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When the voice of survival is not those of the devil but of the savior.
But what is survival, and how to avoid genocide by perjury- the promise of serving God and its creature as equal or what the same world is it for- certainty.?
There is no devil thoughts only devil acts, when last gesture for survival, real survival might be avoided.
Null and void or non-existent, or the last action on liberty.

Don’t ask the United Nations their information.
It’s not free.

The principle of religion and sects is to offer themselves to ‘eradicate’ one problem, something a false problem, or sometimes in not offering genuine solution, but that in order to legitimate an absolute power over all other issues and discussions.

On searching video on human rights, instead of feature films offered by authorities, you have got pictures of crimes without themes, and congratulations party to officers.

Accepted to be violated, only in the prospect of revenge in the most relentless way.
On prevention virtue.

Horizontal position, lying in a cemetery.
-Being told off.
I try to ease my coffer, my body.

Fright of subservience, in being greedy.

Churches May have given alms at a period when it was in charge of the whole state money.
And now? What about the on-the-ground charity?

Behind, my love for you.
Others did not understand my reaction.
Duplicity? Double?
When realized and left alone, undisturbed, it should be ubiquity.

Nothing new, the souls’ relation like greek mythology.
Any kind of relations, intertwined, plural, combined.
I can be his father on history and her my father on semiology…

To be hateful, since knowing that if they supported me, or when they would; others will make regret it.

Community that extols their being together in wanting to appear stronger than others and that in fact reveal themselves to be very weak in the face of adversities.
Example: equality in your community, solidarity, now the better-off are secured, the less one can well drown, or left with the ‘compulsory rights of enrolment’ of elevating the structure of which top will be used by the affluent.
A half fluent.

For these individuals rights were to protect people from abusive groups’ rules.

And what is to invent in a state-centred civil law reign where state stands for elites’ interests and social rigidity.
Even if the class are more porous, the ideology has become the ones you ve got to serve.
Money, hypocrisy, anti-cohesion where freedom of speech is just to punish you from giving an expertise or to realize than there is no outlet for you work and time on an elaboration be taken into account.
You are entitled to your opinion but that it will count and improve a situation is just what is removed from the due power that giving one’s life should be accompanied with.
There is no management, just a robot-like procedure dead as it does not take into                                          account the quality, and perfectionist, the speciality, implication, causes and consequences of each action. To work in our current societies, free-marketing, is a denial of what damages rules creates from being supported by denied individuals and from what they impact externally.

She was sure she had good offer to sell. And she did it so zealously.
Till the moment she understood that the products, at least some were a rip-off.
Better than the concurrence but a rip-off all the same.
But now if she had to advice people with honesty, her job she would loose.

They told her, they told her, this is a good product, and now they now how many contracts she can sell at the best of her ability – authenticity.
Now she knows if she drops on intensity, they will be on her back like torturer.

The hunt erected against homosexual is to remind the population of the highest violence that may take place. The threat on one’s half and progeny.

To be vicious, to have to be, when you are surrounded by cowardice, meaness and hypocrisy. You want to ruin me? Also I have got to spend my life devoted to my survival alone, some outlet for justice and jouissance’s remains- you are so arrogant upfront when you are the mouthpiece of an army; that your back at night, my prey your soft asperity.

These rules that obliged and constrained charity and not solidarity.
And that constraint the carer or the cared to be or both or dependently in position of exploited = losing their rights, of each members of the community.
The only rules replicated being at the vile service of someone or suffer the consequences of applying mutual respect and understanding via the whole system seeking for privileges and immorality = death of the soul, punishment for being human, seeking wisdom and acknowledging complexity.
Too hard and intelligent of a task of not profiteering of someone skills, actions, and right to special relations with the immensity.

Welcome.Your note has not yet been acknowledged by a member of staff
send via this page a message that has not been read, therefore our misunderstanding and lack of clarity about this subject.
 the link is from the student side difficult - almost obscure-, to find too.

people telling you about your age, related about experience and degree of confidence and then more about stability than assertiveness.
The strong in the how to infiltrate crack, for the vibs to go long and use one’s strength on recognised paths and weakness.

It is good for me to be with others, as if not I’d like to devout my life thinking and sensing you.
I would not do that in any other presence, absolute conducts totality, receive the exaltation of purity.
G old

Sous un nom de plume, desire something posthume.
As i won’t give my right of self and relation to the cosmos.
As in here, the only armour to it, is privacy when seeking the intimate.


Sometimes, giving oneself the right of openness in one’s action as it is so restricted in the thought permission.
……………………………………………………’ corporality…………………………………………………………………………………..mind fluidity……………………………………………………………………………………………..


And similarity.

The emergency of human rights application nowadays due to the fact that everyone is surrounded by bureaucracy and cannot escape horrendousness and squalidity.

Know what French can can means.
Can-can means chatty-chatty.
Like all these people hidden behind their robes.

The primary violence of Christianity calling its treator the name of the then main religion at its birth.

They want a bum.
They create the bomb.
Looting and impunity.

Danger: the people who has been denied equality and art, will associated art with possibility at being treated like an ‘inferior’ = without power.
Without art, and …. Whatever and reproduction of fashism.

In the u.k if you need more time than the average to succeed in your student then you will be ‘program terminated’. This practise who does not take into account people own pace and private circumstances is a clear violations of people choices, way of life, special needs and abilities. It is a sheer intellectual shaper and discrimination.
It is vomit.

One would expect of the human rights defenders to come and apply and implement with all the resources available, these rights and duties everywhere.
It is because everyone is on standby, but the lucrative companies, that HUMAN RIGHTS are soil in name.

‘Equal opportunity + equal protection principles of human rights.’

It is not recognized the degree of humour, theatrical skills, psychological performance, temptation and taming deal, warden-like avenge, cold meal revenge et cetera, of the females panoply to regard them as being submissive.
Fuck you.

In some societies, where sexual or gender spheres applied females brought up the armies, due to poor management and restricted role repartition. So at that time if you gave this ‘categories’ political power on top. Every one would have finished castrated.

Distinct functions and roles does not mean superior privileges and conditions as if we compare society to a human body, then all and every of its part is dependent of the heart beating, here the core and central nerve, the place where blood pulses, the sovereign: life.

To feel responsible for happiness, carers’ privileges.
From there esteem, rights and obligations established.

The pursue for happiness? more a sue purr possession.

To spend all one’s life, fighting, having to train the all day to preserve the little hope, and genuine lives that you owe to protect the destiny.
Watch a Rambo film and break into crying.
Not burst people are in the vicinity.

I am a female, I teach my son, am a man.
Who confirm that human being are sexed?
Just sexist when barred from building an indentity.

What is gonna happen right on?
In this situation the force that one gets, on and for this wonder. Prayer.

Societies permit horrors but not mistakes.
Am not infallible then?

Religion with charity
Is to give s.o another conscience.
When on one’s own theme and scheme.
Nothing is to be good or spare.

When knowing that something used to make sense, but that there are links missing.
Then under good care, a new creation, to find back a pride in what one is saying,
To find for maybe not, surely not the same meaning, but an idea that produces light.
And perhaps to redeem the path towards, and gestation that make an answer not any longer the spot we were looking at, but its fore and aside.

Money, money, money,
Oh money,
The devil score.

Homosexuality spurned as much as people spurn their own sexual identity.
It is not possible as women or men as so deprived of that other state of kin.

-They are sleazy on top of that.
 Exactly like you.
But me is enough.

Former concern for the weather due to living condition.
It’s become increasingly sad to talk about it at the present.

-Of you are gay, you are not any longer my son.
-it is just that cunt, he is your son, not you lover.
Possession and jealousy over one’s children. To get the fuck that one set for not being taken away.

You can attack from all part.
There is being nothing one can undo.
That is gonna break down
The idea.

Where you seek the poetry
That you cannot find
One trick to prose
To expose its parts = idea.

We used to be
Now we should be told
Like dead.
On no democracy, on machinery.

Justice. filed by an interested party.
Actual-factual account, not objectivity.

When uncourageous statement, are profiting from claiming to be for or at the side of the underprivileged.
When words are fouled, and betray.
When they are used by lies.
To postpone anger, to tame resignation, to give time? Or sell illusion.

Even if I lived up to living like being the world and its navel.
My true paradise, would be the last from me retain.

Eur court.
Blog on esclavage.

You can take as a general rules that homophobe are or adept of pornography or see sexual relationship as mainly degrading, dangerous, or lucrative.

Am too stupid, but never for talking to the spirits.
Cosmos say.

CETVIES MANON IX                                                                 

CETVIES MANON IX                                                                

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Faites attention tot ou tard ils vous traiteront comme une renegat.
Be careful sooner or later they will treat you like a renegade.
H se comporte comme la pire des especes parfois vous savez.
H behave like, as, the worst of the species sometimes as you know it.
Ils chassent ou s’ignore en groupe.
They hunt or ignore each other but stay in group.
Restez detachee. Par pitie,.
Be, prove detached. By, and for pity.
For the silence remain, whispers for the crowd are all the same.
An opportunity for lose cowardice scene.
I beg you. Don’t think, don’t feel.
At least for this story. Ariadne, without her discretion and her maze secret, theseus (n est rien) is damned.
 Taisez, niez rien.

When you snatch the milk from the schools, you are not only taking away the calcium that till nowadays the parents are not aware about the amount they need to provide, lack of national health security publicized recommendations, but you take away the taste of the children having the opportunity of feeling what it is to have one’s health looked after through his participation to society.

God and the wordless myth
That no one can face directly the light.

On this earth or even if modernism has spread so many poisons and chemicals, has nonetheless brought thousands’ thousands billions pages towards understanding.
The claim of a one book is regime profiteering from illiteracy rates, or intellectual exploitation through education hate.

Pretending to have opted for traditions in retaining individual rights abuses without protecting and searching the cosmos and nature laws as recognised provider, one is gonna wander in big cars, all-enlightenned houses and shops by electricity, boasting on cleanliness as everything is built and rebuilt every 10, 20 times to often when other families are restrained on the tip of the bins.
In pain.

Philosophy are not just words, they are the elaboration of believes, drives and determinations.

Cannot read, cannot discuss, cannot investigate.
As people get hungry, angry at the hearing of a single word, of any words.
Afraid and upside down upset


When one says ‘big pork’, it is not for designated the animal but the dead body, and all that may represent butchery.

Whats on?
What son?
Whats in?

Know a very little
Being traumatised.

This fascism around, the blatant non followed democracy precepts.
The fear of civil war at each new step.

Why is it ludicrous to hear, go back in your country.
Because the west as the top whores, should be welcoming every of their accomplices or victims.

Still on civil war.
Fear of info.
Just for the reading of more than engrossing.
Engross = French for have a baby with.

I am busy, I cannot do my job properly.
When one’s need s.o behind one’s back.
Check and balances.

The sportsman are as drugged as the supporters.
As in soccer when viewers are there for the shout and the beers.
To give to the top players 100 money enough for another type of worker to become its buttler.
Working class idiot.

To use again the poorest people ‘s opinion to erict weary reaction from imprisoned, tortured life.                                                                                               Enslaved.
In fascist doctrines serving the misleaders.

Flirting but not steady.
Flirting for politeness, or courtesy?
Not a tale but practically.

There is no dominant.
Just one that is more ready in the folk, to play the game leading to have to put up with leading a family.
The others rather do something else than cope with the comedy.

Berger – ancient word for sheepkeeper.

Old attracted to young.
One of the Survival modes.

Conflicts between preserving heritage, and tend to uniformity, and annihilation of offspring continuation.
Choice and inner development.
Different interpretation, viewpoints, reality discovery, revelation.

Cultures of inner (endogeneous) inequality.
To push the family at exploring and or incite inter-groups marriages where someone unsatisfied will go and look for something else and add complexity.
Or as a simple acts of restraints, symptoms of dysfunctionality.
When in a household is equality it means that in the surrounding too, as openness of mind is jaloused, envied by chaos, in the sense that it is quicker to destroy superficially than construct in depth _ even if what is constructed in depth is indestructible. Sharing it is automatic, spreading it the miracle that are asked by the divinities.

The show on emotion is the capacities of the brain of having a yesterday, a today and a tomorrow, knowing that in life there would have been more than our lot of circumspected circumstances. Knowing that anyone’s life is on anyotheronelse’s depending.

Looking at this old work to which I don’t understand anything.
Inspired by its rests, giving another sense to the present of my ruins.

Going to supermarkets, instead of little shops.
In search of discretion, desimpersonation.
Far, further from the direct sales pushing, and gossiping.
Sad having to boost the bigger companies, but at least they don’t know where my resting stays.
I know that the big companies are corrupted, but the smaller which ones is employee fair or which one pays?

In France, the name for countries. El pais.

Racism myth.
To make believe each other, to lead these groups, business or countries, that the real reasons, valuable, validated, criteria to go away with violenting, violating and doing everything for money.
To make believe that it is for anything else that egoistic, pure personal and cowardice interest.

Aware ness, be ware of being draft, dwarfed in that we think we know what we are.
And what being is.
Thinking a unit as a universe with limits.

Demand in eco = offer = some activities that ‘you will accept to be imposed upon you’

The global system now one and one single state s we need each other, to succeed in the necessity of keeping environment, ideals, moral, and –towards universe investigation and development- in a dynamic of harmony for the human species to be able to go on enjoying its conscience and science of being.

Religious: only not allowed.
Being mean or inconsiderate, belittling, underworth, instauring difference of treatment as inequality through a concept of inferiority or superiority.
Live me all one.

Happy global warming.
Dear customer,
Cleany consumer,
Waste age society.
As crooky as suicidal.

Is not evil a problem with conception
As if labelled as evil is the human finding excuses for destroying a unity instead of thriving, a way for extending harmony-extension-.
As evil is what is not known or controlled or accepted or taking into account, responsibility or …respected.

In this public places where it is 25 degree Celsius in December in the north hemisphere.
In the ovens of the post-modern fascism.
Mind it is gonna be less discriminatory.
Or still when will begin the global war on water.
Everyone down to fight for survival commodities, but this time global penury, and world wide extermination and genocide.

The pure beauty of art.
Is to be the spectactor of what we just then we thought to be our only secret.
Not to be the sole and near-to-be-dead unique witness of our life and mind.
But see, so clearly, it, being carried.

During her labor, helping my partner with anything.
Instinctively, taking her back, in a massage from top to down; and licking.
Her screams as the rewards, our final.
My screams an invective for the new one to readily comply.
‘on its first go out’

Today, the rain is icy.
The feeling of the entrapped ‘polar bear’ could have on human intelligence.

Till they are intelligent enough to recognize their meanness. And if their bodies don’t succumb, hell will become their best paradise.
As far as the bodies are not tied with the threat of death, only, the enlightened vision, for sole kindness.

-oh, this one believes in God.
  (It is such a puke.)
To what is inferred when people does not recognised the others’ capability at believes.
Reversibility or confound God and bribe on Gold.

False religion institutionalizing charity and pity.
For their victims.

Sorry because as revolting as it may seem, to have to distrust utmostfully people saying, jesus or.
In this world of injustice, hatred and catastrophe, any followers, and their claims.

People claiming being more intelligent than other animals.
Well-known stategies to invent excuses for having hands more than dirty.
On the animal holocaust.

One wise, rural, old animal lover told me:
‘animals don’t have speech , in order not to be exploited by the humans, since they don’t have hands, for trading torture tolls.

Being all prisoners.
As in less economically ‘developed’ countries, people as foreigners can go barely.
In no to ‘imperialism, or colonialism’, poorer people refuse inhabitancy.
In the frightening perspective of the same ethnical groups to become rulers of the natives, without further perhaps possible ‘global, all-encompassing, universal’ citizenship and democracy. As if without it, world will remain apartheid.

They are not racist.
They are just colored puss (no, no, don’t genocide me, I have got blood too).
On the rise of nationalism.

The story of a then to be elected P.M
that sworn upon his own dying son, of the importance of educating the new generation- and thus rendering patriotic the ones voting for him, despite knowing by heart that it would not be.
The first gesture he had was to reduce the children fund.
Am not talking to enrich family, but permit to people, children in particular, to learn and teach art, sport, craft, environmental and health issues.
In London, poorer kids have for choice streets void of hopes and air instead of it.

On democracy still.
Politicians are whores.
Just to tell the new comers.
In case you d nurture false hopes.
Leading always towards manipulation and obscurantism.

We are to be told.
Mummy is fascists.
Above all when the squad is young.
Each individual story is painy.
History of survival?
Will see if they survive your grand-grand children.
Or survive as weepy whores.

Everything new,
Os,so and so, satire, Saturn, saturate, ossature = bone, bonification,
Down, up to the bone or the squeleton of obesification, based, debased, obelisk of condescension, belle, hiss, raze sure, resurrect into pollution n torture on earth, won’t redeem the underworld, the wolves of condo, H habitation’s have havit habit on swelling, well, swindling de line of dwelling on their belongings. Theirs? Verse. Verze.
 New buildin
s, constantly under renovation,
All those stuffs, crammed, fake facilities.
Coming from where?
At all its degree, from the underworld.
The mafia, the earth crumbling under pressure and unction, ointment for bonification, mummification of our body reprise n sown by pigs eating porks by love of, out of love of making throat another species, in a living image for its own liberation, aberration, auction, and the death that that convene.

H is for auction.

Mind, what could the leaders, the rulers think?
Logically, that it is the end of all. Why should we bother?

The sciences will arrange?
The science follows the logics of its exploit ants.
And God certainly not ‘sugar parents’.

Not agreeing with the love of one’s life.
As it is unconditional,
Finding compromise.
You don’t want it.
I ll create the way, you d take
Regardless of being needy
Without than this alter endless care, growth, symbiosis and possibility.

I write for you.
But as soon as done
I can feel that this might torn.
If you did not desire my word.
If someone else though me amiss.
What would then be my life?
What would then be my love?
But unconvinced, convicted bliss.

To be the well of knowledge.
And to well know about memory faults.
Wiz dom and liberty.

I said ‘Jesus’
But no offenses.
Not talking of what they made of it.

The genius of the vampire myths.
As they aim at the neck.
What would be more dangerous than an uncovered neck when sleeping?

To ‘heteros’
Am not asking you permission to have partners and children’
Or else you ll have to ask me permissions for yours.
And all ll become very kind of very bloody.
Maybe unless you have to ask (your parents, the mayor, judges, neighboourgh, cousins and employers) already.

He would not understand lesbianism.
For him relationships were a business, a concession, so much of an arranged deal that the spark one might be invaded by, when
in no arranged, in not lucrative means, in purity.
 lights wer
in his dailys

On false marriages.

To hate each other, as the reality reflects the breach on each other universal rights, duties and happiness.
But with forgetting than none of the humans, none of the spirit is free.

When one means humane treatment, it is because without this treatment life is killed, and one’s shape is not human, or living anylonger but will bear again spirits.
Humane is the ability and endeaviour at prolonging lives, if and only if every other lives, human or else, are protected in the process.
Inhuman treatment.

Legal system working on complaints procedures instead of assessment and protection (prevention) and elaboration of rights and responsabilities.

Splitting personality.
The when one will ‘free oneself?’ from inner or outer borders and boundaries.
The when one will take them back.
And review all one’s life, meaning, scope, varieties and possibilities.

The left-over of an empire.
Where employee are not staff but stuff.
Tagging itself to be a democracy, plaguing the word and concept, whereas it works like and as a distinguished sweat shop.
To tell me go, I am a part of it.
Don’t let me think that I don’t bear responsibilities.
But difficult you ll be fired for trying to endorse them, to stop the crumbling.
What’s gonna be the heirloom.
Loom on air.

Email. Exchange information again and again for no results

Yes one, you cannot grip anyone, it is like speaking to your desktop bin.
A delete assured.

A demonstration that show business is not business.
About this axed ‘x factor’ Zimbabwean singer that sings so beautifully.
All that you could see was these underaverage judges, not able to a single professional comment on singing, saying no to her, and sending her after to the her native country.
Very representative of what are is for those money-makers.
Instead of finding her venues, where this woman proving to all viewers that she could live singing and express life through her breathing- live art for its shaping, lending it one’s body and fortune, they just get rid of the soul of what art is- an humble giving.
No gifted only pre-sumptious and dealer of pre assumption.

Some one who d like me to be myself.
Je d be a life treat.

United-kindom? We?

Social matters.
The bigger joke.
Said it again.
Aoua, the country of the children stabbing each other, short of being allowed to do anything else.
Perhaps soon on voluntaries basis. There will be no other options left anyway.
No professional paid, direct to the reserved seat.
The bigger society, the fatter to be sucked, it should say.

When they talk about development,
They in fact talk about capital.

Yes, yes, we uniquely speak about African and south American reserves.
What do we want someone to speak about the other countries.
Centuries that their natural reserves have been burnt and buried.
Just that, the magic is gone.

I am out, am out. But pet, we are in the wood.

You from the exploited countries, please, please don’t think that on the other side that is not sheer and stark slavery.
Talking about politically-correct means to have to say ‘yes, yes, yes’ lest be evicted from the chase ex(check)er.
You are not corrupted? You are not employed anymore.

A person = in law, a self-willing actor.

It is so basic, but it has to be re-said.
The European used to be worn to the cord, dying at work between 20 and 30.
Let’s stop furthering ethnic and cultural diffenciation on this, causing paranoi of one’s people to be persecuted, and amnesia of how history went wrong for the majority, and the minorities within each and every bunches.

Independence from the state, when state represented all authorities, all employers, all trades and corporations.
But now?
Individuals are left to the market-waste.

To underweight the nececessity of expressing its ideas, as they play in the balance of the thoughts’ area.
Example: to reveal to s.o how they could be felt, or are sensed to be like this, since they know to well that they are found to be the opposite.


Without one’s mate; one could kill everyone.
When here the mate meant intimate, principal, sensual.
The day they realizes that it’s socially forbidden to them. Kill, kill everybody.

The damnation is lifted as one should be able to find someone else consent if population is free.

So tenacious, so clinging to or grasping by one’s principles.
Someone must have planted a chip in me.
As in these surroundings, souls just seemingly bearing their protection, but in fact all came flouted.
What for? Is there any mission?

Foyles has been awarded book shop of the year.
In position of monopoly, also can be called awards facilities.
Monopoly, foiling up to what we will write.

To have child?
Impossible, already over-populated.
Thus, protecting the population by abstention, and being a genuine parent like that.

On having to volunteer before entering the police:
Pre-select richer, middle-class, people, excluding poorer.
2 years on those rows and guarantee to statu-quo, meaning here not to hope for bigger fish.

No balls?
But other organs, replied the oven (with all its cords and button to the scalp to the toes).
Be b(Eating) up.

On having to volunteer before entering the police:
pre-select richer, middle-class, people, excluding poorer.
2 years on those rows and guarantee to statu-quo, meaning here not to hope for bigger fish.
They cannot be short of staff when it comes to replace militia by police of G prostitutes’story.

When talking about the ‘end of history’ one could think at the beginning of ‘instant globalization’ that permits not to have to wait for the info to come but since this latter have the might now to be simultaneous with our analyses, then knowledge does not depend on a view toward the past as present might be synchronically represented today.

On knowledge.
Why for example experts did not predict the ‘end of the cold war’?
Because of hidden datas or censure or propaganda, enforcement of hegemony.
To foresee what is gonna happen?
Don’t know the present, or don’t act or cannot.

Crying the pages lost because of a stolen usb.
But what about pages lost as unwritten, the so many times where half in my prolific dreams, knowing that I knew now, but refusing to aknowledge that I would be erring too far from them to recall precisely the light they generated. What about when it is because my not getting up. Because of me.

The schism between body and soul, place or spirit,
Is called death by humans’ ninny.

The person who are so tough in business, even if they do it badly, unfair, are here to remember the straight guys that when they meet someone to prompt at giving they have to stop him and insist for the too generous to have his share.
You gave and have to be grated, my automatic giving for you to be and stayed rested.
The fair trade of honesty, where sweat and risks.

To feel like wanking it in the woods,
Since living at work.
To feel like hooking it in the woods,
Since always people around counting one’s expiration.

But only that they are not from those countries crushed by their governments- like in every place- on top of being bought by international societies.
But only that if the new classes of their people all leading towards ‘business and administration’ would let someone believe that they want to be patriotic for their people’s protection.
On the mad habit of saying us and them when it comes to countries’ resources.
If patriotism was about people, heaven would already be.
Anyway about economy, it is a false one, as they wrecked it all, economy included.

The Social and Economic Rights Action Center and the Center for Economic and Social Rights / Nigeria - - - Directly participating in the contamination of air, water and soil and thereby harming the health of the Ogoni population, Failing to protect the Ogoni population from the harm caused by the NNPC Shell Consortium but instead using its security forces to facilitate the damage; Failing to provide or permit studies of potential or actual environmental and health the oil operations Article 16 of the African Charter reads: “(1) Every individual shall have the right to enjoy the best attainable state of physical and mental health. (2) States Parties to the present Charter shall take the necessary measures to protect the health of their people and to ensure that they receive medical attention when they are sick.” Article 24 of the African Charter reads: “All peoples shall have the right to a general satisfactory environment favourable to their development.” 51. These rights recognise the importance of a clean and safe environment that is closely linked to economic and social rights in so far as the environment affects the quality of life and safety of the individual. 6 As has been rightly observed by

Ramcharan, Bertrand G.  (Editor). Judicial Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights : Cases and Materials.
Leiden, , NLD: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2005. p 173.
Copyright © 2005. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. All rights reserved.

I generally take this as a calmer. That it is why the situation is so dire.
It is not because we are bathing in immorality cause whatever moral you are, little move through. I imagine that people are like that wanting the better but to try it is sometimes more enduring that our present possibility. Also little by little, of course, fortunately since when one starts considering everything that constitute one’s life, in front of them, a universe of questions, matters, from and towards which each gesture is a life say, all fundamental, all necessary for the next move to be felt and thought.
Holistic and dignity.

The animals killed, eaten, the deed of death that is gonna enter other tissues.

-This person is silly?
-what’s up with you?

Yes, I am hungry but what am I told to execute?

Heresies, accuse of everything.
Aggregation inside the system to promote segregation outside the system.
Mind they have been so badly treated that they are ready to annihilate the day they are unleashed. The system as a mine. Personal and shifty.


When you think that people call ‘human rights’ dispute they settle in paying amazing fees, and settle not in nature but doing it like if they were mendable through financial pumping.
They called it ‘human rights’ and dare use ‘values’.
It is mellow business more like. And robberies transfer.

The myths of the women doing everything, like can be seen in certain zones in transition, is not historically possible. As if a village, a tribe, a clan was doing this, it would have been the target of another group, in 3 months, 3 days, 3 hours time.
You don’t do you job, you lull loose the fight.

Complaint and confidentiality procedures might finalize in someone having to react to ‘disorder command’ from individual spending their time crying as they pee.

As I love the other, and manage to go away from my choice for not devoting myself to my remembrances.
As my affection grew for the other, her face resembled more and more the one I tried to stay away.
One day, the first just pop out of the second’s face like they would have been one, they.
Who am i? who am I with? Spirit or mind? Ghost or alive? God or aspirer making essence empty?

tr.v. hus·band·ed, hus·band·ing, hus·bands
1. To use sparingly or economically; conserve: husband one's energy.
2. Archaic To find a husband for.
Husbanding  resources, the mother attention of knowing well the brood and dispatching equally, appropriately.
Not a gender stories, simply what is meant to do a family, like in a society, discrimination not wanted, differences with species survival insurance agrees.

In life you cannot trust anybody.
For the simple reason that you d be lacking.

Evolution as being the work of God.
Eve and Adam being something else as spirituality is asexual.
A love story result in encountering the symbol of another shape of mind and constitution.

Fear of homosexuality.
As one has already to do with hetero prostitution.
What about that?
Mind if there’s any pimp, always’s been supported by women.
So why pretenses with genderisation.

Homo associated with pedophily, as homo was taboo only broken by the worst put into parallel association.
Not that it was risk taking and engaging responsibility.

The culpability trip, charity and pretenses at taking into accountability.
In charge, how much?

Act of love with the having to check or to ensure about someone reciprocity.
Or ad-herence- Hades.

Euridice, in my having to face hell with my prayer exhaustion.
In fact I was Orphee.
Left there ignorant off this free betray.
To feel safe, spare 100%  of the time spent agonizing in disarray.
Effective effect.

The fat that some words are misheard, produce different answers that those originally induced.
But then wh ere fr. Om? We heard from who?


To do little by little, to take pleasure and pride in whatever needs to be done, and well done.
About being imprisoned in these lives where no freedom or justice is really permitted. Obstruction.
The only way to get at them, to think and think on how to redeem these millions of details, that are to be settled just because of so chaotic or sclerotic rule of terror and sour hypocritical murderous dealing are out there. These details, consequences of tyranny with which everyday of our lives are replete.
It does not matter though, as these details are our power.
Give our soul anything, trying it entirely, since existence is the glance of how’s in our universe and what ought to be. A glance upon time and infinity.
Take one’s time as the most trivial decision and matter is worth the entirety.

C est pareil a votre doctorat, c est votre sujet, tres franchement meme passer sa vi
 entiere- s’en tirer- sur le titre qu on s est soi meme donner d explorer, c est pas grave si ca vous prend des annees, c est votre bebe on compte pas.
Working for the U.N at the top? Do you think that people taking 6 figures on their salary to ‘tackle poverty’ are entitled to say that they are human rights defenders? Moi pas. It’s the difference between industry and duty; they are paid with corruption money, from who? The proletariat? The proletariat of course is corrupted too, but at least is for survival. Mind it is the capitalist system or everything or nothing, that means that if you ask for true democracy, don’t even hope to hold the menial job, you’ll be fired from there too, even if you do instead of one two- twice as much, quality, quantity, nothing will stand in front of dishonesty-cf: unfair competition, nothing stands, capitalism, exploitation ravages and its system the end of itself, or of our modest species.

Who is missing then? In-between the top and the roots, people linking them, the practioners thus able to comment on the feasibility and relevance and quality of the directives and theory over one’s territory. You know people who enter organizations that might have the possibility of better accountability if their leaders are decided. A third intervention, a parallel. Or people that write their rapports, even if the thesis does not bring money, you always have the possibility of bringing it where needed, or spilling it gratuitously and the right people will read nourished on reading it.
C est votre livre, qu il soit lit par tous les moyens.
A propos de votre  these, est-ce-que ca vous gênerez si je vous laisse mon email, vous pourriez eventuellement me l envoyer. Ainsi je pourrez la lire, il faut que je m habitue a la lecture des lois et leur analyses et c est sur votre document que je voudrais travailler. Ou je pourrais vous acheter la copie en pages, je sais que passer les documents comme ca sans protection copy rights n est pas recommender.

Ce que je voulais vous dire a propos de votre travail sur le terrain c est que votre attitude est empreinte de sérénité. C est pour cela qu il me semblait manifeste que les gens les plus tourmentes et traumatises pourraient se confier a vous dans la mesure ou c est a votre sang-froid et empathie qu ils pourraient alors se raccrocher.
Et pour moi de me rappeler que le calme est une qualite qu’il ne ce cesse d’ admirer.

The writing, something that can be helped, loosing one’s mind or ability if catch or lurk into the non action of non-display. Suppressed one’s thoughts, feeling and ideas, like killing the reason that is at the origin of understanding and thus standing, being there awake and for seeing what’s arriving.
But write, on how it makes the mind ready, but ready for what, these occurences I haven’t tackled even come to it. What’s that going on, beyong and over my sight and view, more than opinions, but facts and course of reality. The development of one’s reason, what’s been missed, compromised, neglected. How many?
To think again, my mind is universe’s belonging, what am I pretending to go into? The facts, my pause on writing, a clinging on sanity, a reset on mileage, the distance between peace and voyage’ neccessity.

Workd as to left by default so much time for the people to conduct it and their other surrounding with democratical means and end of human and any environmental development and well-being.

When theory is belittled it is because the agreement and thinking on it, what should be appreciation and lesson on circumstances and opportunities, was so superficial that it could not pass the test of moving reality.

Or disintegration.
Societal context.

You can kill the wolves that cry to the skies,
Killed by invasion, poison, neglect, degradation, jalousy, disrespect.
Killed by our democraties.
But what is gonna kill theirs torturers.
Is this horizon.
For which the animals yield.

On animal killing over their meat in society ‘rich’ enough to be healthier without.
A genocide.

What about this actor?
They are doing the same film again and again, only exploiting some side of their personality. Each of us could have an inner so flashy if the film to them were chosen appropriately.
What so gigantic that justify their salary, and fame when it is only in proportion to the fading subject and originality?
Exploitation of cultures and choices over artistic and new concepts distribution.
Again, exploitation.

Bring up
1. To take care of and educate (a child); rear.
2. To introduce into discussion; mention.
3. To vomit.
4. To cause to come to a sudden stop.

To think one’s deserve to be substantially better paid, in the sense that you count on others’ ‘menial productions’ to get bigger that the logics and morality…means eluding one’s responsibilities.
Thinking oneself as being better, lead to inhumanity.

Unemployment precludes the opportunities for workers to choose their employers, and the philosophy accompanying the labour.
Work is not work, a world valid when associated with independence, autonomy, cooperation- it’s alienation.

Becoming super nasti,
Simply because people don’t entitle their cocitizens to take responsibilities for their actions, to act freely as long as with reason, to have time to get a chance for build things better than they are provided or fed compulsorily.
Go and hassle me on how I shall kill myself and my equals, and then it is my potentiality at erase everything included humanity that you’ll find.

We all be dying, yeah,
But before dying, stay to be abused.

Have sex,
And other’s entering.
To slip into any cavity and soft point I can spot and approach and finally totally go and stay into.
To feel you like in turn.
In term of evasion, your body, self and soul on to.

‘In the first three years of his ministry, Muhammad gained only 40 followers. And as his teachings threatened the Meccan way of life, both moral and economic, he and his followers experienced heavy persecution. It first took the form of mockery, but soon turned into open violence. Members of the small movement were stoned, covered in dirt as they prayed, beat with sticks, thrown into prison and refused service by merchants.’
Is this charia?

‘The Muslims won their first battle against the Meccans. As the latter had a much larger army, the former took the victory as a sign that God was on their side. However, a subsequent battle was not victorious, and Muhammad himself was wounded. But in 627, the Meccans attacked Medina, and Medina came out on top. The Prophet was not to lose again.
In 630, Muhammad and his forces marched to Mecca and defeated it. The Prophet rededicated the Ka'ba temple to Allah, witnessed the conversion to Islam of nearly the entire Meccan population, then returned to Medina. Muhammad died in 632, having conquered nearly all of Arabia for Islam’.
And this jehad, when you adore up as to melting god will with his whole theory, not a holy life-meaning without killing, giving strength to the wounded, but a soldier, a military.

 HYPERLINK "" [last access:20.10.10]  
For saying he is a prophet it is still possible, but it is not comparable with a figure giving its last drop of blood in respect of live.

Mecca and Ka'ba temple, kabal.

But in fact, could the prophet of Islam be a representation not of jesus, but of what the catholic churches order themselves to perpetrate in evocation, in invocation of the bibles, and the gospels?


The fight and wait, the fight and think, the fight and fail, necessary, as any work if well done is going to take ages and eras. Periods after periods, and protect one’s longer on going on top of that.

Flirting with my computer, it may open one or two unexpected windows for me, intuitive.

To follow one’s instinct that year after year one builds. On experience, will. On all, that one devoted to one’s actions and then redeemed.
To intercept the feeling, and translate the warning.

To damn respect the seniors, the seniors holding the understanding that one’s is becoming it.

‘pastoral [ˈpɑːstərəl]
1. of, characterized by, or depicting rural life, scenery, etc.
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (of a literary work) dealing with an idealized form of rural existence in a conventional way
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) (of land) used for pasture
4. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) denoting or relating to the branch of theology dealing with the duties of a clergyman or priest to his congregation
5. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to a clergyman or priest in charge of a congregation or his duties as such
6. (Social Science / Education) of or relating to a teacher's responsibility for the personal, as the distinct from the educational, development of pupils
7. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Agriculture) of or relating to shepherds, their work, etc
Don’t think they were for the eating. Guardians of the mountains and field.
pastoralism  n
pastorally  adv
 HYPERLINK "" Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms

Pastoral - a letter from a pastor to the congregation
 HYPERLINK "" letter,  HYPERLINK "" missive - a written message addressed to a person or organization; "mailed an indignant letter to the editor"

pastoral - of or relating to a pastor; "pastoral work"; "a pastoral letter"


 - relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle; "pastoral seminomadic people"; "pastoral land"; "a pastoral economy"


Buck holy.

Pastoral - (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic; "a country life of arcadian contentment"; "a pleasant bucolic scene"; "charming in its pastoral setting"; "rustic tranquility"
 HYPERLINK "" arcadian,  HYPERLINK "" bucolic
 HYPERLINK "" rural - living in or characteristic of farming or country life; "rural people"; "large rural households"; "unpaved rural roads"; "an economy that is basically rural"

Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

1.  HYPERLINK "" ecclesiastical,  HYPERLINK "" priestly,  HYPERLINK "" ministerial,  HYPERLINK "" clerical the pastoral duties of bishops
2.  HYPERLINK "" rustic,  HYPERLINK "" country,  HYPERLINK "" simple,  HYPERLINK "" rural,  HYPERLINK "" idyllic,  HYPERLINK "" bucolic,  HYPERLINK "" Arcadian,  HYPERLINK "" georgic (literary),  HYPERLINK "" agrestic a tranquil pastoral scene’
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The variety of tasks, enable the pleasure of discovery and delight of training the reinforcement of one’s body versus the depletion and wearing of the same tasks than render the same appointed users as thin as in departure for the bin of malign pressures.
On variety.

You could be praying that I am arty indeed, as if one refused me the right to this expansion, it is on minimization that it should be at.
Be at. And the transcendental comprehension that may avoid general dilapidation.

"Inflation . . . is a great distorter of seemingly fixed economic ideas and benchmarks" (Benjamin M. Friedman). See Synonyms at  HYPERLINK "" standard.

Life is like that, things we have to do otherwise than planned. things that we ll have never imagined would develop or worsen this way.
Life is tackling these phenomenon, one by one.
Don’t think it as being a waste, settle your problem as it will be empowering yourself and the existence of whom following or crossing your path.
You’ ve got a serious problem, face the music, don't stay, don't let no one oblige you to adopt clan-destini(t)y.
Y, why.

From Endorois v.kenya document.
‘ The Complainants argue that both international and domestic courts have recognised that indigenous groups have a specific form of land tenure that creates a particular set of problems, which include the lack of “formal” title recognition of their historic territories, the failure of domestic legal systems to acknowledge communal property rights, and the claiming of formal legal title to indigenous land by the colonial authorities. They state that this situation has led to many cases of displacement from a people‟s historic territory, both by the colonial authorities and post-colonial states relying on the legal title they inherited from the colonial authorities.’
Endorois v.kenya
1 276 / 2003 – Centre for Minority Rights Development (Kenya) and Minority Rights Group International on behalf of Endorois Welfare Council v Kenya SUMMARY OF ALLEGED FACTS

Lesbianism is supposed to be contained by the women by suspension of action.
But no.
One for defend my female I’ ve got to be proactive, when things come to reveal themselves blocked- in the case of sustained pattern of homophobia.
Two, guys are there to demonstrate what is needed to fulfil traditional balance of a couple.
And yet again, men who really appreciate womanly quality, then will support a woman wTo have been so honest the all way to person that wanted marriage and all strings. A relation of discovery it was that I needed.
But instead of pretending that marriage was my end, be honest as for my long term aim, and be binned by the serious person always has been.
Till waiting for honesty too, the one that won’t waste my time on fake phrasing in order to have

In war? Only justifiable by being just.
By how one can even start justifying when civilians are not at the center of the
But warning everyone is occupied.
For proof in the developed countries the countryside has disappeared already.

In the name of technology, one may destroy.
And thus all the time killing, threatening, entertaining you by finally to have to ask for your blood.

CETVIES MANON IX                                                                
Cetvies                             © 2005 – 2014
Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
Cettevies                          © 2005 – 2014


To wear one’s clothes as element of the past.
Fashion and art.
Fashion as façade.
What about the obligation to buy news fabric-ation.

At ion.

You see my body?
This stage of decomposition.
On age.
On edge.

Yes we are monkey.
And it is a practical state on skills on dismembering.
Not that they surely want to be analogised with human peeing (beeing?) either.

You said I am not serious, but I was serious.
However, I am about to slacken, so it begins a-take able remark.

You don’t like the state of my old clothes?
Then I ll make them for me.
From the cotton reaping, to the sowing with you little hands, so cutty.
As for the water, go beyond the moon soon before find any.
Moon soon.

How come human beings are not considered as a carrion eater?
On eating dead meet
Carry on!

No, no let’s go imagine, the crunching not an image of submission.
Let’s imagine, don’t stop, and you will cease thinking that they are blocked.

Politician like families.
Don’t trust.
Is it politics?
People ruling arbitrarily life only.

Politician? Puppet?
     Like every of us?

All the day, waiting for the moment  i’ll be able to work for her.
On personal motivation, essence of all.
Essence see all.

One day, i knew a woman.
The other day she saved me, she was like you.
Too courageous, yes, too I said.
The third day, we were out, and then run after.
And from me she run away.
We were condemned she knew.
The only love she had was her nan.
And me, but me forgotten, dealt the hard way.
Si nous avions du reagir maintenant.
Elle partirai, je recommencerai
Je recommencerai c est sure j etais mort bien avant.

Culture of ablation, culture of mutilation, torture within and between the families.
As everyone will wish them (the victims or perpetrator) dead.
More than a survival reminder, the law of Whore.

Invoquing the spirits, invocing the dead and gods.
Without managing, look at yourself, still alive, still of the real supernatural deprived.
One cannot pay God, when beliefs are no more than empty for self interest whimsical habits and adage.

When you think that in the whole London only 3 universities- one of them is as open and cheap as Harvard: London School of Economics- are specialized in human rights protection through social sciences- meaning not directly involving laws and lawyers.
When you think that their students are coming all over the world because they are the only ones in the ‘northern states’ to deal of this subject in English, the more internationalized language. Let alone the one or two in the U.S.A whose fees are anti-humanist anyway.
Two in the whole sheet hole.
Hr. B

Do you know how this one looks when he lies.
Sounding very sorry, the face very serious, but onec you understood that is a shame, the seriousness means ‘I could, would beat you’.



Am not, i cannot be a specialist on the subject assignated, as being an individual life will shape the lenses through which its observators and commentators subside and are being incentived or directed.
By my reason d etre purported.
This another everywhere leading my thoughts and will.
This another, commanding the skies.
My God as a guide.
For sole love, the insurance of benevolence and strive,
The reassurance that fights can be right and lawful
 my woman.
Or more the female who yeses and nose said, yield and wield.
My purpose and end
In one worth living.

A human rights student of the only one in three human rights schools/social sciences in the uk and by extension in the world of english language studies.

The cold war.
How could we name the present one?
Crystal clear obscurantism lied.

No, it is even dreary how behavioural techniques are sometimes more in use than relevant info about the subject supposed to be taught.
No, don’t say no. mean no, yes.

Someone talked about his disillusion about hr. ‘Believe in them after what they did to mine’ (it is right, and so his your phrase)
But give up for nothing, they are in the making, and thus will be staying.

‘Take a look at my girl friend, she is the only one I got.’

Here are the only bachelor degrees I found dedicated to human rights studies in the whole ‘western world’. (pity yes a powerful feeling of shame, it has to be said)

The other degrees are often combined with peace resolution, or humanitarian issues (US charity concept of development perhaps?) , democracrYYY or are only law (LLM) degree approach.

In a political world that champions itself as a model of civil and political rights protection and advocacy – and thus engendering a ready-made excuse for postponing or belittling the ‘second  and third generations’
In a world that d like to be regarded as democratically growing and comprehensively globalizing…
Academic freedom is about research, training, awareness, theories on practices, safe-guard, conservation of formers fights and wisdom, forums, data bases, debates, all (or a good apriori) of that is needed for hatching thoughtful measurements and policies.
Where are the social sciences and human laws being brought onto  this stage?
Era, sphere of nowhere.

Here are the US university ones, but god knows how expensive – and thus elitist, and per se anti human rights they intrinsically are.
Like the dubious fees demanded by some human rights lawyers, linking money – and whence economic discrimination - to the propagation of information necessary  to the benefit of human societies and peace and security as a whole;  these fees are in fact a contemptuous publicity  toward the very idea of human rights and obligations. The blatant mise-en-place of a domineering and insulting masquerade of impunity.
A what want to be put with as generalization,  compulsory assignment for everyone to accept discrimination as being inescapable- if you don’t subscribe- no entry to we let-you-live-in-the-laissez-faire- area.
These fees and prerequisites – allegiance to the capitalistic- in the sense of relations and human actions based on  exploitation and abuses, that same rational enhanced through  institutions such as the IMF, world bank… real and sole legislation maker  (at the exclusion of the Genuine Nini  8- phonetic ally hate-for this occasion) at the UN supranational level.
These fees and prerequisites – and goals- o f making  business-( accumulation of capital and opportunity out of it , even glamorization for the possession of  undue power- in the sense of ruining Others)-  and not practices out of it, generating money not attitudes or elaboration of a constitutional (and not circumstantial, 1 odd retribution for the total extensional absence of solidarity)-  framework to prevent abusive situations to occur (boosting the economy through check and balance and qualitative control, free of pollution, child pornography  and animal testing for example??) -  are the what of whys the very concept of human rights, the modern title to social consensus around shared well-being,  advancement , positive progress and mutual respect, are bearing a bad name.

Already in blog.

U might forget the new toilets (still without opening windows- mind if you breathe deeply in London street, your flesh will be chemically hurt and stop rapidly-maybe are we preserved from the fresh air, we could attempt to ask actually) in the library building all in marble replacing nothing that perfectly functioning one.
viva the old building industry! i d b curious enough to check which mps or civil servant, inter alia, by the same process have their own houses in renovation, actually.

Too much enthral by you.
So much.
Enable to read any literature that could remind our fields.
Like that i have to go on in other territories.
In yet others, you see.
I was not disarmed, beat only.
And that this situation, my glimpse on your expectation, on more than a horizon take me.
Me and every ounce of a reason.

Am not ticked as endowed with the intelligence required for facilitating my further education, and through it intellectual participation.
could you please make that official- to the administration, am  in a fail state for them.
Thank you for your post on Foucault, America and deinstitutionalized classificatory creativity.
Class a factory.

Ta as long as you remember.
On Foucault being a native french speaker i don't understand why you think he was a dr devil impersonato.
I had noticed though, the defiant attitude of nosky, intellectual that i found fascinating on other sides, when Foucault try to talk about class and accumulation of blinding power.

The condition under which would see their slaves: joining a bordello of utility and agreeable provision.
When people are used as no more than commission.
b. often Commission A ruling council within the Mafia that adjudicates family disputes and regulates family activities.
3. The act of committing or perpetrating: the commission of a crime.
4. A fee or percentage allowed to a sales representative or an agent for services rendered.
On the commission.

The impossibility for some ‘vulnerable’ people to bring their cases to anyone, leaving the next of kind, and a few professional to take or not all the responsibilities for someonelse’s entire life.
This rule perverted to such an extent that even with proof of a bizarre (binary) in this ‘person life’s administration’ one cannot before no offices try to raise any questions.

It is when everything or everyone i approach, from the most trivial to my much deared and significant, that every second is a window to my speaking to your soul, it is when i know it to be grave.

I admit that from this live i would not care to remember anything in particular for the next existence, but survival and the feeling that make you want to go on.
The y.
Th is and why.

I d like here (to) ask a question, to all of you.
It is about the aim of these courses, there are about human rights, mmh?
Human rights are also about democracy, it is not about the dictactorship of the majority the subject ici.              Ici = here,                   and then, mind now, no yELD, ICE.
There are human rights and they are their defenders. Who are you?
I mean we risk the department closure, and there is even not a meeting.
I am not talking to the students but their professors.
What is going happen during ‘the judgment’, the kangaroo more, between the admin and you? Behind the curtain? Is it clear, cette foie-ci?
Ali, now i am talking to you, you keep on posting political engagement rhetoric but you see here apparently, at least on what we could have, or that could have a counter-power precisely, it is more to do with an administrative matter.
I think it is Weber, who explained that administrative power detain a huge power- and a benevolent one let’s admit, possibly tenfold those of the political power- by inertia, stubbornness, refusal to co-operate, counter-productivity, neglect...j en passe et des meilleurs Ally, there is no wonder why horrors and worse than horrors, occurrences and recurrences to which you cannot give a name, hell forbids-how can one authorize that?, went and went in the past and are here rejoicing in our everyday- tasks.
There is no too much problem understanding why they go on, and it is not all the fault of the guys with the same job as Obama’s.

 Let’s talk about admin, now. You know after the full cooperation of the French with Hitler’s views, after the second WW, one started having their go at them. But not too much because with the cold war, there were another race, an economic one, la productivite.
What did Laura say, they boost the economy. Artificially. You think that it is in line with the Human Rights, vraiment, really?
Let’s not be too ambitious, for a beginning, will you?
A simple, simple, basic test on democracy.
Don’t you think that it is dubious, (is it politically correct?) Let’s say procedural, the due process of Law, ca ira.
Let’s keep track of the question:
There is no a single meeting, yes the principal of the southlands college, dropping her line, may no.
Yes, it would be enough for you, me and the others, everyone to loose their job, as long as we question that.
Because how to question? On this website? Na.
It is on their faces, that we could try to arrange all that. Jurisprudence, keep it in mind, this and the fact that one should give their souls for the vast question as much as the ones treated, put down as being littler. (in fact it is an attempt at killing the fundamental importance on how people clean let’s say- letting people using liters of chemical poisons, just to say, you will do it like dummies, your work is shit anyway. This mean that instead of having the honour of cleansing for the community to meet (like Gandhi) and do it against a  valuable, honourable, healthy share, One is obliged to do it in poisoning themselves and the future generations, like bandits, worst than highway daylight rufian.
But did you notice, can you ask these people, what is going to happen precisely?
Because let’s go back to Plato, well before the ‘’Christianity area’’, what was he adamant about, ce pion la?
He talked about the duties of the civil servants to defend with all their heart, intelligence, and energy, the field and the humanist purpose of the field or function they have been given the honour of being entrusted with.
Cf: Socrates, poison, academy.
But let’s talk about trust, this word, so much cheered by the stake-holders.
Because do we really know the staff, state and civil society around the concept of human rights, and in this case its study. Are they entrepreneurs, stake holders, servants or owners, do you get that?
How come people very seemingly in charge with the department of H.R ( i made the point that H.R were already treated as a scarcity, don’t I?) don’t convey you, me, the other profs, the other students, the opinion public, maybe, by a simple invitation?
Why can’t we discuss this subject? More than a subject, this palpable reality.

Because they are afraid, they don’t want to melt, they don’t want supervision, they don’t want clarity, what they want is simplicity- simplification and awe.

Now, I talk to the interested directly, I came from the very first day, am law-abiding, not a total wreck, maybe.
I was here the first day of the college presentation, in this fantastic lecture room without tables.
It is a bit difficult for the mature student to stay focus in this condition, I work uniquely with my back and for longer that I thought would be, derision.
You talk(ed) a lot about business, ce jour-ci.
Human rights is right your business too, is it?
I calm myself each time hearing the name of business, thinking there is fair trade, t inquiete pas.
Because without human rights, the true ones, the noble, the ones that are to the service of individuals, their protectors-actions and the whole living universe, to the service of any; because without human rights the business baby would be all and crooky.
Crooky, our baby?
I am homo, and when someone say to me that heteros are the ones fit for bringing up children, the answer is that one could retrieved the heirs from the tip of the rubbish where she/he is left- but no, no possible there is health and safety.
I know the state of our toilets, the marble replacing the brand new ones already.
The state of your desk I guess it.

Please go vomit or cry in the nature please, as for primary, zero emission fertilizer, as recycling is still pollution, justement.
Consider the environment.

Ps: a brief on intellectual property i won’ t reclaim any copyrights, or just the one of a occasional multitask in turn secretary, observer, student- an healthy living and healthy working condition – Democracy and HR truly, because like it is always the case for creativity, these are the ideas passed on me by someone I know. Ideas passed on the air of the dramatic scenes that are, by our buildings and hypocrisy, veiled so cosy.

This was a subject on: a democratic, open, accountable, transparent meeting on the why of this scarcity and repression on human rights university, could be, any?

Case study.

I have to remember, at each flinging of my focus, that you won’t be there.
That my paradise is to imagine, us, in a free country not beyond repair.
I have to enforce in my emotion that if it is not you, it could be someone else. Maybe.
Anyhow i should get on with the matter, for you to be able to deem my action as possibly providing peace and prosper.
For me to be with you in my brain, possibly conceptualizing our bodies and whose of the all earth family, out of want, fear and threats.
I should resume my actions, but without the flavour of you in my mechanism, how to do is aloof of my desire and progress.
I won’t be with you, tough you occupy me.
What, what, what
What is it?

Everything i do, as for reward the thought of you to appease me.
Everything i do, as for reward the thought of you to appease it.

Crossing oneself, kissing the bless, muttering, breathing then, everyone is a saint.

Am not ticked as endowed with the intelligence required for facilitating my further education, and through it intellectual participation.
could you please make that official- to the administration, am  in a fail state for them.
Thank you for your post on Foucault, America and deinstitutionalized classificatory creativity.
Class factory.

Ta as long as you remember.
On foucault being a native french speaker i don't understand why you think he was a dr devil impersonato.
I had noticed though, the defiant attitude of Chomsky, intellectual that i found fascinating on other sides, when Foucault try to talk about class and accumulation of blinding power.
You know a propos, Foucault had an inner and experimented notion of psychiatry, homosexuality and prison.
through, thank you for the reminding, the no independence nor neutrality of the institition - of knowledge and production -
The essence humane.

Shut, chute. 

A propos!
je vais arreter de vous embeter a present, rendez vous a web-mister. art reignez.

I reread the summaries you handed over. My brain is so stuck and sluggish that i know that i missed some important info.
Why important?
Because i might well be reading other sources, i found in your comment what i have been never coming across with.
Yes, the whole bunch of diplomats only for example. That political institution are full of people only dealing with sectional interest, who could say?

Webminster. Are and yet. Spy d’horror.

Would it be completely false or completely true to say that with the rising and competing of nationalism in every people, interest, parish, attitude one may have, the neo fasho are more than in town?
Political arena.

Lice en.

Human laws, human, environmental rights, literary work, psy, socio related, poetry, well-being, health, spirituality.



Terre 11 10 other half.

You imagine that these people, the one who create unemployment and homelessness at the same time, will finally be at the origins of compulsory, that is no chosen ideology, at the origins of compulsorily ‘living human’ vampires.
Nothing left to me than being at night a block blood binger.

How big is webminster and Whitehall?
Don’t count the ones in and out, but only, the administer-ater. Hater. Hat-er.
Don’t be fool they are no less or more master or butler than is Cameroon the clown.
An hamlet.

You want to take the mouth by force.
The defender would have to bit the intrusion, holding it and punching  one’s fist in a direction while the teeth go the other way.

The biggest mistakes of human are to think that the words belong to them.

Of all of all, I mistrust discretion and indiscretion too. I think that it is simply a lack of bringing up, but it is complex too. That are…art, of divination, of psyche, of fear. And rights construction or deconstruction.

You know what this sexual tension all in the air, that is so void or too bursting and so embarrassing or agonising.

We still love each other, but when we will run for death.
Because on it is to have t o precise that we are the ear after post modernism, cannibalistic, the one that arem our terror. 

My money, the wife that society allows me to preserve.
This honey is for ya, as you are more than wife, you are angel and the world would be dead if without ya i had to cop-e with all the horrors that renders souls so sour.
cop-e, copy.

Than, thank.
Homosexuality will have to save the humanity
See, ave, eve.

At least you know what when you see what the deal about the hjuman (hj, y thinking that I d forget the asian , dee) rights

Wait that you are sorted out your slavery and you ll see me as you husby.

Do you know, by the way why the slogan were about the cut only, because the banners were provided, but by people that thin think to the money to the policy and lesgirls and not to the ethics.

Yes, i a your whore.
And you will know how long my dick and idildo are.
And till you gut.
You will poisoned me with a cup whose name is envy, hatred, sedicion.
Do you know what sexducion his? Ist ot make you believe that you r a friend whereas all the time the person see you as the enemis. Good peple, good people how one acan forgive the cas.
We don’t forget we forgive, for give to agod teh powere he does not have or hole, he or she whatever they can be, the sex here our missy.

‘Don’t do damage to the company reputation.’
The Nazis in praising information.

Confine celebrity oeye, oye, oaye.

Infancy, infantry.

No understanding homosexuality feeling demonstrate that one has been cut and abuses since infancy.
Cut or unli-n-ked.
       and like the         


S he.

Sang chaud.

If you have worried about my mentality, me what is my loss and con-cern et de ment is you morality.
ET oui, et oui. 
 Remember hr is a popular deed, if not mesdames, procreation will flee.

Hap a fee

the last bastion of hr speciality is dieing
if it is no national mention that you will seek, then what would it mean, nothing, oh sink.
we should protest as an organisation with everyone loooking for an action plan.

and about roe in general, how come that they did not attack the economist add asking for more sales of organs? By in, buying.
because in the lessons, and sound low geek, it is the coco that were the main problem. you defend un system and vain, as the new bosses ask for our more chains. morte, morte.
chaos, chase chaos. and bury the idea of the UN, because the state are no more tahn mothing.

Embedded chery for the wages of law, the injustice on toe.
Copy, cop-y.
Immorality? E.t, e.t. is when your bastle at autwhich, bigger of hospital will send me.
Without a trial, coco.

First propaganda.
Look at the skies and nick the land.

On former pictures of sportive Olympic pro.
You culd see their muscles at what level, how.
Now what is here is the trace of the drugs that they have to infect, to the play of falsify herortism and unfamousitey.
False performance, only, only, dead cap on masculanility.

On the censure, and the block right on the internit.

Without a trial, coco.
Magna carta, will be the apotheose of what democracy was and middle ages the envy on what rights to move end and for free.
Forfeiture of work, the interneat will be the new clearance of all, applyed by the nani, the maze of state (mentality, in nit) control
The sate lite is gnome, and expression in literature too, but readoor are forbid to check if sanity.
The net of COM pan  .y.
The hand of came pain, ah, ah, ah, ah.

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