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To wear one’s clothes as element of the past.
Fashion and art.
Fashion as façade.
What about the obligation to buy news fabric-ation.

At ion.

You see my body?
This stage of decomposition.
On age.
On edge.

Yes we are monkey.
And it is a practical state on skills on dismembering.
Not that they surely want to be analogised with human peeing (beeing?) either.

You said I am not serious, but I was serious.
However, I am about to slacken, so it begins a-take able remark.

You don’t like the state of my old clothes?
Then I ll make them for me.
From the cotton reaping, to the sowing with you little hands, so cutty.
As for the water, go beyond the moon soon before find any.
Moon soon.

How come human beings are not considered as a carrion eater?
On eating dead meet
Carry on!

No, no let’s go imagine, the crunching not an image of submission.
Let’s imagine, don’t stop, and you will cease thinking that they are blocked.

Politician like families.
Don’t trust.
Is it politics?
People ruling arbitrarily life only.

Politician? Puppet?
     Like every of us?

All the day, waiting for the moment  i’ll be able to work for her.
On personal motivation, essence of all.
Essence see all.

One day, i knew a woman.
The other day she saved me, she was like you.
Too courageous, yes, too I said.
The third day, we were out, and then run after.
And from me she run away.
We were condemned she knew.
The only love she had was her nan.
And me, but me forgotten, dealt the hard way.
Si nous avions du reagir maintenant.
Elle partirai, je recommencerai
Je recommencerai c est sure j etais mort bien avant.

Culture of ablation, culture of mutilation, torture within and between the families.
As everyone will wish them (the victims or perpetrator) dead.
More than a survival reminder, the law of Whore.

Invoquing the spirits, invocing the dead and gods.
Without managing, look at yourself, still alive, still of the real supernatural deprived.
One cannot pay God, when beliefs are no more than empty for self interest whimsical habits and adage.

When you think that in the whole London only 3 universities- one of them is as open and cheap as Harvard: London School of Economics- are specialized in human rights protection through social sciences- meaning not directly involving laws and lawyers.
When you think that their students are coming all over the world because they are the only ones in the ‘northern states’ to deal of this subject in English, the more internationalized language. Let alone the one or two in the U.S.A whose fees are anti-humanist anyway.
Two in the whole sheet hole.
Hr. B

Do you know how this one looks when he lies.
Sounding very sorry, the face very serious, but onec you understood that is a shame, the seriousness means ‘I could, would beat you’.



Am not, i cannot be a specialist on the subject assignated, as being an individual life will shape the lenses through which its observators and commentators subside and are being incentived or directed.
By my reason d etre purported.
This another everywhere leading my thoughts and will.
This another, commanding the skies.
My God as a guide.
For sole love, the insurance of benevolence and strive,
The reassurance that fights can be right and lawful
 my woman.
Or more the female who yeses and nose said, yield and wield.
My purpose and end
In one worth living.

A human rights student of the only one in three human rights schools/social sciences in the uk and by extension in the world of english language studies.

The cold war.
How could we name the present one?
Crystal clear obscurantism lied.

No, it is even dreary how behavioural techniques are sometimes more in use than relevant info about the subject supposed to be taught.
No, don’t say no. mean no, yes.

Someone talked about his disillusion about hr. ‘Believe in them after what they did to mine’ (it is right, and so his your phrase)
But give up for nothing, they are in the making, and thus will be staying.

‘Take a look at my girl friend, she is the only one I got.’

Here are the only bachelor degrees I found dedicated to human rights studies in the whole ‘western world’. (pity yes a powerful feeling of shame, it has to be said)

The other degrees are often combined with peace resolution, or humanitarian issues (US charity concept of development perhaps?) , democracrYYY or are only law (LLM) degree approach.

In a political world that champions itself as a model of civil and political rights protection and advocacy – and thus engendering a ready-made excuse for postponing or belittling the ‘second  and third generations’
In a world that d like to be regarded as democratically growing and comprehensively globalizing…
Academic freedom is about research, training, awareness, theories on practices, safe-guard, conservation of formers fights and wisdom, forums, data bases, debates, all (or a good apriori) of that is needed for hatching thoughtful measurements and policies.
Where are the social sciences and human laws being brought onto  this stage?
Era, sphere of nowhere.

Here are the US university ones, but god knows how expensive – and thus elitist, and per se anti human rights they intrinsically are.
Like the dubious fees demanded by some human rights lawyers, linking money – and whence economic discrimination - to the propagation of information necessary  to the benefit of human societies and peace and security as a whole;  these fees are in fact a contemptuous publicity  toward the very idea of human rights and obligations. The blatant mise-en-place of a domineering and insulting masquerade of impunity.
A what want to be put with as generalization,  compulsory assignment for everyone to accept discrimination as being inescapable- if you don’t subscribe- no entry to we let-you-live-in-the-laissez-faire- area.
These fees and prerequisites – allegiance to the capitalistic- in the sense of relations and human actions based on  exploitation and abuses, that same rational enhanced through  institutions such as the IMF, world bank… real and sole legislation maker  (at the exclusion of the Genuine Nini  8- phonetic ally hate-for this occasion) at the UN supranational level.
These fees and prerequisites – and goals- o f making  business-( accumulation of capital and opportunity out of it , even glamorization for the possession of  undue power- in the sense of ruining Others)-  and not practices out of it, generating money not attitudes or elaboration of a constitutional (and not circumstantial, 1 odd retribution for the total extensional absence of solidarity)-  framework to prevent abusive situations to occur (boosting the economy through check and balance and qualitative control, free of pollution, child pornography  and animal testing for example??) are the what of whys the very concept of human rights, the modern title to social consensus around shared well-being,  advancement , positive progress and mutual respect, are bearing a bad name.

Already in blog.

U might forget the new toilets (still without opening windows- mind if you breathe deeply in London street, your flesh will be chemically hurt and stop rapidly-maybe are we preserved from the fresh air, we could attempt to ask actually) in the library building all in marble replacing nothing that perfectly functioning one.
viva the old building industry! i d b curious enough to check which mps or civil servant, inter alia, by the same process have their own houses in renovation, actually.

Too much enthral by you.
So much.
Enable to read any literature that could remind our fields.
Like that i have to go on in other territories.
In yet others, you see.
I was not disarmed, beat only.
And that this situation, my glimpse on your expectation, on more than a horizon take me.
Me and every ounce of a reason.

Am not ticked as endowed with the intelligence required for facilitating my further education, and through it intellectual participation.
could you please make that official- to the administration, am  in a fail state for them.
Thank you for your post on Foucault, America and deinstitutionalized classificatory creativity.
Class a factory.

Ta as long as you remember.
On Foucault being a native french speaker i don't understand why you think he was a dr devil impersonato.
I had noticed though, the defiant attitude of nosky, intellectual that i found fascinating on other sides, when Foucault try to talk about class and accumulation of blinding power.

The condition under which would see their slaves: joining a bordello of utility and agreeable provision.
When people are used as no more than commission.
b. often Commission A ruling council within the Mafia that adjudicates family disputes and regulates family activities.
3. The act of committing or perpetrating: the commission of a crime.
4. A fee or percentage allowed to a sales representative or an agent for services rendered.
On the commission.

The impossibility for some ‘vulnerable’ people to bring their cases to anyone, leaving the next of kind, and a few professional to take or not all the responsibilities for someonelse’s entire life.
This rule perverted to such an extent that even with proof of a bizarre (binary) in this ‘person life’s administration’ one cannot before no offices try to raise any questions.

It is when everything or everyone i approach, from the most trivial to my much deared and significant, that every second is a window to my speaking to your soul, it is when i know it to be grave.

I admit that from this live i would not care to remember anything in particular for the next existence, but survival and the feeling that make you want to go on.
The y.
Th is and why.

I d like here (to) ask a question, to all of you.
It is about the aim of these courses, there are about human rights, mmh?
Human rights are also about democracy, it is not about the dictactorship of the majority the subject ici.              Ici = here,                   and then, mind now, no yELD, ICE.
There are human rights and they are their defenders. Who are you?
I mean we risk the department closure, and there is even not a meeting.
I am not talking to the students but their professors.
What is going happen during ‘the judgment’, the kangaroo more, between the admin and you? Behind the curtain? Is it clear, cette foie-ci?
Ali, now i am talking to you, you keep on posting political engagement rhetoric but you see here apparently, at least on what we could have, or that could have a counter-power precisely, it is more to do with an administrative matter.
I think it is Weber, who explained that administrative power detain a huge power- and a benevolent one let’s admit, possibly tenfold those of the political power- by inertia, stubbornness, refusal to co-operate, counter-productivity, neglect...j en passe et des meilleurs Ally, there is no wonder why horrors and worse than horrors, occurrences and recurrences to which you cannot give a name, hell forbids-how can one authorize that?, went and went in the past and are here rejoicing in our everyday- tasks.
There is no too much problem understanding why they go on, and it is not all the fault of the guys with the same job as Obama’s.

 Let’s talk about admin, now. You know after the full cooperation of the French with Hitler’s views, after the second WW, one started having their go at them. But not too much because with the cold war, there were another race, an economic one, la productivite.
What did Laura say, they boost the economy. Artificially. You think that it is in line with the Human Rights, vraiment, really?
Let’s not be too ambitious, for a beginning, will you?
A simple, simple, basic test on democracy.
Don’t you think that it is dubious, (is it politically correct?) Let’s say procedural, the due process of Law, ca ira.
Let’s keep track of the question:
There is no a single meeting, yes the principal of the southlands college, dropping her line, may no.
Yes, it would be enough for you, me and the others, everyone to loose their job, as long as we question that.
Because how to question? On this website? Na.
It is on their faces, that we could try to arrange all that. Jurisprudence, keep it in mind, this and the fact that one should give their souls for the vast question as much as the ones treated, put down as being littler. (in fact it is an attempt at killing the fundamental importance on how people clean let’s say- letting people using liters of chemical poisons, just to say, you will do it like dummies, your work is shit anyway. This mean that instead of having the honour of cleansing for the community to meet (like Gandhi) and do it against a  valuable, honourable, healthy share, One is obliged to do it in poisoning themselves and the future generations, like bandits, worst than highway daylight rufian.
But did you notice, can you ask these people, what is going to happen precisely?
Because let’s go back to Plato, well before the ‘’Christianity area’’, what was he adamant about, ce pion la?
He talked about the duties of the civil servants to defend with all their heart, intelligence, and energy, the field and the humanist purpose of the field or function they have been given the honour of being entrusted with.
Cf: Socrates, poison, academy.
But let’s talk about trust, this word, so much cheered by the stake-holders.
Because do we really know the staff, state and civil society around the concept of human rights, and in this case its study. Are they entrepreneurs, stake holders, servants or owners, do you get that?
How come people very seemingly in charge with the department of H.R ( i made the point that H.R were already treated as a scarcity, don’t I?) don’t convey you, me, the other profs, the other students, the opinion public, maybe, by a simple invitation?
Why can’t we discuss this subject? More than a subject, this palpable reality.

Because they are afraid, they don’t want to melt, they don’t want supervision, they don’t want clarity, what they want is simplicity- simplification and awe.

Now, I talk to the interested directly, I came from the very first day, am law-abiding, not a total wreck, maybe.
I was here the first day of the college presentation, in this fantastic lecture room without tables.
It is a bit difficult for the mature student to stay focus in this condition, I work uniquely with my back and for longer that I thought would be, derision.
You talk(ed) a lot about business, ce jour-ci.
Human rights is right your business too, is it?
I calm myself each time hearing the name of business, thinking there is fair trade, t inquiete pas.
Because without human rights, the true ones, the noble, the ones that are to the service of individuals, their protectors-actions and the whole living universe, to the service of any; because without human rights the business baby would be all and crooky.
Crooky, our baby?
I am homo, and when someone say to me that heteros are the ones fit for bringing up children, the answer is that one could retrieved the heirs from the tip of the rubbish where she/he is left- but no, no possible there is health and safety.
I know the state of our toilets, the marble replacing the brand new ones already.
The state of your desk I guess it.

Please go vomit or cry in the nature please, as for primary, zero emission fertilizer, as recycling is still pollution, justement.
Consider the environment.

Ps: a brief on intellectual property i won’ t reclaim any copyrights, or just the one of a occasional multitask in turn secretary, observer, student- an healthy living and healthy working condition – Democracy and HR truly, because like it is always the case for creativity, these are the ideas passed on me by someone I know. Ideas passed on the air of the dramatic scenes that are, by our buildings and hypocrisy, veiled so cosy.

This was a subject on: a democratic, open, accountable, transparent meeting on the why of this scarcity and repression on human rights university, could be, any?

Case study.

I have to remember, at each flinging of my focus, that you won’t be there.
That my paradise is to imagine, us, in a free country not beyond repair.
I have to enforce in my emotion that if it is not you, it could be someone else. Maybe.
Anyhow i should get on with the matter, for you to be able to deem my action as possibly providing peace and prosper.
For me to be with you in my brain, possibly conceptualizing our bodies and whose of the all earth family, out of want, fear and threats.
I should resume my actions, but without the flavour of you in my mechanism, how to do is aloof of my desire and progress.
I won’t be with you, tough you occupy me.
What, what, what
What is it?

Everything i do, as for reward the thought of you to appease me.
Everything i do, as for reward the thought of you to appease it.

Crossing oneself, kissing the bless, muttering, breathing then, everyone is a saint.

Am not ticked as endowed with the intelligence required for facilitating my further education, and through it intellectual participation.
could you please make that official- to the administration, am  in a fail state for them.
Thank you for your post on Foucault, America and deinstitutionalized classificatory creativity.
Class factory.

Ta as long as you remember.
On foucault being a native french speaker i don't understand why you think he was a dr devil impersonato.
I had noticed though, the defiant attitude of Chomsky, intellectual that i found fascinating on other sides, when Foucault try to talk about class and accumulation of blinding power.
You know a propos, Foucault had an inner and experimented notion of psychiatry, homosexuality and prison.
through, thank you for the reminding, the no independence nor neutrality of the institition - of knowledge and production -
The essence humane.

Shut, chute. 

A propos!
je vais arreter de vous embeter a present, rendez vous a web-mister. art reignez.

I reread the summaries you handed over. My brain is so stuck and sluggish that i know that i missed some important info.
Why important?
Because i might well be reading other sources, i found in your comment what i have been never coming across with.
Yes, the whole bunch of diplomats only for example. That political institution are full of people only dealing with sectional interest, who could say?

Webminster. Are and yet. Spy d’horror.

Would it be completely false or completely true to say that with the rising and competing of nationalism in every people, interest, parish, attitude one may have, the neo fasho are more than in town?
Political arena.

Lice en.

Human laws, human, environmental rights, literary work, psy, socio related, poetry, well-being, health, spirituality.



Terre 11 10 other half.

You imagine that these people, the one who create unemployment and homelessness at the same time, will finally be at the origins of compulsory, that is no chosen ideology, at the origins of compulsorily ‘living human’ vampires.
Nothing left to me than being at night a block blood binger.

How big is webminster and Whitehall?
Don’t count the ones in and out, but only, the administer-ater. Hater. Hat-er.
Don’t be fool they are no less or more master or butler than is Cameroon the clown.
An hamlet.

You want to take the mouth by force.
The defender would have to bit the intrusion, holding it and punching  one’s fist in a direction while the teeth go the other way.

The biggest mistakes of human are to think that the words belong to them.

Of all of all, I mistrust discretion and indiscretion too. I think that it is simply a lack of bringing up, but it is complex too. That are…art, of divination, of psyche, of fear. And rights construction or deconstruction.

You know what this sexual tension all in the air, that is so void or too bursting and so embarrassing or agonising.

We still love each other, but when we will run for death.
Because on it is to have t o precise that we are the ear after post modernism, cannibalistic, the one that arem our terror. 

My money, the wife that society allows me to preserve.
This honey is for ya, as you are more than wife, you are angel and the world would be dead if without ya i had to cop-e with all the horrors that renders souls so sour.
cop-e, copy.

Than, thank.
Homosexuality will have to save the humanity
See, ave, eve.

At least you know what when you see what the deal about the hjuman (hj, y thinking that I d forget the asian , dee) rights

Wait that you are sorted out your slavery and you ll see me as you husby.

Do you know, by the way why the slogan were about the cut only, because the banners were provided, but by people that thin think to the money to the policy and lesgirls and not to the ethics.

Yes, i a your whore.
And you will know how long my dick and idildo are.
And till you gut.
You will poisoned me with a cup whose name is envy, hatred, sedicion.
Do you know what sexducion his? Ist ot make you believe that you r a friend whereas all the time the person see you as the enemis. Good peple, good people how one acan forgive the cas.
We don’t forget we forgive, for give to agod teh powere he does not have or hole, he or she whatever they can be, the sex here our missy.

‘Don’t do damage to the company reputation.’
The Nazis in praising information.

Confine celebrity oeye, oye, oaye.

Infancy, infantry.

No understanding homosexuality feeling demonstrate that one has been cut and abuses since infancy.
Cut or unli-n-ked.
       and like the         


S he.

Sang chaud.

If you have worried about my mentality, me what is my loss and con-cern et de ment is you morality.
ET oui, et oui. 
 Remember hr is a popular deed, if not mesdames, procreation will flee.

Hap a fee

the last bastion of hr speciality is dieing
if it is no national mention that you will seek, then what would it mean, nothing, oh sink.
we should protest as an organisation with everyone loooking for an action plan.

and about roe in general, how come that they did not attack the economist add asking for more sales of organs? By in, buying.
because in the lessons, and sound low geek, it is the coco that were the main problem. you defend un system and vain, as the new bosses ask for our more chains. morte, morte.
chaos, chase chaos. and bury the idea of the UN, because the state are no more tahn mothing.

Embedded chery for the wages of law, the injustice on toe.
Copy, cop-y.
Immorality? E.t, e.t. is when your bastle at autwhich, bigger of hospital will send me.
Without a trial, coco.

First propaganda.
Look at the skies and nick the land.

On former pictures of sportive Olympic pro.
You culd see their muscles at what level, how.
Now what is here is the trace of the drugs that they have to infect, to the play of falsify herortism and unfamousitey.
False performance, only, only, dead cap on masculanility.

On the censure, and the block right on the internit.

Without a trial, coco.
Magna carta, will be the apotheose of what democracy was and middle ages the envy on what rights to move end and for free.
Forfeiture of work, the interneat will be the new clearance of all, applyed by the nani, the maze of state (mentality, in nit) control
The sate lite is gnome, and expression in literature too, but readoor are forbid to check if sanity.
The net of COM pan  .y.
The hand of came pain, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Is the new black gold.
On the new deal, who d back, who d back, the vegs and fruits that without
Youare ending into feeding breed to cancers and loot.

What if we had been a cop le, even heritor herectero.
We could not have done that.
The victory is far, and us only ero.
It is that the dragon, my les, and less
Than the vocab, we could play the dramae.
But the drag=on

Your asshole is so loose,
That homosexuality.
Danger, danger.
Inconvenient incontinence.

It is just that the real meaning for pufta.

Do youi know why she is so jealous of anyone approaching.
Because she is my sole talent.
And when making love to her, of course it s caresses, but what need so much time is get and give at her from back to neck.
Her, who is not in her-e.
In a hurry of suffer.
Because to share my bed, the danger is real. Since the lot are insane.
We could have a garden, growing some vegs all health and natur-all.
Look after some roeage, give an aid at the functionment.
We could do that only if in this sacred life, the things that the others did was not a massacre.
And the reste of the week study the laws since they need doctors.

In my melancholy, persist en core, the love for the bush, the tree, the pond and all their color.
At least it indicates that in face of the next and last abandon, the love iv e been left with will be more reason. Season.

When i think o fya, fille, an hill, an ile, in the deluge my sole soil. I shall stop be mesmerized as much as medusa, when  ill thin off you, seule comme un petit cretin, alone like the simpleton,  sip the tone,  ill have to say,  I ll have to draw my attention. Because you are so far, that left in my ore, oree, the travail.
Travel-o. Trans vested, with the honest constatation, contract, con-tract, on track  that my wife is more goen, gun, that the last dodo.
The lat dodo, in French, in French, meant the nap that nobody more ta,ke.
At-take, attaque.

Mu boss says to me, tummy, tomby, that if i want to say any comment,  i ll have to ttell the bigger pricsure, and if i go so fare,  ill be thrown in prison.

Et puis quand ti ecoutes, ce que te dises les gars
Tu comprends que discours ne sont que vague caca.
Mais cette fois ils vont etre, ser e fugier tout contre toi.
Parce que tout le monde a pige-on, qu on est fait comme des rats.

The muslims wash with a bottle.
And in with a bottle you can wahs everywhere.
Only a few liters down the pipe, yur down is done,
And a fabric, mes frères, for the armpits pu. Power, power, pouvoir.

Between tow enemi.
The battle is not rude. Because it is life, the next is gone but gold.
Image-in. A third one, htaht you should be afraid of it, or terrorized by the lack of your protection.

I ll.

You say it is a soft problem demonstration is that it is hard ware.
How come students and profs don't fight side to side?
Could not be this national level problem not the ba at roehampton but the ba in great Britain be treated as a module where people could launch campaign?
if anything i can do, am not an employee, also i still can say what and how i want and is necessary, as if militant are fired from the civil society, who is gonna protect rights, tied salary, and blur policy, and the dictact of company? Perhaps chery blair, that ask for millions to protect things than even if they were rights due to these privileges on our imbecility, render rights, simple allowance of opportunity, void of legitimacy, and advicing no less than dishonesty, rewarding the fact that right are not justice of everyday they are just use as notion take aside from time to time for tambola essay, for mocked trials. Tria of money, celebrity, and semblance of charity.
Why don't they fight together, because it would be beyond, maybe, sectional interest only.
And that an aperture to outward dialogue, could be the setting for inwards, insider one.
If one day one could been told to do things not against the general good and chance of survival, existence, forget. 

They give me authorization to start my own save the human rights ba

To finally used bad word, bad words perhaps but still in the dictionary, I’ ll concede to you was of a certain vulgarity.
But relationship are also sciences above all when it comes to power.
Yet again am not saying read anything of my reproduction but as a litmus test it was the confirmation of the theses i was trying to put across.
Karen, believe it or not, the campaign they have been launching, lunching is irrelevant.
Read the petition it is laudatory for roehampton.
It reminds me that roe is called centre of excellence ranked the second in the world and that is actually inside is a few cds and books about international ngos. Am not talking about the library here but about crucible. I would be reading this i would not believe it to be true, but you know like me what the crucible was.
I started being rude, even not i d say tough, fro once, because i addressed this people so many times on the fact that they made people believe that the inexistence of the human rights speciality was only local, whereas it is national and by extension mondial – since the uk is the country debating in English, and we know how important is this langua franca crucial as a global vector.
Am not saying am a writer, as people tried to convince me that this was unintelligible (while trying to drag each other over a coffee bar in eagerness to consolidate other affinities).
Ok i am not the clearest of all and further so when attempting do deal with more than one consequences, subjects, circumstances before an audience that are the will be human rights defenders and that, do you know what they are advocating in socio and hr lessons?
They are advocating mercy killing on individual ‘choice’ ground, without taking at all into account that people might be forced to do so by peer pressure or simply because they will think everyone want productivity or again with this type of care provided (one day the tacit aims of the carers’team could well be incite service users to suicide, like today dependence is more on agenda that any forms of autonomy or self-reliance or empowerment by participating in activities- despite everything one papers promote these attitudes, on spot it is difficult if not extremely dangerous for your own job to try to apply them.)
In parallel to this, it is like the older person, who keep on saying i want to die rapidly, because if not  ill be use of nothing. It is not so much strange that the elder, the wiser, speak about life thus, they just are talking about the abandon, the neglect, and loose of liberty that they know will be cast upon them if they decide to prolong the breath inside them.
You know what the presentations on campaign for euthanasia finished with?
It finishes by we advocate mercy killing or assisted suicide only for (suicide is not illegal, but does not mean that it is legal, deregulation and common law, merci) terminally ill patient (let’s remind that the terminally ill in other precincts of the planet are flu or sanitisation, or malnutrition only). Only for terminally ill do you know why,  or what she said? It is because the organisation is still not big enough.

I started becoming colloquial in this site for one and only one reason.
I signed up in this facebook pleasantry,  because it is presented as being a working group, i hail them so many time saying that the petition- the only campaign work they have been doing for weeks- was not reflection of the reality, could not inform about the gravity of the topic they simulate to talk about.
I wrote so many messages, no one, not a single person answered.
So after 2 weeks of proofs that it was not a working group i took it as it were, like in the village place where everyone talks without deeds, and i took the liberty of relaxing a bit in that was not else than popular forum, and from the working group perspective that we were enforced to take my essays as vulgaris as they would come.

And there the horrors of this play.
They blocked me without not talking about the issues, without talking directly to me, in saying that it was their supporters that were asking for this, that i was the origins of resignation, that i was unintelligible, that means that they did not restrain themselves to read but say that i am not intelligente enough to retain participatory rights, they gave me for reason that they did not understand-asking me nothing precisely to clarify, and because of their no understanding chase me off the site.

I managed incidentally, to assist a last meeting, where it is clear that they don’t want me back.
So it is a democratic group involving person in a fair manner, above all when this person is directly touched by the topic they talk about.
I said ok  i’ll stop the profanity- just saying that their little comedy only trying to get at numbers and show some of their targets that they trained to be insolvently ready to campaign with so much hypocrisy, segregation and idleness and in the way that are human rights abuses, not human rights, sorry.

Now the purpose of the next note, the e-democracy

It is not often, but today my body would have expressed the necessity to cry.

Have a look at this site, from the beginning its very first pages to have a succinct idea on how your students work.
Mind we should be working together, students, profs, staffs, anyone, but is it still allowed?

What about crimes at the human rights bureau?
This link being valid as long as they did not remove correspondances.
They already practiced censorship, and I cannot check for you if they erase trace of it, as they decide not to accept my comments anylonger. Viva the e-democracy, one thing is now sure it won’t be as free as the little one (of democracy, accountability, right to trial, transparency) they inherited.


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