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Blue blew. CHAPTER II:


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Inthenameofhumanrights © 2005 – 2014
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Moura, amour
Mourir = mortal.

If people keep on leaving their rubbishes on tables, on grounds, on everywhere, no talking, too high level, of being autonomous, for someone else to go behind, it is because they are getting closer from slavery, as in ancient Egypt where luxury flirted with atrocities in the name of a place called a palace for mommy.

It is shipped as dirt.

Man, human, hu-man, you man.
Finally with rhetoric like this, one thinks themselves as being the sole actor where there is twice much, in fact billions more than expected.
And it is like that that one is cut into pieces out of comprehension, honor, and sees.
I don’t even talk for me, it is my wife that knows, even if I’ d wish my love is too daddy to smell how this sleaze laze goes.

If you want to lose your head, it is ok, i d like to assist,
But don’t love with them
Oh, sorry lose.

Openly Fascist regimes will burn the books and surely for this main reason is that any book into the hands of a fascist attitude will be managed to serve its ideology trends.
Every sentence could be utilized against you.

Furthermore, it is also why it is so important to understand the authors’ context whatever sociologic, economic, social, professional, familial, mental, psychological, personal backgrounds alongside their motivations and stratification and community shaping that occurred during the writing to live their debates and necessity.
Debates, combats.

I-deo (god)-logy.
I here should be written ‘i’, it would keep its humility, not of, from and aiming at sembling or citing ‘dynasty’. Ego, egg, hog.
And I is a temple scratching the sky as long as the soil is well and firm. Not stiffen by concrete, but by pastors’ caressees.
Human beings has spent its energy  edifiying building that are too high for them to check and balance orders and so they will have clans.
And for any another of them one day they will have for scene the building without foundations as they are gone in mine, they will distinguish, peering through one’s soul that the temples are too heavy for the mind to fly.
Why did they kill the nomads? Or the little house, good shed maybe?

Oraison. (O reason)

And a relationship.
If you possess the ability at exiting, prompting, you possess too those at
calming, pondering.
In – ter – action.
Ter and double play.
Remedy and/or its poison.
Der. Ter. Don’t worry nor argue too much it is just Latin.
A propos, the French former hegemony coming from being the main
remain of the Latin mastery.
Lyrics and elaborated grammar.
Der (nier)(end) ter(re)(soil, ground, plan-et)

No, it is just the privatization of up to my grand-ma, which leaves us
voiceless, deprive of roots, references or chiefs. Or the chance of
belonging to a just society, just fragmented to the point that the break
down of units render no one able to report about the condition of their
humanity- you get the sack if you want to follow the few good laws that

are supervised by ??? Santa-clauss (scent close) and still if you write your letter
about what is missing, the address of the Gestapo is the one receiving.
You loose your job if you want to speak a bit more than what you are
told to be paid. Deprive of dignity.
De private.
Super tuition.
A way of recording. Ex a mine.

Eyes are the soul’s mirrors because beyond the fact that I can recognize
you and your spirit into this bird, the way he looks at conveys the same

The lines of the eyes are so fine that they are almost instant vision of
what happens to the brain and heart. Entrance to the soul? At least near
the main organs.
And trance of the body.

By the way when one talk about personality, might well talk about the difference of attitudes due not to psychology but perceptions.
Also here the explanation what for people lie about the hardship or simplicity muddled and kicked out of the a-ware, to use human beings just like a tool and not leaving it too much at the right stove, and on the propaganda keeping him busy denying its bro their rights and their duty.
Machine un-thing-ing=with action however linking.
Denied of its one’s thought as not invest with, for its only say on natural fertilizer its con-damned stool.

-It is not of your business.
-And if I was killing you, it won’t be either.

Future collapse,
And collective lapse.

The problem of religions is that they are unfair and intolerant, and the on the poverty and accumulation, wasting, exploitation they put the veil of laissez-faire.
Like I, said Nietzsche, god is dead, not in true grounds but in the religion are a monster having lost its head.
Not that any religion could have god but at least to honestly pray, prize, praise any of these creatures, to the help to any other and any of its activities, its self quest-as long as life is not threaten by any of our plan. We are subordinate not of god but of the hidden wish of saying we are working towards divinity while aims are at the denial that life is so short, that god is dead for it is in no second that we will repay.

And on the other hand for what’s is religion is thank to them, we still speak of supra.
Provide the don’t deride.

Shell ey. (thank you for marry on imported fables)

in time.

What am I grinning at you my love, it is because you introduce in my discourse thing, counteract, that if I had to take into account, my having to argue would become too difficult, too complex for me to treat.
I have always wage war in your name, and now we can speak you lecture me about the limitation of my view, that if I did that for not the good of all, I should have better done to stay on my own.
But for you I ll reconsider, but for you without strength and anger, what my angel, my lamb, agneau, could come?

The soil, the land, the ground.
What about the underground? Guarded as it is from respecting the funds, and conduct its fertilizers. Don’t mine it to preserve its crust and limits, and give back that it perm(able)its, in for example making compost up to recycle our body waste.
This limit having not being nurtured what about our underground armour?
Thinking in haste will bring death fast.

Boy. Body.
Girl. Hurl.
Where are humans from?

Si tu ne fait pas cela, cle.
Je fais vais croire que je ne suis qu un de plus sur tes histoires de perles rares.

If you don’t do, odd.
I am bound to understand that I am another else providing your stories about your endeared scarcity.
And that like a mumu, it is my feminity that you pursue.
I d like to be your moon, but if the light’s not real, it has to come from the pervert-satyre, in love iw with oneself.
But I am not a mumu, I won’t enjoy my pussy for being the queen of my children lost autonomy.
Christians are the same, am not writing this for economy, I will avoid fatua, faulty.
To pretend be a preacher because you want my wife as your prostitute or as your nanny. My boy let me tell you that if I cannot kill you in the name of homosexuality, others will do, another of one of the all intrusive religions, re-league, name it.
If I call you mumu, it is not by disrespect, is that the religion does not hold it.

Real agua.
Le age.
And tradition suffer from being enslaved by the one in power, the brutes punishing the older, the younger, the women. Undignified the stratus that are not here for the stream towards purity and water needed for all asperities.

Humanity law, relig-ion releguer. Beleaguer, relic, reel, real
Describe the same, but what are we getting?

Renounce your homosexuality, you would be killed for your renouncement. As no one is brutishly ignorant, we need some courage, you d be killed savage as an example for the ave age.

Through the teeth you can feel the nerve arouse inside the bone and enamel.
Soul and sanctuary. Need for healthy. How can we do health as long as one to transform mouth not into taste but shut down to a neck that promised you to break. Brake the natural feeling of having two happiness, enjoy oneself while noing others’ and all as wells.
No-ing is a good when they bury the right and duty to prioritize actions over common good- of course the common good is not self service, in fact it is as your participation give you the choice of pick them up if you see your socializing-other than for food- as a necessity.
As for homosexuality issues they are the bigger because people make us believe that it is the only concern they are on religion. These bastards stinky that live on poverty and perverting others into saying I ll betray up to my individual freedom as being an individual, not at the service of the rats that I cannot even vote for, they are hierarchy of monarch too less in courage to show their head, I d cut.
Because right now honey, people look at each other in whispering perfectly that we won’t have anything left, that they continue for their tomorrow, not the tomorrow of their children.
That when one is abandoned the survival instinct is on killing people that made business of it.
But who? Every one? No any record I am sorry. As if they were one, we could start to sieve, not lifes but the companies that have more than purses but the curse over the legion.
Us, we work all for that, what happens, are we king carpat, carpet?
I’ d rather Dracula as at this point of thing, maybe could it be eliminate the one more abusing.
For the ones that cannot sin the debt that privileges have over humanity, at least to leave a corpse rend would come like the prophet.
Prophecy of nothing, don’t sound emulated. People are dying and all get the TV, that finally tells us, here are your daily, as soon as your bread won’t have to be fleshy by the rosy chin of your own fuckery. Faker.

To see the light poured like a transcendental stream, but that put you in (an) awe. I don’t do it, well. Will.
w.ill if am not dying from it or my coming to be too short for that, or worse unwilling to do my duty, life is misery.
To be pre-tense, say what we think we could before the melody.
Fucking writing, me courageous, not note naught. Scourge.
But at least, one could be accuse of dishonesty if the theories are not outright lies desinvolte, casual, casually, casualties.

Mind if it is like in this planet where people provide laws that could appear ok, but for show nothing that if one follows them, I’ d be discartel, dismembered. Ecarteler. Told apart. Tear apart.
The writer should be invite to test it.
Accountability process work only for an account the bank figure and shape.
I am evil, but from your contentement of having this kind of job, one prayer, for the people now deprived from forks or any useful party, is to see the bank play with figures on a large scale.
Why being so nasty. Because you won’t wake up before the tyranny that is so praised indiscreetly as if in the mosque, churches, government, any of our offices, people called upon psychology, to appear happy before the utile savagery. God who takes the time to look at your dandle, will think how come that h is a pork. As a pro of the technology we would have hoped, desperate that we would accept that a pork is the unknowns enemy. Be their sufferance, as the one of the homo that are discriminate, not for your orgies, but for proposing, the last that h put the planet through, stupider. Stew pie. Spire, spider.
Stupid, stew, spied.

I wanted to dedicate my work to the woman I love. But the woman I love is behind every sound I am prepared to deal of.

To be submitting, sub, as one cannot face its resolution and death.
As in a group or they all pray ducking or embracing their hands, in the only hoping that their false bro will maybe spare them. Not long, you would better inform on history and recurrent pattern. Servitude as final solution as if hitler wanted to be alone to lash Jesus Christ.
Not that I am for jess, I d be alone by now, looking at the crowd and say, I did not know that in my writing was the blood in my plate.

Does the devil whistle?
How kind of prey one has to be to endorse this rubbish of ignoring the birds?

Mort d’horror.
More erer.
Mort error.

This dream of the super heros, to kill the mean as soon as we would exactly be in-formed of what happens.
Knowing everything? To say that one can know the exact circumstances of the chains of acts, would have to realize one’s dream of pure judger to have sold to the devil this begging question, what happened? What was round?

The veil worn as it hides, restrains some of your perception. It develops
some others.
It protects from the sun and the sand
Whilst people can be more in chase to potential perception, sense,
vision, prayers, determination, mission. Or be all in out-look for
Potential attacks.
To hide the inhumane injury of having to serve the undeserved.
Or pray without show one’s exaltation.
If it is not for identity or say my people is dying, my thank you won’t come or not religiously plotting an overturn topple, with too similar faces that would be recognized as being with the same philo, exploitation, outrance, outrank, outrage, saturation (unshamely, or yes by the perversion of religion called humiliation fronting humility) out-rage, out-range. Gare = station, beware.
Nage = swimming distance.  Range.

Riches go with security
As the more they want to get rich the more they must hire enough
satisfied staff for protection.
In the hope of the most, that one will have to get people happy with
having to dedicate one’s time to protect one’s other idiosyncrasies.
To keep your staff happy with their jobs and able to protect and enhance
that they are trusted with better working conditions have to be put in
place, that leading to perhaps better social conditions.
The missing element being that people might be able of any type of
unfairness and ruthless for money or for simply the means of living or
. on staff and stuff controlling, and the riches to work at one’s personal fetich, without one has to devote one’ sacred time to another whimsical esteem.

Guard the giant.
Monopoly of the waste stag.

Religion is a place where everyone should stay silent.
When this is not occurring then humans = H tell and ordain themselves as
being god and religion becomes the bearer of sectarianism, the
condoner of totalitarism.
Morals are somethings, else, the intra-intrinsic duties and reason for life to be respected as the only one lesson.

Reveal and bring one’s cattle, as human as any other creature as to guard the nature.
Reveal in reproduction or rear of the veal.
But don’t tell me sacrifice, as without the R that brings out liberty and sanity (san, sans, sang- without blood) of life.

Cru (raw believed)
Rue, = dangerous, anger. Accrue.

Plastic and other poison, into the ground, in the air, will gonna eat them as life of human is with them mad-e busy.
We will have to called the jin, people of fire, to expiate habits without pi(e)ty.

Communism can't work since imposes unto the people.
Imposing what, how and who shall produce and sell.
Thinking that it is possible to know and have found or rather founded!

Too much interest in sex hides fear of other situations.
With diverse ways of contention, debates, interests, perspectives,
Territories, concessions…

Finally feeling good when i have lost my energy.
As i don't know where i would have put it (fire).

Hip= the fruit of the wild rose.
And their baby.

Like a father, she was ignoring my advances reacting so pushing me towards others’ inspirations and ambitions. She, this man, my man, like my mummy pushing me, keeping me aloof.
Abandoned twice. Am I my own, twin enemy?
As a writer all personal pronoun, love don’t be-long, it last. Forever.
I am a lesbian, a woman for the woman I d die with and for, for her my writing.
Without apologizing but still to have to say, to have to spend this holy time since heel hell is its display. I have to do this as for the first stone, mumu don’t stand the story before them.
Them, stop the laugh, it is compulsory, sory.
A compulsion of hatred that lead you to think that I will accept to be led by men –manhood- that cannot be evaluated enough to take for life, the wife it at random.
Everyone can understand that repartition of family unit was a survival play, but keep down in survival and death dance will outlay.

It is a good reaction not to believe in another prophet that the all equal respect.
It prevents you from believing one’s has itself invented every thick.

She would stop me when I am flirting with death and not the sword.

The morals writings are about the people’ s attitudes.
But morals as attitudes are not inbelibelable.
Bello, belligerent, libel.

When people speak about community, party, corporation, trade as they spit, crept, script (king, unabolisher baton) den a threat. The society of accumulate and without having to work for it luxury-restablishing a fair proportion and having the people choicing on what count most and best for them, and the object of true study, the object in which they could make love a conceptualize, crystalyse interest endlessly-, the society of slavery.

Ariel with my several of the reasons.
Gabriel, you the one, giving to my soul its live, liberty.
How am I gonna to have sold it, hwo could I protect our love and life as a whole without be lost in it?
And if I lose you, what would from becoming the mass murderer the most notable prevent me?

Crunching when praying is to appease one’s misery, exhaust, the breathing to him directly.
From my wife, hetero of sickness sadness sadness ugly. Without her and her teaching me that hetero can be alright, we are together, if you now that I, mean, would cut you into and eat your flesh, one by one, one by one, all of you, the soft eunuch, that can’t even forbid others deciding for your pussy. I d eaten you all licking bones and sucking inside for not it to feel again, the weight of one’s dirty.

She was hetero, but for me my wife, is the paradise, the one I grow for it to take me.
If refuse an ideal becomes more boody that the fear that having to lose a few commodities through fight for liberty.

In love, at least a little, it is this little that permit to take long term decision or from them, powerful action, ab solute, tell me why you don’t love me anylonger and if it correspond to the precept with which I love you for and with, I could still be your man, woman that would applied the one you believe in.
Maybe mind you d be ok to let me spurned after the rise of the possible, it would take me ten tomes to speak about the espoir (opposite of despair) that have belonged to the shadow, the forgotten easy, the slave of the economy that would know that ideology would not hold them for ever from terrestrial, see.

The evil exist, but as a master no, only has another occurrence described so in our ken or encompass, master h,e d become to eat us and our sin, and soul is the gourmet, gourmette, bracelet. The crucifix, any talisman.  
To realize to which point I am phobic when putting me in a situation of thinking that that could come for me. Maybe not in the light as in the light I would not call for it. But why if I was deciding to go inside a cave and be haunted by the shadow of my remembrances?

Soul, solu.
Solo, dissolute. Desolate.
soulagement (relief, relive, the dimension of the more than previously seen)

The TV provides us with so many pictures, that we get the impression of having discovered everything.
Beware that the TVs are in fact the vision of desolation of what hu main, has killed, exploited. Not the pictures of what he cared for, attend, respect, and try to give and ensure them the longest live of all, leaf, bail.
You are watching the cemetery thinking that we all goat it.


Be phobic on the mass, as what if my lack of appreciation, was calling to be slay, sled.

The dark the torpor, what when the last jugement?

Mer-cene ary.


Wanting to kill the demons by jealousy, everyone want more ability.
By, buy?? Ha, ha, ah, how humorous one is.

Try to assess how much of me could be save.
But if I think too much, that I would send away, be my seve. Sap (meaning enclothed, shrouded, blanded)


The story like at in at a tale where the foundings are not moral even if they wish they would, but lack of means, of skills or mind, or when life is about to become the elogy of destruction more than the path for life celebration.
To have to kill a couple of snake, as my mother could have been bitten by inadvertedly trample, as they were residing near home. But I killed a family, instead of being able to take them on another good and nice, appropriate grounds.
Before knowing how to speak together and make sure that no one kill not the other. I had killed the family with which we would have been supposed to be friend enough to know our private surroundings.
But what choice did the orphean have more than protect the sol-e of her degrees.

Asking for pedigrees. Agreed. A greed.
Pedo, incestuous crossing.

If people attended religious place in order to meet, have, being included in a collective, and also to hear classic texts about soul soothing.
But not in any case to caution the practices of the manager of rites, that are exactly like trading, that the civil society is, a race for salaries doubled with an attend at spoiling the true attempt at liberation, as liberation per se would condemn their strategy-tactic.

State egy.
State ego, egg and effigy.

A writer owes his writing at every sound. The one of its neighbourg, pets, companion, mechanic, electric appareil, roads, music, house cracking, streams, wind {…}.
Parallely, I d like to thank Microsoft as for correcting my word a lot appear to and fro whom I have picked so many enlisting.
It is just my duty of avoiding to hide the plot of plagiarism.

Freedom is attacked for it is the reflect, mixed and result of the
individual psyche, knowledge and will. And what anyone may well be when
other individuals are still, will be or could be, in danger or in pain. What is
freedom when others, or any are yet suppressed? Is?
Is-is? Osiris, Seth a trip e-labor-ation.
Love has to be protected but what will it become if it has on for trip a limited spread.


Symptom, at pompous, pun, pomp, poem, home, none, nome. At ion.

I don’t have back problems because of my genetics.
I have back problems because of the inappropriateness of my current activities or simply the way people want me to stand, instead of crawling, being on my fours, my nose, its reverence to my earth enabling.
In manipulating our genetics what are the exploiters in rites are gonna to bid? Gone, gone.

All my life asking, but when becoming honest facing the absolute of you infinity, only the glimpse of you were worth mine nine and half for you.
As long as my equals all-ow me to woo you and the other being I chose for barrister. Fatua.

Chose-hose, pressure and conduct, in a ligny way.
The oasis of the desert, desert from relative, from my being outlaw, out load.
From the prison of locked in-security. That in a spirit time is a second spend on behalf of the realization of what is un-miss-accomplished.
Shed, shed. The acclamation of the crowd forgetting that the ramages (opposing feathers, shelters, what we gossip, foreclose, disclose, envisage without for even seconds sweating for it to appear or disappear according to what we know is good or bad: rob (ravage, damage, salvage, hamage) couldn’t resist a blow from hierarchy. H is not sup, he is blind only.
Sup, erior. Sup error.

Hierarchy. ‘Hier’ in french, means yesterday.
Am not talking about the older when they want but the pieces, but before H my friends, are the ones that will ‘notice’ their not being all-one.
Alone, alone, before the count-age. Coinage, conage.
And after. Don’t ask, think for yourself.

If you teach someone that it is only good at some tasks, one day he will arrive with the mastering of those rampant over others, or with the proof, it can also handle a dagger.

Lid, like each ideology and dogma, with their cap on morals (giving morale to their troops, saying we will be the nassty) and religion, saying we are peaceful as a minority, trees hiding the forest of whory dishonesty.
Dodge gown.


It is the beauty, the impregnable, of the nature. Parasitism is devoid of intelligence and will become the cause of laziness. And one cannot expect anything from abandoning the fight for live and thus symbiosing.
For you. Forte.


The human have as a mission to remain the herd of all others animals.
That is to say making sure that everything is settle for every species to live on the best of the environment and our kind of intelligence searching for these environment to be the freest possible from violence. Violence mainly caused by lack of territory and resources by firstly stopping killing other animals for our own selfish use or from our lack of respect for their biospheres.
And like that starting to communicate with other species and begin the travel on all seas.
All seize in Fluidity .

You will have to teach them something.
Or else, they will likely being taught by the predators of raison.
Raise on.
Raise son.

People say that a more shared society and egalitarianism society could not work, because they pretend that this society of shark works like a dream. The utopians are them pretending that the in put they imagine are right, almost comprehensive and perfect.
What leagues? A leg of shaming the roots to the offspring, refuse improving, refusing tests and e-labor-ation, refusing life.
A work in-stills, in-stead a deal.


The ban on noises and mechanisms produce by the body performance.
Tab-boo on the fact that we would have to speak with ourselves, organs and digestion.


The date, my favorite, is even not the one we met, it is your birthday.


Try of not be frighten by having to concentrate on my work, as I hear you at anytime. As my work is dedicated to you, as I’ ll have to strengthen me through, that you are the aims, end and goal, the nature itself of it. And that thinking of you or trying not to, you are the one that dicts.

Out of control, the mind completely dark, or completely blank.
Account on transparency. Grand gang grant bank.

To have to do the work for capable others without fair exchanges, is a builder of fierce hatred that no unconscious could ever be containing.

Do the job in an unintelligent, dirty, slavish, destructor way, for the unconscious it is beyond, it is to the Pandora that they will belong.

Your life without I would have become and still do, a monster as thirsty, thrusts, as bloody for you.
Whether it is of my wife or my husby or my god I talk. Without?
As you are the very manifestation that there is a god for all and an angle, angler, angel for me.
Why angler, because macro soft, hint it.
I’ ll be ridiculous, as my play with word, is to forget that they alone pin, when I write them the sadness inhabiting a body drawing, drowning.
Drawing to have imagined.  As used as yesterday. The past is a grave if the future does not shelter, our life, a slow trespass on desire upon seceding.  Heading, ending.  Rear, rire (laugh). The grinner when the nature has gone, when you in abstentia, the greener is the side of revenging on existential hunting.
Don’t become phobic, nor claustrophobe, exit, you are the one I would not touch, nor dare judging, as without your mark I am the errands. But, on the other, that I don’t know on you, but on the one wanting to be a companion or to raise kids would do, a deriding comment followed by the succeeding attempt to ruin my family. It is the why, my love, they want to have succeeded at least once, and the base of profiteering is the impulse kept on the legacy. They kill, remove, disperse, threaten my family. Each drop I would draw, with a banker mercy.
As waning is life, I won’t commit the sin to think that after my fair vengeance would ruin. She would be the new life, of an energy voracity with for limits the crimes being staunched, eat.
The mere need for eating is the warning of that one day we will have to repay for what the bellies take.

Inside the belly might resonate the all thing that one has seen and now that the body inspects;  or is let known about.

To be with you, and your presence, the aim of existence. Or stop and having to live to meet out subsistence.
To have to do that as the global don’t protect the one to be tow, tow, two.
An experience of tears, experiments of foe.

And maybe your call is simply the way, the feeling, the density, with which I have to resume in integrality my path to you, appeasement of unity, by there redeem, condone the chance of the peace brought by you, my ariel, art eerie.


Love and the pious animal. And prayer towards my salvagery as she is the one as a sensical, essential weapon. Salve as deep as our intimacy. Intimidate. As my violence is none by the flight that defend my nest involve. Viol. Vie all. But if one hurt, it won’t be a thin but complete cleansing.
Animality is an answer to condition in which I cannot play, not think, adore, without endangering.
 Animosity is perhaps not in my intraseque nature because I am mummy, and for my children to understand their faults I could endure more than one labor. But just when I imagine that she could be the one, victims to have to ensure life through injure, in me come presto, death call, death row, death ring, and breathing(,) their murmur.

Choice, other, sum, ado, vibration, tremens, asense, corresponderence, ero, rod, erod,
di-amants (lover).

Style, steal, stole, idolatry of insouciance form.
Not insouciance in fact, this is creativity, but forms a crater, critere of such egregery.

As I meet you know I don’t see my death as the necessity of finding, nor despising, but now I am ready, as I know where for ever, will lead. Wild, wide, for to be loved cannot so stop. Death could, me a treasure as nothing stronger than that.
Death could disappear, indeed, res-(em)pire, but view, v-u, into eternity, NO.

I don’t speak anylonger, because it is about dealing and concessions, pull by below, to speak with murderer. Singular as the whole prize is pimps, Piz, a babel tower that won’t hold this miser.

Eyes, as mirrors, as they are the receptors the finers, at least in a lot of occasions. As such one can see what is perceived, felt, processed and to it the reaction.
As precious and fine, as a membranous wetty, ordain exactly.

Supplique no but coming from you yes, as the supplice without would not be known as such.

Ex-ample Move.

Acidity of tea, so tasty siping, that make adoring some lighten satiety.

Ste er
Ste en.
Ter, ten.

Sexual sensation are not  weaker one, let people felt as if they were fine, accept, approach, and kill it from nearer.

Religious, league.

People limited by the own understanding, that is propaganda, and we don’t know what atrocities to prop dismembrance of reason, god-given.
And once This gift violated, the treasure surrendered, and idiosyncrasies are the poos of idiocy.
Idiot. Id yacht. Don’t say jealousy, become I am brave men, but if you treat me like a granted submit, me and my lot your inferring inferior, I ll like and teach tueries (slaughter)
I am good women, I wish to be bloodless, only a stopper on this suck (soc) that unbless. But beware that with that I am endowed, reason, learning, teaching, if my troops are lost, as a capitain, like every one should be, and as your air of superiority had nothing but the pur-pose to disharm, and leave idle, without higher aims, nor means, that my only solution, for me would be final, and for the reciprocity as atrocious as one should be to pretend me jealous for protecting autrui (autre-oui)(otherness).
Of course, you ll be laughing as in our stake holder the all share is contumace (no one, no tell, no see- worse than Mafiosi, they are one family). Would will kill them, alors, then?
Veins they want to buy, as for them is rotten up to their body, that fight one horror, the trespass on god territory. Juvence when stolen from youth of others is the mania trying to postpone the hell that one nour-ish.  The moon for escape, but the law follow, one thing in life to remember, celebrate and learn from, the logic is the flow. If we let today our brother, or any body in disarray, knowing that and how avoid the cartel of letting die rebel the tomorrow for us, is when you d hope that death was the one preaching for you liberty. Freedom, freedom.

She says. A plural as my wife, the venerate, is me inside like twin, triplet.

Deb ate.

It is not by humour, it is by desperation, but this the habit you kick it out so, artso.
The torture, at least, won’t have the toll of addeden pressure.

De==I omnipotenti.
Eden, den.

she entered my mind, my very brain, like if a door she manages open.
I cannot know what will come out from it, it has just happened.
But believe me this creek, an added value, and no the one aspen.

 people want their priests slim as they entertain a relation to them based on sensuality, sexyness, the one to who could be entrusted, sup posedly.
To be fast a sin, but because they others don’t see into you almighty sex, could it be the main disarray?

People insist on the right to possession, up to wanting other people’s body.
To ordain conduct about practices not affecting n o one else (homosexuality, or simply how I attend myself).
Or in arranging through work or other activities how people will have to use their body and mind in a destructive or robotique, compulsorily mimicating, not for the skills or craft but to ensure that one’s killed when working. The happiness and purity and quest at work would be too high for such society to go with it; too abilitate for preserving one thing, its bribery system. Sy stem.

If the bread is not enough for the body and spirit to strive, it is not enough for us to produce this only.
Work should be, as long as people would like, an half time production concrete, an half time production abstract. Or something like this.

A society where every one could produce for other’s healthy life, as much as one produces for him, but without obliging at socialization, as socialization obliged is the first try at conversion.
Me my paradise is after my work – as long as this work is freeing happiness and not misery, is solving problem and not prisoners of freedom, my wanting is to go back to my wife and read for my unique companion. Not that I don’t want to rest with others, it is not that she is enough for me, it is that doing like this is the heaven, and as far as I would have to babble for nothing more than conditional acceptance of the love, endow by universe, the one is cherished and thus my property, all of this would be pain, and pain is not brain, pain is not bread, pain is the threshold of any sanity. Pain and society. Laugh, laugh, why am I writing, these sort of utopia are all but poshcible, but one thing is sure is that in theories this could be the debate on consensuality, and if now a remote interesting work (in the sense that you improve, diversitfy, test, particularize, maintain, participate in a broader or/and finer, more accurate and concentrated area, your skills as well as your function will refine from that) is a total impossible, it is that first there is no law asking for working conditions as a pride and exploration, expension of the human nature, in the sense of defending its beauty, goodness, and to its mother, the nature and space, its harmony and helping thanking, a transfer off cosmic, as when one engage into conversation, one day or another, there is a connection.
A law that would say, we have the obligation of mutual protection, with serenity, and the case where there is sufferance stopped most emergently.
Emergent is not the next power in countries,it is the sufferance from which is built its pretense of riches the slaves are sad and eves of the night mare of a people always nomads that will have from now to stay on their bases. Basis, basis. Go back to them as excentricity won’t calm the folly that threaten, laughin H fragile, further more every day.

I d like to be a good girl, man. But I cannot do. As when it is like that everyone watching you, doing nothing that harass to see how well react, a lamb, a sacrifice, the spit on their accent. Axe scent.
And if I start being virtuous, the last to they d ask is to abandon my wife or husby, and the day they (the boss or enemy) do that. I d become satan, at least I d ask for it.

This prophecies, instinct, intuition, superstition, all so true or in the path of,  pathe, buy but no so exigent in the precision detailed.

Our integral physicality was so endanger, that coming together was almost insanity. Not to say that we were mad nor foolish, but sign our destruction, not before god, before the satanee.
At the appreciation that our last moment had come, or the first of the one of torture and misery, our bodies are not prison, of you, of you, I beg, she would enter me, I am her shed, the head of here, hear, of herd,  I am her everything let me cry for it, as just after, a split second, off it, we would leave the skin, to the kin, the skies reunify. if something happened I would all cursed, and in me the only felt, to crush through underground the destroy-ed- the head of the sultans, on by one commencing by the top.
Who would like the mountain, as already, our sins make us too much crumble. But one more thing, a certitude this one, the mountain is here and won’t service H souls as they have the impression from their unknown body, social satisfaction, this story is laughable, plenty of wit, let’s admit, let’s admit. Let’s add the dimension of celebrity and the god in the sky would become pale from it??
When celeb, the only moment people  you don’t have comment on your identity, it is when you are in the highest storey of an empty scrapper.
Our gabble are jealous, one don’t want the power, they want facilities.
The power is an art too mortal, my friend, for any to get it.
The power is spiritual, but the bigger spirit has itself a shame, don’t get the essence, don’t meet the almighty.
The one day we will, this mountain, fraternity, will show that dust should have called our envy.

Body is amusing, the other month one has to eat bread, and cereal only diet to spare money required.
And it was a good month, each plate the money make it softly ringing.
This month one can resume a varied diet, veg cure, that purify and drain.
And it is only now that I can appraise. Ap (after or void in french). How heavy, stony was last time. If I could I d vomit it, vomit eat.
Don’t think that aids or porcine fuel, flu is the big pest. As Don’t think that aids or porcine fuel, flu is the big pest. As when will come the time where only carbohydrates will be available, without the veg to water the cells, the cancer my friend, doubled that in the food, it is not how it is kept, it is like it is grow that is the poisoning.

Am I not clear, babes?

To do at one’s utmost, but each time one thinks, that is gonna be my true utmost. Tomorrow, my sorrow, if yesterday command, the degree to which I’ ll have to do intervenance, intervention. Veins hence, one order celebration of life, but keeping the stone, that would have been thrown like a cadaver obtruding the sea.
It is the why one has to look after everything, because what have forgotten the modernity and post modernity, is that they are post-medieval, antics, classics, and prehistory, any of the contemporary (a life, alive?).
The archaic highness, had found the most important of all treasuries. A soul in every, a life in the remand, our true common due to it.

Understandable why some like tradition, doing nothing all day, but looking after two or three pussies cats the modern way.
Looking after them talking, pressurizing with the coutumes. A piece of laugh, though the pro-blame is dangerous.

If my wife agrees as long as like everyone I have to grow potatoes the true opportunities.
Afraid of the women, treated as different, the cross gender they called, woman out of army.
I praise you, no more debate, my love, my heart, they are no more subject.

If God does sign, sing. They are not sign of GOD, they are the signs one as everyone of us, has manage to perceive. The odd.

To endure satan, and fight what it brings temporarily on earth, one has to welcome more of the light god, if not one will fail. Leaf.

The vegetable, the water able to drain your nerves from their sacking shaking the tensions they need to get rid of, and measure them, mind conservation, as well.

Res hiding.
On side and receding.

Holy writings are provided with auto cleansing.
Death to the charia, dow n the inquisition.

To fell, t o tale, tail, te all, theo, that the cord is on my neck. And have to walk, to do the living including hole breathing. Not because of the threat on the love I res-pect. Because my love leaves it to me to self the sentiment that she does not grant up to it, infiny.
Because, more than maybe, is she gone not by mystery, solely she does not deem that for it am necessary. My hell, perhaps, perpass, my salvagery, pretentious malaise.
Mal (ill)aise(ease).

Just to furnish an example on how the students now are taught one art, the throwing chair, tables, before throwing people.
In UK’s classroom.

At chase.

It is not that you ain’t
Is that you cain’t

Homo, sick.
Frame, far, farme from you.
But this pathos, my tender honey, would bring on earth, the mortal disease, of having to finish a race that prevents its members from the love for which they stand.

Because when I inspect the positive, I can say yes I am this, but it is only when I recognize what my life is, that I  can surely lay down, but what without this mummy, would I have done?
Oh, yeah.
I am delicate, it is why my wife could may abode, abandoned herself to me, the paradise in sum, but without my master, would  I have not become harder than necessity, a fucked horror, in one word, a non-self-assessing macho, a self pity coward, a puta Mafiosi.
Necessity, survive and doing that survival in all could become better. The rest for family, or becoming idiot, don’t count on manipulation the genetics is the produce of self-history.

Ok, we keep calm, we eat, we will die, and it’s filed.
Oh, mon amou-r
Ame = soul in French, amen.                       Soul = exhilarated, stoned in French.
Ame, am You are. You’r
, am I supposed to find you? On the moon, maybe in, to have to be buried, what’s life without you? A project for sects.
In-sects, in-cest.

Maybe you are treated as a servant (servable, helpful, survivable, viable, like they would smile or appear serious very suddenly), you are a devotee, people before your faith, and the strength to which conduct your believes, have them blame.
But it is because, due to your work, that killing for you, would be without mercy.
No acrimony, we could become dangerous, unnecessarily.

Noa crim.ony.

Exterior of toi (as)


Ma de mois elle.
Mad de moi zele.
Mat, as, mast, de mois en mois = month. Elle. She, is a monstre.

No speaking, as even if it is a wise word, it would be this good that they would take as not dignify of observing.
Caste out are not guilty, they are not backwards, or cowards, or afraid. They just know up to what vice is going.

Dign, dine?
At god banket.
But if one diner is not at the feast when this one is human, then the all party is no more than mess. Understatement your meal.

We could liberate the day one are in love enough with what we know of liberty, to allow the exchange but in defending it, and one’s neighbour, oneself, to be abused or either abusing.
I open the libraries, but if books and silences are not respected, it is with a shoot gun that’ ll be re-conducted, show-in-out, bother.

I was always saying but, but with you, it is gone, there is no gene (bother) home.
No one closer, not in biology, our souls are the reins, thank you very much for this.
Perhaps, it is problem within family to think one is linked by the proxy only.

To write about our love could have been obscene as the love we build was target of their hate.
Hated, their object, of intensity, as how could one prosper in this atmosphere in which (witch) one  on rule is insincere.
But now I can do as you are here, entirely came, if not in my own, I know who could be mine, the one I dreamt of, the version of my mind, not the definite, the ingredient of seethe.

It is why these one for you, I don’t blog it, as my love what it owe you, is a certain living.
A certain. Ain’t hen. Nor eggs, what then?
Insert into me the grains of our revolt, if I like revolution, for you only the pace of a regular, killing the harassment.
Ger. (homonym with war and admin )

People bribe their children on homosexuality and for it or they beat them up or they bring sexual satisfaction of nearest proximity.

Words and marionettes.
But I won’t say it for sure.
To know is to keep on looking into,
As the wizdom escapes
  Landscape. Game of the in-finity.


Ame,( soul)
Why soul it is so near from sold, and from the typing slide so many times.
[[I am shacking, I am shackling.]]
I swear that most of the time I type sould instead of leaving it in its mould original.
Pardon me.

The fault in typing indication of links, the bridge between thinking and its occurences’oddity. Audit. Audit.

Using to think that love was about giving everything.
But it is not enough, they were going I understand why here.
You have to do and give everything but beyond that, as your half itself won’t come and cuddle, the reward to your s-mile.  Sourire (under laugh).

my duties as a suitor, as the one who loves her, to let her go, or to go when asked.
In hell? If you are my female, don’t comply to the pursuance of earthly? Moneist.
That would like love to be or locked or banished.

The common people doing as if they were not extremists are their phobiosophie, is to fuck everything that would at long term care. Off, as much as, decimating the whole atmosphere, saying easy coming.
Let’s say I am dido, but if Ulysses goes I ll kill him not Penelope.

She wanted me to promise that if I start courting it was not to stop. I implore that she let me do that.
Or else? Cheating, go in a bar something? no, like with jane, direct under river.
And one day, no choice, no longer, to go into the forest and wait for the crack up of all torpor.
Por tor (bending, wrenching). Sorry the beast rappel (apple).

I use to have inspiration but now you are here recitation only by heart my poetry.

ea (look at the shape of it)
ob lige.
Leg, league, ligere (tied)

I found hatred thanks to my other part, the same part, indeed, but without no complete-etude.
No grace, the terminator ready.
Don’t think of any war, this one your party, it is not hatred, is selfish interest, uncapable of love.
This one is when after our scholar gave, emitting conclusion, no one will sketch one move to relief the more than tension, the morbid manif.
The one I am talking about, is the one that would bring you thinking you are victim of more than your sin.
Nis-(recant) doing again, can’t if morality.

One cannot say fuck you to this gap of hole.

To my hear she was the crowd acclaiming, as grown from her arguments my comprehension was willing to take sentiment.
Empathy, emphases.
Phrases that would have blinded me of anger now is releaving as she is the heraldry.

Releaving, releasing, reliving.

I trust her completely, my doubt did not occur through that, just that far from me, my life was slow and lost, a fire on both side, a death premature. Mature.

Mature, math.
Native, N-ature.

I won’t meet you any longer, you see know I attack,
As our path is the same strand and led to you, and led to me. And without I am finish, line of history.
And if it is like this, is that my only is you, the rest an illusion, or instant weakery.
I have only you, the paradise is there. And here.
A second on this pasturage, is the long time forteress, to gain ability and strength and reconquier.

I ll stop tracking you, what you conspire and me noted for our happiness better. As the rule of love, when bowing to liberty, is that its rumor constantly increasing.
And would not be lost as when I do without hear what you would do, anyhow your presence in mine responding, will dance with you.
And the next time, question, I ll ask you, surer, sure, er (homonyme of hour). And love recompensing the having of go off, before the bomb first blast. On my protecting you. I could do better, pardon.
Pardon necessary has to die there is a reason, my limit at hit that.

To have only you, my choice and destiny.
I am reconciliated with the past story, you are my choice, the logic suite, the stricking blow, the one I had so much worked hard even delusory.

You are my miracle, my everyday oracle.
Orace and its idole, show blushing when you talk
And me your knight, vilainity would stalk.

his finger I used to see, like if it was nothing, whereas it was cut. Now 30 years later, miss at my hand.
Flirty, flirty will estrange. Love a purity, sufferance the sign that shall be summoned arms and chivalry.
Dirty, dirty, the royal pleasure that peoples steal saying we respect each other for the genocides that we obtain through wanting to be the first of the cah cash chaines.
My computer whisper, indicate the slip of my hand, or my spelling to give me other horizons, oraisons.
More than animist, je suis (I am and follow or continue on)
Suis-su (be and knew) an ordi (computerization, ordi-nation).

You will think I could cull live my life as a devotee, help, help, twice as much and I could live, spare, sparingly.
Don’t do that my love, they would kill you at the end, or me that you shamed, would have lost more than life, live. Evil

Speak, spike, s pitch, peach.

Tom y wife it is not a question of promising faith and loyalty, without them am not any more a husby. Without being hers-beginners, I would die immediately.

Betray cannot be believed, they are not the acts that is done in marriage, not in the one where people said yes willingly.
She is so sure I am forgetting, but without her, memories the forbidding.

Spiritual sentences, centenaries, spiritual ritual, divine in us divinatory.
Am not saying tory, or toy, am saying without moral and life respecting, it is like death to god.
Evil legitimacy, on us, vampires, would explain for real, why there is one, an hint, a heat, heading, chasing territory, landing, screwed, drove in, nailed up, gothic pleasurable. Where will be going life without value?

We could work for creating hatred and have the money.
We would have to work with it, but to the condemned.
Not condoning injustice but punish the disdain.
Vantardise in the form of letting others below the ladder of oppressed worms though in the ascending.
The ladder to the tower that is at its apex, summit of crumbling.
It is true am afraid H figure insane, at the beginning, I believe in fair nature, as if not it is history, your next voyage that would straight up your devation of law. Lower, lower.
But if we don’t do nothing

The little one could learn a language, it would be the 4ht one at this rate he could know The ones of babel. Thus  the ones wanting our skins might not spot him.

Become as a shawl, do, not a shadow for them, the oppressing, the one that are laughing. As since the human want its alter to be sacrificed, the one alter will serve is another country, the countryside.
Put aside by all the means at disposable, the land as if they were cheaper than the food bought into poison. Try and respect a lot, and competition will put down your care and quest to min-able destruction.
They laugh so even if one tries to res-tablish, a pace, no cares, the rest of all on which, she is not their general, but the one of the faune, as the logic of human destruction is that even if we commit the mistake of (hatred, alter) them, other species will bleed, whose blood is dried as me.
And like a general chosen by are, the necessity to be, I bow before them, birds, mammals, ants, mollusques, arachnoids.
This is not a rank, it is because simply humans are not performant to at once get it.
Of its fate, since they reject destiny, their denial of math, is preferment of what they therefore have to become, a forgotten peepelt poked by their pipeline.

You are obedience to my destiny, the bow to one’s loom and live.
You are the echo to any of me and of what I already belonged to, abode, abominable, above all for my future the what.


Mankind or manking?
A joke.
j-(o)ust a joke.

To have many children was a technique of survival, due to the fear of death and the tremendous  wourk to furnish towards food and accommodation.
But it was also a way of trafficking, thus constituting groups of people involve in the same business, with the same codes, the same ‘philosophy’, point of views, or biased or attitude of exploitation towards themselves and towards other families. Above all a common purse, without the agreement of others a one that could not touch to the string anylonger.
Birth rate, Family trafficking.

Real lactation.

I am not for you, I am only of and to.
You are not for me, you are only.

Clitorisdian orgasm, maybe more than the others, or more often, the final coming instead, tad, of being forward/ backward, might well be ondulation, rubbing, shacking and a more literary play (please-her) with legs and basin  (base-)in, than with the muscles of the rear move, but more about taking tense-ion.
-Snake? Toad.

 Reproduction erects army.
My love for you, to honor life and their beholders the only way. If not, murdery.


To want to get rid of disable people, in speaking or whatever particularism, or whatever means,
but supper

To jealous every one of whom you could have been seduced by.
But stay inside oneself as these in-terminable plays are one of desrimination and display.
Love is infinite but better not gaming with arithmetique, as if not death would stop it. And not death reincarnarnate, seeking the one known, but the one that would say, it was not love honey ((own)-m-oney) but possession.

Difference between being  ‘developed’ and ‘evoluate’.

To be restrained by images of failures. The idea that I could adore a monster instead of my lover, the typical horror film.
1.       With you, I would do anything, included encounter a monster.
2.       I would have to encounter monster in order to practice prevention
3.       Our soul is one, and most welcome to eat my being greedy, unsatisfactory, I am waiting to be pure, and expect some transformation, in order to ensure, nice and clean reconstitution. Reconstitution of the parts that are like with Osiris, show now on the route of love celebration.
4.       To get life on rule.


The unfair situations that alone I would not fight, maybe by convenience, lack of energy, promiscuity, simple ignorance, perhaps too much willing half-empty Esperance, hope for gradualism, feeling empty one hope for gradualism, feeling empty one self. Well since you, not well before it seems, I raise automatically, hungry for revenge. Because these people, politically mocking (ad hock), would invent for me up to intrinsic dishonour. Yes, for you I would not accept that for them there would be words to sack my only hope, to say to you ‘je t’aime’ (ps: I love you}.
It should be post scriptum, because after the words, there is life, the one that they politically try to dispossess from me. It is politics? I don’t think so, angel. So what could it be? A mirage, a magi, none of them. It is the worst of all of their emblems. The so-called politics that ruins life after life, we know the music, hitler explained all that. And why this melody deep into us head? Because philosophy is not anyhow the love of the wisdom, it is the boredom of castrated souris (mice).

They know I am faithful and that create somewhere the force of resisting absolutely any whatever wars.
These people like intervening in the dream and heaven of simple people in love or in the scene of the philanthropy- trophy, atrophy.
Since you are my only though or the one that govern all the meaning of them. Won’t answer, won’t anger, all my enemy touching you would know horror.
They cull, cool, keel me, but whatever love is somewhere and knows its master.

At least it proves that none of my gesture would become dissociated from their departure.
Whatever the scheme, whatever the hardness, whatever beauty or no. all what I want, all what I think about, all what I will fight, and for you found and seek and seem with my tow binocular. One of, for you, the same me, will erase each blame that would condemn me for the love sacrosanct, sacrosaint that spouse would deserve as long as they are not marry to the money, comfort their children, in imbecility.

Cannot be imi-tatted as the work is the product of not a technique but you sepulture, sep or sap, of you divinity, of you the wife I have lost going in the army, to redeem the kingdom.
I use to claim, my horse, my saber, my gun. If I had told that you were the aim of my finity, they could have killed me or you, my mare, the sole reminder that I shall keep honor, because without my horse, my species is at loss. And it is already so greatly the case, that for me my mare is my mum more than she had been for me. Not than my mum was at all mean and meuhh, but as for the war you’ve got to serve monsieur (mysire, messiah). Meuh, mhey, mwhey, they insult the true ones that more than help but did the dirty work, acknowledging only by whispering and mind that else it should be. But let’s talk about else where and think when the cows will say to you, you locked me, milk me in sort that my tits fell to grounds. At proximatively 13 you killed me with me knowing that your joke was all reality.

Yes, it is good, but it won’t save me from boredom
Or from the feeling of falling the infinity of my weak and weaker nature.

Do in half, make mistake, or just fantasy, and when one comes back to rewrite it a give a sparkle life, that’s called poetry.
The may magi themselves in front of extraordinary are bound to spell their shacking voice before so unthought voice of mystery. The same mystery in jesus or mary, the same when people find out that god has been in one, in the whole family.

Respecting poverty and people with true need, and as well understanding why the all population is so traumatized that they don’t reckon that understand that and try to understand in the view of redeeming is the most luxurious gift that one should bear and give.

You know I loved a few months ago, thank you I had loved a few before her. Thank you, thanks god, they lobe, love me this little bit, that for me was permit to stop in believing in a deadly ghost like you. Who did you love, this philosopher, playwright, politician, poet? And que vas tu faire maintenant qu’il est mort? Are you gonna like me spend your time praying that he will answer?
He won’t answer. Maybe it is better now that life, like the lamb that Isaac won’t sacrifice. But would have not been moral that in this story, if isa was not obeying his demon, he would have said ‘take me’
As demon are not respected either, they are phenomenon, condcuction to high or grandor. But after these ones what else to see, this no demon will have this anxiety.angst.
Angst like in B
Et quete.
Mmh, mh, I don’t think you can think of the intensity that arrive in your male once he has read than more than her mouse, hair muse, half of the itime I ll be your transcript. Do not imagine me cuddling you hours taking thus the toll of your accepting and just making right your body that I would be so adoring that healing is made, and made only from that.
No, you don’t have to imagine, you are already the patron of my art, whatever small and clumsty.
I am a pork sister, et it is thinking of that, that I am relieved of not having to face the disgust that would reject me for ever and ever out of my paradis.

As for the latest of the women I loved, she has been great for me but whatever I’ d say, we played a melody forbidden to be played. It is at work and work is a prison, the prison the most effective as one can warn the all population. Don’t love, don’t love, won’t suit your responsibilities. Don’t respect, don’t respect, it is so badly you will be punish. I beg you, you are an independent, but though your credentials, if they deicide, decide to put you on a law rank, they will destroy you by madeness, by put-up, by lies, by following the rules that perverted to the core, to the pip, they might.
Look this year, it is done I am more than on a dole, they see me as a beast, as the black dark demon.
I follow , foo, fool, of my pro ethics, the one I had to read to pass my matrices, maitrise = masterize, midrise, traitrise,
Deny me, if you don’t do that for you, do it for me, as if I am not famous, notorious I am. I am like a goat, I try to ambulance, please don’t try to protect us, me, or you even, it is not a balance, ti is it is a scale and the one hwho weighs, I don’t think that you would choose them as your contromaitre, contro = versus, counter, shadow, vice ( foreman).

I will do like that, don’t say it is lack of courage, no my lover, it is abilities. You heard me vociferating, it was the matters-end of years of things like that (not so many years, if you want explanation is in my papers-do go it’s fro for you this site, and also in case they when I die, I d like them to be available in the web, it I s my way of asking, I cannot ask better, but it has its vital importance, is that you are the best, I fnot the one I can entrust.
I might die soon, I always wanted to go in Africa. Maybe I would not as this situation is so morbid that I have doubt about my survival there but here to be blunty.

I knew I had to do something with the messiah, as a messiah is this one that people can be linked to.
But missaya. Or not I am looking for my savoir, savior, and it is you.
I know it sounds insane, but don’t worry for that, it is just love I try to desbribe bad,

Before these situations and conditions changing I admit that for on no one even not the one for 17 past years, my love, my void, was expecting, but Africa now if it won’t go, never out of my duties, as being the poorest, no the more ravaged by the whole company. If I go I ll tell you how much I am a coward that will wait to die, to forget the life, one does not provide, you can hear it is so sad, I am still wanting mummy.
If I die alone, it will be all better, as id could treat with dishonor this vampires killers that would put into danger my sole family. My wife, my wife,            the one I miss dearly. Till death, thill, fill, thrill death, as I believe that if I was doing everything fine, everything very fine, no one could come btw her and me. The sky of for reunion, the forest for fiancialles = run, ruin, reunion, wherever you’ d go, ill be happy teddy, lassy,
 ‘the shadow of your hand, the shadow of your dog’ but I am presumably ‘this man dead from not having been able to meet and keep you, to follow your line like one will with his due way’ Jaques Brel, Belgium singer.

Write cock with smallest hen
I should have defend him, I did but far too late, as people when they build up resolution, find themselves as being like machine whose clog w-ill do a w-heel.
As long as repeated idiocy won’t halt to a standstill. Mort. Troma. Trump.

Your mother is concerned, your father is concerned.
Con-cern. Surrendered.
They know for which values we came across with this.
For love sack, only one ceremony, now, the silence is goldy.
And no one has the wisdom for its alchemy.

Please god I have to write.
That next time you could look at you like if I did not know.
Because I don’t know what is all this traffic about.
You are right in my center. That its doux sounds that I can last for ever, mais bon, last time, my mistake fifteen years last.
I am resuscitated, but not from this year, last year I met women that tamed me into admitting that I should find happiness, the one I can find in my wife only, not the sadness that a ghost betrayd, not in your not knowing, but you know I am heavy. Since you resemble I will hope you shall get how think, thick I might be and push me to contradictory, the day you think renounce. Not the day before and an agneau, an agenda, has days, every of which different and insatiate could be.
Tell me I am our partance (partner, partake, share, departure as an entrance), tell me before demence. Nothing you have to fear for you, but please show compassion do this one for me.
Nothing , writ, write nothing on you site too obvious, as you are telephone, by the whole establishment of this little society.
Your any letter I would understand, the problem more would get it without a stand in the final banquet.
Don’t write obvious, but please write to me, as without your words, it is decay, torture, and death, I will and I have got from perennial-ity.
Would I comprehend?

Fous-et a lier le deviendront
Mad and to be tied.

Ame name.
Charia, chair, share?

My book a cadaver reflecting the dynamism of what our philosophies and practices are.
You wanted me as your servant; idle is your day, idol a servant will have.
You will count on my being as object as your dependence on your community is.
But one day, the reason even if one pretend to see things different, will be as basis, I am a servant, not for the time of clearing focusing, but the regular basis, and you from having done nothing, will die in my hand, if I had been a good man, and that the devil all of us did not come for you and me beforehands.

Even without speaking about god’s law people don’t follow the rules of human decency.

You have sometimes a face and a figure, so alike with the one of an emerveillee = marvelled, marvelling, stricken, stroked, deepest feeling, nerves and cavity, the maze of the body that grow and get ready, mystified children, that my fear of you being abused, send my state of mind as far as wanting to sweep this planet from these people, us individuals, abusing, abusing.
But you are a woman that gave me to believe and strength enough to hold the pardon and the gift of seeing what you endow me with sometimes in distant corner I am able to decree you are as so as us, the desire of love, without anything mean, the desire for others that this planet subsists but not in dishonour of having for chief the only financial appetite that is so voracious, that your children won’t last.
Homo, homo, and the right to say, you poor hetero, have love for disarray of pretending with one weapons asserting all day that homo are Sodom. I don’t want a brother who tells me who marry for finally despise my husby. I don’t want a mother tell me who I am as if I were no more than a toy removable, remoted. It is the first sign of a society that desire robots for their own design, like the pharaoh to stay only with oneself hoping for the all slave to die, as they could ask for their part of what has been build. But since this society is so poor in means of intellectuality and wisdom and right envy. That we are so primitive that we are led by whom? Whatever at the presidency, or at the bakery, led by rancour, led by insolent, the more you behave as prostitute looking for harm in the doing, you will hold firmly as long as you concede the a propos bribery. Which is the money but not uniquely, which is the non work or doing it stupidly before we could find, or being found in fact by a humane way that would revolutionize the all countries, and the way we would not die. Dye.

Free, free, free. You won’t read these words. Or if you do where will you be>/?  Atrocious parade, how to protect you, I am already dame, d’amen, damned,

There you have the night of misery, the street empty of warm for eloc-trunkated artist.
The day, has its chimera, that ring incessantly, but to welcome worlds and look after them in order to live in true peace not grieve, or brief toad toward morning, here need of a pay(s).

Weel, will
And we came to think that it is a lot about that the will and consent of the people to be governed by and like miscreant.

I wilier, write, and write , and write, and you won’t answer, and one moment you won’t pardon yourself to what you have done. But it will be when our soul will be adult, and when this salute? One life if enough, for us it will be because life without is a true folly.
As for you don’t judge someone lied, like me, if I love you sexually is that your skin, your skin so tasty, the wet, the water of my J. j. your clito in my head, and your vagina, will be the oasis I don’t belong to. Trepas. == gone, late, dead in italiano or id ont’ know what.

I ll do something I ll allow type mistake, and review it later, in these play and games, different
Circumstances could be birth for no poetry, but for witchcraft yes.

I shall blame you though as I know now for us, for sure, that we embarked to hell.
What misery would you like to prepare me with, after to love you, I d prefer stop there, but how could I do? I ll be in hell cos for me in you, in our the infinite to which I can’t rebel.

We may be in hell, but in hell we will be two. It is not hell therefore; it is my hatred for these people of dead. I won’t do that for them. Not because I am mean, because my only strength is to count on your puss. Puss like the one who is crying for the sake of speaking to the humans that don’t know or when they know, they would kill him for that.
I will go there, be sure, that for you, whose name I cannot spell nor endure.
Hell is so far as I just know you, but the day we will, as we will, too may, too many coincidence for us Carthage, carthegian, for us carthei, cathe, carthesian, to prize - opulence, prise = prendre, comprehend or size. Seize, reprisal.
I think that it is from witchcraft (with craft) that jujuhuman fibble. A proof is that they don’t like skills, they don’t like you in fact, who would be generous, it reads on your eyes.
Thy they would keill you, as in your smile, the distant one that expect its candour, the one they will steal, the only Bonheur (goodhour) the one I see you, mind I prepare my whole life for that. Mind I prepare my whole life for you.
Ca ira, we will nick the bourgeois. But in which terms? We risk the fireworks, the joybonefire.
I read hardy, the only literature in this 2 years for my diploma. I know nothing I swear but the return of the native, is that is it is so grim, could you tell me if you were not feeling that, in order or in intensity. I cannot go to precisely, I never cry or when I do it is to have my intimate celebration of dear dead people connection, but for what explained above, my heart no artery, waterworks who flood and for long will beg its own D?

They will mock you, they will destroid your career, please, plaice, do not, doughnut, donor, do nuts, do not do, say that you could do later, for one and one reason and the better, it is, it has nothing to do with these vipers.

 In-finite. And refinery, perfection via only the fact that somebody can start understanding a pattern, a stability building capability growing.

Infinite. Presuppose an out, a chase, when fine is ready.
Infinite is you the one I desire as in as I would have to gleely, gladly follow about.
Gel, ge, gage, legally is not the work, word, as if without that, it is in hell that I would go, and this time without you and no hope of reedom or practically speaking strength enough for that.
You see nothing is without logic, since I am 21, I have got this tattoo, my belly is adorn, with a phy sum, symbol of the wismom, I did and don’t possess but maybe call for that. Mayve, may eve, may be, I am extinguished before marrying you, you, you. The only one I got cryptic and Goth, gosh I avow, the next time I saw you you suddenly became my boss, and women I loved I had, but a boss pas du tout.

The controversial of the tyranny is not in the thinking, the intelligence, the up-to-the-point of the argument; it is if one is allowed to voice it.

 ‘What might we lose?’                                        

Is my man.
Is my mind.
Wo mind.

On learning, yearling, learning dictionary.
To love dying, as one might want to have his sould grown, soul, sold, sued, rebounder, resounded, solder, odder and offer. Older faster, but by this very purpose, the stagnation recedes. Full with remorses and feed penitence and not providence is due to the dying. Enough, enough, of the ill-founded sacrifices, to ask for sacrifices, the sacrifices will slit their wrists but not wiser, only the waster.  I ve lost my soul, my country, my soul, my sadness, my matrice, my soul, my mistress, my soul, my parish, my soul, my masteries, my masteries, my soul, my miseries, my miseries, my soul, my dysentery, my dysentery, my soul, my dies, my dies, my soul, my disputers, my disputers, my soul, my masteress, my soul, my soul, in each I am lose.
Aphasia, aphasia, my soul. Empathy,empathic, my soul, theological, theo-logic, my soul, mes (my, mess) theories, mes theories, mo name, mon ame =my soul,  my vie, my vie, mo name, my soul, my ame, aim.
My greenness, my greenness, my soul.
Soul. Soul, saoul, (exhilaration, be full of a parfum) entetant. Beheading perfume.  Par fumes.
The hours’ coming of the bilan, The hours’ coming of the bilan, The hours’ coming of the bilan, The hours’ coming of the bilan, The hours’ coming of the bilan, my home, my soul, Mosul.
Bilan, bill. Compte-rendue. Overalls spendings. Pending.
Would you like a conclusion?
No? they’ d rather hope it so.
Together, we could build the palace that has been undertaken before, the seven marvels, mistress, where, whee, we, were not from human only. How do you think so fragile fools, that one could be permitted have in is tiny wetly, spongeous box, so many mysteries. You just think inside the box. Fair enough, for one to be straightening when they begin to believe that they are the mysteries. They have nothing to say when problems come up unsolved, nothing to say but, argue and I will finish you.
Whence straighten is also to become a more modest mode. Finish with saying oh God, give me and I ll repeat your name till I don’t fill up of shame.
Terminated, the choir. Rio, de januero, janus, has been overlooked once more, and his other pretty face, will show you these different mistresses, lovers-he, and their blemish masteries. The plural of this last word will see us without swords, and the word so despised will take the forms that have been buried for them by and through human totem. Totem is alive, what do you think is your mouth? A piece of shit, a holy meat, a facilitator to tromp and torpe, and trope and trunk and trump.
And what about reflexes, the one that indicates weaknesses, the one taking your noise in the miss of your conceptions, the one that you are sure, almost for them made of, these signs are more, thay are the plurals of your opportunities to understand your life, mine and the one of your wives. Eves.
We had plural because god knows how and well, much so deep I could I would have dip. Pid. O, no. pid, open, opine, pod, dupe, dope, pied, pide, insipidus, prep purse porous purpose, no but dip yes.

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