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BLUE BLEW (Final Chapter IV and V)


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Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
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She was beating her child, a beating.
One day to underbear, undergo that whenever she had to access the truth on these funny things, the social realty, reality, or you vaulty, or then fall faulty or royalty, the taught thought truth trite has to be said as violently than done for her to get it completely and having faced that, then assimilated it completely and definitely too.
But not by being beaten, by being intelligently, thoughtfully, entirely, spoken, with the added bi, avidity of details necessary to serve the truth and consciousness of people.

Look, I think I will stop doing codes you are talking to eye or end the night, the day long, I begin a sentence you finish it. You gave me an n idea, I think. And entirely tirelessly verso.

The most advanced civilizations have been accused (thought) to die through the last sing sign of complacency to begin actively and concretely the coming out of their homosexuality.
I would  think that civilized has been into s piral of unrespect for others, and that a the end, and only at the end of a cycle people avow, they finally avaw that since civilization gave nothing more of expectation than dying that the last deeds could be to defy civilization’s impudence, conspiracy, tryrnany, restrain, its success build on slavery, hypocrisy, self-content, Barbary, dirtiness at the service of pollution, and cleanliness at the service of pollution and extraction of what did not belong to the human species as a toy, as a poisonery,
People then admit, their homosexuality and rebel with all their body, courage and soul and you know what borethers, brothels. And sisterystite. 
Because when there is nothing left than dying, the brain made realize to our pettiness that money is the ridiculer that fuck us any hours, and when there is nothing left. Go on go on watch the time, here’ s our hour.
What is still, ill is lobe, lobe, no: love.

Courage, cour = run.
Roue = wheel.


And when you think that the first “investigation”, the placard on the human rights situation, with abuses such as killing, tortures and rapes, and famines, and no end. Are investigate by NGOs with no other power than consultative and the ‘duties’, the obligations to have to bef beg the means on the streets of the Europe that used to play the providers of death and weapons. That these investigations have no direct and ear real effective substantial effect.
That on top these organizations are notorious to pay their agent by the million, by the billion, whilst investigating onto investing the better in communicating their need for money, ok thanks god something is known about it

Maybe I would like to be younger, not for being younger, but have more years.

It is not a question of personality, but it is a question what do you have, and attend, work, perfection, that is for you personal. To be attached to the land and have to save its souls from the sea, from the see, seesaw.
Intimate quest and satellite of stability. Safety on what concern the society doing and being, its rich risk taking, its perversion that has to be healed and converted, but at what price, certainly not at the price of our individual, each of you freedom and natural ability at questioning and answering the universe, and ideally diverse.
End of the words, at this end of the world. Is it not? End of the words as they should be representing our activities and wisdom indeed. End of the words
End, and, ena, ane, ene, ana.

Why do we say inhumane, because we use as a justification for being serviced and thieves, our rhetoric are pretending (preening) to do it for gods, god, progress, wellbeing, individualism, collectivism…

The vampire does not have a reflect in a mouroir + (place where people die are dying, place where one’ stay is mortal), mirror, because is th e (e = he) the depositary of our lack of consciousness. When I, look myself in the mirror I cannot hate me, I cannot submit me, I cannot idealizing what I am. I could do that at every corner of my hed, herd, head but when looking at me in the mirror. Niet. Nite. Neti. Enti. Anti. Aunti. Naughty.

I could dream about a world at the quest of its real mysteries, mutanteries.
A place where to give back to earth the juice of my meal it is in the forest for peeing that I would, could in fact will be asked to be.
A paradise, where everything will be growing and human sage enough to cut what would be our misery. I mean ok I am not seeing us to go and let other animals eating our flesh, but our ability at using tools could find any another compromises imaginable. Image, mage, nageable, = navigable, Iamgai. Imagina. Vagina.
Another world where there would be no treaty, treason, but here the problem the treatise, treason, the treatise for prison, people using the term reason to put a term to each other horizon.
Of crying when suggestions pour into my unconscious and parade season off the eventuality that I too much food and wood my female could be lost or lousy.
Do I pollute, by fear of freedom, but fear (of) alone, of immensity, of plenty, or I am really afraid of live that we would have in any home, tents, trees, caravans, buildings preserve.

He, to, he, too,
Her, ot,

Hunk, husk, hulk.

But, tube,
But = aim in French.

My love to defend me from exclusivism, the one so strong that would lead me to think that the only place the only distance would be to live in a house where no one could approach me. Me with you.
But my love wants children, who will dance with other children, so we need to be outside my crucible of jealousy but the one that could kill everything harming me, i.e, my own coping on complacency.
My love is polyform and their plays is for me to find them ay haie, hay, anyway, but more naturereally where I hep help nature composes the nest, the wet, and dry, sunny and snowy, the all wheater and fur, needed by sea, bbee.

That, tat.

‘Ture’ = suffix of the same order in French. Ex: culture, nurture, seizure. Vi; vulture…
Tuer = to kill.

There is job but we hope you suck’
Sado maso at work, at whore, circling, and circus-ing, circumventing in spiral arigometric, argos as one will want to ‘’avenge’’ the fact he thinks to have to be the worst to keep.

Je t aime oulalalala.
Houle. Ou. Le . like carried in a wave when in its inside (insider) you (y out) (outer, retours, recur, rigour) don’t know where, you do, what you did, and what is gonna to happen to you.

Anyway one could not find the top of one’s noise, as much as flloweringly, as flourishly, as folowishly, as flowishly, as foolishly of course, as folishly again, due to being in love.
And love make you be afraid, a freight.

U.N = un-hhumanity.
U.N = un.united.

I can look at other women, especially the ones I know I hae affinity and feel splendor, beauty, whatever name it. When it comes to you I cannot face your eyes, what would happen if mine were not deemed tham.

Hale, halo.
Hace, accord,
Haxe, axe. Axcis, exact.
Haze, azury.

Nave, navy, navigator.
Navetter = shuttle.

Nat.ion (bug)

TO (Ot) make love to you no with gonad, co, an, candour, as outside the row is, has been growing ever csince they know our exclusivity, our monogamy, our purity regarding the fact that without one another we too weel, to well know that we would be drive crazy as, as mad as provoking, exhorting, a litany conduct for you r end like animal the one you love cruel.


chahut, chaos.
Chahut,          ado in French, rain in Chinese.
Chaud, hot.
Ode, abode.

She has sight problem also she gets people moving and talking for her sense of the space not to be tottering. Problem iwht her she would take us all like her baby, and us did not recognisee, (see he, her) her to fight our distrortion, whence and due to our bad manners with words, and sussurement _ murmur, whisper sauzure.
Per pre peregrination.?

Artistes maudits, the conception.
Cursed arts.
Cept, except, sept, sceptre.

The paternalist doctrine, or a-maternalist, enlist, is a way of sucking in ‘or you fuck or your serve’
Vendetta. Ettat.  = estate, vende, e vendor, state.


To say of an emotion, an intelligence, a mental state, as spirituality, a parole, a parabola, a meaning, that it is human, but no, it is simply what humans share with other animals and living creature, who proves that object are not living, when we can prove pragmatism , provided you have the experience of loving your tool the object that serve you and that you serve, as a servant of an accurate and precise scheme in which every matter is the divine matter , the essential.
Every tool is the produce of live, between the need, the reality of the idea, the effort to create action an production, only for this very egocentric egoistic reason object are product of live, live by extension.

Parabola, parole, bowl. Aroma.

Scam shame.

Very, every.

Relative to lead to absolute.
Absolution seeking.
Redeem the quest? Improvement ethics in what is done.

Without trees, parks, forests, ponds, bushes, air, without us putting organic rubbish back ot to the soil (alongside eradicating disposable??? Or medium term able to dispose of everything else than plastic? Packaging waves and restriction on macadam, we would lose the fauna and flora.
It is not a problem the country side is elsewhere, it, it is barren from the city.
And what about animals wanting to approach humans, and vice versa.
Vice verse.

Would lose the fauna and flora
Pandora box,
Wow vow who would attack its damager.
?? logics promoter.



If I missed my presentaction on non-humanitarian intervention.

Amoxis =medicament
Ox, oxcit. 

Walking with unease, the most horrible of all walking with icy feet, as you would break all your vessels, make you walking like a woman on stiletto, like a beast needing hooves to protect from the road and from the cold imper.atively.

New code, you are my co-writer, end of it.
G= good k= ok w= written
I’ ll selection them by quality or emergency of reading. With still one more literal, more intimate without being private, what do you think?


I wanted to come back or to think that I could come back to her. Since her I am a prisoner. Spoil child.
Since you I would pray example to do anything for this to be finished. In fact it become more worrying, it is finished even if you were not to come in.
You overdid, yet again you have  overdone. Over of other. As across as ring. Electric power. Elect. Static. My loyalty (low-haughty), faithfulness, my humility and be as pissed as the worst of the spell on idioty, the day you have to remind me, that philo is not our bitch, that I cannot pretend to work for her as I had to work with you, but if we are bothered by what we do. Off finding another theme.

Problem with the word communal = borough.
Also instead of being inhabited ty the spirit of sharing and bucolism it is a word imprint with social strate, up to ladder, up to lasser, up to lesser.
The usual public business covering the others’trunkery. Tromperies

A prisoner
Prise =  plug, or seized.

Nacht, niet.


Remember the first time.
The day she gave me her definitive ascent, well not definitive, but starts saying yes, with the ritual of the kiss.
I was the frisk, I was the free. We were the first day. Not the first day. The day. Aid. My only prayer to god, the side of being, son (+sound), to feel my echo, my palpitation, breath, thump, and more than anything else though, resound.

Jour. Rouge, roof, the color of everyone this red, red like the blood I want to ramble, and scramble, cry, circulate, cir-confer, (sir confers) perimeter, circonscript, see roedeer, reinder, roe, sir, redder, re-do, redden, eden... the blood I want in my veins even if they make me goat, a ram whose function (funny function) is to open doors that everyone ecologically enemy enchained.
Even if I suffer, even if we are razed to the ground, even if the ground cannot take the rise, its skin sling depredation will drive it blind. You are here, and life is desire.

The reason why men and women, as a couple, as husband (hussy) and wife, are made by the population into two reputations.
Once they are said (aid) to be naturally together, thus emotion power, love impact, choice, possible revulsion are put far aside (farce arse arise arose -).
They both despise each other, calling themselves inferior, un-understanding of each other, maniac, self-interest, prostitute, macho, hating or whatever rubbish you might find doing distinction between the women and the men and between their role and function, understating, tow, to, two things:
One we are to be hetero.
Tow we are to be divided, not too much harmony.
But for the not oo much harmony why is the reason for the propaganda.
Because love is dangerous for exploitation, on-e does (not to) exploit the ones he has truly explored.
Because marriage arm, ark, are, mare kept as a bargain, as social bargain, not personal bargain, bet, jackpot.

You see my love the true way it should be written is.
And thus denying the love you’ve owe to life and your partners, and your guide, and you goddess it is that you will despise her for one reason to keep the enemy away.
We don’t love, like that much if nay , don’t take one or the other for the promise land, you can kill her I would not lose, I would not have lost. As if the enemy was certain (arting, acting, carting, parting) of the opposite they would kill you directly.
Pero, = pro personal, private I am not gone a edit this bit mon amour. In fact it is a way of explaining why they would have to call me the butcher. The problem it is like in homosexuality stories, it is not a funny one. If ever I ll lose, sole you, I would lose, slow everything and more than this. And I would pray to loose-n my spirit against a beating beast more than thirsty, only width withe with means of being replete link with your re-apparition, your reparation?, but in live there is not a second chance, the master you would wild the word, wield and weld, the weird new wen, wane, vain, vein, vanish, world, have been for me could not die and could not resuscitate, re-surect, erect, re-suck, succitate. Associate, resuscitation, resumes citation, cite action, see tactics, see tactile.

Novel, ovel, hovel,
Host, novelty, von, won.
Lost, toss.


Jack, cage.

you’ ve (w) owe

Parents, parties.

Gone a, none.
Gnat, gnome. Glum, golum, gonade, gonna.

Certain (arting, acting, carting, parting).

One. If ever I’ll loose, sole you, I would loose slow

More, Than thirsty
First, thirst, frost, foremost.

Usually, sole, soul,
Use, all, ally, sue, valley, lea.

And if good god was a malefic one to speak to us about the devil. Lived.
When the day of the return of the natives will come: the dead people.
The dead people will strike again.
And imposter depostiched of their mask fleeing: hypocrisy.
A land of primitive that think that it is enough to hide one’s tongue from the other impostors or other nini, the other animals, to get through, the coffin of the tomb.

This place, I know, you know you know.
A place you don’t like. In fact you like ti, it, but a Maximus when you are alone to account, counting, accept tempted temple, con-temple, contemplate, they are these part you would not come from. Usually you show some interest in mean in general more on other part of your body, but there nany, nayny, nabab. navy
Your tights especially the on inner, the one you don’t like, not that yo d on’t like them but it is good to show on pulic, pubic, public, pudick, that you ve got zone of over prosperity.
You don’t like it, repugniate it you odon’t want it to fee. Feel.
Don, would, Odon. Odeon.
Done, doom, ‘d.

You know this part, the inener of your tights, I want to make love to you every day, bloody you, don’t think categorically, cathe, garot, garot, the height of a horse, a strangling device, that I am talking about pussy, but you won’t come, will you, won’t you assume my lobe, my love, levy, life, loss, lea, my reading, my facility at my introduction you are mine and you will no say nol, no.
I will take this inner thighs and suck it, maleate (malaxe in French, perhaps like healers to touch the boy, the body out of pain and torpor) (mal = mean, and constantly below its average) it, caress it, compress it, treat it, as long as necessary, only her, don’t think any more of your back, neck, hands, feet, fleets, even nothing about your geni tole, tales and tools, not them at all, only your thighs, the one along the main bone, the link of the earth towards the main organ, your pussy, no your belly yes. And till you won’t come, you and your agony, the ill feeling of being bouffi, swollen comes from eaten. We are dying my love and here is your reserve. You will come, you will come and come again, like a mare warning the whole country by her hennissemen t that she will be pregnant revenant prevent again. La cuisse de Jupiter. Cuisse, s-quizz, assise. And at this place what is sas, ass, and other phenomenon? Your artery that needs decompressing the river, the biggest flow of for us personal, of n.u (the legs). The one that the lesbi basin more than everybody too sure of the appendix with which they never touch the serest rest of the entire empire , the whole region, its whole history and reign, the altogether, the master body.

And if you stay with me, if not the hell of this satany fantasm, it is in the book that you only will read that my saliva will serve, rubric, section mechanic? Manual handling? No, no, obsession. 

To exercise like a bourreau, (boulot, work, fat, big, bureau, bur = monk clothes, bourgh, bourrer = speek or break, speed, pick or tame a personality or ability) dur, French for though, rude?, bourreau, executioneer,  that would come to you in order to redeem. Redeem on, redeem in gibing (gibet = penance in French, prey, board of killed animals) giving you an idea of the negative impact one can have, on showing not too much= sufferance but penury. Look at what the difficulty of the pat(h)er oul could be.


Every light, every wihite light is not ‘good ‘ gor us.
White and black are not good or ablack a back, taken aback, they are healing or destroying, but both are necessity, and us necessitous,
A white light might be healing, but if healing has to consider our acts as being parasital, then this whit e light would be our excecution foreboding present/at/ion.

A sign? No, it was not for me, it was not for you but tiit tilt become became so.

Success by the media, in changing something, law, awareness, challenging, channeling.
But what stories soteries, has been picked up. Would not be logics to think that they are picked only when they aer a fair opportunities at going through, a productive results, something already easy to mover along and aout. And that the true probe problem plebe proletariat, proletria, (trio/trier=sort it out)

Apocalypse now?
Certainly but the version s-low.

One cannot protect someone else from the dvil , am not talking about some demons or what our imagination and reality call it but of the wrong-doing

Subnormality. What a delight intellectual, or people adhering these all too normateeth thesis, could be.

You r story twill twich, will become the millennium story.
No more years to come. When we had to respect the oldest and the youngest, but what when the oldest will underpoo that the youngest has been evacuated horribly whorribly, to the sin, sic, six, sieve through.

I ewanted to say that now I am experiencing reading ‘power’ and feeling completely sexually overwhelm.
But not only sexually but possession of another person the flesh instinct recall, remind, remain.
To associate to the core with somebody might be the dance facing delaying deleting the death comedy.
Come and dy.
Tragedy. Trajet (=route).


You know about the wives and girlfriends I had before, well I regret to have known any before our meeting, but one apoloaqy, apology, apolo? Is that without them, without having known love, not the love shared as if so I would never have gone, but the love as a philosophy, as apossibility, as a puest, quest, and rendering homage to these females nand males that support me, as an exchange.
Well if I did not have this before you, you, I would think, but truly, truly, true lis, think, that there is but one goddess ina all, and that these goddess is you.

I don’t stand you touching me as if I had done better you culd touch sanctity, and now what, then, mp my poo. When it s come to say tha t gay men sexual realtion ship and talk to that well is simple. Everyone do that without purity, and when it is with love, and the fruit of love, what love made you do when outta it, when you thought that it was gone but to have to call and yesll for this gift not to be drawn, withdraw from your sentiment.
Gay men bullied in the ehonte parabole of what is perpetrated.
And don’t make love if you don’t want the all of it. If you don’t want every parcel of your partner, well what you call sex, is scato in chef and smelly lavo-tory. Larvo tory.

Of courst, I am othes. A lot of other cause. But if I want to be yours, it is (totally hours) because I want to know that I did something good for me.
A mon Coeur et c est tout = I won’t blog, or cetvies it. New code.

She (show) would have like to affard, a far, (fard = make-up in french) afford herself the guy for whom she has sexperimented so much disarray.
Would she have the opportunities for this, she would only have a prison to propose, because of doing it not really, not at all for him, but for the time she sepent serpent, pend, spent, repent contempt, content, plating.

To be prone to trust anybody and ending up trusting nobody except one’s own.

They would like my wife as creatures are polysexual, we are too but we refuse. Like the ones that have several spouses, that in fact are spouses to each other for having married to a demon.
If one let someone having sex with them, they culd kill its wife out of jealousy. One partner only.

I think that I did not see you yesterday, yesteryear, but would I be with you, I would miss the perfection, the coming of the time, the apex of the mind, since I am without it. Today I miss you but what another day or with me you would be with the one without legitimacy. What could bring to you? Except sorrow, except this death that tells me no.

People wanted to kill the demons, though they were living in the humans’ mind and spirit and soul, the one human or creature that have been deemed a demon, instead of being left living like a gentle guy amount the nature, it was tracked. And it is why from time to time we could find body of people in disarray, or killed by complicity, lobe lf sexuality, or the one who have too much spoken.


I would die they would call my spots, not to investigate, to make sure that they should know.

The problem is that if the population start threatening you with death, youi cannot wait to answer but the ones one d get, which ones? Perhaps the one that could have stopped that. Whence the cruelty, to like harm angel, innocence, genuine kindness, in thinking they could all be on my chest.

I came and saw the first documentary film.
When someone is demonstrating and proving by vandalism that they want to destroy, it is but premises for overthrown attempt promises, coup? Puke.
The population appropriate and trained reaction, since still ruled by a pseudo democratic ‘apparent apparatus’, in order to preserve the minimum of security needed to avoid occupation or civil war, would be to stop protesting this way, and therefore go- and thus avoiding police confrontation.

I won’t say that if it was my army that dongs a coup that I would not try and take all that, of saying the opposite I would not do. The eternal problem {(eternal relatively to human understanding of their own politics). Are they alone to rule? Human does not know itself whence its unbridled race for modernity and progress that would un-servicing them ultimately? In the pondering of the scheme, death is almighty. Death every day, the failure, the limitation, death at the end, the assessment and reorientation, death final, realignment of the void of species obligations and individual responsibilities- you want to kill, same principle of equality}.
People want to postpone, they are right death does not want to do harm, it only take us for re-ordaining, preodre, period, pre-ordinary, pre-ran, pre-ordain. One has to prove life a flower to which you say hello every morning in acquiescing that everything is a wonder due to her every single evening.
Every, every, every it is like I know this secondary word only, loanly.
For one second one can conceptualize ‘every’ but after we behave as if it was a lure. (e-rul).
And when one flees from this knowledge, the one god endows to resist with the parcel of live that one has at its dispo zoo all, at their disposition (dis.position and two coordinated point of view! Like dis.ability why not see in dis, the ‘deux’ of two).
Dis, sis, the trinity as theis balance, harmony, grace that one experience (through thought thou though) the name divinity as like in psychology to report it onto another subject (transfer, reinvestment to analogous level of parity, compare with, an alliance story)
And when one flees from this knowledge: It is not because I talk so that I forget that my nature is weak- or if so I forget it all the tie but when I despise everything in me and this world of insanity as not being able to beat my own being hungry. We are weak as we are not divine, and it would be a blasphemy to think that divine can be enforced in eradicating the one, the other one thinks (this think not really from thoughts we would have noticed it by now, plus think like, thin ink to link to nowhere but kink toward recognition of one’s own television, {tell and vision} devilishly) that there are as being weakest. Or strongest of not complying at the expectation of deluding nun, none the name of which is cats at strophe unbalance.

The problem? No, “problem” is of too much use, the trick is that no man can have an army. When the army betrays the concepts under which they rally (hilarious) they cheat on us each. But at the same time you need to voice disagreement, pool of dissention when awareness are not at the same point to execute (acute) true improvement.
No man can possess, and have under its control an army. Concepts, even if they are under this protection of improved manner (concepts embettering present conditions) are nothing but traps.swhen (swhen-swine-hen-sin-sen-sane) use with bureaucratic vulgarity. We can afford muddy play but not when other bodies, only willing to live theirs, are automatically stained by neglect disguised in Bastille struggles. Bureaucratic, institutional, organizational, trade, exchange??? Nothing we know about the leviathan, and if we did, should we know what to do? I mean ok, the only info is on how we are fucked by for example a shop, short stop, misappropriation, why is no one there, to make circulate this information? And who is we, gathered? Gaggled but not in a prairie, in a bordello for its funniest derivation ordel = order, hordes, hurdles) at the point of creation? reaction, and enema when comes to labor and distribution. Why this monster of a state? Because of it outlandishness. The reins having been passed over to the concept of the ugliness, they are no one in control but Ugly (hug).

No man can have another man (o.k, there is love, but love is the first of all commandment and therefore has with him any other duties, concerns, and redeem ability) and we hike to vote or participating to political meeting with precise (pre-sized/scissors) idea on how to get the power of bribery by false competition or false cooperation- or even if truly truthful towards what and how, the flue, waggish, the vagueness, the looming, and when we become precisely  too much in working as what institutions are but this self-providing falsity of needs, wants, truths and protestations. (Ok? state is here to serve the population and is not an end in itself, vanishing no, but could become no more a state but a will)

As for me I have got a false punch.

  A state when still running for a majority _the problem being the suicidal nature fostered by the human and its institutions, and its is why religion and logics, sciences, from the arithmetic to the socialities tell us one reaps what one sows, or is it a rip-oof?
We ve got (tac for tic, she’s got us) what we calls morals, not the one easy findings of manipulation (don’t forget they are not complex they are easy {I spent so much time in my life trying to underview the radius of their imbecility, it is nothing, nothing more, once you get to solve their own debility, than facility) but the morals, murals (boundaries and brigdes, no, no, brig, bridges, the wall of maturity, a stabilized path, a conduct {in which you can dance as swiftly as on clouds, am not talking of closeness? Closure and rigidity) for what is judicious and respectful to do taking into account what has been given for us to look after. And by ‘looking after’ it implies looking and that what we saw and see (always beyond, as what is in, and what further: the message, the mess of the time up to the tee telling apart radically = radical: Symbol R An atom or a group of atoms (did not marx produce a phd on greek atomization) with at least one unpaired electron.
4. Linguistics See root1.

[Middle English, of a root, from Late Latin r, having roots, from Latin r, r, root; see wr in Indo-European roots[i].]) dissimilarity and dissemination, (though the semen is what is at one’s an prolongation)  is under our due to be improved and  protected from this same every (every or husbandry).
The duties of protection and self-protection of this little bit of immensity exit, us the mortals of the morality. 
Mortals. More tales. Mort=death.

  A state when still running for a majority has for duties to protect the states institutions. Also for the reasons that one could be elected in the view of fomenting a coup only.
You know about demonstrations and civil disobedience, it is if I remember well the reflection of a politirepublican anther (stamen father, after, anteater) the french revolution, straight under Robespierre (mind the man wanted to abolish propriety, I think, but for the state to have it?!!!!!!!!???)
 The state or the commune- because of course I understand that the commune could be one of generosity, intelligence, altruism, working for the wellbeing of every (of its recognized) body, touti quanti (quaint touting), but just as the state could be- the state vanishing? Then here I am sorry but I guess that it was a biblical image used by marx talking discreetly about metaphysics or sweet apocalysm ( [on which com the sea])- there would be more than one and its tentacles, tentacules = culls, the already dissension and pot of obstruction of the party ( cul = backside / cull) or siphoning backside con.a.ffluent, marching for argent, who said that the process of the laws and plight, plight? no, no(,) politics was on purpose a long demarche, as if one would lose time and energy acting (an emasculation) and seeking for compensation for the sake of discouragement of course but for also to avoid events conducted only by the first fire of emotional passion = devoid of solution, be it short or long term destination, and more than sentiment of affiliation but at least with medium term application –it would score better, I wish I was bitter, as the term in our policy are not short they are hire, ailleurs (elsewhere) (could be translated as well by other times or hours) odiously negative in time, certificate for agony, irreversibility of poisoning pattern of paternity- the boss say, even if I will have to wish and  vows the boss dead, would I have a chance for saving my buggy.
The levels of communication office and turnpikes for signatures, counter signatures, the division between politicians and administrative power suffices not as a platform for democratic formation but as barriers to overthrow and upside down in(ter)vention.
 I don’t say that I am any to agree with the current (cure, more recurrent ordure) order, but we can truly be sure that the situation would be indeed worse if we were counting on people grouping around demonstration whose words are takeover not reinvention.
To make a revolution, one has to be stronger than the people in place, and has as a preamble readably (the theories) and for its proof its party as direct application, on not only party but civil actors manoeuvring for its values, a proof, more than so an attitude at evolving, a propensity at reappraising, reprising, or in order to refine the theories or in order to effective, concrete differentiation, not a takeover, a restoration of the splendour. Constructing structures control, supervision, with as fluidity, indulgence and rigor than their philosophy needs to be more than a flower but the servant of nature, (at their encompassing concern freedom and equality, the fraternity being the partisan raison d etre) in its integrity.
Eligibility. As having still the right to associate, etc, in a so-and-so political? National regime to threaten the government would be a rape. Even if admittedly it is logic that people with genuine free expression rights that would not impair their other rights holding (ex: I can say it is wrong but if I say I will be put in trouble) would back policy like that- and if they don’t there is no accountability possible in saying I am worth more as I have spoken, spike. We know that people fear so much interest groups, fear so much to be only seen as the providers of  ‘ill agenced rights’ directed to others ‘worth as if they were the only value (allusion), individual recipient of ‘rights’, as if their rights were treated as not being in conjunction with the total population resources, as if they were served and counteracted by zero, as if the balance of conflict counting them as absentee, taken for granted –allowing plus value- negation, having to ask and wonder about the general common wellbeing? Ask nothing. As if in likeliness to the working conditions one has to provide everything to the other one, without keeping its own rights, noxious lies proffered to the employee con.siderate like robots or tools those that everyone will shamelessly chunk away. Rights like that are not rights, they are absolute contradiction in terms, they are also an incentive at being categorized as the weaker or the victims, or the consciousness of but destruction, nihilism and denial (how come people go on living the way they kill) in all indiscriminative position I am the right holder and I miss to provide my own duties to my interlocutor, as there is not duties but job description.

I have got nothing against demo of course (off court), they are an unbeaten place to make contact, to build new networks, to show to the population that there is a crack, and there are carnivals.
But as a citizen I would certainly not hoopoe for one momentum (moment tomb) the success of demonstrators who could be threatening institutions, as those institutions did all the same more or less protect my home in the sense of the sheltering of the basics of functional biological need- to be healthy enough to fight back. In case of subversion success to fight exploitation but in assuring as the first of one’s aims that the same bottom level of secured bases by the proposed set of institutions be better than the one in place- and that demands frocked formation.
In case of subversion success and in any case each stage of this improvement probing the how far is brazen politician beguiling bunk on how necessary are their millions; namely doing with less but well, the reason of the economy (sparingly as the grandiose is in the symbioses, or what is here for limitless, (within it no limits) boundless happiness affirms {sap.phire} amply). The fire of a stone of which our brains is perched park, parched perished.
Probing the how far is brazen politician beguiling bunk on how necessary are their millions; on that they are discretely talking about the millions of pantomimes needed to assert depletion.

What is missing mission in those is the stamina, I know that some groups are doing it, to picketer for example in front of Lloyds (I ve recently been read that they were big actors in debt, no indictment,
In-dict,             psto     parole.
In-debt.                       Money.

unlawful indictment or impoverishment of ‘third world countiers’) .
It is a centuries old staple of common law (and appearing in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) that one should not be put in prison because of debt), and it is what had happened to the ‘excolonised countries’ with the if-we-don’t-“loan”-we-die-story, it is in jail they have been brought down after having been enslaved, the debt principles monarchical and frivolously granted by the supra national body, jails’ goals. No wonder we should be disposed of it,  if not enough is the magical spell of being justly rightfully (as right as to be working this way, you are a tyran, you have the right to be taught a serious and notable lecturing lessons 3-years-old offer on tenure [from Old French, from Medieval Latin tenitūra, ultimately from Latin tenēre to hold][ii], (holding oneself and its behavior in the sense of treasuring others as much as holding one’s cock enough for avoiding filthy outcome) abhorrent to people. Dare anything to remember that they are equal, as much as their family teaches them. Take family the most larger of term. Should I be bred by a cow or a husky, thanks god I can sympathise with the air, water, and wood, even if reduced or more respectuouly used as a loyal tab table. Don’t think that treating people like if they were to be lessen, will erase the secondary effect, a lost soul, one’s own with less and less point of revival, consciousness is living in the skin and sap of what and who we had the time and essence to tend.

Well in matter of demo, awareness of the population one of a key could be, to structure the efforts (fort).
To picketer in front Lloyds and to educate the customers or passer-by about Lloyds company. But not one time, as much as possible, as long as (as for?) creating a reaction towards reestablishment of less impunity.
That is as a customer I may not quit at once while realizing- or in fact more reading reports as I met people willing to denunciation of capitalization (death penalty I insist capital sentence)- in which bank I contracted, but if enough warned I d sign /geese out at the first opportunities. To goose the dominoes to fail fatality.
This is a demo one could start trusting, via their bottom-up line tips tap practices.

Anyhow I am one of whose person that if it was not for my girlfriend I would not have been, it is just sometimes she could uphold we will.

If Robespierre takes a prerecorded upper case under Microsoft, Marx does not. Defiant, edifying enlightening.

Reference, inference, info.
Faire o=made Reverence.

ca veu dire quoi the "Y" a tree?
je te tel auhourd hui 5 heures ou dimanche prochain.
hier j ai dormi et suis restee au lit toute la journee, j etais en ange, nage.
caroline baranger.                                     07757850484

To: baranger caroline
Sent: Mon, 21 March, 2011 7:40:49
Subject: Réf. : Re: Réf. :





Pense = to think, redeem and bleach back to bearable the dirtiness, would be the first deed for humanity to accss (access axe) the clog of the freedom.

When you think I am taken for granted namely when you think I am arouse for the sake of being, when you don’t remind, take in board, that it is your product. Adduct. Steal my semen each time we could have infanted a hole ribambel. Rib-babel. Rib em bel.

And you know why I am insisting because it is dsaid written that you like cryptic, and play on word.

Babel. Ba=low. Belle?


Between floating without rows and rocking without helm.
This is not happy it is the excitation that adrenaline produces before the last dem.
Demonstration of the rush that we portrayed as the flush. But not a rise in blood, the decadence of doom, to live in opulence without essaying more than thank you.

I could not be and act like that fearing to lose my potential woman. But finding a wife is to be allowed and therefore able to dis-play when and if wife is the one that is your compere, completude, copulative, couple active, completive. Inter-woven. 

They were playing being afraid these whores. Whores or whorst.

Cock hours.

Horrors = aurora.

I feel making love to you, but how many times with how many people this occurred already?
Well if you feel it alongside at the same time, you are my first, I am a virgin, I admit.
And there is different feelings like yield to sexual excitation or sentimental appetite and do an orgy for finally say right after it I should not have done it, as our state is honest, as nature teaches her toll, we know that it was not the course of more duplicity.

How home

Orgy, ogre, oger, hound, hunger..

To have a voice, to say it is cold. Ok but are we sure that it was me the voicing subject, could be object, but as well the voice I let happen or that my subconscious, the creature past and liability, let a happen (happen, happy)

I come from touching you again and again, and I burst as it is a be-longing story.

Yes, I listen to you, I think of you, I am aware of you and your misery as much as your floating dependencies, I’ ll do everything, don’t ask me, I live for you, it is the truth that I loved and love still others yeast, yet I live for you.
I have been (ban) told that editing the message of love would be indecent. I thought of my ex and said it is true as we would have lived without the reputation that could have damaged her career and family, she could even have been sent in prison, I was minor she was my teacher of 24 springs. Not that she did anything more than accepting my caresses a few times limiting but once to her sex, and sucking me to mark the last day I would have been in her bed. I hate being touched. To belong to be the closer witnesses of an abandon that will be following ya for ther rest of your live. O what is left?
I won’t be editing because if you don’t stop to look after me and you at the same time. Editing that simultaneously would be pagaille, mayhem for us, and for them, of these words I don’t want them to have any of what you have been sole to detain, your humble detainee.

There, the rest of your live

Detain, defunct. Unless you are my key. Di. Diptych.
Deep tick.

Et ce sera tout. Noce.
Noce fera tout.
Noce, cone, or sonne, sound, or sounding,

The vampire will die with the light rays like aliments.
Ail = gral, garlic in French and disease in English.
Is disease your fear, is disease fascination, is disease to give a special treatment at the enunciation of a nae, anemia, name or bred.
A special treatment that makes human bow if they call sire, even if their chief if the worst dictator, and slay the stranger, even if it has humanity at heart.
Help to under-reap humanity he no, hue.

Arête = arreter = stop.

Aliment, aliment.
Ali. Lai = lay.

Not to be able to do whatever as when done we remember that we cannot expiate the way we would like or if we do expiate this way, what about what would have been done without to be constrained to sweat our deciding to be under the control of short term functionality-greed.

I did not read to check on its being under, or at what scale of its standing by, or no. not beware, because I never read what I write, no. but because I am too vexed. Me, reread again, despised enough like that.
At least on the mirror stuff, you won’t have me. And Dor I am septic suspiciously sepulchre and sleepy.

Ply, plight, pise, pull, sculpture.

The vampire who can have (ist-yeast) his every prey by grand power and magnetism. As during nights and nights days and days rests thinking on its scheme, on its hunt, who recognizes the terrain over and through the bland, and blinded bees of the men who are as pretentious as noisy. Up to their veins, as it knows they would be dishonestly more than happy to kill it if he decided to be a pacificator, it would be taken as humans’ whore.

I did not choose her for her youth; I choose her as I wanted to be her the head of my empire. Even if my empire was only this little company. The light I have seen prospered.

“-I am bored like a rat harmed out of lucidity want.”
“-but what did you contemplate, lie not, what, of what were you thinking of, were you calling, were you praying at? Is there only our comedy of social play and display, concealing honey, pretending being the path, we won’t be surviving on this one. Disillusionment with politics or horrors reigning.

Is THE demon weak?
Or it is my being weak and therefore my demon not able to show its possibilities.
The response belong to oneself as other options as bein the use for other to practice toruture sobered over others with each case of fitting figure and theories of dramaturge. To be the torturer instead of the victim one can take as a reason any unprincipled chants, dances, and intello manic plot (plotting against, to be up to = manigeance (gens = agency) manifestation.

If one wants to respect oneself it has to respect one’s enemy as one cannot hate, as they are for a highest progress.

To eat like crazy, as the dynamics as a conversation is the sole I can touch concretely. Of course you are here with me all day. It is the reason I can make my bed in the morning the sensually reassuring way because you are in my thought, talking to me, assuring of a future, maybe not, but of this day committing the non-sin, scene, of designated you, placard my brating, hollowing breathing or bend to the crown knowing I am married, that my life and time would have been for somebody something.
But these magic power I honour nay, as I doubt everyday of what everyday provides, your name in my brain, your body in my veins, your thoughts made rampage. As you sing o.k.

all cited above all the you boxes.
and on ly you.
but you are so much of a poke a prick that.
i sincerely wish i was sectarian and humorous.

i am writing to you because i was simply interested in reading a book written by one of your senior lecturer, who happens to give lessons around and just around the scope of their speciality.
i was wondering how come you did not stock 'one dimensional woman' by DR. Power, N. Has it been lost, or whatever the aim?

The Library holds material that has been purchased for teaching purposes and also some research material as requested by academic staff.  Please do let your lecturer(s) know of titles that you think would be useful for your programme or modules.  Thank you.

Look I would think that you conception of the teaching learning relationship is somewhat very limited. A university is certainly not a building –mind that I suffer about roehampton ones as if they are eradicated at the same current rate (and profiteering avility) as quick as the green spheres that were there once upon a time, the pride and prize of our {can} canopic caning ancestors; whether the centuries’ old mansions will stay more than some bid, one will really wander.

Talking about the realm remaining (remaining in french “main” = hand), these buildings, everyone’s patrimony, owners’ like servants’. Did you see how the new parking are eating the little square left for the geese, ducks, hens and birds to circulate? We are in the swamp area of London, the wild life, that according to the new board of shareholders, with every kind of preoccupation but universal, that according to them the ducks will have to be contented soon with paying a hostel would they want to do us the honor of staying among us. These place has been, was the heritage of natural studying, what is left? A pond, a look intentely you will see there birds and squirrels crying. These splendid spots, so much magical when you see them at first. Good lord such place does still exist? They lost their puissance as around them the macadam eating everybody, you, me,  and sanity, little by little, but last tar and poison.
Universities are a body of professionals, embodying theories, yes, yes, coating with distanciation and objectivation, when one thinks of what become tools and things and think and thank in our humanization consideration and appropriation…
An university, theories, body of books (and practices) and tutors  from which and toward which stem and flourish debates, and for the eater eager student, the academic principles that need to be seen applied, just to cite a few, among investigation and countering arguments.

is it possible for a student to ask for the possibilities to read his profs.
i ve jsut read dr kent book it is fascination to understrand more deeply the course of thought of someone who has been selectioned for having established (an on going) theses, gathered evidence, examples, propositions..
and my work as student those of preparations.
i d like being learnt and taught up to this quality.

or whatever the aim, the aim is to kill university forum, and use, enslave, kill everyone once the spirit is gone.
Forum: for rome. University, academic first build platonique, was for the community. It is maybe like marx and the state, it is because Socrates has been poisoned by the tribes that university was needed, but what if we poison the university? Will we need a war, she is already here, all economic.
University and state to gather our bravour, glamour, claims, truths and espoirs.

  • Duamutef, the jackal-headed god representing the east, whose jar contained the stomach and was protected by the goddess Neith.
  • Qebehsenuef, the falcon-headed god representing the west, whose jar contained the intestines and was protected by the goddess Selket.
  • Hapi, the baboon-headed god representing the north, whose jar contained the lungs and was protected by the goddess Nephthys.
  • Imseti, the human-headed god representing the south, whose jar contained the liver and was protected by the goddess Isis.

D_lo (W, doubling the you? After and after, coups après {harp, ape} coups)

fungible - a commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation
commodity, trade good, good - articles of commerce
fungible - of goods or commodities; freely exchangeable for or replaceable by another of like nature or kind in the satisfaction of an obligation
Could be taxable tough.

But maybe not as the first acquisition has already been.
Taxing the hours one has to work for the freeing and securizing of the community as a whole.

What is propaganda?
All thoughts come from a state, a condition, an instant in suspension, so what?
Propaganda it is when one thought instead of being representated once is publicized one hundred, one thousand, millions, or the second hit;
Hits or when what should be thousands and even more billions tll still inaction is a simple item, of which in general is shown pity, suspicion, or derision.

Seeing the birds coupling freely I think with these persons with it was so hard to get on with inside community, what would have it been if the master were more the body-god?

tend den

‘my lady d’ art ban(ned) ville’
My lady d arbanville by cats steven.

Reve =  dream in fresh french.

I am, expection, inspection expectation of someone inside. Not that there has been anyone living with me. But you are at my center, I know you think of me.

Institution of the marriages belonging to the society, as ‘managing’ happiness, sexuality, liberty, clostrophoby, intimate boundaries and terrain for exploration. Happiness and Sexuality in particular linked with aggressibity potential and the rest against who lodge it.

It or ti.

If I did not have you N what would war be?
A sanguinary event, without asperities or rest.
Wars are not enough, they need to be for the name of love.
My end my love without would be quick.
And without respite I would try sub, inconsciously to bring it.
And if today I am a warrior.
Don’t see in this term more value than this of horror.
And even if I avertedly I might appear cruel, in my head I have for travel that my heart could be friendly.

Would I have not a family, wars would be entrenched as much as life from which you still desire her trance.
If I can write that today, it is the birds that say, you are my poetry.
I am not saying it is me, it is in the dark when nature feels well before, at the first hue in the sky, peering up to the stars, that crackdown is coming.
A shift in the air, the wind talks too, and every one celebrating this first day with you.
The bird tells me, yes I talk of him, that how may many poets have changed the order for not saying new structures, new phrases, lest distribute disturb,
I am so pleased that you chose berenice for the guy who fixes, it is so delicate.
If I had a dream, it would be you.
And death again insted of a relief becomes anathema.
Becomes anomaly, it is because I don’t know, it is because you are not with me.
That death is still looming, would you be here, to conjure, repell the spell, we could become mastery at finding her the rein. The jugulate,  all these words that come from not having been touch, we look at each other merely us guy of the front. I know yo know you are canon folder like me. But when I realize that one could bring you to far, it is on this so called chef the word of enemi, the well and true due war.
The bride will stay mute, the bright bird went quiet and the others answer we will go on when you will be of use. I cannot hold grudge these animals, my fairy, are among the one who brings about destiney and alleviate my fate as through them I can write to you Poe e-try.
I change the order too, it is from that when I leave my spirit, demons look after me and in a brush, a stroke of des derision, “you are the nabab” they laugh and high joke at me.
Though when I listen to the disorder always comes out a lesson.
You know each time now, it is a recent event, I talk about repent, homosexuality surge.
This guy would like me to be without rage but the one deprived of her balance, my love for you and the world and the lord that raise.

Would you quit me, I d take back my horse and saddle and my terrain would double of grandiosity as there were no more sincere and dedicated than the love you provoked, that the love you, provided, you love me too.

Singing and play music even if not recording has this satisfaction or fulfilling the body thus experimenting directly the degree of how to did onto level of deployed perfectionability.

                            Nature in Roehampton in death parlor  corridor. 
                           Binned green spaces in Roehampton’s university.         
For the new comers, the enterprise ROOOO, ROOOOO UNI have been destroying the wild life biosphere, sole remaining fruit of the foregone millenaries. Beautiful admirable mentality for scholars houses supposed to  provide distinction and ability. Amiability. Malleability. Arability. Sustain. Don’t, don’t you dare talking about concepts of any quality.
What do you think about the slow but hachuring eradication of all green spaces in Roehampton university?
This university owes her m.a.g.ic (see.key.g.a.m) and music to her ponds, woods, games and poultry- no one is gonna suing me to name what nest in your plates.
It certainly does not own it for having scrapped human rights, arts, literature, philosophy, programs.
Look at what this bunch, those cattle (catered) of stake-holders made of this centuries-old heritage.
Would you know where they burrow, *pit at them on accountability row –at turn (attune). But don’t count (hope for) on that, we are the generation dropped-in, and the wall as inaccessible as bosses, patrons, citizens, teachers’ reliability. Do you think they would tell you, for fear of embarking in weeping nepotism level of vulgarity stories.
(Have you come across with a lot of places lie this (talking about the fauna and flora around, once upon a time linked to the London marsh center, centuries, notwithstanding they should be plenty fold?)

Soon the hens, ducks, geese and squirrels and all the fauna will have for space but the parking (as much as their counter-part free range, waiting for your paying command to be slit), to park what? Ponding over (revo      recover). Pond in French means hatch, are you student alive?

Are you taken on as customers (nice customs would think the CEO (board of direct-horrors/ores-or/aurora?-ney) who sold to “everyone knows” centuries of well-keeping), as students, or as on doll? 
Dodo, dodo.
Ps1: there are boards from year 2004 vintage that explain to your kids how to recycle.
Also it’s time to understand the importance of it.
1-     Could one avoid buying this disposable packaging (bags, cardboards, plastics, cups) that will be buried less quick than parents, siblings, and other generations of rubbishing spoiling education reduction. Recycling still pollutes.
2-     When one does buy an item, could they put it in the right containers (and make complex, perplex arrangement, do some yards, not rubbish yard, but meters onto the designated pal place please.)
3-     When one realizes that some of you leave their litter on the floors or on tables, it would be about wise to do communities services of you, before “who knows” tend (tend-or?) after your arse, hopefully well before the afters.
Ps2:  deer, don’t count on countryside for redeeming action; it is but deforestation, desertification, mud, slaughter houses and pesticide.
Fin de Partie.    

And the every 6 month renewed (precarity? Analogy with WORK durability for your future employment doe dove   _ finality) 
 And the every 6 month renewed, buildings from the undergrounds. Talking about the buildings, the ones built with stones and metal-will meet all.         

The mates played being attracted like that one could know and infro inform what the dangers were for the real dame. When she came the terrain was open, clear, quiet and acquiescing. 
And on the first nod, don would be the squire, slaying.

Pig rrypig determinativerry - The pig was an animal sacred to Set, god of chaos. Set took the form of a pig and blinded Horus then disappeared. Eventually Horus regained his sight. The eyes of Horus was thought to represent the sun and the moon, and the legend of the blinding of the god was an explanation of solar and lunar eclipses. Plutarch says that, once a year, pigs were sacrificed to the moon.

Game. Couple.


M ag ic            age.
M us ic             use, in french moeurs

Endangered. In danger, read!

They say they are unequalable inegale it is in fact inequitable.

Je suis une undergrade de deux ans a paris 10 universite, deux ans que j ai suivi avec grand peine a mi temps, des etudes anglo americaines literature et civilization, je voulais travailler dans les droits de l home mais a l international après avoir quitte l ecole au plus bas des rangs, sans m elever dans l echelon travailleur, il ne faut pas avoir bon coeur.
J etais intimement persuade avoir vu votre nom, j avais trouve votre prenom assez idiosyncratique, idiotique, idiom? (Sausure, votre mama est bien mure, isn’t she, nait elle pas) et ayant beaucoup travaille personellement sur fin de partie pour etre une piece tres aise au niveau de la recherché de langue, mon esprit avait eu a loisir le temps de s arreter sur ce qu on pourrait appeler details (namely the authors name of becket’ s critics.
Je ne voulais pas verifier me disant que 2005 etait trop tot pour que je l ai vraiment enregister a l instance, l insistence de mon esprit qui me disait, vas y, vas y et que donc je devais halluciner mal a propos.
2003?? O.k.
C est fou ce que vous avez fait. Je veux dire la quantite de vos productions, en ce qui concerne la quantite je ne demande qu a voir pas a pas (ou pas?).
Mais c est bien plus que Prometheur, votre site son memoirs, si vous permettez je m occuperais de ca en tant que visiteuse, le long des annees au courant de ce que vous plait. Si vous deplait il vous faudrait plus qu un mouchoir cette fois, mais en douceur l ame est une estrange femme, etrange mais ange, mesange comme dirait Oscar. Une demande de cessation ira, irait, surtout, sur tout ne vous en faites pas.  Ne vous en faites plus jamais. Il n y a pas de jeu et nul enjeu que de vous voir a l’oeuvre de mon recueil, mais pas d ecueil je ne vous veux aucun mal, les fleurs sont celles de la revolution, et en chacun de nous doivent porter la flamme. Vous ecrivez, j ecris, au moins vous comprenez cette ben paitre, petre, pietre fantaisie. Mais ne me prenez pas pour une amie, je suis fidele, loyal et sans orgueil lorsqu il s agit de gens qui m ont donne recit, qui ont eut assez de courage pour etre bien appris. Et du courage vous N, et c est pour ca que je vous demande encore et encore de ne point vous affoler, parce que du courage plus d un million de fois, de trop, vous en avez. Ne vous affolez donc pas, il se peut que je me trompe mais sous votre air assuree, penseur et chatoyant, j ai cru y voir le doute sur tous les gens. Et bien sur sur moi car je ne veux point bon votre candour, je ne suis en aucun cas un bon docteur, tout ce que je voudrais c est votre emoi, de vivre le Bonheur pour un instant ou deux ou trois, ou plus. Mais que voulez vous que je dise sans trop de presumption, c est ainsi que sera ma conclusion, arreter moi lorsque vous serez certain de votre choix. Je ne pourrais vous contredire, ne l oubliai pas, il pourrait etre grandiose d avoir un echange argumentaire pour tant de choses...mais la je d espere  de ne causer gain cause, close, avec mes mots, mes mots tout ce que j ai, de vous foutre la frousse alors que c est de votre frimousse dont je revais.
Je pense ne jamais vous satisfaire, donc ne vous meprenez pas je comprendrais votre froideur meme si de facon a ne pas completement dechirer mes feuilles d avant vous me proposiez une mi temps ou un point final, bon dieu faut il que je sois si morale.
Ne fait pas trop de rigolo, me dit ma conscience mere, tu te retrouverais en dessous zero, fut elle en fait la plus sincere.
Si je vous l envoyais comme cela ce serait bien peu compatissant, le combat j en fait ma voie, et ce sera en chantant. En chantant pour vois, pourvoi, pour vous, c est déjà, et cela ne changera, qu a vos ordres je l avoue.
Mon Coeur est dechire mais pas de votre faute, si vous avez un role, vous en avez un, mais c est ca justement ne tirez pas sur le machin. Ne vous en servez que si necessaire, il n a ete la que pour faire la guerre. L amour il ne vraiment connait, que conceptuellement il le sait il est demesure.
Ne vous avancez pas non plus, chacun de vos gestes son une promesse d un jour et la vie est un chemin ben court.
De toute facon pas de malaise, pour moi la vie continuera, je reprends mon cheval et aux champs d honneur plus vengeresse et aggressive que je n aurais, j irais gueuler que bien quand meme je fus enseigne pas l amour spirituel, et qu il n en fut pas de plus belle.
Enfin, voyons cela vendredi, après cela quoi qu il se passé, je sais ca parait plat, mais vous serez devenu mon plus beau pays, paix aisance, la grace naturelle de votre ouverture d esprit associe a votre hargne, arrogance, rage des plus cru.elle,  et le plus raffine de tout ce que j aurais pu imagine (rue.lle/ru), mais pas de pari, je ne veux pas me prendre une baffe dans la gueule la premiere fois que nous serons seule.

Surtout ne repondez pas, c est juste comme ca, c est un essai literally.

When I am up to feel as if we were touching each other, the first link, a connection, a search guiding, more a propulsion intense, the cannon 1 tense, too much too contain, I am aware of my violence now, it feels like exploding, it feels like dying. Because that won’t happen, and the pang was the one of my last believe in which I have always put my all other sacrifices. Love. Love I was a quasi sacred living for the without fault devotion to it I had brought. But I avow to my ghosts I used to say: “me, bring”. And what now I am your veal, a mount, an imbecile?

first of all sorry if my language is unclear i spent all evening bursting my hands (yes both) on my mouse, trying to visit internet venture, but the success of the forum concept, and its spontaneity as much as its references is gone.
The charm of internet is that even if it is blocked or finished they won't tell you, you are just left in the maze, wondering like if it was the usual connection monotonous, mountainous, momentous failure.
it is not that i feel obliged to participate in but when i am a member if i may say i like leave mes chaines, mecene. The chiasm.
for friday there is apparently available the room next to the theology room. Last floor, near slavery, sexual exploitation exhibition, i am not saying it gives me nausea, our old job providing for it. It is worse, it is knowing I have to live this the knowing that I would have left it in state. i am not saying it gives me nor idea, our present job would forbid that.
anyhow it is better i quiet i am not of the latest lingerie. Lauder my hymn and humor seem cavalier let’s forget I mistake pompous and ‘pompier’.

It is lack? No tot, all what I want wah is to be left in peace. And what subsidiary concern, but the false consciousness one, might arise when my inner peace is this person I d like and can’t stop dreaming for my body floating, for my well reasoning, for my energy to agree to go with gladness not tom beau.
Non secure. Non-sequitur.
She would break my nech Anubis any and ter times she knows I dissert.

i tried to log on all night, some part, i could not access 'sending message' i thought i had been a bit impaired...
as i could reach other profiles, it was not frustration, it is because yours is certainly more consistent, loading for you, appetizing for me.
so this morning i can at my surprise still communicate, satisfaction ok, it would have been rougher to get between the gate, the toll, the poll of your array  . but i don't know if it is secure to send the note i had to send yesterday.

I write like I speak, so I don’t write well. Without thinking, it abridges the bien séance, and permits some laudatory spells.
Like you might have noticed it wouldn’t be too much counternatural for me to try the marx emancipation story, so would it be possible for me in a two three weeks time to send it? To pop in? just for a brief, it is tapping that it would preserve.
Typing I have to tell you have to be practice the wrist put down on the keyboards, not moving at all, only the fingers finding their letters, typing like a secretary is vital when one is a writer, or not your hands and postures will show the strains. And am sure that at 80 it is still pleasurable, at least important steel and style to hold on shooting.

I spent my emotional self analyses thinking that if just before coming I was saying ‘wait’ it was the refusal of an more intense, blocked? Suffocating surge. But no, at least here it is come closer or as a matter of nakeder, needier fast ‘don’t go’.

You know I admit you have a talent for writing, especially adornement of it, the presentation, the fleur bleue en francais. Though I contacted you about this petition earlier this year, the fact that you talked about this project as it was a treasure whereas you did not that it was empty of the promises they put in the brochure.
If you were not, I contacted, I hailed you so many, my effort you see, these good few times to let you know, to make sure you and them were aware of it. You, though, persist into apologizing, editorializing that you knew was and was to be bigger and bigger descriptions of lie.
A gift is a gift, also I would warmly advise you to use it for the good, even more so as you want to work with children. I don’t say that literature are well under propaganda but if you want to keep on hiding the simpliest, the barest of truth and pinching reality, you would do less harm doing some novels and tales or whatever display than work for victims.

I should be happy, I have the glance, but true one if glance only onto a paradise of staying with you at least one litl bit.
How come I feel so sad, so deprived, so hopeless, I gain kilos after kilos every day that gangrene.
And realizing that this shock was so profund that after these two last months of questioning, insomnia, meditation, levitation, oh yes levitation when I think of love with ya, the upside down of all my body, the butterfly folding in two and come making me, my sex that is not wet but swollen everytime I don’t even think of that. The logics are for me, I am so tired that I should relax, I should sleep, I should do something else that thinking and constructing any time, but I am so exited. I ‘’ get sick If I don’t control and give myself a calm.
To realize being tired to life the relief of thinking there’s nothing from with me, above all when the question is being or not happy.

i gong on writing my vagueness as in my realm they are but shadow that i adore i don't dispute merlin. but be them, not for you, my being classified in disability by unanimality claim. equanimity. as before the stress you keep your sang-froid, in front of my irrelevance, well let's hope it won't seize effray, effroy in french means icy. writing caused me so many shames, not that i ve never bought them really as writing is my lone compagn, campaign. but suspicion and poor so saddy pity. grave upside down situation though i ve tried, but you also, so now i really feel afro (les affres).  
literaly please don't answer.
To play an instrument or to play any tool.
For example the piano, like with a keyboard you don’t want to overused your and its cords.
Plus there is this tampon with which you get in touch at each of the degree on this micro profounder, this utterance, altering of speed, or spreading. The trick is to stop when the key will be too much in-dropped or when your fingers’tips will collapse through your flesh fragility? Not when your body might be harmed by the blow through which it has to seriously speak (the tapping of the music, typing, an hammer, all actions you do to promote respect, with force or with languor) to the I.d say through your veins receptivity, the body is so fine, able to receive and store and use its reception, don’t harm it, it is all passion that if they are harmed and without defense, our lives would vanish, our acts would perish, if we were not looking after the end of our cruise, the body, the boat containing all our doubts and believes, but don’t believe it is none, don’t think you could not kill your lover through the pain you let sojourn inside you or even welcome.
Let’s take this example, I am your piano as I know some of your ranges and partitions. And my sound will be else from habiting of being played by you.
When you tap the piano, the hammer you have to do it and stop its percussions at the exact moment where the blow will be resounding. Rebounding. And for that you must leave this space, this cushion, micro, micro again, between you and your tool as two distinct entity that symbiose in booming. Every exercise is permitted but don’t forget kant, with almighty present respect for every of our tips in the doing in the making for every single thing. Let’s not wait for peace as it is warring that preserve it. Doing harm for peace is the no sense that cost our abuse of the word ‘framing, farming’. In just producing more and worse. Every every are the key if oblivion to hell and its replete, replay.
As I know that your hands are for me, mind next day you might not come back as life is without mercy, she would have provided this feeling of someone addressing to me her energy of femme, of a woman and flame, and nonchalance. I won’t even fear of being a cuckoo, she would dump me first, better for you as this would be the blade, I am not blaming I won’t finish ducky (if anything [more about love, the wanting of dedication, you d be my male), or dying from an heart attack from spite caused, or cosy in a cell where every day of true sufferance and lassitude my head would implose, because today we are playful so without a doubt it is joyful but what when I ll believe in all your scene. Ok happiness everyday is also a bounty. I cannot enter ingot my mind that I am given happiness from who let his afloat as lively as the fishes’rights in the human’s beings’ very so much mourn, forlorn and though maybe thus conspicuously adored adorned company. Letting me doing my little lea sure; without the pen I would have been buried or let go to some crime, the lass is with conventions, it is for her social position I am shacking insane, love does not need a name. I don’t want nothing officially one would take my singlurality for putting your into their chains. I don’t want being their occasions, I want my love as secret as I could not describe it with all my reasons. Not that it is not saine but protect it could bring anyone to the verge of complicity of being bride, of being bribed onto the hell of everyone falsely sympatric leniency.
 You even let me pulling face without nothing more than a rebuff, ok, where is the camera? Someone would like to see someone reactions’ facing meeting the dream of one’s life and being culled, throated or whatever near split, later still, static, for ever in glued by this taken space, by this horror of past, by this ghosty place, and on television. As television is about that, not about emotion, but about sensational? Do we still have sense? Mine are for you running, I find everything else boring. So let’s imagine if it was for nothing. Nothing? Yes, yes, coming back to what of the piano I want to be fairly treated, you tap, tap, it is your auto molesting, the punition no one knows you are doing that for vice. You stop molesting yourself or I will have a go at you. I could take you, I will take you, not in front of everybody, when we will be alone, each other in our home, don’t do it on purpose, the trick is not so easy. I ll take you and I ll spank you, a rape? Not a rape, it is you that you rape me, in assassination of what is now my body. I ll spank you till you say, no, no, but don’t device to wriggle out of my seizing because this time I am wrong of letting you doing that, but what do you wish me to do, there I am nothing more than your slave. I don’t mind my status but I ll warn you, if you go on like that believe it I will spank you, and if you do it on purpose  and onto betraying your hands and joints that deliver words and prose and your so lovely spicy rhythmic jolty sentences, this time won’t be friendly, free dently.
No human beings static, statistical  system is that more you prove you make up to values, even if they are pure and superb, even if they cool serve the very one that will impeach you, because there is the system. And only one to compensate would never protect another from all others that test and sack. That is the pack abuse of power and trigger happy, joy killing, pain motivator, is that they would ask the very person that you help to betray you in order not to have to accord themselves to some who suggest amelioration. Why not?

Speaking of rape because even if it is not sexual each time you hurt yourself it is a slap at love, and the same fate for your (or any of your) mistresses.

I know now what the deal with having met love in this life, solstice parcel, it is to ceremonialized each minute to be granted to find you back and again.
Perhaps sex is to taste in making love that the body might project beyond itself, into the rendering of its inner cry, the breathing that on another uni.verse happens and lands. Versatility in that wherever the recognition of you would be plain, as body keeps on going until grace open ajar the room she wants me to groom. As grace is bold, this place, only this garden where you talked to me last time, has become my warden, as I like passing by knowing we were there. This symbol inside its data could bring any creature meta, supra.
And here not talking about anything more than upholding the believe and acclaiming of one bright future. A life whatever she would be, a bird, a pond, a tree, at reed, in a row, but one that loves me.

Making love into feeling that from it, it can bring apart this hall body in other sphere where in finding its trace, and you attach to other verity. This woman who just equalized me with my past, it is here, the memories they, the pages, the book, my soul necessity carries me up to those. To tinkle into fathoming more would be unelegant, I cannot ask much more, I don’t deserve it till you could perhaps love, really love my writings […] don’t tell me you love it, it is on you that have to be my owls, my battles, my gathering.
This woman, ‘you’, it is just a code, one can use code even in legitimated adventure, because if not the other will become nightmares, stealing my happiness and I d advent to Lucifer, you con’t understand you owe that to your chair. You already said on purpose to much, say nothing on purpose, plus me I am like a miscreant obliged to hide my physical love, as it would be an insult to love not you, but your level I am not on. Even if one thinks that I am of your age, your tone, your philosophy, it is not sufficient to justify it, as this latter could be so different but we could be falling as we do, all the same, as atypical, not like us that I would qualified more as harmonic (armour). To prove legitimacy in this it is ok we don’t do bad, we follow the life’s charms and it is true stricking plan, but stricking for me and you as long as I serve right. The others, their opinions, I don’t give a-shit-don’t get me the blame. I don’t need them to know as there is only one truth for the ones that don’t suit my confiding aim: love as a generic. To give oneself is a treasure, I am ready to serve my people, ready to serve the patrimony, my people are animals at the same height that the bunch human stereotypisation of the worthy. And not nigh. Neigh.
If  we d say we are alike it is that justifies our want for reunion even if we breach formal barriers of contention, and that we might pull each other out of disdain It d encourage ‘race’, just marry when you think and you akamcan prove the same.  I d like to think that you could have chosen me even if I was not writing, even if I could do nothing in a better fashion that loving you, bar from probing and proving it.

Because there is another stuff, I am not saying I know morale things and above all how to permit them as weal (I type this one in mistyping and wanting to know about its definition, as each infineat times I check double entendre of intelligence responds always well, and it is about ye glee) as surviving for it to be under and prompting standing, there I can say if only we were freer, but freer in this sense is so dangerous, as even when you fight for the groups’ rights or for the rights you will be providing for another person, there are resenments if everything is fine all other the place, so what when you fight for you own serin.
I don’t want to bother you, I can appreciate that I am at two fingers to pass as a control freak, but if your announcement provokes you into dilemma between your job and fate, fraternity could disappoint you as if we don’t create it from a point where we don’t have to fear the lack of it, then I d be a fail, and I don’t want you without your army unless it is you that decide it so. As i don’t want to have to undergo my first trial reduce to ‘it is like saying inside the first statement, mais cela ne durera pas’, I love you, but life will have that. One cancelebrate liberty, it is so admirable, I am liberate from that, liberator? Take it. but for me to know it is largely sufficient, it be at others to see it in one glance, why give them the reassurance of the rewards we have of at last observing someone s.omo.ene that accepts to hear clearer.
I don’t want to sound friendly it is not your friendship I want [I mean I want it all] [I ll have to read it, rewrite it twice, not too much for the style but am a curty girl, and this was my though luck, and I would bring a message only at the measure of my anguish not at the image of what I d like to be, I d thrive for it-but ok too easy to accuse my illiteracy] , because I have the feeling that our close-up is tolerated –toll rate- only under this perspective.
I don’t mind them, I d rather being ot nothing, my work on fine influence out of any danger for you I ll try to exert. Them, they are these guys that talk about rights the day long to betray their matters at the first announcers. I don’t care they know about, in my heart your willingness, the acceptance you shown, is entirely mine.
Twice/th rice.

It is on that, I don’t agree on that, people come to see a for example a book review, they don’t come to see a couple that tell their love.
Because we have on this occasion to serve the subject as subject of the idea around which people came to agree.
I feel like if I was ranting on quick sand. Am not against what you do, but this fucked little village
I don’t even know if I agree with that but I agree to that cos id on’t want to lose you. Id on’t want people busy in gossiping story , all the same more and more when they get a power on your pro situation.
Me l always knew that if I had to find my exact match it would when in working. I hate this society to separate the sphere it is like that one builds limpy fascist fishiest empire. But it is more vicious, because all is so bad that you think even if one cannot find the dream of its dream made one’s spouse, well at least we would have proved our distanciation from slow poise parry prying, slippery flirtation that won’t be so functional at work. I insist as you won’t believe me, you think I am negative, and if that doesn’t happen ok I am enrolled for your account on slavery every end of semen. Don’t bet too as I will happen to want you free from me, from them. Don’t bet on any one side, if I am crude they are so silly, you see don’t be fooled into thinking of true affection here, I speak like a mummy. If you ask me I would like you to have nothing to do with anybody, so don’t ask me on technical issues.

It is like a dream where us think I cannot believe I meet the woman, in my case it is i cannot believe I met a woman, as I don’t think I had met such species, for me you are the first the last one; but how impress who deserves my manness. Not in the sense of the other did not be; but as they were, not for me. And anyhow I fuck the others as what she does I d never thought that possible, I am in trance, asking reality. You are real, you are concret, you are intervening, you are acting, I am not to this responding, but my god as my hopes and schemes will have to let time for me to refer to you as a me being possible joyce.  As if my good is you, I could become lavishingly funny, not being gallantly prepared into insuring wars, troubles, without apoplexy. I don’t want to arrive without the love you d like to share. To be your simpleton, your connote not note reach easy. Don’t spend time at all on the spuns, half of them are from sheer slip of the tongue or hand or spirit, that write wrong but I keep them as half time too they peruse better than I do. To rev`````er, (you see these bees, they came as I fall souvereign on my prose, as souvenir of the time spent, it is by the love of, for the beautiful, as it proves without any failure that it will all rules above even if to follow made us doubtful, not of it, but of our credibility in front of the robotisation of capitalism galvanity upon catalysation for calysm, hypo, hyper, trophy, no, no, appaud in french whistle for imitating animals cry. Apo calysm. How could I care for someone and for posterity?
Think that the jealous would call crazy, childish that I name uselessly dangerous. Don’t jump on my throat, don’t jugular me, I said useless as I d guessed, as I have IN my mind that you d say useful.
The prob is the same, more than math honey, I was wondering if you were liking math, like almost the same than philosophy. Without math I can live.
Without philosophy too but it would be to be happy, to be together without any duties, but we have to survive even inside this society that could be wanking seeing us rather dying, humanity is clear a lot of times has pet preferred ominous than obsessing into obsequious to genocide, pauperization lining of integrality, wee have to stay for the others, they , the state and societal stamina system, vampirising the life energy, the philo the uncovering of its laws when for background they suffer or hatch on human beings’ patch. To go on for the others that are imprisoned if there is one drop one can do, included the drop we could have leaked out of the vampires of freedom. Vampire I am one, they are too revolting, the suppressed too many fair riots, they would do of me, of you, I d lick, I d drink, I d rejoice hem/, like they did to the north of france the north was less rich also the women from there had this reputation of being prostitutes entailed of their social exchequer.

I thought you were about to cry of not understanding that of your vanishing at any time in the cosmos I d rather die now (it is rational: there is no precedent, and god knows we don’t need more than one star to bring to a planet its full revolution, fallacy galaxy, after this axe my love I will have to gale, tumble and whoever tak’e in it, to find you again, how can I thank god, the masters, for this?) for me to consciously at the ambush waiting, wanna with the world for, of, intenting. Fastidiously bring onto one dimension the one that makes me complete of living for somebody that makes my life, an after life reconstituting therefore appeasing (appease, happy). With ease: could know any black holes if one is certain that they convey to one’s own berry.
Refolding, recessing, all in joyce if I can be happy, at the side, no need to be step by step, but always in this zone where every liberty she can take and throwing them at, like she permits (and on your indication and counter indication I d be set) to feel I can act as hers. I won’t use “will” this one my hen, my neh, is for your courtesy. It would not be, it is not obfuscating it is only but you that on or off the stag I find amusing.

What if the world were spiritually directed (through our convictions, superstitions, believes, credo, but I talk about the internal ones this time, I talk about this subconscience or supra conscience, about our inner debates, what some called invention [in french vent is the wind]) by homo sapiens, sapiens, sapiens, sapiens, looking after us but like us and our baby, only super.ficially. ficially, filially, fils = son, or maybe just fiction.

My sexual phantasm, the one that tooled me into not going manness? Madness about not having found a porter (no, no if anyghost it d be the one of a life in which I see bonheur to blossom) yet, because when I realized that with the woman I wooed this former would be impossible or the stumbling piece of all edification.
For me making true love, is to be allowed to stop if it becomes urgent to do some writing. I would not be jealous of her laptop, of yours I told you it s a code, as still in the act I would make user sure that her body is covered, that we keep the warm for the next pamphlet of the scissors in arms; or for the possibilities of calming down your trend to satisfy erotic desire, when just not permit it there is no harm. It is the problem with hyper sensitivity, I don’t know I cannot talk about that I suffer from the opposite, like people that have the perception, ok for the perception one but linked with the senses of localizing people and knowing what they are about, having the mien of hovering in all composure maintained (I don’t know I haven’t repaired every bit of the scene, mata hari). Be it that I am the prey, before driving everybody else hysterical onto a plague on us party. 
But to calm it down I would be in your span, that this time no one confound camaraderies, family, affection and sexuality, before I don’t need to see them from fat rat far, only a snif a hint of some heat, and my pleasure, great god I am too weak, in culling these somebody that dare attent at your virginity. Ours I d say as I am not talking about a state, but if touched only by your female, the hollow upon our sex we will have secretly preserved? No, have proliferated. Pro leaves air. No too ugly. Yes, no breathing is pollution, to think we have to say that their policy are ridiculously lethal, without saying lethat, without demanding intervention, what are we, food for the di-able.

Look I have to stop strongly into no more story, you are my succor, I cannot be so honest onto unleashing all my frenzy. God if I fail now, pardon, pardon me.

Hey, you don’t hood grudge about my note above, it is just to feel in control.

To have a roof, to have food, and the stuff to keep healthy, and enough to propagate one’s words. And I thought thank you god to bestow with all this, I am able to get stronger, to get my routine onto stab-ilizing suffering, deception, betrayal, loss, contention into a momentum of personal freedom, I am my woman, I already experimented what love could have been if she had picked me up out of ignorance and hypocrisy. She did not it is just I was not hers, it is what love from others will have to reveal after. As I knew that I was endowed with the reage (reenacting of what condemned or could have further ruined it). I mean I was weaponed enough to live and eat plenty.
But how will I be able to thank life if I have got health and wife?

I will have to never forget that the word ‘rights’ is new for me, and that before hearing of it I thought that was normal constant misery. Whence what fight is for, education, for truth are the g.ate.

Don’t make the mistake of looking at me as a harmless love. Because you are right in thinking that I would rather the cord rather than causing you distress, unhappiness, violence. But the trap here is that when your being reassured by my personage finally debonair you could be harmed by dating me only, as the others could at every of their level, in any place, despising you, your work, your tone, your project, your hope, your fair and fairplay stares for being with diky. Not for being with me, I now it is secondary, but how many would not hesitate into demining, demeaning power to hold at least, this little in.expensive (at least a justice, nuts? Naughty, naïf, nature is there to tutor) tremens, the turbulence of their gesticulating unpossibly satisfied jealousy? As envy is not enough you ve got to work with it, and not for destruction but these I ll leave thinking of possession by you I d like to be.
I posted you already but I don’t know if you have read, I have a personal story in which I have been thanked of the most cutely manner after having had not an affair but after having found so many affinities with another militant that we were wondering openly whether or not we could form a couple.
A couple yes, not a family, in the sense our association could not have been fulfilled, our actions and activities were too distant. But I mean for that and after looking cheerful otherwise they have banned me, fired, as gently as they were making it appear to s-hound. Work is about cutting large between and amidst of life, happiness, spiritual, alliance, pleasure, meaning, purity. They won’t let you have this speaking about haven, we ain’t the patron. Money can buy this, people performing in perjury, hiding to the ruler what could or would like so dearly be, their true mischief binge. If they are paid they pretend doing on you no sheer (chair, flesh) vicious misdeed, when they are not, don’t think I misjudge, I know that economical monsters acclaim prostitution and “”avenge”” the lost love for whom kept a thought only, the one about currency. I say kept because who want to kill for something else than last recourse of defense, can not use tense present.
Please, please don’t react it is the last time I ll be writing on that. 

Signs, spears of superstition inoculating reality, are taken to redress an unbalance we can incessantly admit, but being to acrid, sour and acid about revelation of our own loose mission that we won’t readily go ingot inspecting on how much force and strength we have spoilt during our effects, affect on our tour of false and true, missed and spotted apathy, accalmy, galeous strained, stress of celebrity, as reputation inform on how we are supposed to lead the life that in fact is seen by yes by us like a unit granted, such perversion to think of own grandour while thinking so petty. Strength is about that taking the energy as an offering, suddenly at the round about of thinking ready to converge and give so other grounds to further ceremony, namely other plots not to exploit but live like smally, live in crying and calling for one, to render to purity, one’s souls too sustainably stained from having said, my claim is those of superiority.

Hood, an aparat. A personhood to the two. Don’t degroup or if not ware, wear, hare and Pandora.

The tribal stuff of ablation, circumcition, scarring, or more globally let people doing tasks that will create disabilities, let not forget that every of us belong to a tribe, now in sociology people are said to be mostly inside the zone of influences of diverse groups, groups that can be compared to the tribes systems story.
 Is a mean of saying we don’t accept you as human being, also you will have to be cut into the hope of obtaining acceptation.
Acceptation as a human being?
Acceptation as one of called servants of others.
Of other human beings?
Then human being describe themselves as horrors.
What kind of crimes is that?
None, if for the sake of the skies and land that nourish you and our selves, your soul, you don’t make up for it, and stop the ablation.

I hate people keeping you far from me, but at the shadows of my anger you are my treasure and perhaps it is solitude (the fact that we were in this position of taking the time to operate on their messy simplistic shutting up order) that render us what we are for each other. We were lovers in the making, as two jugglers at bay.

Elle sera le massacre duc ciel. She will have you through you r sking, she will nick you violently, she will have as her husband, she will reign over me, as she is called power, the rhyme of good humor in french the Bonheur, the good hour, is in fact more than happy, as in enchase happy comes from happer, eating or avoid.

i understand people don't want to just open it, if ti was possible i could clean them or whatever to prove my respect to the place.  it is not out of frivolity of having access of someplace i don't truly need and therefore keep tidy.

Each time I check this site, I experience micro heart attack. I am becoming tougher though as having found a woman, so blond jesus, that allowed me to do this, it is a indefinite submission I can put on without fearing much affliction, even if she would slay me, I know it would be from someone of my own family-so at least she d underlay my progeny. And then I could go and bring back some other game. Come back as discretly as a mouse, as butther, I don’t want to get involve with any, and a luck she does not like the police, because the mouse, would come back every spring with her body of revised work and joltery, at the door mat, imploring for her second, and this on and in, onto, towards, and the reach her aim not goal, to have you as I am a soldier in need of her trouper. I forgot the hierarchy the army (are my) are a block and a think thank as well if its navy sailor are on the same, and that is possible when we fight for the background of the pick, pin, pig nic where there is no food but philosophic. The time you log your message are this month always Greenwich time + 3 minutes, also I wanted to check if it was the same  throughout your site, and I opened oct 2005, 14 oct, I firstly thought it is a scorpio, like the former, it is so much liberation to called her an ex, but it boomerangs so humiliating if I imagine the day when I am all alone, a gain? Again To crucifixion certifications- I ve just spouted that, don’t you think a bit crazy, if not pathologically sentimental and parallelly cruel that Jee  (git in french = RIPe) came to be put down along miles and miles of tortcultures and that none of its allies or his family moved nothing of their desincarnatised (incarnate, carnal, carnage) body to stipulate that its cruci-al fixion was wrong. As would have he a lover, this one would have finally in front of no choice, at the crossroads of all balance, had to kill, to try and stop, it is your master, it is your framed, it is your blood, you give your lives for his- and parabolicaly, biblically? Well no apparently, bole like curb, or curved with dysentery [a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact][iv] (center sentinel) (discenter like the cross) the food will become our cancer, we don’t need no moored image, the shit we eat, a pandemic plague about which we could do one deed indeed to cry for mercy, nature, nature, I ll protect you till I did (I do simply it is thanks to you all my, my? All) I should have , like ball even halfy, you enter in bowing to save him and in a gesture the rest that are susceptible to die this way- the rest of the animals, provisionally the whole humanity.
But I have to think now, what would I do knowing I would have to quit life into sauvegarding. Life who at my eyes is suddenly true for having this other souls I speak the all day to. Two months before I would insult everyone for not stepping in and save the savoir, but now I met someone who looks after me, my case, has my crypt become empty?
Soylent (soybean + lentil) may refer to:

Here the bible is slantly descriptive but morale, waiting for assumptions.
I can hear them from here and now playing the social soic of we are for him, it is disgusting, and pia, pia, paix, in doing nothing that a church spermy and ovulary as the Vatican, or other soup.rim, the try try tru;pmp of satan, giving money a religious term. And babay dishrag diarrhea  bored into insulting everybody into but condomisation.

The most excrutiating image of the pieta, for me the deliverance is since life is a combat, but combat that shoud be wieldering it is when one is looking after the other and take their whole person out of the field when it d become to be too much of ceremony, when instead of being reinforcing and travels I d be pain and destruction. The ceremony not grave from its courage but for its identification to the victims’ misery, this trick lasting the time of the drugs, one day you face irreversibility. And you are not into the process no more with this highness of being in the position of intervening, thinking, poising, weighting and finally saving the bait. But you are no more than the food, but no more a sacrifice or a martyr, you are the willing that can not (connote) transform horrors into resilience, you are

Don’t pity me when you can underspy or trigger that I hate my body, because it is a not good expression for putting down it. It suffered also ok if I accept these episods it is something else to bear others’ opinion, but there is this reality is that if my vehicule suffered it is real that it was not always my fault but how many times I put it through hell caused by my own neglection, the decay under my jurisdiction.

The humans little secrets and it is why they spend to much time in self congratualation, and salvation from introspection and facing true responsibility it is that they are no genius they are only a brain that transcripts what nature says, transcripts and obeys.
Obeys but not everytime as when one is dung enough to see its parasitism growing out of that its counter power did not make it due to the fact that humanity is in total misery

You won’t abuse him, as he is your son, also you can test him as long as it is not damaging and because whatever  its reaction would be he is your dearest and so will it be. It is in this sense that testes are permitted.

I realize than being a vegan I could become tree, it should be my closest, but you and your avatars, of my divinities, before me knowing, as a genuine alignment how to do to nourish without having to kill the veteran vegetation.  

but a bit of the 1st p. ain't checked. i am asking question upon time and my own potential for intervention real lie.
i will have to think back on this old remark that monodeist religion are in fact polydeist religion as if they were claiming that there d be one god, human would not be at the center of their pity.
even if a tormented bliss you are here ni, to recall presto that human are an end in themselves and that we can do it indefinitely, that this would be saine. stainless i would say, satisfaction of the saints if we d do this in respecting every life the same in one and all praising.

You think that my sexual appraisal is vulgar, but you don’t keep in mind that you are the provider, so I describe but you are more welcome to say, blimey no.
As long as you seriously get were my pangs go.

Scorpio the sing of auto destruction, better for us to have the scales.

The picture, who is behind you, taking it, the one of wilde, and the one where i can see that your shoulders are of an oblong
Don’t react like that at all, it is a question, therefore intelligentsia, intelligen.tism.

regarde la perle egaree, pour moi jamais d aussi signes a propos  chez quelques autres autheur je ne cauchemarderais de trouver.c est juste qu ell s interresse aux memes choses elle est l expression pour moi de la liberte.

When I was talking about crying
About the humiliation in front of death.
The tigher. Tiger
Masturbation might have been not always recommended because one has to find techniques, and therefore think about ways of bursting while having the other do or make the same but these gestures, stances, positions, concentrations are of course the fruit of deep concentration are bursting implies not hurting, and ask poise, mien and greatest empathy.

Every child will ask how come religious education is so cruel. They answer you don’t understand god, but the more pragmatic is that we are bad guys.

I am happy I ma terribly happy, I did not know secure happiness, but in fact I am more than happy. Still id does mean that it was written, you here was long said. What’s happiness, and fatuity?

My disability is on having to think about detail of singiiings, aping, signs, words in use, gestures I have perceived, whether I watched, or saw them or not, every comments, every reflexion, stock for this purose thoughts ignition.
It is my disabilities of having not found yest a system that would not be a sty. To engage in the listening to one’s instincts according to the principles of not harming or self-harming, while producing enough to bring food and roof to me and up to the level of another who wants have enough to yet live within communities. To listen to one’s mountainous mind one has tod econnect, to perfect life style in correlation with the beliefs one has to enquiry; to serve the latter with the lattés’ former findings.
To always have enough for me, and more if needed, but it is that the keys of liberation of oneself’s from constraints, beating the omni money but not just, also the ‘oblivion obi old obligation’ that societies put info free fraudulent forms of pseudo politeness of integration, or intermigration into condolences for those that suffer no liberty, no justice, no pardon. The societies that want us to communicate by behaviors, code of conducts and themes a way that absolve itself and the ones running it towards deshumanization. I don’t want to have to ceremonialize all day thanking for that, thanking the mechanisms for permiting me to eat, sleep and dream. To smile and bow, convene and give up on all this little things, from market law to safe and security regulations as justification for insane spiritual and understanding, laissez faire withdraw. OOOff them to be sure to hold my chains and the lock and the bullet that I put myself inside at the wars lords requests.
For lords-rol-disgusting bastards that don’t do(n) that for nay body (obey) but corruption mistresses and corruption goddesses.
Free of any loans I ll always be able to have ways for keeping myself ok, as long as I am not assassinated, and that is my pride of being a human, still, in these societies in which I could all the same to try and live my dream. And hers? But hers is hers, as long as she would not like me to watch, always circumspect. On her assignment? My duties, praying god there would be one and one another if I fail the first given. In or, in row, up to autumn when my life in parks won’t follow, she likes the humans I dislike them to forget that they are dope falling drop and that it is with this humility that should behave humanity informed by the big world. To live serving these mechanisms as little as possible and analyzing them to speak about true regales rules, it is of my energy that I am the devote, such as become this year and all year motto.
My experience is that you cannot change nothing while working directly for them, the settled, even the tiniest things, even if you endorse the all staff and stuff, the rules of precedent, people fear set up disagreement. I leave you mistress, I ll never manage to write the due one.
Facebook works only half of the time, at least, it drove me no more up to eating trees- discerning that compared to climbing them it spares me time.

Boredom conducts excitation and thus prompt us to opt for our right opgion, even if it takes sacrifice we did not know to be able of before comprehending lassitude as an appeal for another form, a life that has been growing out of its ancient marks or back to the roots forgotten by the flax of forced modernity’s pejorative to old sanctuaries and their indisputable wisdom, proof is people does not want to diescuss, they provide you with a paper, a contract, and run for their burrow, they are possessing by having through their working and living conditions to poison out of reason and suckstability in depression eco, bio, take yourself we gonna value zero..

Essen = be. And de again bi.

To say only half way, in muttering, but hypocrisy is much more than it seems, as if you were to do the comments openly you would be a paria, if you would redeem what everybody agrees as being moral you would be put in jail, and if you started to say but everybody knows it but do nothing that pchy, pcy, py, only grumbling or thinking that they would not be dreaming of doing even if they know it would be fairer, how much obscene, you are the maudit = damned, race human.
Maudit = mot + say=  word said.

I d like to touch you all the time. But even if I had this playful when not healing opportunities I should not doing it, as I would have to contrieved manners with which I upgrade better. Touching your every part of body needing but to stop if not I d loose this possibility for physical exchange able to improve physical health, I would become your fly, pain in the neck, doing over your aura superficial scene of devotion. But it is in touching you with my surface, my mind or my dream that I can comtemplate and finally do what could be saving you, and me from not living compare with another buddy.

I think of my little diestreess even if some were unjust, annd so    but the only really woe were this love unknown too far from me. The one that would make you climb mountains through rather die falling in cliff hanging than stay without your trace.
For you at turn the whole gests, the entire possibility assign love the almighty ogress.

You the owl
You the siamesee

I love you so mad, I don’t know what I am gonna become.

She is thinking of her late husband, reknotting with their past plays, from which she has cut her reminescences incessing, (h)as their love and her burst of rage were the melody in the background always in say and sail (say-sail-sales, brutish brith, brief brevet (broth) is no worry, breathe could be). And now she cans weight their gestures, she blesses him even if in french blesses means hurted. So where are he now, he die, but what resurrection could be plural, thought she knows that when she finds new moon light to her lover, wherever he nests, his eyes will spark with fervor. Freudian, galantery for the people using concepts and wordy, fervor, value, ‘fer’ as iron, ire-on, the state of the art technology, the one we start cutting the totems up to the atmos atoms only, utterly though asking what the other souls would think to see the promethean human, profane, abusing matters.

To be able to approach without a noise, when your life in in suspens of conquering the territories as the others will be a threat to one’s due integrity. It is where acts inner pacification and the right of self defense.
No more need to breath by the nose but the air is for your transporting up to the boiling blood stream of yours to the one you will have to cold. It is not tremours but infinitely inflicted injust out of cruelty sufferances that come to an end.

Tko manage the reappraisal philosophic that came uupon our knowing, not that it swas not before but to complete it I needed such a femak, female, foe, or my male whatever is upon you, it is the first time of my fucking life I could desire two. Never wanted a male for political and therefore my ability at involving myself emotionnaly, you my Lolita, everything you else want you might be, name it.
It is this the symbol of the vieux beaux, to possess feminity as one wants itself to be. Well you are so that I would take virility parallel, because you’d ail if I did not accept what comes from an entire being naturally. Because I don’t need to make concessions, you are you and all your forces, my sole inspirations, my sole will into condescending to speak to another of this species of stupid.
Stupid I am but I don’t need revelations to learn again or to purvey to an ultimate appreciation on human misery and its moral facilities no cleaner than W.C public and completed in the compulsorily  obligation of being ‘short, brutish and nasty’

Tko manage the reappraisal philosophic that came uupon our knowing, not that it swas not before but to complete it I needed such a femak, female, foe, or my male whatever is upon you, it is the first time of my fucking life I could desire two. Never wanted a male for political and therefore my ability at involving myself emotionnaly, you my Lolita, everything you else want you might be, name it.
It is this the symbol of the vieux beaux, to possess feminity as one wants itself to be. Well you are so that I would take virility parallel, because you’d ail if I did not accept what comes from an entire being naturally. Because I don’t need to make concessions, you are you and all your forces, my sole inspirations, my sole will into condescending to speak to another of this species of stupid.
Stupid I am but I don’t need revelations to learn again or to purvey to an ultimate appreciation on human misery and its moral facilities no cleaner than W.C public and completed in the compulsorily  obligation of being ‘short, brutish and nasty’

Tko manage the reappraisal philosophic that came uupon our knowing, not that it swas not before but to complete it I needed such a femak
I ll tell you how I make myself able to praise each day, not each minute as you will have to excuse the fact that I am a weak kaewe,well it is the support I found only because that maybe you could accept it. Whatever the tie and time it would take I would patiently write, analyse, restore myself in less mistake in the hope of your saying peut-etre eter. e ter. 

Makin love a come to a age.
But how, with who and what? Which creature will procede into procreate, one has to find one’s soul and operate.

Tko manage the reappraisal philosophic that came uupon our knowing, not that it swas not before but to complete it I needed such a femak, female, foe, or my male whatever is upon you, it is the first time of my fucking life I could desire two. Never wanted a male for political and therefore my ability at involving myself emotionnaly, you my Lolita, everything you else want you might be, name it.
It is this the symbol of the vieux beaux, to possess feminity as one wants itself to be. Well you are so that I would take virility parallel, because you’d ail if I did not accept what comes from an entire being naturally. Because I don’t need to make concessions, you are you and all your forces, my sole inspirations, my sole will into condescending to speak to another of this species of stupid.
Stupid I am but I don’t need revelations to learn again or to purvey to an ultimate appreciation on human misery and its moral facilities no cleaner than W.C public and completed in the compulsorily  obligation of being ‘short, brutish and nasty’

And the every 6 month renewed, buildings from the undergrounds, building the underworlds.

People if not sadicist  believed in liberalism as provider of freedom, what about capitallisation purveyor of prisons.

I ia(m)
Ia = ya.                 A ‘I’

Am-matter. Maître maternel, naut, nurture, nature, mature.

I am used to have work only the same eye e = an eye y = an noise e = eye oz. oz = ose = dare
Always the same, I think that there is something like one directing and one following in the vision ‘pseudo automatic play’
Use the other one as a directive and not as the inactive followers and vision, different, colder, hotter, dividing info the different way, as one will train developing Ambidextry for more balance and nimblelity.

Someone playing the chess in life pantomime pant on nil me because they are math mentally, should, sould, souldering? Looking for a hot, a shot a haut (haut in French for heigh) place?

The most (nostra, de-monstrate) horrible stuff is not absolute, the most horrible stuff is when there is a way for improving a condition whatever it is and that instead of being helping, agreeing, or just letting that being done, people and mechanisms crushed the effort to development, in claustrophobia of what? Maybe ruining the reigning ringing the effort at expensing all over the planet could have been providential? –relative?
Elle est trop aggressive, mon coeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur la photo que tu prends pour te representer literairement.
I imagine you like my mum so upset by me watching tv the day long.
I don’t put it on no more, but from you I could have to hide from being caught when my pseudo poetry buuuuuuuuuuuut my full fell fela fledged dream is helplessly too long. Like with my teve reve, treve, your image inprint without halting. ‘Come under arrest’.

Once I thanked god, how to thank you. The rest in my box.
 Unless I quit my skin, but I am garou (in fact I whither from not becoming true) not gouru, of course I ll read every one of your line.
But I, tales won’t protect me from the intellectuals, how could I forget jealousy without seeing you gone?
And on this day, for get more hormones to translform at last and not in an universal njun.
You know I speak like that as I trust the guaranteeing of the fables saying that its lovers, let alone its wife, are protected from its vengeance on horrors, because if not, mind I could be of another nature, all that I ask was my spouse and marry the nature, but if I had to choose I d choose the former as I would relink with my animals from the most barraen, and get their harrassor complaints after complaints, but I am the devil warning of actions that I have still to replete. It was just to say, you are my orbit.
I would not throw curtesy, because it is the link to good manners that stipulate at every of the hours that one cannot be absolute, as the absolute would have themselves, heel, hell, paradise, and travel dissolute on whatever unknown from which we cannot pin what the scores were in our res-trained lot.
“the lat last will be the first”  in this another world where the spirit see what, where the controls are, in no room we’d dbeen.
If I am a honest w- ? I hoe so, or I d rather myself under and I d bring up fork, and spade, bucket to get rid of my fur, as I love you too for being this discreet of hanging to no one for duties to average a better planet.
I don’t know how to explain, I am not playing it plain, I am not trying to take you in an endlessness ghost story or gothic promise, I just believe profoundly in the my.sic, mystic.
Of multiplicity of psyche, in greed greek heroicall storey.

To have been the first daughter of one’s grandfather.
To have been brought up by a guy of 64 from the day you started. It idid not last long? Every day I am followed and not by his tomb (tomb = fall not fail)

I did
Id id.
Ahead, I
I dae, I-dea, dead??
Dea, deus. Zeus.

Tomb, tome, timber.

Most (nostra, de-monstrate)

Hide (die)

Put it

Whereas, wheresas.

When in my mind come again the moment when I could approach your by your elbow, the plat, plan, palm,.  your jaws, ears, hairline, neck, a profile hiding mine  and your anger and your courage and your courou that could cut, lash, crack, rip this advance not as much as my proper personality, the confidence, the pleasure of belief side of it.
And when I think one split of a second that you would let me to you, irreversibly the same feeling of my belly, the lower one, just in so much fire and tremors that I have to kiss you before my being faint.

Joue for cheek in French, heck, hour jour = open
Jour = open in French. As in no bone
la paume(home) for palm.
Jour,    rouj, rouge,   the nascent or finishing journey, trip.   Jour, day.

I coud,
Coude                      elbow in French.
Could, louc, look.
Luke,=  light.
Kul,          cool or cull.
Cul = buttocks in French.

If you ask me if I want yo in my life, I’ d put myself in a corner and push the wall. I am stiffening but my time to make some air, as much as you need. And it is a good veins, because I am not that strong but perseverance oui. Oui-dire= Wee-say about the hay = staple. On our reputation because bothering without I would not be, I’ d be so simple, simply foolowing you wherever you went, but order prevent to bring one’s dog on every occasion, unless you would prefer me to guard in front of the mason, I meant for your career, not other fouru, forbery, forgery, function. I dress myself in tears, but if I was a dog I would know for what for you for who one expires.
You see simple finally tell me I am a cuckoo and I would never come back you don’t need to attack, don’t forget to kill me as soon as possible, I could give another shoot at this living shortly. Oh yes so shortly that I would be ready, like this centenaries time to jump on anyone, an d I would stop revealing how much my belle still possesses what she brings, love for there and here velocile beauty. Vector, it is why love on earth teaches love eternal, to lie down at your feet, the face against the soil, and dislodging the forces that would tell me ignoble. Ignoble of you to depart of what brought you the highest, the mighest, the strongest of lives’ point.
A when I said cheat on me, I was not talking factually.
It is my song burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt in case I had to quit till another birth in another place, in another time, in another life, and if I don’t remember it without having to check and (s)laugh everybody. I don’t mean I would kill anyone because it is just that I would have to avoid and make a contour without returning, orphic or rather Eurydice winter, winner this time.
Can you see this story here.
The sole hands that could bring your reconfirm re-comfort, the body of your life, the representative of another background decor, the assurance of no more, no death as life won’t be brief, it was your bravura, it was my in-conditionality, it was what and how I understood it, the remembrement, (members, I limb- limbo) remembering, of universe. And by these (tied) hands , the sole hands to which I bow in gib ivi giving them the power to ce create, insert, caress, energy mystic, sovereignty of what essence could tell, symbol of what now/

Politics view as the results of processes directly or indirectly linked with the will or at least consent (who say nothing aggress, agree of the people.   But politics could be no more than the permitted dead end resulting from all these contradictory wants, strategies, tactics and schemes
Self-determination synonyms all too often with wars, attacks, reversal but not termination of power abuses, assassinations, but then people does not bother any longer with concepts such as jus in bello, and have recurrent massacres and let rule freakishly murderous and bloodletting “political” system. So why? What is the rhetoric then? The regimes in place are benefiting each other, they are still in place (emplacement) because of their playing the rules satisfying for the others’ countries businesses and interests.

Diet, tied,
Tiede = tepid.
Ti- petit.              Ede, aid, day. Den, eden.

Rhey, ere, ray.
Re                  thor.
Hetoric, esoteric.

Recurrent with no cure.

Massacres, mass, acres.
Massacres for the sand. Dense.

much my belle still possesses
ssssssss        ssssssssss       ssssssssssss            ssssssssssssss
snake not bad actually, like H, depending. On?

female, foe

To have ‘master’, and indeed be put upside down by an element of stability, not control, but tranquil recurrence, patient outlet, advance in the path. Tho have this element worked in oneself that will be provided with pattern that one will decipher, under code. Like if you speak to your ducs, in speaking and in chanting like they do, or others birds or others cry, to try and find an intermediate at the vocal, acoustic level

Of course I am waiting for confirmation on should I pop in?

I ask you for a littlee elapse of a moment when in my life I again fear death.
But I will be rational and think that if you let me to woo you till the end to love you without restraint we would be separated at the again another to come in some distant space, no, as already life happiness conveyed.

My philo, interests, hobbies, pleasures…
Cited above all the you boxes.
And on ly you.
But you are so much of a poke a prick that.
I sincerely wish i was sectarian and humorous.


Home = man
Home. Humanity
Hut, hit, hoe, hue, hug, hu ity.  Huit like eight.   

Justice-fication jus-tification
gra - tification
fiction, friction.

I try to relativize in saying that it is because of our familiar affinities...but the way you are is so much extraordinarily convergent, that I cannot come to another conclusion that I would never find you at any age, at nay stage, again. Before I thought I could never thank my old love enough for this life she had saved, but you? I am sued perhaps my idiosyncraties are in my perseverance and because my religious thinking are made in good and large enough autonomy, it talk to the sounds, the enemy of nature are my enemies, and it is why my love on my face you can see that they keep on driving me crazy.

Tu es Dianne, the enchanteresse.

Ecoute j ai ecris a ma maere en lui parlant de toi, comme je le fais toujoours a maman je lui donne toutes les infos tres tres sommaires toutefois parce qu ell e ne supporte pas quand je lui en dit trop long.
Je crois que je vais arreter. Je crois que tu es mon sanctuaire et que c est ainsi que j ai tout interet de savoir determiner comment me, te, nous proteger.

An amusing trick to have is to immobilizing one’s jaw in opened position keeping the mouth ajar or wide open, and finding one’s diapason of the note of the song we want to perform, so the sound is each time the same while controlling one’s emotion and expression via the muscles of the face or on other place.
One, the sound is eeringly the same production, but sound a purified one as being always the same the body has time to refine.
Two, the expression similarly as tellingly ‘distorted’ as the sound has controlled, sieve and purge other information than continuation.

To have been the first daughter of one’s grandfather.
To have been brought up by a guy of 64 from the day you started. It idid not last long? Every day I am followed and not by his tombe (tomb = fall not fail)

Age, gea, gain, again.

Law shape by civil society appeal, moral law not legal law. What is civil society looking for, a wheel well paid hob, job? Mice trap where there is nothing but air?
I can see from here, nodding head, who would denounce aggressivity , as they all forget about energy and their complexion of vipers, when one will realize that people it is people, animal, concepts, places, objects, in need that has been scattered, broken, and robbed.

It is spring, and I am so in love that I don’t need it. I would like to stay in winter as what if I am alone next of it? The same winter again and again, but no this one, would have taken what I wrote. I praise good, feeling, amorous state, I am the writer of the forlorn at stake, but now I am writing to you,

Tell your bro, that in mechanics there is not only motors engine, findings, there is philosophy waiting to be tend after, or to kill, not the ignorant, this is more the sciences, but the reluctant and bad press missiles? Missives.
And it is here that grand military and technological aspirator, might be only poussy, because I am not talking to you about facing natural death, but spiritual ones, which is not the bragging promotion option.

But would it be possible that he asked what education of rights was for if when you face a real problem with real discrimination that could bring you and your entire life to the floor, no advices no info nothing that holds anymore.

Could, occult.

I eat chocolate today, to intake more calories with less big amount and open my belly, talking about its difficulties with going on shame, of losing you, of not attending you well, of your average contentment or restrained happiness, to my weaknesses, I d like to, but am not perfect amant, aimant. And if I would become it is in powerful beat I would transform, love an-would, an-o, (anneau = ring) luna converge and sap, sip animality in monstrosity as sheer sentiment led to change everything through what humanity as of universal, life, life and its billions of billions of languages and paroles. Although the universal say that if a bird is right better for me and for my brood, my entire thrive, trove (trouver = to find), trivet trivat  tribe (the nature around we need to reproduce and be happy, meaning to do the things that could make us think that I give infinity to our progeny, to acknowledge that.

Infant, in it.

Don’t go into loosing time on people respect of respect-obtention (getting) our rights in thanking them because there is no thank you but the duties for doing the same, for the others rights and one’s own the same.

Foe, for, fort.

I think that if I was not equalitarian after reading my essays at our next disc hush hyena you would take a p---ike, a net, and well farewell d---

Ok it is a bizarrity but you told me ‘if I was your daughter’ but I am so dying in love with you, let’s precise that you are my due, without frowning or say that without incestuous feeling I could not do. And without you as my promise I could not go. But you’re (are, rea, era) my wife, it is just to I d (told, I, I’d, would) say, the man is sane to love you, what about this psyche play, you would not be my daughter and your mother I would cherish to have you. And if I loved my daughter more, a father it is in death I’ ll offer me to you.

If you decide to be with me, it who what, should be done like this, like the difference between will and shall, for you and me it holds at this will, you will want it because you are fulfilled or so. But when comes to others it must, it has to be shall, it is the why, of your reasons, of the nature, they don’t have to be told, it is of your, of the most barren insurance for survival to keep this as a non-have to be justifiable-justiciable. Love is beyond right in the upwards sense that it is the highness that gives for the lest we should die, the unmeasurable invective for defy the easiness that people have taken of treating soul no more as complex, or stage the simpleton, simple tone.

In-measurable. As we don’t know what’ in.
And to believe we do, or to inspect without the ultimate highest respect, is killing.

The way you trample, making such noise, like in countryside to frighten the vipers, but it is not good for your articulations and nor if this time it is the viper that want you to be in her repair.

It could be 2005 words on f coffee passion, the fact is that it last more than 12 hours in the blood, so if you do sleep at night and use coffee after noon the quality of your serial sleeping will be seriously, profoundly seldom.

Foe reing.
For reign
Quasi ju humane.


At a corner good idea, as long as you don’t show your back (or backing) and always have an exit at proxy, but as I am you canine, I would like a cover, if not the forest will call more than once every menstruation. In the wood just the grass and if addictive not sedative don’t despair I won’t be cheating on you, you are the witch whose sorcery I would bring everywhere.
 It is today the all fool’s day, -err-ire-hire-ish. Thank you for the coffee, I could even refuse it, mind it is better than too much of your whiskey, bringer to cemetery-wish.

Much muck.

Wheresa, Theresa

Handy have y whore

Tall king

Past : A red

Neutrality {or notarization or neutering}

, Electrical electoral) lectural


Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014
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Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014
Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2014

Is it a sphinx rill drill, ridden,

I think that I could say to be under the sign of sadness,/ and you under sorrow. How is that? Maybe homo/hetero. Void or deceit ;;; ;;; ;;;.

Insult, incult, (in French uncultivated, uneducated, unkempt) everybody.
Je t aime c est pas possible, c est bon de les savoir.

When one swallow its tears.
The reage rage sweeping in.

Donkey.       Don key.
ok this is all me. it might be why i could have become misogynistic over the year, because, maybe it is my fault, to prioritize inner and depth of these feelings instead of something else, that is I could but I d loose the taste. Perhaps I have been let on and on, by people through curiosity I mean you know only curiosity, or of de la difference between being humorous and having a (S)laugh.
No because id ont want to be insolent but I maight have found your perfect match, he is actually living with you.
Here come the time. Ti is true I admit that since I never to much bother about the ridicule, le ridicule ne tue point, I might have experience and experiemented out of common artifices, but you know I d like to avoid dying everyday without knowing I am lost in love with you because of a misunderstanding, you ve got it perfectly I am not the brightest when It comest to certain.
I really did not, no more, think of you as being in couple or in any kind of realtion ship. I ll have to put that simply, or I am ridiculously hoping, but this you know too much of a drama I would not be, at least I come to see you tomorrow, you come to me you make me the grace of saying that the ring, I took for a nunnery is just not about what I was thinking, unary mais non mais no vous n y etes pas j ai un petit ami, ou un ami, ou un mari, you des shags, parce que meme si vous n avez que de ca dite le moi pour que j en fasse autant et bourre toi dans le crane pour vous laissez en paix sur mes allants, accents de absolutism too. You understand these past 3 months have been prolix, let’s say ok you told me good luck, I quit my past even more from having known another version of what could be a romance, look I don’t want to say too long, one has to take much ‘time to ascend’.
Tomorrow I am gonna see you since you don’t want to send me a note saying look in another life maybe see you. And could you devise some trick for me to know I have to quit. But please some thing clear, like you I am deaf from birth, I am never sure of what I overheard or what is at stake, it is 3 months of the most intense, find something for me to have no doubt, don’t count on conceit, I have been brought up a bit funny, this one would not work remind it is not by choice that I won’t come and talk to you directly.

Théâtre · Théâtre français répertoire
Mardi 2 mars 2010
Salle André-Mathieu
475 boul. de l'Avenir Laval · (450) 667-2040
Le marquis imaginaire. Monsieur Jourdain est un homme d'affaires prospère qui, comme son père, a fait fortune en vendant des draps. Or comme il vit à Paris sous le règne de Louis XIV, ce n'est pas suffisant pour son ambition sociale et pour tromper sa femme avec une jolie marquise. Pour cela, il lui faut appartenir à la noblesse et, à défaut d'être noble, faire comme : suivre les extravagances de la mode, savoir danser, manier une épée et philosopher avec esprit. Dur programme. Il n'a peur de rien, monsieur Jourdain, surtout pas du ridicule, et pas même d'accepter un titre de noblesse... qu'on lui confère dans une extravagante turquerie.

Le Bourgeois gentilhomme
Le ridicule ne tue pas

ARTICLE - 21 janvier 2010
Christian Saint-PierreChristian Saint-Pierre

On voudrait bien se raccrocher à un aspect qui fonctionne mieux, mais on ne sait lequel tant le naufrage est complet.
photo: Yves Renaud
Pas plus révélateur que comique, pas plus éclairant que divertissant, le Bourgeois gentilhomme de Benoît Brière déçoit amèrement.

C'est la troisième fois qu'on met en scène Le Bourgeois gentilhomme au Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. La dernière production de la comédie-ballet remonte tout de même à 1989, avec André Montmorency dans le rôle-titre. Pourtant, dieu sait que la pièce de Molière n'a rien perdu de sa pertinence. Dans notre société du paraître, les gens qui souhaitent accéder à un rang social soi-disant plus élevé sont légion. Ceux qui cherchent à se faire valoir, à gravir les échelons du matin jusqu'au soir courent les rues. Vous avez quelqu'un en tête?
Monsieur Jourdain est un archétype. Ses excès vestimentaires, sa soif de savoir et sa passion pour les "gens de qualité" font rire de par le monde depuis 1670. Mais il ne faudrait pas perdre de vue que la pièce est d'abord et avant tout une dénonciation des travers d'une société où on laisse croire que tout s'achète. Au coeur de la démarche de Jourdain, aussi risible soit-elle, aussi naïve, il y a le désespoir d'un homme qui sacrifierait deux doigts de sa main pour être né comte ou marquis. Malheureusement, cet aspect plus grave de l'oeuvre est totalement absent de la mise en scène de Benoît Brière. Non seulement sa lecture est dénuée de toute profondeur, mais elle est si pompière, si caricaturale qu'elle étouffe même le comique.
La plupart des comédiens cabotinent, s'égosillent ou donnent dans la surenchère. Le décor est sans surprise. Les costumes sont si bigarrés qu'on ne voit plus que des taches de couleurs. La musique évoque celle de Lully tout en nous la faisant regretter. Pourquoi diable avoir fait appel à deux musiciens si c'est pour diffuser une bande sonore durant la majorité du spectacle? On voudrait bien se raccrocher à un aspect qui fonctionne mieux, mais on ne sait lequel tant le naufrage est complet.
De cette déconfiture, Guy Jodoin n'est pas plus coupable que les autres. Il est même plutôt à l'aise dans les habits de Jourdain. Le problème est bien plus fondamental. Pour s'amuser, faut-il vraiment faire le sacrifice du propos? Peut-on vraiment divertir sans s'adresser à l'intelligence? Des questions que ce Bourgeois gentilhomme pose en lettres de feu. Monter Molière sans se demander ce qu'il dit du monde dans lequel nous vivons, n'est-ce pas le trahir?
Make trouble to your self to find a way to explain things to me, whatever they are, I want to know if I go back home alone bien sur, or go back home alone bien sur but after having lost all my time and heart, but at least avoiding for him all unnecessary false pressure, going back in soho. I went hardly never but it is but since September than hollow by inexistence till then, I d said to my self, find something anything? Even not so, I just wanted to see somebody before going, of this London, of this cemetery of knowledge and complain, off this misery. To where? To where I am known of nobody. I would quit nomadism for someone like you, give it to me back, he is my sole, my soul, jewel of my sack. Don’t think I was regarding you as a bijou, so think me with feeling too.

And a life shorter than mineral? Following the path of passion, which none of the element outlast shall.

Dis le moi je t en prie N, dis moi que personne ne te touché.

Relation.Realtion? Sion, si on.



Sine I, since I met your kinda approb apre approval the song I was singing because came the pungent ceremonies of its melancholy maybe macabrely, has become a song of the happy. Maybe would you not do a one off brunchy diner of me.


Vampirism like a mental epidemy to protect the mind from the human.

I am prioritarily a reader, not a writer, or I d have to rollover me self, it is this reading that keeps my hope on my knowledge and vicacity to be possibly ad vitam eternam honed.

Clause of non interference. with your fir friend on the net i let you alone, i am too radical and too hellenishly jealous for this.
I won’t post my reflexion again pubic puck publically publicly. (You know that I type seriously and bring oneself into this trance of rigidity permit my body to mistype, and it is on heat that the words compile, and me and my voice decided that it is our play (playwright)). Yesterday a cat has come to my door it is not extraordinary I am used to it (dit did they to yours, not at your loft attic storey but how then could they, a crank crink in the pipes, the walls, it is all naturals, all living as a soul having and conducting). And he told me while crying, shouting, you know how they do, that I, it, could well passed as not love. I did not see that, I did not see it like that, but now I think of that, ok, praise dog god I have a gathering family.
But on my own site, If I work on texts, I ll post them, with references, linked, I ask you for my permit, anyhow you are anon, and but for me the infinite, and on my own site. Sorry for this disgrace. The problem with me is that I am an animal, clumsy.

I tried for hours to send it. What will happen when facebook be completely clogged?
Ok I finally guessed and confronted the theory of that it culd be clogged in my computer, my own..., I ll might have to rethink my connections, and also I don’t have it at home, also I sep spent the night and nights to think she will fathom that I am the last bigger asshole. I d like quest, likest, to think that yesterday night would be the last of me thinking , doubting, she would trust me to the last. If one day I don’t give my life to you, and in preserving me too, as I don’t want to leave you among those laches, cowards, loosers, droppers, betrayers, the problem is that I am author only, and it is why one could ask for being a mutant (mutiny), for me to have a goal only, the one of protection. My goal only is the same but to keep you consent honey I ll have to learn talking.  Speaking of all.

I don’t know you but I arrage myself to be more observant these days, they don’t betray.
But I know knothing more I warn you. And if you are afraid it is not of my literature it is of what you know that you don’t entrust me with.

Rationality has been cerebrated created by the human, like all their sciences, to try and block the Pandora opening. Butt the problem with the human, as a matter of fact uss usually is that, lll, ..., to reproduce them and their ideologies, as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact only. The fact that they bury.

The problems with politicas are that we think according to our own personalities, abilities, training...
So when we think that a vert very determined policy would be the finest, for someone esquire equally and having worked other particularity this ‘food becomes the other gale (Gaelic? No gaelic is gall)’s poison’

One won’t take a object even if they earn it from a space where they have been exploited and thrown out. Because if they have loved and respected it their mind(s), singular when true conjunction, the one that finish in all the forms of the burning,  are connected and through this mentalize the emotion fusion, and permit a experience of life to physically go on in specific place, furnished with memories.

Often we think that sufferance is the sing o f us having lost, it is just a chant, the reminiscences of a coma, of a combat.

We know good spirit bad spirit, we know that  we have to relavitize for those as in one situation we d manage it in hte total failure if only a incho if shift. I don’t condone peopol who don’t want change nothing, the barriesrs are porous but in the crazys.
We are not even able to aknowlege or superv spirituality we are not able to task at teaching how to leverage freedom, nicety, liberty, respect and work and all of that, work enough to have the supper, the rest is on the mind to decide what is to befound .
We are not able to none of that, and this whore of humans pretending to be the superiors of god.
We don’t know god I mean. Start by welcoming the natural, psychic strength. But of course for this to be a true real journey we d have to respect everything everyone at the same time and this is time consuming but eternal is soul.

The pictures you ve got for your sites’ headlines is it people thinking isolated by shroud? But linked mainly to a matrix?
Well ok but whatever I have been sent on earth and it is there my flesh have to properly prosper and take all of my spell, included my believer and belover.
To remove the blinkers, how shall we opera, au pair ate?

My garnd garou grand ma she told me a lot a lot she shout me off for me to qualify for this ability. And now I met you, you have the same and I know it is a real parameters for you to keep me as a treasure, because it asks so much work, attention, disponibility. These labours for you for me, I had since my childhood effort of long hour, accomplishment the moment you took it.

I ll try to write as come the words, and not to do to my much of reshuffle. It is not a disrespect to you as the way the syntax formalised, officialised, a lot of times, every time quaint now notwithstanding quasi, will restrict the forms in which it could be operate, sinuate, ramify, branch out, in brief and as an image, could imprint all the paths , the snaky, baby trying to brew in keeping warm not easy, torn tortuous, reconvoluted pictures we have of our brains.
Don’t jump of the word snaky, the voice, the box could be for you. The voices of the villages that did not learn to think differently, because of the lack of every search and learn on the humanities (don’ t the government on the arty and expressionist side become to  be crushy? The freedom comrades comes from the taste we had. And god knows we know that our fraternity is depending on it.

i am too radical and you too hellenishly jealous for this.

On all fools day and on the in quietude - inquietude that I have to think you like non anniversary days.
About your diverse remarks on Thursday, you are for equality, but equally what you were demanding in very strict term, I would think that less formal way of putting it could th(oughto, auto) be accepted even when chairing academically, in fact it could be a creative writing part, is philo not nurturing that? It is the problem of depending on forms, as the human rights will depend on journalists, philosopher, sociologists, nothing but specialists to keep on as a word; no this format is not my most favorite adorn, usually people bear my writing when at its shortest.
Et puis a propos des phrases, les phrases, les phases, dance experts,  c est tout, c est vous, j ai beau etre la femme je ne peux pas tout faire.
Vous etes ma premiere fiancée, peut etre. Enfin c est sur vous etes la premiere qui pourrez se demander s il est voudrez, pourrez dire oui, peut etre, attendez vous, enfin je l espere. Attendre de savoir, de vouloir, de pouvoir, qu a t il a negocier?
Don’t ask me what I or is gonna happen, as usual I had a idea, and when coming to a close, every, the world is changing all of a sudden, and nothing is holding, nothing, no more clause, no more opening, no more appearing. As we are to peer into the darkness of a world whose light we don’t have eyes for.
I already told you I believed to work as a human right defender (mind I did not what was it, and never will before dying for it- you don’t need to take it lietrailly [literally].) before I quit my teen (before os it was the animals, the ones that wer  (weird, wear) king, kin, kind to me even if I played boss, we were fighting, but it was fraternly, and their cull, cuddles, keep me warm and far from the human orgies, or further more than without I would, I would have to be.

To never can count on nobody, I mean completely. I thought were suffice to be honest, and After, year after year, surprises that make me learn aside strategies not out of honesty, but various skills as life among humans want us to do this and this, that way, for what to put the guys into ordeal? Maybe this is less of viciousity; maybe it is the great, great, great danger of wanting to run a prison at its most (barran) barren. To do nothing, and maybe is not so vicious, as we might be asked to do too violent acts or to produce the death on us impact.

All that I know, it is that of all these years, or I have been taught losing everything, my beliefs alone, the rest are derision, but when one knowledge is gone, another blossom.
For the revolution, orange, violet... and so on it is the “colors revolutions”, it is what I ve just overheard, don’t ask me for the moment I don’t watch tv, I stopped reading the news, but I ll resume, resue, I am ashamed of this for months I ve been like this, contrite by not ruling the time imparted to be more than a rat. Not because I don’t like them, but to have this idea that one will die without news about how, and if we can rebel. It is only to share with you how ‘like’ is not the funding issue.

All what I have is writing, so allons y gaiment, telle sera ma rim. Mir.
Weird, we ird, heard, herd, like bird.

People say that it is more amazing that fiction, the problem is that reality is so rich that the artists, scientists, philosophers, thinkers...could see their lifes trying to tap, dervishly explained, they would not do that for the infinitisieme, infinitesimal, umpteenth that we all at our turn and life along came across wit.

Like the day when you explained and explain and all of sudden a object that were at an altogether different place, shift you don’t know in what trench of the time, and reveal to you a new mission, as ogre are in objects and teach by sessions.


I understand not what at? I understand now the violence of hysteria, you don’t touch me so the only chance for that would be you attented, no, you to make an attempt at my body.

I know rather well how to play the old pap pal playboy, but women aren’t themselves up to this exact excite pouring point they?

Enfin moi hayden je ne le prendrai pas pour bible

  net work, neat what?
  people die and die, and here in some place the health and safety regulations will have forbidden to pin pancard on wall, to make a tea in a kitchen.

I could wath wathc wath watch you for hours. And you would think I am a bsasic protracting protozoaire thing, but one day in order to join you, all my trunk and its extremities could change in order to come as imperceptibly as impossible to nod it. I already not know but have an idea of I will have to ask you for pardon to wire you about that, but have I not to honey, it is what criystallize what caphor, your own deed, the one of accepting. Je ne uis, suis ouie, plus moi. I am not me anymore, as I ll always wish to be more. And thank to you this liberty to talk about love and poetry. Poetry not really but while writing and writing I am searching the sounds coming from my body, and my body is what? It is the boat whose anchor is 9999. When I said inane, it was for my name, don’t you forget that, we are still apart. And since I am not you, maybe since I met you, because I would be brought to think that we could have merged from below. I remembered so many moments where other spirits could have you announced.
Without my spec, the forms are changing, and at one time, on a moment only, as faces, particularly yours, change of topics, you remind me a mate a school he had to have medical assistance as his head Was doubled. I like him I don’t know why, I did not know him, maybe its calm. But since I was rather free and easy with my virtue, at a very young age, no one did the work of warning me and above teaching me that flirts should not be fir frivol. Not really big orgy, but a loose manners that I well regret only to think oh no, I ve tried to be dryly serioius for the past 15 years, or at least no looking for easy blow rows, and what did it bring, another quick ‘nigh fucks’ because I thought if I wait for my wife I ll die a teen dirtied (not almost, but if not utterly thanks to my not be an hetero, and I only tried boys like boys do together let’s play it wanky, mind maybe like you, they were asking on what hormones, girls were not easy, even in words, I could not write to no one but my long gone ghosts) by ignorance, an adult almost birch woman virgin. 

They talk about cuts, they are changing again the brand new carpet. Go and check at duschene it is daylight laundering.

i don't know how work faceboo, when you run a group, but a datas base of email adress to remind everyone of the lectures could be more efficient, above all when a group is not meant to be review weekly or give appointment on those you have to be rushian, non, non, rushy.

i am not sure that mention 1917 i s a good appraisal on hysterie history, bolchevick menchevick white red and companies, were not but human, every body.
That is fighting the same faults and aims and loving the asame good, demons, and saine.
If it consists on the weakness of destroying well the next in line for the crown of rootening.
Routeing revolution is what would be revolutionary mon cheri, would be to do it without boos, blood, without hurting but the respect profound that would be opening every worlds.

i was wondering why you did not warn your marxist group about your other meetings and topics- at least when relating to politics if not education or philosophy.
is it because this one is the purist?
at when my cleansing?
are you sure you are not close to the stroke from time to time. you d need a secretary, it is the disadvantage of doing it all voluntarily.
why is this one not connected?
would you be independent?
Talking to a Marxist liberal it is really pleasant. On the
          Jewish Question’, South Atlantic Quarterly, 104, 4 (2005): 707-722

To permit domination by boosting sexual violences among the males and sexual distance from the females. Both in situation of domination but who were the real dominant, dominated? The rues, rules and their appendants.

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 publically, publier, publish

public religion
private coercion.

When nothing has no more taste, pleasure, energy, consistence, happiness, contentment. I go and read you texts.
As a proof of your being, but what if you were no more along the queue, the line, the thread, the path. Intox.
Detox but not of you as I need this pronoun to align but a ‘who’.
To be, or not to be with you, woo. Who, a promise, spouse or demise, spy of my phaliure. Allure of husby but what when I reckon that I d be the draconian dragon among what you could have loathed, you who is no one that the certitude of savouring a loaf, as life has for gustative attitude but the thanks to God own.

I thought people were moc king. But in fact what directly to be doing to change even the slightest misery. This cry is to answer nothing.

The family, to be able to kindly link with one’s grandparents’ souls, as they were themselves in connection, in order, in complaisance where the godfather (we re) was giving its audience.

Were, we ‘ re.

Here it is I am taking confidence that you culd want to fell feel my hand on your ribs, on this terrible blow inside my gastric is now allowed to go up to my lungs, nor near them below.
I am a drastic one, I am so, that in its in your hips that I wish continuation of the vertigo.

When I want to porly porkly prove my presence, it is stronger than me iti s why it in is no decheance. It proves me how strong I should be, I start uncovering you, not savagely, vague, vagy, aglow,  step by step, because with fire one must learn, if ever, if at all, to go slowly, on this extremely, but it is here a shame I am not a killer, no sang-froid, no nerve, no patiently enough, I am an untrue wolf.

the ogre, o work unaccomplished, o work unfinished, infinity and perfectivity are, gee, entendment, intendment, engenderment of saved humanity.
Don’t moody outmode any concept, it d cost you your thread.

Heureusement que je ne peux pas toujours me connecter. Jusque la ca ne me mang manquait pas. Mais rien ne me mang manqué rien sauf toi. A par toi, je ne sauraid dire quoi ou qu est ce que de n etre q aimer.

I used to be afraid by bouffees, by whiffy fit, mind it is better not to breathe any air now even in countryside it is not the fresh up we used to having. Have groups of dummy mostly conceit with their gloats.

Like everyone, the rest of us, the rest of what was constituting humanity, but how many genocides, redundancy, forced labor, labor of shits, pullulating paria politics of Nazis. Like the rest of them, we were afraid of all that and it is for this reason that ecen our love even oyour hatred we kept secret, we talked only by code. And when you told me the most sweetest and advanced of witty remarks and lands honey, they would think we are only funny.

A nun one day told me she gave her life to her faith. And I thought that I would like to do the same, with you.
Was her Spanish lover your mum, mummy child, mummy of her child, has she lost you, your bro? Can you see what can be taken out of this kinda confession?. Chock childhood, chidden, chide. Did I already tell you that in my most freshen moment I imagine me at 5 or 6, smiling to you, or anything to say you are my dear, and then you are the same age, or so, sometimes even not it is my amusement that shall be said, I could be everything, there is no only a thing, every should be happy, I can instil with you.

She is not a lesbian, she is just sty studying on queer theories. Voyeurism. And this on is my paragraphed anitaff, taffrail, anti staff,  for the day. Merci.
Ana the ma.
Ana chronism. Anachronous.
Anacardier, mage chat, mange ca.
Anchorite. Anchorage, encourage.
Anabatism, anabolisant.
Ina borada.
Inabordable, inaccessible, inabrogeable,
Inacheve, inaborde, inactive,
Innacoutume, innaceptable,
Inadaptable, inadmissible, inapte, inadvertence.  In advert sentence.
Inalterabble, inamical, inalienable, inanition, regarde dans led diction is il y sont tous. Is. Iris.
In abstentia.

Nincompoop nimby nimbly nimbus.

If I d die before you, and if I d die after you I d die like a ‘parfait’. Ki? Cathar story. Or gave me the celtic, every to find you or to stay.

To resist the felling like being a squeleton, and feel every of the thread reaming one trick to get with the sport, and say, it has to be one of my records today.

They were not realist, they were realty.

The fdifference between being vivacious, harp, sharp, and being too much of it. It is are you quick and noing what you are quikly after.
The day I d like my mysticing mistyping bringin me elsewhere and that I d become the king of the keyboard, I would work till I drop and do mistake again. You see, you can start the training.

The day they will lock everything up, believe me sistrers, brothers, sons and adaughter, s the part of the pspirti that have been hidden from every since the human creates itself making fun of every, body and the first the mock of the ceramics creator that made our sh(p)apes , shrapnel, and maps.
The spirits calling by every will see it if they locked Welll-s.

Daughter, adduct.
Sister, sinister.

In life one cann play with one’s spirit as long as he wishes, the only trick is too have un an healthy counter notice and indication. For example you might say I eat only what I am allowed myself to intake, but never if it meas: to go under such weight, not to eat before a marathon, lll, ,,, llll;;; suits your own test.

Psy, politico buro, political, bio                   mechanism                  bomb and engine, angina.
Automatically, what is that you just said?
Intelligence or contumacy, accostumance, habituation.

I t happened to me, just one time, just once, something, a strength proving supernatural in action against daily arty reac rational.
It was in connection with the love I had, not that I had, but that I ve been let exploring, before ya.
The stuff I wrote you already that now I am thinking of it, I think that this tstrenght had come from the smally, her on, son, that she offers me, on e instant only but hthat reasoned night and days, conscious, incousnsioulsy.well I think I should have transformed that night, all alone where thre is no one, we need the country. And if id idid not it is because I guess she did not want this note. She was not reading me. She was very clear about that, but I could not belive
Belive believe ti.

Tit, the bird.

Lievre        the hare, legend were animals, gods, spirits, don’t you forget that, you the scientist that serves the words, perjury, you serve the adequate.

You know it will finish by howling like gand, gangs fang, hy, and if you know that it is that you permit it.
Am not talking about monsters, just about the hour where you will have to say to your half way oui.
Glandes, every you ll transform it, omits, hermits, coy.  I ll be your grail, if you let me finish my marvel, to live for you for me, for this appeal, don’t start thinking it is not productive, I know you respect, but what about if the practitionneer is you , your husby or whatever you call our correspondances, if not of quality of romances beaudeleriennes. Of quality my life sit u es imienne.  Mienne humaine. Not far from nothing all these preteens pretences sof of articulate fords. Words.
N, would you be my mare, that I know what is to be vipere.

Vi pere = life or see father

YOU Might ask yourself if I am not the devil itself I d like to reassure you to oconvince you, but in writings what can I do?  I am only smally, a little one tu sais, m entendez vous? M etendez.  Masi, mais,
I am afraid of the shadows themselves. Euh, itself.
And also were the light ondulate, or where everywhere I might go or reveal its obstruct, or burn me to the duc. Doc, duc, moors, funds, deposit, background, crown, sediment, see, seed,
I am the smally, intently, but the scrib, I ll have to do it, even if so silly. I ll have to do it , as th too have lived like the dicka, is my property. Dec.

En fait j adore tellement votre prenom que j en suis sure, c est aux moments les pus plus intraseques que je le dirais, que je le crierai comme votre petit nom, juste comme celui que j aurais trouve, si fierement, moi meme.

Don’t say that ‘I found’, since I am with you, there is nothing that comes without it.
My love is not for of you yuck  it is in.

Nonsense upon stilts, in stil.

I read again, old texts of mine that I had secured as being ultimate, from having left imprinted. I thought it was of being good, it was from being violent. It is why I ask rather often chery for your pardon. Could you  pardons me. I f you d do it pratiquelly you would still have to find a way of redeeming for me. Form.

For you.
For thee.

N for me is the name of a coulomb.
Cou     lon      lomb

I was told to reas or watch gohry film with a bougie, bit laid, with a candle sparkling. I thought why this complication I don’t need that not today I am cool in this dark.
But you know that you go in the little park at night, don’t you?
Well from now you ll have it, and have to keep it well, sparkly?

I warn you, if you want to build something with me, I all the same manage to notice nocturnally that you were always busy, busy, well It won’t be like me. I work the all time any way, but not at your dinner launchy, have you heard me. Me my work as I wish will be to warm you.
Ravenously, raunchy, that is for thee, no me.
I am not a predator, did you get it?

At 15, at 16, I lost my virtue as ifi had been make mad in love before,  I met a woman who said to me for a bit of a longer while maybe. I caressed her 3 or 4 times, not hat I don’ t remember, I ll never know with certitude whether.

When I want tyou to underssatnad that the ideas, more than fjhalf of it, I mean consciously, are but errors on my checking that take some forms to speak to somebody. I feel like crying, that you would hold me only for this writing, I am without it nothing more than an err, and without you, nothing than despair.
When I want tryout to undersigned that the ideas, more than full joule half of it, I mean consciously, are but errors on my checking that take some forms to speak to somebody. I feel like crying, that you would hold me only for this writing, I am without it nothing more than an err, and without you, nothing than despair.

We call it the teaser, because it made you believe things that you believe as if it is the one, it is only the tease not to mean, too meant hurting anyone.
And these extremes are good when you know that you are not, even if it could be, under its tyranny.

Tko read with one yes, yum, eyes or with tow. Two.

To love with all what one has had at disposal, it is to love, it is loving for eternity. Et ern. And earn.


I was chanting,        ‘j’ai peur’ but the sound of my voice was saying not harmoniously say “no, j’ai peu’ and it was suffisant to calm me not a little but rather altogether. The sould found itself lighter.
Lest I lit, I ve, I am little.
I lit, elite. Attached to the land, but who knows it. When you are linked, eradicate eradiate, better to know, and it is not leagacy of admin papers that will sign to rest if allowed by the master.

Do not start viewing if I put more of ‘he’ ‘she’’er’ ‘ess’, the swine-ater sane company. If you find fucked about difference it is that I tried to do them evenly. The same as my wife since I love them to the core is half my husby. She is my half only for that, as if not to restablish cruelty in philosophy, my wife is my entirety. By entreaty? Mind your business.

Tout ce que je veux c est pouvoir t ecrire et te le donner et en parallele savoir s il y a un coeur seul a conquerir, un amour possible, un vrai avenir, vraiment liberer de toutes contraintes tant qu economiques que psychologiques que psychiques qu intellectuelles, ok i saw you are not the translator but the editor, maybe could you ask a i would believe it is your associate, but who trust anyone with the fact that you were dating a lost and spurned soul? Even not your co mate, s ' il en est.
il me faut, i need you to tell me when there is end of a row, of and of game, game over no refunds, not service after sales...
Nothing. i can take a nothing and if it is now perfect, i made the best of it, with my letters, ma belle, oh,oh, don't laugh at me, i notice on video, i dare to look at you, that you mock, go on, but don't look at them in the eyes in doing so, it is to much to do multi tasking, touching one's air, go right and left on one's legs, on go on on your discourse about this poor underpaid women. Talking about the rich, or the one who want the caustic.
Qu est ce que je vous ai dit l autre fois? je ne sais plus i must read myself from time to time. for my hunger to your anger, i am in love in you, i don't feel comfortable, but fail.

Power do not think that i am not a honest woman, my letters i am pround of and even if you could shrug at that they are for noone else than an account on my not existencialism but existence. What do you think that write to socialize with the porks and ruin the intimate of your company? if there is one thing i might do is to select one line out of 15 and publish it in a way that won't be recognisable only by you if you did read and retain either way, whence improbability. like usual, have your read my doc final, they are without name, it is no civil war but insurgency that i d like to be prepared not grass to give to indecent rules of claustration my own lumier, you but be clear and true and soho my terrain. Please no, it is you i would kiss insane et etreint.
 Whoe hope
npain, nb     i ve erased all my messages on my fucking face book, the pass is ‘np' do whatever you want, i like ridicule i like psychique at outrance, but i am not the devil, if i was i would be to do like this and a sever dummy. i don like that but i do that with sincerity, i just don't want, i just can t love someone for cheap. You understand, i need a love living.

It is too hot? I cannot believe it is too the hot honey, it is for you I was cooking you my water, you my glycine.

She thinks I have my soul I want to sell. First, do I own that? To own my lady, it is labor, I d not refute that? Fute, in french, again, yes one does not remake onel, oneself.
I knew, 7 years ago, I was for the first time flirting with the students stuffs, because of a woman, well a young twenties at the time. She was in a group, she was bright, the kind to know in what pages were the citations she could habily found. Very active, too, none of my bred, I admit, but I am not totally mysogyne.
After this story.
A group they were spending their time to say to each other, I love you, maybe be not group sex, I do not know, I did not stay, but the one who looks like you, but I was trusting her words I would say.
A group of queer or pseudo queer I was with them as lgbt searching someone to study.
I did not find so fasho very many times more finally.
They kept her she was for them so busy. She had phoby, I found her main one, she has this fear of the undead, as she was orphena. Orphe, an.

If I say ni, oh no, no, I don’t want to play with it, I would be playing with someone who was here before, serene. Serener, mind she would not have jumped at the end, and certainly not onto equality of revenue ok according to commitment, but you know what I mean, thought she is ver y for equality when saying it short, the broath of the mind, larger d esprit, maybe is your brain only that permit you to access this lengh and that it is to broadly convey it by this very same commitment, to the people you teach, (enseigne), In realty in french it sounds all bills, posts, adverts, finally. Here is the vanguard novel, nouvelle, new, new.

Suicide might be a one-second reaction before life, not life itself, but “donated obligatorily” passage of what the society of what the circumstances will eat of you grams but grams.

Just have to check, how many efficiency and relevance to help people in difficulties of preserving healthy conditions of live, and right to work included the right to work without having to serve the more or less officialised and officialising mafia, as well as working in breaching one’s own rights and others’-as well as long-term. Of course it goes without saying that rights as to do with the most further of the human capacities, cape.

Capa-cities.’we are but dust’ but look at the buildings reign upon us.

I think that people talk about plague but not about politics anymore. Because the way we go in drilling resources and because we could do otherwise, it marks disrespect for likeness of life that bring us as zombies.
Also because politics assure being seen and mostly practiced as are false ideology, as they don’t intent to realize itself – I mean when they would be of any recourse to all of us, ‘body’- but to seize power and cash chairs.

Strained: remarks are           marks.

- Sold? I am ale alred already a creature (fo foe) of god, what do you want?
- I want your sybill; do you know what sybill is?
-it is what you relulanctly hold in your hand, what a is it? A dick?. Don’t become reddish of education, moral, prêt a porter, or feign to be serain, I know you are intrigued. What? You make your decision because my writing is not as fine as Oscar’s, who knows what he has hide, hidden? Your mother tongue is mad, is mine, and I suit a ‘euh’ if it is that which that was in my mind.
Do you have a question?
-yes, it is about the red pills.
-are you married sister?
-we don’t know that for sure.
-well, I ll have to make me scarce, to make me absent, to make me slimmer.
-what do ou dpou you mean?
-I don’t mean anything you are loved by someone.
-yes, well love is natural, like it said this afternoon; and what is said this evening is that love to everybody, and love to each other, like I said in the morning, but for the K+r+, the liar.
-shut you up, I know you well know.

I have lost everything, and wah at I am doing? Eating.

The problems with the people who does not drink, nor do tiring things, if they are not hyper-performant is that they spend their time nicking or to peddle nasty things about to other people.

You let me understand that it was possible that your not wanting conversing with me was due to your career, recant, or I ll pursue the aim of changing your opinion, should I study kant, marx to gain your company. Not talking aout any one but you, I was going in your salon, not for your cousin, for the sight of you, I whir whirl write still, oh god what I am doing!
Don’t laugh, I know you know I am the outlaw. What kinda girl could like me, but one of your name.
Your renowned, I am not after that, me I wanted a slave, a black, but look at you for a humain, your blood is so dark of it to have staging stagnate o to the solution that came contemplate.

You will think ‘let us stop, oh please, let us stop, we are engaging in a double immovable notable ignorable ignominious relation based on narcissism?
Why because you read, become we link. And me what rights have you left me with, I will read you, I will eat you , I want it, you d be my door at analysing at taking on academic strategy, I want you, philosophy. And what there is no canal, I cannot even see. What admire, I want you as my sole beaty.

What I am gonna do without seeing the one I courtize?
I thought I was dum, in fact I am dud doomed.

Now I am back to donkey monkey I can appreciate far more your concept on communal and exchange, equality and education, merci.

People speak on and on about power but really, what is this? It is nothing but agreement on coercion.
But one it is appropriate coercion, if not it is no more power but revolting treatment that should be punishable by negative retribution.

What our university is, not my class, we came from all over the world, but when it is not a particular curriculum, is people who rather paid twice for their rooms, mind I enjoy the building as long as they are still not reoccupied by the mafia that get it for nothing.
This week end they destroyed my, the handy kitchenette to put it back another storey. The time taken by the guy to remove all this stuff is sure to be more expensive that buy for a new one, and have this two places, because in this enormous campus a fridge for the student, I ve seen this only one.

I know you will not shoot me nor choose me in final. It is not that you are my pass time is that I me you I would have, but not knowing how annoying the all class ham maybe. Being an in build disatisfier, do not take on to lover like et, it is what I would like to entendre not refute or reject.

I cannot love you well above as for security purpose, an in-built reaction at not giving one’s life in deperdition, I am having to seek your permission for happiness word. How come one man could make you happy? I don’t know but if you do I hope the job could be mine.

Like the, one’s fawn, foal.

Maman told me one day I spend my day feeling like crying. She never ever wants to tell more about her tiredness or depression. Perhaps it is work; perhaps it is life, perhaps technically me.
I thought I was ailment of, over a mam, over a female of this partum particular fiber, and then you came into me and to feel your void, emptiness knowledge bring me if not dishonour.

What do we know do?
Houses, and now they are billions we start destroying the new buildings and not renovation the ancient, and doing them empty, mind like that sometimes the human ear can perceive silence, prey god it stays like this.
Dig, dong, dig, dong, dig, and dong.

Love and death.
As life is grail, grace and fragile. The way to reconstruct another position to manage despite to fell and touch.

The wife giving courage, praising her husby like a husky, you are extraordinary;y extraordinary and the dog has to take it as it has to live up to IT. And for the wife house see (aussi_o ciel? –to the sea or sky- or to one’s eyebrow the seal sometimes icy, when one thinks of them in the ice lowering field to floe).

Grand authors certainly did not know their writings as they are the consequential of the universe effort-

The heart when represented lovely a face could be or two facing each other, I am not a painter, but here my copy.

With computering I can write more, but more and more of every chunk shock uncheck and who will have the time to read. Time we should have, to stop human dying.

Furiously Fffffffffffffffffffffffffabulous.

I have been warmed. I have been warned The day long along alon (a loan) I have this certain, ascertaining, a courted, a cartel?, certitude not really but affecting my attitudes completely, that I am going to die in loving you.
But now I think of IT. And of the accomplishment o reality that you succeed to give ride to my death happily, my deftness for death ability. I die of course, the path of life, of which we know nothing but remedy.

I like the word clever because it says, clef (key) ever.
It could announce by the connotation that one has to rely on its inner fashion. The everness as being how the inner of our soul know about what precisely our gestures (guests) will turn into action.

It (hit, it, t, T)

Irrelevant, lever = leverage, rise = the yeast that cook well space out.

I am thinking of you and as usual, I don’t know whether my factual favour, my delight of candor, will be return by you. Then I eat when doing it, as they are my favourite, to associate this pleasure of the palate with skull when it invades.

The time in love with someone (else) that don’t mind that, is a series maybe of exercices questioning the whole body. And the day even if just a ghost start communicating with osmoses then comes a pi. (=to pi), toupee.

To become mutant, or mutin, for help and resort the society that eas-y east ease eats itself.
Ear rea era.
Resort. (go out again, consequence) Re sore.
She does not take her (dare defy keher=care) of herself

To take a hold at the operture and maintainance of our liberties, we need to look after one another, and for this, the guardian will be paid.
In Plato, the guardians were the ones of the moral and politics. Not talking about politics as a game but as an end of humanity and all human i.e all the unknown ease and prosperity. Prosperity don’t want to say multi as inside they are already
But like in moreals, are (more la, alls) and as morals are everywhere all the body are to be sure they are at getting closest and each of us the guardians of this live’s community. Freedom are its warden ability, as a freedom of respecting every atom of everybody and the endead endeavior to find more about wyes (Y) and way for this.


Don’t drink to(O) much tea when you are relaxing. lol.
My hope is you to stay fine, finer and finer, and always will be.

Cause, cosse (ecosse)lol cross you can’t make it.
Or I am supposed to believe you could this very read rhym rim.
At the edge you don’t want or, wantor.
As much as you know I am reading you, the day I find we will I will come to see you.
Don’t be, stresses, I would not enter your realm, just at its doors to make sure it was for me this line.
Stress is, stress ease.

Stresses stress is, stress ease.

Je vous aime mon gallant ange and thank you for “everything”.
End of game has been traduced by fin de partie, not find de jeu. Je.
Je eux?

Translate in French traduction --- traduce. A work on its own b-entirety. Bent ire.

I was not ok to work with these putas every day, so were not they. We quit as charming as the promise of a smirch changed into missiles. Miss hill, heal, ill.

I’ ll be at university and on the net only Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and not anymore early morning mourning nah .
I’ ll stay in my garage, I am super happy it is a first class one. I am not cold, electricity, daylight. I wish I could keep it all my life around, it is quiet, not silence, I put some food on the roof – I cannot around it is not mine- for the birdy. Have you seen the film, fancy? It is a remark on why you inspire liberty. Liver. Live. Vers (towards) vert (green) liver-foie-faith in French acute actually.
I am fed up of my having to be bilingual but I exploit you will excuse me for that.

The main stream would be communist, we would be liberal. Communism is, has been, the counter. But what now to oppose the terror power?
Marx? Jubilee? All have been written, I am your ashamed servitor, I am unable of rebellion, I am the condemned.



Mistress, here i a m back on my feet, where should i put my shame?
If you wish read the note, but not, i ll just past post if i am stricken. Everyday directly to you is not anylonger possible. Will it be longer? I don't care i believe you noble.

He is on your body, telling its trouble and doubts before the trough of truth. I ll go in hell, I have been allowed to make love to you, and what do I bring to you, earth, you on earth, apart my obole.

Me you young and stupid when speaking with older guys and trying, in fact just trying because in cuting short into (in not) their sentences I d made the conversation so tiring that they had to stop. Interrupting.

Je vais arreter de vous ecrier, ecriez, d vous ecrire seulemnt 1 fois par mois.
ET puis ce face book, ma mere, je n irais plus.

She wanted to stir a reaction, and by her sufferings she wanted to (she) see the other’ reactions of concern, of sympathy, of fear for catastrophe; but of not testing the personal sentiment just the core of humanity.


I am bothered every time there is no more of your centralizing recent posts.

To love (and look after - don’t mean stiffening, don’t mean vampirizing, mean with all rights liberty including, and if you like liberties I cannot stand for my wife well woold have to go in all intelligence- a cuckold? wondering if d be about to call the cops at the reading of my premature-childish engagement). It is rhetoric question, not dramatic, not tragic. The tragic is to say love you go, or it is a lie, therefore have to tell you what in some case is love, at others’ ears, because believe you.
Want to write to, not at my computer only. Want to see, not as the destructor. So what afraid of, or like many you want to see, faking fright on any attempts or almost to get rid of pursuer. If float it is because of the messages (mix) might have for,

may have for. Met awe for.

Write and write but what for. To England enlarge my despair. Every angle on which I am a prey as when I look I watch your ney (nez).
I write for *** and for have and ultimately my cry would be more suave, to me.

She was ji (h)id Hide hiding, not her, but they, the talk about love and saying it is no the primary count, just drop it nay time it is though, as love is though as you have to stop the sufferings and the superficiality.
She was hiding saying love in thinking that she could go and use it as an evidence of her having to take distance. As a weapon as which is more painful than to ear it is love that makes me throw you.
Sentimental education? To which reign? Which agreement, argument upon?

Infamy, the pun I read already.
Femme, infame, the one that one can’t eat.

Nya, any how your concept on education is shit because you confound with sado maso talk when I was talking to you should I have been you? Your baby.
But upon this, don’t take pity, I am a big one, too big but not envious. Tu vas me permettre de te voir? Tu me pardonneras? dis moi.

You are all in exclamatory sentences; I cannot allow myself to this strength it will throw oneself into abyss.

Home, homme.
Deliver moi de mon doute fais le.
But don’t do it for me as I would feel your pity, I can’t wait all the time I haven’t prove to you my sheer simplicity. The pleasures you thought I did no have is to contemplate helping a little bit someone who serves my good entity. I am in love with your philo I am not ashamed in knowing that here for sure there is alchemy.
The pleasure day would be to clean, cook, bring it to you, caress you, a mini, a “leave” as much as you need for the place to contact you and tell you the story that could us and the neighbourgs set more free.

I dream of one-day weh when I can write without asking you if it is other than macabrity that I would like to slay. Not that I hate the shadows, but violence on what I have been given to love, on what I had been given to love. To start being odious with your former estate, would be a life betray.

Weh when, we, way.


You never understood that it was my pleasure and my mused amusement this play, all around what? What I love, the love that love alright. Wise is not reasonable. My pleasure, your puzzle.

I have thought not. I really do not think you would have shown anu accordingly to me affection sings signs if you were with somebody. I have been, turn –no (turn) ed- round and round but by polysexual, by the serious woman I felt that it was love even if platonic only, solely in all its aspects. Although I respect 100% this choice it is not for me. I d rather re.other, r(e)ather, reactor, to be alone than share my wife, if I had two it be only shaggy, and though I find sex interesting, without roots it is or tasteless or revolting-even if in the after mat only.
I was not hinting no more; and the thinking nor. I had been writing to you for the past 3 months without interruption, I let myself carry on over the can (NON) chant son-champs son. (“you ll be my field” from cat stevens- tu vois je suis d epoque, has been my favourite since I ve been resuscitate, (recu=receive/citate). Since you, since only you, I whistle it now instead of keep it all inside what has called brainy. And when I do it it is teh most liberate melody.

‘The mastery over the forces of nature as well as of humanity’s own nature’
Sciences replace religion. Enlighten?
What will eradicate, suck in the force of production?

Collective control for police?

The problem is when personal freedom (=as far as you don’t damage no body else) is subject to a contract. If you don’t do me that I let your rightful territory (dignity) being sacked, caged.

In eating more, and if we asked our bodies to get more and more to get brainy.
Or less and less to face peenury with volutpty.

You said ‘corse, cross’ but who bit you first, certainly not me, i d guessed your family more likely. Not that I don’t want it to be.

To be.

You should not be reading stuff for your intention, to what will it be of any use? Don’t I get it?

Do we manage to get intimate through writing with people we hardly see? Yes totally.
With people we ll never see?
With people we have never seen?
With people we ll never see and have never seen?
“This is the end.”

The violence of feeling, love the drag being, cann transform everything and being...
Love included?
I wait for you to ante anew answer not even inside my experience, you are in all my trances, I what do I do?? That.
But I know you are my simitrical theory? Then? Am wiationg. inviting

Symmetric, semit.

I know why you move your arms like that now, apart to do your gym, to veneer your posture, to bear your voice, to crypt the monotonous of being screened. Your shoulders are platforms and your arms the unexploited members of your body.

What I have done? None, as long as you are not on the way.

In case you d be wondering about my new password I did not think it was necessary to share it, don’t
You’ve. Louve. Louvres. Louvers. L’OUVRE.                                                                    

The sun here does not move even when windy. It is here to say that light with you is my transport, without what blinds to the core.

Atheist, agnostic I was-am stil am. And love I bear to woman drives me into places where I met the signs of the existence of god.
From loving the society, I learnt to fear the human. And if my sadness go into the backcourt, manage to be restraint, it is due to your love for the propelled people.
Prop elle. You know what? It is just for the pun, cause aside the one that die from hunger, m y love for this


Why am I believing in god. Not that my love is the most beautiful, as love as no rank, it is the sheer equality in spirit and of all that touches spirit. When one manage to see, seize and sit as blessed.
I know life is a marvel, I know it is a wonder. But you are the one that can give me the strength, hte one for whom I have to.

And we.
Awe. Have?

We all count on specific ceremonials, superstitions, assessment on what we have been doing- the all lot being directly or indirectly towards the satisfaction that we had provided to our gods, spirits, referents, intuitions, believes, bellies, belief, belie; to get us running on the high. What kind of sacrifices and mass are massively built, erect, adore, our assembly? This world a scant  sanctuary actuary that has to be delivered from its roguishness.
  Rigour? Rogeery, robbery, roger?
The rog and rag, it is why us princes of sinner(G)y we like to dress with the cotton of the larvae.

When one sees the lights dancing, the shadows lending its forms through a tree, the wind, a motion...
Ants what to want when nothing moving one can find nor seek, hailish to, what, with extremity?

This feeling I am weaker, as ti bcomes harder whereas ti is a steepy crawlin- sliding towards hir higher stages.
Could getting (h)older be of the same premises?
The old look sage, but can we look at them any longer? They are parked, wisdom, even at a glance if is far too much dangerous.


Intellectual work is a job of plagia, reconstruction, having the different elements to converge, with the additional features of our own perceptions, experiences, recollections. Thank god and the people for whom we gather to have time to do it at profusion.

Called capitalism or materialism by the communists, the end of the religious, if not spiritual rules ended the respect for the objects, the matter. Historically this would well correspond with mass production, thought I d be curious to know what the relationship to objects was at a time where you could have to learn to kill in order to keep thieves at bay. You had nothing. And now we had too much everyday. We had, we add nothing but subtraction. Not the submit ‘drag’ or trickle down, but hell extraction of disrespect for the concrete and flee away from the spirit simultaneously- as we cannot detect a spirit in what we are taken in contempt, this tools no more tools to revere but engrossment of vanity.

Bell-eve, hive.
Be-live heaven.

A god job I am a teetotaller... sic

They called them ‘demons’ in order to make themselves pseudo reasons to be inhumane, cruel, degradated, and to be pride and fell a sentiment of superiority and claim having courage on top of tip.

E(l)hen you talk to, of, for out him and or as say that they need him. He feels like the gladiator. Your man, your entire.

Totalled iteration totalitarian in the sense of the rules should be reviewed in the sense of enhancing dignity of the art of ruling for everybody by everybody, universe to look into, after and up to ti.

Totalled iteration (short of this) totalitarian

She won’t send love story to you, it is of her sole concern.
To listento them and quitey quitly quietly refrain.

And to listen the old song, fortunately they stopped the drugs that rocked boredom facing society.

Give one’s problem, one’s pain like an offerings to the one that hopes and help situation to get better, alto gether, alter gather, the work of a millennium made for us decades lasting ducky, not judge, alleviated it. To give them the choice to struggle. Impossible? Yes to cone considerate it. The prism, the prize, inner and for the momentof  ephemerality electric, going to what us con icon, called lethality.
All around, lll, ---, ///, the weight.

You know I want to send you thought about the world but you would ask yourself if I am not talking to you through indirectly and then the most pure of my dreamery or rededication just become omen.

To imagine the meal of tomorrow and what, who, why it will be enable us to move and yet again foresee. And abstain from having t o sleep without its remedy.
Lu = light = read.
Lull a by.
A by abysmall.

At dourdan hospital, france, near great Paris(H), my friend ali, was a very old guyof 90 years. He had been a oworker half of his life and live in the middler of the suburds – for emely a sna shanty town during th 60’s – till year 2000, in his without-water-caravan. I was so weak and abondoneed that he was left with pee on him for weeks tough he accepted a shower once a year by the fire station. He was vehement no one was insisting on him dealing with his having become incontinent.
One day he had a heart attack thankfully in the street and was brought to this hospital.
He was holding his thumb inside his wrists in a retroverted way. I would not have known, I just tell thEm and find my friend some times later with his thumbs cut into two, his nails facing the palm of his knuckles. It is because I asked so many times, had to came across later with a physio who finally intervene on the finger, since long dead, that I understood formally that these people did not do anything to prevent him to squeeze the other his hands  way the joint is going from pain.


We .
When I do not give back your gallant desire, you go susceptible.
To be blunti I could suck you all night, but I am not feeling well at the moment, at the backgoudou (=sissi) brutal remembrances of my not being with you.
You know whom you resemble. You resemble my aunty, the oldest one or almost, the one who has not have a husband, we are her true nephwev discretedly, I am, she counts her lot, she knows it. A pig headed, very beautiful female, very beautiful for me and because of never stop being active and physically and in her world of fantasy, and folly but ruly. Rally! But pig headed as much as resembling them. The day I cry the most of my life was the day I gave a real thought about thers. Hers. Mine and hers.

There are thoughts that I wonder, or guess, or sketch. They are thought, not(hing, hint)  formerly formally,  definite, even to a human ears, years.
But I cannot tell you. Finite?

There, here, terre.


Feel like suicide, tok see = expect = ask people one loves to cry this one time. There is nothing much else you cannot do about it, as presently.

All of our political meetings void of every pour pure actions, betraying their ideology of equality and nonesty.
They are black masses realy. Don’t need to be the political ones, are every actions is politics and bar, bear or bury democracy.
We thought barely, and if basely?

Welcome you like your lady, and we could know this accent of eternity.

Someone walk in the street, it is night, she is a bit in a hurry, a bit praisy, like signalling to everyone, like if it could have the need for someone. I am the building at the centre, like the heart of the block, who can hear her, me only at this reception, and of course, I am wishing up to bring my sense to the possible (that) fact? It could be you.

I son’t respect any one any longer, I will have to be drag from this torpor, but by love if not by deraison. My old aunt comes to my mind to teach me and instead of writing and restore what “instinct” can bring, I don’t move anymore.

I don’t shant’y son’t. Honte = shame. ~ aunt, hunt, haunt. Hot, full, hut, flute, shut. Flout.

It is not always easy to have a dick, that is one’s sexual organ remote from the rest of the body, like cut, or curvy, or with the thread of taping, peter out,
I thank my son to have taught me, on self-reflexion after having done my pamper, on personal care omnipotency.

Do you say to you I love you, to soothe, protect, alleviate, reassure, tame, relativize us, you or me?
Do o you know what you provoke? Evoke.
At the pre, eve of? There is only love on earth and all that through may imagine, the proof of unstoppable living, the why one’ d like resurrection though life is misery. Misery to live? Don’t count without it. And count the one you bear even if the person does not care? To love to love, as love is light, an opening, no world is a prison while one can transform all horizons.
Horizons, horror.
Hors I ons.
Or, I, ont.
Ont, to have.
Or on.

You, in fact true pronunciation insisting, latent, lagging, hissing, or whispering.
Y, je,            o,              u, you.
The day of her death, she was crying the name of her official, as it were to be allow, this only name. While her voiding up body was taken by the essence of her true.

Like the religious, one has to investigate darkness not as its sacrifice, scapegoat or escape but as outer us as inner us, life is awaiting for comprehension and creation.
That is- What is (life)?

Like, lead, lea, leak.

You sacrifice, and the last one, talking not of an ultimate, you don’t think I am the one, but sacrifice one’s career, he never asks for it. I ask for loving, voing, woo.
But she says no I won’t be so perfromant if I love. But performant you mean in the profession you adore but what since he is for the same philo since to the accomplishment of your practises and principles I would be completly beyond them and what relationship is expected, as I support you, not us in the state I d like us and me and you to be. She is his love owny.
The love as incarnated but by the person who bears the offprick offsprings of thought, and what they bear, us radiation, entity.

You imagine yourself with a terrible hunger, like one we almost experience everyday as everyday we eat. No more food, why not imagine eat humans, like we do everyday in this society of termites.

Imagine, magie.

Do you say to you I love you, to soothe, protect, alleviate, reassure, tame, relativize us, you or me?
Do oyu know what you provoke? Evoke.
Or would you not have rather suffer in silence, if so, as sick I am you don’t want me he(a(r) ever, you don’t want me for your companion, so why ploy play down the work, the word for which is worth and deem existence, even in mine that does not hold.

If I cannot ask permission to love, I can, I will as long as my life is intelligent, ask for it to be helped.
Can, note. Music and prosedy.

To go on to another life, one has to die, and it is the why of the beauty of (fresh) sufferance.
Sodomy linked with facaes, as when after the rectum is erected.
Nothing to do with scatophily, but functionally ready for a certain form and stage to yell through.
why and how and butt.
To speak of one’ security as a boon from one’s society whereas its security is at a cost of pariahisation and silly discrmination’
Why silly? Based not on progress, abilitation, ex to prevent someone to kill somebody else, but not in killing him afterwards, even not socially {nor stoically}
But production of silly inequality enable people to say if you don’t fuel these I throw you to the ground or where you will be eaten, if you don’t work for dishonour and money. Silly!

In your talks, think of foreigners they need you to talk clear at any time, above with the habits of yours to get quieter and quieter when it become idiosyncratic.
I manage to rewind your good joke and ultimately have a welcome laugh, which I could not have without hearing it articulated.
I haven’ t read you enough, but it is the impression I get that you like getting particular and therefore lead your readership in far retched gymnastic on this example. More so, the need to have and maintina a clear diction, you speak to fast, Scottish.  (Nordic) shivering from the cold hormonres?

I love you frau, for nothing but I don’t mind, as I need to love

To find one’s ownership one’s domptor, to find one’s.

On fumes, mn of huff and stuff, at a highest level when listen to you, as I am charmed inside my aim, my life into. My life, mill. File, lim.
The aim of all of it, who could predict?

I will have to go back to the apprentiship of controlling my fear, and nicest moment into the darkness of a park at night. You conduct me in these quarters super, I, it be a change from north eeping forest. But this time as the park is locked, I won’t have to bother about human pests, also I would be having a little training more seriously than previouly. The deers and their empress.
On staying in locked park, and not during the day. Long story.

Mais, (ne nous), ne serions nous pas un peu macho , par hazard?
I am indeed surprised that you did not stop me and say “mais voyons Cherie, ne pourriez vous pas cessez vos envoies religieux, vous etes d un genre plus gothique, ou c est du moins comme cela que je vous esperais”

I recall him the time where the women were not accepted nor at the offices, nor at the bars, nor at the places where bargains were taken place, and even not where the leisure, such as hunting and racing reign like lose for free pretress.
Pretre, priest.                 Prayer,             ayer, slayer, iest. Prier = pray,           pri = seized.
prete, = to lend.

Ok cela deviant connement jealous, c’ est simplement qu ej je n ai plus nulle part pour te retrouver.
Women talk like men would do among themselves to confront each other iw, with, within false principles of gender, soiling sex, identity, pride, equality, variety, suavity, sensuality, liberty, and as many as theirs, there are of authors.
In between.
And In between.
Me and you.
A chant chance I am oho homosexual you d have managed tic.
Tanks thanks to people who make me experimente other feelings than resultant revulsion or trahison.

I never thought to have more pleasure when alone, because I think of someone this time, not anymore to be functional, but to appease.
I follow the respect I owe to do as if, since he would allowed the remit permit.
To make it while thinking to the other’s pleasure, and come like a soldier, breathing as low as rough, fulling the iar, ier, soldier, friar, yard, that tenet tensity, tenacity y was emptying.
I, are, am, he, were, dom, self, ness, ism, en, vom-it.

Your expression of desire that vanquish. As you do it when it is gone, or when you ll say it is gonna be the superceded tying time I won’t go back, I have the taste and that won’t last
Relish reeling, quish

Relinquishing quipped quim.

Quim = que him = only one? Other version. ~

I try to give you everything through wir writing.
Like when one thinks something and d say I have to put it down now, what ver I am doing as if I start thinking I will remember, I shall loose this time to process it again. Thoughts have to be put down.
You treat me like if I was hinting; it is everything I try to hand over.
No game.
Am I so looking lie like a true horror?

Not being afraid of the dark is not feting fearing death, but toi do fear death is not knowing or fearing or condoning human weakness feebleness.

The demons the spirit whom each thinking habit.
We dwellers.

Whatever, however little or delusionary hope is on stock, live is going on.
You said my essays were not critical, or dialectical?

I have been too ambitious. I wanted to respond to your cast on my happiness but the resirprocity- I have forgotten social mobility-. But for me it was happiness to love you, in the offing how could I offset but offside offering (par rapport) vis a vis the rest, your mistress of career, the iffy, offstage, of ring and fascicules of falsification proofer professed, what can id, what can we do?

Id, idem.

My mum always told me she has the fright of her life watching the night of the living dead while pregnant with me. I just realize she repeats herself at time. At least I came out of her belly. Where are you?

                                           Even when it comes to sexual reaction, I know it could be you, it would but you.

Will you trust me back or gather evidence or got me silly till I die more than I deserved, it?

En francais ca se dit jouer le malin, si j etais peintre je vous ferais plein de dessin, mais dans ma journee se defile tous les portraits qui l me faut vaux, veau de bile. Belle. Vile. Ville.
Mais de toute facon je ne peux pas jouoer a qui je ne suis pas.
Je suis usi malendrin mais jonete pour ma femme il suffira, pour ma femme et si c est oit, les assez allez laisse moi t expliquer que c est bien et si tu trouves pas je le referai mieux.

You laugh at me publicly the other day, te then I have one or two words to tell you. It is at the highest authority I will complain, the sire, the noble, I am not saying it has a tail, bon dieu.

I now pronounce you man and wife.
Man could have been used as saying not male, but this particular marital status ally to the fact that one has to get a paid job to be deemed a ‘working’ and therefore passable of being adult and not adultery.

Who whom, right holders, right bearers

Emancipation has the connotation of freedom from one’s aparents, who are the ‘first apprentiship’ on dependence.
Emancipation but not including the rights to profit from vanishing physical strength
To build another colony, but what if one does it without taking into consideration the effects aleready functioning of gathered efforts to build positive elements of the communities. Affects,
Could be emancipation be divisive, ruin what is ready to serve freedom and wisdom, a flee.

To love you as one have tor represent everything, and that it will pick a person, this I love, this is love, we can think that even and stay humble. Heaven is humble, I might die without reciprocity. The despair is not far when I see you are not my humble, who would accept my hand, my fingers are not rapish, they are for you to come, and sow less preferences on the (p)re-established prejudices that I would not serve you humble.

Like it is often represented, the communism ideologism represented as being a single ‘mother matrix’ to whom every of the army, slaves ants and (hands salve) larvae, will have to converge for it to conquer. (The leviathena in a sense). Athena
The term competition, cooperation, collaboration, bribe, elaobarted on nepostism and master consent. Because one needs to follow what is more aknowlegeable and further more the more experimented opinion doubled with the wiser application (but wise means to take dignely on board the bigger picture as well as being concerned and pointing (positing) at and look after in order to resolve all (brace and break on berk) breach of all rights-as if one part only-although we not know how much and far they will be epidemically recurrent and invading-stays in the sa shadows of our neglect and din diminishing relativisation (the one of a cruel conceit, the opposite of resilience, the facility with (why we) which we practise damnation.)
Being on a goal, as it is the way we manage to serve life at its best. And therefore though nix (=north ing) knowing what will be the next better move, as at it best means that we d accepted to be the sheep, the ignorant missionary, as life is a womb.

It is true that your instinct makes us life for the help, guidance, and warmth that one has to procure to someone who cannot. Who lives does not mean that on one’s way to raise out of live shall be. It is why one needs the other, the one for whom he is making, not through instinct or duty, but the one who drags time, space, energy.

Love at the first sight and superstition.
The way I saw you. This (hit, heat) shock of lights, like any apparition, any.
I thought to my soul I have to gone on only.
And then your all body but your head. I was not pemitted with glancing at a woman.
Because I was ‘’’’’dating’ someone? Because my dates has never been somethingelse that outdated.
I did not have the choice; they always stay distant when they say that they make love to me.
Such an impression it was the first time because, you did not see that, you were the passing mode, of a woman who is here for what does not concern me, though I felt your weight, but not (just) interestingly, all of it.
Even if it did not happen this strange c-hose (object) your light is the mastering of darkness, as no one can tell me I lived for nothing finally.
I caught myself in the thought I could I would I should give her my life, but in fact how was this first impression of it. I have myself for being the slave of superstition, for forgetting my slavery. The one for which I do not dare loving you in all my possibility as the door as not but you as has the grinding key.

T ha t.                   A feminine?
T hi s.
Mind still have the Arabic consonance, in moustapha or Nicola, to prove that it can be neutral. A.

Mon amour, yo can see love and hate in them, you can see help and competition, excitment and restrain, all of the emotions for which you like them humane. What you don’t see is the extent and scope and consequences of their indifference. One can ssya whatever but when comes the need for action, what will be happening at this hour, only psychological superficial damen damn comprehension.

“it is not proper to love any woman whom one would be ashamed to seek to marry”
You re not a wussy. But well is that statement reassuring, or bringing any emothions?

As now I still not getting it, do you like animals, sort of things?

I don’t understand. You are hilarious and you know it. Nevertheless, you are hiding yourself when you are making one. FUCKING PHOBIC, IS WHAT YOU ARE.

Lif for you and the romance accordingly, as being an answer to your pratically permitting it.
Yet another fight but this one for the skies with whom I have to embrace o holistacaly for the realm be for an empress and not ‘repress’. Kink of propaganda? Reprises, shot, snap, it is not like that, you ae my sole id. As the world d become anon without, your name in the night, your name in the light. Sight?
sole id, solide.
Soleil, seasight.

The day he would kiss her, she could imagine herself throwing into the (ze) deepest waters, to contain, no, to reassert boundaries, and because the bomb could leave her up to the sea.


It is funny to notice that the most fussy people about change in society are those so compliant when come the hierarchy. Us as phantom at the so called utopia, that are just, when at their best, better ideas That no one want because of the risks that they represent for the individual to support them while facing the ripper machinery.

Only by not sleeping, awaiting for what we feel want to resonate in a place we would have prepared more empty, one does the equivalent to go at night in a wookd or a park and listen to any noises, presences, one’s very fear and contentement at not being crushed at tpresent.

To oput oneself in a state of sleepiness because otherwise being so alert to other concerns that one is not able no more to proceed tot he unhonorary tasks

When communists are not green and speak about mass production, comtemps at the state of nature...I really, do not see any difference between communists and capitalists, exepts the nature of the production. 

What people are afraid of in a situation egualitarian is that the barriers-how shameful they are apart- would not be there to contain, contain, no to undermine energy, but that this energy could become a groundswell destroyer one. Touching everybody. That in this society a lot of our effort should be devoted to inter protection and assessment which is absolutely fine as long as the principles and practises are good, honest and free. But if not, the group who havc lost its only way of self porotection the diversity of the sources of forces.

Mission, missive, emission.
Eve, matter, birth.

I’ d like like you to go faster and further and better. I cannot.
So what is worth love then?
Without regression.
To what?
The sufferance, the death, the disappearance.
Like now?
I don’t know how, where, I don’t know nothing but in my heart every of this happening ok as long as your joining. Is that macabre? Is beyond those, it is whatever happens our auras is like the literal and exact translation in French. Will have, will be.

How does she manage without you. For the time does not become the countdown towards which at last would be sole exitment.
She look forwards to Mondays, when her letter will be sending her patience, continuance, proof of loving.
Thinking that if though you despise the word love is universal and no one escape the rule, even not you. Even for me that idid not anything but aspire to yours.

Ne pensez pas que je sois en controle de rien, je ne suis que mon destin qui m enseigne pas a pas. Il en serait differement je ne ferais pas autant de conneries.

Ma reputation could have helped me. It would be one of sheer vainquish but harmless dummy.
You d think I am in the capacity of hurting the woman I love or I loved, or whatever to do with it. To hurt sometone because of her having lending me some kind of attention?? I said to you you can slay not mud. Mind could be but if we come accroos entirely alone. Dream, dream...

I saw your site rearrangement but is there any big mess improvement?
I would have liked being stlck stock the altogether same.

nous mind nous = us
noumenal  adj

Too much protein means kidney dysfunction.
I wanted to bring you tahini.

You re not a wussy. But well is that statement reassuring, or bringing any emothions?

As now I still not getting it, do you like animals, sort of things?

I don’t understand. You are hilarious and you know it. And nevertheless you are hiding yourself when you are making one. FUCKING PHOBIC, IS WHAT YOU ARE.

Lif for you and the romance accordingly, as being an answer to your pratically permitting it.
Yet another fight but this one for the skies with whom I have to embrace o holistacaly for the realm be for an empress and not ‘repress’. Kink of propaganda? Reprises, shot, snap, it is not like that, you ae my sole id. As the world d become anon without, your name in the night, your name in the light. Sight?

The day he would kiss her, she could imagine herself throwing into teh deepest waters, to contain, no, to reassert boundaries, and because the bomb could leave her up to the sea.

It is  funny to notice that the most fussy people about change in society are those so compliant when come the hierarchy. Us as phantom at the so called utopia, that are just, when at their best, better ideas that no one want because of the risks that they represent for the individual to support them while facing the ripper machinery.

Only by not sleeping, awaiting for what we feel want to resonate in a place we would have prepared more empty, one does the equivalent to go at night in a wookd or a park and listen to any noises, presences, one’s very fear and contentement at not being crushed at tpresent.

To oput oneself in a state of sleepiness because otherwise being so alert to other concerns that one is not able no more to proceed tot he unhonorary tasks

When communists are not green and speak about mass production, comtemps at the state of nature...i really don’t see any difference between communists and capitalists, exepts the nature of the production. 

What people are afraid of in a situation egualitarian is that the barriers-how shameful they are apart- would not be there to contain, contain, no to undermine energy, but that this energy could become a groundswell destroyer one. Touching everybody. That in this society a lot of our effort should be devoted to inter protection and assessment which is absolutely fine as long as the principles and practises are good, honest and free. But if not, the group who havc lost its only way of self porotection the diversity of the sources of forces.

Mission, missive, emission.
Eve,  matter, birth.

I d like like you to go faster and further and better. I cannot.
So what is worth love then?
Without regression.
To what?
The sufferance, the death, the disappearance.
Like now?
I don’t know how, where, I don’t know nothing but in my heart every of this happening ok as long as your joining. Is that macabre? Is beyond those, it is whatever happens our auras is like the literal and exact translation in French. Will have, will be.

How does she manage without you? For the time does not become the countdown towards which at last would be sole exit-ment.
She looks forwards to Mondays, when her letter will be sending her patience, continuance, proof of loving.
Thinking that even though you despise the word love is universal and no one escapes the rule, even not you. Even for me that did not do anything but aspire to yours.
Dude’s ode.

Ma reputation could have helped me. It would be one of sheer vainquish but harmless dummy.
You d think I am in the capacity of hurting the woman I love or I loved, or whatever to do with it. To hurt sometone because of her having lending me some kind of attention?? I said to you you can slay not mud. Mind could be but if we come accroos entirely alone. Dream, dream...

Life (elfi-healthy) for you and the romance accordingly, as being an answer to your pratically permitting it.
Yet another fight but this one for the skies with whom I have to embrace holisticaly for the realm be for an empress and not ‘repress’. Kink of propaganda? Reprises, shot, snap, it is not like that, you ae my sole id. As the world d become anon without, your name in the night, your name in the light. Sight?

It is funny to notice that the fussiest people about change in society are those so compliant when it comes to the hierarchy. Us as phantom at the so called utopia, that are just, when at their best, better ideas that no one wants because of the risks that they represent for the individual to support them while facing the ripper machinery.
Ideologies holding on to the danger that is coming the way, they decide not to face it.

Only by not sleeping, awaiting for what we feel want to resonate in a place we would have prepared more empty, one does the equivalent to go at night in a wookd or a park and listen to any noises, presences, one’s very fear and contentement at not being crushed at present.

To oput oneself in a state of sleepiness because otherwise being so alert to other concerns that one is not able no more to proceed tot he unhonorary tasks

When communists are not green and speak about mass production, comtemps at the state of nature...i really don’t see any difference between communists and capitalists, exepts the nature of the production. 

What people are afraid of in a situation egualitarian is that the barriers-how shameful they are apart- would not be there to contain, contain, no to undermine energy, but that this energy could become a groundswell destroyer one. Touching everybody. That in this society a lot of our effort should be devoted to inter protection and assessment which is absolutely fine as long as the principles and practises are good, honest and free. But if not, the group who havc lost its only way of self porotection the diversity of the sources of forces.

I saw your site rearrangement but is there any big mess improvement?
I would have liked being stlck stock the altogether same.

You are feminist and you are alone staging in this all men drama. Did it not pose you like a problem, neary to ethics or similar sementics, cement fields?
Or nearly.

There is no real relative form o f rights as any negligence any other would forecast. Dire consequences. And fthe fight only more and more intense when one manage to reduce bigger scale problems and apply their substance to life in general.
Manage to reduce bigger scale problems?
In the sense that one cannot get rid of the life incumbent directly under its immediate reaps reads rears responsibility (when one fails to oversee) by claiming going higher – ailleurs = elsewere.

The only word that is left for me as an intimacy is your name. N power, nin, lenin?, pas sa tombe, putain quand je pense que vous pourriez me demolir d une vie que je saurai deviner etre infiniment plus liberee et dejoue, je vous en supplie faite moi l amitie de me diriger vers la sortie de secours. Dites moi la verite etes vous amoureuse de lui ou non, ev, etes vous amoureuse de moi ou non, mais pas de blague, je suis une femme respectable, bien entendu. Mais bien trop vieille pour qu on puisse me conter fleurette. Si je sens que vous ne vous etes pas bien considerer je vous montrerai votre preciosite et si vous ne ma vez pas vien considerer je vous montrerai ma force de caractere, celle de vous demontrer que l amour change bien plus que la guerre. M avez vous bien entendu je vous aime bien plus que ous vous ne vous ne l imaginez. Et bien c est parfait. Comme cas ccomme ca je n aurai rien d autre a faire qu a vous le demontrer. Et je ne suis pas violent du tout. Comme cela je n aurais rien d atur a faire que de vous aimez pour la premiere fois de votre vie. Parce que si vous ne l avez vraiment compris, vous n etes plus une femme du temps modern, vous etes ma relique. Si j avais a designer une femme dans toute ma foutue vie, que vous le choisissiez ou non d admettre, elle serez vous, donc c est vous que j attends et que j attendrais a moins que vous me demontriez intelligemment, il m en manque de l intelligence mais j ai confiance en votre fair play mais pas en votre demonstration de torture et de violentes remontrances. Je vous l ai déjà dit chez moi aussi on aurait bien fait l armee. Mais moi je ne desire qu une chose c est d etre votre garnison tout aussi discret qu une qui ne se verrait que par vos yes et eyes yeux,
Y why          eux.
Voy eur.

Je ne veux pas me meler de vos affaires je voulais seulement vous regarder et c est vrai ce n est pas approprie. Qu est ce que vous diriez de me convier de temps en temps et je ne serais la pas pour vous regarder dut tout. Mais pour eviter votre regard naturellement, de pencher la tete de soulagement de me voir en votre presence et vivant une histoire non plus de polisson, mais d amant literaire et spacio temporal, vous etes ma merveille. Bien entendu je ne veux plus me faire vier virer, et dans ce cas je vous obeirai, vous voyez rien de sado maso, je suis sur votre terrain je le reconnais, non pas que j en sois amuse, mais que voulez vous on est nait comme on est nait. “et je ne reg(e)rette rien de ma vie passee puisqu a vous et a cette autre chose vers laquelle je saurai me diriger si tel est votre souhait.

Autre. Naut, nature, pature, sature.

Je vous aime peut etre plus que vous ne le saurez un jour. Est ce a esperer, a eliminer, je vous ciet cite et vous identifierez a moi d avoir aussi oser l aventure de notre vie: passion j ain ai nomme.

Comme si ma femme was mistaken in waiting that the other will deliver her from their pretenses of misunderstanding, to which on which she works so hard to help, assist, in the hope to redeem but to find herself to work for these vu buddies who would leave even drop her the day she would say to a particular one “yes I wih wish that we wil”. I am not talking about me even if I am the hub, but of whom you would have all of rights and duties to serve against the predators that attack or that abstain.

What I don’t want is your pity because or I am right to do so because I know you think of it, me as well, it, our it, or you won’t and I count on your grace and on grace in general. Army. Arm me. Your weapon. And in what doing? Because I d like to restor you each time you would allow me to touch your fatigue

To work twice as much and everybody expecting for you thanks. The taste of independent work. Mind who will re.tri.but, retrieve, reattribute, fix the rprice, value the work, weight the time and density. Oh boy and they feign to talk about party, whereas it is a question of human anti inhumane priority.

Dites je vous envoy les musics juste pour me soulager, si vous me rappeliez j arreterais, ne pourriez vous pas le faire dans la perspective de ma tres limitee culture general, autrement Il me faudrait faire tout en tas de recherché pour trouver un morceau qui soit pertinent. Merci d avance de votre grande comprehension mais avant tout impressionante patience et retenue. Je retrouve bien la mes qualities les pous plus poussees et polissees. Je l avoue en toute modestie, c est aussi pourquoi je vous aime sans restriction je vous comprends vraiment. Je ne suis pas dans l attente de quelque revelations miraculeuses vous ne me voulez pas dans vos pattes, mais je samurais (umph correction automat) les saurais les lecher violemment si vous me montrez vos blessures, il n en serait de moins dure et moins sure. J avalerai tout de vous, mon anou, amour, car si j en laisse une goutte elle viendrait directemennt au creux de mon Coeur terrasser mon indignite de massoeur. Ma petite soeur Cherie, j ai trop peur que vous ne vous indigner pretextant tend, la pedophily, je suis homo, mais dans mon Coeur de femme dechire, viens toute une famille s y retrouver et pour le bien le vrai mon amie est celle capable de tous me les faire reanimer. Thank you you are my hero, je suis desolee d employer votre nom tand et tant de fois, mais je crois que vous l avez oubliez, il sonne comme moi avec ‘dickey’ c est pour ca qui l m etait donne de vous le restituer. Je vouddrais lire votre blog. Et vous apporter le verre d eau et vous faire eviter le cafe. Point final. Moi j ai arête d en boire de nouveau Presque un litre par jour, le jour ou “je me suis dit que mon etat allez etre moins receptive pour vous sentir pour vous repondre pour vous posseder”.
Plus une goutte, et un jour sera le tour du the.

Who knows? But more didactically tactic, who wants to know? Or convey. Way.

Je vous imagine tout le temps tres active, et moi comme d habitude tres lascive, a partir du moment ou l on ne se gene pas, pourriez vous penser trois minutes a la compatibilite probabilistic de cela? Trio, our toys, me, you. For me it is ideal yoy won’t have to ask. As much as I am devoted to my “””work”” as much I would be at letting the exact distance you d require to continue yours the way and habits and sheer principles you wanted to. Just don’t talk to me about mainstream communist consideration for nature. Meat only me. Oh no no I don’t consider butchery, and as far as the gourmet is concerned yours my meal sovereign and ti (ty) not too far.

Hey power would you do your regular walk it is not burly you could become but stocky, thickset, and me dumpy? Dumped nothing like the same, si, si.

Dominican Priest

Saint Peter, fortified by the confidence of the prince, was able to revitalize the faith of the court and the army. But jealous ones set a trap for him; a courtesan was sent to him, apparently to make her confession, but in reality to try to seduce him. When he recognized her design, he went to an adjoining room and wrapping himself in his cloak, stood unharmed amid a great fire which he had lit there; then he called her to come. She and his false friends were converted at the sight of this prodigy, and thereafter all showed themselves filled with veneration for the priest.

phis phenomenon might be believe on the account of the all almighty importance that a fire was for people. To keep it, to nurture it, to cook, be held not ice with cold, to gather around it, to work with it. Fire as an element would take so much thoughts, concentration, activities, actions, arguments, venerations, routines, ceremonies, awe...this element so primordial so truly almighty that every effort were converging to it, as much as the adaptation on the bodies, adaptation more than factual but of  identification, spiritual or carnal, imaginative or sensitive [...]. I would say that the kind of live we have does not embody us with the full knowledge of this effets (faits, consequences, secant?/cut fire c est quand, when? then). As the spirit eu eux. (had them in its swarm).

Am writing a lot about Agamben these days, and trying to understand in a 'symptomatic' way why there are just so many bad books about 'humanism' about (and 'antihumanism' - think of John Gray's contemporary cosmic ecological misanthropy). I blame Aristotle, I really do. There's a proper argument for this, honestly, but it all stems from mixing up animato and rationality (one rational animal for sale, anyone? anyone?).

an atheist and a materialist Feuerbach
since I ve know this you I lost my last trend on communism at all.
Boring and appaling. The mass a la masse.

adjective sprightly, buoyant, carefree, high-spirited, gay, smart, trim, lively, airy, spruce, breezy, perky, sparky, dapper, self-confident, showy The novel is altogether jauntier than these quotations imply.
serious, dull, dignified, sedate, lifeless, staid
Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged

I s there a month when you don’t get drunk?
It is no more jealousy and wariness that I feel but at the idea of melancholy, I am just getting seriously sicl, sick.

Sometimes you get linked by people you really think would have no interest in the stuff you write. Two jazz folk at jazz thinks have kindly linked infinite thought. Whilst I have no interest whatsoever in jazz (heresy!)

Stop hurting people spuriously.

One day, of my thousands over thousands utterly completely lonely day, I felt don’t worry, you work for your life, so your love of your life too. She is writing, at the moment, and you will meet one day. And know it is like I oculd be in front of it.
But might is as puissant as its opposite.

Is my interview forsook, forsake?

Ok I have an history of training myself maentally with accepting the strict minimum doing with my potential honey saying to myself she will be the only person I attend to but she should see in that my ultimate donations, everything in a few. Not anymore. I pray for this perspective of pleasure to be back, “baby”.
Not a lot, er it is not that I don’t like rodea, rod? No but I think I would do with someone talking from time to time.

Urusei Yatsura         talking like that about someone who give you an interview I think it is a betray. Ok for all you said, but where are the other notes?
Tray- having things on it, or traire, milk the cow. It is so coco, that you might like it.

I am asking myself what does dose of inventivity you put into a program. I am not insisting you answere d my concern today, 15/04, but answered it better now I see your register on why there is still a woman featured.
It is not that I am aggressive myself, don’t accuse me of rising yours, do like usual re.sonate. and od do it again.
Where is my blade? You see I cannot interfi interview you me, I can feel you completely upside down at the reading of my degree. It is just N, it is 3 am, I haven’t slept much yesterday. C est juste que pour moi “toi c est toi et rien d autre que toi”.

Like every people, but since they are very but few, I haven’t stable settled rule about it, that left me playing my personality like if nothing was a problem, you were in fact delecting yourself in the scening of I got some vibs, it is what ti I tell.
But what, it is like you accepting still with taste, alternative way of life, but not thinking of one? For you.

lovelornlovelorn - unhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love
unloved - not loved

I don’t even want to say nothing I d be insulting you to push you toward my being a lesbian.
You are too intelligent for me, but we could reproduce too.
Maybe we could have quite nice cubs. I mean if not overpopulated. Malthus was not multi talented him. Or not that I know, there is such wastage of the aforementioned. N t ai je dis combine je t aime, ouai bien la je passé pour un con je viens de comprendre que je parlais a la reine.
Je comprends que mon assistance serait plus que premature, mais bien tant que rebleu. Rebel.
Je t aime a l infini, mais que veux tu que je prouve, je me retrouve, pun-ie.
Cela ne fait rien tu vois par ton blog tu m enseignes. J adore tes dessins de plans, tes dessins aussi. C est les tiens? J y crois pas. T as conscience que t es un genie? Ben si les autres s abstiennent moi je te le dis. Je sais c est pour tout le monde pareil, mais vous, vous l entretenez, c est faust qui nous a appris de faire attention a quoi, et pour ca il faut cogiter, pendant immemorable time, months, years, beyond. You are a genius. Je suppose que vous comptez faire un reassemblage a la retraite, ca vous tiendra occupe loin de cette bande de salopards, parce que moi franchement je ne vous vois pas y rester, il n y a pas assez de danger.

When I see what you are capable of reproduce with you would be almost inter species. But am for that. And would have to collect thanks from my progeny to have find more adapted to ???. but not mummy is not adapted she is a genius. Yes, ok, but your mum is canny even if she hides it overtly.
So we were back at raping you. No I am gentle just for the offsprings I need from you (average of 15). And here I am redim in binary way like a monster. No, to invent reason to stay with you, regarding to the community so we so you, not me, you say, I could device everything but only for you. Je suis le male t as pas oublie, c est pas parce que madam est plus intelligente, et puis moi au moins je dis la verite. D ou de mettre fait jeter. Par vous. Inclue. Ok it is only mine, my verite but don’t I love you?

And I would cuddle you the day long, but well, power is good at punching too.

Titi me manqué. Caresser mon chat je n en ai pas le temps. Mais si je meurs sans cela ce sera bien amer.ment. Mair.maid.

If we love each other like we do in front of every one they would destroy us. Also you will have to play the asshole, but the problems is that I can feel coming a catastrophe, an exitment outa control or simply because when playing bitchy one becomes it not wolfy, as when we need our wolfe for not being killed by the company.
Why stay with the company or alongside then, because we need the dog, or it is not an obligation, we may want it.
I am afraid of arousing violence at the very moment I give to you all the care I ever knew.

We could live for loving each other, life would stop being miserable. As love would inspire us into (revolting as ti is) and feriousl y free the ones that cannot be touched but by the prayers they address to god not to the humans that slay.

The human vision so restricted that only bunches ar e moving in regulare sort of precise.
The other animals we know it have other sight, what migh they see then, of this universe that is so convergent, that we might sleep without becoming ice like the water or the oil thichened in the bottle near me, when I sleep without heating. The forces the mystery that permit us to have a pomp providing living, only asking us food sleeping and drinking.
A propos sleeping, the pomp of our body relaxing. Or if not the bomb would it go off?

The terminaison on ‘ty’. Like sovereignty, entierety… a feminine coming from ‘te’ latin  “la souverainete, une entierete”…

You were right to throw me out, it was what to apply on my psychology. Is there a strategy for the healing part of the scheme?
I won’t use a telescope to see you, nature. It was that the decay in beck according to me.

The people who threw him had always been tacitely encouraging him and support him in his labor.
Till the day they have found a mean of being more dictatorial, and then they got him fired. Up to the day when they have found a mean of being more dictatorial officially, and then they even dispute his reputation, name and humanity.
Take my word for it and it is why people feel fright for you.
Or are frighten by (ca c est pas pour toi mon agne ange c est juste pour terminer mon paragraph la ligne du dessus en reveanche, a moi que je ne te connaisse pas, mais moi j ai mise sur toi jusqu a la fin de la course alors je t en prie ne tremble. A chaque fois je pense a toi pensant a ta carrier, c est juste une letter, et je ne suis pas toute blanceh, dans ma vie je n ai que toi, mais le jour ou je serais qui l n en sera jamais de meme pour toi, je m en irai, et ca ira.
Je n ai pas besoin de revenche mais je me trouve a parler de ca encore et encore care je sens cela en toi. Aslors ne t inquiete pas je ne suis pas le diable en personne, je  ne suis pas instable, je ne suis pas faible, et puis j ai l habitude de ses amours qui ne marchent pas, qui ne marchent jamais, ton mot pour le reprendre. Et je n ai jamais fait de mal a l une de mes putes, m abattre moi meme, plutot que d avoir a confesser pas ma honte mais mon amour pour elle s il elle devait en perdre sa destine ou simplement quoi que ce soit comptant p our elle, c est ca pour quoi j obterai.
J ai eu un flirt je veux dire au lit avec ma prof j avais 16 ans elle 24, c est la femme don’t je parle de temps en temps. Son fils en a 16 maintenant, je ne sais pas si t imagine la comedie, surtout qu avant j etais bebe et n avaist plus qu elle dans ce qui etait encore ma vie, du moins dans mon esprit. Et bien ti vois c est la premiere fois que je l ecris en tout cas consciensciously. Je n ai plus rein rien depuis qu elle est parti mais avant elle j en avasi moins encore, et puis on s habitué, on s habitué bien. Ne me creve pas pour ses raisons, on ne meurt qu une fois, et nous sommes majeures je ne sais pas sit u le sais, ou la prochaine fois comprends que ton interlocuteur ne pourrait etre romantique d avoir cette pensee, se marer marier et n avoir plus que sa femme dans ses pensees, pour se liberer. Je ne te parle pas de rien te mettre dessus, je parle d infinite. J utilize ce mot au moins je n ai pas a en rougir, c est un grand changement pour le cuckoo. C est avec marx que tu partirais? Avec son esprit? Je ne me moque pas il nous faut bien une porte de sortie, serait elle celle al la, partly?
On aura eduque les pensees et les gens dans lesquelles ells rentrent. N oublie pas sinon nous en mourionjs de refelechir pas a pas, et poourtant pas le choix… there is a god, and its paths are unpenetrable.
There is a love, as there is a god, even cries even shouting could not break that.
It could? It would rebirth onto the one that my caress would. I thought of my cats. And children but they are suffering the one I think about, the one I can not spare a minute for going and play football. To be of no assistance, we write? Yes but if one day we feel the emptiness of a life with works, words only words. I know my caresses would be only caresses, but I would have lvod you. It is why you praise friendship? But what about the revolution, nin? The one that makes all these streams of thoughts revolve around. And us upside down.
What is a career if she prevent us to love? To demand us not to. Don’t think it is triffle, even if it is only the more primal of the degree the love I might have risen on you, one drop is the proof for the river of reasons awaiting the crush down. You would have said no. what about any organization who would not take into account the only truly need? And defection.

Tu ne me veux pas dans to n lit, ne te moque pas de moi, tu lui ressembles ne t en fait pas. Alors je fais quoi? Ell e te ressemblerait le jour out u me toucherais, tu me fais etre plus qu infidel a mon fantome tu vois, merci, merci pour cela. Et de le penser etabli la aussi c est une naissance pour moi. Et meme sit u ne me touchais qu avec ta langue, et un peu de francais sit u veux un petit coupl. Pathetic a revendre.

Your writing evoke to me the diapason.

To have sex becomes vulgar, gorhy when insolated. Even when one do love the person. It is because of its strategical tactical technical sod fail family value.
If someone is having sexual pleasure only by attending “crucial” perhaps, mh, ok, but very restrained and then overload by the responsibilities that they are then meant to endorse for the all body, then it is finish they don’t want to shoulder.
To take one part of the body, whatever knuckes, veings, bones, skin, fooloowing them through or marking it to the mm. and spending the time and passion that one feels having tat at this moment, very.
To look after upon this articulating zone of friction of your hips (not all your hips, I am not aware nor delicate, nor expert, nor strong and well thinking well feeling to come near to that—but this part I guess haletant, having this strain or its tinklish, tinkerlinkingment, as I would do to your sex my sovereign.

Save = sauve.

I always thought to complete my tasks I have to do the strict minimum for good survival, with the love of my life included. And of imagining me when love is ready, being pestering to have the leisure of bringing this another dimension, the softeness of all refinery that would bring us longevity.
But my love on you, you have to know, one workd and I d stop, hoping you stop because of your rythme not because of self sacrifice, whose I cannot permit, or my case becoming cracked. On such case I have my own ointment.
Emotional education. Retransposition of passion into calmness as my relentlessness would become sufferings if you should take distance from me and for you to thrive in peace. Love is also her for this.
There is no suffering but the one of one’s progress.

Chez./. chair.

One cannot trust nobody for the sumple reason that one have to prodigue strength, sentiment, comprehension, clemence, all what is lacking for true respect, but, and this, as so long that learning it and teaching it as well as they are a same process is the due and uncontournable, unflappable condition to it.

Condition, consequences, ade ader advertence.

And learning to one’s teaching opening new doors involving rules changing in wec welcoming process of belonging. Belonging to one’s field as the master has for liberty the terra incognita, and fro responsibilities the perfection of the lands that  brought him to that.

Wrignling through doubt.

I do. Nt. Not. Note.
If you slay me, my word to bear depart.

It was not a question of being capable of ability, it was a question of being capable of love. As the feeling implied to work, find, found, allege, abort, abscons, absoulutely every position, degree function.


You were right with keeping her at distance. Not that she is mean at all, but give the boundaries that you need to go n communit communication with other than her. As her love is so that she would have started talking to you like one who talk to the sun. without restrain as it os blatant tha t without there is no hope.
On bar black hole. Love and tis mystery. How can one understand the sugject of their desire would not be prone to radiato tion, disarray?
(Thi on tion it on. )
Tion,,,,,to,,,,,,,ion, yo, yo(u)ng,                I  y  o               nu un           you. nnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuu

Sugg-est. su = s.avoir.
Su = knew.
(e)U = had.
hugger-mugger huggeness.

Nt. Note, no.
n-toi. Net toy.

I am not saying that they are not important, see crucial to our comprehension and prevention.
But humans has focuse so hypocritically on performance related to psychology, to determinate the content of thought through behavior and corporal language.
It has so denied other occurrences, values, identification, communications, that human to human.
For what? corporation.
I make you think only to your social position, and you know what to do if you want be a boss and keep them happy, everyone.

She would no t have come to train as an artisan craftman because she d spend so many hours of the little time of life that she could not bear this objects to be thrown, scrap, every disrespect. If we wre living in a society where object were repaired, kept, were we would pay for table made with carpentry so strong that they would last centuries, with people sitting at them with all their appraisal and gratification, then yes built then would be an every day glad and happy poetry. But no.
And she wrote, I ll al(a)ways can keep my treasure with me, and their copy, exact this time, exept to whom on the paper that made my hands bleed internally. But no. as soon as a word is on paper, people might think and transform their true form voluntarily or unconsciously. But now. We are a bee hive, everyone knows everybody else and we know of what substance feed an hide the species. Undignity. One can do water not ever with the world, the last jugement come to our minds more and more closely. As much as we know earth globally, its face like a close-up, regarding a mirror, smilling ‘gently’.

You though have money enough to pay ten of those psychanalists theat that would lie to you about your perfectioning of your state mind and spiritual and psychological and mental, and intellectual and emotional, and truly on purpose for you to go one to purvey as if they did not they would generate more than probably your firing exit unable to fathom than the building is you in opr operation automatising doing harm to others thus it is in them the cataclypsm wi will see- on them, their careers, their social status, their economic safety, their physical integrity………………..but no on me honesty-own-est.

These little word that are at the disposal of simple sentences, this popular sounds play. Riht? Right?

You aare discerting about the humanity propensity at aut o destruction at generation of danger, poison, ignorance well guarded immorality. But how come you are looking up to ‘these grand personage, character of our history’. Of course one has to go towards some reference, aims; and times are so hard that one needs resolution stronger and stronger as we go into action. But would you think that every is to take upon their whole, they were but human and furthermore went with their period. Peri-od, peri=died.
It is why when you look through me and I know we were looking for infinity not infirmity; revolution, not revolutionary; your deception is bigger and bigger, more and more profound. As I know that the energy is evaporing, and me the shadow of what meant to be. But not a shadow of prestige or prestigidity, no one of digged mystery.

They could not know the shame that would have given the way to improve the situation so insane.
Morality. And the notion of others as well as what we have to bend onto strangity. Any end? Not on this account. There is no more strong and difficult word such as family. And it is why they are falling apart; and life takes our party into decomposition as invfest in there has no usufruct.

Inverse, infest.

re·li·gion  (r
a. Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.
b. A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.
2. The life or condition of a person in a religious order.
3. A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
4. A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.
get religion Informal
1. To become religious or devout.
2. To resolve to end one's immoral behavior.

[Middle English religioun, from Old French religion, from Latin religi, religi, perhaps from relig, to tie fast; see rely.]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

religion [rɪˈlɪdʒən]
1. belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or to have control of human destiny
2. any formal or institutionalized expression of such belief the Christian religion
3. the attitude and feeling of one who believes in a transcendent controlling power or powers
4. (Christianity / Roman Catholic Church) Chiefly RC Church the way of life determined by the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience entered upon by monks, friars, and nuns to enter religion
5. something of overwhelming importance to a person football is his religion
6. Archaic
a.  the practice of sacred ritual observances
b.  sacred rites and ceremonies
[via Old French from Latin religiō fear of the supernatural, piety, probably from religāre to tie up, from re- + ligāre to bind]

From june I ll post on Fridays, because I ll work on weeken d fro money. You see even together to let you alone and ree fffffffree, you could demand it I would find as token of my due respect a solution for everyday. Meant me out, ok.

The day I could touch you as a token of our happiness having found shelter from being forlorn if in love. This day teh most beautifully, the one that indicates, I could wait for the rest.

And I know she would no like it to write again and again, from lover it passes for being a pest. Funny that?

It told you not to shout, not that he is so frighten about its reputation, but he would be ill at ease, but so sad and puzzled facing its own contradictions and duperies that he would not savour the lsast moment when you wuld be on its scene.

All th signs I have seen could be no more than me becoming dead mort and mort.

Let me come back, not often, once a term, for at least preserving in my sense, the getting older an wiser since it is why we are perseverating being beyond being together both all alone but side by side; to perceive the passing by of the ever advancing season. Je t en prie.

As ,am is entitled to religion he is so to anykind of freedom and the duties to make sure it is so within the societal framework, which could constitute human emancipation and not only civil an dp political liberties.
Although it can be easily explain by the revolutionary weight that the nascence of sociology as a field was at the time, Too social perspectives.

She could not take the sun today it was a day of revolution to her concepts of what her life could have been. Take the sun would be mordid, would be burning.

Don’t forget oneself is to create and substain a relation ship with one’s onw body and abilities as much as astute and conservatory as possible. It is in that regard that working or living conditions (whatever harsh or candidadisation) might a real torture-cf, no forfeit- as soon as one has to obey rules desacretalizing one’s own lessons of what taught to us life itself and its first request, give me better give me for long.
Desacratilization as impeaching someone to respond to the only call htat is higher than candy.  (quand dis?- when it is for?)

Candid, candidat?

To admire one’s companion to legitimize one’s desire.
On daily fight and armour.

Am M.(-EN)

The weight of virility, have him crying, as she is the one for whom he would have to die, and furthermore by only trying.

You want to life for yourself?
Pretty original.
Rather die for the others, then?


One’ s lk life and one’s destiny is about to give it. There is one I would not give for nothing, and it’s   .
And he would shout and shout and shout repeating that he does not belong to me, but you know what I mean?
One does not exchange the paradise, and then one’s own capabilities at viewing, nurturing? calling it elsewhere.

Independence, automomy, creativity, freedom from conformism (comfort)

Humans played at talking and creating ceremonies, black or white, dark or epurated, e bearing hope or in-fight. But that we all belong to a people racing (rea, era, race, react) to its final finition.
Reach ed.

We work and work and work, and everything is alright, exept us, is not it? Mind you d be at one upon a time to tell you, “you working”. This asiatique side in ya(ng).

his- toricity
Shlomo AvineriSource: Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 25, No. 3 (Jul. - Sep., 1964), pp. 445-450 Marx and Jewish Emancipation
Published by: University of Pennsylvania PressStable URL:


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