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Member’s lost on gross-texts, grass-tests death: a spirit silenced: Chapter III MILTON. MILL TON Me hilt on Child, hild

Member’s lost on gross-texts, grass-tests death: a spirit silenced: Chapter III

Me hilt on.

Child, hild

In the seventies, tv broadcast slaugher of animals. No one with a brain or with a heart or both can watch, but eating pour pure disgrace is still on.
Can-did. Cand—our
Rank. Knack. N-acre. Teh size of the mount.

I just went all bar soaps this month thanks to a boost from an add that suggested it that finished to have me alarmed and depressed at the volume of plastic i threw with the liquid soap i used.

Thursday, April 25, 2019 5:28 PM EST

Feral felines are driving the country’s native species to extinction. Now a massive culling is underway to preserve what’s left of the wild.

C there is something called birth control or any other solutions that would make dead, us dead, the day the real proprietor of the planet choose our means of devolution.

Sodium chemistry: SOD
Or we could say both NA [en. a]? naaaaaaaah!. also there is hope for more conf. grande ecole d’administration- minister, ecole of admin that is about to be disposed of. changing whatnots (nut) into gold.
sorry, not NA true, am over -super auditive, l’ ENA.

Islamic State video shows militants smashing Iraq artefacts

C.ET: how the west and all other countries could leave this people’s countries completely ransacked, and now no doubt dangerously mined?
What’s the UN for?

I had to buy your very expensive product because it is essential to my dogs health. the product does not come from a pharmaceutical factory. not a all, you send mg of a product that i know now cost at least 1/4 of what you asked for it. and your product did not go to any control confirming that it is what it says it is. i d like to be reimbursed as i may have given my dog products that they need and that are utterly inefficient. I did not know it was legal to sell pharmaceutical product without a stamp on it. it is possible you buy human taurine and powder it, i d be happy if it was this. but even then the price is not reasonable.

It is a vegan argument that veg are of course alive (a curse in fact to live to kill) but one of the things that differentiate animals from vegetals is that humans cannot see the vegetals' face.

Johnny Hallyday - Ma Gueule Paroles


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 6:31 AM EST

The ruling is a defeat for Caster Semenya, the two-time Olympic champion from South Africa, who had appealed the regulations and has fought to compete in women’s events despite her naturally elevated levels of testosterone.
Maybe they should also prohibit Semenya to procreate, why not. Could give something too interesting but do not account for their ideas of breeds- species. Because it is what we are, killed, married, taken at the verge of dire poverty, enslaved, oppressed, prescinded in precinct. Human beings are not a species from nature they are the child of their economy, pseudo religion and a science that think in terms of destruction rather than protection. And will be born half plastic, bleak clap, clap, clap, our off-spring. Splint, split, sprint. Tinker.

the copyrights are on Serge Gainsbourg though. it was not meant to be vulgar but ND in 5 years and more beautiful is that genre in violent and pedant= a success really. ND' half has gone into smoke i am afraid. ... maybe short of sprinklers! they just said.... that means unattended emblematic monument, the Perl of Paris gone due to sheer neglect and people supposed or ask(ed) to rejoice at the idea of rebuilding something else. je l'ai mauvaise. Notre dame has maybe become too emblematically gypsy to be revered like she should be.  you know Esmeralda amongst the souls, martyrs and saints of la dame de Paris.

What they wanted was thinking. But to be able to do this, one has to fight. And while fighting they forgot all about thinking and the needs (the stupefaction, action, lows-and-downs, the joys and the fearsome drifts, and the never this time will be ending lamentations) attached to it. And all was lost, as it is.

It has been one month i have been seriously trying to do some desk work, and the days go and i have not even started. before i knew i loitered, but the same results by really trying is mystical. or at least puzzling.

Cruauté envers les veaux nourrissons au centre de transit de Tollevast

C : you will see, people who attempts to fight for human rights will be reduced to nothing. If ever the videos that are showed become more than entertainment and could start stir things up. Google and companies would start or would be made stop and forbid such accounts on behalf of privacy and also because it is so violent, that it is why not violence promoted.

It is often said that our species will pay for what she has done, but a bigger contentious issues here, we will never be able to pay back for these ingrained insanities.
And dully sorry for my duty-free, I cannot find the just word.

As in my youth I would blacken thousands leaves of paper, to say the feeling, the sentiments, the torpor, that accompany the love of my dreams departure.
Now I refuse to say anything on the one of my life.
As when this love is gone, I ll just been filled with a death desire.

Thailand threatens to prosecute Facebook for running a video of the country's heavily tattooed king walking through a shopping mall in a tiny yellow crop-top

C.ET: cyst cease backing individuals and states imposing censorship at his best.
Chess on our liberty. Apparently so, but in fact, if authorization at censorship is permitted it is because we have lost already.

Which American president?
White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
What Americas?

it had to be a hard time, it is the whole things that we planned that just go awol. after that it is freedom again, life in front, and your son for companion. life is great and pure again.

Trump’s interpreters for Putin meetings face ethical dilemma

January 17, 2019 11.40am GMT

President Donald Trump met several times with Russian President Vladimir Putin while no other American was privy to the communication except for a State Department interpreter.
In July 2018, Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee had proposed to subpoena the interpreter and her notes to find out what was said in the meeting, but the motion was rejected by Republican committee members.
Now, reports allege that President Trump took possession of the interpreter’s notes at the end of at least one private meeting with Putin and instructed the linguist not to discuss the content of the meeting with anyone, including other administration officials.

Trump and Putin: why interpreters should never be called to testify

Trump and Putin: why interpreters should never be called to testify

This is so unbelievable in fact. of course, confidentiality is paramount. but it is something else, to beneficiate from this almost priest-like no disclosure close that ultimately saw endemic abuses being covered up, still now without being reported to the police. for the notes of course it is tricky even as a play and artificial reconstructive force on the memory, on top one can imagine that the interpreters must be so focused on the moment that memorisation might work in weird ways. it is a so-a-i-give-it-all to the moment exercise, that one could lose a bit of its overall cool objective comprehensive analytical abilities, why not... but still being a witness...could be cool for the translators hired to have to sign contract of non-disclosure for a few millions after though. i read an article about keeping secrecy, those no disclosure contracts are legal as far as you do not hide illegal activities. but of course, justice being what it may be. whistle-blowers in prison or out of job in the west and bloggers in prison or even in death row in the east...

Bonjour, you can a look at my blog that is about the blasphem is the preaching that religions are ok to reach the most backwards and unnamed hell. and hellish is the slavery of humans and of the lands. islam wants slave, have a look, about what islam is, peace is not peace, peace means total lethal people that like one horror, one terror, one standing satan agrees. and when i say that i do not think about muslims. islam is compusory there is no muslims but white trash that used to have money enough to go and kill and torture children in cambodia, africa, pacific, thailand, etc...i hope this will be unveiled.

And also once found the puns, one can build the story.  a reverse of how words were born, a correlation of sounds sliding and the elaboration of meaning jumping from stones to stones. puns i believe are the ruins of language very construction. puns for memory purposes and also because words are part of a canvas, they take their colors from the shades next to it by declination (declamation), and off what already was on the pallet or next to the painters or available to the scene depicted, thought- when worked or admired not slurred and covered.

I miss countryside deeply. but being from there, i know that living there is witnessing is constant decline, and killing.

Je lis et reference tout ce que je peux sur le sujet...en suivant mon plan, qui se transforme a mesure des idees et des lectures.
Idees dur dû dedans ou du dehors.

Not dry at all, thank you for this tutoring. (tuteur but this is rather for a tree). it is not good sign for me to be inspired because it swallows up the time i need to read very much more intelligent, fortunately framed and proficient notes than i write and that I did read. and ever will...

It must be somewhat a challenge to avoid emotional marking. Above all in the complex world of multidisciplinary academia!

I wanted to draw. I never had done. I scribbled yes while holding my pen, in despair, in waiting, in the void. I knew that if I was not dying soon enough o I would have none.
To crave your feature, to carve your figure. It is just poor proposed rhyme as one cannot be hungry when its body is suspended at the body in the sky that spoke to ya, and that I will have to follow to meet again ya.
I would have to draw to create your presence, now I know that I ll never again be next to you, just see you, to entirely again beg the fate that it gave me work to suit the recorded race- but anyone that you do not want to be with me could see.
So sow fate disperse me.
That I know that after death I would recompose to finish to raise, not finish the race, as you as always will limber, saccage, secate what the next life shall manage to compose with. You did not even destroy my vessel as I have now to err aware of its pulled apart component, that never can breathe for more than for themselves, the fire there, not inside, helping the scares, sanitizing the scars, mocking, feigning the sky maybe. Miming. Mimicking envy.
And that she loves me or not, or one moment that she could think so, since she did not meet her hero.


An increasing number of French people now believe the weekly takes satire beyond the boundaries of good taste.
Guillaume Erner, a journalist at the newspaper, said that the country had turned its back on Charlie after turning it into a symbol.

Three years after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, the satirical magazine struggles with £1.3m security bill

C.ET: parody? No paradigm of a catholic country, bullying their members that do not take the hostie, and even if they did take, but because not talking about Charlie, but for those woefully taken by the good in ideology.      To make them kill, sor sort of crying them amusingly, and finish the work in spitting on what rests remain.


Bare tree.



In French read.


Spelt, expelled.

Mass acre.

People ‘busy-bodies’ complaining about the weather.
You might as well chill-out as it has not given us the 0.1% of what we deserve. Though starting to die from the lungs. A little bit more plastic, ladies?

In Hulot’s text it is the environmentalist movement and hunting lobbies that are at loggerheads. Even it does not affect only France but the whole of Europe (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018), it is a subject that has been very traditionally (even though mediatised tardively) virulent and omnipresent in the French media. Yet again even though there is many advocates fighting hunting and animal rights (              ), the TC is less sensitised by these subjects by the main media, certainly because French is more rural and benefit from more species diversity than the UK (             ).. Also, France being much smaller than countries like Canada, Australia or the US hunting practices are more in view and therefore are much more mediatised too.
Once again the ST, the French audience is very accustomed to disheartening figures and heated debates about the devastation of the countryside.


As if people do not mean what they say, they also may not be what they would like being seen as; and to establish that failing very basis ethics on counting on concept of reciprocity did not bring the normalized relations or rewards that were hoped.

It is because socialization is more difficult, you know we lost most of the forests...they end up with an energy without outlet, it is liberating to run in nature. it is not as a master, it is as a keeper that i need it to be done. ta.

To my pseudo intellect, that though, for sure and for certain, amazes, puja poses (plugs? Yes cause to belong is to believe, to feel oneself surrounded by matter, even vague is a need) puzzles me dissy, dizzy, alarmed, swelling, sniffing the vapors of sweat and tears, almost passing out, secretly
I have to admit, stop trying to throw yourself in deepest thoughts because the meaning of what you know, it is to have lived your life that gave you the key, not your pretense at getting it. Allons, allons.

The princess and the pea.

Trying to describe sensations, and not being successful at it, and creating another demon. It is this as well poetry.

Concretely, the article on Trudeau failing to address human rights problems in saudi arabia, i found to be biased. Canada has been a lot critisised for his multi-culturalism (authorizing the niqab even during ceremony of citizenship, etc..), and France I think is under logically tremendous pressure for its stance on laicity, but on the matter especially treated by the item I translated, Canada is in fact the country that proved to be the most active and suffered a grave diplomatic crisis as a result with saudi arabia...

That people will reject the guilt on Charlie…. assassins Columbus colabos upstart richer tomorrow, even if one fucks illsm because tomorrow they would say that it is ok so, while today they say it is rightly so just like tomorrow, to the seat that bring money, tranquility and first rank for sadistic expo. The theatrics of old.

Classical islam
People saying that it is not because of islam: have a look on apostasy.

Saying creating a forum rather than direct insult to islam (AI, 2018) although it is officially the version of islam that the state of SA defends. The insistence of the press of reviewing the charge might also come from the danger of apostasy (in islam that appear to majoritarily being considered as a lethal offense in many applications of the charia law (Azami, 2014) (BBC, 2008) (Fisher, 2013).

Charlie Hebdo uncritical.

Fatwa (RT, 2015)
under islamic law
Ethical problem: recurrently the stance of CH is to say that they do not target islam but just make humour or critical article or everything including religion.
Here the article says that Badawi did not say anything against Islam.
My problem as translator is that I don’t think it all the truth. Badawi has been imprisoned for 10 years and repeatedly accused of insulting islam by his tortionaries. It is because they make clear that for example the tutelage of females by males family members is a main features of islam that cannot be challenged, both Badawi’s sister and lawyer, activists in their own rights paid with imprisonment (Amnesty UK, 2018) (HRW, 2014)                     . apostasy and for this could face death penalty (Aljazeera, 2013) because in numerous states conversions from Islam may bring the death penalty (2014) (Fisher. 2013).
In that way I felt I encounter a major problem with this translation, because of the sensation of translating a sentence I don’t feel was totally right. I decided to translated all the same with adding a conditional, the proposition of that supposition might be the case, rather than it being declarative and definitive. Of course, this translation is not due to be published but if it was, or if I had to give it to a publisher to assess, I would leave it as it is in the ST because this subject is really dangerous to deal with. I don’t feel that I solve the ethical problem, with an author I could ideally let the options he agrees to, but would risk my job. To solve this problem, I would ultimately stay true to the text and translate it as it is in the ST but though I fully agree with the rest of what it is said, I would also maybe avoid to translate this text altogether if any choice.

Other journalists agree with CH theory in saying that there is not challenge to islam (Amnesty France, 2018) but just an attempt at liberalizing it in countries that followed a ultra-conservative observance of the charia law (Azan, 2016)

Ironically, the principles in translation of not shocking the TC applies here in literature, not saying one is critical of something because being critical of it would bring

Charlie Hebdo website, it is not user-friendly, also cannot open in new tab, but this i am wondering if it could be for IT security. i ended up choosing their trials lists. it is astonishing on how many times they have been judicially attacked before.

That people will reject the guilt on Charlie….assassins colabos upstart richer tomorrow, even if one fucks illsm because tomorrow they would say that it is ok so, while today they say it is rightly so just like tomorrow, to the seat that bring money, tranquility and first rank for sadistic expo. The theatrics of old.

Saudi rights activist accused of apostasy

26 Dec 2013

(Azan, Éric Azan2016) Raif Badawi est Charlie. Vraiment, lui

Trudeau aborde le prince saoudien au sujet du Yémen, de Khashoggi et de Badawi

1 décembre 2018  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  Radio-Canada

Arabie Saoudite: aucune clémence pour Raif Badawi

Waleed Abu al-Khair, imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for defending human rights

Samar Badawi
140 Characters
140 Characters

Raif Badawi

When Muslims become Christians

Controversy of apostasy in Afghanistan

14 January 2014

Majorities of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan support the death penalty for leaving Islam

Max Fisher
May 1, 2013

Old Article Written By Raif Badawi, Terrorist September Eleventh Events.

Raif Badawi

If in this light, Charlie Hebdo’ s column could seem to be a bit unjustified, nevertheless, the real argument occasioning anger could well be the one in the background: that of the French laicity versus multiculturalism.

Multiculturism, is for Hollywood.

If in this light, Charlie Hebdo’ s column could seem to be a bit unjustified, nevertheless, the real argument occasioning anger could well be the one in the background: that of the French laicity which is in this context, a constant act of resistance.

A Christian condemning arius, hilarious.


Une loi liberticide

Après les députés, les sénateurs polonais ont voté une loi sur la Shoah qui prévoit des amendes, ou des peines allant jusqu'à 3 ans de prison, pour toute personne qui associerait l'État polonais aux crimes commis par les nazis dans le pays pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale. Plus de 350 chercheurs français ont lancé une pétition contre cette loi mémorielle polonaise.


Very well done, honey. i feel well knowing it, really relieved of many things- even of those that are not linked. 

I am in pain.
Vu visually morcelled.


On top of posing as pseudo saviour figures with their words while at the same time, helping oppression and terror by the swords in the world of actions and facts: Trudeau in pointing to laicity in France and alleviating tensions with Saudi, and Hulot scorning everyone for their lack of actions while validating the law that will actually kill the animals he was supposed to defend.

The ambition of the ST on Hulot is explicit in several places- it is to stir indignation. Indignation against the untenable gap between discourse and action highlighted by the not only shooting but shooting at members of a species that has been in decline for decades, and lost 20 % of its population in less than 15 years (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018). Though the lark has become the symbol of species in decline mainly because of the industry of agriculture incurring a loss of its habitat; the lark and at large the birds extremely worrying endangered situation has only been aggravated by hunting (Vanlerberghe, 2018) (Schaub et al, 2018).


As if people does not mean what they say, they also may not be what they would like being seen as; and to establish that failing very basis ethics on counting on concept of reciprocity did not bring the normalized relations or rewards that were hoped.

The aim is to stay faithful to the text, keeping structures, rhythms, images and metaphors to transmit intact its literary values, with a possibility for attenuating, and not magnifying TS’ features as in humour traditionally already strongly uplifts emotions (              ).
The objective is to stay faithful to the text, keeping structures, rhythms, images and metaphors to transmit intact its literary values, with a possibility for attenuating, and not magnifying TS’ features as in humour traditionally already uplifts its subjects’ characteristic, attributes.

Zineb El Rhazoui 10/05/2019

Macron, E

El rhazoui est une vraie intellectuelle, et très intelligente, pleine de repartie. J ai aime toutes ses interventions que je recommende sans envoye les liens, parce je trouve que deplorer qu’ il n y ai pas de charcuterie en terre musulmane est trop franchouillard, la mort selon ces puants de tueurs, ces a la queu leu t que  d’ enculees de chasseurs, c est              francais.
Also marianne, dieu merci bardot a ouvert les yeux des francais sur la misère animale et la torture faite humaine, dommage qu’ elle soit nazi (extreme droite, allons pas d appel a la haine, pas tout des suite, pas tout de bord) maintenant.
Marianne c est quelqu un qui reussirait a représenter toutes les valeurs de la république, pas seulement de retorquer quelques-unes a ses associes de tarés. Juste pour dire.

Quand meme, passage aux aveux, qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle et … canon.

Sophia Aram - (1) Du plomb dans la tête

C : c est tres bon. Tant au point jeu qu’humour et stick. Esthétique.

Relg religions have for virtue to praise god, to ensure than humans understand fast, helps that there is no excrutiation before, that god is everywhere, that life is sacred. And personal intimate love for the other to be venerated.
Every life sacred.

Regal. Not human.
Every life. Religions are corrupted for their satyrs made us repeat that animals were soulless, making humans demonic. The being that no one can stops from killing.

1 h 40 min walk with tyler. axel got very excited at the end of the walk, though tyler is very good at being very calm and always stays near me. i think i ll have to take axel back on the lead during walks again at times. it is difficult because if i am in the park he will pull too strongly- so at times i also stop walking because it becomes to trying with the others to still monitor- also it is a bit dualistic so i avoid this too. i stopped having him on the lead a long time ago now it in fact i do it really rarely but you know being shepherd he makes sure the dogs go where he wants them to go, so i ll try to dissuade him from doing so. i did not spot it early enough, i ll do it when he starts herding them, because he does not know where to stop yet and i think would do it until immobilisation. it is normal if you did not notice it, it happens when they spend a long time with the pack.

Oui, c est marrant je me demandais si je croyais vraiment dur comme fer a la reincarnation l' autre jour. normallement j y crois mais l autre jour pas. je me demandais si mimo avait une grave maladie combien je pourrais depenser chez le veto. et tout d un coup je me suis dit mais si mimo, si nous tous, n avaient en fait qu une vie. l arreter serait-il plus criminel(le) alors, que de se dire que ce n'est qu 'un passage....
et cela dependrait-il de ce que l'on se dit, ou que l'on se dit qu'on en pense?


In fact it is more a build up over days that i have never been good enough to spot quickly. in fact these first days with axel and tyler, i was watching how tyler, he is 8, understood right away that you have to calm the play down. tyler is a staff and he is like jessie, i find myself shooting and call him, i cannot see him because he stays always so close to me, that i did not look near my feet. but what happens is that over the days axel more and more ask him to stay near me and get more and more exited because i suppose he wants to prove he is physically super dominant. he did that with all the dogs. i told you he forbad mimo to play with molly. and vice versa. sometimes when everybody is insolent, i d let him. but in fact they cannot be let because the thing is if you let once, they will repeat, because no action means approbation.
mimo started being a bit bad around food, and i have been very severe, because i am the one that cannot afford this at all.- i would have get mimo to do a lot a lot more if i was not a walker. i would not have spotted it even. i am very afraid of missing a link somewhere. but i am very harsh when i saw it is unfair, bullish from them to do something.

He did like with the black cocker i had a couple of weeks. they played hard, this dog was small but could run so fast. i let them i really genuinely thought it was play. but what i don't think now, is that it is play for axel. and you know it is because i am a debutant in packs, because i came to think it is play only very scarcely so. they measure up each other, and at the end axel want them to freeze...
that being said there is nothing to worry about, because this happens only when i am too slow to understand that there is a build up. i tend to think they need to play... of course every one does...
the solution is very easy, there is no problem, axel is super obedient and in fact tell me what he is initiating well well before barking. the only thing is that i ll have to have him on lead at times. but i count on him to understand very quickly.

Humanity has destroyed its nature, and its equipment assist. How long?

People again will try to defeat and feast on homosexuality. But like before they will have to pay. Why? Because regression is extinction. Regression here standing on pretending. Even if it worked during some pretentious (hous) period in history.

Just like the workers will pretend their states aren’t colons.

Go for Quebec. With the small print, might undergo severe reading difficulties and neurons diminution during consumption. nothing is perfect.

But even Amsterdam, i d be surprised if they are not french leaflet- or you would be onto a market, though doing it in english is exotic enough.

And mental health challenges or disabilities, while the ones caused by alcohol are so standard they come undetected.

I have been a support worker in both countries and the approaches are drastically different. in france, it is about paramedical and psychology, here it is about law - as far as i can recall. the units might be huge in france, in uk they might be for only a few persons or very few kids with the same number of staff. having said that it has been too long now i last worked in either France and the UK. but the difference in texts by itself will be fascinating and very puzzling. translating is a very good idea, it will bring new perspectives to the TC.
Maybe try to access specialised websites, such as APF, not them they are about physical disability, but 'une association' with national bearing.

Rachel, never eat daily what others would eat or it is the slow death of the body. veg, veg, veg. but this of course the why no one cooks them, they may be expensive it takes so much time in the kitchen. podcast, podcast, podcast.

Avoid too much oil or carb, i read one day that you need to run a marathon to get rid of very large amount of oil or mayo (no risk for me i am vegan) that sometimes in our cultures people eat on one occasion . i never been able to run all the way.

I wanted to go for a translation in my area of specialty, but censorship is in my opinion a too big looming subject, i.e i d regret it not having read what people have written about it, it is so potently here in literature and news reports...that it is bound to be in translations to the same degree, or maybe the primary texts already did get rid of what is not welcomed as mainstream subjects. my last dissertation i knew a lot about the question on censorship in translation i know nothing at all, that is what is going to be very challenging for me. i ll try my hand at it.

Divine love is the one that we will, must follow in each and every life that we will be parted with. The same love, the very one inspired by a woman or her children.

It ix when performing its duties with no relent, lent. That the sould souls knows she is within her body.

Be one, solder. Boulder, art-iculation. Inculpate, opaque, insulate, inoculate, inculcate.

Maid, medical. MAYDAY
And chemical of course.  it reminded me of an essay i started doing Joan, on animal liberation, or around what is called the 4th generation of rights, environmental rights. i was writing on it while in the background, ethics and research method were discussed by the university forum. and it is then i realised that experimentation on animals were conducted in the cellars of the very same university i was in, or its annexes. some scientists have pretended that disgust, moral disgust does not exist in animals. i do not think that i have ever come across pairing with the one i felt at that moment. but like animals contended within some kind of space, open or closing, nothing that I could be doing. Not even really awaking.

Same with the psycho, psychiatry domain, instead of well put at the fore is medication consumption, famously chemically condemning patients by the thousands in the us, and others, in quest of conformisation. Experimentation.


It is because Racine is The master of classical epic mythic (oedipian) beauty. but what a good idea, what a template!

You are right super interesting. i wonder if you would obtain a coherent answer. looking into the catalonian movement i had sensed that some wanted to stop uniformisation, some were against europe, some against spain, some capitalistic, some wanted to reap the fruits of tourism. things like that, or you know a simple power shuffle, or just cannot take anylonger the poshisation that distanciated, alienative power, be it regional or local can cast on people. political, social, financial, ideological, what motivates people?
If think if you get an uniform impression, is that there must be severe control from the group you are investigating.

It is just like any texts may be said to mean the opposite of what they originally meant, or any other versions or directions, in verse or in prose, no place to hid for the raw idea.
But then words would have no other pursuit than the one of the art, and this can only be said by those who do not like them. Words too have to be cherish. But life is abhorred so one cannot expect love for these that though evoke and invoke and mark progression. Even ascension.

Ok, starting. but if under the sun, does not mean only by day light, being in the uk i ll have to try and find some leeway.

Rethink: rain was the gift, everything was, and though we poison it all, we still regard the weather as if it owed us some.
Then, the moment justice is redistributive, the only part that still could endure, maybe, the hell created, will be the soul.


I was not talking about your being biased but how biased the texts available are, or are they? at all available- or it is even interrogating primary sources. if publishing is about uniformisation, how to work on something else? research? theory? innovation- that won't make it, won't be published, or heard, and that cannot appear in a bibliography either. like the BBC spending all hours in interrogations of witnesses, asked the same old questions (same for france culture, the same anchors, again and again and again, every single day, without any length of interests such as long-term background, or more than one person talking about a situation. we will have to work on texts already available anyway, and what is? people suffering, at what hands? neo-colons.

If you want an audio about wild life by the BBC you will have to endure the same voice the same anchor that has been doing the same thing for decades on that same national radio. even if it is of good quality, hearing that same voice again, what will become of these archives? the brain is saturated. having heard of Attenborough (who If my memory is good sole diploma lies in political studies, a BA according to wiki. Everything is not through uni, but when you educate people on the same subject for years, the voice of oz is more likely) (who more than i heard from all my extended family reunited- no blood included)?!! you know one has to stop at that point in time. intim-ate.

And then you have the only scientific on air, 'horizon', done by professors, saying one thing interesting every hour, intentionally very purposefully and measuring not more, whose faces are the interest but what they are talking about, or supposed to never, seeing their faces instead of the subject we try to hear about, and introduce by 10 min on how they feel, interjected with 'i', í', í, the king of all realms. at least horizon was not subsidized by the OU.

For all history, people have been called ‘man’. So there is no a shread of doubt that or women or men, of what I am, I am with not a shadow of the dubious spotlight, ‘man’.
And viv vice/versa.

Translations of catalonian issues by scottish, or NI papers will have to be something. In fact it is tremendously interesting your subject and what about the english papers, of what opinion concerning the possible end of the UK itself, or to possible place independent from european clout. swiss are allowed 4 years outside uk compare to 2 years for all other european in the european settlement = indefinite right to stay (prior to new or no deal). periphery?

Turkish President Erdogan Music Dombra English Subtitles

It is why beauty, in all her senses, be it justice, courage, life, hope, beliefs…whatever is her shape, will be eternal, as inscribed in the sould, that will never stop searching.
A woman.
Her babe.
To continue, or the essence bearing, borne, still.

To think so often of people I almost not knew. The friends or encounters that we have been deprived of. Still the body has some records.

I’ ll read intros conclusions of the texts (took me literally years to understand that could save me time...not even a parody...[...]) i selected, i haven't detected an obvious common thread yet. See what i can do with them and send what i have after that, thank you for the reminding, my eternal problem is that i never send anything as i keep it as a raw draft until the very last minute....

One of the best- well-spoken lectures series I ever watched was by a UCLA staff. Professor Courtenay Raia (and Norton) on sciences and religion. They did not give her more lectures to create, a real missed opportunity. Shame.

And if lightening or thundering were to do with souls living leaving.


Having dogs to counter strays. Dogs.

So do I. 'O God, science, reason, anyone'...please. (my favorite film’s script)..[...] i am not very certain it can get away. in my mind it was rather towards Christmas delivery rather than July at its apex, point in time that i had pictured previously as me more floating in the air, energizing adventure between sun and soil, taking breaths in meadows at least on more than one odd day. so i am re- calibrating at the moment... :).  Have a lovely weekend. be it in reading, writing or something else. Or taking in the air and gases of the city whose arms is sprawling every where.

Personally, i have been gobsmacked by how scientists working for the nazi regime, just got visas for everywhere to work notably for the US after the axis defeat. while we cannot deny that france collaborated and that in windsor, the whole english royal family are in fact of german descent too. while the study of genetics in order to manipulate bodies the hitler way, was a british pastime near to professionalism.

‘Scientists’. I did not know how far could be still call one without ethics. Butchers accountancy, at least it is measurable, babel of pretending researchers must ravished by it. Baby-lon.

I also heard that some of the fathers of the nazi interest in genetics and theory of inferiority/superiority in genes have also been very much the thought and under the patronage of some of the wealthy in the british society. I do not know of how much this is verifiable.

Also in an historical context, all Europeans monarchies being of the same families, much across the borders, the present royal family in the UK are in fact of direct German descent, the Hanovers,…as well as ‘Genetic study reveals 30% of white British DNA has German ancestry’ says the Guardian. 

It must have been a bit weird during the WWII for the frenchies.


It promises to be very beautiful. they are already polluting space gravely.

Eugenics (/juːˈdʒɛnɪks/; from Greek εὐγενής eugenes 'well-born' from εὖ eu, 'good, well' and γένος genos, 'race, stock, kin')[2][3] is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding (through a variety of morally criticized means) certain genetic groups judged to be inferior, and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior.[4][5] The definition of eugenics has been a matter of debate since the term was coined by Francis Galton in 1883. The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC.
While eugenic principles have been practiced as early as ancient Greece, the contemporary history of eugenics began in the early 20th century, when a popular eugenics movement emerged in the United Kingdom,[6] and then spread to many countries, including the United States, Canada,[7] and most European countries.

Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of Singapore, started promoting eugenics as early as 1983.[65][66]

The Gypsies in Spain, generally known as gitanos (Spanish pronunciation: ), belong to the Iberian Kale group, with smaller populations in Portugal (known as ciganos) and in southern France.

Translations of dialects:
decoding. and a language that travels and suffer a lot from not being recorded.... if you wanted a challenge, bravo.
The group of gypsies in spain is called gitanos. i d like to give it a go. is a super, really good and precious idea this translation Jacqueline. a lot of responsibilities though.

I don’t have enough knowledge on the subjects, but I think that for the Romani people in Romania, the situation is that they are treated by the Romanian state like second class citizens in the very place they were born and domiciliated. Me I am all for nomadism, but everywhere freedom of movement has been killed by laws or regulations rather and money that is incurred. But for them even though they are long-standing and trading families, their situation is completely dire. Or evicted from everywhere like homeless people are now in Hungary.

Hi, no. i am considering censorship but it brings me nightmares because i did not see so much material for the moment that would guarantee me the length required. to my mind (as far as i can see), am sure it is highly possible for someone who is already literate on the subject. i don't know through which specific questionings or aspects i could take it yet.
I thought that i could explore the reasons for dissimilarities if still unsure, but i will aim at censorship only though. to be honest i am not ready to question the literature i read right now. a lot seemed to be available but ended up being abstracts only. when i did my dissertation in human rights, i knew a lot about the subject, though i did something so dumb as to confound a sociological approach with a political one. and also the amount of material was huge. treated by international and supranational organizations and so on. with hindsight, and not fulfilling a strong instinct I had before starting working on the dissert though- but even i also failed to work on primary texts as i should have done. I’ ll manage though.

As all cultures converge if on top languages are reduced and simplified to 1 also, and not in order to communicate but just for the sake of deletions, control, diminishing, demolition, and supremacy. saturated absorption. it is a big brother story absolutely. good luck with it. Eugenics


Eugenics, the selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans. The term eugenics was coined in 1883 by British explorer and natural scientist Francis Galton, who, influenced by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, advocated a system that would allow “the more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable.” Social Darwinism,
Early history

Although eugenics as understood today dates from the late 19th century, efforts to select matings in order to secure offspring with desirable traits date from ancient times. Plato’s Republic
(c. 378 bce)
negative eugenics, defined as prohibiting marriage and breeding between “defective stock.” For eugenicists, nature was far more contributory than nurture in shaping humanity.
It began to pervade cultural thought around the globe, including the Scandinavian countries, most other European countries, North America, Latin America, Japan, China, and Russia. In the United States the eugenics movement began during the Progressive Era and remained active through 1940.
Laughlin’s classification of these individuals included the feebleminded, the insane, the criminalistic, the epileptic, the inebriate, the diseased—including those with tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis—the blind, the deaf, the deformed, the dependent, chronic recipients of charity, paupers, and “ne’er-do-wells.”
Racial overtones also pervaded much of the British and American eugenics literature.
Immigration control was but one method to control eugenically the reproductive stock of a country.
More than half of the states adopted Laughlin’s law, with California, Virginia, and Michigan leading the sterilization campaign.
A eugenics exhibit titled “Pedigree-Study in Man” was featured at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933–34. Consistent with the fair’s “Century of Progress”

Applications of the Human Genome Project are often referred to as “Brave New World” genetics or the “new eugenics,”

Singing is too find cavities in one’s body that I never been described, round, volts, waves that draw you. Changing skeleton-s s queleton  queleton of a temple of a soul that search to speak to is its object.

Not that it was just a mediocre joke of mine, saying that to say that the subject is interesting because of your tutor does not suffice- while recognising that group interest is always galvanising and at the heart of artistic or academic exchange.

I would say the same for your comment on relevance. Grimm's' tales are a classic of classic, so they are of course popular and well-researched, it does not make your own question more relevant though- it just makes it more referenced (with many academic work done around it compare to an author who is unknown, but i am not sure it is what you meant.

I am always completely aghast when i realise that even classics books haven't been translated yet, in English furthermore, it is coming back to the very small proportion of non-English book translated into this dominant culture and language. very cunning and catchy  of you to be one of the first to see if he did well.

About the questions, maybe do not rely entirely on the template, but create some that really are adapted to the text, your expertise and your own interest.

As for the Nazis exploits at compiling knowledge, it is also well-documented on how they stole and looted not only arts of course but constraint scientists of the countries they invaded to work for them. by the way France never was bad in aeronautics. I lived a couple of years near of where Serge Dassault has been mayor for a very long time. It is how I know of him, via the very important logistics around airports (big large roads like in Germany and unlike in UK where I am not skilled enough to drive a lorry while in France on big hubs it is routine and easy) and because my colleague told me at the time that Dassault had a 'main mise' on francilien business, i.e the area all around Paris and Paris periphery- and this due to his wealth, of aeronautics, which is a pillar of the french industry and more importantly at the high technology and advanced research end. he had, before the sting of scandals over tax evasion, money laundering, and vote buying, a frequent practice in paris , the reputation of swaying politics the way he wanted. So this morning I look up at his biography and re-read about his jewish father having been taken to Buchenwald.

The Gestapo imprisoned Serge and his family in a French detention camp in 1944, and his father was deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where the Germans hoped to use his skills as an aircraft designer.

But others were critical of his cozy relations with politicians, his attempts to sway the editorial line at Le Figaro, and the corruption scandals that clouded his later years. 
 In 2009, France’s highest administrative court annulled Mr. Dassault’s re-election as mayor of Corbeil-Essonnes over suspicions of illegal money donations to voters. He was also under investigation over accusations of buying votes in favor of his successor.
In February 2017, Mr. Dassault was found guilty of money laundering and tax fraud
In February 2017, Mr. Dassault was found guilty of money laundering and tax fraud for hiding millions of his own euros in tax havens. He was fined two million euros. An appeal of the verdict had been scheduled to be heard in court in June.

On an altogether different note I have no notion of economics or finances, but I wonder what 2 million euros represents for these guys but pocket money. I mean if one is well ranked in the council they can associate their mafia skills and outcasting regulators that pillage and waste and throw by billions the tax-payers money into project of vanity that bring only nothing, gasping, tears in every sane eyes and a final dismay-     and then in the evening reinvesting their salaries into the estate market, while their spouses see how bank can bank it all or fail in a moment (the part on civil servant). Or do they do appeal in order to reaffirm a practice rather than to retrieve money they did not earn nor morally or legally in the first place. just like the body of politicians and businessmen not happy with extorting millions legally but have series of illegal schemes behind them but still stand offices. Such as the Trump like figure trailing financial scandals but supported by the police and a lot of different entities. While there are big entrepreneurs, there are still most of the politicians apparel, the privatizing lads or people transforming states into privileges status held, that is of the cons, their helpers.

Dassault document adds to corruption claims over Rafale sale to India
The 8 billion-euro sale to India by France of 36 Dassault Rafale jet fighters has become the centre of corruption allegations levelled against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I mean the quality in brut, its absolute value, if it is a subject you do not know well, then the result, even though good for learning purpose, will logically be of a lesss quality, a translation less informed, less well flowing and performed and though through, than a subject you know better. there is no much improvisation this way.

Hyde park concert, it is really a good place. i was mystified when i realised for the first time that there was this track for the horses to run in the middle of the diplomatic center of london. they should be everywhere, with little farms in town, etc, etc. 
for sure, it gives its magic to cities. but i am afraid for london, the cost of transportation could turn it into a tourist attraction, not a city where people really live. - but rather leave. 

Eighty years since Versailles execution stopped public guillotine spectacles
But it was many decades before guillotines were outlawed altogether. The last bladed execution of a death row inmate in France was on September 10, 1977, when Hamida Djandoubi was guillotined in the Baumettes prison in Marseille. The death penalty was definitively abolished in 1981.

Thank you, I ll give it a go, i love comparing search results. like today i was searching the scandals around politicians, a string of them in 2000, only to find a string of scandals for the same lad but only for the scandals found out later in 2018 within something more international this time!! they seem to overwrite. Note for everybody, be aware that using add-ons and extensions slow computers down. i was ready to throw my poor mine to the bin last week... again, i cannot live without fill-ins apps...

I was thinking make sure you here all the time with them at the beginning. axel is very loving and passionate, but on his dark side he is authoritative (i am well aware they are not the best words , but it is the best way i can put it). the great thing about him is that he is not overtly sexualised so that is great. but how axel reacts is that he want to bring other dogs to a standstill and the new dog will have to defend herself, naturally, in order to move and also to keep comfortable distances. and it is not sure she knows how to do this. she is super young also, and usually they are older before they know how to be firm and why they should might want to keep them in different rooms when you are not there until you are sure they are balanced. but with axel with long stay on their own, it will be a long time enough to design a no-sense. maybe just a metal door like this they still communicate. they need to be on their own sometimes, you see mimo does not know to leave lyra some breathing space. 

Bonjour, you can a look at my blog that is about the blasphem is the preaching that religions are ok to reach the most backwards and unnamed hell. and hellish is the slavery of humans and of the lands. islam wants slave, have a look, about what islam is, peace is not peace, peace means total lethal people that like one horror, one terror, one standing satan agrees.

Vie de misère pour des poulets en Auvergne

Zineb El Rhazoui 10/05/2019

Macron, E

El rhazoui est une vraie intellectuelle, et très intelligente, pleine de repartie. J ai aime toutes ses interventions que je recommende sans envoye les liens, parce je trouve que deplorer qu’ il n y ai pas de charcuterie en terre musulmane est trop franchouillard, la mort selon ces puants de tueurs, ces a la queu leu t que  d’ enculees de chasseurs, c est              francais.
Also marianne, dieu merci bardot a ouvert les yeux des francais sur la misère animale et la torture faite humaine, dommage qu’ elle soit nazi (extreme droite, allons pas d appel a la haine, pas tout des suite, pas tout de bord) maintenant.
Marianne c est quelqu un qui reussirait a représenter toutes les valeurs de la république, pas seulement de retorquer quelques-unes a ses associes de tarés. Juste pour dire.

Quand meme, passage aux aveux, qu’est-ce qu’elle est belle et … canon.

Because it is tragic that people cannot access academic library. 
Internet is terrible when one wants to explore a subject in depth, because at that moment everything because costly, very costly. so costly it is not even any longer democracy. 

Moral law set, but cannot work one the vague definitions more than a houselight, as definition don’t provide rights, application always more defined and refined.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.
I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.

How come.

If you ever believed in god, then religions had never been able to reach the ankle of some that would have acknowledge it.

Problems with the new application price for dog boarding. this year triple the price.
I wanted to send you a note just to make sure this has been said. I guess that most of people in the home boarding industry are in my situation. You will not be without knowing that great competition come from people who are not licensed, that work with agencies, who never told them that you are supposed to be, either.
I contact you about the new fees. In terms of inspection, while asking the customers, the dogs ’owners, continuously for their papers has revealed to be a disincentive for them to come, the new inspections will prove more intense than the previous one. Even for a 3-year license, it is 1 inspection every 1 year and a half but one now that is unannounced. We are working in our homes, and therefore it is a question of privacy and practicability. It is a very difficult and demandiung exercise to be ready 24/7. Also the inspections are more severe.

But the reason why I send you this note is that if I have now to pay 450 a year to board plus insurance, (last year we received a letter saying the application fees will be less, not that the right to apply will bring the total cost triple to what it was).
To pay 450 a year is not realistic, it means that people will start having to pay to board dogs. We have to walk dogs (2 hours work), boarding dogs means that the value of our homes will be curtailed. And people can without difficulty find places where the prices for the overstay is well under 20, which already make it a non-profitable activity. People have invested a dreadful amount of time and good on it. Without talking about the agencies, being in a monopolistic situation for advertising and that take generally a minimum of 15 % fees for every single even repeated booking.
I simply hope that the new fees will apply for 3-year license and not 1 year, because this price over 1 year makes it beyond too expensive, if possible, to pay at all. The 3-year license looks like it is difficult to obtain, and I am presently very worried.

I simply hope that the new fees will apply for 3-year license and not 1 year, because this price over 1 year makes it too expensive, if possible, to pay at all. The 3-year license looks like it is difficult to obtain, and I am presently very worried.

I don’t know how this figure have been put together, but since it is the work of councils, separately doing it, without any accountability nationally, there is also no unions able to act.

To try to be hermit but with always staying human. Solitude, Desolation.

Selling drugs that are scams better lucratively compared to illegal drugs sales.

I am really sorry about this. they are admin, paid by both of us, that creates difficulties rather than the opposite.

No wonder why religions stand up to their being demonic. the sacrifice of innocents. by stinkies. horror of domination. terror of inferiorities, only happy in destruction. too dumb to come up with something else. do not wait for the end, foe, to sacrifice is already to be not alive.


Hatred that's SHAMED her family: Sickened relatives of NHS worker who screamed 'Nazi scum' at Trump supporter say they can't understand what happened to the girl they knew 

C.ET: it is what will happen time and time again. Stardom people will treat one part of the rest like they are inferior, privatizing care, giving, creating, legislating (stating) only work for cons, gayttoizing….etc, endless list, it is the torture number.
And if you criticize then, then the downfall will be better, everyone participating, like in fowls, the pecking order, with all what you though were thinking were humans, taking breaths out of your life live. On air.

Some people in sin sign of liberalism and good entente, would say thank you to those you did try bringing chaos to something a micro-inch more amenable.
They should beg pardon.

It is good to have more than one type of foods, and keep the ones they like as a main. my partner give him from hand to mouth when i said he s eaten nothing. or very mash. maybe habit he had when a pup. he takes his time, like watching the girls and inspect their bowls. he likes licking his bowl too. but he is so picky...
we will stay in today, this morning was very wet and very windy, windy is hazardous under the trees.
see you tomorrow.



Dies irae (Latin pronunciation: [ˈdi.ɛs ˈi.rɛ]; "Day of Wrath")

C.ET: dies dice.

Mata is a term of respect; a divine mother; a namah is to bow to in reverence

Yes, but also one must be aware of the didactic divide definitely, perhaps, with a tightening gap, between general and specialized knowledge. you see french uni, or education are known to be generalist, while Anglo-saxon are in contrary specialized, it is a shame one cannot decide which one they would like to have.
0r moreover, the absence of them being there both kicking in every avant-garde.
0r moreover, the absence of them being there both kicking in every court and avant-garde. 


Lack of info that maybe more. can't think why.

Consistency, but all research question is more or less slanted, results of which is passed through a lens, ans suffer from limitations and artificial framing. so consistency like in a meal, some kind of edible substance, does not mean that it is not attack-able.
Rigor, igor, ego, rigour could also rhythm in some circumstances with meagre.
Like in maths where people used formulas not to see the overall scheme but only solving tricks with number that are the addition of simple, isolated algebra.
Consist, consit in?

I came across with translations and ethnography when looking into neo colonianism which funnily does not reap any titles associated with translations. bhabha is a formidable speaker.

I am reading 'thinking translation' french to English translation methods. and they are insisting they are methodological and practical rather than theoretical. i think my teacher in social sciences would talk about false dichotomy at that point though. it has always been a very huge and essential debate in social sciences, sciences. sciences, are they, or are they not, is not totally neither updated nor outdated.
Just to say, because it is beyond moi and nonprofessional researchers i guess anyhow.

Georges Loinger escaped from German camp and spent rest of the war helping children cross Swiss border
Between April 1943 and June 1944, OSE workers and other rescuers helped hundreds of children escape to Switzerland across the border. Following negotiations with the Swiss authorities for the arrival of unaccompanied children, those who made it over the border were sent to new homes.
Some 75,000 Jews, including many children, were deported from German-occupied France during the second world war, in most cases with the active co-operation of the French authorities. Nearly all died in extermination camps at Auschwitz and elsewhere.

C.ET: Quelle horreur. On almost frontlines. I forgot that was at all possible. Bless them. thank you for this story.

'No one could help me escape'
By Kim Wilsher12:01AM GMT 14 Mar 2004
Tens of thousands of unwanted Swiss children were sold in auctions or given away as cheap labour until the 1950s, according to a shocking television documentary which has forced the country to confront a dark chapter of its recent past.

C.ET: i found this while looking into Loinger. it is not directly relevant of course but still bear a weight.

Having said that many children were sent in working places too. You better be lucky and have adequate ‘employer’. Above all when you have lost your parents in the war, in bombings or of ill health. I think that the norm is that you had to be happy when you were not abused in too many ways. Reminds me on how she was adamant she was so lucky as a servant, not knowingly noticing how she had been so badly psychologically broken. Family secrets of the sort.

I was worry for wiki (and me). To begin finding something without wiki overview at times, i would be very hard, sometimes impossible, actually.

Oui, j aime bien les 68tard. eve et vraiment vraiment quand ils sont sinceres. Saint sert.

Sh est au pilates, demain a une soiree chantante, apres elle a un diner jeudi je crois, samedi je sais pas trop et dimanche chez sa mere avec lira et carm. ca y est les chiens sont acceptes dans la cuisine de sa mere, j espere que ca va durer cette fois.
EmojiJe l engeule lui dit qu elle se fatigue trop pour le bouleau, boulot mais franchement elle ne le supporte pas, alors je me tais. EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji
Et bien sur c’est moi qui passe par tous ces etats, c’est pas elle. Bien oblige, elle est tellement a ……

I don’t think soul should be equated with mind and body, as it is not a part, but what goes beyond that enclaved reality.
I don’t think.

Nos, nostre.
Nos, son.


Bronte, Austen, Shakespeare, Waters, Shelley...
And actually, 21st cent popular romances?
ok, I will suggest them to my partner, hopefully, it might help- her.

on thinking that people deserve their disabilities, to be regarded as less.
(while we have a body from which one grows, and grows from everywhere is this life intelligence)
your unfinished comment in passing about alzheimer and amputation is seriously sick and sectary. 
  have you heard of concentration camps? for the body able those theories as a nazi? i mean who would leave it like this, your comment on a lesser human being? what conclusions should be drawn? can't you think?
and? it is remarkable how one can insist it is philosophy? look stop wasting your time, and edit your vid.


Bu, bikini??

Is the veil wor(n) as a reminder that female are to objectify?? Sexually and socially to outcaset in good intelligence with their neighbourgs in whatve wants a caste or alike systeme.

A phd is humbling, you Rachel will have the difficutl task of being very specialised. And have galore of info in mind that change the whole perspective and k on the text. I hope the future is that the translators could like no a co-author but maybe more like critics add as notes what information could transform or just inform the reader about what is said or even what is around what has been stated or set in

Charge, change cage.

Just a comment on alternative search engines, to lose google and other trackings they might use what is called onion layers, and this is potentially very dangerous for the users as no one knows who can master those layers, that is you could give your data to (illegal) criminals at the end of it.

I thought that at one point my writing could be good, regularly.  I dispersed too much, but even without it. Rewriting and the unexplored other side of the pictures described. Never rewriting, modifying, editing really in the distance worked.
Distance, destine. Distain.
Obtain. Obstinacy, oscine.

I’ ll read intros conclusions of the texts (took me literaly years to understand that could save me time...not even a parody...[...]) i selected, i haven't detected an obvious common thread yet.see what i can do with them and send what i have after that, thank you for the reminding, my eternal problem is that i never send anything as i keep it as a raw draft until the very last minute....
[Admittedly, wanting to read everything leads often towards reading nothing. but you may well really give grave thoughts about it.]

Quebec’s new ‘laicity’ bill to override provincial, Canadian rights charters
By Kevin Dougherty. Published on Mar 28, 2019 1:23pm

QUEBEC — Teachers, judges, lawyers, transit commissions, municipalities, school boards and the staff of provincial government bodies would be bound by the Coalition Avenir Québec’s proposed bill enshrining “the laicity of the state.”

A ban on wearing religious signs by designated officials, including the Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Quebec National Assembly would be imposed under Bill 21, which the government of Premier François Legault hopes to see adopted before the assembly’s summer adjournment.

The bill, presented Thursday, also includes two notwithstanding clauses to override guarantees in the Quebec and Canadian human rights charters protecting fundamental rights, including religious freedom.

C.ET:       but the big joke is that under neo-capitalism there is no state, care is privatized, transportation is privatized, libraries????????? Are dumped. Schools?????? After all it cannot be difficult to group under 16 in classroom and say one fulfills the need for education of international in war standards. Education has been for decades at the center of controversies on how class are there fabricated. So what? Dump it.

Humpty Dumpty, the anthropomorphic egg.

Scary Nursery Rhymes | Humpty Dumpty | Scary Songs For Kids | Nursery Rhymes For Childrens

C.ET: the state is for everybody; it should embody freedom and justice not appalling and disillusional ranking system.
Religious freedom is not the right to impose it on everybody.
For the truly religious- 0,0001%, let’s hope you will be accepted as priests by your community- the righteous.

Une loi liberticide
Après les députés, les sénateurs polonais ont voté une loi sur la Shoah qui prévoit des amendes, ou des peines allant jusqu'à 3 ans de prison, pour toute personne qui associerait l'État polonais aux crimes commis par les nazis dans le pays pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale. Plus de 350 chercheurs français ont lancé une pétition contre cette loi mémorielle polonaise.

Nier cette « réalité des faits », c’est revenir sur l’acquis d’un débat porté par des grandes voix comme Marek Edelman, Jan Błoński ou Władysław Bartoszewski, c’est contredire les […]
Cette loi liberticide vise à intimider les universitaires, à les pousser vers des domaines moins conflictuels, plus conformes à « l’intérêt national polonais », faute de quoi ils seraient traînés […]

There are souls, what is inside beings, but there is this soul that we shared, all shared. And given that we allowed ourselves to do, soon it will be called anti-life, anti-matter.


Where is the part where the daughter ruins it for herself? i mean there is the mum, but altogether or partially, people have to train themselves on their own. and chose their destiny, even though it is always super to have the perfect mum. potential problem prefect. you follow wisdom, but without having finding yours, and more certainly finding yours raw. do not think i say make it easy, life is furiously difficult even with all the keys. so be good- it is an ordeal, order, eternally.


The fear of the unknown of the hidden that makes pep people running fire, ruining their nest, to just flatten the forest.  That war that never cease nor gets less.
Stopping it: at the last tree, then human will eat himself more than symbolically. Because then killing the tress trees was a symbol. Of funest absurdity, because humans think they are alone.

3 septembre.

3 septembre.
3 septembre.
3 septembre.

3 septembre.
3 septembre.
3 septembre.

3 septembre.
3 septembre.
3 septembre.
3 septembre 1939 seconde guerre mondiale

To be still in a pre-gallileo area, because they would have successfully managed to make belief the word, even ‘our world’ without talking universe, by the way the religions do not really talk about it.
And when they talk about anthropomorphism is to deny the animals to be beings that we cannot reject for not being cold. They have blood, so we would say anything to denigrate their feelings, and their intelligence, and their agencies? We would not say, because the moment someone has then one will have to create other reasons, reasons other than non-resembling to eat and enslave what they beam of both virility and feminity, or forces and delicacies, of soupless and rigidity.

He looks like a bird really, I have a bird, a rescue pigeon, her feathers are simply magical.  strong, light, so warm, so soft, so big and concentrated. but totem, it starts when humans wanted to take the life of animals, that to take that do not belong to them. with the worst barbary with people legitimizing it through voices, papers and pens. what about the trees? It is in the bible, we have been sent in hell. No paradise, we are doomed to kill and die. and of losing one's grace, at each breathing, more or less, though, the divide. It is why we are slaves’ owners, to be threatened by others, it is why we own ourselves as slaves – our salvation by the other detained.



Une enquête L214 présentée par Nagui
Les images montrent des vaches à hublot. Leur estomac a été perforé d’un trou de 15 cm de diamètre pour étudier leur digestion.
L214 lèvent aujourd’hui le voile sur la réalité sordide d’un centre expérimental de recherches sur la nutrition des animaux d’élevage. Ce centre appartient à l’entreprise Sanders, filiale du groupe Avril.

En Suisse, certaines vaches sont équipées de ... hublots!


ces nazis ont trouve le moyen de dire que c'est indolore. elle arrete de bouger pour moi(ns) souffrir.

Moi, mois, moins.

He looks like a bird really, i have a bird, a rescue pigeon, her feathers are simply magical. strong, light, so warm, so soft, so big and concentrated.

Some say that communicating with animals is telepathic, of course it may be. But for me, we communicate in words and sentences through movements. From breathing to running. The noises and articulations that escape or are released from it.

People will start studying empires, and this doing will provide them with a feeling of appropriation or re-appropriation, that also will to stop occulting them as strangers will accept. And then they will start passionate clog ploy (a pawn, that generally just like itself so much it is becoming immoral in itself) collaboration. I in final they will be clowned at the expenses of their duality, that used to make their souls supple (coupled in view, associated- though a soul for clones I would not deny- but sale humans not to reach our mountains the best time) enough to combat itself wobblingly towards progress: comatose.
Bye the time one will finish, like now, to cry on their poor mind, the rest of the world a layer of naphthalene is to apply.

Thank you for your links, very interesting and demonstrate that even very valid, and even peer-verified references could not be found by a simple research on google as they would not appear in the results... I will now focus on self-censorship instead of censorship as a whole.

C hapter
Hap, chap.

Opinion spam has many forms, e.g., fake reviews (also called bogus reviews), fake comments, fake blogs, fake social network postings, deceptions, and deceptive messages. We believe that as opinions on the Web are increasingly used in practice by consumers, organizations, and businesses for their decision making, opinion spamming will get worse and also more sophisticated.
Opinion Spamming in Social Media: A Brief Systematic Review Khairul Nizam Baharim1,3 and Suraya Hamid2 1University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2University of Malaya, Malaysia ...
Hey guys, since I consider my first video was a success, I will post videos often, so yeah... Enjoy!
Abstract. Online product reviews are becoming increasingly important due to their guidance function in people’s purchase decisions. As being highly subjective, online reviews are subject to opinion spamming, i.e., fraudsters write fake reviews or give unfair ratings to promote or demote target products.
Opinion Spamming • “Posting fake opinions or reviews to promote or discredit some target products, services, organizations, individuals, and even ideas without disclosing intentions, or the person or organization that they are secretly working for” • Must be detected to ensure that the platform and media continue to be trusted sources ...

C.ET: on the internet an inner outer restriction
But could mainstream (finances, media, civil servance admin…) be just that? Spamming, opinions with tactics (a push psoh term for a foul) tacks and that.
Of course it is good to rein in these guys because they would soon think the world is theirs, but what if it is what is said it is the world a total ham market in which one organizes slaves, goods and consumers, as long as it is not too painful, or as long it is not toppled full?

Search, sarc, scar, scare.
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss? Care?

With who do you do it? I have experience with adopting and fostering for dogs, it is mostly done by volunteers and i have been completely astonished, even distraught in the case of mimo, I thought they would never answer me about the dog i wanted to adopt, after 5 attempts and realizing that no one else adopted her, i had to search the organisation to contact the boss in person. after more than 1 month of no answers whatsoever, in 3 days tops, the paper for me to adopt mimi was done. fostering agencies, adoption agencies just left me without answers so many times. sometimes organisations just work only 1/3 of the time, sometimes one even will think they are operative, when they are clearly not. or they chose their members... I saw that so many times in London or elsewhere, in clubs or think tank groups.

You know for the sake of a dog in kennels you make sure you are quick on starting for adoption. maybe unless she has serious human trust issues...but even.

People can’t even see birds in trees. And even less I that is color blind. No clear motion, no distance appreciation, no 3 D.

In this street, a same agency called prestige bought 3 houses on the same road, cut every time the big beautiful trees and put tiles in place, for the cars presumably. what was a nice road just turned morn. near the station that could mean you can go to work by trains as well... make sure you do not have too much commute. it took me to have an incredible amount of commuting time (once again) to just realize it was eating my life away- what was left of my free time and creative free energy. in france we say 'metro-boulot-dodo', 'go to work- work- go to sleep' and that is all.

I could take a picture, but with my no skills and tools would never have reignited- without breaking the power to the viewers and even grasped from me the velvet that I had myself seen- how my forefinger on its brick wall curved was wearing the shadow, spreading to the whole hand, or the glove on this hand partially visible, as bend onto its skeleton, crippled and vibrant still. Like the hand of some crow.

Stack, sight, squillion.

An ostrich, a lizard, an intelligence that was before some hunt furs for their survival. Before that same counted on the peace of other species, that did not know that this one was to kill, and to kill everything for its profit. They should have pn punished to have killed and kill in turn, and this would have prevented the doom of this world. But they did not know, or wondered or simply thought that food was naturally needed. Like if they could not have averted it.

This elected? This species that survived from having been spared by the true wilder and wider ones.

I took a subject that reveals to be a bit more than i can chew. it is on censorship and translation, it took me by surprise i was set to do an extended translation on censorship or human rights not a dissertation. I am used to doing paper on subjects very widely talked about, but here very few available books or few articles have been written on the subject compared to numerous others on other subjects- and on top of it my tutor does not seem to see that.

Not being against plants, their virtues (virtual? Vert = green), since we need to feed. Not against drugs or alcohol. But about them, we could do it to maybe shun from pain and aching or diseases invading, but do it for sensations, maybe in time of peace or of extrem. But the drugs’ problem is that they impoverish the individual, taking energy from the past or the future and cancelling them, in fattening favor of a present that vanished as it displayed.

Disc dial displeased.
Dill drill.

aughter. = hauteur, homonym, height.

History and Theory 54 (February 2015), 25-44 © Wesleyan University 2015 ISSN: 0018-2656
DOI: 10.1111/hith.10739
45. Foucault eschewed the term “ideology” in his work largely because he felt the term was
ineluctably tied to a kind of cognitive bias toward consciousness rather than the body, which was
his locus of analysis. Althusser’s reconceptualization of ideology, however, had already pointed in
that direction, as his intellectual project was precisely aimed at exploding the notion of subjective
36 matthew bunn
ideologies emerge in history, ideology itself, as a species of being in the world,
has no history; ideology is omnipresent and transhistorical as a form of social
mediation and conditioning.46 Indeed, Althusser argues that human subjectivity
itself is a product of this conditioning; he calls the way in which ideology creates
us as subjects “interpellation.”4
For Althusser, the human subject is an effect of
social processes, not an a priori given that precedes the social world. Consequently,
ideological structures exercise control by producing certain kinds of subjects,
attendant to the logic of the prevailing ISAs of the historical time and place.
Censorship, whether in the form of prior restraint or of post-publication repression,
nevertheless presupposes that subjects are capable of formulating dangerous
thoughts in communicable forms, which the state attempts to interdict. (Bunn, 2015)

C.ET: Ideology, proactive rather than direct censorship, will dictate what is to be written rather than what is to be avoided.   ‘the unpublishable become the unthinkable’  (Bunn, 2015)


What I knew I had lost, contrarily to what I had not lost or felt the loss of, came to inscribe themselves in me indelibly.


 I think that of course we are made from the same m-old. But I agree totally with him that just put homo and stir will not change anything at how discriminative and destructive this society is. History learning want to tell us that homos always has been inexistent. Homos always have been rather, and always have fought. This society is the product of us all. And it just keeps on likin(g) and killing.

Dissertation. Desertion. 
it is a so peculiar exercise. it is also to organise the way we gather, collect, reassemble, to invent one's own methodology, i have lost years having none.
to work full-time and study, is just near impossible. though do it while on the job, it has to be premium, because it is researching the job you actually do... it has to be just super.
It must be good to see the technology also re-enabling injured people. on the radio they said that people with prostheses could in a near future be seen as advantaged rather than disadvantaged by wearing them.

Looking at these mountains, even on the screen, knowing they are there, they exist, gives like a spontaneous meditation soaring. Media.

And the holy spirit is female. Like merlin a flame female affair. Far is the miracle of the child born this way, but not far away.

Far war away.
Cast, hast, last, mast, vast, wast, nast, est. Bast.

Fine fable.

All those Hollywood jokes, that pass the Chinese as an insect kingdom all similar towards the bee, towards their queen. Here everything is modelled and standardized, the west does not anything but to align or agree with the strongest they have to or they can find.

In fact you can still crack the joke, cos now we will laugh or wonder at the irony of lads that do exactly the same, pretending they are free. Just like on the radios, when you would like to have a serious talks with these hosts and guests that do not know anything about the reality- and that it took you decades to understand they are here to joke about the crap they say, about their level of inefficiency and self-serving empty prophecies on the pirates will never part, they will just own this part and party.

 It is always a mystical affair for me to read women from the past. It comes from when an history teacher challenged me and said that there were no women that have written anything in the past. I knew instinctively that women (I knew Sapho) had written via pseudo, via their family members, via the verb they were insufflating, just like blood in the veins, in the community and beyond. But the challenge also was that I could not say anything to this block for the lack of being myself read.
I watch ‘gentleman jack’ on TV, the decoded diary has won Unesco’s intention.

Thank you for the read, I wish I could write things as well and as clearly as you have done, there was crystal in your introduction.

I always fancy something literary, reading other sources texts is literary generally boring as far as the beauty of language and the imbrications of ideas are concerned. Often left unsolved problem, while the beauty of language is to give something whole for it may live and be felt as it is or perhaps was- a being.

Thousands of women have been lured in from impoverished lives in southern Nigeria to Europe with promise of lucrative work, most of whom ending up selling sex

Others return to Nigeria still indebted to their traffickers, only to be rejected by their families, she added.
Many are enslaved after undergoing black magic rituals and signing contracts to finance the move, leaving them with debts that spiral into thousands of dollars and take years to pay off.

C.ET: and sent back to their traffickers.

It is beautiful what you say, that we miss our dogs, you are right it is this kind of love.
I am sure Bo will be overjoyed and proud to have a baby. :)

Yesterday we had a very early morning walk, it must have lasted 1 : 10 min. we did not get the morning light on that spot, i have to walk 2 hours for this.

Sarah, sahara.
Saha = thank you in algerien.

Canada's New Blasphemy Laws

by Khadija Khan
March 8, 2017 at 5:00 am
Under Muslim blasphemy laws, such as those being slowly presented to Canada, such deeds are punishable by death or life in prison.
Aren't we setting up the foundation of such norms in the West on pretense of curbing "Islamophobia"?


Thursday, July 18, 2019 7:34 PM EST

We know that this president is everything like from a crook to a specist, active and contamination-spreading.
But over those years, one question. After all that hate and discrimination policy, is that guy even sound? On top of all these diseases, can he contain his own spiraling into the pit of soul (sold) oblivion.
My theories it that his poorer followers are in this country found the way to have fun. There is nothing like chanting, speaking loud…and that I won’t know, but badly grab people own reason and dignity to soil it and claim it as a bounty.


Thursday, July 18, 2019 7:34 PM EST

we know that this president is everything like from a crook to a specist, active and contamination-spreading.
But over those years, one question. After all that hate and discrimination policy, is that guy even sound? On top of all these diseases, can he contain his own spiraling into the pit of soul (sold) oblivion.
My theories it that his poorer followers are in this country found the way to have fun. There is nothing like chanting, speaking loud…and that I won’t know, but badly grab people own reason and dignity to soil it and claim it as a bounty.

Ihesum = jesus.


Convenient name that.

Rotherham Pig Shit - Police Threats & Cover-Up - Nicola Blackwood - Jayne Senior - Risky Business

C.ET: police does not find anything when asked, just like the banks.
They form anti-trafficking, one thing ensured more titles, more salaries and annuities, more rots, and the same amount of misery.
PS: and ps: poshery

It’d be interesting to know if her allergic reactions could come from the heat, maybe in winter your flat might be a bit overheated for Molly- the Labrador effect, they are so incredibly tough in the cold. i am not saying it is the case, but maybe it could be this. in residential homes, people die because it is too warm and bacteria just go strong.

The panoply and assortment of stars, that may, will in time, recall us our lost and lasting love and lust.

Like a link to the past that will never be emptied of shoots and lines, even though they will be replacing that languid dolor.


Will this excruciation in love will create something somewhere. This inside inborne unseekable, unsavable, infertile desire for the one that is no more, or here, or here with me, or here within me willingly.

Un probable.

Bo Jo the leech of a good cattle.

Be certain that i am no saying that i won't comply with the regulations. there is no question that i will not comply with it. i sure will comply. I’ ll put water in every room, but i think that it is missing the point that dogs know how to ask when they are thirsty and also will automatically learn how to drink in order to manage the need for peeing as well. but be sure i do not want to not comply fully with the conditions, it was to tell you that there are reasons for this to be difficult to implement. just like you said how come that as owners we have the bowl in the kitchen and not in the bedrooms- i think they should have thought of this, and that i think that there should be somewhere this could be discussed with the rules makers. I sent  a letter that has not been answered, and the other way to say something implies being a member and paying a heavy membership fees.

Also while it is true that i have the dogs i board usually in a same room, when it comes to my dogs and that they are not in the same room that the dog i board - i always ensure that the dog i board have company and have a fun, agreeable time when at mine. my dogs have access to the whole home, they can drink whenever they please. it is only when they need to have a time-break (for example if my young dog needs to feel calm because there is electrical noise outside) or when someone knocks at the door and then i might close the door of the room they are in to answer the door alone without having the dogs with me. for the water, they are mother and daughter and i use a XL bowl for them with a lot of water, that i make sure i change more than once a day. if left on the floor they would exchange water bowl anyway. i.e. they would drink in each other bowl.

I have had a plantar fascias for almost 10 years. i walked with walking shoes that became too large, super comfy, until they broke me. it is an inflammation of the inner membrane of the feet. when i am stressed or tired, the pain is just too much. usually the inflammation assaults me when i am late on my essays (that is every single one of them) when it does i can't think straight at times, and thinking is a feat- mind is not it always-, i have not to think of the gnawing first. or just wondered if it is going to be sufferable or ever stops- at its worst it is just crippling. i think it sometimes has to do with positions i take. one day i was tired and was in bed finishing my assignment. maybe the blood circulation made it, but it became unbearable. and it took twice of that for me to understand i must not lie down, if i do while tired and not being able to sleep, it goes really wrong.

You are right ailment are also psychological but you know something is intriguing. we spent our time hearing things about global warming and find that growth and more waste for only solution to it. i think that they forget another scourge: we have poisoned this whole planet, in throwing mega-tons of synthetic unbiodegradable matter while violating the planet from her oil, plants, animals. and this poison is going to be everywhere, included our body. do you know what the company Dupont injected into every household? 

I saw a very good documentary on the BBC they found trace of teflon in all people all around the world.
And this is nothing to do with emotion. i am sure they could cover up scandals and their ignorance, saying that these poor people are emotionally unbalanced, while they have been poisoned doing their work, drinking tap water, etc, etc. adding insult to injuries. helped by doctors and psychologists....
We have been programmed to believe docs...well they are being paid to deny global warming made-man is happening. i mean who would believe it.

Killing Mother Earth.
yes, and now the plan is to do it beyond.
but females are known to be the fiercest imaginable when it comes to their cubes. will see when awaken.
the fiercest imaginable

We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account cet vies has been suspended.
After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content (
Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Center.
If you would like to appeal the suspension, please submit this form.

C.ET: I had lost accounts in the past, to have tried promoting my books posts by posts just like it would be possible to do via paid adds.

That time, it was only a few same relevant messages to people, some of them venting randoms insults at the gay communities or targeting migrants, not politics just discriminative- you have not my passport, you have not my skin and I want your wife kind of thing.
For a company in position of complete monopole and that drained countries’ GDP values of interests, that is border line NAZIS.

And these people have at their hands, a legal team, that even if I d use their own texts, to show how bad it has become, would treat me as a liar, because, what is recorded of their own censorship and how they can gather all people’s sweat and activities, while banning them, the way they wish and treat us like nobody, nobody’s waste, excuse-me.

We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account cet vies has been suspended.
After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content (
Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Center.
If you would like to appeal the suspension, please submit this form.

C.ET: I had lost accounts in the past, to have tried promoting my books posts by posts just like it would be possible to do via paid adds.

That time, it was only a few same relevant messages to people, some of them venting randoms insults at the gay communities or targeting migrants, not politics just discriminative- you have not my passport, you have not my skin and I want your wife kind of thing.
For a company in position of complete monopole and that drained countries’ GDP values of interests, that is border line NAZIS.

And these people have at their hands, a legal team, that even if I d use their own texts, to show how bad it has become, would treat me as a liar, because, what is recorded of their own censorship and how they can gather all people’s sweat and activities, while banning them, the way they wish and treat us like nobody, nobody’s waste, excuse-me.

I just had unexpected further change in regulations, and hidden costs new to this year at work. they ask us to put on the hours, and change templates, even invest etc, arrange meetings, and face strictest guidelines and inspections... so i am quite strained.

And pay twice a much for the imposed professionals that frame that.

Do not worry for the deadlines.

All for them, none for us, in terms of profit. It is not even a business plan anylonger to have a small company, while we are administered, amputated, admonished, molested by the big ones.

Regulations made by people, administrators of public-private companies, whose masters is the milk-man they have snatch already. Regulations made by people not knowing the trade exactly, that will never ask but ‘big’ ‘doctors’ that for big bucks pinned, yet-still-already, everybody.
Whose aim is to tread.

Quantic-quark:  aquatic. To create the dimension in which your birds is still in the cage, as you know that if it is gone, it won’t survive the cold and hunger.

The fact that people can complain about a social or medical service providers permit that. it allows the professionals not to seek if people are well, and therefore provides a very good raison for abuses to their patients to remain unspotted, unspoken for. if someone can comoplain about anything and fire you. i.e kill you professionally, financially, socially. then the mafias will have the whole space to operate. and now cameras are everywhere mafias need more than ever to work official.

How come that this species spends its time building things, and killing all others? For what, for whom?
It cannot be said it is for themselves as they eradicate their nests until nothing remains.
Agsi against one another? A retrace, a race to what ampler?

Agonise theirs, so who would ease the chase?
They collaborate for what ideas, ideals, thoughts, that they do not know about. Who is behind the shadows of the cave, outside and beyond that?

This light that will be untenable or so tenuous, that none can’t be seen, and from the unseen will the disappearing for real supersedes.



tenuously, tenure, tenure-track
[ ten-tawr-ee-uhm, -tohr- ]
noun, plural ten·to·ri·a [ten-tawr-ee-uh, -tohr-] .
Anatomy. an extension of one of the membranes covering the cerebrum which, with the transverse fissure, separates the cerebrum from the cerebellum.
Zoology. (of an insect) the internal skeleton of the head.

tentyor tent·ie
[ ten-tee ]
adjective, tent·i·er, tent·i·est. Scot.
watchful; attentive.

tenu, tenir = hold.
Tonnerre = thunder,                      the?? Thee??                       under.

agonise, oni.
Onir = outcast in French       disown.

Even if there was only one life, this life, our lives, live leaves traces.

Video of notre dame en feu.
Feu N.D.
DM code why not ?

Video of notre dame en feu.
Feu N.D.
Damne un pion.

Remarque je me vois bien avec cheval et lance, canasson et carpet- capet? no tapis de cheval, essayant d invader. anglais. de cloniser, no coloniser.

a)     chivement.
Achievement, chivalry = chivalresque. chevalresque.

A chier – in french, really shitty.

In ah chi vivement. the notion of ending it?

Eve ment.

Unemployment is symptomatic on how people strength are viewed and treated as less than nothing. The proof that society is degrading.



Wave, wetter.

-        M : Génial, avvez vous eu du soleil et la gay pride etait elle reussie?
Au fait, pride qu est ce que ça veut dire?
Bisous d amour

-        C : pas mal. mais bcp moins costumee qu'avant. et aussi un tas de defile, les employes des supermarches en tenu d hommes de supermarche etc. tu vois pas rigolo ou theatre... rien que de la promo comme s ils etaient a carrefour meme. ca tres tres decevant. 
Il faisait beau et pas trop chaud pour les chiennes. mimo s est tres bien comporte. tellement a feindre d etonnement qu elle en devenait polie... sherry egalement. 
Par contre pas mal de gens dans les rues ca super, gros concerts payant apres, mais sherry s etait gare dans un cimetiere, donc reprends la voiture avant 5 heures. puis regarde la mer 10 kms plus loin, pratiquement seule tres bien. avec mimi pas possible de suivre le cortege, trop affollee. un groupe life defilant sur camion aussi tres bien. chanteuse vraimement pro. defile black- en solidarite du congo, uganda etc.... ça fait du bien. 

ça veut dire fierte. 

Les histoires des rois, toi ca te donne de l'espoir? bon courage. 

-        M :Don Quichotte,
J ai en fait jamais lu Don Quichotte, et toi? c est tout de meme extraordinaire d avoir écrit un ouvrage au XViieme siècle qui est connu ds une grande partie du monde

Connu en tant que premier roman dans l’histoire mondial (ou mondaine). Et puis c’est tellement chevaleresque.

Don Quichotte
Page de titre de la première édition (1605).
Son roman Don Quichotte a été traduit dans plus de 140 langues et dialectes ; c'est, après la Bible, le livre le plus traduit du monde.3,4,5

Langue d’écriture       Castillana

Convincing. Con Vinci.
At times.
At ties.

This lingue liquid viscous coming from the ars, ears, that suggests an infection.
Infers, infest.

Trump Clears Three Service Members in War Crimes Cases

President Trump cleared three members of the armed services on Friday who have been accused or convicted of war crimes, overruling military leaders who had sought to punish them.
And it was strikingly unusual, they said, to clear a soldier of murder charges before the case is tried.

C.ET: have you ever watched abuses by police on unharmed people, us police, it is astounding, it looks like hunting by mafia. Now we have a start of explanation as to how.

Comment:  if filmed is a hunting and bashing game, then logically follows trafficking and looting.

Did you know that China sells the organs of the prisoners they execute?

hi, i have a big problem on these mats. you sold them as feeding mats. i am pretty sure they are not. on the pic there is a dog that suggest a sleeping mat not a feeding mat. how could a feeding mat be no washable?? spot-on like it is said on the labels but not on your description. you said Please Read Washing Instructions and nothing else in all descriptions. while this mat IS NOT WASHABLE, ONLY CAN WIPED ON STAY, THEREFORE IT IS NOT A FEEDING MAT. COULD YOU reimburse? I am in no need for another sleeping mat.

Small business falling through regulations that ask housing be 5 stars, while big corpos take the money from monopoly and internet colonization.
Just like in the whole of history, small people are checked (now by the legislators) and disposed by daylight, highway robbers while the big companies stay unchecked with alleys and avenues for ripping off the whole population and destroy the competition by making them bare the price of regulations. Not over regulations, but a regulation that when it is here will force people to invest and lose all gains to reach royal treatment for everyone that won’t pay, and slavery for the rest.

Everything, every move will soon become a luxury.

To only count on one’s body lasting, but what about the mind?
To be busy thinking, and watch how it affects and weighs against a transparent under-sky, that remits and emits.
Eh mate.

Emetre. = emission in France, also                  eh             metre.      = meter.

La gay pride Imogène imagine immortelle. Immobilier.
Oui, toujours. jusqu'a ce que ca coute trop chere a la societe. de toute facon paris...qu'est ce que j'y ferais?
C’est en fait la cambrousse meme rase, meme tuer, au moins pour moiré mouroir qui me manquait hier, en tout cas, toutes les campagnes, mais la ville certainement pas. 

Poison meat in our parks too.
I regularly think of this. it is almost something surprising that it does not occur more often. one of the essential training of trained dogs is to never touch or ingest food they found on the floor or given by a stranger. 
Or smashed glass littering the place. 



Not to have trust in anyone any longer.
And all the better: as to protect them from the evils, what would the mind starts plotting?
Said in a tone, that would arrange and not harangue.



H component? Trend? Trait? Freight?

Hell eat.
Eel it and their suckers.

The g-race

The humans like ants with antenna that will make sure that they choose a leader.
There is no class, no classes?
A unison of what they want to see discriminated, then what when they have adorated?
Admonished, abolished, adornated. Adorned, hr, hornet.

I wish for a computer to find my piece, that they could know about my work and what I tried to size of the past and I, and therefore of a bit of a mind. Shall we call this knowledge?
I wait for a machine to pick it up and read it for a time.

The first time I felt that my breast was mine
Heavy, falling, alive, contented.
I had passed, not survived as tomorrow, taxes to pay for the future torturer might grow. Ever more high.
But I passed my 2 first decades, thanks to the ones that protected me.

Ultimately it sounds you ll work with Machine Translation, you are right it is the future. I am not sure they will need translators for anything but this in a very little while...

To me you will need to focus a lot on the justification of how come you chose to modify a text. and not by moral justification alone, as people have a right to know what the ST was.  i guess though modifying a translation is 100 % ok, even though they may be called adaptations (that is my opinion) more than translations after that. as long as the readership knows that the translation is not reflecting the original exactly because of the translators' decisions or stances on either the ST or their readership or the way the market works....
in fact, i think I’ ll see how I can explore feminist theories more seriously for my own censorship subject, I’ll find pros and cons.

ST source text.

I am about to throw my phone case, because its locking system is dangling. I could probably successfully repair it with duct tape. So why don’t i? it would be operative with it, and still look good if I make sure I do with deference on what is in fact a need for help.
It still look good and moreover I wouu would not have to throw an object that still can work work and that did so, that well, for years. I am about to throw it, as I am about to throw me.


Duck, adduct, adult, addict.
Dock, doc. Dyck

Just as a respondent, i hate subtitling, i think they in general do not render the soul of things. and have to be shortened- i like films, i watched films for the texts, and from my experience as viewer they spoil the deal. and i say that because what i love in them is to see how poorly i would have done, but also how frustrating it is to realise that the magic in so many places has been made gone.


I guess there is not real answer to the question. but in terms of canalising the energy, would a smaller dog be better for a big one. i was wondering whether 2 big would not bring increased competition. with lyra she really calms down mimo, but lyra is an older mum also very mummy-like. she likes calm. i guess any breed would do with axel. but if you have problem with too much energy, maybe a dog that knows how to calm younger dog, is what you could need. though even youths manage to balance each other after a while.
just a thought.

Japanese - three for "mi"


People will want to make sure that there is no anthropomorphism going on, as the worst of all is when this species thinks itself as being exquisite. And that is to say all the time, and when not, it will portray itself as being or fragile and so atomized or universal and dominant.



A is remarkably fit for a 8 years old. but sometimes they start going old fast around 10. Around 10 the most athletics, start getting too old to challenge the youth. 8 year old is perhaps at the strongest. It is what i saw a few times anyhow. but u are right he is in good shape. I’ ll tell that my self. Not forever young. though i guess A is older than me.  It is better they take this easy, because they might end up being super vexed...compared to the young insolent mostly...but it does not matter, an older dog is really a good thing in a pack.

Love reptiles. Since all time, the snakes I should not have seen dead on roads, and the lezards still taking the sun on the southern walls. I did not adopt one because i do not use heating that much, so i though they would not be happy. I love lizards, i love tortoise and if there were vegetarian nonvenomous snakes i think i would have had one. I met snakes in china, it is a beautiful and expressive animal. they are so intense.
I also had a lizard in my room in china and a lot of lizards at my grand parents'.

Tortoise, lifelong friend. What to do when you are the one who dies?
I’ ll wait to be able to grow something in a garden to have one. maybe one day.
I am completely in love with A, my rescue pigeon, she likes watching me on my computer. she is perfect. Emoji

A could not survive outside, she is real small. I am unable to let her fly and it gnaws on me.

Pearl.        Earl.



Introduced in 1994 by U.S. Black feminist activists, this term fuses reproductive rights with social justice to provide a framework for communicating the intersecting inequalities encountered by Women of Color and the poor. This essay contends that advances White, monolingual feminism, while eliding and even erasing more precarious positionalities and perspectives. Such a tendency impedes coalition building among Third-World and other feminists. The article concludes by encouraging communication scholars to recognize and resist U.S. monoculturalism and English monolingualism, which heretofore have circumscribed our research.
OnísTo cite this article: Kathleen M. de Onís (2015) Lost in Translation: Challenging (White,Monolingual Feminism's) with JusticiaReproductiva , Women's Studies inCommunication, 38:1, 1-19, DOI: 10.1080/07491409.2014.989462

C.ET: just like with LGBT

Walking is a beautiful activity, and it is good for body, soul and mind.

Pia = loving.

If god looks like a human, it means that there is other looking gods.

Cultural translation, politics of disempowerment and the reinvention of queer power and politics
First Published January 31, 2012 Research Article
At the beginning of the new century, a violent recodification by straight scholars and institutions took place and is still taking place in France: queer and post-colonial studies are dismissed or banned as subjective, unscientific agit prop.

In the parks it is covered with thorns as they shred the green 3 weeks ago. Otherwise i cannot thinK of anything likely to have caused the injury.
They recently cut enormous trees and did all of that leaving the plastic trash all over. You know at that pace i am not sure it is wise to let the council doing things their way.

In china in some quarters, the administration will never pick up the bins. these people are so poor, that their older ones recycle the rubbish by themselves to earn money (in center towns). but when remote or severely poorer, the officials...? They let them rot on it.
Some other quarters of course are as poshy and glittering as dubai's. 
But for that they make sure they force people to leave, destroy their old houses and ask them to relocate where they can. in china it means in dilapidated houses without electricity or even water.

A has allergies, it has been years they do test on her condition, they do not know about it. they just give her very strong meds.

Yes, in country side people carry rifles. i would not go without anything to protect me there. but of course going to see how people assassinate animals and nature in general is not for joy. many animal lovers have opted to die in town.


Interesting and alternative articles.

Better for god. Good.                  Bet?

Vet, met, let, pet, net, set. Get, jet.

Bad, war wor. Wuss, fuss,      work?

To dare.


Comment on cover.
They tend  to make me think of a cheap roman led by sentimentality with a touch of Hollywood morality. I liked the surrealist painting but is not evocative enough and could be misleading on what the book is about on top. which would make me hate (myself) the moment I realise I am reading something I opted for by having been cheated. Made me realize the importance of a cover though.

Relationship to reading is carnal. It is why people need gathering to discuss of a text, because it would or could become painful to read an author a lot without entering relationships following that invest.
And therefore, tendencies to (for?) a monopolistic monolithic monomythic and rather sel sleeping culture (more entertainment than harvest of products after blossoming looking after) to concentrate on a very few examples.

In a land that have been made dying by its inhabitants. To them magic is available not, it will turn into the death art for their witnesses and into for them the art of the dead or the art of the awakened death. Other species will realise they need d to be poison and will have to give their energy once again turned to the human calamity, with no other hope that they can stop vility. Hope will churn like the phoenix can leave no stray.
No living creatures that from close or far are related to the suffering, slaying, or even disrespect of their planet will manage to see through.


I think the text might be here that the narrator is in fact showing how erroneous, (err) he is to think people cannot understand poetry. it is not a question of speech like he desperately asserts but of stance, move and dance of the very thoughts that animate his tactics (or lack of tact?) and dynamics. his thinking superior (or too cultivated, cultured, educated) just announces that he poses and regard himself as high as he will fall.

Here, semantic field, of tied, ease, and slide, fit, low and high, air and take off, speech and tone.
They are too insensitive, cannot hear, or receive.
Opinion, assessment, judgment, objective and intentionality.

I have been so desperately trying to do something for africa in vain, that it just makes me emotional. so i am happy, relived i can thank someone for this. i realise you what you did is called feats.  I saw so many people, that are in fact racists and for casts systems in some kind of forms, employed to be humanitarians or in charge of human rights.  that as a response i will say that we need you. i thought of you, i went to brighton gay pride this year, and your article is just so true. hijacked by tesco staff on the parade. there was a live band, this was grand, but too many was sponsors, big companies having nothing to do with lgbt. they are all forced to respect the laws now and employ lgbt, this does not mean the end of heterosexism or homosexism.
I did not think i would say that, because for my first gay prides, 2 decades ago, i though that naked was a bit too much. i think in fact that i wanted to meet someone and that this was not easy and i never enter the guettho enough. You know for us women it is really complicated, too few women. I never manage to socialize enough. In a swimming pool club in paris out of 200 members, 15 were women. (and after that?). the youth lgbt I knew, became I think majoritarily hetero exclusive after ‘have tried’.
. But in fact nowadays pride lost on its folklore too and I missed it.
I mean as a big party, to dress since everyday everybody has to wear what the society has said it was required.
I wear men clothes, and the first time someone said i was a transvestite and that i understood it was no joke. I also understood they all were. all of us, asking the mirror what to think, and what will reap or not, this envelop that protects, that projects. Or not.

Question: a trans dangerous because given access to only females venues (sexist statement).
Obviously, even the most adequacy-oriented translation involves shifts from the source text. In fact, the occurrence of shifts has long been acknowledged as a true universal of translation.

I could remember her face, just as it should have been at the only moment the face of any living will be this way. On the energy, and aging, the feeling of experienced against hoping. A face will never have the same face twice, even a second.
And also I could have said him. His face. To conceal the one I have been always talking about. Have been. Haven be. E. or what for you I wanted.
To become a being, the one you would have chosen, its incarnation, when there is for eternity, one spirit only.

I See The Light - German Subs and Translation

C.ET: it is terrifying how history can change any meaning. From a beautiful song to a horror cabaret. Mind how many countries have let genocides happen?
In general they are there to stop people from avenging their parents deaths. To check if the bow is done from the orphans of the plunders that fed the whole earth. 

Orphan, orphic.

I am so hurt about what i earn and what you just paid, saying you ll pay 2/3 of it, it is like i could vomit my throat on my shirt.
I am so hurt about what i earn and what you just paid, saying you ll pay 2/3 of it, it is like i could vomit my throat on my shirt.

The amount of money you gave for 2 guys who came to screw 2 metal bars, just drives me sick, I felt like crying this morning.

Vegan Now

I am sure you miss him. i cannot walk without dogs any longer, each time i long for mi or ly to be with me. even 10 minutes walks.

The religions that proclaimed that nature is here to serve man, is sure to create hell, and prophetise the end of their worlds, while tey would trick into awaiting not even a redemptor but a savior, their belief system.
The torturer, the willing, the investigator of it is not to be saved…but to be saved from.

Correctly exposed to the sun, like, just like a plant, the body is happy.

The song that makes me stop. The prayer that i had addressed to you that threw me into now more than a quarter of century ago and without recess guided all my excess towards death prematurely, a life without the fire that made me (soul).


This fire that now notwithstanding will have to go without you, its channel, it warmth without a recipient going out in nature. And at the time or death be real, I will have to enquire whether a vessel is adjacent.

During his stay i cleaned his ears and daily spray his teeth. i don't know if you know teeth sprays or paste i used them both, they are quick and rather efficient to clean their teeth. the most efficient being brushing of course.
he likes soja milk, this as well i give more than once daily, for calcium sake.
if you see he has problem with constipation, long dogs may have more from what i observed, he likes lentils, beans etc. tahini....
turmeric is both very good for dogs and human’s health, for many things including bone and joints.

Such a beauty, but I won’t be there as taking a plane would have failed (not fair net field) trying make my coffin too dirty.
These mountains that I knew of me not being pure enough to be on them. Now I think from the other side of the world are calling me. Not for me to go, other than by foot, but to reassure my souls that I won’t because of distance be shunned by their majesty.

Even the power of choosing what to translate has lost its momentum as generalization could only but come from mainstream media, while now translation might be made available  on the net, democratization,  
There are here but not sponsored.
Change in system.

For paws something like olive on it, it heals when paws are too dry, it is as useful as moisturizing for humans.

One can damage ones' body by drinking too much, did the vet told you to watch the amount he drinks? just mentioning it because i myself tend to drink to much, and i had to start taking on habits to not drink even when thirsty as i could feel my body suffers. marathon people are known to die from over-drinking, it ends up diluting blood and brain.

Thank you for teaching about theoretical framework, i hadn't been taught them yet, even after during my previous MA or BA, and I admit without it would be much less of a proper academic work....


plausible but false; based on pretense; deceptively pleasing: His incorrect conclusion arose from specious reasoning.
Not to be confused with:
spaciouslarge in expanse or scope; roomy: a spacious auditorium

C.ET: species.

Humans are so serious about killing themsle selves and all around them, that the only unit of research will come to be the one sending a few elsewhere, outer space.
 To again do it? Or hope they will finally know their big-bang.

These majestic walls that would be nothing without the trees and bushes that punctuate their spaces.
And it is what towns are increasingly becoming Exiguous, exergue.
Empty of its blood, and by the pollution blanched.

Regime         hymn. Him?? Revolting.

Others, authors.
Ante. Haunted.

Thinking of the President of the USA, many jokes about whinnies the poop could come to mind, but just have to refrain, as imbued with no doubt that it be a scheme to soil bears’ sense of honor, self-respect and dignity.

St Cyr,

Maybe it is better for you not to have to share your private place with someone who works for the same boss...
Psychologically it is too hard, you need to be able to totally relax at home.

Strategies. Strates.
To let the world go so badly, no entry to school, professional formation, no salaries, no work, no money, no food. And after that send a witch-craft. The most amusing? A world run by perverts and the biggest hunt is one sexual harassment, with the possibility of hunting down entire profession, teachers is a good place, they are theoretically in place where they can make a difference on thought processing and literacy.
Maybe throw in prison, the poor homos that tries to prove their love, while the top and their middle-class of tomorrow would live like a Berlusconi. And when the Mussolinis (ease) owe a trade, it is like in the social sector, who would like to work there, if doing nothing, taking no risks, just growing people ready for severe exploitation and unemployment and be tamed if any attempt at the contrary. People are deserting where they can help other people, because try to do that? The aim is to fork money, not to shield boys and girls from prostitution, drugs and mental health. And the best for the social sector, dependency.

The side effect, a purge of the teaching profession, by being controlled by the fear of false allegations. the way it is done on this video just looks like a witch-hunt. just like the mainly publicized pedophile stings against pedos, are not the bosses famously earning the most easy money of all through human trafficking (drugs and weapons reach a higher percentage and much longer imprisonment time)= and their influent and rich helpers and the rest of us. No they are not those the stings are against those johns that I don’t condole, but who do not look for under-sex people, who look for someone, are told half-way the person is under-age, and go to the meeting place. Who would think that an under-age girl have tried to date them in the first place anyway? For sure if a teenager sends you that kind of messages you have to go to the police, because it is bound to be the result of human trafficking or parental pure total neglect.

I think the gods will want us to go extinct. We did the role of death, we took the one of torturer, instead of nurture. Go vegan as the only individual gesture you can still operate at the personal level. As we should pray for pardon. None of us will have the gods believe we were their lovers.

As for the Christians that pretend the son and the father, their masses is just a pretext to black mass and inspire terror.


And we marvel at what humans built, but this is the gift given, by the gods, to kill their creatures. Only a satan would give this, and everyone knows that that say stays stain onto desire of being a villain made golden onto temptation.


To present one’s religious texts and give it prevalence, saying it is the one written by dog god, comparing it to the world as we know it, and even though we only know how limited our perceptions, and even more our biases and false pretensions extend. Is to be so completely out of touch, that in the long run just have to be used to capitalize on destructive disdain and sheer dishonesty, to be brief, and shortly….

To mock the god, are the religions in their depth (can’t even see a hole) depiction the ordination.


You have to develop on your ideas (contradict, contrast them, explain and prove and proof them and link them to the larger literature or/and to the particularities of empiric application).
And i don't know how to synthesise.

I am a L, and when i see that, i am in my forties now, and i just trigger back so much pain of the realisation that people converge and converse to have us gone, that it just makes me sick actually.
There is shock therapy and then they will force us to change sex through sex op. mutilate us. when you identify as trans it is ok. but for children?? or for gay, it is just killing us. no less than this.

They are right a 4-hour drive is a big pleasure, 8 starts being tough. be careful though england's roads are so narrow. main thing drive slowly, keep distance,

Care jobs encourage too much dependency, so they did not try to make it a career. 

I am French, and I am not for royalty or birth rights, but this is to deny a previous post in which I thought that the next in throne would have to be a male (unsitting). I think that change and dumping of the Salic law is absolutely great. Anyhow no one reads my posts so it is not that much of a big deal.
And then there is still the looming saoudian style, boosting development with human trafficking and growth with whatever else, and the next Elisabeth Bathory to really cool the glee.
And this theme where everything belongs to the oldest is just great for the pedos. And play with ancestral heirloom at will. Eugenics in the hiding.

Humans are so pound ground proud and vainfully pretentious at the view of their technology, but what knowledge or more wisdom they wee widely be abandoned by through what they destroy?
And torture. ??? ure, ure, ure.

Thank you, it is so awesome, awesome. my rescue pigeon, at last, free in my home. thank you.

My pigeon is small, i bought the suit from ebay, it is not this brand but the same thing. it was around 7 quid, i took L size and it work. i think next time i ll buy diapers fabric and make them myself. It needs to be washed very frequently.

MAKE sure she does not break her neck trying to fly through windows and mirror. you may have to train her or to draw the curtains. also, it is a good thing but very regular baths at least for and around the cloaca are necessary.

Human psychology would easily think that people not having children on this earth convene to their unsuitability rather than the drastic realization that some system cannot be honored this way.

We call it evolution, but is it?

England cornering northern ireland and Scotland. Who could afford to lose their countries, in case these regions are able to retaliate and free themselves from regionalist, as England in parting this way with Europe is the one that is separatist?

A region that obey bigger countries, an England that will join the USA conspiracy and hatred of Europe of some people, check the end of the world and return of jesus Christ theory. The apocalypse, Europe is seen as Europa, the bull and is seen as a paragon of depravity. And you know when you have elected as devilish as what reign as a trump card however. When your bet is to make sure no any more people can dream about the American dream, when you made sure that when people that have read a bit about contemporary history- forgetting about the disgusting behavior of the americans, i.e the European people to the native- and think about how the cia recurrently backed dictactorship and made the weather in other countries just to enslave them with their CEO strategies, then your next move is about to get worse, or no need to be worse, just in line with. And the convenient resurging cycle of liking the ones that hate America. When everyone then just strive for one the next conquistadores Ea(s)ter.

Maybe not being intelligent or that intelligent, but a brave heart, will simplify the cake calculus of all that perversity and find the solution that cracked all appearances. Being intelligent to destroy and follow facilities is reaping the disgust of one’sown, what is own and what is sown, and of all and every as extension, extinction is the unbeaten life Story. Storey-ray, rage, storage.

Storm, sorry, bigotry?? Or bi big organist Sodom??

Horn honored this ay way.

Cast Iron Soap Dish, this one for one of my soap chunks, i stopped bottles, I try to cut on the plastic.

Don't worry if he is a bit hyper sometimes, he is, but not very often, and he is young, even in 1 year, mimo and axel' s age, you will see a bit difference. In fact i forgot A was a puppy many times. maybe it is why he is a bit defiant at times, but he has so much charms. yesterday it was a 2 hour walk, with all 3, A often stops and drags. but this will get better, not fast, it takes months, but it will definitely get better. it took B 1 year, and axel was pulling incredibly strongly. it is when they stop showing up their strenght and also the routine of the walks.

Thank you for being here this morning, i don't know what i would do without you. but i know i don't even want to know.

Only started to realise the kind of unfathomable stress and danger a soldier might come under.

Triggered a lumbago episode fooling around instead of being more mature yesterday. i am walking like the hunchback.

Dans la vie, il est primordial de lire, et d’écrire, et de lire, et d’écrire…
Et de défendre la nature (devenir végétalien pour le moins, car le mensonge et l’hypocrisie tuera tout deux fois jusque dans les âmes, et les âmes elles ne meurent pas) et les gens mal traités.
Et peut-être que la guerre ne viendra pas.
Et quand bien même elle viendrait.

I was just thinking, i do it for my bird, because she needs a bath in places more than others. she has a flight suit, it is like nappies this way she can roam free in the home. what would be possible to do with A, would be to bath him but not entirely, like really soap him on his hind and just do this part, not every time a full bath. that would save you some time, also it is something that takes 30 min - 40, it is almost like a break, it is less encroaching onto your own things u have to do during the day than a 1 hour half grooming session.
I did obtain a massage though. i am always asking for one, my joints are a mess.

I’ ll take this week off, the main reason is that i want to avoid to take too many tablets, i am on iboprofene but i want to avoid taking them as much as possible, but i ll make sure i am ok to walk next week.

The title refers to a moment when Shug Avery asks Celie if she takes the time to notice what little things that God does to show us that it (remember, God is neither he nor she in this book) loves us—a different way of reminding Celie to stop and smell the roses. "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it," Shug says.

Among Mediterranean people, purple was reserved for emperors and popes. The Japanese christened it “Imperial Purple”
Purple is the color of mourning or death in many cultures (U.K., Italy, Thailand, Brazil)

C.ET: or reincarnation, but it will not be for the ‘helpers’ of our environment being destroyed, tortured, vilified, objectified, listless, endless others, and that is everybody.
Universal.    Verse, reversal.

And no reverie.

La tristesse desesperee, the desperate sadness in the eyes of animals whent they have lost their mates. Or jsu just saw the disaster that life emits, propagates, takes…maybe animals do not cry because they are so connected to nature, that animism already blended. Blending like it tries us when we em melt.

i miss you like a dog would, sometimes. it is powerful though.
i miss you like a child would, sometimes. it is beautiful, tough, and innocent too.

i miss you like a dog would, sometimes. it is powerful though.
i miss you like a child would, sometimes, suddenly. it is beautiful, tough, and innocent too.
i miss you silently.

I though a squirrel was bound to work. i ll note everything on my diary and many thanks to tell me in advance, i am late at uni, i cannot get started... anyhow i just want to work a few hours on the net, after graduation, so my motivation is pretty low. he will be very happy to be with your parents, particularly in winter, it is nice to be with family at this time of year.

It is almost 7 years, and it is a little bit more than 3 years that we live together after this vain quest to find a never-existing job for me in the uk. I went, experienced at least, after 15 years aiming at it, a job overseas.
I have been freed the day you kissed me, because I know you were not doing it, for a odd day with me, you at least for a good few months of I hoped loving and tender intent and care.

Similarly it is 3 years now that we have tried to stay together with no ending date or project that would distance us living (you tell me if broken syntax seems seamingly over the top), and to me it feels, it is, not as if, it is 3 years of life. Before I have lived of course, but it was never ending vain combat, that also would go longer and longer at every day that my life counted, to see that everyday my plague, my cross more and more have weighted.
Since us, this lost fight is the past, buried, without even dragging me or saddening me or saddling me or antagonize or agonise me, for even a little tiny bit. It is the past and it was worth because now I can claim I have lived.

To that leader trumpeting how justice is served by death penalty.
The ones threatening human rights, and our environment should be brought to justice, and you as their number 1.
4000 comments, on this vid, all your dogs, but that won't be enough. all the more for the chap that confirm to other nations, or at least dutiful citizens, that the usa will not, cannot be the and further down, given their present leaders, who sadly will go down in history, any point of reference.


Magnetic-nonmagnetic bracelet and the poverty of geometric or carving, desing choice. Cannot say we are high in craft, arts, …. There is still hope therefore. A bracelet is for live.
Though and without irony, what can feel and think, minerals? Lie and live on a land that we would just have to walk, pace to get reenergized. To think in terms of humans, to ensure acontinuity but would humans be their own? Is a metamorphosis, distractions just destroyed, not delayed.

To say i think there is many of the multi-color that i d buy if they were unicolor. they tend to be more sophisticated but i like only monochrome. I am a copper collector, and the choice of bracelet is in fact super limited i find.
I hope u ll find the seller, they are worth it. I need my coppers. I can feel it in my bones if i don't wear them.

Those airs certain of their superiority. Ascertain.

In a political arena, where politicans harness themselves to one and mutual mission, to prove the volatility, futility, lies, inconsistencies, betrayal, belittling, thievings and worse orders and models on behaving.
Suc-cess (recess- cease) foul

In any case, my luck is to be married as I would die alone, the most horrid of deaths, my body would attempt to transform into sand or something drier yet. But, or no, and solitude can soothe me only, silence to speak with, to listen, in no determined policy.

There are the gays that would be killed, but there is still the castes, the different religions and ethnies…..
Marriage. Age. Aegis.

But the fruit the fruits could be done in order to kill other units or families. Bordel.

She is strong, it is why I am not the point of misery of what she has done.

Since I have been with her, since I have been married, it is the only time when I have touched on happiness. I did not know that for me it existed.

To be with you? To lose you once again?

I have had passions, but every time I have been inspired, the fire, the light, the warmth of my flesh, for you, to you, was the exhalation, the exaltation.

Being interred, Sulphur, suffer.

I almost started to write about what happened to me. For what? For nobody. It would be giving to the mock, an extract that has been no novel.
Just to those who look old, that are hiding, that seems wise or certain, that one look for for what what bad lines hit them to look that mystery. Until one understands that people are like politics, and it is well for self-interest and pour pure purr selfishness and hate of love that these ladies are now ugly just like in front of the best meal, eating lambs and other creatures of the land and the sea.
And of course, you wanted mis-t-ery.
May miss, mist, me, every eerie.

Being touched I can’t bear.

I know it sounds sick but I did my best pieces for so long. Now that I seen because for years and years for you I was longing, I saw whom you are with, just like I never existed.

In any case, my luck is to be married as I would die alone, the most horrid of deaths, my body would attempt to transform into sand or something drier yet. But, or no, and solitude can soothe me only, silence to speak with, to listen, in no determined policy.

Of course, I give up.
So many emotions for so long, but I cannot be so far wrong in saying that for the first time is crying to fell feel you nearby.
I am here 20 years later. I thought what are you, what have you been doing?you pretend to have stop living for love, went to strengthen, to discover a crown, and by the day, every day for years and years, you become poorer.
I thought one day I could find you again, and alone.
And now I know where you are, at least where to post. I am without anything but the ideas and soon redundant clichés info I fail to pass on.

I have done everything to belong, not to anything, but the good that I thought you would see as fitting. It was not a car, is, it was not a profession when I had the sense that fashos and racists could be sent to rules, to collide with and within other nations.
I have done my best and came to nothing.
And I just imagine at the end of this road, come to you, for you not even open the door that would make me see the for what.
Write like if it meant I was strong, the only strength that would stay, is that I work for the woman who would love that, so perhaps there will be a next time, the will, the way, the wound, shall not be mine, do not worry, since you do not, next life would not follow. And I know that if I did something right then next time will allow me to come closer.

The strength to go on to fight for what I belive in, what people and ideas brought me of errors, horrors but also thru truth. But one day they will disrobe, rob us of all ounce of that, those shadows, that if they are not light are in the ra realm of what can leave a print, seeing.


I just have had a severe back pain that has last 10 days, and i am still tender. it is mainly caused by the pulling or dragging of dogs when we walked. it usually might become too much when i am in the park with them still on the lead, it is normal they want to play and above all when part of a pack. so i needed to say that i will walk less than i used to. I am a bit concern, because i never have had a so lasting pain, and i start having knee or hand pain too. i just have had a new dog to walk   and i cannot leave him off the lead, it is how i correlated it. jerking from the arm down, it breaks the spine alignment or something...

For whom who have tried to select the tutorized, titularised types of intelligence they wished to play with and endorse. The other types as in a process of evolution and adaptation, will not fail to work, wor-k, work at their destitution-demolition. Downgrade nature and simplify samplify pile and file it won’t harness, won’t harvest n’yet.

The concept of souls, could be exemplified by our soul, our mind even, going into another type of animals, or other entity. That makes us not proprietor of the envelop. Then its investigator maybe.

Yes, but with walking it is btw being cold and over-heating, electric situation. and my hands are a problem, even feet as waterproof is difficult to find or the gear is not proper for longer walks.
Just like when in bed when you are too cold for sleeping, add up blankets and wake up super over-heating. My guess it is carcinogenic.

Someone chewed a bit of the skirting wall before i arrived.
i am no trainer but the thing i would try doing to sanction this, would be to say to the dog who did it, that since he or she did not respect the home, that then i would isolate them from the pack, both dogs and humans. yet again i am no trainer, but my guess is that you need to be strict on this. positive rewards is good when they behave well. but i personally do not use them exclusively.

To be killed by love.

Close to ‘rugir’, lions’ roar in French.

Here was a blatant response of self-censorship from the media, much more discreet though was the almost non – existence of the primary subject in the main stream media: the life of mohammed itself. Translation in English and French omits the period of mohammed life when he enslaved and killed and instruct rapes as a weapon of war, as well as his life in polygamy with a last wife that are in many official interpretations by muslims scholars with a little girl of 9.

Touching on the reputation of traitors that translations have, describe the translators as a traveler as a nomad even, that rebel since they leave their cultures to live others or another and this way will differently understand.

Take care of yourself, if i may check what you can do for your illness, trusting GPs 100% for all what is to know, i would not recommend.

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