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L’ẬNE: IV Terre your donation

Terre your donation

Explaining what happen following the complain of a resident to whom I ask to put a jumper on as it was winter and that the heating had to be put very high in order to be able to stay in the home in tee shirt in November, December or January.

PEOPLE  say bad thing about homosexuality like that they can speak and excit themselves in to objectificaying other people without the risks of being fucked if they did not control their own relentless and uncareful thoughts by the very same person they confide in or by the person they attack through exiting another….

begging to previous jobs as the paper get thrown:

Re:thank you very much in a less urgent rush i would need p 45 i would present better to the tax person for my pension and other

to the tax self assessment.
there is no help on line. i was blocked with no password working a problem with my adress i cannot apay yester.
you have to accept theire is poor people. i ll have to pay more 0845    phonenumber are expensive i don't live nearby a jobcenter from miles and miles. i would expect you to keep a own record of my having paid tax through mys salarre that i could read and rectify if needed. where is gonna pay the account of my future penision or so?

i d like to know if you talk about aisha in your religion and h.r lecture?

Whatever the power and puissance (puits) of the passion, the last of the haunting coming and coming, after whatever aftermath that I could take it, is the love that have endured the years and file.

Taking the example of the 'i cannot park well' or i am a zero at math or whatever one knows he has limited ability at, everything really, give an appropriate idea of what 'disable' meant to be, if this ability would be counting as the only one through which people would give you a job or responsibilities.
you cannot park = your life will be without training, participation in social and political project....
it is this disabilities it is the way people don't want to see what you get otherwise.

Restriction on the numbers of your numbers or applying weird rules as for their comportments and liberties, make easier for the group to control their groups and members-that though tneed to be socializing and meeting and exchanging or working somewhere- inot making them doing and claiming what the shapr edge of the group are looking for:
“Interest at the expense of another”. (bbc)

ok please don’t spam me. I am the author of this blog, I work very hard and no time is left to me for dating. Yet less time to socializing but at least here I would do like in a saloon, I would try to do networking or raise awareness on certain issues, I am an activist, I cannot change it. Please could you consider the fact that it is not a spam. You know intellectually culturally we are still this kind of community.

the social institution disregarding, punishing creativity and originality, perverting their included aim into exclusion or inclusion of normative game. Rewards on the on going pace of things treated as undangerous. Ex: to fire autistic people just because they behave I n a different way while looking after autistic epeople at schools, but fireing autistic teacher, or dam adm-in.
Inspiration from unjustice, love, the nature, comtemplation, from what people say, from what i saw and lived, from the word and restrains, the chains, and insaned that prove my mind to be ride-d and cull-ed.
from the insane that engage with the healing, from decontruction and rebuilding.
i love the way you talked about bagages.
you what inspires?, you~~@#

Internet, you might have spent minutes gill filling up profile that will never been su used as the gr free site was only free for you to l join. (ex: don’t go to oasis free dating site)
Or spend hours for finally being delated with not a work of nobody telling us the reason why before end, because mainly I have been trying to advertise my blog and this has been considered as spam.
Time loosing, hwere will I contact my readers, which forums, are the users aware of somebody not able to contact us on ‘other matters’ , mainly because two csustmores mieverely complaint about your being annoying, while other were happy to receive something in their boxes, but who cares:  blame culture Britain.
Culture brolken.

Also it is profoundly undemocratic and ‘unfree trade’ not to let people express the way they want on the net. The net has become our villages places, in the streets it is not illegal to sell, to try and speak with anybody of anything, as long as you don’t breach the others’liberty.
That members have the rights to make you delete from a site instead of choising to block you or not reading your literature and others is hampering the democratic process.
As one one would not be able to communicate witht hose who welcomed the messagte.
Tow for those wtha tdon’t welcome problem sin society grows from not being acknowledge of just randomly and tranquilly recked and trampled.

I find you effort remarkable. as blog or website master i think we have to focuse on freedom of expression. for if you think they are jerks they block you = i don't really think that one needs to be banned. what do you think?
PS: for what you have done-
you could post a 'donate' link you know...if i met my match...i think i could give it to you personally, i mean i hope you can make a living out of it.

Sexual energy is often confused with corporla energy as one will see the former as a interpenetration when the latter will shown as an effeort reward by conjunction.
On not being sexual but sexue. In the sense of feeling one’s power of reproduction not as a sexual matter but as a gene or other information transmitter.

i am looking for dating; additionally this is my way of networking and socialising through my passions reading and writing. bringing a lit more awareness.

hi i need an answer

hence were. An swear.

Ps: we cannot rejoice on no battle, as at the rate we are generally going, we are inbuild destroyed.

Or the rights of two complaints being at the causes fo our being fired instead of analyzing problems and solveing making.
Not asking what or how have you been appreciated by other ‘customers’.
Or the one bounding their tight intolerance into a similar distorted disformed ressembleance into blaming guys not blaming in fact byt but sa staging out.
Society of enuchs and s displacement of consensus.
Un plus.

Course of action
Permeable, reproduction.

Unsustainable development.
Sustain, not sub.
Stay, prop, strut

i am looking for dating; additionally this is my way of networking and socialising through my passions reading and writing. bringing a lit more awareness.

Re-ci ome-mend, ation.

Con ;clude


make, mace.

Not, knot.

I = eye.
Je I nfench = I = Spanish or Nordic pronunciation, eyes.

specification or opening enlargement


tog ether

Mental illness, inconsistence, or sanity taken in between behaviour whe adopt by having the opportunity and other that we drop by being refused, what ever bad or good that might happen to result in, the possibility or by making it disporprotionaly risky.

 THANK YOU VERY MUCH YET AGAIN! i ll check if there is a quiet place, but those are only in old good library such as         . now instead of preserving a quiet area, as so many have to share places at home...they put together children play, job information and training, leisure centers...which is ok provided you can do your own stuff properly but...

It is ok to talk about it. Some years ago I read this in order to know if it could define me and I thought no. today my answer would be a different one. We all got some some or difficulty in circumstances or types of so grand particularity that proceed to other stuffs than experiencing them emotionally or intellectually is not lived as welcome.

I though after better for me if we meet quick Thursday for the dough and make the pain cake on Friday, what do you think?

To ford = gue = gay pronunciation




Fe, fairy, fire,
Femme. Pronunciation am, ham.
Em = aime = love, but goal.

People casting out a group in order to beneficiate from more focused, lessss widespread protection or dividends of exploitation.

ex·ploit  (,
An act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one. See Synonyms at feat1.
tr.v. (, ex·ploit·ed, ex·ploit·ing, ex·ploits
1. To employ to the greatest possible advantage: exploit one's talents.
2. To make use of selfishly or unethically: a country that exploited peasant labor. See Synonyms at manipulate.
3. To advertise; promote.

spl spoil.

Feat, fate, f-eat, feta = to party.

To the only lovely that replied to my message, as she is hundred of miles down.
well i can't say i am skying. the best is on a horse. but york super far...i only i had a mare.

F refuse.

To laught as we se desrerve our relaxation. As our work does not consist in exploitation. Not laught at the expense. Humility not humiliation.

Lose one’s work and the hour of working on details the way one does usually.
To have to rewrite with this sense of furor in front of what has been destroyed.
Are our out of reach or sight.
And write the same but differently.
And try to amend the disappearance with singing it were, no more this but the bridges to what was once, that still is, but cannot be traced but by knowing that it had been done. Like reading a piece of a text with knowing that so much around of precisions and double entendre had been son.
Remembrances, congratulations, celebration.

Celer = seal in French.
Bras = arms.

Sleep, leap.

Human.Rights and duties and end duties.

problem of a collaboration between all actors: if network itself taken by authoritarism and corruption, by the politic mafia, the corporation mafia, and the mafia itself

but lovely i would not be saying no, but you are far too young for me.
if you like having a look at my blog...drop any comment

establishing, table, stable.

this owl is awesome..

I don’t want thes e laws permitting slavery here.     Law. Wal. Halw. Halv-es
and elsewhere you want it alan?

Not ashamed on one’s body, but of what one does or did or had been made done with it.
Culture of shaem and taboo about high autoritarisnaism permit of degradating customs or the same with culture of neglecting or of exploiting and sol soiling.

T r        F

Careful, flu, lul.

Sun soon. Moon soul son.

mild, mind, milk is better.
Milr, mile, mill.
Meal, nil.

Random, an ransom

Heterosexuality supremacy (hatred) has been invented in order to give a pretense or at least a training at switching off and on sexual acceptance, desire, or reluctance, disgust, fear, distance, not in measure with one’s sentiment but of the sexual social common identification with which the other individual would be drawered, etiquetted, labelled.
And the cover (hiding) and coverage (reporting subjectively or systematically, categoriquelyy) of the behaviour, emotional or actual of each individual.
Also betraying our own instincts, trends, faithful to the truth of affinities and history feeling. Betraying oneself and the object (aim, purpose, end) and person of our love and dreams, make people relentlessly sick and silly.

Ok imagine the poem you would like to write = themes, topics, concerns, emergency, sadness, willingness, expectations, ,,,love story.
Look at the town and describe how the town itself conveys, inverting or affirming or subjugating your own sense or intellectuality. How the town flow and is a part or take apart your thought and how would you perceiving it as a metamorphose of your being thinking embodied.

You remembered when we were talking about whether or to what kinda of price one would accept an act of prostitution.
In this game question, there is a serious trick. Like in the film where one million or whatever is offered, what is at stake is not even an act of prostitution, but a night, an entire night.
It is thus that one cannot argue that prostitution is ok on that account because real prostitution will have prostitutes put into the need of endlessly working, for one.
On the other hand one cannot compare one act with a life or regular encounters....
Get that.

Would you tell me when you are around and also my scarf brought with you?
It is good, it is nice asking all of that.

sire  (s
1. A father.
2. The male parent of an animal, especially a domesticated mammal such as a horse.
3. Archaic A male ancestor; a forefather.
4. Archaic A gentleman of rank.
5. Archaic Used as a form of address for a superior, especially a king.
tr.v. sired, sir·ing, sires
To father; beget.

sire,     er,  ehi heir.
Sire,   ris,-e
Ire    higher.

She was taking all comments as if they were trying to establish her worth or final value.
Ons susceptibility.

These people, intellectuals, that would never do nothing against the law, but writing inciting stuff pro vandalism, or if not writing telling their fans, followers and groups of the same party , tell the grass roots to go and o do it, while they would make money writing more of the vandal’ prison time-in plight.
These same people that regard their own job as divine and that would deivice nothing to spare the job of others in an effort of jobs to be done in harmony. The affairs is that what they would want is not to modify human behaviour on greed but becoming the new appartchick.
In general working with the olders and callin g for the young to be their not new in matter of voters, but first. Abuse of talents, when you can manipulate the crowd, you are taking by the former intelligentsia, that will appear to promote their books and blogs.
Lass and guyes not criticising the crisis to heolp freedom, progress and sanity but to make the failed country theirs. To fuel their own politics without ethics.
To do what we all do, protect in principles without any practises === poor principles.
And it is like that that we called it eutopia or naivity as no one works on it the enunciation of principles is in fact as poor as their not being put in exercise nor essay.

On racist comment (race don’t exist, racist yes) on a woman threaten by her foreign boy/girl friend.
easy to say it is ur fault like that people stop living and harrass ecaho ther by neglect and ignorance.
weak vampires indeed, afraid of all what moves, since u aint' up to it. u think one of your racist commment loser is more reasuuring vampires?

To fear the individual as to fear the destruction of one’s condition or environment.
Since history emerges from destruction.
To fear in particular the one who is not born there, as they represent the temporary, the potential more ignorant of the here and now from the past sequences of hear and passed by through generation history. Also even if the foreing can as well be less dangerous than the autochone, new danger to which one is not ‘adapted’ or the danger that even though the one previously sharing the land are more dangerous even, a consensus, even if bad, established on to produce from the bad enough good to maintin ain the residents in life.
Even more fear of the transitory, the nomads, as potential for not caring less, but feeling directly in live condition less of the local destruction, the exploiratory.

yes, cool, pretty much in the same style type of mind and geographical mayhem.

A woman could become the servant of another woman.
It would not pose so many problems on certain ‘feminism’ theory then.

One question for you as my representant/protector, if any thing unclear It b my pleasure to extend myself on this subject. Reject. Jay.

So, the day someone tell me that ‘disabled people’ registered as such only because work are not adapted to their limited functional abilities, and that their abilities are not used or that technology is not advanced enough to bridge the gap between mainstream ability or will at communicating and exercising.
So like it is quiet common to hear, people wish that these persons did not have the burden to live or that they should be now genetically modified or killed when embryo like bona fide infanticide, that denies humanity her true face and all forms of ingenuity and pace.
What I say to somebody whose ‘beliefs’ is to say that it is better for the other guy to be “put down”, or “extinguished”  or then “economically, actively, taken as a sub and by added chores exhausted” in any sort of way.

Sorry for the late reply I did not have my computer with me last night.
You can be ensured that my communication with the subject explored by nina power is now to stop as I feel no more intrigued.
As much passionate as I am by notion and philosophy of equality, community, commune, alternative, freedom of expression and assembly….that I could not refrain myself from looking (pitha)gor for and after what someone could do to write and practice about these interconnected area and dimensions of our sociological and political lives. Those very same pertaining and permitting Share and spontaneity.
What I was asking to you very respectuously is that I d rather being not in a lecture where the prof don’t considerate comments on their lectures appropriate rather than having to be there like a witness of the magistral lecture that just like you very well explained to me might at any time (my comments included) being the blind or not blind (aware) product of majority tyranny. Fuelled by ignorance or one way directives.
Thank you for your attention.

Ps: what difference is it between pragmatism and realism?

oh, a woman who talks like this with a phd give me the feeling like going technical.

even london has some of this outskirts with pocket, mini pocket of wildness, are you happy where u are? do u work in london?

looking for the another same

follow your heart.
flow follow exactly

people calling ‘woman’, ‘man’, ‘b;acl, ‘gypsy’… and treating people the same way and forcing them to adhere to their categories. Or forcing their lives to experiment the same conditions, or adhere to the theories, to perpetuate the similar functions and know u down dizzy when gently.

in books where you do no find any particular idea, but all ideas already in every book, just here more or less applied or link with the examples.
Not grounded, not investigated, not even researched in depth but that one will have to pay 29 punds.
I mean it is still worthe reworking workding alongside line but asking this price is rewarding plagiarism.

Not noticed as being better worded.whore deed.

Why do they want it in the a same kind of English., for it to stay standard to prevent alarmist.

All arms.

To ask one’s student to buy ones book and discreteldy say to ask then to go in the british lig brary to get ones frer free article. Not knowing that they go where every writer, go to protect one’s intellectual property byte misleading then int thinking you are a celebrity.

And the few new piece of information being put there like an easy opinion, a false, forced, foresight, foreing, forget, fake, forge appreciation without the shadow of a proof, of a source, without any justification or the burden of verification. Without work, just the word of a bucha of lazy inventor of lapse in implication and a zwero in between the ears of no im dedication.
The word that thaws action.
Ao be it intellectual, since is what they purpot to be. But in fact no as they draw himself as activist,they just working for other organization, unaccountable, irrespecutous of ethics legitimate legality.

Anyhow in istory English the language of the vulagar. Popularisng the bible in order to divide diocese and constituency for each vicar.

To oblige one’s student or at least invite or even be a part of the module or program and after that donm’t give a n opportunity to fari debate or email or what it ahs been in better leagtu a shool of thought that is awere of themselves, that comabat and confront that  evolves and symbiose and differ and s instruti.

And ground, and ground gronde, hound, and could b represent an proper counter power, wielding dateas and security of a bllance ad research refined documented extended extensive buoyant, open, rhizome, extend

Thro out at .
Fro art.
Fro host.

Ar heart fro hostl

Sir            is r          are
Sire            is re            er.               Again                heir

Why was it colonies and not area of progress but slavery.
Why is tis still so
To substain even without looking up bourgoisy.
Not confound a bourgeoisie and appreciation for thing well done and per preciousity. But to conserve them and renovate like the soul of a mate.
Waste lay on us and upon serenity.

To do condone rapist to ‘protect’ incest.
                            Prostitution                   incest.
Roast, in statute. Institute
Before institute ?
As what constitute state and status but statue of gloomy ghastly perversed poly?

Political and philosophical affinities could be perfectly well between profs and students if evcery one respected ethics. But you know the work world is g dangerous gouleous full of crooks of all wald of life anyway.

The oenms who cfreate a dynamics like the ones who spoils the commodities.

Blame culture towards a consumerism without conscience like version of America, grande. All of these cunts pretending they hegemonised to give a reason for their betray. Tray.

Marc x marx corrupted his theory by the greed of the working cal class party has he was like ly to have no choice for survival, the ones of security and of employment and even of being published and his work not destroyed.
Like one now would expermiment the same with the community, the social, as if you start fight social injustice one will be out of any jobs. Each of us having for them the land that they can corrupt, destroy, convoy, exploit, soil.

No freddom of knwoldege and the one of defending it.
O locking.
O lacking.

The greed of the working class, the one who works everybody, repugnating to take into account international and to put down the money = the finance devaluing.

Vicious politic arena where one is urge to deny the term of nations in order to produce war lords and do new cut into lands and possession.

And as no one can not wait for it as stifled by the very same rules thaaaat will ultimately have the current boss by their being unloving, and neglectful.
Abuse. Ab ortion us.
Ab origne.


Abbey, obedience                 something like                 desire?.
a·bey·ance  (
1. The condition of being temporarily set aside; suspension: held the plan in abeyance.
2. Law A condition of undetermined ownership, as of an estate that has not yet been assigned.

[Anglo-Norman, variant of Old French abeance, desire, from abaer, to gape at : a-, at (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + baer, to gape; see bay2.]

terre, ere,

pro of.

I am not sure you worry but if you do studying this way is a new exercise, first year at uni, did not go to high school, your brain willl  adapt.
remember to enjoy it.

I mean if it is only challenged, like we write on the academic level...this will end by killing people deemed to be different. the problem is that when people ask me to be clearer then they tag me as deficient or perceive a danger.

It was not for you the question between realism and pragmatism as no one word is negative or destructive or senseless but i would suspect that in a sociological ''managed' context pragmatism could mean more right than left policies.

A propos one comment a lecture, the way i comment is very succint, just in order to associate two ideas or ask a question. i don't exept the question even to be answered more rhetorically taken into account. my intervention on average does not exceed 15 secondes. therefore i don't think that one comment by lecture is very mindful of that.
also the quantitative aspect sound very industrial adn unconducive to questioning at all.
when i ask you to consider if i could take a module without lectures in case the prof does not appreciate surplus of information it was not in order to be unpolite to you, it was in order for me to be ensure to try and complete my degree.

Added information, why not at a distance course since lectures is not to permit discussion . but where the dim diploma is in position of monopoly why would not they ensure that what they perceive at different behavior could be accommodated? Behavioralist.

 grandiosegrandiloquent - lofty in style grandiloquent - lofty in style; "he engages in so much tall talk, one never really realizes what he is saying"
rhetorical - given to rhetoric, emphasizing style at the expense of thought; "mere rhetorical frippery"

'Coalition for Marriage' bids to block gay marriage
Campaign backs discrimination, opposes equality
Opposition to marriage equality is "intolerant and out of touch"
The free sources of information ensuring a common bases for reference and preventing a too marketed, lauch , payday propaganda.

it s open to everyone that s the spirit.

 you funny band of pre classified rufians.
what he does is to do like you think is natural for girls to do wearing pink and play the doll.

matters. Mat. Tiers.
Her, err.
be·hest  (b
1. An authoritative command.
2. An urgent request:

Lent  (l
The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.
likr in ramadan fa(s)ting.
Lent = slow in french.
Energy or refe lexion borrowing.

Faune, flock, flore, fox, fowl.

Gayd accused of all the plight as all the plights exist and are on the run if not on the rampage, but people too emasculated to name frankly and fiercy stopped violations.

‘A eden, that had become a terrestrial tip’
By Dpf.
On furthermore.

niveal [niv·ē·əl]
Property of features and effects resulting from the action of snow and ice.
Naivity, nave.
An eve?

Niveller, leveller.

Vin (wine) saem pronunciation as vain in french.

1. A scarce supply; a lack: "the dearth of uncensored, firsthand information about the war" (Richard Zoglin).
2. Shortage of food; famine.

dear-th and depletion.
Dear deaf.

Slavery, salvage,
Salvation. Salve of applaud and recommendation.


hi! can't say a lot when i talk to a model.

well about adventure, i try to find 'change the mind' information.

Am not sure i haven't sent to you this request yesterday, sure i really thought about it nevertheless. sure I am not, or could not be, your style at all...?

Codes also represent the values of the culture, and are able to add new shades of connotation to every aspect of life.
Codes also represent the values of the culture, and are able to add new shades of connotation to every aspect of life.

To say one don’t have to say of another one that they are ‘baboon’ is to refuse how the animal has been stigmatize, as I would like to be a baboon, but not treated like one.
Defeetist attitudes, governing sense of values as prioritarisation of human is hypocrysitical.

 Hon, i went illico presto this morning as i realized you stayed somewhat intentionaly caughing for something like a fortnight.
If you don't want to meet me, i don't want to meet you either. but now i ve got this unduly expensive bottle - i wanted you to have it surely-of course impossible to find you study, it was a friday, naive me...(no this remove it, just personal intimate thought, don't worry, i am too confident you see)...
I hate carrying surplus of stuff or syrup well whatever, i manage to go unscathe this year.
could you just answer one of my letters or text or call or routines in order for you to relieve me of this weight. untenable, miss-y (joke) no i ll precise to you that this is a joke as i don't want like the others that you go offended till the end of time for what is just a heavy handed pun with the fact that i miss opportunities of healing this :what could become chronic if you don't start acknowledging canals, pipes, you voice and body..  

PS: next time i saw you don't forget to be polite to me; i am older.

I don't know if i can entirely relate to ‘ur enjoy the life’ i am veggie.

Fucking ‘education; project focusing like more than often but in fact the  rule urel as usual, other versions pervertely coma combated like if liberation could be the worst of it.
Education promoted, the all talk of the salon, as it means that the money go to in frascture, wages, the appearance of the organization unwilling to comment nor show its true ethics and genuine percentage or how they fight for their mansions or then against starvation.
Education meaning to put the money into the upper mil middle class and their assistants, and in empowering the poor with bourgeois rights that render the all lot insolent, umproductive and asking for people to assist in over consumption, render then the equality of people deangerous, as it is an equality not of human rights but legal insanity.

As leap.

Alf raid.

psychotherapist? super.
it is very easy to be vegetarian, take some money and deep believe to be a veggy, simply thinking that they give their lives to be murdered. it is enough for me to put me off everything now.
problem is this people think that treating animals well is enough: when in fact you bring up, you look after, why not love, the creature, the living soul, sold, for finally eat her.

well me i would think that your argument of 'man won't stop eating animals and in fact permit them to live in the remand' cover cannibalism stories.
one says that the opposite attracts.


Cheap, chap.

To hate these moments were one has to sing, and rock, think and write as they are ‘time of inaction. But this to explain that life is life, I was born a writer, an ovelist, hovel, my, for my restriction.

continuity in time meaning progression versus stagnation. existence. exit is stance.
Ex is stance.

 exist. t sixe.
ex ist (is = german).

A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.

He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns? Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom... it died.

So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth, grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects.

there is no racism but economical war (althogether with the way one think and therefore will allow themselves to take or kill, destroy or make for one’s or others’ use  and purposes).
Tackling racism in discrimated people is fighting the wrong war. As people see themselves as having to develop in the sense of being preponderant, putting ifr fire into to others’ production and inflicting over production in order to stifle time and space.
Racism is just a causality of economical genocide as one won’t shift of position and groups then are ensured if not loyauty relative retention, if not faith relative adherence.

Norme mendie.

Mend = in French beg.

Depression due to awareness, consciousness, and hope or helplessness.
Or sadism or neurotism, displacing knowledge to a mechanism of defence unadapted and in fact reproducting the thereaaaat that threat they could not prevent upon by diverting it.
Illnesses of the century. Scent tuerie.

Tuer, uter, utter, uterine.


Shoot, offspring.

The brain, the core semblable to a mushroom.
Ush, bush and drain.

economic growth versus human development: live and existence right denied.

A bout about.

Would fairer institutions would represent such a greater power that the risk more palpable, as in each human being and each other creatures invested,  could represent so much distress and illness, stranded weakness, at the idea or possibility of these machines to be taken over.
And redirect to (more) even more and longer, maligne qu auguer auguerre, augure. Omen, anm amen.

you see that kind of action. i once used to believe i would be dead by 33, or whatever could come with it.
It was not love.

Would u like to post the child widow on my blog?
actually three of my grand grand ma were windows around 18-25-35.


Increase in the cost of live (university, home) are justificating the higher salaries, that are not paying those basics that the poorer cannot anylonger afford. Big salaries therefore are targeted the purchase of financial capital enable them to make someone paid for “untaken care for” possession, products, machines, enterprises. That on top of generating unbalances will reap destruction not only by their being abusive of other by exploiting them but by being exploitative as well as corrosive, fuelled, full of looting tactics and short term strategication (still called strategies for being larger scale and thought and the uncommensurate at each level of their implication or application) the effect of neglect and disreponsibilisation.

How life is short and the immaturity of our orgasms and solutions. The day of our death not long and so distant lointain the one of not ultimate but moderate ascension.

The proportion of the castration are in the animal world onto the males, and enforced reproduction for fr emales, quiet resemblance with our society where it is cultural to marry several if money.


Racism, homophobism, or classism (marrying, sociolizing/shagging) between class) in order to forbid the access of stock = people with t whom one is allowed to mix at every level.
To construct in every individual a sense of uses, rules/mules and ban that is beyond forlorn.
To emprisone one’s muses, and create a sense of fate, that is not through god, circumstances at the time that one should combat to access freedom and love, but to create fate human made mazy mistakes.
For someone else to have your cake, to push the most loving to wars fighting not for liberation but exhaustion of the living that impose on them.

Homosexuality has been the recipient (recipe) of all hatred as people don’t react properly to their siblings. i.e if you touch my child you are all dead.


T = dead time.

As at.
Has. At.

“whne you got a hat, you got god a head” on ass-hole.

The books deemed as sacred as they were the tangible and communal effort at preserving humanity through language, discourses, experiences and history respect or condense (condescention) and laws.

Race, and hurrying up of the destruction.

The religious, like the racist, deeming themselves as superior not by believing it it, but by thinking they are god, as they assert knowing the ultimate and restraint meaning of things,
Books are sacred in the sense that efforts, all efforts at live is,
Live creation and progression. But not live as live but live as lives and the all creation.
When humanity becomes spiritual then the nature of their being cosmic will surge.

Are you saying that I am a monkey??
There used to be a time where and when people were pround of their animals to be.
Sole and soul,
All being.

Fucking Christians and ministeries. There is no mystery why rule and run poverty. Because being a religious pertain to your origins, the village, the school of thought. The way one ll kill and control their neighbours. Not within the respect of all lives but into the shaping of all laced.
The depletion, the depiction.

Her, herd, nerd.

Participle in.
Participate in.
In, ion.

Pro paean. Pagan.

In religion, sodhome and gomorrha, might have been su used not as a depiction of homosexuality but by and lard large sexuality. As the bible on its bases create the child of god from not reproduction but love and purity, then on this rules if interpretated restrictly would have then been the enforcement of a all homosexual world as sexuality is human but would have followed all homosexuality relation in order not to aim at systematical reproduction.
The ref e rejection of sexuality, or more the rejection of aiming at sexuality, into the sole ultimate activity or relation, and die a statute of salt, as our secretion are salty and mineral, die in what, into the only matter that our lives would have concurred to produce, the product of sweat and lubrification.

People recongizing an inequality and injustice as they are served from its being pyramidal. I am a servant, but to be c accepted and offer my help to the tyran, will provide me with other cerf and vent.


There is no problem with the concept of individuality but the concept of being the sole individuals. As funny as it is when every moves in our lifes come from the produce of societies.

It is not a question of inferiority, but submission, not a one of superiority, but relative and conditional protection.

 sorry jenny, i nver saw you answered me. my facebook mail don't work properly. i got to know many portuguese in france. one of them was my nanny. have you been to the book club?

To answer the hetero, not in what is permissible to think but in matching their greed, hid-andhouse.
I would like all the women and the men to be lesbians, marry to me, and attach to beds.


and what about the decent lady to whom you don't provide with answer?

North korea well done to have fiddling with nuclear as they obtain food from that now.

Morals while marriage are forced, like staying a faithful person to one’s family, devotee to ones’ religion and patriot to one’s countries, immoral can tenfold.
As I would never beat my partners but if all mention above was here and there waging a war. And so feeding their members with unjustifiable but enforeced permanent injustice.
That don’t make feel like living anymore.
And think that the devil is the one accountable and the fruit and aim of the prayer.

Dark is not bad.
Whiter is not o good.

Cuddle d. Cameroudn.
As in hug a thug.

3 is half of 8 and 3 the opposite. See of &.

Gendered racism as homophobia. Since people takes advantage to role assigned.

Anal, anlo, analogy.

oh that s good, that is always exciting to have so much in mind that you truly cannot do much outside. as long as this stuff is interesting. do you like your new job?
am french, but it is in traveling and live wherever freely that i find myself happy

People are talking about education empowering solution to inequalities and discrimination, but talk about right education but not the kinda education that propel everyone to do good stuff and have good job contributing to the well being and security of the entire community.
Lava Lavish.

US Black slang a derogatory term for a woman
[from Black or Southern US pronunciation of whore]

was son wondering who could possibly transform a vowel into an insult. To manage to insert into a language the whole vowel, a main sound, that disculpte. That curse to slavery everyone and the language itself.

Vowel, voil. oeill, veil.

who, ho, or, wore.

yes, i agree. when i think that france still don't marry same sem saxe sex couple...
what s your job?

Dangerous, famous……….
-ous       house.
Hose ?

Racism, xenophobia, evolves into an idea of dependency and sue superiority as in fact one will yield to their instincts of doing nothing but counting on the here and now available ure rules. Profeetering or abuse by one’s own family, eaten by closed circle and promuiscuity.


tourism might be great, when you remove the planes and the service that are exploitation. then not a lot remains.

 but still going into nature could be the marvel of all product. i thought you were english, your names indeed are. your father was?

“The road.

University, never.

P rep ublic?
Pub leak.
Oblic logic

now i said it i try to ask myself why men go on wasting their time.
1- any success?
3-cannot be gay, want a dick?
3- rape
4- or look for a email fling
5- i really like the look of your kitten.

though i am not sure you like my physical type.

The proper of the reflexion- try on a mirror.
Is that one cannot see itself in action, as one’s action don’t tolerate observation but the corel. Core.

Ra et/
Ra it.

happy i am not so sure.

you don't just want to fuck? well have sex, or flirt, calling it more nicely, kinda thing.

Reproduction emergency, treated as, in order to provide partners, related to this universal agony of not finding one’s partners and the social death of not finding it because of shortage or ban.
The ban on homosexuality, or on marriage inter-ethnies, or class.
Would bring to the agony of finding someone restrictions on their hunt and chase. Restricting the numbers would make possible for other to control others’ love and passion and intention and natural enclination, enl encling, to make every one’ slife miserable but to force people to go in couple while spreading mayhem desolation and then make possible prostitution and crimes. As for no one as squanderel and puppet has nothing to loose or let . bell.

Work and think of the tough.
Not needing mama to stay for hours, nor grandma to take me on holiday. Work their scheme after adolescent, never so obsolesecent.

On this man, human-made land escape where two roses trees cannot anymore entrelacer.
Intertwine, or marry, reproduce, love or hate so much that they will have none or so many prepusce.

Without music I would have gone madder.
Problematic  ebalbe e abale al able to think mor com0 com[plex.
But art is a prop to complexity and affinities, infinities.
So? No recipe but who bless. Whom.  (?)

You find my taboo. Thank you and have mercy. Limit of wisdom, relish of folly. Limit of folly, relish seldom.

E relish of wisdom, bin bring apathy.

Believes are just a trick of the mind, permitting, seeking for transfo rmation.

Trick of the mind, beyond one and one makes two, or free.

May add.

The dre am that are not true. R.
The dreams that make me real.


Soil sole sale salt
Alm calm palm

The soul sol that attach to our body.
What kind a monstrousity.

Who would save me?
Instead of gandhy?
No one and I don’t blame ame or iname.

To be nothing special , simply be at the specific corner of the horde. Or ps position.

Forgive those who don’t ko know and the rest will follows. Oz.

Wp; wol

Fol low

To cofund confound folly and sufferings engenders battery of cliffhangers. Not als always grasping groping correctly the top of insane or sanity. Clean but not or misuse.

To be a man, with a female body, as ones’ were wolf is pussy.

Incest is culturally alongside biologically perculded secluded secular forbid as pep people have to keep their children in the name of care and evolution, as well as the society holding together and d keeping such records.

A lot of children for warmth and experimentation and freer personalization and personality be constructed alongside but not dependenly or having to be in promuiscuity of the genitor or references when they are pro primary. The parents.

Someone on my blog:
Hello I hope you are well. P.s As i said before you use your own Westernised ideas to pass judgements on our Prophet and ‘holy’ book…maybe you should come to this lecture and clear your misconceptions… Prophet Muhammad only did consumate his marriage after Aisha’s puberty

me if think that again one can quote marx sayin that religion is the people opium because let’s pray to god that you are in a real fucked up state to put forwards such beyond credible filth.
the holy, forget holy, only sane or worth living (am not saying kill them, but not approach another human being well being), persons would say that a prophet that is worth more than the few words other people managed to keep all these years, would never have married a child more than because it was the sole solution for this child to survive financially. a people worth of being called in the search of god would pray for such action to occur in insisting that marrying a child in such conditions that due to the lamentable societies in which he used to live. they would say that mohammed did not have the choice as it was a time of decadence.
that you justify the marriage saying that a 50 year old is waiting for a little girl to be menstruated, if you ask me i would punish, and the west should punish someone with prison to advocate that. and to heavy penalty half life or something to actually have done it. should be love, then you wait for their 21 year-old and you place the female in school with a live free in order her to understand that their is more in life than being fucked by a richer guy and by ones in-law and by one’s own family.
ps: the day i would go to islamic meeting it be the day where i won’t be seperated from my brothers.
i acknowledge that when you pray your body are very closed, but mainly you pray or you not. so it would not hamper my thoughts. or rather it ought not.
thank you for your message.
also i don’t want to help sponsorisation of this event as i don’t know what happens inside, don’t your guru have a website explaining their positions.
What is done is pedophilia activism and it should curb until they are done.
i d like to repeat that my only worry is not to be able to report them to incite act of pedophilia.
talk to you later, don’t hesitate.

i meant half life when you attempted doing it.
no wonder you like the sharia with such policy behind it.
i am not for death penalty but what is for sure is that if my only means to stop a 50 year old to marry a 9 year old, or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 21 and most probably etc would be to kill the pedophile and the other guys and women that endorse it, then once again i d agree to sharia.
and cut your vanity that is beyond, mean worse that the one of the taunting devil. May s-he it  you.

It eat.

Of course these pedophiles will tell you that tehey would torture the homos, the women that go outside, the men that stay in, the …..,
If you want war just have it. I would not be the one to burn the quoran as it is with this only book that the west left you on. But building libraries as well as putting in jail your pseudo pedo intellectuals engineering the communities’ p rape and s dismayed.
To you rapists.

And when I say that it is because the western society let you say that in all impunity so may come a time of the last thing to do to prevent one of those from doing it would be.
You should more like likeing western values, apparently more than we think it only, that let you prophetise that, most for at everyone’s else’s and one’s own (for whom with a little left of dignity) shame.
And when one think s you are agree for cowardice, for your comfort of luna, or for the money. At the last judgemtn let s pray for one to be . danm or darn.

But you know when one says western don’t be too gan angry, here in Europe and l elsewhere nothing is left nothing is the same, not will return.
Just praying that the other worhres don’t plan to make it worse, for the worst.
If those white pervert let people advertise for that then they can go to hell with their wesetern way of hypocrisy and more than that. The why people were becoming more morbid than religious as the main stream of politics and society were backing pedophilia and killings while spitting on love and thinkings.
Also the west manage quite ok to stop the rich and other clerics to emprison everyone, I hip hop that your proletariat coming from the Arabic or the Russian wherever they would be the next dictactor with trules of sadic, don’t seriioiusly thin k , since it is what you however otherwise say.

Someone’s blog:
Urwah said: "Khadeejah died three years before the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) migrated to Madeenah. He stayed alone for two years or thereabouts, then he married ‘Aa’ishah when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine years old." (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 3607)

you just say that it was after puberty. after puberty my dear is after the child to be a child, she was even not a teenager. the argument for honest soul, not the one sold to i don't know which depraved sects, thinking and saying that their interests are in lying in bed with the demon- be it swallow them-
the argument would be to say that they are adults = after being 20 and free like the zephyr.

I don’t say that Mohamed was pedophile –it was worth-but all the shhame I have not interest in chaing chasin a dead person. I am saying:

you are a band of pedophiles and ought to be judged.
as such.
calling marriage what is not more than brothels and worse act of prostitution, you call family what is mafia and abbhoration.

The westmister stances that you would quickly implore to limit my and oll other freedom of expressions.


yes, i am aware that it sounds a mess.
i did take it, but why not being marked as if it was my first mark on april. in order my zero don't appear.
originally it happens like that because i could not know that was i was selecting was all in autumn, because of my not accessing any longer the timetable. if they think of it, they should agree it put me into a very disadvantaged position. on top i work. and i just thought that my future employer would like to know how i dead line cope...
 it is also why it is so messy, and i ask greg so many times to go and help because i could not assess the data base anylonger this resulting due to my having resiting exams.

also you can tell the finance that i would have been really happy to know from them, instead of completely accidentally and too late, that existing student even part time were to pay the same price, as i because of not knowing it undertook full time that i could not manage. and that will show on my results and file like the rest.


Let’s not fear no pedo.

Gay, hague.


The sodhom and gomorh a picture of us having fuck between ourselves without thinking no more to give to the planet what she propages on us: life and all its room for respect.

Ma fier.
Fier = rpound.
Proud. Pound. Prey. Round. Proler.
Fier = to entrust.

Th je vouldais the dire a propos doudou hiding on the roof, one of our favorite was to go by theis roof. One day I was so bored that I jump from the double bed bedroom that we used to share onto the tiles, near the front door –the terrace. Onto cushions after having hanged by the window seal, il doit s en souvenir t as qu a lui demander
Esperons que cet imbecile va s en souvenir, il mourra peut eter moins ido idiot.

look i like your naked picture, i am not saying that. but maybe just send it to the one that you want to bed. with i sometimes wish with i was girly.
look i like your naked picture,in fact i really like it. but maybe just send it to the one that you want to bed. with i sometimes wish with i was girly.

i don't message you personally, don't think you would answer...

ok you don't like discrimniation? let s try i am more of a masculine type, well perhaps.

if it is about having the last word i will let you have it. i could have done a banter of sarcastic with you because i could have thought i d be for your enjoyment. but i like this site too much for being threaten with being reported because of juvenile whims. for all the respect i have for women that looks like girls.
i understand you my love- feminity and the fems also.
masculinity is not bad it but whatever i am not forceful even philo.

I can’t undetached myself to it, it would be at ease to hurt or reataliate.


What it is a prostitute men? Or porno whatever.
House trained?

After ejaculation comes the electrical viba ration bearing the discharge, the release, the rush.
As ejaculation is rewarded as procreation should by means of innate search for body rewarding activity taking place.

A way to be reaped while raped while having the ‘active’ = moving on the surface, part. Is to be told that it has not been long nor good enough intthe sense that forced oneself physicaly, sexual maranthon or training. Prolongation when unwanted.

In this article no question about the parents forced their daughter into a marriage, like if it was permissible.

I had a conversation with you as i was sending to gaydar member my inviation ot have a chat with reference with what i write.
you asked me to stop i stopped.
i think i had been blocked because i send an invitation to chat saying hi.
could you unblock me please?
i have been a meber for 7 years, and it feels weird to be reported this way. if people on a dating site are not here for getting in touch and speak, what are they doing then?

Lack of public place, every piece private.

Even the h Olympics game tickets possessed by the sponsors.
Then only able to control the content of du drugs inflict upon athlete.
Rotten boidies.

Nationalisms linked with imperialistic philosophies.
Contradicting universality
Derida Jacques.
Under the authority of hegemonique states

Fundamentalism may focus on killing liberties.
The other democracies roo on creating  destructive fake ones.

Given by god not by those whose destroy the world

We try to analyse the language but today political and economical forces will have just to blow and pay.
To exterminate extort extirpate.

Hitler anti semitics strategic tacitely accepted by Europe.
+ Power, and women in exile.

Fundamentalist and fashist  a historical parallel. Dvd

One can expect of anyone but not human to be restricted in their hopes and actions as their contexts is so lethat letha.l

Helped or hiddentn

Submission expressed in men with the turban of the ayatollah curbing their ears and the bearb.
Both gender covered.

To destroy democracy.
Here the gloom ambition of some. Open ambition. Not really cunning.
Traditionalism spitting on history.

Religion takent over by killers, mafias, pouftas (=men that respect as their equal only men = the sexyal danger of all civilisation. Sexual engendered population.
Before it might have been to protect next generation, now it is to rape them.
Forced marriage like forced confession,

Millions of political assassination, swear by a book is more than religious, beyond spiritual. Like a joke it is your keep safe.

We calculate et terrosrism induced death why not calculating det death ifnflicted by the companies and ruels that are let rule their terrors backed by every one of our states.

And what about the refugees that are molest in their countries and the immigrants in some countries who come to preach someone else destruction and kidnapping of individual and other groups liberties and existence.
Wanting to disintegrate the laws, culture and institution that mange to protects people, ideas, progress…at the price of so many lives l already.

Psycho, mental transformation.
And microscopism.
Julia kristeva.

it would be difficult to date as we are two doing the chivalry :-)

the moon when full, a face.
Like yours jadis erstwhilst a godness.
Relentless, my b vibrations.
Accented the secent scent to hills, streams, scene of mountains.
Mundane were death, serene was she.
You never say
Nor hello nor goodby since
Till what was supposed eternity that went closed to perpetual infamity
While affinity to t other had been precluded.
Per clue, pe r you , peruse, e peru.
Loose, my sight of loving somebody.
Just look after someone in my arms gabbling say conneries.
Silly but not in vain
Flat but not insane
And in fact as indolor as one has t o be when the world change around them
From having make love with a genuine willing happier other body.
To my ghosts, to my past.
To my last shadow of shame from not having met the love as perfect
And rather let me myself rape
By illusions and a lost forever sony.
To this son as well, whose ton
To this o son aussi.

Art is communication and existence dissension and attempt at further reparation of s distortion
As soon as one person is reader, the audience make oneself author.
Author or a bilateral relation.
Since the audience is the recipient.
The author the fermant
The subject the firmament.
The lsoo loss of meaning the endebtment.
Will I go to paradise?
The monster, this element
That I did no create m but lend and borrow wing of language.
Bor e row.
The language, inslo olent.
In sole lent
There are not religious but people speaking about god like if they were its soldiers, in secreetedly thinking that since god is beyond the devil is their facile.

Easiness, proficiency of churches, but army bless the cross against the stone.

Need a silver bullet for a were wor wolf
A way of saying that it has to be hune ted by best trapper and hitmen, yellmoonwoman.
As if possible it s aim of fusion or reincarnation, another hunter.

Na mow.
Move all the time.

Re ad.

 Humans wrote books sacred by other humans deu due to their possibilities at bringing some kind of order and common sharing if not meaning at least litanies. Language, words, a sense of organizational view.
Humans wor wrote like poets, describing their visions, but what about their explanations.
Rendering the descriptions divine is sortilege.
Exactly like rendering people suffering from these stories kind of hero, or models, are in face pushing to hatred, a sacriledge.

Aisha and sacrifice to the pedophile populasse. Population of chi Christians a happy fo the crisscrossing of dissemination of oblivion . maybe a paragdigme of the children of god amputation.
Convlulsion of faith . vomiting indeed.

I ve just e been wanked, arousing arousment up to my breast. Rea rest.

This? This is live?
What is death to ya?
H t a ed.
Ed ath.
Ror, aurora.

The dea.

Mystic, when questioning is at the core of entendement.

Pun-k after pun-k

On hybrid or mutants. Mixes?
they may not have babies, that does not mean impotent. anyhow there is enough babes under the claws of incompetent- or worse feeling an over thinking of belonging.
namely, who(se is) the babe?

Mix ethnic and fear of mutant social one here. A new civilization but if the rules change and even for better rules that the fight cost the present.

, problem with you tube no possible posting website links, pouahh.

The problem of having to arm oneself against illegitimate invasion or intrusion.

To believe in an intuition, instituition.
Believing in it like the way we already shaped our biaises, preferences, our tendency to explain and adorn...
To believe for years and years and came to the conclutsion that we have now proof of having waited in derision, delusion.
Reinterpretating and find the secret of us bein g l slanted, bias ed.
The core of the lving the mystification.

Comparison baby and wife. Considering the love, the pillar of the family. Children and woman.

To prevent intelligence, real ability to occur, through reinforcement behvior.

Olympics used to all justification to human trafficking, from prostitution going by read your emails with possiblitiies of gtelling your employers if they fthink you are economically conducive and trade otrgans tolerant.

Less rain because of threes trees cutting.
Climate refugees
To retain agricultural, rural population
Food security, what if food become too expensive for poorer countries.
C: Or too expensive to protect socially.
Water supply blood life at low time all time low
 Com climate g change global, bl global condition ar grucultural similarity saem crops same food limited c: to one species on e survival as much restraints and constraint that the human killing of other species animals the same to species vegetal.
Community channel

People recruited in order not to put into question corruption schemes.

i don't go with men jenny, they are my best friend.

Like the women whose strength perhaps are more in the grounding. Their strength more down to earth, in relation with their lower gravity and their more initimate knowledge to the inner body, and spotting, sensing and attain (others’) vitality.
Vital. Ti vite=quick. Vie = life + tool


A subject, free waves of human brain, that will look all around and to come back to the assignment will train, to focuse, e before and while transcendent.

Unwillingness to deliver people from mafia or different sources and style of abuses, ore th where the resources is the abuse itself.
To be hable to employ a maid in paying them inhumane = not a proper autonomy.
Ehance prostitution, etc.

Because of the ruels rules that brought people into organizations, their having been trained, or the organizations themselves being able to enter other institutions or moral, e legal, social conducts as democracy as they are did not work on protecting every people from being exploited and in view of one attempting to halve the work and well being, the original function on earth of some other one.,

take a hot drink and something sweety maybe. hope you are better. make sure you body is covered and warm. perhaps some honey and lemon in a herbal

purple, people, pepe owl,
peu = a few, little

who’s is not a slave I mean or they are too nice or then too naïve.

The fact that diploma don’t go further than 9 years of recognition without criss cross evaluation through years, institutions, intersectional professions, networks, ground of action, business, civil society, states, demonstrates of the empoverishment and of the stunt development of human intellectual effort and virtuoisity.

look you see unbelievasel
val ab vable.

I have a date with a model, but I don’t think it can last long, she is too much socializing.

history and philosophy

doco tors shift lasting more than 12 hours to cover errors and erractics behavior,
as well as the time necessary to smell the condition of the dead part and dying person.
Esoteric, erotic.

“Someone to say to you what is bad or good.
When there is no one to tell you what, what happens?”
The informer film
necessary as inevitable sorry for the dogm dog.

The world led by these nationalists.
But why are they?
Too weka, weak, too much being big puss
Not venerable enough to make something complex, and honest.
Who ca believe in seriously survive, enven survive only with these imbecility.
Western hegomeony, other hegemony, myslims, cahto what else.
The face of the shah, of the scalp, cult.
The aremy of pussies, the devil laught at ya.
Ash ish.

The result of unresolved bad backside.
Lliw. Leave, live,
Wi ve.
Why have.

To be a said to be the wrtings of the devil by people that cannot hold a pen.
One by innocence, they other subject of intolerance and the rest too happy to have the outcomes of such disturbance. The importance fo the lazy, nazy.

Culture is the hardest to win wh y some say it is instilled.

Mean b y that clogged in history, the infamy of slavery. Like Mohamed taught everybody??
I don’t know the mullhas will told us about the god theories.

Like if little human beings could hold on on a pin to avoid the box of Pandora to avenge their secret.
Secrete, sacral, secrretal. A sanctural,

The secretation of the border of the eyes each morning, the results of them slut being humidified. The stone around like a pit, a tiny sand.
Like a stone, the grave of your backyard. The memories of a time where mineral knows life, and cry over its misery.

Prostitution cannot be rights, because for the I simple reason that sex itself is vital.
High, tall, for th e body to experience an exchang e of wr warmth , preferably regular. And this is for love, for the sense of life, and relationship, for the exchang of more than heat but the knowledge of ones’ body in its future ex change, transformation meth meta morphosis.
It needs to be a choice unrelated with coercion, even coercion by money.

Also I don’t want it to appear in anyone s future work description, nor a result of the state foundation, through mafia, the rape, extortion and taxes.
There is enough filfth like that the objectives to go over the lies nad not by instoringm ore vexation and insanities sanitaries.

When the mind of the writer let itself go at the uncousnious strak streak, when pretty much every thing migh t spring to the mind. Not to write or to write pertains to history and awareness of societies.
On ancient texts, and the ones that were sacred to reveal the psyche, but not al l as it is the k.

To hear bvo voices or automatic writing where the artist go on with the mistakes or the gap of the thought it permitted. Permeable.

Like sacred text had not been written a a sacred language u but had been the vector of sanctorise a language already in fashion.

Scent, centuries.

Homosexuality banned as a way of limiting incest and pedophilia when mixed up with sex separation.

The could have turned badly in other conditions, imagineable by the difference socio culturel and think oneself brought up out of a different shell.
Deprived of these experiences ex esperances in our lifes that we know for having about all mid modified. Challenge and turn into the se same pattern of better expectation and assurance.

Sometimes writing what has no sense for me just writing it with the linguistics of a gou group I su studies.d

A man
An al.
An all

To believe in the devil, as what appear and is imposed as being good or not is fake.
Destruction worship and lack of sex.
In the sense of hope for another sensiblility.

Like in uni, v where the students the less comt willing to hear anything from other students, are comtemptuous and dev bile when debating with other, will be the one the more eager asking feedbacks from teachers. N o more creepy that than, one dies, hare d. hard.


Vein. Arable.



To say it is the fault of the white or the black…in western countries.
In western countries everyone is white.
The ones that say they don’t like the color of th e sking want only the territories they help looting and the territories the ancestors protected, or failed to be protected.

Covering taboo, limiting the conversation to false problem, color of skin, sexual orientation, in order to say, I accept your ethnicities now all what humans do is accepted as such or else it is your ethnicitie s or you spouse I would attack, be happy.
Racism, homophobia, telling thast someone is culprit to ve of somewhere of or to love, loathing that is natural in order to be covering what kills, polluting and everybody at that smilling or contrition.

Sau squalid.

The fear of racism pipes the dies.
As peple categorizing themselfes of being of a particulatr ethnices and thinking of themselves being only that, will expect an d impose the others to react differently to them from others.
= a white say of other white and know of other that their personality for example has become a way, that is taken as dryer, they will be able to express the range of sentiments, feeling, experiments, reactions, consequences to another one that won’t discuss the color of ones’ k sin skin with them. To another ethnies the reactions will shift in order to say ia cknowldege you si skin color, since racism take precedence over all discussion. and therefore won’t disclose the complexity of any human, societal, psychological relation
Racism and the struggle of unspeakable condition. Human ta thatching thaw.


Theo others
Er – o
Her - ho

Through the heart.

Dock duck.

D earth.

D heath.


Reli ance.           Reli         gee       on
Is the liberator e death in the form of saving life regardless.

A    vert.

Prevent which condemnation sin sign in for a devil, as difficultiesm threat of  cast out maintain undue attention.
Wester want a job? E western has to plea for deforestation and other people condamantion of natural condition.
Human overwhelm by nature, too little too weak instead of looking after, say e they are ist its god, in the sense of destruction. Culture said to be man made when any idea from mind contention.

The pussies romance : to loiter in the country side and once the firplace behind, to do turkey the one the birds that were singin for the human race to hear the song of the skies and seignor sceneries.
To ve hear be hea herd.

it s good to her hear this 'her wife'. byond liaison.

Ehy, cat-ho.
As dead as a mutton


flow, flaw, flown.


Writing is enlist ing. And the product of having done ki it.

when you cover your hair especially if you are indoors you skull is sweating and this will trigger hair loss.

Cat holic



Flow, of noah. = today floe

None a. a = have,
No have.

To be out of league.
Is to listen lesson from everyone. And take into account the most of the mai ximal.

To be killed and reborn from the s ashes is to know how and why one has been killed, by being weak or wrong or the fight will solve this something. So meth, met hing.
Hung hinge,

The academics working on top for organizations, for governments, or to represent an issue in front of the ‘important’.
Meeking thei r lectures. Telling abovce all what will be bourgeois target complying, hiding the complex trade of the whores, as their jobs are the resultin. G.

Side, the xtrem of biased violence espousing.
rim, mir.

Caughinh, coffin.

University and k dictat. Didact belonging now to the most littering rushin rubbish, the tradist. Rub it in.



 White. Hit.
W    hit         e.

Lack of B?


The third eyes is the one one sees seize when bothe of them focuse on one.

Tick, kit. Quit. Quite.
Self fesse.

Violence and sex, that are hel althy in a relationship as acess of lovce not easy, when violence is controlled through love and consideration upotn considerable.

Suf sf sulphuric.

Gene der. Last feature that grows, sex.

The secret of the groin, the sex as innuendo. The nerves all around, that peirce the secret of the loan do rmitory.
Oo door meet.

Gender. Gendarme.

The rensaissance and powder, masquing the color of the skin permitting mix between religion and region of the gentry.

what is XD?

whores do worry

Tear. Tea?
Tear and the consequence on this on and upon the h-eart.  Vie eart-h.
He-art. Ear. Th.
Rick, ric-key
Ric-h, ric-hedge
Cir, sir?
Cire, wax in french, like polishing or wook wood nourishing.

The world like an ye eyes (humide) of th e cosmos.
Som cos.
       Ac Costume.

The eyes like the sea, see’
Hiss. Ees, ess.

The tongue bottom that one can see when return, has to veins to the canine or nostrils linkable.
Scent, ascent.
Res scent.

To flog,                 golf.
I spend my first years in London prasing the green area. Conclusion London used to be parks, but wood s are in extinction. Relative to the species. Space


Bleed, lead.
I don’t write on the sudoky or else where my believes or none that I am explaining or absolutizing but the phio phiso s physiology or philosophy of linguistics. Fragment, ossature, infra-structure.

If not deemed intelligent to be equal, let’s be mean enough.
Enough, haine off.
Haine = hatred in french

This lurid bullshit. Piece. The individual as a part.

Re: look at this piece of bllshit        certainly of the more gigglyl.
Laugh on prostitution. Laughing about slavery as a group thing, is leftist. Why the left is for the retard or pervert. What in their mouth ‘good, no god good lord, godboggobless mean, goodsssss. The product of their machinery.

this one a little more dign
dig ne.

  dig no?



Mi-key meek.

Si dis cushion.

‘to wait for a dead man’s shoes’

Everything that is not virtual and elet ctronic, recorder d , and robot by investigated, pertains to the older world, new building including, the future is somewhere wer where        every thing that one’s move, oneself included, and deductible, will be datas based. Base. Abasing.

A bs bas. Bas = low.
Av absolve.

what is XD?

whore do worry


Pro feat.


Prof it.

Real ity.

The produce of generosity in ths sense of

Sense. Ses, ccease,

Racism is bound to exist as far as not mixing.
As the cate you ver nerate because you loo k after and they look after you. And well the mind, you, will err each time you see one with these pattern of cultures or colors.

The girl friend venerated, as the monotheist take themselves to be god.

Vo iolence and image pierce.
Like wanting to bread break a wall of superficiality or of surface hiddening experimented

Vie ole

Hide den.
Head, hyd.

Nakedness, or bottom.
In the bottom of the heart or nor of its rim. Mri.

1% of one’s work keepable.
phi, Φααα    πππππ pi               I,       hi.

Ba daf bearer of death, forlorn.
The ones that brings, broughter of ma ean.
We are morbid.
Mor bid.

Console collatoi ion
Colla teral                colle            terrestrial          ter      res       tri                 try
Collate eat ate hit hate
Colla              s;               allco       alcol

Hit    hist. heast yeast.#
Thi thee.
The h in it.             Hit

Hoping one’s parents to stop having money, in order to see the favorite sibling bling, lig#  desert this time bona fide and recover the parent that were suffering from enduring the result slut insult luth lute luttte  tul if of abuses and manio oopulation 
Manipulation, population, pulullation

Vicar          rack    iv, eve.
Carve evra eva#
Adolph dolphin
The church of all colors.
Cur ur. R cumin curare.

Come on in, cum in

Meek skeem shceme.

The aim            meth. Odology
                        Thime            mith.


Genesis.         Gene isis. Is  sister             cyst    genes         is             esis.

Piy pity is love diverted.
Florence for me cos of maman
Investment poverty. Overt

 To be a genius or try and respond to one.
On human interaction.
     Human spirit
Spyre, spiral,    
s-pire     pire = worse in french.
Possibility of rising or baddening later.

I wanted to asy that my writing and my behavior are immodest sometimes. And at times because of mme following an ‘order’ of the s psyche that I interpret differently. The reason of going on with the interpretation is the consequence of events that prove the trial to be right. Example instinct forces ys, asking you to go somewhere, to do something, to doin a such way, and fromw vat, you see an olf d friend by by umping into them, your reaction provoque another that you never would have gyessed, gypsy…the nysticism in some way, need to be called and prove itself in that way, predictions and commands, infliction, bad consequences or the nature of an act that one could not see as bad before. Genuflexion, gene, genius, gene = hamper. La gene.

To find one’s oul.

U autistimc
Notice tick
Opt imistic.

The definition of a thing, chose, should be a fight constantly, consistently.
Constitution of the mind and esprit.

Espion, spy.

To be asked if you are the devil, or bad, or good, or the nature of the spyche.
And answer yes as the voice was inviting, as one needs to in another rest (sex) s-ex exess,

Obey. That keeps t at bay.
O BED ience.


In terest.

In a couple no need to be obeyed.
A catastrophe of love whece need din.

The pli polic politics ply ploy of the fraudl ulent.
The inexact, univestigated, vague, repetitive, unpragmatics, dogmatic, unconsiderate, unworkde, tasks, unasked for, imposed, without assess…assets tess.

There is no power as one counts to other subjectivities to hold on to it.
Corruption, and power ad as a deviance.

Prosititution against equality.
The day one is feeling equal to the service will try to spouse.
Or to find a spouse as a whole instead of sex investment , time and all. End al.
Dead. #

Per people.
Per =  pour = for, or through.

Kd ki
dikey offer for you to findit. Fine it. Finit.

$   oh no excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. £    no again gain it is that €, no that whore that I not wan t but have to say. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&77

On the top of a tree the branches go line k lind lki like a snake, snak   an sssssssssss, s as a dragon.
Just bwelow the dragon at the top a rhino whose heas and body was a WWWW whose side were shorter or wider apart to differentiate the horn.
Horn rhino no. hair.

More or less, morales.

i don't think that no one is allowed to say that heterosexual marriage is worn. wrong, and nor homos one.
homos have been - meanly when someone feels love and attraction, affection, whatever feeling brought them up to partener ship with another someone, kept in situation of civil and religious slavery, or more civil slavery through religo ego religion commands and s s usurpation of the an name of god for centuries. and there is days where it has to be gone.

Godless in lack.

thank you so much. have good day and luc k
luc = light.

believe in the same, equality so what does one do to redeem it.?

out sided. Box

Averate. Slur.

To th etheologist that let religoion preach dirty. You are not thoelogist, you are cunty.

Or one would abstain from raising religious filthiness caos sects are killing each other in ‘poorer countries’?
Even me that I write I don’t believe in a so altruistic part on that.
Why other sects leave some other sects openly teach pedophilia and gay bahsing in the same lesson?
 Cos they d aspire to that.
See cathy.


Pandora.              The door to all. That haven’t pray before that.
p---------------------------------------------------ray. Like preys.
Her or…error.
Definition: pander
Part of Speech
1. Yield (to); give satisfaction to.[Wordnet]
2. Arrange for sexual partners for others.[
3. To play the pander for.[
4. To act the part of a pander.[
5. Base verb from the following inflections: pandering, pandered, panders, panderer, panderers, panderingly and peredly.[
Eve - graph theoretic]
1. Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce).[Wordnet]
2. A male bawd; a pimp; a procurer.[
3. Hence, one who ministers to the evil designs and passions of another.[
Sources: compiled from various sources, (under license) copyright 2008. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, WordNet 3.0 Copyright © 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

"Pander" is a common misspelling or typo for: panders.

Kept, p        erfect
Fect. Affroisti sity.

Could be Pandora the act of keeping locked in for release the inner and dvivided sisorder and distortuion of effect. Feect, fact, factise,

So bad, the privatization of social activities that people will be deter put off deterrer coming to ……….i don’t know “Alzheimer’s society” pricey.

Pricey, princey.

Definition: eve
Part of Speech
1. (Old Testament) Adam's wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam's rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.[Wordnet]
2. The day before; "he always arrives on the eve of her departure".[
3. The period immediately before something; "on the eve of the French Revolution".[
4. The latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall); "he enjoyed the evening light across the lake".[
5. Evening.[
6. The evening before a holiday, -- from the Jewish mode of reckoning the day as beginning at sunset. not at midnight; as, Christians eve is the evening before Christmas; also, the period immediately preceding some important event.[
Sources: WordNet 3.0 Copyright © 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

"Eve" is a common misspelling or typo for: even, ever, Seve, vee, eves, neve, eave, reve, deve, yeve, RVR, meve, evet, DVD, Leve.

Date "Eve" was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1010. (references)

Note: Eve \Eve\, noun. [See Even, noun.]. (references)
Specialty Definition: eve
EVE Extensible VAX Editor Source: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing.
[Noun] The consort of Adam, and mother of the human race; so called by Adam, because she was the mother of all living. In this case,the word would properly belong to the Hebrew. But the Hebrew name is havah or chavah, coinciding with the verb, to shew, to discover, and Parkhurst hence denominates Eve, the manifester. In the Septuagint, Eve, in Gen.3.20, is rendered life; but in Gen.4.1, it is rendered Euan or Evan. The reason of this variation is not obvious, as the Hebrew is the same in both passages. In Russ. Eve is Evva. In the Chickasaw language of America, a wife is called awah, says Adair.. Source: Webster's 1828 American Dictionary.
1: (life), the name given in Scripture to the first woman. The account of Eves creation is found at (Genesis 2:21,22) Perhaps that which we are chiefly intended to learn from the narrative is the foundation upon which the union between man and wife is built, viz., identity of nature and oneness of origin. Through the subtlety of the serpent Eve was beguiled into a violation of the one commandment which had been imposed upon her and Adam. The Scripture account of Eve closes with the birth of Seth. (references)

2: Eve life; living, the name given by Adam to his wife (Gen. 3:20; 4:1). The account of her creation is given in Gen. 2:21, 22. The Creator, by declaring that it was not good for man to be alone, and by creating for him a suitable companion, gave sanction to monogamy. The commentator Matthew Henry says: "This companion was taken from his side to signify that she was to be dear unto him as his own flesh. Not from his head, lest she should rule over him; nor from his feet, lest he should tyrannize over her; but from his side, to denote that species of equality which is to subsist in the marriage state." And again, "That wife that is of God's making by special grace, and of God's bringing by special providence, is likely to prove a helpmeet to her husband." Through the subtle temptation of the serpent she violated the commandment of God by taking of the forbidden fruit, which she gave also unto her husband (1 Tim. 2:13-15; 2 Cor. 11:3). When she gave birth to her first son, she said, "I have gotten a man from the Lord" (R. V., "I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord," Gen. 4:1). Thus she welcomed Cain, as some think, as if he had been the Promised One the "Seed of the woman." Source: Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary.
EVE, see Mrs. Adam. Source: Who was Who: 5000BC - 1914.
1: For a young woman to dream that she impersonates Eve, warns her to be careful. She may be wiser than her ancient relative, but the Evil One still has powerful agents in the disguise of a handsome man. Keep your eye on innocent Eve, young man. That apple tree still bears fruit, and you may be persuaded, unwittingly, to share the wealth of its products.
2: To dream of this ancient character, denotes your hesitancy to accept this ancient story as authentic, and you may encounter opposition in business and social circles because of this doubt. Source:
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted ....

in 2 fuck the cureton.
I think that this allegory made for male are in fact warning against insest, incest, sect.
The couple is forbidden to reproduce or in fact o to fornicate in the all bible.
Not a n interdiction of sex but interdiction to have children that one cannot bear through live as a genuine and concerned and fair parend ts. Not feardom.
Par rend. Rent. Rend erring. Ring. Nir, nier. Genisse.

God children, chill rd rain.
Child      shield.

this is meat. lurid and dead flessh, fresh assassine.
Ass, as(s), in.

That never it has be concluded in this lecture that prostitution is work. As yet still university is tax payers paid and is to defend activities that beneficiate society and not the ones that condition people to sold s-od s-old their soul and defend what they know as violation and penetration perpetration raped organized and console by money – hell direction.

That there is the consept of ‘familly honor’ = whatever parents, siblings, cousins, or in fact whoever pertain to the communities and of whom one can know what happen to them, to avoid to jugde while believing faked accuse ation. Of fake sentiment or feeling conducing to akward justice or reality rendering.

= if you touch the person I love = I love in the sense of human. I even of course the person I don’t love, but since we act in our live through our live of affect and proscription.
I ll let you think otherwise or at least acto other wise to prostitution legislatinf. Touch them and the honor. Will hon or…hor or.
For those interested by question of discrimination on ot of the groups that are visibly the more decimeated by and through prostitution I sthe migrant.

Order. D
Red, raid          or       dro draw.

Desert. Sect
S dissension sense ness.
Nset nest.

Silent,             tnelis.
Nail          hell

Discuss disrupt          rut.
Crust, cusp     cust.

Kill   lick
Cull. Lluc.          The concept of culling, like in Christ ian  tradiction    I am  I an         I a m on I am on one.

Jay die.                     Jay of water and of light.
Space,           ace pace.                 Espece  -= -species.

Rednow.           Renove.


Ful          luf.            Laugh           lif.

Won  her.
Last as perpetual or as final         lan if.           Lane whether

Herod, error, her rod. Harrods. Harry, stick potter    retro top to protect no less mummy than the princes playing to go to war, and then polo. Elop.
Fcuk       uk connection           sUcK  suc.

Pen elop.
This one for t unvisr versity, diversity.

El ra         el cari m.
Hell carry rim.
Car oll in.

Myhrr cale. Cull        mira

Cunt,        nuc       eunuc,
Trump. Rump.

Warrior.           Roi         raw              rio  oir     rioT        roar.
Row like grove and rutland.


Host y.
T so,       saut.

Roughe = red.
Ge = je  = i
Ge – jeux = game, play

J eux.

A pal.



Mond.     Could say mon = mine          and D =day.

Are women more likely to cry as the e retention of water is on e of their particularity remarkable.
Able le bela.

To w own a man or a woman in the sense that what you get as spouse is not the one you are supposed to see or oversee to be killed. The kilning.

Own, won

In front of an event as much historic that Scotland seeking independence instead of seeing the prime ministers do everything to meet the reeal demands and legitimate concerns of the region, nothing is done, as it is no one tatters an ounce more chear clear that the politicians would never start doing their job properly and protect environment and population instead of making money exploiting everty thing, litter ex cuse me.
The need for independence is in fact a need for making juridistion smaller as it is easier to reach, assess or control a disfuntioning boss in a region than in a country, or in fact maybe.
Or the control one can have other a person wielding democracy or anti democracy is as dangerous as tnt.

So how do t we proceed?       Hoooooooooooo nesty.

To concentrate very hard not to manage doing something, lace one’s shoes, but to do it with pleasure.
;plea assure.

Plea        few pleas   sael          sale            sahel.   Saha = merci in arabic
;pleas   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

If they don’t take me’ .; ill take them.


Animal eater, fake humane, gene on demeure.

face on faeces

blood, fatty, and sugary. ?

mthaphorically, the concept of honor is very important, as it takes any thing to kill every parameters  contributing to prostitution for examples.
The pimop, pinop, the society that permits, incentives, the production of inequal exchange,
Sex we know is intraseque to people couple, marriage, and will affect demands upon the way everyone is doing a job (= making money to have a wife?, making money to have protection, (including the harem and the one turning around) the ls laverisation of the body (organs, fertility,

Sexual excitation on the willing of making the other come, the exchange of bodies…….a realative appurtenance and consonance, excitation coming from

‘production and reproduction’

'usual' sensual


ok so you try to introduce your friend, or you define yourself by ther her.

if u r extremely fit you should go with a photo. you do arts? and politics? you r butch perhaps

 ‘identity strag tegies’, ‘communication accomodation’, ‘language ideoli ogicla ideological process’, ‘spelling reform’ and ethymology, ‘production and reproduction’, ‘diglossia’, ‘linguistics resources for socialiszing humanity’, ‘code-switching’, ‘language right’, sociolinguistics of blobalizaiotn’, ‘interaction of language and social life’, ‘peotics and performance as critical perspectives’, ‘humour, power and gender in the workplace’, ‘social functions of small talk and gossip.
Sociolinguistics, coupland, n and jaworski, a.

To talk in order to postpone catastrophe or limited it, or refine good and providenctial wind fall,

We ar a group of writers, repr od rep orting aborting aort fact and ideas. Free from juma ping from head to ear and back again. And modify it.

Bbc 2 13 march horizon: out of control
Revolution internet is nothing when one will detect what in the brain is happening, a little bit mrore , and on this brain of others species.

 Imagine prostitution full time impact on the body and mind.
When society is free = god job good juob job that every one can thrive on it, well couples forms without having to exult violence to ask money for sex, or to see sex as an office financial activity, a business, an industry, a factory. Fact on tory.
Sex is intraswqually with body liberty and not constraint. With family and couple and not professional. With exploration and not banality. With novely, a result of a  relationship, an acto of entirety, the way one give one’s body like one’s mind. 

Compare work with just having to be a fucking cunt.

On the basis that state cannot recevi tax coming from sexual, intimate activity, pertaining to the sexual sphere, as prostitution is distrurbing healthy sexual relationship as a ‘social activity for couples, the foundation of the wellfar mentally and physically of all individual.
Now I am not going in your garden to see if you are paid a cake to get laid, but the possibility of doing so to cje ceheck I fyou work the minimum to ensure what other’s work product bring you, and how you repaid.

Fact the hear t of the business, prostitution as residue of poverty or trauma or cuasin it.
Ps: as a sex consumer, if you take my potential girlfriend cos there is no job or just because you own more than me as a n effect of accumulation of po property, violation and abuse and priority, that you steal me then from having a relationship based on honesty and equal exchange, then carfeful to my ensure and future ………let’s anxiety, agnoshing.

Ngnose agonishign.

My grant.

Genital mutilation in ore der not to feel, for the rape to go on without sexual appetite or the high energy associated with ‘coming’ des not go on the awy, say way.
To perform sex as no sex.
And in order not to be the aim anylonger of the action = make one’s partner come. And association with criteria of desirability = assess one’s partner and one’s will to have relationship.

Arach, eid.
Arrach = pull ou t in french

di·glos·si·a  (dô, -gl
The use of two markedly different varieties of a language in different social situations, such as a formal variety at work and an informal variety at home.


Humanity, humility. Huminity. Tini hum. meuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Many many many a manu Military.

Doc of manu.

i d like to buy my domain th eproblem is that i am known as inthenameofhumanrights.wordpress.
would my readership find me if they type my old adress?

Ceop. Cup

Et ton.

Daed, dad
Deda le
Ad ed.

In a lot fo of cases a leader deemed to be a tyran, a monster… would be the one killing their subjects, when the ones killing abroad seen as a conquerant, a hero.

Or would the land eh want to conquiert would have c vbecome these potential subject, pi potentce
The realm of god.

‘don’t be pedo, just be a muslo im’

Have one’s own children, for protection, physical and financial, the way also where efforts and good can be gagthered, may make earlier and numerous act of reproduction as ‘for the spot education’ question of survival.
Also to decide to marry younger people with older people seen as a ncessesity to have within the couple someone mature to guide the household = children, and family decision and attitude within the community.
When comes the explanation, forget about justification, as in a honorable society reproduction, and children, wife, spouse, whatever abuses, should not be justified. But their conditions modified.

The design of camouflage on the fatu igues are of phantomatical shpain shaping.

Pr porno is coerced as selling sex is coerced by money and its game of torture and discrimination trauma induced slavery connected.
Prostitution should not be tolerated in a way that it supposed that people might have their body to intrasequally be lo solding, one’s body as organs, as link with reproduction, link with intimisation. And would spread the how one as to indulge and yield in an automatic, deprived of soul, sexual activity.
I mean why have sex in that case only because you know how to wank and would lke to be additionaly prompted ou of desire comind from something inner. Automatisation of sex would say that anyone is logically in right and position to ask sexual favor for accommodation. = recruiting people out of sexual attraction instead of thei r pre professional performances outerly unliked with their intimity, that should stay intimate by the way, as a way of constructing one’s particularity and one’self in safety. The start for finitude. When the sepecise as for aim sex as a general activity, all the more outside the private sphere, then is the last of the extinguished.
As species are nothing without its outing, and every other bien g vig being.
In outer disbelief.


yes, vegetarism should be obligatory while the industry develop a vegan diet completely satisfactory.

I did work with men,,,not that it rendered me manly ;-)

Victims of human trafficking won’t complain being ill trated by fear of beins send back to retaliation or by fear of the law of western countries, not knowing the laws they would think that they ar at the image of the countries they are from, or at the image of the western reaction in international context i.e, exploit people for 1 © smf  and € or £ a day.
Such a rule applied to any abuses, to ba be so stunned that this might happen, that this do happen, to try and alone heal the blow infliceted, and of course not knowing that laws instead of being prevailin gthmesevles, if one don’t know about them existin to protect people, then if you complain lest’ say 3 months after, in some case your complaints won’t be taken.

History talked about the females under the signpost of men, as human were regfareded as being animal, herad herd, as their action was considered as a whole, fthe furti of not the person but the r transicence and transhumance. Mean mea men meaning the head, the force, includdind men and woman.
Like one would describe a herd of ddeer, in saying deer instead of deer and does.

Change in communities and the dread of changing priorityies. Maybe not as a whole but compared to danger ,illness, and invasion.l

When rights man mean over consupmption, unshared pratcitise, unreciprocal attitude, unsustainable looting (that is a redundance), over consumption, lacf of production in the sense of dirlling what is store in nature or people without stratedgies aiming at leaving nature in her state and replacing what once taken.
On the contra try. Contract.

Thinking that the dog we had in ones childhough have died through hear t attack and discovering he had been pout down as one’s parent moved to a flat, and cry like one’s cry one’s mummy.
Ymmum. Immune.

While taking serious issues, and performing them, alongside deeming humour a redemption or relativisation, should be treated as a luxure… i.e what is humour, what is creative speech aiming at tackling. Whatever the tackling is the object, the ture reasons for inspirations, art, sciences, realigion.

Obsolete.  Hobbes sole ette.
Soi sb obi.

Comme dirait mami tiens mon pettis cheri ca cest pour ton enf lotte, efnlets. anglais. .

Wahtever big one is, they need to open their legse for their body to go on oned aday, to go on? Just fro survivient ng as stretching si a uncountournable way.

To be asked if one is not racism, a tool to aubuse, as who is so dumb to be reacist, but who is nto the victims and perpetrators of revolting discrimination?

To speak about racism and other discrimination, at the very time where we should not talk but ve be brother(and sisters, not oblitat ring the u cunts no)

How the spin is holding, the vacillation that will permit her to turn around her weight and center of levitation and gravity. In between lying, standing as in fact being propulsed by an upwards way, or tilting in case the toss had been upaside down capsizeing her shpape content and density. Authority.

In favor of the defendant, he was a first class student, not wanting o rnot expecting to want so little cash as money and advice for essays are provided by the ap parent.

To take a snapshot of someone smilling and go in detail, magnified, the tension of an mouth that is opening or the light in the eyes evaporation.
‘These might contain adult humour that some people might fin offensive’
South park.

These, ease.

As patriarchalism and matriarachalism, one another usually protecting each other, are a trail of puftas and butcherine, they forbid homosxexulaity as it would be to obvious the way they think
And at it would be too obsvious the way one’ would heal.
And contravene constraint of love and identity.

The charms of being interviewed is tha to you are by sodo stars of the media, that know nothing about the subjects, that is the other one can answer whatever no investigation in depth can happen, as trick is easy as and expert in sider trade, only that here the innocent agrees to be the innocent and it is the political game played to presnt dom someone seemingly educated in every single thing but the matter of each of their interviewes, program subject compare to their guests.

Men are all poufats that con’t have the couratge to say it on top otf it.
As for the females, well tfind sowmeon fin with something else thatn a cunt f to express it.

And these guyes passing nonchalantly saying to you like the sultan that you and your girlfriend should not be, forget that one can finish like not a sultan and find other king, mutan, but a mutton. Not allahm but allhal.

The fire from ones destruction the one that one will burn in it, and the ashes on this one not the one needed decimation.

On sexual appreciation, as marriage are a sad, enforced, deprived of freedom, the lecture about sexual activity is that one won’t rim you , not love enough for looking after you r body like one spouse has to look after one’s soul.

Studp id tepid. Looking at people with old clothres or not change every  moring like if they were old sod, as the only think people respect is the money.
And to whom worship work, I tell them that if they find that work is enough then soon work will be how to stay undead.
The concept of work used through generation was not only to do with paid and getting thing done, but the works, profre gress and whence huaman and rest safety, as much as survavil by evolution.
Paid work as a waste is the one threatening evolution as they are the statu quo in what people need, ie.e find the spiritual way with dealing t with the sense of existence. Cial, ciel, see all = sky.

Coal, stone, cold. Clos. Cloud.

The argument of working all the time sufficient to pretense to tenfold salaries, overall arbritary, embrasee, embrasse of abuse of power…
When this working all the time signify to network with othr whores, where the ddestination of efforts is to know who sleep with whom and how other works will be used to peroanl accumulation of wealth at the detriment of other ‘s’ well being, animal environmental and beyond included.
Yes religious.

You are for female genital mutilation?
Well logically enough, I chop ya.
And on a male won’t have the same effects, on the weakest.

yes, yes, it is what i think. no choice. it is not about having a choice on the food you eat, it is that you have no rights killing animals. i am with you. sorry for my writing it is not every time clear

where are you from?
ok i guess, could be tchequie?
week end all work, i replace my colleague.
i work with someone with alzheimer. i like this job. but we almost don't work in healt and care we are the servant, for b people that are treated so that their ability diminish by the day. boring and sometimes insulting agree. are you up to brighton?

To say that marry a child is in fact worshipping a child, or marrying or making them as a specific a sap space within the society


ok good week end then. you r a runner mean marathon?
or advertisment?
ah ok tac.
is it gay also? it is a shame to be gay, cos you tent to belong to smaller organisation, i would like to meet vegan people more in fact.

Appropriate, appropriation.

Example of mail activity at work.
ok for in the woods in the morning or at sunset, but there i would be worried about not catching you up. catching with you more. lol
in fact i am rather priviledge because even today i am actually at work, and i already have to convince my boss to let me drag him to brighton.
next week would be awsome.

You are too good to them (rest of population). I would not give them that choice and make everyone to be vegans. Maybe if they eat less meat and dairy products they would have more positive thoughts and maybe stop thinking about killing each other.

ok for in the woods in the morning or at sunset, but there i would be worried about not catching you up. catching with you more. lol
in fact i am rather priviledge because even today i am actually at work, and i already have to convince my boss to let me drag him to brighton.
next week would be awsome.

I was about to answer you yesterday but messages are limited on my gaydar. I hope you had a good night sleep. Never be so good in poetry that is worth reading longer.
My evening free are Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. By all means if you got one interesting one to see just let me know 3 hours before, and go there. In London it is crucial to have the good opportunities in flats. Look forward seeing you.

In a world where e people are adk asked to behave discretly not by

Did I know what was love?   
That if I reacted like that, not assuring an unwawing commitment while sh e was not returning my mials, o rmeasagees, or attentions...
Love was the stuff in which you believe I enough to have you rlife, your carer, you ropporutinity of a destiny changed. And her had the right to let me, waitn, for no snap, for just being rather nicely ok bu t all the same ignored.

‘god is our strenght’

‘rejoy in the lord’

To be straight = to be faithful or being honest and you come out, bi?

 Seuxuality as a core concern as high sensation, replace by beyond transmission.
= felt attraction for aim to communicate psychically conscioiusly by producting beyond . = spiritual.
Means of reproduction and evolution, spiritual spirit communication.

The universal.

N univ, vin,

The vin of the chalice, the mes nsturation of a woman. Women really, the gold of baby born. And fuck any physical fake superiority.

Superitority = fake

Computer. Punter.
Complicated. Tack       ill  mock.

Dedicated. Cided, Seeded.

 i deeply agree on animal welfare. problem is is like human rights story. you find out so many people with who you ll disagree about the real ethics. so many people that would do that just for fun, just to be paid, that write often rubbish or only little lithany, that they would not apply, or that they would apply while doing aside stuff top crappy. unless you find the people with whom you totally agree and is complementary in the sense that your work espouse it, and each other i find team work or organisation a counterproductive work as association, however presenting a danger, coping with issues and real violiatons, might distill and hide the truth and its emergency or spread  falsity.
but one sure is sure is that we need them.


Need, deen.

Thruth,                 rut,         tur,       na – tur.

Spree, heed.


Crap, parc.

St hics
Estate hics.
Et hics. Tic.


Emerge, den, d gently gency.

Falsity, laf de seat, laugh.

Rape is used as a shaming, in orde to shame women, as they are the target of it, as saying you are women you cannot escape it. When rapist is the society, when self defense should perim eter permit people to do whatever if someone is endangered their body integrity.
It is why the degree of shame is so strong because these crimes are let happen only because of an overall violation of the individual,  and individuals implicated. The ones that have been victims or by act or by threat, and the ones still running other people by theis grandiose threat very perilous to avod avoid, very hard if perpetrators are of cinn connivance between them and the bystanders or the perpetrators who discretly incentive such horridity in order to exploit pep people to the last degree.
The shame is the long lasting sentiment of being violented every day as no one will do as much as anything to attempt to prevent, to redeem the way higher and harder that the threat project itself , lurk in  every coren corner.

Ethics ethernal.

Agree, grace,

T- ry. To – ry.

S in french is the pronunciation of est ce? Is it?

Milton jones comic.
‘we little know about th eaaster, so I ask to come in, and they answer no’

Per map.
Se Pamer

Just sense of only, bare, e mean, average, norm.
Or in the sense ofjustice.

Of, oft. Tof  ettofe

Story. Yr, ost, or store and ots.
Host, hot.
Rost. Roast. Row haste.
So are, sore.
Sort. = go out in frace farce french
Farce = joke and filling (cooking obviously).

Ce sea. Sea ce. Cease.
Seas on.


The country has to belong to the state in order to avoid it to be the possession of private. De privation. Rive, rival, prim riv vet.

Alla, the (h)all of feminity.

Peek, keep.

 now there it is i ll dream of this and be in joy. at uni no a single place where there is silence. and you come and make me a drawing of the perfect day. :(

breathing and send the oxygen in the attende spot.

Con, noc.
Know d knock the floor.

Floor, o roolf. Rule, roll.
Cable capable.

War, ward, raw, draw.

same, mass. Ssam.


“ im a full irish breed have papers and all”

I am relax. This is one of my quality. Although I might be a stressed person sometimes. Thank to cooking, time for thinking, for exercising my body… and take the time to do what I enjoy and think I am good at. I suppose it is why I might say that I am cool, in that way. Yoga, deploy, pilates, sunbathing, grande all that.

I ll talk to you lavishly about it. When you have to analyse the acauses of such tortures and miseries, you need to heal in a way.

Cause, acuse. Accuse.
Acute, obtuse, opt us. Sue.

Just to say i look forward for having a bread (cake), break : our vegan meal peace.

Meal piece while people are killing, assassinating other souls, and destroy the very spirituality.
Irt I rital = Italian

it is cool for me how you communicate. usually people deem me to practise extrem writing and stop the discussion.

 thank you for being vegan :) and active.

 sounds very good what you say. it is like a religious prayer.
you know some men are very brave and loving and humble and would defend an orphean. how many stories goes with women raping their sons, seeling their daughters...i want to discuss this with you. but me all women certainly not. we are equal they are as much as in the good like in the worse of worst and bad.
 we need males, as we dare, we have to dare need all individuals. i like males as they display quality i can inspire to, even if it is tos look after my children or my lady, or a mate. we need diversity. maybe you react to males that would force  heterosexuality?
we need as complete as one might be. e.i with the balls anb breat breast. .

maybe enforce heterosexuality was a mean archaic as it is to stry marriage and faithful accoupling.
I the sense that love story and freedom could not suit everybody, culd not be lieved by everyone as world too dangerous, so the mean of stability was to forbid it to everybody.

The yes eues eyes reflecting the soul, as it is managing to live one’s emotion while going one to see or tran slucing, to think without even live in the sense that the time has stopped for you don’t see no more not of being l blind but of having transport one’s mind and spirit elsewhere, and to see in a flash what doors it opened- and terrain. Terre-rain.
Darkness of the soil and humidity, the pupil as the core of the entry of the ceaseless volcano vol-can.
Vol, flight lov.
Flee, filth, file, thief, stole.

ok in that case you ll tell me about this book. i ll go back home. jim keeps on wandering around at night. one month i sleep 5 hours the nights i look after him. i go straight to bed today. any how i am an early bird. well, when there is no one to enlight my evenings. i dream to be able to spend my evenings reading, computering, chatting also with someone. but this might prove extremely difficult to find...girls...!!!!!! well, one, i am everything but machista.
plenty of love.

rp pro state.


Ire rish. Higher ish.

Content, net noc (knock)

Ex-lain. Ex-lain.
Ex-lane and ex-pereience
Ex-plan, beforehand.

Anal, lane.

Hat, hate.

Sacred, case, rcas, craze. Are case,

Maybe it si dirty, maybe it is horrid, and how selfish, but once you are the real lard target of insignificance, you start ending to prioritiwse as a response the why and intellectualization of the reasons of dynamics of bullying by shits .postich.
Label. La belle. Le bal.


To rediscover love and explore has been an explosion literaly. Art prop. Pore. Le tra la la, l art la femme.

Mefiance = distrust, distance

Fiance. Finance.
Ec      niais  naif.
Heck, he see.  See he.

.  See he. Sea

See saw, sew-age.

Ega             l

Balls, llab. Lab.
Laboratoru, b labo lavoratoru.

Dick, cid, seed, kid.

The vampire like a snake, his rattle and canine. Hisssssssss.
Eri pmar pmar pmav.             Rat, tar. Latter. Letter.

Henm hene,
 Hen neh.

It is not ppeering at people but at their organs, vital, such as the brain. Brina.
Ppeer, pree, pr pere. To commute energy. Death is in whith when fini ished. Ush.

My series of writng can not be studied cho ronologically, as ag ftermath corrections are not recorderd.

People who romantise vampirism and vampiristic shceme s and scheme shism is the ones that tried to be without reussite. Succed. Succeed, succeed. Suceder. Yeils yell yied.  By fear of weakness? No by lack of degree pedigree? Agro. Gromel gromeler, grogner.

Bu lack of conviction.
Conviction, prison.

I was getting ready. Still in bed, what do you mean? And as soon as I got what you meant an irrepressible feeling for more of lying, down the dive duvet.
So you were at work and you got a bread, a break, I am addict to hydro, carbo, at 8 30 or there is the time when there is fewer colleagues in the tumbling vicinity.
Am at uni.
What were you doing on your computer last night? J
You were right, it is today the first day of spring, just after thinking that I cannot be wrong, I remember that I already swore it is on the 21st to be taught that it is on the 20th also.

It s also because I am superstitious I like doing best stuff or in fact let the destiny call me on what wll have to stay and be marked in my memories as special and specific day. Lol.
On Justificative piece.

last week i replace my colleague for a wedding. this week i asked her just now to replace me, caus my essay is making me suffering. i hand it over next tuesday. consequence i don't work on saturday. i d like to do a little thingy = i don't know what, as my saturdays are usually work day.

last week i replaced my colleague for a wedding. this week i asked her just now to replace me, caus my essay is making me suffering. i hand it over next tuesday. consequence i don't work on saturday. i d like to do a little thingy = i don't know what, as my saturdays are usually work day.

fees of uni, institutuion intellectual prostitution as knowledge is based of progress and real progress a shared in the sense of undetrimental and free from discrimination.

He see.
Icy, like if the world we see should in our head by the representation of the av bsolute of what we know be the end of what we are, what we know, and iss in fact the dead end of our imagination, pouvoir, and spirit energy.
Pwer, meant CAN, to be al ble to.

 so funny. what it is kind of the tantric one, join psychiquely?
am not organised, my sophistication is limited.
don't worry if you are a bit late, i wont mind.
can assist with the diner, some yoga, and reading.
you get two names, i love eve and its compound. i thought your name was tannia. ode like poetry.

Eve meaning and name origin
Eve \e-ve\ as a girl's name is of Latin and Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Eve is "life, animal". Derived from Latin Eva, from Hebrew Havva. Biblical: name of the first woman, created from one of Adam's ribs. Aoife is the Gaelic form. Actress Eve Arden; pop musician Eve.
Eve has 19 variant forms: Aoife, Eba, Ebba, Eva, Evaleen, Evelina, Eveline, Evelyn, Evetta, Evette, Evey, Evey, Evie, Evita, Evlyn, Evonne, Evvie, Evvy and Evy.
For more information, see also related names Chava, Hava, Yeva and Evangeline.
Baby names that sound like Eve are Ave, Ava, Evia, Evah, Eeva, Iva, Ivy, Ivie, Ivey and Ivee.
View a list of the 12 names that reference Eve.

the ribs, like in a cage.

head, he had.
Aches acid.

i understand,  ( . . . ) i recall, that you might well wear black tomorrow. i am entering a meditational state at present. re-entering.

Enter, etern,

Hiss lame nick

Nick, cin, sin, seen.

Cien, sienne, his or hers.

 you see i am up now cannot sleep 'the customer' as british called 'service users' is up. you will have not to mind my having unearthy appareances today.

When an individual is suffering at least they cannot have much more sexual activity. And sometimes people would say at last, while promiscuity is kicking.

To bein the beast, bits and pieces.

To abolish slavery and make everyone servant of everyone, ties the countries in capitalist bourgoisy. The liberals.
Uk ku, cut. Cute

Warsaw rebuild after the bombing of ww 2 , like the old town was.

To kill the intellectuals to create vassal states in order to exploit them agriculturally. So why are we killing the universities.
Exam tables.

 none, we are in the living but he wants to 'sleep' in the armchair. my life is definitely a high source of exitment.
today i work with him till 2 pm if he accepts to go back in his house in time. but let's admit that with this type of activities one hardly need sleeping.
i hardly need the cake to motivate me to come. might need any additional boost though so thank you.

still you are training for being a yoga teacher, on top of assuring running and supplying. so if on top of my physical possible inferiority i am incentived to eat even more than usual, we could face a body performance gap. :) in fact more like :( but hey. but well before you can see the result of my diet and work out, i ll have to insist that i am virtually free from junk you see. *

*if possible could you take that into account while weighting me.

it really takes so long to terrify you. you really ain't girly.
i liked running slow. enjoying landscapes and thought and ideas.
still i am paid to move a little. for me sport at the moment is that way.

i think more that you are incredibly real positive. am complete curious.
well i am not one looking for sociolizing, i could train you to run for you to get more competitive when you get there. :) could.
i ll see you at vitarorg, honey. if i appear to be tired you ll pardon me?

i have to come out.
one of what reassured me on your profile is that you said you don't talk much. it made me at my ease (as your company does) because i am a very quiet person. the reason for this is that my of my main love is as silent as gold and one of the ami main causes is the practise of writing, for example, reading or whatever else you want to melt with medidation, not medication but meditation.
but this is just theories, as we have to know each other. i was very happy last night, even if my intellectual concentration is declining sometimes (for a more instinctual one) i could have listened to you all night Eve it would just have made me happier.
Mefir md md medire.

I could not believe it, I ve had the most lazy day since months on end. I just have a shower and came by drop to uni- don’t have internet home-. What I experienced in fact was insomnia during daylight, time for contiguous continuous most cotonous dreams draping all in wrappest warm as agreeable as …
The cupcake, I understand your stubborn acute fascination for them. You know what they are? Gateau. They equal the best patisserie (see french) I ve ever had. But still two is too much, my fatness cumbersome me, and more of this richness if renewed would duplicate me – as I don’t deserve it.  I cite three flavors to give you a choice with consonances. However falling short of revealing (to me or well you (veil-wield) my favorite perfume.
On favors. Rove half, on affray.
Fevers, Feathers. vegan and bird born free.
 Feather, fever, and what takes to fly.

afar the idea to criticise in any way. just a remark. i know you are looking for a new job and this is probably far reached in most cases but i am sure that recruiters would perform internet research. it is about the pic you use for your profile on facebook. well ok one cannot see your face but your name. no, no, it is super astute the maxi of sauciness for someone who work for uniforms...i mean to be honest is so sexy, that if i were your girlfriend i would be howling all night, and if you were my secretary the ire risk of doing it all day.  
 just an idea, the photo with your beer for facebook for someone who drinks twice a year.
recruitment , just an idea, is just a supposition. i think they use it.

no they could go to the net, type your name and then fb would come up. just to know how you socialize for example. perhaps find hints at political or other activities... a blog. to access personal details that they would otherwise never obtain. to decide on 'character' :)
don't be embarrassed it s absolutely brilliant; and amusing.

 but why the hell are you feeling sorry all the time?! me i rather feel that i d like much more to tell and hear.

 ps: you knew i dug your fb picture ve moment your name appear on the emails-odej did not appear beforehand certainly cos you sent it from different hardwear. just before saying you 'in reality' actually!! 

did it feel like i had let you down? i thought i also talked pretty much. it is just i have in horror to talk about my intimate life in front of others = people i am not talking to, the passers by, the guys next table. also my love live has been so empty that i am not happy to explain it thouroughly while i stay in the same mayhem of a situation. my problem is that i have got recurrent themes (such as pollution! recycling! Ravosjom ravishing the all lot. it is true, the damn reality! people flee me as the most boring creature) well as much long yet they are alive they, go away or elude, can still (...)
it don't appear just yet, but once you know me a little i admit it is genuine repetitions on the verge of being crimes that i am likely to be committed.

it is just the thing they are for me: most exciting subjects. so where is the guild then, anything left?
i feel disgustingly guilty, when i start to think that i have just given to much time to my personal, leisure life. i know that without sport my body would collapse, without feeding the birds my mind would molasse, without poetry my tongue would fatigue...but there is always a point where i think that going on on more individualist occupation (as long as you don't write poetry to communicate with other or refine your body in view of a professional activity, to be a better teacher, and the word liberator, to just arrange a posture and made an otherwise strain become a healing matter) i ll lost my soul and its combat. then it is the time i close myself like an oyester. cos i need to my comput and book come back, i do that even to my mummy, that is sometimes like and worse than me. i am quite a case actually. but if i cannot do it i feel i am dying. my mum speaks very seldomly. when she does the fav subject is history and cooking (but i don't like this one cos she uses it as i don't speak of anything else than weather like: condone and condemn).

 a m not talking about my speech so since your already specify that i could not 'hold up the conversation'; but do you feel my 'peasantry'/working class unrefined cash clash i am afraid like present kind, okey? don't worry about the world that strings it is one of my autistic favorite play. something i cannot stop, so it is true that people start find it boring, we are done. not maliciously or grudginly simply cos is the way i enjoy. my toy like the sudoku, for me to relax and establish a relation (to words and (human) being): it s my thing. the th-ing.  

Guilt.   Tliug, twig.


as vegan, we still stay with the guilt of veg killing.



Reel, lyr.
El exit.

District, instit, territory. Terror, error, Barbary, animality, cosmology.


Enlarge picture
First page of the Gospel of Mark in Armenian, by Sargis Pitsak, 14th century.
A gospel is a writing that describes the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. The word is primarily used to refer to the four Canonical gospels: the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, and Gospel of John. The word is also used for non-canonical writings such as the Gospel of the Hebrews and Gospel of Thomas. The term "gospel" refers also to the message itself of the four gospels or of the whole New Testament. See the separate article here.
Main article: Evangelium
The word gospel derives from the Old English gōd-spell [1] (rarely godspel), meaning "good news" or "glad tidings". It is a calque (word-for-word translation) of the Greek word εαγγέλιον, euangelion (eu- "good", -angelion "message"). The Greek word "euangelion" is also the source (via Latinised "evangelium") of the terms "evangelist" and "evangelism" in English. The authors of the four canonical Christian gospels are known as the four evangelists.

L = aile = wing
R = ari, air.

Questions fo marriage and uprising the most important as they are the very nerve of all instituitions, the individuals development, education and trading. J

A pigeon on a tree, verdoyant. Athlete going down, up and on all sides searching for food and scrubbing the twigs perhaps itching, needing a massage for sure, needling and cudling, just caressing the tree the pigeon with its body and feathers jungles in touching.
Care. C? Sera. Que sera sera.

c:it cannot be really underestimated, we all very well known what is the danger of racism in france boosting the mafia, that of course rip off people serving themselves with underlying and overwhelming discourses of inequality.

regarde man, mam, nelly   yllen. helen, honor. Eleanor. D ‘aquitain.
nelly = gay man. or careful, acknowledged woman.

you should not it is your in-cover fb pic after all.
yes, but not exactly.
1-she ain't nice or not to me if to all other people
2-my mum is beyond beautiful, that belongs to my unperishable.
 i mean i am a lesbian yes. and i have one brother. no sisters of mine.
it reminds you the all village that accuse your mouma for you to have fallen as a homosexual. if only we could joke of that.

saved from what?
the love i ve got for her- i mean it is no incest. or the hate that could destroy the lives of love?
 cos me i think that the logics teach us that it is only through love that one reincarnates.

And it is also just that it is to love to bits not your wife but your mum and then retransmit this love for the gift of life to your children.  The love of patience and compassion. The one in between generation, observing change and dragging comprehension.
The necessary difference between mum and wife I don’t know. I ll try to make a chapter the day I finish this essay, if any.
The undifferential maybe.
Ps: don’t freight too much when you don’t understand what I wrote, I type quick and reread rarely. I ll do reread what I send to you the day the pressure is off.i.e uni.
eve people accuse the mum for being responsible, and incest, weakness or unsubmission  to the nasty is on the plate. am a dike you know means that i heard everything about homos due to my being  conspiciously out.
i forgot to send the remaining part. just don't read.  
i am not sorry for the rubbish i write but just if ... you don't like it.
i did not misunderstand you. i ll write less ok. well anyhow if you are revolted by what i write, you ll write me sorry some or another day. 
ok here the fact:

 you said nothing to save us. let's suppose. ok let s suppose nothing. take the case when the porks (dead meat) ruin the live of two lovers, or the live of a family, or any lifes. but take the case where you are threatened with the well being of your mother = be homo and we torture your family, take an extrem they are killed. our souls make us know that love true love would make us revive, return on earth to avenge love and then go back to it in peace (= entire and unthreatened). for love there is no danger.

yes thank you very much. come and just burst all what i do around my tight deadline in the middle of this final. i mean i am always bore to death at heart why would you come and disturb that= the exclusive interest for my babies? in the down hell of me performing a b.a. i ll have all night to search reasons to forgive you. and day.  i ll close my yahoo, i check it so i can see emails popping. whatever happens, take pity, spare me. for the goodness of god.i wish it was more fun than irony. irony on my self, each one her speciality.

 eve, i cannot start this fucking trafficking argument. help me.

wait wait, it is criminology not law. then i never obtain more than a pass cos i pretend to do sort kind of philo in every module but in the philo ones where i went so mystic that she did not even read none of it. i ll always have had some weakeness for teachers. mind in law philo and yoga especially. mum has a degree in law. by the way.

Unfinished degree, my grandma so undermined her that she went off, run away with my father that went on the project. On and on. It is why I don’t put a feet there any longer.
She almost never says, never has said, a world, a word my mum, to me anyway. I exaggerate. She did talk to me. And my grandma, well, suffered a lot.

subject:"gendered violence." And attached documents.
 i kiss you tomorrow. well let's hope that after reading that you still want to speak to somebody.
just tomorrow don't get angry; reading.
i ll work night tomorrow i swopped. what time you want me on sunday, just to know if i take my clothes at work or no. oh also a little info, but still of quite an importance. i am grungy.  but don't matter. as long as i have time to put on other than farmers at work clothes...i hope it is not too much. i love your impeccalbe style i admit- I admit cos I d admit everything to ya-. cotton exhaust the soil, clothes made by children, my gear might be around 30 years old but not vintage, of real wear and use. and i love them. if i could i would wander like that all day. well but on sunday.

me that was feeling guilty, or a bit like a conventional made dummy, doing nothing at work...well at least , on my own account, it reassures me.
it is not the answer to your question.
sleep now. [-( not talking

much more impersonal and still politics. well done.

Adam meaning and name origin
Adam \a-dam\ as a boy's name is pronounced AD-um. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Adam is "earth". From "adama". In Hebrew, it is a generic term for "man". Biblical: in the Genesis account, he was the first man created from the red earth of Eden.

adam. Mada m



Eve evolution evaluate

The dogs should like average the people not deeming them worth entering the hom.e

no there is something that you haven't told me which is quiete unbelievable, as the trends is more to say that no one can understand what i write, unclear, irrelevant, longish, out of the blue, second ranking, baby, ...not english.

 i send to you quite a few, and you made no complaints whatesoever, for me it is a true genuine prime. i think i love you.

To love or just be together?
ok but why easier? also the little love that one has for oneself and that let them hope to look after someone in particular and be looked after.
look for-wards.

My mum
The y-of appartenunce.

Confounding belonging with respect. Receptacle.
Family what autonomy? Auto-nomic.
Self determine. Undermine.

Definition, under finition.

Finitude, inquietude.

What makes huma humble is the love of their life. The works that inspires them, that is coming from the fervor of this meeting defying all average (rever) reverer. Anf rom it all the rage. But never achieve anything close to the beauty that makes us lost, c-lose.

you refer to the mum having to bear the insult of loving her daughter?
what do you mean ignore you? you fed up with my illiteracy (=coarse)?
you are more than telling me off?

Sexual slavery is also orchestrated by women. from mothers, to colleagues, anyone. you will cast out an individual this way in refusing them to be paid like others, to be taken on like others. women are profiteering from this trade. we are equal eve. that means that if women were against enslavement there would not be any.
also the relation of women to man when sexualised finish in incest or physical one or mental. where the female over exit their sons to be 'rapist' or 'beating'...where the females achieved their sexual or not sado masochistic pulsions through the clout they exert over males (and penile). 

 also there is women that like prostitution just because they might be in a relation of power. = own a brothel, because they are just like men pimps and punters. or too weak to rebel, or too enslaved and no alternative too them, or to BAD. and detrimental to others. i am not saying kill them but what i am saying is stop the trade.
I admit the punishment should be twice as consequent for people in position of power. But what when there is no punishment. What when the acts is in fact push by everyone below the layers?

I admit the punishment should be twice as consequent for people in position of power. But what when there is no punishment. What when the acts is in fact push by everyone below the layers?
eve, men are women. v/v 

you don't mind my being grunge? it does not prevent me to do any jobs correctly. and i am greener than anyone.!:(fight) fight
including cleaning without products. including cleaning without products. or citrus, encens and vinegar.

you know yesterday I kind of showed off to you saying that since people can spot me with the clothes I wear as a cross dresser,  I ve heard all what might be said on homosexuality.
Well certainly there is the mums (and dad if supportive) sportive- that have to endure more as they have to stay with the very bunch that would undermine them, and there is the woman that is with the dyke. I mean you, the motherly, the femme, the pretty, the delicate…it is this woman who actually are the closest to the fire. As of course she is the image of a feminity conventionally, officialy, for everyone. She is with the most courage.
Somewhat I had, like men, engrossed my masculinity. To be in the safer side. But you, a feminine dating dikeys?
not talking music. but live style, the most important is to feed the birds even if you get dirty and spoil your jeans. not money.

Maybe is a chains, as the man who would defend such women, and the women defending the men in return. Or the feminine guy and the ones going to war or forests for them…
She, ehs. Ish.

On having difficulty with one’s trainer. but it is still good, like this you train in another state of mind. take books about it to nick everybody from time to time.


I am of course, a man an d a female. But I keep the female as she is fore me.

To be not gay, just to be the parent little pussy, or the other one stunt.

i finished the vanilla i am on the chocolate.
it reminds me my favorite of all baker cake. my nan bought it for me when we were on holidays. creamy, praline, with with wallnuts. 20 years i haven't one possibly.
it is why i am overweight, amongst other thing (see depression, inactivity, and unsensitiveness)
Chinese nuts.

Eve, what time do you want me tomorrow. I need to know. I never said you were lying. L

A park if sunny?
it cannot be at mine. my uni is in the most expensive london area therefore i live in a dig. i spend my day in uni buildings. i rent just to store my stuffs and have my nights off there. i like money in my bank account :-SS nail biting
not that i don't agree. i am on verge agoraphobic.
the crowd. or that i have nothing to say, or that it is too much pressure when you have. or that they don't hear you, or ask you for dishonest, abasement, info you are tired to reveal, veil. vile, veal of sacrifice.
 a park near somewhere we can go inside and still discreet, intimate, nice if weather funny. anywhere you fancy.
 maybe could we find somekind of wood, well even not is gonna be crowded. well somewhere crowded where we still can find somewhere where we don't speak to the ear of anybody. :| straight face their faces.

The is
Mafioso, Mafiosi, theo, theis.

To make love, like the key of the body and soul opperture, and release one’s data into thin air and para-dice.

To have sex in order not to wait for the loving relationship in counting the years of undryness, the purification, but stogy, the retnention impure of it being closure of others on our hope and tur-n  and on die stories.

owner shop
owner ship
ship cheap? Common wealth.

aims and man means.

 i am just sorry nicola, i just realised that our appointment was overdue. i stopped sleeping well at night in my work place. i have been too exhausted these days to perform adequately. even the bare minimum sorry.

Avused  avussed
avulsed bused

I did not want her to look at me before I actually made her some good. Who was I ? for her to set her eys of  eagles      on me before my servitude, and relative trust seeking accomplished. I don’t want her entire confidence, my dame won’t need me.
Her eyes of angle. Angel. 
In the skies where sun and moon agree.

8 pm start, going 6 30ish

don't be sad it takes time but the place you live is almost everything. a problem, and better be away.  :-h wave (problem i used to stay) i can do with everything, but noise, or nastyness or disrespect. you ll b in colloc?

you sure you don't have second thoughts, after all the infos you got on me? you don't worry about saying, the sooner the better.

ok sorry i told you, i am just a super bore.  in fact i rather you don't answer.  

Wem women fighters as they are the one knowing the inner. An dl blow ya brain before you touch her.
Vagina and trumps trunk niga.

my comput is magic, he spare me with clogging my space. if only ebooks were user friendly. and papers no they are dead trees.

e books are time consumming. and it is my hands they burn. too much manual handling to thumb the thing.

you could think the world of someone and still mail him once or twice a day?

i mean i could.  well i hope. to strenghten.

ok you do will have a quick race all day! any how i have to start this essay. i was about to say take all time to run and call me when you finish. i don't know...or you call me tomorrow but it might not be practical, or you give me an hour and an entry to regent and don't worry if you are late. i ll bring books. and won't need electricity.

 am happy you migh have found some place.
ok you do will have a quick race all day! any how i have to start this essay. i was about to say take all time to run and call me when you finish. i don't know...or you call me tomorrow but it might not be practical, or you give me an hour and an entry to regent and don't worry if you are late. i ll bring books. and won't need electricity.

 am happy you migh have found some place.

i d still do everything i do through and for her.

and for the love they inspire. as they in they always is her.  

well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.
am talking to you.

well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.

to talk about god, to the people we talk with. intersubjective knowledge of the living. as equality is for what, why, how we life. what for.
well text me tomorrow if needed i ll stay in my room.

to talk about god, to the people we talk with. intersubjective knowledge of the living. as equality is for what, why, how we life. what for.

vie in french means life, like eve. i made the correlation thanks to your nickname.

to have a wicked personality, but still polite stay. Polite standing for respect. The best edic ucated, well brought up, useful as far as there is no danger.

Amant, ad madam.

And here it is the woman the boss. And soundely you can see all the ps macho change into pussy pussy.

i was thinking of my endless jokes. i am the despair of my mum you know.

limtied? limited.

good night.
i ll avoid more macho rubbish, they are not worth your reflexion.

Macho, though jokes of mine. But sometimes it tired myself you laught at those, I am so desperate to break ourselves lose. Love.
To have lost yours, nothing to do with paradis, everything to do with harmonize.? And a damned soul. Lous

i was thinking of my endless jokes. i am the despair of my mum you know.

Par pair.

enjoy your run. don't try it to make it faster or whatever, i need to work on my books to recollect infos. it s poetry to do it(,) around regent (,) waiting for you.
try to do it more precisely.

League, ligature.


Soul, lu and os. Ocean.
Loi lous
Loi = law, dieu est mon droit

To be in love with an older since their young life is just a mile, one click of a door.
But nto possible to love a younde younger – sexually, martially. Marital that did not have a life, that would change through the fate of being manipulated by and age that despite to be advanced reacts not towards but o counter life.

Equal suffering replacing strength and endurance by wisdom and transcendence.

don't hesitate to text or email me if any change i ll leave uni at ar 11. which entry? marylebone? and see people, they need divertissement...let s try not being judgmental. ok now i am in peace with everybody...still watch your map and tell me your entry, camden? can 't you send me your (other) pictures still?:-/ confused 

Mafia activies justified by states rognuesness, politicians thiefs, war of roses. Puke. Kup.

Eve, i cannot possibly forward that to my prof as a proof of my involvment with the subject, she will need my essay.

SERIOUSLY I was gonna send you something about today being summer time. but i could not do it yesterday as  i decided to wake up in advance to work on my essay, and it is my computer time this morning who advised me on the matter a bit late. if i know it i ll call you for the winter one. and as for my agenda it is out of work, never bore with time, that's goth. mind we might start our date 10 am now with a little luck. %*-{ down on luck
you avoid heart attack cos you are being late. half of them are like us if the odds are rights so the all stuff might be delay.

Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims
Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims
Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims
Cameron condemns Cruddas donation claims
i ve never been so exhausted in my life and still have to try something serious instead of lingering- try to sleep, or sheep counting –or meditation. Waky J Emotion. There is hardly stiffer in sensation than to block the emotions that one has previously felt. No emotion = block sensation or thought feeding.  I even had to resort to spaguetty in a last attempt at boosting some kind of energy. Energy ok but concentration? Intent controlled precise- even if really this piece of shit am supposed to write is none of my spirit. I wrote my thesis now I ll have to repeat what I read for it to be read by who? Data waste. I am so fucked up (no question of accusing any extra activities, conditions or special reign,  it is my usual state, could not have fared better in the best of the whole place) that I did not manage to give you an embrasse. I mean I have my right you do hold me.

Data = at add.

Street, sterr. Steer.

oh fuck'ng london and all honey. know what? i ll find better and that 's it. well at l>:) devileast it s not like your run comrade, that s not fault of me.

 sorry to come back with this story, but since i had to ask my colleague to swop. i though it could be nice to have a dike walk, you could bring your tee shirt vegan. one throw two stones. do you think you gonna be there? i d rather limit the times i ask my dear colleague to change her most sociable days...

meant you ll find better. i was empathising deeply is so shit moving. i stayed months on end to avoid restructuring everything- dumb i authorize you to think it. on top that they take your organisation and time and shorten our afternoon by the way. i understand that i ask nothing of you this week. you could still try to book a couple of hours for this walk. i don't hold you by the arm nothing, you never know, a yoga teacher or other pro sportive might be there.

you almost could look in hackneyd kind of area????

 Air.       Ahir.
= detest hate in French

Ask, kas, sak.

3 hours? ok let see, i don't unbook. saturday we ll see how your research is going. i mean at worse you go and see a flat i wait in regent park and you find me there back, reading, napping, bird watching talking whatever (i nver talk to the girls like that, i mean actual birds, they actually make me fly) e-yes. i don't want her to laugh and know i am miserable, i quite socialize with my colleague...1. 2. you won't have me on saturdays nights anyway.

Life after death to justify that nothingness blossom.

you ll find...if second time and u need help i can or hlp with bags or driving. i know you infinitely better not to have to be asking. i am in need of more muscle did you, do u notice it? so you d bee more than welcome on it.

ha voila, and again who s punished? :(( cryingwhy you make a hell out of it? you could gonna soon be reunificated. i give you the all story. the woman that told me she was on the better side of 40 (meaning conventionaly more than mid 30) while she was more than 40. do you know, she never said that actually. it was on air, hair, no her dating profile. i ve got nothing against cougar (well in fact i really like them older (the sweet, the that stream and try intelligence forming, ming, the geek one-for they might like me as a particularity), whatever the age i mean, a (dign) lady) but this one. B-) cool 

 i napped all afternoon, my battery is utterly flat. i have to do something during the night. university is quasi empty, i ll haunt building and taste of liberty. friday i have to hand over another stuff. if i don't sleep tonight well...i would be totally wrecked on wednesday. i find your having to take over all your research my liking?? no, no, no. anytime you ve got a moment i can step in. you like zombies :->~~ spooky it d b the best opportunity. it is me the discussion on the net, so i have to end saying silly things. hold on.
did you find any place? you ll find. a place from where you can find the perfect one...

Eviter. Vite.

To be good to be happy. What else than happiness, but dangers and ordeal replace emotions with pain, and desolation instaure oublie.

Love is imperishable as the person I am with today depository of all remembrances, for the past reconstitute and the future changes.

Right, raft, rift.

 oh yes super soup wise. i ll tell my crime prof, now i am with a yogy, i cannot sleep at night nor real politics during the day, though do you want a massage, i am not still authorize to resume my proffessional practise left (or about) more than 10 years ago when i used to work in setting with young adult with multi physical and mental handicap. (ask me the other occasion i manage to give a massage it will sure be amusing, only for you (i mean as funny as the cuccoo), me i am so fed up with doing no relief with what of the flesh that have been to me allocated). = clearly i give good massage, = rather ok. i am not talking about sex here, bodylike, any think that need to feel, unfell, i pray. see emotion regulation, see.
any how i ll tell my prof, who is a super indian single woman by the way, fighting against forced marriage, when she arrives in the class she gives order you think you are in a 1950 film army film on authority.  it is impressive the number of guys that live isolated life, i mean of course at what it is of any use to have, not be with, or in fact be- or be've behave with) someone who is never at home. so we try to have mistresses but here at what serves sex., to have a moment of pause?

speaking about your night mare now, do u need to store your, some of your stuff?? in case.

anyhow me i am for your profs now. you reduce the running emergently, and resume law or history. careful not to heal your nervosity with sport, as you ll become addict physically. yoga teacher part time ok other admin, mmh, where does go university?=(( broken heart?

a·bus n.
Synonyms: abuse, misuse, mistreat, ill-treat, maltreat
These verbs mean to treat wrongfully or harmfully. Abuse applies to injurious or improper treatment: "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us" (Aldo Leopold).
Mistreat, ill-treat, and maltreat all share the sense of inflicting injury, often intentionally: "I had seen many more patients die from being mistreated for consumption than from consumption itself" (Earl of Lytton).

on the abuse page, an add s ajoute, the picture of a woman in with cleverage dress.

 ok so it let me think that when you  have your new place, you could more than try to meet me on wednesday. i can start doing yoga with you I-) sleepy

 you do waht at night sucking blood? ok let see that then. i ll b your uni trainer?

Re: i won't answer. unsure. give me rest w(h)oman. i ve got to go downstairs of tower, reach the dongeon kitchen and from there feed some of my birds, well i d like all of them but it s not universal service too less food , too many endangered, and soon human, u man, as much extincted.

Humains.           Mains.       Prehensivle.
Comprehensible, intelligence of practibility, othe rnaimal ain animal same spirituality.

you sure and certain you are not in =(( broken heart with ur nerd activities and passion. u r sure it is just to remind you with your agenda : being tough and i am so warmed- when you confirm it- and amazed - real time, by your demonstration of patience.  (check it is a.m the time now so don't mind if i become out of order almost completely, no slap, no stick, you still call me...) i am even not taunting it is just i could not hide very long. ...personal-ity. ET

 cupcake, any? ok i stop fooling around or then you really take me for a sick guy, i d like to see you in my field. i d like to see you on it. labor it. yes, that's all. we need you know, desperately. and it is not that i am asking anybody, personally = intimaly = I d like my wife to, anyhow. this is just a thought, just an acknowlegment. history suits me to help breaking vampiristic precedent. it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X

ET T the form of the
EV V  the form of the

Will       liw.
Leave, livv. Eve, lift, bring up.

Eve, seve.

it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X
in fact I won. I talk to you, not with you. As it is thus a woman should be addressed.
Thank you. it s 0 35. i am completely stressed, so i talk to you. X
jsut lucky enough to see your email appearing , in fact checking and proving that i really give it a try &lt:-P party
you gonna run or have early flat viewing? yoga? the morning is magical for stretching, can you hear birds songs, melody and language, any words under the forms of whistling or guttering, I don’t know other else they use their pipes, from where you are? ok you are actually working,  just enough time to prepare lentils or no just junk food. i am a good enough cook to do this.

you were having day off, or is it next week?
my method is to stop sleeping one night before hand over, problem is this month i haven't slept the other nights so today and day before was not the best of all productivity.
 to relax nothing works better than gym and two days of massages after. eve, you want to make sport your main activity? no, cause it s already not the best figure i have, but compared to a sport woman i d look L-) loser ridiculous. if i let myself imagine one sec of any possible prealable admissibility. on this i don't dare, you ll have to teach me a bit of your emotion management before leaving, it sounds practicable finally.

yes, coke i ll have to ask about your past.
who needs friends?
i am absolutely not talking about giving up, that is a pro training, whatever if it makes you happy. you concentrate on what in particular? tell me.  
 now u raise the subject, you saturday march, there is no way i unbook while you go all over and other london to relax and concentrate. you gonna block a minimum of two hours. got visits go before or after. don't go visits, i ll wait for opportunities with you. or you with me not exactly in fact it is a london march, but at least i could go to my colleague victorious for her not thinking i am every single week end as dead as the dodo. you 2 hours. flat no matters unless you have to go in punitive expedition, in that case i accompanied you too.


or you don't go anywhere and you show me the flat you quit. that i can go back to the empty place every time i miss you. what do you think?

ok leave it, it is obvious, see true, that one need more than two days of my clownery to be reassured i am not a so bad werewolf.
but under the eyes and chaperonne of everybody, saturday, or any another day, can i see you?

 this week and assist you while the moment is indeed stressful. here it is it is just in writing that that i experience a violent feeling like hugging.

 this week and assist you while the moment is indeed stressful. here it is it is just in writing that that i experience a violent feeling like hugging.

Master, mistress.
Mast, mist.

To vote church, to be married, and inhereited to got racial job. Always obeying from the grave and what cradle.

To vote the church and the communities parties.

i know i am retro. but the only sight that inspires me would be my les. to go to a gathering would be make her happy or a single viewing (in case one i am a single), but even not as i find it too random. however i could be with someone searching for others' than my sole company. i d be happy when and since she cheers up. i like my solitude, as far as now she is my true idole. only problem is to be apart too often and too long. or the day she decides my way of life is decidedly too gloomy.

look at us, how long have we been single? it is also because we decided that we could not go with someone at any prize, with people we won't connect or with people who don't take productivity and creation the same way.
what happens to us, is that we are ok for girls friends but our daydreams, culture?? ideal brought us to think to something more serious, permanent, why not absolute. the culture here certainly does not determine absolute and its eternal sentiment, but the way we react at it.

i wrote this but i previously thought my server lost it.:) happy

why are we still single? Because of not doing these concessions, or because attempt to look after or for a companion would take this time away. And time is perfection.
We are both ok to have girlfriends but what I think is happening is that our culture and ideals have made us think of marriage more than most temporary. It is no in culture that people get  to be acquainted with eternity or its notion of absolute. Culture of looting would blur paths, and would the dominant notions of belongings and patries. I was surprise when you told me about having no emotion, I thought that this was a Buddhist regulation but borne in the arms of someone passionate. Someone, some on.
You talked about familiarity. If I avoid being with someone in order not to loose what I am expecting from time, I would go with someone to get the most of it. Love brings you the ferment, the courage to change and the stamina to creativity necessary, and it brings patience and reliability. We produce, but how and for what? Career without a lady would take altoghether different path if not different a new one. Renew one. Be with one?

if, i f, i feel like seeing you.

Renew does not mean novelty.
To be creative but always the same fashion, the seame type of experience, the obcession that set my mind, this search never ending, only when dying. Today, all afternoons, someone to carry the life and its beauty.
Why waiting familiarity? Life might bring its extravaguance, hobo vagrance.
Seizing flagrance, sizing insolence, sole obole, from no idole. And when three thrill thrall there is n=one, one, doll, doll llod, laud, load, a=tory.
To tamper with the people you won’t loose the thread or to manage with them withing this prospect. I imagine. With, with-ing.
Within, our frame, our shame, and charm, well arm.

Flagrant, delit.

Denial.   Den      

Not to have had one wife in one’s life a n-ice. But having so searched her that the addition of the moment at this and at others devoted is in fact ones  (onus) of the previous parchement that constitute the goddess reassemble, ensemble, on the though parched mantels.

I ll say I need my partner when I found one.
Eve, don’t worry about your productivity.
And what about reproduction, melting of particularity.

Parch, perched


checking my mails. you are a sore.
when on sunday i get to reevaluate history?

Are, ara.

History y store.

Here you are machist. everything that has been kept was officialy designed by men in the telling of history (let me tell you), and you suppose that they were not inspired? you are inspired by everysingle parameters- society, culture, colleagues, animal, nature, but if there is a source of inspiration it is you soul mate. your soul mate that is your soul. of course how can we live without selling it, nor to career, or to money, or to love?
but me i admit, if i did not have an image of the woman i fight for that was not approximatively those of a goddess, a preacheress i don't know to what i could well inspire for.
and if she does not come, my soul could bring me on travel were the next person to the lady, to the most potent fairy, would be daughter or a son. i am not saying i want children, but if one want fight for justice it has to be for the generations in a fashion that could get stronger and better if persists.

pre-ache, asher

Don't quite agree. try to be with someone while fulfilling one's need. and decide of the partner one chooses as she will be the one with whom sacrifices are not but design made to pursue a life while married to the person uplifting desires instead of action design to single life, or life married to a concept or life married to a lifestyle or simply a single life transforming one's actioin in order not to feel the being alone, unattached: taking more risks? travelling? entering deepest meditation? fucking with one's career? never be back at home? sex instead of sensual? change of possibilities and functions, or dysfunctions are illimited?

tell me for you what need? 

Classical musics and all musics don’t come from the white harmonics, but from the birds.

Maybe from having been caleed a mulato, a gypsy…in a derogative way or in a mention to restrict my power over my own life, the issues I could raise, threatening any of my attempts, as well as the emanpacitory ones, even thought they were emancipator for the whit e people themselves, by being conducted in direr poverty- to have to study twice to have to take on jobs that never would pay a grant…my turn on, the woman I would marry in my older age, as when I was young in my country and countryside no one was darker than me or around it. I adore black woman.
And freckles.
This is not my fault my cousins were gingery as well as my first girlf.

Girl,,,,,,,,,,,, rig.

Andro – male
And roe.
 A drew.
Hand ro.

“Hypothesis confirm or infirm”
“Hypothesis confirmed or infirmed”
In firm, no evolution, guardian of some position?
Instead of con-firm, with, in relation with going smoothly with others, majority,
Defending a corner coonotes trauma, as hunted, and eaten by the ste stream steaming majority.


Have a good night! Hope the exams and papers were ok.
I'm on my way home yoga. Love hurts so I hardly walk 

It s strange what you said. This week I had incredibly toughen, heardened legs. Like if my bo blood pressure was lsodged on my femoral artery, the hips and thighs tensed and as if shrinking. Under being pressurized.rising.

i have now the feeling that you don't provide me with everything. where's the pack?

 here s my kitty i write for my kitty. i loved it to bits. i allowed him to go outside whenever or almost. sometimes i asked him to stay as he was the only creature i was allowed a cuddle with. i could hear his hearbeat telling me how was the day, and mine ensuring that tomorrow had a stay.


You yoga? You don’t seem to be too pressurized at the perspective to live with your ex. Don’t want to see me during this period , sensitive approach. I mean I feel considered. tomorrow it is the kind of papers i find easier. one cannot be everywhere with septicism, ponderous pesanter (see overweigthness, heavy pondy = drown in ones thinking or fall while the cliff give itself at being these last woman and temple one sees)  and  special difficuties.  lol
Re: cliff, filter thick.
Sift, clift. Cleft, key.

 i ve had at last my sleeping back, am all fresh. we indeed die(d), but you like vampire, don't ya? or you are like, aren't you? the picture, just a picture i have on the screen of my gothical phone, did not have an incomparable bearing on me.
you mean that you d need your lover to go to the theatre with you?
strength from love, attraction, gravity and combat bombing lie of the having to push back the danger, a repulsion.
and come back for a woman, the one who wants, and here come possession.

Go ethical.

  Stop delaying the moment when ones thinks, have to write, to convey the fever, and the first meaning of a research that accrede, credit. Accretion, secret-ion.

The fever? The fever of loosing, what impromptu sweating reveal in a rush invasion. Flow of thinking diverting overflooding, if logics dones does not give to thime time back its teaching. Misering.
Fever, forever.

Love is matter. When one feels love, the concentration of their minds is so profound that all is expecting, and if deos not come is just felt as a weakness a shorteness of one’s spirit. Love is this –that of a thought, a feeling, mountains will raise and fly out of this intensity. Th-is-in.
It is not sparkle that are to be seen, but the fire by all pores, just and whole entering.
A body here gaping.

‘All in the name of’
To die from love, as one can feel its departing.
But to die loving.
As when don’t do, it is of soft suffocation, it is of not living, and death in existence espousing, they won’t name their sufferance, as without love what is suffering? Death, more like a relief, understandingly coming.
On disease and depression. On impression, lamentation, and the trace that ones left on earth relative to mental exhusastion.
Exhu aust, exult.
Host, and ulteriority.

To intervene as an older into youth relation, as egoistically one should not mind, how they will eat each other later.
Save by the time, not by the fruit of one’s bearing. Pending.

To be pedantic and respect only the grade or the title. And the graded all amused and content, who d be attacked on no even circumstances. The ones that bring in the others ones ready to build a society and communities of cast out.

Problem with people that culture taboo with body and sexuality. To better mutilate, to better organs remove and tar ta a trade,

Wear one’s clothes as flags, for nationalistice purposes. (« a flag above my door », la, la, la, la,)
And when religion are in fact nations, it clearly mean that in it is not on principles but on economical criteria that repose action. = without morals.
Of course one can argue that it is to protect the people of a oppressed countires, but let’s laugh of that.

The outrage of people wearing clothes to pourposevely saying that we are not acquainted. Like if the uk were they reside are not a family. Ki like if their face were belonging to a promise dynasty.
When the bobby are allowed to a turban.
God is for everyone, work should be the way to service it, and prayer for the home. As long as they don’t consist in undermining one’s equal. Won’t censure the prayer, darkness shows that one s is squared so why thoughened intra muros, as on e never be up to join the devil, they would be crused crushed in imitating him, it is its trace of )being talked in some line with the) divine.

i realize i say have you been in lot, instead of in love? your ex.

a feminine or masculine spirit to share in the same being.
To specialize enhancing and to melt. To assemble

The migrants taking the bad jobs and the others awaiting to prince reignor.
Well since everyone is expecting to be prince or prince suker, who is gonna stay, survive the international battles. God, this speiciese isd d is damned, and even more lowestly stupid.
We will die like less inteeligence that what we ‘had not created through the inevention of the nature’ but reassemble. We will die more stubborn and limited than objects. Not that objects are but we e will die more dum than we think they are. As stiff as the wook but the sea rejected: i.e you ll have to puke in this very state of mind. Beware the secousses.
And inside exploded.

The reidiculous offices supposed to protect human rights but if there is no genocide in the uk, no one of them will lift their asses reassessing policies and practices.
And the day you die maybe it is the corpses that they will neglect to interrogate. No papers, no info, no evidence, nor recrodrd recorded. And even if recorded company , social, political institution properties.  what to say?

The male are incestuous with their mum and of course a daughter too, but then comes the shame inflicted that should come to others, but are diverted onto love for one’s link the most intimate and deepest, the first link. Homo su sexuality really serve youl. The ansu anus eneug anis that you are talking negtatively aobut it the day long and night too.

It is not bad pr. It is pr that says look it look bad. We are faschist, so fashist and this will convey you on top of not respecting our words of peace, with ludicrous hysterical unserious. image.

Respect???? For who.
This is religion as it is practice.
Respect of gredin appetite.

To have constructed or promoted or exectuted a frame of law, ready to crush justice, legitimate act in turn.

In the house of parliament, no one assisting what is said for animal experiementation. While if humans were humane and not worth the earth destruction coming by their activieites. The house should be full demanding thing s (here medieveal torture) to stop.
And human, an of it. Call it ‘animal welfare’

Religious? Religius? r group leader
Speaking about spirituality.

If they were good, how much, crueelyy much we would need such goody.

 how was the result of your hunt?
i wish i could propose a better offer. my own room is nothing you can invite a lady in. even for temporary stay.
if you come to richmond park you could have a look to be sure i go nowhere but at uni, where my wit is again a case of erosion.  

you  tell your new landlord, that you are doing yoga time, for avoiding a hysteria session. and you talk to me about history or come with personal question.
 i am not for :^o liar not of it (and it is why i came to distrust some women, men as well of ocurse course) but for what i give a damn). but she ain't your girlfriend, and i need and want to see you. (mind it is even difficult when you got the flat with you, now you got home and prospect:^o liar). i ll be a nice baby. (my usual if you don't count grumpy)

well ok you are right dating me twice a month as i worship kinda meditation. anyone would find me gross and useless. more than boring, here my secret, i am an horror without reading (all day) %||:-{ unluckythis is all me.

‘song        ‘I got love for the niggaz of my family tree’

Marx once said that religion were opium, but finally arragned marriage and inheritance is even better, innit?

In a communities where reputation is the sole god welknown and by all studied.
Rep reputation

To have know foly to see it in others with more wisdom that e here there is of husbandy.
Sume fo it. Quantitative not qualitative is a sin of the bandit

 it was more like trafficked. all the better i could have a go once a year to change you from your ex girlfriends company. any thing you want to see. well i d rather ballet, cos theatre is without subtitles.

To be misused as cast out and whom who don’t as model of sharks.

you said 'i hardly walk' yesterday. as in i don't take the ried. ride.

propulsion of two members in balance-levitiation.

Voting I s like social sciences. To try and form norm. you won’t take the time to fill in as you know that you answer will be marginal and therefore not appearing. Fro.
And as deo mocracy the result of action the inform , disgusting, paste, coming from the we are from nowhere and it is there we will.
And demo the consequence of this blur insesnsitive. Where the data exchange are the more and more living not for the subtilities of complexity , the world as it has been given, but to change the data of intelleigence and perseverance, rel reflexion into pirated indigence.

Porno sometimes representing acts that would ask the confidence of being with a woman for 10 years, and try one’s utmost cos you are faithful and that one has to give out the more juice. As I am your sole compares. Comparse . to look after your sex as a machinery as it incumbe to me to dry it out, and pour purge it.

Adam, amand.
Almond. Nuts.

Life given, as a limit of exploration.
Life as a exploration of the limite. Tim-ill. hill
Il, ill

In massacres (ex yogo) people using pr parcel or stuff instead of killed man. The society is getting away like that.
Green roehmamton.

Some says that they want to crush homosexuality, but in fact they already have. In thse countries or these groups were gays are daily intimidated and tortured, it is one of the main way, if not the, to control people, to make live them prison , a living life, everybody in hell but the fuckedin their head and the ones who understand the game but decide to sadistically enjouy the rapists communities.
You wont’ get away with it cut cunts.             Tnuc.
It is not ‘e’ like a womb but ‘t’ that they cut. The same in retaliation, their mind a purcelle, maggots.

Pretense of democracy and politeness the bureau is taken. By the upper class, but whatever the class, it should not happen feeding the unit unte unethical.
To fight the dissidents one don’t listen and if the dissidents decide to be heard then he is fired or conduct to hospital.
White dom democracy.

Were at la least people pretend groups, forming, human right defendin, an dpasper paper showing.
And info sharing, while they have the time = at brunch when corruption and hushing can take place.

 love hurts, no. it is the concept of love, when one does not believe in it, or does not believe in themselves or in others or does not believe in destiny. love does not hurt. it makes us living. have you had a good start of a morning. yesterdya you missed my biting. :). what i am gonna do with my blood, sunday, monday, circa. i already have too much fluid. dilutied. Dilitue dilusion.

Others, hot her.

ok monday regent park and i heal your feet.

feet, faite.

Yes i got it you in love with your flat in which you don't stay at all, it is a lovely day i mean.
there is only one thing that worries me, you said you wanted a wife, poor thingy!
i tell you everything on my paper on ...monday?
london pride i am off.

Trivialised, banalised
Triv tribe,

What do you do always around people if you don't love them? i don't have to love me, live your life and take your lunch out of stream through the neck. :-& sick by behind, leaving your fang’s traces, Monday is celebration.