et my lullaby, as a married couple without the right to live in peace with the other part of the society, is the tic-tic-tac-tac of future monstruosity.
It is maybe why homo are banned, it is maybe why marriage with other aim that the money

Honey, you are my sole virtue, after you weapons. But ok, it is why il love an empress, is that I cannot depart, even if like Ulysses, I d do the world of life and death, you are in every leaf.  Leaf, fall, fill. Acoomplished my atutumn and all other, seasons, years and whatever as long as I can bear your no. Accomplish towards what, if it is without you? Without you or with you, in my head, in my dream, and more and more in my refolds, prefunds, tritons, the soute, the calles of my body, I am the deamon. 
I know my writing is like fucking shit painture, it is only once onc one coulor, or play on letter the level of a baby, but even if it is not divine it is when I am nearer from my almighty, I cannot convene, I cannot convene since I am not god, but I write as you are the one who sends me, and for that there is no word but you, parade is. Parade dei.

People want from other people as a society to including assuming them well, to make believe that sentiment and feeling will have to be the cause of my misery, I love you, in put you into danger of being outcasted or more discreetly discarded, as the card in occident is the ascast for ori ent, hori end, occident, accident of habing become empire of not men but worms ready to obey order for the final remedy eructing guillotine. Speak abou t history is to let the comtemporary know who they are, but who they aer, they hate id so, or should be ashamed, that the whole secret does not offer retrieved signification. Sign, what about signing? my poor citizens.

Signing is gor for the churches or any party garden as long as its burial, rail for the bigger crash with other civil isation, as civilisation is no more than civil that are cooperative for the next keepguard or the next looting. Poor us, jamming now, under the hammer, of what twere no justice but travestite vested with power to keep empty for the abusers hovering over the l()aw, wal, that there supposed common sanity safe from being invaded by tort-hour on end, game is over children.
Civil is these networks of primitive society forgotten that modernity does not provide peace, and without god harmony, the tools of all time will be a bomb portable but not for disposal.

Communism, liberalism, is like islam or Christianity, it does not mean nothing to ‘I am one’ be said.

I am crying, I am crying, as much as you gave me life and the rage to save my soul without selling my skin.
You are my wife, reminding everyday, each time you cult walk away, that life is good again and again, suddenly could be the most appalling reversion which could, would be jealous greatly appealing by the dead.
You are my wife, my mummy. The center of what would be call nerves, hooves, hives, cloves and energy. Shamrock the one I hold for if your shadow won’t descend once again survey, oversee, I would be a suppot of satan, could I come to this hell and save, aeve, without who I am wormy.
Anhd when I say my other part it is for other that can see towed to two body, but if I am damned it is from being broken from my own shadow, chat(=cat, pushy) ouidow. Shadom, widom.
The others companion to whom I use to give the affection I could give to nobody, now I met the one that soul (should) my part.
At leas t ti could hope for countenance, without you this life a time to complete a new plan with it, I ll design the how of our complain to reach the next exit of this nest burning from love unadmited.
Eih, window is gone, I have always wbeen watching LOVE through the forbidden of fa woman that idid not return it, and now you are in front of me, not returning either, but I know that mind could try to build upon some bridge, bringing truth for what trough is a live without it.

She hated me not for what I was, but for the fact that whe could have been me, I am not so different, but our culutrures are in economic wars, just a little bit more emphasize than the every family are waged in.

The paradise you don’t want to see, let’s they disappear, what would I have to do to retrieve, would be any options for you, or just for me the experiment of a decay dying for long as for you it kept itlelf, healthy.

Lyou, lyon. On whom (womb) I cannot think actively as you in my place won’t be. And nor would I prepaere my time nesting us to rest for th better of this life, the ex-istence. Not only substance but pure state of mind. Not kenning mind of dim, but for all problems if one exists redeem every where  (hells) else one day pure and theo will inn.

The problem with trying to improving planning, scrutinizing, is that of course it is a process of intellectual proceedings and appurtenance. And well when you start doing that for the sake of your professional or citizenships’ ethics wou you will see you showed the door from these bastions of whores and there will finish inbestigation, inbestbeastification.
And hthere the means of analysing the exact problems of functioning and misfuncitioning.

But there is even worse, is that people deride the ones using words, they are just words, what they don’t know is that liberty is nicked just because it is a trunk we are not allowed to use them.
We can speak about big inspiration but when I said big it is what these solders have called utopia, that is something so far, so blurred, so attainable, bla, bla, bla, bla.

But here the truth, dummy, it is if that one want to do something relevant and logic on how to achieve, they won’t be allow and if they persist their work would be demolish if their career won’t be the same as the legionary, the good legionary that gives life to fight good war, and when he said look chief this one is whore, he will be treated more than every one believed thwhat was real enemy.

What I am saying don’t think a second that we are allowed to use words, as soon as they start saying how beatfiful to the core, each entity it would be, for us, fort  you,  in-tell-ect-u-al, it is simply the cord.
Intellect.tu (you kill inf rench)al.

Mte, mute an.

Imagine a  aworld where we could not inventing word, that any essay at outing the syntaxe, sin-axe, tax, would be in microsoft automatic, indelible, debile, defile corrections.


when problems within the society, in an office, at a desk, I tremember as much as this sanely working that they are not the place where I organize myself but the place for the most people, all for in the view of liberating all people, and that this universalism might would cause some rules, infinitely workable, but some rules in case we would have all of sudden every file to fit in.
On rules a debilitating.
The problem is as sonly as it is sane, because when one work in emergency, but we are all doing like if it was the liberalisation, as cool as the dead, so then there should be time to refine something smoothly, smithy, since  we do that for advancement, all pros and cons of modernity as everyone’s claim. It is ok for me I can do that on my own time. But do that and it will be getting highly personal, we will kill your role.

Puss and soup.

Love is associated with death, as it if I lack my mission I leave in danger, and you in danger is for forlorn ad vitam eternam.
Lack, call.

Hitl her.

On the kittens’ contest context, about this big societies. I don’t think, strangely enough.
 They choose for barracking, braguing, bargaining, the image of a man threatening to kill kittens.
But where are we? Who is suppose to laugh or buy their feigned insouciance, in soucis (= fright, agony, cares)?
You know that nina, that all that has a prize, the prize of this cardboard, guardboard, comprised, that all that surrencherise, bid, is propaganda, paid by further advert.

Where are we, I have the sensation of, if I would signal (animal ‘f.cabrel’)  that they ve got dementia, they would throw my blood, brood, book, saying I ve been lacking with several chapters.
Nina, why do we have to step stopping the argument and say but look go at the rspca, they will explain to you how many are gazed, and how many are bought, and how many are left in the shit that they cannot spread, bred spray. They spray this way, a market place where you do joke about little baby that every day die by the millions, thousands, hundreds, dozens, one, in fact are you veggie, leggies?

Doc, you know the cod of this joke, is that since they mock, debase a traits that are their own every day treat and traite.  They are overtly traitor, you ve seen the singular, a pack, a mash brainwash lashed.

A propos Wollstonecraft, who said that she is threatened like if someone could trample on her as if she was an insect, it is trope, for the story above.
Because in this society, people kills people, kittens, the same rate as this. Exactly like if you were not doing it on purpose, or that you were not supposed to avoid the tramp o line, on tramp, creating poverty, and do it even on purpose when you can claim I m saving insanity on vault (vulture).

By the way, if ‘she’ was my kitten. Quit. Quit the boat, it is this way they do the punky, in a ponk, in a pond, in a bag, together, sin-k and charm the frame farmed.
Far from med, frame, fare,farm  me.

I wanted to tell you that I love you so strong, ok strong you, I love you so bawdy, barky, badly, that your thinking for me is singsong, all day if I want it all day, sometimes it is just that I have to work at our dream, the external this time, for you so it is not a drame. A drama for me is it is when I know that it is you the one that is thinking this miles far from my ears, that your voice is in my bedroom as resounding as seas’ waves against, rolling on oceans. I don’t deserve it, I am too coward.
Oh, malheur, qu’est ce que tues belle.  Belle belle c est pour 9999, cest pour nina. pour. C’est pour elle, elle.. c’est pour toi.  Elle, every panto, every name, name it, name at, name at it, c est pour ninia.
Ne nia.

B^ele, b^ele, c est pour nina.
Bele is the crying of the goat.

You ask me a reason why I should like to stay.
For me it is deraison (irrational, innervations, erratic, inconceivable, it is sufferance to answer a question that you weld not ask any way), to think that I could go away.

They drearily derail his behaviour, there laugh a dream that lost, but who got the idea. You move like an poor, poorly animal, but yes, it s the world commune eat cake or commune e-cake or communic ache.
Animal at the poorest unheard, but what they d got to say. They will do it one die dry day. Hic,

To say that something is inferior to oneself is symbolic of this oneself so cart-carta-cat-rat-strophique own limitation. And I said sym-oblique, the very fact that like that you show a card saying I am not to neuter anymore, I underwent castration.
Hyperbolic. Be-ware, the product of labor is as appreciated as the Mystere. Mist hairy? Miss, terri, mist errance.

For me nine is become midnight, when midday is on Thursday.

The gypsy people with its reputation macho, but who ve got the world reputation on witchcraft?

I don’t love anymore It simply live for you
For my friends when I was in love, I d say no answer needed.
It is for my breathing to tell you, your answer my surrounding.
Sur(=over) and over. Other. You, the divine my society.
As become, your genius, sash your voice, the violins, the cello, tremble me.
Having fond his domptor (=don, fight, gift, lash), tamer.
The taming of the shrewd. Through her finesse, finless.
Of a noise, the side lateral of head, a blade.

The other, hath other other.
The other, the
 other other.

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