Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LANGUA, L’ ANGLAISE: IV Assaulted The salted sea

Assaulted The salted sea

Sea salt, the babel, gabel and their sold.

Natural or juridical persons.
Homosexuality is natural, it is just people thinking it as their convictions one book on hooves, love and hate is the universe ok, but universal and even better sole universal production.
Reproduction and forgery of accomplition.

To be for equality is not the case only in groveling mind, wanting to their parasitary stay.
To be Working for equality. is On another matter.


The dob dog waving its tail, is or might be sexually complicit. In just aknowledgeing the presence and this one making him happy, intrasequally.
Direct, or indirectly. As it can be a desire directly, personaly, or indirectly, expressing the desire for a tiers,
In case one attacks on pedophilia and other stuffs. No there is no other stuff matching the depravation and degree of horrors and need for criminilastation of that.
And its dervi derivatives/  letting children being abused or abuse themselves by proxy degradation. Example, leave children out of schools or drinking….
The west hid their pedo in the all family heaven lies, and count on tourism for people that haven’t enough of that, and on news to bring the reassurance that children are the objects of these violences.
The south counts on terrorism and special schools to teach their children that abuses, not bullying like in west schools and democratic downside, is the way to go, nation.


Ms muchm mushroom.

Starting to say anything about being racism or homophobe, mysoc giyn, etc, to assouvir the killer feeling that in this planet with the kind of behavior societies adopt one cannot not have. Or repress or stop noticing how they kill by proxy or less than that.

Adopt, add opt.

Humans are these results of e people co living with each other in homes, towns and working or other places through coercion link to a certain ideologies- even when it d be the ideology to be put in a cage; and through the or havin g to have a minimum or other level of money and protection, and ppossibility of evcastion or construction (to find for an outlet and pay) or to have extort their maximum of it, in crimes or in legitimatizing it. Mind we need something big and consistent for an umbrella orf of what keep population out of mass assassinations.

Pub lick
Leack’ lea hich hick.

To fight majority toward tyranism is to give people a way to wish for their liberty.
Constructive work.

False fraternity not on being treated as an equal lines, but being engrouped as having the same or rather more similar tone of pigmentation of the skins.
But these fake fraternity could have jeopardize as well other fraternities of which game would ha=ve been to treat as equal people in order to discard other groups of people. And this if having been done out of the lottery of external criteria (family, place you are born, physical appearances) but totally by the criteria of how much you want to discriminate other people, not because you are belonging to competing groups by birth but by choices, then the outcomes could hav e been mafias even more detestable and strong from their horrors than now. Perhaps now, having been melted by people whose personal presence was due to their being born not their will to belong to such or such another “societies”.

Themes or reproduction tromp and trunk by meeting people in oen’s life that could have been our offspring and though not related.

What face would one pull if blind, reflection and felt feeling

Passivity is a gift as it is not passibe but conscient and all its exactitude and so action on the spot attentioned and recurrant needs.

People from the west forcing people from the south to get racist; in order that if they are black they have to resort to black  persons living with western standards but thoughpushing the people of their more or less orginal ethcie in the south to  claim them as their new ‘masters’.
New masters that is bad enough when knowing that master here I s the one that has the possibility to demand soubmission as they let you to be their servants why other s are killed or in slavery; whatever this de description is really happening or is happening like it is to relation between what one can view from sex and the city orgy and wheat from what happenen to people starving and all level and degree of such ‘differentciation’?

H why racist has never been racism but ethnicism where one person has always in view the killin g of other people, referencing it as natural, like the homophobes.
Why it is still racist to elaborate as statue between tortured and torturing; who and by whom, and what will be the apprpeciative degree and vair variation.

There are people with low e sle self esteem and those who lost it completely, and who rules with their pairs. Ppeers. Eres.
Peers, and chaos. Chaos, and chase.

7 is an alom almio almost square, like a buttress with a traverse
And 7 is also almost a 2, or straighne by and neck next the one.
Like the hanger, not for coat really.  A inverted triangle, seeking for its holding half f only.

Half, flah, flat.

Neck , nick.

Most, tsom, moss,
Som, sum.

Or as exact as that.

                                 To be really exited , excited, sexually ally
Because of the tensions that being, bringing and staying safe and self together will aply. Imply.

Ma king,

The actors gift as a talent in personal and social and intellectual, etc, interaction is to be able to move outside pre established ,roles, thoughts, and forecoming or resulting for e going feeling and expressions.

People who tried to stir up your hate, by shaming the position you are iun or the one you chose indeed. Should know or will now when full ed exercising that all the hate this one had is for them.
Why it is always too late for the imbecile.
E seals.

These take the every pieces in each and every pate plates, pretending to be nationalist and nicking their counterpart and living and riping any countries and all others, just making their cn cene, sane.
Thinking they will be able to organize into militia and rape an d conned at leisure, the picture of their movies, as deep as real as serious as their life add be. Had been.
As ing norant as Nordic, and ingnorant rant, to think that their piece will attent thri greedy. A total chaos will suit them quicky. As at lsiesure as theiy to their ass permi.

Permission, permanent.

Indignant, ignorant.

Because  of their corruption brought consensus, they call that a non dictacture, or democracy.

The protestations having for logics that the most of the population could rally- in hoping that their protestations is about sane aims.
But anyhow if it was not so, that their aims would be insane, they would run the governments al l thes a same. As the government is not this entity that have done the better but that authority that proved , if saving nations at all, at least killed humanity as a whole.

O so majority rules would have by now posted their elite leader to the elite s of consensuality.

Democracy taking over by companies ready for dictactorship.

People who display accent, like they display their racism, ethnocist, or g regionalists,
Like they give themselves and genre,
Like they give themselves a gender.

The only shame I ve had being bring down. Is not tto have retaliated.
Rape, self defence and killings.

Difference, reference.
Fuck the aca, aka.

Edition, head it, sion.

To have to defend oneself against the threat, used just like relentless blackmail, of being accused to be a racists. Just because you are of a color, or a stance that don’t condone everything that other people, any people does.
Doze, dose.
Just to keep the discourse as inequalitarian, unqualified, un researched, unrefined, blowing the suspicious by towards common goo d and good in general cooperation and frdddom.
Just to keep it as it si.
Just to keep it as thick as it is.

People are trying to read about others’ psychology and psyche as the iundicator of what we did or dinot do on our past and future will or tendencies.
But what about when this taking account of actions in terms of behavior cont more than what the people actualld had done knowingly. 
Example a polite conaman who ruin lifes, or week or wages or whatever how much time or many minutes your work had been robbed away.

To be so homophobe as one is so sexist in order to construct roles in which they are not supposed to be conned, in fact conned but short of sucking physically the dicks that fuck them and the one that help them fuck and bully th e rest of the population.
Slappers’s tory.

Is, siet.

And the place of the letter into counstruction of not meaning but understatement such as sing signs and the poi son position they have been targeted in.
Tar, get, tare.


People that have to take conscience of how they can be pretensious and upsetting by their lightness and fake superficailty when the one that faces them know about irresponsibileites more than dangerous but even lethal and always life g changing result of ignorance , neglect or sheer impudence and being ‘funs ‘ nasty. Snuff.

Vola, fly and thief.

Making live as a time sparing, as it gives to the body stuffs that it needs and for example can skip aome some of the bodily intergral massage that muscles recaliam reclaim to the skin.

To topple the political model not for what it is or it is not, but to replace it with different elites or ‘elect’.

Reap rape as nmot the result s of sexual ds desires, needs’ or envy, but as sex and as sex is the symbol of being intrudes and depersonlailise when violations. When this promiscuity is rampant within societies and wel our civilization.

 yes, yet again is just teasing. but if there is anything, if you want or need to discuss about anything at all it is more than welcome.

it is not like that at all. we are not together. it is just that we talked about things more openly and that i know she has a lot of feelings for me like i have for her. we get along very well, we lead similar way of life and we are becoming closer and closer- very close to be honest.
i don't dare to hope, but things are currently like that.
i hope that every one will find what they want.

 what about you?
you allow honesty and real conversations, is one of the things i just adore in you.

i don't want to be crude but it might not be the main subject if it finished a bit badly.

grammar catergorising my love for lexicon.

Where a a wwant for domination, betrays an energy overscousoumptoin and then extinction.

Ewed  wed     dew


Sept, take. Pesantor.

Females that let themselves talk and take about the need of the , in general, masculine sex. About the way it has to go fast as if not I t could not work the all way…are just by that accepting the violence of the aggression, as in thius case the coit is just , whatever it is for sexual pleasure, because in that case we cannot speak about making love or even physical holistic’ connection, the violence here as a sustitue or a sympbole of pronification and one that donm’t allow the partner to demand for its own compfort.
Whatever is said to justify acts that are not welcome, or not yet welecomedw.
Self absorbing, I or never welcomed as the chemistry failed to install or that finished in something mediocre or selfish, violent or mello

“There is no evil that live for ever”

The annual rise of transportation price in London just beo ove the inflation. Inflation only stake over  stake –holder can afford, is just very clear though that the policy, politics and philosophy of the U.K is the equivalent of saying they will be only the lords = the 1 % or so , or whatever the percetnetbe. But people clearly under quarter arreset arrest for not being able to keep one’s horse s as every land is tho the feudual senior.

Pleasure. Ples plea sure.

Plea sire.

 People say that tv is boring, but still when theire are massacres we know now.
Apathy or disinvolvment, voyeurism or consumerism of cheap horrors movies.

Move, evom,
Movie, heave home.

One cannot afford to be homophobe, conscinecously denying what peope know are the right of others, and all oteher sort of ‘[hoby’ but if they do they will be that close to worse horrors than those to only deny other but to the one of violation and degradation. They are to become pedo.
Fun they tried so loud.

Bolt, ob lobe.

Accepting independence as the bullies won on the international or upper sphere, and won on the national or lower spheres, as they don’t repe represent the people but the ones that bully the most.

Bully election.

People refractai f e refractory adoptin g measueres and mentalities of our parents age, but what would kill offspring, old shot and eggs.
Civilization clashes and generational gap. Family f values as nationalism and south and west dichotomy on canne cane canteen.

Eat, in th e future, who will?

Is the will the people strength of its prospect on looming. Heir.

Ticket, tekcit,
T es quite.

mais ils son't plus anglo que franco...


mais ils son't plus anglo que franco...

mais ils son't plus anglo que franco...

angle, frank.

These ministers of a sometimes harwardd level of intellectualisation, that are paid to observe system and pheniomenon so profoundy , as much as they let us succomb.
Succumb in it.

As racists as people that think they are the next people or the one present, such as ‘the greatest nation’ to quote obama, that just win over a more fasho, at the people automatic relief , just like breathing that can resume from being completely asphyxiated, versus

dam = dame.

Ame, ema. Aima.

People practicing the term shame, as when one is too young to realize, or to weak to protect, or too screew to budge…
While shame is when one can, and then start the fake boastering, on the lowest of the lowest opinion, no da debate, no values.

What values?

No values but searching interest out of somebody’s else.

‘fear and faith’
Anon T.V

delivered by milkman

 you mean you leave your milk being outside the fridge all day. day light, + 6 celcius...fried
mind after a while it could be giving butter or giving up.
if i were you i d convert to non dairy.

one day i will arm the calves.

Minerva (Athena)

to create fase false hate, like someone who wear pink clothes, and make one’s children like wearing pink, only to hate them… or make one children do stupid things and make them feel guilty about it; and worse make them do something normal but condemn, love the neighbourg that the society decieded you should not, to make your chio child a l slave to other, and to try and have it as one’s puppies for the rest of one;s life, since one cannot care less about theirs.

Not gay, but one;s sad story.

Being shocked at the same way parliament of arab countries , but rethinking in Europe everyone in a black suit tied with ladies corst corset.

Coarse air.

Corse air.

To go on si liscking and caressing you; after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you. after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you: after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you, after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you? after you came .
To go on si liscking and caressing you! after you came .

Ppornography and prostitution, here, and backed in order to get rid of homosexuality. As people choosing their couples would be happier and would need less of the money and their social pretension.
Bullied, from cradle to grave, by the very sex pests that back any kind of torture by hypocrisy and adultery, betrayal and pedophily.

Sophistication is harder to rp protect. Like you could wish your daughter to be less obviously pretty, as the shark could be away. And notice by someone taking the time, as one hope sharks would njot do that, or less of their somity.
And ask your secretary to be cladded like you have to makes advances and her to refuse it to have your justified-well her firing.

To speak about eating meat by a organisation such as FOE, or any serious organcesssation of protection of the nature, is clearly to betray. Worth the worse enemy.

To feel like insticitvelly to wirt wi write to her ‘I love you’
But what if I did, or if I do.
I ve lost reasoning, have you/
Intuition, condition and reverberation.

Rover, Robert.

Spouse, papoose.  Appose.
Id id id inidi indai d Indian child.

 you are still at work? i am getting tired only out of hearing that.
it's dem hour you do.
you sure you don't need the car to be done before tomorrow.
if yes please tell me as everything is a mess here.  

Be vegan. Please.

zumba, what.
watch you foot. carbon print and other bunnies. bonuses and businesses to lash on.

it is amusing that such article about slaughter houses, is appearing in the chapter 'foods' of this journal.

"treatment of animals", it is the most that the clear majority of humans claim they can do. just treatment like if they were or disease or parasites. human teaching the planet 'how to die with dingity'. dignity.

Journey, journee, jour = one day, or daytime.

so you were not alone and it is why i had to watch the subjects and their meanings.

 ok. so now i can, remind the ice, and water the plants. i would have liked to do your car.

 introducing a return while my brain was boiling realising i had to pack up the outgoing ones preferably before you go. this in breaking the line of inventory.

To follow instincts and inner voices, or voices as difference in adbice, adb adbi adc advice , back gou grounds and aims . to follow them and ending doing what is called irrational choices. Theough they fuck us up doing completely bizarre when not senseless and monstruous or at least useless or dangerous acts, but from whose you might learn an uncountable, inconsiderate, un regr regare regarded, untaken into account, left unguarded, lessons.
left unguarded.

Left, heft,

To be able in memorable moment not especially to wi write about them, but about things you thought of over and over, and just in one of one’s cim climax, though thematically unrelated, to find the way or a way we had never discovered. Yet.

Yet, tey, taie. Stay.

Yets, yetty.

To avoid speaking, as different phrases and attitudes have different meaning, stronger in the sense of multiples and reaching so many tradgedies than the one repeating, or trying t o answer or melting.

Lesbian love, as the body may have to move only a few centimeters, with its all might to crack open, erudition, not erosion of su fusional energy. Clitoris tip.

The anus that just provoke so much of ah an hardening condition, as one as to be as stiff and as soft to ‘open the bounty’.

Silky. Silk, kli, clit, lis, lisse.

 i enjoy every minute of my day. i cannot even read, but today there is no guilt about it.
 About it.
On cloud 13.

Today, tod. And the frog. Wheather wither. Whither.

The violent hips movement, like in roll Olympic humping jumping, were the body lift itself to go closest to the possible. God. Thanking.

Quire, enquiry.

People doing not much, and pretending to have and deserve everything, that might provoke on other workers the pretentious and vicious, ignorant and intolerant desire for obtening the same = ripping off.

 it s good you relaxed. i ll try to document my self on techniques of massages and head aches or aches related. i tried on myself the kind of pressures you asked me; i was clenching my jaw at some points.
looking forward seeing you on tuesdays.

The most intolerant braggards, the very sam e that profess extermination and slavery, and of whose personal kindom kind of home, would be virtually topple by everybody, as they rely on corruption and not on their ow wok work and respect of others’ work but on mean stupidity and more than below average but descending morality. ]
Joke, ok.
Kid dom.

Lie, line.

Hypocrisy without on purpose mockery is sometimes humility. Wh short of ra reacting proportionally.
To calm down as solution in preservation, and avoiding escalation. As actions flashe after beam.
Sometimes. Some time.

Be, am.

The inner bv voice that we don’t listen till the end or that could put every thing, opinions, fashions and definitions into question.
Instinctive, can bring to extinction , as paying’ one’s miscomprehension.
Come pre hand.
Thought, feeling, and analyzing opportunities, possibilities, options?/

“For the people”
Uniformisation of salaries could end up leveling salaries towards less and less purchase power , as in certain countries (Stiglitz, 2007) – third world and also the case in the U.S.A where people working full time are forced to live under the poverty line,
Us? A!
And terrorism explanation, or terrorism underground as much as it is in display. Go vernement. Go ver mine.

Nowithstanding, in on e day , and in all my effort pulling, from time to time or even more frequent, the what I did is collecting my surpassement into a single page of reading.
Need an ok maman.

Reflect, deflect, perfect.

There are these fakes that play being prostitutes to be pitied and try to pull some interest or the desire, the emergency of more understanding. That if they are prostitutes their main particularity is not to be a prostiututes for whom they decrease the due respect, as prostiutuion as been a vice backed up by all the society, an easier issue when it comes to canal and multiply insanity and false relationship, the stunt of their elaboration and development of a sane an d happy society.
No, these fakes that play being prostitutes just for it to be the tree hiding the forest of meanness that they escompte you ll swallow or eat.

The compartmentalization of work having permitted like the whole responsibilitiy of one unit – if your work kplace is not threaten by yobs, or you not threaten by not being bought through outcaste, r the real exclusion, if your f caste find something more than mending chair to get along with survival and why people , brave people, transform themselves into murder maybe not in practice but out of their disgust for slavery.
The compartmentalization of work having permitted, and hopefully your wages is proportional at the how the tasks is difficult and heavy. Peri meter, permitted that peope don’t aks you to do their task or that you can count on what have been done by you . particularly.

Sport, port,
Portal = carry.

Eaten one’s old skin around the finger nails, and prospect on cannibalism feeling.
Fell, felt. Lef, leaves.

And it is the people that r treat carer at 6 pound a n hour like if they a were aware of thir their being Victorian servants. Downastairs, Upstairs.

A woman who word works as accountant, as whether her opinion would have been asked, her poino point of view would have been too daring, too artistic , too gigantic for it to be accepted withing ‘the more artistic and pro da debates faking and feigning intellectualistaion.

Chair, share.

But this is not philosophy.

Not, note.
No, on. Noon.

To confound telepathy and revelation. While telepathy is simple people, simple mind that talk at a distance, within brain and though vibration and condi uction. While revelation is the result of having found an element determinant a propos situation, as each are, but the one one sees identified and understood as such. Revealing the whys and how of conditions.

Success, suck,
Suck seed.

 tell me you are.
i need a break from work and from attempts at awakening.
My dream.
 tell me you are.
i need a break from world and the last failed attempts at awakening.

Am, realm. Laer, lair.
Dream. Dram.

here practically no veg either, it is ok they are no good for every single day .
thank you for coming over. god knows how i need it.

To think of this couple permanently that gave me the hint regarding the enormous errors I was commiting. To have started realizing what was actually happening thanks to them while in my blind ignorance I thought that I knew and tha ti lashed out ascerting that the problem was them.
So much, so long, that I try with all my might to apologize with my spirit , telepathy , or dream for them with my spite for what I did coming to them.
Impudence, insolence, paro pardon me.

Of course i don’t feel having sed sex.
As all day I d like or I am having psyiqucally making love with you.

In democracies, in institutitons that displays the right of people that abuse people and the duties of others to serve them. And administrative failing to do their job and rendering your day of asking for legitimate papers living hell, with time spending in looking for what belong to yourself alraday or for what took you so much time to acquiere already- to be pay back for something that was a sah sah sham, to ask for your equivalence at the university you are gruaduated without any answers at your 20 mails.
No trace no evidence of being bullied, cyber bullied. Well evidence but who give a damn, who will investigate. Everyone knows it it is the daylight horror market, the alienation to carreer and accommodation. The punishment for doing stuff ect extras, for aiming at something of a specification.
The people in homes that ask you to serve, people that don’t want to, or people that would rape your ma, or whatever the nect sitting to them males or females, but that are in residential places for the sakes of all of ours to see, what human rights ease.(not are but is, a compact that can be transform in merde)

To be extremely wary of dreams as they are as true as they will be misleading.
“that will be, will be”

Philosophies pretending to be cosmopolitian and communhitarian while they are based on casting out.

The prostitutes that think they can rule the world as it is easy to destroy it.

 we will need to screw something on the bathroom as jm tries to intrude, that i really need to lock when i cannot do without a little time, and that he is ready to pull the bracket. if i don't want to have to handle 48 hours inside.


People at work who are looking for friend with the intent of having a buinesse in cou corruption and malpratcties, and that start picking on anyone cos they would have like to think that to be friendly and nice was not equating with such things. Why kind people might be bullied, as meanness is not blind but the will of finding one’s mug and dummies = profieteering, capitalism and socialism. As well as nazysm, and very defera not different but deferent at times of their rituals and clownery.

Clones and genocides in the way people have to behave the same that the ethny.

=                                         in french.
And drugs.

Cm came.


The seal of compass. Scion.
And Pandora box.

 just to remind you of the system of children locker we need for the kitchen.
right in the middle of your working week, i am sure you will be delighted thinking more concrete practicalities. when calculators are njot in need.

To have thought having defended someone by , out of one’s own kindness and capacity at understading or understatement for patience. While one were going on through the iner food good.

food good.

State, sated, stave. Stage.

The gypsy is in exile from not finding work with which they can go around and av away.
The European is in exie exile born in countries where they can be sure that their foreparents at the origins where from anywhere, and even if tehey were not, which is impossible, but is worth the note, are inchained to their capitalist liberal, so liberal that they can call themselves ddemocracies at the polls.
And yet again, poles. Attraction and repulsion will kill us all.

here practically no veg either, it is ok they are no good for every single day .
thank you for coming over. god knows how i need it.

 you could give the soya to your fish and if they get something as round as some vegan belly, well they could scare your heron.

your fish could have liked it. i ate them for lunch. wasn' t it for your mother initially? you ll have to teach me cooking under pressure. bon appetit. though i am the greedier.

Cho chiromances.


Because females own more control over the reproductive acts; sexual gratification are directed towards males: not here like in anyother notes, talking about genitalia but gender, social gender not biologic, as the spirit shape the body and its focus and area of expension and study.
As such the male will by nature = not nature, but gratified, recommend by society.
                                       By recommendations, statufied conventions and incrusted customs said yest to the sexual impregnation and invectives of the female, as she judges of the day of incubation.
And refusal.
And the why of male execution. To be ready, howdy. Hoody. Ra ready, yd aer. Hid are.
Arty. Ytra. Hit Ra.

The companies in place of monopolization, above all, like the tfl, should be checked and if fail to give their customers their rights , fine big time.
Example, went 10 times to an office before someone reimburse me from a fail h journey, why not doing automatically by a machine.
Why tfl prices ain’t competitive, as it is just like if people were ask discriminatory price for water, transportation are socially and professionally vital.
Not that I would allow unrestrain quantity of water to be used…
Math are neglected.
As are logics.

if i had to work your hours, without having my entire week end at disposal to sleep and lie down; i would not be tired i would be dying.

The desir of her coming back, reminding the places we were, and to know which book to caress in memories for this book to open on air. Her. And tell err.

Letter, litter.
On other pronounciation.

Homosexual sex is diseregarded as inexistent making believe or hope other people that w e won’t have ti great, full fledged, refined, hungry, endless.

Confirmed, conformed.
Noc, knock, the heavne’s doors.”

Instead of the disgust that left not realy successful or even failed relationship or professional moments or attempts, personal , ethical, whatever suits. To be happy at their having been lost; as they were only preceding something that came alloy. Annoy.
That came along and now form the beauty of what for one has been existing. Love.

Of how and what it is o so o important to find or seek what one can call their sette settlement. A marriage, a duties, a long life hobby.

Passion, leasure, pleasure, through which one understands and comprehend, all the range of sentiment.
Life time seizure

  For I lost my memory as id I did not work enough on it.
Or I fal failed to recongnise between realities, whi wishes or bunch of lies.
Or because of wanting to forget, or to go psychically or in and through imagination away.
Go away.

The sexual acts, as link if one wants to, or through violation of their wishes,
Sexual acts as the revealation of one’s body not entirely, but real sexual relation building on love and trust is the end , the aim of it.
Sexuality as a form of possession.

The trick of a pedo to sexually assault and abuses children and or be very bribery for the child to try for them to hold on on this behavior compared to the ones that rape them, or to be very abusive in order that the child disgust, fright and destruction behavior be thought to be reacting to hostility but not to rape.

Fortunately inside oneself run the blood of ancestors and other stuff of the past; cos for some and sometimes in fact for all and sometimes a lot, and when not the lot it is when we don’t know what we don’t know, cos we d could not get through with that simple single life we’ve got.

None is racists when one can think that the other will treat them as a brother.
But what if we won’t have the choice long, and traitor in any camp, mka anti racist a vital danger. Or how to be tortured and despised life long.
And the racist s that are not but just want to belong. Belong. Long for, their stuff by somebody else, while one’s teams of fan – condition of work for it to be called satisfactory meeting, no morals, no battle in between the new race that want itself superior. As superior as the mort.

 i ll have it. i am not yet strict. but i think one day. it s coming closer, but i am an absolute greedy. Absolutely. I love regional specialty. and I have to try not to cook a lot, it is since my twenties i ve tried, my life s now gone in half and i am not even close to obtain a master degree – not very, with which i ll – if I manage- be struggling to obtain cheap administrative assistant jobs after having passed another qualifications, such as i.t or something. it is not a problem, it is the challenge i knew was coming, and as far as i like the job i am in, i am for it. Plus if it is even more complicated, I would find any another jobs, when I move I feel better within my body, my flesh needs it, without a minimum of one full day, or a couple of days of sheer physical activities, I d be altogether mentally and corporally agonising. For all of this i fear to grow chubby some day. i ve never ever care about this prospect because in the right work context, i ve been picturing myself working the longest hours i could possibly give and for me it is the way of completude and existential aim, without which there is no happpiness. as for happiness it is this time needed to look after one's health, thinking oneself healthy and strong enough to help reduce others' pain- i am “traumatized” (loath, life or death question) for example by enforced prostitution, or pollution, or animal slaughter, etc, inflict on this world. i think that not to try to stop them, as tiny as one will ever be able to help is the exact same (inverse though) than participating in their perpetrating. It is also why on earth we are all equal in the matter that no one gave their 100% fighting theirs and others’ evil.
But for me none can come without thinking to this other, another mind and body. And none comes alives in one’s day, light, and to allievate the dark, if one is obliged to live and persist without one’s honey- food not being the direct subject here, but my own and sole soul of spirituality.
It is not cryptic it is badly written and confused without further explanation, but I flee concretization of the emptiness of my hopes: classic.  As the profs say I don’t unpack, but who would like that?

This matter. As a meatier, emitter, blender, master, mat, mate, meter of vice.


persit persist
 veganism, and it cannot be conceptualised an organisation fighting for nature's right without fighting for it. i know plants are alive, but start stopping eating animals and to focus on how stop killing the flaura and everything (sous soul) with it.

Sous sol.

Sol and music. When low mean under grave and high mountain or aster pitched.

the sexual move in/out, forwards/backwards, reminding the exca exchange, exchequer, Exeter. Exit, that the dons  =          in french    of oneself are presupposing.


Vamp       ire.

To lose, to pray for this piece of papers to bob out from where it vanishes, the art I made and that will never before thousand years come to what I was living.
All what swallowed the bugs, like o bog, of my computers, that kil l the idea and the artisanat needed to shape their melodies

AND I really wonder why my facile computer keep on showing stuff on my documents that are then passed to be saved, without saving the m really.
How o come that this courteous it or programs guys did not make sure that this tool of mine don’t play insanity trick on me and my mind like this.
I l l stop bying the ir brand. Buy a computer that is here with ou you all the time, like your best friend, and that has not been programmed to save your work prioriatarily.

And what if in 2000 years times technogoly found a way of recovering its lost or erased data, on purpose of hiding or in the purpose of proving now, that one has to be more than protective of their own idea.

And what if we started to recollect moment of the past in two centuries. Centaure.
Sans tort.
In proving some pho phenomenon of telephaty , ideas, thoughts and discourses, false or falsified, truncated or in disbelief and any other level of ‘the truth’ stored in some energical path and patch, page and poche, poach, near our vicinities.
Vainquish, vini, vidi, vici.

The people that say they are Christians just to appropriate to themselves the authority of a story that said that someone could have done everything to help humanities. And that in fact spit on Christ, a literary modes and model to spiritual love, to vomit on their neighbor if these one don’t bring to the chru chru church , cherubin, and its moguls, the en necessary amount o f vanity. And gay we are, and in and out the lord, we are free.

Lord, order, role play.

Academy and the the theoric oric, oniric, knowledge with which on e can draw assumption and deduction – corporately approved - when sounding more concret example from the news by the moguls manipulated.

it is dense and followed, i like it.
flow, fowl, low, load.

Still normal, the equivalent of nice, with people whose mind is set about the demise of their equal. Abused others as they want to eat out of their lives.

To still react normal to them, as such gap and thrust are inscribed in the subconscient that liberate a force that don’t always, or even don’t often meet, meat, its aims = completude, and then lost itself in by products. Bye. Baille = as operture, leak. Bail.
But what of the concient and what of consciousous action in order to live like ordure.

To shiver from the lost, sol, solt, bolt, salt, sult, insularity.

To love ones’ computer to bit and hate the ones that cause it to have bugged ans and swallow data and effort.
But its family will retrieve human, animal, and machine work in an renewed understanding of paranormality and what and how things have happened into and onto within this world and those surrounding it.
And it will be called postmodernity.
Feud. All

No trace of sufferings, in a face that prone = proner, claim, throne. Suffering and saythat ist the wy it is…etc, so what is under their smiles and sadness, that perpetruate madness as meaness not as insanity.

To say to be pedo to punish homosexuality in children… to say to have be done by their own parents, and to have eno enjoyed that.
As their own relation to homosexuality , but here the incest , the violence of all violation perverting everything inot mechacn mechancete, mechanins mechanism.
Peado. L

And be very very of other feeling projected once one knows that this ones are publicized.

i ve just lost i don't know how long a text, and a title nearly a paragraph, since my computer starts having problem saving- take too long a time, too loaded in data not in processing. i ordered a new laptop just after it.

Ails, alas, i risk a major breakdown each time he does me that. gathering ghastly erry eering.

As l also my texts is what I have to share.
I have, to share. Must.

Ail = garlic in french.

It was on biblical onbilical fauconery, falsifying a legend of a man of sin trying its best at universal love, and finishing eaten not only by the one that cor cross him, putting him on the cross but also by whom say they love Christ to come and knock at your door and insult you with saying their marriage of the church, cherubin, is hetero, yog, yob mafia

Papal, penpal. A piggery as the first of their enforced or aborted marriage.

Anyhow sinc e I lost what I remember I arrange it spicier than ever, since I cannot reconduct the length of my initial candor.

It was difficult because over the years I tried to ban every brand that have lost my datas.
And as for me; destiny avoided the worst, but it is because of my neglect that I could have gone near to have wanted to hand , hang. I could have lost year s of work because of my not protecting it. I could have and more than once, not interested enough in new technology for saving, recording, rearranging, format g change…
Never again stories.

Love is the beauty of life; and one could go further as anything if there is a path. Tap.
And there is always one. The one of our lives or of all lives.
Lives. Sevil. Civil.

Spirituality is like when I put food for birds all other and that they don’t see while they are gathering in search of food, or at least malnourished, all always at the same place at some miles even meters. Where is the source, what is in store for us to find and sherish.

Black, blacken.
White, whiten.
Red, redden.
City, cities, citizens.

Art is this skills of designing what might throw people into comtemplation.

To massage with such force that it is not by pressure but by stopping putting pressure but still expressing the tension and effort in conveying it by the vibration or something dense, in fact palpable defining an aura beyong de the flesh, that condole the abode in consoling our pain.
And why healer and other spiritual has to be da dearly protected by the army that saigne, sane, bleed, lead.

Democracy, car cratere. Criteria.

To see its victims in the tears they shed right now
Crocodile, tears like they torn apart, people, things and dreams.

New, mew.
Mow. Mown.

And though the loss one undergone so deep and also so showing how little we won. Asl ife is dying, and still breathing is holding on . onto her, my wife and all that I would have done for my destiny to deserve her arms. Pieta on piety. And the how deeper and quicker, surest line to banish depravity, as I would have to love her children, all of them, every of the entire nation of child. And hate promiscuity that put into danger the one spot I am allowed to see of purity.

H shift shit.

Vicinity. This vice, vini, vici. Video.

 i did not even suggest, i asked her, but no conversation is possible. mind  i admit i am not flexible on the subject either.
i cleaned the toilet bowl today
 i cleaned it today, there are stained that i don't use cos i don't want to use product, but i ll have to do them anyway. did you see some water left on the floor, is it that?


Last week then when           asked me for the tomatoes I brought back, while I gave her some of the ginger, and melons, and I refused, I found a tomato in the bin the day after that.

Thank for the cake , delicious i know it and it stays very long in the palate.
i ll try it to be one of my last vegetarian intakes.

The females confounding between being a woman and a prostitute. And trying for this condition t o be applied to all other over feminine. True cccccccc ache.
Cake. And desert. And eden garden.

Ache, ash.

How come people don’t go for shared well being?

Den eden need, nede, naked.

i tried to go on the rule of ruling out the brand of computer that had been losing my data through conspicious inadapted, neglected, ludicrous system. and the ones that asked me to do in don't know how many programations that never stays or asks me to touch 10 buttons for a simple actions,or don't hold simple options while they are such as smart phone.i gave up i need equipment.
also i hold on to mine, i knew i had to change it, it bugs all the time now.. i ll quit the habit. i love my machine, i love it just like my best pal. with my best pal is more complex but i really love my tool and object. i am animist by the way, the others forms of believes are anti religious, ignorant, or conspiciously egocentric with of course as the result to destroy the forms that some decide together, conjointly to name as inferior, or different, or no worth living, or worth living to suit others' purposes. thank you to accept my mailing, i hope it does not sound violent, as it is anti violence even though to prevent violence coercion as not the solution but at least to prevent harm has to be applied.

People talking always about them, or the same ones that talk behind the back and try to spy on people in order to steal what the other got through sheer work. Parasitism by any other name.
And and end name.

an name. anna , me.

Pure, reup r erup-tion.
And the delicatessen of spontaneity and dense emotion. Psychic miracle responding to the ow wonder of the call.

Nto well or well off enough to avoid paying a prostituted.
On husband , wife, and the whole society.

 tried the net too expensive, wll go to argos.
just bought jumper could not find good price in high street.
new computer 10 times more ram.

Ram, mar, mare.

Elastics like the flesh and the skin. Up to the finger print of oen’s little toe.

People that set up staff saying thing that they did o not od, do or with the help of the hierarchy setting up rules that are to nick them
To do it ruthlessly like barbrarian in certain cultures and classes; to do it pretending to be intellectual or psychologists, or to do it like administrative given rights to ones and riping others from theirs.
People are racists because of what discriminate not to sustain improvement but the ones of impunity and raising inequal salaries; but in fact what is changing is not the type and gravity of discrimantion, but how the work will h affect more discretedly, wit h consequences of bad practices affecting other countries not your neighbourgs who will be able to be with you all smilly, o r the style only, to play sharia law, (de charia en scilla) charognard) like the butcher over its hamsticks, or to play it cool, open, and intello, almost dedicated, passing the buck just like the french would say ‘always kill, kiss the hand that feeds’.
Sa lvation. Slaves of slaves.
Sale and v.a.t.

kill, not kiss

C; that s a cool things to do while for example one is walking blue cross dogs or city of london children, including yobs.
Or both and thrice.

 could you telll       that i think there is a niche, enourmous one in vegan affordable product. i ll do anything to find normal price chocolate, and other alternative, soya milk is not more expensive...

People that call intelligence what brought money or science without conscience typt of readiness to sell one’ own ability: on what some would like to empty universities to redirect them to schools or university only by name that would produce human versus humanity.

To record statistics, theories, numbers, mecahninsms, and to illustrate them with living stories, having conseaquences or being the most possible told pictureing the world at their stakes.

If failed to tell you since I reckoned (note for not doing it next time)that I did not need to inform you on details as long as things could be run with the minimum sense, but it has been over one month I have asked more than once that jms dirty laundering stopped being put – I was also doing it- in the kitchen. Now it is stored in the cupboard where the paint pots are in the corridor.

One cannot distinguish easily birds singing, as if their song are most powerful, their body presence and appearance them look at staying discreet.

When there is no choice, we have to play prostitutes like everybody. And then there is always eternal perhaps irrevocable elements of choice. The darkness of lives might be expressed thus, thymus.

The killer instinct that would ring and bring us almose t into the desire for this all lot to become rotten completely and start being paid or at least unleashed to get rid of the rotten who shows its face first by mokeri.

Blue, blur.

 People playing it patriarchal, while they are in their own business and time.

Machines or not one has to trust only on’s power and wil for checking peroformance , benevolence and at intent.
In tone, and tin. 
In ton ten tent.

In martial law never figure out where to attack as one attack where the weakness travel in the body of the adversity, or adversary, in and into, and this differ as move the mattered.
No enemy?

No enemy? Ymen, hymen, semen.

Sorry for providing so much judeo christianism imagery, it is just I am taught on this, no offenses or sign that they are more telling than any other countries.

If I could sue Microsoft for all the files that lost, erased, itself or did not record when they were supposed to; I could life on bail.
Even when he knows he had to shut down it is so quick to ask that it answers back in a boomrang effect that you wish you had these automatic reader and decision maker that would preserve data and not abs-orb them into thin air. Sore sort Sorbet. 
And If I could sue myself. The number of paragraphes I could have written forgetting the last reminiscences, appeal. Ahh harsh ash uphill up held app hell. Rappel.

But why this fucking Microsoft is not saving my work, sometimes for hours and hours as I have to reckon the day my battery slipped unadverted or the window asking me what I want to do just disappear before I can make my mind?
We all know there is grave problem of seriousness in ever y work, but what about mircosoft the culprivt of letting us work just seleep away when they earn so much money around so sophisticated stuff but not to make usre that my f work is safe every minute of my computer and me work like psdudo serf certified. ???
What kind of conspiracy, what new software should hav e bought to v be sure losing days when me and my computer has to change tables, or when I slip it too fast on my duvert? Duvet??

Or because my clipboard work half way? And permit me to cut info that it won’t never store but disappear into a hat that I ll never hold again nor smell the secent back. Why would they like us to part with my computer, companion of my , of all my days. Towards an interenet that decided if I am worth to be a members of their closed democracy? Enclosed to what if , I since decidedly going that way?

If someone can hear an article on the radio, an item, it is on the website never possible to find it back. How is that? How come one does not want their work to be found?
Are they true? What happen in the media and state institittuion that their blog are so messy and impenetrable?

Maybe for the women supporting kinad part patriarachilm pachyderm when not head of a bo brothe heel hell, wait to collective assault, most certainly sexual.  To wake up? Or bomb themselves away
To be so thick, only one chic chick of solution, to be lied to.#

Lied upon.

Peace and love, and anti nuclear.
But what to do when not obtain it?

While the ancestors are already here.

Sip. Pis.

Of human insanity, aobe above all the for a formality, will emerge a monster. But what about worse than those of th present economy.
To wards the unknown.

Identity tell me to say from what countries, what religion by birth or affiliation, my k job, what I am.
But what is , is human end of stories.

From the matter to make tools and objects. And tho have to respect them as a soul with a renewed shp sh-ape.

To cling on one of its cultural parameters, or ogra organizational of societies, o for what, expect one fear war, dl eprivation, de-privatisation, de lepr-

Peple w forget their worries when there is but misery.

People rather thrir cultures to succed as the y could have more keys to war inside theirs. But without culture that counters? No hidin g permitted.
We have been calling this the weather, it will perform for dom dum as a doomer.

To stop studying thinking there I senough people doing it, as knowledge is seen as repeated, as knowledge is pratcises as theories, and application of it a moqueries and insult to the most basises.

Master, mature.
Adversary, advice.  Vice and bank, blank for the verse.

Bubbleia, butterflies bush.