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LANGUA, L’ ANGLAISE: I Sleep in a cave and a cane

Sleep in a cave and a cane

Langue lez.

BEL        BUTH

Bab, blib, bibl

Or to know better the situations o in order to sell information to whom can buy, and sell our livelihood to the sharks out to of water.

Just like animals took all abuses, the older will now suit.

To stay with what is not ho one’s style, or random accodomation, to shift one’s network in brine brain in general.

It is finish, the y like to say, to whisper, to hint, to torpor, to threaten, to advocate, to play with, to aim at, to condone, to verbate, and verbal candor.
What about their h children these adults so comfy in their amputated furor.
As am putated as the survival of a tree whos e branch es are toran torn and its tear the new torrent, the new current of our distort fright and real terror.

The old coffe regittven a heat, tastes of wishkey.

People in uniform will be seen as the uniform and everyone will forget their personality, or stop looking at them in the face in the sense of any other indidivuuals.
And we also stop considering their jibes like personal cowardice and horrible features u but like discrimination pertaining to one groupd naturally, sorry.
Iniform and mafia, the bullying share by those.

Work simpfilfy as one will test their memories in social details. Thinking that they master human being and humanity. While they fire you for your particulars smile and go on and on with policies the destruction of all o society soecietes.

People would found back the work we lose, and this day we will stop being worker for our work or wanting to come first, but coming together, at the realization of every one labeur. Labo.
It is too dangerous we know it, but one day could come were when was it is too dangerous is for the dag coward that woun’t hesistate to create outcast ou of it.

The is people do’t commit visible crimes as they want more money and the legitimacy of what a official groups might provide. Instead it is the police they try to infilter. These groups whose discrimation admit and tacit never have prevent them to obtain a job. At least why not obtain the job but being in the impossibility of bullying and il treat. Any how let ‘s go for the gay and live like rats, who believes it will work?

First the older will feel when the water will start taking our heath away instead of purifying us.

The o holy water were these ones the water from a stream that we could drink safely and the ones from plants that would oint our illness and injiuries.

You can see by their relative courage who has been caught up by a system a uniform and go on onto itfor fear of uiting one’s platform as nowhere is such thing as justice and equality. Nothing but I n the balance that we should preserve of the spiritual order, as without preserving those natural to lifebut distrurbed having to live and develop in this particular place, town or plantet. If betrayon what life taught of the absolute velue of life, and life having being able to rest one’ sturest and entirety , turst trust and determination, it is life that will betray ascendancy or descendency, influence or consequences of having lived  dependent on other species and others dying or receding.

To lose something and to redo it, hundreds in order to fell how it felt the first time we try or notice it. To make sure and check an dreconstitute their essence, lost flagrance that depart from us knowing where and under what forms they might have gone.

People because of belonging to fascitst system are too accsustomed to take abuses for free, and therofer to dcay, molestation and to be invaded in the sense of ill treated and taking as sub are ready.

People that want supremacy but it is all what they want supremacy in order to be served. People that will kill us.  And the all planet to have given the illusion of having mae made it. Maid.

People think that they will make money only dong business and administration but t what is to order when you have lost all that counts is life and life honor? Nothing, their skills will prove ridiculous and their realm card csastel.

More an more confy we would have to become as we are so fragile of having broken the world.

To utilize the leaves of trees to put insects form you as a w vehicule into their new neigbourough.

Lose and lose again, what essence will stay, what is to replay?
If not humility.
And the earth to no one but to its creator. And its freatures of dismy spreading fear and tort, will know more about life after a while than what they have displayed.

To know so good to do, not in fact to know how to do it st so strongly  or strongly enough to make simply, to find by the necessitiy of it breaking down. And find, invent, the way of doing I t the most sip sy simply.

Like in all tales of conquest and wisdom, the love and fight for the tool we need to be the best in chivalry in alchemy…

Catherer. Catering. Care.


He’s his.
To w won own oneself?

yst again big campains ofr for d education, with smiling faces, just like if education had improved our being kind, honest, courageous, righteous…
of o couse we need it, but how.

This person would talk differently, as they experienced and know different. And their could be shocking, but shockingly one woul d have to persist to know to be sure that this information be transmit, rather than pretending knowing it, and knowing we everything and just fau fail miserably. Sometimes in making everyone love thingking that we are at the state of the art of
As a doomed and finish civi. Civile, civilization.
So vile.

When one person will focus on sensation of the feeling of a part of a brain, other will focus onw o word when say on a certain tone of or in certain amount of decibels . some will focuse on idea towards futurisation others facts of the past and though cast differe recommendation.
Art of discussion, art of socialisiation.

The only heterosexual tradition justified by lack of social entente intended and to want something warry. But how can one upset childen come out out of fantasy??

Flooded, flaoated, l floatd, flatted.

To be anxious, or source of anxiety not because of being aggressive but because of knowing howt to become or lead aggressivity, in the gun powder effect it generates and she masters death.

The realation one has to one’s parents of more than platonisism is a ‘weird’ one in the sense that age when adults cease to be an issue, at it is very natural (happening frequently, as one would have many reasons for) to be sexually attarcated and more of someone 20 years older.
Mystic not mystify ication.

The wife of whom were not the most part of their work, were not the wife.

In tune with silsence silence, and trying to get onto one’s onde not charge in this room preocuuaption, or discussions, on go for a ride tillunma unnamed destination.
Ride, hide.

To have to try to accuse we everyone without being sure and check one’s fact; I once one has to admit that they commit having a defalult setting saying that it is others’ when something went wrong.
Others or stranger, thus avoiding ‘family’ or grouop confrontation. And making war useless stuff as one goes wrong worse and loose one’s north.

Cross, like the compass and compasses.

To loose one’s work but not the hands that would conduct the piano of the orchest and its chord.
T o lose on’es hands.

And the old that appear with more calmness and more wisdom, but that in fact know they are dying as when they move to o strong an hernia or alike, a dislocation or perpetual exhaustion arrived and extermine.

The redundance needed, and the rest, and the work constantly as out of its frequency will regulate, ideas and their furtherance, roots of explaination.

To lost work but to have in store recommendation on how to save at the next life extension.

Religion s in fact sects that put into agreement one human desire, the will of not wanting to be killed b or exploited by the neigbour, by another clans, by another groups, by their own family or communities own perjury- or mostly.
Calling it that c god, is a denial of human condition and a betray to the akies and every creatures under it; thee.
Vie = combat – latin for live.

And falsly familial the virginity of children kept in order the family be served , to keep one servant, or to make the sexuality of a child available to keep them as a sexual slaves for insider oor outsider. S

killing animals is murder.

to have to pay discriminating price for universities is the sign of chanting democracy when democracy is a word for crooks and mocking.

Anf if the mary martyrs were good people in effect, but did their missions in disobeying when they should have stoppe d and said no. and fight back or when we have to wish they would have hid better and found a way of stopping murder.

To violate a purety, iw ith the ones you did so to stauch it. And nto talking about marriying the one we have raped. As we applied to have the possibility let. Social incentives, extraction attraction of the demon. Den, om. Hu om home, hum-an, hom-age, hom-an. Umma.

Hwen cats howl like wolf. How w owl olf, maou.

It is when you have but no choice of talking about the role of the female, prey, apeaisement role. That they are gonna knock you through being rude for you to repay being an impudent; that at last one can smile and giggle.

The macho, nothing to do with male, but with war, have to do with protection of the pure, nothing to do with females, but the protection of its cal clan and the destruction of the one wanting his one.

Horror story:
To bred cat, domesticated for years, living in the stable but coming down to the home and eating alnong side with the stray cats that the household seemingly generous feed at the same time.
The fater father annonyed now, with his I mistresees more uptown want to move. And decide to let the cats in countryside, abandoning them pretexting to go and give food for on e term; and at the end of it saying they disappear did not have to say he went astonishly  as it was a good outlet for estrange hour.
The daughter that never officialy were the master but looked after them. But denied of this memoery by the mother that keep changing the truth of the situation saying to her adolescent no, no, you did not do, I did.
The daughter having the opportunity of coming back in the country side once, off the household already complety gone, but were on holiday and her ‘former’ cats saw. The daughter of the mother cat, her so fragile in particular, and look at what she knew was her mistress with wide opened eyes, humid for being afraid of her first, maybe last month wit h a box for protection.
If she had 10, 5 seconds, 7 probably, not even 9, to remember her poor life, the eyes of her cat would have resurgit. Roar.

Two vampires, tow humans, living together and putting everything they can to appear good chap. Beautiful houses! Cars! And stag nights! And tea hen parties! Parties! And throughout the day designing more discreet manner to make people and animals , their own children, suffering. From pain or through imbecility.
Human prosternation, humane.
Two vampires, don’t exaggerate, one? So hwo come they come as a couple? Stuck feuamale?

There is nothing African in saying you are a withch and kill you it is what people everywhere used to do, sects of inwusition, lide like it is currently done in saying you look and react differently to tuoruture and abuses, please take a pill before finding no future.


i understand you 100 %. wikiepedia even on academic operate as an awe. for example you see a guy with so many articles, but that the article they write are for no more than blogs...etc. too little information, not enough details and you find yourself with by stander making their wikipedi looks like if they had made a so much of a dozen films or journalist articles...
check its website, he is finished.

Mother not playing their role as mother but more acting as lovers, might beneficiate from being respected like the mum when they are not maternal and to have an unknowingly submitted lover.

Duc, cud,lle. Cud earl.
Doc, cub, buc, buck.

Don't worry about opening that either.

The Silver Fox Experiment
A clip from Horizon The Secret Life Of The Dog. This explains how the wolves could have been domesticated.
The Silver Fox Experiment
A clip from Horizon The Secret Life Of The Dog. This explains how the wolves could have been domesticated.

Fox domestication.
i should have shown you the pic was stunning, did not find it back

Very interestingly, national geographic published absolutely cute pictures of foxes in the arms of their human counterparts, while the same topic, the same persons are shown in this video (video really showing what the program were about: 50 years long laboratory excruciation) just keeping dozens foxes in little cages in order to select the less aggressive to being encaged.  Not less aggressive, but selection of genes that react positively not at human presence, but react positively, in a cuddling way to people imprisoning them indefinitely into one square grilled outdoors cells.
Lack in procession.

So they said in the video the selection was about gene of friendship as it is in fact looking for animals taking abuses and prison. Just like the birds that some take as being inferior and without felling, in order to keep them in cage without no grooming, no petting, no hours a day of flying (as I am not against domestication- friendship, companionage is possible is even very performing also it would be cruel to go against it, but is permissible when animals get as much as human liverty. When it comes to enlarge both species love and pleasure, feeling and experimenting,  not the contratry. )
see fox.

Foxes encaged and sort out genetically not because of demonstrating of good and nice behavior, but demonstrating of nice behavior = loving behavior towards the same, the very same people that encaged them. To learn to love the torture, and the deprivation of freedom, the being taken and considerate as ini inferior and in need of less pursuit of happiness. While animal are much more instinctively and physically active, deprivation of their exercise is taken but human thickness as grenade grunted graded. Granted. Thin and thick once sliced.

Theirs is rome room to sell ya. To sail ya.
White tie treatment.
And unsourcing.

Same, a saem, salem.

Cherishing the phone on whcich I could call, just like I had on me the fer febrile fever fervor that her absence or presence convey me. Like one makes love and from their body comes the fume in summer like if it was junary.

Other species or else, would of course like be transformed into their parasites or bird of prey, any predators or pollutors’ own death apparel.
But they can’t.
They have to know better about them, to transform successfully.
The next clone, the next illness, the next catastrophe.

Store and sa stay. Ay or.

To depress about the past and the present gone the path; do remember the lost once found but oblivion for the lost never having reach that. And it is why inaction, cowardice, lazyness are very bad as we cannot put a weight on that.

Nor fell feel.


An insolent and his mortage.

In the eyes of a fox, in a flash, in them eyes and their movement, aimant, magnetic, you understand how 200 times teheir instinct is at work, and also act.
So what would bring the species not starting math or french on paper or industry schematics; would it be instinct, doner?
Donneur, doneuse

Love and e desire are able to make us commit or comiss o whatever or nearby. But be careful to our d lovers the day we would know that of having doing this we are danmed.
Ladys roman.

Women pure, mistresses are not.
Are not considered as woman, and are thinking like impure == business man, = dangerous creature not through being candid and inspiring free love but tortur.e
Only dream of war, make the se leeper leper come down and back with dual to last under breath and breadth undertone. Underwton, town.

The world could be dying, people are so tamed in order to make sure rummaging about theirs or secretary seceret secretate state of a nail.

On the queen jubilee, we should have boat of all sort races so more often.

To loose one’s work is like to have had a baby who have disappeared. W he lived we however we fel eel now emptied or emptying the air at her search and research.

England attached to their queen, as much as having a ‘king’ not keen.
Tradition limey. Elimer.
Idle patriarachaisim an d worse of all.

K politica. Pole.
Polic polio

To implore god that we are, become, sane.
Ane, saint.

Aggressive, violent, mean not the same meaning nor bearing.

To breath at the saem time of the sharpest noise during and enduring ending, end ring enduing my; noise , heart or ear that tears into ti.

The sist of vocabulary , definition , lexeme, plain mot, homage to English and its accent, accentuation, stress, impish emphases and lesson over molt mulct mult melt milt malt malta  mot.

 Oussama bin landen, ok ok, Rupert murdork.

To touch one’s son; he got a sexual problem he does not even know that. And as moron as confusion and disturbance seemingly irrational commotion can bring, only the parents and abusers can understand it…

Dog. Whipping and leaking, flooding and whimsing. Every social handicap and inadaptation that would them stay at home indefinitely. And work for cheaper and for the glory of the next to go more pedophiler and pedophiler old relics thinking it is fine to do pressing and hidden into a similacre of understanding, taken for granted sef e serf service, even not kink kindness simulacra but reletntless irrevelantness insisting wanking bribery.

Arranged marriage and non fluidity and flexibility in social and individual liberty.
Prostitution constituting family.

Before losing all libert and dignity = when one knows he ought to have fought back, he should have.
There is samourai.

Not being a party, but a part. A par apart. No. on
From now on.
Submitted and servant to nature, or culture will have us in tombal till and before obscure. As for after the finish without line, will be at what ah has been sold of us all and hall.
Departure intentine imminente imminensce the fire dense and dance.


Tom and cougar. Gare. Station my bien aime. Me lady. Sherry

The reminder that churches are linked intreasinequally, intimately with royoaluty and roualuty privildeged, ever lasting priviledge
Over privildeged
on the jubilee
the church not chanting but chanting for the.


No but secular.

The church not doing wha t they ar for. Putting equal every body in this world.
The law vicied.

The church her to avoid mass I killing and sheer horror, in emblem putting higher the reward of weahth

G dur drugs used on youth as they don’t show immediately to use them and to get rid of them when the second effect are getting the funny.

A firm should be to keep anormal or wear product in order to try and study how to reduce wekness or the ridiculous lack of option in software

The queen an dits jubilee when she is saying that she is humbling with for sole photos the pictures of his next in line. Only pic of his grandson that on ewill have to bear as the inheritage of the crown, without no choice than coping with the kind of insanity.
Revolting scene.

And on top Cameroon saying that this vision of the big society  is people having collation inside downing street for the queen jubilee.
Cameroon vision of society is the one of an emperor.

The devil might be a smilling creature as it managed to make itself nderstand that gratuitous death – animals in plate included- will be damning the malin.

To stop being irrelevantly = push oneself to be, aggressive. As I can be sweet, nighty always in your vicinity. Or I know that I want to, or that I can trust you. And this relationship enlight and enduit all others for better. Who cans say so? Not everybody in verite.

Prostitution starts when one would rather , less or more, not to have intercourrese. It is wh y you like it.

To be to attent , to be focused, and lose the other important part, discarded.

“babies crying who learn much more than I know”
Classic song, ceheck

volunteer because there is no other way of treaining. because of the vulgarisation and the lack of univiersities programmes. because of how expensive universities are getting.

for the rules in profession, the subjects are linked. where the rules come from, from the beggars that are to volunteer to work, as work is inavailable. from expensive and in nasty competition of other institutions. and who is to blame if the program are not foloowed, no one, their is no supervision, no feed back, no networking and accountability to ethics, there is nothing but rules that are the equivalen t of a faint 'pig may'

sncf site. National rail network in France. Frying pan, 10 minutes to find the way to buy a ticket! to find the way to start buying a ticket.
presentation of the branches of is industry
To have to know what type of train (tgv, classic train, regional, national…) link different town as each different types of train having a different sub sites within the site. If you don’t know and try one random you won’t be redirected . foreigner will have to type in any subsites??
Start being like schizophrenia (schism-squeeze nib nip keep kibble) ra related, in pieces, a phd necessary to go and buy a trip, agencies in cmp competition to take client’s (should have stayed (stave-starve) service users) time, money, opportunities, sanities.
Information on in the internet, not given by the man attended cashier…

Tensions are enormous when pepple think that the other one is racist or other horror of in, coffin, discrimination. The moment they know it is not true, from adverse, see deadly, convivial and family.

Manhandle, malmener malmener

Aggressivity ast most ha after training, rest and hunger.
Where to sleep , concern of how to improve and come better.

We know that people might suffer very much of censorship in the internet (like we do at work and in society in general and t at lager, lass, an alas, lag and large, this continuum to power in charge = loving  lofting looting and destruction) . And once the biggest network of popular and professional communication and forums would (mauled mould milled) have brought us on the verge of total recognition, miscorrection , where else (occult) could one turns in order to refresh a discussion and challenge decision – well at least decision and fact on their application that happen to be pus blushed- publish (north m notch moth) nowhere.
Like yahoo, most of the papers, you tube, etc…I am not a thouroughly fan of internet use; and an illlimited number of commercial sites; Even though you participateto discussions, even thought the in fact discussion or communitcations, even though you are not a scam and you take the care of messaging people one by one, or constitution of peplum, arcades that might be interested by your auricles, oracles, resume or topic specification, while anyone can push a button blocking you, or marking you individually as spam. They will try to erase you out of a sites to have express die differently your opinion, and try to cast it, instead of tickling their personal options. Towards a world of circumscription of circumcisions.
And the most amusing of all, trying to let people know about your work, utilizing free samples, sometimes free work, as independent as limited knowledge a can be hip hopefully , via free network that are free to users but that are in fact paid through publicity, and the fact that one is using them, so perk participation boosting their sometimes million, billions pound industry. Free site to used usually very lucrative industry does not allow people to paste they own links, some they created for a living.
As also people here would pretend that volunteer is the solution and the key, just mirroring the lack of training, the (bonus bourgeois pro porky) boon privilege of being trained, the condition and conditionment for work ostentation.
In addition people that don’t realize that try on give tips or substantiate opinions on situations, come from work , then are not professionals in saying that some of our articles should not come at a price, we just give you option. At what cost would come research on thing. On social admission, on societal dependence to individuals and not on common good – the sums of them and beyond, the calcul of their consequences.

To say and burr bar, bat people from being paid to try and make sure of a work done on surveying and informing the communities, and networks, is not being done. Hoe pie e penult to make the system more secure, and smoother is in fact a lack of professionalism.
The volunteer system, just to make us work outside the box of duties.
And to render the volunteer so in lack of hours to do stuff consistently. Or to make u, sure that the trainee rest and stay like so for ever, just fork and spoon fed by the intelligence, meaning fucko diplomacy.
So why you would not allow people to give options to present work they make with a price?

You an can be in competition – prices, and deals. But never be adves rse. Laisi size faire story.
Profietteriing . deer greed. Flag on stag, and tag on lag.

Occult, ad hoc cult.

Who’s gonna be the grass?

And why do you think they are portraying the way they do?

To do everything to make a chance of going into bunkers.
And who is hoping that e any one got there. The elites, of the millennium.
Who? Whose?

Okne’s family or else, playing with one’s memories, of when we were younger, or when we were not there.

Good fo offer to youth to make them addict to easy salaries, easy money, easy fuck party. No t talking about sex but detrimental activities, called work of whatever persist in vocabulary.
New parents, and how many next generation will be maudit.
Audit maudlin.,

To work as an esnsemble as the observation another one does on one l element will have to serve everybody.

To do as if a family were everything, to be contented with beins g subservient. To the state and state of affar affray and affr arie airs.

Schools is a unique experience as they are the sole precincts (pricing percent per per present) where people gather grom everythwerehe not following a patron, or not too much, no pay related, hopefully rather open and rules not excluding that much.

The instant buee on glasses, the effect of a lightning as they stay a fraction of a second, blinded and brightening.

What is not about what one is worth but what they own to others.

Human rights is so much talked upon  and is representaed by some very beautif ul pontiff states texts and intention. But since no one is trained, no one is paiyed to their protection, then they will be applied , they will be applied scurvy turvy bend and to the slightelest powere of their dominion.
Intense Intention.

Make up covering blood. And injuries.
Inside out.

The paternal instinct, the love to a females, convert inot the love for the cubs and the fear of them being neglected; as it could do for its couple.
Paternal does not mean man.

Inami inanimated natue, for b vegetable in fact portray not vegetable but killed or dead ones. The liveness of  gardens and wild. The garden in parallel to the slgughter house when gardener let plant grow to assaiinate them.

Ass ass sin.

Countires like people at one point be able to buy soil and matter form others. What gonna be left but lotting again cemeteries. ?

The humans versus other creature, supernatural if they are not domesticated, describe themselses as puke. If only we know what human shall a say.
M dis cribe. Crabe. Dom mess estimate.

To behave as being completely mad and small. The human trilogy of shamesless escroquery.l.

The animal naming and translated by language in human no more articulatred but similar sounds.b

Da drama pictures into rich ep people houses, when real drama , bee deep o worries of course occurs when no money , no thing to cling on. No diploma, no training. No the codes.

The humans’ legs just like another horse, or dunkey, less powereful simply.

 The need to be nice in life, it’s trueand the ned for people to remind of this, even truer.

To have the colurage to tkilll a vampire when they kill just as you know , when belive of the dstruciton engulf on’e faith.
Or when they are nice ones and they are harmeles.s

Putting all money and energy in advertising dire su situation instead of coverting effort in rsolution. Off u duties.

 mouthwash is manageable, but i admit i stopped dealing with the denture.
i think it reflects him response to it, as even when next to his denture, it is rarely he decides to put them on. as for the mouthwash the problem is that i don't try him to keep me 1 mn as he would swallow it or find repeated instructions upsetting.

To kill each other like if we were something.
And the humans invented the demons to go on intelligent = intelligent -looking.

Its more ‘perform’ant’ iv invention leadin to death. As human don’t recognize it is by nature and all its w element that they are more than helped but made of it. So what is gonna think nt an nature?

Wanting to type  a world, typing another, or the same, but when we thought of it, it has in mind another meaning or identity. Identitical.

And homosexuality is forbiddent when role push onyly men to have muscles and only be able to expect a sane massge for them efforts, if any, ot be procurate by another men.
To have wrecked all liberty and the sexual and marriage, partenership, love cannot but going witht it.

Handicap that is good that is to havfe forced one’s way to justice and liberty.

Dates as a psychotherapy when one has got the one of parternship or marriage.
To reveal what one might be to somebody, identity, memories…stances and lances. Free.

The ankle bone resembling a horse chataigne.

To sound worse and worse in order to make m clear that it is better for one to s escape one’s responsibilities, or else by cho aos threatening.

Tko control a dying system is easier thant to control a good one that would be flowrishing, but in what direction.
Rhetoric of liberal not liberalistation.

Our lot is our gravfe and the body the mausoleum.

Goergous, neck linme

To be used by the porks as as a servants. And what do the serfs to t stop thinking we will kill the porcs again,- as they ain’t in prison, not yet…. They say let’s be profeetering and take advantadge of the system. How to take advantage of the system? To seek for serf, one’s personal.

The vampires just at night as during the day our fright disappear, or well, might.
Fright, fight, fry.

To mokc manely , for them to become macho, and do whatever to get a female = a social reconginsance, miysogyny included as a way of exploitation to obtain gal ere glamoruous.

The britihs psychology following the principle of the naked emporer.  Being talked like a royal as lonag as you do your un-duty.

Single way of reacting. By nurses, prositutiuiton , promuiscuiton.

Religion were to stay. Under search and ‘a livind g document or documentation. Of the spiritual and psychic and legal matter.

To do things important twice as a recheck and do it for once lightly. Heart lightly.

C: why is there (in French vers = towards, worm, verset, lines in poetry and dancey)

A boat is a tree.
Three cross.
Free. And the spiritual as the forth. Fourth. Holy spirit in the descendence and continuity. And the continuity is if permit by a spirit onot another one = if generation, and chains of acts in view of

Without water we are dead ansd so are the water o borne diseases.

The religious knowing that their clan won’t back good people = good plans = saint in their language idiom, that play all day martyrs.

To remember one abodnoned cat. To remember a cat with a harsh sometimes master. To be able to think that the harsh master- not abuses involved but their mind being curt, has had fulfil its duties, might. No wonder no w question about those who let them die.
On the west story.  And tension between the concept of common and communities.

“Chicken” is a too sweet word.

In French, poulet = chicken means ‘pet’, or ‘cheri’.
What do you do with your children eating what they are to love to be humanised in a way?
there is good fat and bad fat, in tasty matte-r you see.

Ad ress.

Afre fare.
Afr   aid.
Discreet, discrete.

Afraid, aforesaid.

Pepol said that they stop thinking that other s are human. But the tu truth is tha t they start thinking this wen hen waine religion , creed, or believe, croyance, make them believe that they are not human. This obe cession coming from that humans are supposed to say that they know what they are, pretent ding to be the master of their territoire. Pretending at the end of the pyramid, or spectrum or whatever recipient. To be the recipient. But any human knows how fragile and doomed is humanity if counting on one’s own and sole isolated, destructurice of other humility. Humility as they thin kthemsleves alone to have construct over this wolrd.

Instinctive, instinctual.

Croix. Hence
Croix, croire.

TO Make
Mader, k maid, maker, maketh, my quest, mac beth. Berth.

Death finite.

And what about tax dicentive for the ones that dogde it.
Di dog de. Dodge.
it is big windy, so many tress trees.  Try tri.
The green egnlnad egnland like in finland, fine land. No more nature, though gren green grin murmure they are ensemble.

Fight for h.r, instead of spt pitying at hem .


Musical classically perpetratic melody so slow and poshy , seranad or symphony that they sould be classified on ‘huj man desillusion’

A tsunami across a nuclear plant’
mururoa activist.

Not to want t o imagine that okne is defending oneself physically as when they would have dementia they would reproduce this behavior of defense relentlessly, disprosportionality, without a context adjusting to what happen presently l but in fact what about when one has Alzheimer and would not know how to raise the alm arme to all arem arms to abuses because of habing fear too lost the p lot later.

To have’ sex in order to understand this part functioning. To give teenagehood or fist time a less impression of indelibile.

We know that there is a life after not by being spiritual but knowing that there is a mission to be achieved.
To achieve.

Looking normal and of course to allow oneself to snner from time to time what would have thought this old retired from society man?
And of that all of this person behaving wihgtout traces’ that avoid senn snnering as they know how much evil power they have braced and embraced through their job duties and social responsibility.
Without being personal, ti seems.

To take time, no holiday, to  manage and stsay a little bit harmonious.

The anarchist wanting to take over the product of work?
But if any one take the proud product of work from these institutions, right, it has to be lethal.

Pseudo Christians who say that we are here to eat others, as animal reign nature. Forgot they have been from the paradise just as good as fired, in fact chased. As paradise is this place where species don’t eat others.
Species as special. To the cra eator creation eat. Crate.
Crete, crest , cot.

‘Allez les bleus’ means that you are tender in french, neophyte (being green). it is the joke there.
Or bruised.

The mirrors, revealing the pose, the pics.
Would one manage to sees one’s true or other nature in it?

Revealing, reve.

Oy it is really really far from my mind to enter any polemics. But forced marriage comes only with its conterparse, forbidden ones.

To cry and the frustration of being misunderstood.

The birds translate.
The human unable to take the leat d.
Feaves, leave, have to be left.

The humans think they have permit.
But the only permit they had is live.
Draw your conclusion, intelligent dummies.

Or when at one point, dummies one wish it is what it had,
Or have been.

Take a piece.

As for the we, we are dead.
Wanting to pursue time, while there is onl one those of eternity.
Making despair in the name of progress would have us doomed and don’t try to ask who is the bad as if we are humans it is because we are in that deep deepening grave in which just take your piece, just like Egyptians,
Ip in piece.

In cultures the crucial importance of traditional activities that render official people the ‘right’ to exercice their bodyies or mind in some kind of ways that are reconginsed being extremely vauluable as a wohole, toward believe, societal consturtion.

When someone else helps s.o into a simple gesture in life, it is by taken token of love, not used as an habit one would do for anybody.
Example, paid to take off coat, or in social services were doing for someone is equal taking away its autonomy.

Right are said to be interdependent but what about the argument that say if I stopped you to be tortured and if you stop my freedom, what is gonna happen.
The opporutinities to stop people happiness here a reason taken to be a murderer, a bully.

The germans after th e war just going on with their daily life and jobs, just like in this present misere.

The Church of England has said it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.
The Church of England has said it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.
The Church of England has said it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.
The Church of England has said it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.
That is pere fect.

One does not really need nigh heighter neigh standard English as they are spoken by aristocracy who don’t speak to you, like that their not having it is not so shared or at least this boisterously.

As research, work, exercice requires to be intellectually, emotionally, spiritually developed.
And motivated.
Who are the new?

Forced or forbidden marriage in order to produce people unable to love, and have to fake all the way.

Ot be a lesbian or to be with someone that should become ok for homos slavery, no marriage. No family. Or with someone that should have the balls to say ok to same sex and the compassion to go there.

Moophobes are traitor s to their sex or opposite. Exploitation is in his nastier ways.


So tired with it htan that any dictactorship o is welcome?

A total shame it is a question of vote.
but just go straight to the question 16 to help the petitioneer. thank you.

Vot e shows a contry that endorse their duties in the aims of being paid, not sutainbla, instedas d of odiing it fearing to be punished.
Transvestite of a lwa, bending democray tenest.
Not refined? Not even debutante at it.

A law.
Come a loi.

To have nothing to say about the books,
s but h about the living dead.

It si propaganda and it has always worked justifying people that wer e not plain babies to say that was their believes.
Population manipulation, but what when population knows they are being manipulated.
Green light to horrors without fear of human justice and with a concession.

To convey to tv people that discuss in a manner tha imitate but is the assurance of real intellectuality and professionalism being not in any vicinity.
Nowhere near. Nor with the hop of approchaing.

Bourgeois of the le left that wnt there since they cannot rule with their papas.
Or mamas. Mass.

Being studpid is ok , normal and natural and ineviatable, as people are and need to test original,
But as long as it affects you r live only.

To hear people specaking like if they ar were in a the room when there is nobody in, or in the side street or too little neighboutr.
A sing of folly?
Or oculd starti.

People happy other has to attend their whim instead of intend live prosperity.

To try and write stuff thoughtful, beautiful poetic at least. To try and prove that in the head this happens too.
As well.

To get away with bad behavior, as used to be pitied.
Mind I ll have to refine the thought, I cannot get away so easily.
Or block one is starting getting a freak trying to garage away grautitou , disporptoriotnate, or vicious attempst at ocnnery.

Fnac, going to these really big commercial chains, trusted by the nation and dignified find inside that sellers push to commerce
To the death of the trusting one

Rape use as a tool for criminal to say ‘I did not even fancy it but to teach you’
A punishement.
But to teach what? In reality physical domination in destroying the why women lose on some strength = power of bearing. Bee and hearing.
Woman able to defend herself upto death to not g being sexually assault. Expection man helping themselves with other men or tools. So here the deal and it is why re re rape is in fact a lethal act, it is or you let me or you die defending it.


i was wondering what the students said. i wanted to know what has been done in this year 2011-12 in human rights society at uni. if to know this is not an acquired right then there is something i don't grasp (grip) no longer.
I hope you are well.


just to say that i hear and sing occasionally to what i consider one of my surest connection to the religious or spirituel, bach. for me your are a she wolfe who shows more about the moon that one had ever perceived of it. solo, appeal, to what might render anything light, as the flight is in the tune and sound what is to the grace of the tone.
Homos are told to be courageous, for what? Facing the tortuous mind at best at worse the torture influenced inflicted by completely bend straighty strain more like stain. Attain.

To finish in hospital. Hops see tall.

It is not even a question of color but a question of ‘nation’

To have to pay, to have to know pes personally, to have to not hyperlink,  to have to suit the discussion, to have to agree.
to have to not hyperlink
to have to not hyperlink
to have to not hyperlink
to have to not hyperlink
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have to not hyperlink there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web.

have to not hyperlink there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web. there is no web.

The vanity is coming just equally how much well vain.

The patriarchalism in cristall cristianity sectarism

Incredible, creod. Credo.


THE Image of an actress that never met me is coming in front of my sighing, at a corner of the black pathc I can see in fact as vision is always restricte to in front of us, to restriction as for the height and distance into which one can see. See what?
To sse someone who don’t know my face, who know I watch her but don’t know, don’t know , what’s that?

We discuss about h.r while others ruin humanity and animality, etc…

Tomorrow. l am kind of happy too.
even after having renounced to any marital life... so i ll have to go on losing my phone from now and then.

And people say it is just animal, a fish or a chicken. And funny enough the are the same letting humn beings killes by the doznens.

Animals societies are just like hunmans. Just that they don’ thave lawyers. Mind sharing, and perception ideas circulation.

Live short in animals as they hav e to feed very quickly for a short period of time versus long starvation.
What if they could eat regular, live longer?

Tortules from all over the continent, the oceans coming during one of the phase in moon, always different during the year, for the same day of laying eggs together.
Who is coordinated this?
Blue planet. Bbc 4.

In the parliament these woman so beaten by the husband that her bones were broken.

Sexual touch that can be gesture of love.

It is a knda job that one makes real due to the circumstances.
The macho cowardice destinay.

To be rev lieve when stretching ones arms in having them like we had to go to branch to branch like a mond key.
Trick in the moring with arms trying to reach the wall behind one’s head, like a i. an turn in it.

Unuseful rules at work are there to disgusste the employeed with doing their job. And to deter them to do it properly as ridiculous rules are there to trap them and sakc them.
It diminishes and ridicule the sense of responsibilities and the sense of improvement and perfectionist and senase, sense, meaning at all.

To manage to fin d the holywood actors and others str ars real ugly; as they are supposed to represent humanity? So little, so limited. So empty. And so I cine.

So devoid fo the stories.

Race and blood.

Super, superior,
Sop souper.

Mole lass.

People make sure they are violent from the start, as affection betray is the worse than vengeance ultimately would lay.

People pretending to be good and training people to be performant; and after defecting in thinking they are th master, betrayal enfant,

Ef enfin enfant.

Can i take cds with french subtitles? 'my uncle' decided to stay without tv nor internet, and now 6 months without computer in the middle of nowhere. it is kind for relieving him of i don't know how he manages it...

 i ll miss you on saturday, you sure for the parfume?
Par fume.

In life sometimes you realize that you don’t have to be particularly vindicative as what one has found of betraying and deception, other s will find it and readjustment in first impression will be balanced according.
Soca ial function.

The body needs different type of oil, it is just like with food. well ideally.

Tort french pronunciation tor


To be killed psychologically, but not physically while reincarnation?

thank you for the reply

i d like in fact to be able to access to year 2009-12 activities as being a student of these years (although i really think it is extremely dodgy to have to be a student to have access to these societies directly hosted by the university.  but this 2011-12 year in particular, if possible.

Mission is over, or t at least I t feel like til. It.

The people that argue that to prvent an evil one has to preach natoher evil, pedophilia versus neglect. You see you see you wll happily come to the fact that I don’t use any time near my child, satisfactory?

Or nerar near , a , the , any child.

To repeat films and scene and know where people were k faking as it dones does not hold the time enquireies and intrespc.

Religions would b real ones, they would welcome all others and philosophies in the se search of all knowledge and harmonies. Not being it is ridiculous. A lie.

Having saying that there is no fear to have as if one day one group take upon one another there is always have people within nay group fighting for good.

And as for the bad actions, they are not coming from believers, or just before thy have to know about a confirmation.
, or just before thy have to know about a confirmation.

To say that of course all islamist is not for pedohily, incarceration, forced marriage, sexual abuses, the worst cases of slavery.
To combat this within islam is and will never be good enough, the ones that are against would be combating it outside this ‘religion’.

People confounding universal rules and I rule the universe.
Rules without thinking of unity is doomed to extinction without further consideration.

I like it is rather instrumental. though i think i can feel perhpas too much silence at places or no coordinated enough players, or too much competitive?
I am an english speaker, and what would lead me to follow your band would be a translation of traditional or contemporary songs into the lang
uage i know. thank you for the music.
age, usage.

‘As forecastin is governing.’

One in war can ally with people not exactly their tastes against bigger evil. As in war always innocent casualties, through mistakes, and blunder and distortions fo facts, trugh, truth, attention, intention and intes nsity.

To identify to a gender according to another.
As lona g long lone, as being a prey, nor prayer.
Of a group or of a n identity or a condition

Is the native town, and marriage registration, to my only had ben ‘valid’ liason. small world.
 they do tapestry there.

Val, lid.

Been ben =

Emotion, mot.
Tom, tome.

Set up in jobs would not been practiced if efficeintcy and effectiveness be recorderd.
if all efficeintcy and effectiveness be recorderd
welcomed, cherished, full in meaning. Fully meaning. Meaning.

Putting light, ight on other and influence.

Leari ning disablllities = othe r abilities.
And if not ra practiced, desoeuver vre. Oeuvre, sor soeur.

Possess water, and to eradicate the people without in 6 days.
6 days and 60 years of more cat pitalism to obtain volume and concession.
Or 66 years, or 76 years. Or 79, or99 years just to punish with what will stay on the planet but without the question. To be or not to be’as with that degree of possible prp evision, and precision, who wojuold beverage themselves but demone.

Cofounding hard working with earning bieg big.
And earning bieg big.with

Ti is not the re preacher to rever but the will of god. And word as here to induce what actions and states should r produce.

Very poor or precaire are not help with housind g as they might have tried to arrange themselves at irregulated dirt cheap, or being exploited by llandlords or other tenants.
While some with ease will…in poshy quarter, as long as they like fashion.

Quarter, security and opportunities.
Way of life, my way.

Expos of tradition, group of traditional deressing dressing
Pepeople washing each other, and after fighting against another.


The royal parade that are just a procession of military and money.
Wars and luxury.

this morning i found the bin near jim's bed, jim urinated in it during the night. the urine was black but i think that it was slightely rosy.
we spent from 8 30 to 7 tonight our day in buses and walks. between richmond and bushy park.

Earning big, gig, gib big.
Beg, being.

The image of a lady in a disco. At the age when nothing is certain but no marks. Always remembering her, not her face, could not say, did not even dare to look at her disctinct. But the way she welcomed me.
Sitting open athletic legs, arms, o fore arms on her tighs parallelly. Looking me transercing defieantly. But what for this rebelled?

To need to rebel and submit as the same message will be read or not according to people get it. Let it.
Let it go.

The fear of having to be gay in r practice to find a job. And the fear of the contrary.

 ok so for the riddle i ll be as slim as you i would not have to bother about hoping for an early menopause. the tablets work marvel. see you after my holidays. will you come on the 8 th?

ok well i spend my time on my computer and on my books. but i look for a girlfriend.

i used not to have any periods when i was slimmer.
just a joke on feminity's extra charms.

No, no above all don't be sorry they are my bloody jokes.
No i was even still looking fatter than you. i cannot get rid of my belly and so on...
two - four  ills 3- times a year free me completely. maybe a bit placebo, it is alright pain if i am free doing exactly what i want (to get rid of them). curling or walking according to mood and circumstances.  
 body does not shut down,  does not want to breed if still interested by getting a breed.
the marvel of nature.

When i say i can't well i am considerately less disciplined than you. i really admire that.

When one is in pay, one jokes. Or inrony of the sort.
Not in ay pay, or ay. In pain.

Pa in?
Pa            y


The regrets coming from casual sex explained by the time devoted less to find and fulfil a mor appropriate person for us. But what about more appropriate. Love, life, eternal. ?

The anti-passion of having sex without making love.

 To SUPPORT on e’s family asw e as awn one has given one’s time of life to be together, and had inherited from limitations aand errors.

It is th e area of the dying of writing. Everyone writes and no one has the time to think a obut the common .

To write about the source of serenity. And to know as an author wh o read themselves that this target’ about which they dissert never had been attained by them; writing their exercicing .

To wish to star t again into a patriarachilst system in the hope of creating gap the same between gender and class to have an household gthat no one deserves. The rotten plentiful and the mob.

A world where finally people will have to acknowledge the power of the animals’ language. Not for having talked with them but to have to concede that they have to resort to the curse and see humans’ departure as a deliverance.
Course, recourse.

There is nothing on the t.v but enough to sensibly worry the entire population in every and ec ach community.
And what?
Complain about the emptiness of program of the void of the reactions,
Where are the souls but under water. Mal.

Mal, lam.
Lame, lamb.

Number if in other positions becoming letters.

Revol ver.
Revol ution.


Moon      going round , its center of its universe immediate, the earth.

Works:        to start noticing      and  work spinning. Trif coter.  Tricotter.
What is missing but life ecouler?

Superstition will bear chance in places and misspell in another.


Stake , steak.

Feconde,  inonc on inonde
Feline.  Seconde.

To help the poor to for them to be nicked by the rich or become shark in the lader within the level of thir sphere of destruction allocated.

Perso, perse.

Afre after

To lose one piece of one’s work, and to know it is still somewhere thre when hearing a piece of music. A same.

Travest, traverse.

Rabais, rabaisse,

Deces   recent.

Female symbole,     the womb   , the cross.
Male      , targeting the womb, like the sky                                             the arrow.

Rain bow

The joy of writin’. To write profane. Talking about not god but the reign without having of it to say that the bible is the rules sacred.

No to desacralized but avoid art of paradise killing.

Algerien mineur de 18 ans.
Al  j ai rien.
All in all.

Alla   all.

Already, ady, if , adith.

Cultures are he jealous of each other even when cultures are benifcient. As people rather work with a very limited number of references and to obliged others to think about and within an already known frame ; on top of it’ ‘belonging to them’ seemingly. Cut culture territory.

A fly flying, very neat, rubbing the finest arms and head of antenna. A beauty our eues searching.

A being for nest another being, us the vegetal.

Corolla, cardiaque,     same shape when handwritten.

Shape of a wing, two embraced wings heart shape.

Just a member of the book club. I wanted to slide a note about the event. i hope you did not mind my doing this.

To react where and when the passion is at its paroxysm. The explosion could happen within the family while they may be trying to divert misunderstanding and real problem towards outsider hatred. To avenge on an event that will prove to be the a paradigm of oneself angry. And when again in touch with what made us soldiering, to bee come beck home more spiritual then. As what will change the most without us sinking.

Ere,     er,   re.

Tail, tell, thewordof animality, humans are not good nor god and their book not more sare ad sacred than any other thing.

Ed extreme situation make us forget everything ;previously learnt.

Langue languid guide

World gay pride no a single woman as head of a song.
With at the end a lib dem that betrayed every promises, sold the university, just like they are selling the state, pledging for protection.
On children living under the line of poverty.

You were the one confirming that meat eating should not be happening. so even in the best of the settings, i cannot really enjoy myself, can i?

Versus the Olympic. The gods that can’t exist.

The documents lost by Microsoft, the looting of the ancient time, the natural catastrophe, animal and human made disaster, one day will be recover.
Just like in a few, a o couple of centuries, when machines will find back themselves electronic files lost into thin air by former machinery, just thinking away of their future and then detect by their children computer will be.

According to an email sent to Peter Tatchell by a senior Mayor of London advisor, City Hall deliberately changed the start-time of the World Pride parade in London last Saturday “to attempt to reduce numbers.” It intentionally sought to deter people from attending. A copy of the email follows below.

Like it was forbidden to portrayed in art people other than the nobles, in t.v rich seeting, in media no stories.

Egyptians against harassment; brainless capacity building
Egyptian women and men stand in the streets of Cairo to protest against sexual
harassment - photo gallery (this one reads '“The street is not yours, my
freedom is not yours”)

Enjoyable tirade by Makarand against brainless ‘capacity building’ by NGOs.

To listen to one’s instinct. But in fact the instinct is the power of asking oneself a question, to envisage a possibility for after bearing into consideration and perform it or amekliorate it or renounce or discard or display.

PUTREfaction is ok, at ease the matter to shift from and form. Puter action of this cake, in my memory standing for stopping feeding my flesh with such easy lay.

Drink everything but water, as for avoidingits ungustable taste.
The rivers ‘ ar avenging.

To trust nobody, including oneself. Be no one.
Identical identity.

No, north, or, orph.

The equivcalent of paludism exotic fever, in our flu and measles…the delirium onwhichwe had to count onfor themystisim to knmow down atall moments, unexpecationandexpecatancy. To expect. Pec.


God in our souci, concern, c4ern cern.

Souci, sou s cei ceci.

The uk 2012 saying that they want to welcome other countries businesses that would like to prat ctise tax avoidance.

The dominants conr trarily to widespread common believe is not logically the one with a family as they have to submit to their spouses and progeny.

Pire, pyre.
Pire +++++=worse in French.
Or pierre, stone.

To store knowledge in oneself , and loose one s body.
To store action outside and lose one’s property.

Religions are the ones that respect everything.
The rest thinking human as superior or inferior, are religion devoided of any spirituality.
Religion, philosophies, or way of life thinking like this, are dead of material and intellectual.
They are mudreders and assassin, ein.

In, ein.

To limit reproductuion for the better living of oneself , one’s children, and other generation.
When rights don’t exist without duties. Anytime.

Betrayed by the humans or their results, humans wli ill want to change themselves
Into the reign for which they kill and hurt themselves numbly, not nimbly, and ridicule.

Logy, loies, o logis, = house in French.

Britain playing greener to make us forget that ameliorated gardens are not wilder than their poshy gardener.

To have wanted to die for the lack of love, and finally find peace in death the day one start being indifferente to their isolation.

To pronounce god in order to device way of serving purpose else than those recognised and paid by the society.
And you ve got this viced religion pretending to be the aim of all it. Human. Nity


Debt, dept.

The states were going flooding well, but banks created the financial crisis.

Religion, religious thmes are about how to care . how to look after earth, but it is those very questions sects avoided prodigiously denying the reality of nature, and saying that do is p responsible for its decay, and human the recipient of other life in the universe, it is the ideology human would like to passs through.
And instead incest, in sect, will focuse on question on how to forced people out or in marriage.
Prostitution religion.

Wit     h.

Hope, ulluler.

To live in the sigh and breath of dedication; bu where does ti become attrition and help o to the ls losing, oozing, of oneself and the help and freddom of others. ?

The purists in religion, the religious who believe really in the scripture, would not allow other words that come from the books.
The amin main ea teachings are pervaded with corrupted idioms, mass, masses and idioties.
Devil. Vile, deft.

They would not allow other words because a religioin is called as such only if its readers read it in every on’s names. Homosexualiy not only but the love we own back to the r creators and its creatures.

My mum was animal, our mums are . kill them and my duties would be pt of protection, kill them? We all forgot here in the e west this niotion, we don’t kill we starve.
Star vation, ovation.

Ti is no t a problem with rich people the core of the real problem that is; not may.
It the escalavagist the problem, and the people that helps slavery, in any another forms or amount.
It is us.
And as it is us’ it is making illusion, even onot illusionary, to make friend s in order or t o lie we fight I or to report its consequences on other persn, or species or spaces. Depecer.
Précis pieces.
1, logics is stronger than us. And will bless the cration, to stop people acting this way.

Ame = soul = English say am = to be
Mour, moor. Tempora

Duplicate, diplicitey.

Terre + hearth.
The herr. Error.

Hearth, the hear.

Error, horror, tort,
Roar, heir.



There is nothing left when one acts corrupted, no intelligence, no inter grity, nothing.
As we are. All hole.

I think the reasons are quite simple. in any other relationship, with any body else, i would think appropriate to have two separate rooms in order to sleep, wake up, or just stay in stand while  waiting for the person to settle down, appease himself, or getting tired enough not to be bored upstairs.
we spend a minimum of 12 hours together; and even so having the opportunity to watch someone sleeping; while we know that jim is looking for more than companionship sometimes, expresses his libido in more than one way, is looking for wife or girlfriends and even might confuse us for being so...
these are additional reasons, but anyhow i just think it is appropriate in all other situations to preserve this space as being an intimate one, as recognizing it as being so, and allow jim like us to be hidden- not in sight. and even not entirely as it is not possible here but out of reach also. not out of call but out of 'touch'.
i am not sure i express myself clear, nor good, but it is a dispositif i would use with any one else anyway- but for the one i really want to be intimate with- in the conjugal sense, or my child.  
is not shocking how i put it? for you i mean.

Don't thank me i just think of your health, i learnt doing that also; one never has so many, too much, i managed to grab and know. 

Yes, but you are a dream boss
Boos, booze.

Work recognition and the sole way expert might become wise.
Finding findings.
Hinder. Support. Sup-port. A-ort.

It was better she was too old for me as if she had my age; I would have prayed for her to stay all night, all day, all my journey finish would be. Fine line.
Will dei.

Deus. Idea,

            Mvcvvvm                 ##

People don’t want to believe the se cenes of violences, murders, and massacres on the screen.
Reen. rin
The next forgery whose of the brain.


And the s.s, super supportive. Sportive.

The shadows indicate that the two last finger of the hands underworked; finding way of working making up for the umbla alalnces or crippling.
These fingers and finitions, the art of no wasting.
Like war and jus in bello, body would stop degenerescence, essence, if a t respect of all lives and respect by all lives to other lives, any other, aiming.

Full contact is alright as far as when voluntary, the knowledge of the body, mihg t make of any adversary, the blow necessary to re-screw muscles, joinst, or any collection of connexions. Any. An;y

To love is the power of experimenting acts and consequences, essence and importance, import, ex port, of the ones that would image you, d like to sense you wih t eternity. For ever. Rev not rof.

Several, severe, sever, seve rool, roll, role,
Seve, eves,

Spiritualiy enables to sense that the battle we think is for good and our ghosts or demons or demoniac attempts, at soiling our temple, are in fact possibly repercuting and slay the very items, it aim, aime, of why we love and want, or would like to be able to protect, not slay. S  lay.

The ambiguity, it is good or bad, would it be recommended?
Recommend, comment = French for how.

The art of contorsion and suppling, soupless, sy stem, su syst aim, sys totem,
And the strength immerging, emmoerging,
Strength building. To know what is to aim at. Blue print. And static, musle, muscle, mozzle,
O pontoon.
La platoon, ponton.

Cic ci cocoon

Dream, dread,
Dre    am , add,

Sorry, my lord, just taking some royalty.
Roy – french for king, realm    real  ity, realty,


Knowledge mastered by a writer and the one they can rewrite in each of same area equation, summarizing them with the essence of theoritisation and recondiutciton. Reconduction,
Repeat itself.
The story of history and the desin sign or present management. Pre sent.

Cheveux, cheval and mane like mare and maree, +  = tide and horse.

Of the bilinguist and having to spend years to learn again, like bv aby.
B abby,
Fu uck, cul, me wih your words but don’t respect them and i ….

S aint,
S aint.  Aient, j ai, a possible combinaison in frech of s             were, had.

Sait, plural?  Savoir, know inside, ; plusieurs.

Snake, naked,
Neck, ken.
Point fragile. Agile. Gail, eagle.

The young experiment the magic, of a body never threatened, illusion.
The older seek alchemy, of bodies, reconnecting, alluvion, allusion, hallu, cinaio tion, cination, incineration.

To say discreet about one’s personal , if you ask me, as future and present on the earth, a calumny.

To culturally respect torture, as if one is tortured may it be given with the decoupled force to revived, reincarnate, ro zombie and avenge oneself .


To frame gay pep ople in a general way of
Slave family, in an altogether contex t of family feud, not concern at all by the equality and freedom of their memver members but concern by the destruction of one another. And religion discreetedly harmonizing its claims for grandeur in saying and the winner will be kink, kind, hind, of king for a little ever.

Gay ere. Guere.

Dad, dna, add.

To grow older and don’t have to dream any longer but transform into thought, conscient ones, reality shows better. Bet.

Bet, bette }+ beast, animal,  dummy.

Know, kniw, knit.

People said of the world that it is finish, like it was a sweet song, just as much as their allure, our hypocrites.
There is taking the poison back, in the covenant, in any. Nany.

Fc crimes of crimes is pedophily

Ti ti to rectify one’s errors, will induce activities that are not mean t to be reutilize in etat, as the error or the approximation will leave place to more experience over experimentations.
Savour each inch moment.

Intellectual and mental contract. Contraction.

to learn not going emotional and get fix things and done, before searching for approval. As the thanks come in the achievement, the legitimate support from other, just indicator on how our strength have to decuple.

When exhausted, ideas about how we could have lived differently our lives appear, and jaillir from being out of what may and well inspire. In-spire.

The game in Greece and other antiaquities was to say that the fate of the heoro  destiny could become destiny if their ordeal were to inspire from the gods and the beyond war that they wer e mener.

Or no one answers, or the responders try to ensure in oneself an assurance that should be better.
The on’ used for ‘I ‘ , ‘we, they’ or ‘you’ leading to empathy.
Politeness british oblige, not all burden on the same donkdy,
Wekll by the same process of the impersonal that may occur without reciprocity.

City, cite.
Qyot qout qo quote.

Gestion, gestation.

Jest, guest.

To avoid ga favorising numbers creates real numerology.

Lad definition of what something already named could or would be, the stone , one’s stone to edicie.
Edici edit edifict edifice, ie idée fix ,

‘I hate the haters, brithis island logics.
You hate too. am sure it is still secret from you.

A legal system design to keep the richer, or the ones fro the richer, no seeking for social justice but hindrance wit h liberty and commmon sense, for example the how many pages i have to buy with my microsoft mouse, certainly designed for them not to be trailed, while I am ok to be nicked at work since no , not legal, but justiciable. No policy will ask, and even if I go before a judge that won’t be able to judge anything since the layere of ls lawyers won’t have to procure the proof of not having commited social and personal and ethical horrors.

Legality of trhe rich and their cowboys their  pig boys. And girls without forgetting them as a page for notification.
Forni. Furnish.

Developer, lop.

Darn, dart, d ‘ art.

Pass, sap.

Poss, possium.


To eat for one’ ssqueleton and every on fon of one’s organs.
To feed the beast as our body is the recipient of more than one party.

Pastry, pate = dough.

Inform , conform.
To neglect the complexity.
To deny integrity of spiritualism into the fact of the very word and principle of bestiality.

Plural, pelure.
Plu + please.

In poetry, perhaps the order ofr the word of what is said will determine fully or quasi the tenor of intensity. Tense and time, rythme withing the same stride and area of absurdity. Surdity.

Adopting different style (of wirting) called devilish, as people act like so and the possible forming of what the reality inspired a realty threat to the establishment tranquille.

De finition.
E definer.
Finir = finish.

Finnish, drakar, and Dracula.
The oublies.

There is so much of technical problems when dealing with companies, and so much strategies as for the commercialization, and the optimatisation of the profit, that it follows logics and suites to d say that people are invectived into making their customers loose time and money. Would you w quit that the cousin of them would do the same.
Bourgeois. Urge.
Bow urge, woa.

Na, ass. T (phallic symbolic or trumpeanic) trump, tromper.

A shame London had been chosen at all for the Olympics. That are u but opportunities for the buildings mafia to construct yet agin some to becom e derelict and replace by nest of business mal fame.
In a town where his youth don’t have more to play than knives and mediocre crdos of communities.

If so, I ll be able to find insect, caterpillars, snails, birds, mammals.
Live, as paradise.
While I cut the stiffening part of the rcreepers and the little way we need for living and transportation.

Without getting eatein or killing, that is the human mission.
I find two caterpillera today.

To marry one’s mate and not ones ‘love repercute on the all game. Default.

Alter, altar.
Faith and proof of faith. Results, casues and consequecnse.

;’ I have never believed in your faith#
Film maker

I am strong in my body and soul – but you never gave me a taste worthy of my strength.
Give my life meaning and I ll be your obedient slave.’

The notion of marriage permit th enoion of time and tense relationship as one can project themselves into a relationship that surely establish, a 50 50 partnership. Not having to fear to commit, to invest and enterprise with one’ smate.

‘No sustainer of live, no creator, no design’

‘To learn about the other sufferings, as I don’t want to be presumjmptionus, say the handicapped, but I have suffer in my livemore than hj jesus did, as its pain were short, four hours I gather’
He should have suffered in different way. To be abandoned by the apostles.

Radiation, uranium, plutoniym. The what is ncescessary for th the plante to blow itself. If relased by ill intentioned of its inhabitants. By heard.

Head, herd.

Go wild

Keep things low maintenance, and let some weeds or wild flowers grow in your garden - or if you prefer, set aside an area for wildlife. For more ideas to encourage biodiversity, take a look at the wildlife-friendly garden range in our Shop.

Best Wishes, Rita @ Friends of the Earth

If so, I ll be able to find insect, caterpillars, snails, birds, mammals.
Live, as paradise.
While I cut the stiffening part of the rcreepers and the little way we need for living and transportation.

Without getting eatein or killing, that is the human mission.
I find two caterpillera today.

Mind it is a good idea this to join a vegan community using the way i do. i already thought of it but the problem is that if you live in the middle of a lot, people might start putting fire or steal you etc, without no body helping as you opt for being more mobile, or more not inclined to assimilate with the concrete and its consequential adultery, or  wilder or closer to the weather, less consumption society.

Fertility, feminity.

Series, seriwz.


For sake. S

To silence and find one’smisery, the pain, the sacrifice and traceof one’smartyrdom. To succumb not but live the chiasm.
Asm. Assome. A sum.

The signs I was looking for those were god goods or bads  d orb or bd
None were good but no importance in the senas se that they were the exercice to tame the demon.
Demon. Nomed.= named in french

The work of machines to recover hstory.
And past story, to cult inclu incult, and form the present

A human disproportion, propension is to think or sense desiring a catastrophe, a massacre , a penurie, a destroyment of anysort in order to sequence one’s revenge and anger.

In my 50s I am again not a rock, take for realizing to become back water, and again uprising mentally and then spiritually. Lucas ca suffit.

The phantasm is to transform messages. For example one ‘ilfeell love’ against ‘ I want sex with you’the fana tasm is to reclaim instinct and transform itinot syndrome.

Extravagance, ba vabra ba vagrance.

The poet giving the rythm to the word that will inspire our elan, thrive, and pensees.

Pensees, pansies.
Panser horse, and plaies. Cha eval. Chevalet.

The chris, not to confound the lamb of god, and the humans wanting to make it for their meal. Laem.

For three centuries.
Three and free, centaurus ries. Rise.

Laughy, lofty.

Close, lose.

Terestre. Theresa.

Pink, pin k , nip. Panic.

Just thinking of your diet. i think that it well may be under the rda for calcium. sth like half population, or 1/3 min is calcium deficient.
(zinc, iron, vitamins...?)
Whatever they h jeer at her ; the idea of her existence making me red and green of envy for all palors.

Intelligentia, how they perdure and why, elitism for ceh cheaper than that.


International Human Rights Law and Practice
Ten Monday evening classes
 (8 October - 10 December 2012)

Course Components
Over the ten Monday evening sessions (and two optional case study-based classes) the course will explore:
Fees and Administration
The standard fee is £1,970 Book online here

Syster, system.
Ignis insist.

Thatcher said that she snatch the milk because it was affordable contrarily to the building.
That is she was still paying the building to the bourgeois who could not pay it.
Calcium deficient country.

The breast, like with its natural formation of the suckling object, having a form calle dphaliic but ultimately it is it a phallic form or else.

Moc noce-turn

People await being awake.
But one day if not acting on their way life permit them to be knowlogeable logement. Loig logis, lois.

Of course place aux bourgeois.

Tow two echoes on the piano, a door claquing.
And a rythme naquit.

N ea aquit.
A quitter,
A qui

Art, meeting the other, the stranger, to oneself, and its revelation.

To realize how much musics and other artefacts , just like religions, soothed my distress and divert my agony or anguish.
What? Did I become? Was it any good.




Ssol sodl sold,

 Is lame excuse.

Ex use.

One of the worse thing, civil servant’ vant, mafia.

No dissidence, nor way or assessing with permitted criticism.
Csu. Roghue state extravaganza. Liberal dom demo administration.

To be so thouchy that one could wish to lose their teeths, and with relentlessness in one’s jaws just abridge by knowing that none is to know down and their roots the gum. What about the check bon.

The sexualisation of relation a terrible and terribyly ugly parctise. As when you would help someone after an accident, instead of approaching them to heal or warm the body with this attention you would use your psychic strength just to cov et convoit and convoy oneself to their most blessed intimity.

To understand pictures, images, and cinema. To thinl k of one’self as a momentaneous moiving. Each of one’s pose a possibility to ink and sink and be holding or be held, an eternity or like if our body were living immobile, amovible, in the vide, vacuum.

Vo vite, vote, vitae.

I am actually better since I ve known that smoking grass and getting pissed was cool only through the lenses of the stupefiant and drugs propaganda. Like alcohol is for fascism and global ecologic destruction all over the world and its each and every place, just like religions are and the lack of honesty, balance and morals. It is still interesting to know as it might permit oneself and others to avoid wrecking brains completely. Not that I see mine as whole.
In London, the youth have power purchase enough  only for their activity to be ‘knife me in pocket’ directed. What about this old good Limoges?

Also I am a vegetarian, virtually a vegan, as it is beyond hallucinations, that animals are breathing the most closest fashion to ours, and are bred and looked after in view of culling. Deshumanisation.
Deshumanisation, further more, as human likes portrayed themselves as wise and worth of lot of more. As potent, or to lie about twhat they do, and forget the attrofi cities they make perdure, while their say and possible nature, or at least their capability could free them from killings, industrial, and on purpose, ans d for the sust lust one at least that. To kill animal for the taste, they procure, while one is not evfen strving but thinking every thing round in order to have one’s best time on t.v.

wine helps us.

Or deshuminsaion in human saying that they are killers because of god, the r creator of all, having given some sort of permission. Per mission.

To affirm an adoration to someone only to keep a job or to be avoiding confrontation, and result to say and do bad stuff to other people that would care sensibly.
The world and the hyopocrysy. History revisted as for the invasions and different defeats or bizarre victory.

How come humans, living in such question about the world, having so much diffiucties in tasking or multi tasking when at an activities, would be so bored with themselves when the time does not procure them, aactivities, where the mind of the people bother and err, this bordom coming when need to wait , or wait in community. Is our telepathy off during that time, do the socialistic behavior condemn, disallow us to conduct questioning, instinct, thought , freely when facing people, or facing our true lonilessn

Instinct and animal
Not social or less social commandment vis as vis behavior, or social or professional. An thence animal can play on their instinct more safely, and play with their inner voice, and foreboding, presentiment, thouroughly. Or stopped when it comes too dangerous, or die, or stop when it comes too senseless hoe hopefully.

you never should thank me for this, it is really enjoyable to be at yours. it s private. i d like you to let me things to do when i come. i like moving.
if i could i would make vegetarianism and ultimately veganism a general rule, deb. it is not only about personal choices. one does not have the right to choose to kill some other creature, by self defence only.
i can do monday, i can do wednesday.

Machismo is the profeetering attitude of having an advantage and instead of using one’s strength for other justice, permitting to other quality or similar one s to florish, congratulate themselves into the damagement of other ability.
It is the ovcowardice and proffeetering attitude that never and never will bring forward nor evolution nor substainable .
They are the doom of any population
Anyhow dissolbing energy, hopes, and capcities into little pretense.
Tense sense

Sceintifics are asked to answer religious, and creation questions. What is the work of an idiotic ambition. As the power to ask question is the strength of intelligence and discovery.

Now, how many question sciences answer as for example the dying word we pround ourslef to m be mastering.
Scinences answer and action deffers. The hell that we buy.
Builds up and saint cyr.

To say tha t one masters a world that in fact is dying out from being ordered this way, no finess and courage for the limits and boundaries to be performed, loved and cine.

To wish to destroy the world that one cannot master.

The people prounding themselves on their history of slavery for having c accomplish some of this commercial and legal stunts, see example the Victoria pridity.

Will only insprire people to harm other people and think that two century after the se groups could afterwards felicitate themselves on having been the pioneer the martyr or the bourreau more assuredly the felicity

Parents that raised, or bred up children only in their vfiew of interest or security, protection, personal army.
And get their youth do just like teenagers cannot aprpreciate dangers, and die for villain porks that pretend to be the virtoisty, virtuous.

There is something guiding the animal to nest only during half moon. And in the bible eneither will you find that jesus or mary weren’t gay.  Ecclesiaste and other ass Disgression regression of love towards exploitation, of weakness towards endless manipulation, of boundaries towards riveting to the fake foundation

I d like to say that is a joke, but what to say to people bunch of them pretending to b esr seriousl
P adre,  p edigree.

Ped degree.

Quartoum of losace ambitious, as fragile with their ankles as some giant....but as you can see the french still do great deal in south of the (mere rican) american continent.


Racism in the hope of being the people served by other people, and the myth of rou royaulty to spread into the all bunch of hypocrites ? , no as they become so inform and diform that oen can call this hypocrisy as the sole concept is dominant over personality, ideas, energy.

Having (acquiered?) for life the same glance or smile or laugh that o could be so taking, preponderant, saving us of the preposterous, at least inside us, from people that we saw onlyin time something like breiefly, of who m we only briefly the same but intensely desire consciously to have been given their quality, this laugh, this touch in the eye, this wit that save us from insane.
And what when comingfrom people whose morals or action only, or the onewe veseen or though of that have happened supposedly, we doubted or knew them to be toomuch crooked?
Still a uestion. But in one’s heart knowing theseout burst of imitation something given, don.

My old dog had in my remembrances all the credis. So what about the do g I had myself bourght up, contrarily to the one older than me , my parent’s dog, hwo had bringing me up partelly.
The one I brough one souvenirs of hin nore restrainct as I had given to him, thse slide of the trade.

Slike, slide, lead.

So difficult awakening. And if the daylight ceases to come, ceases coming?

Mile, mille, a thousand (metre?
Foot or the mill, millet, straw if not from berry.



My book, a book for teenager. Ageing.

Pouring rain, like that we draw the curtain and watch at leisure without being seen back or at least not looked at.

We ve had our local. Are nappinjg, a few drops are just coming. avalanches as i am typing

The exchange we’ ve got with the older, going onto the next life to them, and onto the other lifes for the living that by emulation or inoculation will beneficiate.

Fight with your head, and after with your heart.
Trees utilize to hang bodies and limbs

The hierarchy foricing people learning and holding good maners.
In a world of treason, violence, unjustice and disloyaluty.

Women not taken into amr army by fear that they would rather become slaves than being killed. Slavery for men being more tricky as ceasing any hope to for m a family. Or for the women to per prefer other side of the army.

And power of raising sons and daughtrer towards their necessity.

My link lidin liking to this guy so preposterously vularger, intolerant and aressive as he knew at times to be soft and just and fair. And as the people smily, joky and smooth proved so many other times that they would not move an inch standing by,  assisting cruelty.

T o become again a virgin when realizing that act of love or sex were faked or betrayed.

And when one would like to take only fresh water for its beuverage, they understand that to deshydrate none water is pure, none in such a state has stayed.


Two gan fanges ga fangs like the veins, one to enter one d to withdraw

To be made redundant, but none for the less going unemployed, cease activity. As unemployment has its mission of disarm people, disafecter.

Tu, tut, tell.
S il vous plait verifiez la veracite de ces informations en recherchant le net. Que vous aimiez le ton de ce monologue ou conversation ou non.

G old,
Hole. W hole

To like one’s muscle is not mysogenistic or man-hating, jealousy at all. Likeing one’s muscles to serve the ones we love, likeing one’s muscles as they are a particulariy that can help the community.
As when one’s body almost open itself and give birth , really give life, out of work, laden, andexhausting all race. My body for her to help it. To find the good way to employ my flesh and other ability. Caring, to cary.

The experience that I lived during my 20s, revealing to me a world of psyche and psychology that I would completely ignore or being introduced to then, with the remembrance of my reaction is a disbelief by conviction of hope and stay larger than mountain. Re-membrances that I pucture picture now , and not yet before now, having happened in the body aged the one I ve got this morning, 10 years on.


As people we might wish for a general use of poison. As banning posion would be only ban for some, while others would use it in order to get rid of the ones without. Directly or indirectly. Or get rid of their susstnace or subsistence.

Like people used morals’ to talk about ‘politics corruption’
They used ‘religion’ for ‘sectarisation’ and all words a posteriori or a priori burden with this transposition or translation.
There is no universatlity as long as people want themselves to be the dsestructor of the nuniverst just bigging on it, and trepass as aquicly.

As we ar e citizens of the countries we ar e born we are citizens of the world. But who is happy being citizens of one’s countries, otherwise thatn by xenophoby? Or in order for the right sand good to spread. The ones that are our rights and the ones that will create duties and towards equality

To loose one’s tradition, to lose one traduction, after having been by one’s own r go group begtrayed.

Homosexuality has been refjected, as heterosexual compulsory society, u build their system around secxual servility and marriage serviability.

Like the nurses or employes that need to be touched and jest and joste to keep their salaries, homosexuality is seen as used the same trisker and then who would give you peace, no one compared to now being sold by one’s same gender for the sake of its biology to be riped, rpaed , finished. Extermination.


Snack  kcans

Of course everyone would dream about the revival of a feux feudal society where people does not kill all other people)by using and byi buying chemicals.

The per partner bio violent. B jeas lous of the other safety and security.

Pretend to be bort abort brother because ofone’scoloror ethnicity, without rememberingthe wars intercine, within family, regions, andinternationality is a simpleattemptatdividing bigger to start andconstruct a war of wider influcnece and dextroisity.

Dexster in destroy.


The ones pretending that psychologists , writers, artists. or carer for example don’t work as they w don’t work with their phiysics, physician, want a military f state based on conctentration of violence, means .
A bit like the super capitalist, camps.

Camp. Mac, maccabe

You have to appear relax, pleasant, amused in and smiley , so sworn in, sworm, swarm, warm, so word, as in we do good politics, the rest question of debates for opinion jogging.

To stop the violence , e yeah, but where the violence has stopped it is when it has been transor form into dickey.

Incredible coinciedence, revealing felt but indicible and in fact not conscious, simply brought to instinct through their consequences, external and what nature might agree to become to us as sensorial.
And reveal smoothly an incredible , to the yet unexchanging, initie, initiate.

Instincts and foreboding , believes knowing.
Why kill us animal, but for god damping, dumping.
damp  (d
adj. damp·er, damp·est
1. Slightly wet. See Synonyms at wet.
2. Archaic Dejected.
1. Moisture in the air; humidity.
2. Foul or poisonous gas that sometimes pollutes the air in coal mines.
3. Lowness of spirits; depression.
4. A restraint or check; a discouragement.

Coming, cooing, coning.

suasion [ˈsweɪʒən]
a rare word for persuasion
[from Latin suāsiō, from suādēre to persuade]
suasive  adj
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
suasion - the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade)suasion - the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade); communication intended to induce belief or action
communicating, communication - the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; "they could not act without official communication from Moscow"
line - persuasive but insincere talk that is usually intended to deceive or impress; "`let me show you my etchings' is a rather worn line"; "he has a smooth line but I didn't fall for it"; "that salesman must have practiced his fast line of talk"
arm-twisting - persuasion by the use of direct personal pressure; "some gentle arm-twisting produced the desired result"; "no amount of arm-twisting will get me to agree"
canvassing, electioneering, bell ringing - persuasion of voters in a political campaign
exhortation, incitement - the act of exhorting; an earnest attempt at persuasion
proselytism - the practice of proselytizing
sloganeering - persuasion by means of empty slogans
prompting, suggestion - persuasion formulated as a suggestion
weapon, artillery - a means of persuading or arguing; "he used all his conversational weapons"


Bisexuality, as homo and heterosexuality is the natural balances of all human beings. As all have a growing up into a specif(hick) frame and different layers that lead us to be more or less towards one or another. But the person that we nurture for the more typical person of our choice of way of live or emotional reassure, etc.(heck), will , is able (abel, cabale) to e produce, wand welcome en son sein, any another gender, that we will love as a reflect of our spouse. Of course, the children does not mean sexuality bu the prolongation of the person that awe loved sexuality. Sensuality as senses as awakeness not as fake or as toy.
Deck, rec-olt, old. Recall.