Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DELIVERANCE: III A crow and two dogs

A crow and two dogs

The strange impression that conveys percing a hold hole of a rabbit, the ar rabbit eyes, into the clay.
When shaping a rabit already appearing in the ckay clay, and forcing in it a eyes that make it see and be seen as an hart would say.
Say, slay.

Nan and pan

Don’t kill me if you have been more than it.

Compel completetly competitively sue so use

ea reason
‘ea’, heart shaped?

E terre.
He terre.
To salut and worship earth like god itself.


Like actors that defend themselves to be gay in the slightest while they are pay to play ‘gay’. Writers academics cautioned books about homos, while they are hiding their homophobia, whence their not queer but bizarre way of hailing us.
Careful to the authors’ conviction even when they are supposed to respect (or to know) at all the title of their subject. Cos they do not. Also they aren’t.
I mean it is still ok I write about Asians if I am not, but better my audience knows I am like a racist, playing being Indians extremists, or an objective scientist…

When the poet or the thinker go and search, capture or translate certain sound and sound reasoning that are here and there and all ways navigate.
Immortality of the letter.
Letter = lettre in French l’etre = the being.
Lite        rate.
Lie Tera.
Caption captured.
Vulture. Or carion whom does not diplay indeed the one phrase of verity that life inspired, that life is inspiring.
And dead all around as if the letter aren’t followed, then the second one would not be discovered and nothing delivered.

aren’t Arendt,
Art tempt.

The breast and the fascination of being bred and fed, an rise and wise to the corps defendant of mummy.
Killing sensuality. The rapport of the body and the etreinte as well as to know the sr strengh and far fragility of the flesh we would have to defnd till your corpse to reincarnate and devor for vengeance can only. Core elapse. Pale stupor and male candour fronting the duties of slaying what injured their mummy immu


Peole upholding ‘deteriorating beliefs’ just to get the money out of it. What to attack? Ep people, beliefs or money out of it???
Deter, terry, tory.

We have been as intelgi intellign enough to produce are arms so we ought to be, we must be intelligent enough to circumvent the need of their being used.


Irk op.

Empah emphaty might be used due to not loving or due to not being close enough to the person in pain or to the pain itself.
It is not because it happens to you but because I can feel it happening to me, or at least feel some of it.


What about the civil means and capacity, when civil and political rights are affirmed but what about their real possibilities?

His hos.

From the shape of a torn, rent, rented heart, hole in a fabric, the jaw of a demon through its being worne and seen, and the mood of the day.

At last.

Families values as it is the worse attack that anyone can have one any one. That is to attack their children or their parents. But what about parents molesters and abusers that are in fact legitimised by being untouched and let being abusers by the state. Ki like if thy had the state consent.

S also when start abuses, when allegation of abuses and enforcement of fahsion and manner start being abuses?
People have different manner to intereact socially without meaning harm. Ex people who talk less, who groom less…

If think that to open common institution is the way to manage an average coountering extremism.
To take one example, some could see as trivial, Make sure children know the alternative and can do plenty of chatting if they want in case they be got mute parents. Contrarily open institution with quiet and silence place when the child want it. For it s own studies or activities.
But this example just a example of the whole range of skills.

Se se sweet, wet,

The guiding, quizzing, kidding, question.

Beach or a bitch or a bee.

rag you down half eaten, no more bitten. You cannot hold a rodeo. And e certainly not onto.
It is exactly like the roe rodeso, rodeos, you don’t really understand why it does not ls last o longer, one before trying it, tow two before ra realising that a horse ultimately would turn her nect neck towards you, bite your foot and thigh and d

The extrem danger that represent ‘equalitarian rights’ if not right but pretext to vulture the work and needs for integrity, safety, and privacy asked for creation and simple production.
One’s own life story.

The neo liberals need the cultures to keep on teaching human rights abuses, to develop their fascists sides, in fact to modernise beleifs that could have been fighting old contingencies

Mob, bom, baum.

the bi victims
bic tims, bic teams.
Bic = goat.

Most of the people in the game, in fact, all that aren’t politics but just here to take money out of the bounty.
If they were truly conviced in politics they would go for establishing something real, not a cineam of sweet destruction. Or less sweet when out of the ‘arena’’

Llat. Late.

The population held and expected to do nothing about crimes that are in fact crimes against humanity, with death threat.


Comment on autism. People never stopped saying that there is an absent of affect in people with autism, I think it is betraying them.
And also you said that acting is more a physical than a psychological thing. though autism demonstrate physical fight it is very psychologic and mental activity, boiling over also because the reality of the mental reality is not recognised by other people. it is maybe why you may not see how someone with autism love (in case love is possible- parents do not seek love infallibly) you and have affect for you.

And what affects and is affecting and how it does, and what shape and transfiguring her

Life is a stage, and we have to be extremely careful to comedy of all styles.
Life an illusion is grave enough without living, leaving, for an illusion, which is the equal or equivalence to insert oneself into the dead.
It could be even don done scientificaly? Con scientally as a psychic and mental total display br  be replayed.

For me it is clearly a religious film, cult, poetic and mythological.

Here my story.
Ranger, regn ar.

Not recognised when alive, artists are pillaged after their deaths, as one has not to pay them, one has not to illuminat, illustrate, inspire them; as art is subersive.

The academics or journalists as remote from the communities. Detached? At least when denouncing serious stuff not under direct and daily threateings and warming and pointing. We know, we all know where you work and live, sort of things.

Elli ot.
Elli as.
Ass hot.

My employee.
My own prey.

And what if satan was wary to serve as a scapegoat and bear the guild guilt of the whole humanity and of some of its pe pseudo followers or detractors particularly?

Recurrent politeness have been invented in order to prevent the victims of abuses to use violence to stop them. And then hopefully for them to find valid, durable solution, not escalation and solve or stop the rpoblems.

Shift, fit, fish, fit ish, fetish, chief.

I will miss sleeping with you, sensing you are here for me, even if you do some snoring.

Without your body lying, smooth like cream, poisonous when stops the dream. for who, for whom, life will go on. for what, by what shall we fight, or stay back. or to and why would or will I be borne? and reborn the miss mac. mick mack (French expression meaning dangerous disorder, confusion)

Hey babe it is just writing that, nothing with a stating, truthful to our situation meaning. It is the sould soul forever erring. Forever and ever but one day stop the dream, as one day stops the scheme. And no god told it to little rascals that kill.


The artist is the one taking the time and endeave to glance and train not to lose one chane chance, chanel of the could or the cloud, the bottle half ull full of visquous laine transo ta transform into so many other shapes and chain.
In chain are broken when one can witness that everything and object to the living and beating to the heart of the soul, the one, with multi, and all our heads and check.
and check

Was walking with the uniform corresponding to its religion of birth, playing the perv, like that if he was aggressed it could say it was a sort of ‘racism’.

Dressing like traditionalist and riding brand new state of art automobile.
In every plate eating.

A nice nazi. And other oxymoron.
Occider. Occire. Oxide.


this summer.
the guy passed insulting comment at my face instead of introducing himself.
I knew something happened because radio super super outloud in the parking, just knock twice and he was about to go.

another guy, another time from dpd just gave my parcel to the wrong person, not to the standardist.

I was gay and recall the fake affection or at least mievre attention that some of the pop people gave me. Offusking themseles if I was not seeing my life to thank warmly for it. Because and older in particular maybe would not let me. Pit picturing me with a love in my life.
Also the remarks graveleuse, saying about any of the opposite sex, animals included, that it is was the path naturel.

‘nonpenal commissions
Non penal, as penalty or pen or penis.

Could strabism originate from the eyes ball of the skull are larger than the face ‘ skin’s shaped and shaping organ?

The eyes if mirrors of the soul, are what can be detected when or during observation or having spotted another being, as they gleam , it s vitrious liquid agains t the light.

That the rain do not stop from going anywhere. The color of the skies and the parfum of the earth right under my nose, fan flapping my face, embaulming the air.

If I have the opportunities to rent a room or a flat while being sure my neighbourgs’ are as much silent or quiet than mine. Because a visceral need of human and other creature is to preserve themselvs from nois pollution.
We would be sure because we would grop between people that accept to respect the noise leve. L.
People likeing making noise together. Maybe they would enjoy less if the people around where doing the same. As for the one who really enjouy noise then good luck to them, no I meant, who really enjoy noise, the paradise then, they would not have to produce it all.

If I ah had this oppurtniintes , if I had the opportunities of not having to use all mysalaries to pay myself my free time = tranquility. Even my  whole salary cannot enusre it.
If I could be quiet, I would like when I am in the street people laugh, talk, sneering evne thn.

Actor, accord, tor, tort, cord.
Accent, access, excess.

Most mornings, almost all 5 am in the stable beginning, to have to work a horse for them to help to cumm commute and render the having to have roads networks its liberty. Around goats, rabbits, birds … for the family to be completed or in the way. Idyl.
A life of spirituality, of intense rapport, relation to the instinct to the innee.

Animals do kow know when death ahs come, they are by the nature of their thousands fold skills able to sense that life has gone.
The behaviour of staying with one’s parents or cubs even when the corpse are decaying, are or the manifestations of wn wanting them to come back, waiting and praying and ensuring oneself than none can be done abou ti: hoping.
Or a manifestation of mourning.

What would you do without books or tv and none helping you physically with disposing withing the fram of religious ritualistic pardon and god for eternity appeal.
In fact ritual and mental help are available certainly, just it is the nature not the caretaker that gather the dust of the lost body.

Paid job: exploitory.
Unpaid, voluntaree action trying to be benevolent. But said to be no job due to their being no paid. Crime, crook institution.


My plantar fascis, sole of my feet having been torn by inappropriate shoes with al lot of walking. Treeker but too old, too loose, feet nai navigating.
I feel now the need, recureent at moment to have it. It my feet. Plastered or narrowly dressed and pressure, at the medieval Japanese fashion maybe. The one that was used as an element of torture.

Humans will become weaker as they were supposed to maintain ‘their’ = the environment they are in, and they are partly aware of, without damaging it.
The activities that they were supposed to accomplish in order them rent to earth be complete, will miss, and whatever is surrogate, added, ‘created’, their not wanting to be in harmony with the others, all others, these others in the view of being in harmony to all others to, will create a gap and no tricks will do.

Art is in sciences that it is to watch, admire a stalagtite here I unchanging s for thousands of years, and yet perceiving it moving.

To the predator, having the skills to detect a sould soul in place where for eyes and other sense it would become impossible.
To have to train in even darker.
To feed oneself, life is not facile, spiritualy speaking. So whenever comes the cah chance of prd predatory ceasing- taking.
Have, haven.


economic halt. Heath.

If we are coming from a cell, a fhi, a fish, a bird, a chimpanzee, well killing them is parenticide.

Howdy lady.
How are you
How         dy.
Are you = dy

Lay and hatch.
Lay down.
Put down.

Ni noc and knon knok knock.
Es.     E’s’          S

  The way she devil are presented as vicious and he devil as potent.

Red dator.

To be a generalist, as these knowledge are needed to not manipulate but pin more little circumstances.

Nnnnnnnnnnn et ego.
Tiate. Ate, it,
ne got, tog.

Fun, found, bottom,  dam.

Rule of law: ROL –
Or politics, POLL
Poly, polite.
Roll and pole. Pull.


To be at the c receiving end of pseudo information, no really checkable, nor exhaustive, as initiate by an agnet agneau, an angen agent in the hiding.
Hi den, hi ding.
Filter by the agents, and after y by the academics having it a go, to transcript in poo politicaly correct and academic correct and payable, noe moneyable, pubh published by zero.

) Which UN body deals is mandated with responsibility for refugees? How is it funded?

The United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, which depends on voluntary donations from member countries

 Here one of my item on schools and paedophilia.
School total passivity and dismissal of the problem (and all other domestic abuses -under private law, hidden by a culture of abuses legitimation. Abuse your kids they will do the same in their profession, gathering good even if cannot be dire dirtier money). Paedophilia is of course one of the worse crimes than can ever be perpetuated, and also the worse offenses one can be accused of, (it is why gay people are targeted as being pedo, like if it was a casual accusations, because there is no worse curse or allegations)- while social sciences statistics (thank to these stats, amazing, i mean it’s paralysing) reveal that paedophilia is in fact widespread in heterosexual society.

Real mourning may lead some individual, indivisible, to yell and howl like the wold wolk f when crying. When they are crying.
Indi visible.
Inee indeed.


Trauma after another trauma, and then obb obsiouly after you crack.

We cannot live without love or passion, that is just human, not humane.

themsl elves

Justice versus stability.
Stability stab.

Versus, us serve.

Human rights have no master than nature and human in a way that no institution can say to represent human. Institutions the poor results of them fighting back and tied. Humanity, Whom himself cannot represent the divine.

Roll. Role.
El or. Low.

Wt wet compared to dry.
Secretion outside, or unwashed, scad. Scab.


Parent, spare, pare, para.
Parity, par. Part. Apparence. Parence, paresse.

Nar, near, ran.

A son
August, sept, oct, nov.

March, april, may.


June, july

Date, J, feve
Dec, January, Feb.

Feve? Fever?

High pressure e water pai passing through matter to ar air.
Produces the noises and whistling of birds intonation, shapr sharp and twittety manner. Appeal of the wide,
Of the wild appeal.

Pale, o paple palpe, ape, pape,

From this tiny hole whistling at me, a bird is born, my company. A discussion as in these sounds is not noisy but appealing articulate- identity, I dent e.t.

Discrimination, decimation.

Strang le.


To say that this constancy might be amazing is the exact right way to put it.
Politeness, double entendre, and the hope of goodnessly.

Build, guild.
Guild, guilt.

Main manicure.
Manic cure.
Manure. Manner, MAN.

Replicability of a species study.
The strange, similarity, replicability of a species. Everyone iwht 5 fingers, toes, and QI, conscience of environment and other species.
Replicat, republica.
Pub Publish,

Fee affre,

From what kind of regimes and situation to what gooas goas.goal.

Self-determination (group or state rights)


Limen, liminal.              Minimum.
Bid, lib, dine.

Liminal states, or Liminal sleep.

li·men  (l
n. pl. li·mens or lim·i·na (l
The threshold of a physiological or psychological response.

[Latin l, threshold.]

lim·nal (l adj.

My job.
A job, ‘my, a vicious little job’. Whatever that small.

To be called the helper just like under apartheid America or south Africa by the social services, mon Coeur, moqueur.

Decent living.
Devious deceit.
Decidedly Decadent.


Cream, crema-thor.

The only way one can understand people treating people like shit, is that they hold the believes that one can be slaves to d serve an higher purposes. That they are food eaten to suit for example space shuttle. It is hilariously delusionary and we found less emotive than the first of the robots finally.

I think that what has been called natural rights and natural law is beyond positive law at anytime. It is intrinsic to human nature, I think that in spiritual term it is also the duty we have to protect life as life has been given to us. And to protect life from being injured.
 Also everyone has it. And it is of everyone duty to enforce it for everybody else.
What has been called natural law by most people. It used to be the referential term for a higher law beyond human legal, cultural, political, traditional system. But I might be wrong thinking that this definition is the most common one.

Everything has been written but not every has been read.

In my mind, hose. Ose.

On demo and informed opinion
There is ‘informed’ oi opinion, pinion, ‘experienced’ opinion, ‘truthful’ opinion, ‘straighforwards’ opinion, ‘considear derate’ opinion

Excuse the mixes of subjects, I have no time to categorize them. Also I think the holistic approaches a necessity and find solution only in them.

Holistic, holo.

The elites that are only to be educated and produce academic work or structures policies and politics only to suit discretedly, whence the critic academic permissible as long as they cannot investigate proper the issues they raise just only a tiny little bit, supported by the evidence of common sense but none tangible, as the system suit.

A twilight that still a wait to be ardent and red.


In our expressions, we for form the multi headed, polyhidra of a unit expenseable and as diverse as our intimate paradise (as) have of honest and beneficial to all, not to most.


The need of art, literature, to remind the psy, the pw psyche, the supernatural and its superiority. Supersede.
To remind and recall.

Project, rocket.


U said entire; it is why it is mysterious, it is not because it is overwhelming that it is entire. Thoughts and minds as (like) we know them, even though mystic, does not give themselves. And have a behind that we would die in religious and rituals to try and call and ask them.

Sis, emen, amen.



nem·e·sis  (n
n. pl. nem·e·ses (-s
1. A source of harm or ruin: Uncritical trust is my nemesis.
2. Retributive justice in its execution or outcome: To follow the proposed course of action is to invite nemesis.
3. An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.
4. One that inflicts retribution or vengeance.
5. Nemesis Greek Mythology The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance.

Bsf bad decisions, still appear to be polti political when bad decisions are made thorough the spectrum. What makes human a bad ass, bad animal.
bad ass,
DE Ass. sad.


Tokp, took, hook.
Loophole and hoopla hoop.

Trauma, tram.
Rope, trop,
Trump, trunk.

Lag legal
league. Lead.

Lies, seil.
Seil, seuil, = threshold in French, tres hold,

Seil, seal.

Trauma after trauma after trauma. Being forced living with former abusers left unconvictd. And the psychologist and philosophers areound making sure every one is behaving.
One can murder someone because of trauma developing in out-of-ordinary, or very stressful conditions, because of an altogether changing mental state. And regret one’s act and try to dedomage, to redeem. Also one may commit crimes because of a social situation, out of real or really pre perceived threat, as denfense or pre-emption. But some abuses are committed out of an exploitory mind, in order to comple, in order to get money or exploitory power out of threats and threats commited, exectuted. Plan mis a exectu execution.

Her texts concentrating on what the cat she lived with could think.
One of this blog I hadn’t bookmarked, for always busy, always rushy, and a new eternet explorer. But one blog that revolutionised me as she could think of the thoughts of her cat, that since being me, with my limited range of concerna and d worries, I could not have detected.
The thought I know are in mine, the cat I know, I brought up, I ma fre friend with, or just the one of the neighbour I still vo covet and regarding; is only the thoughts that are already in me. Unless the cat decide to offer some of his, but for that one needs attention, fate junction or affection simply.

Mule, mutilate,
Moon light.

Ami aims only

l ike
lil, kil


On your first paragraph, I feel that there are too many questions you rhetorically asked and that stay unanswered.
Otherwise, i found your article original, with element coming from various viewpoints and concerns, - pleasurable to read.


Unabling) unbalances


Victim, tim, team, teem. tor, trop

The logics of universality. Let it happen there and here will reign. Let people treat females like prostitutes and it is prostitutes too that males will become. Beach, beacon. Becl beckon bacon.
Male. Le el am. Elle am, she they are.

Is human rights regimes and geographic, economic, political human rights disparities another form of apartheid?

Problem this urge to integration, to reach the same conditions and opportunities that ‘best served click’ negate the debate to focus on the correlative human rights duties that has to fight people abusing their opportunities and do not manage their freedom with responsibilities, or simply to become the masses whose behaviors are endangering universal rights (ex: pollution, surconsumption, talk about br growth without enquiry about working conditions or sustainabilities…) alienated choice, mad result.

App terre C.ET: but what if r(ig) rights are in fact privilege = abyss abey arm arise abuse of acquired power we which the law lava lama and politics backed.

App ter C Individualistic so not maybe too normative, too much shaping enforced identity, standardisation of needs and will…
But not at the image of every person , just example of few reaching mediatization, mediation, medicalization. No from being a medium, and work one’s rights with several agencies, but just being the subject of the media, the press, to be publicisized.

App ter C Rights could be human beings centred and just trying that people do things for or help another person. It does not seem to incorporate duties, that is before the breach of human rights occurs and not involving compulsorily intersubjective relations. How could we stop transnational corporations or other entities, all other entitites to kill animal or biosphere with the system of (individual to individual) rights only?
Exempt the state from its major, monopolistic function, to regulate ‘moral person’, institution.
Or to intervene (just if it was new) when victims networks that is too late. Followed by a change in the way corporations breach rights, unregulated yet again. Flee.
Breach, breathe.

Politic, hope.
Po            op

App  t  C.ET: what about the expressions of rights that are legal or titles as human rights and are in fact biased enforcement, a way of another enlarging gaps.

Scourge such as machism or its equivalent feminine, as to be eradicated as it has for du fundations to reproduce oneself as the same view one has one what must be a man, on what must be the quality that permits one to take the piece.
It is a self servicing attitude producing only clone of what the complex ability of nature know of what universe and universality mean, and their means to radiate and progress.
Such attitude hold on the betray of this evolution and the fear that inspires unstabilities and inequalities and how people might tipple, tip off, might decide to destroy as they cannot get more of their systematic betray, diminshment of meaning and of themselves.
Beat ray.
And enlightment.

One day humanity will have to look after the robots and try to inspire ethical actions, as humanity need robots and their sli skills and knowledge, their force and power, while they need them to be humane in the sense of universal good potentially and more than potentially good, more than humaned but good.
And good only, or not no more human.

Abode, abbey, abide.

Mot = word in French.
World row. Lord.

Aimer une femme jusqu’au matin, juste, jue jusqu'à aller au confins.

I have loved many people,
But for you to have given, lived, and died, de die my life.
The ray of love I’ve had. Not have but seen, and reel till.
Now norway, island, cannot be cold, cold a can’t be.
Colder. Older. Soldier.
Sold. Loss. Doss.
Doze, douce


They say broken, when it’s shattered.

In life you need to establish an account to onels one’s souls as one know that life is always to short to accomplish what one knows as has to be done for the skis skies to pardon.

Religions as a way of remembering history, and key events supporting behavior perhaps likely to give a future to humanity when the expression of a fight and daily prayers towards solidarity and the recognoisance of a supreme authority rendering human responsible for its ongoing and potential, foreseable but not redressed failure.

Mob embodies.

Older age permit the brain to pass through doors of conscience without having to think or experiment it, just be there as a pioner of warming a path and a spot maybe, awaiting to be discover.
To stop being creative or inventive, calculating or building, to just be mer more than proding ubut being . the probe being. As one will never know the calculation more than the computer. The result may be delivered but the process, will, never.

c2: yet again could lead to unproportionate power. Ex a very potent judiciary without other element constituent of an healthy, balance society. Good health, promotion of art, sciences serving sustainability. Human rights at work and within the production process.

Int       App   t       c: As for cultural res relativism, there should be a stop at neutrality impunity?

App t         Perpetrators before hidden and masking their acts, and now could start justifying and for example make atrocities a cultural traits that has to be unchallenged.

Called adult (firms, a whole multi-billions industry) films being sex of just above coming of age children or adult playing’ acting? being 16 or under. Directed since their most tender, and torn)

Work with agencies for months whose staffs I hear off by phone only, that I have met for interviews once, and hw whom I won’t go to the annual party, for fear all my good work could go on being ridiculised in a single hurry, hungry accolade sad reunion retrouvailles, there is nothing to say about the job or the one you do or the one you don’t do or the ones that you should but cannot even quoit quote or note in undertone scarcely and in loud tone never.
And then what is left of an awareness or a counsciousness when all is shushed and hush and tabooi.


Of assumption
umption, pre emption.
Ion,    pion.

South African consulate phone, free line, advertise on website,  when dialled trigger ‘the number you have dialled has not been recognised’
There is limit in administration minimalist endeavour. Democracy.

Impost, post, impostor.
Impose, impossibilitiy.

that the rule of law is ‘in short, one law for all’.
app  t  : which ensure the democratic process and decision to be even, proportionate and done, thought by all and for all.

Could go against political agenda,  c what people would like to be already legitimised and beyond any claims new institutions, since after all, new regimes are made with people sometimes from the old regimes more or less directly, and always from the same people that were under and were obeying, contracting formely with old regimes like any other citizens had, by the very fact that he was fitting in the system. 
From this question about limited conception of democracy, that sort of polarised and simplified agreement that citizens have made, giving birth to states action supposedly 



Tria. Trier = sort out.

Dark against blank, ink and scriptures resembles carving coming from beyond or below or under.
Blatant. Latent.

Trousers? hwere?

Trou = hole in french

Here, were, where.

Ge bou
Je bous.
Joie bourre.

Oi bourges.

Joie rob.
Joie job.
Roi joue.

N azareth.
Terre raz.
Hasard, ha lizard.

A dament, adament, dement, ment-al.
Mentor, mount, monture,

C.ET: paradox paradigm

Who will be able to dispute court’s or gvt or international or local communities to amnesty someone guilty of unprovoked murders. On top now the new technologies real absent during mass murders could play towards the murderers being in villa savoring their crimes and the money it brought to them, or the degree to which other people have to work for them or surrounder to them, encircled by camera now ready to throw anyone suspected of going against ‘the established’.


Amnesties, ties.
Amnesias, see ya.

T       What were the situations before events, violence preventive or other violences?
A lot is a said about the dram a of one single story told much impact than statistics. But that arguably is when one does not know about the sufferings. To write that does not talk about the very victims knowing, or the ones, in a less significant way, that were here to help the victims, or in fact even to the perpetrators or by standers. The witnesses.

Who is judging who
App t     when crimes where normality or to escape a way or another. In compliance partly. Also in such a system one might start treated everyone just like if tomorrow they have the weapons and the will to be the abusers.

States that could be imperiled.

Hier, ash.
Hier, higher
Hier = yesterday in french.




Hire, hierarchic
And pimp puta.

Mat, mate.

Tru ama
True     ma
Troup, trump, trap, triumph.

Tama, tame.


Us de.
De us.
De Us.


Crucial role of the law.
Rule of law

Adress and redress.



individual powers left alone to ask higher institutions, be them states or corporations, communities, or councils, to act in accordance to everyone rights.
C.ET: could that mean that we create a system where your voice is heard when you kick the state out of its misbehavior to you. As an individual king but not likely to endure as states won’t hear or will go away and let us with no law more than the complaint process. Without structure preventive and equalitarian actions, justice will become a X factor lotery in which players would go to be abused thinking they can redeem it and lawyers for lost causes, with honorable law to abide for will (e) be paid.

Will, vile.

On rights on their own easily subversive, submersible.  People need to fight for something. Human rights leading to all sorts of freedom.

conflicts hann happened, unwinded
wi wounded

but through
butt rough


act         u            ally

So confiscated.

Conditions upon which will stand the renew ‘democratic morality’

Th – ro – rough.

Cake care.

The justice of penury or controversly, when it is not ‘due’ or g legitimise by powe poverty. Why people sety set yp up in view of increasing gain game.
Of beliefs??? Would be erase. Of people hiding under pretense of beliei bely belie believing. Liebe.
To emphasize penury must not be used as a way of ending the most serious effort at trials, but you can understand through them, how shortage of means could bring more injustice, and perhaps magnify mockery and travesty. Even though those ‘shortcoming’ are ‘hopefully’ restricted to happen in a very marginal proportion, it has to raise the alarm on how possibly justice could be used through complot also to imprison innocent men.  
deemen deemed
dee men.
Demand, domaine.
Demain, deux amin nai and mains, = ahd ah hand.
Ninh ninja, nain = dwarf.

deemen deemed
de men, domain.
Dome hen.

And end.

Demean demeanor.

Men, nem.

Trempe = french to be beaten up, or to be hardened up. Also wet with water.

Dud judges

Conflicts hang add ah hand happened
Age. Appendre, dependre, Apprendre.

Incriminate or discriminate

States, and head of states
Octave offtake rotates. Sake, sec.

That That

That hat
Ate , hate, hate = haste in French,          halt, haste. Este.

T he nic.

c decline? Just in neo liberal transition whose effect is not shown as we are not entirely under neo liberal domination, not yet.

Und er.
Und her.
Hound her.
Here, her, air. Hi, hair.

Al et alternatively
A let.


Dur comm e le bois.


Some cah challenges are presented as being partiuclar to transitional society but are in fact specific morr mirroring of other soceity, ‘dominant other international society’.
C.ET: or generally even in high structured europe, people conning other people are just not sued or investigated because of the lack of will of the judiciary to go into proper enquiries.

Historically expending maybe attenant to the more established and respected sovereignty of states, policies helping populations going through period of regimes overthrow or reshuffled after period of intense armed conflicts under the globalisation of state democratisation accompanied participation had to occur.

= the weakness of minimalist level of accountabilities.
C  Contrarily to establishing maximum trial at punishment of crimes or really installing equalitarian and human rights laws that would encounter strong resistance or vandalism leading to instabilities.

No constrain to fare better,   objective retain power.

Who did it, who abbate it. Whos stand by it? Who is up to lie??
What the situations were?

Is justice possible in the first and second instance
Conc 1          what will rest at the nerve of the debate is to know how to jauge intention, will and possibilities for future peace, and justice. While justice for recent crimes must happen as quick as possible, as long as these process might be done with professionalism and very deep and recoup studies and investigations to prevent miscarriage of justice, mistreatment of innocent to occur. On the other side, transitional justice might not be only conceptualised as an emergency set of trials and truth commission, but as a long-term establishment of democratization. Just like amnesties that are temporary, still obvious misconduct within the states or civil societies, or the power under forms of privileges of money permitted by past atrocities and injustice, could be at one point the object of contention. Perhaps here one can see the problem with a redistribution discourse that would permit potentially the displacement or replacement of privileges, or their extension rather than the tackling of them to occur or be the object of competition.

Reparation thought as money but why about some sort of positive actions where people would be helped rebuild their lifes, job ensured of non-discrimination.
But could jobs be the next posts for exploitation and polarisation?
Then why this emphasize, thei s prioritarisation on eco?

Could have moderate approach not been one of the cause of dramatic upfolding. Consesnus with spoilers. Would  be a spoiler not a means to raise social standing – work against peace, exploiters, and be considered as an important piece, because of intending to ruin good intent. So keep the spoiler low as they would threat to try harder if not bribed. Would it be not an incentive to the threat long term?

2 cl
Why would transition emphasize human rights law if demo don’t.

After having been treated by this member of the family suggesting that she was a prostitute, the family themselves cauching coaugh her into respecting him/her and stay calm, even though confuse and infantile, and nice or at least in the best of disposition, or just so under radar a propos former condition and exposition = uncritical, inconditional.
And the second part arrive when one thinks that they have secure your obedience, and when they think you are nice while knowing more about the back ground that you have to stay nice to this pede.
They stat start treating you with ‘volupty’. Now you are not the bad and a shameless prostitute that deserve a beat up , but are or gradually will have to become the one that will sleep with them, the that wil wth will play their dulcine. Their destine.
Dull cine.

I d like to but it is still overwhelmingly confused.

I should not have studied the neo liberalism approach, because even though it was very interestingly written, I had not gathered many information I was not aware of beforehand or that I could exploit or explore in my essay that try to be about the partiality and incompleteness of TJ.
all the same, I will have to keep that part, because it is the one I already wrote before acknowledging my poor choice, my redundancy.
I know I haven't linked my material and information together enough- but the job is done. good lesson for the next one.

Superfluous f;ui
Flou = vague.

Bizarrely it takes to know, and maybe after many years, that one has been themselves regarded as hated, hating, disturbed or whatever was at stake or whatever was interpreted or translate or misread, by others. That one understands better one’s destiny and the fate that have shaped it, and us by the ay way.
Many read, and reas reading?


Prayers are done, in knowing that our feelings cannot transport us far enough for the misery we intimately know be supprimed eradicated, not suppress but submitted for the god make possible that every one of us interpret.
T o proay for being heard by the next generation.


Feel (loto) sphere
Feel, low, slow, loss. Soul.
Soul. Solu-----

Die rect.
Rectum, rectify.

Terre mine.


Gin, geese. Ni, nis, niais. Deny.
Or hog.

About me

deal odd dodo.
Favorite Movies
Favorite Music
Favorite Books
dike,dick,dika, dicka, dikou, dickou, diki, dicky, dickey, dikey.faune, faony, dickum, dickae,dicum, decay, dico. and all other pussy,pussies. beware, if I might be as well conceited. & dikey offer for you to findit. Fine it. Finit.

Doe, done.

Not a hint, not a Hine
A servant; a farm laborer; a peasant; a hind.
Bailiff, herd, nor other hine.

The triple idiot, that are so much of cons, that they manage to operate a salto, through the disbelief all around that bear their eccentir eccentricity, that ain’t one but just to flare up onto the noise of everybody.
Head, behead.

Po nds    pods,
pen, pan, end, nods.

pervy (perky purvey)

labour (lab or)

It is only intellectual honesty to leave after every lecture, 5 to 10 mn brief, for students to ask question or to simply question the lectures, or add information that is felt to be lacking, any reasons that make learning and discussion progress. And can fight the narrative in which everyone is and has to be. The narrow narrative imposed by ‘art of the dissertation’ itself (or almost holocaust).

The narrow narrative imposed by ‘art of the dissertation’ itself (or almost holo cause).

The catch is that one will indebt oneself to pursue studying but when he/she will graduated, they will have no choice but to obtemperate for their employers to employ them.
will have no choice but buy.

Collins 2014
intransitive verb Verb Table
  1. to obey
obtempérer à [ordre] to obey [injonction] to comply with


ob- temperate, temperature.
Tempest, french is tempete [pry pet].
T’aime Pete.

Ban, c beak,
Bank ban. Banner, bad manner.

Not kind king, but (Din- much ado, Dean – D (the mark and brand) in) kind of king.
One day, banks, in fat fact anyday, can start asking for student’s intelligence to be tested. These tests would only test the king kind of intelligence bank and other (part, parent, party) partners are seeking, leaving the others (types of intelligence or capacities) without higher education and idea on how ‘higher’ discourses, knowledge and information are distributed and formatted. Being put in the categories that have been voted out, casted out the higher education system.

One se see sees.
se see sees
In French that means see oneself. Se see. Si, si.
one sees.

whatever (hells) else

Soul shell s-hall sell

You offer and soul shell s-hall sell your soul for nothing (but them)
soul, mind and peace, both of them.

On lecture: in this uni, one is free to walk in, as it should be in any cultural center that is not preaching death, or death to the one that want more than being a serf at the service of the one that has rendered education a luxury that only middle (callous) class can afford at the price of their economy.
To pay university this price and to annihilate the possibility of extremely specialized people, credited with a layer of diplomas, abling (cabling, aiming, ball, bailing- I dream of snow bale) them to multi disciplinary = to transcend = to exchange.
Dignity not deign

End madrassa mascara.

Human rights could be shaped to be offered in sacrifice.

How to be let perish in good condition. Residential homes or their being absent or small unit without exit from the dormitory dortoir= coc doctor.

To thrust as in order to enter the arms she offered while being ones own arms over ones own head looking down, and then protected and managing to sense some warm, not cessing even modest, howl and cry.

To touch oneself thinking irreducibly to the one that let you be her intimate or approach intimacy, that let you be.
To touch oneself like hers, the same body.

Secretes secretary.

Sac, sanctifier.

Faute, fost, frost.

What I don't like is you saying that the rich dog get good food. so what would you do to the dogs if they weren't rich? When I say ‘I don’t like’ is in fact an attenuated way of saying ‘what is not likeable’.
But it is like that that western society is abused or abused itself is that I have to go all individual and consensual, all emotional and privy in order not to assert this universal truth, that you don’t like dog, as dog is god, as much as anybody. One starts bully animal society in vain, in waiting to bully any other human being or any ideas, just (off and over) for the sake of it. Jealousy.

what do you mean by strong, you mean the bully?
Are still bull with their balls?
Apparel, pareil.
Par ail,


Zoo, zozo

If the brits write ‘gentleman’ in their adds, just be careful. Not in the sense of full of care, but maybe just be ware not approaching the bachelor degree of despair.

an·o·dyne  (n-dn)
1.  Capable of soothing or eliminating pain.

2.  Relaxing: anodyne novels about country life.

1.  A medicine, such as aspirin, that relieves pain.

2.     A source of soothing comfort.

C.ET: in French anodin, means mundane.
And mundane ‘mondain’ means socialising around, bourgeois, rich, business orientated partying.

I like researching, profiling and would matching skills and personality compatibility to jobs or teams.

Hel ath. Arth and ash.


The al hallucinations, or the thing one perceives while others don’t or don’t entirely or produce other reactions to it, so that the perceptions differ taking others path of ‘chin chains reactions’
Will conduct people to be misunderstood, or understood only partially or if understood ask kkkkkkkto leave the room as other people are doing something else than this = than entering certain word or state of mind, thought , emotional, img imaginative, conceptual … word.
So one will fe flee others’ presence as what is overwhelm ing or more than welcomed, desired, or wondering, the object of wonder or the subject of responses, the start of question and beginning of different reasoning.
Flee others presence, no, only to meet the fantastic fantasy and jouissance of all sense that we do no know we had but could have been ready to utilise. To utilise it. Utility. Tui lity. Twee light.
Utility, ilit.
Ligit, legal.

Ity, ET


DISTRIBUTED: Not amongst the politicians and co, is what i meant.

When it comes to Euroscepticism what do you think about the veracity of the problem ‘whether or not massive amount of money (and less massive, money in general) are wisely and fairly spend and distributed towards human development and not detrimental economic overgrowth, and not towards brands images and style that government, politicians, elites and powers holders strive for?

Maybe you take too much on economy side, social ethics should be your dominant, help by the economy not destroy by it.
Bit after bit.
When i say social, i am not talking about communitarian or national. am talking development and equalitarian, not backwards and trying to bring the cover in a manner that will (fare frigidly farm fang frails trail) fragilise their neighbourghs (near or far, nearest or farthest). maybe cash cap chaotic economy are here to prevent people doing it at will, at least i think it is why people are still backing it.
People, pee pole.

And right for them to follow their own inspirations, to marry a man or a woman, to marry who they want, to have a private life, and a public life as equal as homosexual couple and parents. to have same sex parents. and that their intimate life not be peered at or vulgarised or threatened...
I am not sure it was with you, but we start same sex marriage discussion in the previous groups, so you see, gently i go on campaigning for homo people not be bullied into some other identity or be use and treat as slaves and be ripped of their right to found a family.
The rights of children not to be coerced into their parents chosen sexuality, with incentives towards a certain type of sexuality and threat to develop one’s own love and sensitivity and in fact to regard a human as a equal and human as equal. Not to adopt different behaviour that are in fact strage sta strated strategies accod according to the sex display (and what it is allowed or conducted to show, activate, delimitate.

Gem genital mutilation should be te treated as traditional as much as canibl canibl a canibl a canibl cannibalism, maybe even less as cannibalism implies that the e member is not part of the community any longer, while mutilation want their tortured members be a full status, that would render torture and cannibalism a treat of how they think a balanced , happy society should be shaped. It is officialisting a logic of perpetual and endless terror.

Make sure you don't investigate your own department. you ll be too proficient at it. and also a minimum informed.

Go anywhere in the web to check the above information (type Aisha, 4th wife of Mohamed for example, the evidence that this practise exists, but not only, that it is widespread and widespread even in Europe and in the UK, are everywhere) AND PLEASE GOD HELP US.


Because you are the reason of my no pain.
Maybe my prayers are less strong
But you are the reasons of my not going insane
And the why my askings have received their appel.
Not having to die like a martyr,
Without a cause for my self.
The reason why
Birds are so sane, the song of their bell – belle.

And humans thinking the song is for them, just delete off their memories that they slask slash the birds’ territories and therefore our love song, a poubellle.

And your laugh sometimes suggesting like you are like them.
And me nothing more than an etine etincelle. In the dark f of my own brain, or so.
I don’t write like that because I am homo, look at the world without thinking you are eating, heating it insane telling him apart.
It is you that fuck with themselves, but eating one’s part, won’t go long. The birds are watching and their adaptation to eat the reason of this world dying. Evolution.

Make sure you don't investigate your own department. you ll be too proficient at it. and also a minimum informed.

Pie = in latin gentle.

esclave et dans cette exemple esclave du peuple

emotin, emotion,
emotionless or emotion not ethics guaranteeing
motion, action, reaction, to what and towards.
Ward what?

(look at the shape of the later letter similarity. Re pre-emption, empty.

Ethics should be at the heart of academia and any other professions. Academia is not entertainment or entertainment is not supposed to be its primary aims. But I don't think one can see journalism as a poor parent of academia just for this raison: argument based on information rather than raisoning. And who finds data that people don't want you to find, data that are hidden by law or by protocol. Academics certainly but journalists are the aces of undercover investigations. As much as media are paid by Murdock (mort in dock) investors, academics are own (down) by theirs. And ethics cannot be extolled under one domain, or be the discourse of the privilege. Ethics only happen if seeking by all of them.
Like one cannot study racism without opposing its presumption. it is why even academics with ethics could need a body guard. where does come from high salary, the norm, the form. guards rag.

Lack of emotion, could have for objective, not for objectivity, a call for inaction. For no motion, in law or in making abuses infractions.

Filter. The problem with infiltration is that it is most needed. Because transparency and genuine evaluation are forbidden.
For bid.

Filter will rarely turn a new leaf.
File the form.

Ser, assert, de seve severe, sert. Res.

I don't think you can generalise with a case study, you need cross comparison. Much more ambition or erroneous. But at least one can stop thinking they are being balanced on a subject through having it reduced to one case upon millions. just hinting at the pretence (preening teens) of academia being balanced, while avoiding and even countering knowledge under the forms of lists, exhaustive aims and encyclopaedia. Academia like argument but still speak about being relevant to the whole picture. Extraordinary. order. Ordinate and cardinale value.
Or last. Endure.

Maybe horrors persist also because of the too big ignorance about what would unfold, would things being done differently. you know would it become worse, or more and more out of hand. at the end of a day, even though when one thinks of it, what would take to elaborate a system able to protect a country, a population, its resources, its environment, effectively, without being threaten by invasion, corruption, or decreasing activities, etc. it is i think, in its numerous (all) instances and in big proportion, beyond human imagination, beyond human experimentation. so what?

yes, sure because for the UN, long time the US has last paid. one is tired with patron going bankrupt and setting relations that are not durable or viable. also i think that the word 'relation' is too sweet and rapidly attributed to define submission and inequalities within an exchange or a hierarchic imposition i.e inducing destruction of capacities rather than extension. that is my social sciences background that may play. i am not targetting the US saying they are alone to go bonuses for their failure and making and putting (or upsetting) the all system (or any of its part- that is for the tiny, reduced though compliant managerial economic and professional aspect) in disarray.

On a film reproducing a pedophile attack on an underage girl.
(but of course, my comment will be censured, on top of everything. Weird, may be done by youngish, but I don’t think.)

I THOUGHT  it was a promotion for respect of sexual orientation. but not of course not, it was depicting a rape or sexual assault.
just to say, this film is starring a little girl under sexual adult. I think it is in itself material for pedophiles amateur. to compel this little girl to play as an actress a little girl under sexual assault is wrong. it should never have been done. I don't think you should promote this film. I don't think this should be distributed. to make people aware about the danger of enslavement or servitude, etc, is very honourable, the film is rather ok but this scene I think prove the maker is really sick, and the viewer not reacting, the same. it is a bad trick, if ever it is one treating grave matter and unconsensual sex or people in position of vulnerability, or in danger of losing their earnings, in making a film that expose these violations through erotised scenes (or how to make a porn that can go on TV saying that it want to avoid any of these things...and not one blatant aberration as in a conscientiously done crime.

Dean, aned. Ann.

Thou                    and.

Joy, job

Researchers/teachers writing on pornography and legitimising prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women.
Dear Professor,
I d like to reread the petition I do not think you can seriously reply that, surely not someone with your education- and degree of protection. Like this profs, not profs, but uni readers that think it is ok to ”have to pay” exhorting uni fees by pole session, or any kind of prostitution. Abject staff. the privileged, prof at uni benefiting from the one place where sexual harassment is banished or maybe.

Maybe it is better i send that to you. it is part of my opinion and even though i ll be discreet it is part of what i write, so better if you know.  and a lot of more but since i write a lot sometimes is just a bit … average.
… PR park. Hack, hacked, ache
Crap to be honest. Own-est
Why I think that to ask to wear the veil due to religious belief is done with insincerity. It is because it is a symbol of island. And through the same symbol, governments and communities invoking islam perpetuates human rights violations one after the other. If people were so much of believers and religious that they wished to put forward a symbol of their religion, they would be busy devoting their time against the governments and countries and communities calling themselves islamists and profiteering from Islamic myths. Their first and firemost preoccupations would go to redress Islamic behaviors, politics, polices and societies. And thereby if I know the Islamic philosophy enough could get rid of veiling faces (of males and females cofounded) thanks to have attained a degree of peace, security, respectability and freedom.
I mean real believers would concentrate on eradicating human rights breaches perpetrating in the name of islam rather than asking to bear the very same symbol of oppression (and not the religion of peace, and religion suffice as religion is meant to be a search to spirituality and goodness, an universal and all caring divinity).

On the right to wear the hijab, a name, a modulation for jihad, as a similar right to the one of wearing what one wants cannot apply. Why? Because it is a call. And if people are so religious that they want to wear it, then they should be busy first to stop the killings, the law of killings, genocide and torture, dictatorial repression done in citing that it is done by Islam followers, followers of Mohammed life style. By governments, communities of dictators.
If people are so religious that that instead of supporting the way they want religious war to happen through the veil bearing (just for female, by the way, traditional clothings are seldom worn by men- maybe like in the west to dress in skirt is a female prerogatives) I mean the west in fact does the same with dress code that are in fact no cross-gendered. So maybe muslims customs are here to counteract the costume of the west eating all the resources on the planet and calling it post modernity, but on that, one cannot count on many other cultures to brake on the pillage of the environment that should not be for sale or sales.
If they were sincerely religious they would tackle incessantly, predominantly people infringing human rights in invoking islam, and then veil would become a symbol of peace and not of repression. And in fact within peace and security and freedom, the veil could go without the religious to be worried. If peace have won over predatory schemes and over gender racism and other abomination.

wear war.