Sunday, January 25, 2015

L’ẬNE: II Accursed, acorn

Accursed, acorn

Is the rational reason for the females being happy that the gay men come to be exectuted jealousy or belonging?

The so many lala that are campaigning again and again against abu grahib, and that of course should never happened in no circumstances, od do they campaing to know what happen in prisons where no information can even perspire. Where people are stoned and hanged for stip opping being the raped object of their communities.

Cull tural
Cull tour all

And these bastards  of the west that said that poverty was deserved, saying that they work for it. For poverty?
Wjem the play at work is to do as little or as mediocre and minable as possible or to make the others more than you do it.
Calling work robbing money.
And these bastards  of the west, excluding me or at least a little, treated as s dirt because of not accepting their demeanours of fucked pussies, perfumed more and more like if one’s body could avoid smelling the death that it helps spreaidin g and adoring.
Adonre. Orne. Horny.

As for the east, sending e their lads that claims the lands. Of the devil for the balance.

studio place it is what i look for, what i got at the moment. quiet place where you can hear yourself think and breathe. if it was not painting what christmas would you choose to have in your studio?
human rights and duties.
around christmas, i d like to have a nice date. not flirty meaning but someone i take interest to speak to, to listen to, think and answer. something relax and intellectually voluptuous. it sounds like you.


et cetera.
Set era.

Positivism, able to resiliently positive e.thing in life.
Ionize. Desunionize.

The fight never ends, but if one end s the fight, it is its finitude meaning to be stocked or stuck in hell. I don’t know that.
Id on’t , no. but what is sure is that rest on eating the commencing of bl balances that the foreparents provided and its own one’s children that will eat the rest, i.e us, my included. The witness, the genious of imbecile. Imbus sail seal fra gile .

People are looking for the vampires of the psychic. Doing withc hunts… while the prelats and political and commercial leaders organize genocides. Humans organize themselves exactly like if the definition of human is the one allows to kill, in poisoning, endebting…in an administrative and bunisess stabing

When you see work a tree. And its sheding kilos on end of fruit till December for the apple ones…
Then you d like to have this great honor of guarding and nourhisihng one/
Just blown away as if you look after a tree while your brothers cut down and poison immense forest, the size of our life or the size of your lungs.
To think on how much gives a tree, in term of fruits, oxygene, soil and wind estate, and joly.
Nest and foil. Folw. Folk.

Dozens of channels, always the same news, no investigation of what is the life of us. Of an individual fighting or beaten by the system. All new even the alterantive show individual facing the big machine, elusive, av, absent,
Nor is it shown at all, one is accusing the ge legal, or this and that, but why it is blocked then, no investigation starts as it be blocked at the first level of the trial, by laws, unwillingness jointed the rules, rules…
Dozens of channels and nonw
E providing social movement inspections. The other politics, as dangerous as the ruling one, as they are left just without common base, afraid of propelling a monster with destructive skeleton and specters.
And specters. Inspectors.

Other politicis, or incision on the intimate function of policy. What happened in other pays.

:) nice. want to meet up then? want to save it for christmas days or shall we attempt it closer to now?
if it wasnt for the painting.. nice question you have given me. maybe to have my friends over. i have close friends all over the place, in different countries. maybe to have some of them here and do something together. but usually people that live outside their home countries go to their biological families for christmas. but you know, i am really not bothered. it is going to be the first time i am not going to be with someone''s family nor mine and i like that. i like the space. i like to see what i am going to do with it. what about you?
up to the 16th i have got to fininsh my essays and replace my colleague. just after that?
i work weekend but you could pick any time during the week or almost as i don't know when i ll have to cover.
but in fact i am counting now and realize we are moving closer to the date. this week i ve got every evening but wed and friday free. next week. next week i ll work like crazy but could meet on wednesday 14th. i ve got other moments of course but i could become over complicated without phoning ya.
you said you are from a mediteranean country? you don't go back home for christmas?
for christmas days. i don't go back home either.

Maybe could we be empowered now into denouncing and fighting really, social and personal unjustice. As anyone could kill me but who would be able to pay my pension anyhow. Not that a n older person still pulling their weight would const a lot or anything to the society, but the way they are treated like if they were dandies, and like if the deandies were worth each day thousands of the tax payers money.
Of course since there is no open groups anymore, looking after a person, take another person time, one to one care, in order to replicate, insolation and master-slaves relationship, flip, fling, thing.
Of course now a poor young, left in a desolate place, barren due to the misuse and misconduct and immorality of their predecessors , that is left fighting for their sole right to eat and work with dignity, the true one not the show off on the back of the tax and other states’ or companies’ income of money.
Will this person desire being able or put into the possibility, physical, mental or even spiritual (=how can we come to see someone that idid not budge about putting the net next gene(ration)
Or administrative or organizational, even social. As if you would say yes, I am for the fundamental fu duties doubts, to keep the older at a as central place as any, as long as they work for the good and freddoom of everybody, but what if the person concerned are obliged to be treated like if the old age meant to possess youth forces are their customerial services????

not being treated as an idiot because of being it, but bef cause in this system of lords regarded regardeing themselves like inteellecutuals or businesspersons…if you show real intelleignec is not good for your salaries, if at all – if rewards is not indigence.  Gence.

Maybe this emphasize on family, making love, couples making… it is also the result of the human endeavour in recongnizing their forms, its shapes only.
As one can make love with water, warm up with wool, love one’s fish, whatever goldren or red, or its behaved pussy (the one that don’t eat the fish), to excahge orag orgasm at the sight of a tree, plynunging onto the sky like onto the ocean, seant.

Of course madeness and more important meanness, far more important, will depend on which communities we has been raised, of the sanity of the community itself, of the relationships between communities.
Also it is common, global, universal.
The pretense of goodness here, the sheer, visible dehumanization there. All in the same bag, knowing each other, or at least knowing the existence, the fact that there is life for others.
To be at the same degree and spiritual stage, all of them, us.

So what?
What do we hide? Of our spirituality and croyances?
Who believe in life? Who believe in future? Who believe in essence?

Of course I believe but every element, muight replonge you into doubts, or towards abuses of one’s position too, or cowardice, or devalorisation, or weakness, or thinking over without being clear, or relativism.

To ask pardon, to apologize for what one’s goverenent for example has done…in all but expensive suit and fellowship.
“Punishment or pardon”.


Trial. Ritual.

perhaps it is a sham e you would not say i am femme
do you have drinks with not classified at first sight femme category?

you could need another pic for the audience to pick up your style. manly or/ and else....?
Odd odious enhance. Dire hence.

“I have many vices and a different mood to match each!”

This religious what can they say they have differently achieve, other than kill individual love and creativity???????????
Proscrinating sex, as their condition of community where everyone erases in front of chiefs prospects, would terminate into a compulsory brothel, like it is, but with prompting random and at each degree rather than titled and unionized sexual activity.

Endless feedback forms will attempt to reassure the student that he or she is first and foremost a “client”, unless he or she is involved in any political action on campus or elsewhere, in which case the new squatting laws will immediately be applied, turning the student from consumer to criminal faster than you can say “domestic extremist”.

Squatting is perhaps not the only way for resistance, but sadly the min main.
Of course reappropriation of the space, taken to hide, deplete, accumulate, construct emptyness versus crowds, this lack of silence, this lack of verdure, this lack of serene, relax and informal stance. This grasp on the leisure but race for cvs and reference.

to monitor their absences and report any suspicious behaviour

what is suspicious then? Deterrence.

What the next few months will bring in terms of resistance

And of results. The results are absent as the lack of determination and union. It is not a fight against the measures mainly, it is a fight to construct and produce a new party, with new leaders, with new taboos, discrimination, homeless, cries and fears. It is why nothing can depart, who would like to work for that, unless the forecasting chiefs. They are no leaders There is no chief as the leaders take all forces, and the chiefs fight desease, De cease. You are no revolutioneer but new bourgeois. Not that system don’t need patrons and boss, but not the ones that play and suck on principles that they are no the balls and courtusety to defend. Impossible? Impossible are every right is no covered, but with what do you whant them to be embrassed? Impetuosity. This allegiance that you call the social, tha t permit nepotism, irrelevance, unefficeince, personal vanity to be the object of rebellion and indecency. They are no chiefs of the alternative but overthrow that is not gonna praise enough clients unless it can come for cheap.

As T.A points out in his piece

Am certainly not against people in love and at work but what about citing one’s boyfriend for sole other reference and sole other actors in a film that is supposed to represent revolution and patry? I mean dies does one  have to fuck to be part of the family? At as it would truly turn into the mafia that calls themselves ally of the church you see?
Censorship, nepotism, inner circle of alphabetized bandits.
Apparatchick, parish.

imagine a world without fees! With grants!

I am to respect that people that want to work so little to ensure box room, nouilla, and their plants be supported in this projects. But without work and mutual responsibility no possible truce honey.
Nevertheless it gives me enthusiasm what you chant. In a real care, duties, and rights approach, equality, consistence, pervasiveness of the system (not demand for one (person or circumstances) but not for the other...and make sure of the right and due of the fellow following. Mutual respect.
What  do you want grant for? For taking for granted, knowledge, truth, dedication?? Impartiality, devoid interest viewed from the point of vantage of the unconcerned salaree employee employed, deployed for non reciprocatvie provocative effect?
There is no chief, but tickit and tic et. At uni, autonomy and independence w should be in the program too, but the true Marxists are even like marx said it not, note me. How could he affiliate to a party to whiom he had to satisgy fy , all, notre autre messy.

An intense description and summary as always. A so contrast and intertwine presentation, discussion? That one would read you only for the intellectual template involved.
Thank you anyway –pure hypocrisy but almost the same tenor of love without humility in my supplication, life has its surpise in teners gaurnt gaurangtee outing autant orangoutant .

When I read you if I feel like crying. As two snakes embrassing (apothecary). Your writing.

agi ainst.
But I admit that when I come to read the enumeration of what you duly mention happens to the University, the feeling of crying lay hold of me. Grab off reason, reson.
To know more than one language enable to be profe jected onto ramification of senses. As a translation will bring other synomym, imagees, and approximation, reviews, effusion, effects, staff, stuffs, simagres.

To speak about one invidual. She or he.
Why not she and he. Queer studies.

The rasta got a point saying that jesus was black as every prophet of the main relit lic gion legioin are from middle east or asian countries.
As for the jew, of oucse I am for a world where there is no need of borders, laws…because no one would be greedy, ignorant, mean, dishonest, stupid. But about the jew and their habing being decimated, on since the cultural argument is in politics winning, they are still subject to grave more than dangers being the representative to old testament applied by the oumas and archibishops. It would, it has to be terrorizing to be around other countries with thousands, millions of inhabitants whose aims and world of their republic (is that sso? – I mean the west is not a good example, but there are limits), a religious republic, where everyone have to adopt the without morla application of an abused ancient myth. Like in Africa where people take on western principles to name thing, say that they are, and violate, them , rape them in the confinement of their privacy, even though privacy is accorded within the secrecy invented, the great inevention of the firms and capitalism lies and propaganda. The propaganda of saying that istrael is safe comes from an aim, intrasinc          thse stuff saying that every thing is fine, the way no one is saying nothing about borders or zone tampon that could be monitored by the supra national organism but who trust them when peace and love are concerned??
And who trust them in the long run or otherwise than helping after the te genocides are perpetrated, accomplished for the ones in ‘physical, numeral, destroy’ spirit stance: the suckers between themselves, the cowards.eice.
The fact that the west like wars.
The ones that are no t liberating but conducted in order to keill civcilians since no one is establishing institutions where everybody respect everybody or law that would start saying we ensure well being in life, you ensure you don’t have more baby.don’t feel finishing fishing like in ha rpon japon, Egypt or Palestine, even London is too crowded, but no want lining in a countries where everyone that reproduced where coming from the poor coutnrise where their rich leader teach that the west possesses all the insanities. You want to profane?

A book is like a child we work on ti we work on ti but what we work, what is coming and that we will have to write and deal with, and how he will be by other people received, is beyond altogether different apart of the initial thoughts, as every parent they will be edicate and eradicate by their infants. As for the other people, the writer has to wirte for and in not accordance but they are the circumstance.

M ma nage.

To be given thousands and one respionsibility like that even the most te ethical do mistake after mistake, no sleep, no personal glee, no time to think, and start thinking that mistakes are humane.

The gender issues and behaviour is not only in childhood  or in teens, where we store different ways, where one is intricate inot sensing other bodies but in adulthood where the mates or the lovers you d like akd you to display.

In the flick, age of 5 or 6, at caremen operal. My grandma well known homophobe and opera phile o could not get hold of me as I could not stay still. Then she said in ordre to watch the film. Look do you like women? Yes, then look it is for you, but prend garde a toi....
Caremen from this day remain the desire I could grow with, the one
Jcare carement ---c--------arem.

I remember this serpents that I have to kill as they were veinimous and in the garden of my parents and that I could not, I did not ahve the skills for taking them elsewhere in the forest. Fore est.
She looked at me, as they could not run, they ahd just eaten?
She looked at me, without dfences I rised the long sticked axe and cut her and her georges into two into w four.
Four, for.
I am sick of having killed a couple, a serpent. I remember her regards, them knowing their both last instant.
What I would pray for now is them be safe, good and happy. And from my own salvation, or not, even not, for my own better complexion, if I could look at myself furthermore. I d like them to come in me. To possess m y body.

To take communism or liberalism or communitarism or independism, the two or their subs,

The god mother is maternal , she can’t help it. Out of dutes, and where she has to go with the type of influence and powere she has been given. The language, the body prescience that she employed.

Sum sumb sum subm, mub, mud, mob
Crow crowd.
That I am sure that the gys and galls that made up vocabulary and cross criis bridges around languages were funnier than I am.

I cannot help it or
I cannot help

I could not go one like this married, even for her, and for the love for which you learn, from which you sir ‘ve. I cannot be anyone’s no one’s husband as I am, as we are POW OW>

W like N wn

When they kick you they don’t just kick you r flesh but your vital organs. I know skin is the larger one. But what about destroying you kidneys, liver, lungs in thumping so hard that the aims is not th e pain but have you for life in disabilities grounds.

Mabe to have been bullied give you the strength to think about unjustice and the notion of st terminate it when one is not even directly concern. Indirectly is more in sane.scene.

May be.
May abbey, babey.
Bable.  Babel.

Inf einte.


In countires where the average people cannot make love or have sex without the neighbourgh to directly hear, without having to guess every breath that won’t tire, dire, homo prescript. As you would fell e that everybody has the right legitimacy to touch you, even spirtitually, psychically, and you live with people you did ont choose, that you have to bear all day and year, your family and the ones that dict-ate your hours.
A dict-ion

I cannot help

Ive, vie.

Fi, file, file fils, film, thick, chick, fusil.

Sympatic. And spathos sum and synchronic.

Jes e fe jealous of one’s position as w each post is key to overall orgnaisaitons. If led with and by libery ty and respenct flow for rance forance .

yes the french one.
sapho and others. i am deeply sorry for what is happening in greece. i am afraid to be honest, let hope that everything is not gonna collapse and that everyonewill be able to help with pensioners.
the 14th is perfect as long as none of my colleagues put a bomb somewhere, but that should not be happening. on wednesday. i can do it anytime in fact in the afternoon, the colleague is back from holiday on tuesday. and if they do me short notice stuff i can say that i cannot make it anyway...
i am always there for them...
i live south london though no metro. so very late evening is no good for me to come back.
i am glad to see you.
the place?

oh that s super cool. never promise this! it is more than ok.
i really agrees with what you say about internet dating. it is how i understood the lecture on virtuality.
ok i can read you like authenticity. my persona might be ok then. i am vegetarian.
i ve got a mad schedule up to the mid of december where things gonna ease up a bit. wanna meet?

Or or nor.

To see him (the cat) in such fu sufferings, beaten as it has been throught someone taken in in a trap and beaten up that half his skull went away. And his ‘owners’ trying to hael him now. They cold could not, they haven’t been able to, in my memories this cat did not go through.
Take your pain and your instinct for survival. Id did the guy let you go to show your ‘masters, no your frience d. your owner of fr fence france offences off tra trepass

isn't it against customary laws or else to trial and punish somebody twice for the same crime?
it is call double penalty, perhaps. just a quick asking.

no i am against holiday in m y life style.
i ll tell you when i go to france next. perhpas april. would like to see you there.
plane = pollution

the day you have rights and the w awareness of them being legitim ate leatgue team and the day you understand that being deprived of gthem kill your being more than anything else. You fight and found the human organization meaness, that make you think that animal in humans should be ashamed of them traits. Dual.

The same beast capable of the worst capable of the best.
The best? In a continuous struggle lute for survival, even when the finest.
Animal , human , who is the best?
Les imbeciles.
L sel.


Wheat what did they do for you to join their cusause.?
Made you some pancakes.
Cos don’t worry the day you ll know them, I ll got stuffed alriaght.

To know about a member, in numerology, implies that you know, or knew about former numbers and ren-ew, re-new
Queen, reign.

See, lu cifer.

Desrerts purple.

For what a price up?
To n announce that there is something called jihad?
Jee, had.
Age, ah?! Jee has. As. Jazz. Haze.

Becareful the , we, world is fasho.
I am not sure about you are,

They call themselves politicians but organize the social and the market, like brothels of which they escompt be the maitre. Kill. Llik.
Ci likw a wquid.

Kill quid.

With him.

To approach females as love in life is the only story. But being as distructing mefiant as scalded and sorry . don’t believe in thiese rebuish, ruby , so wy approach them? Pussy. But without love, and with the demand of one, scorny. Score, horny. For me this one I  admit too much of femme, MEHH, METHodic.. women that could espouse my shape and form but aht would nto do it. Just don’t know why.

Love , sesx, ok bad.
On and of homos, som oh.

Thank you for talking to me yesterday, I needed someone to whom explain my disarray.

The teachers that are teachers, that have gone through year and years of training, that are training themselves in the calss room and work at home towards pedagogy and their matters instilled. Or at least we would like to think, and that are for the parents to be in charge with their children education.
I propose that the teachers be taken in charge by the parents alsol

i need to ask information.
what would you do if i call you about a sick fox, staying in my garden?

regarde les docs c est le nombre de fois que mon site a ete visite, ce st normal je fais becaup de pub en ce moment. mais d apres les chiffres il y a quelques gens qui reviennent pour relire de temps en temps. j ai eu une mohyenne de 5 visiteurs par jour ces 2 dernieres semaines.

To molest someone saying that they are dirty , disgusting, gping ape the subjects, rape and kill.

M amant.
D aimeant.
Dem on.
Dem en.
D haine, hen, N
DNa, dinna, dinner, to dine.

She was crying for me, I was fighting for her.
It is how you manage not having to show your feeling, and that fear and sadness will pop out on other hours. Namely when she forgot your insanity. Na annuity.


Resentement politics as the individual is forbidden to flourish in the awareness of the global societal needs, and the universe rights to be respected.
Whence groups not really ensuring the individual rights but its survival and then a possibility of perphas more liberty withing borders, tn entitling them to br-each other rights’, as the pourpose is not universal protection but particular angle of attack and procuraton. procuration., procurator.

There is pro stitute.
And the ones that could avoid, or theat want this fate for others.
The vulgar
De stitute.

Not integrated people,
But integrated society.
Intergrated, intergraded?.

And the wonderful mom moc communist party, as populits to say to the abruty, we will fulfil every of your needs, like the others do. Gather personal greedeness into a fever fo r consumption. Leading to destruction. I die together is s distopy. Fortunaltely people would wit h intentionally or unconsiciously to stoop the is rush towards human occupation.
Said, se

the role of a parents it is crucial as let say that they live in conditions that forced” them to be proactively aggressive, never means, ther e is no situation like that, but as we are all prone to drop out of the line of sufficiency.
To raise their children as attack dogs, and then the youth I find go and attack, but the maturity of the experienced and of more distant, ‘wider background’ to relativise and their children calm.
On culture feuds.

Feu re.

I am too good kinfa of girl really.
Yest, y = why; est = be.

The taking for granted of the west, thinking will be able to over consummate, while complaining about our salaries never about human rights, whilst other people paid the price of over luxury, pigistry. By pass over or can’t go by. Surive + by

The tree whose branches are exact lea , like as haze, the deer holy that love the doe not like a dolly.
The tree-like in fall.

It is mine, not that I bought but what I have done.
Or what I have bought that permit me to have done.

Strang(le), strong, strug(le).

Initiate. Tini. It/ini.

To answere first with one’s instinct and u build guild field in the conscient and subconscient later.

Treated people as manifestation of a higher spiritual psychic instance, what tehey are ar(e)t hare.
Are Christmas or s chrishna.

The expression of terror, horror, the sking that go in other direction through torture and expectation.

Confiance, or comfy.
Confiture, de Confiture


look tell me what part you don't understand, quote, and i ll put that in clearer words or order my sentences differently, for being understood better if i can.
thank you.
sometimes. also. unintelligible don't mean unintelligent.

also look closer.
And then, in addition it is no the same for all of it.
It, animal, eat.
Choc- collate.
Per colate.
Charcoal ate.
On eating prevention.

Best wishes.
Caroline Baranger.                                     07757850484

  that ant this. and sorry.
yahwe, yawolh.
no, i agree. i must agree.

Ya, wall. The positivism lucrative.
Ya, vw, all.

Literally f(r)ame.


There are         believes and other(’s)                 feelings.
Meaning that believes are alright as long as                   .

Oh, you, yes, it’s my choice, I am for the har-m.
                                                                         Harm harem.

Haram. Harem. (mere mare)

Mere in french, mum, mother.

Trail, trial, tire all.


-we are good.
-totally. Tot ally.

Terror and Hollywood.
The have-nots and never will have or strive to pinch at any cost (the one of the not thinking and those of disengagement for the most rampant) against princes’ stories, mind this way I can tell why I always wonder how come tales were so immoral.

Past paste.
ΦФ qp
Philo, pi, file, l’eau and history.

When art has to do with influence, as no one will pay intention as long as it is not the subject, sharing the part. Trap.
Shakespeare would be, considere, like a bore, wasting theirs time with sounds and philosophy: a waste of money, would they so kind to considerate the world constructed. Ead, eat, head, heat, ing, ed (hid). Hideous, ide-ah.

Pol artic.
Pol itic.
Polar isation.

Top pick.
Trope pick

Flor-id, flourishing, fleurissant.
Hedge beant.

The languages, whatever they are, are never so divine that anybody and beast could not understand.
And for the human vampires, if they are afraid of that other not get the subtility of their saying and overturn, any beast their body and actions will junderstand.

Interent permit to discretedly reconvey O.C.D into checking ones’ messages every ten times more than necessary.


My parents were dishonest, but I did not know it. Thus, they breed me into or thinking that I was and I was not, or they permit and raise me into becoming honest, as I thought they were, and replicate one parents it is what one does.

To pray so many times, as exhaustion take over the whole body, and as much as we would like to intervene and to stop the folly. We are ourselves stopped, pray regularly.

Politicians are so happy that people don’t vote no moer. Or at least the system, politic. As it reduceds the accountability they own to the people to zero of the 20 % of people that still could think they vote for democracy.

Would pheasant and peasant a code for what could be to be shotted?

could the orginal Islam have been initimatedly intrigated with ancient Egypt myth…?

Religion and nature. The teacher, the savior, it s learner her killer. Damn.ateion.

A quarter of the plants in “our” gardens today comes from the hymalias.
Bbc 4 natural world.
And medication.


Religion and nature, the one you pay and that are sorted out in stuffed like universities, companies and white halls or blacked pissed mosu que.
Or danmed discreet temple…blablablayehey.
In the cine, in the corvi bieres.


The nature of the present catastrophe , ps ps ps specters of what has been likk killed in the past.
Laead leak.

Dragons, d, griffins, geants…myths from remains and fossilation of dinosoraus.
Bbc 4
And like if t we kenw what happens two or tree thousand year ago.#
But good idea, particularly in what will be sadi that has happen after the dna museum.

And maybe then people will be able to say that they are god themselves as the only traces they will be happy to find will (would, don’t curse them dicka) be the remains they have and are left, of our destruction.
Cruse, crush.
Sorry about the other religion quoting I am sure they are plenty of these hints. Equally.

 The function of dreams in realities. Why would the brain focuse on these? Activities.
For what future?

Adult age is the one where you start suffering from stopping to grow.
The mature one is when you realized how you will become wrickle and ripped; having exhausted all trick to fight back the exhaustion.

Psychology are used in the west o not to conquier the soul and spirit but to dominate intellectual impulse that coul d revert the doom.
That is one is putting in a set of thinking making him belive that every concern are 100% psychologic.
That is if you want to put across tha t what we aer doing is dangerous, what will be counting won’t be what oyou a say but the way you say it. That is even though the dangerous behavior of puolluting, lying, embezzling is not altered whatsoever but one has to think of others like if they were 3 year old that has to be raised up, and think oh damend the real poison, what is count is the human interaction!!!
On the same topic, you might have done a good joc b but if your attitude let appear that you would like go past psychology and start garrote ing the infection, well even though ti is not psychologic to have to fdefend one’s opionion on people killing people, every movement of your body then will be targue as demon. Demonstration.
On the other hand psychology won’t heal no ‘illnessess’ as the mother one is the having to make appear gelee glee on your face when people are killing or harming everybody and thing. Everyone.




The f curse or the gife t. to be touched or not th ouched. To tout ch or not touch.

To shop at the same standard on which w one expects to be treated. Like a doll.

To have one’s idea from the other part. Cannot go on with partner.
Idea of marriage.

I bet my wife an d I was jealous because of her being my possession.
I did not have to talk to her, but wh wiere she wish to go with someone else, my ‘competition instinct’ would drive me a lkiller.


Did, dire, dine

To use psychology to make difference between the guys that are ready to kill other people economically and the ones that are ready to do so physically.
In order to sgegragaee and negate what one is killing economically and it is why other are feeling the need of stopping them, by any means if necessary.
Or to recrtuit the ones able to kill for nothing to keep at bay political dissident that would vote for equity and less semblant.

To say of someone that hi is he is aggressive in order to deny the fact that to defend oneself and justice as a whole one cannot coutn on the sangsu that profit from the despair of other, feigning that they are saviors, with with white letters and knight in silver.

and in my youth, the cool had the dignity of not polluting.
You are so at rear with any principles that someone will have to ask you why you went to tailand otherwise than to take a plance plank without for yourself any reluctance.

Virginity appeals the vampire?

Treated people as manifestation of a higher spiritual psychic instance, what tehey are ar(e)t hare.
Are Christmas or s chrishna.

Each time, room or rent, work context has been robbed.
                    Or so.
Or robbed or abused.

De late.
D elle eat.
De hell eat.

D’hell eat.

U killed I.T?
All your contacts?
The agenda?
The history?
And what about the talks you are giving into thin air and that would have to (mudy must) be recorded somewhere, for students, passionate guys or poorer ones that cannot afford to be in (beat)  being be in ???? be + ing , be = ing, activity???   central London or around your cons, to listen a bit of gentler pro-pager.
Why were they not much of your writing anyway?

Why not recording your talks?? And put it in your site, like Wolf.
Or you like doing it for the wind?

Propager = propagate.

The powere is that little spot, as every sould is stuck struck block stock and instead of going into the ethicals the blue like air and sea and soul, the blood, the crux (hand, ahanging body) the sun, the load, the sand. Dust and end.
And power is the way of appropriation tin on of what is rest to loot.
A propos preservation, which is not conservatism.

Contra, country
Racker. Jeu d la corde.

Human beings united. For what ?

To defend the weaker contains as a problem or stigmat the one of what if minorities becomes majority and injustice and further inequality and discrimination place.
Pl ace.

It is daunting to pre (precinct, pre saint, pre dire…) or pray or whatever appeal to god, as what are we going to do with that. On sin and infraction wantom prejuridication . on boniment or false unfructiful or loose injunction. Suffering from lack of faith or fallen back in acking aching but up to us foul and fouling conditions.

Human rights or last rites.
Human should be careful to their last accompaniment to the dark and doom. Doundoun.

De ode.
Ore ordeal.

baptism of fire
1. (Military) a soldier's first experience of battle
2. any initiating ordeal or experience
3. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the penetration of the Holy Ghost into the human spirit to purify, consecrate, and strengthen it, as was believed to have occurred initially at Pentecost

it looks like i ll just finish correctly on time. it is thanks to jim too. as the week end as been so agreable and cool that i was resting my pace and mind more than anything. and then it is nice when youcome as well.   



she thought I was sad and this the main feature of me. I was, in watching, the forbidding paradise, the forbidden fruit, the thought unfinished, the trough for infinite, no infancy but infamy.

The future is inscrived bed as we know the vivs vibs and structures. But like the pithy what a word, and what the world mean is q a question of life time that sees and seals what has been permitted for them to explore and be sure. Be side and Be sure.

Sure and sure, a sur. .

Love is the only potent potion capable to arable to disarmed. As the fighters have haven for quest the one that make death valid, a life of eeffet ef fort.
Re sort3                       TA,
Ta, thank, ta (hers)


fury jury

I don’t know nothing about but. IDKNAB
Vat high boo good as maintain consumption low.
Goods acculmulation is not good for earth, the queen of us all .
An dif the sky is the king, it is still not the space. That would saw us swallowed, moreover if the microcosm did report our endeavour at pissing on everygthing.

Considered, considera ble.
considera = Future.

The species living tot gheter. And even the wold f and the birds if they ahave been brought up together. What has human done of such a heden? E-den.

The ablation of one breat, to stop secreting hormones to stop being fragile at this place.

POW ere.

Low wol

counter fire,
counter ire.



Odd Badiou, translation bad you.

Ditch, bitch,

Over other.

During, daring, diring.

directedly directedly, dejectedly


the, vie.
Homo taken as pests. As since they are out, they are brided with their very life, and their life’ partners, and partners’ life which would bring anygbody to loose everything, mental structure and moreal one included.
By what about the one that h threatens us with it, and the ones that watch it??

eternal.     Lane r ete. (summer or use to be, in french)

brothers. Others.

Hover, hoof.
funest, not funiest.

Education, naducation
deucation, dedication

Noe, noway.
Rift. Fir.

I d like, in fact not that I like it at all, but I am forced into signaling an occurrence that I would qualified as being particular shocking and at odds.
I am a mature student, and I try to stay at the university in order to beneficiate of the silent room that one can find at some hours in the campus. Even if roehampton is very propice on this matter, sometimes I have to pack and unpack my stuff as the library is often crowded and noisy and the place I go are classrooms.
I started this term to come in the place, the hall before the door of the sacristy.
All my studies are done in complete silence. I am never with someone. I am always tidy and clean after me.
I was very glad, happy in fact to have found a quiet place where I could stay. I told R.           that if people wanted to use the place I would then leave in order for them to enjoy this place of calm and discussion also. I spend there a few weeks, and when R      understood that I was studying everyday, the chaplain forbad me to use this place, that was made public, as it is a class-room and a place where group are welcome to come, while sacristy and chapel are empty.
I really thought that I could count on someone who cherishes silence and studies, or at least that could understand this need in somebody.

Talk, tall klat.
Kat, klatch.

“On being less of a bitch”.
where? that's right, but it is not sustainable, and so goes for the flea.

tell me on what, a question? or is it just positivism towards slavery?

One is allowed to attack the individuals, the groups…but nothing to be done against the machinery. What makes legitimate complaints lost terrirotries. Has the way it is done towards annihilation anf prison suit the slavery.
People spend life being discreet and refine for what change individual that at the service of the combiner can.

just a quaint wondering. are you bi or gay, i mean not of orientation but on practicality?

A work in-stills, on stilts.

bunch or bench.
Bush, butch.

seve re

Plain lain lanes! fuck the planes.

And people, my believe is a one way polygamy with a spouse child (as even thousands year before a child as always being a child) 40 years old younger than me.
And you gootta respect my believe.
Even if I got unfaithful basically.

just a quaint wondering. are you bi or gay, i mean not of orientation but on practicality?

me? practical homos exclusive. i would have to write an essay.
well, i was wondering if you are with someone at all? sentimentaly? sexually? you want to meet at roe? or else where?

i think bisexuality is the most natural. problem is when you girl fire friend is polygamous, but i know you are. so it is not a problem for me. aids is when it comes to your lover. that is i don't think i would like my gf be cheating on me, but i could accept that of my lover. but in having safe sex, which is fact is not safe sex but just safer...
hope we meet soon?

Fellow ship.

Females fr forbidden with sports, as they could then dfend their females.
Same applied to nurturing males.

Forbidden homosexuality as roel could be more diversified, stop the stereotypisation.
Setereotype assigning every family to protect from the harm of other solely, without beneficiating for from solidarity in society.
In case bothe parents are chosing, the cooking facilities.,,

Femine genital mutilation.

After war, no man, cut the instinct of hunting and reproduction.

They have stolen my daughter and I could not prevent m y own family to bring her in the woods, woman ‘appartening’ to the communities.
Central role of women in the extension of ethnies.

oh yes, i know that. the problem still begins when you are several partners at the same time, tough. as long as i am aware wednesday is ok for me but in fact i ll got my table table tomorrow.
i d say that i would be ok for my lover to see somebody in case i know it. but i am very afraid of dst. also i think that the problem is that with a gf you can practise sex as you like, without protection if you are sure she don't cheat.
but i realise i write platitude.

no, no i am with no one. and ideally one is enough for me. now i understand the concept of opportunities....

And if adoption paper and d adiptove adoptive parents were slected accouding to their western havit bit+======= voting behavior.

Macho , machine.

Acfu accurate.


ww on .                                                        

problem of seuxuality and competition. Giving every thing for the one, till madness and deraison.
So what if the system of the couple, would be so be left.

Dot in french dawry.

Other, hot her.

hom osexuality,

coma bat, comb at.
On combat. Funest.

funest, not funiest.

Fiel th.
Fil th
Field, thief.

Inthenameofrig hts.

Rig, rich.
Right, freight, fright.

Res cue.

With no moare wanting and ambition that being fed, on bien rich at the depend o fother woursk. On the continent scales and levels, levelers The west.

Your cup of curpboard, carton.
Is not coming cheap but from a tree.

Hi, j ack.

It is to really say even if it is so ugly that we have to cry and shout to the people suffering from their very minimal right and survival being breached, that here in Europe even if you fight for people rights they shot the door at you, miss, dismiss.
Employment role.

To be call religion and have become down to simply perform an ideological sit system.

A 50 years of bbc new dvd, decade by deacade.
Tha related killings, terrorism, wars, soldiers, and genocide as long as the marriage and divocre royal.
Recuurennt images, like day after day of irak war: funerals.
Bbc score on tolle.
What had shocked me is the long slots on TV

Geoverning bodyies.

Chemical genocide.

Ide, ed.

The first propaganda being to say that the 21 centurey are modern = civilised, when they are only more etechnical.  Urban, nAnd global.

Adidiction conduct, enforce in person, for them to go on doing whatever, to put their impulses and strength towards liberty convert into having to do whatever for having a puff of the fdrugs

Churches owning their own schools and hsostpitals…

Withchcraft, beating, burnt, , torture organ , body torn
On future commercial. 

Culture and social respectred as they impose behavioral training and technical knowledge improving.

I don’ t like oholidya because my days are cool, relax. I don’t eneed anything else and m y aims is to like the work I do and also not like being too far from it. Ho and I don’t have, I am not with a girlfriend.

There is no democracy rule by the market.

To defend one’s costums as the automatism of the ceremonies and the common code that teaches and learns from the diversity, and in totalitarian automosphere from everyone, has all has to do. Make you join your hand, in a gesture of being bound, or whatever the sign is in another culture or contry, country.
And at this moment the mental knows that it has joInted. pointed
Ointed. Joy.

Death, tea, theo.

Christ eat hyena.

roasted, in ham-ster haste  eating the glorious lamb.
Sorry abou t the other denomination (Caesar, shaocesscou, chaosandsky) they did not was-h h my brain for a question of geography.




ive. Eve.

That i sis not hypocrisis, nor hyper, i just exept expect you not to be so ignorant and our conversion espere. Expire, aspire, Esperance.



In the ‘dmon car demon crazy’ they make wars with Iraqi while saying to the person that try to face and fight injuste laws here, that they gonna go in prison or pure censorship.

Ame, ami, amant, aimant, amustang, amusant.

February, brume, febrile, f.eve.

To reconcile oneself to something.
Does not mean peaceh and armony. Reconciliatrion,
But to put with sth. To resilient? No, to resign, to be resigned to do…

Armony, harm, ony. Onir =

Vamp higher. Pyre.
Pyre = fire and stone.

As a butch only bi are attracted by me, not the lesbi.
And then bi, thank you very much…like if I had a perpetual hardon, to compete…
Thank you lord off for this infamy.

I hate bi.
            Every body but me sincerely.

To, I, share with nobody = me.

 Hardon down
Harpoon up


Hapr harp

Sound soon.

To be able to shout without developing trich into not coming, is purr pouring the spirit of e.o everyone down. An island? The paparzi would make a porno oyut of your disarry.

This society pretending their defending h.r on establishing ‘very high standars of a joke’ in fact not h.r boosting but economical bail out and artificial inflation and performance, at the cost of our libbery, well being, dignity, and to live with less things and lies, that would permit the human to start doing their jobs, nature protection as their unique sanctuary. Lost paradise by and large

By , byu.
Buy, y, u.

Or is mental health a word used as people might perceive you or gossip about, and construct a bout, around they saying that is it a strangity, a strangeness of you.

Chat, tachometer. .

i am really wondering how you manage your shop.
three months ago i went to one of your shop, to buy frozen veg. inside the frozen containter a dust 1 cm thick was in there. i at once complained to the staff, specifiying that i would never come back in such place. i am against pouring chemical products... but when it comes to food if i spot place where food are left with dust or on the floor, i ll start to be frigthen and fierce as for the ability to run a shop.
i came back though as i work night is my sole outlet, but this time i told the manager that never bothered to check and gesture me to go out as i had just bought something from there. i don;t think one take a manager likely to leave things in this state for several monghts, as she did like if she did not know nothing about it, saying i just said.
i don' think one talks about a big company as hasard like this should be under your responsability.

The way website are done signalizing the will for obscurity of demonic davertisement , advertisement, divertissement.
And the type of professional ethics and misplacement.

Further, fur,
Furor, fuhrer.

Cancer caused by the fact of us surppressing animal communications.
We stop whistling answering birds, and groaning answering whoever life and live around.

Love is the ay way hay nothing will be change d or moved of one’s life dedication to the supreme. As whatever happen it is on your name that I do half of what I I did and dig, intrawseuque , unforbi unforvi f given beauty batue. Unforgettable.
Table? Forge.

The cap: regulation in any temperature of the temperature of the body…a protect from blows.
The veil permitting not to si disrupt the head of hair so low.

So low.

Calvaire, calvin, call vers.

Call, c-

Solving, sauf = save in french. Or but, except. Exert, expert,
Sov, sauve, soph.


Etienne, est tienne.

What is the secret of the animal, vegetal, mineral?
 The demi urge the one who transports that. The ones, but would imply honest, sincere, solidarity, that.

T’’head, at. His.

His, hiss.

Notre dame.

Dame, dam, dike.

Notre, noter, notaire = notaries.

Palestine, the victims of th e cold war between arabas and Christianity. Sainity.

Champceuil seen what people never come across, and the uncharitability of our sot ciety and our medicine.

Torture the innocent and their reincarnation in a beast that you cannot see, cannot catch, nor imprisoned and that will you blood your dry at 101%
Or at some of what every of your nigh.

When the mare neigh it nigh articulated cupid. Art. Cul = bottom of a sack.

Sack, kcas, case or  box.

Beate beaute, batue.

a bout, about

whas, swash, ash,
has, or was.

The rpivildege to study. Like the one to take one’s time. Or to do a job that make a difference. Should not be priviledge byt intraseque actions.
on godd recipe to avoid money problem is travel not related with work.
me i think that my travel is to do with my studies, in as sens ethey are my leisure, what i pay myself of free time.
i hope we see on sunday. bring your laptop. for the food i work till 8 pm on saturday. and on sunday i don't think we could find something at roehampton. tell me if you cannot on saturday i d try tomorrow.


You have stopped writing after the U.N.D.H.R, that was the date.

In between devotion or dedication one has to choose de- basically. Also arise gross and greande connery. Errors and nunnery (not talking about the brave sisters, peace in your soul and sex alike).

Sex exes. Pronc.
Sexe in french. Excess.

Acad-emy enmy.

To be resetned not to have power for being so nasty. But bully me won’t be of any avail. innate.
In mate. Et am.

Je pense, thus I am, coger, gerock, nimo.
I think thus il ive.
I will heave.

There is no rale real political and ideological debate at the same time. As even when one knows that another ‘solution’= recipe, would be better for them and for the society as a generality, nothing in politics attest that their vote will enuse sue this to be pursue and that the new denomination will do this in any clause. Additionaly, even though at least one of this coccurence was permitted, people would be highly susceptible not to follow their real needs and knowledge, not the ones asked to have and display, but to follow and keep their allegiances.
Work newwork net work and

I can spend one year oever a text and not because it is finished  because I finally forget.
Finally, it is not the work but the maitre. Like the disease.

One would like to fight for the causes, as long as like every night they cannot go on standing up. But at the same level when they are lying they want to be taken with the little things and persons that have made their lives, their love.

The climax in the sexual excitation, could be related that when bodies are opening up to that highness and when youmight to have to defend yourself from habing to have this degree of proxy. Then your body is coming, release as it agrees to open and don’t have to run for its life, as is could be the case.

I d like to do goo things, but so many and much of my doing, while I was certain, positive, enhthousiast, gudided guilded about it. Not of this goodness proved to be. What to do?

eternal.     Lane r ete. (summer or use to be, in french)

yes, anal and then. There is a lot of going around apparently. The vagin vague in. ina. In a. one in each of male and famel, camel. body.
Fael, (feel, fell, fail) flame.

Flame of the dragons as they eat stones and germs.

on godd recipe to avoid money problem is travel not related with work.
me i think that my travel is to do with my studies, in as sens ethey are my leisure, what i pay myself of free time.

he was not a transgender. i think the transfo is painful. you don't have a proper penis, mind that could improve...i understand why (the social reason and maybe biological that would more affiliated to any kind of operations, biotic, I am ok with it as long as it is not oblige nor officialy not tacitely. Why not having to do it for survival or for having the right to sex the opposite.) people want to do it. though i think that whatever the body is hermaphrodite. il l call you on sunday.
Site, set, sex.
it is not nice. how to say it starkly? i feel seeing you that's all.

Mate (in french have a peep, [pronc:  pipe = felation] that.
ame lit. ame est lie.

Mad made.

Vampire. Rampare.

s-warming with people.

To regret not to have done certain things that cross our mind or conception that to be digged wanted. Hanged. The turn over of time and depletion, the arrangement of t-hinges.

Competitive countries supported by making profit from naything will provide the gold diggers as long as the falling atmosphere. No regulations will send all otf us to go tow work like one goes to the hells.
Hades, aids.

but because of who, there is no jobs or valuable jobs? everyone fault.

Sand rain.

OROr ODD OR                 roar.

What is odd is that twith individual one might be bery conservative intellectually and innovative psychologivcalyy. And the other one the opposite…intellect, psychic, psycho, behavioral, arti…how many other parameters that are infinitude and htat are not when one censor for the devil only.
What makes us interdependent, and equal spiritually. Totally.

No respect of other species impeach one’s own evolution.

Medical experimentation
Nazi destroy eveidence like scientifist or moralist destroy the self evident truth that anial are as animal as us, living, feeling.
‘puttin someone out of one;s minsery’

Would beliefs remote people from morality and duties? Ties.

Life is a miracle and be careful of not srvcing it badly.

Whoever control the streets, control the people.
‘children giving orders to children’ who commands, who check up, back and upon? What.
‘hitler’ children’

It is wonderful to think that everything had been written rite, on a single book, or the lfollowing flow of it.
Is it?
And you ll pray so.

And if property rights was ill adapted for veing human centred and no things (thingy) centred. To ro protect things as a communal duties, from being abused.

exactly it is to remind that universalism when deserveing its appelation is about all wisdoms. and universalism needs every knowledge and for its coexistence, authenticity and cohesion. and every passion and any one could have written this, universalism if the fruit of universe. and survival the one of everybodies' action. it is also the case that universal values cannot go on without everyone taken up at the same right and rate. everyone rights on every other rights. and duties.

 i am not sure one can talk about genocide, it was quelling, crimes against humanity yes, but without wanting to destroy a group but their dissidents, as far as my very little knowledge goes.

the problem with negationism could be related to lie in front of the judges. not will you lie to save your skin from injsutice. or lie to kill or harm somebody using the legal system?

To talk to the bird gives me bacek my humanity . as I know that theay are not more good nor bad that you or me, but that I ll try to say won’t be the objects of their complaints, that they are not spolingin the next generations and all future by (ing, in) taking place and plane. I fel film free.

Feel, leaf.

One has established
A degree of atrocity, not that each violation might not upset all around it, and not that it has the powere (revimm , revo, rebo, revoker, )of killing and send to earth back to real and reel the disarray. But by instince t of priority. To converge on the most atrocities. Perhaps, am at six and seven’s . my confession. Not I ok


Not having knowledge but data
In form
Hymn, him am, hi mam.

Say, yes.

Aver, reva, (-dream in french)
Dream, drame (in french drama)
A vers.
Sl aver y, advertise.

Moi loi, en soi.

Law saw
Raw bow, rain low.

Plolice plot lice en lisse.
Might be reluctanat at opening a file again as people couldwell organise to send someone down – trample on him.

To be afraid of homosexuality as inewaulity and debile sutupide imbecile didfference made between sex are reconcialiate in the hipe for unbounded love or it s possibility.
Anfd for the one that would exist, procreation and different strength or intensity well let me kill you.

Let late tel. tale. Etal

Opportunities to work with animal in farms where they are killed and in reservfes with false invironmentalist s that meake the rest of the population believe that animals are only good lef t in the wild, only ackaingted with the docs, only having the priviledge to observe them their lot.

their heir terre.
Vers, air,

Green, reindeer. Reen, re-in.
g- neer. Sneer. Near, pire.
Rain, rain. Rein.
Pire, worst, w horse, hearse, reverse.

To say on purpose, obligeamly , that one slef have friends.
To civilize appear, in dregs, drag and rag. Draogon. Guard on.

As human being has for false fierte to direct lives of others and most probably their fight , their fate. Fast and prompt dirigeant.

Harsher or changing conditions, harm with new skills and observation.


Plead, deal, peal, dale, knead, kill.

Swan, wan?

Swear, raw? That eve are. Arth, earth, heart

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Action and thought function

To preach reserve such as the buddha essay, as one has lost faith in humane society but still by god is guide.

As keen on wirefirebone and fireworkd than I shooting foxes around or let them for the dogs like vulgar prostituate and banal wagers or displayed shearholders or distraught fundraison. Df effondre 
How many would stop reading for the sake of nationalism. Nation that? Not me. Mention.
Nation, born.

Share, shear.

The sounded and sifted desire of ending in the streets for not having responsibilities inverse to what we knew and inverse to what should or that we have the understanding of what should be veering, wearing towards too the humanity.

I knre re knre knew one or two tricks and thrade with . early writings of what I did not hear of my feeling nor see.

humanity. Huma

About finding finaly acceptable to k live and kick life alone, as even though one find someone that corespond so, the way we think, what we thing and how will disperse and diverge our energy.
Unless one and the other will become one. But it is the aim when alone also.
Loss on nothing. Noth.

THE Klight, our trught, that decimate, as the logic will take care of our discours.di court
The kik light that dec dissimate. Light and life, and oxi, avoided in fund oceanic and surrey. Sure.


repossession, but who runs it who own it. Who is nursing it for nothing but exhaustion????


i have for policy to let every and any messages come through, also is not responsible for the comments or publicity, part of the flow. or at least not at the first instance. forum banda id diot. ideaux. idee a, idee (idea) au (belong to) haut (hight).
before the (..........) = latin, french or other languague translated.
and to help my co blogger yaeh, as the comments on your thread, not threat, but replace some content of similar for being reality. alite (ridden, bedridden) 'telephone' french rock band.

Partial application of right
Lying discourese and display.

      Pire = worse
ritual that commands? Ordered? Called? Stir? RIT

confidentiality might be used because of setting up and retaliation or double penalty. the truth and all the truth is a grave problem in any system of justice, included the hypothetical equity.

and on common space owns by the companies, owning the data recorded on cctv...and the way to interprete them as well as their context is more than frightening but delibitation.
though the form of action solidarity running the place without policy is militia social and if is not altogether will be.

as well if the doc could stop saying 'you know' cos people will judge and will get stuck with this rythme while there is so many stuffing in her discourse that in fact we did not k-now...then. or that we still don’t know weak as we are attached to form and thus so shaped.
k-now, cadeau.

great follow up on psychological police presence, taking over the streets and fencing attak on the organised crimes adn absence of legitimacy (hand in hand with the whole judiciary and other chambers and powers).
even thought we need them against the worse thatn in practise or in office already

also on solidarity movement and their psychology it is highly ugly that the solidarity appearance is high as there is no ngo organizational issues, orders, comments, epistemology and ontology questions. They are groups assemble on some unofficial (flick) occasion, they are fluids and then unleash from debates, yes but also from results and work and cohesion- as well as responsibilisation.
In addition, they are groups under who? Lead by who, yes but crush or supervise or block, imposed, opposed, guided, led, critisised, symbolized, advertised, imaged, sanitize, salvaged (sale-wage) v-age? Wagge, costumize, retribute, salute, posthumize, posess ,  by who?
It d be interesting to know in front o fthe police, the power holder, the police of anywhere, none immune against becoming the Gestapo, would be solidarising long in case of a ‘prisoner dilemma context.
As and it is what I reproach you, the solidarity, solide, or lid, of lead, dar of k liquidity, that no one is taking the subject of communism, and in fact you are not communist by any means but social liquidity, is about the resources. You can have any rules of equity and justice, jury, fair trial, constitution, diplomacy, whatever filing and field of theorization authorization (horizon), if there is no more resources, only if we would have been brought up and oyoyself build up a society of pure morality, to produce in knowing that our means of production (and their protection ways) are depletion will ensure a culture and mentality of seduction, adduction, addiction, destruction and immorality. Whate veer would be the rules they would be eviction, corruption viciated . about priviledge and sit-e for distortion theft tacit threat tac-it and felons.
Vein, veni, vidi, vici, Vaccinated.
Corruption. Core rupture-with principal. The foundation?. Of un date. Not datable as being inscribed in the logics and universlality o f no being but un I versus sale.
Mclellan, d.  (1990) because basically everyone is talking about the social over which they theorized as good sheep and never about economy, main concern of marx prevailing over the politics as the latter being dependend of the former.

the weapon of criticism cannot, of course, supplant the criticism of weapons.
weep. marx.

also not taking into account in the discourse of social is the nature of man, man centred though, without its universe, without being united and talkde in term of dissensiton, its shadow or basen, absence, death, emptiness and impertience. Humanist as it were?! Humanist is tic.

Man cut from himself, with other Humanist is tic it is cut from the universe.

What was we needed was not political revolt but social revolution, for any worth-while conception of democracy had to go beyond the political state.
Mclellan, d.  (1990)

Conscience of eatinf for free, parasitism. But ruling, even though permitting by miracle to be a good rulesr, take energy. Consensus.
Share the sense, of share the sus. Suce.
As anarchy is something less to orgainse and well everyone try to get some of its zero sum of accountability.
solidarity or liquidity.???

Emotional or amorous.
Arms, army, harms.
Conceptual, intellectual or sensuous.

Whci ch rules or manifest for privacy. Privacy then without private property within the common spaces?
As private ownership permit sovereignty and free appreciation, where would be the island if under a all commonspaces where privacy and individual freedom, and individualization or particularization (but not particularism) (and why not free like an atom- em {aim} ota (iota){hot or remove in french}  d be under assassination,

Could we stay private and enforce transparency as for damages are concerned. Or the object of corner, concern as damages is the dam of ages. And don’t touch to my pussy cat. pushy cat.
who do you want adhere, if it is not this exact rue rule threatened by OTHERs if you don't work at establishing freedom, bridges, and barriers. Bar rear.
because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under occupation. because me i tell you something, i am not gonna get ready to live under the ‘occupation’.
exclusion or inclusion as the form of surveillance.

It is all the same weird, we herd, {ire, hire, higher, de?} to claim no property but the one of the political and social institutions, instill, tuitions………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….for no one apart at chill child chic chick.
Sleek sneak.
Or Am I a born still, more than every 16 h a day maxi when I have to sleep or die without resume?

When opposition is sleeping with opportunity. Hope or tune.
Hoper tue.
Concept in the service of human and life in general’ the former served by the latter.
But no one seems to be in much hurry to provide humane concepts of it as complex {xel, zeal, moc} as life is a wonder for everybody. Abode. {e-d-ob} Heed Aube. Dawn. Own.
Ab-ove. Ab-ode. Absolutely even.
Absolve. Salve.
Because to say ‘compagny’ p or social is not protecting the place in itself, the place of course related to all but hall of anybody, shape of offering  offspring, Aube of god’s. Odd.
But the place in itself don’t know ownership at the sam title thatn an animal or a wife, well a lady (ydal) i-doll, yodel, short of ide-ali
So what’s the rule then towards the liberation of everything, pussy, yss up, in-clue-deed.
c-lue (luc, lu = light and read, re-ad, rehab, dear. Ed-ar. Arde.

Spam detection might be hiding like in you tube for reference to intertext that cannot  be signalled as adresse of web are not accepted. Monop. Mon op o ly hope au lit.holly.

Pater, parents no sex but bringing up purpose.
Holy spirit feminine

Meet, meat. Mitron.

The couple of the millenary military, a tree and its off spring, new shot.
H shot, hot, tosh, tohs.
Chuad chaut, chaud, housh auch. Verlan, en-vers.

My brother needed aorthophonist as no one talked to him. And for no whatsoever other incentives…work, fun, yes maybe dis-siding .
Explanation on my writing.

The spiritual contain inititative death as also will be sancetione by the social the quest.

Avoiding both materialism and idealism Mclellan, d.  (1990) and live for what?
Materialism could be teh thirst into construction, invention, creation, adventure, exploration. Such as idealism.
Tehnics a genius.
Philo have to work iwith not against its thrive.  And thrift.

Dissection, dispiritualisation, torture , ecartelemtn, demantelement, demembrement.
On and On Alienation.

Fluide forces, druidic forces, feel profund, if you are disrespected and have to work against ones’ development.

Unequal work for unequal reward.

The vu business person knowing about the scandals and not willing to give money to business charity, what s gonna become?

Dominated and adoring money,
‘Alienated essence of man’s work’ = slavery
Mclellan, d.  (1990)

E weep.
E e weap on apron.

I am not ridiculous honey, I am mister ridiciulous. Thank you cheir.

Funeral rites are extremely important as life is conducted in a too often urge and surge, thrust and mistrust that you do thing that you will regret less than would bring back to live deadly consequences or scars such as incests and pesticides all over food and end all that. Thry to redeem l an/douille.
And ouille. Charcoal et toussa.

Years and years w e heard, herd, about austerity. Oster

Debt. Ect.

Dette, ette.
d.ette, comme si de rein n etait.

Lat the debt we have towards what we consume without have ing done.
Please to take into account the energy spend in order to make sure that what is produced and consumed be so without harm nor delay.

One plays the monster as it is ignored, not tolerate, no accounted for.
Illness of protuberance.
In the sub, conscience.

A noise coming from where, which one of the sphere.

Dickens and scrooge. Crude, rouge
And the writer living like a ghost.

Is she supposing totally that it’ s her, the dream of atlantis?
But one another side, on hand, how could she know?
She seh. Sait not equal say but know.

Manage not the man but the cuckoo. Me, me, yes anyhow what could I expect from a fiancé?

Microsoft taught, led me to considerate several list of workds. And now I am jongling all the time violently. Should do less often, moins souvent. Soul sous le vent levant.

Minus mine us.

You lied to me once.
One, two, three, come on baby.
You do me cuckoo twic.
For, thief, Thick,
You separate I don’t know how many times
Severe, hate, night
Nine life aer for the cat.
I ll have to separate from ya.

When we have been be-tray once and twice by different body, the survival instinct revive in us solo, ‘sol, los’; solo, ‘ olos’ hole low.
They steal my owork by burning, rejecting, dispising, firing, spiting, erasing…etc  --c

Karl mars. Kprend ta barre.

Rvrty every year i asked her. With chocoalate a ring of each minute she would not be holder. Ptapisse ta piscine.

It is still democracy, but maybe not for long.
Like if it was the only thing not improvable by techniques, offering and material.

The vampire has no breath.
It cannot be seen in a mirror, as to back, or sure about it rear, no prospect.
Because there is no return, nor way to see behind. No past no future. Dfein e define, fine.

well i don't know for sure my agenda is a bit changing every week.
what about during an afternoon or an evening, problem is i might work night the day. let s try then or just now i could this friday sure whenever even evening, or friday the next one??

super for the evening. problem is that i live near university and the last train to catch my train is at 11 30 around that.
tell me where and what time.
do you work central?
thank you for your answer.
the first out was a vegetarian gay bar at totenham court. it went bankrupt, and one again...
to refer to where, it is your territory i ll let you choose anyway.

But in fact since genocide are by definition so fomented and stereotyped, they are the range of all tortures and their preparations. Alongside maybe the most vicious and cruel, the most debased: make believe one that it is for ‘good’ the exercise (exorcism) of duo, doe, demon. De mon (=O god Mine in french).

thank you for the way you make your lecture. the interactive. the ?????????? that make you think thing after all that. the pitfals are not to adress the subject back. but you knit and weave (shuttle)with great delicacy. under-standing.
you let us speak, you know. it could become virulent.
as well on darfur (other regions, apparently?) and the teddy.
the unsaid and wall fire theory.

To work with people that leave not place for questions or comments or that censure their way out of anyting . ante intellectuality.
Man Iipulation.

On the way my work could have been thousands of times stolen, destroyed, reduced to nothing.
And negligence, negation won’t come to my shield if store in my shelves.
Torpor and lamentation.
En = in in france.
En t. in time? Timing. Torped. Tor-pille.

Ame –ed.
Past, head.
To be not ‘all-ow’ to discourse with people as a cultural segregation. To protect one’s patrimony or to prepare the messy, missies.

some of it sums it. Summit.
Sum, sub, bother and arithmetic.

To enter into details for the ones who overt their time and think recurrently. Plage of understanding.
Great detail.
Tail re=at. G.

Seven lives

are we still on friday. it s just to have a approximation of the time as i work evening and a tiny bit of the morning as well...

j ai demande a la laune

solidarity or liquidity.???

exclusion as the form of surveillance.

Your parents have changed of address. Could you keep my data, they are less cumbersome that the few dozens pages once threw up. As illegible but well, tiny.
Could you unblock your face book or something for me, one day. Would you be afraid of all start crumbling around my way. This world is finishing any lay.

Unblock, deblock (in fr:

[euthanasia and its derivatives, as medicines would be so easy, vague, lobiy, logic’ to give by the mouthful.
Maybe as a prepartation for the jour  E
D   death by decree.

O shame, could we be crying. Doing it already lavishely surely.
But the problem is that it is to bona fide killers that goes the plea.
Leap. Like a dog from being on its two legs.


Okne’s work teaches alienation, as what people will do with it escape the initial master, robbed extention of its own creation.
And again and again superfluous tension.

Elev-        pupil or raising in french

Torture: from Algiers to Abu

a threat to national security

Following the adage
of Chief Justice Robert Jackson that ‘[t]he Constitution is not a suicide
pact’, civil liberties and due process, he implied, should not get in the
way of national security.
However, the doyen of the ‘torture lobby’ was the Harvard law professor
Alan M. Dershowitz, a celebrity after his defence of O. J. Simpson
and a self-proclaimed champion of civil liberties. Dershowitz
deployed the notorious ‘ticking bomb’ argument that had been used
by General Massu’s paratroopers during the ‘Battle of Algiers’ in
1956–57. On the basis of a hypothetical scenario, in which a terrorist
is captured who has knowledge of a primed bomb that will kill
hundreds of people within twenty-four hours, it was claimed morally
justifiable to torture the suspect to save those lives.

I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.
Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers...but the dangers then would come from the the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.

Torture: from Algiers to Abu

a threat to national security

C.ET: I would agree on this argument, but what national security is building contrarily to global security, and therefore the security of each of its componenets. And then when does the case of the ticking bomb actually happens? Never ro so.
Society would be efficiently controleed in order to avoid these dangers...but the dangers then would come from the the preetablish fashion and iam aim. Are the exploitation or destruction of others.

Would it be superfluous to say of a person that spend their days drawing a project that each of their sentences, consciously or not , were born t osupport extreme variation and degree. And if one’s get a sense it is of its inner, untimely, seriouslity.

The need of champions poing and competition as to address the danger, often bigger than humans.

The smilling policy that presuppose you to be lavished with being 100% in agreement with your companies, the customers, everything, your donkey role including.

Spare, us, humanity.
The two sides of the load, hord.

Predilection dialect.
dy fore in the body.

Boy body.

G I r l./
G her le.  Pronunciation

check on the "switchboard" london link and the "gingerbeer" link.
but you know that might be another competition. to go in places, to search the market and continuously feel that one can find a better suited lady...i d think it is healthy as it is better to go where one feels better, but it gives to think on marriage differently.
whence the respect of what the other do, and think, and planned is what is the most important for me. if this is respected then at least you can comtemplate staying together and for long, as for ever, one will see, as time will tell. could depend on mentality really.
the only stuff, be more happy for today and the day we can stronger be.