Monday, January 26, 2015

L’ẬNE: I Mail-ailment




Anne(-marie) = annee as annual.
Marital, rut-ine, ritual.


L’anesse = a she donkey-
East = est = be

People have let cut cultural issues as one when it is in fact problem with discrimination and more or less opened, lb obvious, detectable, public, private, pa [a psycholological, psychic, mental, physical torture. Because in order to exert social focal control the eltis elits or the ones wanted to work for the l elits want this order of slavery to be practised. It is so that we talk about cultures when culture are not preserved as knowledge but perser vere as peopo want to see salvage and saping sal slavery as a component on which they can count on. Sorting problem s with increasing vo violence or inhibited destruction latant up to the bed of our understanding and the depth of our breathing. Briefing.

What is fun in pointing out some trace of cultural abuses is that as family abusers. Kil lik lick we cannot worryid about the next generation; and we display torpor at different cultures canning and condemnation without in fact emancipation attention, as long as it is not lil us that are taking the yoke everyone is ok, ay wy why? In order that the other members, women like us, human like them, animals like fed, take the habits as well as the rob, take the dress as well as the shroud, don’t think of the ladder but better will be shelved. To acknowledge is to ip implicitely applaud the martyrdom of what is getting ready to make what is different their pledge. Ease.


The crow of the beast, like the one of the snakes just prolongation of the nerve and the root of the teeth.
Like the nail, those of the bones with the shapness of the fusion ligaments and flwsh.
Flush like the future formation of a muscle the clot of bloodiness.

You always was wo wrong in your calculations. You don’t like them much, and to redeem and try to you did. But you like them too much as many would the assassins of their own children be.

To worship for power is the w equivalent (Equus) to worship ou--t of fright. Lest of lacking influence to tilt towards what we believe or to be eaten u p whatever they are.

The englhis ish ish his flag, a cross , a target, a crucifix, that could make the v empire went beck and back from its return on interest, enter, en terre, manifest of dividend and capital for the fiends.

Being already in the slaughter house, to converse and I diverge we ve got all w-hose time?

Tow two crows and clawas two tight tighs that clamps like octopus eventail.

To feel one’s body, as the power of attraction was operating only with the one capa le of effecting all day, without being there, the transformation.

A blade as a vampire’s tongue will explain how come the politics use word that are not senseless v but less laissez faire for dire vision.
Res plendissand ress portion.

To make you love, but with the intention of doing good if we cannot, the worst will inhabit the      missing of our notes.

Singular plural every strength ll have to o come back for the grand show that would be needed for the flip hump jump over all that, the life after life that make humans do better than jackal whether or not animal is serene, a human is but a ballerina as fragile as a twig brindille blade of grass whose h juice is on ice, and whose driness a tide raz when they come to think that they are superior to the jackal post cited.
Tied tide like Poseidon would remind that writing about god we did not meet him or her, the sea and waves master.

And when we will tied and tide will the common sense say.

Gently obsctuct your passages, gently and totally! For the spirit don’t go when you come and cry for it. Forth.

             She, ate.

In witer winter dark as become a block as contrarily to the summer every breeze does not bring the promise of the crack of the down announce by the wishtle of a bird.
Without birds.

About the men’s vagina. Half of them would rather stay home, as half of the women would rather go otuside. Which is fine; but should you touch my wife, when I come back I slot ya.

And you are the one in, I am free from space, should you be stronger you d shake each time you seea see a landscape. Or to wait that the nature provide the excitation necessary to protect eggs and nest, the call of the forest, the call of the mountain, the moon that expel the comfort size of a hot shape. And is thirstier for blood the colder one.

As a lesbian my flesh against yours, and I rub and go along like men and hetero and do like animals.
And would do the strap on, not for anythingelse, as my clito would spouse your pussy and my thrust the awakening of every muscle active or forgotten by my entire sacred, but to make usre your are happy,or to explore differently. Would a corner aa portion raise something else that the cruc curve of a ear or the crease of the v beelyy the roots of your hair, your eye lid so sofy

Male homo from their they poe against other from where they pee.
This trivialization coming from being pushed to incontinenece spotted homo were we.
Yeilling rapes and pedophily = rape or coercition over the vulnerable in order to hide one’s one trangendeirty.

Suspicion as supporting the reality what I am doing that I cannot survey or control?

i haven't been on this site long as well.
well i ll be honest i try to make my profile the most faithful to what i do. my reading is on human rights, i love everything, everything for me is a story linked with h.r and duties, and it is thus i focus and try avoidance of truancy. how is life? without no girl friend, dull. yours?

The passing of the time and the psychics of fighting death arrival.

On treason on profession and. The face of the elected west, no further commentaires.
Not efforts put at organizing but at ruling. Game over, place to human poultry. Pull try.
h. r as new rules but no nrw rulers, h.r as pervading, ‘not partial’ but omniseed.

Impeachment and embellishment.

Leg opened on what door?

The light of progess when resulting or being the results of pain even distress is like the light you have to have one as you redoubt to be attack by supernatural forces. To liberate these forces are not humans, are not yours or mine but those of no toddlers of no mutants but titans.
But to have this light on prevent us from seeing our true state and stone.
Human = poison.
;poise on the walking dead.

For homos segregated their spouses are their Palestine. Their wives and jusbands their sacristy or their ideas the sun rising hetero contraband the sun lowering.

Titans. It ans. Tita.
Ans = years.
Titans as something else that moving creature, human like or animal like. A book, a sacrilidge or sacripan. Sacree pan.

People are deemed animal inferior would sort as different if put in the cage they are building for them to die. Fourage. Fodder.
The question is not who nourishes who, but who nourish themselves from others decay. Some for decades.
Not that we should not provide aids, not that we should not be recycling.
The wrier wryer writer interpretation fears, as he saw how peple likes obtain from a piece the contrary of its essence and not by concern, of and for, literary performance.

On my developin g ocd in order to save what my computer or evenement more outer, or slipping of my tongue that won’t allow a second, will scratch or let escape.

To be no suppot then to have to defeat the chains and the most daunt . to have death and pain aquaint.

To make o love is trying to touch it divine. Make it off.

When miracles killers pray for miracles to come over retrieve reprieve their lifes out of the inder inferno, one can emit d oubt ought oath in matter of their success.
Just the time for swallow down us tongue and to revise the r premises that earth was a land for the picking of the human (at) the best.

Extrems conditions remind everyone of the parity of us psychics. Deadly solution come to mind and god or superior means of coercion towards the divine, the light without sin, is one cannot furthest; but reminding us on some fa fl flash that is us general condition to not pray and praise enough to see redemption. Paradise in us all, the key of reunion.

This sense of fatality that forbids or prevent humans to react to and towards destituition of the mines’ mind. That will make with lack but all miens that it is due to  superiority that people do what their commanders in search of circled servility will recognize as winning  battle when they are indeed eating up the past achievement of the humanity.

 We are all h.r defenders, as at any minutes one can produce something making a different, or diging gap of unjustice only for being able to go on with the life style producing easy nou household and glossery.

Females don’t like their lovers to cry but to bleed.

Looking for extraordinary good people, being put in front of some miracle gently or gentrify.
Banda dove, eve, vein, delve, devil. 

Mohamet and the other prophets was any way a good idea to foil Christianity.

In case the church would have don something else than banning the poor to live and sancturised the golden sin. All what you touch will be transform onto the matter that one wants for him. Till poisoning up to no being able to eat even so much as a fruit.

The control of human activities is not left in the hand of humans as we all fear their cruelty.
And in the name of god, the devil will take in charge what we have neglected of fighting for it to be freed from our salete.
Sale ete. Salt      s alete.

Mohamed children?

The genital feminine mutilation is in fact emasculation.
                                                                               Ass, cul
                                                                            Mass muscul

Would amputation try to prevent territories expension or escape?

Marry age. On premature conjugal coercion.

Paully higgings ecocide trial.

Anglo American way of communicate. With slot of intervention continue.
Instead of the lating or when someone is speaking, you can slide a word in their sentence in order to raise attention, to mark the exact moment where there is contention. As one will agree together but on some precise place and manner of the construction.
The English want people to have all finish before you intervene but the thing is there is no time to alos reprender, reprendre, reprieve, order

Greg I have two question.
What date is the essay due?
You talk about disciplinary actions, does that mean that if I ask you a reference for a job application, what happened with my way of emailing would appear as a remark.
Would you let a potential employer know?

I d like to underline the fact that when I email doctor power I email her not as  being a philosophy lecturer, but as being a philosopher, writer, blogger, political activist…
The university knows it but my attention was not to discourse within the university but within the civil society debates and place or address for writing and opinion balancing.
Doctor power makes it up to you to resolve potential dissent, my style is personal,  l dl ike to think inventive but it is about politics, I am almost illetate for some or on days where I have arguably blurred speeches,  but I must protest and remain active.
 Unrest protest.

To be the opposite of one’ names as a name is a simple word that one person might have given to you whilst the all the more other persons, entities, or influences; were against for the bearer to have it on.
Signified significant.
Word o’see.

Hi the professors told me that I needed a special reason i.e to make complains in order to see my exams.
I have no complain to make but on the fact that what I write belong to me as the product of my intellect, that if the original belong to you as being the center of examination and training, it belongs to me as being its, lame or not, good or not, author. I want my work, I want the copy of my product.
To whom can I send this Darren?

One day you contacted me again, scolding or almost saying that you needed to meet me fast, even though it had been weeks of my trying for this hard – and fail- to arrange some place for us to speak and see.
Today, Have you found someone?
I tried harder, as if someone does not clearly tell me no, in case I am appealed, I ll just go on offering.
Also I am sorry if I sounded insisting at one point, I did this on the account that you could have been pleased and interested.

Wcwe weveryy year euthanasia along side with child labor.

Plust it is hard to communicate with the limeys. Ook culutal clahse.
The u sun, the moon, ,,,the sea.

The English hood = condom.
On french letter.

What the communities have to offer as a model of social function?
Brother, Brothels. R, l.           1

S war den.

To be fashiste and believe in prostitution, and be up to nay cruel activities, as for having ths sole reassurance of not being abused sexually. On machismo
With the possibility to say yes to other fashisms in thinking I ll be able to marry one of the other, the bitches, whatever the colors.
Your prostitution and vicious mental, via heterosexuality and sex status, activities and privildeged differenciation.

Religious text and some of their interpretations, instruments and treaties of h.r or civil laws.

He called me ‘my beast and hust husband’ so my heart be at last complete hyd.
Or at last not at last as the romantic may love ghost, goat and alexandrine. My heart was then the one in the lake. Lack of her, and air, render me more than dead, just green.

Bow hwer, Boer?
Bow hewer, her, however, where, were

When you pertain to a class that has been made without the possibilities of wooing and funding a family, without having to pay (economically or sociall discarded more even)  for it, then murders and destructions is rendered your volupty, erotic and sensual. Fire long.

just great to hear from you.
you talk the kind of talk that invite me to be realist while believing and start practising utopia and peace making.
i am a practical. like you i d like to have another relation, someone. my life is organised by books because i love them but also because of lack of connection.


i d never dream of reporting this, but i cannot let someone to let people think that i am not safe physically.
also i feel that if i report this matter, people will start with what happened with nina, and therefore i feel at the moment in position of fragility.
I know I am not a first class student and that I barely undergraduate this is a answer to dave saying that i was certainly a better lecturer, but I do hold on to being allowed to have opinion, as well as citizenship or civil society activities.

Far far from my mind to have caused this type of disruption as I have never have been physically a danger to no one, self defence exepted.
in my life i encountered violence and i am deeply hurt  and threatened in reality that one of my lecturers can accuse me to need to call the security. in my work you can suffer physical numerous physical attacks and you are taught not to retaliate but only to descalate while protecting also your physical integrity.
I really find his accusations completely fake and very dangerous indeed, as it would normally take a significant threat for somebody to call the security against one of its students. I indeed did not want to recant on what was my opinion, opinion that makes him demand for an explanation and asked me to have a word at the break in front of the rest of the class.
Dave started speaking about this subject in the corridor, then my reply to him was whether it was possible to continue it in a close room because I did not think it was for everybody to hear about, and because I was in fact surprised by such remonstrance.
Once inside, he warned me on I don’t remember which condition other than me backing from my opinion, that he wanted the issue to be escalated. I stated that it is what I was truly thinking and that therefore I was not going to desist.
Yet I asked him not to escalate the issue as I said and repeated ‘I d like to say again to you that what I said about general political statement or support within a lecture is not an opinion I hold against you personally.’

It is when we entered the room, I asked him to enter in order for the conversation to stay private, that he spoke about this subject, as I did not want to abandon my opinion on this, I told him, and it is at that moment where he said he wanted to call the security.
At that moment he came closer to me and I ask him politely to leave me with a reasonable physical space as I was not feeling comfortable having someone entering my ‘private space’. I myself moved back up to the wall. The discussion resumed.
For my part, this reaction is too incredible and highly dangerous for me not to ask for safety.
I really was stunned by this accusation to have been made above all from someone from whom you would expect reliability, but furthermore stunned by him persevering and calling for an higher authority, I would like therefore to avoid at all time being with Dave alone i.e without the class to be around.

 sorry about this bits and pieces my yahoo is not working properly.
i ll have to go two modules that are almost compulsory for me, so i just want you to know that i felt obliged to answer to his allegations, but if you could keep this as low key as possible i d be grateful.
for avoiding any opportunities to escalation i just want to let him know that i d like to avoid being let alone in his presence thank you.

You are for respecting indigenous customs over genital mutilation.
Tomorrow I ll become religious and come and cut your right arm, perhaps even a bit the ribs towards inside.
Disabling or kill you equivalent.
And when yu think that some withey are for that, the respect of mutilation as they are indigenous believes. The doubt on plural ithsm.  piths

it is the gentleman i am looking after, it is in london. i accompany him as he is a walker.
He is here as I should avoid it but it is my sole recent picture…
I ll give you my address if you want next time you come to London, if you got the time, I d be my pleasure to meet up. Do you know you resemble Cherie booth?

American christianism and death penalty, the sharia remake talion.

To be treated as professional to not be human.
To avoid being assimilated with animal (torture) and now be apparented to machines now.

Republic Islamic of.
About religion, what is called of, or for.

Reprieve organization laura masey.
Fatwa, in paki Samuel nouram.nouman?
Search linda carthy.
Cliff Stafford smith ‘politics and death penalty.
Constant repair of family

People having studied political sciences and knowing about all the vice and vile violence, speaking to their voters like if they could possibly have the key of better in pursuing the bad rules and in lame ido d ideology.
The id entitiy of th lamb.

Line, lien.
Rine, rien.

People from the econ(omically dvp) countries saying that tiers wold countries are not for equality of rights, as they themselves are not.

And I don’t need to apologyse about the veil as they are my sisters and that no shaved we won’t go or grow for the beard.
The male muslim uncovered with female muslim covered are at the apex of ridicule liars.
And when they are voluntarily covered, well I d say that what made humble was more tied with the sun and what the deserts brought, not abandoned.

the veil has been used as a sing of oppression in the current debates, and of gendre discrimimations especially.
So the rationalists has to ask himself why women, that are not weaker in any sense of the word, vulnerabilized perhaps, often, in a broaseder general context, where their situations, unjust and fabricated  by social contention and contenders is nothing but the content of the rest of the society mind set. We will grow  indecent as all has to organize to rip one. As men are not stronger  but the organization of the societies making them trained in that order.
This working as women and men are culprit and complicit of statu quo, permitting gathering, yse, but spoiled from the start as being a consensus of the oppressed willing for the oppressors.
Prostitution and gallant.
Nursing or fall gladiator.

On being as a sing of oppression in the current debates, and of gendre discrimimations especially.
So why this harmony in such despicable nosense of desintegrity?
On being as a sing of oppression in the current most internal debates, and of the discri mimications announced by a people over the other people not wearing it especially.

For whose poor pignouf, in lack of females at home and polygamy, arragned marriage, and making your virility in fronto f the caffee. There is a conversion problem in politics fashion. As you cannot be said being a member of a party, and what is when this party is unique- the sole allowed…
Is the game on conversion that are gonna follow. Who will convert, at what condition, under which hierarchy, without  being allow to make change, who will be allowed to convert, at what prices?
Of course as a moral party we don’t want change that would render us unworthy.
Do to you the rules that you wish to apply.
Or Do to you the effects of the rules that you wish to apply, applied?
to apply or be app lied
you wish it did or did indeed.

To foment interdiction against homosexuality as in war you will fight as much as your having died for love.
And coming back what will it be for you but to transform into a ghost or bleeding more besty.
Be a sty.

Ran-sackIf every profession does not beneficiate from the same honour.
Bankrupt of the whole economy.

The forgotten, the put aside of this grande saga, whether Indus or indigenous, capitalist, autonomous, is that the same applied.

The poetry of the instant is also when we understand the poet; not
through that he has said but through what he could not have.
Because of this too powerful barriers of the emotions.
Because emotions are as personal as universal.
Because they are, like the sensations, our common grounds as well as
our differentiation.

And for the homos, the veil, is which color?
Or has it to be a hood?
On peace, is? Am?
Is ham.

We do things bad, but all have to  be camouflage, fags, hot and flags, as people are people, and each of us like something real free, nice and not always easy. So whatever as toe  be *tube* say as to  e be thought as not having  been achieve. Arch hive. One cannot find every eery elemen of understanding and thus possible amerlioration, as amelioration is subject to crumb ling more even when thought to be comprehensive. ‘being the part of the problem and solution’ and life as the sharing of atmospherisation. Share the psychology and the psychism, mass, ash eve. Relativisation.

Religion as a reference before history and sciences could have been
Knowledge has always been plentiful, limitless and ongoing, how could
one share it. Then one book to establish a common base will have been
the ones calling and summoning decency and morality.
Nad may be one abling to create an element of stability abling people to start studying in the sense of conserving the data and apply layers and generational shaere and continuity.
Look at now, where one might study, what? The same wars and destruction, that permit consensus on abuses, and knowledge, activity selection, not through avoiding their destruction but permitting digging jewels and deforestation. And population privatization, that make them as graceful as dead pawns congregation, happy to spread the morte, since everyone is the enemy, in a one for one guerilla fashion.

ok so here my genuine response.
i d like to thank you to react this way first as i knwo it could have been treated more authoritatively.
i want to protect a right to free communication.
one, i think that it could have been takcled by nina herself, instead of her having to report it. at the end of the day they were just letters. but the fact that she would not have reported it could have been used against her.
two i would have complied but still is my right of movement that is my being allowed, if not entitled, to follow political meeting, and to focus on a particular personalityor themes. in the name of investigations and continuity.

and a right to have your professional live, and your differnet functions, your being a lecuture, an activist, a person, a dog walker, a coffee amateur, in distinct separation, i.e not having to report of you as all of this as your profession would be submitted to the pressure of your civil society actions...
ok so here my genuine response.
i d like to thank you to react this way first as i knwo it could have been treated more authoritatively.
i want to protect a right to free communication.
one, i think that it could have been takcled by nina herself, instead of her having to report it. at the end of the day they were just letters. but the fact that she would not have reported it could have been used against her.
two i would have complied but still is my right of movement,  that is, my being allowed, if not entitled, to follow political meeting, and to focus on a particular personalityor themes.

Co nun drum.

To make sure we search equality as love come from investigation on a particulairity, dote on.
Love path shows by the one we are soft on, equality reminds that it is a feeling that has to spread, for love permits the truce, that allow time to remain.

Treating, rating.

You know for these Sudanese student, he might react this way as conflicts in Sudan have going on for decades and that the responses to mass murders and genocides have been appalling, quite worrying about the real intent (historical and present) at stopping genocides from western or other perspectives.
Western are in denial as for present foreign sufferings, also
‘others’ might well be in denial about western past history.
I ll try to see about the union fighting privatization of the uni, if I find something interesting i will let you know.

Sharia, share.
Tallion, tally on.

The equivalent of death penalty the misnomeed free trade that permit everyother abuses at work, in dens, for now and the future increasingly.
Char, ya.
Share? On human division and ecartelment.

not on facebook but we are something around 20 members but not always coming.


“we don’t need humanities anymore, no one will know that is going on anylonger, nor the analyses coming from these sciences…and then we will know that is the price ofinformation’.
And then…we will? no.
Format or formative??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How many do vote for labour party in thinking that communism is a too brutal, too self appraising, and a possible dictacture, but would stick more with their ideas; and see the lavour behave like worse than the bourgeois and future far right?

How many do vote right in thinking that it is true genuine or fair competition and prize on inventiveness they would like; To find robotisation at best, at worse nazions?

If I could reincarnate, I d like to reincarnate into a horse, but what about them being all domesticated, and possibly in tasks they don’t like or ungrateful hands?
Pets and pests.

To be equal to animals but not anylonger as humans have spread death, their psychic and spirituality are as much condemened.
The bird whisling, the insects crawling, emprunt, load with ultra sensitivity/sensibility will confirm at any time the day you dare try and ask, supplice suppkike suppliy for the light of their message come down to ya.
Inter integrite.

a war en ess.
En = haine = hatred. Hat-red?

Each time I wrote a 'decent' idea: in terms of creating a sharable space;
I thought of love.
De scent on t-rack. T-race.

Trac, hack,
Trace. Ecart.

Rational. And ration.
Native, nation, race? Rate?

I would have as question.
If one says that if humans could read freely all human thoughts? Or all thoughts as being of human origins or as being reflected or in a way or another relay by human, that would lead to dysutopia.
Is not it having a negative assumption about human nature, or nature itself.

Nautre. other
Rut an.

The day university deal knowledge as being close business; we gonna become mere, mother? Product.
Pro duc.
And our work toward these aims, us as means, towards/
Means towards which ends?

And, hands.


To have put it, the at leat on paper seemingly, ‘responsibility to protect’ only or almost withing the civil society. The states not on regulating and enforcing, coerce anti pollution, eco system destruction, human rights, labor rights, individual rights….make of all those no more than raise funding, or human being exhaustion. To have to raise awareness as the sole solution without the law behind and with which legimimacy but the moral legislation, that are mocked by soil human rights and the efforts towards ensuring one.

Hope pain.

For non secular state, religion the eequivalent of citizenship,

Lit on list.

Be my death, a bliss.
On protecting the next.
Nest, ex.

Why does everyone believe in aline? Alien
Cos they have become the sole visable or think able cause of salvation or by saving us or by having to go against a common imminent uncontrollable threat as far as possible; and for this to be as many as we are now to perish through number.

You don’t want homo having children, as to relatives ease number. In the same spirit hetero should stop having, not to have.

Greg, I appreciate our session as the way you reconstituted the essay helped me to understand other techniques and above all a better overview. However I tried to think about your new advice on my essay, as they do not reflect the ones you gave me on my first and second attempt.
Since your former advices was on the expression I will work on those and the restructuration, and on putting forward clearer paragraph, without though resuming further research as you previously said that I did not need it.
is not that is too tough but i have to stay along the logics of what we elaborated as a strategy.

When sh churches condemn suicides as they had no balls to punish or simply stop or not support the bully.
As in order to say to us loving the same sex, don’t do that.
Why not having a go at the oppressors, chaplain ya?

To be promised to a miserable life and have to work while crying, or reviving our dooms during working hours.

Work and destruction.
State of our structuration. But the structures themselves aiming at contention, dissolving.

War                 discrepancy in  progress
Civil war.        austerity
Slavery           peace              redistribution and stop noxorious production. now.

Tell these porks that they are as alive as the british roast.

To speak about religions, but to avoid speaking about the politics behind it.

The “we stop being intelligent to be destructive consequence shortly coming”.

Eih Fat’ma?
On romanticism.

Even me if I could…
So who I am to marry? A fanny is a fanny…
Torture daily is the meaning of social life.
Resist the temptation of violation.
Obtaining what is not deserved.

They call me hybrid, but from such scumbag, it be called evolution.
This is a human statement, still don’t recongnising animals be their equals, and homo being as primitive as in every one genes and as educated as the free way to marry…but of course free marriage means that we all have the right to work and for proportional and fair salary, and the same protection, and the same obligation to bring to all peace and longevity.
 On eve or evy = heavy.
Eve, e very.

It is not hypocrisy it is my opinions being various, fluctuating, varying based context and many.
Oit is the conundrum on energy and complexity.

I had to ask her before coming closer, as we were from two different groups. That could turn to be ennemi as we were classified.

To hear art, or see, music or painting whatever may be.
And be boiling wih anger as we jbi know that for having a managed to perform as well we should have done what we did not. That we did not arrange for this depth.
For us to attain. Dept.

Kt to have to resort to crimes to nourish oneself
And to be in a permaeenent threat with justice of defense and injustice of braaching laws.

I am not a lazy person. Life gives us the time for appreciating her for being and having = belonged to it.
Spiritual catering. Reciting. Reseat, Resist, reshift, resift...

a propos broken uk there is currently something with the same title broadcast bbc world service.

Broken Britain"? bbc world
i tried to find it back, i cannot. i still cannot believe how sites such as those of the bbc are poorly performing. sorry for the inconvenience.

To enter the wife, to submitto her or him, one shape and the way it would mould.

To be a virgin as one don’t know one’s body.
To be a man or a waman at the same time, womb ba vagina, or dicky.
And after this be poly.

Virgin, the verge of the gen.

As you told me that my way of talking could make you call the security

To pray in row, while physically touching each other.
Why segregating woman and man, and permit same sex members to pray while being as closeas as flesh touching when kneeling??

How to intervene in fights in order to stop them without letting the victims in lesser and in shame, while all being need blood, and is attracted by it then?

A work community that is not about restricting liverty and live out of other work but about enforcing rights, while retributing duties.
And redistribution comapared to what is performed in line with emancipation and invention as far as they are not braeching other floraison.
Or studying towards the means of peace construction.

Coma pared.

On Work theology.
Prostitution is one…

When there is more an more work, and induced by jobs making so much mess that they would need twice the effort produced, if at all redeemable, to heal the ill effect.
And less and less job that would permit decent living.

-Mother why god is good if society is so bad?
-Because society says that they are religious my love.

Not enough managers to help voluntaring.
As managers are already with w  2 or 3 different revenue sources. Head, lecturer, writer, admin, tutor, …funnier.

Complain made toward society, or one of its functions, taken in order no to restructuration  but abandon.

That the other species have become fed up, sprire spiritually.
That humans are become less than king. Not that they were ruling before, but that up to the world they invade they are liquidating.

Al alk if the weather were like this  before. If people took notes about it was about what bring their harvest back and for the. Forth forscythe.

The males as they think themselves macho in adopting sign of affection, sexual affect, on all other females, should know that they like this opera operate emasculation, if they had any left. Right?

Ask conjugal duty

Religion choose as being already written as books belong to one language and one time and as a set of specific circumstances, therefore the debate can be understood by a very little amount of scholars and can be mastered by none.

What do you do if you don’t drink alcohol but I do not score in seriousness more than th e old choir?
You som smoke, you do have not really consensual sex many times, you send your children where they will comple comple compel to flo follow one route, in order not to be bullied, or to be able to do businesses as being a network or religious values made peepee.

And I d say that the ppope is girly, a girly girl; as I am pissed off as I would have like to live in the same hutches and shackles.

In the street the woman belonging to family coming from “Islamic republic” are pushed into wearing veil or being treated like a easy touch, or worse as a prostitute, meaning that within 10 years in the uk why not being applauded for touching women in the streets if they don’t wear the hijab or why not if they go out a t all?
If you leave, where to go. In London it is ok, it is a city. But who will scrutinisze you for not wearing, maybe for have left your family if it was that they were demanding; or else.
In this London where it is so difficult to exchange telephone numbers, addresses, even withing your own communities, where you don’t meet, or where to go somewhere a regular meeting cost you so much in time and in money due to transportation cons and apartheid.

I find your lecture super pro and deep. As I never study philo maybe if people don’t have question, you could redefine terms. I wish I could not rely on your explaining the abc. Thank you for offering something pushed. We weren’t short of questioning anyway.
Could one not review Heid egger hiding their philosophy from inspection or introspection? Ain’t total.
On his not going out of the nazi party, would have been to negate his work and the search for veracity, (vera = pork in french) on consistence with his work that surely has to hide and not disclose itself, its allegory to greek theology a way of passing by and around having to be overt about ontology. On surrender or circumvent circle and/of event.
Anti humanism as humanism pretended by democracy has finally destroyed the world, similarly when human rights adopt anthropocentric and therefore a blind, blinkered attitude to nature (and therefore its own). As there cannot be control over nature but respect, or else the control we have upon it the equivalent of the dam that at any moment can reveal itself as being able or abandoned onto unleashed overwhelming amount of element the day of its breach or its having use for too long=overused, as unbalancing the natural flow of elements’ shapes, attraction, origin and destination. And drift and draft.

The language possibly the nature of being, as language could arguably being commandments (commencement) or the thoughts or the ideas that conduct man (through animals and its relation to objects) to create or to realize that he will ‘functionate’. Native.
Language as the emission of other lifes and transmission of through thorough  (though rough?) though. The realization of its idea giving birth to evolution, man-made fabrication, behaviors. The results being a spiritual world where everything that is palpable is the result of some transcendental command. But beyond?

To deshumannize, to objectify as the life manifestation would become the box of panorama, or crack of sdown (hauss = elevation in french). Or Pandora.
No do. As objectify even object is dehumanized, as objects are extension of what is the results and aims of human life also objectify = treat object as being without life would be the end of humanity.

Language = being or body. To obey thought, voice, ordinance. Order. sacred language, law. 
Sprachte, sprechen. Speaken??/ voiced language.
As being sounds that every move, from the wind to the water flow, can outstream.

Is the origin of thought animal, concrete, abstract, coming from a stone, or dust and the effects of the lights.

Fashism, censorship and (sh)added/hidding meaning.

Fallacy. Fall assis = even though sat, sitting, setting.

Mere made.
Mer = see sea
Mere = mother.

Thought and what could under, tend, stand.

Saw, sew. And why not sue for backing black pudding?
Seal. Heal.
Apocalypse is th e end of the world not the one of our little cells, and sell.
S elf. Health.

Poe try.  De d edgard. Head guard what?

Pot et try, nope on dope. Pto pot, as the food be enough for encountering the divine in our daily life and theme.

Ralla, rally. Rale.

Obstracize, hobbes, obsequious.

MYStification. Mist. And the way we have to conceal or not to be sharing word that acts as missives.
Sour ate.

Miss eve?

In some circumstances you have to avoid playing the card emotional, as emotions would remind people  pea opel of their known, parents maybe, and would put more trouble than to lift the insane.
For him to remind their father was an element perturbator and not sou soothing relation with whom “have I it back” the feeling.

A semblance of competition saturated with brides and disloyalty =  unfair.
Eauality of greeds, apol apocalypse athmosphere.

Kama sutra.
Karma sura.

Plato don’t nique and platitude.

The light of eyes and fire in soul.
The refelction of them into the night and the nocturnal who flashes a like. Tk.
At the paroxysm of their sight, not night but reflection only like plato and the cave where the sun on another planets suffice, infuse, and create the impression of other than ordinary. ‘all cats are grey at night’ but the ones in the light of our condescension, eli i.e elite and sarcasm. Zenith and assension.
Assumption of erasme, erase the knowledge of being plund plunge every night into another deraison.

'Don't ask, don't tell' ban on gays in US military ends - policy banning open homosexuality in the US military has been repealed after nearly two decades.

India's first married lesbian couple given 24-hour protection -'s first married lesbian couple has been given police protection and moved to a safe house amid fears the two women would be targeted in an honour killing.

Evil, eveil.

Christ off.

To create a brake bread break through you need at least originally two formulated different perspectives.

Would genital mutilation could have been used to render rape with a sexual tool less?

lawyer human rights who want it to get richer, to get the money, are ante christ for what they do and arrange.
A title of folly.

tu sai je voulais quand meme te dire que ta mere compte encore dans ma memoire comme etant un des personnes les plus sex symbol que j ai rencontre. quelle classe!

“the LGBT population in the loop campus is very underserved as a result of the lack of visibility and existence of resources.”
To understand social resources.

To be OUT the window.

Free tread on aid.

Roehampton and free add:
Insert pictures of the tones of foods and perfectly functioning furniture and throw on a monthly basis, while international ads focus on their being green. Pooh.

Indigenous left in makeshift conditions, as if people from ‘mainstream society’ could start helping, alongside helping their nomadic revendications, the camps are so in danger of arson that even the ones that would ethically helped are putting out of mission, by a population terrorized by extinction.

To be poor, to have been caring, to live the simplest live, without aiming at super production.

To exhaust the believes of life recognition, the price to economic assimilation.
Or industrial destructive profit participation, or dire poverty.

I wanted to prove my love.
Her postulate that it was not my wanting to bed her that could demonstrate any.
Reflexion: even though I have got a poor understanding of social outcomes, no. I would not have thought this that way at all.
Address on maybe. Admission and cynical.
The possibility of love, would lower intention and intensity?

U,I write to you this way as I really though tha you would find it poetic, somewhat artistic as you are highly poetic and romancit too. Or is it simply old bigotry all that? Do you have cold feet rather!


The religious apparel as an i.d.
Not like another clothes that say to whom you hang about; but ab u international network, of economic and military clout.
Of course there is hardly as conspicuous as the veil, or maybe could one bear the crucifix on its back as an expository of death, despair, and torture: you must not kill or suicide you must betray and sacrify, that could be more use as a census on establishing the percentage of population. But how many congregation have used, dress code or secret code like the Masons?
To pretend on religious where aims are economic and exploitery, should be one of the most dangerous misnomer and agonizing of the mind. Quarter as a feudal supplice. The ultimate threat of being seen as not respectful while you were at improving knowledge, deed and beliefs.

The circumstances would be inverse I wish hetero would be welcomed as perfect equal within a majority homo society. But here the fear come of orientation perverted as being political outcome.
As there is no sheer hetero sexuality. The hetero are the product of propaganda, of economic and social coercion discreet or less than that.
To be in love will promise that either same sex or other sex passion and marriage before god cannot disappear but rather be the most excrutiating tool that social can use on every individual. The ones you forbid, and the ones that forbids as the condi fon confidence they have in their own appartenunce is the product of lies and bad semences.
But for the love I felt and live or made me live, for my same-sex partners (I wish I culd have been married, but life is love and should not be commanded or commented)

Nota bene: love between two individuals (and marriage or union between two condenscendent but consensual adults) cannot be nor divinely condemned nor humanly erased.
Good luck.

Are hoodies a replicate of religious appearance descent? In other countries they tend to wear sport suits and visor with a cap.

would you consider to ask people if they think that so expensive tuition course, above all in a context of unemployment, and direr and direr working conditions, as work is not free and is loaded of values contradictory to having a genuine beneficient effect on the individual, individual per se or their being a group or collective, population or enviornment.
do they think that further education cost that would put at risk population at risk of endebtment, or loss of independence, as debt, work and study more and more connnected with industry and monopoly, and exploitation and censorship at all levels, and hermecity as for circulation of info, rights and duties, insolating workers, citizens, as having to endure work and nature to be privately and institutionally poisoned, is constitution a breach of human rights, or in fact a breach of laws at all?

Anyhow at work nothing to say even when it is clear and institutional that business are dangerous for the society.
A lot of people fear fundamentalist, but their lifes are ruled the same bar the veil.

The veil with yet again the political and social responsibilities to represent and pushed policies the entire or almost entire women burden.

The POUT Film Festival is almost upon us. See the full lineup here:

you cannot say it is our, or my god.
God is to every vr creature and thing.

qg QG WHAT I experiment as a lesbian with the sisters the at practice is a sexual freedom.
To other I migh be regarded as a potential person to avoid as they don’t want to practice flirt with a woman while they are looking for it with males. With abstinent person, the y restrict to every body and therefore might live their sensuality in a less tard targeted way. Or strategic purpose, and massaged felling.

Religions are not worse by these people plying gplaying cool and using forms that hide a backgournd shamefully undemocratic.
Civil society is full of these tiny groups forming an organization, closed and private bureau, to beg money and fund looking like if they were doing so good without pretension.
The good like the clerics will fashion itself, as he lives out of hand out.
Contrarily to governments or clerics of the states or business that live out of thiefes nad destruction both gourps will live out of easiness by irresponsibilities.

Antropo like at ants, when the humans with its little antenna will say ps pa ps ps ps and that ;s it.

How come people people said themselves peaceful religious while letting their religion within, and inside other countries (states, clergy) perpertatuing horrors?
The myth of peaceful religion: beyond theological principles.
What it is that governments and ministry are relying on being fed by poverty after that they have been preaching?
What when people adopt a name that suit their law, governments and everyone practices to give an name of what they are they say religion, while you cannot even say of these things that they are a religion but what have clustered (the churches? The Christian world? Even not) around this same name.
Also to talk about religions in not distinguishing them all, will bring this assumption that for you all is justifiable under the anme amane of god.
After there is worshippers having as discrourse a rather peaceful and all emcompassin theology, but who is the worshipper that talk about peace, that make supposed that they devote their live to religion-as devote one’s lifes to god is not religious it is natural as being are the creature of it- and that would let happen torture, unequal politics, discrimination, riches accumulation, racism in name of a religion?
Or is the peaceful ‘theologist’ hiding bad stuff, as if it is peace than animate your heart then you will campaign in order not to say everything follow god but let’s addressing the horrors perpetuated firstly by people using the name of the religion to deshumanize people and to denature prayers, life and obole.
Or are the worshippers a way of life, a similar dress codes and reithuals withing which of course, formidable speeches are inserted and it is why we need, we have an absolute need for theology, mysticity, philosophy, metaphysics, art and science for good, we have to breathe peaceful messages to live on as for being strong enough to try and make a right from where it lacks and finish and last wrong.

Gays? Pushed into the red quarters and temporary affairs and married life style to survive the rascals.
Gyas? As it would ensue different way of conveying and conceiving family and as family values permit the infamy of unregulated exploitation and closed unit completion? Competition  

On the ologics of not marrying the same sex mean than sex are not equal. If I cannot marry a woman because I am a woman and not a man, and that on top of it I have to be with a man because they are men. It sounds like rapt pa rpa rape.

And to have to transfer and sublime your feeling.

Psychology question on behavior out of the mind or body, the thoughs or their barter barer or liability not being contained or not being linked?

After further reflexions; I still cannot believe that I wrote and send. A ‘thank you’  is own to Doctor Nina Power and discretely thanking her too since it slipped again and again; it is far better to have done so in this setting, even if extremely awkward and backward even though, than in a professional rules and vital space.
I therefore have to plead and mitigate as having lost track of the time completely that’s all. This should be in place now even and above in more official and serious context by then.
Could you transfer apology? Thank you, really thank you to her.
I am ashamed, in pain and handicap to have put us in this some kind of quadmire I admit.
But recant never insanes.

Still, seal.


The religion condemning thiefes should then condemn people disrespecting people and nature for their own profits. They would then attack government and ask people to earn from a proportional wages without counting on thiefing and conning and depleting.
What? Religion!

amnesty international some record.
On what is called top dogs.


Chief Executive : Larry Cox, Executive Director

Highest Paid Executive: Timothy Higdon, Deputy Executive Director for External Affairs
Compensation*: $225,000

Chair of the Board: Jeff Bachman
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Environmental Attorney

Board Size: 15

Paid Staff Size: 125
*October 1, 2007 - September 30, 2008 compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.

19 Feb 2011 ... Human rights group Amnesty International has paid more than £500000 in a secret pay-off ... as a campaigner against poverty, was more than four times her annual salary of £132490. ... Newest; Oldest; Best rated; Worst rated ...
23 Feb 2011 ... Amnesty International paid its outgoing secretary general and deputy ... her previous salary – according to the most recent accounts of Amnesty ...

Social.    Occit.
Sexual.   Exit.

To search this subject is essential for LGBTQ rights to be really maintained as they might be at high risk due to people not knowing about them or people that would rather them to be violated. This reality on the grounds might well be translated by verbal and physical abuses to LGBTQ person or the people in relation with them, and more and more difficulties in addressing the subject or its consequential discrimination. This education and normalization will be particularly helpful at university where one might start conceive careers and equal opportunities, could help disclosure and the freedom and therefore support of the communities to express and act on one’s sexual orientation, or simply because university is a whole place of socialization where couples will form and refine their sexual identity. whence the a lot through social gatherings (that could be conceived as a place where a space is left opened for homos representation, I don’t go in other bars as I know they won’t be any one clearly sharing even if a little  of my orientation

Pomme de discord.       bone of contention.

What about microshof not being user friendly for researcher, when you want to search on several docs at the same tiem or when you want to refine a doc, you have to click so many times in order to complete one task that is the equivalent of changing pens or sheets or styles.
What is intriguing is how one that build highly complex program doing just amazing think, almost byiong the believable could not arrange little program so obviously lacking for research to be less of a fordist dig.

Females are not submit. If they agree on not fighting is because of the natural need to reproduce if in danger of extinction. To which extend do this instinct go? Would a self identified ethny would go on reproducting more if they knew that earth is outnumbered bu t that they want their ethnie to go on or their family or their self to go on offspringing?
Homosexuality was reviled as it is a endogene process. And as it could entail the idea if vilified of, exactly like would do morally and mentally brothels, to push on to the genocide of whether the woman or man sex, possibly gender.
If I talk about possibly gender is because I think that a kinda genocide is happening with the consent of both sex in order to put an almighty all mitty and visible control ad as for the way people have to follow behavioral contention, pretension.

Like re rape would be used in order to suppress and overgrow sexuality, yet again used as a torture machination.

A wordl of politeness where one could have build up the holocaust, with saying pleas e come that way I l l show shoa o you, while we cannot answer otherwise than plotliteness

About heart and I really think that the scen e should have been forbidden and brought to a tribulal

It be therefore against showing it.

cool it still sounds a good proposal.
you know i know we are young but i still think that we are young woman, or adult, that is for minus gender issues.
am glad you replied this straight forward.

cool it still sounds a good proposal.
you know i know we are young but i still think that we are young woman, or adult, that is for minus gender issues.
am glad you replied this straight forward.

To feel so much relieve when seeing other ‘cultures’ lgbt, as we don’t feel that the world will eat us by our being out. We feel it as being international. We feel free.

Respect once.

And if percing was related to piercing or self-harm or self-degradation.

Looking his pianist hands and think that ok I could and will have to play as long as my hands are not so muscularly burstion.
To see it permitting me to stop whingeing aobu t the pain I get when I start their moving. And think do like the artists when you have to perform close your eues and in your face will get ot be land away the pain.


to be psychologically manipulated or informed but in order or having ofr rsul results sluts not being able to concentrate on something else than psychological or movements (space and movement) baabay sitting.

To be doomed to the death penalty will depend on oyour being black as convictions and dfense will vary according to:
The witness
The jury (who will be ruled out, replaced, if they are agaist the death penalty!)
The investigation
The lawyer you can pay
If the population would like to see an execution as one want to be reelected as a general attorney is voted inot their position?.
If the population is mostly of white background.


Je uis suis. Jesuit, je suis suivais.

The impoortance of acerting one’self within one’s own family. As they will be the paragon ofr our potential discernment and not stubbornness but convictions about the cruciality of seccession.
The inner tasl to stop other’s exploitation, the outer tasl k to begin loving the fit fight that is living in the puirsuit of not happiness but reason.

To be critical of a group as being newer to our eyes, or maybe the objects of an ignorance that will bring light on our own preconceptions. And renew the judgment we have on the gourp we know better, or not, as it were not anylonger, or never were the objects of assumption revaluation.

I wanted to apologize for the impediment as well as protecting my right to justify or explain my past actions. If you ask me to come to a meeting would it be in relation with the quality of my expression?
If I sent the last letter it was more than superfluous maybe but I don’t regret my sending as I had to make sure that doctor nina power would not be questioned about my past unfortunate writings.
If it is to mention that my participation in the classroom I d like to know for which professors my style is not successful and I will mute myself altogether even if sometimes I took the liberty of interrupting as in order to speak up about what seemed to me fundamental ethics braeching .

For th e letter I sden to you and greg. I did not certainly want to speak about nina at a personal level ever. I send you this letter as because I thought that I could still express myself on this subject. My personal position is that it might be difficult to liaise as a student in their hierarchic public activities and I personally think that it is anti-democratic.
As for the style I use as long as they are not marked essays on which ‘informal, informed or unformed, unacademic’ style is not admit it is still legal to express oneself this way. You would be my employer, which you are not, and would mind my writing, without saying that it d be easy to find a employer other style tolerant, I would try to find an institution or organization willing to read other frame than the ones offered and registered by universities.
If it is about other issues, entailing my behavior, I cannot even imagine what wrongs could have been seen.

If it is about other letters I sent to nina, I would like you to know that I agree without restraint to punish anyone who would threaten her in anyway. Also since I saw you, at the first  interview, I can be cond
What I mean by that, and that should underlinge since now it is chiare by the administration of the department, it is that I did not disobey.
However you asked me not to send anymore material to her, who is yet agaon an active political promoter, and it is on this subject that my past letters to you were: I really don’t think you have any authority at all in that matter. If doctor nina p well she should go to the police, but I never meant any harm to her, and as I said I want tom aintina my right to participate as well as being inquisitive and up to date on what the activities of a public figure ‘shall’be.

David, I ll never forget your name, but optionally you can marry a man. If discretion is not enough to erase the trace of your shame. Not taling about homosexuality you are well too cowardly conformist to not be homophobe.

The beauty with people justifying their being respected by doing something ‘good’ ia is what people do it because they have not choice?
Res plendor.

It is what I said in this letter I just state that 
In a deif diffrente way or whyis it that other or alternative writing should be the prerogative of the poets legislator or the poetry opeetry  or opera on war.

The vampire could be this character-creature reminding the other animal jaws’shapes with protruding canines. They will incise the jugular, muni of a vacuum or aspiration system taking the blood into its own jugular stream directely?. The advantage of its technique could to convserve the food as the prey is still alive then the prey is the fridge.

Eleven th.
Hen end.

Usual in use.


a threat to national security

Following the adage
of Chief Justice Robert Jackson that ‘[t]he Constitution is not a suicide
pact’, civil liberties and due process, he implied, should not get in the
way of national security.
However, the doyen of the ‘torture lobby’ was the Harvard law professor
Alan M. Dershowitz, a celebrity after his defence of O. J. Simpson
and a self-proclaimed champion of civil liberties. Dershowitz
deployed the notorious ‘ticking bomb’ argument that had been used
by General Massu’s paratroopers during the ‘Battle of Algiers’ in
1956–57. On the basis of a hypothetical scenario, in which a terrorist
is captured who has knowledge of a primed bomb that will kill
hundreds of people within twenty-four hours, it was claimed morally
justifiable to torture the suspect to save those lives.

C.ET: I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.
Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers...but the dangers then would come from the the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.

Specialists selected from the ighest position will direct the politicians, unknowing other affairs than their parties, to drive the countries in the wall. Just giving ideas on how to go on with the same institutional errors as these specialists hiss themselves t o the top approb ving these mistakes and using them as a way of accumulation of power. Terroer.
counter countries


 [No Subject]
TO: 1 More1 recipient
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Saturday, 29 October 2011, 22:51
Message Body
Hey All,

Right now, almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay, lesbian or transgender.  In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars.  The majority of these nations share a connection - they are members of the Commonwealth - an organization bringing together 54 nations to discuss law, society and economic development.

The leaders of the Commonwealth nations are gathering this week in Perth, Australia where their Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma, just gave a courageous speech calling on each of their countries to finally stop the criminalization of LGBT people. It's historic, but hardly a done deal: Forces within the Commonwealth are working double-time to silence Sharma and others.

We need to support Secretary General Sharma […]
In fact, the British empire was often responsible for first introducing their colonies to a maze of Victorian era laws that made it a crime to be gay.  Many of those laws survive to this day in the now independent nations of the Commonwealth.


To believe in a social conspitracy and thus missing the spiritual and paranormal panorama that link people actions without them consulting.

If hteresexuality was here to boost some of these instincts: exacerbate males sexuality, minimize females ones that conduct agrressivity as the burgain to obtain sex will not be consensual as homosexuality is banned. Or render prostitution lucrative or if not so a full time employment and render marriage dangerous and unfulfilled or humiliating.

Masculine. Max.
Feminine. Min.

Masculine. Max. muscle.
Feminine. Min. flex. Flame. Flux. Flegme.
If a guy wants to protect the treasure of a female he would be soon broken by the village that want to exploit her for a cheap quicky.
As muscles is emploid and deply in waste and aasservissment , as intelligence is sold.

It is hwen I reckon that what if I feel for my mother should be what I feel for another woman. War.
I was approximatively 7. A winter evening approximatively around the same time. It is dark and in the sl sky the wa aswtre you can fix, that you don’t depart with. My mum is the moon. My mum in the sky.

You said a propos these prodstitues that have subit a genocidal act, a grime against humanity, thing, whose perpetruators and authors actually, as they feature heavily in the fiml.
It would have been you
You would let people wathing the film for araising awareness.
Shall we proceed? Don’t even want to mention in what I would have just said is a crime in itself to propose it.

Did, will.
Deed, oa oa patrimony.

To impose sexuality, above all when you make differences. Inciting heterosexuality while condemning homo, or inciting prearranged marriage targeting certain classes, while being derogatory to others.
Is a negative rapist attitude. It is about objectifying bodies and plotting stories according to one’s own fancy, forcing into some behaviours while threatening some similar others. It is enforced pornographic understandings.

To be treated like a minorities, when you are a majorities as one is supported to grow by outsiders communities and by insiders to propel and propagang the way one shall to clad in and spouse with and believes and how to breach others’ dignity and how to be as spiteful of other freedom as to lie, swear and blaspheme to god with evil for and in mind that is a story of morality.

Hiss lamb.

‘to do something for, due, own to the sky’s love.

S ky skies.
Kyte, hype, hicke,

Homosexuality trends are horrid for people experimenting them, all of you, basically, like it is for the homo of what is learnt about the vilify hetero that force his sexuality.
Is that we have been taught to associate this appeal to repeal, and once we manage to stop feeling bad about ti, it is our child that is brought back, our natural and loc logical trust, the young year that we reconstruct l doing so. Also to associate sexuality discovery or wiinning and at the same time to cure the evil that since childhood we have to bow is calling sexuality and our young age. Very emotional and possible source of confsustion or ill at ease in deed.

Ease, east.

in our lives there is no person more central that oneself and what we can borrow, belong or lend.
Life is one.

Be it a holy war in that case it is not more a question of religion and their false practices and believes.
And their goers, believers pretending.
Prtending? To the throne of what religion has for head, poverty for ammnunition and vomited richesses for pardon.
The just? The extreme unction.

The fundamentalists pretend that words are risen against holy books, whereas as much as they are holy no words might be risen against them, as holiness and real concern for humanity can only win all bells
But issues torture for whom critizize them or the, even when sincere, ony pat partial translation of a word when its context, meaning, and counsel have to be taken as much devoted to peace as reble. Rev bel.
The books are a called sacred books for this reason and this reason only: they have to be read in that spirit.

Some could say of the next rulers, even if the rules are stupid I would do good with them…if you accept stupid rules just in order not to fight for reason and freedom, you will have to treat as you treat the subject and as it will treat you indoors. Like whores.

Mid-thirty, twice that and it’s seventy. Retiree whose life is not as much political as servile their career has bee.

In the uk soon will be the aborigenes. Please, please I am french and I did not wrote vote for sarkozy or id id did if it’s the poles that are about to stone or hang me.

wrote vote



“Heat makes gases expand”.

Always, all ways.
Never, v nave era, error.

= + or 888* multiplied.

Heter9 or homophobia can derive of telling oneself whom I would get reid of if I have no choice.
The demon’s dilemma.



Fori, foire, fair.

 enjoy your trip in croatia. it could be interesting to know what their point of views on the Bosnian genocides.

The prison that is work, the camp that where one has to produce more and more threat for humanity and its spheres.
No work for the prisoner as prison is enough to condition them to main society.

An rat.
An tsar.


i ll stop working on facebook it is always bugging don't want to spend hours sending a message anylonger
though it is super cool to exchang hyperlink.

a possible begining of a draft for presenation of the festival's ethics

to study the night maybe to see the film beforehands in order to know about the evening.

 a possible begining of a draft for presenation of the festival's ethics

December 10, anniversary of the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

whiscat. Wh wit cast.

Unic horn.
Lick horn.

The so called religious now have for competitor the ancient one that are now in other forms called capitalism, liberalism, alternativism. All more interest in their own survival or lifes over any other and the concept of reason and labor, labeur.

Perhaps the fact of being intelligence in the circumstances one decipher the better, is the sign of being all the more horrible.
Peu chere, hardly expensive.

To feel the quasi desire to be torn apart, when the activities we cheirished, that was the compound of all feelings and its ticklish, are not any longer feeding the object, eve. Be eaten to stop unsieve. To desire it if it was the ea weay we could go apart in being assimilated.

Nave her.

This sound o in the night that is as hollow as life and a crime.
D on’t think am homo, is detestful as much as homo or hetero that rules money and pierce the heart.
As hollow as a cavity.

Co it.
Cko hit.

Cuckoo. Cul co.

‘oit of my liies’ lifes.

To go less o ashamed of this genital or genital area, as they are used in animal language t o let t know about the possibility of the having to deliver a fight.

Tohe (toy) shadows is how one’s form melt with matter and lumiere luminosity.
Inside might get involved a whole world that we only can start guest guessing it.

The artist is alone, as who is gonna read him really.
No one. To try these folly task one should be in love.
The one that peruse or try to understand are doing it in one account the wider debate, or so. But who reads you? Even not reread ourselves,reread oneself is too painful tod o , pany tod oh. To say that I am insane or limited or convulse to say and say again what it is not in my heart but intelligency make it compulsory.  it is too rude penible to do so.
S w zwr zero.

the equivalent of reading the scriptures loving the spirit but saying that those ones would have been the buttress of our defending our inventions of inhumane law.

The conjugal love, love shared and inspired, a partner with who to pray.
a partner to pray.
To think.
The ink.

Sl spirituality cannot be but common, as it is when a phenomenon is lived and recognized by more and then many, that the path of the vi voice, god or the evil, or one’s fancy, intensify.

To hear one s consciousness by the whirr of one’ s computer or it s ve da deal and bi bi vibration with gravity, my computer, my? Mate. The why spirits let human have the idea to mal a make as it[s living..
Common awaresness is conscious or morale, decide. Deus cide.

Dieu and reason, rea son. The child or shielf f sj shield. Field. Held, old.

I fi move my head I can see rays transgressing.
And what if I renounce or depart from what I know that will be pathing. Pa ther thing. Pater, pat her.
Pat air, earn.

Repeat a sentence so man y times that the sense of having to change or continue its meaning becomes evidence.
Obe viously.
Vice are.
Abbey obey.
Obey, hiss. And hoist prêt.

Pluralism and establishment of a corpus, that could have the self ability to spot inconsistency of claims and real interest = long good life conductive ot another long good life.

higher education a same opportunities at equal proportional financial investement story.

I admirably manage to stop checking your website every 30 seconds but every week.
When I equally manage to check mine at the same rate or when the amount of work renewed was worth posting and durably.
Obssession. Obese observant. Love and addiction. Nourish a time that stops. Without all its portion.

Distinctive lens.


Rea mines.

Rese archers.
Raise, res, rise,

Homosexuality a taboo as go under the radar of jealousy.
Couoples then don’t have to worry, or consciously or officialy, about sexual exchange, or of sensuous, bodily like nature between friends and ackaintances of same sex.
It is also the code of apartheid where closer contact or demarche and demeanor is permitted between same sex only, or same class…
The rest staying of the domaine of domination in the sense of threat and property = I can approach you as being object or social trophee or the head going with the estate, the chattel.

As for fornication I d argue that real reproduction would take or a system of incrimination or no intercourse but the simple 1 s of getting together two eggs. Therefore hetero that think is natural because of reproduction should be waiting for the mind to wish not the sex, not the make love but the desire of human being creation.

The headache on internet, strategic like others. It is not a conspiracy theories, it is like in all industry it does not work or it work dirty or badly it is a slave story or it is an abuse story. However the work is undone or done noxiously people even though they know the recipe to better ordinance won’t life or lift a iota. And everyone is spending hours debugging computers and searching though engine that will ask for 10 different pins and 100 erratic actions or repetitions before opening the doors to a product that are the results of this mediocrity, as our obligations and competition selection

And if suing happiness in the sense of tis image of the personal life family, lesisure, social, jobs, reputation, goods fulfill full ill lill is taking lifes apart in suing an image layed before the eyes diverting from the torture that still manages to produce in fields- and give away against participation in harm some of the fruit of endemic epidemic starvation- opulence contentment.



Religious groups or squad?
Not protecting but outlet for greed.
Is it a problem?
As who, or by whom earth is head, heed?
Spirits and demons, that it is the exact reason why we still appear at some furtive glance, glamorous and nicy. Why so? Because oen manages to shut the knowledge of deliberate harm, or to think about else or to assess and comptemplate what  the possible impunity in which oe is gonna profit from the crimes, or stop communicate with the person or creatures one have in front of and start talking gleely at the entity that would promise their brotherdom to be reduce to nil, to communicate with the concept and probability that they in servants and future reminder of mine main remains they will soon or later become.
Jesus and marie are but one.
Jesus on the cross and in the same gesture recueilli, ip open are arem are arm by the pieta.
As its on ly suffering to life after that.
Or in the believe than god, it be from and o doing the same than contemplation open to the hearts that redeem onf ce and if wll be forgiven to repentance will never forget what are the relieve hence.

My life is a hareme as every woman remind you, every living is the hope that the paradise of the thinking that brought me to your marvel. You woman that sink that my love is sexual.
; p-ink.

It is sexual in the tremblance that all my energy would synerge in also the moment where my body open to zenith, open to clouds, and to extreme, open to death since this love won’t finish where my flesh despair of not being your slave-ry.

Ere heavy.

Stopping asking questions on the future, fu true, fut rue as the highest command is to the best do.
And if the love I bear for you between us won’t o come through, it is but with him that the better I could move was in fact from you.

Anarchy could be the demands of keeping any kind of opinions and actions possibly in the doing and in the display, and thus not having to bow to not only standardization but all pervasive standardization.

To agree with a paper, and then to notice that is way of relating notion or events are biased or superficial or otherly connoted, or partial…
And find out the treasure of saying what has not been related, recounted, rl relater.

Genl tle man.

Gent la gent masculine or feminine.

The caress that is said sinful on you would draw the most lightning.
To pamper, coax and indulge in the catering of your body fuel address by em em me   the all night long. Long of my seeking sinking into your hi ar hair short or long evity.

To be or belong with to ward: you.
The making love, these moment where my nights are as sleepness that the black of the blood in an afternoon ensoleile.
These moments where you lie in the arms of mor h pheys, us, metamorphoses, I am your guardian a niv ouai ou est way.
Mort fee.
Making love to you while you rest.
My skin touching yours in an embrace of theme.
Thin nering my breath in order you to fill the dream made of you
And the time serene.

Pink red and with wihite

Waken nup as i forgot to swich off my baby lf of a computer joney

Desyh hum umanisation of the service, the entire industry. The way you have to perform your jobs and the products and means of it.

hum umanisation

Homosexuality manage, organise as a priviledge become the focus of the h jealous.

I should not have given my love and responsibility away; and ti is thus et c est ainsi that ii wll go far and dangerously in order to make up t with the sacriledge commit. Of having left my cat thinking that I could not take me everywhere in other countries with me. My travel lonely a logic, a suit, a deserved, a chosen, decisive, incisive, planned and intented. Purr suit, shoot offsprings. Shoot tings. Pousse.

Pheus fall us.

Fee fait

She was an hetero but no one could touch her, no make male. And for her lel lesbian? Same applied.

Ram or. Rameaux.

One observation that would come from standardization, is that all human beings at work and when in representation in os society are smilling and don’t disagree with the policies and the way work is conduct; only when they find a way of molesting some if not more ingenious an attitude more adult or less productive of everything, to begin by poisin
What make us all criminals.

What is gonna be left o fhumanity but the thought they have generated.
And the thought like il islam hill lamb say is a thought counting when sincere, as sincere thoughts will give away the will a voice for it to be souret. Hooray,

As the light only some of the all wll demonstrate.
A monstruous attempt at make sens o f the good will disfrom form and from hideous metamorphous shall be shown.

To explain plane, pal in, in so different circumstances. The artist or pro on multiple scales ri evise.

To allow her on my body as she was alone, permitting my spirit to deliver what thought foregone, the envye anvil desire of the old that I could not permit ermit myself as she was not sole.


The language develop as ti is tole told = the style that emerges the one pushed by publisher, academics. The girdle of propaganda that will demand rather that ask to deliver under a shape that will be controlled and recongnize as being ‘bourgeois’. The city that explose, the city that enclosed.

India man, very gestural sexually.
Me very biaised.
Till I manage to see that the woman were also. As lo conveying sexuality but as strong as homo.
Calm me down.

Promiscuity and the way one bounds or discart, ecart.

To take a shower with the pel easure and deliverance that would be of taking one after being deprived of water for months. To stay under the stream and all the sudent the purity, the neutrality of the water being replaced by the average corosivity of the products and chemical that we are in habits to pour at every cornes and centers of bio and people habitat.

To enter a profession and obey its calasses, class mass: medieval corporations.

These periods when I bit my nails off without noticing it.
Whne sleep deprivation lead my live not as I walk but as  the clouds a want let me unpressed the angriness that needs to go an d come out of the interaction of a third war inwards of hospitality.


My cat was living with my best friend, unknow of my attacks. And yet again if felt free of targeting the shark he a little bit. Eh.

Communism on camping.
It is reassuring they are super bright tone.

The mum instead of being fancied as one could replicate the desire of the spouse and parents in the family, will be seen as a provider, a servant from whom no sexual but domestic interpersonal relationship will be subject of the focus. Nor loving but financial. Not spiritual but materialist. Not cultural but economical.
On counter and ber eacin eaking educator primary power.
Not that to say that will be lost the influence by any way but the one of becoming secondary, interceding with second degree, more psychologically, more delay or in the waiting the moment where injustice is understood after having been sinked in and then revenge and most intense without concession transe towards the redeem.
Humans used to die earlier.and now they die after, the caring relationship as exclusive as

Lay fall.

The trasnsparancy in our doing is dangerous as would we be quick a enough on the solving or will horror speeding towards institutional records and persevering on the love of the damaging.

Alcohol prohibition, as no need for it.
Not against the plants quality and absorbtion. Just need to avoid killing plants.
Meditation in nature or culture. Where universe empowered and whelmed.
But am for ‘druids’ or ‘doctors’ or ‘herbalists’...
If not institutionalizing poisons and swelling selling of false meditation, indi induced folly and addiction.
But on prohibiting poison.

Shit and stick.
On drugs being suicidal prized for consolation.

Honest solutions are avoided as they would bring about problematic in theories and realities. But one cannot offset the endemic problems of not tacking knowsn disgrace by not surrounding them in saying that we are in terra incognita.

To suck the blood like a vampire in wanting an extract of your gene as, whilst you take my semens in your jean.

This love of the day that manages to deturn the whole attention I nurture for years of my love for this first the sole woman that touched me.
This love of the day that takes all my strength, hiper hope and s disasrry . the one that hide th love of the nignt that will surge when the day will explain ti was mocky. The night under which every converge and verse into demency. The last of demons I would salute, my last thought, that come back in the middle of my life without lass being lasser, sans u que c se lasse, lace lacet.
The bal black that will recap renferme my thought and body. The soul where she might be aspired towards fire and avenge, when love will have ot punish its enemy.

Personal love a taboo, as everything is permited to trandsform and e ddesire under conjugality.
Th e realms of sould souls and battles I could finish if you were asking me.
To live for a plot, where the birds would be our children and the iar air the li air for company.
As with you I could know notice and persuade any micro element to become supra to the supreme. From here I know I could change there for the eternity.

You the woman, or rthe person that promises love. Promised missed. Pro mise en abyme.
Torride. Tort ride. Wrinkle. Torus.

Jacky sorry for the too brief answer yesterday I could not stay log in.
I still argue that ineter personal relationship or communication does not imcombe to the university fo to fjuged or punishe as I am on the side to allow them as long as they would not impair the due process of marking, fairness, equity and would not be used as a trick towards ‘social captital’ a way of asking for being favorised or priviledge compared to the ones who ‘only’ used formalistic way of communication.
For what I have to regret to have sent, it is just for this exact reason or rational of the institution, it is only prose that are no one but mine, in therm of interest. Or my own interest protection, i.e don’t suffer from opening up.

me it is the fact that you make appear the so called disruption that i am said to trigger during the learning session that i found unsustantiate and innapropirate.
Above all whenyou make it appear as trivial as not specifying what you meant, in which circumstances or occurrences, with whom, and what could have brought a more opiniated attitude if any

The writer writes for somebody. A bode.

Chance, hence.

To agree on one topic but needed counter idea in order to exect ute the concept in term appropiriate to all concerns-that brought previously ano tagonism to the ideas, antagonism needed in order to implement it will full awareness of what could have been its nefectarious aspects, chich were contered by an altogether reful sal of it to take place at all.

And if h.r were backed as is ‘morality’ just in order and as so fra r that one can transform their meaning and currency into another realities satisfying their facilities.
Historical materialism. Will fininsh in human being a product.

Indivisible, ovid.

Rape the innocence, as willing intercourse with people that incite violence and vulgarity are not any more sex but prostitution or body humiliation have lost all excitation ae not more than vulgarity, predatory training in saying go and reape traumatised and enslave the future exploited.

International commi unities letting happen violent government not because they cannot morally and logistically could intervene in the aims of helping not accaparing, but it is more lucrative to let it like that as indirect threat to other populations, including its own.


At tain.

Ust to retain in e memory these silhouette that make me dream of having the care of one-women.
Still in this abilities, as the figures of those I have to remind as dangerous for my family could be, are thy?
Thy, vie.

Lack, cal.
Cole. Eloc ution.
Coal, lock.

It is love that or hate, but could be hate the how one has to protect love, even if often displaced and misplaced, that mange to bring you in some other lands, where spirit oblivate social and trunken, corrupt norms to oblige the person that you lach lack. hack.

Genocides in cases of pluar alism and hermecity, endogenous? marriage.


Capture, caption.

Ile i.e I have nothing to confide. In response to the invitation. And certainly less so to entrust to the very same structure that forge the gor forbiddance of my intimity.

Confide, con-fine.

To sing in a choir and e fell feel that the tenure of the voices assembled coud crush any measure.

Religion and question of death, as we don’t manage to live saint, ain’t.

To search as I am being told to do so. Anyway in each experience embedded a friend unlike the foe that is hould cagould avoid to be. Mummy. Hum. Moth.

When does a mum become another woman? Without cessing to be a mum but to be ind to be taken as another.
Indefine. Never, maybe.

The female training at piercing the I air.
The amale at the stone, the ground.

To fulfll the air.
Or the stone.

The puke more cretinism of any peason as they a take everyone as lower in spirit that the serf they would  like to command according to recommendation on how much have to be presented of intelligence and enervement.

Pretending that they would venge their doaughter in a casce of seuxual harassment when the harassment o comes from machoisation and criminaliation of homosexuality sentiment. Couple and sentiment.
Snentinel. Sempiternetl.

She thought that she gave me an opportunity to feeling, thinking than hypocrisy and falsity were better than my widow, that I adored I was adoring in convictions that could have brought me after life in a easier path to offring rand sprand my mind and way yaw yave yehova.

The language is just reproduction of the sound that creep and crepite crakle all around and in my joint when my shoulder against my ear a make the air dance and respire. One day I will do a list of what sound word in egnlish and all other tongue might inspire.
Intestine, birds, contraction, metal, clinking, claking, retention, drops, water suspension, light and warmation .


Idea and language are easy, what is not is to love when hate shows that it can take and destroy the very life you made for it. For what?

Love. Ev ol.
Eve hole whole evolution.
Holy spirit.

Carnation. Carne.

Father and son, made a lady ?

Lady. Ydal. Ideal.

Hetero want to be the natural thing to say as it imply the possession of a person. We have to cooprat perate peruse meaing …
Finish holy liberty.

Ot yhr the fear to have to finish impair uneven and the foly of accaparation that it could dechainer.

Effort put weight formation spiritual of emotional information sensational unearthy grave e.t.

The laugh that hide anxiety, the smile the cry, the politeness the w orw row.
What will avoid death, the common? Come on.

What match the pink? Better the grey.
Egr erg

Ink, ray.

Far fraternity rat eternity.terne. light francas, franc sait. Rat-tar.

Like a toilet is art.
Similar to what is coming from the mouth dim a language. Langue, lan , gusto.

T his.

T hat.
Voue vous cap  pack

To see the world I n a psychotic syndrome way, ehere the perpetration is commitedd by the hand and not the person I entirely. Which of course can provide an interesting, intelligent and mystic view of the body but that has ful fuel believe in amputation towards punishment…that are not more justice by but desacrement.

The desire for a vampire as the human rlation ship are so destructuiev that one by the supranatural should want to be eat en hit.

Stab bats

Not going and live in southern countries as very high unemployment.

Not anymore same training for teachers, no national effort at gathering standards

The honest author has to think to balance its viewpoints. However when it focuse on one subject this blance cannot appear as it would take too much research, risks, disclosure, links, and place.
Also it is of the readers’ responsibilities to understand the text limitations and partiality.

Suffering when we act normally, in making gesture and rituals that or else would have never thought faulty, or at least to circumspect.
Res trict.

To have stopped listening music. But resume and get impregnation through a life musician whose body put sound, melody into action. Act hound.

Keeping art, keeping art and protecting it through live itself as whatever horrors are at the doors or the center of our rituals. Keeping us knowledge and elaboration as the sole way of going along with existence as a motor to love against torture tor rut.

Mare gene.

Are porks only are men?
dirtying humility virtue.
True vi.

True vi.

Dance like the way one lives, suffers, thinks, creates, views, organizes. Og rgams.
Invocation to the moon and all elements would bring the body to extasy, of being unbroken, and with them enchained.
In chained, Inch.

The woman I respect but that would hav wished my mother be different while she acquiesced on my liberty.
Praying through love that love not prey would have made me.

A lesbian, you can’t find a dick.
But one can find their thrust.

Their, trhere.

) the legacy of colonialism, of religion

There is people that seems nice, smooth, able to some extend to lead their sheep. One of a bigger problem with whom enjoy cohesion, that are in th e business of the artifact of gen-er-al satisfaction, are the irredent lesion of them having for sole pleasure and objective to listen to themselves.

‘torche, torchure, torture.
On lights never switch off. Which kinda desire?

Sexual energy as the threat to being sensed or the reproduction and protection survival energy.
Energy that will be scented inevitably; for in your mind might bring other kinds of beyond prosperity.

To rest pedophily on the fact that one is not gay and therefore have to forge the infants and older not to be, in traumatizing and conditioning, the ultimate having to focuse on not get into raped on being.

Tht ter tears coi coming from the eyes strained to have looked for survival and there their, its love going away.
Terra. Torn, storm. Womb and worm.

As fashiste as if you touch the person I love and I cannot do nothing for stop this definitively, then it is the option of expelling for good from the possibility that indulgence should not be permitted.
As fashist as me.
Ex: circumsition.

Sociologist and cultural relativist
Or like say it is ok for you aborigine, in n knowing that each religion might be a treasure of loave and peace and the next dayunberable bliss, cease.
It is enough like that you life with a tarpolin accoros your face, bache.
Nothing we cans ay.
Thiking that people are backward, when no one is but will relify for the vengeance of having been dismisded. Even the scape goat of thes groups can see on e thing it is that what happen to them are regarded as well deserved. Logical, culturally refined, an apex, apol. Logy. Appal.
On the reversal of the logic of slow or less suffering and ex-term-mine-innate.

‘to be sick that people assume I am sick’

To let things so bad, and get worse in order for everyone at one point ot say of a group that the only solution be eradic.


To work people towards the third world war. Bu t whom to is to blame for unemployment inside.?

Appal. Haper

If I were you I would ask what he did not find reasonable, or more diplomat don’t you think that asking for the guest to be announced was a good idea. See how he responds.

what i would think very interesting is to provide to people access to right camera action. it is full of link and interesting as for the festival elaboration

 and their venue being organize and improve

“mail, male”

Not able to communicate at the inter personal level while at work, if effective in avoiding the curse of people selecting and retributing other people at work not for their skills and efficiency
As the problem of decrease in true marriage as one is more likely to find one’s match where they ideally choose to

I am in a way inferior to you, and as slaves, I won’t be peri mit to marry.

Abondonned by one’s parents and ready to go to war.
But most ready to defend the one that is loyal.

Religion and marriage is the promise of one.
As everyone would do anything to have one in heaven.
As it is explain practically have it this way or you are the eunuch, or socially castrated.
It trivialize marriage at it is view as being the compulsorily way, while matching carreer, views, way of living, are the product of much work on itself and perpetual and perpetuation of maturity.

i have been given this subject for a module. look what i found. did you know about that?"

to bef g for you to be the one that I d follow until eternity.
And her?
I don’t know, neither. You never nod me.

N eve her.

As bud, as a clito.


Massage it open.

Guat rd.

Masturbation and thrusting.

Body are the frutit of activities and environment envy, the well being toward which one can assemble, the suffering that one can fender

To love life only becasuse it permits to walk, sniff, and feel the time goes by, sieve, file, messies.

Cultural biases are nothing but straight dangerosity of strength declinivity.

about further info about guests what we can do is to provide julian with those, for the web, we can be as descritive as we want. could you proof read what i write at the end. the written bit

To see I am for it without having entering in details and further outcomes of the procedures. Easy.
yes am for it.
but in matter of depth, it is pushing one's luck.
sorry but what are you for? Or being for, for what service?
fixed entity, in this world, in this life that is move : love pursue, or research of identity, for th e more bureaucratic humanure account i.d. A to Z? lay.

Blindness and the power to see in the light, the shadow.

To write, what for as when your work is gone the way it reads is nothing to do with what it shall say.
As there is no property, as the object belongs to itself in the sense that is should have rights in order for tis safety and continuity to be if not preserved, not haremless or harmful to other purposes than artic artist day.power, empowered the sweat of what history brough, the material that are on the verge on being transformed on from ex slave to new slave owner.

Objectivisation as considering things without consideration have brought us to the box open? The earth if passing away will have us on betray.
Try all.

The court for justice a moquery like a doll house looking after a hujungle of assasins.

Ass a sins

You see jacky I spent hours copy paste my contacts, searching them, try to switch off to the last version which has been made impossible without assistance of yahoo staff, who repeat twice or thrice the same question…though I like my boxmail.

with techincal problem it has bcome a night mare.
address contacts don't load.

i sent this as i think it is important to acknowledge impediment, mayhem and other errors...that what make aid us humane. on pardon.


To help you. I would of course hoe pefully dong doing what I, as a particular person, results and process and aims, imagination and living, do my bit towards peace, harmony, celebration of the lifes that accompanied me.
But if I help you it is because I love as what you do has for deepest meaning not what I exactly would have done, but each move I make to it is alleviate by the thought that it is a link to more provit bity.
On why close relationship on civil and professional effort is no permit, to anybody.

Would we be engaged that we would have to hid in order not to be socially halvced.
Ex: to hide it from employer or associate. Lecturers.

The desire about which we stop thinking, as the sole one is you, as you in term of existence, for my sole need.

depth identity.

Onde. Proof, sonder?
Pro, ante, post.

Ante, hanter.
Haunted, hunted.
Huntered, entered.

depth identity.

Debt ?

To leave the brutm th e rough metal the ideas and sounds are there all euqual, all euquals.

With for refined, to give it more class? I write luxury to load more would be non sense. And although I did, as hours have not ime, to say in what sense direction lay the lad.
Fucking day.did I say I am ploly.
It is that so not bogus to celebrate a e religion htat failed is sole but not unique fucked like lay function.

I am not witchy but those would who insist on reading or on eliminationg me, this.
Fucking day.did I say I am Polly.


I touched the food to check I heard that he mentioned he had brought something.
 As human saying are so hidden, unfranck or hypocriticall. As they hid their purposes as they are demoniac or hid tham as they respond to the horrors of haing to get ready to ‘kill and others’ responding too khaving to do it as you are being threathning of a even more digusting end as you are the target of humans, in fact walking dead that are whispering to you that they would like you gone just because they want us blood.
And the re is the not so much as hypocrisy but the idea you cannot speak out or if not even if they invoke liberty, or intelligence or all that, would be reveived with heealousy, the one that they will regret, even me, they will live to regret. A walking dead  story.

The imperfect thought satisfactory as one’s act on it could meliorate it.
Art and participatoty.

We are the machines of learning and cognition. What do we remember else than names, status, conditions. Wha t is left of our time in life is the new trick to operate survival. Prey ate. What about other remembrances they are none but a few images of the time of leisure and topics spend with our love ones. The humor. Maybe why incident s are ‘needed’ in order to mark one’s memory or disarray.
The new trick dog  of survival whatever it is called technogolie logy goal and render you the actors of more complication that won’t be use to free nobody or the way you have to live or them to be used to conserve your, us jobs and security.
To observe animals and to remind myself humanly thinking yes but if I was not learning, how could I stop the fight orchestrated. Animals cannot do that they are not all linked and regis.
And now thinking at how people are victims and perpetrators encouraged and happy of what is worse more than any species have thought of doing? Or at least will have to live in thinking that it is in this state of if not awareness, as are we aware, no more than the other species, just more specifities shared or put in curriculum compulsory to arrive to the conclusion that there is not plague plekdge  of plurality that will manage to sp top you release liaise e realizing that you will have to live as a species that is that structruring.

And I can see them, us si smiling thinking I could start focusting on my hand to create what I am thinking of it, or ban, or foreboding. And in a few generations could have the same human abilities my offpring. But we say saw what human did. We know that they would kill us as mutant.. what we do is run and observing searching for food, avoiding at the same time concerntration camps and nuclear chemical oblivion, we eat, we think.

The sacrifice has a pyramidal effect. You don’t kill people pretending you think they are satan or somewhat. You do kill them in saying it is the way we implore satan to come and crush evil?
Eve h-ill?

Pro fete, fait,
Rpoff proof


I d argue that English is more self reflective in term of sounds as it was a patois, a more informal langua franca, organsize and de kept well aware of linguistics and literature. While other official languages started to gather sciences and domains in the sense of national guarded entity.

They could not get rid of him as too many safeguards and even if fighting less than it ough to, as fairness as been rendered impossible, he was intelligent enough to challenge it a bit without the proof of the neo near to fashist would have get rid of him socially = in term of human responsibility after ‘one shall not kill’, completedly.
And if they don’t kill you is that they preserve their lives but inhumanity is here and governing by what it produces, censor, prioritizes, dispatch, and merit for whom sin, sine.

To have killed a slug as she drowned of not having seen she was there while pouring one liter.
To feel sorry, as usual as it is not unfrequent that slugs get crushed in some sort of play.
And feel that is certain, onc e cannot be sorry for a life, it is gone, and with it you, me and any luck of longevity.
Prospere, Pro spare.

Relive, relieve.

They say humility, for what is humiliate.

 ‘equality of opporutinity is one thing’ which one is “equity”, “access and equity”?
Or of opportunism has to be, say.
Little, B. (2002). "UK institutional responses to undergraduates' term-time working."

Mercy killing. Proposition of Law says not in case of ‘depression’. Laws and psychology. Fashism.
Psychiatre the buro,
Next genocide by hospitals, doctors and medicine.


These miserables that gather in churches and other graves, and instead of chanting the scriptures chant what they feel like ordure just like if they were jesus or other prophet, making all what they can for the people but for them the people is their selves’ slavery.

I am vegan but with your lifes it won’t be made black berry.
For pudding.

The women money of exchange and considered as politically po lwss openly or officially active as they are the ones to rprotect in matter of species since child bearing. So in the center of ethny exchange politcaaly less active as liable to change.
And brind g dissiminate culuture.

Even when reassuried by dong things more right, the othe r elment of pressure come from the time. Flirts with time are not reassuring but death, as minus life counting. The balance between strengthening and lingering for one’s own to be longer and access ot oits grandeur or in fact not fight and pamper what is outer, and make of oen’s life a bog.
Gob. To recule to what one shed, tears, faeces and impress in not heaven but into the back garden of our scheme and scam and shame.

Protruding one’s tongue as a gesture of ultimate torture or pain.

The extinction of the species as a logical one, or at leat the extinction of its independence, since its survival would depend now on a regression of discovery, not having found the genetical code that will see the human being overcome.
This statement not including to say that human should not work towards ro progress  rag, but that since elaboration have been permitted by an intellectual accord in destroying to obtain than and
Spiritual decay and parasitism logism without constraints established in our doing and more so in our organized aims, is the sign of the devil, and subsequently what would not count as humane will look on to inhumanity . dehumanisation by secssion.
Fate, fat all.
Lethal, leather,
Let hall.

Black , blanc.

Coming every for season, like the plague.

And when one try to remember beter, sincerely even almost the moment for which we live. To remind one’s past o is so boring or milder.

Religion is religion but it is its protectors or predators that make it a good line or no’ ; the devil’s work and o row.
Epithet of epitath or a crow.
Work krow.
Tp rock, roc or.

So ihl a so do I write tale or relati retail.
Quand on prarle du loup.

You think that for example they are solely homophobe, as we all are?
Take a sweet?

Ban me from marrying the person that chose me and the one that I choose. Or would.
And the knife for m y soul.


Hiding themselves in saying that women are victims of civilians. Like if females were not warry, political, economical, ideological as well.
And in case they were enforced not to be, well on my own opinion, I would sign it in to any where I can just to teach you a lesson.
Noce. Nos.
No ssel

Sur render.
Sur order.

Heave. Adjectivalisation.

Coming back home in the dark; as the nuclear night
                                                                           Ho no light,
Have dug it through us.


Id ante ity.
Entrance, en transe.

do you think that awareness lead to wisdom ?
if not, how come?

Would the experimentation of justice as well as those of love for example would bring our conscience to new level?
And if so would conscience exert itself as an appeal for more of it?
In this circumstance, how can we explain the persistence of such thing as inequalities towards this duty of protecting life, blatantly condition sine qua non to balancing hope and opinion.

Heap, pi.

The day we say that opinion are knowledge or knowledge are opinion.
Or what could be the results or causes to lie to oneself if not the fear of no obtention, detention, reservation. Getting wrong. Og going so. Or the futility of the time spend to embroil kurtesy from curacy.

And if we let knowledge to go away while we know it, then the wrong will emerge jn under the shape of chosen decay. Iun the case where suffering is not a experimentation of limits of what we perceive of the immenisvcentess but on what is deserved, in the sense of feeling the essence itself quiting the way we could find defense against insanity and poverty of one’s life. As one has o lifed a existence posterior to a stance in the viewing of flirty with infinity reducing him now and the effort they had gathered and offered a meaningless, counteracting misery. Could one be happy feeling ones mistake? Or the fight of for knowledge through giving a more even big threat?
No give to the e peer but to ultimate altitude, climate attitude of feeling life won’t go away, give in?

On do you  believe in ethics?

What (transformation) the experimentation of justice and truth would bring to the republic and the soul?

Justice would give someone in term of spirituality the force of the one they encompass to protect if protection mean appropriate defense of their liberty and capacity.

Or o ist it the experimentation orf live and love, lie in, enmeshed, that bring us to survival?
Why is it we nurture a form?

Problem is that vested interest and individual benefit might be totally excluded from the owk and civil society voluntary system menatily.
Therefore people will have for sole incentive, to do stuff for money.
As you could find more than one personal reason to help people needing help without financial incentives, but what if the help, you are backed providing, is in fact not helping but ensuring the trivialization of your effort into an object having lost its value as classified into that you are now into the obliging consummation. To serve the pourpose of the hierarchy, stratification of tasks, to serve the richer, that serve the even more richer, in a purpose of slavelisation and robotissation where you are not expected to do more of your job listings, condemning you to follow barbarisationl

Of course work should be paid, as they are necessary for the good functionment of human to live in an embitter society and comprehension of what is surrounding the sphere of human actions and comprehension, should be retrivutted.
And kind of the main function necessary to protection as work that would first be fulfilled by retribution.

But what other interest for the individual to do so, that would not go against others’ right and freedom no restriction but accodomodation to knowledge of th eliving.

To punish twoice the clerics of/ or politicaian as they should be as protected if doing their job in every creature protection.

The person I was ni commuhication with who commited suicide. Did sentd a part of me to hell.

Humane, feminine of it?

Individuals embedded in groups interests won’t be differenciated as individual and will be treated as a representative and actors of the grops they are assimilated with.
Pluralism, civil war, genocide and guetthoisation.

i ll come to the seminar, and will follow where you arrange to meet. thank you for the soicalisation recognizance bit.

Cout courtesy, curt.

Blue, bleaw

Cultural relativism, saying that everything changed on abstract that would not touch people life and the fact change on opinion. That all is a matter of origins, culture. Then let met give relativisation.
You let kill, I kill you.

Standing up aginst injustci make you do it on you own. Not because you are the only one having knowledge or courage when it is grom by these that one acts, but because your circumstances are unique.
Uni call.

At tack.


Love is crying as a connection lost is the errance that would twice harder and longer, ceasslessly come back.
The de tendered spot that would perish out of its shell of welcoming other than ya.

it is tricky for me as i devote my time to human rights.
but i think i ve got a serious knowlegde about nutrition, well being, massage, i am a vegan...i have been a carer for the past ten years. and i d like to enter such an industry were i could learn about secretarial task for example while working for someone who practise things i endorse. make you feel good factor.
 i would be a pleasure to discuss this with you.

what i will do dave, becaue i don't want to make you lose your time. currently i am not looking for a job, as i am overbooked. but my job is likely to be middle term.
i am interested in alternative medecine.
would you need someone for the secretarial task?
, however polite and respectfulto be honest enough i am someone best appropriate with customers.
 my contact is this one i could take and return your call after 6 30 or any time other days.

Hi, josh just to say that your presentation contained a full lot of ideas, that were very interesting.
I should not drag on your attempt at giving a session to the profs, to make it official could be a good way to rise eyebrow, if we may by any chance.
Nota bene mature student and auntie crapy, me in this isnteance, might be zero. But still were outbefore your own puberty, thank you for the gay pride party though.

In between, demons, spirits we cannot kill each other as we are as bad or good ?
D[ spirit (d) uality.

Even the xenophobe people would say people of this ethny should not be marrying each other, unless you are nazi or in case you would like to prompt marriage with person of different ogrigins.
But for homos it is sometimes, more and more, in the uk that legalize marriage for this uk I would fight for ya till I drop here my promise, the majority of people that since allow, and fi thehy go t an issue with population rising well me too people shoud have quotas of authorized childrens it is what I think as long as we need regulated.
People chose Nazism.

The force of religioni s when they spread a good word as it is a weapon n case of ‘evil’. And by the way if clerics starts, or their administration or worhip, to be at the ipposite or what they preach as being good or recommeneded then the people blockage take momentum and legitimacy.
And self seeking prophecy.

yes ok it just needed this corrective, as the most dangerous (bad) would be to disseminate false information.
what worries me is that i still don't get it right, i ll resume some research when i ll get the time though.

Thinking of all what I could have been doing wrong but with nevertheless good intention or able of better results and comprehension. I start being patient and  e believe in education.

To have encounter a second ghost deciding to stay braving the circ um stance thus explaining to the sould that if the first ghost, a real individual though did not come back into my life however difficult it would have for sure been; I would have still to stop thinking, and not stop to think, that she cannot be, finally, the sister sould.


Idle Idol.

Dile. Deal.

All coal, call.

I don’t have enough money to go and start up activities rendering life conditions more linked I with existence. Mind the omoney I get and product going to the fat cats that teach me how to talk, act and agree.

Femalesa ccused of prostitution as if they had been stripped of love, devotion, affection…and ambition.

that s rather great. i heard that it is in wandworth that the gay gather in bigger number. security matter i would think. no money though it is rather entrenched that being homo and making a living is dissociated. and relayed homosexual couples to 'economically privileged people or sexual slaves.

To think of your sex, enabling me to feel it to touch it with what I feel, with this moment of my sensation gathering, whatever is my shape.

She thought I would mind her to trry and make me accepted within ‘her’ community, or the fith gh wh she undertook to say she could like me.
I did not care, the only love I knew , apart from live and nature, apart from what don’t belong to humans, but to human r to respect whatever the tasks is becoming thougher or plus dur.
Plus, plut, pleuvoir.

The importance of having one representant to one can report issues, and then someone who can be targeted in case of the decision validated in the, under the figure of the groups are but abusive.

our fellow Elders is this way that this chohort of closed group by former politician has call themselves; the.

On day it is the people that respect the more the objects and buildings and everything that has been made…that will have to destroy.
And this day they will destroy not as a mark of not knowing that every form has a soul but in the only way to stop the aservissement of all. To permt these objects to have to serve hideous purposes. One day we will have to break the forteress of the system and people holding life itself into comtempt. In a bona fire where we would pray for the material to free from tyrannical spurning su purs.

I could not semll as my noise had been affected. Though when sniffing if the parfum did not relveal their flavor the antic of my way, some part of my brain were exicted so that I knew what kinda of timber, its history and messages it conveyed.

I knew her for a g few months and started laughing exactly like her.
At my real surprise though I love her tremendously.

One day calling my gran she laughed theis way and then I understood how I picked the lady’s laugh so definfinitely. Definitely.

Para dox.
Para box.
Parade ox.


VIP on Star.vat.ion.
And though every one afraid of everyone seeking to be treated like a star.
And though every one afraid of everyone seeking to treat people like a star’ slave of any salon.

Post, pist, past, path..

The art to make live the love that were in my heart and soul without having met or kept the treasure of your sort. Aortas.


People are being studied finding their way in making round.
The an hand is searching for readjustment in doing the same.
When trying to adjust the cursor  with the mouse on the screen while truning the house mouse upside down. Impossibility

My spirit lies; as it is breaking the news slowly to me. To be preapered for an event that won’t so it told me but hence I am ready, for anyghing hitherto. Heath, eve, her, to.

Never regretted a thing as when doing if not convinced at least happy to do, or then trying. Experimenting. Gaping a lack, a start-le.


To whistle a melody. Exactly like the birds or any sounds, from groaning to heaving have the ability and capacity of mimiquing sounds and words. What is not is the thought accompgnying it.
As the musician will learn to hold his instrument in wielding their emotions and produce other rebounds in other sphere with timbre and pitch that surely come from seas and roundly bound.


 Cil. Seal.
S il y a.
See al.
Coil ciel.
Sk y skies ies, euyes. Œil, eoil eil. Euil eux eieux. Y eux.

Maybe death teach to graps and grasp gasp and retain something of a life. Ife heavy.
The word that are found to be beautiful if from a lnv love one that knew it was its last of sign. Sin.


The gusgus clown.

Rien reincarnation or live and fight is what for. Woo at.
Rien rein.
Rien – nothing.
 reine = queen.

Woo, vouer.

When I am unheard, or unknown or undistrurbed I  like to cry. But it is never the case.

Case. Sac.

Eaver, ever, higher f-ire.

At my burial I would see you cry, my love, and the wiser I guess the guest of my soul that brought me to sky and earth.
Earth, arth.

no regret as if I have to go in the hades for the sins I commited without knowing what I made.
Like you speaking about homosexuality creating you r devil .

T –each.

Each time we avbondon our capacity to think proper into willingful submistsion in order to get goods that impoverish philosophies and others. We reduce ourself as hot meat to the demon.

Mode of rate.

Pole lux.

Police, polite.
Pl oli poly tics.
Pole lick.

Made me sick

Fro nina, the cinon cept of love is floating.
As happy as thinking that happiness and one is the unit.
See nay quad nun.
Sine qua none.

Homos travestite as wankers as they are not given, they are violated with the riducilisation of the rights to make love.

Study and (bourgeois = all and any exploitant even from the working class) interest.           

Inter rest.

Drawing are extention of what one cannot ressemble rassemble inside its very own same thinking as they would not be noticed, and dispatched, whence false dissociating.



When she becomed mean fairy, to start cheap, ship vulagarity.
Fair. Fare.

Even though one might be a staunch anit capitalist, anti monopolist…they can be reduced to make on pourpose their shopping into surpermarket ast the attitude of the shopper landowners tell you that you won’t certainly be taken by them because you are green, pink or violet. Because you hole d old hold opinion aobout politics because you would like a world without unjustice.

Interesting note:
Social sciences considerate class as a dimensional veariable.
i.e there is the highest class and they are ranked to the lower class just like cast…
supposedly ranking them by amount, or most respectable, quality.
So how would the higher ranks be punished when they are caught notr respecting the human, the species or their environment as a whole?

don't we talk about category of socio-professional and not about them being qualitatively ranked or 'dimensional', as a wo-lord world on its own?

the logics of the ss. That put you into the test of filling up question with multiple choice du funding a sciences. See ya hang (en) seas.


Human pretend look for goodness, but it is a dangerous play as if goodness would strike in some place, they would have be stroken, too much human no humane.

it is not that i am not to be friend. but the thing with me is that it is not the need i try to fulfil on this site. you know it is kinda of difficutlt cos i am that rude of saying to everybody that i want a date.
am cross gender, i admit that for me i have got as much a dick than a pussy but the thing is that i am a lesbian and i would have proble dating someon who have been a male. not physical problem but emotional as it is so difficult to be a lesbian than the reward is in being with a woman in the sense than politically she be identified as a woman, because i am completely terrorized by people that could come one day and say you see you are not gay, so we ripped off of your right? of your life. and you cannot love but for dying for a woman.
one day i hope that it will be as free as i would not mind dating any feminity, whatever woman or man.
i hope i don't bother you with this, i am sure tha people come and come again with their confusion about sex, like they come with me about theirs about gender.
it is not htat you are abnormal it is because we are symbolic, or more exactly used as so. it is not that i am not to be friend. but the thing with me is that it is not the need i try to fulfil on this site. you know it is kinda of difficutlt cos i am that rude of saying to everybody that i want a date.
am cross gender, i admit that for me i have got as much a dick than a pussy but the thing is that i am a lesbian and i would have proble dating someon who have been a male. not physical problem but emotional as it is so difficult to be a lesbian than the reward is in being with a woman in the sense than politically she be identified as a woman, because i am completely terrorized by people that could come one day and say you see you are not gay, so we ripped off of your right? of your life. and you cannot love but for dying for a woman.
one day i hope that it will be as free as i would not mind dating any feminity, whatever woman or man.
i hope i don't bother you with this, i am sure tha people come and come again with their confusion about sex, like they come with me about theirs about gender.
it is not htat you are abnormal it is because we are symbolic, or more exactly used as so.

The post mortem as people give you the full power and doubt of what one would do, leaving the ones that actually holds it doing extinction of the speices in the ‘reassuring mnner’ = the one that apologize itself in being completely human centered apparently, justifying destroying everything, the human included, in even not saying but acting as if human was kinda superior.
Note: if they are superior, they are superior to suffering then, to the death they place others under…let’s see.

Afraid of ones’ lifes, of the humans, when one should be afraid of participationg in environment destruction.

Shop. Chop.

-they will kill you, I am just warning you about my people.
-we will have to kill you, if these are yours.

Power is not the bad word per se, but power devoted to secluded ‘interest, benefit’.


Peace of stability before the next new bigbang.


Seek, feet.

Memory lane.
10 min of every week, maybe more if you shift of c activities but then you remember doing, more feeling or more (un)thinking?
Or if one does something new all the time absence of new sensation even as habit of no deepenisation.


In locw love q with her, I don’t feel myself homo or a male or whatever else more than belonging to her and wahat ever implies of duties and issues.
Right high height.

that is true that rights should be ensuring the security of all and that the true sense of security is the rights of all, protected by everyone duties.
As there is no discussion about the means one will be taking as their ends will be determining how they pursue.

Th e indigenous of a country is insulted by the new comers even though they are being accepted withing the borders as what is happening to the north countries globally less in numbers (as the northern population has always been lower, the ethnical physisiological chearacterists)
Peoples coming from the south and though living like fat cats of the north, some start treating the ‘whiters’ as the next in line to the slavery scandal. Scander scan and al. dhal.

That these guys scanding to the people originally there in saying that other countries and people are ready to take them as sa slaves forgot on thing:
They are in the middle and like the new coercition class they should be treated then. That is to say…
They forgot as well that their ‘people’ are not so complacent with them. What did thse hassholes to help their’ starving??
And now should they be placed in seats where they can be the new exploiting people. While we should be speading as a survival set that anyone exploiting people in the sense of harming people and depriving them should be in cell.
Or indoor, or nothing of a harsh treatment as far and long as possible but just out of range of doing it for one, and to apply it as a rule for two. Free people mean good rulers.
On whom and how who would wish to settle?
But of course, it does not take pussies. On pushy.

Peer son.

Field, fielf.

all kind of

The sacrifice: was a ‘symblo’ of vi giving to the death realm one of what was living in a no decided but automatic, the consensus, way to entity that were not affiliated to life embodied.
In bodies.

Would the body were supposed to join the spirit in another world or the spirit free from the body?
Any way it is a sky szyzophrenic way of saying that body and mind are apart, enabling to see? Actions apart from thought. Enabling to think oneself as good because of acting and seem it while doooing bad thing.
 Another uquest for the ion. To be or not to be ‘fro who’.
Good to who, what, end how.

Thruth, ruth, rough.
S     oothe.


Says ame a ma ama seize sait.

Se same.

To understand someone is not taking literally what he say, as we are liable to say literally, we way we will interpret it, pretty,
S as for example they can say ill be back with an army, not in thinking of a formal one but ghostly. As of spirituality.

What is on for humanity f ate.
Eff ect.
One should not play at all with dice. They are when one not is sure of their answers as for harming is going to be the trepas. Step hen

En transe.
What to believe?


To keep psychologically to play the dandy and thus avoiding showing it s real aggressivity and animity , that is not the same thing, to people, it pledges and thought huimaself a womanizer , accomplice with the notion of masculinity, . feeling every woman and dompting its doubt when seeing others bef neficiting the favors of the prospective spouse, that for them it was because thy could not have him, and when they could have, out of charity.
Step; drive.

Step hen

Rack. Drakar, aculler.




If you are not listening animals you will bark and die this way.on purpose of having lied lay.
It has to be taken for the simpleton of the kingdom for you to understood that protozoaire one is you the past of mine just because I have heard you without thinking that you were not that.

Message number tow two, not one: One day.

Message 3: no letter, but figures. What would it change for you? Everything. From cellar to attics. One day you will not me decide.

I am not gonna wrote that this is dual and that one day way is hope. As you would steal it. Still it. Without reason but your own comfort that is to die in the prvious shroud that took the hell for your ancestors and mine to come out, with cace cave-at.

More and more supernatural effects. But not for our salute, not for the results of our efforts but our denie.
 If I do nothing and more if  I invoked it in a denial l or in an intimate opprobrium opium, he will e drag me mad mermaid and came to my window in a flash to explain that this w ere is not mine but what and who I let perish and die.
Not pursue, but haunt id.

Like the other congregation tat practices an inch of what good is to the raison for its raising on and on.

Would other countries ‘want ‘their Shoah’ in order to demonstrate their ability at organizing?
Bringing in camps from all other and over millions with being actually counter but help by other dissidents? Decidants?


Tree on christttttttttt†††††††††mas
Res in.
Re sin.

The tree of life.