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Patriarchies, matriarchy, patry list, lost, monarchy culture.
Prat, patriotic,
Partire. Pant.
Par tyre. Tired of it.              Pat, pat, pat,
Patrimony.        Mony, money, monastery.

The realm and business based on sacrifices.

There only could lie, openly lying religions, that manage the obscenities of not recognizing being the same family of a chimpanzees, and all other reproduction.

The churches that in trying to eradicate witchcraft and ‘pagan’ religion have in fact demonised catholic religion, by the use, official and tangible, of inquisition.
More than demonizing but just in fact being the demon.
Moni,                      money.

If god is represented as monotheist, etc, all empowered being, unit, concept….
I don’t know whether I express it well, but I know that it is also impossible (to do so).
Well let’s say better, then.
Bible is a joke of an acclaimed defended hero.

Drop your anger, dropped, dropped,
As when tiredness is too close to swallow you with pain, in almost no avail, you dare, you pray, you ask, the devil, the darkness to come and put you back into dark, empty matter, that could be less hollow, of having you as generator,
Generations. Generic. Genese.
Genese as a book is only a period revelations, as when the images collapse they must not be no period centred. That is when people see themselves in ancient stories, they see, them, their fates, elaborating, illuminating, illustrating, their species; when they do anthropomorphism, it is then.
We take for granted, the assurance of being paid, that all these notions, are humans related. But like the lamb, the human will otherwise, something else illustrated. Like the way its intelligence will be dying to have go on with farming instead of designing freedom for whom they had on and on ‘sacrificing’, not at all the for thousands of years butchering bill.

In no avail.
Avais +     =     to have, past tense.
Valais       =                worth, or cost.       Value.
Lavais        =          cleaning or cleansing.
Aval           =                    swallow or upstream.
Laval          =              French town symbolic of ‘cooperation’, ‘collaboration’, they were at work. Quel travail!
Available of course,              and eveil = aware. Awake.
In the wake of. Kawe, cave.

:        forced marriage, and other tactics to force people to a life of decrepitude, decay and self-hatred, or unconditional love that reveal to be blindness and drive healthy body to the desire of becoming corpses not for the living but for the livid, would only force the society to crumble, and battle. Till death, and auto destruction of course, as no one survives the stealing of love.
Living, livid, to live to desire death in order to find the life we had in ours, to find life (in) itself.
To live death like one will give it later.

Life, efil,              fil =    in French thread,
Feuille,                 leaves.
File =                          but also                            fille = daughter, fils = son           filial. 

Maze, mist.

To study beliefs, and magic like you study history.

To think that we have or at least can or may see supernatural, and forget that our energy is solely soul, sun, soil, soluble, sublet, suable. human.

Is solely soul, sun, soil, soluble, sublet, suable

One cannot command marriage, all the more because marriage may in fact be the most beautiful vessel of one’s life. Of one’s private life.
And then comes the inner life.
Beau = beautiful in French.
Boue, = mud.
Boeuf,           bull
Oeuf = eggs.
neuf = new, nine,
feu = fire, passed away.

= made, mud,
From dust, to dust, man will come and go back.
Argyle, terra cota, fragile.
Cote = rib, from Adam rib.  Bir, ber, bear, borne.
How frustration that should be. Then they write female come from a male. Bad, bad, mental mentality, mantle, of obscenities, all generations based on gene jealousy.

The Pieta has always been a very potent idol. It is in general for the Roman catholic, in France, churches were almost all following papal orders. 
When recalled this incredible piece of art, holiness, sainthood, in fact motherhood, just like ideas and principles are also parents, family of beings and minds, also seeking for their souls in a world that is beyond terrestrial, and certainly beyond human, an apology coming from the books and words, of absolute, absurd order they may have often drawn. 

Typically not a Christmas symbol, but still one of maternity and sanctity. I heard it was something like an image of inevitable, inseparable support, perhaps like a coming back to the source of love, origins of all actions and resolutions, of all commitment and completion.
Almost hidden, for me it is also source of piety. Lasting, maybe entering or sent eternity.

And though unbearable.
Lasting, sale.

Admittedly far reached, the pieta by Michelangelo, like a flower, such as the lotus in Buddhism.
Unlike the lys, symbole of royalties’.

C.ET: a lotus resembling the lys.
Or potentially the grail.

In Tibet, Buddhists monks give worshippers corpse to be eaten by the vultures.
Relativing I think the inevitable needs for us to find food. As we are as well. At least can provide food for animals that cannot prevent (yet) being carnivores. Or anyway cannot prevent eating, as matter, all food for sure source is alive.

Time, emit.

Time, met, empty, et eat emit, limit.

Vers = towards in french or around. and round and round.

Vers, rev, reve = dream.

Willing, illing, healing,
W, letter-shape, like a cup, supported by another.

Doing one’s job or one’s life like a machine.
And when understanding the lack of understanding, or a fault,
How violent our readjusting must be.
Perhaps in one flash see the work clocks go back and forth, at least see it.
work clocks that have all my movements dancing and going, while I call this dynamism and will.

Will will lliw, live or leave.

Ferity. Fierte = pride in French.


coming from feral.
Its ‘Ca Ira’ , ira,               era,                                         to go, the will to go.

Lap,    palm.

Pole, pile, pull, pale.

The tiny but grosser and grosser of any star, start, state derision of love unreturned, unshared, mutating, or mute, its mutineers is that big ego i guess i love her (err)

The tiny but grosser and grosser of any star, start, state derision of love unreturned, unshared, mutating, or mute, its mutineers is that big ego i guess i love her (err) more and more for she was the one permeating (permitting) a dream to go on and vogue about: being loved an in return to make the best of that. A someone that would like what you are and what you are, at your best, receiving her support, and getting better for that. And if, i, don’t get any better, as life is too complexes for that, and more perplex than somewhat, at least i would not have become the damned les. Less, and lesser, as aspiration of giving warmth and a nest is looming now; as the what can have; while another would pry andes endlessly prey on ya. prey on you.
It is for and it is thanks, or due, to my ‘study’ that i was waiting. Waiting for as deep as long as without limits and bound with. Bounded with.
One sure they cannot alter their point of view? Or would it be possible to have a suit, as in french it means follow as fellow. Fell low.

Birth, berth, bred, brew, brave, brief, breath.

Eagerly (hear, girly),
Eagle, haggle.

I am sorry about your resident.
Die, dying on this day as always something symptomatic or good chance it has. When working with older people, death takes another meaning certainly? And also the day one will die that would have a significance for them knowledge only. Do not have to be Sundays or Christmas to be linked to one’s life, like crazy.

Cry.     Az, has.                  Haze, easy. Assit = to be sitting. Ass sit.
Race, raze, craze,               raze = come close or shave, or pull something down to the ground.

To protect one’s love,
And mutate as she needs her protection to be perfect.

Esprit,           eprise,   priset, prise                    = held. But definitely feminism, feminine.
Saint esprit   = the holy ghost.

Obol.             Sinbad,


Sym                                                                         receiving.

King of this earth of the dead, for the next rulers, and then us, even me.
Mind it is practical, no fear no more of being beheaded.

After the shock not pretending to have to watch t.v. facing my losses, the wastages. My fur and furious reciprocity.

If I could sue Microsoft for all the files that lost, erased, itself or did not record when they were supposed to; I could life on bail.

Life is about thinking, including every single animal, every species.
I guess it is the same for all live, matters including, but cannot even think of that, since I did not manage to go beyond my conditions, or even not almost try to fight it, even though I know it. Because of my comfort, I deserve no compassion.
And when we are at it, we cannot but thinking of the divinity. Divinities, the raw, crew, crude critic? cartel, certitude of creation or of re-creation and the certitude that though within we are beyond, outreach, we are servants in the sense that we won’t belong, know or being accepted. Or at least not our sense of divinity, life unless one joins what we kill, and let kill, is only the witness of decay. Decades, decadent. Decay, decoy.

Could not lie, live without thinking of the divine.
To life, to think of the divine. To life, to think, like all mat matters and met and end animality.

Could not lie, live without thinking of the divine.
To life, to think of the divine. To life, to think, like all matters and animality.

To wag.

 E er nity
Se re nity.

An author when asked if it draws on personal experiences, ‘imagination’, or the tales, or telling of others, can not always say.
Was it that the reality? Till? Lit? the essence? Quintessence, or that life of absurdity?
Surdity =              hearloss, hearless.
Beyond it.
When, hen.
Whereas, thru thee three. Therefore.
Here and there. Beyond, yore, be.
Pond, nod, don, donate, pawn.

I don’t want even to go to bed. As tody is today even if without your knowledge or acknowledge it would have been a pain. But paid because today unlike tomorrow I am free of you, running away, absconds, towards nobody that I can identify as myself, or as the one I wanted to be.


My thrill of writing coming from my thinking for her. Any moment, was dedicate.
The dangerous matter is that since the writing is a milestone of not directly the love- it would be divine, a taste of ideal- but milestone of just what was intellectually managed.
The intensity of collecting this indirect result, phenomenon, of being with the knowledge of your existence, to live with this on the only private and fragile side of my mind, on the only story that was not obligations, circumstances, logics, moral, social, duties, but on the only story that could have covered my whole having been humane. Humanity.
You know it is only for example if you d need to be a super hero to success and you train and you train but whatever you train you die in the process and you training your performance are your body. You body that will decay, your body to whom is asked other tasks that the one to super ego. The body or bodies, embodied, that still carry


King of this earth of the dead, for the next rulers, and then us, even me.
Mind it is practical, no fear no more of being beheaded.


My access, or excess of despair, disrepair, hut hurt, that leads me or allow me to take a break, to take too long a consideration over me.

Ex-cease, cessa. Essay. Seizure. Session, secession

As for mother earth, I wonder, wonder?? Marvel?? If she is able to tremble, any longer. In a.
Maybe not but crack certainly so. In her last act of rebellion if she does not wish for her inhabitants to have her not borne, but torn. Blown, in and out, completely dead. Daed.
And count on what will come to avenger her. Come and go.

Retort. Rot.

On politeness, and social theory.

The devil in day light would appear to me, as a human monster, even though it could kill me in a move of its pawn.
The same on during the night, the end of humanity.

And possibly distanciation. Not even what our lifes will be able to put away for very long. Put it down won’t do or go.

An author when asked if it draws on personal experiences, ‘imagination’, or the tales, or telling of others, can not always say.
Was it that the reality? Till? Lit? the essence? Quintessence, or that life of absurdity?
Surdity =              hearloss, hearless.
Beyond it.
When, hen.
Whereas, thru thee three. Therefore.
Here and there. Beyond, yore, be.
Pond, nod, don, donate, pawn.

Here wiki is very wrong, it is true for Facebook and google, but BBC is not under censorship. As far as I know maybe their Chinese speaking channel is, but not BBC channel.
Should keep in check information of this importance.
Well if china stopped censorship and the west imprisoned the abusers and crooks on the web, streets and in offices, all slavagists from elections to red quarters, we could eventually be happier and stop this argument website story.

The magic of incantations connecting, calling, adversaries dinities. Such as figures whose relationship is based on revenge of a loved one for examples. Call the murderer of their husbands, sons, wife, daughters, parents…at the dam same time as the grieved.

Her o.
He row.

Mecca and Ka'ba temple, kabal.

But in fact, could the prophet of Islam be a representation not of jesus, but of what the catholic churches order themselves to perpetrate in evocation, in invocation of the bibles, and the gospels?


I am out, am out. But pet, we are in the wood.

Be b(Eating) up.

‘Don’t do damage to the company reputation.’
The Nazis in praising information.

The campaign they have been launching, lunching is irrelevant.

Incantations, which give the words, or the sound, the sense.
To have chant a certain names for hundreds of years, could mean that when this sound, in fact the same phonemes are chanted, several hundred years later, they might bring the same invocation or evocation to the earth that bear them, and then to the speaker that spoke then or the hearer that listens to them, then.

The scholars wonder, if the kings kept the irrigations scarce on purpose, to ensure their power, influence and wealth.[10][18][19]

C.ET: or to regulate populations, and civilities, and to leave the lands unoccupied and much more unexploited. Undrilled and pomped by H ‘sovereignty’.
Earth, a deity. Violated by her servants. The Earth, the Sea. Servants as she was lodging and lording, and loading them, and mothers of what, all what surrounding them.

Middle East organ transplants
Trade on organs, and the west let them, awaiting nosily, some kind of completion?

Who is the head of all of this. Sociopathy, in this department sociology drives it. Apathy.
Pathy, pathos. Loss.
Path,               faith.
A pat.
Ath, half, affres = limbo.
Sociopathy.       Pa(th(y.             pay.

Une guerre au mots, homo

Hundreds, hoarded.
Hoarder, order.

Endeared scarcity.
Endured scarcity.

Cime = apex, top of the mountain in French.
Cime, climb. Dome. Cone.
Cime, homophone, seem.
Babel tower. Decked.

Servant (servable, helpful, survivable, viable, survival.

Intraseque, sequence.

Politically mocking (ad hock

Deposer a state,                                to dismember, or discard a static institution able to help its nations.
Disposed people, population.
Genocidal neighbouring.

Deicide, decide
Dei,                  side.

Be for.

Fiancialles = ru, ruin, reunion

Right, height.
May, might.

Carthage, carthegian, for us carthei, cathe, carthesian, to prize - opulence, prise = prendre, comprehend or size. Seize, reprisal.


Peser, penser a une autre femme, que celle qui m encor, en corps, ensorcele.

Meth. Myth,
Method, myrrh. Mirrored.

When this is not occurring then humans = H tell and ordain themselves as
being god and religion becomes the bearer of sectarianism, the
condoner of totalitarism.

S.pit, crept, script


Your life without I would have become and still do, a monster as thirsty, thrusts, as bloody for you.

The probe, problem
The pro-blame

Garage for the moment, I start having fear about holocaust, abc, about which property could protect security a little longer than the ranting theory. Domina, no one can rent to anyone no more, if they have the jew.wej-wages.

Satan, d’antan,
Antan, once upon a time. Of yore.
Attend,       wait.
Attempt. Temptation, temps.
Top, step, tip, dii, dimmer, temporal, times.
Times immerse immemorial.
Dimmer. Dine.

Just to furnish an example on how the students now are taught one art, the throwing chair, tables, before throwing people.
In UK’s classroom.

At chase.

Ban,                              banc = in French for bench.
Ban, nabab.
Bon = French for good.

Savoir, savior

I could have fell in love with my mare had she had the same judgment than you. To find every day the spirit that conducts skies, lands and air, and hug her with the whole surface of what is in me me-happy. Apex, complex.
Amen (in French transform in amene=bring it on)

One’s 33 years old, 25 years waiting. A quarter of century, waiting. And what to expect but crucifixion, in the name of the people, taking your name to make pass love for even plus bete = (beta, bite) in French, stupid and animal.
Crux, croire = to believe, credo……………………         fiction.
The eternal is without nom. Non.      Mom, nominal, seminal.        Sem, semence = seeds, semen.
Semence, sec, séance. Sequence. Sequester, equestrian, eloquence. Esquire, descrier. Destiny, destrier = the horse. Destroyer. Troye, helen of troy, and troyan horse. Toy.
Destrier, trier = sorting out. Like humanity one day can be ‘sorted out’, that is the one with means enough to pay themselves and bender bunker or a vessel to go where t it is still possible to breathe and eat.
a same, insane, mess, or mass.
Sae, same, ame.
Ame, amen.
Ame = soul.                       Lous, loose my mind.         Solu ble. Solu tion.         Ion.
Lous,           lo           us.         Lot us.                 Lotus.

Dieu. God in French.

Este = to be.

I could dream about a world at the quest of its real mysteries, mutanteries.

Marriage, arm, ark, are, mare, ram,
Ramer = rowing in French.
Suite. Infant. Fantin, fantassin.

Worm, worn, wrough, work, work, work, and who is gonna repair what is left of our ego, and Dulcinee. Destiny.

Aggress, agree
Res,= reign.
Ree = rise. Rigour.
Ree, eer, ear.

Infant, in it.
In fine, within it.

But you’re (are, rea, era) my wife.

It is just to I d (told, I, I’d, would) say.

In- measurable. As we don’t know what’ in.
And to believe we do, or to inspect without the ultimate highest respect, is killing.

Like the, one’s fawn, foal.

Atism,                        haste.

There, here, terre.

A world growing upon ) inter-subjectivity, that is a shared believe, will be, and become elevating, the day it will be shared, and drawn from animal and all what comes from the world. Alike.
The day.

Theo, rising.
Ethos. Terror.

When you think that the Christians after the lamb story, invented a devil to be a goat, to the roast embelly(sh)?
Embalms of avilissement, abasement.

Abject, object.


Alight, allow.

Glacial. Glas (tune, toll)
The last toll.

Abuse, sub

Con state (constater = notice, realize, understand)

Redeem, Dream.

Vice versa.
Vice verse.

Nombre = number in French.
Nom.     = name


Been (ban).

Life (elfi-healthy)

The day he would kiss her, she could imagine herself throwing into the deepest waters, to contain, no, to reassert boundaries, and because the bomb could leave her up to the sea.

Goddes, Iris.

And if the apple tree was standing for a genealogic tree.

But then I met her, and the more I was looking at her, the more was I falling into the ground.
Not a love at first sight per se, because I was happy by then, feeling like traveling the word, land, skies and waters without a tear for not having married any females. But my sight and ears hers became.

Ram,            mare.

The day you are dead, no gender, no race, nor age. Just a life, before and afore.
Four ward.       As many as horsemen as there is directions, but on earth there is 4 since we deny the deepest to come back, forth and sure, surely won’t buffer nor buffoon.

To beg god for her to be my wife, as to beg for (frau) her to stay, or for me to do whatever she needs, as her, as hers, its stay, as her his say.

I am a roaming traveller but when I think of you, my soul tur into statue.

I am a roaming traveller but when I think of you, my soul tur into statue.
My, yours or mine, soul entire, tired of solitude that can be broken by a one that want it to move on her center, and stir, shift no more, than a feather to see you.
For the love of you, most endure. En dur.
Dur, rude,             solid, though, hard-on, HARDENED. Den, hare, hazard, chance, hence.

I thought that the wolves and others were hauling howling at the moon in remembrance or greetings to their lovers. I think now or did I understand that they in fact call the moon itself.
Have I understood.
Mood. Toad.

When the thought of you, took everything around. That has to be love, otherwise, lost energy that makes my soul succumb. Be it commitment, involvement, dedication from now. The by whom I did transform.

:            Human rights literature,     maybe too concentred on redistributive justice, as effectively posing as naïve. Because of losing view of the danger for injustice to become worse. In every domains, freedom, creativity, research, invention, preservation, human, environmental,
Ever again.

Naïve, knave.


On people claiming direct participation to democracy was only possible in city-states. :           not if grass roots is taken into consideration.     Problems here is not participation but control and cohesion.


Belle hive.
Lieve =leave,
Liber, liberty, liebe = love in German     lievre = hare in French.

Belly eve.
Bell – he –heave –ene
Est nee = to be borne.

The egg/chicken complex reshape by the bible and the templiers.
Templiers = Templars.    
Temple ares.                    Temple lier = link,          plier = bend.

Bend, den.

To protect human rights and assert them as natural laws, no need to be religious only, humanist, worth being listened to and with. Not live at the expense of someone else, that is live propagating death and not wealth, that is contrary to life. What everybody owns- life.

Human rights

Equal rights to freedom and well-being.
Ok, but you must work for it. Need and right to work.
Work, towards development of freedom, wellbeing for everybody and everything.

Problems of their rights as their own ‘good’, in expense, detriment of the others’.

The right of nature, forgotten, while human rights are borne from natural laws.
The right of nature only almost recognised as being at the service of what human see fit to be at a, the, more centred of his own personal wellbeing.

Pere, pater, son… etc.
Revolting? The nature will eat this word even, that in fact of true care never brings. See its sons, eaten by their brothers, and in slaughterhouse, and manslaughter? Laugher even after, concentrated.

Social rights such as the right to work at a decent work, with decent aims, in a decent way and for a decent wages…
Made dependent, at the service, of economic perceived or avowed performances.

I do not even have a complete guide with my Microsoft software, that is butchery, we should get rid of this mate.

I won’t insist in case it has the power of even more express censorship me via google on the internet, or why not loot my computer, after having done that to my data and time via a software you need ill conceived courses to apprehend always in only half.
When you think they do not give you the hand book lesson for that.

V:    the problem is that F1   or  help is help and hopeless in Microsoft, who is the dummy, and friendy not even to their buyers then.
Buyers, good bye, but cannot even the monopoly of the mass,        naz.

The planet as a world you do not respect, don’t try to look further.
Fur                ther.

Seeing a documentary on Egyptian believes.
Seeing a rising or setting sun, I wonder, at the time where people could see in the distance, whether the myth of underground would not come from there.
The sun, disappearing, under the earth, coming down to, going into, under, hell, the sun inside then.

The setting sun, I think I remember a phrase that I heard in the past, swallow by the earth.

Thoth, Egyptian god of magic.

Thought so.

In carnated,

The god is nature.
And beyond us more than supernatural, but le’t s not attempt to describe what could not open doors to us, as we are a looting sale espece. Loose, lose of space.

Del,               deal                                                               led.                   

A spirit of our psyche in          Egyptian antiquity  called       ‘ach’,         pronounced, pounced, trounced ‘art’.

Psyche, scythe, space,               spice,        ice,          speech.


How states, and ‘other companies’, might at will, remove people or subjects being searched. That is if someone is published that you don’t want other people to read, you can pay someone to put the targeted material down the list of google or other search engines.
You can obviously, like previously recorded on this blog, pay to make the headlines or to be up lists.

I managed it because i was in honk kong to obtain a visa. i think it is a problem for me because i work in mainland china. Censorship sensitivity. Perhaps. 
Thanks for asking i might have had problems if not. 
Still i found amusing that censorship in china would correspond with a reading list a bit remote from the core of the course, but i cannot find a reason why the reading list would be in itself a sensible subject, unless it is in phase with the almost faint and evasive fashion of all universities when it comes to describe their curriculum??

Still till.

[1] and protective of its sole certainty, to be. Cannot quite approach how then would people prevent too much undergoing a philosophy, or a society, or their lack of boundaries, internal or external. Finite or eternal.

[1] And what then would be validated out of the state of being aware, if it was to stay as it is, vulgar, sadistic killers. Nowadays even killing for fur, cosmetic, useless experimentation.              But even to have access the technology to eat healthily and though killing animals to satisfy taste and a reluctance to change, even if we take comfort increase more than happily, now amongst our taken for granted lists of rights, and liberties.

Philosophy being make believe human can just get rid of their abode. Of their unique abode. What can it tell us about the degree of human dependence on corruption, erring for not being able to react to this. Thinking they will dompt nature, as they recoil in front of the smallest, human unadaptability, by theorising on their superiority in pollutant, invasive, excessive, all-ranging discourses that use lying on a so regular basis that the norm is the acceptation of the grotesque. At least people do not give up to panic even when it is clear we are dying errance for not being able to react to this.

When does alchemy apply to texts?
Following for this time the principle, of what did I create?

Greece near Italy near Constantinoples near Serbia near Damascus, near Austria, near dark sea, near Adriatic, near

Do you know the Serbs were backed by Russians during the Kosovo, Bosnia, Herzegovina wars. And now china as a Russian ally? With censorship by the kremlin and human trafficking orchestrated by abandonment and mafia. 


We had too much fun. Our fun will come, kill us, and take us. One cannot really joke not when they know how much suffering is around .suffering we could intervening, and how shorter are lives because we are too carnivores to desire life as sound and long as the ones of vegetables.

All the strategies of goodies-goodies explaining at length that god has provided for adam and eve…
That the planet is for us to take, in an attempt at strengthening the appertunance, of a same species.
Space  up to space non content to be a predator, with the intelligence, and practicality of becoming a vegan and to try to spare life…they become the unimaginable, incredible, top of the crust parasites types. V.

The reality of free will, is to comprehend that though I tried to listen to and obey higher instances and understanding than me or at least than me alone; my peers, strangers, neighbours, experts, wise, experienced as well as my deepest meanings, hopes, dreams, and instincts, or thought that were instinctual, I now know that even though I am not aware of all of the implications of my acts, I know by heart and head that I followed such says or advices as I would have devices or instructions, and that it was definitely for the worse because my soul still cry of anger, refusal, frustration and confusion. But first, fist, and fierce, and foremost she is lamented not by feeling by the crimes that do not allow redemption.

All cultures are equal because the definition of a culture is how to search for god or good. And we have all failed.
At it.
Attic. Ceiling not skies cite, its, ist, inset, site. Ciel. Chill.
Silence. Coal. Seal.


The reality of free will, is to comprehend that though I tried to listen to and obey higher instances and understanding than me or at least than me alone; my peers, strangers, neighbours, experts, wise, experienced as well as my deepest meanings, hopes, dreams, and instincts, or thought that were instinctual, I now know that even though I am not aware of all of the implications of my acts, I know by heart and head that I followed such says or advices as I would have devices or instructions, and that it was definitely for the worse because my soul still cry of anger, refusal, frustration and confusion. But first, fist, and fierce, and foremost she is lamented not by feeling by the crimes that do not allow redemption.

C.ET:Within that types of discourses, where health might become a way of adbancing political agenda, enriching certain people and institutions to the detriment of others, as develop goes hand in hand with vandalism on older object or unfashionable ways and the lethally threating pollution. Somewhat a person attends for what she will bring of health to her community, economic potential, to a community that would and have used her life for the same effect as a prostitute. In this framework of ideas the individual still belongs to the community who is asked to bring her health in order to be able to have better reconduction, or production rate. Of course it is certainly a way to explain why prostitution is bad and counter effective, ultimately damaging individuals and society, but to explain it only and to justifying only as a worse investment on return is bordering infantilisation of the people one is addressing, as well as being completely oblivious of how other ways of life- risks taking, politisation, pionnerism, invention, exploration, resurgence, insurgence, polyvalence, beyond data. Yet again the stigmatisation of prostitution serving the mainstream society into they are above questioning, because they are more healthy?

C.ET: a means to an end theorisation all over the literature and put forward by the unicef itself, that is of utmost concern. Following the cosmopolitan view that we might not reach an agreement because we agree on the causes but on the outcomes. Here the socially raped and imprisoned in socio economic role and prostitution is still the object of instrumentalisation, view as a data, a way of basic health not overall stances of the how exploitation and sexual exploitation is done, not mention of the level of atrocities taken place. A taboo on the state of our society, displacement of the subject on how come this type of violations co-occurs with wealth and a more modernised, efficient, elaborated world, that allow have and have-nots and could start counting prostitution as work, children as robotisation via foetus modification, organs trade a stock exchange activities

Just like explained in the first chapter of this essay, though holistic approaches are necessary to prevent abuses the fact that donors and actions deal with all ranges of child exploitation covering labor, physical violences etc, diminish clear and sustained program specificially on sexual exploitation or sexual abuses to take place. We also have seen that added to the confusion on how to define and target precisely those abuse, the sense of its being particularly horrendous, and the sense of its gravity, and with it the appropriateness of sanctions and the emergency of such situations, all of them have been affected and people are left in inaction or without the necessary tools.
No mercy, emergency.

All cultures are equal because the definition of a culture is how to search for god or good. And we have all failed.
At it.
Attic. Ceiling not skies cite, its, ist, inset, site. Ciel. Chill.
Silence. Coal. Seal.

Maybe to try to find the beginning, is to say i ll find god, which is made pretty impossible the moment you beg the question.

Theorist very more and more afraid of the practise, as they brought them far from their field and impatience make them do bad things.
Or not to be able to solve the way they had created it or envisage it in the previous scheme.

Some despair the size of touching life and death disputation, boundaries and abandon, drives the body to the bridge of its wooed, won breakage. So if is the body, what is going on with the spirit.

Am me that stop being there, that stop speaking with these people that ain’t my church or things like this, after my comedy finishing in a errors bigger than hers, that was I thought were, just having to nod at I could do nothing without a network that would have helped me. Or the next life beneficiary.
Not wanting to speak with meat eating people, and finishing not being able to do this little rescue on my own. So much so that I became viper, despair.

Animal rescues.
They are stories that draw tears. But another facet are these stories of pseudo rescues when the pet is trusting again, a human attention before being put down. Illustrating, our half way living.
Never do that, please never put them down, or you will realise that with them more than a part but finally you are dying.

Host, haunted.
Hostile, ostie,  is not about taking a body, but share the life, like one has to share one’s table. A not the table he should have if he had the success of the man seeking money, but the table of the one that fought for life, till he never abandon anyone.

To look for signs in nature, mind we are nowhere but in nature, so good luck to us, since we killed and belittled her a lot.
To look for look in nature, means in the first place that nature is supposed to create shape intended to us, or intended to our understanding. Why nature would not communicate forms we do not know, and then cannot recognise just like this, why is it supposed to give us a reading that is easy, without having deserved it, by serving her, and know her enough that she can entrust us with some of her living? Why, because on top we pretend not to understand or give a damn about others’ of her creation languages and all of the sudden she would make one for us to be in the light of her love and care.

When the victim is a child, they cannot really comprehend the damages, the horrors, the subsequent disability or instability, suffering, violations will cause.
It might take them to grow adults and witness other lifes, or to live a whole life as adults before realising how much, and how profoundly their being have been altered. Often by the simple fact an individual will put all their energy into readjusting, and sometimes readjusting to situations their initial carers made sure they would not fully understand or in fact know at all.
Typical, to make someone illiterate with the aim of having to read, will take off 10 years of an adult life down the path, because this has not been done when the victim was a child.
Also illiteracy for example might be used as a way the kids are not in sync with other kids anylonger, and spend too much time learning what they did not in childhood, while it is not anylonger what their peers are about, to forget, to dismiss what has kept them behind – illiteracy yes but what about other violations?

And cult.

On copyrights who would mind that people post modern post mortem do not get your first name right or mistake you for another one. To write and ‘create’ for the sake of time and space, comprehension and elevation. To elongate your link and sink not without a trail. Are not faithfull writers who hide information through fear of being copied, are not writers at all.
Faithfull, or faith in lust. No loss for the feral, fierce, fear world.
Faith lull.
Or of the myths a cool recollection, making personal achievement too impossible for their followers to seriously trying, collection of what have been done by several serious warriors instead of one being given all the attributions. Just like the wealth without elegant fair, fairy, redistribution.
At least for some.


The fact that we spend most of the time fearing for humanity, others, fearing of others, and disgracing not nature, but disgracing ourselves taking it on nature, destroying it or preserving it just for consumption and future mutilation, beside the fact that we will dearly pay, also unelegantly and above all unwisely blow on your face every om moment of the day that we have got an ego problem the size of a towel.

In intelligence, when one does not manage to comprehend at once, they have then to break it down; it is at this occasion an access to other realisations, path, and concoctions.

One needs to know every myth to feel one with not nature only but the universe. The elements bercent, berceau, rock and cradle our loneliness, homme seule.
Seule, solo, lone.

Sea, Seal soul.

Of our intellect, so distraught when it stops to co-contemplate. of what he has (for) reflect.

Radeau, raid, craft. Raft.

Lent ,cent, scent,

Hijo, son.

But even the aster could (may) not manage to summon wisdom and love enough to realise sooner than later that love at her turn she could betray, refute, and throw in the air.

No one would feel the meaning of sacrifice, if we talk to the moon as a way. As life but not to condescension but ascension.

:              The right to property, or of now growth and damned prosperity, in fact very much in diapason with land disputes.
Sin. Son.

Sociology and human rights: confrontations, evasions
and new engagements
Patricia Hynesa
, Michele Lambb, Damien Shortc and Matthew Waitesd
the need for sociologists to
find a universal normative foundation for their approach perhaps leads to a narrowing of
the scope of investigation               815.

C.ET:    or the seeking for universality would bring us to research up to the atomic to be brought to its simple diversity.
To be brought to his knees, knot, or humility. To its demise, or to their avow that they ain’t so unique, one. The omen of the unbreakable, brakeable, the mystery of the anonymity.
Exquisite, exclusivity.

Pi,              like,              n.
Like you, Nina.
Philosophy and its part.
Pie and eternity.

To search for longetivity, with the turning point of searching for eternity, or imperishibality.

Cannibal, carnal.

Perish, parish.

‘The association of human rights with universal
and foundational claims about humanity means they can appear to exist independent
of social foundations, and indeed beyond the realm of social reality(Hynes et al, 2010).

C.ET:         premises that human is superior and not a part of something, that would be functionalist by the way.
Refuting that society is the fruit of humanity but anyhow humans the fruit of the universe. Would it b too cosmic, or would it lay fundations for more than communal care but also for rights and duty much at the center of controversies such as environmental rights. If humans would be recognised as being a part of the universe, then resources could then stop being considered as being at the society’s entire disposition, and this consensus on resources being at the right of human consumption, itself at the center of human peace though lined with human race = racing to resources and sovereignty.

Or the seeking for universality would bring us to research up to the atomic to be brought to its simple diversity.
To be brought to his knees, knot, or humility. To its demise, or to their avow that they ain’t so unique, one. The omen of the unbreakable, brakeable, the mystery of the anonymity.
Exquisite, exclusivity.

The only way for nature to have permitted humans to destroy hers, is that human will ultimately invent either their own extermination or their own way of becoming hybrids again, that will the reinsertion of wild animal genes, or animals but just having to destroy the sheer stupidity and dishonesty that animates human to consider itself otherwise, not unique but morons.

I knew I lived for her, giving her all my moments of inspirations, almost of all what was motions. But this because I did not witness her trahison, treason, reason, even though I knew she left me, for something, someone that was not me, probably despised me, but anyhow I would kill for anysing, sing, sign of any comprehension, understanding, any pity.
So what was I really?
Sign son, sing song.

My sould had been so tormented, that surely love waited for met, for me, the channel, to be mature enough to denounce you to the police of the gods.
Love in the waiting.
Entrance, of death by dance.
Me, met.

Child marriage, rapes….
C.ET:           and of course it is in those countries homosexuality is depict as vile because one fucking sure thing is that if homo are like hetero, it would be a duplicate of hell very soon. It is why the homos, just like the muslims that fight arranged marriage and all that is unholy in their countries, the homos should make sure that kids are protected. Because becoming like the mainstream story is too dangerous, they keep on proving it.

To cut the chase cultures say that they respect each other because they want to eat each other. Stay where you are there will be war, we are disrespectful of everything, kiddos and all, and who will be able to nourish population in a while anyway, but for the moment they are just all to busy doing and redoing their homes every 6 years to look like if they were developed, the mafia will price the market and who and how you will be able to stay put in your quarter, the mafia will also say.

For the hope to go through, pass, and passed world, to go on strong enough to be heard by some, one must find and honor love.

Explaining that light comes from an atomic explosion.
An explosion.

If atoms could not be divided, reduced to sub-atomic elements, they could have been duplicated within anti-matters theory.

Unique antic attic  drastic, desist, deistic,

Intimated-ly intimately 

Mon amour,
Do you want me to call you mon maour? Ame-our.
Amen. Ame = soul in French, Latin.
Manor, mane, manure, armour, honour.
Homer, Mansour, sour, sure, islam, Siam,
Si ame.
If soul. Is lamb, or land.
Lane. Sane. Vain. Vein. Cane.

That anyhow in term of time and space, thoughts must be travelling faster than light itself. Less fast though than pour, pure intuition.
Intra not infra construction.

Intimatedly intimately 



I think a good doc on possible other environmental problem. We had man centric, anthropomorphism, anthropomorphous... and this entirely man-made. But who will be able to unmade, no redemption has not this function. Or perhaps, let's hope and pray. But not for the sinner. Let’s hope we did not actually killed what we have killed and that repentance, might revive them, here is the deal. As for the killer, salvation is to embellish hell.
And perhaps the cycle of life will not encircle us for eternity. For humanity.

God all-powerful, a possible reality, within their world. The all-powerful idea of being able to tend, to reach out to this goal: the one of perfection and love.
And also the daily defeat of not being able to stop indulging, to redeem say of oneself that we are nothing, and stop trying to do something purer than the day beginning by the end is no more than death by living.
All powerful in something.
Where, everywhere, in us including.

In every being.

The dom, demonization also coming from being fed up, with being human. In a sense of their restrictions or in the sense that their organisation is simply or aiming at our true skills and seeking or to those of others, animal, environment, spirituals. Or altogether ogre.

The ‘sacralisation of human rights’ could in practise result in the one of the private person, leaving the staff or other person not here mentioned, doing what sacralisation implied: adoration. The very old complaint since human rights as a notion appears, is that rights are becoming obnoxious if only one person is helped or protected by them, or if only a part of them is observed, and respected. Over-growth, under-growth.

Universal rights are repelled because they are the clear proof that one cannot even once build a society on the robbed or robbing privileges that the same defends so dearly.

The key to eternity is to stop killing. The moment you touch to environment is it the equivalent of the paradise crumbling.
For our soul, or the sake of it all. Maybe it is that hell, knowing that you killed yourself into a damned. In the abyssal of the old age.

In that Islam took back Christian myths and whereby prolonged them.

To explain why universal primary school is not met and how to stop that situation from occurring.
It is very informative at the same time it does not sound like they would improve education in itself it is more a program on privatization I feel.


I would suggest that people for prostitution, then prostitute themselves in guise of a ‘solution’.

Empowerment of expression stops when threats to disclosure approach.
What about it?              What has really been done. One constatation, even in school which are the only massive serious tool against it provided universal education is actually provided, which is not always the case even in countries that pledged it or in countries where denominational or private schools would like by magic being not concerned or could try to wriggle out of it , there are no traces of tools against scourge of incests, sexual exploitation or even the notion of any sorts of abuses. 

Act of conscience work only to redress wrong, and dressing obstacles to homosexual marriages cannot be. Simply because man or woman have the same rights: namely to marry a man or a woman.

Otherwise is to try people live slave to one’s own strategy.

Typical of a forum like linked, no I cannot even talk privately to a commentator saying something about the conversations, since my comments are being blocked by the administrators first place. Anyhow I would hesitate to write for them, because your posts could appear and then been deleted at leisure after, linked is not in a right state.
I think it is usual linked situation you are talking to someone who shapes the conversation and this one wants you in an inferior position. At least he did not delete your posts, yours is super writing, maybe go elsewhere, people the side of justice do not read those kind of posts where you have to hear false and flax bigotry all other again, it is so tangent that people this way just try to disaggregate what is left of common sense allied with honesty. Those conversations the fruit of their administrators should be not reported but treated as spam really. Do not bother reading them. Sap map. Shape by a fake.

instead it is derived from the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment in that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws and places limitations on state and federal governments from denying equal protection of the laws. The right to marry is a fundamental constitutional liberty (Loving vs. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967).

Immigration or force immigration, Hispanic and black to Brazil, while indigenous mostly killed.
Or wiped out in Cuba.
Ralph Newmark          La Trobe University

 Indigenous genocides as we do the forests.


                       Vers,                the poetic of form.
                       Vers in French = towards, and verse.

I think you should allow sponsorship. A journal is good. It is scholarly.       That the donors might be able to connect and have a look at what the kid is doing. His daily life and school life, his interest with his own words etc. 

It is not privatisation that, it is to have a glimpse of what we can do while patching up what has been eroded, torn, robbed, worn, and throw.
By states, individuals and civil society cofounded.

A journal is good. It is scholarly.

Anything true, a picture, and a pupil that tells n write about what he does during her day, from morning to evening, weekend and also the account of her scolarity, does not have to be long. Leave it to your former or present pupil. Or the little guys you try to keep at school. 
It is for them, also it makes the kids recognise we helped, that we needed to help, even though we failed, for them to be ready to help at their turn. 

The long arms we have got to remind on much we have crawled.

The hoc, holocaust, the end of the world?
Easy it is human-like, human made from what they do and preach.
When prayer is about eating the paradise given by angels only crying for what has happened and done to them.

Naive. Nave, Navity.

Bule, bull. Boule.

Earth, blue, boule = ball.

Traditionally coming also from puritanism.

When watching, looking at a picture of a wild landscape or rather wild landscape and wondering about its history, the events it has seen, like a stone, like a tree.

Astound, amazed, astoned,         hound.
A stand,
Outstand, understand.

The love you give to your angel.
Maybe the romantic love or part of the romantic love you gave.
A way,

You know as a gay person, my people lived as you should die, die spiritually, die physically, die financially, die in prison, die hanged, die in horror, die in error, die alone facing hell of a world devoid of anything close to conjugal love, die to relationship, die untouched, die raped, die in nostalgia, that we lead you to the cold, death compared to a live without passion is just coldy, not ice, underground asphyxia.
And that’s too obvious, we go on.
Die reaped,

You know Ashley gays get hanged in some countries without mentioning how one could rather be lifeless than live without one's mutually chosen companion’s love and attention. But I guess this could shock some of people’s pretension or personification. So, as far as I am concerned so forth so much for the inflammatory. I guess you are bending (posh, liberal, or retarded way: they say: reacting) to some complaints. 
It is not inflammation or inflation but put someone on fire kind of debatory. 

So much for the inflammatory.

Why people don’t debate it, or rather don’t protect it? Example human rights at the international level?
Maybe because every country are some to sell. 

Maybe because every country has got some to sell. 

You know gays get hanged in some countries without mentioning how one could rather be lifeless than live without one's mutually chosen companion’s love and attention. But I know this could shock some of people’s pretension: sound a too good bargain to some morecomedie humaine. The lying shit. Lie is the subject. like the red quarters they’ d like to create and promise to their slaves. 

Still I have a second answer for you. When I checked last year the subject for this module, the essay number 8 or whatever it was, there was one, was a subject on LGBT issues. Maybe it is right here, on these sites. That the most vulnerable populations has been evicted, not easy for the country that castrated a WWll war hero for being homosexual, talking about the UK. Just as an anecdote in the face of the grandor of the abuses of the everyday people, not rich enough to pay themselves a shelter that won’t ruin them or what is left of their sparing in the londonian guetthos, but still a good one. You see I wanted to sign out because it would have been the first essay I could do on LGBT after 4 years of human rights study, gender I did this already, kinda

Solley sole.
Sorry soul.



I tried to run a campaign, but it does not seem to manage to quite ring the bell:
If you could sign it or at least read about this dire reality, at your doorsteps.
The UK is notorious to be one of the worst countries in Europe regarding the rate of the children they leave under the poverty line (meaning poor nutrition, education, prospects, care          despite millions spent on case-by-case individuals) really? Really. I don’t know I never manage to resolve this charade psychologically, or it is the state and the private sphere altogether puncturing all that they can get, to produce misery? That’s politically.
Havre for FGM, women trafficking, grooming, and grooming of kids given to the social services just doing nothing but expecting their pupils to round up their allowances by street means (you think they get educated. The one send to college in some residential homes are the success story, ready to got rid and offer the housing to some other kiddos they won’t have to talked to, except for make-up and nintendoes) regional borders could rapidly become like the even more notorious women trafficking near Russia borders. A good thing they don’t have to look at some of the Europeans standards these people.
Complain on religious grounds, pround eh heirs of catholic support for all priests, anathema for the one who would wonder, and the country that allowed PIE up to the mid-80’s.
The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a British pro-paedophile activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984.[1] They were described by the BBC in 2007 as "an international organisation of people who trade obscene material."[2]
Please feel free to go beyond the WIKI description.

But if feminist can decide global sex trade is good, then they should give it a go themselves. As long as someone as a paying job, benevolent for the rest of the individuals in their own rights then I would think prostitution would become obsolete, as long as you leave people choosing their relation and marriage type, not in banning homos to live normally that is to say.
Don’t worry for people like me, I would rather the death penalty than living without trying for a life, a wife, a girl-friend if no life-long affinities.
And for those who said that gays could live like heteros, and that you nod, one you nod in knowing? Yes I think you know how society might be cru, curbing. Personally I mean, on these issues?
But as well, we nod at it envisaging a life without books, without passion, without a voice, in a constant state of fear, and relativism, constant breach of personal freedom, silence, a war-like psycho poshy scene. With only the eternal.
And then? Just some like soldiers, just like some Jihadies, we would go with in head, in thought, the wife, we fight for.
Fight for? But of course not when one assert themselves to be the moral stamp of this modernity.
Cf above.
Debating with thousands in the pocket, and with these results (your poverty line and housing market, your NHS going bankrupt, or not rupture but bank route, your sharia law replacing the common one that dismissed even its public places) for underestimate.
You know people will need laws, they will need communities, it is the grooming like that. Some people would give everything to be part of a group of people, and some people at term, at length and at will, will have only this. To give the body for what they have been produced, and kept. To be raped from their own life. From and out of existence itself. Be their souls have their redeem, a revenge that it is like god, no one will be able to describe in full of its tiniest fractions.     Like in India, and like everywhere prostitution has been controlled by religious organisations or else, to finish like designated by birth or by divination: a caste, as in castration, a breed.
New breed, the one of the feminist then?

What is beautiful in nature, is that one will find oneself unbearably fat, just, the day before losing weight- or the like.
Inspect, introspect.

To feel like playing video games, just to sense oneself riding a horse, be in nature, rising in term.

I’d like to say that I am a rather extensive writer and quite the same as a reader. Working with Microsoft, from times to times my all screen become blue in the middle of an operation, the only procedure I found to find my normal screen back is to click onto the button ‘undo’. I done that again and again for months on end, and since I write a lot, my way of doing so is to concentrate on the moment of writing without reading it again. I had to introduce my work this way, if not to explain them all, to tell you why in certain place it will be missing words…as I thought settling the problem with the undo button coming back to the screen, but while it was coming back to it, it erased, eliminate my last operation too, when the poison did not remove my whole text to cry in front of you.


Everyone should be allowed to be a accompanied of their pet at all times.
But problem is the world is a bunch of perverted sissi. Company.
Taking the heterosexist trend, finding that revolting, well them.

Everyone should be allowed to be a accompanied of their pet at all times.

 In Le Morte D’Arthur this king receives Excalibur three times. Once from the stone, once from the unidentified Lady of the Lake and once in a battle from Nyneve.

Excalibur received 3 times by Arthur would reveal not a magical sword, but 3 times the magic revealing itself onto the sword. These moments were forces and strength are unearthed from what we thought we were, or we thought we hold or heard.

Of course, figues, fugues and figures. They have meaning and orders that we acknowledge or that we can’t tell since with thinness of spirit and thickness of grandiloquence ill-spared we are pale.

And to know that one, two of them, just enough to trace destiny and fate, the why we are not so much as insane.

To be perplexed when people marvel at how humans are so similar genetically, because one may well be suspicious at how that happens.
That in fact what humans see about them being similar was what spur or spun, ‘push’ them or ‘legitimate’ them into killing, genociding other peoples or people.
Ill like they don’t even question themselves doing to other species.
Animals. Malevo malvolio.
Evil will.

In a life, to be delivered, to be free, from living, as I know as clear as sky, as clean as water from the montains that will never be seen, that the day I die, my body agrees, accords just like all books that took for me the scene, that my soul, and my mind, my love, and my will, then goes to you, just like the swan to the cid, to the cygn.

Green, grill.

The siren Melusina”
Melusine is one of the pre-Christian water-faeries[citation needed] who were sometimes responsible for changelings. The "Lady of the Lake", who spirited away the infant Lancelot and raised the child, was such a water nymph
The three girls — Melusine, Melior, and Palatyne — grew up in Avalon. 
Their harmony was uninterrupted until the prying husband broke the conditions of their union, by concealing himself to behold his wife make use of her enchanted bath. Hardly had Melusina discovered the indiscreet intruder, than, transforming herself into a dragon, she departed with a loud yell of lamentation, and was never again visible to mortal eyes.

Morgen (mythological creature)

The ruler of Avalon is referred to as "Morgen".[2]
Morgens, morgans or mari-morgans are Welsh and Breton water spirits that drown men. They may lure men to their death by their own sylphic beauty, or with glimpses of underwater gardens with buildings of gold or crystal. 

:           morte, gene.
Gene = to be hampered by shame, self-awareness, orrestrictions of any kinds.
Mort, gain.
Mort, gagne = win in French.

Competing universal, being striving for liberty and absolu or dying or wish they could be. Even absolu in being tranquille, but not one phoney.

In fact, as for peacekeeping, if peacekeepers get involved in prostitution, etc, it is certainly better for a nation to pretend their soldiers are not better than outlaws or some armed groups, in keeping them all men, than to draw females into the game. Then we, the army would resemble more what it is originally, a representation, an armed representation of a country on a foreign land. That is if one army was perceived as being that: the armed wing of a nation, and that they were going on perpetrating rapes, prostitutions, etc., then what would become of the retaliations??

If one could afford to pay for their own prostitution, what the world would become? Ready to be taken away.

Without arts, human is nothing.
Without sciences, human is nothing.
Without politics, human is nothing.
Without religions, human is nothing.

So one can be sure other animals, any other animals share these, those, all of it, further up or further down the pond.

Disillusion, lesion, luir,     =     light,
= a false light, or at least one that won’t give you way.


Athena is the wisdom goddess but me i believe in ancient religion. I mean just like other religions thy are part of what humans could fathom. 

As I write I concur that the skill, mental skill and intellectual, spiritual no doubt that I had to perform, endure or indeed find and follow is to manage to be near the abyss serpenting around me without fearing, stopping, going or jumping. To accept that empty place, just the size of a life that tries to seek herself, knowing that it has failed so many times, knowing that it cannot be too proud and too reassured about the paths it, they take.
To be in its company without turning one’s back, and not without thinking of not too much agitation for a loon looking at it without it to seem decrepit or me the empty reincarnation. Or maybe. Why not this emptiness orning, ornamenting itself from me, me and my belongings, me as its belonging, yes, wei, staling, stealing me, sheathing into my house, to my home of comprehension.

Upon, Top, epic, ice, accept, hippie, hypo, hippique

Universal topic.


Universal topic.

Art, tra.

British Petroleum’s largest settlement in US history.
C.ET: a comparison. poor coma comparison.
At last crime against the environment will cost. towards?

Sorcerers I in a world of int- in-between. The mixing fo of 2, not entire but coalescent, or melting.

Bet, ew, wean.

Gene, in French shame or snow.

Enneige, snow, under-snow. Slow.

Jade, jadeite,
J’ai, j’aide.


Caen, kaolin.
Cell, vessel.
Terra cota.
At co, a cote.       Cote = side.                Cot. Token.

The first humans may not have felt the desire of writing or drawing because those are plenty, making nature. Their observations and communications to and towards them are enough for creation.
Or the actions was concentrated on immediate art with satisfaction of being the druids and barbs of the stone age in just making syllables that we share with other species and the noise around that of course came inside and came from inside.
Of a world that inspires, of a world of abundance, that were free, free from human ambiance, reign, and ignorance. Of a world in the making, of a world that were speaking. To ears that had to listened not ours that can’t hear a thing.

Forgive my arrogance, when it too vile and violent becomes.
I cry I don’t write, and I don’t write well, well, stoned.
No proof, probe.

Propel problem.
Emblem, blem, lem, lame. Prowl.

Au lit = same pronunciation than holy =in bed in French!

Historically those who practised censorship to after claim they are the civilised.

There are subjects I think about after writing trying to transcript and redescribe what I would say on second thought or first time rp processing.
But those one, the one I died for no. if it is ill written in the sense that I can find something clearer to my own thought or to the comprehension or to the general ideas, then I will write again not rewrite it. Because they are my tombs, my fall.
Infallible. They are my ghosts and companion, my campaign and diversion.

I have been killed by you sentimentally, romantically,
Without you I am dead spiritually,
But then there is no without you.
You are even when gone, not here, or not willing to be with me.



C.ET:        mention of the ‘german Hartsburg/ottoman ‘alliance.
Germanic       Turkish.

Seve = sap in French or latin.
Even, ever.

Women a problem in an army as soldiers would spend their time protecting them??
Army competitive place, also in case of genuine heterosexuality approach, if groups of soldiers in cohesion it is only normal that they care about each other. Plan according to equally survive attacks, individuals and groups in a long-term setting. Not authorising sacrifice for the comfort of operations but preserving all man.    Friendly fires.

Masculinity put onto certain males or females in order them to produce sacrificial acts in being front line or securing lifes of colleagues over his own while rest of the group put him at risk.

Not laying down rules, that one can challenges and whose applications or implication will be, according to mutual respect and opportunities, not profiteering because of course amateurism is not permitted (commuted) in the sense that one has to be committed to ensure (pallid) application and active criticism: more, much more than values, but informed decisions, (still what information, available?? Quantifiable?) :                      proof that the UN are not or would not be commanded by principles and in the interest of all populations, but by its selected staffs.

C.ET:         already the results of victimisation and categorisation, structures of power that enable victims. Also, to be noted that victims of rapes might be victims of men and women, for example victims of women inciting men to perpetrate it on others.

In addition, his stance could in fact hid a political agenda of the main power, just wanting to reinforcing the gap between individuals in allowing more women to have prerogatives that in fact would allow them to abuse their position of power. To be equal to men regarding their possibility of abusing power and not stopping individuals, men prioritarily in this example, who are given by the system the opportunities to abuse others.

Question of rights, incompletely addressed, power unbalanced multiplied by women and men accessing to the same undue priviledges.

I think of you, n can hear you every day, alo, almost every single day, of my life quil qui le suit, je nie le nie, je le ne lis. Nuit. Nymphe,

Fiacre,            and the horses that fired my passion, alight, and devouring, devoir, devoting, no destiny. And serve me right for the perjure. Je m’enflamme mais ne dure. A fire that cannot last, but the air now keep its warmth. And that would not be so loud and full of cruelty if the fire had been from the mother from where we are both born, that is if it was not her decimated, a matricide energy.

Gendered differences. Sex differences.
 The way they are said to be, the template enabling to demand specific tasks out of them. Like if they wwwwere facilities, the same like that one treats a cattle, not because they are other species but because it is another kind of farming, obeying rule of market, prioritising we want to eat meat over the lives of creatures one will be paid to feed in order to kill them. No more organised possible killings.

Flamme,         fl         ame = soul

Soul, solu = solution or soluble,      

To be able to live thousands more years, and not to know good and evil for that, to avoid the fall, from autumn to summer.
These books tah that ties tries tried to store a consummated wisdom for from times where they may have been able to read the fables and fight for the liberties they gave, and the depiction of their horrors.

Population, inhabitant, and employment. Rehab.
C.ET:    could the ethnographic, parm parameters enter traditional one because of it to fore force women to desire the males gone out of the territory, then putting pressure on exile, migration and wider trade, be it under the forms of collaborative, peaceful networkings and forceful invasions.
Pressure that may exert males to enforce females to ask for their, the et territory as such expension.

Et theory, rite.
territory,          etre = to be in French Or being.

Pharm parameters farm parameters, pram.
Every meter.

C.ET:          or at least this type of captivity, because aren’t we all captive.
I would not oppose a certain type or certain measure of captivity, as for the protection of species, but also in order to cu communicate. Communication while wio wild, however it is primordial for the wilderness to be prser preserve for instinct and other aa awareness,
Also I guess that captivity would have been stopped when it is not in the aim of communication between and inter, intra se speciies.
To specifiy, people against other s to compare their relations to animals with the ones they secure with human beings might be for
-        Avoiding people treating humans like they are lawfully treated animals.
-        But also the ones that denies the closeness of the experience, conditons and expression between species, and of course ultimately within.

Capit0 captivity
Captivate, enthral, ravish,

Courage, rage, couroux = anger in French.
                                                  Captor, vite = speed, in French.
Spy, species, space, speech, speed.

Pact, capacity, captivity.

Posthumous Posthumous  pose, thumb.                         Thum, fume, tum, toum, tomb,       Spouse.

Betraying the value of work.
Like these society where people wait for it to be on a tray.
Astray, attraction.

A man that could not stop the war, ince since, it was it alone, in that society that allowed you to ride.
For the love of equids.

The fascination of the ancient Egyptians for mummifications, a religious ceremony attesting of this doing so for the safety of the dead one, covered the needs and curiosity for anatomy, experiments, conservations.
Coroners’ corn coronation.

TO build pyramids to resist being covered by sand, as a firehouse, a lighthouse to made inroads and see where the towns are, or to repel vegetation at the other places, palaces and temples altar.
Aster, insofar

Not race but origin.


Here I would think that the oldest profession is the one of politician. It is, it was, easy to go on protecting the things that makes people weaker, because they will benefit from the people that exploit these very same person. 
For people who think that it is a profession, and the ones that use their services, then they should go on applying. But usually positions changes when it comes to what Rawls made us think about:        what if it was me?
Feminists talked about a glamorisation of prostitution, to make it appear worth or romanticised. 
I won’t say one think because the web is full of intellectuals having done their jobs and explaining the horrors of what prostitution really mean.
I also think that it is still valid within a heterosexist system where males for example are exhorted having sex, but not between themselves, and women are told that if they want a job it will be a reproductive one. It is often that women will tell you I would rather this than to be into a bad relationship. But more often what can I do. Is it these same feminists that say that we need prostitution? Then they could take the job, even on a voluntary basis if it is so welcome to the improvement.
It is just the way we see work and consumption, a claim on calamity. And a world where no one has to work or has to claim results, because nothing will be changed, not an atrocity.

We are having this kind of pretended discussion on the society just because, out of forgetting that we are not civilised. And that this kind of discussions is maintained on a regular basis by paid academics makes it highly dubious, otherwise violent and worrying.

As the oldest profession as pseudo journalism/reporting, could that be? The one of facilitators and false witnesses sell bodies.
the only think that a feminist would say, with much caution, is that in many cases, in almost all cases, women whose earning depend on being paid to give their consent to have sex, might be when one discount people under the dependence of drugs, with mental diseases and social and mental difficulties because no one can be undamaged when one has been tortured into this. and will on top of it has to face, good old workers that will, ore, more often less openly that people being paid to write on it, will say that red quarters are of primordial necessity and somewhat unique: that is that the poor woman in it can well stay there, but moreover can well go back. That is never be employed as a staff, whatever in the legal or not sector. In the industrial or home-house-work sector. with having to face university teachers or social workers reaffirming that you know it is how things goes, and that sometimes it is well deserved or the nature of the woman caught in it. With certainly women having to say that it is their choice to avoid retribution, as they cannot even go to tribunals or even to the police safely. because of false allegations? Because red quarters are opened without no one intervening in it. And of people being for their legalisation because there is nothing one can do against nothing. As a comment it is better that you believe you ve got specific mental illness when you end up into prostitution and the one reaction you ve got is the one from another person, educated, with a well-paid job, well paid we don't know for what, or nothing to do with what it brings to the larger community and that will answer, it is just like that, just as an euphemism of their thought or political assumptions for themselves to be able, or allowed to go on without .... having to fight, having to pay??

the only think that a feminist would say, IS THAT we don’t know how to get out of this, and that on top of being mentally, intellectually, exploited to one cannot more to the core, that one will slip beyond life and it sanity, the crows will attest on it one day. While they are being killed and, only tolerated maybe because they are enlisted to be tortured under the forms of simplistic and working sexual harassments, then the forced migrants like some would please themselves to say and others are put into what has been called ‘bondage’. That whatever is paid for them being tricked and detained, is not going towards their being richer, and able to go, but towards their ‘wardens’, the mafia and the police and other tolerating this. It is what, where the boundaries between a serf and a slave are. Though it cannot apply to prostitution because prostitution is about degradation. For a family, for a child, for studies, for a house: don’t think you can pay. Don’t think you can ever say.

Including the one of having to pay or being paid to engage into sexual, intimate or loving relationship.
It is the instrumentalisation of work, to have stolen people of what is dear in life, and make them pay for the horrors, hopelessness and destructed, destroying sadness it operates.
It is prostitution.

Trafficking, already we do it with merchandises, killing willingly the planet, and calling for growth, and logically here the politics on human individuals, people and populations. 
Ever changing methods, and cultured voice. 

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