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On official document whose purpose is to ensure justice or equality in dignity (the one that you receive and give)…
On the opacity and smooth flux, covering egos and narrate impossibility.
The vagueness, naissante of a class, mondial, supranational, of …?
Jetty, pier, and romanticism.
Romanticity and publicity. See documents modern.

I understand why you’ ve got some interest in psycho. I have been reading the document on the setting up of the optional protocol for the UN and all, and the techniques adopted are so openly, analytically empathic with the humour and mood of the invited members, everything to avoid a crease.
On what has ever unfolded and para-political flirtation.

Is it clear or is the case arguable that without external adversary elements, uncertainty about the nature and scopes of the debates, the assignment to their compulsorily and designated function, the rules of democracy-diplomacy that forces into an attitude of adoption or prise-en-compte, the protagonist could have preferred or at least favorized the ‘leaving the room’ option?
If possible, what and where would have been the best premises for ‘table of negotiations’ towards immediate and full realization of progressive abled capacities when these ones are treated as primary concern and aim at fulfilment?
Interim procedure: do not take measure ill revised this paper.

Everyone talks talk to me today.
As to every noise the
And only fact to which am a prey, am au près.
Is that I won’t see you again after that.
I only saw you, never more than, even not a solely touch.
Nor the perspective to enter your day.
Now it is finished, you ll go to other streams and lines reading.
And of this lapse in tie, of this lime of time, of this space in the constraint of traffick of parcels , realizable, honestly projectable, realist, rational.
The idea of you has to follow for it will accompany.
My believe in the shun of what you were to bring back
While reanimating my fervour and candour
The being happy due to converse view on and universal spendour.
You were the travel, that remind of duties
The complicity of souls that have to seek a find (fine) rest from torments.
Back to the waves and storms that make our children the people
That dies from the tempest of humans battling the void and crunching system
You are gone, and the rest of this story,
Will restate well that you disappearing
Still might bring to me, the want for doing the same.
In taking the arms, don’t worry, i could not just vanish for naught, it would be the betray of a
Fairy’s light trial.
To the beauty that animate life in the sense you ll stop having destroyed.

Or nullify.

At a homophobe.
Would you like a cage, because this guy could be the only one to bring you the peanuts.
And you ‘d cry your mother to your diarrhoea and for a stopper.
But reminder: I was talking of oil.

In fact i am even up to check my email, just to read your being fed up, at when i think after doing it, it’d be the only available answer.
It is gonna be hot, the next few periods, any idea about territorial effects on a surrounded and casted out body? I ll have to do my prayers, it is a god job that it might bear  as a name a spiritual concept around poetic, romantic, absolute idea; ok for the ideas, but for the state?
A slaughter on your castel border.
You are entitled to ask for seeing it, it still can speak.
And take order.
No? Regency. Not for year ? funny?
Bon ok alors what to do with the soldier perverted, by the course of justice, and law due to the life’s fervor, elan, spirit and avidity?

Middle East organ transplants
Trade on organs, and the west let them, awaiting nosily, some kind of completion?

Trodden. Should have, but no. for people to be massacre, there we can find, expect some kind of cohesion.

Have you notice the play on sound with laid-ease.
Mind there are still hatches.
The lad, y(why) as a lesbian too, shall i have to ins-hist.
Hoist, and other enhancement.

To have in mind the person who you love.
The photosynthesis that will permit the mind to call in case on all types of problematic that this person may be covering.
The way she would give me a child of mine without insemination spermatozoidal.
The way my child recognised and connect.
Connection is still available through fear and recollection.
But this one where you name the one who you know would breath out the casualty.

Nothing directly relevant with yesterday’s comments but from the moment i realized that pour my heart to my bestfriend, ok buddy, about my bygone (beg one) days of love, would not be a catch for otherwise than me staying alone for years on end, waiting for the coming back of someone whose want was in my being far despite what I dreamt, or suppose to be true, but not so.
Those days instead of going out of her, the only fucking time where i met nice girls, i was working in immense spaces, and we were promiscuous at 20, i manage spending hours speaking of the loss that could not be repaired (mind one was in for the service, the other to cuckoofy one more).
 And after that, just that, when i understood that it was becoming a pathology, the only thing, this remembrance-besides the idea of going and work in Africa to send her letter from there, just to say, you uttered it, voice fait- that had an effect on me, i was working only thinking of that and when not working spending my time smoking sheet, with me dog and mates, drinking on top occasionally. Without a diploma, i run out of the familial home, i was so rubbish at school, than in 5 years in german klass the only work i retained is gefallen, da? Gay fallen déjà.
The all lot was like that but the French and some humanities and social sciences, and eco and socio of course she was at her first year of teaching when she saved that would have probably be finished by myself, a raison d etre, un castel, a princess, a dragon, a quest quo-it.
A good  point in life i learn that there is a sole luxury that holds and be worth of them all, that is beyond dropping for a better conception, someone with intended love to share the place you living in.
La princess quoi pardon.
She was from the heart of the emptiest countryside in france and had been brought in the territoire d outré mer, taihity, la reunion, elle m avait apporte cette fraiche odeur de liberte et depuis l ors je mettais dis si on ne peut etre ensemble un jour saint j apprendrais qu elle est heureuse- comme ma maman qui se dit et tue a me repeater-malgre toute cette merde a ses alentours que je suis la mieux place pour comprendre, mais vous savez les meres meme s il on sait tout d’elles, leur mots, leur phrases, leur attitudes, regulieres, not flinching maybe sometimes the odd millimetres to maintain your head in the reality, just to confirm, no, no don’t jump from a bridge there is this daily pain you saw even if i deny it while i have to protect my face chiding away and go.
I never understood how someone could endure physical or mental violences, never.
Till i ask myself the dum question. If only she did not dump me, if she had stayed, would have i taken from this person, from this entity i adore, a dire, some ‘painful moments’, and blame me, but my answer after 32 years of certitude of this people are just weak bonkers, went the other way, i would of course, i d have taken every blow she would have played.
My experiences is very limited (they don’t stand me more than an evening and me socialization bores me to the recurrent image coming into my brain of my appending coffin, then in the middle of brunch is not easy, and it is why once i met someone, a pro, in a church, i was working. It took me days to fully realized that no other way round she was here to be paid, me and my finesse, only find it out when she started going to customers and coming back to mine, but i mean as discreet as in tomorrow  i’ll attach a red light.
Eh bien i still respect her so much for that, because she was special, whimsy, capricious, hysteric, violent but respectable, only me that was only happy for not having to do something else than keep reading, the books not the sous entendre, it is why she was respectable, eh bien since her i know one thing is that this deals, even if i used to think that, normal, i care a little for the adult baby, never again  i’d accept even one uptieme of the penny or nature of this category, even from the what i have been thinking for ages could have been the one, never i would let anybody steal taking for pretense take care and likeness story. You see thank you to the puta. A lesson like that, no one had succeeded.
Manage to give me boundaries on my way and give way up to the dearest of my wishes- in front of this finding they would move on toward the needy, anyhow, love is this, fight and give that has, should, ought to be-even if only to think about your goddess will enable you to give the strength to the other wounded you might shelter when the weather spares yourself from rough unstay.
Since her i d always knew( or not-from the habits of more or less reliable forecastings) that i d be with a black man. A man it is when like for years i am convinced that no one will come after her, and that i will have to associate myself with a son perhaps, or the alike. Or a man could say that like i thing logical my wife would be as diverse and all that one,thus, may say. Black, well the skin, or the darkness, or the blood that in the vessels slay.
You know there are so many people who have an accident or even hurt themselves one day, badly enough for their fluid to show that innerly it never passed completely away.
You know. Even sometimes i think that one might have caused damage enough for being surprised to be there the day after, and one time the torpor that maybe it is a postponement a simple overdue protraction of existence, and at that times where and who is my con-science?

At the beginning i just wanting to say, it has been so many years that i tried to bar myself to reveal anything i do, and did, anything personal, the only part of my life personal i wanted to build after a while without Africa, my being a carer, my grotesque, enforced, unreasoned, tortured –but finally i learnt a little academic ways ok- consequential resuming of study from A. From i breathe it was animal rights and after human rights but i wanted to be a champ of going to place stricken by misery and give back to these person a ground where you can grow where you can pray, play, think and embrace, (embrasse in Franc), the sheer simplicity of making love to a soil and its respect. I did not know people could love poverty for others’ derision.

I have been spending year, hiding my activity, because my writing is enough for me to display and dissect. Also when i need to raise awareness issue about what happen to me, i won’t use the ‘i’  i’ll tell the story like if it had happened to someone i heard of.
I work in health and care and i heard of so many stories. Not mostly the ones that people have told me but the ones that are in the files to which i had access. And in all history, and in all family more than problems, dysfunctionment, sadnesses, but complete tragedy.
It is why today i started giving up more info that i am used to. Not comfy, not on this page, just like that to someone i work with or i share the room with, not because i felt like doing it, but just because a little voice incited me and that i say o.k let’s see, she was whispering, do it, open your stone. I opened it, and i reckoned why, because now i am writing to you these facts that are of no interests. Should i stay totally quiet if one day i ever enter a share relation in all promiscuity?
For you it is done, and the little voice that asks me to open it, will be reassure that if want to pronounce from now one it’d be to one that would feel or else keep it as she d me.
My mission won’t be never near being a success anyway. I spend my time reading, writing, never able to reread again, under the water each time one tries to do something a little properly and ensure its continuity. I ll die unfinished and nonetheless crying upon the wide open scar bladed torn that will leave my final sentiment being there enough to still tremble for the women that succour horrendous nihility, still there till the last moment when my body will take the movement of shaking its last memories of it, and knowledge that without life would have been a destroyed devil despair. My body revealing, confirming for the last tie to my conscience that it rather shackle from its wounds while it is only thinking to the reasons of its combat.
The day i caressed her and the moment 3 months after she told me she was pregnant after being unfertilized for years. The baby who i hardy saw, but to which for these scores of decades and i guess more so, i felt being its da.

Feeling so sorry.
Who is gonna pray for our souls.

On a last note, with encouragement.
sounds even more posted, mature.
Ok i ll try them thanks.

They are simple essays at poetry though, surely linked with well-being in some legisl-ligature.
I was giving, submitting to you my extra work, that is right but why would the ‘not endowed with all her faculties’ would be lurking for that?
By the way, I could have argued that was not private matters, but just an art snapshot. With the potential of become private, the day you would have queried, but should I have looked for your immediate involvement that I would not have so begun.
Enfin ok, tout est bien qui finira, bien.

Relations most of the time is with love and excitation but we said yes with the potential to nick on or the other life, so no.
And without love then the excitation is to the fresh meat, that you realize that is not fresh after all, ideal to vomiting as token.
Merci mon dieu que de joie ici.

You know why i was corresponding every day to such a degree, is that every word i d put somewhere for reporting to you it’d like to be.

By Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.
n.         1.         (O. Eng. Law) The lord's power or privilege of holding a court in a district, as in manor or lordship; jurisdiction of causes, and the limits of that jurisdiction.
            2.         An exclusive privilege formerly claimed by millers of grinding all the corn used within the manor or township which the mill stands.
Soc and sac
(O. Eng. Law) the full right of administering justice in a manor or lordship.    

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

In reference to what you say about origins of the word ‘soc-iety’.
                                                                                                   yet   Yeti.

You don’t have the rights to be gay.
Apartheid: no surprise they are killing each other.

That would frustrate me is that uni is a big resources opportunity, and you have to make the most of it while in it because after they close their doors to the outside. But then you have to build up your now library i suppose.
are you english?
there is no best evenings that the ones that will enable you to understand better tomorrow and adequately participate in.

It was not a problem calling it the lord.
As speaking to my wife, daughter or mother, the same orison.

My cat strokes me with his tail.

It is not a waste of time though to study the un, as the emblem of the wholesale political, civil and diplomatic agonizing vomiting pattern.

About pictures of previously raped and found naked body.
I think that the pictures, and i understand you use it as evidence, but i think that the photos of naked bodies would be ok if you show them no more than 4 seconds after claiming for the attention of the all audience, just in order us to understand, more time on it is in my opinion is pornographic, we, we, we, we, we, we, are despicable for those sinthu, we are.

To stay critical facing oppressors to one’s people but oppressive people within one’s battalion.
We know that rigidity might be the sole instrument to survival but.
Is it worth living in abandoning one’ s dignity.
And is the aim of the rising to be the next abusers?
maybe, and i think that also for you to remain critical to the whole process, maybe you could study a little bit in a comparative point of view. studying Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka dependency to other powers, in relation to Tamil condition. But i do think that one need as well documented info on the rest of the system in relation to the Tamil majority region.
With all my hear in being with you and with any discriminatorily oppressed people

Consider the environment. Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
There is all these funny policies of switching off the light, that of course one has to follow, only to be able to respect oneself.
But what are these promotions for policies that urge you to switch your veil while others , big others, are allowed and in front of the all public to let hundreds of bulb at night or eating energy uselessly, or one of those taps that vomit 2-3 liters of water each time you want to dip your hand, the amount of what is enough for a daily corporal wash when you don’t need the shower needed just when you are really dirty, I mean when you need to wash not to get rid of your natural protective oil and perspiration.
But who cares? Don’t appear like a shiny, the emblem of whose don’t respect the longevity of clothes or any other objects, and you ll be despised like are the others’ people lacking the basic substantial.

These monkeys are at once the ugliest
And most beautiful creatures on the planet.
They think they are superior because of using superlative
The monkeys don't want to be monkeys.
They want to be something else.
But they're not.

Am a vegetarian, because i d say if i kill animals then i d kill a human beings.
It is why i eat vegetables, they are from the other reign.
Also it is why i think that i am restrained in talking with a tree, because i know i eat their sistery.
At the end of my life, at last, i would authorize myself doing it, doing it meaning here really, purely, as now i am too afraid of my profanity.
I would die happy to stop the fact that i have to attack their souls, we die soon, the consequences of our decadence and decay facing our
Ta as thank, at for this.
Ta at.
At ta k.

Living for the potential partner, or improved version.
But fortunately, happily there are the mates, the others,
Or if not one would hang up.
                Par li amant.
In frech, for bed lover.
                 For bid
Lit = lie, reading

People that ask jesus for help.
Just ‘ve forgotten that it provided it already.
So on us, is the what is next.

Sports are also sexually based, cos don’t say that men can beat women because they could generally kill them in a ring.
As true capacity building on survival and life-proof and knowledge on killing are nor in ring nor in a field.
On martial arts.

History of abuses.
The other saying that you don’t reckon the cultural differences and the latter losing their minds in seeking about that so called mystery.

Loosing the plot when afraid of quitting someone.
Thesus, and Adriane.
Adriane, Adrienne.

I can recognize them as my child as they know that when I start being angry; they can go on being safe and settle.

In German, the name Edward means- Strong as a boar..
Or in English wealthy guardian.
Edward for me in English sounds like head wards.

To do an essay like before when we could not paste and cut, do it from the first time.
Meaning that you have to work at your plan, and revise it each time a paragraph is completed in writing.
a.e   advice essay. Assay, assez. Asseillez void donc, s’il vous plait.

10 days ago, there has been a rather serious row at the public library in the central library of walthamstow near the market place.
After these people throwing violently a chair and punching one man in the face up to make him bleed, i try and report it directly to the library staff.
after a good few minutes, i found amazing that no one came to take any comment and witness details on it.
there were at least 5 people who were on the side with the possibility of seeing what happened and whereas the all library could have heard the noise of this row, whereas someone was bleeding, whereas my calling for help and assistance, no one came to take more detail on that.

I will tell you know what is shocking, is that despite the cctv camera, despite the eyes witness- the library responsible said that he had not taken the witness details because you would treat that as insignificant- i though he was kidding me, but in fact it is the whole stuff that is not given a damn about, despite my callling the police to report that, it has been more than one week now, and no policeman has ever called me.
what do you suggest?

We like that nicking children, don’t we?
Driving the cars, water trigger, polluting everything with chemicals, letting the lights go on everywhere and without any fines. The lists of the poison we are delivering to the next generations, let’s not start to cry.
We like that nicking a child.

I think it is normal that u.k is not equipped, equipment are extremely expensive and extremely cumbersome for a country where the snow is a one week holiday per year.
if you ask me i d think that the cars should not be running but that for the rest of the year.

All end, he.

The longer term problem is that cars are, one of the among, at the origins of this ice melting south, and maybe the why the wind might be so icy. i don't know but if before you would have to bless, water, sun, wind, snow altogether, now what is gonna be the matter?

I was just kidding, but at the same time we never know, it could be like that, and i would not respect you less for it.

On discrimination ground fear.
yes, view the degree of unemployment no surprise, people want to move now.
the people from the east i work with, are support worker employee with psychology, social worker or psychotherapy degree...

Divorcing from a cheating wife? A night mare with an end.

On quitting, or not even attempting.
But unless you feel nothing or less for the person, i think that one always can build something as long as it feels right.
then after it is the degree of how much you can commit, through affinities, needs, wants, obligations...that will tell you don't go or the opposite better not insisting or developing.
What i d b afraid of in a relationship is ending doing stuff i don't like doing just in order to keep the relation going.

On commitment and saying no one, even one’s close buddy, to achieve one’s goal.

-“I know that my aim will take a lot of my free time thus it will be hard to develop any have friends but you don't feel guilty of not seeing them often and they understand...whereas if you are in relationship or just developing one, it takes a lot of time, it's like nurturing for a want it grow, you need to take care of it. But i am sure with the right partner it will be just fine! it always takes two not one person to make it!”

-yes take tow, two, how fucking difficult.
Well it is exactly what I think of my friend_.
In that kind of condition maybe things get easier if you get to do your obligations together, example reading, studying in the same room.
 it ok not to, if you want a simple pass time with someone but if you are thinking about relationship building then in order not to involve oneself in something you don't choose or will delay ya, i think that the better (vetter) solution for me is that.

Taboo of homosexuality in secluded community, where you have to be dependent of the others to survive, and swear allegiance at every level, in pretending that the other guys are demonized.
Taboo on homosexuality, of course, when you have to suck this way.

On war, females did not always send perhaps because one would fear they would not kill potential husbands.
Send me am a lesbian, I d kill for me, for homos, for my wife, my children, the laws, and equality, everything you want as for me what is not bro is the potential end of the ones I love and their liberty, included the ones of having me like another any another spousey.
As a male? Viva generale.

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