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Blute nur, du liebes Herz: III - Or the journal of a hermit

Blute nur, du liebes Herz: III

Or the journal of a hermit  

Now I look at every body because I need to check if her they could not be.
And I look at them with the rest of the intensity that the thought of the possibility of being her had released. As they were appeal by this first glance of hope to finish I regard as it is my duty.

Fritter on the fritz.

More of it.
Mort au vite.

When I came to see you I knew well it would draw problems, not for me, for me it is agony, but professional ones for you. I did it but not all through impulsion. I did it because I was following m y felling of being able to take note from you each time you would give a speech, but he he no eh.
I did it because of egoism or egocentrism because it felt better once I gather by you ol ok?
You fired me you were right, but how can I have a glimpse of you as long as my texts still are appealing or of good relevance to you, can you say?
Relevance, relieve, relever-rise. Yeast yearning not really, I need a compass not a lesson.
But who am i? English is so complicated dicky? English no but ma femme. Mon epouse, quell pede.
De l enculade par deleuze et cocu il n y a pas en etre fiere. ..j ai d atur cliché francais si t en veux.
Autour je te demande pardon, it is even not that I could not prevent from doing myself, it is that I was following, erm, my intuition. And the abces went quickly, but what about grangenisation.
I read your text not by folly but they are the ones capable of given me ‘ recreation’. I read intently, I peruse amoursly, copy right on your style they are the only ones that draw and require all my intention. Don’t tell me to stop they would become my convention. And the ones you would wish I work. Hr the obkective of my specialization. If you ve got some extra? Ther rest I d be content with your traduction, and thus could be brought up dicka. D ail cas. Tu sais lesbi an , no les bis,  en francais c est “gousse”, a clove, ye, ye. At least it is not far retched the comparison of the cloistered.
I stopped writing about sex, because I was thinking of you, and that you did not want it anylonger. It is that writing.
Writ, rit, right.

As I shoul d hve the permission oout of you as you are my test ground, the psyche that with me would, to betray you would seem like the last scene of my being an entrance to be in love with you, the world that opened the gulf for psyche to succeed.
I don’t even her to be cooking for me I hold on to a special diet, the days I don’t put on weight.

She was the only person to agree with flirting with me. She was married- to someone she was to divorce, married but happy couple no-, we did not see more than once twice a month and after a term and this for 9 months, 1 year, I was not holding track, fortunately she could have been thrown in prison ofr that. But she was the only one having the balls to have this dimension of the amorous with me. I am far from being a psycho but I think I ve had an undetected version of asperger syndrome with hue of the Down one.

No one liked my letter, mys spouse would be the one who loves them without them to be sufficient. South, soothe, I, he, scient.

The “r” is a gun, art.
Hect are.

Hector, tort.

When being real hungry, all that on e might eat raw as carbohydrate resembles the taste of sugare, whatever cereal water boiled without anything with it is tasteless when not hungry and is sugary when need reminds the true nature of ti.

ecuries (ecrit)
stable- safety. Catch and Pen.

People want more and more an more because simple problems and taboos never came to be solve. Also they are bury instead of digged up and wherehence digging up for trove and truce, amassing misery and making hills for illness sure.

Shw was afraid of loosing her objectivity with her, but why on earth wanted her to be of others’ high subjective opinion. She was her lover, not any kind of icone.
Objectivisation. ME?AN.   A?ALL. aTall.

When she thinks of you and that other people are around, in her the impression of haiving stl stolen fire.


To the love game where one has to, must learn and patient for being the winner the wot, tow, the two.
This learning introducing tto the ctitizen end too.
Here is love infe indefencible as he is afraid of naught.
Her is love the master of everybody as long as thse bodies are not those, the those of the reef reference reeferee rejection, the rules of deshumanisation, and the law that permit its envirommental disintergration or simple degradation, at every stage, take with it, punishment completion, as something as to be replete.
Pesrservere on one condition, the love be empire, why the, like god, like sun, and everyone shacking when away and every one hoping for one’s but what about our live without, ney.

Je I think that you may be thinking o f him, and in a rather good term. He is sure to be happy as he could feel the same. Happiness on its simplest equation, the surest of all notions.

They don’t deem me to be able to have an opinion or to be simply present when these meeting take place. Because of them having giving me as a mark (mark as a torture, mark as a merchandise) a 60 scale IQ, IT could I have suggested, butt they would have taken pride and obligeance not to hear me or make sense of ti, a like of the usual.
These people all sitting in round and engaging in a talk about equality. It is why talks are so despised not because of their generating sense, and me when I don’t hear or understand the words I can that yo u don’t of other energies, or instead of having thumbed these a thousands pages my spirit knows he has for mission to give his substance to this particular line that I won’t quit. But even one word of them would be treated as a ludicrous cry, even if I was crying to come to your meeting in being perfectly calm, you would say that I (sell) sleep, even if I d se sleep who don’t respect or who do understand or who is stronger than a nap nowadays? No one more than yesterday.

It is rather funny, these people I d so loved. Kid, like this boy for whom I quite naturally feeling rather profound affection with. I see him in the street and I start to decontract, adi d admiring the comfort of a vivacious energy might be providing, this air of faithful, I could have love all in him. And all of a sudden the gait, this strut that I did take like of my old habit, when I was a single, turn slyly and said, but if you are a lesbian do be afraid baby.

Tjo this question of hmo homo hetero would be just a way people positionate themselbes in their struggles for equality and fierty in differences, permit to variety, and homogeneous heterogeneous demarcations or alliances.
I can only considerate myself gay as it is the representation for me of heterosexuality dictact withering away. Or me as heter o as I reble rebel against mother principles and me as bi as it is like that I knew  I was freeing everybody, or me queer as my father was as macho as ti should be, meaning while guys are at war they do it for the infra infantry, and me I like matureer, I ve been save by granny even if solely psychologically. One can ask from this more it is the only experiments, on what we have been , ofthen only midly giben given tgh access to perm-it.
Permeable. As if in my life personally or in ths society wholly this relationship were shaped, constrained, ideologized, digged, buried, inflict, ruled, reigned, otherwise, well my position would as shift as shaft.

Women to have been coined more emotional as if deductively education is not for you a possible training then you will have toe exert your intelligence in the abstract.

They were repating repeating again and again it is not facilities it is simply work. But work is what? It is that circumstances alble one to be at and into, as if we were arranged another who knows what we would have to put up with? Also we owe to our work this sometime. To this time we owe its democratization, in the sense who couold be freer out of my destiny, out of my production. Who and how.
Again and again but not against as whatever art or philosophy or engeenery, my time as my only contribution to what would be called enjoyed dest-in. between end and mean, past and future, between whatever mean, harmony to time and space and their membrures.

Wast is interesting.
Interest up on plus value.
Values what they call m--------oral. whor all.

I was thinking it is so a shame I cannot ahave a little room in this residential quarters, there I could be in silence.
I don’t any longer, the noise of the cars of the children that one extasiated, and the continual renovation that are truly impinging like destruction upon ears and grey matters, as they are not renovation but destruction of stones mineral, ores, continual destruction prompting by the corruption of making it more and bigger for your salaries be to the reflection of the gap and destablitisation that rationing thus will provoke.
I d rather be in some zone of my popular quarters, of music is not the tools of distress and depression where people rest I n front o fthe serious of the situation.
They destryoy brand new construction. God le’t sprotec t us, by erosion?
Ores, heros

Ce n est pas du demarquage.

Each it time I write something worth I claim to myself that my life is not a wrechking and then I have to direct all my body to intercept another body and take talk about both. “illusion  and reality” or is it a question of coming close?

She loved you as much, as mcuch, but we are in different circumstances.
As much but no brewing the same ages.
 As much but Not involved in the same unfolding story on stilts.
     As much but            Please don’t take grudge and live with it.

And she would have know the hatred, the one you do voluntarily because you don’t want let to happen another butchery.
She would detest them but in a very precise aims, in order not to ves verse into melancholy through the love she has put into their won own falsified game.

They say I am cheating on you with a goose, but ain’t the holy truth.
It is just that she is treated like a true bitches, she is plural they are several turn in turn making frid friend to more much alleviate their shamefully shameless entente among themselves.
Then I court her but to how (s)how them at these impious birds

 'A zoo spokesman said N””””'s action was "both spontaneous and entirely out of character".'
one day what they could reproach you is to entertain your spontaneous side. That of course it is but because you have previously chosen this type of intervention or release.

On genocide. People are reporting facts insisting on the humane side, as emotional as they would be in front of a box of chocolate that would have slipped down the table. But still the bod rescue is quicklyer done.

I ll be with you tomorrow, and you will be my field, yes, you…
My lady d arbanville remix.

Be yond.
Bye by
Onde = wave – undulation.

She knew that with her she would become the most ahappiest of al l what life accounts for and more yes especially, will you.
And the other would never have her have a rest but all the same during her sleep she could watch her during ages, tales, mounts and marvels. She could watch her and lsistening her every list, note, and distinction just in seeing her face on retrospection. And kiss. But careful she wouldn’t awake her, as sleeping as beautiful, or else passible to spend a dirty harsh quarter of an hour, with final firing if the hostage start feeling , filling hostile.

Play music as one plays the passing by and tempo of the time.
As the birds tell a story that are edible for the one that want s to know.

She had never had sex. Sex good sex as to be involved in it you have to have some reason. Because she was a conquistador and she wanted to do else to do more. And from having sought this good session story, not the niravana of course she could not stop waiting for a fine husby or wife, pick up, at leasure, and no pretending hysteria, no fac farce, she knew that for having a good one you should have or a lot of money-if you wish stay candid or a lot of time- if you d agree for a later Viagra still, not steel, stupeficant stupefiant style.

Would you like marry me? Thank you in advance for you r positive action.

Let me come back, not often, once a term, for at least preserving in my sense, the getting older an wiser since it is why we are perseverating being beyond being together both all alone but side by side; to perceive the passing by of the ever advancing season. Je t en prie.

Partiality. Spartiates. Satiates.

The day I could touch you as a token of our happiness having found shelter from being forlorn if in love. This day teh most beautifully, the one that indicates, I could wait for the rest.

And I know she would no like it to write again and again, from lover it passes for being a pest. Funny that?

Even if you d ask me I would not return in the ecuries. Of problems for you I don’t wantany. Wantonely.

My love of course everyone or at least the majority would be for us, as people being humanr rights defenders but what if us in front of the danger, no one would make the move, want a proof, the simple existence of dictactirship.

The vampires has to life this way because at night in a grave it is fucking too cold. And would it be elsewhere human would kill tham even if they were harmful. Like humans kill the wolfe to save the sheep that he would eat and make communal feast around that. Human the savior.
Top of Form

They say that demons takes children or animals for their preys because they are weaker no. because they are their facorites and that in the conventions they are more protected from human cruelty, the first one by being infantilized and overlooked anyway but for the ability at being the humans’favorites as well, the second one for the same reason and for his independency
The humans are wek from rejecting one’s true humanity, include one’s instincts, and inner voices. He is so weak that doing everything in secret of taking it as a weapons to destroy each other, of not understanding that one soul is at play., the deveil. Yes, yes, simplistic. Who honestly would believe holding the trugh truth on that even the most remotely as they are fleeing from them night and day. And to reproduce death everywhere on earth on top of it.

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Lewd as you don’t destroy your tool.
It wouls have been preciously well good thinking to save the machines and instaure a parallel orgainsation but for that you need support and they would have been denounced by the worker of the same cohort. Difficult and through time materialist historical.

Alert icon

There is nothing tha ti like more in aesthetics than dance. Alter, after you.

Try to eat dry to loose on weigh.
Never add oil or any other condiment when the body pay itself the satisfaction of taking in carbohydrate which are a source of heat, sugar, energy- basically they are some sort of flesh. And put condiment such as salt or spices, soup, soya sauce, oil, hear head heal herbs, in vegs

I ve been helped a little; I was able to deliver something correct in the mean while. Training. Or way of working and studying which are under amazing threat. They already aren’t job what will happen in a little while. I repeat while twice, oh paredon, I was not mean to say that professor. Might I have a glass of water?
Default of punction punctuation, osorry.

I ll reformulate but not my question. The thirst was just transitoire. Oh yes I know that water supply is over under certain conditions. Can I have water, please. Before I drop through the effort of having to retain the pain exploded and the shame ot have some reminiscence of what earth was supposed to be given that there were a brain, the ware offals, and a heart under the banner humanity. Not nostalgic they conduct us here and now and what was happening there and then? We imagined it gay, it must had been awfully gone.

The Deutsch–Französische Jahrbiicher (English: German–French Annals) was a journal …
Fucking anglese (almost anagram for angels).
fucked up one should say.

Love, over all over. Hold.

histori of identity.  My wife this vampire, my husbi the werewolf, faithfully as the two being in one as long as the couple still condition as separate their two bodies. Namely I can be both, as long as I don’t enter another state of con-sciousness, science pratciqually and don’t decide to make one out of both various characters.

These people who complains about the bird’s poo near the pond or the beach or the forest, whatever, whrever, whenrever when without them, the land would be as dead as doctors.

People have a taboo on nudity for the danger of vulnerability that it embodies, and this as long as people will be at each other necks. Log, hog?

Not talking about your scape goat, non vegetarian.
hog  (hôg, h

a. A self-indulgent, gluttonous, or filthy person.
b. One that uses too much of something.

1. Informal To take more than one's share of: Don't hog the couch.

4. To shred (waste wood, for example) by machine.
In a lavish or extravagant manner: lived high on the hog after getting his inheritance.

4. Informal a selfish, greedy or slovenly person

(Mast)schwein nt; (US: = pig) → Schwein nt

hog [hɒg]
1. nporco, maiale m
to go the whole hog (fig) → fare
le cose fino in fondo
2. vt (fam) → accaparrarsi
to hog the road → guidare
nel mezzo della strada

at a time whre property was glorified as a trophee coming from the providence, thought-values back by “both the satate and legal system’ indeed but ‘even if speaking of social was a rather new institutions, even if the petering out of the civil society make any individual at the mercy of the machinery’, it cannot been forgotten that social in itself does not parry any kind of power abuses or ignorance disaster and its enforced recurrency

She would think it is irreverential it is offhand as I want each minute to make use sure ruse that every element is underlined. For what and why on earth would have her to bear attention ot that to understand when I am far reached, as love for me is a process of thought that would be belied as thought by the one who is not here pondering over her beauty from dawn to the departure of dark.

People are nice and comfy relying on the welfare state or the opportunities in their jobs to abuse colleagues on sole account of praising the boss.
And all this hatred build upon borders and nationality. We will have t o be tougher before ve being invaded that sort of simagree. But now what is a country but 200 units trying to consumme the last poch of blood that “has to” be seek and sucked?
So what your people see when they play smilly and liberated, of what?
Who still believe in peace prosperity sanity justice in the world the way it is runned down?
They re is not citizens already and soon no state either, but the human status looking up looming for the prey for which one will rev receive the better pay.

Why are we on earth. To depouille one’s neighbourhg. Most people would defend themselves of this but why then they put on adoring some members while desiring the lost of the other ones, and if not desiring taking up a way of life entailing it?
What’s up?
On common sense spreading upon values vocabulary, just checking out the fact that they only talk about finance.
Note for latter, is this human?
Then it is why humans keeps on pretending and even better than that he is god and beyond its own destruction.
It is why keep looking on your soul brother would be my exhortative extortion.

I am a horse but with you I would have to find my equine distinction.
Whereas you are afraid of me abbecoming less than delectable, of course I am not saying that I am plat palatable. The thing hat ‘s true is that I would transrom in dog for you to keep me. (but ok you would may well have to pute me down for that kind of relationship.)

I could need you for more than one idea, I never attend seriously enough high school and never finished it. Exept sometimes for my french for original ideas my marks were at zero if not plus bas. Exept for socio for being a good listener of radio-with my ma.

She tortures him with saying that she cannot commit in case he would afther then betray. Whereas betray her would be suicidal or damnation, as never would he heal (he al) from having doing (hath) that.
But what is she thinking, it is what emotion and sentiment are about, more than effusion and hysteria, grandiloquence, an y type of behaviour that did not think beforehands. Betray her, meaning loosing her assl )all the time he thinks of (like an hassle that harasses) haras. Ara.
Also he would avoids, at least not big mistakes, not mean mistake. But little mistake is enough to ruin a reputation, yes I could feel killing the one that would no say excuse me and pardon, but apart from that? Me howling for years at the door accepting the fact that I d take yes yet a while before your opening? And still I would not occupy anything you are my impress.
I am victim vc of my style, I am victim of my genre. I was waiting for your lessons.

You demonstrate enough of your courage and affection I believe enough in your honesty and sanity of mind therefore I should not have burst this way even when I stumble across your literary companion of no past. You told me there has not been anyway, it was just a burst, but now what can I do as I am blew away? I mean ok but perhaps to see you as I am not a truly damned sheer vampire, I won’t be able to ask after midnight. It is from there that with comes reality even if reality is beyond fiction we know that at the expense of dying for not having life.
It is my major difficulty I am aware of problems I warn and warn like a goat blathering but it is solely to beg to be careful for two my interlocutor, in occurrence/;...

Also could you not bear mch attention to typing mistakes, the real ones I would give me thoughtless job to do when reading back my jahrbiicher. Buche, log,  b.ich.e, biche, deer, HIND.

This moment when yo are so near her that she can hear you. She would not enjoy them indifintely after your tenderness made her soothy, she has to act on what bring your coming of verity and passion. in sooth.

You were mad at me thinking I was doing this foolishry on purpose itis not strategic or tactic, I am a fucking idiot. I mean perhaps like else it is congenital, I don’t ask nothing more than taking account and ameliorate but I am traumatised at the ideo of the punishment.
Confounding breath of pleasure with those of meurtrissures.

Tu sais j aimerais qu on se meette bin d accord sur ce sujet. Je n iamerais brai vraiment pas qe t u penses que l a maniere don’t th je me suis comporte avec toi est ma maniere form for trying to seduce in the noble terminology of this not activity but soul cry anjd on its becoming.i was not trying to sedce seduce but to appeal yeah. But it is not that I was not easy is that the boat was lost anyway. It is not like that I am busy, it is not like that I am deary, it is not like that I cherish my beloved, it is like that I sacrifice. Not sacrificing you, but you are right  better be away as it is not question of intention but if someone is not god in a battle field everything may happen olk. Dkon’t deduce it is a threat (three-at) I can love you but you only.

I know that you are bothered with romance, but I would have not at all, I don’t the 10th ok bt really don’t know by infinite thought, aka mein kampft which I really would thumb in the metro, my problem is that if you know well people on having exert your prowl of analysis and the profounder of your feeling, you did not test them avidely. I am not talking about a dumb test that the tester do on purpose or would not be able to sit in themselves I am talking about a test on ethics and equity. Probe and prove people their limitations, hypocrisy, lies, persverssion, sadism, and prove them they are the one gonna die in well mediocre conditions, but this time not set by well them but what they did with their destiny. I tremble each time I write these words, what have I done with mine? Or going to do? What if I was listening to evil, even in doing things not bad, but in not doing things better? I could have profoundity my love, no one is damned to the through. Not the one bad, I mean a hole is where we should to be giving an hand to every life that has been threw from the plate fore. What about veing beaten, eaten? One day, one life.

One day, one life. Would suffrerance endure with the mind of the d sage, as souffrernce reduce our instinct to the prize and praise of the impl siple simple spark of life. This stretch of the time, am not saying torture you will give birth, but when suffereance is the consequence of us finding solution or having to found find them. Could sufferance, this having to bear one’s mind out of the receptor, bring and give life out of the dire.

Dire = d aillleurs = from elsewhere by the way.

Work value, it is alright to choose activities and build 6 houses and troc them against a lot of stuff. What is not alright is to work to exploit people and their environment, that is one could say I want to enjoy a car ride as it would still have car, but not possess 10 cars, but build one’s house to hire a racing day- and we would see who still like cars when they would have lost their privilegdes costums appears- i.e. pollute the planet, or the social status that convey customers and fellow conners.
But I mean yo cannot have 6 houses for you simply because earth has to be shared in one, but has to be left uncovered.

The legionary position is the most comfortable for the les as they would in that configuration been withot any impair being able to touch the most of the surface oth the tothers with the most of their own. Of course still very artistic, singular, spectacular to manage to do that. Real sex mh.
What’s next?

People don’t think they jst bawl what they have concluded of their past plaisantery.
It is how judgment are all but intelligently passed, but none bar bias.

Liberty for people means not freedom or any thing grand , magistral, honourable, higher than not enslavement. And then more and more tied slavery does not omply no longer the having to do things stupid, or detrimental, or unfilfilling, or whatever is an insult to the worth and intelligence proper to our species- and any species because if other species have for them treasure of mind that people don’t have the slightest most remote idea of, they can well wee, see an feel, that it is the “complete end of” what the humans are doing- even a spirit implied all its life in alltoghether other matters, can see when it bends to it a little bit, and they do as if they don’t have written records of the past-though I anm sure they do, they are species for goodness sake- they are the one who does not need machinery and confrerences to evaluate that our fumes, our farts –what people deem and how to consumme off for their corpses daily even will prove deadly.

Dou koutchner disavow pardon luoi


It is not insult it is underligne what people knows about their personage or character. Only that we know as they are crampled with us going right down to enfer = hades = made of iron, people will become mine.
But not mines, that other would venere, revere, and walk through to exchang of light and colors and glittering with is light condense by the partition of shadows, no, the mines as they are treated by us since
Miles jst a few a aorta is pierced, this millimetre thickness.

The dark used to be the devil as people were fearing for their life at night in particular.
Now tthis color will be green, as they will be dying from this color, the blood of trees (threes) missiong,
Missing, a particule from the atom history would begin, as far as human this magistrature is on lead.

I had to go with all my prome promises, for m y love for you could be a nice promisc, mix, and I went, and I went with all that my souls and body could fin d of the net, and I went to far, as I did not hear you to say ‘tout doux, tout doux’.

You hate the pollce, but you fuckng work for the pollce.

It ahs become so pathological that I cannot feel but distress when I have to wrok in the building yet again even further from yours. The pathos of th e lack the miss the void. You are not here. But would you be here I would understand my little existence as what could I be or do that could be fo of some serenity?

The flight speed of a bird so fue fuse that one case cannot see him distinctely.
When birds are as feminine as delicate and discreet as flowers, that surely are male on the same basis basically similar, at the identical the unique will of the fusion among lovers; lover. Mere.

Ininfinite thoughts.
Is it a bet, is it a cahallenge?
It is an intuit.
I accept it as cmediocre, and what?
It is nothing but hope.
But careful with hiope as one must not hope past the post.
I d give me energy for the next stage in that case.
Change of team.

Were you a little mouse, I would not do any harm to you, and I would pray for you to stay near me. Even if I d take me tremendous amount of time, because you would be this, souris. But I d be appaled by my propensity at having uncapacity at remind you at your place in my dream, and I culd kill you from turning over during sleeping. As I have nothing to orient me, no anylonger midi, no mapmonde, no desire for another woman, nothing than the horrors of being immonde.

Not immune.

I imagine becoming mad at meat eater, or polluter would they be my lover.
And after, corruption, well you ve got a job, it is your wish it is alright. I would not look into it. I cannot blame my love for being like all other budies. And me I am corrupted each time I haven’t die for more freedom, everyday and this compared to live in one’s grave is alike.

              It is because of obstruction to true humanism that we are still in death orow as a species. A deserved one I mena, the logics treasure of the minds that have bbeen exploited without being thanked by a we understood you and thus in harmony we will apply, a rape in one word.
Each itime one says yes to unfair way, saying to oneself ti it si just the one for the day, it is the brand grand participation that has been made.
But you are mad I am not a big epre pre personanage. But no one is. The rules are everyone, and the rulers have to obey if not they loose seats and le lies are saturated.
The means to an end? What debility.

El legs al.
Hide heirs.

But what would happen if we were sharing, the same goal, the same place...
Well I would do nonsense and you would look at me like if I was dirty, and I would not understand, so you would have to explain explicitely.
And I would park I promise, but for the pollution.

To eat kilos, and liters, and kilos. Without asking further. What is energy for? Are we still alive? And what for? Death is an oracle, death is a beauty. She speaks of our limitations, she speaks about doing better than vac. She looms over the emptiness and go for us to fill back in ourselves and be once again ready. With on top of it that there is another space for guarantee.

But what would it be left the day I lose every?
Being the master of one’s mind- and one’s death. Leading to another scrypt.

I could stop thinking bad but big because were for you al every bit of my feeling.

If religious groups proved to be simply groups of interests, that will reform under whatever creeds solely in order to “gain” monopoly over “the commands of hierarchies”
Why do you have beat me?
I don;t want to ask why did you kiss me?
Reference to your sugar salty, cold sultry, that have a clout on my being dreamy.

I remember this old nan. I remember her since the beginning of my life according to the almighty respect I had. And if thie person had been the devil? What I have to ascertain through this experiment, is that to believe anything ready is the mind.

And if it is her puissance I have in aawe. And that controlling nothing of it I start stuttering. Dddddvillllllllllll, no time to say me.

When people lie I am hurt and somthing tell me that :} or inexact?

You said I love you as you may have said she is not hateful.

But if the society, the communauties is like that, ot be threatening for everything you culd be doing, up to your having affection (I mean you did nothing bad, no bribes, nothing more than interest, we hope it was interesting for everybody otherwise everybody welcome for redirecting the debate/ and noise but that is your usual input) for the non pre designated guy, then it was at least show that the combat for equality and revolution was not fight in the right dimension.
You know now how love is cruel. To point out to one, to make sure that everybody participates, just for its demise. Are you satisfied? So it was not true love? Or so it is what love is like I talk you that.

 People were thinking that he would intsert in their mind distrurbuing image. What he could do is to read what there were in your mind, the ones you are unaware when we sleep at night. And there being readable made them you having a glimpse of it or actually a lot of more than that he felt.
Actually it is surprising because from that kind of waves, where people are becoming lethal with displaced terror it is more ‘she’ than ‘he’ that they utilise.
Because one the lady who are said to have this gift is eliminated, you would not do that to a guy to keep the labor? Produce a man without female? And since homo are in the death parlor, could be interesting to pomp towards competition to madness.

competition to madness.

autodichact, oligolarchy are horrendous word as if in the best scenarios humans like a team would be under one same law, what happens when humans arec concerne dis that the all lot at best would be decide by one person- when it is not rape by thousands- but one person cannot do the job, even if they were the truly, uncorruptible, humanist one. Also the work would be left in a state of unfinsished abstraction or derelict, unmanoeuverable state of function.

What is to be called porno is not having sex, but having sex only for oneself in a wanking fashion manner. Devoid of love, devoid of feeling.  Of course one can perform it well in taking into account the well being of its part-ners while doing it but why doing it? And I think that it is what is also so sad, alongside that it is clearly not a choice or at least the hit rock bottom behind second option (hope shone) –and not of the second best. It is (w)hen we stop waiting for picking because of thinking that there is nothing up there- that we perform sex devoid of love because of having conjugaly loved someone, whence the need for sexual exaltation in an at all levels fusion vow, without being with them and therefore having to go for it simply enacting a  so cherished position of (in) (a) live in a throwing of tear.
I also think- because it is a cerebral play – be it before to finally desire an outcome whatever it may be, while, or after romanticising, mechanising, sportisizing, professionalising, standardising it maybe??-  that this is what makes sense for the porno industry being so out of the tune regarding refinement because what one seeks is to burst not to be remind of what they are missing.

Or maybe making sex with too much sensuality and pleasure would bring our flesh too near and spread the most intimate disease without mentioning mental raping.

Internet for civil society and education of masses? Masses don’t have no more time or money to deeducate themselves let alone motivations as one learn fucking stuff to fuck u p the planet or when it is worth of learning apply them will mean no way you want to joke about of what...
Internet is there as a forum of professionals, workers that have nothing to say in the survival of them? Even not, of the very survival of the planet.

Eternal U.n.

I thought that tears were at the apex of love disarray it was false. I can feel the black hole, ok?
Repossessed? But what if my desire is nothing more than belonging to what and who would od od do?
What if? Looking for what unsatisfaction, the mind could very much rather stay in this zone of true attention. And for the tensions? And for the final ending? I will tell you the day they will appear and disappear to leave their master who knows how describe the grand what were they for these, sire?

 Never go where you are on no circumstances as of course one would profit from this occurrence for your reputation or your representativity to be spoilt. Ok, whatever for what I care of these fuckers, but what I am doing to dod do to tempt at seeing you, now? Vauxhall station? No no I am kidding, I don’t want you to slap me!

Cet vies d mackack.

I believe in my intuition even if it asks me impossible stuff bac because she has been in the past revealing of moment in the future, so I ll trust, and I will stay faithful to my ideals, even though I don’t get to see them at all form for months on end. It is that to be devot, and the only path to love for love.
The day I realize you ll never come I ll get what love taught me during your absentium fear nothing but opprobrium.

Talking about pleasure, about sensuality, the psychic play.
The psychic play that is the taste of people who makes a rules to work off out boredom and complete anonimat when action for something comes.
This psychic play that the amusers professionals, the one who blame over others’ seriosity, would reprimand, notwithstanding the fact that where their psyche is gone, they would not know that. But the fact that it is the last weapons to condemn someone upon all unrelated criteria.

Why od do hosnest people believing in equality and humanity might hold on to priviledges for some reasons?
To preserve the piece fo of green than almost everyone would sell, to pay the state of the art invenitoion. Not to pay them because paying them would mean to corrupt them, but as far as I find the devoted, truly to its field, one you can subvention independently, for fear of one’s live and pay militia as security, since state are all crooky one cannot rely on police agent- even if this one would be the incarnation of honesty and duties, simply because one cannot fight against the mmain rule without being surrounded.


Metre, maitre, meet,

You fear boredom, I fear vacancy, recess.
Or maybe it is fearing that render the spell hostile. How to look beyond that to answer to the call of doubt?

On spot of bother, I am the police...

In 3000 years the devil may be your savior, but today’s you are his servitor.
Let’s show what you digged out.
Not bad, and what else, I thought that you could be stronger in hatred, disease and other illnesses (ease).

It is true that they throw her on heterosexuality as vulgarly as they were supposed to be distinguished.
But if the results has not been farm for being satisfactory, were she had been the authorization to explore her lesbian style, shw would have shared her life with a woman for a long time.
They preserved your sexuality, in fact your virginity thus. And me the lover I am a happy person to whom something similar had been administered. Let’s stay open, let’s not forget that we are guided by strange forces and norms, and the why of the what we don’t have any but ours, that we know are far reached aren’t they? Do no take notice, I am listening to attently to the thunder, zeus in a nutshell, ok?

You are my half, the one I was looking for, the one I thought were residing onto a person of the past, but it was jsut for the rehearsal it is what they say. I want to believe but the joke has been training for so many years, like you?
I had planned for years to stay in contact whateer happen with them, and today, zeus who I trust first, coherently say that my lucas, my half, the incarnation of my husband is you. Look this melt on gender it is not my play you know me it is not the pussy I jungle with easy, it is jsut wha ti  I reckon of this play.

Is it stormy at yours? Are you listening to it?

I am your man, you agree with that? I mean you know it is tha ti am performant a that? Einh?
It is just that I am so coq en pate, inane, that I would be helpless at protecting ya.
If I were abandoning you, or if you were abandoning me, I think that we would lose our psychic power and the furiously grace force and consentment on higher authority.
I think. If not my mistake, I would go through it and as for my intensity, stories, philo, later, further reinvest.
The thing is that I don’t want to err, for me diagnostics, I can do whatever for its success, meaning mission accomplished otherly said, and you?

You want to wait if you fancy turning demon?
Don’t take that literally please I am fed up of sinking my own ship, don’t you have no trust in that, the little pea in between my ears, it is by open mind that I talk to you of that. It is metaphorical, jsut insisting on the fact that everything else is...
Ok it is not metaphorical.
But don’t ask for verity, I am not a charlatan.
I feel like begging it is excrutiation.
I am not even sure you are reading these (visse) words.

I n fact lucas was so effeminate that I was to replace his husband. But in the other story he was my son. Thereofore it was an entire platonic and in fact even not physically shared relation, and I agreed as he was the smally of what I deemed to be my wife. A transformation story, and ‘a’ et b’’ comes together and gives ‘’c’ and ‘c ‘comes together iwht ‘d’ and gibes ‘e’.....

Ah yest like you just may have came to understand everything in what I produce, when not review, but no time for review, is spontaneous, not refined at all spontaneous.

Spontaneous like you mon amour, but kill the spontaneous in you, we are not allow any longer, we are the rulers and we are under rules that we don’t know a shit ao.

I look for the coup de foudre all my live, love at first sight, and it is only now that I reckon that I could well be the day when I saw but not directly inside her eyes, she was just passing by on the side , with an umbrella, or was it her shadow, no it was her shadow, this woman of power that loomed like the dodo.
I am sorry to instist but the vampire is you.

Passing by before entering the scene where I was at apain to understand something about nihilism and over paid.
Mind this day, I did my most successful representation, the performance I nver thought I could play. I drop drama for sciences, with all my respects, but these days we were like too much taken for idiot and me still thinking that dram a could change better than a pamphlet, of course it does but not in my file field.
Did  she appreciate, at that time I did not know her, and all the better because if I d know I would come dumb, or at least irrestibly quiet for trying not to surge her disgust.
Ilove you but you still hav taste, ok.
Desire,  de sire.

Cabrel les eglises
Have a look at felix art,  I love her still but duty I had not been there for her.
Et carol symblolic mort.

Tu sais quand t u tes pasee ton lip stick, I still dream of that.
Parce que tu m as regarde..
Et evidemment c etaif fort car ca t amusait.
Et evidemment ca occupt l esprit intensement de faire l andouille sans leur faire remarquer.

Et then I was so far away thinking you culd think of pampering yourself
I d like to do it myself anyway.

Roehampton was a real choci, single honours.
But of course I look around. Colchester too far, and Kingston because kingson is specialized in politics whcic one I d study ovcer social sciencs.
So I wavered but single honors so it idid not last long, but still I kniw, ofor once the shadow of my dady, that I was more about it. Scrapping of single honors, yes I really will have a big time, it is one. My dame.
Ah yes, big confusion, my boss.

You know in life I don’t think one cannot do something terrible in fact, but in atmosphere and ambiance, here are our skills. And once every spirits has found its place in the board, the chess is set for terrible, terrufuc, terrific, territory, dig the earth, just as sensuously for there to be recovered with the offerings we should have been providing since the nights and sdays of the first arrivals of the starting time.

As infinite as the electricity clashes between cold and warm.
As deep as your feeling when watching breaking ice.
As loud as a tree telling the mass when the wind move all that
It is on its grounds.
D Gr k

Methphorically my dady, as they better not ressembling the initial one if they want me ablt to give them trusty respect now and then.
You like the frame, I won’t be able to half size him. I would try but am not so keen onsport, I do it just to be longer alive, a lot of pleasure, but priority, your poems, my child.

I ve always wanted to go under the rosace of notre dame de paris and kiss chastly my wife there if there were people around, and my passionate cry on the wall of despair.
You are the rosace’ light to me.
Not the true one I came back after my dream, but the one of my childhood where I knew, it came to me as the colors invade, that religion was necessity, for their churches, the beauty of these building, their sanctity; it was enough.
Rose. Re save. Solve. sank

Look I am not talking about violence bby will beating,,,but by coercion and restrain. I know I will come to see you not in your circle I understood no near your career, fair enough, I am a bit longish that’s all.
But if at one point after all you deny me from a real talk and start asking somebody only to remove me from the pavement where I am just asking for your attention don’t do that please. Because nobody would understand I am the guy that think of you all day for centuries. I am not saying I would do but I now that my natural response logically is to think about bring them into pieces. I am not particularly strong but in that instance I would be, and in particular because if I had to stop my fury I would becom completely inert and it would be a simple rape for someone else than you to touch me. Get the drift.

I know it she almost did ti to me.
And the day she did it I knew and everyone that were there that there is supernatural the real one the one of kinesy, but that won’t reproduce deuce I am looking for someone who likes me really this time.
I am lost but her trick no one is gonna do that to me again. I quit, you see, I quit, it is no menace.
I quit without any violences, revenges, I cannot touch a woman or a life of a woman I loved, you believe in that? But her insults, and her gang, don’t throw me the dog, please don’ t do that. I am starting asking myself if I ook more than horrible. To protect me? Look a good conversation will do. I won’t unhook? you are my poetry. You don’t want to be? It is not bad poetry look. I need intensity, I need prophecy, I need you, I need purety, I need poverty.

You hold the info I am not refining them, they say thinks I don’t even read after without thinking they are insane, but bakdly written mainly. Ma declaration.

It was not so big by the way, a guy I did not know, the new lover, I already had to put up with the husband came and forbidden me to talk to her by being at the door, I slept with her a very little bit but we were friends remind it. So it was my time to enter. He took my throat when I try to force, I look at him and all the sudden, the sometimes black stain I see in the air. Came out but this time like if it was a stream of them, two rushing lanes from my eyes to his. je te le promets, he fell down, straight on the floor holding his own throat if I remember well. It is only that he came back on his feet two seconds after, she pushed me out of the house, I never manage to do nothing more this night and the umpthieme from time to time but scarcely after. It is only them that but I am a convert from then.
What happens to you, you will tell me after?
Can yous see color , shapes?
Would it be in a cemetery? Someone entering a tomb? Someone strangly but extremely happy? Like in dream seeing someone else to reveal one aspect of our own personality or avenir.
Did this tomb disappear after you decide to invest? And you search but nothing, but it makde you invest the whole planishpere, to discover that I was your cematary. Not a bad side, but the surest shelter, the place you would choose between all if people did not disturb your revery.

Don’t think that people does not trust you because you are bad, but they don’t because you are not anylonger ignorant of their ludicrousisty, and their want to buy everybody.
You are my queen, so it would not be to attack the gratuitly but be ready yourself to save any liberty, just warn, just do things honestly nicel y propertly without threatening. But what if you understand that these bastards the assugetissement of others simply for whatever I don’t give it a shit of their imbecility baseness, but take my responsibilities, and tackle meanness. To this child that think they are the god of the palace from enslaving and prisoning eberyg

Ok would you be my first girlfriend?
Without joking the others were flings but when I say flings it is quick express of sheer disaster that I rather even mention, ok just once but I was when I understand the mot boucher. I last longer I was coming to speak about the woman I loved and drink one of my last bootles. I was wanking in group. I am so gutted, so fucking gutted. Don’ t think I am filing you by despite, am not interested by bon coup, I rather being really in love that having good sex session with someone to release the tensions.
This is what I now after deviance but don’t think I have alot in my carriage, in stalking included, am faithful and vraie.
Si tu penses a moi dans l histoire qui est en train de se denouer n y pense plus je fais le choix de mon Coeur. Pas celui d la rue.

For a good angel gal I just fiu figure out that it could be ok one at the edge of the bed, legs ajar, and the other in between but not in the bed. Lower part out of it thinking only how would slide two clits.
And er percute.
I shad do a special session I ll never remember my tow mentions.

I am not saying it is anything  better, but could permit met to a slightly improved hovering, my excellence.

Speaking of sex like a play
Oike play one imagines.
Waith with you edon is when you are in the room

With delicateness and don’ t whorry, the play is not just a little bit tense.

It will be deceiving it will be disappointing.
Every one is playing down the phenomenon because they  own attitudes and believes are at stake. They are hiding. Not been detached, or diestcreet, or uninterested, no, no, the contrary but they are hiding. And like usual when there is something eerie and dangerous who come forward and mobe move at the opposite of the mob? Oh yes, they go so well they resemble so much on earth each other. They write the same they endorse the same politics of the insane. Almost us.

I AM      Just imagingin you reading some of this stuff and I can see popping in my view your eyesbrows screwing the screening and your thumb taking the direction of your mouth which one will open enough to start eating the quarter of an inch that you put between your sip lips, let’s say against.
And this frowning your noise, being so certain that I call you my baby like to test your acerbity.
I wan t to pamper- would look after you sounds like more elegant?.
I want not vanish.

When my children brave me it is the edge of the precipice that they attempt to convey- to me?

I am in a room there where is pai pianos. My instrument is solo is the cello, but what I like is instrument in solo. The only with which I d like to play, the day long, don’t mock it is already what I have been doing, I don’t need for this (fort) more than your secret ascent, maybe up to unknown of you maybe unknowt. 

2 am. A big big noise. Again and again. I wanted to reassure the neighbourgh no it is not him that have set some trap or what. A mechanical noise coming like a repeated grate. I did not want to rise. But went on and on and on. Not a noise I knew really. Is this one of your alarms? Your are so polite with your neighbourghs that you could well have invented some other ado. Not he did not try to break-in, no it has not taken up playing cello.
So at the end I went. I had to do almost 100 yards up to this incredible big noise of the barriers of a lane train, it was not coming down at all but these 4o cm that had her come up again, and down and up without doing nothing than hoping and crying but blocked basically.
I was afraid of electricity, it is the big danger with trains lane electricity.
I came facing the street, completely deserted.
And it then  I thought but gosh this is so eery. And it is when I realize that I am in the middle of the night in a residential quarter, that there is dozen of people around me not able to sleep anylonger, that this deafening noise, now I approach it is going on for 10 15 minutes now maybe, that they are people and house everywhere nearby, and this road is deserted totally.
I touch it with my shoes it is the barrier it has to be immune.

put the board forbidding cars to pass by as it is so dangerous that these barriers don’t work properly
And all of a sudden
Light for naught.  

You arem y man, you are my man, hm?
O I mean if you are or if you want to be a man, I want it to be mine.

Every virile or feminine are queer as when we like and look for an d find for extreme, the other part as a balance comes as well.

To listen to poets, chansoniers, and just to know that my duty is to wait that the inspiration struck me.
As they convey the feelings I have for you, as they free me by hearing my complain.
I l wirte everything I owe you, and as I am given the energy for being fulfil by living through, only this, they are as pride as my mystery.
To manage to express what I owe that of vitality my love I will have to persist for entire eternity.

23 on IT
You don’t fucking know the others.
We are run by the mafia in everyway.
You don’t know the workers. Should you manage to exalt their positions, interests, deeds, ...theway jobs are performed now, it d be the end of the world in accelerated motion.
I met people in social services habing no care about nothing than about theirwages.
I saw people let dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. I mean, it try to explain to you it is not the oddity. Try to emancipate their seats and you are gonna to become their lug then their lunch.
Better they had better be dying if not they were insulted as being in a way helped, because these people are unable (by the system, by their own set) or make the others unable to change the working conditions. Of course you don’t want to provide helep to someone who don’t need, but then youmanage to provide one they do need, and you manage them to be the very providers of help.
What you don’t do is to live out of hatered just in order to keep sitting-in in the same estate.

 A used to represent the day when I d lose all my papers like the day of doom..
But now I can fell that just put fire in it, at section, then at some, and at the hwhole , hall of my ludic-rous-ity, or whatever that may be, the day of liberation. And after it? A summary! Meditation transcendental could be trendy. And drain this time my appetite of infamy.
It is not me that think these lines, but the love I have to please, this woman or this man, that god lend me.


I wanted to say, if I copy quotations from you or your sources I will use them once I ll be out of London. I just think that some materials are really super interesting between com and soc...and if there is the slightest danger, further more to which you don’t want to be parented.
And to be honest if any successful dangerous it will.
Not that I blessed, not that I been.

Sometimes I feel like pursuing, and adding to my sentences. And I listen to my bowels, my pipes that voice the need of stopping.
And yes, if I hadn’t it would have so vanitously seems.
I don’t manage to admit that it should be for me like a siren. It is how I am. Because when you start listening to instinct you are quite capable to do everything and its possible opposite, end impossible and addictive as contrarily to not listening and end up doing nothing or the usual think thanks that are eating you.

All what I want is his happiness, used to say his mother.
And he agreed it was the ultimate. But from a mum is to say farewell and hope for the best.
From him, to who, to someone who could take while doing the same.

I left only half ah hourmy comput in his bag on my bed, and put the cover over it as I laid.
I took it to write, it was boiling, I think I could have provoked a fire casualty like that, mind the battery lasts naught thank fully. It is why it is not a big policy health and safety domestic death prevention, no one goes in bed with their computerization IT nowadays.
It did not explode me either. “Say sorry”.

And if I could (die and-tiens let’s erase appearance) be borne again, for you to have lived love at first smith, sight?

Die when one wants, and smiling to have been able to be in the countryside, in summer for not being cold, and not having to deliver messages of life that no one would reckon.
With a smile, old chum, (mes vieux = parents).

I might be red ready to penetrate you, I might be doing it, but due to yur invasion.

E quip EE?

It is no so easy.
It is no so easy to understand and as I had always believe that I would make a breakthrough in somme sort of psychology, thereapy, or weel guradred intelligence secret. But in fact yes, I did, it is easy.
The trick is that everyone pretend to argue and hold differen view on the system but the day one really tackle more than by mouth the initial service/customers of you do like I say if not you are finished even if it is detrimental to everybody but us parasites, that have abandoned for so long their dignity and destiny.
but the parasites, that have abandoned for so long their dignity and destiny...that would need another system in which they could follow without the certitude of being hang to show respect And intelligence for everybody..
the parasites?
The parasites in competition and cooperation.

Us in French moeurs and us.

You say you are for me, bt I am serving politics of ethics so it is not for me I battle but for those.
No, no politics is about constituting groups of war and fight each other to poverty or sales ot one’s soul to satan, not that satan is to blame it is just the one one accept to drink gold and give their poo instead.
And this has to be practise all over our outlet. Let towards. Avillissement following by annihilssment, but if you prevent us from being satisfied through it to be plain, the zombies will spread famine on this one. Job done.
Plain and crude, we know that there is no future than cruel, but emphasizing it permit the phantasm to come and to excite us the all day, we are imagining us to eat so much of our neighbourghs blood, flesh that these tissues could cocoon earth and moon, with us as the satellites of hell.

She wants the peace amongst her cubs only, her cubs amongst the neighbourghs, they were all her kids provided they were jolly. As if they weren’t she had to make sure she was the mum in acts, deeds, and spirit.

Drugs are her, are here, to keep us in touch with something that we want.

Dire straits, the tunnel of love.
“Like it ti always di did.”

Telegraph road
“the birds’ code”

PM, post-mortem.

The lam of bod, god.
Lamed and roaster roasted.

Lame = blade in French.

It is bizarre to have love melody to the late last bit without noing the language they were sing in. And when after thousands of listening you finally learn the words they stay the best description of your idylls
Ill. Idle. idols.
Maybe a magnificient music can only be bear by a any how romantic spirit. SPIE< PIOUS_SPIRE>
Spade, spare, speed, sporadic, Spinoza, spain, pad, par, peed, por, pine, pyre, peel, pale.

I would have been a musician, taking voice and instrument everywhere.
Now what am I supposed to do that my way to express is in a long verve?
At least I would play around people to deliver what I ve got to play, but here what should I do with my pamphlet?

Don’t be jealous I don’t want nothing out of it.
Is still there a reason to wish me dead? So why do you want starve.
Staff. Well, let’s the music plays.
And every one end up onto steel, gun chase.

Transformation of the older age, between flesh and corpse, and when one thinks that flesh is not otherly praised than by lipolucozade. Crusade?

Like in these stories where there are a blond and a brune. And that we take for granted we are the one with the air the most approaching, like with a guy and a slut, or an ass and an ungirl, ..., thinking that it sounds like history, it s sounded like my tale has been made. But who si if is who?
It is how love is in any circumstances that bearable –ti comes form a film that “circumstances” how many times did I write it in reminding this scene of the laquet more than any of the princesses, because him kept in my mind the dirty outlay-. And these circomstances that I want because I d rather shy love that an openly one that in other plans would let me slay, or abandoned have me slain.
or abandoned
band hone.
Orabl, owner, honour, horibl, abate abase and home.

Balt, blatang g blatantly forgetting to thank the slies from my place, where an unidgne indigne I might not be, or yes I am for all seconds my praises derail.
As not be, must mean something else, but be a shelter to the rain. And for the drop to be gathered and sip sacredly.

I have the knowledge to fight my enmity so why it is so vague and shape no divine but divide?
Divine like two ivy.

Why to go on?
Because whatever we say of intelligence, the future is beyond what is imagined. Alaways.

This door heavy and umnmovable. This window through which the air was whirling. A gall in the corridor, the sounds and tremens of a storm, the buildings talking howling how? The air through the window and this chamber resonating by the vent that the door was providing.
And the door is you, the ear.
I write what I write, as latter the door would have been shut and the notation, high in the wind.

If I was a musician I would compose the note my feeling was fusing in me, and I will await yours tonight unfusing again refusing but in me.

I would leave this silence that I could not brake unless commiting another offence.
And your voice would pursue that was left with no defence.
As I write, the music for which I pray, when forces allow me that is the words that ni your mouth would end over and then debate. A responding of the soul but who am I to believe and who I am to flee from our riverside. Person that noes, implose, implore impose. But in itself as life as has had for grain of delivering in front of me so many marvel, beauty, that the silence of the void that takes place to guide me round this estranged solace.

The sound and echoes of celebrity is this means to be and have a look in this spiral as a test of what rumours can say, as a test to lies, inaccuracies, sheer meaness or verity.
It is an abstraction too abling us to see for the moment when similar cases come onto our shame or fame.

Yesterday, of still being twice have you chosen me.
Of would be half if thinking that you did whereas none of it.
Of being something else, as to love you I d need kneeling nine more than humanity.


I spend all these day in celebration, in living, in coping up, in adding, up to in it.
But when it time for me to show you what I am, and made, am ma I d. With love, with mine, I am deceptive deceiving what I had been borne to see.

Charles dickens.
The tricks of having dick and balls, the balls to push it.

It is not by courage I am doing it but by respect for my proper and figurative love, my self love and the music you d played. And the one I have since then growing rocked by the tide and stream line of dangerous if not deadly walk out life.

 In a place where things seem vicerate people start putting fire everywhere looking for miracles to appear as from them to appear by bravoure or honesty they woul d no care.
And the only thing appening is what Young called the suprat conscient, the fact that eVery attention had to converge on one point, since the situation has become so hopeless, emergency, so following the dictact of the previous aware neglect and policy that brought to an end any tool at intervening but to pray for god or evil, but having done nothing beforehand who will come does not take two imbeciles.
Idiot for thinking that they realease the most you can see that in their later preachings.
She loves her more than she could have imagined, more than she would have wanted.
As love is a treasure, loosing love is living hell, or live on earth with may-be.

Don’t bear much attention to the songs I don’t know them ver well and if I do I know too few to perfectly my ought and thoughts conveying.

You now know I may say thinks were weird or heaby about sexuality, I d like you not to be bother it is that I had not been introduce to ti very nicely, and I don’t think anyone is finally.

Live si short as who would mentally support this state of vegetation or even not hidden attitude towards degradation of everything more than understanding that it is not being soothed, that it is not even planning to be soothed, and that should you do something about it they could kill you and then shorten the span.

When one reads, thousands of killed in a new papers, it should be the sole news and everyon e reassembling around tables to stop the slaughter. Instead of that, it is but a tiny piece of information amongst horrors.
What’s the results are?
It is a tacit, silent, perhaps even whispered permission. That is we are in our offices, smily because the news is gone so it is no more faces crying or the one of debonair insurrection. But what more that are psychological attitude response. If one let that happen it is obligatory that the slaughter will reproduce in everywhere it had been disregarded thus. Would it be parried psychically the reaction would be suspense. No one would move before settling this, therefore our ways of tackling things directly would not be inseminate deadly.

i was cycling on my lane. the driver honked me i showed him that i did not take heed of the numerous hole that there are on the road. he overtook me, i am quite a sporty person and i do knwo that driving a bus is difficult but what happen is that yesterday i though that my last day out of hospital has rung. it is because i am sporty that i manage not to fall and holding my bike while the driver left me not more than 10 cm at one point for doing it. i was on the verge to decide to drop the side of the pavement not wanting to be run over by this hog. i warn you that if noone gives me a clear answer to this complaint i will complain to the police. as for the training of your staff regarded the distance they have to respect with cyclists, knowing that the cyclists have to themselves keep away from the curb as the far left inside is but sewage drain, you should trian them better.

Used to asking “what I am going to do”. The sole reaping response is to trust the reight right way whetever happen as for what doing any steps forward in disalignment with that?
Trust and share. To the completion of once upon a time I were young and thus know that ideals can trip stop wars and its compeer. There is no “let’s compare” but compete for honesty till an angel comes off the grey and agree.

She is the energy enabling the past to be present, and love omniscient, as more powerful than her none, whatever in yesterday of any perspectives on future disaster she what life brings of rebuild.
And then every element a sacred story in which in her hands none is fortuity.

The running water.
The running water as it has to be kept natural and free, not kept indefinitely no accumulate as every one needs it.

Water  as being sacred, and when taking a wash or a shower, with the flanet or the hose at its minimum counting how much on needs and therefore dance with her.
And every day bear this sacred ceremony linked with our body relieved from its sweat.
Sueur = sweat           suaire in french shroud


If we cannot do this without being in security- and security o f employment too it would be saying htat it is a post nazi society, It is better we realize it sooner, what do you think thing?

I could fight all the fights for you babay, but like a boxer the too many blow could drive me a killer, who unlike the were wolf would not recognise its own sitter.

She d like writing like you, as clearly as the flowing of a fountain.
And as jerky as the arrivals on its lands from sprinkling to drenching, have relief and me in unison.

The you nger we are the longer I will miss you, should we stay apart.
The maturer, the longer I would have early)ready to belong to you, get.


I d like to come to your meetings, wearing the hijab, recognised from noone, and I d be gone the moment you could straight to me such the fire ‘ light on a butterfly’ s energy.
But it would not arrange my dimplomatic relations, also I wont’ resort to this, consort is the only way .
Bottom of Form

Physical violence, as when it is the only tool left for breaking free as been tamed by words.
But what when words are “worked” in order to cease visible physical injuries to replace them by moral, mental, whatever one is obliged to follow rules contrary to its happiness and survival?
How will be out the fury?
Is this what is called?  I ll called the psychic?

To love is to lend one’s strength.
Therefore if I love my lady and love when felt at its 100%, when the body is able to give it one’s way, has all the strength infinite delicateness or puissance, accuracy or bombing

We are poor physically, mentally, we are poor and nothing is done, and nothing undone, of what could relieve it self and inter care. Afraid of becoming pussy, well of course the body will claim for its tool and sports loving, and having to restore the matter, in green and nature, and materials keeping. The body could become as hard as a rock, as tender as a foam. You would say but it be like ancient times. It would not be it would be so because the human society enables to live so. And I am not saying in some kind of vacation consort, but in a society that would bring our mind free of responsibilities over injustice, as there would be none, or none that would not be heard by the ears of reason and wisdom.


One’ s lk life and one’s destiny is about to give it. There is one I would not give for nothing, and it’s   .
And he would shout and shout and shout repeating that he does not belong to me, but you know what I mean?
One does not exchange the paradise, and then one’s own capabilities at viewing, nurturing? calling it elsewhere.

I d lie to be you, but you, like to be, to make you love the all and in every moment of ours.

“neither them nor the media that protects them and regurgitates their lies”. 

You have to give example
Because or it says media are but lies..newer be all sweeping or else including oneself....................or you need to illustrate it with proof, a sample, of obvious innacurracies llllllllllll orwhatever would have induced the reader into misleading

you are not at roehampton anylonger. believe without a doubt that you are in fact missed.
the whole scaffolding of human rights system is anywayway holding on threads, that is no more than a wind for nothing will break them.
but so it is to hope, it is not the end of the storey.
i d like to know who work with you. as long as i am concerned, academy only. but i was well done anyway.

recycling to the birds and cats

i wanted to ask for leftovers coming from the dining and canting area in order to feed the feral cats, domestic fowls and other birds. would it be possible?

People are afraid of some wipe-out.
And each reassure themselves in saying it is not so bad as that.
But wipe-out here shoud be serve as figurative.
Meaning any stage towards being a target or something alike, and this is in every street of every life.

People are talking about the mafias, but the mafias is them, me, you, us. Everybody. What are we?

This person who has now dementia. This person I saw maybe twice, thrice which I remember, something very distinct her voice. How come her voice comese back exactly and that every time I remind her. Ingrained?

For someone who did not used to some years ago, almost at all.
Searching one’s mechanisms most of the time after that.
Today when I touch my sex in the attempt of drench my thrust it is my fingers that ache first.
Love with a single in ova love.

For him a mass was at night, in the dark, where he could measure other forces, where one (none-neon) understand that every thingggggggggggg is not assumed.
And today the mass is at day, as he is waiting for you, tomorrow seeing you for may be the last time.
Otherwise he would have to have opened a book and try to read even if his eyes was scorching even if the book on the talbe would have been, and him impossible for the reading. But he would have been trying.
Today he respects at t last the time. He cannot take ti.
What d be time without him? Without this other, the time life d be some other thing. But not of his choice, but not of theirs.
Today then I ll be innovative as for the “his blues, that is most spiritual moment” determinative, he will take his own texts back, and reread what a feeling is like. Or his masters’, or others’ mate, mast.
Ma(T)ter. Maternal, eternal.

Titi = petit = small, my beatufil beauty pet, puppet nkname described feeling. Knave. 


The third eyes , of when bear by a state of autosufficence, or protected by the circumstances, will have the possibilities- let’s forget be able- to blind their physical regards, no threaten physically, and not socially maybe and see in dream what could be.

I love him, and much much more than he is pretending knowing or succinctly
‘easy play-easy game’-

To prove him I am an hetero also and he would start to become a lesbian. … .

One should demand for jobs around environmental issues, organic food, checking on producing with the minimum of polluting impact. No unemployment, and then we could say that the criticism towards human rights are justified because one is going towards bringing solution to it.
Of human participation.
Till then, we will all die, or be at the service of the next mutan, because who would want to trust anyone from a species that want to see their own as dust.

What you show me concretedly.
Wear other clothes, confirmation it is funny.
Live otherwise, I am wondering if you d like of mine any.
Think nicer like I used too, not a push over, for the reminder thank you.
Be bare foot, this one is just for you, I d have to get stronger, is so sensual and for the massage I might to have to wait longer.
Be bare foot, since I live not where I work and t o cath the disease against I used to warn, because I might become the antidote of not dying for you, as if you love me then show me if not every day will take a half of me an half of you.

Ah, I could at loat last said to my sweethear that there is no more beautiful place than English cemetery . the green reigh they are natural reserves, they are quiet or almost they are thoughtful, they are my gole gold. Goulh.

My grand pa said a lot to me ‘ta goule’

C etait le plus beau sourire de papi, après cette conneriel

Eating to produce a warmth or and an odour
The relation to ones own simile of processing life.

I was trying that my body defend themselves by moving him methodically like if I was conspuing psycjologically. But if what if the soul was one and the body another one, and that the only stuff to do is to do beyond as trying to respond is illusionary.

This text will be the most important for you and for th reste fo the world as you will be dying an angel fo peace and glory.
  I am only but a demon fell in love for an angel of peace and gloire.
 I have bben asked to write absolutely everything even if I know that it will bring yur state to hysteria and that it is because and due to what I write that you want me banish out of your life.
You don’t believe but me I am the meeessanger thank you to respect me.
Toninght I was trying to sleep on my belly, been awake, heard an helicon, and taken between my body and mattress the murmur of my heart, like if it was in the belly but just in the heart, there is air in the heart too. Me in particular. One cannot live twice or maybe who knows our superstitions are so full o f stuff no one knows but when one of our clones have been more lo or less dreamy.
It is near summer but I am cold. Here ti is a garage, I am a grass, and that it is not possible in the land of the hoopers mea culpa or behaving like parents explain without condemn without expel they don’t know. Even though tehey would know everyone is saying but we don’t know morals laws, just to suck intellectually their bvoss of all party. Boss and the dogs’bosses.
But what I am saying is that the angel of glory is you. Houba.
An angel so beautiful than me I ll die straight eaway for you, for aving you once, for praying for you for ever. Why you are not the first you are not the only? You d be what you wish to be.
Patience is what is missing in you. But me your anger, your sidsapointment, cid, dicka, here I can feel your four horses cabre se cabrer se cabrant le cadran of you r anxiety like if it was an insult really the most insulting ever from a female that love you so dearly. You are the director and me the commis. I love you as my lady but as a boss you became firy. Like everybody it is what I reproach you honey. Everything you ve got in your heart and chest and chess and ideology and finally, but fil finally. I am the wander dog, that I thought of a cover for me it is what I hoped. I did not find it. They wcould bring me in prison I would still sa y I am in love with you. Is it disreputable? But a wander dog has no career, no shem scheme but suld sulking, the sultans of the swing, mark knowffer’.
Today it is our last night, today I am seeing you for the last day, the other ones will be stolen from me, but as I am dog I don’t have tears, but the favr fbric of t my heart that disappears.

A propos police in the game of a dmon demon I am the police one. There is good and bad police? No there is police the bad one are no.
But who pretend not knowing the rules of god, the pardon eand the generosity, the reciprocity and the eternity. Human blasphemy. Of whcihc we are all assugeti, even me I try and try I don’t manage how to describe the void that killed it.
Now it is on the roof the noise that guides me. I am not alone in the night, in the dark, in the cold, I am in good company. Is it red? Is ti black? Is it white? It depends of its humor and clothes, cloves story.
So what s the ger garlic then? This wi whity crunching stuff? The sheer shape of the human heart? Or are the hearts of the ai animal reigh all the same? Tell me Cherie. Talking about one, odn’t demonize you will tell me
Duchene story.
There is in London a building called duschene . it is all magnificience. They know all about moral law, divine laws, all what they have to know anyway, don’t call god a cov o cow saying but whi why is there misery, and taratatatat, that is the reflexion of infancy, in adolescence we hope to intervene, and in adulthood? What? To die thinking of it? Don’t die, think. At least it makes, it put right the one insulting the one who thinks because when oyou think you cannot betray your own thinking forever unless you want to see living hell from nearer.
Duchene sot sortie. I am cold, though d is so big a building that it s light are never ooff, its heating put people still aware of that over 22 it s become damn unhealthy out. Yes about the wife of the last PM I wanted to tell you. The one that claims to need millions of dollars to settle a human rights case. She inaugurated 6 years ago theis bu big building dedicated to human rights.
Here the building story?
No there is no building story I bet there are not trace of that. In which paper anyway. Here the reactions of your student, all knew the story they start a campaign in knowing at the beginning that the campaign was faulty. I fell I feel like crying brother. Why did I da say I fell? Because if you cry for those, you won’t be anymore an employee.
I count on my angel. She is their devotee. She always find excuse to them but not to me, if not I d be her in more than onr respcect husby.
Let me introduce you to the first lasdy. Yes because after all it is n because it is my lass that she would get a discount on the ticket. When you know they call themselves like that they think tehmsevlvse like that, it is not am misogyne anumore so I am felling like grumping one till the first number one drop and who whant s her ticket.
A and the one with a black name too, don’t think I have never been racist. A racist yah, but racist am not more dummy.
I am feeling like a cannaibla me as much as you feel your roasty. I don’t exaggerate the human are lambs they ca claim it. And what they do to their claims? And the y want to spot the demons honey?
They are eaten in end of course, si so I won’t make myself too complainy.
You understand honey toing tonight is my first and last night, without and with you, an hinge period tampon I ll do with it, if I don’t want to do with it. I know where ou you can send me. In hell but there is no end of party. And when I write you raise you r attention because their hope of liberty is you. Problem with latest conjuncture? Donjon? Your queen is a ordure if she makes you believe one could make cake all of that? All of that certainl y not but out of my own recipe, what is this little slot? I am with the party. The party of what? The party of terror, but what shall we do we have to gather, it is why people are forced to socialize, we cannot do much and what we do is all about bribery, and if you don’t socialize youar e out of everything. And it is not in the rumours and ip opinions only it is said and said again to ‘justify’ of the man could not do anyghting without this dose of bribery, yes I accept ri bribery and do thingls vilaine because if I don’t do am the nexdt to the crucifix.
33 the Christian saci savior name, you see I don’t name you can trust that.
Yes socialization is that, thand you he ova, to die for me heys us.
The day of cruxifictoin the day of stoning everyone willb e there, see who applaud and the good comment s on itl here humanity. The ones not for the spectacle? Would you count as one? You will fraternize with the one who organized it next time. You like me. Don’t bothe r about this pronon too much, as much as jesus was a ‘e’.

Why do people without menat mental health issues are so discreet psychologically
Because they are at day when we ll be all at night, aware that the grounds is infested with rats, h not ab bad rates rats, but hungry.
You know when at night you walf walk on eggs and you str startle like a true ghost when you hear some thing appealing suddenly by the gravity?????
Her e you are my nunm,
Yours dearly.

For those who w think I write for them I write for you, or if I write it is the way you are in cetvies.

I leave you tomorrow est jeudi.

I d like to be jedi the control freak , who for he is doing that? For you encore?
Anchor. The f dir drift of my boat in every direction I am alone isnside it and while asleep eating dreaming I cannot take its motion.

Bonne nuit mais nte me quitte ps je ten prie.
Pas comme ca pas maintenatn plus n ai que 33 ans.
I use to believe I f live night, I am night. Don’t be jumpy, night is not bad, better. Is it moony. You wuld learn that night is reassuring would you agree to be more of a garoo, sister. Really. Night is not, never black, night in the nature, not in the houses of or off city. See I admitted you are as a sister, species.
Mutan is what every one can, I supposed it is why it is the play of forbidding. This instinct that we can communicate to everybody, and life, and………………….pure life’s treasury. Pure sure?
Hua humans and their security. Safety. Human thinks smally. All contrite and sorry on so tiny stuff compared to the bi g big bad one? No never say I say that because when you have to be really sorry even for the smallest stuff you have to, and I d be done humans would spend their life reinventing peace and prosperity. But hyporcirsy. Like me I write when it pleases me, and what about when I write and understand the sugar when it s finally rushes. Human is not devinar devinatory, their consciences are …!!! And this ! I talk to you so I find it finally sexu sexy, ah yes finally.
Would I slepp with you, I d never like what I am doing. It be too less in your coming or to o much if I could not feel you secure I mean real relax, you know like if it is was the panacea of the purceau d epicure. What s a purceau is pleasure only pleasure, if there will be no problem I d like to make love to you my friend all the time, and to all your friends? I am good animal. I d like to make love to you and think with you all the time. Your fi friends? They are not frid fir friend o f mine. You are my fir friend of being mine. Fur end.
For end and no mean?
I blab la joyfully since I find for the cloves in shap e of the hart but now I far from the exciting, I am sure I heard it somewhere from one of the chef I dine into.

I wanted to go to Africa bugt it is war everywhere on earth and nothing you can do than giving par p approval

Whe n I make you love or war iwht my spirit, it is my spirit in the nsense where it gos goes mentally.. but it is me? Who is up hterea?there am not saying it is not me, but am saying,


Before humans where exchange ing where were with nature and sweat by contact, be afre bare foot,… be nearer doing man job. No they are robotic. They don’t incubate themselves.

I am homo, and the people said you like gypsy music, but with them you could not be so. So if you want us to stay nicely don’t like gypsies.

Yesterday, I was cold, I was thinking that my day would have to be energetic or simply not drastic, and I refuse to write, refuse to put on my computer what I know was inf not a writer of musclor something we could have had a good play with.
And today I am sick, sick of it. Of not knowing how to choose the moment I raise and start writing or lay myself to sleep, live is about it. But since life is love, how profound is my disarray?

In fact I am the sensation like if I was not a true guy. Like ti if you dating me, I am doing everysingle stuff for you to agree, would be a danger a concern for fright. I feel like a maggot.

You agavvve me a mt token of love and nothing gonna be alright. I mean in the old same ludicrous same way. You know I d like to show you that I may well behave but what to do when you d like to show it in every possible way in the sat last hour I had to spend with you. It is all about it about behavior. Like I d interrogate when you rub your eyes. You need to help eth circulation, if not otherwise…
But at what speed, in pouring over how much weight, with which vigor? Only to ask the questions can bring you in pain or in awe, in gratification or relief, in anticipation, impatience of pleasure.
Your eyes, the trough I d want to fulfill.
PS: don’t apply it too well in front of we. It makes me feel knocking my headlong on walls when I have only my very dear room to think of it aftermathly.

The sole way I still find out to honour love, is the way you just open to me, to venerate it each second my breath will permit it. I am a hermit.
I won’t be saying totally, completely as I have to find a way fo produce for the community and for that I would have to see people, and it is good enough as I have to have my check on if the people is well respected. I d like do sport with the youth but I cannot no time for this, I ll be walking for my plate and my son.
But if I wanted to live the perfect dream it d be to see only you. Don’t freak out you need people I would not mind it, but me but some writer compeers, perhaps if I d need it, mummy, granny no one, yes but there is injustice, maybe would I be another charge upon the disavowed. Maybe would it be out without injustice, playing around, it is not that I am disguseted with playing but it needs time and as far as I am concerned that kind of time to be ready for you, eternally.
How? If fleeing love during life time?
It is not fleeing but waiting for him in its own way.
And love and injustice cannot coexist it is why love are utter hater hare hatred related, and so on, such sonnet.

Mon amour,
I came to a conclusion, Even if you were to propose me to come back in your circle I today wood have to refuse it. I would suspect doing this for the equality conception, but in matter of complete conception the immaculate is none other than the love you inspire, therefore I would not take a chance depending on others for which I could care less which is not your case. It d be a too awfully appalling danger of discrepencies.
Your love, or what could be remaining of it after a fatal question, I do know you can do with it, and the whys of our frenzy, but do with it with or without you, me?

And we would be in a bed. Just to warm up. You lying on my hug, me kissing your forehead and caressing your hair, finding where I can relief, reseal your skull, following its creases, the way the command has for our whole area a button. And it would be for ever bliaa bliss.

He did have at a trust towards rumours, because if insults were flowing on what was not prejudiciable, all in all they were the truth, an “incidental”

You could ask me to stop the game. Problem is classical, it is nigh near of none. But the one of love.
Which has for particularity, the sole and true belonging of being vying stronger than life, and sure enough in no hell, stronger than social play and hypocrisy. I won’t be taking her without without hell? Bag it.
I am sorry to say but people when you see how many couples are culturally mixed or homo…it just mean that unless we ain’t human the same scale-lol- this kind of story impose every day on our liberty.

I n matter of psychology this trend that can have to “punish “ someone not because they act bad, but because they did not have the reaction expected or wanted.
The most perverted is that –in the bad sense of the term- since perverted yest again in psychology only describe what is not withing the norms. But it s popular term would be deviated? A countourning mistake? Some reaction from a system of our cinema of routine that pick the wrong stuff down. WRONG, THAT IS DESIGNATED MISTAKENLY. AN ERROR. OUR VERY. Don’t think these puft aof homo, we aint pedophile more than anybody. The taboo on sexuality and couple and marriage, and flings is. A trend on pedophily and every sexual or mental of physical or social abuses.

Stacey abbot inspirational vampire


A propos Alfie,
You went so emotional the first time, calling him a friend that I thought that he was a lecturer, I asked (you) but as you know my language is not often as graspy as should be, so I gave wrong information in yelling to who wanted to hear it that they provoked a stroke on a prof in beating him up - you know with tall the distanciation that one can expect from an academic ins such crircumstances, place and time.
Well anyhow I find your article superb, when I read you I got a living example on what ‘a flow’ may well being.

You are exactly right in saying that people with family for example would be excluded from ‘participating’ it renders the play as a fox and hunters’ sporty game.
Here to counteract the police the groups- I know yet again voluntaree energy dissolute in not other activities than trying to survive that ought not to be but…it would put clearly that look, we wil have to be more pacifist than the cops and forebody plan of escape, to direct the protest in order for the people to keep aloof from the violent front if there is any. As you know when you are young one is easily excitable above all when like in london there is no culture and discipline of sport that bring youth aware of their body, of their having to respect forces and materials in general.
You know protest like use vocabulary of and are warfare so let’s do it pacifically not in order to do damages- a just war type of intervention.

You know why I email you on this one particularly because there is something that shocks me.
Have you investigated on this case alfie?
Because I have been attack with a truncheon and it left very, very unmistakable trace on two part of my body – the one on the thigh has gone three years after- yes they appear a little more than 6 months after my ‘torture tattoo’- I would not do it again, but at least it would not distress everyone- short of the ten others I had previously planned, (an ivy [creeping] plant, a spiral rather stormy, a bird, an eye, a thunder well of course-in different but all interesting places) and vlan after the noise I said enough of marks I have my one.

Let me tell you about my own, I don’ think that the police did really her job- though I was reassure they were as I had been interviewed by nice attitude couple, a woman who could claimed to look like my gender type, etc, a guy explaining stuff slowly, but now I reckon with a we cannot do anything about it dewclawing tone that have certainly said to my twenties, and I can stop to be a genteel even when it comes to the victim.
The shock on my noise parallel what I just understand was judiciarily relevant, I could not sue this guy because I could have been beaten by let’s see my husby- I was married for a white union to a Algerian almost blind, I did it as being his mate, I thougth friend, the first act I did consciously in the name of god, as my declaring officialy that I believe in it, vainquishing my old all time paradox of why is there so much misery if there is a god…cos ain’t easy.
It has to be proved what it was and by who, but for that one need “objective witness” and who is, in a manif??

Yeah, because to come back to the truncheon story, it is for certain that a medic would know if it was a blunt, round, of very peculiar shape and iron object or such flat and concrete stuff like a wall-unless it is on the edge of the stone? I don’t know I am not the one of csi plus if they make that up they would not be so gross, would they?
But what about proving, is there no any witness. It is boreingly obvious that police won’t make a witness call but what about the press- because every one would fear such evidence that could be made? Right. It is why again there is no such, ever, precaustion than prevention, your tema, team, your protestors, which one, the all lot let’s think big, accordingly.

“and more repressive responses, among the powers that be”.        Logics, power. Cannot hold on one elite, so? What are the rest up opt out ot to?

You can modify an article at midnight like that? Without previous consentment? Thank you for the revision session and like each time I was just I don’t know doing what with my brain when you tackle the key advice for essays stories.
I cannot bear myself whence the unrestlessness sometimes more than suddenly. Not sudden most of the time, but it is like, this morning mourning I find a towel which I ve been taking the rain and stayed near a wall. On top of it. I smelled it and it was the odour of my old doggy. And I smelled again, and twice. And finish I very regularly think of him, it s name is my comput pass, an Ireland town, told you already, an irish settler, a big big one, my daddy. And brown like me.

It is because I fdo it for her or due or thank to her, that of a soul melting, it does not tstop to approach me. Alchemy.
Or the journal of an hermit. 

I think that he had to show you that he trustes you as love comes from the similarities one shares, and that he knows of himself to be an honest guy, and that he recognized this in you, without which he could not give his life-what he is actually doing though. In conclusion, no he won’t start grandiloquent, exentric actions, he will wait for you to call, maybe with then the note you will, but no the one that could brusque your feeling. Even if for him these notes are a symbole of the free, he is not alone on earth, and will have to damit admit will have to do with this, for your security. Because who would like a guy you don’t know what is next? I use to acclaim life like this but getting mature is saying no much time lets preserve us from distress, the less one can do in order to spare where will fructifiate. The only thick and thin reasonating is that one day in his big site feeling at your east ease you will, from the sun rise to where it won’t ever, the light perpetually liens lines and if they don’t her dust would reconstitute us facile.

Let s not fret about nature everything is nature, the robotisation of our flesh will be, the devil in aeration corridor will be but…………………………………………what do you think he, they, even us, will have to say knowing that we kill the quondam queendom, kinghome, parentstombs and childrenhell beforehand.

Surtout en d ne devenait pas emotional, ou surtout pas in front of the others. Emotion are a path to itnellecutua, sensorial, mental, psychic transfromationg the yare not welcome.

When one thinks he is ready to vainquish any hurdle, and go fast to feel and assert of how much went far their die dissertation , sometimes the feet, will transmit this strident pain, a break, a cut, sprain, in the feet, the ankles. Where is it for you?

It has been since my infancy I only fell in lobe love with ghost, I was thinking this morning, a sweetness makes me think that I should not approach you anylonger, though after having prepare all what I could possibly do to meet you from time to time, but this morning I thought I have to retire completely awaiting you. And this afternoon, after having known again this total void of feeling alive, the same sweetness came back and said you have to check if it is a ghost or nothing alike.
Also I write to you.

Today I had a look at tatu, I did not know there were such things, I mean I thought it was a mainstream stuff, already for a Russian group to hold hands…
But I did not realize you, were advertising such, since when, may I ask you, I saw your queer theories hero  but it was like ok minority. Where are you? I am blasted. Well it is not  because I more or less nearer or further belong to a gender, at least for you I have got their sexes. Sexist?
I don’t want to speak that’s all it is why I rush onto the despair, to stip stop running sectarian, I don’t want to be dead to love or make such me discovered.
I though you were bi curious, plus between a green and an amused one with you and your sour sweet comedy. I saw acid, oui je te remerci. You know bi are dreaded for possibly being prone not to seek longer possible relationship. Not that I never was afraid of nay thing. I mean it is to you to make a woman stay, and not for the short reasons way.
For goodness sake it is not my type of music, but I d become.
Plus I had read their account on wiki and nowhere was woman couple in any sense.

No it was no wonder if I was so excited by these last time, sick as ever, I lost one litter under the shower, had ever hardly saw that before, three of four or fivefs, since the earlier morning, like that, never counted so precisely maybe,  times in a rowwhy it is always starting the day it should not be please an additional open wound.

An illusion, a light.
To what was I thinking about when I watch and watch and watch? Turin turning my face and my body, in all differ fashions…
The horrors of being right in the heart and not being so in your deeds, should not be taken as a fate by any means; but by the principles of destiny that shall redeem- and through our very acts as counteracting what one know after that-experimented even if the most candidly, the unconscious will makes us say that it is normarlity or the routine of a day, the bovin reeling unquestionably- his experience of life that if they question it every day, is to be their act in the bible.

He could not say why. I would have known he would have been in danger. And I thought if id on’t know, I shall not. And well then I shall have, I would have, as the danger came to me, the kind of one that you are in it. But even his warning kept me at bay for the times after the war my strength and determination needed.

How do I know it is you? Because you are teaching me to love and liberty. And confidence, and when you tell me in a corner that it is what I could be, then I am for being the one for you who inspires it.

To get this light to cath, catch, to deliver, to capten….

I d like to say I never be able to do a third of the amount of work you rproduce, is it still ok for you?
Although I am finer than you, you are the caterpillar, so what shall I do?
Go behind and pick the morcels up? Would I have a niche for a word, would I be married to you?
I mean a word that would not be put in question or dire disrepute my well being with you?
Would you be the one not able? No, no, not able, but blurring on vagueless, undeterminate yet but all encompassing for deadly finish purpose professional, public, private, sentimental, intimate, intellectual life for attaining the irremediable fiasco?

It is what is super to date someone you know already perfectly, you know when you can trust, it is obvious like oneself naturally, but eyh, !!!
You must not to talk to yourself when at uni, hear that.
If you do want to tak talk to me before I die from not seeing you, well you would have know how. How? In letting me with your camarades and all that? Ok I have the feeling that good god spare us with that.
Then how? By letters you will finally stop to open. Logics after a while. An for me, to do analogy with the police, for you to call the only day I ll ask for something more funny?

You know I have to explain to you, look it is not by conceit, I would never had imagined what happened to me before, and the apex of it was the day, two days, one and an half just before the courses resuming in January, when I saw you I was stoned with delusion, not the first time but this time I understood very very clearly that people could blatlandty aim at get rid of professionalism, when I mean people I mean corporation, hierarchy, as many as teams as you name. and if you do the way I know you dayly do they will start getting rid of you, but not genre competition, genre ethnic murder. The cultural one, the social, the financial. Ok I don’t want it to be down to me, at least no before you can only be sure that it is your choice on liberty. The day you feel you know stuff for sure- could you stop taking this recycling cup of hell and pollution please- I d be with you I d take a thermos or a cup for your official sponsors to limit the dirty

You are so beautiful that I am asking myself how I am gonna do without seeing you. And without this seeing you, how long I will have to take to hear you just move out of my way or I shall make sure you get into a cell. A cell I am already there. The one I like. But who loves you? A ghost, a vampire? None of them nina they are my chimera, the one who loves it is me.
My cell I like. No that I love because I can write for the one I love.
What do you think of that? You don’t know yet? If you don’t know yet, know that I back you 100%. It is true love that I want as much as you do justly without disagreement, without regret, remorse, without comedy, without money problem, so before I secure something not to bother you is as intelligent.
You d be ready to date and more someone earning 6 p a hour really? Because on alternative living me it is as much as I can for my personal output, and more and more now, I NEED NOTHING. That s cool, I am perfectly happy like that, and even proud let’s admit. But you, as you are the sugject of my worry, as much liberation it might provide to me.
I mean let s be cool for once for me. I would even not be on your back a propos your cup. In fact maybe but not the way aggressive or heavy, in fact I think. I d really follow you with your tea, and if you don’t want, well with the cuppa, you realize the danger of pollution nina? We cannot like say your fir friends to say fuck the capitalism let s doing the same with mass something else, it is insane, it is other capitalist with a communism name for goodness ake nina you cannot caution that, caution that and ok I divorce you.

Why id did I go?
To avoid this ridicule of insisting looking at someone who does not want to or cannot want to.
And to avoid the killing, mental killing of doing the same thing whereas she is the only person, thing, envy, hope, …., not even not that, belief that you ve got.

Or ist it because I cannot score as mucah as you that you will put me down definitively?
If yes, tell me, well no tell me.
So it is that?
I would commeont on your equality…ok I am less performant and then?
I d find thing I am truly better. Massage your hand, grow fresh veg if you want some. Ah yes, vecause we ar still in London, are we?
We would not be so short of complementarity as you can see.
And don’t worry about the domestic reset, ruse rise, rest, I know all what you do, ti is perfectly insane see obcene, the accumulation of responsibilities like that, but me an d my alternate life would be happy to move my fat getting fatter, 20 m n a day something like that, in order you not to have to worry in between the parties. I would not propose you a walk, because your pleasure and aims is work, no problem as long as I can harass you for doing sport, without me it would not be the purpose, the pouring purpose your being healthy and staying like that, even all the same if you never decide to talk to me more polite, and therefore not risking going insane dating, sharing moment with someone likfe like, hwho knows, you start knowing, as far as I can tell simply a body brak and breathing.

As you show me sign of affection I feel  like going crunching inf fron t of where you could intercept it and do thank you prayer. Crunch as for fel, to vanquish with gravity or evaporation the warmth that your attention restore and even like Prometheus just the fire that are here in the void that had always been there previously, exepted for my (mime) mom that could not fill it but though did enough form e to know I have to fulfil, to fill it.

I told you about the picture, formidable, avo above all for th e police. Your jaw forwarded.
But a question, sorry if it goes beyond the millstone, and I know your vision is good but do you do some kind of distortion on purpose with your eyes when you feel self conscious or something?

And the moment I d have a full time job well I d pay for someone to come home
If it were to last longer than necessary.
You see I am not that tact icy

And if one day I got one day of more than full time I d be wise of nto talking to me at all.

For a while. You saw I admit up to my last bullshit.

I can feel that your chest need to be massage, not just the boob you know the all brathing zone. Ok I know  for you r angina.
It is out of desiring, but I feel like if it was more than in the average woman. Is there any prob in your family, and yours are made for milking I would think that, just like bowl you Athena.
I mean any woman needs it, but make me this pleasure, diy. As I cannot be overseeing that. And those.

Link the heart, the spine, the rig ribs the throat. And your ahn hands.
In doing so you might rotate your shoulders.

And I think I have to brace myself to extremities I don’t lknow yet, and you?
I d be dying happy today nina, I am just asking if I still have the right to name you

And after death I think I d be ready fo to find you back nina.
I ve always fret freigh about that, but today na,

Ok the lst bit then there is something deceiving about my personality. I am not talking about my deeds, about anything but psyche or I don’t know but it is what I fell.feel.
I have this image of being perhaps more or less a protector, I have that though.
Otherwise I am questioning my real potentiality at being a protector. Kind of deficit gapping  response.
Am not a natural aggressor, I d be more of a retrieveal stuff, let live, even when it is a sin.
Of course I rectifiate whenever I manage to , the stuff I d like to know is I think people d rely on this appearance that I could no substain.
By the way, unless when for everyone the moment when you burst like the green man, I am absolutely at fight, boxing, etc, I hate damaging my body anyhow, and I hate pain.
I am not saying I could not have done that, I would have found it passionating, but since it is not my field….
It is perhaps more for that, you scrapped me, a field story, am a vegeteraian, vegan for just the starting, but long long time I know the sacred cow.i bet you too, am I becoming too heavy. You nod already.

What about lasting love? Always as long as you know how to argue and not just for the hypocrisy for the maelioration of the ethics, if not live love in practice d become a loss in hope.
No working.

The reason wh y you complex is because any how since you would look at the other never seriously, you would not notice their defaults. Rocked between utopianism and reject of a practice in your own life. But take me for godeness sake and you wont’ comple x so.

It would leave me without killer physical revenge reaction to know, and I truly think that those appear because you don’t know really, and if everyone avow it is without being franc and it is in threatening you with being expelled and it is not in a true conversation where your ears have heard and say to your mouth now is the moment of asking for them to really explain- it is abuses as to this information you have like to beg  and be doing it gently/contrarily to the sadistic, when just violent as you would not control yourself anylonger, would not they, way of when you interrogate someone with your life data if this one d play with hindrance -but relief to know which one I still am unconsciously and in consciously) so - it is not sarcastic, it is not false and falsely amusing and even debile, as I never did something else but reading and watch french tv, with English program for my langua, ok watch tv, it was sinister, but it was not all.

For me.

Light an illusion? An “angle”? agile, eagle, aisle, angel? Hegel?

I am suffering from the belly interstine and throat abnormally. I always had eating disorders but I manage better, ok maybe not, but the throat. I do know that it is when I drink too much but it starts to be for naught and severely painy.
If only it was you croquing in it.
Ok I indulged a lot but if I was using 100 times your name it is to say now that it is but only what I write, and even only for you some part- that’s inedit for the dyke.

On one of his dream, the villagers cam to kill him calling yelling his nickname.
And he was saying but I am not this, I am not. I am …a Christian name, namely first name.
“I am”, is still of actuality and  current news, band of slots.

Sorry I d id not stay I cannot bear adieu, more even facing people who could not understand the 1 100 of it.
And an adieu here real where you would halos me the time necessary to beg you not to too toll.

On coffee- you could try to slow down with green tea.

I feel flesh around me but not the one that were consistent, just a weight a surtax surface, but none that can really hold it.

Is it lode (load) l eternal love or eternal abandon. No that would not be logics.

Gave, gaver, = overfeeding of fowl in view of killing them for foie gras or added value of murder fully- fleshed.

I mean I am not that control freak but did you not add a lot of music stuff lately in your tray? Kate bush a delice.

When you feel so much the air that you could sit a piano and start making music while you never learnt it. Not that you can but you know you could have created magically.

And if I was a dancer I would repeat on the rhythm of your philosophy.

L or du rhin          tetralogy de wagner.
Le crepuscule du

People may well be complaining about justice and police unfairness they are but the way every one is in the society. And there a lot of people who would reduce you to nothing the day you will say I am 100% to work equal, with realism, with proportionality… and work hard enough to produce for every one stay at optimum healthy but how many would rather you to be the gagged servant of their fantasy?- and them send any mafia to keep you down or up the rails and poles, mafia? Militia? Gunmen? don’t need one we ve got the society. There is such thing!

You are jocking about the prosecutions? Yeha?
fucking silly.

More than being against but wiping out human rights roehampton

The night realm

I d shut up not because you are right, for this kind of fucking stupidity, be so nazbroke, but because I would fear, I actually fera to lose you at every stepped.

Don’t understand this sentence.

I can imagine you angry at me, and it is you that talk about behavior, and what about quitting the boat of your sincere and benevolent and absolutely devouted friend?

 and honey, just because he is not totally submitted? And I won’t even add that as I be as submit as I could be, and perhaps that totally is not that far. I stop calling your name, never know what I ll do with my usb, even though they don’t go out of my room no more, I am completely disordorned on top of being clumsy, and I hate starting having to look upon and be afraid of everything, and my love for you is a total secret, and I d rathe r die to annoy you purposefully. And your name is not goergia but for me you r name is what heal all my phrases and phases. Would I ever be touching you? In an(d out). I will never go with my fucking usb again, but on my computer are tons of my chains. You possess me can I possess you? Possess but not as territory as sacred temple, where your breath is the shroud that would thread my soul up above in order to spot you for the next time to be down the treadmill and for my soul t os os spin again and again as to create the thunder the tornado for the humans to awake and think we own all to the ethernals. To the skies that are a proof of this immensity that would have for mission to eat the ones that would neglect the spot of light and sun, of shadows and rest, of freshness and water coming from the depth, the water that are but the stone ages that wanted something greener, a company, to their never will be overcome resistance, not by this faraday, sprite of  human unable unban unbar unbalanced, god forbade.
Good rob for bad.

power  (pou
1. The source of energy used to operate a machine or other system.
2. The rate at which work is done, or energy expended, per unit time. Power is usually measured in watts (especially for electrical power) or horsepower (especially for mechanical power). For a path conducting electrical current. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.
power to the people!¡el pueblo al poder!
power to the people!¡el pueblo al poder!

C.ET: powder

power struggle Nlucha f por el poder

C.ET: loup, lupine.

the power of the Church → l'autorità della Chiesa

C.ET: chair.

This music not her cup of theo. But she would listen again as she is imagining that it is what she created for her, the other, and knows that as average it might appear for an ear that don’t listen to that. The way one plays in giving more than is to be taken or advised.

The fact that movement needs leader yes, as one had to carry the meaning of a movement for it to take and hold any significant. And we need charisma in the sense of someone who knows their fields so well that they can spread upon, whence the works of a leader, to link and to assemble, to understand the problems and the confusions and the lacks and Xenophoby and discrimination “of all kinds”(from the bbc world service program on the concert against racism 20 years ago) discrimination “of all kinds

And to deliver us of the problem, us meaning every touched more or less distantly or intensely.

I did not want to suck you, I wanted you to give, to forward, to offer it (your sex) first. To make it to adjust its shapes to my lips, chin, noise and mouth. All around with all his softness and volt voluptuous taste and all your application to the task, and my candor would come back straight onto this occasion at suckling my moment of evasion.
I would not move but what may while resting my head and wait for feeding. Oh yes, taking your basin or legs or loin each time, to come nearer, softer, perhaps quicker, perhaps stiller, but as much as in you, in no letting one of your move, or drop, parfum, heat, salt
 realeased. As much as that I would leave my mouth and forehand and head on you now that you lay. How long would let you let me, and your body as-k. as key king.

We love our lives, we love our thoughts, we love our reactions, and opinions and believes, and all the rest.
But they are but our dear demons, they are all what we get, but they and we are not god by anymeans.
On common assumptions’.

Ps: the worker and the students cannot do a strike together is not it? Stop me if I am mistaken.
What kind of liberty of assembly is that?
I have already to beg my references to my boss even if they decide to charge my work with annotations, that are but annotations which are reviewed by none one but cashier instead of ethical concern on professionalism and true corporatism, meaning a way for everyone to improve practices.
What is this dying freedom that the whole west is talking about?

Any how if we protest with no view of becoming better off humanely speaking that the established one, well better not to create no waves or tides.

Holding one s dick is not easy, and thinking she is superior is bad.
So becareful, I ll let you, as with my gender I d think I finally can jungle a bit.
No,no anger the feminine side is due to you
It shall have been released by my wife, I knew.
I said my wife not my husby, although my husby you no it s you.
Subtle, queer homo.

And you ask what I want.
All of you is the sole thing I know
It is not a challenge, you are all of you, already, it is not a challenge it is not a hope a demand none of that the sole stuff is em me without.

Me amore,
Do you like Italian?
You bet, vet, better not.

It is better the effort done, thus to better be ready when through it will be albe to dress up the outcomes.

Here ti si the nighmare starts I ll have to answer publicly. I ll have? I would not do it, even a litllle bit but as a public figure. I did not want. But whwere does the limit will be? If we are afraid the won’t have a stop and won’t have a we.
It is not that I recant. But it is true if I don’t do that if I cannot do that it never be. So let s fuck me and my watning to hold on to ta reassuring a girl you love might not dislike you that much befire going beyong insanity before losing my life and why not my soul.human is beautiful but wooing anon cannot suffice for its liberation,
I know that but first wha t wools would I need you to know? That I loved you first, that I love you premier, that I ll love you without any degree.
It is just freedom of expression, it is true I am completely confused, but it is the way I am and without pretending I am without will only postpone the error s I might do, or the existential crisis that would pose, am I still clean? Everything, every term for you as I wish it to be, fbut you gut but there is a but, how much would you tolearate of me? We cannot spend our live in restrain and wistful asking can we?
Ii is like having a identity crisis ok one could predict my sayin g htat it is for the first time, let s beat it them, and you culd be the one ending it tonight, ending my first hope of true love coming true my first true love, well at least theis would not end me the day it ended my seemingly believe in a relationship that were not but sireny wishful believe I n a through.
I don’t want to bear criticism, I don’t want to pout them away. So let s go and that you have to know that I support you 100 per cent anyway. Included you r mistakes it is not a perfect you I am hoping ofr it is you with you r capacity at listening and the one at talking, at understanding and at answering. For me it is perfect but it has to be perfect for you, and at least we would liberate our spirit from believing in that will be not. Atcha?
Let’s got a go then but don’t forget, my postulate is to be to you. Not against you, not harmful to you, not oblivious of the conventions in a I don’t know I could spend my night saying that it is sometimes matter of thinking twice, but life is unjust on that as we cannot do thing more than than, because they are judged and bring us to non existence, in not doing them as it d be naughty, not, natural or because of doing it will bring us to the edge of the village, but me I fuck the entire village for this- and I am talking about error as well as misery. I am not perfect or it is not of the advantga of others if one tried to improve and are tried? Let’s go nina, or you will never take me or you will never love me if I am not able to react like the average citizen . I don’t know if it is proper what I do what I know it is that it is proper to my self and to our sleeves of selves. I do know it might be convenient to feel for someone as long as one is able to worhaholic because there is nothing concret e around that, but the profounder of a dig out that cannot stop, there is no body, nor even the corpse but the one that spades to only the heart of earth find out. I need the heart of earth but not I distrirbing her like that, or not if it become on purpose, she would not – quit- let me dig nomore anyhow.
Well do react as you have to don’t fret on the if we could do if we are not satisfy by this one. Let s hope for another “you”.
Don’t rush on this sentences I beg you, your rush, yet gain again I haven’t see you but I can only well imagine, don’t rush, don’t jump on me, there are only sentences, nothing that reflect like I would the exact position and motion of my mind, it is why I write for ages on end.
What s your conditions then? Have I to choose, to guess, to stab my self?
It d be I become communist, it is no. I am not gonna vote any near to pigs that are still for mass production and so on and so on and so on the same old ways, that are against vegetarianism, am not saying I would not vot e for a communist, but vote for obstruction? Your answer.
I ll never talk about you, you are not my target, you are the one I d be if I can say yes to anybody. To anybody. I renounce my past, I renounce my future, and tomorrow you will hit me. What kind of failure?
I am your love? But you r love is politics and the day I ll say look I give my life already campaigning against wastage, all I cannot say what I think to this vomiting one migh do upon the electoral strategies of satisfying the mass envy? Well fed up of cultural, natural, environmental genocides, and yes I ll fuck ya. Take my life she is restin g upon you, I d never take that back. How could I, what is more than giving this I don’t want it, I don’t want it no more, it is why I let you. I let you as the one that could bear them all and forever. For nothing I want them back, only if you ask me because without and without the one that took it, it is a vampire I d be. And that it is about what I was refusing to think about, in the midst of my dreams, and then I did not give my reason too much trouble in assenting this time that I don’t want to be any another’s slot –time. You see I know my lot about workaholic and it is intelligent to do it, but not if it is the catastrophe each time we d be gathering – won’t split, buy wont’ slit. I don’t want my warden to be you, even if I d trust my key, all my key to you.

I am talking about politics because it is your cuppa. Am not saying I have to argue about that but one has to defend its positon when it knows it is ethical to do that.
We haven’t the same position? Exciting I ll end by that.
More than it, you are my passion. And be in disagreement with you, but look upon you exactly like if you were my baby, so be it. It made me more tolerant if any bad bad think.
Ok let s go my love, let s terminate. You understand my tone, I am not asking you to, I am just revision the blow mentally in order to bleed not entirely.

Don’t think I want to be free, I want to be free with you that is emancipated and happy. Ok I don’t think of you tortureing me it is true. But when I say with you it is each time you ll feel like it. Because if in my life there is nothing but space for a fiancée it is not because I need someone it is because I need a space.
I want someone and on her terms ok?

A little not psychological for you to take, I am not questioning you will just stating what I feel.
I am ok to lose everything in my life, my life as being only a weapons, everything but you, as I know that would it be my fault I d never pass the threshold of holding my last spark with all that.

Actually I would not be voting for a party, they ve got the structures, am not asking for ideology, but idea to implement and with for the citizens to check how they are.
You will deeply excuse me if I am such a ignorant but if there is exist somewhere well I ll ballot, and I ll ballot with you it is why you are my idea of what might be mon loup.

I meant were I be with you at each of our dissent well I would not be insisting like I could have done in the past- not with you but with people that if I had dropped it well my professional conduct would have been soiled, foiled. But not with you it is the difference between profession and fiance. And also to know that I would not stop switching the light off behind you, and the day you d ask me not to, then I d be time for us to divorce it. And that would not be bothering that much to switch behind you through the hope of doing it till I die, and hoping that the day I die before you , it be you that d be switching.
Not you the light I d be enough for us to play b y proxy.

Votez for the next king? What accountability do they have to offer? Denunciation of kittling?
Don’ t jump on me, I try to warn you, one cannot trust ever people who are not arranging every little thing rom the start. It is to respect every job the same rate for a beginning. And not the job of keeping one’s dummy one.

It is surprising on how in the west, where I stand and thank every day to be in physical nigh intergrity or preservation, the people who allow who lives on guerrilla out there are literally shaking at militia spelling.

Because you know I lost the plot on a lot of issues, gave up, even I admit. But lost the plot on you they could never count upon it.
And you d split for the hundreds times, half of it from being tired, and how long would it take you to go and fetch back your lost belonging?  I am allowing myself in some rethoric.

Be careful becaue if one has a fear of the ridicule, then his friend would disguise their enmity in threatening the “I” with it.

let s hope they won't be charge for just a bloody need for sport, that noone would offer and incite them to take on. shame of these governments that abandoned their youth in the street without nothing to do cleaner that one of the biggest polluant countries -uk- does and imposes as being everyone daily job.
shame on your knife culture, where there is nothing for the people to do but going with health and safety producing more and more rubbish you will ask your staff to throw up in the sea. shame on having to prosecute the children (chill rein) of acculturation infamy. instead of all these rats taking bonuses in producing raise on global economic instability and excuse me to be blunt but therefore forecastable future genocide. thanks to the profs-dr kent, it was mine, you understand that genocide is no past it is the next door slaughter that no one is there to say that in Yugo, Rwanda, Cambodia....they had been alived. us children reduce to see that. and don't take on sport would you do- not make- a career you d have to take drugs.

Acculturation of infamy because before of course we were doing stuff like porks but speaking about profession, if by any seriousness taken the works’ art = work with dignity, before were the race, this pseudo ignorance because of course one proper thought about it and you can perceive every second the danger of drilling and soiling the place where you live, and it is by fortune of solidity, by the way one can call and start to explain an existence, what you know is the place where you live- so don’t think about consuming like thousands evils and throw it in another galaxy, it does not take galaxy nor light distance for the squareness of moral to crush upon the one who denies her party.

i can't dance lyics.
“just selling every thing”.

mind! it is no probably a super idea to propose cleaning rivers as communitary services - i remind you in case they were agrressing the police or anyone or the buildings and materials-
because it the job were not implying to use and bin kilos of plastic for them to put plastic in, then it could be the job dream that does not exist up there, so one could try being an outlaw to being permit some of redeem for their freres.
whatever the outcome there can not be justice without the model being shown by the very leaders, charismatic or not, that shall come clean as for their ends than for their means- and own very practises-youth does not know but can feel intuitively the masquerade, and they destroy as they are tailed.

I hope you are happy with my intervention, I gave in all my rhetoric.
You can blast me now.

She poured on the red wine, the moment maybe quarters, hours, she did not know and wish she never drank so grand or she may not awake, and around abound all what she threw (true) out.
A question remained- this red could have ti be my blood? Could I have died this night? It was still this she was using not for the pain, the disgust the acid in the throats (throws) all lurking along and all that, but it was the night to her adieu to him, and it was enough to put it as in “file achieve”. No moe than a portefolio, was how she was resenting he life of worhacolic shifts and anyway they were no dream beside him. Only the elongated remembrance of that it is necessary foe us to overdo and overgo up to where one can never seize but caress its despair to say we won’t amount zero…

Look I have to stop this, though ti is interesting cos I don’t manage to be convincing at all.
If I have to I d pray every 5 minutes to find a solution for you to be happy to stay. And the solution I would compel to it with all intensity. Nothing d be lost as I want you, and I don’t want to see that I need you because who d need someone who  would not be satisfied by one’s quest. But I think that I would have like to have you as mummy. Yeh, so, so it asks to be circumspect, and that I can take all your humor included when you are humiliatingly jumpy. I don’t care I d got my trail.

I would not dare compare that to tatu no, plus you d be the squarer.
But if I could I would not mind doing that the week end with books and if you want to go
As already I had planned for you to breathe alone during the week as I don’t want you to go beserk

Well go, and thus I could go grungy eat oignons, and be dreamy.

I always fret about if I d find a meaningful job to do, whereas I never have finished inside out mine yeat.
How can we call that? Folly?

The culture according to the nature-environment-, conditions-harmony to environment and harmony between and among humans. People are attached to their cultures but cultures are but this. Whence the real having to preserve local knowledge but what for if the environment are evaporated, and the local spirituality but what for if it is to pout conceit on the rest of everything.
Every thing?? But what is that, the mash over.
Every single thing? What is left alone, is not for liberty, is to say look at what we cooked for you if you are not the next to pee on waning bee.
Winnable wannabe.

I don’t want anymore cats, dog, fish, pets, but the one that can be fried-but not by you, near you.
These animals are all jealous I don’t altogeter wish at all having spending my day in the chase for retrieving the little pride that would have stayed. I cannot have thy to be aside.

To get away with one’s lies she would have pouched it harder (herder) in pretending that she was lying in order to conceal a most appealing reality that was her negative feelings about people suddently justified by her making them bearing her own shame put behind some other fake accusations, or ludicrous reprobation. The shame of liars. MOR[T]AL TONE

These people in saloon depending their time opinioning other people, well isten, not long if you got constructive construction to do, but listen attently, they don’t articualate anylonger, like if their feelings were both frightened and frightening of not being feeling anylonger. The over-fed geese just sounding like gelatin.

Or I will choose a goose, always willing to talk her bit, and organsise some type of ceremonies.                          

You know the problem with working for the people is when there is a political problem involving ethical disputes namely the killing of one of your brothers- whatever abstract, symbolic, life is all that, and touching to one of her component is optimistly the way that take the elements to signal which path has to be taken in order to solve and explore further in hoping that progression is not rapid from the mess left behind and throwing and crashing, but metamorphosis from the care, knowledfe ever growing from the bases that are transporting.

The other problems is that you work for your family and then,
If one day I come to you and you beat me up in front of my sons? Of the troups? Of my seniors? And all this shit on brotherly?
No you are right in front of no of this, I am nobody.
You are right why should I feel something the work I did all around this expression, thinking about these discussions, envisaging ‘intellectual’ meetings. Did I come because you were there? Of course, but here is the thing I went there.

I d like to talk about genocides and wars, that no one care about but as a way of purging populations and individuals according to needed or asked numbers. It is why nothing is done to prevent them as they are at the same time exciting people to do far more better in matter of killings. Politics said centuries ago that they were necessity, what do the politicians say today, they said we are so such a entire bands of no one can call themselves nations but sloty.
In the wake of the government’s plans to drastically alter the funding of higher education, the very

I think of you all the time so of course what I think is about tenderness one cannot have sex all the time, is that ok with you?
It is about cuddles, affection, body maintenance, but when there is sex, and that it gets quicker? It is like if I had to do it only to show it. Maybe this electricity is not only in my lonely brain, maybe.
Electric power.


C : gay

Watts. Wall.

Revo-ke revo lute.

Like your ruts, ununderstandable scene for me, because yyou make the signs that you want me stronger, whereas I know that the opposite is truer, then? It is just saying am miming this as it is the last time I ll see you, me about to fire. Like a job interview for redundancy, believe me the same I saw many.

To require recong reconquiere my beat virginity for you to feel what draw your calls on purity.

Lake lack.
Collines, hills.
Collide, collusion, (e)collier.

Tu vas subire the worst pressures, and the sexual ones I don’t even mention. Logically, it is the sortilege of love, they will drop but not outta ecstasy.

Your replace the full that I manage to keep in my heart, in all of it. But you re remplacing that happily.
Don’t mind the aftermath it is happy written, I ll do with it.
I mean the day you drop the bomb.

I saw your messages, it is since I hear you say that you weren’t married – at the perspectives of a chance to get it, and even sportier to catch, get, hold, and her encore after douceur, that I am happy as hell on heel, hillish the old mountains with their thousands of thousands of various plants, floweres, bid birdies, elves, stoneses, creatures of the land, creatures of the air, wolves,
Yes, were.
I t is this also love, so then where ti is?

Douceur, do soeur, sir, d’ou, whence, ou, or, dought, flour, and yet again if you d like it to probe your inner and transform my dick to more than penetrate and less that cracking it, adhere.

To never had had good sexual experience because at their optimum it is when you can trust 100 %, and does mean that you can be yourself in the sense beyond yourself as much as into the other.

To feel like him would kiss me like my mother did. And cry to stip stop before it stops naturally.

We will be dying to the world, but what about to each other?

You are all that I wish for.
It is too dangerous to even just believe in our kink of relation.
Ok true if something goes wrong is that I did nnot imagine, I d only have made up some pieces.

Ma douceur une perte pure tant que n etant pas a l appuie sur ot toi.
Fugue et refuge.

To massage your neck the base of your head and all just for you to think easy.
When self massage is…fucking complicate.

I thought you wanted to eradicate me,
Then I went in my head with somekind of evidence of my lyrism for you to hear what you made to me.
But I did not put it wo down on paper I thought it is too late it is too fooslish for this.
I went to deceit, conceit, spurning my own elevated feelings.
I should have though, it is where I need a guardian, someone who spurs I cannot ideally die a despair aghast no.

She found out that you want a slave when solidarity is needed, and now that we found out, we will have to sort that out.
Don’t be nice and good silly, to have your servants smiley all around.
Be fair, just and honest and don’t think that it is priviledge or that we are going to medal you.
Here the spare panel pages.

Tu es une merveilleuse prof, don you worry.

J ai a song that will remind oyou childhood on Monday.

It must not remind us our present, ok?!

My boy friend is my comput. Yours?
Comfortably numb?

Te touché t il encore?

This man is your man and me I am a woman who does not have any thing else that a confrontation inside a peaceful bookshop, you get the slate, little pet for him, pest for the day I ll die for it?

Jeux themes
J t aime

It is love tha can understand purity and also all the rest-any matter and abstraction.
 Is not live a manifestation of purity? Ot have manage to be born, to blossom.

The law as an institution were working with the family. As one cannot possibly say I am the head here and I will have my children be honest, respectuous of others’… it is not possible even for the most devoted parents to be sure that their children, thought to be their dependant, though their responsibility will follow the home rules, thus people rassemble their needs to be respected into a single authority- symbolically if your parents, family, neighbourgh, needs someone to stop you from doing harm…

Unfortunately we are rules by negative rights that means that someone will get away if they manage you to sign a contract through which they do harm- I cannot work without disrespecting, conning my customers, but I have to work…I don’t know knothing but we will have to count on insider trade…I cannot said I don’t want no more packaging on the food system, they rather people understand that the industrial tell-end of all that budies, we make money, and us children will decimate you while inventing wars situations, diseases, recessions, news rules.
So this justice is like it is not that I help people to get along, because if you ask me to be fair, and try your son as long as the mp, the ceo for their in build salary that will lead to any type of obscenity- insane possibilities, opportunities at doing wrong, at asking others’ to do wrong, at making wrong the law…
Also schematically if your daddy would stay silent in front of someone who would punish you forsomething one must not do, regarding others’ life possibilities at well being and being happy, the day he asks the judges to be fair, regarding these values, the one of reason and praying life sincere, the day he has (ask!) asked really, the judiciary, economic, of employment system will take his trousers off and spank him in front of all villagers, and to make sure he don’t go back in the name of rights, in doing its duties, we will take the trousers as well.
Just joke.

Do you know how in the country side people will be hiding a body. Well you dig and reverently recover it with stones, and you will say to your family that it is the gargoil garbage new place. Everyone will have to heap as much a pig can, even the small children will have for chores to go and bring their deposit- but this one will be demanded meekly by the grand daddy, ceremoniously like one shun a grey sky with darker tone- and what will be asked??
That the salient not made lavishly salvage for the occasion, that she does it utterly not knowingly happily, with what a true mass has of profound for the profane particularly as time is there to rezone but one day the sky won’t be-a stone.

S~t_ake sake.

One is looking for verity, for entering eternal life.
But one way mi little baby you ll literally be fucked is that there i sno fiery infinite without absolute. Is there any decency for absolute in our life? Who don’t buy yet another plastic thinking this drop or another we are lauched down in the trap- and yes just here just suddenly we work the world WE.
Liter be, liter be, liter, bear no more. Ain’t dust no more, before mother nature could offer to our survivors us life compost, and renewal, making and as being made by something similar to which one could think of a serum, of an exile, now?
LIFE WILL GO ON. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

I think of you, it is a splendid day, the wind is noisy and sharp, tis chill tingling, but whatever I do I think that you will have the knowledge of this just to say ok it is what it deos does decodes- from this my live becomes more than meaningful, more than beautiful, she becomes you.

T’ effleure-t-il?

Do they exploit love and dedication and paternal instinct under ideology with the banners such as marx, locke, hobbes, rousseau detractors, that are now ideologies as any classics any geniosity have been shaped their work in order to understand the whole family, the overall implications, the almighty. They all knew that it was a matter of real experimentation, patience, communication, solidarity, protection, safeguards-but not the one you pay, the one that do it by duties- oh yes but we need to be paid, fo course but paid are standing for being bribed in our society, and the day there is no money one would let you behind the hands of missed reciprocity curtain by our deed and tasks and shopping daily- responsibilities, honesty. They all knew that it takes the all time but when things move they did so for ever and after? The genius were the experimentators, but who to take the follow-suit? With arrogance and thinking that theories are here for the taking, well no the genius of the time and rewards make them difficult to grasp and handle, their spirit enter the reader the day of their faithfulling.
Foiling, fouling?

I t is not question of being influence, the green, it is our ideas, even it is logics, we willll be sarcasly see seedling of death without them to be a reign and weighty.
Do you cow know wry wee why this sentence  is left vague, because every one would expect me to insult death, but not, she is doing her toll, no more, I am talking about her callers and the fact that death is just that, not only redemptrice; temptatrice not only, she ll come with the threshold of what she has been asked about.

I f they call upon your death I wish ot stay calm and arrange to call the same on the manyer, but this tow called d be for ever different.

To plan for doing less, and have to do it back, elevate oneself on no fearing the takers task of abnegation.
But one day the tasks we manage to spare would coming back for help the one we neglected will be takers of the occasion.

I love watching the numbers of characters, word, pags, hours, to follow their symmetry, the recurrence of how they turn and round. And the figures what do they stand for? Everytime you with added value

It is so strange that people insist to have value when they talk of being meanly exploitative with people, when you know that in economy plus value is exactly that they mean.

deos does decode

to record everything even the most important date, to me, our meeting. Why? Oblition lateral damages of
since earth becomes a hole.

The humans did not get as far as subprime the number six of the scale-in order to hint hinge, intuit, that nothing were down to their own shits, their side, sad aspect, of the sacred fact foci cv.
On the sacred.

Did you see I was the 350th the last allowed to post. Nice sing sign, hh? Try to remember it, then.

uppersixth scythe
I agree that when I eat a vegetable I kill a living, but when it comes to my dejection unlike with other nailed “living creatures” = animal, however plants are too, but human forget all about its own nature native)[urge,heeve].
So let’s refume, the excrement of animals are directly a food for the minerals and not for other animals.

A stong tea insie the throat of someone thristy has the impact in the brain and noise of the most famous whiskey.

Nobel prize


For Philo, Logos was God's "blueprint for the world", a governing plan.

therefore not to processed with death.
Death si the measure on how we are far from divinity.
But not in the lapse of our longevity as life is the unknown and that our life as an entitiy would dnot stop but elsewhere go, but the scheme is to avoid that death has to be coming, and therefore assert a kinda “independence”. On whatever is my death, or the one of my brother, or the one of my bother, as nothing as to be killed but celebrated as life creating

In the first days of the 18-day uprising, the embattled Mubarak regime used its expansive state media machine to spread false news reports of murder and mayhem in hopes of terrorising the public and discrediting the revolution. It went so far at one point as to release convicted criminals from prison.

to belong charnelly is that whatever however unexpected once daring sexual drive make them feel their rise, I think of ya. Freer as long as it d not be inbuild automatism appearing heaven before it being engulfed and out the way that has to be thought about or hiden or waste or more dangerous release as a possible “messages misread”

art conveying messages of war, or smillyness according to what the rulers want their cervr cerberes to act and play.

Dicka c’est nous.

People judging thinking one’s is working for them. What about bouts and bits on spirituality. We are not alone, but hwo go on thinking and living like so, while staying alive?
The innocent, yes or then reincarnate but the concealater, conseillor?
Olsd skin with savage mutation salvage

A bird understand easilier a man who sings. Is singing.

To understand without anything else to do, though one can refine up to talking but ti s the same that then same species, time implication application and faithful, regular, meaningful and meaning find meetings. Search to a reapproching through sound and whence words.
Utterance of another timblre timbre but same spirit and shared world
To who shall one explain-BEING-THINKING
And human language are not so comolicated once one wants or have time to worry about what s conveyed
On the non slaughter interest.
On the mutual care divinity.
The purest, the quest as the pursuance cannot be done without all allies, lied in the circle.
Without respecting each ounce of life, purveyance there won’t be.

You touch me and I am crying innerly, inertly , the same scar that you not understanding that in your hands are lodge my decency, deontology, all what one can uplift their lives with, a ses senseful deign divinity.
Daughter, author, hauteur (higness) and sun.
As your mother is the priest who count me paternity.

To think of her and explain my other drive.
To have my child as the certitude that our stories could raise again and with her beauty.

When I think of a message from you fni finishing you.
Before opening the mail, the cadence of my heart goes when during a boxing fight when you know you won’t rise up after k.o.
The meaning of “don’t kill me” here to say that me is the energy that went as fr as you, but maybe…              

I could try to send to you a melody a day, but it won’t probably replace.

If not you are nothing
But the religious would answer, in this world.
But I am not religious.
Yes, mazy may mayby maybe however everyone believes if you don’t believe is that you did not think about that, and we need to think to exist or feel through the assistance but yet again it is feeling the faiths this, yeah?

To make one’s prayer when moments are grand or dismal as when we were children and that religions, no religious were teaching survival and respect.
One cannot invoque a text, texts are guide, but who will explain, who will convey, who will apply?
The religious bigot are like villagers, it is not religious anger or suspicious it is do you want to comply to our way of crusades, as of course we will have to compel to sacrifices and we are humble, also light and let a law
S al-so allow dishonority seruptiously sodly secure by pinching serenade.
That is the carrot of good words in a world erudite and damned.

Ok no tis ridiculous even if you work two full time you still have to get the time to do your own cleaning only for your health maintaining, though I could do the gardening twice instead but it be certainly not available for exchange facile or unforced.
Any moisturizing?

And you stop repeating what I am fucking doing, I recall you of the fact that you are compromised, if not compromising.

It is not that men were stronger than women but it is that they are put in another conition that permit one to beat the other up. Let’s imagine that it is the woman who go outside fetching food and acting as a screen around the lot then she would be the one to beat the other one that don’t move, as being easy to target as not moving and has having the most important in refullling regular beating, the exit possibilities the escape. But what wouls happen if women were outside, with the children??
Well t house outlay d be ouside down, a society of penguins maybe, just like that in the forest all around hunting in family? But not hunting as other animals need calms for domesticity and silence to be approach and kills, picking then? If difference physical only allow by a process of organizations in between domestication and nomadism. The need to settle the need to conquiere, and the day we won’t ahppy with sharing tasks that finish in coercion well killing is weapons, that has been used so often that humans still are being---therefore there were not dominations, as if one would do like anyone would doif it was liberation, push the button, it is or towards harmonization with escape of diversity and versatility or towards annihilation and profound death ceremony- possibly hidden by wanting to kill other people or peoples. It is what I write basics connery but still can explain and warn about gender role and equalization refusal that is but a culture of the killings by arousing and locked for pressurizing aggressivity (aggressivity to the fact of being unfairly constraints) you are not unfairly constraints, all the women are the same way, who is as idiot to not understand that the relation of thing –in their purity- is beyond any criteria or is diabolical.
I don’t think no one, “as everyone is endowed with reason,” (H.R.U.D} with the ability at having felt immensity, profounder, dimension.

I refused yoy, that I have to tighten?

This void is that I am not sure to nothing achieved, even if it was at the upmost of my art that I could try to be shooting, but to love you.

Those colors I did not choose

She is with us, She is with us, She is with us,
She is in love with you, yes.
You and your being as reactive as a pasta. Talking about emotion all day and not detecting that. My girl, my girl, I ll break my noise on a wall, I better ‘ singing that.

Ponce pilate.