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I would think that here what is called decriminalisation of prostitution the aim is here is not to instate ‘retributed sex’ as an institution but combat depersonalisation. When you are criminalised then whatever happens to you is hidden. The violence, coercion, poverty, abuses, however atrocious and organised they are, are de facto completely ignored. It is the same problem when you are stateless or paperless you cease to be a citizens, the laws does not apply to you any longer, no longer protects you. So basically you will be the prey of Mafiosi’s organisations.

In all organisations that are not in fact, a cover to mafias that want their activities to be recognised as formal, and legitimated. That is to say, to sell something that is in people freedom. When are we going to pay to breathe, or to pay to walk, or to pay not to starve, sexual activities like pairing, intimate relationship are amongst what is most necessary not to have necessarily but not to be deprived with. As well as who would demand their rights to have a servant doing what they can do it for themselves, cooking, cleaning. The vertical organisations provided what one cannot do for themselves because of its being specialised, not to create positions that are in fact servile. No more a partnership.
Prostitution is to say that sex is on command that women are here to provide it. It is yet again a product of heteronormativity. The violence it implies then goes on back onto the relation males-females, or any other, intragender, be them domestic, public or just any relational.
It sees women as resources having to comply with demands, instead of seeing it as non-gendered.
Not to see that is highly dangerous for the victims, and for the society as a whole, for the future, and people that will be covered to conduct work propelling that degree of horrors.
Fuck you.

That degree of horrors.

Also it has to be remembered that any organisations yet again not a cover for mafias and human trafficking Also it has to be remembered that any organisations yet again not a cover for mafias and human trafficking, help women in prostitution with always as aim an exit strategy always, or supposed to be as efficient and absolute as it can be. I mean intervening without to make sure there is an exit strategy is no more than ‘procuring’, and should be sanctioned by imprisonment.

, u
Seconds a species
It is one of the wyh why.
Will win the wild,
win wild.
Mill mile. Even with (sue, sow) something traveling fat faster than (thin, in ant) the light, (unisex, unit,) universe will get ire and rid of a destroying one.

To deny history to former people is a way of treating the invaders or the heirs just like if they were gods. Like to lend them the all results of what has been done. At the image of how humans treat itself, just like he has created the universe, killing at will, treating it as a cake, though the cake is living.
So what will become sweets?

To deny that what is here to see is the products of struggle but also, alas (or rather fortunately, fortitude, fate, if not happily) of destruction, and it can only talk to the one who ignores it, or disrespect it, that is to say does not work towards not destroying again, with the same spirit.
We won’t last a song if we don’t see far and between.
The universe or earth is not even ‘long ago’, the writers not the space that covers a sound.

Or, =        gold in French,
Hors = out, exept.

Alchemy,                   or, other, alter, else.
Auth, oath.

Other, ether.
Etern, alter, altern.



Plato, Phaedo Phédon Partie II : L'âme est-elle immortelle

Faithful, fidelity.

Plato, Phaedo 

Soul immortality.

Ef, health die.              Defy hence.

Of those authors that have to go on imitation or the discussion about an antique order, as the present one or the representative of the present one would crush them.

Emit, enmity.

O that means prostitute in English.
Is a masculine in French.
Romane language, like carlos, stephano, pedro…. Mark the masculine.
As well as a                      is a mark of designation.
A la mer.
Et au, masculine,
Au restaurant.

The matter of the form,
The bewilderment of the norm.

When now rash ravish on the brink.
Rush will no bring.

Moon, soon, doom.

Mont, soul.

Sea, mere, maman.
Plan, stop stip, mais comment ?



A weak body, symbolising intellectuals, or replaced by middle class in office, totally in disconnection with the grounds and reality. .
C.ET:  a shrivelled body , mash masculinity is here evoke, invoke, invote in order to at the Greek classical mode, recall us the higher aim of sport. It is not traditional that women aren’t not muscular but propaganda of civilisation that want imperialist, with the servants doing a denigrated more physical job. Doing it instead of everyone.
evoke, invoke, invote.

Impair  ere  list.

A space where taking care after earth is not countabilised as jobs. Where people go to the gym, while nature gets lost, eaten away by humans that won’t lay but a no-delay. But no human that she will be able to help find a path as hole is the new whole.

We study animals who we killed. Taking inspirations of a nature that gave it all for no rewards. We are not fallen gods, we are fallen shits.
Study, study, until the day, not too far of what is next to come?
But not innocent in that planet who ate the flew files flesh it intentionally.


Ma man.
 Ma am.
Man               nam                        (e).

The proof man is only a name.
Like homo sapiens.                                 Homo,                        homme,                         and homo = same.

Fire, femme.

Feu =

Society redistribution of power, and means, and purposes.

Conic, iconic, Coning redistribution, lawyers,             enabling a false stability or ascendence.

Miscarriage. Of justice. Off justice.
Scared, discarded.

In the same register perhaps will it be inter-generational like a child is sold, the planet goes under for barrels of her hoe own blood.

Not cultural, biologic, just an opportunity designate a group bearing extra-duties, and for this help or religions or uncompetitive economic and political system where people are maintained within communities more and more impoverish, such as for example the Victorian. With diminishing cultural riches, a mono cultural stances, the censorship in arts, campaign groups lying and paying scientists to do the same, a mono-syllabic language where simplify English will soon all found, legislate, and never verify.

Weakness of physicality in men, may lose all their blood by section of their sex, as the core present in the women, their machinery is absent there, and would let the whole blood stream emptied.


This weakness will be found in how the brain operates, a flow that cannot be staunched, cannot be stopped, as they lack of direct descendency.

Local, national and transnational level.
People forget not a values or worth rank, local as important as transnational and vice/versa. Idem for grassroots works and other types. Should be more diversified, not all the more qualified at the national level but technician of any kinds and domains, of every models and concerns across space and time. Process.
With civil society type of NGO, this disappear, technician and more informal jobs disappear leaving all wages and diminishing legitimised responsibilities for people who pretend to do everything but end up doing nothing but propagandisation. Gain.



A man can be cut into an half while the female possesses another core.
Hard core.

Maybe resisting equality and diversification, by allowing not a debate on gender that is in fact a term describing gender identity, such as sexual orientation, one that should be up to the feeling of each individual not up to its sex, by allowing sex, gender as in biological sex to have no prefabricated conditions, and job description. But that is possible in a society that do not envisage resources racing because of its lack of care given to the land and its management or to give all the burden to human care to women, as no one impoverish as such, could, while will have the strength to defend the dying.

They upset me alright. 
Did i day upset though? You know they get me running. China is for my job, that gets me running. 

Dis I say?
Isis, acid.

When individualisation
Want to mean
Not singularisation, but segregation, and undue priviledges.

Or simply to have a right for one only when it should apply to everybody.

Economic, socio.
Thus, the structural and ideological division between production and reproduction (Acker,    )
Division between production and reproduction maybe in order to avoid the new generation to get it too quickly or this generation to become bribery??
Or is it working?

‘Traditionally’ in capitalist societies women are the ones more in charge of family and care. However economic retributions counts only material capital, not human capital in the form of care, sociabilisation and education. If parenthood should be a choice assumed by the parents, society should also organised a way of living and working compatible with its needs for its population at large to reproduce without impairing social stability and cohesion or what it takes for a society to be fair, having offspring left with the impression one has to fight one’s neighbour to make it, or their own ability at earning a living.

Generation that se steals, n make appears that children would be at the center of everything. The possible culprit, responsible, guilty for all of this. What has been done, not has to be done.
Instead of us working in the garden, but there the most violent passions would tear apart our consent, and dissention.
Become how to look after a garden would ram back all our passions.
But then we are apart, remote, n finally aloof from everything in this system, this world that will never share a theme.

ART, is to try to find, to find out life or its secrets, its many shapes never constant but never going any way.
If one cannot life for arts or for love, both at the same time, without contrition, without regret or without making concessions or say, assumption then they will die.
Says ash assumption

But still stopped at the form, the norms.

Form, horn, ornament.


To e be more or less in one world.
Young n older souls.
Everything in by, blatant, bright, balance.
Be, ebb.

            Fab as,
As fable.

‘Berries are borne by females trees ??’
If those ones do not turn out to be transgender, or hermaphrodite.

Darwin, on evolution.


Telephone by Bell.

C : I was not there, when it happens. It is why I can retell it. Not all aspect if any, did I manage to pick. Lie down in a 1, 2 dim dimension, not the 3, 4, 5 that ain’t available to the lay, down man. like all the book. Books.
Or were they ready (priests as elite, has elite) for social darwinism ?

Rien ne développe l'intelligence comme les voyages.
 C :      travel develop intelligence just like we become inferior to animals. Not noticing the nature abandon.

To find the help of a psycho-analyst, to bear the common ground weight of playing humanity as a species special scourge enabling us to orgy. Self and less.

Rational, coming from latin           ration = portion.

Facebook is not really social networking, when you want to campaign then you will need to resort to advert or to upgrade your profile. Advertising is really expensive, also will tend to serve lucrative causes. All causes at all cost.

Humans do not try to engage with societies and communication and in fact animals’ languages, so how would they on earth starting recognising the ones of the machines. Or more exactly the one.
Let’s wait and see. And like the popular wisdom says, if we did not before and if withstanding, I, hide, distancing, distending, this effort or this humility we orchestrated ourselves destroying them, not according others our same status and security- they will find us then. And them.
In vein, no vain.

I am completely pissed. I spent 3 hours trying to reconnect internet, since I manage like this the other day. without any results. now the water is off, but internet is reworking I don't know how...   please baby don't take offense if it does not work I try to do something on my dissert I don't want to do that stuff anylonger during the week end. I previously thought for years it is wasting, taking my time away, in fact it is also taking my life away. and after what. at sea, at loss.
I spent 3 hours trying to reconnect internet.
On, and off. not internet on and off. me. machines will kick us anyhow; we are so materialistic. why? because we don' t have to respect them. they are property only. enslavement.

-do not discriminate anyone according to colour, religion or sexual orientation. everybody is welcome so long as he/she does not expose any of the above.
- you can not hide your color-maybe veils can, and hetero are married, have boyfriend, children. you mean promote against? 

C.ET:                       same type of colors (tertiary), made from different primary or secondary colors.

She is doing her things, thinking to the moment, in echo, in mirroring without clearly being able to perceive that I, imagine.



In France, a filial, is a sister company.


:           coming with families to protest against gay rights, it is so sickie and idiotic. coming with family to impeach ours. it is sickening. in fact I always make me think on how sexual determination is in fact under familial control and sometimes in an autocratic or totalitarian way. it is enforced, triggered, sexuality, it is incestuous.s.s.

I think I am with you on this Peter. I have done and said stupid things in my life, I thank God for not having been martyrized –too much that I could not go on- financially for this. I have been scandalised by the ransom following this story (they have to pay an incredible fine, don’t they? - I wanted to react to this in fact), you don’t kill people financially for a cake inscription.
You do a great thing to water this issue down. They are not civil servants.
As long as they don’t cook cake against equality we should do ok with this.

Jesus was a virgin and is depicted like being a Saint amongst the saint, like Marie was.
To adequate, no equate, their stories with heterosexuality is ludicrous.
It is more of the Adam and Eve story, a reproduction story. I am still for that, not against in-vitro, or cloning either.

Have a good day.
You are right, let’s not yield to lynching and hysteria. Life is so tough.
In fact I would be telling people that gay rights are the law conducted with lack of serious, without respecting proportion- dangerously basically.
 I even think the issue deserve your active support. it is a rainbow matter. these people they have to be agonising.

As long as we have go to the aisle, not only the alley.

Nave is not never, it is even it is for ever. and according to the follower of Jesus it has always been this way. Jesus represents love, without differentiation and inequality, at least it is why it reaps universal respect.

BUT STILL PEOPLE should remind the holocaust and its every little way.
And that ‘beg the question’, and what if they do?


o   Andy Towle
o   Towleroad
·        By Towleroad
Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, have paid a fine of more than $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a l...


On a 500 pound fine, here my reaction. It would not be so much of an issue if any success, normal success gay people have, (as in they are the other people= the ones to race since there is no love for god like say the bigot, there is no respect for earth, so human compete against each other for its rape), was not the subject of so much jealousy. Without having to have faced that to claim equality, gays were part of the holocaust. Both side? Certainly, we are all gays but that is not the topic of the story.

Also I think that these guys the backers, it is not the refusal to do politics because they made sure they made politics out of their appearance before court. It is homophobia it is what it is. Now what to do about it?- am not too sure.
So I’d say let judges do their jobs, but it is never enough to handle things this way. ….

Yes, it is very thorny indeed. because of course it could start like that, and downhill and viral.
That gays, and gay couples are refused the cake would not be too far from the tree. Also there maybe something about it, is that it is after all politics in the sense that even though equality or gay rights equality, which is not the same that 'promoting gay rights' is benign and a simple demand for justice at first sight, but not necessarily in all minds and mouths. what I want to say it is that people could say they promote gay rights and in fact try to be heterophobic or not doing that for the gay community and just for funds, I don't know for example, the time we take for each new baby, the allowances we would like to get. I feel it is not intelligently said what I said. Or changing other dimensions that would not be a matter of equity but ‘political’ choice in term of those who have and those who don’t’. Religion has also this crusaders side of it, war until winning, not for god, but for a side, at any cost, and any lies. Just like companies maybe would do to grab the markets but here helping themselves with transforming and transgressing morals, faith, and goodness. To recapitulate what is done in the name of religions is horrendous. Not all of course, they have had very useful, ‘we cannot do without that’ foundations,  but it belongs to universal goodness not to any particular religion. And what is good about them does not suit for murders and hate legitimacy.
Without marriage and jobs like everyone, the right and duty to work for the better, and to live out of it, we are right back to enduring slavery. In fact while I am writing that I feel less and less 'compassionate' to the Ashers backers. But lets' say they choose backery not being at the background of activism. Not what would have they said if the inscription had been 'Sheila and Elizabeth marriage'?.It is true that at this rate, we would have to order cakes from Soho, or what is left of it, and they would not come very fresh because the problem with gay lodgings in London is that I would have had a triple salary to hope affording any of what I saw advertised. We have got the differential between males and females wages and opportunities coming into play. Lesbian activities are so few and every time expensive, even in London, I mean only the transportation cost, for Christ sake. As a carer, not identifying myself with a servant, but a worker facilitating autonomy, I lost hope in London.
What I thought was revolting without having to think about it, is the fines they are supposed to pay for it, but in fact I just read it again and I thought it was very high prices in my memory but it is just something like 500 pounds. I am sorry I am in the middle of my thesis I did not check the information. That transforms altogether the issue for me. ok so would they print 'promote heterosexual rights', and him saying it that what he did was out of love for god, I find it very pernicious.
Well for 500 pounds, it could remind him that it was not Before God he was doing it. Like he liked repeating ‘Before God, it was something we could not do’
and them holding hands, playing the perfect married couple, it is a bit like torture.

Problem, yes it is clearly homophobe, so what kind of barriers to fight homophobia?
Will they be ask again to do a cake to promote gay rights? where i join you or what other promotions? problem is nobody is against jew marriage, inter-race marriage, or were they? me when i talk about marriage i tremble with all my soul, i know i would have to rename myself meat without being able to pretend to a woman. i d rather be elsewhere kind of thing, and not in a peaceful way.
I am lost on this one. i ll think of it.
I just see myself could not obtain a cake from anywhere, before i am told i have no job either.
I want to say, is that i think that homophobia, is in fact hidden heterosexual enforcement, it is rape every day. it is why them playing all clean n cocky, took the mickey.

I don't know what to think now.

The question would they have done it for others, and I think it is yes.
My problem, what should be our anti-discriminatory reactions? If any? No one won was the verdict. The verity ‘I am too afraid of ghetto. And even more of ghettoization’.
Gueux = in french more or less not conscient to be serfs, maybe use to slaughter cattle, as do not require a soul.
Outing the ghoul.

However, LET’S NOT force people to do things that do not attack us directly, may seem to be fair politic too.

It reminds me on how many times, shoppers asked me more than I took, or landlords taking my money through deposit, rising the rent, no so many times but enough to hit me. and you don’t want to be hit, when it is hard already. And on the other hand the ones that do push sales, I had never been told that kind of practises by my mummy.

Begin, benign, being.

It could be interpreted to be something like 'not in my garden kind of things' the problem here is that these people attack a right reserved to them or what they claim they are. it is not like i don't want people kissing in my bakery, it is like i don't want gay people kissing.
I am at sixes and sevens.
At the same time even not gay people could start challenging these backers to just pocket the fines?? Or to find another way to do it.
Or maybe as long as they do not turn this into a political matter?? to refuse a service. Though they did refuse it. or as long they don't lace it with arsenic.

"The ruling suggests that all business owners will have to be willing to promote any cause or campaign, no matter how much they disagree with it."
That religion has been "effectively banished from the commercial sphere".

C.ET: question is it a question of religion or how people have used privileges of what have been called religious belief. We have to ask for this inscriptions because they still suffer from more than discrimination, but attempt to eradication.

For the profit made sacred. Or because profit has always have this side of subduing other in order to exploit them, to the core.

As gay people would we have to bake ‘a marriage is with a man and a woman’ or other very intelligent and intellectually phrasing. Even though I hope I am a bit of her man?

For the profit made sacred. Or because profit has always have this side of subduing other in order to exploit them, to the core.

As gay people would we have to bake ‘a marriage is with a man and a woman’ or other very intelligent and intellectually despiteful phrasing. Even though I hope I am a bit of her man?
and that above all i have the same rights as them. not the equivalent, or the inverse or the opposite, the same. would that end up for them that they must marry a man as well. no, i would end up that they may, well in fact can. 

decide, size,
the mediocrity of democracy affects us all. So be a little sympathetic.
If all backers were like them. I don’t only to have the men or women they can pay to themselves after they exploit everyone with another scheme and power relation at stake. Mistresses and lovers would avowedly abound not the official side. Polygamy.
Polite play.
Without restraint.
Everywhere has been depoliticised, but the bombs size, and soon the plates plain.

Some people are pleased to say that they thought it is an opening minds era, while sectarianism keep being a living and life threat.

What will never work is when a group are against another one not because of what they do because in a different style they do the same thing but because they want more and more prerogatives.

Ashers Baking Company store in Newtownabbey. Photograph: Alamy

 Also when you look at the size of the bakery it is a huge business, not only making cake but they are a coffee shop, it means people socialise there.

A yet again, a gun, taunting, tempting story.

I mean it is not like this guy make love every night with what he thinks is the bible.
It is a super big shop, not entertain to charity. And the world poverty you see.

I mean it is not like this guy make love every night with what he thinks is the bible.
It is a super big shop, not entertain to charity. And the world poverty you see.

I mean you can see it is not the backer that is up at 4 am every morning till evening. And having only some backwards thoughts as education and distraction. This is a super modern building. Church goers my ****s.
It is just for dough.
Bricks by bricks.

With rids
With risks.

Se, sometimes we sa start, we stare at stars and feel we are in communication with the environment, animals, flore and fauna, oj, objects that are around, cosmic, get in touch with the events.
Vent = wind in French.
But also, so they may.                            Feeling in touch with a human being though observing and repus, saoul et lase, et blasé of its convc convc conviction of suep superiority.

DNA co-lapses.
Abcess, access. Excess.
XL of fashionable new hell.

The conclusive comment is how little is done, and contrarily how serious the propagation or at least the consolidation of the problems is, through technical means and more and more complex networks and associations, of a finally one cannot be more egregious crimes. A consensus on ‘that should never happen again’ has been issued on crimes such as genocides. Remembrances days and regular campaigns have endeavoured bringing to awareness these horrors of the past in order to actualise and warn against still present ones. However, how has been make possible that daily rapes and molestations, the sexual exploitations of children- without forgetting the adults- be regarded and sanctioned just as type of genocide- or as its legal equivalent, punished and dealt with just like any gross crimes against humanity should be treated?

Like genocide, that is called the G word, people, researchers cannot comprehend the suffering it has occasioned and still goes on, as to be betrayed by people but by the society as a whole cannot really heal. Not in a psychological, mental, even rational sense as victims are beyond aware of a society having left them to offenders as sexual preys.
Reason why, society itself allow it to perdure.                   i.e. remission not possible

There is no doubt about this, harming a part is harming the whole, but while harm to children is averred (and not averted) if someone too much insist upon ‘their health for our health’, they may also ensure a continuity towards a self-servicing, self-aware, self-centred viewpoint and justification of others’ lives. These people alive in order to facilitate mine, or more precisely like the one registered and approved by a system. Could be if taken as the main equilibrium point, a barter against used by one towards used by all. 

Seclusion and networks as well as possibility therefore politics allowing such violations to such a scale to happen. Of course if one individual was victims of pedophilia it would not be a lesser violations, but numbers legitimised and render less and less impossible hope for interventions, changes, preventions,     even educations???

C.ET:                   like genocide, that is called the G word,   people, researchers cannot comprehend the suffering it has occasioned and still goes on, as to be betrayed by people but by the society asa whole cannot really heal. Not in a psychological, mental, even rational sense as victims are beyond aware of a society having left them to offenders as sexual preys.

Th, ht.                 the height.

Ht, in French haut, high.


Against, absent, assent.

Dis, creance ? in French creditor. CRB
Sis, cease.

Or the gap between parents and infants, or inter-generational gaps, and vice-versa. To the old towards the youth, or from the youth to the old.

Parents. Filial.

Firm, farm.

Could the disreparencies between what is done and talked about be explained by the very gravity and the overwhelming numbers of people living out of sexual exploitation and paedophiles themselves? Could the disparities between the horrors of this situation and the pauperism of actions come from a tacit societal agreement or laissez faire. Could, what a Marxist writer called the prostitution of work, work for what the body can produce blindly on order (and not what we can produce out of physical, intellectual, moral efforts will attain), have brought the fight against the most terrible scourge in a state of inertness? Or in a state of terrors for those, not the ones who read or don’t about it, but for those who are hopeless victims for being left without help while their abusers are thriving with money.
Should be almost considered not the substantial intervention matter but a one off alongside ‘a never again spirit’ that would see no a better rescue device only but the need to rescue be lessen not by inaction or fatalism but because of the criminals given up what is considered in most of the literature as lucrative, easy to purvey trafficking, ‘sold’ to people less and less mentally competent, or too insane to see and act on their own action, and therefore increasingly unable to stop the circle of sheer horrors, but rather determined to bring it to completion (i.e., organised, rationalised sexual abuses on children. Within a postmodern area where black poverty, increasing riches gaps, ‘epidemic prostitution’ in general, unfair, here on purpose unemployment, and bad economic and political practises add to any pornographisation legitimation.). Actions focused and develop in the stopping before any violations happens = more severe sentences, and systematic tracking.

China wants developers to stop making 'bizarre' and 'odd-shaped' buildings

Buildings such as the National Theatre in Beijing and the iconic Guangzhou Circle are under the spotlight with authorities keen to get back to basics when it comes to the country’s architecture.

C.ET: it is not going to be for the people to flee away to space, said the officials.


Watch: Anaheim KKK Rally Battle in Full
A brawl erupted in Anaheim, California, on Saturday during a rally for white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan

C.ET: we know now why Schwarzenegger, nigger, not Sarkozy, is homophobe.

On the coming back of psychology.
Otherwise than sending you to their something counsellor fantasising high graded psychiatrist under a Stalinist regime, but it is not all delusions as he has been taken by the uni one of those purpose is to prevent people actively talking about the UK ace and world and worldly appealing center for FGM, Sharia law, ex-PIE, human trafficking, mercy killing campaigning

Rob, lem, lame.

Legality, illegality.  Egal = equal in French.

They has pledged, advocated, argued.

Co:         SO HOW COME.???????????                        Perversion, raise in phenomenon, ignorance in the past, social changes, more awareness, less youth marriage, arranged marriage, more police participation…?               And from today. Perversion?           Knowing, morally condemning but leave it as it is, coming back to almost putting it on the victims’ particularity to have been a victim rather than on the system, since system untouched, violators unprosecuted, and victims diagnosed.

If research has risen, it is only normal, and goes with a general research duty taking effects in the social sciences in general. The poor quality of the research though is shown through reiterated telling examples of aggregated data, amongst many others, is that instead the data being about children they are about adults.
Very serious question about definition or wording are present through core texts. Lexical severe malapropism such as disserting about the prostitution of children rather than sexual atrocities, or about the industry of sex rather than designating it as gross crimes, crimes that with not doubt belong to crimes against humanity.
However, one will have to interrogate themselves on whether this is a language problem.
The jobs of academics and anyhow of professionals in many papers and lectures or interviews, and in fact purely academic ones, that have for responsibilities to establish communication, public relations, and a common vocabulary cannot misuse words by mistake on a regular basis because the work of scholar is to understand and use words in an appropriate manner as they convey directly or indirectly the frame of meaning in which the more official side of society will be able to communicate.

The whole gap identified when needs and necessities are compared to actions undertaken, and in the case of SAAC the one cannot be more dolorous preponderant failure on their termination can be explained by this implicit but certainly convincing unconvicting formulas.

Through abuse of trust.

People’s and above all academic’ inadequate language could be but a statement about still sligthly hiden political position about their approval or not entire disapproval on prostitution violated children entire life. If children are said to be easy to manipulate, then how should we qualify or interpret these words, the keys of understandings, premises, their influence and the reflection they have on people?

Between people pushing for their predations to be accepted and the reprobation of victims, one could draw a parallel with what happens with prostitution, and how it could be used for SAAC. The criminalisation of prostitution urged the movement for the legalisation of prostitution, provoked by how officials do not help people victims of prostitution but in fact further harmed them.

One can easily imagine now the little rescues games organised by business and administration between flooding and dryness, deserts, and seas be breaks.
Bee Bear.

De fraud, deploring, deform, .

Animate, morosely.

People saying homo is mortal sin.
 I thought you could be interested in reading that one. Could have been amusingly renamed the plight.

Though raising awareness offers great hope as it would transform the latent inaction and silent by default postures taken by the authorities, the vast pool of ideas and prototypes projects inducing awareness raising might also hide the fact that campaigning the public could have become NGOs’ prerogatives. And that on the other hand scrutiny by or into the states, only true powerful enough to beat very organised criminals apparel or entire communities will not be possible.


Was Mike Newell's first choice for the role of Madame Maxime on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) but declined because Studio Canal (the studio she was contracted to) refused to give permission for her to negotiate for the role. The role went toFrances de la Tour.

C : I think the proof they are not their own owners. I don’t think you say no to a harry potter film, your agent, maybe, but not you.
Mind it would have been certainly less funny, than with frances. Mind frances de la tour, is quite elegant too.
Though bouquet brought French class to its optimum of the firmament somewhat, or let’s say beauty, but beauty is art, well before Gerard Depardieu, gerer = manage a lot, it has to be said in Russia tax evaded return to mafia, but class is so bored border line.

Off           ice.


Early rally.

GOLDEN TERRE 2016 03 final

Too much of skyping one time, I went smiling before my screen saw me and thought for a split second that it was the other one.


I also developed solid listening and analytics skills helping in my understanding of people’s needs as well as those of texts’- and meaning.

Trek not trEEk.
The trick of the spirit.

With a z, just like the lightning bold.

Or hazard.

The symbol of the cross could finally be one of the tree, previously tortured, and decapitated.

If a certain set of genetics has been found to be common to mental health problems; could then the mental health problems be trigger by certain type of situations? Also it is the certain ways that society go wrong that will reach certain types of people. Society would cope differently or were having different types of problems then other types of people would suffer primary, visible, documented, categorized, recognized, regarded as deviant symptoms or reactions to how society would manage well or badly?
And then could suborn ways of reactions, even when reactions are in fact bad or mad but not made to be thought to be this way, could persist two-fold because of the fear that change would cause the other groups of genetically susceptible to react negatively, strongly n create unbalances or severe maladaptation to the same people that are ruling through commanding mad rules but considered as ‘natural consequences’ or occasioning bad things but things with which these people live comfortably. Numb.
Pink Floyd.

Aristotle on natural slavery
Christianity is based on Aristotelian models.

Pre = before,
Before sent, sciences, smell, con-scient.
Before the event? Things to do with is present now or is present just before what? Or how can we do to sense what next, or fell what’s near??
Death of animality.

Resident, residue.

Succeed, precede
Successor, predecessor.
succeed        Decess, access, excess, decease.

Instead of speaking of public opinion one could be very much convincing, accurate, wise and correct in saying public knowledge, in honesty.

Shine, Richard ; Amiel, Joshua ; Munn, Adam J ; Stewart, Mathew ; Vyssotski, Alexei L ; Lesku, John A 2015
Biology Open, 4:760-763.
Full text available


This 19-Year-Old Will Spend the Next 25 Years as a Registered Sex Offender

Zach was arrested last winter after having sex with a girl he met on the dating app “Hot or Not,” who claimed she was 17. But she admitted to police that was a lie. She was really 14.

C.ET: America is so unfair; it makes everyone trembling.

Just like the sting operations that solicite people directly, THOSE COULD BE A GAME MAKING A FEW VICTIMS IN ORDER TO UNVALIDATE THE REAL ATTEMPT AT CURBING REAL SEX OFFENDERS, actively seeking, and also mounting operations turning horrors and perversion into economy. But perv is linked to peers and the rational on why it is not killed.

[C18: from French, from ox(ygène) + (ac)ide; see oxygen, acid]

Owe, ode, own
ox hide.

Beef production damages the environment
24th July
A new study says beef production damages the environment about ten times more than pork, lamb, or chicken production.

C.ET: may the murder of innocents attacks their criminals directly, and before there is victims without blood on not in their bodies.
Theirs, very.



Parallel Verses
New International Version
A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.

New Living Translation
"A woman must not put on men's clothing, and a man must not wear women's clothing. Anyone who does this is detestable in the sight of the LORD your God.

English Standard Version
“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

New American Standard Bible 
"A woman shall not wear man's clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman's clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

King James Bible
The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
A woman is not to wear male clothing, and a man is not to put on a woman's garment, for everyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD your God." 

International Standard Version
"A woman must not wear what is appropriate to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment, because anyone who does this is detestable to the LORD your God.

NET Bible
A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor should a man dress up in women's clothing, for anyone who does this is offensive to the LORD your God. 

GOD'S WORD® Translation
A woman must never wear anything men would wear, and a man must never wear women's clothes. Whoever does this is disgusting to the LORD your God.

JPS Tanakh 1917
A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto the LORD thy God.

New American Standard 1977 
“A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

Jubilee Bible 2000
The woman shall not wear that which pertains unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

King James 2000 Bible
The woman shall not wear that which pertains unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD your God.

American King James Version
The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination to the LORD your God.

American Standard Version
A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto Jehovah thy God.

Douay-Rheims Bible
A woman shall not be clothed with man's apparel, neither shall a man use woman's apparel : for he that doeth these things is abominable before God. 

Darby Bible Translation
There shall not be a man's apparel on a woman, neither shall a man put on a woman's clothing; for whoever doeth so is an abomination to Jehovah thy God.

English Revised Version
A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto the LORD thy God.

Webster's Bible Translation
A woman shall not wear that which pertaineth to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination to the LORD thy God.

World English Bible
A woman shall not wear men's clothing, neither shall a man put on women's clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to Yahweh your God.

Young's Literal Translation
The habiliments of a man are not on a woman, nor doth a man put on the garment of a woman, for the abomination of Jehovah thy God is any one doing these.
Parallel Commentaries


 Deuteronomy 22:5 
"A woman shall not wear man's clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman's clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God. 

Dear Professor, i am one of e-followers. i am bilingual and really appreciate your work. here attached my MA thesis. i send it to you in case you d be interested in the vocabulary used to designated what has been repeatedly called by mafia, and social services professionals 'child prostitution'. a horror added to this crime against humanity.
i also need to include in my thesis about how American TV creates sting operation in soliciting adult males to meet what is pretended teens. while i admit these guys should be given a warming. anyone doing dating on the internet will tend to say how much people on there are hiding their true identity. etc. 
they are in fact stinging people instead of catching the real criminals, networked, doing that again and again .....

Hindrances to data collection and the quality of data, as well as data aggregation (Lalor, 2003) (Whitaker et al., 2008) (Willis, 2002) (Fong and Berger, 2010) (Broughton, 2009) constitute the first part of the literature review. Then questioning arises on the way professionals themselves use terms chronically misused, fuelling misunderstanding and amalgams or helping the hiding of crimes by defining them via wordings such as ‘sex industry’, ‘prostitution’ or the ‘commercialisation’ of sexual abuses on children.
The dissertation puts forward the way paedophilia, one cannot do more taboos and ‘naturally’ ‘at home matters’, are maintained in the realm of the untold, of the unnoticed, of the unreported, or un-investigated even though when known of everyone. Could statistic results be part of the explanations for such unwilling or absence altogether of serious steps against it? Would it be because of its pervasiveness (UNICEF Pacific, 2006) (Lalor, 2003) that paedophilia is in fact ‘under protection’ or at least protected by people’ passiveness not daring even for it to be addressed? One cannot say ‘unseen’, as in broad daylight, child marriage included in the US, sex tourism regions on every continent or whole quarters in India (Whitaker et al., 2008), of children and under-age individuals exploited in such atrocious ways, remains juridically untouched, standing as the epitomes of sexual abuses on children international realm. Even though muffled, reporting appear on popular, high-circulated papers, without anyone managing to take serious actions against it. If the spotlight stays discreet, legal decisions result in letting paedophiles predators advocating, pressurizing for paedophilic crimes as activists and directors of organisations in the Netherlands.

a)           Misappropriation of the language by professionals

All the way, reports mention such things as ‘labour and smuggling’’ instead of ‘trafficking’, ‘child prostitution’, ‘sex industry’ and so forth. To talk about prostitution instead of horrific crimes and the punishment that are linked to them, will with certainty impact on how these issues are considered, tackled or ignored. Prostitution should have been reworded to phrases conveying how children have been traded and sexually raped, neutralised, harmed and tortured against money. The same applies with children called prostitutes but not trafficked, enslaved children by the sex trades. Alongside it people tend to use vocabulary from a milieu that endorses sexual abuse against children. It is not even about the percentage of professionals using these terms instead of words reflecting the crimes they attempt to designate. It is no longer the question, this paper uses these erroneous terms similarly since a lack of reformulation rules over the impossibility of naming those abuses otherwise. Professionals use the ‘new wave’ name depicting what have been defended as being ‘sex work’ for adults, and from there, one will define victims as being within (or rather belonging to) the ‘sex industry’ (Broughton, 2009, p.2). The ‘sex industry’, as it is erroneously called, using children as victims, is expending. Left indefinitely like this and the by default classifications, academic quotes and phrases would then legitimate it as being a business rather than a crime industry of the most horrendous (if not so vilified) and punishable type of abuses.

The number of children involved in national and international sex industry (Broughton, 2009, p.2)

as it is inappropriately and shamelessly called

b)           Rehabilitation, resocialization[i]?

”13 Article 9.3 of the Optional Protocol requires States Parties to “take all feasible measures” to ensure all appropriate assistance to children who are victims of offences mentioned in the Protocol, “including their full social reintegration and their full physical and psychological recovery” (Broughton, 2009, p.12).

It is true that aiming at full inclusion, and full protection is essential and has by any means to be reminded and observed. Though this kind of formulation also infers that these same professionals do not know what they specialise in. They are the signs of a too easy, permissive, self-uncritical, satisfied jargon typifying once again that the burden is put on the child (Purvis and Ward, 2006) to fully recovered from what may be nearly impossible to. In that case pathologies could be treated as not normal and be punished as particularities, and symptoms or signs (type of resilience or healing processes that will be discounted, ignored or unexamined) could then be perceived as backwards or as inner deficiencies. It is also forgetting or erasing the ongoing realities of people having been or being harassed, and victimised. It pronounces the abuses as mendable, just a blip in the course of one’s life- it is trivialising it. Even though people jargon about sexual exploitation on children, they routinely used economic terms just like ‘rehabilitating’ them into general trading, and where even there, growth is ‘attained’. ‘Full reintegration’ resounds as the pride of a social system that simultaneously ‘allows’ that to remains well-known and left aside perpetrations, promulgating or providing at last, the perspective of being integrated to the system: as a reward, a final and late join-in.

It ok I’ ll send that to him later. there is nothing wrong with a break. I thought I was gonna die in London anyway. no friend, no girlfriend, no flat worth of this name, no quiet time, only pay. and socio-economic conflicts and predations when you are still on your way.

Conflicts that aren’t ethnic or cultural but economic predations.  

When you rarely realized that your computer has a camera, has, as an eye, and internet to decipher.

What is your favourite film?
Give a summary of the plot (the story), and reasons why you like it.
1: people talk about the film they have chosen.
2: people in the audience can ask questions.


People forgetting the importance of powers, wanting to kill vipers. Or all snakes for this matter.
Any grow a nature would have the same reasoning with us, they kill or might kill so let get rid of them thus.

To be bitten by mistake, and be granted with their noses and sense of torpor. The tornado that don’t prevent nor impeach the wind unchained and warm cover.
Spouse, soup.

Cut,     cult. Defy.

An image of colonisation, is the white American on horseback making sure no one else enjoy the country side. When you think of the natives. It makes you feel more than sad, and dubious is back as is cabal.

The ones who argue there are no god are the masters of insolence.
He whom those who claim they write a book about they.

Golden.  Den.   Ado gaol,
Ago. Gail. Gale. Equal.
Dragon. Guard, eden.

To pray to pray
To join you in eternity.
Even if you were next to me.
What could I have done to deserve this
All opened way, to a life of love, hope
But no sanity as anything between this and me, render my thoughts fire and ice.
Everything they could to destroy or stop feeling you went.

Jump, hump.

Rise, reis.

Lethal injection for death penalty utilise on animals for what. Of what are they guilty??

In the snake, females bigger.

We will reach a point in knowledge when you will be able to check on your illness on the net without being able to cure them, or even go to see the specialist about it.


All money, skills and energy going into campaigning and elections. Campaigning to let people know about society drastic needs. Without any corrections brought on how welfare money coming from the state are spent, to no avail or onto bribes, because the big bosses or all ‘their’ employees are so good to be willing to work for 5 figures in this god forsaken affair.

I give you a round, answering some questions I had.     
I gave you a series of documents, you just need to say anything you want about them. I said the opposite, I said you do a role play with me (my answers will be very brief- as a staff you have to give me the options- ideally all options), not in groups, students will go one by one-, if you want to recite the documents it is 100 % ok. you also can tell me about the texts with your own words.
if you don't find anything to say, then I will ask you questions straight away, but I strongly advise you to come to the exam with dialogues or lists of sentences ready and say them to me. 

I won’t ask questions directly on the only English texts, but it is recommended you talk about them if you want a better mark.

Third part are the exercises but it is the smallest part of the test.

PS: if you talk to me about optional things, they will be bonus points.

We will see a world where teaching positions, all teaching positions, will be taken by the financial people that put us in a pouring economic crisis, and the business people in charge of the ethics. Over the philosophers and other academics that will have to lie to go on reading, writing, and looking after scholarships.

Be guided by ideas that are greater than us, meaning greater than little heteros, religious parties, etc., etc.

The fact that people will leave longer, without leaving behind, being, any will, or financial or concrete legacy, will bring parents and children relationship, old and young to another threshold, and themes.
The ones of euthanasia energical, generically or sickly sited, cited.

Hello, I need to know how much cash I am allowed to take out of China as a foreigner, I cannot find any data coming from official websites?
Moreover since, I cannot take out all the money I earn here and also because my bank status is so low that my card, in this time and age, does not permit me to buy or any other kinds of transaction via internet.

When ideas such as the world and its units are systematically described (or describing.) within a tubular approach of our own ‘scientized’ (FORMALISED) understanding.
It is why art arts parallel to any other academics is purely needed.

People say changes are detrimental for families and social stabilities and security… a great example is the industrial revolution where people died in the mines and patriarchy was at its finest.

How long will take for the revolution of clean technology to take place, in a world, if still the case, to be all (cull cell) called and classed, cased, under that name. in a place where hypocrisy cannot hide inter and inner bad feelings and awful taste.
Racism, tolerance for spiteful religion in spite of the means that brought to an end, other species livings.

XX century said to be the most murderous in what people still called wars. But what about before security problems and discreet murderers or all life poisoning and even better.
What will be called our future famines or pollutions related epidemic and chronic murderous deeds, kills, and vies.

Going on after that, despise of that, or just wanting that as the easiest meal. Fittest? Let’s ee see what an all protector would say and remove from this?

All that French.


The country most world historians see as responsible for the defeat of Germany in WWII was
JapanGreat BritainFrancethe Soviet Union
The Soviet Union paid the greatest price and is generally considered to be the most responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany.

WHEN one realises all the nationalism, socialism that were taking at the time involving purges, corruption and famines, one then realises the role of capitalism or liberalism at bay from state fuelled systematisation of horror and surrender.

Is the story of the boundaries drawn (drown) in Africa colonialist being the fruit of inadvertence true or genuine?
Or wold I suggest the inevitability of civil wars and the discreet purge that would (fatality foci, forge forcibly foolishly, folk fall) follow or be in- get rid by murder and after by majority, or constant terrors?

When I gauge my life against the love I had…
An emptiness, but this time, it is mine.

Even the mightier of the storms, for the strength of the nature it is very little. Its natural.
I means that nature is gentle or haven’t come down to a cycle where here her agents understood she hosted her killers.
We are not capable of this, but next stage and in fact right (rig) now, would be waiting in awe.
Wetting our weight, a feather.
Disposed of her body

The murder going on onto breaking news, recurrent, incessant. Unascend, scent, confirmed by LAPD and neighbouring states or counties. Or countries. Look like advertisement of a substitute for the game of throne, and shone.

It is somewhat intriguing that the metric system, sole we intimately understand as working through units, are going by 10. Just like the numbers of toes or fingers.
As big as our mathematical sense, it presupposes.
And the way we are so sure that other animals cannot think or philosophize.

C.ET: art will end near imperialise, perene, enoble enable humans to represent, lasting 5 mn, what is at the apex or apocalypse or apology of all life (a sample of their extremes or exterior/internal, inferring, king sheer uttering, uterine, infernal or extremities) but this one, this tension lasting never ending. Overtly. The opium that we are looking for, the live fully, that we reach 3 seconds a day instead of all the time, praying almighty.

The reciprocity. Live in sin. Because of not reaching, not in. not even close, the revolution coming with feeling, the knowing through the light that enters the palace or have deserted.

Animal tortures, utilisation or consumption. Not (took take) talking about animals worn. Work.
To stop these tortures is intrinsic to evolution, though evolution may h 2 different roads, the horror or the sublime. A progression where (or in chick in which) naturally we would come to decision between food and death, or we would revert fighting for survival or for avoiding to slaughter as a primary or sole activities. The end of short live existence, the sire, arising sure one of short lived survival.

Worn. Work.
Though yes same as humans, will they have to prosternate, or prost something else. Procast, procrastinate.

Took, cot.
For grant.

My wife, my religion.
In front of my tomb, in front of your womb, praying for everything.
Knowing that you are not with me, reassure me now, since how to deserve you, how to protect you. How to thank the world. Or. Orl-ando.

Nothing wl will do and ee even less my poetry.
There are no ghosts for you, nor for me. I, you don’t have to die. Everyom moment we spend for me this three, continuously.

 I can’t thank god, I could not thank the creator that would allow me.

I can’t thank god, I could not thank the creator that would allow me.

In front ot of the autel, asking why I could not do better, and take care of some of the souls around, the love you inspire to me.
The wife, who I should before knee, the children any living change, chose.

You know you can take me, death, my body for you. The next journey for her, to find the way. How many kio kilometres, years, millenary, how cold or hot, sole, lonely, desperate, but praying, crying for ther there, her, for you to put your feet, fee, on my spine for your security. For your life? Not without me, not for another, be take eternity. Or you the door to divinity. This life did not want me with you.

When i prefer not to be with you, as my person could not convey.

Philosophy is a many mani, maniac. Query. Just (jus) like customary religion searching a justification to their rhymes and crimes.
Creamed. The cost of sacrifice that never killed but booster aggressivity? No stupidity.
One day will surely die 10 times worse than the way we eat and make suffer others, and other species.

Because the contrary would not satisfy any logic.

The Christians faith does not allow (sick suit) suicide, but what about one that cannot live with their sins, deeds or conditions.
Fight, flight. Succeed. Predecessor, secession, decease, procession. Predate, predation.

Reminder: in martial art, the belly is everything, so are the women.

What people forget in being completely outer despising to other people saying that the way is business and we don’t want your art, we don’t want your aca specialists, etc., etc., is that we don’t want their shits either, and take the way of consumerism, or consumerism. That we want something as concreate as abstract, as spiritual as practical, the dignity and digging, dignitary of living, means only one thing to deserve it and to deserve it one has to honor it.

Science, sequence.

Cultures and cultural quests.
The grail, god, blood, life, eternity, or just idea that makes travel, tremble or wanked.
But do not think that nature will take us like that, the day we decide to go up to the mountains, because we cannot decide for that, and if we try nature won’t take it this way, this easy, we will suffer our death, day, or life, without breathing thin nor this, or fils, thief.

You know that inevitably one day or another that (each) day will have its time; the role of a thinking and acting being to minimize or maximise what happens.

At least I would have written for the love I felt rather than the one I shared. But in fact the day I die or rather every time, I could rest on a stone and us become one, just because my land is hers, and that o cold marry flesh blood thought sentiment.

The sorcellery, relation to the dark- unknown, untamed- and inner essence of the nature.
Why taste a poison? bCause we don't know what its medication is.
Why going in the dark, because of the dark. The dark feels lonely. If you are terrorized by it, it is simply the fear of that needs to be met and under-gone. The dark is dark only through absence. And the dark is light as universal needs call for going through to the restful.

And censorship by politics or definite pretension.
By the way society wants them to be rigid in an ultimate sentimentality of denunciation.

If human beg beings killed a species that took billions of years to appears, like all of us, how many years of damnation for this, who wants to do it/?

And if the light, that constitutes spirits and ghosts, was not light but ways that were shown. Just a field on which or in which could slide our concentration.
Free ways to the reborn.
Or the light just before the absence of matter, suck out or leaving space for encounters with what desperately try to reach the mind or its sister, soul, question, nervousness, virtuosity, verbosity, impulsion, intuit, intuition, ignition, Inuit, ion. Input, progress, protest, procession, progression.
Profession, pogrom, mort, gap, the death we spell and sow, will never let us know that.
A cat, unaccounted form.
Track. Crat. The foe, the fur, the fort.

Omnipotent, present, by the thread of a theme, read fill.
Filial, and the partaking.

Line, linear, agent, cm, complex contingency.
Seal, siblings. Lease, bliss, nil.

On property.
you can't say all empty property, it would mean to become the trumpeter for people to violate individual space, the one we work for, we live for and thanks to, and live by, to experience oneself, to keep some kind of relative, subjective, absolute liberty, the one we found ourselves, we need to work out, and grow not onto property but propriety. etc. pela please spell your boundaries, the limits of between reappropriation and thieves sheer execution, exclusion, if not exclusive executive.

What are the empty spaces for? To get exploited? Invaded? Subjected? So militaristic, endowed with unlimited false justifications against any good will.

Using mathematics was designed to solve problems; not to create them.

The myth of the werewolf to stop people enter in communion with the natural world,
humanity pretence superiority whereas in fact they don’t even belong.

We can imagine a vampire myth (mirth), around the fact that cemetery are near the refuge aspect of a church, the comforting ideas that for a living one could need only a grave and people around serving as food, more deliciously (delict, relic) people that could or would have before made sure that life would have been a living hell for the victims;; now eating.

Monsters and the hungriness revealed for curiosity.
Or having to have one’s own life lay.

The state domain was totally nepotism as long as the salary was alright. By nepotism it was meant the behaviour of whatever got the mild milk easy nowadays. The private sector existed at the relief of everyone because we could not fight to get a job when the state employment were included, it was too near the rog, or the clog of the machine, too explosive, too near the jugular
, -= the the the throttle.
The other ones, less good salary, where staff quit, and the others excel in the no wrong right doing.
Doing nothing. Where no one word can(not not) be said nor seen.

This, vie, very zealous manner by and with which professionals admonish against not comprehensive and well know or informed writing, while so few of them are paid to compile.

between circus, pets and domesticity: between lock-in flat and slaughter destiny.
C.ET: the question of human captivity is also at stake, what we would not do or live like that if we were free, or not dependent on rules that do not enhance nature, force, knowledge but servility.

I was listening my instinct and I also always was rewarded by some increasingly worrying catastrophes. That made me think that instinct was intrinsically wrong. Till the day I understood that it was rewarded or punished or tortured by human beings actions on what it suggested.

Punish, finish.
Pun, pen.



Instinct, instance.
Transient, intransigence.

Laws, slave.

The oceans, seas and rivers, once uncross able, uncrushable, crux and flair, lair and grail a gall, scene of our despair, now, will be prayed and venerate for their giving, space and air.

I was a bit puzzled that a European degree in translation wanted from me to be an English native speaker. 

It is not emigration the problem. you cannot accuse migrants to change the rules of one's country for worst. It only shows that people inside were waiting for things to become more and more appalling. just to fall into decadency and live out of the dying. for conning be more fast and secure, etcc...It is why people will split nations, geographic area and the world, to preserve inequalities. and some without having even to admit it. as for tweeter it is why people end up all day insulting it is so few character and world limit allow that it is ridiculous communicating, let alone discussing.

Maybe you should have them legally. you know one cannot put on sharia it spreading. the uk, france, Germany (practising) will be as responsible as any.

It is in the human nature, if you have nothing to do (studies, libraries, communities achievements, entertainment, give them or watch them), people will find something to do, and each time it will be around resources as you will need to compete for them or just decide to destroy the word that cannot regulate in fairness and harmony.
Auto-destruction marching order could be as simple as that.

Just to reassure the americans, when devillepin, foregin minister of france, come to tell the americans that they should follow france because it is a old country having known barbery, without remembering its collaboration per se, then it is only worth the still hysterically funny good mockery we can see us, on French tv at 8 pm, caricaturing the politicans and other celebrities, the problem ream remains I am not too sure it is allowed to depict one’s nation given to this level of dirtiness, vileness and in fact inhumanity. Or any other low and coward, or treacherous, or lying, propagandist, stealing behaviour nor measures. We still have to mock other people, other a nation. Becore before slipping into further blasphemy. Ballast blast.

Males are said to be competitive to permit the entire family to steal inside and outside their reach -just far more beyond that could sustain insanity.
They steal their mothers, sisters, fathers, as a service for the patry.

We divide cultural and politics, denying how culture is politics and the absence of culture in politics just pillage and raillery.

Logics is the devil coming take its toll, look at what we ve done
Toll. Loot, stool.

Laugh, Loki.

Creator in Egyptian mythology = Atoum.
Latin Odin .
A tome.

One destroys what people had of history by destroying the incentives the others have to study it. Their arts and technology, biology, or at least their arts, their stories.
Or the civilisations destroy themselves killing it.
Arts, justice and salvage, discovery. Leave nature teaching what is unseeed, unseen, esa, escaping poor humanity blinded, usurpating category.

Domination is used to ‘naturalise’ societies that submit people into poverty, poor individuals building poor society will have to fight poorly. And here goes the species.
Just like these universities peering pretending debates. But not about more knowledge or in-tell-line, e intel, ingenious inter-exchanges, but to profess how none is relevant just how to gt get (a jet set) job, speaking rubbish and abuses hidden in fees and fizz. A freeze of corrupted training and conscripts.

Effect, ephes.

Sue, science. Scur, rescue.
Unconscienced has been coined by Freud. A last century concept.
So what.
What is then all that is around matter, illusion and what we sense of it.
Our ways of saying, seeing that animals are inferior. While we manage to know nothing about the strength that are around. Maybe excg exca extract, exchange some ideas and account, numerisation and coloration, but after what. The neant.
Human, a fraud.

Let’s conceptualise a world where mythologies are in fact the ones who are right. Logically, as they were the people listening to mature, mother nature. Or even when not listening as not virtuous and virtuoso, hearing.
Minus the aim of destruction, slavery, utility. Mythology reserves, reveals agnotism and the need for a circulating and doming, dominant energy.

The horror, and the gross vulgarity of talking about phallus, while not noticing that it is vaginal, or a tunnel that only the individual can own and slay.

Satan, the fallen agneau, angel, said I cannot bow in front of human beings because I have been created first and I am older, and therefore superior. So would devil be defined this way??
A chronologic, logical justification identified, personified as wrong.

In some catholic interpretation, Satan is the devil as it is an angel that do not want to serve humanity.
As their main reference? As the man at the image of a god.
As pretentious as the real thing.

How Christianity is the peluptieme (empty mode) of epitome of chr,        liberalism and capitalism. The forced adulation.

Christianism like many other religions seek faith not in god, but in that they are the image of it.

The di, devil is said to be able to change its forms, and therefore the sa snake is just one that has influenced, biased the human judgments.
Maybe th goat has been taken so often, as people with the lambs, were to move in the mountains. Were free and alone.

Just like horrid plagues could have come to make humans realise they are not on their earth, to stop the plundering.

To think one has yield, even oneself could be yielding to a devil’s pact, when there is none coming.

The desire or the necessity to bring back animal strength, intelligence, capacity, to fight against the cold or any human or other adversities.
A captivity.

Acculer, in French

Anti-christ is always represented as being male, what misogyny grotesque.

And could that be then, through the writing of a leader, that what is called the anti-christ could remain.
Post-moderne, post-mot- mortem.

They go on taking, talking of a bes, beast, bea, typical.
The end of world is not coming but here as for the si disparition of species, human beings will have to pay.



Golden 10 06 to 04 2018
Mix with docs titled ‘Golden 10 06’

There is as many definitions as there are people. So definitions are what we commonly agreed. But common is not shared and what we generalised, industrialised, our growth, our loss and despair.
Communally, what will, has to, must? Grow is the industrialisation of fencing. Greed.

I admit that the vatican 'has to be' the target of terrorism, just a bomb like for 9/11. bringing wars. le vatican en feu. une guerre qui ne pourrait etre evitee plus longtemps si le coeur de l europe et ses vestiges historiques cessent d etre proteges, car si on ne sait intervenir pour les canons alors que deviendront nos chairs.

Maybe what differentiate Jesus from other human beings after resurrection, is the fact that he has been judged. i.e that he had seen this error and errs.

I think that the church has too much sinned, regarded to women, poverty, spirituality…to go on with power any longer.
As for the other it has been never anything such as a religion despite its campaign successes.
A religion is what bring every creation to an equal foot, not food to the creator. Not the opposite, or not unlike it.

Though I don’t think Freud can be interpreted as every child depends mostly upon their parents for future sexuality, freud installed a switched against invasion, mould, manipulation that can work at least in some measures, perhaps for the main.
It is an Eros, Thanatos situation where the body if it loves (and in the child circumstances in all vulnerability, in all dependence) can also destroy, utterly separate, stop and annihilate. Annulated.

You think vegetarianism would be bad. so for the moment what is it overstocked with. overstock is your belief that nature is your kitchen. in hell. what if life's aim would be to balance, that is to stop the need for killing or invading, without pretending they are going so weak that they will have to die, to their believe we are in a predators prey situation, that suit their weakness enabling them to prey on people searching peace, creativity, etc, by stealing with no morals or stronger attitude concerning existence. i know that there are carnivores and scientists should study the way they could live without having to kill. or eat flesh, eat one's own flesh. fell like flea. humans are not carnivores they are or starving or for what is here just stupid.
And you can check there are no striving imbeciles that are lasting anylonger in evolution theories or drama.

Theory, hero, terror.
Scientist, horrific.

Often religions and sciences are opposed. If what if religions instead of hiding only sciences or sciences hiding spiritual have both hidden reality?

As for the referendum splitting Europe with the UK, I am sure that after 2 lamentable term run by a pm such as D. Cameroon it is the sole trick this twat, in charge with how a manager knowing nothing from oxford district could do quite well considerately.
You know why the referendum after so two pitiful term, just at the end of his mandate, when I caught myself begging for him to stop taling talking about Scotland, fearing the Scots will have to leave, treating everybody like its boys, like if everyone’s life had been so simpleton but easy?
Because it will be remembered. A referendum is what makes and unmake history, it is what the General De Gaulle did after violent mass demonstrations against him. It is something that will stay in history, something that will come up so often in quizzes.
Cameroon him trow that question about years and years of his week and week after weak, deomo demonstration on how pathetic the English people had to be to let his political head interfere in state matters like if it was another company, ready to go, to downsell, to outsource, and above all transpiring with dishonesty, with so flimsy worries and themes that if we were to broadcast of this PM talked to his people it would be in fact dangerous for the UK. Without any serious, with so little important matter and deeper discussion in hand that the best he (not could have done) but deign doing was a discourse on the emergency on some floods happening in the country. We don’t need a head to that, there are hundreds of should well-serving MP.
Pathetic, pathologic, and servile, because when one accepts.

And if secrete agencies, sects, religions, or political, leadership organisations had that of terrorizing not so much what they hide, but what they managed to spy in. and the result of a conglomerate of accumulate information others kept unexchanged, at least as long as it is for taking control with air of superiority. E.Ts.

Could religions holy sites be within desert or walking distance of it, as they then through climatic conditions, allowed the preservation of the scriptures.

Could chaos be a force that is younger or past the time of reason, the reason of time, end its beacon.

In terms of psychopathy, there is a maniple plural, an announced manipulative control that may mean that we could unaware dissimulate our psychopathic traits. Because one stopped caring in groups. To certify oneself as not being one, and killed animals just out of the ‘eternal vomiting pleasure’ to eat them.
Con control.
Controlee, counter lea. Lies, pies, spies and pis.

I would agree that common therapies cannot work on certain people, but also because common therapies are, have nothing to do with care, security, empathy and integrity, and that not only towards their patients, the source of income, but ward,s, towards the whole society
Psychology market, receipt, recited.

Psychology now, as a reverse of its most classical annoyed habit, stopped put the responsibility on the mother, family, but in fact by more modern extension themselves, the therapies, the society, to put it on innate characteristics.
Of course changing anything is a danger as it is the combination of the two that has to have effectiveness, exclusivity.

To assert a behaviour recognised by all as destructive is biological is one more steps, not stops, at manipulation of genes, DNA…
Manipulation assent.

When you are 20 you don't know the difference. presumably the boys may have flirted with her, and ask her here and there out. i dated a older woman when i was 17, 20 years later i am still consumed with love. 14 is too young, it is punishable and it is good this way. but every story does not depict intended crime.

The trick in psychology is the treatment from normal to what is observed or qualified as being deviant. So it is the analyse of someone who say ok the horrors of today are a fact of life versus what they categorised as being pathologic. Super schema.

So, shotgun, short of hun, or none the better for that.

People not talking about what is going on in (maybe towards even) their mind, there, the energy, thoughts and believes reigning of and on the matter they see, are inclined to and towards and prosperate.
Or people do not say anything, because what is considered mental illness is at the intersection of taboos paranormal, supernatural being so because people do not want recognise either the power and the restrictions of the mind. that it is something else, that something we don't have any clue about, on or over.

5 Most Disturbing & Unethical Human Experiments

Je viens de voir un documentaire : si tu dis a des enfants qu’ils sont des personnes ayant tendance a bégayer (alors qu'ils ne begayent pas a l'origine, avant l'experience, ils le deviennent ! bégayeurs. 
Of course, the problem is that if you tell them they are the best, then they will have to adjust all their lives, and since best does not exist, that woould persist is to destroy the land.
Ooooouuuuuuu, sniff, sniff.

Humanity keeps on demarking, comparing itself with the animal reign in order to compare themselves to god then. Main, man, mean, meaning that they thing they are more divine. Which give them a system in which they do not have to prevent animals’ death, the in fact only thing that could make them a distinct species, to be able to summon justice and sciences in order to stop killings. Any.

In Nostradamus prophecies, the name of hister announcing hitler as a second anti-christ is even more surprising when reading Nostradamus writing in old French, XVI French, whose “S” read like a German umlaut.
Hysteria. iso, esotery hysteria.

Mutation is not only due to the necessity of eating (or moving, hunting, thinking) differently but also the conscience, the awareness of having to operate this: the metamorphosis.
From there two others:
-        Animals fighting cold and thirst all hours and days long thus encounter otherwise and more profound in many times and ways that the philosophy of the mind whose body is heated or surroundings do not have to face weathers and intemperate temporality.
-        To evolve humans will have to access veganism, the only way to reduce the amount of pain and injustice, false sacrifice = done out of being sinful and unwilling to thanks the gods for every life, life = hope for liberty, happiness, creation, discovery…

Some people say the difference btw people and (other) animals is that humans know they will be dying. Humans know nothing about death, like they know nothing about creation as they know nothing about animals and therefore nothing about beliefs, thoughts, matrices and Agamemnon.

The racism like everywhere it is and has been consists also in saying to people that they don’t look like the guys that are in their country. I am almost sure that an Indian, that all aborigines suffer from racism this way. You don’t look American while they have been decimated for being it.
This comes from possession: they want to own a country, they want to own a land, the laws, and what is in it, and through this position also own other nations.
Demise and the only premise.

We keep on talking about magic thoughts and magic call and search as not an illumination but as a pardon and paradise lost.
We kill nature and therefore the rest of what we have still to see, touch, contact won’t or very little show what it has or demonstrate their own and sheer company.

Cee, celebrities are respected generally due to the fact that they are the products of society, that is and their outcomes, what they did, and their glory belonging to everybody. The same for all creation, that is the orchestral music belonging and having been made by the whole of its assembly. Namely the lords and the slaves. There is no such thing as a culture of such and such, no more that there is one society.
Gong, belong.

The thing, the gauge of life creation, that even if not animated, is nonetheless living.

Common reading also is illusory because render possible in that kind of flash news, recurrently coming, alone in mass media communication, to even make sure that their followers get dizzy on one eternal aspect of the message they send: there will be never anything in depth, anything that will solve the story. Cons everywhere, abuses without end, problem describes years after years without being stopped, just like in laboratories inflict on animals and just observed. ob served, obvious perversity. common reading in context that is.

Atomic as grotesque is pervading everywhere as long as however knowledgeable, however commited and however acting in fairness, our actions will not take place and be rewarded by societal activities, not a job not even a volunteer one. as power of action is si regulated, by the only let-motive that is eventually permitted, interested, the most vested. vest = robe, the habit = in French the cloak, the garment of a profession. the justice as via all other pressure groups biased as the human rights organisations selectively sponsored and retributed = PR, consultancy, recruitment and ceo, but nowhere teaching by extension (courses are so expensive that not intelligence will trinkle up or down the ladder of hermeticity) the rest are serfs and royalty = loyalty to growth and consumption eating up nature, culture, evolution.
As for Hermes, voyageur and messenger, the nature gods have nothing more to say but warring the ones that seek egoistic eternity = death to everybody + have to be cover(ed of) and with falsity. Messange, ange, massaging not the truth but last intrepidity. Be planet earth our last judgment before we destroy more of it.

The other sex, that is not essentially heterocentric but the other, as partner, as desire, as object (matter, imaginary, reality).
Toward completion maybe or division, recession, or the birth of another organism, but that cannot survive without a parent, or in a situation of pluralism a society, tolerant of communality and particularity. The same, the other, the oddity.
The stranger, the outer, the inner and descent. The uniqueness asked by the work of nature able to feed a tree with water, roots, the sun and the dust of what constitutes this unicity, unity.

‘Hister’ in Nostradamus, could mean not Danube but Easter.
What about MABUS.
At least we know that MA could be the diminutive of Madam, just like Notre Dame.

Just like a woman on the cross.

Desertification in china.
C: I have lived in China almost 2 years and what I saw of the desertification process is the systematic bombing of the hills. When people want to make space, they just bomb the hills for the soil to become flat. The jungle is gone and instead a red ground is all what is left.

Master of abus, of M standing for Mr, Mrs, or Ms.
Let’s see in Mrs or a sign, a relics of possession Mr’s or of polygamy, one of those@ both aberrati0ns.

Les langues, les sons, les bruits de la nature, ne meurent jamais.
Tels sont les vibrations échangées, et le langage entre les espèces et les années.

Dialects, sounds, echoes of nature never cease, forever live.
The mutual vibrations, inter-species exchanges btw space, time and the flesh who incarnated it. But what of what has been made suffering, extinct, derelict. What words they will, must say.

Have to. Have ebb but not be.

Like ethnic e cleansing.
Slavery,          could become from lave = lava but equally laver = cleaning.

On murderers, theft, vandalism and injustice. To the ingenu of the radical and extremist or populist, leading (lie din, bin leaden leading) parties.
Spirit of expension, territorisation, possession (possession includes when community want what be taken for and utilised by one, or when people want to steal other people instead of producing or creating) and appropriation will do that.

Water and air. Both life indispensable, and threatening our existence in a matter of seconds or days. Both transparent.

I am a vegan, I still think that we are to find ways not to eat vegetable.
Spire, rites

Just like rituals come from abound, bonding, abundance(s), or shortage and when irreligious or irreverent, wasting.

Tall talking on growth rooting rot in political speeches instead of creation, creativity, art, sciences, renovation, conservation, care, thriving, nurturing conditions. A planet whose human, animal, and all element mission is the one of protection, love and recognition.

Healing with Sound: Secret Sounds - Ancient Sounds that Advanced your Consciousness
Jill Mattson
C.ET:   interesting lecture, on how sounds, instruments, music, performance, disposition, architecture, of course, and healing process as well as body and scientific research were to do with mathematics, or formulas,

She explains, very interesting I think, that for example each music has a positive and negative poles, like a magnet, and that the listeners have to be attracted by the kind of energy they need at the moment.

Which renders listening skilss active interaction with a piece of art, that is an instrument.

[i] These amalgamations through data is one of the many seeded by words. It makes us oblivious of the gravity of what sexual abuses are. The ‘killing’ of an individual, whose traumas goes beyond repair, because of the abuses impact themselves but also as society not through disempowerment this time but complicit actions often reacts with further stigmatisation. Why these abuses could stay unhealable? Not because of their victims’ fragility but because society knowing remained passive, not actively enough stopping and preventing.

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