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How China censorship forbids all videos (while next could be Russia), and blogs from western cultures: not an exaggeration Chinese people cannot access any YouTube, google (to name but a few), these sites are just entirely and exhaustively banned and since last year internet users could be imprisoned if they try to access them (by buying software able to jump the firewall). SAME AS FOR THE SUBJECT ABOVE, HORRENDOUS BUT NOWHERE CLEARLY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, SOMETIMES IN FACT INSISTING AND REPEATING THE OPPOSITE (like the BBC and to my knowledge all others major media institutions very own practice, so much for the 4th power, estate, and 4th branch of the government), THUS MAKING BELIEVE TO THE HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION THAT IN FACT THOSE GROUPS HAVE PEACEFUL INTENTS AND WELL-FOUNDED DOCTRINES, WHILE ANY DEBUTANTS AT IT, IF SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING, WOULD KNOW IT IS ONLY DECEPTIVE.

Cannot hyperlink because was on the radio, but worthy item by the BBC to which I will refer here because while censorship of all informal (all blogs and videos) and artistic western sources is taking place and that the main media does not talk directly about it, many blogs and alternative posts have been made about it (perhaps mainly by people having lived in China- in the past since now blogging for west (only possible with the help of software bypassing the Great Firewall of China) from china will be regarded as a criminal offence. However, the BBC (updated and ground-breaking- it happens) is the only one that I know that talked about how internet choices and activities made by their citizens are stored by the government and how it affects (positively or negatively) their welfare states, perspectives of jobs, of becoming civil servants, or benefiting from states services (in some part of China people cannot afford for their ID and multiple certificate applications), if state thinks that the citizens ticked the ‘wrong’ or the ‘right’ options.

Though, God knows the relief brought to some people on the perspective to be taken by China, as a worker, and as one that does not have – until proven guilty- to say they’ d bend to allah.

Same I am nervous- and lost, and god i am tired, though the continuous sun recharges the batteries i am worrying for the birds, they are so dangerously lean for the month of jolly July

There is a golden rule in aca and it is to search, question, and assess, frame etc the question itself. it is that an essay, it is: to work with and on (for?) a question. wish I remembered that at times.

that is great professional criticism! independent party and all.
this is practice at its best.
Unconditionally wonder wunderful.

To bring animals in like one succeedingly bring purity. Just like children have for themselves

/against affected effect.

Also o to burn that energy eaten by the sanctification of human kind. The green-house, our green house like the veg we would gobble down.
The bastard betray goblet.
And the gods that have finished to care for the species that do not listen, and that destroy their peers, kids and brothers.
If it is for the sake of your daily sonatas, ss sir, saint ain’t, satanas sanitation stories, forget about what, how and why you have prayed.
Predating your chit chat with what allowed you to display…

On a mountain, or near anywhere where oneself is to meet, one will ask god, and they might well answer. But if they do then one must follow suit. And forge not forget how nature needs one’s own protection.

Mon, obtain.
Montagne. Montaigne.

Je me suis souvent demande si il m aurait ete possible d ecrire des chansons. je sais que je n ai pas une vie interieure ou intuitive satisfaisant le format. mais quand on a votre talent poetique et le tact literaire, peut etre la lecture, s inspirer d une histoire, d un l elan peut occasionaer  ou la rencontre possible avec cet ature autre texte, ces autres etres, ces mondes decrits aussi bellement que bobby.


I den, dent, tiff.
Ned, need. Fit.


Yes, that's it, you are right, it is how it should be. 

You search the web,
we plant trees

Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.

You search the web,
we plant trees

Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.


If you ever believed in god, then religions had never been able to reach the ankle of some that would have acknowledge it.

As in my youth I would blacken thousands leaves of paper, to say the feeling, the sentiments, the torpor, that accompany the love of my dreams departure.
Now I refuse to say anything on the one of my life.
As when this love is gone, I ll just been filled with a death desire.

Georges Brassens La Prière The Prayer French & English Subtitles

C.ET: priere, pierre.
Pire, pris.



Golden 2018 01

I am mot pro-Jewish, simply because all religions are based on race, etc. discrimination. They all follow discriminatory tenets, have a restricted view on how to believe to god, when it comes to their general assertion, even though of course you have got to manage to discuss with some lauding the universal. And that they will follow on top of all that, blood lines at not or at discretion.
fool folio follow.
But I don’t forget that jews alongside gays and gypsies, have been in train and in extermination camps, while white think themselves as the master of psychology, philosophy and all other matters and masteries. Whites and all other colors, human degeneration simply.

And that Israel is a in fact state-tampons, and islam, contrarily to political overt parasitic states like we know many, them pace down themselves on slavery ownership and pedophilia. So actually, in this furiously fake sad and terminally sick context, I am pro-jew, oui.
Terminology. Why an old, utterly too old humanity, on how much one owes to laicity.

Was on my phone trying to settle an administrative maze i did DYILL not think could exist
I.e., big and state orc arch orchestrated = in fact not orchestrated at all, even not linked.
Ire, hired.

Since countryside are so shrunken, fenced, or annihilated...Emoji

In china even for a simple cold, you have to go to an hospital where you are actually injected with antibiotics via infusion! when you think that Chinese doctors use to be renowned to be the best at prevention...

PS: Please note that two previous petitions has been refused or removed without any warnings or adequate justifications, also on main petitions specialised sites, petitions have limited time to get signed.
The petition I attempted via the UK government website, did not match the criteria, and had been catalogued under unpetitionable cultural matters. 

If you wish look at this soup but it is just not convincing. It is the unbearable approach of a government covering for scandals such as Saville, P.I.E, absence of intervention by police and social services allowing teenagers grooming, and the fact that the UK is one of the best countries to grow human trafficking, the very recent release of public enemy number 1 such as Worboy, by judges still rom roaming the streets.

On how they sound to humans, i.e. usually not receptive, and also is it easy to convey one’s messages across when one is labelled as subservient and food source. For this price, nature and culture and species on or out of this path and past where people don’t listen but ape incomprehension or abandonment at each other in anger, and their meaning are then dying away. translate vegan in Chinese?
A crook, a hook, our roost?

: it is beautiful to find that homo in countries dominated by death and misery condemned homosexual, condemned everybody, into a frantic fall, but then famously networks of people whose equal love is condemned in the country, as served as set-up. You have a date, and people who have identify you as gay, will take beat-up, harassment, family threats, job loss, everything you can imagine up to economic or physical murders. It is why muscle hs should be used now. Stop pretending heterosexuality is normal but imposing it is just the most widespread way to inspire and spread terror, to ruin lives and the will for it. To ruin humanity.

I am very grateful. you see the own the advertisement place, and it means the local businesses cannot advertise for themselves and have to work for them. i ' d be happy to go on like this, but their rates are simply extortionary. I left the uk 4 years ago, because they made me work as a carer on a special contract not oblige to count the hours i worked i work to be present somewhere within a package. the carers working like this could not pay a full room for them, after 1 month work.

To have so much suffered, and rose from it, that one does not want to punish oneself with alcohol. Otherwise than to kill, murder the self-s, that now lay down, lie down, prostrate.
Selves, sl-eves.

Safe. Sales, cells.
Celle in French, feminine for these, of those.

It has been a battle to adopt mimo, I can only wonder why people were not responding. maybe because I told them I was a walker, occasional boarder, and mimo was wild. but no one told me that, I had to reach the boss instead of the volunteer for her to be sent to me. it took 2 months of unanswered emails. and my dog was still there waiting for an adopter...
But my presumption and the why I was ferociously trying to adopt her at the end, I had the feeling that she could be kept for the rescue center, because she is motherly, even if she does not how to do it, wild but also protective and adorable. I was afraid she was used to amuse the dogs, but there I think it is too lawless to be enjoyable or even decent. 

In china even for a simple cold, you have to go to a hospital where you are actually injected with antibiotics via infusion! when you think that Chinese doctors use to be renowned to be the best at prevention...



legs meaning leguer = to bequeath sth to sb.

About the green wishes signatures on email, used to come with an icon, but I removed it as it was political. I don't meet french here, I avoided purposefully, but it was a french failed date who gave me the idea. in fact it is why I dropped the icon because she wrote a book about green, environmental ideas, but the philosophy behind was to do your little things without imposing policy, and god knows that cannot work. (recycling my little plastic, because they don't have space to bury it globally, and take tens planes instead because anyhow there is no more affordable trains) environmentalists sometimes are at the heart of anti-environmentalist project. cut an old wood to plant an orchard. looking after dog welfare and trying to spam or censor you when you advocate vegetarian diet for dogs, that kind of things. just like social services making sure their 'wardens' cannot make it after care. no schools, no homework, no real caring and building strength relationship, just absconding on open doors. it is terrible the state of education, and it is too expensive.
Open door on …. P p p, prostitution, in par with prio, ps, prsion, prison, patriachr

I’ ll stick to french then, how frustrating, but lets' admit compete with good English writers would have been too much of a challenge, maybe if I am able to work within a special topic, hopefully. and then french  native will be discriminated again but this I already knew it. you know even to access translation courses, that were french/English they asked more evidence of academic achievement for french people, in British universities, I was very saddened about it.  


Ours in French not bar but bears.
Ears. Era.
But what can be said of our home, since nature has been brought to its threshold.

Also I love the fact that french allows generalist training in high school we desperately need people who are generalists, but this system send to the bin ep people who have done well being specialized from the beginning. I never had my bac a l aureate, my math was too far gone, though I wish I had worked on them, but the result is that the language I so cherished innerly almost as I did not understand I needed to do my homework at the times, though words have always been my favorite very breathing. – I no longer could study. Nothing.

General, gene.
Math, myth.
Favorite, favor. Voir.
Void, over, seed.

Breathing, breasting, beating. Beasting.

To RSPCA RIP kind of organization for animal rights’:
most of you aren't vegetarians, let alone vegans, don't approach me. 

A weasel and aesthete.

The weasel- of any sex they might have been.
Be it a him or a her.
Was on top of a round rock, on a stone,
on its own.
In the midst of a stream
Would you dream to gather
What the reasons were?
The big beast puppet foolish dummy.
confided in me in unison what he or she possessed
and established
through it all.
This beauty,
very refined, exquisite,
would do this for exclusively
dance, stance, rhyme, and elegance.

Portraited as nonsense poem just because the animal writes and thinks poetry.
I admit it is a very comical situation, as I keep on reading that this poem is nonsensical while I think the text is in its purpose or maybe end, highly philosophical or spiritual. I think it is a poem poetic in itself as it duly renders to the weasel their psychological dimensions and character.
For the rhythm and rhyme to marry I would I hope found something more dancing but I would have had to let the rhyme and rhythm sojourn in my head for a long while... and it was tempting. It is indeed my problem with a text I love, it could stay in me forever if I allow it. And ask for more. Eating probably.
For only, I came to me just at the end, not compulsory like, but since there is a question of gender, I thought I could transform it, giving it a lift as a cautionary tale.

Could as well eat me away. But then with capitalism having, avid my flesh and bones, and cannot say or reply until they decide to turn me blood into whine.

And I guess animal’s kingdom regret not having put an end to the human discrepancy.

And plenty of fish, though the seas, a cemetery of dying plastic bags, going grinding down to the oil pit from where, nothing will brave and go and grow again in this theist gore burrow. That go more and borer, the boers of all colors, and boomers.
Till humans will be humans. As immature as unwelcome.

In joint statement, world leaders agree Russia behind nerve agent attack on former spy

C.ET:      I know it is chemical weapons and this is what is most threatening to the world in case of war, maybe less than the nuclear?

But me I want to say accusing a state, famous for having ruined and plundered their own countries, famous for hti their e widespread mafia and trafficking in all matter and all society, and start a cold war taking for reasons, retaliation on a spy, to me sound so strange that I can be suspicious, only.
What have the other states to hide if they do not quiver a feather over mafia fed on the very same state punished to have a go on someone who betray their country. Mind let’s admit amist what must be going on…. You ll better know what a little, but even.

I would like to report what i did not have the intelligence at the time to report.
I knew of a teenager living in supported accommodation.

He had for illness to take snails into this home and put them in the microwaves and kill them this way. no one of the people who were responsible for his mental health deep trouble, never attempted to stop or report further and treat this extremely violent  act. how and to who can i report it?

He had for illness to take snails into this home and put them in the microwaves and kill them this way. no one of the people who were responsible for his mental health deep trouble, never attempted to stop or report further and treat this extremely violent and unforgivable act. how and to who can i report it?

CIR       C                          LE
              C         IR      C     LE

AND what t more than rick?
Irc,                 ire.

But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.

But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.
But in any case, no words can depict animal torture when they are still alive. Words them are here for us to react, to inform and make people understand.


No it is not violent to use you as food, and sometimes it is so good. i will be very cliche but so much for the trickle down.
Dear deer, for French nationals living in the uk at the moment i think that they won't have any trouble identifying what the concerns might be. it was not my intention to speak in code, it is was an ad hoc comment on the fishing policies (and namingly the hunting and agro-business -food industry) that have often been at the center of euroscepticism. a bit blurry, i know this just because of a lecture by a doc that i happened to have attended.  as for the passage on violence, it was in response to the post that says that killing and eating animal is not violent. so i am SO absolutely sorry.

a prohibition (like a taboo) or an injunction to do something (like fate)
spell, enchantment;
Old Irish term

a prohibition (like a taboo) or an injunction to do something (like fate)
spell, enchantment;

Old Irish term

Old Irish term

In a way, since animals have not killed the greatest threat to the planet, they have not had the time to poison it either yet.

The only redemption in a world that would be tene tended as the primary tenets of all human beings. In which plants would grow to outgrow everything.

Plan and planets.

What if, the women participated to the enslavement of other women? i know also what it is to be a man capable to do anything because he has no wife, no life. i am a lesbian.

They could have taken anything from me, my luck i was not born in slavery, though parents from all countries sell their child, to all classes, no boundary. 

Didactic and Pedagogic
 Tendencies in the Norms Dictating
 the Translation of Children's
 Literature: The Case of Postwar
 German-Hebrew Translations
By  Nitsa Ben-Ari
 Poetics and Comparative Literature, Tel Aviv
 C.ET: it is when you realise one should not talk of it as war. A devil with that name, is not a devil with no name. ain’t it?
Aim it.

Eat veg, you know i am from the countryside, i know how the farmers and the hunters and all the guys from the town just kill the countryside, so much so that it is only roads, no hays, no wood, so much so that it is no countryside anylonger.
And of course, the veg are alive too, and it is to this world to manage to eat, to live without killing, without creating suffering, without letting them happen again and again, and just justify them or not Acknowledging them. A world where people breed creature, feed them, and their children to kill them after. A fucking daily dirty filthy meat mentally sicko. Hell from nowhere, it is where. We go.

In reality, in this realm, dogs are very healthy vegetarian too. Not even need to study and create for the canine, and vulpine.
The cue, if they can…we can too. Have to.

AS usual the BBC, and the rest, will tackle a subject given looming headlines at best like here, but as almost always just talking about issues 30 years old, and this way give the false impression that subjects are tackle without a say. I mean ok, recent very good BBC reports on Chinese censorship, could come from their having censored themselves there, in Honk-Kong, but who told you that Muslim if following the life style of their prophet will have to torture, rape and killed, well once they are the sultans in a swing.
Us all. Use all.

Diabolic, dialogic.

Earth and the horrors perpetrated there, feel for the ones who do not have to fear for their own security, like if they were comfy. But since earth has been changed into a cemetery, the sort of ones in which people like puppets have been told to dig their own, so why aren’t we doing it? To have the time to get acquainted to the new territory.

The apples, the fruits of all knowledge, are they not? Could stand as life itself swallowed. Like a snake who by their mouth poison. All knowledge the like of which comes from the tortures implied, the experimentations, the execution of all what had for aim to degrade.
Degree provision.

A woman with her brake dogs, and one of them having a coot in her mouth, it took a while to stop the dog from injuring the animal more and more. mostly because the owner appeared not to have a major problem with it.
Like those in the parks laughing at their dogs chasin the squirrels, poor animals just having to realize that everything is taking away from them.
Their laugh, their being relaxed about it, them, their laughter as it has being described pedantically or ironically as the proper, the definition of being human, their amusement, them- the devil’s supper. The lasting meal

Birds that would fear or admire, but now that can see, all of them within a life circle that humans destore, and destroy only to pollute lands and seas. Size them all, tears, cries and disgust will lead, led their tone.
August Mire, near to zero, near, clear NER-0.
Earth has amassed so many sould, that will await their death, to come the same darkness that will necroes the crown of the living, seeing as guise of testament that flesh that WILL go, happily removed, clarify to endure, the last scene. ADAMANT.

Theresa May told the Andrew Marr Show: "I fully recognize why people are concerned about this.
It is just like May saying that they are concerned for the death in the blaze in the London borough provoked by unfitted buildings, under the supervision of millionaire bosses or managers imbeciles. They did not say we will chase, and punish people building death traps for others, they did not say that they will inspect other construct (construe) cons’truth.
Not in fact in the uk, and hence certainly in many other countries, since any how it is lethal (let that) capitalism that is the leader (lard) of today’s policy, every one who knows how affairs and maters of life and business are managed, by all these blue prints managers that are represented (tat) by the politicians, who do not represent the people but l (them) the dishonest people and the way the country is misled- all examples of speech of how it is allowed in fact dictated on how you have to deal and mistreat customers, col-leagues, trainees, senior, juniors, qualified, newcomers, experts, whistleblowers and fired and  firms.
Just another comment, I think that people are about to start to do inspection so stringent in certain places that it won’t be possible to satisfy the criteria unless you have servants in every corners of the rooms, and this will serve further the serialisation’s servilisation of the annoted or unnoted nations.

Pop music and censorship.
Because nowadays, at least english songs, or indian songs, i guess, talk only about romance and money (violence for subcultures), not one song, or almost is political, in brief pop music is in charge of brain wash. you know in a society where it is difficult to have a job, and if not job no girlfriend, where people won’t be able to afford the buses to move beyond their quarter. casts and forced marriage and forced celibacy are on the way. massively. horribly. And the sense of profound, lethal despair associated.

I heard by ear to mouth say, that she fell in love with what has been best described as a ghost. or not someone who had stayed. and from the lyrics it sounds very plausible. the sex of it? the gender rather. female if you ask me.
Proof: amongst; her texts, are made of all extatising beauty.  what has also been called, goddam purity.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on violent or graphic content.


It is the story of this animal you can see contortioning in an attempt to alleviate the pains and try to say to the humans certifying him horrors, why are you torturing me so, sir?

It is, or was, since now subject to censorship, and why not since nobody will move, and we guess that ultimately nobody will be moved, torture, of an innocent being, pleading, and about whom everybody will agree say nothing.

We did not manage to stop torture, not even torture of this malignity and scale. We in fact industrialized it and legislated it. We are but dead. And when I say we are but dead it is when I forgot that I encountered poverty and understood that we are past it.

It is important your grand dad teaching you tangible stuffs. 1st for motivation and it stays for life.

Avoid alcohol. I know the feeling going with my dog completely wasted in the forest, just to sing. alcohol and co just exhaust body and mind. and the heart, it goes further afield from the lady of one's dream. and then there is the lady of one's life that will or would soon replace the deal.  the daffodils.

One of her most beautiful texts. it makes think and talk.     not just pray. It is one of the questions in my life, I thought and thought and scream and cried, but i longed - it is what she said, not in a good way- but did I ever pray. I don't think so. Also, for me transcending texts is the bit I feel towards it. the reflect of love, of feat, of stop, and what it did.

No 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature, Panel Says Amid Sex Scandal

STOCKHOLM — The Swedish panel that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature said on Friday that it would take the extraordinary step of not naming a laureate this year — not because of a shortage of deserving writers, but because of the infighting and public outrage that have engulfed the group over a sexual abuse scandal.

C.ET: while they fuck each other up, no awards for the rest of them or of us. What’ s the question. Is it completely am mad, or is it just to say that the literature winner are from their band and therefore will be pushed and lightly punished the same? 

Oh and above all thank you for this ‘not because of a shortage of deserving writers’.

Mad, am, dam.

People meet and love around a similar activity. It is why look, locking up people into the same quarters because there is nothing to do, or nothing to do positive or that the simple bus ticket does not allow to gather around speciality is just killing identity, the chance to opening and fulfilment.
No, nill, line cut. Sybil.
Ni, in.

There is place for innocence: above all because it is a well-known saying. the lesser of 2 evils are so much more threatening. When o tightly together working.

He suffers all the torments of hell; he is to pay for the sins of others.

C.ET: what Mary says about jesus cruxifiction in Bach, Matthew passion. Meaning that hell is on earth. And it is where we live, …and that won’t be solved by death.

From pais (genitive paidos) "child" (see pedo-).

C.ET: paix, = peace                                   pays = country.

But of course, what if they are not taught to defend, lest they destroy and bully. You, oblivious, occult, abeyant, obedience. .

yes, Artemis, it was intriguing, I by default is for literary translation but on this occasion, the less one appealed more to me...probably very interesting to study the contrast between early and later translation compared with the original. maybe Camus lost its i don't know maybe childish, so simplistic way of losing oneself, or losing one's life to this earlier translation. The same richness (or lack of it, or just straight forward to their point or purpose) of vocabulary that may be contained in a file, or the documentation leading to the guillotine or the cemetery. I like Gilbert because of it bringing more sophisticated words and expressions to me. Censorship had been taken to an altogether new level during Camus time, just out of the religious one (for Camus Christianity in France and Islam in Algeria- and the 2 decade-long post-colonial civil war in Algeria. Islamist states even today would put to death someone who goes against the Islamic scriptures, in fact the Sharia law in islamic countries or any other countries advocate death penalty for people opposing the Coran and Mohammed' life to be divine, Sharia laws who were applied even in the remote part of Algeria more and more during Camus' life time, whereas traditional rural Algeria did not use to be muslim at all until very recently, a few years perhaps- and in fact even now- at least in places like resisting kabily or with real berbere people-. The German state  (while famously europe is all governed by the whole same noble family from spain to norway- with for example the british crown being of german descent) had burnt thousands of books, and Europe was cooperating, France on the forefront, following the trend.

Death, isn't there life after this act of disappearance, after departure? let's hope that ruining the blue planet was not the only adventure or no hope for the future. For our.

Breath, brief.
Depth, leaf.

To feel like giving oneself the end of the life like they have known it, instead of waiting for the love that will not come o to orchestrate the non-respondent duet.

Instar, Ishtar, instate.

Brought out of what unauthentic guy characterized as a system of fake news (noise of populist capitalizing captive- advertising entertainment), which is a veil and a reinforcement process-procedural stinking stunt, to bolster embolies that regime of ‘no news’. ‘no news, good news’ like the forming collaboration bureaus would trickle down to their domestic-city. In waiting for the leaders, the ones that do not need to be there as they have puppets and puppies-  project of withdrawal into the wilderness where no animals survive but where air and water are not so charged chemically, capitalist retinue retuning re-eaters treator, retreat just like in china where the mountains will be etiquette for the com party.

To wonder why politics stops, rehearse, decapitate, instate, install, stale…they shuffle the cards to line their pockets.

I am gay and I should have tried to fuck the heterosexists that think i am a slave not allowed to have children. that think slave, that order slavery. I should have, I hope the next generation will. in their own name.

A life spent to witness horrors. Intelligent caliber.
Spot the error.

These deer in park who will be culled. And the horses disappearing, like do plants, trees and land.

The only big reservation I would continue to have, would be that more and more people will read MTs or controlled language version type of texts. It could be the reason in fact why so many academic texts stay extremely canonical and sometimes only tolerate very simple phrasing. For the workflow in general, as the level of accuracy segment by segment is so appealing and will keep on becoming more and more widely use, I have to say that this activity made me think of how, to reuse Hall’s famous quote, via technological ‘coding, encoding, decoding, recoding’ languages themselves could be dramatically about to transform.

Maybe in fact, more airports is a solution to acquire oxygen. Like climb up on, go to the sky and open a window.

Invasive species.
And logically they will be as strong as the pollution, they are resilient...stronger and stronger.  as the destruction...
Note: we should cut some more trees. I mean until there is some left. Hurry.
We called it; it will come.

It is a question of habit, everything is painful at the beginning. after comes the automatism. and when it is good, the grace. the flight, to make sure one can face their failure and wait for din doing better or higher, and peer, perish.
The thought.
Ought, haute = high in farce
Fracking, framing. Chaos, rota.

Circle, marvel. Eve, evil. Heavy.

Cannot say that English isn’t beautiful!!!

But of course, why sending people away? For them to torture better once there. Why blame people that simply can take over all these institutions that are taken-able of resembling what the insiders say they abhor. Why resist? Because the devil inside/out would have all facilities. No retribution? What insanity.
The paradise’ opportunist. List. Tune. Opprobe, tort. Tu.
Hut, the shelter of human’s morality, pretending they control and excite the storm.

What is it that holds back an abused child from speaking up as an adult?
Fear. Dis-abusment?
Stigmatisation, also to assert something in life, will logically bring people attention, boiling down to these issues and ask themselves who told, or what the truth is. even in one's own life, one might, will relentlessly wonder what the real, thorough circumstances where, were (eve, brewer, err or her or were e were we, even though we know the tour of the truth of our memory. astigmatism. Magnetism.

Amen, amening
Amener in French is to bring!

And also don't worry too much about these misogynist losers, we will eradicate them for you lady? how? They are erratic losers, how however rich, however successful... why? Cos do not attack any goods, and by extension, any treasure.

By all magic of all miss all toe. Tow, tower.

Life when has showed to a body what is its other half, or what could be, give you to sacrifice.
One is as good as warmed death. In truth,
But still, since love struck as more than an arrow who has been designed for relief, as thunder never go.
You will have to satisfy, to hail, to the goddess you glimpse upon or even has lain upon,
And against all odds, try to be with her
By the strength of moral, of protector poet, protection to the frail
You were when coming back from the dead to the living ignoring the sky
That won’t go the way you will
But insane.

People think calmly because they think that this planet belong to them.

To feel one’s life has been so miserable, that nothing that would happen after would really matter. Explains how life take a turn of so much misery, as the individual does not relate directly any longer- or has it yet been- to their body.

To rest amongst what has survived of nature, and soon hear the voices, the animal voices, melt, to what is yours of instinct, honing it, (owning them?- a make, bad move, a mock, a threat, nothing but omen), and saying, go back, protecting not our lives but what is still to hope of its length.
In dense, dance, the rhythm or isthmus, mute ism.


Baby seals are dying

C : I admit I stopped watching those footage. they would anyone drive insane. Be a vegan.

Girded rigid.

Grid. Guild.
Creed, greed, guile.

The dark mirror provided by the screens of computers switched off.

Water is so much a mirror, drawn by light as if the distance of air between zone of enlightment was counting for nothing. No shadows but ghost.

Dis---die, deuce, stance.

Do not think that none of my word is predications, pre-per-dickcat, preydick, perdi, predictions. The predicate is you thank you for this help – pleh, play. Plea.

U, lee.

Even if it is in every truth that my love is at, for, in, by, through, across, in-between, in front, facing, in turn, onto, sliding, torpor, I ve lost. Everything, you U
For the pictures, they are the only ones that I ve got of my famille, did id not planned it, my camera the same year I understood I have to raise the problem of exploitationary incest-nothing big, the same cinema in very family, we are from the same system, don’t we? Intercede intestine intersected inter-intra scene incise incline. 
I am out of there, could not take it no more, yeti am constant in touch with myma.
Let me cover you with word, ord. Her.

Hord, order.

Mon maour? Ame-our.
Ame = soul in French.
Soul, us all.

Mon maour? Ame-our.
Ame = soul in French.
Soul, us all.

Us all, our soul.

Sold hier – yesterday.

En terre.

How come?
Mainstream media used so basic language that listening to them, become very quickly very mundane and redundant, not bring more vocabulary, facts, or linguistical riches.

Dubbing consists primarily in domesticating a foreign product so that it appears to be realistic and credible, and related to the audience expectations and experiences.

C.ET: this stands as a general law in translation, repeated, and reinforced again and again. The translation, in similarity with rules about journalism and literature by extension or induction, have to be at the image of what the people already know, have seen, held as opinion. Makers of belief…
Checked by reality as disbelief.

The shaman able to transform into another shape not because they can but by being into so much communion or complicity with the animals themselves that, the live separate but drawn by one spirit.

It also means that only virtuous people can do this, by virtuous, one that gives their lifes for nature to be safe. That is very few from now to the back or earlier age.

Since time immemorial have to be though again.
But the fight it is at an end.

The animals (and others) even if they could speak as clearly as our species, which would be weird because species develop their own means of communications, just like groups of people dvp their own language, would be killed as they are physically and as we kill our own spirits and divinity thinking we are the only ones to do the works.

I learnt hearing complicated english with tv subtitles. and they are always late, not synchronised. a change in color helps. me if i had not been able to learn with subtitles, my english would be half what it is today. plus i am deaf to some accents in particular. :(
I mean I guess it is politically correct as everyone wants you to speak with a certain accent, as if they were native, which well it is in the def, they will never be. for an international language it has been (for some, in fact a few) delightful, no worry.

The UN dictatorship and its fluidity.

Convention in translation: replacing regional language with alteration of the one mainstream (already very simplified, shortened, pruned…) language.
I would be worried that to adopt a differenciation from standard language instead of transposing it with the help of another regional accent, is more a political decision that it is an artistic one. In fact I admit I am confused on whether this decision is made because of political, linguistics, literary or artistic considerations. However overall the political correctedness has won, just because why if else, the standard would be to ignore regional accents as a convention.
On another hand, to create one's own language deviation, (when allowed?) must be so much fun.

Of course, the size of the audience using a standard language could be the reason of adopting it rather than regional ones. but in the example of the chti, I believe it is an exercice for the French to understand accents and expressions, or re-discover them while they have been made disappeared from their own country. Also, it could very interesting for the translators to mirror expressions that have been lost in even the french culture as a whole and to transmit their imageries and wisdom into Spanish like in this example.
Social dialects I think follow the same rule.

As it is clearly stipulated in the course, the big challenge is to understand what underpins this socio-economic cleavages. Also it is possible that standardization has been adopted in order to evade the responsibility of the translators to understand and transmit. or to deeper envisage or stipulate about the author or distributor aims or the way their work will be received.

Imbibe, exhib-it, enivrer = exhilirate.


I am ok to give my opinion, but i want to stress that i know dogs just domestically. i am in no way a professional. I do not know about these questions.
i am all for them keeping them intact, but the problem i see is that when a rush comes in nature, they have the wilderness to kick it out. they can start running for miles, I don't know migrate, play or just fight, etc... doing crazy things. and even then one cannot stop rapes, and killings.
As domesticated animals, in homes, my opinion is that it is too much to take. not maybe for an isolated animal but for one who socialize. and of course, they need to socialise, but this side, A is very lucky, he has ted, a family, social walks.
if A was my dog, what would worry me at the moment, is the fact that he does not come back to me when I call. just like axel the big shepherd I have.

For both of them, when they do not come back, then i come where the dogs -they do not come back because they are showing up their strength and authority...or seductive potential- to the other dogs- are and take them back on the lead, that is at this point walk off lead is finished, and i keep it on the lead till the end...but yet again am not a trainer, i just trust their intelligence and obedience, wishing they understand it is not acceptable.

also at times i ended up other dogs being in the same room as B, because it was visible that there was physical sexual happenings- an erection to be blunt.

i would be worried for T. ben is massive, and it is very likely that ben won't really been able to control himself. and even if ted says to him no 20 times, when there is nowhere to flee or hide...

having said that, I do not want to be for the castration if it is not needed, because there are too many times, I thought I knew about something and knew too little or too wrong.
but I could separate ted and ben when i d be not here, count on a better recall, etc. so I’ ll give my opinion but not as his master. [as a master I would go for castration, my girls are cut, because i cannot cope with menstruation, but also because i do not them to risk becoming pregnant, dogs are killed by the thousands...] but as his master I could ensure - if I could- that my dog listens to me even when he is not happy about another dog. This I cannot do, because B does not half trust me like he could trust me if I was his owner.
the reason I would go for a castration in any circumstances is that if I had to separate 2 large dogs, it is simply very very dangerous. I would castrate as soon as the dog gives clear sign of him wanting to fight. I think he might be difficult to see it in A, he is so big, that no dogs will stand up to him...until...

I don't think they are unhappy this way. the reason is, they still feel desire and are able to have sexual relationships. in another note, we killed the nature all around us, so we must be in the same situation, the equivalent of having been maimed. which is certainly not ideal... but i see it as birth control, and a diversion from the primal instinct of establishing a colony, etc.. .. i mean humans also needs birth control...and the other means haven't been made easy.

Sorry about this long note, I love my pets very much, and it is a difficult subject.
Just an update on my uncastrated dogs prejudiced, I looked after some who were very well-behaved, sexually as well as aggressively. Very well behaved, without any problems. Maybe still persisting situations is the sense that something is different, create interrogation within the pack.
I was about to say maybe more strong-headed, but I am sure again it is prejudice.
Just still avoiding situation where the dogs I look after enter fights, so avoiding having big dogs who do not know each other at the same time.
Do not have the skills to prevent a fight without being bitten particularly with bigger dogs.

In a world where dolls and other surrounding objects would last longer than being human, or being humane.
On the observed.

It takes many a time to understand surroundings. As a drama not only unfolding but re-explaining itself. Our thoughts, could them exist as our being or our becoming, belonging, long time longing. One will see a part of the actors, the second will hear their past, the third, their thoughts or their cries, the fourth, their verves and lamentations, oral, shadowed, trembling of cold, fear, inner, outer innervation or incitation, their future condoned consolation. Or like a French author said, of a past in front of you, and a happy future behind.

Be on belong, be trail,
Over and end a hen.

And if our tastes for drugs and whatever crave or carve our bodies through consumption was led by this acid that is missing to spur us out of action. To smoke the dead or spring new flesh on dew such as a zest of citron.

It took many months with my dog for my body to understand that one of this shape could be truly one of mine.
Like the act of adoption or to make one’s suffices entirely to make a line.

For correction, the will of people not wanting to socialise must be respected, equally; but for when I am under, I care obviously. Also I know I owe an apology- and reparation eventually. So sorry.

No that I know, I respect you very much, and I think I did not fail to not convey it. but basically, I d like my file to be clear, and maybe cease to systematically pass as the mental diseased at best at uni.
Also I don’t like sociolising, because I think that society is dangerous and too self-satisfied with their own record.
So I do something else when I attempt to make a difference for others or for myself.
also I don’t like sociolising, because I think that society is dangerous and too self satisfied with their own record.
So I do something else when I attempt to make a difference for others or for myself. but that I write only because you were intelligent and sensitive enough to let me with a way of letting out a little bit. well a fair bit, a really fair bit.
it is not easy to be fair, in fact it is quite extraordinary.
So I am not gonna say sorry to you, but I am gonna say thank you.
well of what?
anyhow we only know people when plunging into the adversity. and big stresses or more, only make the soul wondering what good are we worth after all weighted.
I hope I would react fine, even though surprise and struggles take the best or the worst of me and of this planet next to be immersed in all her predatory misery.
Miserabilism or nihilism refusal.
Refuse, and so our way to parady.

Not time for you to play cleverer.

Some scientists believe that everything can be explained without speaking of a diving. Divine.
But if even that was true, who or what would reveal to plunderers like those same ones.
A bunch of people that just organs orgain organised themselves around conducting experiments. torturing, what's why they denature everything. they are the gods and that' s it. who could blame them, it is what religious sects all is saying- slaying. to reproduce.
Organ, or-gain, ordain.

You mean 'je pense donc je....

Here some of my content, I am 'lobbying' (just sending the letter) to parliamentary, journalists, professionals, and everyone I can. It is condemned now by the law anti-spam but surely pedophilia and slavery possibly institutionalisable into anywhere, as protected by international laws on the rights of religious believes should be the concern of everybody. There is no front.

She would have been assessed as autistic, just the way in institution, no one speaks to autistic people normally, saying they have complex or pluri disability, even though autistic people are in the range of mental particularity having been to prove that they have a normal IQ, when not superior one.
to people. Communicating with them, when they are for experimentation.

A likes (alike) most of them like ropes to chew on, the problem is that you need to be there to make sure they do not ingest it.

Blind Man and His Armless Best Friend Have Planted Over 10,000 Trees in China

I’d like gardens even better, but one will tend to ask gardeners to root out plants, etc... it might be a destructive activity, it is why i would avoid it, how paradoxical, to say the least.

Les machistes ne meritent pas la féminité.

No, but without taking her. because you know even if An was the best master and could take her with him at work, does he now? Basically she will lose her family, you know you are her mum too. but what you could manage to do, if An reacts with intelligence - I know it feels lonely without a dog, but he would still have J part-time or more, and then it is so cool to be on one's own too. 
You could take J part-time, sometimes, holidays, or more.... there is one thing I know is that if she loses you, I guess or you or An but mostly the one who will stay with E, she will be heartbroken till the end of her life, it is inevitable. 
The problem is that if you have problem between you, then it will impact on jess. you know whose dog is it? you take her only when it arranges you....!!! drama. But I am sure that if you do not manage to take J now and then on holiday, her heart will be broken. literally. You know animals think a lot, they also have a lot of spare time to do so. she will think about sadness only. nostalgia, what you do, why she is not there, where s the bond, why she can't see you.... She is sensitive, J is particularly sensitive- you can see in her eyes the way they come to live, also she is still young, and she had for mission to be with a little boy and a family life, so busy, etc, etc.... you who are i am sure taking her into respect and you know true consideration. like a complete being, it is not every body who is able to do so. or able yes, but doing so, no. it is so easy and an entertaining and exciting pass-time - unfortunately nothing that has stayed in the past, horrors are convenient and undeterred are their doers, to dismiss their being equals. 

In term of health and care, the amount of money the state spent on agency for people not able to deliver one the job is stunning. I saw kids whose care plans cost millions of pounds of staff and building, with them resulting in absconsing, doing drugs from 12, never do homework, housework. not going to college..... etc, etc, etc. With one to one staff thing, I thought for years that I was hallucinating. You know taking non native speakers work a lot at the lower scale because it is such a cultural shock and also the staff take abuses, not only directed at them personally, but at their functions, mainly doing nothing, take no responsibility, see gangs forming, while sponsoring it, because the only thing that is left to them is to perfect vocabulary, slang, and accent. 
Sponsor spoon,
Fuck sucking functioning.

Studying rare diseases will be keys to great discovery, without a doubt, as long as we don't engineer them...
Deadly respiratory diseases due to air pollution cannot stop rising. 

When you had close to nothing, you can understand hw why and how some people may in all piousity to decide and throw themselves, launch as well, into a cause, that is able some other ideals convey.
But then there are these ep people who have been completely disposed, dispossessed, and there are these people who have less than the nothing, no one else can hardly, and at all imagine.
People epopee eponym by proxy.
Pope a hope, rope and soap.

People o does not pity the orphans, when they do, because they do not have parents, it is because the orphans will have less, or likely less, support to access information, maturity, the safety or the security of a long-term loving and teaching relation.

I am though wondering whether the anti-Jew attitude might be a residue of an antic American attitude who since 2017 very much officially while having spent years menacing the whole world through their presidencies, just rationalise it.

The jacket, padding shoulders, make them all look so coquette.

Nearly as important as good insoles and shoes.
I am very homely. I stopped wearing slippers at home, as I have a fascia from having walked miles and days after my boots had become super comfortable, but too wide to really be closed to my feet. now at home i wear shoes that I only wear inside. particularly warm slippers tend not to support the arch or the sole at all. Plantar fasciitis might give you an inflammatory sensation during whole day. when I am stressed or too much at my desk, or tired, maybe alimentation too, my great father, would do gout, it is like my feet, I don't know how to describe. it is a fire, stabbing inflamed sensation most say. 

-        ‘As animals move up the evolutionary ladder’
They have bu like people have managed to spurn autistic even dumb ep people for e centuries, so they do with animals.
Should they prove it, the animals, they would be experimented on, exploited or killed.
Dies, dei.

P-RESENT cause,

Humans are searching for life outside the solar system, also because they cannot understand, or will not, maybe shall not, that they grossly confounded what they called inanimate (in-animate or un-animate) with lifeless. A planet is an entity (titi) and is alive. There cannot be a lifeless planet for example.

All these of an old age wisdom are in the animals, the vegetal, the fungal and mineral mind.
So then the humans will think but that’s ok we will put electric readers onto and into bitches’ brains to rake and drain.
Humans as a society, as this society, would make yourself believe that you would need to say. But you cannot discover the truth and the marvel of life if you torture, even when without too much say, or neglect or defect. Or….
Humans is about to be dis-crowned.
As if they stole fire, it was to destroy not to warm up to atmosphere to live longer and then care.

 It was not then, it was vain.

I managed to find an item, not having to be commissioned on ebay. i am a service seller as well, and we are bled by commissions taken on every transaction by third party websites.

Some features, cross-cutting, cross-species, or maybe that are not species, since the books did not see. Features that are not genetics, in mirror to the procreative function making religions and obsession (abscess, but religions would dodge the bullet in arguing for illustratingly urging, and abeing abbey-obb-eying the search for a cure) and bases to oblong declarations on ongoing discriminations- corruption.
That are not heirloom through practical parenthood and pretended or pretended or pretentious protection- not protect but destroy to computability or compete, countability.
Not inner to bird or to birth, tub but acquire.
Aqua-y-ere. Aire.

Some features, cross-cutting, cross-species, or maybe that are not species, since the books did not see. Features that are not genetics, in mirror to the procreative function making religions and obsession (abscess, access, abbess) and bases to oblong declarations on ongoing discriminations- corruption.
That are not heirloom through practical parenthood and pretended or pretended, pew-raw, pre-tented or pretentious protection- not protect but destroy to computability or compete, countability.
Not inner to bird or to birth, tub but acquire.
Aqua-y-ere. Aire.

That are not ancestral, products just like holly books, or the vacuum they create, and in fact recreated in so many editions, but acquire.
Aqua-y-ere. Aire.

Some features, cross-cutting, cross-species, or maybe that are not species, since the books did not see. Features that are not genetics, in mirror to the procreative function making religions and obcession and bases to oblong declarations on ongoing discriminations- corruption.
That are not ancestral, but acquired.
Aqua-y-ere. Aire.

People mock or wonder about how dumb might be an animal who lives with human not understanding they will be killed in time.
But do humans realise how they participate to this slug slaughter???
The funniest obviously is they don’t how they will be it.
Every thing goes circle.

It is a question of time and species, space, not only time, as when one wants to explain time, it has to go with rhythm and move. A trip, a travel, oscillating in the matter that surrounds-hour.
Huer = hoo.
Heure = hour,    er.
Eux = them.
Oeuf, egg.
Flow. Wolf.

Magic is the fight of the elements, and it is what is sainthood, being left between a rock and a hard place.
Because you faced it.

Vivant" renverrait au vivant animal, végétal et humain.
And this exemplifying what all that human being (hb), did not understand nor respect. Thinking there were only what they can eat that were alive, and eating them all the same.

What motivated my decision is that the ability to speak has historically and presently being taken into account in the granting of legal rights. If nature needs a representative to articulate its rights, one of the most notable injustice of the psychiatric and legal world had been to consider the inability of people to speak as evidence of their mental and intellectual disabilities (Colley, 1999) (Harvey, 1857) (Crowley, 2018), these scientific or medical assessments in turn instrumentalised in determining their diminished legal status
Amusingly enough it is recommended universally to pay a lawyer to be represented anyway.
As who can equally articulate before the at artifice of justice, often proud to be mafia and capitalist.

A triumvirate (Latin: triumvirātus) is a political regime ruled or dominated by three powerful individuals known as triumvirs (Latin: triumviri).

I thought of becoming full time student in case of problem during brexit, but full-time student, frankly I can't do it.
Part time job, part time study ok. Even if job is busy. busier than part time, but full-time study, for me it is no. My digesting system is not endemically so tenderly standardised, my banker's is. What a fail.
Digestion issue for the unpalatable. Implant, impale.

Vegetarian but eating fish and chicken, they cannot feel any pain! and what about the horror?
It would be good if one could be mum, no numb from the stupidity of those who slaughter.
With Buddhism as with Hinduism, some people eat meat, some types of ‘meat’. Basically they are also meat eaters, only some are vegetarians, depending their schools or temples. I think Gujarati people are likely to be vegetarians. The shaolin are vegetarians.
If you ask me ‘meat’ is there used to give a certain sense of dignity that they don't have. (not the slaughtered animal ending on a plate- poor dear, again for them according to human psychology), but the whole industry. words are sometimes used to stop us thinking properly. above all the ones of tradition, when people w(h)ere or dying at 30 years old max or rich enough to have all farms and what was inhabiting it.

In terms of Brexit, sometimes often, bbc does not say much about things, but bbc 4 at least has a whole program a month about gambling addictions taken to a severe level of oblivion in the uk.
As for the backstop and the border of Ireland, surely the uk would not consider becoming a back door to any traffic, the north Korea or other terrorism linked.

Text before brexit, on how this guy handled the Scotts wanting to stop being part of the uk. the uk.

While the only thing he did was to exhort firemen for inundations in surrey. Pathos won't go all the day.

Human beings if at all, are formed with maybe what is called dark matter from an external view, of these maybe worms that are. Or have to stay, lest we would torture them as a whole.
Being is a gnome, being is a dogma.

Translations studies often would say that one has to satisfy what the target audience, i.e. the potential readers of a translation, know already. Like if these people could not do with receiving alternative meaning, or occurrences from other cultures, or like if a few words and notes was too difficult to handle compare with the rest of us who tried to be bilingual or several other languages in order to have a peek to the rest of the world. We are regented by f-akes, fi-ends and f-oes.

To Christians and all others, racists, homophones, bigotry pd.
time it stopped, i am getting super angry, the killer of christ, not that I am a christian because the world is cosmos not only a single story, but still that one was not too bad.

Am looking for a video about how china government grant points to their citizens according to their behaviors and allegiance to the party, point having a consequence, huge consequence on how they can thrive in their career or private life. has been done by the BBC by a german french tv, but none are still available.

if one needed one more example on how republicans stop giro and fire, they cut the trees and render a forest, soilless, bushless, soulless lair.
It is not even politic that, it is apocalyptic.

Ok, gosh, I wished I have known this before, I stopped all trade when I realized I was not licensed and supposed to, I have lost all my hard-gained customers. Thank you for this precious info.
The council suspended the license 6 month for a union and corporations completely and comple compellingly invalid reason. I had to complain they finally granted me the license after this first inspector who literally came to my home with the most insulting behavior, I am clearly minority people. not very white, not specific ethnic origin and gay as they come.
This first inspector made me buy a lot of things before laughing at me and did not grant me the license. I saw a lot in my life but I did not know that kind of behavior could take place in the uk 2016. They finally granted me with the license just like this, when this person was out of the way, 6 months hours of covering my ponds, and hundreds of pounds down the drain, of things she asked me to buy and I did not need, not practically and never legally.
I will avoid report it, because it would complain to the people who are assessing me, and I admit after that, they have been good to me...thank you for your help.
I just hope they realise and take action against that person. I was really afraid, cannot said it never happened to me, but this degree of hate and prejudice totally open in an inspector!! It is worth the judge series on the tv, really handy.

Just to say, it is good to know particularly for the food bills and also sometimes above all veterinary bills. small animals are just super company, I think people do not have them so often, for the kind of incontinence problem and also since they are less independent because of this, the spontaneous cuddle goes less easily. but a dog or a cat- any inter-species in fact, would have no problem being best mate with a gerbil, or 2. They are small animal rescues for animals, and also you can leave them overnight this is not a problem, I think there is water dispenser working. I could even take them for free here if you were to go more than it is possible to leave them. I am not sure but I guess even with a good dispenser, maybe no longer than a long weekend. just an idea. have a very nice month. 
i am just fascinated by birds, they watch tv all the time, some species, I’d guess most, their sight is so amazing. their visual intelligence, I can understand and witness all the time, is just so revolutionary, for a human being that never understood anything but its own breathing rather than awe awareness account, they have heard of it.

Food poisoning recurrent in china, industrial level.
This is accounting for part of the population that are very poor and live on tipping sites, as the party does not even find the duty to pick the refuse. It is not from nowhere, even with a good salary it is difficult to afford veg that are not rotten in china and the rest. I also find curious that in china every drink you can find is all with sugar no diet drink there, if you want a fizzy thing that is not water (and in china you have to boil tap water before being able to drink it) you’ll have to take 50 calories sugar a glass or more. In europe it was very well know that states wanted people to smoke to avoid pensions and difficulties in managing an ageing population.

It’d be super if you could post the references, it is very hard to find mass media links to these horrific deeds.

It is so true what you said. for france exactly the same, before charlie hebdo attacks, they had been so many times targeted with the mass media half of the time mocking charlie hebdo treating them like arrivists and upstarts!!! For a enrolled mind to this ideology it was the clear green lights to their butchery......This is so disgusting, did you know that germany was hand to hand with the ottoman empire and that there are branchs of islam idolizing hitler. A sign.

People buy things from the street, because yellow pages or directories do not exist in communist china. Also quarters are dedicated to a specific products. So, in some districts you will find thousands of electronic, or in a different quarter thousands of cars, or doctors.... but nothing else in proper shops (only the same specific types of items again and again- that for the middle class that can afford it, workers cannot afford any of it- so to buy essentials they have to be street elected, the stales... and only normal that it is completely irregulated market very hard conditions, very little money, harsh competition...
They are arranged like fishermen villages or harbor with the market place all along the main street all day and year long, it is very nice of course in a way. It is lively and maybe this way people can still earn a little.

But = aim, goal in French.

About inserting the all-powerful and all-pervasive Latin here, I was wondering if Latin could have a special connotation since it is Stonehenge and that i think there is a very heavy history about the druids, the romans and the Christians for sure. I am not knowledgeable in the matter but since druids have been persecuted by some, could Latin be an issue in this very specific place. what do you think? Any Wicca reading it?

There is some literature about the animals, native animals or nature around directly inspiring the language, and a lot is transparent in English, twits, wolves, roar, etc, onomatopoeia, and many more but i forgot. it is a real treat to read about these, many, many of these.

I think it is almost an international appeal this reminder on the Roe Deer. I was thinking of the deer also as a first concern. maybe i would not treat it differently because still thanks maybe to santa clause it is still a very well-known species. it is possible for a very lucky french person to have come across with deer in rather vast forests or domains in france. those, some of those are still regional domains and not all are private, so you can just park (without being a member of the royal protection of birds, etc). I have no clues if it is all over England but the places I visited are with very narrow roads and parking is a massive issue. Mind when today you heard about how people have been trashing the Everest mount with rubbish so much so that the chinese authorities has closed the path. Meaning now that one will have to very close to the party to be able to access it…
To come back to the deer, I think yes it is definitely british heritage, in that, they are all around London in the royal parks, and they would not be culled in these same parks twice a year with parks that are rather depleted of bushes (maybe someone came with the idea of cutting the undergrowth, the homes of animals, and raking the floor- fire or arson being a possibility- irony-), it would be hugely awesome to have them there.

There, their.

Very sorry about goûter, I did not mean to use it, it is true it is gout, I was swearing that one could say goûté, checked on line could not find it. i was born and bread (bred actually) french until i came here, but i guess now, that the mistake might come from mixing things up with bouquet, this or this is a joke i heard many times when i was a kid and assumed it was correct. it is when i taught french to non-native speakers that i realised that in fact i was not talking french but only the french specific to the regions i lived in, of the people i was with, be them friends or colleagues or family, etc. That is a very small number of people and situations, or TV or radio programs and books that i had come across with.

Defo, the ingredients in brackets, is so appetizing, parsley onion, the (farce). i will admit to you, if i had to translate a dish meat based i would not list the ingredients, out of sheer horror and utter repugnance.  at the end of my career in care i stopped taking jobs that had something to do with meat, so i would do the same with translations. with translations it is ok, with care it is really difficult. amusing that.

Let' s not call it revealing.
Ok, one of the things that shocked me the most when i did my dissertation while trying to find relevant very very serious documents and primarily texts on governmental and inter-governmental websites was the proportion of links that would find themselves indefinitely broken. without even the possibility of retrieving the original documents and sometimes nothing that had to do with them in the archives.
It still makes me deeply wonders though apathy won over.

Abattoir made in France - Alès (English subtitles)

Des peines encourues dérisoires
La peine maximale ici encourue pour plus de 60 infractions est de 6 000 €… Tellement peu au regard des souffrances supplémentaires endurées par les animaux dans ces lieux déjà violents et cruels par essence. Peut-on imaginer que cette sanction dissuadera les abattoirs d’enfreindre la réglementation ?

This is the case, what procurers think they have to do, in general. No wonder about how well Vichy could have thriven. (with English whose royals are of german origin, and the german that have been historically in pairs with the ottoman empire, and some branches now of islam that are pro-nazis) they were right the risk is that no more wars after that, is it a risk though, nature would say differently as ultimately the human plots is to leave her a barren stone, if any.

TO ANSWER a famous French songwriter: no, this human world is nothing near serious.

So many thumb downs,  c est ces gens sont tellement degueulasses,  que ce ne sont meme plus des gens,  pourquoi? ca profite.

Before, without her, i saw my life like death. Now death is the smile in which I would find her like the sun is Ra.
Mile is in the sequence and the essence of the travel.

Homeless, without address.
In another way, 'sans domicile fixe' means for most people, people in danger of living or living in the street, while administratively everything has been done to condemn life style such as travelers, etc. not having a fixed address, a permanent residency is totally condemning while it could have been dealt or belt very differently.
I say that because it is the appellation 'sans domicile fixe'. And this means that the society, today, will make life impossible for you. What do I think of 'gens du voyage'? They are people. What else I think of it, is that it is a way of life that will be proscribed by the good god not Poseidon but possession. Also it will kill arts and craft from traveling. or people from long as people respect the land they go into and that sedentary people do the same thing. but the truth, it is not about that. there are no lands left anyhow. the forests are gone, the animals are very very s seldom (serfdom) -life - vegan- and by the way homeless, there is no life possible without woods, bushes, undergrowth, unpolluted air and streams, what is to see, is dying land, suffering lots exploited and concretised is what is left. travelling now to see is the voyeurism of how people, humans are godless. And I am not talking about how they manage it now.
Travelling for leisure is now to see is the voyeurism on death.

Also what i think is that people have recognised a little what happened to the jews sent from every corner of europe into concentration camps. while religions have their agenda of their own and very often organised society in which their members will be treated with privileges (i mean by that, while your peer human is regarded and considered with all the almighty random thoughts of dominance and inferiority).
Commemorations for the gypsies, homosexuals- orientation, but homosexuality is present in all societies– and all other classifications- that could unfortunately like religion end up being ‘politicised’ in the view of being at the origin of unjust treatment-, and for the other targets of nazi ideologies have been famously and are still now absent from the perpetrators -collaborators included- commemorative activities.

Commere, compere.

Anyone who does not understand that ‘racism’ or ‘ethnicism’ of its real name does not work in every direction is immature or has not suffered that intensely. If unaware of it. Or has just been so inner battered that they would not recognized it as biased.
Battered, or to make suffer inside or outwardly to make sure no development occurred.

Whom, womb, wound.

Pep people call prostitution what is in reality the worst imprisoning and crimes against humanity. As prostitution is accepted.

Ta king.

Rehearsal, here hear sale: Smug faces, parrot like repetition, and inchoirence explained.
This BUNCH hilariously jesting on democracy and the will of people that are once pull forward (not when (ex) education become or remain unaffordable- no, that won’t disturb or disrupt the lords). No one is for any split second of a ram -random- remain and except because they are not politicians in web minister but just forgers why????
For just one in brakets: one can go on, on and on, against ill islam and its sharia, pedophilia, slavery, that is thin and think inner to it. But for the moment the ones who permits sharia law in England are not the millions of muslims preaching that their prophet is that ignominy on themselves. Not stopping the ONES responsible – the non-muslims allowing that- for that while increasing islamophobia, while islam could soon become compulsory for the rest of it is what?? Nazis and castrated (of which I am, enable to do one single thing against the plague of child marriages to list again that one, and on which they are right, it is not pedophilia it is worse than that, pedophilia can be stopped and cure, and disarmed not one cult combining millions that are respected and in power and expanding in all manners on top of that- soringly sorry but I am not the one venerating a pedo and sex slave owner being adorated by millions and protected by billions by what people self-called  tolerant instead of scelerat (French for polluted, soiled, miserable, petty, ignorant, pervert, weak, lurid, rogue coming criminals.)
All about terrorism yes because, contrarily to the definition of terrorism, what they do is sponsored terror that is states organised.

Why does ‘decisions’, incisions making (deck dis) sometimes take so long, for the MPs to understand where lie their profits, nothing ever to do with human rights, democracy and them to be served and serving.

Naming things gives us power over them.’
Or does it?
Humanity thinks it has defined it.
The proof of it not thinking.

It was a story extremely traumatizing and shameful for me, because I neglected and lost control of something extremely important to me, because this project was taking all the time I had. This project that reveals itself to have been launched unseriously. That was doomed to fail, that did not unfortunately last. That caused me, caused me but entirely by my own fault, greed and stupidity, to my horror, to not have been able even to think, to solve, to find, to love. To save. In fact I did let death kill this little dog. I killed him.
I do come upon words that hid the devil leading to that.

Unfortunately, or not, the project success or failure would not have changed anything, though the secret that on that light the kindest say is that my life is naught.
I cannot remember clearly what I felt, but an horror a deadly one on my subject, on my subset. But this is now knowledge e certainly that I elude mostly but when reappearing really, there is nothing more that I envy. Repair can’t be and my brain switched off to show how my being will follow suit definitely.

Just as an answer, thank you for the discount, it makes it possible for me to go on booking with you. but while i am sure people would have considered you first because the fees were on the customers' sides, and make them realize that the amount is for the carers,  for the vet and ads. more than 15 percent will decide service providers to opt for other agencies now. personally, the moment it is over 15 %, even if i know it probably would not work, i would try to launch my own publicity as 15 % is already an excruciating fee. 

In france the big scandal is that i think since napoleon, the farmers had to leave tracks for people to be able to circulate through the countryside. almost all of these tracks have been swallowed by farming and no one can do more than a few hundred meters at best because of illegal fencing. this your mairie should know, maybe you can use this. maybe there is no need to create tracks as the ones existing had been illegally taken away.  
It is good to follow the light of the day for sleeping. let's hope for the tracks though, I stopped cycling in london for fear people would start bumping into cyclists by play. and it is so dangerous without that. one cannot cycle on the borders of the roads that are dilapidated with holes all over and cars that push and speed, and the bends without any visibility. but i know what you mean, my dream would be to have a home without anything around it. and when i say anything is no trace of 'civilisation'. more and more a dream. 

I wonder whether instinct does not revolve around death. Death speaking, death warmed up or warning, running, moving of sorts.

Censorship master.
Pedophilia conducted on the millions of people scale through the life of mohammed the prophet of islam, piss upon him, horrify me more. and it should the elites of political culture as i guess they know about this prophet of which they welcome the worship, is a life of slavery maker, owners and worse even -or equal because it is hard to do better than sex slavery admittedly- deeds.

Towards the homogenization of the cultures or rather the hegemony of the ones that are self-serving and adapt to whatever just to eat, drink, slave, rite, and riot notwise notwithstanding.
You just or they just has to say for you: similarity the women always has been low and with them the homos. And that is it, you have a common enemy. Homophobia and misogyny.

Immigration is good, from the pint pin point oint of view of the sadist, that you call on slaves or grey matter, brought up by others. That you will create utter povery for. Is savy, no more to say than this. It is an inert intern -ash ion all elites and their fleas conspiracy. Flee. But where. Revolt but whom -womb- and against what and how? Without in not many days no food.

Agree with you, there is however something that worries me. it is the religon or ideology race. no one of them doing nothing towards being good to nature and to life, but into establishing itself in order to take slaves or servants of others. i am not jews and i do not know if it is really representative but for example for the jews i am shocked at jewish people seeing themselves as the priests of the world, and not allowing conversion to their faith at the same time. at the inner belief of the jewish based on sacrifices...we are in a race for slavery and serfage. nothing to do with religion or spirituality. of which it should feel well humble the one thinking that the cosmos is written on pages they themselves can read and go and kill for laugh out loud. shalom.

To emergently say, the new inquisition could come from where unexpected for still the major majority. To research more but I found Islamic sites prohibiting witchcraft, i.e. druids, again, any other rites, trad and rites and wed, and the gypsies. For their eyes on india that will also come handy. And half of the thousands miles around Germany- well la boheme.

WHY dos they say it is a miracle animals talking these species so original?
Because no one listens, you want people and animals animate miracles for you? First step: stop kill them. or else, it is a special miracle you will have to witness. I guess.

Jew, non jews saved, that would be pure racism, would it not be? i get now how relgions, same with everything up to the hindus that think of castes and special reincarnation, that think that the soul old, sold, would not choose an animal to come back to purity. religions are the thought man is god, amongst and above all. it is why here they made hell come true. be careful not to inspire so aryan filthy filial or of that thread and trade philosophy.

The ones that claim to be against cherry Charlie Hebdo, contribute to assassination, and not only of them, but on all people (not peoples- countries are to subservient to aspire to this idea) that want to live.


To the people saying god gave the essence of life in their deadly book.
Sacrifices – even death by accident- means you have a stained satan of a spirit and mind. nothing changes, of what is was at the beginning. which is not your goodleaktickbook.

Occur, concur. Acc, ax he dents.

Access, accident.

Human with choice that eat animals in all conscience or are ignorant, and nowhere is to be seen nature around them, or is so superficial that they won't mind other humans killed the same, or do it in full conscience and are satanic and therefore soon to be said, laid and slain.

And if or when waned nature is not to be seen, it is because humanity has been pushed further down proudingly, proding paradise lost. The end of their purgatory.

And od not think of buying places in Tibet or rebuying it, humanity is unity.

With the animal reign (neigh for the noble, the conquest of horse has ended, no roads is long enough or fear of trafficking) and all oath others she can, she has seen. Scene, sceau (sea-l) seat, see eerie.

Stretching is super important, but also ample moves, rotations, you know like cardio. make the articulations work. but with sports is what one loves, the rest is too boring. limbs and joint moves, should or are done with every sport, they are just moves to allow your body to go on, and get united or untied.
Shoulders i have been told is the most complex joint in the body. many times, of moves they can do, at different degree. Plus, near the head, the neck and throat, near the cardiac, diaphragm and respiratory system. all the upper back. take care of them. :)
I so don’t do it, and ache that only writing about it, mentioning it…hopefully have some effects.

I am vegan, but still gets a, the hellish problem- plants are sentient.

Who is the anti-christ?
(not saying that in Christianity, anti-christ the first one was peter, pope of the popes).

C.ET: I have no idea who think that or say they see it coming, but here.
Clearly to identify as muslims, Christians and jews, all abrahmaic is to say war is on earth, and they don’t even talk about the hindus, boudhists and non-monotheist thinkers or thinking thinner

Just to say since jesus christ was before christianity, in the logics of line, who believes in a return, announced that it will be at its ends of hegemony for a restricted idea of an universe that people seriously sees as barbed, bearded.

Who is the anti-christ?
(not saying that in Christianity, anti-christ the first one was peter, pope of the popes).

C.ET: I have no idea who think that or say they see it coming, but here.
Clearly to identify as muslims, Christians and jews, all abrahmaic is to say war is on earth, and they don’t even talk about the hindus, boudhists and non-monotheist thinkers or thinking thinner

Just to say since jesus christ was before christianity, in the logics of line, who believes in a return, announced that it will be at its ends of hegemony for a restricted idea of an universe that people seriously sees as barbed, bearded.

If you forbid me to marry my wife, am a woman, i wish i d do much more of you than an homophobic argument.

You know one has the right to kill...if it is the only means to get out of slavery. smatching?!

Who will be the light-bearer?
you have no respect for the divine or agnostic forms of other believes system, you are not predicator.

Maybe ti is the holy spirit, thor? Or zeus, avatar. Real before. On prometheus, on a promise

Because maybe you people are so hypotrich hypo-creat-crate coy decoy hypocritical and poit pointless that you will say you need a messiah, when you despise life and innocence and destroy beauty with all evil. while pretending you do not low know or know better, to get away with your anvil.

Religions are specist. They give humanity at the center, when it is not, not taking account of other creations, only to eat them or enslave them, standing for what they would do to other species, to extraterriality but also to their own.
At least how it is mainly practiced, religion?
Extraterrial, supernatural or magic. But notwithstanding what humans do not know because they destroy instead of caring.
Of course humans and other species alike, we are in the same monde.

With standing,


Biblical clan calendar. Lane, lend. 
Just occurred (ochre) to me, these people who lives hundreds of years. Could not they be family name instead of one person only, families, schools, or temples?

Yes religion, spiritism will cm come back into mainstream discussions, into unveiled reve = dream revelation, not of higher sphere that no one can even see or regard as they banish themselves soiling the foundations. Will come back, as we will have to implore that this torture, this earth threat will be put to a stop rubbish litter is what will become our strand just like one eats become what it should not have hurt and revive death enchanting.

And people would use to travel the act of conversion. From a religious culture to another, when culture there had. As only marriage and cruel rules to beat up the members of one’s society while licking the others so silly, it means human aberration, that will allow them to forget they think they are god. So ok hilarious but however reduction.

The humans that think that they philosophise, but that only do is to speak a language that they happen to share from time to time jeers at animals they should have been despised by.

Poetry comes, when I first had a very rational thought, that I could not write, because of a lack of a paper, because I am tired, or to stirred still by the threat and thread of the discussion/discursion.
So then when I know that it was a idea and that I would rather writing it down, then the particular course it had taken is gone from the context and have to be reinscribed into sounds whose now wombs is the one of a brain that I have known too much connections that were redundant and worn it down, and too few of the though open (welcoming it like its child) ones it knows it should have wooed for unwind towards its soul.

To see what happens when the peste (not to confused with peseta) will understand that it let kill and kill itself its m-other, its kids, in the future, the past in all strand of time and that this space won’t be long before claiming, just howling, protection from ether, or either.
To almost damned oneself, save from knowing what a being could endure without its whole soul- or a worse version of that has to be seen- but that one who would think of dying not, but to lure one’s destiny, famously, no one can.
Just the prayers to wish to do better.

I wondered about why I had not tried to study literature. The answer for me came up when I read literary critics that were of excellent quality. I understood then that I did not understand the texts I read. Good literature is full of references and is, many academics, described narration as being like a thread. That is to say the writer choose one word and not another for a very strong reason and that will give the book its meaning, mystery, a symbolic system, a psychology, depths, wrought-textures and strength, etc…or alike to the creation of a skin, a content, contended, organs and finally a body, that can take life itself when articulated.
In a text, when critics work they usually create echoes, linking everything they said about everything else pre or post suggestions.
It is when I understand I was not talented at it- it will generally ask from the ones who write or want to decipher a large and developed culture. Not necessarily through reading.
I do not think it is possible at all to start translating before having read a text. Or else, it will be anything but literature.


Knot or untie.

Naught, note, or the shaking of thoughts unfounded.

The resistants are the ones that go against a fashistic regime and have lost what was previously in their lives to beat it or to try to. Some have lost everything; the saints are the ones that never counted it all their lives enduring. But a society that wants saints, people suffering just because they won’t be help towards bravery, is a society of perversity such that it drifts towards a nazillon system.
And then when, if the resistants are won, they may, sometimes, often, they may or they will- or shall depending the sources read and respected- be replaced by the other guys that now will condemn perhaps drastically, without compassion or maybe empathy (no that you don’t fight, but the humility that tells you that your life has also been cultural- what would I have done if borne in a criminal family- though pray that the ex-crimes might support resistance, that in cases crimes left them outside the acknowledgement and approval this bounding sclerotic apparel. Improving the gays if struggled, sacrifice, and for us o now top of the chains, the deal. But what are they top of the chains, because of being in collaboration with people that want to destroy and steal.

The other guys that will when the time is opportune, take away the discourse, modified, of the resistance, their strength and force, their weapons above all, not to continue to combat but to seize it all. Perpetuation so of a collaborative movement that do not care about anything but to seize goods and soil ideas.

People, souls, rather, will not be bother quitting this world. Not because it is not wonderful, but on the contrary because it being destroyed, often by the same people that attempt to redefine happiness pursuit- or are we trying to go with a smile, to what shore if here we have been so(u)ld.

To wait that the atmosphere permit for writings to become what thy are” writings.
A calling, calling to reason, and that, one who will rea-rise all contentions to be strength to reckon with, and not the impious umptieth failing

You said respect with the very aim of demanding adore, suspicious.Highly so.
Servant, it is what you are looking for.
Tedious, to stay polite, theus! The jok-.

Play with characters.

Communication is from a certain form of intelligence towards another, the only possibility for interaction is their overlapping view. 2 geniuses not enlightened in similar ways, would not understand each other. Our interactions with other species is this, only humans do not even attempt to communicate, but mostly nick-ate.

The web-like impression of the Palestinian scarf.

The text does not talk about (hiding from) children but infantilization. Make you think, make you feel, make you talk, make you react, make you vote, make you do, make you discriminate, make you eat, make you ate and love, make you make. It is like that, the world. Make you sneer at, nozzle, muzzle. Emotions dependencies for crippled. Sorry hating, so for crippling.
Maybe it is also about the dictact of what emotions are, if they are and what they should be. Also emotions can be made to replace actions, sentiments, thoughts maybe. A culture thing. Embroiled in emotions, or when emotions drive us in the wrong direction or to a stand-still maybe. Suppression of those can be of the same manipulative fabric, social reproduction versus individual, personal, intimately-corresponding, independently lived and well-weighed constructions. Why not here to give an idea of how badly this is commonly use hint at aversion therapies?

I also was expecting a room in a spanish villa with in the shadow a shoe-horse like commuting wall in black and white, like in a chien andalou. to have opened the scene to a court-yard makes the noise coming from the funerals that is really omnipresent in the scene, be even more part of the characters- possibly an interaction (though in the film one cannot hear the procession, in the play it is heard). It is well done to be in the open-air as it is like we are listening to a pseudo secret that is being divulged to the whole village and procession at the same time. The way the chief-servant, the governess talk is really theatrical, she talks for her voice to be heard beyond the villa's walls. one can feel them approaching as a table is laying down for them. the first scene is painful because of the servant french-polishing the floor, a huge area in the patio, it means that what she is performing can only be an endless chore. this way the weight of the hierarchy abuses and locks upon the individuals is clearly set and made this oppression, one that cannot be lifted. A croissant? Sacrosanct and repeated types of exchanges, irritated, ritualized observations. and an immutable play. the set of a set.

Checking the inbox emails so often, because it cannot be anything of importance, real value in there. As when something of real value strikes your lives is busy with it ever after, the works spin one on and out.

Religion prays for power, as sine since it if they pray prayed for god, they would do so attending any and every of the world’s creatures. Not by loving an image they think they made.

Legion, pray. Religions pay.

Religion prays for power, as sine since it if they pray prayed for god, they would do so attending any and every of the world’s creatures. Not by loving an image they think they made.

Legion, pray. Religions pay.

Everything is in our story about destroying and around it our demented stories of loath and love, or the ones that made us alive, surviving or going further than the debased high t reason otherwise owned.

Everything is in our story about destroying and around it our demented stories of loath and love, or the ones that made us alive, surviving or going further than the debased high t reason otherwise owned.

Power Distance
I could not say. social conventions, social strates or immobility, social and cultural diversity all might be shaping, unshaping or contribute in some sense to emotional development or obstacles (hinderment) or its reverse make people focus on emotion rather than thinking or action. I don't know.
Parents also respond to social expectations, power or disempowerment- positively or negatively so.
You know aversion therapies- it is the perfect example of how people are ready to kill someone just because of their genders. it is perfectly ok for females to fancy males but not so for males, et v/v. it is elaborated and consensual torture and imprisonment in reality.

Power Distance, we need to interpret emotional dependency as greater reliance by the less powerful on those who hold power.
This phrase is extremely powerful and just says that the one holding the emotions are just under scrutiny, like a rat in a lab maybe. because you know at any time anyone can tell you that it is not appropriate what you feel, or how you look, and when you are in a servile position, i think we all are though, any pretext can be summoned and if you do not want to say it is because of the way you worked then you will target people psychologically, you are asked  to respond emotionally while the one in power can get rid of this demand and act immorally. ???
To support that claim that i might be stronger in france, that emotional dependency, france famously used its medical staff or psychologists to target people. in other countries, you do not need to prove or say that you staff shows signs of depression to fire or to avoid hiring him- instead of evaluating their work and the goodness of what they are asked to do,, infrastructures, ... but I’ ll be honest i have no notion of psychology and i know I am be very bad at it. psychology is a very important domain too, but might, like all others, be used sadistically. what emotionally you need to induce to convince people of the goodness of inequality? I guess nothing that good. a sense of fate, mediocrity, and biological limitation and despair, mistaken for love or strength or real connection often.

Or it is because emotion is here cofounded, mixed up with servility or immaturity. or in a world of emotion when people are made ignorant of wars, they are in fact put in a prison. the need for people to strike a balance with emotions ok, we all strive for love, though that is sentiment, but i don't know maybe emotion are a flow, sensation, instincts, that happy or not we have to understand.
Or are we talking about deference, and also showing respect for what is corruption?

Starting by love your dad 100 times a day, while the same person renders your mum miserable, and want nothing good for their family... Clan spirit complex, might be wanting to be too on self-protection, or might want to trade with other tradesperson clans = trade your kids in that same scenery.

ALSO, an English person, can say to their family more easily, I take my bag and go around the world with a passport that is a key and a language I can work with, not a French person. but also english society i d say is more rigid due to the royals, and the same royals asking for a respect on traditions (all traditions and religions) rather than the modernity. Mind it is the modernity that has defined how things used to be, you know history written by the conquerors. so i am not sure one has to put so much pressure emotionally if they can do so 'philosophically'.
Also in England there is less scrutiny in how the power is exerted, independent regulators, so if one cannot fire you in france without having to give good examples of how you failed, instead of setting-up people with verifiable lies they will do it on feelings. Too nervous, bizarre attitudes, etc..etc, temp-tress. Of course, derision, but in the mouth of the devil can be found fountains of trumpery.
Also it is old school to pretend to target someone emotionally, to suppress their emotions or all sorts, why in fact it is done for question of politics. One will say that homos are not good, abnormal, etc. that is to say to dismiss, while what they want is this distortion, this tension, that makes people dead with sickness, and what makes the ones that want hurt and so wounded people for free, makes other thrive on the annihilation of competition. But not only. It is so entertaining to be able to watch daily inflicted misery by people who mock the same reason why they say they did it-morals.

Really amusing, today, bbc just before 5. scientists say the Neandertals’ faces (protruded features) conveyed emotions, essential to the communication (ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link) and by extension the survival of the species.

What one can answer: communication ok but does not mean that emotions conveyed are pure or true or a missing link. i think that the opinion they say they have is a stance on eugenics. that is people again that say that the controls of emotions are keys to survival to evolution and they say it as it was premises: and you would have to agree... muzzled, muted.  interestingly, muted, mutant.

you-th , you see numeral, multitude, numerous. and when it comes to holiday it did not leave anything to their THIRSTY (first) kids.
Water is soiled and our souls are empty.

. peaple, (pis). pee-pole.
definite rendition of the tree of life.


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Feral felines are driving the country’s native species to extinction. Now a massive culling is underway to preserve what’s left of the wild.

C there is something called birth control or any other solutions that would make dead, us dead, the day the real proprietor of the planet choose our means of devolution.

What they wanted was thinking. But to be able to do this, one has to fight. And while fighting they forgot all about thinking and the needs (the stupefaction, action, lows-and-downs, the joys and the fearsome drifts, and the never this time will be ending lamentations) attached to it. And all was lost, as it is.

Cruauté envers les veaux nourrissons au centre de transit de Tollevast

C : you will see, people who attempts to fight for human rights will be reduced to nothing. If ever the videos that are showed become more than entertainment and could start stir things up. Google and companies would start or would be made stop and forbid such accounts on behalf of privacy and also because it is so violent, that it is why not violence promoted.

It is often said that our species will pay for what she has done, but a bigger contentious issues here, we will never be able to pay back for these ingrained insanities.
And dully sorry for my duty-free, I cannot find the just word.

Cast, caste.

As in my youth I would blacken thousands leaves of paper, to say the feeling, the sentiments, the torpor, that accompany the love of my dreams departure.
Now I refuse to say anything on the one of my life.
As when this love is gone, I ll just been filled with a death desire.

Once found the puns, one can build the story.  a reverse of how words were born, a correlation of sounds sliding and the elaboration of meaning jumping from stones to stones. puns i believe are the ruins of language very construction. puns for memory purposes and also because words are part of a canvas, they take their colors from the shades next to it by declination (declamation), and off what already was on the pallet or next to the painters or available to the scene depicted, thought- when worked or admired not slurred and covered.

I wanted to draw. I never had done. I scribbled yes while holding my pen, in despair, in waiting, in the void. I knew that if I was not dying soon enough o I would have none.
To crave your feature, to carve your figure. It is just poor proposed rhyme as one cannot be hungry when its body is suspended at the body in the sky that spoke to ya, and that I will have to follow to meet again ya.
I would have to draw to create your presence, now I know that I ll never again be next to you, just see you, to entirely again beg the fate that it gave me work to suit the recorded race- but anyone that you do not want to be with me could see.
So sow fate disperse me.
That I know that after death I would recompose to finish to raise, not finish the race, as you as always will limber, saccage, secate what the next life shall manage to compose with. You did not even destroy my vessel as I have now to err aware of its pulled apart component, that never can breathe for more than for themselves, the fire there, not inside, helping the scares, sanitizing the scars, mocking, feigning the sky maybe. Miming. Mimicking envy.
And that she loves me or not, or one moment that she could think so, since she did not meet her hero.


Parody? No paradigm of a catholic country, bullying their members that do not take the hostie
???    hostile.

, and even if they did take, but because not talking about Charlie, but for those woefully taken by the good in ideology.      To make them kill, sor sort of crying them amusingly, and finish the work in spitting on what rests remain.

People ‘busy-bodies’ complaining about the weather.
You might as well chill-out as it has not given us the 0.1% of what we deserve. Though starting to die from the lungs. A little bit more plastic, ladies?

Abortion ban .The legislation provides no exceptions for rape or incest

C.ET:  these people are not fighting for the feotus, they are fighting to make sure insemination is happening.
It is why one cannot talk about these things but just try to stop them, because talking with the words of those who perpetrate is a sin.

That people will reject the guilt on Charlie…. assassins Columbus colabos upstart richer tomorrow, even if one fucks illsm because tomorrow they would say that it is ok so, while today they say it is rightly so just like tomorrow, to the seat that bring money, tranquility and first rank for sadistic expo. The theatrics of old.

It is because socialization is more difficult, you know we lost most of the forests...they end up with an energy without outlet, it is liberating to run in nature.

To my pseudo intellect, that though, for sure and for certain, amazes, puja poses (plugs? Yes cause to belong is to believe, to feel oneself surrounded by matter, even vague is a need) puzzles me dissy, dizzy, alarmed, swelling, sniffing the vapors of sweat and tears, almost passing out, secretly
I have to admit, stop trying to throw yourself in deepest thoughts because the meaning of what you know, it is to have lived your life that gave you the key, not your pretense at getting it. Allons, allons.

The princess and the pea.

Trying to describe sensations, and not being successful at it, and creating another demon. It is this as well poetry.

If in this light, Charlie Hebdo’ s column could seem to be a bit unjustified, nevertheless, the real argument occasioning anger could well be the one in the background: that of the French laicity versus multiculturalism.

If in this light, Charlie Hebdo’ s column could seem to be a bit unjustified, nevertheless, the real argument occasioning anger could well be the one in the background: that of the French laicity which is in this context, a constant act of resistance.

Now the continuous destruction of nature by humans is obviously seeping for the naked eyes, nature through their individuals will strike back. Omen for good.
To imagine retribution, the humans are not that good. To marvel at Tv elusive series or littered literature classics won’t do, but further humiliate our propensity, our pomposity.
Swollen, infatuation, puncture punctual severe- the point of reversing the one species, in our bodies o sounds ‘as thick as urn unreal unconsciously or alternatively disregarded un honored convictions’.

That brought chaos to munch much more than many?? How on earth is that possible. Abuse of trust, horror sadist, complete disingenuity.

Gain, won’t lead nothing but get rid of this horror story.

I thought I was read enough to have come upon that, but no.
How come.

Abortion ban .The legislation provides no exceptions for rape or incest

C.ET:  these people are not fighting for the feotus, they are fighting to make sure insemination is happening.
It is why one cannot talk about these things but just try to stop them, because talking with the words of those who perpetrate is a sin.

There are national and international agencies hiring people without mentioning that it is compulsory to have a license. there are hundreds of people unlicensed on the web. but these people are not to blame, these agencies are. it is very complicated to find a job without them and pay extorting fees, as they are on top page of any research results including ones with very precise post codes.


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