Monday, January 19, 2015

Blue blew. CHAPTER III: (second part)

Newton and the apple, could not it be biblical?
The knowledge, the having to obey gravitation, labor, and the fact that without the tree we are dereliction.
Wander in the void,

In a lecture the ‘whatever, and so on, and she is great, and personal comments, don’t loose your audience, the pseudo political debate on present factions, is not the one interesting, and if there is one above all don’t comment on it, an issue, a problem, a delicate essence to which one will stoop and talk, you are it, you are it, you are it, you are it, you are it, you are it you are it, you are it you are it, you are it. You are it so let other people fuel the pseudo debate, this debate is the people surrounding it creation, as far as I am concerned I am yours (creation), or split us before I have to tear myself dead. and ‘the you know’, if yes ok, if no all the best. [don’t hesitate, take a breath instead] are not evocative (formulated, not all in hint and signpost) enough.
Take your time, it is tactically judicious to talk fast but when you do so speech should be as clear as possible and since you are nervous your voice shakes too much. You are understood or at least as much as me, and even if you are not, you give background information anyway, so don’t let your voice shake or don’t make her shake in an attempt at demonstrating your confusion in front of the complex subjects, interests and opinion.

I adore, I mean I am not philistine enough for not feeling pleasure by the way you unveil your strategy, finally understand the path taken is orgasmic, as the building of a sketch from which you stare intently trying to piecccccccccccce and pierce each morsel at turn individually and gathered, like in an aquarelle the last drop of color, an entire scheme, the elements at last in imbrications will reveal...function.

Si c est jamais il faut que vous me le disiez en me conjediant. If you don’t fire me proper I am not gonna have or strength or raison or appetite to go. When I say go it is because I am for you altogether. Am not a donkey making differences between in and out, I have been living for you ever since I saw to what extend could be our intellectual affinities, and am not gonna stop, I don’t think realistically that this is reproducible at all, but at all.

The problem with having hard time with making a difference, and find state of things so disappointing, that one could become self-harming, perhaps suicidal in trying to fight back, while forgetting fighting back one’s own dejection.

Ok, you are warmly invited in not opening your mouth, even if you do manage to convey words with the vibrato of you instrument without in fact having to open it, let’ resume, you are definitely invited not to say anything about dickey.
One it is not something that no one really knows.
Two it is their beast and not at all yours because in three, me, is indeed running to be your horse.
Also if people take an image, oxymoron or vague cliché to qualify your goods, you will make sure of course of not commenting on it, unless you want it to be stolen or broken or corrupted...

In 4, I am yours, so you are commenting on yourself and then, then, then, excuse me but I am gonna accuse you of pros elitism.
It is their toys, leave it.

Moreover, if we do that we will loose completely in one the big picture, in two, that people are actually dying and in prison, in three, that these stories are in fact postponing actions and reflexion on emergency and reel need, and in four, that this center is narcissique or self erotique, so I might be autonomous but on this and me communication I don’t want to let off.

I almost never mind the fleshy part, maybe at one point after 22 something like that, when I did try to be as slim as her. But no, I meet other person for whom I felt happiness with, so their flesh, their body as whole I like.
But your flesh it is not that I am tolerant with, I am in love with any traces of your living body. Your adipose (dispose) part make me in shake, check, as having been your dinner, your sweat, your elan, whatever happen in during the day management.

1.       adipose
2.       (pejorativebloatedfat


It is not to be intelligent only it is to be involved, prepared.  And not only involved, prepared, but involved, prepared intelligently.
Intelligently? Without relache, involve personal, intimate, and self reflexion and preparation, it is why the political, the communal cannot be bastion only, as organisation as a group would miss emancipation as a unit producing the singular exploration necessary to spirituality. And spirituality necessary to a higher scheme, aims,

To vote for the boss as one has to be psychologically operational in order to support inconditionally, therefore unpolitically, or politics of terrorizing and parasitary ‘majority’ in the sense of ruling = major.
And in order to represent, communicate for the ‘boss’ = has to be sucked by the all company = the company itself = no work any longer just affiliation, don’t think fraternity, think smaller unit of exploitation or militarisation as in order not to be crushed by the anlawful outside. It is so bizarre than family are so praised by the political community, leaving to the family the burden of what a political community for, the law harmonizing individuals, all individuals efforts and inspirations. It is so ludicrous, it is so damaging.
A vicious part in the roel of communication, to have to prepare artificially to parias a work that is a apain int hthe intention of proetectiong one’s family. In coping this the oppressors, in boosting its effiygy via the true. Or tru? Or true? ;plove, yes because however we do, it avaoids or craeate sufferance, by diversion,

Your eyes are as blue as the seas or the skies, the air of it transmuted in your thoughts and your collar.
As blue as the lagoon or at the beginning or at the end of this day, tinted with the grey of the stones of the cliffs from which I would throw myself each time your bosom reminded me that I could drop from being your wife and sergeant. Insurgent or policed officer, whatever that would suit you and our demonizationator. The world will have to be perfectly bi and free to all the lovers before everyone to go two by two in the factory of manslaughther. Marriage is what commanded every body and complacent to any institution, so what now the world population has to shrink, and that we will have the honors of be inspired by the old age of people for decades thinking, people live for happiness, let’s them forming couples, but what if I cannot, because their is not my pair –parry-, and because I am as dark as gay, sister.
One does not want to be poor and gay and, and, and, ticking the box of the minorities and be let die, is why so much of vehemence, not a battle, simply a shield, a shelf that cost any attempt at identity.
If not entitled to love and its seeking the world will become this hell where there is only three, for billions of people, because don’t imagine no one is gonna resign from the couple or/and sexual life, companionship story, the way people exult their sensoriality.
Eand yes, they could think but you are so ignorant, we will have believe you that your place and comfort and living is in the prostitution, or not the choice of this private and personal romance. Ignorance is a weapons tw0-sided

They said ‘we are not gays’, like if they were shagging ensemble.
What a charcuterie!

He was saying, “don’t tell me it is something that has to be avoid and redeem (about pollution), don’t talk to me like if I was a child.”
-“not a child, a killer of one.”

She was so accusative, defensive, and rejective of them. Of course, they did not want our simple, harmless pursuit of happiness, as much as if this pursuit culd imply emancipation of the people as a whole, and not the people as a nation ready to wage war on other groups, or to take mother nature as a possible daily good rape.
She was so into them, me, I was shocked by what she was saying, but whoever did she communicate with, for me there was only one aroused, her. (a roe said), arouser. Carousel. Carousel.

The logics of someone life holds on their superstition and believes, also when or by events or by reasons or by the coming across with other conceptualisations superstitions or believes come to be contradicted, then the individuals enter into having to review and reassess their pasts experiences and actions, as well as reconsidering the futures. And this if and only if after the upheaval, one is still feeling oneself as being alive or capable of affronting this new reality.
I would think that the key word is here in new reality, because if the new is true, the past was, and is anyhow the scalfolding over which we had to trepass onto other horizons, about which past experiences will be determinant as for evolving from this new situation.
Be alive and stay alive in the respect of lifes’ dealing with circumstances.

I would like to break a wall when you tell me off unjustly.
By calculating my elan, comes all of a sudden the idea and clear perception that the wall is actually, too, thick.
Not me, too.

Actually when you ve got a handkerchief, you can blow out in, instead of sniffing you up to a stroke, a migraine or to damage the capillary in your noise, ear and eyes.

Suppressing people behaviour (mourning, loving, anger...) in order to a taming towards servitude via avoidance of knowing oneself.
One is talking, has to enter into commication with one’s body

Never, nave. And eve of course, off course, the deluge of the river at the crossroad achieve into under which dome? Without you am damned, and without eve adam is black with the sun that he could have taken without this pest always over him.
Burning (=in French, burne, balls)

What about birth, earth, control?
The rib.       Crib.
Then without what ar the options, to rush into doing as many as you can and leave other individuals to have and say if I want on I put the planet at risk from being clogged by the ethnic race on prolific rates?
And anyhow if your wanting of children is not pathologic then the aims will be to reassemble the community towards collective upbringing and that everybody attent the next generations, all the generations included the latter.
With please not having to attend as enforced socialisation is viper, but for the child that has to build its potential.

The way psychologists, say that apprentiship are so important at a young age is of course relative to any type of period of apprentiship above all when you do learn the first move related to the body BUT
What about the body history, who would remind what happened, the way it happened, the psychological and mental implication of the secrecy of this history.
One, who is gonna tell you how things happened?
Is it possible to do that exactly?
Whatever it will be conted to you, also not first hand appreciation.
And to finish, the most important is that family are under the seal of secrecy about their own interpersonal relationship, so of what, which nature of struggle, compromise, weight...calculations or lack of it, awareness or whatever rules, attempts, any considerations should have they been considerate, having build our most intense and resurgent feelings?
Resurgent and problem totally controlling as if they are the ones that has been responding, they are the one of which one cannot understand the dynamics, what and whys. They are as controlling as unseasoned, un-supsitionned. Suspicion. Situation, session.

Rather to be paid a little to help children this their homework but well I am not councilor or a stake holder, by the way do you know that the libraries, sole remaining place where people from all over the guetthos migh meet, my mate, are gonna be cut by 30 %, up to the next genocide, between no precincts, communitarianism sectarist, and transport fees dropping us to the lowest level of blood in our veins left…

You talk about damnation, me I know that damnation don’t make me afraid, without you would direct agony.

Ok, I ll stop calling you my sirene, and don’t throw me out of my realm.

I fear it stop, ideas does not come like that. Before it was inspiration I think, when you represent someone and the emotion the ental state it brings, ok you can converse and answer to some of their enigma, but that’s it. What about someone who told you exactly what to write, because they know you, because you are at the research of the same cuppa of no tea, but asperity.
Nn (1er n = ecrit par toi; 2em n = chapter PN: pea hen, very british this bird of Arabic bordello)

I am so thankful for women that did not blow onto my flams, as if it was for them. As my gaz, the breathing that csuases my body to burn onto the air and then the skies, was for you. Then while waiting, it means that my will was not in pain, but was melancholy. I needed that for it to represent a land, that was the premises of the revolution feminine, giving me feminity, as this time my inner, nor my love or my aggressivity, nor the way one gives and the way it has to protect the garden of its virginities and purities, would be reproach, would be a burden or to you or to me.


You are far too soft, yes, as if, but if I manage still, near-died, to adore someone it is you only.
They chant your name and I succumb as to hear it me comble, as far as I can hear the jeer thereafters and you know what, don’t think when if I could throat them in any, at any seconds, just to hear your name render me happy, render me hopeful, full of it, meaning that I won’t be dying without having the taste of an end of extase. I had before the view on possible harmony, but acquiescence was my hobby. Hobby that forgot me. Hobby husby when you are mine, my happiness is folly, it is unreal, it is so dangerous, the others that would think?? vomit perhaps, wank most probably, but think, I am not gonna insult the rats, tar, tare, (handicap, retard) errat, erradic,
Terra                                   rapture, rature = squibble.

You would be extatic to understand that I love democracy as much as you do, and overstanding the fact that I would do every of my gesture with her under the arms, should there nothing to do, she would be the book I would study gravely. But if I love democracy, if my passion and interest are reading, writing and this society, if my flesh is animal and my spirit let’s hope can still be bestial, unless I ll become all but chemical, mind we work all for the same greater forces, not from them to be greater, but for them to have us as jail as much as we are under their gard and warden, of not having practise sane and holy obedience to logics and exploration. We want it all, we ve got nothing but a wreck looted, but never thing looted by itself as in logic if someone is the thief, the one disposed, the victims is the one that will have to take the substance of live from its perpetrators’perfidy.

Why being a wise, or practise wisdom, certainly not for your charisma or your dogma, as the others, the one that want to exploit the story in adding their songs

It is good to say ‘nogod, no master’ as for humility to say that one’s own master his god would imply that we are god at our turn. As for to have this wisdom, courage, overall intelligence

I had to, had, dah.
I would look after you as up to your the tip of your nail, passing by the massage of every parcel of your cranial box and bud. Carnal as I would have to take care of my flesh, sorry it is my flesh, as no one till I am still alive, would do that for you. So if you can’t take the fact that if you were dissimulating or being obvious with your eventual or actual other appetite. You would kill me little by little in showing what it could be, and you would put me into hatred of everything would you be concealing it from me. Tell me when you have the hots, that I can meditate and try and offer you what is in me missing, but if cannot make it up to you, I beg you abandon me, before I step down over a brigde that is not existent. Existential puporses is the essence of our passion, without the mission we are nothing, but what is the mission now I have got a sun for me? It is the last mission, perpetual truth and pope democracy, though we will find ourselves in catheshism served by people dodging all duties, and transforming the ones of others into sacerdoce. I have been a nun for so much time, I ll tell you one thing, the mission had my time, my brain, my envie, but my wifey, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no also, what I don’t have a wife? If you want to go on with yours you better respect mine, because me it is out of question I ll let myself into constriction. As far as you tap your finger violently on this table, thus practising self-harm, take my word I ll nothing but calm down your impetuosity. What run towards revolution? And kill somebody in the eargerness of taking their place? You talk about genocide, look at the one of the Vendee, the revolution simple believers, brave thinkers, young children, loving mothers slay. And I disgusted my self praising these victims, as there would be not revolution whatsoever as far as people deemed themselves into ‘deserving pseudo peace or terror’.
Cb  c = me; b = initially blog that I destined to war denounciation, the older text do not have code but a general selection, problem with selection when I reread...what a bother, a luck you don’t distrust or be completely repelled, a luck, a strike, so when the ‘inspiration = coming in, so what about when the soul to wich you speak is already on top of your agenda and skills?
I conceive my life as being in duties of search, read as much as I can, as much as my eyes and ears can take. If I bring nothing new with my understanding, I always could do compilation of what I deem the most alarming. Edition is my relief, even when thinking of you, you see what ever happen I could still be useful this way, not totally good for the intensive care at the cemetery. As for now, as up to you, it is the dead people that do. It is not a complaint, this society is a pain for people who gave life, for people and every body, every body, implies every one, every creature, every object, every thought, and your concepts, oui, oui.

We are not master of the world.
But you are my master, and you are my world.

Die, key.
In, die.
On suzerain poetry. Homo? Deny nature, and it will that the culture of dat, death, for whom alive.

Gaol, gale, van (French vent, wind)
Jail, vanishing.

My mum says to me every insilt insult she can find, when I start talking about daddy. Family refinery.

Bisexuality is very dangerous as people cannot hide any longer in pretensing they fight their sexual impulse.
When for example you realize that people are not nice but just are short of providing you with the same respect and integrality athat to another genre or sex they would do. The purity is not gone, as much as purity is as each life would wish this exchange, we are not talking about polygamy, she is one in my head, and my possible erring as a warrantee, as if I go on erecting on other party, my death I have at each other glance. Warrance. As one takes the life over, to god and its successor when you find and call, beg just by attending ti. Titi, petit, smaller, our heirloom, we can although make love to tothers differently, as being our child apology. As child just the image of parental duties, the inescapable, the inalienable, the untimable, the untameable, the unshortable, the unpostponable, the unstoppable, the unredeemable, if not taken on board and seriously.
The incalculable.

Would the fact that the press and info bring to us all the misery, a desensibilization? We don’t mind no more.
Yes because, we are told thinking that people of big standing are elected for not serving more than their interests and though the population are supposed to way wait (wet, I agree) for ten people, (10 soldiers, 10 singers, 10 anchormen, 10 intellectuals, 10 spirituals, to arrange a boat on which two are elect??
Hypocrisical behaviourist policy and on social lader as a psychological process of inter destruction.
Additional question, if we ask the majority animal, whom of which will be the species they would put on the plague?

‘articulate dissent’
As a self-derision, deflection.
On dissent, reflection, no action, but subordination to vampirism, how can we agree, on what, unless convexation, not conversation. depti.
Conversation. Verse salvation. Do not take it bad on homo, dirty you band of pedo, that would like their child their own bearers of the grade of the accommodation of which results
Vers (towards = via) alva

Deux. Dieux. (tow, toe, woo, two, took, god)

My problem in looking after you as if you were my infant, as you will have to be, is that I ll do it, as my dear duty, but as we would come closer you will more than know but feel intrasecantly how much I am a bore. Meaning that flesh even when we look for are danger, in danger or commuting, in danger of over or under responding, receptioning... what if I was caring for you to fell less well, as we are falling, why should we overstand it as a fail, live is going on as its natura.
In fact when you adjectivize, in ‘al’ it is the cue of the future tense in ‘a’ that it contains (in French, your former linguistics rulers).

To give everything by principles and what is left is the love to be taken, but love is never or in offer or in a position, that renders its proprietary weaker wearer.
On jane eyre, Rochester who had at this period to gratify the arts, but did not notice that ungraceful courtesy would pain the one in the dungeon, as being the one knowing were, where goes all hypocrisy. All hypocrisy, so why am I so? From not knowing the ones I should be servicing, the others are no one else (my fellow creatures, my fellow animals, my fellows creators, my fellow followers) that the one in need.

I find that I need my fairy, but is she to me? It engages responsibilities. Which god will (I) have to pray? Thunders are their groans, she is mine but her existence the one of the life of whom I the servant. Navre. N’ aver, havre de paix= a haven of peace, Navre in French means or meant, I don’t know who is, ‘sorry’, could we still speak about much empathy as being species or an individual buying our postponation in time, no delay, it’s now. People like in ancient times when we were, period of lull, not thinking, are looking for the bomb. But modernity forget how hard the ancients have found that the bomb is the chief, not the salvation, not the ones that will take any of lies and false contribution (tribe).
Trive, tribe, rib. The rib of man, as man is from the womb. From dust and the stars always been as destination as pushing forward.

Communication, communication with the nini the youman, but what about ideas, it is more difficult as where ideas are, in which space, and are we protect by ideas, the sould is , the body is, but are other bodies taken into equation. The equation of a world having a list of the comprehensive, comprehensible in the way of knowing what is upthere to attend, and what about the future, a group of debutant, a group of beginners, but dead already dead players if they don’t respect in intergrality all of the other. Observe the singular unless you want to be taken as a mash to spit from being unsavoury hatred, neglect and rush to auto destruction. On self-pride or no pride at defending people. El pope.

This pretense at having to react at the emergency each time, no prevention, just letting thing as bad. We will hit the rock. We will hit the rock. We will hit the rock. We will eat the rock.

Sole, seal citation. Session. Secession. Recession, succession.

Fear instinct in the way it has to be transform in warning, if you threat me I ll have to act or die your enemy.

It is strange happening the traumatism. Something went very wrong and it is after years and years that one perceived at last better what might have been happening. Horrors of this species of big shit, facile.

Don’t forget the personal duties as well, the time one has to have to explore as much as he wants and is prepared to do, and prepaid by the society in the sense that one wil be able to do it safely, as safely as free, without barriers of others preconception of things that they are under, but not a little under, completely unawares of, as long as they are not in actually worst, a deranged denial.

The problem.
You were reproaching to me not to see you r intelligence, but cannot you considerate that what I am not saying is a lack of it and experience of it?
Taken differently are intelligence not taken for granted in any of us?
And in the case we did not find each other, as it will be, as if we were, it would be this time beyond revolutionary, cannot we for a second don’t mind about this?
Is it simply with data we reach?

You are fearful. But it is the whole problem with human rights

When I think of being able to think my head against one of your hips corners, my hand forbidding me to go further and preventing you from the phobia of having to deal with some sort of animality. I would caress where are, round is my head, and the extase is you, don’t think of putting down my velocity, levity, coming from you, my woman. Does woman not sound crude? Are you afraid of the wampires inside or outside you? Killing, killing absolutely every one, for I fear you more than the less presentable. To quit you is as agonizing that death might be without it reassuring. It is the one who you quit, of course obnegating the fact that you destroy a vampire. But who can destroy a vampire, give him love and I’ ll survive, preach him love, and you will survive, take him love and he will grow, grow, grow into a were wolf, where no one will be able to find its potable. Are my liberator? As another vampire I am sure of your thirsty for the blood that dripped out of our deserved and on purpose melancholy. Drop me, hope, grope me, hope, drug me, hope, do whatever you want, my lesson is this without you, however your state, mental and even more physical, although I am responsible for it

Justice does not have the power of investigations and ask on demand, but the power of understand naught as long as the victims of a wished system is rendered able to take everyone fees and those of the victims to keep them company towards poverty.

My wife, the sphinx. She has the question of which I have the answer in me that needs to go round into verity. My wife, the sphinx, this time is the honey, and it would be liberation live ration would she eat, hate me. Become the trust I have in you, make me believe that my way of sacrifices is not the only one providing with results, those of the vanguard. The vanguard, guardian of the democracy and don’t attempt selling the word, as it is not a work, not a word, it is a whole concepts tried and interpretated for centuries and in our heads millenaries and in the process of evolution in each of our cells, connected to infinity, billions, trillions, I told you, they tale you, don’t try to name it.

Last week you were wearing exactly the jumper of my granny and the same day I recognise in my face the owl of which she has a total collection, and know I think of it, I really resemble other animal, alongside other mimicking person, but I will up to ask myself if the owl could not be the last in date at being the most powerful of all. Could it become from you? The fact that I wake up at night thinking of you, that I wake up at morning thinking of the same person, you, you, you, oow, oow, oow, boo, boo, boo, I almost another person, ou, ou, ou, bout, bout, bout, vous, vous, vous.

To keep people in celibacy, to keep them as jewel, as the lack of affection, this lack of anchor will naturally lead this person to be enlighten as for looking in all others sign for salvation.


When you look at pictures, paintures from the antiquities you can see bodies, you can see muscles, fat, and cellulite, you can see body at work. What about today, they are posing.
Their work, the world still boundless in mapping, the world, the planet, the one we have raped and killed thus secrets, make go and hide the mysteries that will now to avenge desperancy into a currency that human sufferance wanted to convert in luxury. The luxury, no, the lust of counting on others people discreet disgust at servicing thiefs and their system, the big thievery.
Re, re, re, will return, them and each time one could not do more than say yes or being the chicken of the supper religiously organised by you. Do you understand? Us. Not USA. US.

Coun   tries.
  En         tires.

Fu   ture. Fut=were.      Ture, truth??
Cul  ture.  Cult.

They are.
Te ar.

Look you say that people love each other but cannot do it, because I work we are in competition...
But me when I hear saying that you love these freaks. It is freaking me to ahve to share, sharing you, but what do I do without you, kill me, kill everyone who would have not defended you rproperly??

Look how much I am stupid, I could send it to you, I am mesmerized by effleuring. I could write so many sentences that I would regret like hells, why don’t you slay?

It is so funny the pseudo characterization for each gender, or each cultures, or each groups of which classification models will be the intrinsic errors.
It is funny as let# take an example, the boys if they are not said to be nagging, will be able to nag as much as the average woman could not dream doing...
Fun? ny.

I have to hide my infinite for you, I can vaguely only remember what way should take it. Vaguely or not remembrer, it is like if you were lame, lamb, without your limbs, it is like that, for the spiritual suffer.

I did well by not answering the call for murder. What would have been reported?
The first one say I ll kill you.
The second one could have tried something wittier. Maybe alleviating its urge to put this guy into pieces, who smiles at the meeting, and would rape my wife after.
What would have been reported, my answer, like in a theatre of repetition, leaving a bad tac, taste for revulsion, essay at explosion.
For me the better was, this guy last word, preaching for genocide.

I don’t thijk, think, jin, thin, that the story is about opening the Pandora box, the Pandora box can open itself the day she wants, the fire is under the pots. She can as she knows herself and it is certainly not to the will of humans’ sort that she will comply as they ve got a certain idea of what she might contain.
The play could be more to slide inside, someone who do not fear the demons as they know that the demons are the spirit we don’t know, and the true reason of their anger and cruelty, the one that we ignore and exploit. Sliding in this box and...what to say?

She said that she did not mind believe in religion and so on...
She although watned to become a bird perhaps after dying. What is more religion than this,  I cannot think of any th-ing.

To play well on a ground, is to have the gourds, the grounds as one’s territory.

You, is beyond my believe in, my knowing, my feeling, my sensing, you is my living.

To say ok one book has been written (plato for example). He is the master, he certainly was, but its work is seen as a completude, the respublic.
Is absolutely magnificiently lazy, incorrect, disowner, dishonestly, whatever we want of unshypathy, usunsympathy of what is meant, sensed to be represented the general and popularized attitude, behaviour and peelosity, peelosophy at work. One do, the other calms, claps, scalps, clamp, qualms, and nothing more than calling an idea, let us in a state of absolutely relative estate of negligence. Absolutely regards to our dying, relatively because the sufferance is gonna be spelling.

To want of your body the good like the bad, to want of your body as much as your spirit, as with the bad I would be sure to oversee the poison in us going out even if only a bit, and  suck it into my mouth, sex, noise, pores, and brain, to delect me from vanquishing your disappointment, your suffering, your frivolity, your heaviness, their pettiness this one have no entry, and any drug.

Yes, my wife was my concept favourite, my cave, my everything you can thinlk of reassuring for my ogre of love, evolve. But now I meet her fleshy, my thoughts no more sacrilege. My thoughts no but what about my nearby, vicinity, my incompleteness, shortcomings, strangity, my jealousy...what about my weaknesses? The passion could come from it, my attachement, inconditional, the necessity of probing, proving, guaranteeing, making a pact, take me, take me. Approve me, seal me, an occasion at I. The you my misery, my paradise, all that is inbetween, your power, teh limits, what you would have to bound. Fastemom. Fsastening, preventiong, all what you want to do. Don’t feel it is hard work, one word, on e galance, glance is sufficing from you. But still I cannot say easy since on you upon the way, the itime that is for me the delicious account of your omniscient company. I don’t talk of you as if you were god, you are my wife, you are my God.
Why why why because you are the representant of lifes and the treasures of the mommy. Nothing die, nothing live, always spirits, always philosophy.
You are a god as life has its promises, not the stuff granted, but granged is a path, to find not finite but completude, so much of it that you know that you will find a way, when, where, how, are not anymore the question, you saw it so well, that you will have to pray, pray, pray and life it throught the prayers, and me I have no bias no more, because the only subject, as long as is happy and happier everybody, my only subject is you.
But I can so well feel, that you are gonna harass me with my imbecilities, that you are gonna mock me, and so and so, what you will unauthorize the path for my greediness, to comtemplate and tease the voice of the messiahies.
I cannot live like that I would break you, as if my love can land it is because of the generosity coming from your being, and that it asks for more justice and equality.
It does not ask for more, because a little bit is the maximum than tow persons can do.
This little granted, I say granted, towards you and me and there where is an in between, we are the ethics, love reenergizing.

I did not look at your tighs, I am a puritan, but be sure that it is the surest way of coming like a no so damned soul when I rethink of it. And believe me each time my energy is available for ti, let’s say when my work gives me pause needed not to verse into fiercer and fiercer misanthropy.
It is the difference between phantasm and dream it is that you permit me, therefore you became my guardian, not of the domecracy, but whose of my sympathy, I a m still entitled to the sweet dream for which I work like crazy, care si car si I would have to do without you, my gardian in other countries? You are kanty.
I don’t believe in it but I know it. To make me believe, if I am creepy, cripty, you are the secrecy, I am fed up with your lecture where you snore like apathy. Mind what? To do and try the best job, to lose it as the messiah you would become.
But with me.

If rumours are verity of the reality, then the spirits gave a chance to everyone to try and does one’s best in relation to what?
What could be the ingredients that make people react saintly? What is saintly? Someone charitable but at the service of the causes of it and justification for it, as the saint were working a lot for the richest in these stories when the version is catholic.

Jesus and 33, would not it be the adult age coming at a beginning of stabilized maturity?
When you know whether you have been deliberately bullied, or so, or more, or reflect on lost, savaged abilities?

Love. To love too much, too love to much.
Being in love, but anyhow, the balance and calcul are not of the circumstances, circumvent, stance -, are not relevant to the whole, shalw, whole, entire, id on’t know how to explain, to represent all what I know, when love is the person that brings me rest, peace, rebellion, and smiles of the one that are not mortal from helplessness, self and altruist pity and derision.
It is not that I put much on him, it comes as a natural deed to the one that deserve my trust and attention. When I say deserve is that I want to serve one, I have enough with my other intervention, reading, writing, eating, cleaning, a little soport is largely enough for a life plenty of reasons to stop self suffer and try to find solutions to what make the world cry or joke or vomit from strangling their suicidal counterpart or counterpart? Suicidal as any relationship sado masochist as we all obviously are living for dying in the ruins of our pride and fierty. (pride in French) you will, whatever happen to get the tac from your tic.

We were all praising the future, paraising the modernity. We found her all the justifications for her destrucition, ofor your cruelty. But now how about the future, it is not hypocrisy, it is so funny.

You can drop your conceit or self-consciousness, I am taking, ti am not talking to you.

You will excuse my familiarities, my mum’s nickname is ‘ni’ for me now and since I raise the cat for my best friend, and ‘nini’ for daddy.
She thinks he is so much of a fun. What I really think, I don’t know. It is what is metaphysics, the way one has always a opinion on most dramatic story and cannot find the most simplified answer on one’s perso. The mental, the tensions, the, I don’t know.

Je t’aime.
Je t’ai.

Do you imagine they were pretending building this massive building in the honors of human rights, three years after it is only a commercial store. So what does it mean, it means that it is the money that were supposed to serve the attempt or so called human rights missions as any mission is more than potentially faulty, this time directly convert in a commercial stake holders making profit.
Imagine how that bastard can be, can we still imagine what will the consequences of human desacralisation?


 (diˈseɪ krəˌlaɪz, -ˈsæk rə-) 

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to remove the sacredness from; secularize.

to secure, secularize or in fact destroy, and abuse?

Tramp, mat.

To be apologizing inside the family for what we are, without knowing that is was the left-over of the most overall scheme, the bread I was forced to be eating.

Are you sure they want your opinion?
A test: don’t every one want the pollution to stop, and if not when we have as living beings to protect life from irresponsibilities, we don’t allow care which the basics contract in society, to become harmful (but of course I fear that someone said you are homo, who are you to say)?
How far goes the pollution under control?
Politics. Are we sure that it is like that it should be coined, conned?

Don’t try and redeem the fact that you were not more than pragmatic in bisexuality. The word sexuality sincerely disturb me. To think of you in any of label, drive me up the roof, and break each tiles open. Not a note sexy, as the one approaching would beneficiate from the honing of what protects from rain, the deluge of indecency when a couple is obviously lesbian and obviously content, the word happy here is when is down not my house, the enemy.
I fear of dragging you in this hysterical of world group therapy. I was excited like you, but power, decision making is the one that cannot be expected, so what, big brother are paid, without this it is beef, as it render you as feeble, people don’t want to melt directly with the conscript.

I am an imbecile, reaction at someone from whom I don’t know the state. She could have problem of translucidity, that is seeing and reacting to things as happening of which I could even give repertory. She knows and tried the energy, but how confusing it is to try and gain an energy that people are content with no having selectioned as one possible way.

I had this dream telling me that my fiancée would have to be named ‘called’
Your calling upon me.
You my medicine.
And when completely exhausted, you as well as me, in bed, my laziness also likes me, and you would put all your weight all over, hanging onto my crotch, in between my legs they would clamp, hold, press, sofly cuddling you in applying different stresses, and my basin shifting trying for this moment to be lasting, for that your own posture be comg fortable, and you chest, neck and head on my belly for me to feel better how I could take your skull in my hands for you r reception to be (voc) covert with all what I am left with energy, the right amount to you, for the whole of me to go inside your depth, your ocean, continent, the womb of the all nature, like freund would have said in a more profound society holding and building onto the only hope she has, humane humanity.
Your depthness my love is the one I am too limited to sonde. Onde, sonde = probe.
Sonde, sound, hound, donner = gift,
Rip ripple.
Maybe like that we would not be more powerful, but more unified, inified.
It is one of the most intense secret I will have to affront, the why I know that I am not enough something to understand precisely how deep. Maybe could I balance with my coverage?
Like when I breath and that this breath melt with a very loud noise, this feeling that the noise could come fromme (forement) or to come to me as a powerful, rageful, purposeful unity.
It might be that my none understanding of your superior depth, the way you dig, it I slong time I would put down my spade, my blade.

Here it is I love a woman with my small humility, and in fact I don’t think is a very simplistic way to come, to reproduce, to make her feel better. I am the false tough, I am the fake soft. I hate my facilities to be efficient only hwhen I don’t look into it.

Please if nay thing interesting on the content don’t stop reading because of misspelling, sounds are like the language of the birds, exactly like human sounds only that they don’t look at you in the eyes when they croack the words, the sounds are amusing@.

You are the fugue, figure of all the persons I ve trusted the more. Life is so funny in these kind of ways, that it is why one could serve it as mauch, as cumuch and launch as dying could be.. life could have (as) your face for my spirituality.

Meat eating, comparing civilization against animality...animal phobia, it is what it is.

It is live like love muttering to me. Ti it sounds rocking, its words so exactly, precise, right size, yes, yes, let’s talk about penises envy. Whatever, whatever, it will be you doctor, you and your fixed idea-
It is so rocky that the osound of it could come from eery thing, the echo of the machins, of the winds, of the birds, of the people speaking or shouting or who says nothing but one if you want to talk to me the reasonment from Peckham to roehampton won’t leak nor flee.
It was, right now, so violent, so wished, that the light coming into my irises, was like pumping the shadow and direct rays from every single trees.

I will have to reread this shit and change everything they by is us, and we, my writing as the excellent psychotherapy, in her rewriting. An her is you, whatever male or female, you better give me my due, tow. Two.

Call for the servitude of another group, is the ‘fraternized menace’ on each other insiders,
I won’t play with a special word, coming from any special communities, not by concern about being politically correct but because it is politics it is no correct.
Maktoub (mac = pimp, toub= tomb?) tube? Too? Ma queue to me (my dick to me) ma queue tobe, tebi.

Love and death. As she wanted me, she wanted my possession, my family.

We were made to meet, also we not gonna change the world and ode and do what we are to find and sing, and singe (=monkeying) still in French.



What’s a vampire?
It is any of us without a fiancée.

A number appear and you fastly go and check for more general setting, but this reveal that it is, it was in this minute sky-eyes that were the digit that coulb dbe enlightening the whole of our world, and the whole means always more of it, others. Others, to hers. It, to he, he too? He, to-where. She goddess, what do we know about it sex. Banda pork.

Pork is not the pig, pork is the assassinated anima.

Torry, story, history, hysteria, store, resto, rite-o,
hiss history.

I cannot believe you read, I cannot believe your indulgence, I cannot believe that you gently reassure me with only passing your lipstick on, or the nape of neck malaxing.
I think that my luck is partly coming from of you being the better. From bet and from the ultimate one other major meanings. To all.

When I think I fell upon a fucking educatrice, take the French sense as well.
I tried to go inpsychoterapy once, but they ask too much money for one, for two I tried a psy that could not say anything more than a average concellor, I went once maybe she could have revealed more but whatever the stuff that taught me my lovers (you know platonic, when I think that it has never loved once my dick and the sex, little sessions, very few after 20, I performed, it is because I may stay my live all alone, or not in couple that I don’t regret so much of it. Very few but too much of it. A purge reaction.
I don’t even say that I would not have it any longer. Quit me a letter, an essay officialy, I cannot assess my unprofoneodor. Profane, fprofound. You would have to do this, just I am not talking about violently, just to take time to explain things straight but elaboaratedly, just to know that I have some king of conclusion, nad then I think I go straight on a site and this time, this time, I don’t grudge, I don’t refuse, I don’t go and being picky at the last minutes, up to have secenario on top of being sinsiulted or what I perform the most ugly sex act into my cessation towards keeping virgintity.
After having died of joyl. Is it a true joy ist is a false joy, it is not worth asking thei question it is a joy. I should be shushing my matcho instinct from time to time. You are my serene, I won’t wear my specs any longer, or I will topple my boat between the door and your desk and trample over your resignation from having me as your hostess. Since we caould not do the essay stuff, before I grab you for the last time somewhere unless I can see that it is not spurn, it is beyond disgust, but well lets remember you are and ahve my beauty.
Let’s have a code, you can do whatever before the bastards, I don’t ask you for nay proof of any sort, let’s say I am taking for granted if you take time to read and do sign. In fracne we have a syaing ‘on ne donne ps de la confiture aux chochoncs. So if you want to avoid exhuberance or simply simple whwhshow on our understanding bliss in front ot the dummies bastards, I even could say that it does arrange me. A little, very little tiny bit.
Is your son your diary? I promise, I promise, I promise, I know we could not, not on our agenda, but it is the first time I feel for myself, not as a concession given to the other, to make a baby. Or maybe the first time after I wanted to change something in this world when late I ve been let know that we were over. The other time it was for her, but today with you it is for me. Then you ve got one finish, one public, me too have got some, but me writing, not awesome, one day we could talk perhaps. But bliss would be for met me to look after them all day. And night, andnday.
So make them belief what oyou want, they are so limited that their delicatessen is none but recurrent daily porno and pas jsut graphy.
And if one day, I am the dead, give me an handkerchief and like that sign me.
I wanted you to know, that if I had chosen the title of my studies at the age where you have to select, 16ish, it was anthropologic philosophy, I was interested in studying any kind of beliefs internationally.
But where I went they did not know the word, and any how I had been the acting number one dunce for so , for so sucking long, many years that I quit high school the following twice failed year.
I always only have human rights in mind, stopping torture and hte alike, it is why but if I had had time.
Je me sens une iddiote, face a mes vieux souvenirs, mais pour moi vous etes la dame du lacs, s il vous plait arreter de me regarder, cela me donne envie d hurler, de pirouette, de m assagir, de massujetir mais le plus, le plus, de prier. Pourtant a chaque bruit, a chaque pas, ma transe se transform en emoi. D hooreur, j ai tellement pense a ses petits bebes mourant de faim, de froid, de ma proper merde. Qui sommes nous pour etre heureuse? Qui sommes nous pour etre amoureuse? Si j ecrivais cela, comme je l ai fait auparavant, je ne trouverais plus persone que pretend
U, you, ecart, questionement, failed afflollement. Je vous est trouve mais je ne tiens pas a vous affoler je veux simpleement vous restituez ce que vous, avez le courage de penser.
Enfin peut etre pas toujours et puis moi vous n ai certainement pas votre qualite ni d expression ni d incision.
This make me laugh as I know that I can loomingly perceive this as an intuition, knowing, awaiting the matches where you will nearly kill me first round k.o.
You already did it, but caro is slow in comprehension. Not fast, not you, slow. As well, I am a slug or maybe I am perpreparing for it, reincarnation, thinking of our first exchange.

I don’t know what to recommend, the blogs are shits, the mail box are shit, as soon as you want to work on layout and communication, on archives, or simply editing, or finding a logic to exploration and organisation on quickiness...we will be drawn, there even mailbox (goolemail is minable) you wait twice the time for realize after having lost mother than the mess had not been sent) that is for sure, the work will take more and more time, the logiciel, more an more, think of something the only thing at one pound is gonna be the dough for you to make yourself to sleep with contracting cancer.

To solve internal conflict we have to look at humility, to approach problems but not concerning one’s own world but try and unify behind another cause. Problem, to agree on destroying and jalousing instead of veneration of live, the sole adoption of comportement that ould ensure further intention than survival (=live upon exploitation, the vulture that will hav everything and then believe me you wish you were one-thing).
My woman has always been philosophy, and it is how I could use the spouse word with dignity but if today I could be sure, but sure. I am not sure, well, if today I am not sure, it is good, it is good, what may I do for you?

Give me a bad or good look or a very sincere behaviour instated. Let’s hope is as fresh as the bad joke.
Your smile my love I love it too when it is not model. Demo.
Don’t worry too much about psychology it is a moquery, the behaviour asked for the commercial and commerce to friviouliously prevail?
Do not mind to much my comment, I recognise you as being the psychologiest of france. At last, I find my doc, the medicine would have suited your Freudian revolt.
Me I would have been more psychiatrists, the electro shock, not with electricity, with drama that are no longer practise exept in the funny shows in the uk. Psycho stifle the instinct to be resistant to villain attempt at nany seduction, at mummy proliferation, at daddy dictact, at granny sugar that destroy teeth and blood stream, they are the tame of the vile, I am not saying all the time, I am never saying all the time but when it is you and me.
In case of pogrom, people get kicked out of any place, it is the principle of guethoosiation at the extreme. There is no true chief for nothing, is that they will never be really followed, even the one who give some love or lin k likiness won’t almost anything od, do.
How many chiefs? I have seen but two.
As far as I ma concerned I have got on patron, the same, no new, the corps.
Don’t think I want to be neglectful or indulgent inot bad taste or folly des grandeurs or simple arrogance, insolence, ignorance, nothing, but as much as I would respect inconditionally your parents, no one stands up to the pogrom.  
Anyhow, you know a cruse, curse is never one for every body. You the very soul of the guerrilla.
We are the chief, let recognize, the chief of nothing but still one has to be accountable for it. As much as you are responsible about your baba, baby I d like to be its father, husband and nursery.

There is no way you won’t understand if I insult you in French while in my sleep (still I could try pa.tois, or an accent like an Iris)
And your philosophy, let me yeah, and your philosophy I’d explode it.
It is handy your passion for ointment and surgery.
Let’s wait for the revelation of what we have to do, we were already over booked, and the former won’t stand aloof long, “waiting is good.” But this is the “”of the devil, because you might not feel the desire to wait no longer, and it is when I fell like a champ.ignon.ble because in that case I would find my self again completely, completely, completely completely, completely, completely, completely completely, but completely, completely, completely completelyalone, alone to fight this balte, battle. Completelyaloneto fightyourbattle, completelyalonetospeakwithyou,becauseitcouldbewellmyfaultifmypseudointensityiwouldgiveyoudreamforevasion.itissolong that I don’twant to think about the partner ideal but I knew one stuff it is that I want to be in bed and at any time to be able to cease any activity take my computer, titi, the cat I bred for my best friend, titi parisien, ou Sligo the dog who bred me, an irish setter, he bred (hybrid) the setter, he did it more than partly in gesture, and thus I now know it for the rest (spiritually, intellecutally), mainly and partly in gesture, he was my main tutor. The irish settler now is my companion.i now decide even if I change of password that comput is Sligo for ever or slayth me but do check and check you told me apart and bury where your phobiosophy stands as her is not again to rise without me. Lol. Without love. Here it is I find a word to your cupboard and it is cannon. You are a fucking bloody cannon and stop staring at me, I am already dead, my body has suffered before you liberated its joy without mercy. I am exploded to the core.

You woman, if I were a free man, I would love her but not like you do love her and do for her as my equal. One day she will forget that you are a miser, but this day you will be left without a memery of what is a good lad.
You on my daddy, that I call daddy for the first tie in 2 years.

Anyhow, if you leave me now I would go back to the country of the humble, more powerful and clam down, clamp, acl, calm down than ever. But in my countries of the dead people there would be no river.

I soupsone, su = to know,     soup son, suspect, you to have thousands, billions of ideas that you won’t take note of.
It so, you are the queen of the dummies, if am the one of the donkeys. Those of, vous.
Pirouette, pirrouetta, if you leave idea unwritten I ll cheat on you. Take a recorder if you want, ok, you fear to give your life, isn’t it. For me it does not matter I needed a tyran.
Like a pig who stays in the writing, and rubs in the mud the day long and stop at night just to snore and keep dry for a rest.ore.

To need a tyran woh loves me for what I am, because on one needs who he is, and a tyran who loves what I do, and keep me at it too. And protect me from the bird of perey. Prey (pere) You know what it is to be a complete devotee, they mock you, they completely ignore what your work, you work is about. I don’t know you by there is none of my family, actually there is no one who recongnizes the good in my writing. My mother at least pretend she did not read anything. She is the main one to have passed on me the demon of reading. I always ask myself question about all this, question limited I do what I am for and what I am made for, and do what I know or I try to know which one is making me as devilish as a seer.  Devilish I do not say mean, I just say at the reception of what I have been and try to listen. Ins. Inn.
Inanimate are their comment, believe I would rather, better stop my raison d etre to be fucked by the unright lovers or the fuckers that play being in love or in friendship or in communal or else.
Else. Sele, eles, seel. I order to reassure you the play I do whith letter do not have proper defined eamaeaning it is just to remember, I ll correct them at the second dreading.

Me I refused to chant, be ready for I don’t know which plank.
Her, she chanted so beautifully that liver renders to any words, philo on it.
It is about survival and exploration, she gave me back sympathy, to her I gave her back her envy, to have her baby, as a chanting is congenial as long as you chant for everybody and no one that could unduly spoil the consequences of love emanating with it.

When I think of rape, I think of you.
It is like you said, you know there is so many things you say I disagree with and finally they made think of something.
When you say that rape is not sexual but a psychological torture.
I think every one can know what rape is in the sense that we have been abused onto your pure intimacy.
It is the magic to belong to somebody.

I wont say bad things about psychology, it is something else that the mental.
Psychology is the barriers, and even if the mental open doors to the immaterial and immaterial means that at tone one point the energy will be descending as much as our perception being created into witness and companion of other spaces.
I won’t say nothing bad on psychology as a whole, because I nneed my wife to be like she is, a charming, distinguished psychologiest.
As if the mental is something untouched by human folly and hypocrisy performing for neglect, without psychology, am talking about true one, compassionate, true, I don’t think that lie and facade, but who knows, certainly not lecteur, one needs boundaries, because without empathy and compassion we would forget that mental is from another order without pity for human beings, that life is not important as we know that she is pervading and never unfinishing, therefore one could kill mothers, fathers, wife and children thinking it is a pure doing, without the hint that for not being controlled we have the behavioring.
Let s remind that if I don’t want to be conrolle by my false mental, I don’t want it from the human who think they control the spirit and in doing that destroy their soul and their chance of knowing my mast.

The love I had in my former lives, some were purer than I could hope for, but even this one

Peser, penser a une autre femme, que celle qui m encor, en corps, ensorcele.

Did not want of what I have for purity. Your name is a grace, mine is another presage.
I had found my flame and after this sparkle that make em not cede onto becoming icy, more than icy the land of all colds.
Today, no yesterday, I had a bonfire, but it starts to warm more than the sky the air around me, it is propagind, gin. And j-ane
You tire me with not loving your name, the candour, with your candour you are like me, can-dour, you stiffen them and as philosophe, you not me, it si is grave faulty.
Might want a blaze, all the better jane is funny. Feu, nuit.
I would like her not to be phobiac any more of being a rosetree and be the wolf that keeps the soil end vie see neaty. But if I tend to her 3 times a day, it won’t be enough for her to brag and grab her true beaty.
I am your secretary, I am your secretary, secreter, desecrater, crato, secrete, text, eddesecrete. You are my light. Volcano.
And if one day you go, I ll defend poverty, I ll try, I ll try even if one second of it won’t do more than promise than somewhere there is a pardy, paradie. (French for paradise)

Do you go and hide to think, I was doing it since my youngest age, up to the rest room I stay to hear my breathing? Or the pump in and out to and of across and boundering my muttonhead. My mountain lead. Ore.
Mount, the mother and her baby, her breast describe by the human as being as faulty as murdering her kids and kings. The mutton, the sheep without who she would ask, I m who?
Don’t kill your buddy to ask your little self the same question, because when she is gonna answer the sillogysm, the tool, the toll, the damn, the curse, the doom will for yus. For you and me, but don’t think one will be able I was not the cheif of the chains of command.

You betray me with your friend but don’t think I ll go mad, as it is why the animals, the few you can still see the ones with whom I flirt. In and with my sex, no, for the time being, but I will have to abow, avow, I am zoophile. It would be incestuous that every one has the duties, everyone I meant this ducky, becaue ti is scandaleoous that people don’t want animals even the wild one in the city as long as they belong to god and reign over the, their territories. (territory? Tory, people, pee, pee).
Sane and might, it is what people stifle as when they stifle you, my work, Cherie please please do whatever but not that, don’t let them tak e your time on what you have to write, and think about as much as, it could perhaps free our black children from the dela, delta of shortcoming, manipulation, and self hatred. I am not homo, I am a mummy who cries her sons and sins. I am not homo, I am a woman so in love with another woman that making love to her resemble and rassemble all other candors- can doors. My candle is for you as I know for sure that you wlll lead with the help of my added philo directly to our breed.
To all. Toll.

Femme, fameuse.
Fame, femme.
Mef        ale.
Meth. myth
One is not a baby no more in spirituality, one is a beginner, but not a donkey, nto human donkey, human pretending.
Prêt-a-porter. Like readiness. It has been usurpated with its grand role as the surveillor of death respect and respect for it=death, you conspue. Boo, shout down.
Why did people have hairs, no thanks to the micro waves. Ziva (in French zoulou, nick ya) nica. Akin.

Phenomen, euphemism.

Ok I will do a party for your word cryptic. I ll do chapetering

If I had no writing I ll be alone in the world without knowing it. This is art, asnd as for my wife without my art, tra vail, we could not have babies. Sies bab (ok baba cool) sis babe (love when the family is one of a folly, lire faut (must read and dear).
I am a false it is wat will think my gems because seh is so much in danger of being a beaty that my crowns, my claws and fnags are ridiculously samal. Small.
Language were sound responding to other sound it is this sacred. Der cas (in French last crash)

I feel to be possessed, to be loved, to be praised, to be accepted, to be useful for you all day. And each time I see someone else I can feel that my love for you could be desecrated, it is why I cannot dominate to be so obvious, as in rage as to bury myself for that the other cannot take your proper deity. Maybe other could tring, bring my offering. I am the poor ducky, I am not complaining by but I can see the day of the end of the plaisanterry. Eery. Tory.

Give me polygamy and I kill you instead. Not you, I kill inset. My wife I won’t confound with the litters that think she is only mummy (oeudipe, don’t treat me as the vengor)
I am not saying they are less than me, because I am short in view, but you, if they touch you, I ll come back with more than a bucket for the sap collect.
You wil take me for a psychatrical cse, a change for me a chance you read a bit of the greeky. Agree?

Images of romantic, lying down of the couch after having given everything for art, thought and you. For you.
Ok don’t evade, it is not my realm, it is only where I can feel the calm.
Don’t evade, or do like in vendee, just ecartel. Torture, tear pel people apart, and tear down. Dismember. Like people are-rage arrange for other people to loose their jobs, friends, family, even their wife. Homo.

Let’s take the parabole of the devil, becoming the devil as a fallen angel through its lack of generosity, lack of humility.
Look at the stories of saint and how many are for the kings’ riche serve.
So you imagine the chief of this company, and you know that the hypocrisy is made to transport everything toward one in promising compromising and self serving up to more than hungry.
The chief of all that would have seen it all, but the love that the saint could not give no longer, if religion has had this impact, fucked up to the core. Choir.
In front of the set-up.
And anyhow who is not for god, it is the chief. You are pople profiting from working working wording as idiot.

I would like you to know that I don’t rely on your girly smill as I know that you would leave my body the day I d be gros, gras et tombant. Go now I won’t realize that I am that, so go as I am that, but without you, or with you because you dare smiling to me, render me more than crazy, carp, crapy I am I don’t need to be in charpie. RA, Carps, carpe, Harpie, in shreds, in ribbons.
Char, sky.

Look I do’t talk to you, I talk to me.
Tu n es point ma femme tu es mon feu.
Tu n es point un etre, tu es mon dieu.

I am at our, your orders though a problems subsists.
I don’t know how to interpret and follow it.
Interpret is one thing, applying one other altogether, from being your heart I could become a torturer.

Proletariat emblems.
The sahred , shared power it is aeveryone waiting for it.
In hell I have it all, and paradise a stroll having for role to want and to escape.
What about losing? It is death calling.

I am fed up with your pseudo friend, able to sell mummy to have a pleasure of brieveyty. Votee. Voters. Votre heirs. V.otre (yours or others)
Jobs always holding in self, fesse (bottom always in French, still and blood and cold and main economy) and now who at the bottom, in-terre-ior (terre = the land will be crumbling) interest in nepotism render every of us and of our taks, tasks, incestuous and whimsy.

If one day your lips touch mine, I ll have to take a sabbathical year.

I know you are deaf, since I hear listen to you, my hearing know windfall of high altitude depression.

Much more how would we know we are 100 per thousand slesbianss, maybe your demon (or spirit) is make mak a, male and mine female. Who knows?
What about checking? Should we roe rot row or should we not?
Don’t get fucking excited, we don’t want to tramp oever, and be any more bumpy, so do we?
Ok anyhow it is reassuring to know that outside demons and spirits hopefully we ahav added persona.
How, where, what, time, second, with, whomareyourightnow?
It would be my bonus, to see you as my husband acting. Don’t think of your prersona. \zona, think liberation, your whip, whimp, whim as long as they are gentil. And I think it is where you are in trouble to express your masculinity, because to stay gentil with our power on me, mh, hm.
Appetizing? Oh, I talk about that, what a disgrace I am like if a couple could be made to transgress that. Your natural disgust in the fact that im I and you will finally die, therefore it is progressive. Your phobia for decay, my body in no better aux aguets, like a cu bucoy, buoy, I am dan, I am damp, noisy, smelly and you hate that. What s life after your disdain? Death as apogee. Je me retire, I withdraw, my beauty, was it my suffice or was ti sufficing, self content, prospoterous felicity, the form you accepted not me but my old load, my fashion beauty, my ‘javel laundery’.
You know I start wondering I fmy father his report, his file was alone writing, I think that her true secretary and boss at the same time was mummy, and when I see her doing all the rest on top, I feel like her to be nun. To be none. To be to none.
Because logically if we have to go in pari, the good Samaritan who know that he did not deserve and be deserved by anybody could choose the one in the other word.
I want to know, do you hear I want as I need to know who you did love? It is not your past, but I am allowed to do it the underpass. Tell me I beg you tell me. Was she a female? Someone from your family? A witch? An amourous person who pass on you the charms? Was it, were she? An angel. Ana.
I ll talk to you about my great(great)grandmummy. Angel? Her shell of vulture who ate (m.anger) misery.

I am anal as much as a old chuma who knows she has lost up to her intestine.
I think that the phobia on anality is the symptom of depicturing oldness, old age, wisdom as a being dirty.
You disgust me but not like my poo, I like my poo personally, but the sick ppoo of despising the nature and others will be the homosphobe last supper.
Super, repus (sasiety)
When I make love, I make lobby. Hobby, hall.
Hobby, obey. Abbey.

I will have to stop writing I ll become serious and think that I am right in wha ti I think, but we don’t think, really, we jsut live and experience, the rest is human conery.

I am hard as a bull, sorry I cannot run.  I am not saying as big, would be hilarious as I take on fatter. I hope you like little dick. It is not because I am a woman I could have a gib, gig, big one but mine, she is your treasury and one drop by one drop for the pharmacist checker you are more than you share owney. Honi. The decay I am starting to be afraid of that. What a liberty power, what a liberty power. Powwow. Pow.

I might be as volubile as a ram prize itself to be, by you my calm mare.

The liberalism liver, liberate at which rate, the iber, the ice that will recover their scrape. Our scratching the sky poor puppets.

It was not a mistake, it was an error, mislay, on which the right to redeem and duty to replace who should be left to everybody for live to be no more a on going process of infliction and death upon our need to improve and not the one of impress in order to be the first and last to crate, create a boom.

From my family, my granny, there were a part of hers, they were from the Vendee (vendez, rendez vous), ones of them would have let to witness the murder of his father, with its heart stroll upon a spike to give you a hint at the terror. My granny’s ancestor family whose name was Janin.
Jour J git. J’y. J ‘ y vais. The revolution? For the pople that mourns or the one that wsow chagrin?

Mum I am lesbian, you know lesbian, you know, you know my eyes, you now that without her my fire is ice.
She gave me my life, she put me in fire and I did not burn I thrive, I frost by the fear of losing her, of llssoosing, loosing her even for a millennium of a second, I am her missionary, and if you said it is not natural what will be logic for me to be, you r cannon folder? Your servant bloody? The devil waiting for detaht, de.tale (flight, cowardice), death, but believe me logics would find me for being your abobinable sotery.

The new duckies say of naimi, namely, animist, that they were wrong, I spit on our prtense pre tense, of traditionalist.
Of course people has to render to everyghing the thank to surviving.
Now people are only doing, working, throwing, eating, nicking scrap.
Human pooing is a decaying orooting rotening roeing tool. Better ofor you to understand object to understand animality before the chicken underthrow its last of its bov omit, on her mother, this one now, he is, they are the eggs monkeys. Mon key, in French my keys. Ma clef, fel.
Ma clef, felc. Ma clef celt, celty, sertie, sultry, enough of it that s all. It is for you n, I am doing it it is since dikey I renounce to say and do exactly what is asked but I believe in sounds.
N haine.

Radical. Ra doc.

When you quote yourself on your own site, would it be possible to add a link, or the archives system has only for us dates without project titling.

Gmail failure are ridiculously long, and regarding on what I am fast at going under what is happening, I spend my night long pestering and trying to send something from there.

When you say to me that you love, I have a reticence knee-jerking reaction. I don’t understand these words. And the fact that we could be in dissent, m atrophie, atro s y fier.

I am ok to give any of my support, but I am afraid of betraying a you without being aware of it.
I am brutus, and your children know it. The only difference is that if I know parenticide, I watch fratricide.
Because at your party, I am not any longer the master of my torpor, I am torpor itself. And I know it is grandiloquent but here is the dilemma. I am ok to aid, but am I right to abandon my force intern, my force supreme, the word one need to fight family, their tyranny and policy of shame?

I fear no serving you right, if unserving you, I fear my weakness in my impetuous genuine debility but also if I stop caring for their debility also I d fear not being strong enough in case of insubordination at attempting robbing your nobility, my noble princess, I fear you as amistess. As a mistress. As a ministress. Minil, minil, mini.stress. Miny. Meany.

You reproach me to be in love with a lovely girl and me I reproach you not knowing that you are more than a girl is and more than lovely. You are my lollypop. You are my pop.
And won’t worry in the story am not a god, perhaps a stone but in any way, you torture me with your leeway. You are not straight, you would be, you would not make me belief I am a hore, hero.

I am completely late for the soele other essay I have to hand over, I won’t ask you to help me. Because I can imagine you to come and help, closing back the noteboodk and go for ever and ever after. You are a laptoperie, asloterie, saloperie, laptophairy.

I am fed up with my own story but let s try homeopathy, greedk mythology.
I used to love a woman in a husband manner, and one day I understood that she loved me like the soul of her great mum.
The story is that the great mum, fortunately, but when I say fortunately it is that this story coming grom groom from Jupiter saved me from a lot of disintegration. This woman was talking the day long to her late husby. She was in the most isolated countryside, even her son believed she was loony. Albert I think he was called I am not even sure, it is my adolescence love story, killed by some, bury by you. But no worry, you understand you freed me of my worry. And not problem with that your knowledge in ancient Egypt is mastery, it won’t come back, it won’t be rootening, I was only and just an old mummy waiting for her miracle, oracle won’t have me, the one who oblige me to keep the wheel too hard for me to expect anymore than disease, decay and no company. You are not my company, I knew, it is not knowing, one night, of my well done travelling, a route in my lorry I started to spot so well that I could think and talk to my self as I did not know that I was corresponding. A voice told me you know, you know, but not a voice lightly a voice with so much inprint that I could not do that believe every of its hints. He says, my cave voice, the one I know it is not the little bit, it says to me, I will be alone all you life, and I was crying, I was contesting, and say no, no, I don’t want, I want to be happy. To be happy, to be happy, but look at the last storey at roehampton, there is this campaing on exploitation and modern slavery, if you leave that without doing anything, If you leave that without doing whatever you can with your weapons, how do you want to be happy, you will be a philosopher and as you know it already you will live 24/7 with philosophy. And I thought ok well, I will able like this to do whatever I want, no one will suffer, they could not threaten me with death penalty on my sole comfort. You, n, is this philosophy, is this sole buttress, my tower, my cliff, the rock of the sea, my sea, the fish, the dolphin, every with whom I can marry.
But now what about the threat and about sexual slavery and all torture and all exploitation and my bros the birds that are about to go short of grass, lawn, trees, roehampton is not just human rights last cemetery. Look at the ponds, the water is bloody.

I am pround of being an animal, but I don’t think it is a good idea to do too much of it because in all honesty now, I swear I don’t train for that, but when I think carnally of you, and well it comes like a treasure, and that my only moment when I see you is whatever it is. My instince, instince, instinct tells me or pass out or tear her clothes. I mean ok I did not scrap every cliché, but I feel that I would make you love, I don’t mean penetration but simply one hug that would tole you my passion for you not for you my passion for my passion, because you are still my patronne.

I have to tell you emergently something do you know saint francis?
Ihe was the one who spoke to the animals like orphee.
Or fait, or fee.
Listen to them, listen to them without bias or prejudice, let them tell you what they think, believe me vbelieve me it is not new all people knowing them like their family know that. I beg you I beg you if there is a revolution it will be this one, I don’t think that I wish them to stay without reactiong at eh peasantry telling them I feed you by gredediness, greediness and appetite for unfair gratitude to my compere the vipers, every another dike.

You know I tell you everything lik at least I in general know who I can trust, even if you have to work with people you know it won’t be so jolly. But the day you ditch me at least I will know you are the best of the reasons, but believe me on this you will have to give me them and in a no disappointing fashion.
You, young, will not content me with Freudian explanation, get that. Witch the child of a foucaulat and the revolution will on you. Do not start becoming pale thinking to your pay. I am the genius with one or tow spirits they would offer me recollection, an d not at you, yif you d deny to give me my salary, kick me without calling sos insane. We go on, and me the daddy like in all story at least often when they are greek I l l find myself killed and raped sodomized by your children. Sodomized yes but by your dick or whatever you want, and if you do not want I ll tempt you to trip.
Do not think ti is preposterous, conceit, over prided, I am not offering you that you should be disgusted with. I am not offering nothing of m y body as ti is not an offer or a gift, jsut to let youknow that I am for your tyranny one on me tow in me three over, are you finished? If you cannot take it anymore I ll jsut hope and pray to be a good memory. I fear your phobia, I knew people, a platonic g friend in particular form taking me for a dad, the other talk to her and all of a sudden, she took for the idiable.
And of course so incidently she was someone with this sagacity, this quickeness, this organisation, this holistic approach, this mememory near incredible, doing two three degree, runiing flirtying up to oubli,.and the tast for quoting
Me I ll leave here I fell e I feel crying melancholy the rage o f being sole to have bear the weigh of the condone. Comdom for her at this period it swas a sex, an orgy but bright, so thousandly excellent stuff and the tast for indexing, I don’t think she is like that now and I don’t care the lay out was her turf.

Alors, no, no, no, no, I am not being aggressive I show I can be and pratcise exercice, euh, distanciation.
You freak me when you are no ahappy I d like to know when you are angru, angry. But for that you don’t need to molest. Police please do not beat me.

Bon finishing the mergency, agent, I am the spokesperson of the animal in fact I am not I am not literate enough to be. I won general but the first without grade, it s complicated story,, but it is not that I am ambitiouis for me I have to score better but me and oblivion and still I am dummy. I am not insulting me by pleasure, ti it is ti it is hare hard do too concentrate on that on this even heaven it is the most for me the most marvellous pleasure, don’t go in gjealousy, if you wanted I d be ‘your shadow’ I told you already.
In apoplexy you are well stip stop reading and near peckam or Richmond, the nunshead, I there I work with autistery, mine, a pupil I shall write on that she begged to be treated intelligently but since she cannot rpeat, since she cannot write every one spend their days telling her to die in q a aquietlier way. Acquaingt.
Quaint, angst. Agneau = age agnelle, she- or he lamb.

I know you will be bother, take a n afternoon after the big party, each time you hear one if some in the street and be attentive, nina, be attentive to their song? No, to their sot, story.
They spell the word, trust me, you know you are my gangle. Angel gaggle, I beg you a lats lsast time drop your prejudice on who you eat you ve eaten so many times (I am French kilos I ve been had with force-feeding) and you ll see the world. They know you, all day they make suer they are aware of what is in the air, you cannot thing fully if you retrieve them if like promethee you d steal their dignity. Not of the ibirds or the other animal but to your people that you have to teach about their origins. Don’t talk of that, they will guide you , they are my family, and thanks to god my promise is permitted, they will guide you. For the time being I need yours do not spoil eme don’t spare me just listen their voice.

And if you are a bit manly like I suppose, I ll do a bit of cease fire. If I detect the fact that you could be abusing my patiecnce or my fervor, I will kill you, it is not only the female human that have obtained the taming of the emperor.

And sometimes, all the times but sometimes in this particular example the sing of them is your voice, your voice? Yes your thoughts, that mountains after mountains in me will resone.

When I was talking about tearing your clothes it was the image of oholding you so strong that my rubbing with your mpermission would have without a itch uncover a part of you on which I could rest all my monotomy.

I am a vicious, viscous, let me tell you a last itime I am not thinking of king of any type of vengeance, woul who would I be to avenge on the only one for me who would ahve been someone. Somone Salomon Summon, sum on, sum mine.
I am a vicious because I never know who is with me or without talkinga about with me, who is who in theis company. Maybe it is that the most dangerous way of democracy. If we talk ipopen open who gonna throat me with all the liste list the least condi.sideration.

I was hoping for everyghing. Gingo beel, beeeeeeeeeee, hell.
But not for the total.
I was believe in love and live in an absolute way, but you.
Ca= a = a nous et c est tout

You see look hom how many hours is gonna take me to reread this jokses. I won’t do anything more tahna them in my life, I take pride of it, it is true they are my good my bad. What about somebody who I love, my misery. The one of others’ I ll be dead soon and I think of the soul travel with no candor or doubt that the match is not won.

Thin king.


Twice a week. It s hot. I never ever dated. I had flings ok certainly, so, so, so bad and when I was young so lightly porny that at least I escape to bother myself with someone more 3 days, more 3 secondes.
But a date? Never, never, never.

Do not fatique, tic, fatigue, yourself at wondering how I take the fact that they say you are talking to me by pity. Because if in this pisses of a group there is one who knows that, what pity is, what is pity? Better for everyone that the last guy show.

I am so afraid of what we have been doing, the slaughter, that while I make love to you, I can see like in s film gorrh byt trye scene of chicken unfeathered, or name it. I am making love to you in the aim of redemption, at least inconsciously, to bring to you and me the little softness that changes up to fatality, that does dsestiny.

I am so obnubilated, sensorially obcessed, and K.O, by reproducing that it would last 3 secondes the time you release your acceptation.

If I could take you like a gay man, I would be so delicate that the same thing, one intro, one blow but the most refined of all would be enough to hurl of desire and gratification. I am so thankful, I am so tankful.
One think on taking not specialy like gay men but by the side where you cannot see me, as my face, my all body will release its folly, its rage, its salutation to the devil, its crying to the saints, its prayers to god, its apology when I don’t know how to respect respet you with my whole anthropology. Jhurling, howling conspuing,
You could insult me every knight for the good I haven’t done, for the evil I did not know I provoked. Your preachise would emporte
What may I do to have the rewards of seleeping with you. Selp, sceptre.
O salvation
Save, slave, levy, eleve.

With the adam apple on might do so many sounds on earth if she trained to listen noises, maybe especially the naimlasl animals as the responses will be immeidiate. Listen to an d respond, produce this similar sound to make fofficial that you are trying to be in communication.
And don’t worry for nothing they are pround to be animal and cry they are far more better than human, and senses perception, since they don’t ahve to work at other stupidity and since they are so afraid of predators, human particularly, that senses have to be their, one of their big lessons. If one is not aware bor, bro it is you not them of the singsong you tried even in language written. You man conceit is superior, no error.

And in coming back into our childhood, it is so divine, because I can in my intellect and spirit touch you as we wer little girl because when I was a little girl I would have done anything to have the reassurance of having you next to me and this fro for all my life and this would have taught me from the beginning what life is for you and me, the divine cock o knee. Honit.

To manage to control the passion I would have to touch you each time I am sure to bring you relief and salvation. The rest of time for working session or self pappreciation.

I think that when I feel like raping you and since you agree it is more something to do with virginity.
Only approach my face towards your approved body, when I submit especially around the side of your hips, systematically send me to a fall over down.

You jumper last time were the same exactly the same than my gran’s style.
And I love my gran.
My owl of gran.

Mon dieu.
Monde. Eux. Yeux.

Hatred could be love, as if you don’t move as much as you can, we could be destroyed.

I always tried to handle the insects if they were not at the right place (I killed numerous by fucking laziness and pretense of phobia and so much unawareness) in fact to bring them somewhere or into your hands, one has to blow over them.
It just, us, oice, uice, j-ust, let me think that I could be intelligent and various to use on you my breath.

Come on take them, they are raw they are infinished, one cannot understand the half of it and don't even to comment on how mcuch it can be appreciate.
But to take them at least yo u will know if i am your kinda dummy.


The devil is not the bad guy, I sth victim of ten generalisation.
I, if.
If we suffer because it took my honey for exempli and if I try to bit him it will him or hter 
Are you gonna t o like my poetry#??

If I do that it will bit me back so I ll have to reaise the awareness of not doing harm for the pain should not be back any time soon.
As it will go vack as ho not to be bitten first time I did not understand, understood.

Is it love? Is ti sex? Is it company? Is ti buoy? Is it buoyant? Is it bouillant?>>>...<<<
My maybe it oucould be that for differenciate us from our ability, aspirations, on what ahs been left inside, the big lodl old rulers of sheer thrive on peace and lselfom seldom seldom done.
Happiness ot to depart from.
Depart from and even if my heart had been taken by so man-y of charpies, from my sole prayers and hope of keeping you near me, would grow a heart? Even from two lesbians, even heaven our baby.

The pleasure of sex? As sex is sacred.
But what about being a sinner?
It is a planet that I would have to find for you, for us, for our children and forebar,forbearer.
When I realize doint that I should not do, the desire of an empire for you, my sole compass in between space and virtue.

Not to be consceint of one s beatitude.
And grind, and laugh, and grin and no in specific speial way you  are the one that did not understand.
Ethy they think being the support o satan, to enjo the human or another creature wekness, and they like saying that people, seeing the trouble sthe tremble enjoy.
But man they are pathethic because they will die, they are beat, they are innocent, thy ar pporly clear voyant, as if you do decil, the devil itself will eat what is left or you r corpse, as it is already doing it in life. You are not conscient of this, is that sttategiclayy the better is to eat your brain and sex
Strategically or tactically you are the dummy, of the poverty one sow, they eill be the one in the palate plate of the devil. For goodness sake don;t you understand that you are annoying it when you ask think it will give you from not controlling them. Satan is the creature of god, and more if we are all the children of divinity.
It does not want you to beg for tyranny but if it gives you, its supper, it has to have a support, in th mouth of another satan will be, don’t think of yours, or it will be the day that you will realise that your mouth is not your mouth, that the next word you freely pronounce too ...

I love you, but what happens is that I loved you even before, as you are the one that are already perfect even when regarding my intrasequietly complex, womby, so difficult time, that since you are here is paradise to me, the pathe of destiny.

You tu sais les gens se demande a qui la faute mon homosexuality.
ET ben moi je le dis.
Mon homosexuality tout du moins pour les femmes superbes et bonnes.
EST le paradis.
ET pour mon homosexualite qui n est pas bisexualite est bien j ai ete en position heterosexuel et peut etre certainement grace a toi puisque je pensais que ce etait l amour d etre avec papa.
Toi, justqu au jour ou tu insistais lourdement et tu sais c est plutot degoutant de pas tomber sure les bons gens.
Mais pour les gars, je veux dire ce que certain pieds nickes appelle les vrais hommes mais sincerement il n y a plus qu une solution de bien vieillance a son propre egards, corps et abilites:refuser.

Mais quand je te lis, mais quand je te vois, let me tell you that you are the paradise on earth for me.
How are you managing this dichotomy?? Mmmnnn, for goodness sake, if I had your secret.
Doing the opposite, what should it exposit?
It? Human, sweet corn, what differenciation the mind will create to allow itself exploration dual.
Mutan, one will invent mutan not to admit that everything is in peering and awaiting for its pending, hanging, counterpart, equivalent.

Logics, my life.
Human beings are growing more and more, the abounding, prof, proliferate, iterate, illiterate, the proving, way.
Also they are too many above all cos they don’t think of the past, memories, in brief, they are all in danger of finishing, they aer becoming weaker and weaker, n o one dare to say I am living and I d like us to do the right thing, it is finished, it is finished, we are, finished.
About her you always bar you rom, from any comments in saying that the devil was others.
It workd, it works? But make bearing a coross, cross to somebody and in a life of another, I ll become bigger than twice or thrice what brought to the liar, oto the cheater the way of avoiding work, the duty of the just, not just the duty of the slave owner.
Honor, will be spelt to the human as they don’t belong anylonger to mother. Unearthly. I am not saying demoniac, the demon are a natural happening but who kills nature, raise all other creature final anger.
Final. Final. Fall.

We hate their parents, we hate our prarents, but we don’t know what happened in them.
Happens in them.

They call him the poo, but in French ist means not fleece, lice.
And it is in not on your brain hat that go its nits.

Who would believe that god has slaves?
First I will stop calling god ‘it’ because one of the classical lessons, forgotten but not forgone, is that god is not one, it is not all, it is not anything but god.
Classic, class.
Cale = quell?  hold , wedge, chock, slipway, stall, limp,
Imparfait, past, imperative.

What they called political is in fact traditionally the pourparler, concensus, that bring, and in fact at any cost, population out of military rules. Politics are not politics not in most, but in any present regimes and political system in the working, no in the crooking. The words politics has been transformed in its devil counterpart, not devile, not devil, not debile, that is not at all devil in itself but transforms as politics means politics and not deserve an intellectual wall if not engage in the overall equation towards improving the whole (the wohole known-maybe this refusal could vom, com from the greed, or fear to know something else-if we are good at this, what is next to come and obviously more and more potent realities, as minds would be getting ready to face, endure, analyse, and help finally.)
Politics are this vulgarity, saying be happy you are not control by the army.

The vegetables whose roots say one thing, we are the underworld reperesentant kingdom.

You are here my love you are here and you know and undergrieve everyparcel of me.
So when I am thinking a context, I cannot do like if I were with my facility.
In other contexts I could post my theories, they are mone, moine, one, monk, moan, noa-m; mine if I a m surrounded by people who don’t know me I ll bring something to the ceremony, but for you.
Since you are here I ll have to remember that it is not with my each itm gmt time same sentences that I will revolutionize my day, your, our existence, the mission, the cause, my brain who would inspire less pity. Find for you, find it. Transe. As I am accompagnied by you, my conscience, my air, my sex, my ear, my wife, my husband, my child, do not see there any pedophily.

eveil = French for awakeness, awareness.
Devil, debile, a rpporoof of how the ancestors were.
Proof, pr porous. Prose, porose.

I like the macadam we can walk without destroying the soil, but what about the macadam recovering it, what about breathing. Who don’t know that the yanky were using macadam to recover people with it. They could not breath, the sking could not breathe and in a few hours they were dying. What is a few hours in geology?

Exercice and remember in order to compare in order to forecast in order for the live to prevail.
Freedom, freedom.
And it is in it s care and core it does take dom.

To give time, to give you all the time as if we were to make love attempt, we could, we would, no matter where high is our passion, tear each other body from being with our suspicion and doubts about how real an-d profound your, mine truset, thrust, trust can be.
The truth, the trust that people, that society does not allow themselbes as if without fraternity, you think you make a jump to survival, knowledge, beaty, ascendency, you jump as far as you thought needed and live is stopped by the cord on your head.

D -= deux, 2 in French,

Nein: my love story terrestrial, the one who gets the universal, for me to fol.low her in the whole, all real.

Don’t ask me to explain it is why one other is a treasury, you held master pieces I would not even sketch at the level youheld for me on this regard, the love you d have for you’r baby.

U r
R and, r n.
Are     n = hen.             
The end.

To do you a 69, in which you have nothing to do and me to have for object and necessity to tender your fountain my wolfe is thirsty, my wolf is dizzy.
Np = the one I won’t blog

We should stop talking, we gonna lose our everything biais via ‘cultural economy’

She respected her hsusband like a dad, but since she was erotic, the story, the sexual part finishes in gab-guy, gag-by, bag-by, Gasby. Cruel unofficial forced orgy

Cure, cruel?

I have to remember that I love somebody else (escape, est-ce = is it?) for not tken you as my god, my only god, the one I could not even look at, loo kat (and you being in a certain space) certain, certi, speak ot to, speak of. Of my dgodess are you her priest? No who are you. Jesus? Yes. Her child reincarnatded in you.

Run, ruin, demoniac ruin, the death ond none one dedicated to someone or someone else’s.
And death is a siren who don’t need to run to bite her constructor that applied for the dark side of it. No more ruins, but the depth of all melancholy.
Good melancholy one has to kill the one that the y love for escaping reality, love. Love and its dangerosity. Bara danger, bar poney, bar appaling, we cannot bar anything here is not the paradise no one desrve it is life who h asks for esprit, and melancholy would be dead if people along their life founded their queens, their kings, no the demons killing taking everybody, the one you help for communal and individual salvation. Sale, VAT, no.

I will submit an iponion opi.
And I come and come and come and meidai mediatheues , and medidate, mdedicate, meditate.

Port, pork


I did not want to hear the birds because I am amusician and if I was approfunding the art I am gift with I would play and imitate them and answer and question the birds and their friend, and let know their enemy that life parasitic will have their own end. Name. Nemo? Memo?

To foment saints, that people ‘admire’, they ask to them every explit, exploit, every value, every monk, parole, parabole, palace, palate, heave, pround, pal, pardon, for them, for redeem their shame of malfunction they want to operate on a goat, every parody, shceme, scinematography, maladie, disease, die cease, progeny, kisses, kyess, pairs, call, poll, pole...
But without the “allowance” to feel and flee for their own ceremony. My love if they do not let me to love you, we will finish cripple and raped ready.
Insolence, solvence, would have us let sole, completely solitary, but this time not by our choice, they would like to sese see us separated for life and to see a long dead victims servicing the volunteer of their probe, l’aime. Problem was you, but without you am dead, but my life will be in your searching or in their tu ris. (tu ris=you laugh’/tuerie=you die)

Your voice conseilling me reming me old teacher I had when I was 10 or so, and you were 10 or so, and we were in different coutntires, who were this teacher, do we hear me with her voice coming back, or where you speaking to her while we had to join the same place, the same room, the same bed, the same reading, the same street, project, baby, clothes, mattress, magic to undress symbiose.
I attak this teacher, a geer even physical warning of my being jhamrmed, I am hauting by her because I realize how far I could be horrid. But whith you evenif I think my self a perfect gentle lady what would I do, that would be of this level of perjury? Without knowing, nina, without knowing my love.

You use to fear the viper, you use to faer animale, but now not. No. I am yours, snakes, birds, insects, mammals all the kings and the queens that I could be impersonating for me? For ya. Ya, ya, ya.
Who am I without being regarded by you, a rat? No the rat also is for you. I am nihility.
And this nihility is the worse, is the worse of all catastrophe, unless if her baby, you, is coming back presti-ge. Je = I = game in French you have the all words, the whole world I know and the one I don’t as if I live for you, death the door by which is the corridor for more and more of you, insight, as in their is no home, their is no dome, there is only the sly lksky and what ever we can have as appuy. (wells),
I warn you that if you don’t do the necessary to keep your territory, you will loose me, as here it is a rprison if they don’t deem you strong they will ask me, as well as you to go off I am too destructive, disturbing. Every dis you want. And if you loose me, what is of any use philo, I ewas your forse, horse, dogs, wolf, sex, boat, coffin, muffin, laces, comportment, compartiment, accoutrement, severly, you have to draw me.

Try ya.

I don’t have family, I have only hte dismay of having met you, and the happiness of desiring you. For having been meeting you, it is a horror to know how life is precious, how much I culd not beg enough if you were to go off.

My garage for the moment, I start having fear ab. holocaust, abc, about which property could protect security a little longer than the ranting theory. Domina, no one can rent to anyone no more, if they have the jew.wej-wages.



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