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JUNO: Chapter I Des bonbons, abandon (bis)

JUNO: Chapter I
Des bonbons, abandon (bis)

J’une, j’ LA

Judy, jeudi


As for the referendum splitting Europe with the UK, I am sure that after 2 lamentable term run by a pm such as D. Cameroon it is the sole trick this twat, in charge with how a manager knowing nothing from oxford district could do quite well considerately.
You know why the referendum after so two pitiful term, just at the end of his mandate, when I caught myself begging for him to stop taling talking about Scotland, fearing the Scots will have to leave, treating everybody like its boys, like if everyone’s life had been so simpleton but easy?
Because it will be remembered. A referendum is what makes and unmake history, it is what the General De Gaulle did after violent mass demonstrations against him. It is something that will stay in history, something that will come up so often in quizzes.
Cameroon him trow that question about years and years of his week and week after weak, deomo demonstration on how pathetic the English people had to be to let his political head interfere in state matters like if it was another company, ready to go, to downsell damsel, to outsource, and above all transpiring with dishonesty, with so flimsy worries and themes that if we were to broadcast of this PM talked to his people it would be in fact dangerous for the UK. Without any serious, with so little important matter and deeper discussion in hand that the best he (not could have done) but deign doing was a discourse on the emergency on some floods happening in the country. We don’t need a head to that, there are hundreds of should well-serving MP.
Pathetic, pathologic, and servile, because when one accepts.

Western and inquisition, 1600, under the most French liked king.

Creator in Egyptian mythology = Atoum.
Latin Odin .
A tome.

One destroys what people had of history by destroying the incentives the others have to study it. Their arts and technology, biology, or at least their arts, their stories.
Or the civilisations destroy themselves killing it.
Arts, justice and salvage, discovery. Leave nature teaching what is unseeed, unseen, esa, escaping poor humanity blinded, usurpating category.

Sue, science. Scur, rescue.
Unconscienced has been coined by Freud. A last century concept.
So what.
What is then all that is around matter, illusion and what we sense of it.
Our ways of saying, seeing that animals are inferior. While we manage to know nothing about the strength that are around. Maybe excg exca extract, exchange some ideas and account, numerisation and coloration, but after what. The neant.
Human, a fraud.

Unconscientious, and consent.

In some catholic interpretation, Satan is the devil as it is an angel that do not want to serve humanity.
As their main reference? As the man at the image of a god.
As pretentious as the real thing.

How Christianity is the peluptieme (empty mode) of epitome of chr,        liberalism and capitalism. The forced adulation.

Chi, Christianism like many other religions seek faith not in god, but in that they are the image of it.

The di, devil is said to be able to change its forms, and therefore the sa snake is just one that has influenced, biased the human judgments.
Maybe th goat has been taken so often, as people with the lambs, were to move in the mountains. Were free and alone.

Just like horrid plagues could have come to make humans realise they are not on their earth, to stop the plundering.

To think one has yield, even oneself could be yielding to a devil’s pact, when there is none coming.

The desire or the necessity to bring back animal strength, intelligence, capacity, to fight against the cold or any human or other adversities.
A captivity.

Acculer, in French

Anti-christ is always represented as being male, what misogyny grotesque.

And could that be then, through the writing of a leader, that what is called the anti-christ could remain.
Post-moderne, post-mot- mortem.

Mot = maux = word and homonym of pain, in French.

When people announced or rather Christians, since their reference is biblical, that god did everything for us to take and eat, then the anti-christ (against god?- against good?) does not need a now and then, it is there from the very moment man thinks he is superior, of a better value, worth the death of what is in paradise or in its surroundings, or whatever man knows, practically to this year, earth, and any of what could be flo, following.

Also when people say that the anti-christ says of themselves, they are god, I guess that in Christian therm, it means that they say it is the same line of Christ, the equal, perhaps?? As a proof of fraternity and equality before God,
not Christ.

Maybe what differentiate Jesus from other human beings after resurrection, is the fact that he has been judged. i.e that he had seen this error and errs.

I admit that the vatican 'has to be' the target of terrorism, just a bomb like for 9/11. bringing wars. le vatican en feu. une guerre qui ne pourrait etre evitee plus longtemps si le coeur de l europe et ses vestiges historiques cessent d etre proteges, car si on ne sait intervenir pour les canons alors que deviendront nos chairs.

I think that the church has too much sinned, regarded to women, poverty, spirituality…to go on with power any longer.
As for the other it has been never anything such as a religion despite its campaign successes.
A religion is what bring every creation to an equal foot, not food to the creator. Not the opposite, or not unlike it.


There is as many definition as there are people. So definitions are what we commonly agreed. But common is not shared and what we generalised, industrialised, our growth, our loss and despair.


Communally, what will, has to, must? Grow is the industrialisation of fencing. Greed.
And not creativity, no the love necessary to be well with the right number of what is in the trait and rout of lives, and how it nurtures the all or die out necessarily.

In terms of propthecies, from images to events, from old language to modern, from native to all classes and education, from languages to others, from written to spoken.
The trn translators will always be able to accommodate, and join most universal. Or find ese ese essentials.
To fabricate or see what could not be gy guessed without help or realisation of not the popehcies but the time, what happened give the tone and flesh, color the hints and foreboding or misgivings.

Would we topple into the realisations of those (ex, papal prophecies er written by the popes, ore enacting by them) into thinking that the world is governed by secrecies.

I think not, I think it would start the terror of making sure people for them to believe not in a particular things, but believe that they will have to be slave or any other people claiming or acting like if they were a member of closed groups. That will facilitate discrimination, I haven’g to got the ticket, and cannot enter the temple, whatever the place is churches, offices, homes, or nature itself, everything private-ease.

Though I don’t think Freud can be interpreted as every child depends mostly upon their parents for future sexuality, freud installed a switched against invasion, mould, manipulation that can work at least in some measures, perhaps for the main.
It is an Eros, Thanatos situation where the body if it loves (and in the child circumstances in all vulnerability, in all dependence) can also destroy, utterly separate, stop and annihilate. Annulated.

Devil, devot = Devoted in french..

you even.

Often religions and sciences are opposed. If what if religions instead of hiding only sciences or sciences hiding spiritual have both hidden reality?

And if secrete agencies, sects, religions, or political, leadership organisations had that of terrorizing not so much what they hide, but what they managed to spy in. and the result of a conglomerate of accumulate information others kept unexchanged, at least as long as it is for taking control with air of superiority. E.Ts.

Could religions holy sites be within desert or walking distance of it, as they then through climatic conditions, allowed the preservation of the scriptures.

Could chaos be a force that is younger or past the time of reason, the reason of time, end its beacon.

In terms of psychopathy, there is a maniple plural, an announced manipulative control that may mean that we could unaware dissimulate our psychopathic traits. Because one stopped caring in groups. To certify oneself as not being one, and killed animals just out of the ‘eternal vomiting pleasure’ to eat them.
Con control.
Controlee, counter lea. Lies, pies, spies and pis.

I would agree that common therapies cannot work on certain people, but also because common therapies are, have nothing to do with care, security, empathy and integrity, and that not only towards their patients, the source of income, but ward,s, towards the whole society
Psychology market, receipt, recited.

Psychology now, as a reverse of its most classical annoyed habit, stopped put the responsibility on the mother, family, but in fact by more modern extension themselves, the therapies, the society, to put it on innate characteristics.
Of course changing anything is a danger as it is the combination of the two that has to have effectiveness, exclusivity.

To assert a behaviour recognised by all as destructive is biological is one more steps, not stops, at manipulation of genes, DNA…
Manipulation assent.

The others.
Theo the rs. Are plurals.

The trick in psychology is the treatment from normal to what is observed or qualified as being deviant. So it is the analyse of someone who say ok the horrors of today are a fact of life versus what they categorised as being pathologic. Super schema.

So, shotgun, short of hun, or none the better for that.


People not talking about what is going on in (maybe towards even) their mind, there, the energy, thoughts and believes reigning of and on the matter they see, are inclined to and towards and prosperate.
or people do not say anything, because what is considered mental illness is at the intersection of taboos paranormal, supernatural being so because people do not want recognise either the power and the restrictions of the mind. that it is something else, that something we don't have any clue about, on or over.

Humanity keeps on demarking, comparing itself with the animal reign in order to compare themselves to god then. Main, man, mean, meaning that they thing they are more divine. Which give them a system in which they do not have to prevent animals’ death, the in fact only thing that could make them a distinct species, to be able to summon justice and sciences in order to stop killings. Any.

I wanted to tell you that you may not want to focus on the unloving part, because love, the feeling of love cannot be erased just because something might go wrong with it. you know also everyone feels love, so maybe the entire question cannot be resolved like this. i don't see my father no more, so it is not judgemental, but one he does not want to see me either, and i would understand completely that one is justified in not wanting to see one's mother again. but from another perspectives, could it be possible that a child could refuse their parents their existence, i mean as long as their parents want for them the best of it? i have loved a woman for more than 20 years now, a woman i myself thought to be the aim of my soul. i also love women in between but never entirely as she reigns and that god protects me, i had only pure feeling for her. i would not mind being out of her existence if i could know that she is happy like this. but you are right, it is what it must be, though i knew her, and you know spirits are forever.

I would think if you say to someone who feel they love you that they are then their reactions will have to prove their love and get involved, i think it is what someone that does not want to hurt you want, it is to communicate to you the feeling they have. or the sensations...
in the mind of the bearer: unlocking. i am a homosexual and i cannot count the times a friend females told me i would or i may have if this person was a male. society is maybe what fantasy wants to play, beat or rehearse, reverse, redefine, or live through guts rather than money. creeps, goose, violence. love, exploitation and now trafficking, there is no place where a shelter is not in.

and then there is people that assert knowing psychology, and equilibrium and destiny. That would lie about meeting their other souls, and that they are these moments where one feel the right to answer emotionally, intellectually to this asset assertation, regaining freedom of space, and place and the one of discussion as forbidding someone who says something to a plug public audience to a public spa, speaker is in fact barring the forum, the democracy. Why stalking has a measure, to weight an influence, at displeasure.


In Nostradamus prophecies, the name of ‘hister’ announcing Hitler as a second anti-christ is even more surprising when reading Nostradamus writing in old French, XVI French, whose “S” read like a German umlaut.
Hysteria. iso,
esotery hysteria.

Mutation is not only due to the necessity of eating (or moving, hunting, thinking) differently but also the conscience, the awareness of having to operate this: the metamorphosis.
From there two others:
-        Animals fighting cold and thirst all hours and days long thus encounter otherwise and more profound in many times and ways that the philosophy of the mind whose body is heated or surroundings do not have to face weathers and intemperate temporality.
-        To evolve humans will have to access veganism, the only way to reduce the amount of pain and injustice, false sacrifice = done out of being sinful and unwilling to thanks the gods for every life, life = hope for liberty, happiness, creation, discovery…

C: empire, etymologically ‘the fire within’.
Ety, ethics.

Et cetera.
Excès terra.

Der, xeres

Some people say the difference btw people and (other) animals is that humans know they will be dying. Humans know nothing about death, like they know nothing about creation as they know nothing about animals and therefore nothing about beliefs, thoughts, matrices and Agamemnon.

The racism like everywhere it is and has been consists also in saying to people that they don’t look like the guys that are in their country. I am almost sure that an Indian, that all aborigines suffer from racism this way. You don’t look American while they have been decimated for being it.
This comes from possession: they want to own a country, they want to own a land, the laws, and what is in it, and through this position also own other nations.
Demise and the only premise.

We keep on talking about magic thoughts and magic call and search as not an illumination but as a pardon and paradise lost.
We kill nature and therefore the rest of what we have still to see, touch, contact won’t or very little show what it has or demonstrate their own and sheer company.

Reading becomes so boring when the practitioners of this medium, that we are through also audio and video, cannot sharpen or tailor the subjects, focus their interest. and also for the main reason: when no access to expensive databases, one may, in fact will, found nothing available as soon as reading become research. maybe also it could be the hope for a possibility of us becoming this individual: through commonality but also through its specialisation and specificity. the hope that one day it could research so intimately, so profoundly. and this hope is to be able to do it. resource-like but as well rhetorically, that is with the support and the need, the help, under the observation, also observance of its findings of the all community. one, expansionally, intimating exceptionally.
common reading also is illusory because render possible in that kind of flash news, recurrently coming, alone in mass media communication, to even make sure that their followers get dizzy on one eternal aspect of the message they send: there will be never anything in depth, anything that will solve the story. cons everywhere, abuses without end, problem describes years after years without being stopped, just like in laboratories inflict on animals and just observed. ob served, obvious perversity. common reading in context that is.
atomic as grotesque is pervading everywhere as long as however knowledgeable, however commited and however acting in fairness, our actions will not take place and be rewarded by societal activities, not a job not even a volunteer one. as power of action is si regulated, by the only let-motive that is eventually permitted, interested, the most vested. vest = robe, the habit = in French the cloak, the garment of a profession. the justice as via all other pressure groups biased as the human rights organisations selectively sponsored and retributed = PR, consultancy, recruitment and ceo, but nowhere teaching by extension (courses are so expensive that not intelligence will trinkle up or down the ladder of hermeticity) the rest are serfs and royalty = loyalty to growth and consumption eating up nature, culture, evolution.
As for Hermes, voyageur and messenger, the nature gods have nothing more to say but warring the ones that seek egoistic eternity = death to everybody + have to be cover(ed of) and with falsity. Messange, ange, massaging not the truth but last intrepidity. Be planet earth our last judgment before we destroy more of it.

Cee, celebrities are respected generally due to the fact that they are the products of society, that is and their outcomes, what they did, and their glory belonging to everybody. The same for all creation, that is the orchestral music belonging and having been made by the whole of its assembly. Namely the lords and the slaves. There is no such thing as a culture of such and such, no more that there is one society.
Gong, belong.

The thing, the gauge of life creation, that even if not animated, is nonetheless living.

The notoriety of people in seat of power drive morosity to insanity. They are a demonstration on how fragile reputations can be. Unfairness reign in some places and malign competition are on the job and other markets dwelling. So it is logical that public figures will be terrorised by accusers that will be lying. The proof, the burden, the potentiality.
The potentiality is omnipotent in a system that woe inequality. And the shadows of set-up terrorise us, also apathy will take place, puppies, pumping us into the oblivion: potentiality is omnipotent in a system that woe inequality, so what is this system of denunciation or report about?
Is it sincere or real, as much as an abbot modestly preaching, bloodletting of lambs.

It is not possible that powers were in the hands of males contrarily, opposing to the ones of the females, because of the needs for truth, truce and real capacity. That is to take the example of the art of healing, the power were not in the hands of a pretended tradition, an image, a forged cinema, a commune and common hysteria of the vindicted, but in the hands of the ones who knew. That is if the healer in the village was a female then she has to go on with her traits, qualities and values, and if facilities were not given by the village to its naturally endowed, then they would decrease, decripited. Go under. Why then all males stuffs is the story that subsiste, because to give lies, the so called winners, capitalist, exploiters that give to the many (and that the many embraced to just repeat the techics of slavery) give the image of the losers = a society that kills its natural talents = benevolent talent not the one deviant that are used to destroy other and all around it.


Iran, tu vas, you are going in spanish.

The other sex, that is not essentially heterocentric but the other, as partner, as desire, as object (matter, imaginary, reality).
Toward completion maybe or division, recession, or the birth of another organism, but that cannot survive without a parent, or in a situation of pluralism a society, tolerant of communality and particularity. The same, the other, the oddity.
The stranger, the outer, the inner and descent. The uniqueness asked by the work of nature able to feed a tree with water, roots, the sun and the dust of what constitutes this unicity, unity.

‘Hister’ in Nostradamus, could mean not Danube but Easter.
What about MABUS.
At least we know that MA could be the diminutive of Madam, just like Notre Dame.

Just like a woman on the cross.

‘Hister’ in Nostradamus, could mean not Danube but Easter.
What about MABUS.
At least we know that MA could be the diminutive of Madam, just like Notre Dame.

Just like a woman on the cross.

Desertification in china.
C: I have lived in China almost 2 years and what I saw of the desertification process is the systematic bombing of the hills. When people want to make space, they just bomb the hills for the soil to become flat. The jungle is gone and instead a red ground is all what is left.

Master of abus, of M standing for Mr, Mrs, or Ms.
Let’s see in Mrs or a sign, a relics of possession Mr’s or of polygamy, one of those@ both aberrati0ns.

What I thought could no t end. Love or what I in fact yield: my love for you.
Or is it this fear of the death, the useless blood that impeach me from finishing and when knowing that I won’t come back then be reborn?

Though the gloves are very good i would not have taken wool. you know farmers have to kill their animals. 

Mais tout de même nous sommes des gens, ce qui veut dire riches pareils que pauvres démocratiquement. Aussi dangereux pour les institutions, autant. Et qui de plus…

We are people, i.e. rich and poor are as dangerous as the other for democracy and its institutions. As much, just as much. And many more.

Dialects, sounds, echoes of nature never cease, forever live.
The mutual vibrations, inter-species exchanges btw space, time and the flesh who incarnated it. But what of what has been made suffering, extinct, derelict. What words they will, must say.

Have to. Have ebb but not be.

Deliquesce, that is melt away, from matter to solution. Could then solutions here embody the way denouement are expected to arrange, the philosophical affair? Purees, purse, putrescene.
Put rid.

The universe, mineral, waters and fire, turning with a pool of life lurking.
And if the light not traveling on a plane trip, was curving, and its information recurring.
Like the dust we will be becoming.

We fight, we make appear like that we fight to concede common grounds between humans and other animals. But what if in fact people, as long as they are adults and not completely mad, that is aware of the others but too little attune to the realm of sensed and senses to stop frenetically killing- what if most people did know about other animals being our strict equal in the sense that they are as thinking, thoughtful and spiritual. Only to assess the decrepitude of humans’ awareness by at least stopping its crumbling down (from the evolution of being alive and in an environment it mange manage to keep viable?? ?? ??) at not denying other lives their dignity, NO, not denying THAT other species are as spiritual as them.
To come back to the first pinning point, what if people perfectly knew that (or was not spiritual enough to consider it = thanking live for live and respect it and for its respect of it), and that specism, the exploitation and all abomination (bob mine) done to other species were in fact a way to tort and torture other souls, all other souls, in all impunity.

To pretend one can kill humanely, i.e. with less pain-induced, is a lexical astute to make believe that killing is humane or is human and that there won’t be serious attempt at getting rid of it.
Astute, statue. Statue = in French status.

Just to remind anyone, when one kill somebody, the act is unredeemable. Even when one is caring for thousands, and that for reason of money, etc. people cannot do the job alone properly and end up killing animals they cannot rescue. It is not but a killing, like suicide it is murdering. And like in social care there are people in full power liking their work because they look on people like cattle, inferior, ready, ‘help’ to be exploited by an endless string of poverty and also by the richness and desire that provoke unfairness and maiming insanity, people into the animal business are there to be able to execute a body, to just cut their breathing, to see the hope, to induce begging, to philosophise on how it is futile, to see the last moment of an innocence that are crushed as horror is wining.

Rise, religion. Reign.
Spring and spiritual. Spare, sparingly, spire.

Were, ere.
Were, wire. Wore, worn.
Reve, versed.
St, set. Sit, sat,             sot = imbecile.

If you say one loves their lovers divinely because we are now society without defined rituals towards a ‘loveable’ god, then I could be answered that when people love god it is done not for these people to love god but in fact the society that enact them. It is why people may end up doing everything, and endure any way of life or rather make other people endure them- because mainly love for the eternal is not directed into the open but dedicated to societies that ultimately dock, mob, mock and tomb it.

In the sky, the cloud race, all white, grey, and the moon does not startle, does not start, just watch, me and them. Them, me and vain. In vein. Strata state strait, not, not to the Hindus caste that one tries, trial, trip pyrrhic or journey for the land. And end.

How many persons would choose to enact the horrors presided by people like hitler, just to have its celebrity, wealth or power?

In Nostradamus revelation on the second anti-christ, hister, could be the mix between Hitler and Himmler.

From the plants, this ‘abc bacteria, just like a snake wanted to go out. Going out, only a few biological steps from sitting the bac a l’aureat’.

There are no safety nets, there are no jobs, no responsibilities, in a world that looms its feed back to our monstrosity, there are no jobs while crumbling, we should have thousands to make it the paradise it strives and prove, trove to be. Being.
Also people putting on the family, not because they can believe in the notion, but like a dog tortured that one won’t report, knowing that the rescuers will put her down. So people say, insist, even though they can feel it is just a feeling, to motion one has learned is suitable, positive to see. Go back to your loving family, not knowing if smiles aren’t but irony features commenting laughingly, not learning from the count of the pain, just make it irremediability.

The laws could become more and more the side that triggers money flux, that is that cannot possibly be stopped as people need buying. And buy to cons as no one would check their viability.

Torches, torture.

To confide in you, in fact I was looking with you, but my being a vegetarian- I do not want to kill animals- prevent me from fostering animals as organisations do not want vegetarian diet for dogs, even though it is perfectly healthy. 
I am ok for a dog, but my budget is limited. I found good cheap vegetarian food though...

We won’t commit suicide anymore one day, it is murder and if they push for it to be realised then like my game magic the spelled will boomerang without handle, no, hang.

Black magic, some, used not alive animal in ceremony. They in fact kill, they also use dead animals when it is long ago since humans have them as potential deadly hazard. That even if they have now, humans had to find a solution respecting creation. That of course a hen stays the worst enemy since they have so many to avenge against humans’ stupidity. To use dead animals or as sacrifices, that never will be, or as imagery is nothing like black magic. It is merely the sing of signs licking statu-quo and monarchy. The people swearing their allegiance to the devil of all, the way humans exploited, profiteer and murder nature. Not the call of supernature, of course we still can laugh since it will torture back these people having made her life a mockery. Taciturnity. Though before we have to support these super idiot pretending they differ, they offer another religion, they are but the statu-quo demoni, praying to have the power of the replete, the re-plot, the tanguy. Fowl, folks

The Sero, pot, pt, point in law, potion, possum, pot-hun, serum, sermon, monotonous, abstruse, no magic but then recuse.
They made me a recluse, for simple acts for live cannot be played, then just like death in waiting it will from nascent to lay.

Storm, roam, strong, tor.

Crypt, church. A crypt while churches had been built on water source in order for the druidic followers to have to come were nature had it summoned.

This love for the texts, to gauge, judge my life- existence – dance - against what I did not manage to write or even start- though when I realise that I could not express this for you when your image makes me cry and my soul want but the afterlives agar, again ether when I could see you or be burnt to the stake of adoration that could not break – through the ashes, through the smoke, not any air, any more terre –earth- without you. Your statues. You, statue.
Age, ago.

And as years go by, the text no one could have written, upon this existence, mine, without you. My body left without shrine, no fire consuming it but to slip away from this nothing noting me as alive. A life. With out you.

I am homo, but when I think of love, the purest, then all sexes, I understand.
beauty in all genders; sublime
The love for a woman, the love I had just like the one burning in every breath of that. Divinity.
Bird of all skies, bird of peace, heaven te trouvera. Trinity, re-trouver. Lose you, and be refound-taken again. Still thus. Fig. fib fin. Fou.
Trove, truce, dove, o confound me with the color of the immensity, ask me to cover all lands of ice for her to reappear before me, in front of every. Just like I live, no sparing my soul, since she is born for you to ennoble. Disrobe- fumed in the cold- dans le froid.

I contacted many fostering organisations, but i do not want to kill animals to feed a dog. if sciences should look at how to stop killing other species for compulsory carnivores, dog are famously very healthy vegetarian, like us. i asked ten times if i could foster while giving vegetarian food, dog protecting dogs refusing. 

People say that Cameroon stopped being a MP after its demissioning, resigning gin his PM’s seat, in order to be paid thousands for speech. I cannot say I studied Cameroon speech, but each time I have had an echo of it, I was full with shame, just half wanting, half wanting not that these be listened to by foreign. Foe reign. Cause what one would have fathomed is that there was nobody at the head of this country. Cameroon’s were the quality of a member of parliament talking about trifle affairs but never those of someone elected to be serious about the size of a nation. I always knew it, but little did I guessed what will have brought this heretic. To become a footprint in history books, it triggered a national and continental historic event. The Brexit of Britain from Europe. A few months after the scots agreed to stay with England. A double betrays. A double betrayal.
Cameroon reign should have been saluted for its brevity, just you know we have no one so we seed a said, send you this half manager, liar, easy going with everything that matters, the unseriousness of the financial and lucrative market thus embodied if not idolatred (hatred). Of course these people come from oxford, and the parliament’s style of debate, tell you why you do not need a café philo in London, as politicians are as dishonest as philosophers or publicans will be.

We seed a said, send you this half manager, liar, easy going with everything that matters- no trace of competence, value, and for its speciality, the absence of relevance- the Vlad lad of pettiness managing rendering it pretty? For the one that already renounce having a country.

A pale plebiscite that make puny poor responsible for what the rich we own wanted, rich not the working people at the top, u but the ones that ripped off everybody. To fleece this country, to make it a battleground and this time beyond beaches and valleys.
To go out of its own continent, not in fighting, saying we need this and that to be better done or doing. No, not revealing but its insularity that used to save her, but now. The uk champion of trafficking and polluted sea will have partner such as Putin bringing for its touchstone to reflect, reject and defect an alit and bright effigy.

Hatred, atre in French, the fire place.

To me, the figure of a blind-folded person attacking an innocent, unarmed woman, is the symbol of justice. Blind-folded not because it does not discriminate, but in a context of end of world, as it is said ‘a point at which one needs to choose between god and evil- as the boards are now clearer- blind-folded is the way we are now. The cinema, the play the media and the rest pretend they don’t know how unequal, filthy and dangerous has been led humanity.

Zeus and Jupiter are a group of divinity at the image of humanity though they are in fact not at the creation, they are not original, they are not at the beginning. They are humans’ divinity, earth ones, as antiquity was intelligent and knowledgeable enough to see the power within nature and all species, and spirit. But just like one of most famous French singer wrote: everything is chaos, and chaos lays. Laid.
‘Tout est chaos’.

After years, almost decades, i remarried, cannot wait but to hang bleeding flesh, no more fluid that have seen you holding me. I cannot even no longer speak to you without being an enemy. It is what protected virginity as the skies would have allowed then mirages and asteroid, astrality.

The supernatural is what we feel or sense and that disappear, whiteout whithout wipe-out us to be able to call it or pursue it successfully, or even utterly remedy or remand it.

At the center of the meadow, the dried high grass and flowers, form the corn, horn, like inversed fangs. n u. u n.
Height, naked yes and then eyes would lead the profane to draw the shadows or in full light what it inscribed instead of fight.
Ok, i wish i could find and at least search a vegetarian diet working for carnivores. i love cats tremendously. i mean wholly. on earth duty. 

Astronomy, religion, sciences and believes. To learn about the logics and the chains creating, recreating, flowing, regeneration, timing.
I think that the history of the galaxies or of the universe depict, how well, the complete ridicule (not riddle) of inflicting God resumed by one book. In fact, it is an insult to God and the human intelligence or intelligence in itself. I don’t even talk about the absence of cosmology as even cosmology could not satisfy a dust or a grain of fathoming more than for the time it took to read- and this immensity that is not assimilated. The wonders of the world itself, alone, could create life, as it produces such an explosion (no exploitation), even when it is in us, very smaller scale, able to, just like a star producing a new sun, as the clouds sparkle and glimmer.

Planets, whirlwinds and winds.

Human beings think of themselves to be as big as important as planets. It is why they destroy earth with a competitive edge. Google ego robot, galilee alike Alize, Galileo.
Black hole or be it purplish.

As far as what we know about astronomy is not conspiracy, like the political ones, or the media covering one aspect of what is known or claiming stating truth when there has been no real investigation. Why would humans find lives on other planets? While they are destroying ‘their own’. For diabolical attend, intent? In-tent.
Humans and its pseudo. Odeus.

The fact that one’s work will last more than one’s life could be the material proof of it not being created by the artist or the maker just revealing one aspect of its originality.

A planet made by gas, is it still a planet? Yes, perhaps because these are of her making?

And if the sun could be hell, more like a hades where souls are on the re-made, remind ream remand, the ice fountains, the fairies of their Iceland.

Of course, event like Brexit, or the anti-globalisation, could be put into place to make people believe that the only valid system of redistribution, and security, and stability, a one that has to transit through bigger entities, would essentially, has to be tyrannical. For that they render the people tyrannical in allowing them to choose laws that will opt by the exploitation, the rendition, the depletion, the death and annihilation in whole or in part of the others. Pretending that it is better because if fittest then fit means socially able to kill to fuel infamy.
People plebiscitary.

The motivation for equity: if it is to be paid, then all what will count is its apparel of appearance and the money it has generated: accidentally the motivation ought to be mutual honesty, recognition this is when it is possible and permitted. you know a lot of corruption, courtship, censorship nowadays, if not new a day. 
It should be honesty and this one protected with all what has got society. Society has, or what gets it.

Dired dried.

Myth: the volume and weight of a brain does not impact of the intelligence fuelled by it. Mind I would also say that the intelligence gather and gauge off others is not the intelligence that has been generated.

People tragically, just like a mannerism, or manoeuverism, say that they don’t belong to animals as animals are wild. The way humans kill, instead of studying in order to avoid killing, is just as they say Hitler did, with holocaust quality: systematic, societal, and industrialised. And now clinically, sanitised.

When you see this animals that will be killed or tortured or imprisoned by men, it is an act of voyeurism to watch this happen as any concept of fairness want them to have a fighting chance, here to escape, and how could they, but by erasing the danger?

People go on and on about how homosexuality is not natural, how they could coerce, and its thousand manners towards abstinence or heterosexuality. These plies of coercion or the strategies utilised to lead towards an orientation or untoward it, is why people cannot become the most logical of being: bisexuality.
Why people go on and on is that they exploit so much the homosexuals that they still pretend they did not understand the only mechanism they have in mind: slavery, enslavement.

1.     1.
the outer layer of the cerebrum (the cerebral cortex ), composed of folded grey matter and playing an important role in consciousness.
2.     2.
an outer layer of tissue immediately below the epidermis of a stem or root.

Bark in latin.

Cor and corgi.

The snake in ancient Egypt, symbol of fertility. Nefarious, no, Nefertiti.

The fibre, fire, fierce trend towards extremist, is egotic rah rather than god, as the ones in the cult chosen are then deemed to be at the top of the hierarchy, of all believers and no-believers, no less.

The, one of the sassiest sad is the squirrel. The one that is called tree rat. Not because of what it is called, as the most it could do is equate to the realisation of a child, no more child, that discover that (is) his parents to the lowest of their world wanted them. Not of the other worlds, as they did not know them.
Birds can go from trees to trees even though in whooping town the view is blead, bleak. For a squirrel, they have to jump to almost unnatural strength from tree to tree. Just like the ninja or the monk of shaolin, whose addicted admonishing audience would say of them that they have these powers of the extra natural because of genetic, or the opportunities that the proficient privileged inferred to them. Even so just like bleeding.
Bleeding, blending.

Vampires receive so much attention, as their myth is the one of the devil itself, inflicting the most discreet, strident, and inner, almost warming pain. The type of intimacy that would shroud the fact that this life is so far from super or supra natural. The almighty nature is gone from our vicinity and is therefore forbidden to speak to us, also our own misdeeds make the satan so ready, as the work is half done, and the battle reduce to none, and invest, invisibility. Lily.
Eat each heath on earth.
Bar-ren. And queen assujeti.

To always remember this woman who, when I was very young, tried to tell me she could have thought of me, and to remember the very moment where I went, genuinely almost candid, grossly.
But stop thinking it was bad luck, there is so much that one can take. And realise she could have without doing it, restoring a soul that did not know itself, may have been lay fall, lethal, bound to be.

To pretend sincerely to an emotion, sweeping, swaging, in order for my pain, my own, not to be known. Is this a good strategy? Certainly not, but a mechanism that enable to call it life instead of survival. But also stopping me to further know the black hole.

A good horror movies, or the one of a well-tortured, manipulated, situation, is when the protagonists, actors or just characters live there during the day, many days, facing, tumbling across, analysing, investigating the place of butchery, the execution territory, the whole world, a one from which, which one cannot escape, even more of which, to which the future victims had contributed, he or they participate.

Oh that honey come really very handy.
u d like someone what hold you so firmly and sofly that it could reveal your shapes time and again?

Of these artists, I am bewitched by the words. I tried not to spend time on their appearances, because it is others I will have to love. And be.

Terre 2016 12
From 2016 to 2017 02.

The religious ceremonies are very important in order to remind or to certify, acknowledge the spiritual dimensions. That humans are not sole, dejected bodies, lane of loneliness and rejection or subject to interminable corruption, but in symbioses, in relation, in path, in phase with the world of spirits.
Continuity and pharaoh.
Far and on.

In mythologies and religions, we are looking for explanations, but forgetting that they are not perfections.
To reflect into others’ existences (knowledge) and to forget our own (lost and age)

D’oree = of gold, gilde, golden.
Door = porte.
Cache, guile.

And become a junkie, just like a child would explore the paramedical and its tendencies.
Exploitation conveniencies.
Con-venues no trespassing, no stranger to ceremonies’ civility.

And become a junkie, just like a child would explore the paramedical and its tendencies.
Exploitation conveniencies.
Con-venues no trespassing, no stranger to ceremonies’ civility.

Toutes les planètes du système solaire [ documentaire complet ]
'l'apparence, les contours chaotiques de Miranda, donne l'impression d'un satellite recompose'.

C : translation into english from this french documentary :
The appearance, the surface of Miranda are chaotic, it is because it might have been ‘reborn’.

A compound of after- explosion or after-life or after-born?

In cold, species are so numb and thinking of longevity and energy saving that they will bur rub shoulders together, as no one wants any longer showing off, up or flee, as sapping discreeting, secrecy or modesty. As at least the one that are not related.
Related here, wanting to mean the ones of a same ‘chain foods’: relations.


Only I guess the poets are in music now to live off what they do. It makes sense too. In fact, it is two forms of art in communion, it is not so often, writers and musicians together is magical. the senses are brought into ebullition. The results of several artists or arts forms; when gather.

Or you do like the classics and write entire books that will rhyme.

I would like to let you know that, a stuntman you took on is in fact living off being a crook.
This person boasts on conning people, and indeed do it unashamedly.

I thought it was urgent to tell you as to ensure people’s trust, he uses the fact that he works for film-maker and his own world stunts and records to steal people’ money.

Impossible to edit, educate, probe, measure the supernatural, as we did not know what machiens to build and that also the phenomenon could render them impassable, unmoveable, undisturbed at least for the humans’ instincts or observations.

On internet, people that have not had a proper edict, education or have one but with the prospects of the poorer, make the dance happening. Earing, earnings.

ah ah ah. good? or god?

For those who sees a free mason symbol, obvious as a pyramid on dollar bills flies as rather odd ancient. Pyramids have been found in Egypt, i.e. Africa, and central America too. Pyramids, and less romantically so represent the triangle that renders the American continent a ruler in its own ‘right’.

WHEN Mylene Farmer Quand english subtitles 4 23

C.ET: I can see it is on your show more, but what i mean is what i particularly miss is that lyrics in French and in English does not appear at the same time. it is just personal comment. little by little i want to watch your work. but I know that for me it is what is missing in general on YouTube, subtitles + translation simultaneously.

u are top. it will take me one month to start on my side, but i ll post you with your stuff on my own blog. slowly cos i want them scattered, not everything at the same place. voila, not letting nor sound or meaning just in the realm of one language only. x.

c'est ce qui est tres inconvenient avec les blogs, they have so few good features, that they are very difficult to make easy to navigate. they are by default entries day by day, that is it is very difficult to prioritise or categorise the info, it is chronological, to do something else is very difficult, almost impossible. anyhow people will see 10 entries no more often and on free blogs you cannot create subfolders, they are a true pain, even though being a grace, because still you can publish what has been done. relief all the same.

you know i cannot leave comment on my own blog. maybe it comes from my browser i don't know. but nothing came from you. knowing that my blog is so dysfunctional could send me into depression because of the hours i spend on it, just for that to create a forum. google has no technicians. anyhow thank you so much for telling me because at least i will try to solve the problem with google community. don't try again I have got a bigger than i thought problem. let you know.
personally, i am looking for bilingual texts. with the original text alongside the translated texts because i can work on my skills and on top of it i can sing what she sings. usually half the time i encounter new material because i feel like singing. and it is what is in fewer numbers videos with texts and translations just juxtaposed. and damn right a translated text that could be sung at the same time. but that's your job
it might be the feed burner, i don't know whose emails, it preserves anonymity. as for the lost comments and activities. we will pay for an absence of real quality, cos here the virtual will be in fact the vacuum. it disappears into thin air. i ll try to mend it.

me too i am fond of being able to comment, answer, is the communal building, i stopped following sites when people delete comments, or do not allow them. it is so often the case, or when it becomes political or when you hyperlink things, i mean relevant posts, not purely commercial one, of course everything is a sort of campaign. and when i think my site are sometimes so dysfunctional that it is unable to let that can hyperlink but mostly you need to pay.

She perfectly knew she loved her till death and beyond. And though this feeling was still lightly return, we will have to die or go pass it, also this is not enough to close the deal. It is where lie a destiny, as or it is thus I translate my glance upon it, a person to love another must live their own need for achievement, to their own fashion, and this that it pleases the one you encounter successfully is not bound to fit easily, if any at the fringes, and the fringe is marginal, devoid of facilities.

this video is super. i already requested the song, to blog it. when you have time, i.e. anytime. the thing is I don't think this absence that she describes is gone. the person is absence, the company is lonely, but nothing went away, or maybe decades after decades surreptitiously.
L’amour resigne.
Even if rage will strike and stick but no more fire providing the illumination of all day.

I did not choose to be it not I did not choose to be with it, in it, or to be. I respect your choice to play on this aspect for me she did not chose to be it, but she cannot choose to be in or with it, because our love defines our being, and it has given us the why of all what we are, and say about it. :) no, you could say that I must stop, but I like cease here, you could use both. but for me it is just like you translated. she is telling her that she cannot build on towards the moon since she might have come to the realisation that her destiny is what a thread is to a trip in outer space, and since she thought, sorry thinks of the immensity. but without it who, would we go out the maze? but with it and without Adriane, or Ariadne thread, are we willing for this Minotaur co-existing as our sole reflection, are our sole exit and more cruelly for it as being our lifetime’s end.

I love your translation with vanquish. if you want to use more than one word, ‘meurtrir’ resembles ‘meurtre’, murder. So wounded, hurt, could also be alright. this sensation of having crushed, this reason, or at least suggestion why one stopped, doing, hoping, persevering...

I was born at 200 miles from where I spend most of my childhood. The town and the areas surrounding that saw my growing up until I was an old teen, was to my delight a region known to be woody and green. as for the encroaching villages, not that many miles from the centre, they were like archipelagos. In fact, with retrospective, they might be for the adults very hurting. My region is isolated, though the main town is still an attraction. However, if you do not have transportation it is very difficult to go down the countryside that suffers itself from intensive deforestation, where publics paths had been removed, though illegally, but still dictating where one can go. What my regions taught me is nonetheless nature that can be seen though a little bit, and the lessons are still with me. I began a vegan, because I know animals have a soul, have a body. People also suffer from staying in the countryside as many animals are in fact kept to be culled, slaughtered, assassinated.
When you can walk on a domain, mushrooms and chestnut can be found. All super foods, the why and how people resist wartime and occupation.
Not war but wartime.

What if sincere religious people, In that case who does it to protect the species, were in fact doing it in order to counter the practising nasty? That is not because of the religious believes that serve setting a shield or an edge?
Interacting up to internationally not because they are religious but trying to outset what threat to kill everybody, and starting by the possible, one by one, person like minority.

Nasty nazi.

Interesting surveys, the megalopolis? Are they expensive? and for who? Foreigners, locals, merchants, nonmerchants, teachers… also the instability of the years, whether we talk about the town in itself or its surroundings. Or the price of food compensating the high price in housing…

I looked for Ariadne’s thread, some represent it like the tree of life, maybe a romantic picture of someone longing for the moon. You know Farmer and the space, the cosmos.

You are right the songs are not violent, and are not meant to be. Though there is a thing with love is that it is the ultimate reason for rebellion, I mean it is the only reason you don’t need another one to put yourself into action, and it will not mean anything else than victory, you know it is not the things nor their consequences you will do or think doing for money. And, it is when you stopped doing this thing, these deeds you do for it, for love, that you are vanquished, it is also the story of death.
But then you cannot live without, so it will transform, even accommodate, metamorphose and incarnate.

See nat, ant,

See, sex

you know karen it is why i stopped doing the web, particularly these sanitized kind of discussions, cos i in fact I answered that i was in fact 3 digits iq, and also for him to do one. because killers, like in politics, like the ones that pretend and are paid to pretend pollution is not happening, do not think discourse, they think banking. there is nothing to say to them. just like the fact that my ulterior comment had been erased while this bully, bullying animals and all that is around by definitions, is left like if no one had interfaced. but anyhow not doing it again, at least not often. oh, and i am a she. like the cows people milk all their lives to after slaughter them. and the worse it is that people supposed to defend the other sides often do for the same reason, they defend for their wages. it is why you find campaign about nature, about trafficking that are in fact so lame. i don't do literature, because it is my comment that will be ditched, erased, saying it is moderation, it is not, there is no forum down here. pretty videos anyway.
I must have added the link to my blogs, even if it had related subjects, they ditch m comments, you cannot do that, for some it is too personal… for the love of information and sharing. For the love of writing.
my mistakes i found my comments there, my apologies. just meat eaters should stop before burning down to their souls. this world is furnace of suffering when one can easily stops them they should by all means.

Ethics hitlerian.

To eat other animals, the delinquency, deliquescence of the soul. no he tries to explain, death that you conduct for your leisure, bound to be rotten, but not the unfortunate corpses (slaughters you commandeered), the one you will become.
At least, as sum.

ok. that is cool. I was wondering if it was not because of very intense exercises, also because i sensed she has a competitive personality. in summer time, I knew a dog that had hydration problem through overheating, but that's another story. yes, don't worry i took notes for next week. 

Below, as above, so below, course on relativity, if I am stretched I died. Howerthise, otherwise, i know the explanations are good, and relevant, and even hit my low iq at times.

History 2D: Science, Magic, and Religion, Lecture 17, UCLA

Existence influences space-time, as presence of mass, energy, and movement enabling transfer and transformation.

To say, torture someone not for what they are but what they could be- or could have been.
So, it is the old moral justification, to fight something for not what it is, but what it is thought it would or could become. but never with the same suppleness, that is one will say it could become bad and fire at it, instead of curing the reasons why destruction would be enabled to prevail and this on anything, moreover the ones that people to have under observation. as morality is sometimes the way people stopped, avoid a duty of construction, or and therefore anything could overtake any motion.

Is it a possibility that light speed does not vary just for us? the way matter wraps around the shapes we are able to take or join? take-on. that is a reality is in relation to the shape it is observed from. relation. relate, story sorry of late. store, thor, Elec,-t. heo. i e o, more or less finite, encircle.
Elect, exec, exact, attract.
Matter, error, meteor. Meted, metre, met, parlour.

In a way, this mirror, echoing, reproducing and metamorphosis, meta and phases of the matter is not what we should ponder about, unless to approach what kind of questions is for the gods tailored. at least its pursuance, chance, issue, essay. Ence, ance, a unit of time, duration, thickness, length, measure of some. How could we respond to origins when one is too short of energy to only defeat what should not even overcome him, as we have the solution but somewhat left it to shake, to sneer, to sleep, or soar say, whatever did not action, not as much as a broom that could have swept our sweat away.
who are we, even for the present of what is in our grasp this question can’t replay.
Replete, deplete.
Plot and replanted.

If light speed is not variable, could it n0t be the sign that we are the object in that story? the one that is forbidden to ahve an influence, a reciprocity, sir, or a irreciprocity, sip, a power that makes thing change. or could we be in that stance the object, as in the measurement, could we?

As men eat, killed, mock goats, because they defy the law of gravity.

The worst it that I might be getting worse. people of the former generations saw how detrimental men have been to the land, how slaughtered were rampant. they have the magic of the wild around us to testify of how our destiny cannot be comprehend without the lives around it. Lives or life to which we were to attend. Now even the environmentalists cor, crown as such say you need forest for your paper and generation to come to cut them when needed, the parks in town are but shaved, deprived any birds of any decent home. People don’t see cows, goats, horses, hermine, bear, fish (a bit western centered that one, but then other hemisphere extinct all what they have had, yes had, as in to have instead of alive), no more than unicorn.

Veganism is subjective on the face of humanity. Pauvre vet.
Yes subjectif like stupidity, and narcissism and psychopathy. humanity is not god. just tail a good book, will you, you as objective as an object. you know pretty, when people of your quality start on what and how humanity is that unit, what people will be drawn to produce at length it is not poetry. but then, you d permit it. not on you, like fascism, humanity wants to say what your desire is legitimate = how they can speak for the pain they occasion and get away with phlegm.

but I tell you how i know humanity, people like this, that say that humanity is right to kill, on top the image itself of innocence and vulnerability, are or people that do not know nature, an encaged one, or people that would kill their mother (or daughter, or order) to lick the licenses of print the prince hood figure nearby or people that are in fact for slavery and the extermination camps. Which are you?

there are so proud (aware, ware, pounds of twat wards) of what they are and do regardless, you talk about ethics, in those corpses they are not even no longer space for sickness. sad is what this depression of all of succumbing triggered. but in fact, it is called perversion of a system, cos these lads will even demand you be sad...for them.

you know you answer christianly to gnosis saying that I think animals hold believes in mocking everyone that do not speak your own language in asserting that people cannot have or entertain a language similar and shared with other animals. If gnosis ask me ‘how can you say that animals hold believes’? it might not be to say how scandalous, but to ask me how to prove it. How to prove the Egyptian spoke and wrote coherently until champollion, the decoder of hieroglyphs, was not possible. But still these people lived, build, and did think that are extraordinary. What is even more extraordinary, is that people are still active, fully-on on top of everything, meaning that nothing has changed in their value for destruction, basically saying if you are a mute, you are just god for forsaken institutions, in which you will have to thank other people to let you live.

laurie, what about the animals that feed you? like mother nature feeds you with your brother intended? nature endowed us with compassion and intelligence, enough for us to be able to stop killing. the problem is we would need all your being turn into this realisation, and more.

About defending an ethics, opinions, or positions.
we talk about defending animals you MORONS, sake sick self-centred little …and meaning attacking people that like torturing, you know it is why I empathise with people losing their nerves and starting saying bad words

About repeating repating, explaining, convincing.
Nikon, my fire? firing friend,  i ll repeat it for you. at least with some, they are complete waste of time. they mock you because anything intelligent you might say, they will mock. it does not matter if it means that trafficking, torture, slaughter, feeding animals for them to land on their plate is behind the joke. what they do is to mock you to tell you how powerful they are still bonding around their corruption. a band, a pack that will make the slaughter, indeed any slaughters going on. in fact they are also so imprisoned, deprived of concept of wilderness, and purity, that they do not know that other animals think, live, love, suffer, hope, cry, aspire, conspire….just like ourselves that did die (future?) from not doing anything that could stop decay and betray.

People are allowed, in fact able to disrespect nature and other species, the very reason humanity is fallen, other word for it. lost. lost sol. soul. solt, sod sold insult.
People are allowed, in fact able to disrespect nature and other species, the very reason humanity is fallen, other word for it. lost. lost sol. soul. solt, sod sold insult.
What’ s your urn own belief? That others aren't intelligent enough? over.

To people saying that animals do not have believes, can you belief it?
who said believes is about intelligence, believes are not knowledge. who said you are more intelligent than animals. intelligence is what you said is human, how insensitive. i think believes are made of love, experiences, experiments, fear, aims, purposes. all of them are not exclusive to humans. what a dumb thing to think. The animals’ rights, the animals’ lives, and not their beliefs but knowledge than men are bad for them. are disrespectful, are nazis to them. Are nazis.

About saying bad words.
surya, some does not understand that some language traits come from the hypocrisy that accept people advocating death for others and in fact killing others, while at the same time creating rules that they call politeness, however they are means to subdue all kinds of efforts towards life and love. it is so people will fire other people that do not respect for example the discretion, the secrecy, surrounding pedo, abuses of others, that alter equality and fabrics misery. politeness is pointless, but then let's try to keep calm because the most difficult is to manage to give one's energy to stop these cruelties.
Energies kept to fight, almost a creation, almost a miracle, that I did not see in my life, that I did not help with my voice. What can I do? When insults are added to injury?

and viva Guajarati.

Maybe like Gandhi, we should try to act with peaceful manner, replacing our anger, our wrath and fear but by growing determination and balance. i think the reason is the violence animals are victims of , is that this violence we all have , the reflect of survival and vies. and the horror of all is that to terrorise, to torture animals is a violence that is still tolerated, so people in fact will take on veterinary jobs simply to put a life down, because these violences are legal. you know why the rage? because as long as we do that, our species is dying, of shame it should be tetanised for it. but like some say tic for tac, renders the word blind, but it is also a rule that control evil. If you want a species to perish, to suffer then your own will know the same scourge, and fate, because of its own miserable and decadent actions only.

Not being better, just being ready. Hund.

I am homo, and god knows how difficult it had been to be with someone. This story of a guy that is happy though he has a chronic disease triggering so much pain but that still love life to its bends is not a mystery. His spouse is the reason for this. And also, the wisdom that bring to have been due to produce 10 times efforts for half price or others’ help or contribution none and salary any.

nay. Any.

Don’t forget here we talk about protecting the victims not a law that allow anyone to prey on them, even though we imagine you already taking salary and money, protecting what rest of them, of them working skills, pretending.
If you think you will receive every right of doing anything because you are a woman, or because you belong to any minorities that are protected by biased, blind principles of non-discrimination, you have to be manic. Maybe also it is the trick to make you believe it is because you are a woman that no one is going to stop you from hurting another one. Or because you are behind a ‘religion’ or a group that have enough pressure mean to enslave people, and imprisons them not even relying on setting up or lying or the filthiest of money but just by blaspheme branding.

You know why I think you feel confident like that it is because you rhetorically like economically profit form a pyramidal liberal capitalist way of dealing with things. You enslaved, you abused, you have got the dough and the does. So it is not because of god belief you know you have got yourself partners but it is the fascism pairing of people trafficking from all over the world that protect your creed.

If think when you say I belong to a group violating women but this group are made of half women already, so beat it. It is at the image of the violent, patent way you hide behind your sects saying, some people, the white, the white fascist and racist even, the moguls, the oligarchs and their dogs such as Trump, Johnson or Putin and their courts, their followers that cannot be lower said yes to child marriage, sexual mutilation, fascism, totalitarianism, nepotism, just like you wait for your ancestry be what it is around the way you will be able to eat. How you were close or not close enough to the imams of the early middle ages to be now a princess, but still better off than this part of the planet that was not born in a country where religion is not a choice but an id. Also, religion should lose their appellation when they are about what you preach, violations, organised rapes, brainwash and inequality.

Pray, prey. Peer, Pyramid. Pyre mind.

What I think is that you commit a mistake when you say that all these horrors are permitted

Not a fight over cultures ub but over ideals

The journalist conclusion that people that tries to combat these injustices are in fact stopped by people that could not care less is brilliant. On that one has to precise that human trafficking and (sometimes under the form of rs rescuing). You know many people now go to islam communities because they are communities, we are unemployed here, the cost of your care, your parents care for some more than unfortunate, the cost of housing, transport, more so in London, and living, make you face a wall of th metal the strongest and the coldest, the only thing that remain for you to possess is your body. So you will have to trade it to the only body that will be receiving you, a community. A community that better spread than the mafia is able to track, well any.

100 % with you.

We all have been radicalised, forgetting that the horrors that we temptatively point to, last and ee even more, happen on, pouring on our watch.

I don't want you to worry about your video count. they are very good videos, very useful and you know these people with thousands of hits, most of them they pay for their publicity, for the hits to happen in the first place.

To feel that the blood from one’s head could thrust, plane, crashed, leak, blush, lush, drip and go go down. Because the simple way death is offering itself, what did I do, what did, what? Lay.

The image of my insanity that though bore me safely to a world of certainty, even if you will have never come or joined me, you were the sign of the moon being the aster talking of the light I must follow to keep going on towards beams and rays.

you should not threat species, saying it is good they have been killed.
Threat, treat, who is next, distaste.

Why veganism, why the way one eats is ethic.
I don't understand why you compare eating, and killing animal with going to the loo. maybe you have a point in that it may be considered as cultural the way it is done, and not 'natural', instinctive. in fact eating, and the satisfaction of needs are a big part of psychology, and are called visceral, the way society allows sexual, hunger and even the urge to defecate not everywhere a good point would be needs etc to be got is paramount. just like cannibalism or slavery would be. you see your need to defecate and the needs for others it is not on their laps, then this starts what will be ethics correlated.
But then I don’t know how it is possible to speak about ethics with someone that has only ‘I’ and defecate, or defect for sole preoccupation. Cos if we say to you, for your unhealthy meal (or even if healthy, replaceable you will have to kill and you say ok what the fuck? then it is because you haven’t been that enough, it would seem.

Replicable, explicable, expire.
Expier = French for atone one’s mistake.

It is not visceral needs, but visceral psychology, that is visceral behaviour. you are assuming that killing animals is alright. i am sorry but when you say that like animals, people kill other animals, you are absolutely not in the same conditions, that is it is not a good example because it is simply not comparable. In some conditions animals have to hunt in order to survive, it is not any longer the case of the human society, at least the one that is not starving while a part of the humanity is under any line of poverty that one can imagine here in the ‘north or in the west’ (well not north of Russia, I have been told). Humans’ culture, not culture no, but what as far as we are able to tell, differentiate human society, their technology, though humans have been technologically able to be vegetarian as soon as their society could staunch hunger, now they have the power to do it for everyone, and to the healthiest point – of course one still can always say that they have the power because in the first place they knew how to kill people and place them in submission and slavery, that these societies exist because they are profiteering from animals and other humans, (that is from all animals, so from all humans as it might been asked from you to lose your morals, equity, fairness, your own sense of security, whence the urge to kill everything that is permitted). But you see there is these logics in life because of course logics are at the foundations of all things, if you have a brain capable (or is our brain just capable to acknowledge the achievements of its species? and like that (like that, take that) denigrate all what the others build and the energy propel towards progress) of not killing and instead live in harmony, if you don’t use for this, or if you used it against this, then the punishment is not far it is just its length and depth that are not possible to grasp.
In fact, we are in that limbo where we might have this possibility, stop hurting nature without knowing how. I am not talking about stopping eating other animal species, but what would we do to stop killing everything we are aware of, without being overwhelmed, without a species to take over, just like during an invasion of alien. Of course, dummy me, because this question is a horror since humans are horrid enough not to do a simple thing, tend for nature and love.

The bugs thing is interesting, are you caring about bugs, are you caring about fish? Ultimately it is forgetting that everything is the bug or the food of something else, and philosophically, not caring about that or else, thinking like 'things' and say it is like that, is nothing more than satanism. that is look at me i bring you food, i am your food, hoping being slayed more nicely, or gaining for a little while through destruction and parasitism, in pretending that they are dominant. Being subservient.
Being it to applaud it, to get into that warp of eating another, being soulless, or without saying as much, destroying its, the very one, one's own flesh.

I recently watched a documentary in which queens were eating up by soldiers once they had reproduced leaving the one chosen queen ruling the colony alone... what i mean here is of course all animals feel, love, think, believe, etc, etc. also they have so dangerous instincts or living adjustment that make them potentially too dangerous to other species, to their own or to specific individuals.

Researching the philosophers’ stone, thousands of people practised alchemy, metallurgy, that is the forefathers of chemistry and physics.
Believes made it.
The force gravity. Would the unforgettable sacrifice system draw there hence its name, grave.

Back to a world that defines itself (by their elites) through religions. But a revival of the crusades will have this same effect in both worlds, people won’t be able to do anything but to serve temples. And the few improvements made will be for the profit and under the ‘copyrights’ of sectarian and imprisoning dictators, from homes, to hamlet, mayor house, nations, regions, and the ones able to buy a moon ticket.

Trump, American nationalist married to the east, will do what putin did, an oligarchy. Why even if the devil was not talking so clearly, you should have avoided this moron mormon-pokemon party.

Graps, grape.
 and  powerty

The best of the year: the London Mayor saying that strike will provoke misery for millions of underground users, just cannot fathom it is every day the case because fares have been allowed up to what will plunge commuter into poverty.

People able to buy human rights committees, for their companies, communities, and kabbala’s, will transform what was meant for human equalities towards other species, towards their world and themselves, into a monster that will back them insane.
Qui, equip, equities, realties, patent royalties.
Quid, squid.

Academics are asked to create texts with short sentences. It is a trick impose for their argument to seemingly resemble science??. An equation?? Just like if math were all simple and disintricated. It is in fact to push art and form, volume, perspective, and that more than errors will run in their landscape, creating a climate of erosion.

Feel? wrath or wreck?
File. Porte-folio or prison escape.

If the end of the world, of ‘this world’ was represented with a Scorpio.
Auto-destruction presumably. but to me a scorpion is a circle so you know like in the sky, something that goes in a whirlpool, a dispatch maybe, not of our body we did not protect, nor of our mind that were not reasonable enough to recognise divine truth and thought, to recognise that we discovered revolutionary data such as DNA just because if it is a trait, it will never be the vessel of the universe, that is humans think they are superior, destroying everything else and themselves, but what they discovered is just a script that will never had nothing to do with souls travelling, embellishing, exulting, nothing to do with the wonders, miracles and wills.
As you cannot make one with the world if you did anything to upset it. It should be our primary concern, protect all lives not testing it. The wold equation, potion, the same degree.

This root linking us to the universe that wants to exist, that exists, i.e. that lives, this need, it is what is called 'Will'. and Might. not that you will decide if life is attributed longer to a creature, not the might of the all, the signs of it, and rather not disparage it. Root, route.

Beck, I am a loser.
Hanging like Fruits

If you think that Cosmic would stay house-trained then i could take her in for 7 a day. in case she still likes someone around.

I (it) cannot reply to messages, nor access replies on my own blog.
People left me messages, try to subscribe, cannot do it, and me I am left without a trace.

i cannot create new blog 
i cannot create new blog 
each time it says addresse not valid!!!!!!

It is a deep critic of what happens in society towards people with a difference. the wolves for me are the authorities, they are the ones that killed, once they have been officially incarnated by all the members of this village at the beginning and all along. it is also why Milene. farmer has been so successful, she is this recognisance of some other sensations and intuitions, believes and faith, and passions.

ereni, eumenide

A religion that will collapse because despite its billionish entitled, a religion is one and makes bonds to momentum for beyond or it is not and betray is betray all.

This blue garment made cheaper for the people of a blue fag flag ‘have to wear’ their nation. At the same space and pace, sporadic political hysteria will dictate, contract, contact confusion.

Rail, gail, gale, grail.
Joy, jail.
Joal, goal.
In this world that tells us how corrupted we must all have been.


I saw it was near the lake so I was confident we could go through the park. Apparently, you need to first go by a road without even a pavement. Cannot think of more dangerous. I mean a road leading to a park!
secondly i have been ganged up by 2 terriers, i haven't slept more than 2 hours tonight, one kept on barking, menacing to take up more serious measure if you were not giving him attention, walk, and whatnots. the others showing he could do a bit the same, when the non stopping on had a brief break, that was an experiment. i think they are dogs only obeying their master, and even then. 
they are gone, thanks god it was only a trial, the owner insisted for the trial to happen. i stopped knowing what to do. 

I think I need to tell you because for me it is so self-evident that i might stay a mystery or a secret or something a bit unconceivable or not the hint of the idea in the air. my ambition had always been to look after kids in Africa, i know now that I cannot do it without impairing even killing myself the day i grow old, and that in the best bet case scenario. maybe i could but if i killed the idea of living as a couple, this i have done for not far from 2 decades, not on purpose, living close to hell, no more. so, the idea is is that dogs, cats, are so important to me, because the love of my life is nature, and that the only company I want to choose, since i cannot make a difference for kids, is to stay with animals, the first chronologically and foremost loving company, exclusively. I hope doing something good with my life, but same thing, will i die badly?

I used to be a chain smoker, i kicked the habit by a bit of jog and swim but mostly by walking. it is terrible, cigarettes just burn you inside, it burns the body even the lips, stomach, etc... cigarettes are terrible, i end up fearing them more than i ever thought i could. Colin is well, we have another resident for 11 days, he arrived 1 hour ago, he is not playful but the boys need a little bit of boundaries. so it is all ok. 
 My best friend, he is older,  suffers from arteries, because of the same, he takes medication, and cannot walk more than 50 metres and have to wait. he is ok now because he bought a car, but he did not stop smoking so basically he goes against all medical advice.

Web sites,
Sites, stir.

 For me. that just cut 

for me, form.
Cut, cult. Lute.

For, before.

Hi, I have contacted every organisations i found on the net to foster for a vegetarian dog, asking if food could be provided, just like they usually do for non-vegetarian, I have not been once successful. do you need fosterers?

thank you so much you are the 30th person i contacted. no answered nowhere. I also wanted a little dog for me to be able to feed her vegetarian, i am an animal lover. and I know grey hounds, besides being a magnificent athlete and a lay back companion, eat low protein food...

cats and dogs: feed my dog vegetarian, and i find all doors are closed, definite inter species sympathies must be inspiring it. 

To someone who things meat eating is ok, sod don’t mind about excrutiating expensive and scare veg food.
you don't know what you are selling, it is very important stuff, my dogs are vegetarians, but i guess i should not waste my time.

Lesley,  people in need of religion, to for the spirit to be respected.   Wars and trafficking rekinkdling spirit interest, unsatisfied, mania. In religion and in spirituality.

Hello, I am a cat fan. I am resuming university for a Master this year, I love staying inside (avid reader and thoughtful too- build for cats). I am calm, happy to do this job, I am a good carer and companion. I have been a carer for many years, so I am very aware of safety issues, etc. I also respect the homes I am in. I am extremely content with animal company, computer, books.

I do not live next door, so what i could do is to stay with her a few hours every day.

If it covers Christmas, then I will have to be my friend on this day.

Hi i just receive a message saying that my paypal account is now illimited. i do not want that, i want not being able to withdraw too much cash. i don't want an illimited account, i would like a ceiling on this account.

Congratulations! Your withdrawal limit has now been lifted. You can now withdraw unlimited funds from your PayPal account.

Hi i just receive a message saying that my paypal account is now illimited. i do not want that, i want not being able to withdraw too much cash. i don't want an illimited account, i would like a ceiling on this account.
Like bank card, credit and debit card without a ceiling…..

‘Our ultimate ambition is to have a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with members of the animal kingdom’.

A shame they ain’t vegetarian, those ones. Taking the pieces through philosophizing, dotting on their hunting dogs while killing chickens is not an image of any possible conceivable harmony, this damn word is so sick, late and so sad really.