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Chapter IV: Hijo de la Luna

Chapter IV:
Hijo de la Luna

In I.
I, no.


With a hard brexit at the door we shall see...
I think as a non-citizen it is possible to stay but i am sure it will cost money. 

Contextualisation, we will see in later in the dissertation is an essential notion in translation. It could be safe to say that all texts, as embedded within a complex world, under study, will lie in interaction with their environment and the ‘facts of socio-cultural life (Dietz, 1989, p. 117).

For me very precise colors can be the main reason why i buy or not an item. 

Very nice person, but did not solve my problem, my feedback had been removed, though from a seller doubling the price, unreliable.  thank you for not sanctioning in anyway seller sending items not corresponding to the pictures they advertise the item with. very pro.

They take the money as soon as! ok. twice it happened to me now, i have to confirmed again on a page that is completely hidden from normal browsing, no one asked me but how come you did not ask for the money etc.... They also never tell me how much i earned they just tell me we transfered the money for the jobs I did, i never know who is who, what jobs, what day and what amount after or before commission. now yes, my second customer have moved... I recalled how my last job in the uk, i incidentally understood none of the money had been paid and had to claim and reclaim and reclaim. happened to me in 3 different agencies. 

So you are paid peanuts, you have to spend double time on website that are giving you absolute hell to record what has been done, and when you are supposed to have a lick on your bowl, you have to contact the admin people, honorific, altogether irresponsive, because they never came to pay ya.

These agencies take commission and i have to do their work. 

The lives of notes in our purses or pockets that go along, are told apart, and wondered to what series the last ones and the ones to come belong.
And for the monarchies having to have the head of the state, that ugly face on them, on top of their ‘way of life’, lavishing, by the poorest being paid.

People galvanise themselves with being part of a line, and to further it. And what about amongst a lot of other things, such as social Darwinism, that just beg the question of what the social is. What about the thousands, and millions of deads during wars? Without counting the ones that were killed by their side for not wanting to collaborate with the ones that after the war will have to re-establish an order, growing from death and suffering spreading, growth in time of peace out of.

Martyr (mary)


What if what we see is the result of us welcoming, being thread to certain vibrations. And what if or when stopping being linked to these, we started acknowledging others. Then moves, noises, would start to talk, unit of beings or objects would start to appear as for example the billions of different units that are in the single unit the mind previously saw.
What if from seeing we could after hearing what that shape has told.
Or from hearing, seeing the spirit that has spi spoken this or thus.
Or from smelling to understand like a dog the full information.

Dystopia: to select people through the same quality they are deemed to have, or they are able to project, share or worked on with the selected people they are supposed to amuse this way. And thereby constituting classes, casts, bodies and other hermetic and compulsory sorting out spaces.

At-Tack, stack, take.


There is no state interference, as long as people can both con their way out, and still make a society that is profitable to a pyramidal stratum of groups in the society (against each other, people and nations).
Mind the fear of these mafias controlling the states more than they already are.

Authors will then speak of how the redefinition of hate will enter into play, and of when this concept is manipulated then hate means all what can be silenced under this banner because it does not serve vested interest.

Language allow double meaning, sometimes just one word develop more clearly whatever angles the mind could rather have taken. The authors know sometimes don’t. but can go and be taken away, apart-anything, including writings.

The phrase dramatic that suddenly captured this disarray, in a light second could be transformed into so languorous some joke that would make believe, appear even, that I’d miss the undue stay or unduly stayed.

Since the law of not depicting the prophet of islam in not in Europe a legal rules, it showed how self censorship has played in the chronical refusal of the press to publish those cartoons as a gesture of solidarity to freedom of speech when innocuous cartoons provoked  a spat of targetted murders- themselves so mediatized that it sent the message of not doing that as it will provoke security problem. Another major problem here is that publishers, authors and translators, may be fined and had been challenged in court in account of racism, blasphemy, obsenity in europe, in france in particular where satirical papers have been a staple of the literary system.
To give an idea of to what extend obscenity law can be applied in other countries, in 2019, Les Brag, a diving instructors from the UK, faced up to three years in prison to have sworne when the delay of his connecting flight was announced at a stop-over in Oman (Harper, 2019).

Zola and Flaubert
Ces ensored. Censored. Sore.

:   reminder on how fundamentally upsetting with both very positive and/or disastrous potential a clash of cultures might become for the cultures in question.

C.ET: universalist approach cannot happen without neologism, finally the ultimate outcome of translation and a balanced encounter between 2 cultures, and for the dominant culture to be civilized enough to incorporate or at least not abandoned previous meaning or belief system, all the more when they enrich understanding of the complexity of knowledge and views that people have had on a concept such as here for the discussion between pro-life and pro-choice for example, concept such as life and conception.

No trees left for shelter, the end of this world like humans designed it, all o owner wonders what is going to be, but for one, it won’t be there in the bible. Written by the devil in person will the tone of atonement, as doors won’t let secure and escape                who.did.not.follow. the madness of killing? No even no more birdes birds to say, or to bring, the reconfort of a language that is to the reach of the ear that want to learn musicality, that deprived human speech to say more than they wanna say. If humans stopped thinking themselves as good they would know how to speak with birds and others, but why if they do, and pursue their cruel pity say.
By the sake of foresay. Do not remember that you are going to say. Stay.

You always have to remember that you are that lucky that you can be with our elder but healthy mum. lucky enough to be with her, healthy or not by the way. 

The cultural turn will allow people to discuss texts not primarily in their linguistics form but also as being politically meaningful. To discuss texts in their cultural and sociological context has always been the case, but is a turn in translation studies will mean that this cross-disciplinary concern will take precedent, will allow a wider context analysis to be asked consistently in order to achieve a comprehensive quality assesment of the translation work.
This cultural turn will reflect too the shift that occur in the domain of sociology, where sociology having fought to be recognised as a science, would then warned against the tendencies of treating the subject of their studies, not objectively, but warn about how society or their members when studied could end up being objectified. In social sciences, some will push for a shift in attitude, and the same in translation studies. When writing/translating/rewriting a text, this text will, due to the information its circulates or the power of its discursive appeal for exemple, impact on people. Also just like sociologists that are asserting themselves as activista, and that with their work will do it with the concurrent aim of denouncing injustices and violence; translators could start rewriting texts in oblitoring for example traces of racism, mysogyny in texts, or changing a text that is ‘neutral’ into one that calls for an action that the person who translates would deem as being positive for their readership benevolent for the cause in question.
It is known that in translation, political texts have been transformed, example anti-clerical replaced by anti- drugs cartel to suit the sensibility of some TC. For whatever reason translators change a text, the question of authenticity, the question of informing the reader of the reality of the ST, (one has always the option of translating other texts than the ones they feel are not kind to humanity) will turn the act of altering or transforming the texts into a possible or avered act of censorship.

Texts therefore are inscribed within contexts, a sociological, cultural, economic, political, historical ones, that are at the heart of what they express (and are at all able or enabled to express it, as language are the limitied tool of the writter and means of distribution their limited opportunities to bring a message across) and for whom they are written.
Explaining what a ST the more exhaustively possible is the job of a translator. The cultural shift in translation permitted this necessity to be put-into-context to be recognised. The power turn will spell out the necessity of assessing to what extent texts have been manipulated- in search for more markets, more mainstream readability, more political approval- be it from the reader, the publishers or their patrons.

Availability of tools and opportunities at expressing and make available one’s own work.

‘Contemporary religious censorship translation’ search bears no result, how come?

I am a blogger i know it is hell to manage only to make the button subscribe correctly when you are not a web developer. same recurrent problems on both blogs. 

I think that why autistic kids enjoy the classics is very simple. autism is one of the rare conditions that are recognized as not limitating the IQ. Though people treat other people like unintelligent persons, just asking for a service minimum. nothing more, nothing less. So it is the instrumentalisation of both carers and service users that result from the mechanization of the minds- hypocrisy and competition done the job.
Classics just like tales are complicated for the imagination and for the morals that derive from them- potentially dangerous because exploitable, you know descriptive not prescriptive type of confusion. they therefore provide intellectual stimulation, and for the souls as well.

Note: I guess I might be somewhere on the spectrum. The only time I really reacted to a test, I tried to take tests before and after that, was when I met an asperger’s student in Roehampton, and thanks to him (through our common interest), took the test. The test that was at the uni, was very thorough and above all explain in details and depth how aspergers people could feel and what kind of emotional and intellectual interest or activities and reaction they have during cognitive or social activities. It is the only test or lecture that ever really resonated with me- and I undertook many. So my guess there is a shortage of real ‘real-time’ pushed research…. Test out there. As for comparative literature…

All the honor would be for is an epic thing... just added two comments, i hope you can read them- you do not have to publish them at all, my style is very invasive and i make my comment whole in order to be able to post them on my blog as independent piece, very few if at all read, but that s another issue. 
Maybe it is the sheer amount of what has been written. also more and more i am unhappy with me because i did not read the classics, the originals, i always read their commentators, though some change my life.
 I think academic templates are partly to blame, because of the peer review system. it is forbidden in a paper to duly cite no peer-review ideas that you read. so you stop reading them. 
Also i think that amongst the millions of views, followers, a massive part is in fact paid, you pay for followers, i pay for views. 
For everything it is like this, for micro-business, who cannot pay the ads, then the big company will advertise them and take a massive percentage of the profits. 
You are right, kind of forums plateforms, but i try to campaign on facebook, twitter, there is so much censorship going on, everyone not main stream has been stroken at one point. 
The same for campaigning, since you must tick to receive emails, no awareness campaign is possible without paying the adds....

I have notice problems though my interaction on blogs and maybe people distance themselves for these reasons. it is an example, i am a 'fan' of mylen farmer it is a french singer, composer, writer, and i started interacted on youtube with the translator of her songs translated in english by this musician and i noticed an unpositive outcome in the interactions. I really like her songs, thousands and thousands of people do, i like what this guy does, he just shares along the poetry, the spirituality that i found is uniquely explained etc..... But when i interact i always have to say that i would have translated it differently. He is a true fan, not me. So i started downplaying his unquestionable committed comments.... I realised it did not look good on his pages, even though, and it is true, I really really support him 100 %, it took me hours of interactions. And we are mates, but now i have to refrain myself because, it is not a joint blog! And i know now it is the way my brain operates, find its way, oh gods. 

But you know now you say it, i had the same, first big year, a lot of followers and after they went. i asked myself if the style of my blog came to be specific in a definitive way, that the novelty was kind of gone-
You know apocalypse itself is started. 

Seizing, sizing the style, after that you start knowing so much the writer, that there is this dichotomy of encountering without meeting that make life a 2 or 3 D, at its maximum. and a moon that called. 

I bought all glass transparent mugs again, and i wanted to have a china mug again. i bought the mugs from the monet collection from the garden center where we go for sherry, as long as it is blue, she is happy, so i tried to please, even if i cannot stand the blue everywhere. 
EmojiEmoji I’ ll drink my grey tea from it, it is strong and deliciously bitter i need this in winter. 

Merry Christmas and Happy new year. 

Yes, like having to read free newspapers in buses or the same radio stations for hours in cars every day. And cannot do anything but witnessing our own loss of sense of self... it is what i feels after hours of cleaning, i try to listen to podcasts instead, but it is always difficult to select them or listen to them, they are never one click away, i should move my computer more round the house.

Don't, i ll wait with pleasure, you know i am always in old clothes at home, rarely presentable.

3) Numbers of translations in the rise and new platforms:
·       Globalized word relying and producing more on more on translations.
Translations more and more available in many forms and platforms.
Popularization of literacy, more and more accessible through education

·       Circulation of literature through new types of publishing: the social media
Importance of the publishing space and opportunities to freelance and crowd translation.

Could this trend correct mainstream standardization?

Not, necessarily as social media themselves main sources of censorship- an unregulated one.
Counterbalance: without formal censorship and freedom of publication at a low price: diversity and plurality still permitted.


placate, placard, buffet. Clos.

You, I, it,  a  matter.
                      Mad hatter.

On diet, can at times hear the beating of my heart on an empty recipient. And the reflex of (flu flow) filling it pressing, as is a dauting, even painful thing, this heart searching, present, weighing.
Flu in French vague.
‘Pesant’, in French, weight.



Date may mate.

Mod, dom.

Like norms are not roming or moorings, nor.

Noram, no ram, norman.

Calligraphy bringing letters nearer to drawing, is the model of how writing as in itself this attempt at symbolically represent(at)ting life. This is the anthropomorphic account. The drawing, or signifier, or signs in itself, or at least probably at the beginning was what but life.
And even though, even if, writing was not at the beginning drawing of things, they could become so, they would, when languages that construct itself without life in them, would go deconstruct the ink and path, the accents, the traits. And paintings would take place.

Writing wiring averting

The conditions on the ground is so desperate that people will stop believing and practicing the arts, the sciences, be them exact or philosophical, of the mind or of the environment. And more and more theories from ‘beyond’ will placate on the rest lethal resentment. That will be shared in the honor of (we) what? Of the ones producing the (though, thro and throe) theories by incident.

Rob bin.

Make sure you don't go out too long with Rosie, France in December it is too cold for a little body, kids do not move when they are outside and the cold, any cold is potentially too much. 

It is the last 3 weeks and i had work added i could not expect. and then this MA is just awfully expensive. It is just awful. for the working class they made it impossible. 

And i hope i ll be fine after brexit. it was a big big bet this diploma. and attempt to settle here. i am very afraid, now i am with someone, and the borders are closing down. 


Duty of sense:
Self-respect and self-preservation: specialist writer and guardian of freedom of speech and intellectual freedom.
Freedom, period?      Not no end, as freedom brings immensity, if and only if, one respects all of it.

Yapped (ya hap) at the neighborhood's fox, very intrigued, I tell everyone gently in this case, for the fox and others do not feel hunted, particularly in this cold. this morning the girls were gone for a while, i left bow with my best music on, relaxing, word music, rock, soul, new age, ambient, etc...

Toward the conclusion: More visibility from the translators could enrich the text and allow to introduce more complexity (to bring through in text but mainly notes knowledge and perspective able to annul opacity, ambiguity, or ignorance).
Castello describes invisibility as ‘effacement’ (Castello, 2014, p. 10), again the same topic as the erasement always intimated in censorship. this ‘effacement’ will result in the ‘qualitative and quantitative impoverishment’ of texts. It is logical to think so, as a translation needs to reflect the ST, and that elements will be sacrificed for the TT to do so (            ), to a readership less cognisant of the topics at hand.

Yule advocates visibility. The language and culture specialist that translators have to be regarded to the texts they translate, will be able to convey key extra knowledge from additions and explanations (Yule, 2005). A translation could become a space in which the translators do not have for only aim to translate to their best ability, but to become more visible, not through modifying the text without the reader knowing but through giving the key insights unknown of the general readership that lead them translating this way. One could even showing bare some of the translations process in giving literal and instrumental translation versions when thought relevant.

One could even consider innovative forms of additions such as adding a chapter, and thus expending and make palpable for the readership the quality of researcher that translators must cultivate.
Translators could simply make a glossary available to the reader, mainstream media encouring the risks of leveling the level of interest and skills of their audience. Could justify the until then absence of such tools or methods countering over-simplification and like de Onís showed stereotypes and discrimination (maybe even cultivating phobia in her example of migrants). Maybe too much information could be deemed to provoke unmanageable ‘cultural invasion’, or to come back to the psychology of the receiver, anxiety. In between words and worlds, and worked, that killed life sancticty.

C.ET:   the importance of translation in cultural exchanges together with globalization, put translated texts at the heart of the recrudescence of the self-censorship nowadays recorded. Translations though fewer in number than original texts and also published with a delay and less within the scope of interest and mediatisation, depending on the necessary skills of fewer people, will structurally suffer from being less studied and survey.

Crime, no willing.         Paid to study it but mainstream censorship paid, so cannot compete.
Paid to tackle problems but what if problem comes from mainstream, better paid. Including biased trials.

It’s Time To Explain What Facebook Actually Is

Platforms are assumed to be neutral spaces where interactions take place. The access to the platform is the same for everyone, the tools available on the platform are the same for everyone, and the platform itself serves as the backdrop to the sharing, the conversations, and the debates.
Except as has become clear in recent weeks, this is not what Facebook actually is. It is what Facebook presents itself as, but it is not what it really is – Gizmodo and other outlets have explained that and more in recent weeks. As the Gizmodo story explained:
Several former Facebook “news curators,” as they were known internally, also told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially “inject” selected stories into the trending news module, even if they weren’t popular enough to warrant inclusion—or in some cases weren’t trending at all. The former curators, all of whom worked as contractors, also said they were directed not to include news about Facebook itself in the trending module.

:           translations takes the place of the originals in the TC, they become the words one will have to refer to to discover the story of the SC,
Might take a more and more prominent place with the democratization of translation, and its availability with MT.

C.ET: Stop of church censorship historically linked with enlightment.
The return to religious sensitivity as trump operator?

C”the many things to be translated,       illustrating how easy it is to also write something similar but still betraying the essence and primordial or principal information of the ST
intention is also discutable, as what is the intention of an author to another culture than the TT. It is arguable that one would have to translate differently according to period. In the case of ancient religious texts for example, people will say that slavery was so common that justifying slavery in those days cannot be the same than justifying it now, and could then decide to alter the ST and remove all traces of the mentioned slavery in the TT.
(Sweeney, 2018)  

C”the many things to be translated,       illustrating how easy it is to also write something similar but still betraying the essence and primordial or principal information of the ST.

To evade censorship under authoritarian political regimes, translators encode hidden oppositional messages that they know can be deciphered by their educated readers. (Somlo, 2014, p. 191).

C.ET: code reminiscence of class struggle. Need to be from a certain background to understand what underly the messages, refusal to takle topics openly.

Ad to: Other problem: quality of translations.
Self-censorship or inaccurate rendition
Censorship or just diluting down of important diversity, complexity and relief in the ST narrative- the price of unfaithfulness.


The dream of being domestic, like one can see that the boss earns thousands more doing nothing, and that there will be a time where the domestic without responsibility without moral will be able to take the seat, it is the coach, the train of cohesion and its whys.

C.ET:       here again the danger of not aiming at finding more on the subject. Censorship is hidden and would like to keep the subjects they banned secretive.

C.ET: holmes to name only him,                 would then (scholarlisation, theorization) or normalization be the reasons why such translation systematical omission exist??
Having slot (sought, lost) military and legitimacy power, post-colonianism go on through imperialistic language.

It was an empty conversation, at least you should talk about the what. but it is popular forum, so there is space for rudeness, as long as the aim is not murder or have you fired because of hatred or something like that. persecution. the rest i am totally with you. insulting these guys that took the lot, fffff.

Scarier, being invited on a so serious subject to speak rubbish.

You know what people really look into what is said on the web, this way what they do in real lifes, goes unnoticed. The trafficking, the blasting inequalities, and the ‘intellectuals’ for legitimizing it, paid.

Dog buccal hygiene.
A teeth spray, it is a product to keep away the tartar. i use it, it is good. there is gel that is better but a bit less easy and fast, and brushing too, that is what is efficient but it starts to be hard work, but essential daily if a tooth is decaying. 
In fact teeth brushing is super crucial, just like for us. you know in human you can get heart attack from not doing it seriously, even kidney problems, and a lot more. 

Must be present a lot also in new form of translations such as fan or crowd translation.
Just new form of publishing, social plateforms, induce self-censorship by delting accounts, or monetarization (            )
Digital book burning (              )

Child pornography they should get arrested in thrown in jail honey for so long, it is nothing to do with censorship directly. child marriage..... censorship on the internet. they rather be all annoyed by people spelling bad words.

Omission is the best camouflage.
Absence dictacte, suggest, imply              a similar reaction, a mimic reaction. The absence of criticism.
So rather than writing something else, or something banning content, translations might disappear,
Big differential with the volume of publication according to certain themes, or chunck of text. Texts significatntly shortened.

Afflicting the research itself as absence of linguistics search make difficult to justify literary differences as the translated texts have disappeared.

Mention in the TS of the old believers, famously persecuted in the ST (Dietz, 1989, p. 113).

C.ET:            example of notes, old believers specific slang? Famous to have been persecuted, untranslatable. This hint cannot be conveyed If left without

The translation could here help to not hint at what the authors announced or denounce – wipe away the persecuted group presence in the text (though under censure)

Child pornography they should get arrested in thrown in jail honey, it is nothing to do with censorship directly. child marriage..... they rather be all annoyed by people spelling bad words. will it be the same people that fuel corruption, etc... and results in all these horrors that will be in charge of censorship too? Benevolent.

It is a big speech on terminating anonymity really?? ok unsubscribing. people need to give their names to be paid to speak these abhorrence more like.

U had fever? it started to become nasty then. U mean u had full influenza. 
In a way it is also when the body just take its rest sometimes, one of my most memorable food moments is soup when really not well. When someone cooked it for me, one young, by an old lady, very very persistent memories. 

Alone with 'body', is good too. It is what is missing when in a couple.
I like fevers, but i am a bit 'edgy' sometimes. During a fever, (fewer) it is the entire body that slurps the soup. 

Taking again the example of pro-choice, it would also encourage a polarized view (and thereby construction of) of the world in giving no alternative but to be pro-choice or pro-life without putting into question the political, social and cultural components, surrounding such crucial subjects[i].

Hate speech and what about figure of speech.

Under appearance of grossly, oversimplified translations, following maybe the same argument of being more approachable by the general readership, people that do not know and would not take the steps to read more than superficial rendition of the originals, the quality of translations by being poor or striving towards uniformization, ultimately would hide the sheer motives for the ST to be altered- censorship. It is by any way intriguing, that censorship is about erasing, deleting or hiding; and that modifying, often simplifying TSs pretexting doing it for other reasons such as the ones just listed, is in fact hiding what one is censoring and the fact that he is censoring as well. In one blow, hiding the elements they want to censor and pretexting that censorship it is not.

Translations when facing and facing all the complexity and diversity of situations and languages are a barrier to polarization and over-simplification of the realities, phenomenon, and manifestations- fictional or factual- some writers attempt to get across and get to look after.

Effaces effacement.


Text corpus programs able to carry out more quantitative studies, such as the isolated one, reviewing censorship during Franco rule in Spain, organised by academics and professionals, should be numerous-in reality they are almost inexistent. To try and detect patterns in the more covert and secretive type of censorship from which the western world suffers, might appear to be not easily feasible- since none is to be found at the moment. Such programs could reveal to be difficult, and dangerous, as they would be on current acts of censorship, coming from far less structured, informal kind of silencing, but nevertheless cultivated by actors in charge, professional gatekeepers.


To transform the text and by that allowing a translation that is not one, could ultimately be assimilated as appropriation,
Also this transformation could enable a text that for universal morality (pedophilic cynical to say that it is a normative conduct.             Implying that either SC or TT be unable to confront or perpetuate propaganda encouraging (or taboo them into denial) the rapes of children, or child marriages. To turn crimes into culture specific and therefore justifying them as not being translated.
Some human rights defenders in fact said that this way it enables cultures to say of other cultures that they cannot fight these crimes and are therefore bound to endlessly endure them (             )


Crimes are amongst the very few subjects that are treated as cultural universal (anthropologically or politically as child protection treaties being unanimously signed by all UN countries – safe the US and Ethiopia??) should have been censored, being edited out and then place in a central position within the TC literary system.        
A value and status reversal.

Massive impact on readership, and society.
Massive impact on cross-cultural exchange, enrichment and understanding.

Intention is also discutable, as what is the intention of an author to another culture than the TT. It is arguable that one would have to translate differently according to period. In the case of ancient religious texts for example, people will say that slavery was so common that justifying slavery in those days cannot be the same than justifying it now, and could then decide to alter the ST and remove all traces of the mentioned slavery in the TT.

 Took censorship of images as red-handed confirmation of written policy of non-translation.


Massive impact on readership, and society.
Massive impact on cross-cultural exchange, enrichment and understanding.

Find a common theme.                   How
More an more important translation
CONC                     plateforms, a globalization of the exchanges, translations may be more and more at the heart of it, polysystem.               
In fact due to globalization it is only by censorhing translations through linguistics dominance, or monopolysation, or isolationist  that more hybridation can be avoided.

3) Numbers of translations in the rise and new platforms:
·       Globalized word relying and producing more on more on translations.
Translations more and more available in many forms and platforms.
Popularization of literacy, more and more accessible through education

Translation market is affected by the transformations in forms and means of publishing (free or cut-priced of internet publishing, fan or crowd funded or translated)

Conc   in a area that some coined the ‘twitter diplomacy’, permit instant translation.

 Translators fearing to be viewed as whistle-blowers contribute to the subject being understudied, as well as the niche nature of the profession, and its rather high level of skills and technicity, might increase their position of vulnerability.

Text corpus programs able to carry out more quantitative studies, such as the Trace Project -TRAnslation and Censorship- reviewing censorship in XX and XXI century Spain (EADH, 2019) organised by academics and professionals, should be numerous-they are almost inexistent. To try and detect patterns in the more covert and secretive type of censorship from which the western world suffers, might appear to be not easily feasible- since none is to be found at the moment.

Solution to censorship, multiplying texts…
C.ET: solution, independent, many different translations: but since good quality translations are expensive still need to discuss their reliability.
Or time con-suming.  summ
Freedom, how cost it to bear these many fascists that want to destroy and endanger everything and everyone they can, under cover of heterosexuality or any sexuality that give them legitimacy as a predator or the order is to soil it.


Resurgence of censorship and manipulation, but  traduire is trahir, bring to the post-modern area a temoignage of how notorious this practice was from the antiquity

Also render less literal a text might have permitted appropriation and speak of more justice, or promoted more equality and duty of care, or eliminated writings endorsing misogyny, for example in the TT than in the TS. (Leonardi, 2008)
In the context of diplomacy some vehemently written text could have caused damages in relation because of not representing the main view and though being brought to the fore, or being taken out of context. Translations also have this specificity of being wrongly understood, or the linguistical changes they infer really increase the possibility of misunderstanding – through the always plural possibility of reading a text, any texts, when reading a translation the readership does not even read the initial text with all its mysteries and sensibility, attached to the context of the SC or the very specific world and knowledge spoken, hinted or echoes by the author. A translation also has the disadvantage of a rupture in the communication between reader and author. A reader will be unlikely to ask the author what they meant or what they are referred to, as languages are not shared, and even if they happen to speak a common language, the author would have to answer for the translation and not for the original (likely to be seen as two different texts by the author- perhaps even very different texts). This means that writing which is channel for information, is less so a channel for communication, as language is not share, or changed how it is vehiculed- if it has been transmitted at all (                   ).

-My pronouns are 'they', them' and 'their' (G. Sharpling, 2020)
- I like your pronoms, it means we are not alone. a good thing to remember on alterity.

Grasp grape.

Thanks a lot for your help. i purposefully did not add references, because i have been taught in at my last but one university by my tutor he did not want it in the intro, and conclusion... so i dutifully reproduce it- even though I think he personally disliked me. It is puzzling; academic conventions. 

Chronos still eats his kids. unless... ... ... i am zeus :)
awakening might be disruptive, easy to get lost. 
I 'hate' my 20 now, my 40 was alright. 
20 even after, still a child. 

A hack.

The sould, the soul. Am to be                   en, verb, actualise, action, activate.

It is what is really inspiring in tales and creation myths, it is to feel we are a part of the cosmos. it is not only one life, it is one embedded within a large epic theme, and that is only the one we heard about. 
To have the sun, a tree, an animal, stones, etc... as a parent, that kind of thing. 
The cosmic had been banned from religious beliefs, just because it is the proof that no god has been found yet. not in a book anyway. i would compel more respect for everything maybe. or maybe not, people believe in a god for their planet and still destroy it. to believe in god is to be in awe of life. So, for sure, this world is not religious, it pretends it is.  

Censorship for professionals and amateurs alike is a very present danger and actively menacing people,  be this  through the loss of a contract, a job, or reputation, lest they should not pass as being assimilated or as belonging to the same groups as their patrons’. The sense of fear has moreover been rekindled by terrorist attacks directly associated with the violation of the freedom of expression.

I did not quote anybody in my intro/conclusion,
yes, it is what i realized over the course, I think it should not be this way, that it is the tutor that can do this, moreover when they do not give preliminary indications of what they want. my feeling, this is inconsistent, surrealist- and dangerous for marking. . 
I have always been taught that you should avoid giving references in the introduction and conclusion, that you keep them for the body, as the intro, conclusion, is allowed to be more personal.

 i asked the forum, i was surprised to learn that it is to do with the tutor, not the university.
i did not quote anybody in my intro/conclusion,-are you ok with this?

An external marker?
Of, course hypothetically and theoretically. i saw what they do with staff at uni. They write books, they tutor, they do lectures, they go to conferences, they are on the admin board of some organizations, they do more admin for uni, they correct essay, they mark disserts, they go onto more red tapes, they have to be head of the department now and then- all of this on one single individual. they are super heroes, taking several salaries. on that account, it is not possible to do one job well.  Anyhow everybody knows research (and now real affordable reachable education) has been suffering on and on and on and on.... 
Anyhow everybody knows research- innovations, etc...well democracy (and now real affordable reachable education) has been suffering on and on and on and on....

To say ‘it is my country’, might be the most distressful distractive, disrespectful comment one can elude at. It just means I am owning it, and do whatever the fuck I want to do with that. To exploit.

Ethics and technics

How censorship participates in knitting together a narrative only representative of the dominating versions (DeHart, 2016; de Onís, 2015; Leonardi, 2008), thinning out a part of the reunion of cultures and languages, from their sums to not only languages extinction, as globally fewer and fewer languages are surviving (Cameroon,          ), but also to finish extinguishing them -and all the human experiences they until then managed to preserve- by shushing what had been written/recorded in translating them wrongly.

As an example of how the mention of religious hint in dialogue had been erased. This could be done to avoid blasphemy but also in some other instances avoid to represent people talking about the names given to a divinity.

Conc          translations not comparable to norms of ST or CT linguistically, here create another ‘reality’ in not transferring knowledge in totality. Missing links between cultures. And what happen in the different worlds that one was supposed to be representing.

C.ET: global identity that is not evolving.

Toury expresses a concern about attempting to find out the norms (mostly hidden or conceptual more than tangible) ruling the way translations will tend to modify the ST or the systematic ways the readership will be presented altered versions, as ethical obligations (Toury, 2014).

Unknown to the readership. Both texts and hypertexts end up being concealed.

C.ET:    i was just reading something on skopos, and i think that the way skopos theory enables to transform a text because of the audience expectation and the publisher intention should be measured (the legitimacy of doing so) against CDA and the unequal, asymmetric relationship between the ones who know and the ones who do not know implied within a relationship of emitting and receiving a message.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn still the shape of a bridge, though. Or the one of a bucket placed on its rims, defang ending definitely very full and empty.


If human beings still wanting to exploit nature and more killing d like to clutter what their punishment should be. The one pictured in lousy search for grails, the ones given to Nazis.

En masse
En, end.

Sacred life when religions are about killing. Most of what does not adore profits, neglect, drilling, the ones that from them benefiting. FIT. TIF. TEETH.
One, omen.
And fo of course false of all, mustering to kill…the planet, land in which humans agreed.

The gun
I cook everything, and thanks to the big indian shop in Hounslow it is still healthy and not too costly. 

It is actually when I drunk milk from the farm, next to my best mate's place, that i decided to go vegan. I could taste their bodies, their lives. it was organic, like mums, freedom deprived, walking, standing on scum. 

It is a period of great instability, people are hungry, and become very intolerant. but then in a period of plenty, they are looting and look like if they don't ...
In supermarket there are a lot of echoes. and people that are in town just to show they are there...
There may be very territorial some of these situations. And you know animals pee. 

But for sure, on chanelling if you are able to open one you are able to block it, accordingly. 
Sometimes I think it is called transfer in psychology people speak but they transfer it onto the people who listens...and sometimes the ones who speaks about their problems want something from, or out of you. it is too much of a headache for me... people are very good at it, i ve lost the will. 
Also often problem is not that one can solve, but it is true, it also provides greater awareness to speak and be cared about. 
And speaking it is exposing oneself. it may be dangerous. if utilised badly. and perhaps, because it is voicing convictions, beliefs, and they too can be dangerous...i am eating my tail. 

Me, one thing helps me a little bit, it is reading or listening about psychology. Sometimes it is good to realise what we feel or others do. Or think.
But in life there is always more than psychology and when it is tricky...
What can one do??
The despair of saying nothing, nobody. 
Me, one thing helps me a little bit, it is reading or listening about psychology. sometimes it is good to realise what we feel or others do. or think.
Even the relation to space, energy, corporal sensation or senses. The mental perception. 

Society, so says, so side, so wry dye.  And kill the sky, [a]ssssssssssssk.

Grooming for dogs with thick fur and long hairs. be very  careful with hotspots, they are very nasty injuries. and before them i reckon the dogs will have circulation problem, overheat, which can destroy their health. cancer...etc

Long hair dogs need so much grooming, or they go in a very poor health. so gilbert is fine with his fur, a full husky you d need to brush him everyday....or hotspots. skin lesion and same kind of damage inside.

Also if you look at the trees, spring is starting reappearing even in January, molting might start being in the air too.

The impression of knowing someone in every shoot I have seen of people in the street, minus, save the kids, I know I could not have met. The naked individuals, the story that they have to drag, pull, cart and draft. Raft.

To be alone in life is also a precious thing. i am very very happy i live with someone now, and i needed it, even more than this, i never chose to be alone, it just was this way, but when you don't have it any longer, as i take you like your independence, solitude, time being with oneself, is very very precious (irreplaceable) indeed.

I’ d stay they lost view on respecting the chair, and then if you do not give respect to everything that surrounds you, it is this way one gets an owner... A crook circular thing. artic-articulated. poles, polarised, and the extreme.
And the owner calling themselves thus, has got one or many of course. Or everyone, and then respect is out of mind.
Again, recentred.

Toothpaste, spray, and gel. Also keep in mind for the true animal lover, dogs can be very healthy vegetarians. Study free, i.e. very naturally omnivore, no further studies is needed to manage to avoid killing another animal for, as per humans, these adorable creatures to live on.

I just learnt that flea combs are used for the ears, around the eyes and the most delicate parts.

I am buying new brushes for grooming. i was just browsing rspca when i found this. I think they are too big for your gerbils, but i did not even know they existed for small animals.

Year. Yre, yra.
Hire, hg higher.
Yre = hier = French for yesterday.

Yest, youth.

Did u read the item on meno-pause might come with memory problems, letting people think they may have dementia?

The day I realised that in fact I was not feed up with my life but with myself and the propensity of not realising what was most important in my life, and remember that I had to do it, all the time not during the moments I could not because of schedule or other obligations that maintained me into the impossibility of improving the root I had with it.

Homophobia justified by Lot, who is one of the figures of biblical incest. Not a coincidence.

Je pense que c est tres rigolo. je sens tous les gens pensaient que c est le retour du fashisme, commencer, facon de dire, a regarder autrui comme des aubenes et autres opportunities, comme des servants ou du betail, affaire a suivre. 
Et il y a les 4 chevaux de l'apocalysme. 
Et evidemment on avait oublie celui qui n'est pas meme une vengeance de la nature, mais un avertisemment ou un entrenement a une ballade. par les epidemies, decimmes. l homme a trop fait de mal a la nature, tout le monde sait que l 'homme ne s arretera pas, tous ses plans l affirment, il n est ici que pour grossir. et s'en rejouir. 
Il y a aussi d'autres questions- et si meme ils trouvent un vaccin, il serait pour qui?

Je ne pense pas que celui sera tres grave, parce qu'il est lent. mais en fait on pourrait etre pris par une maladie telle que celle-ci. lente mais surement. 
Je crois que coronavirus est en fait tres sympa. tu ne sais que tu la portes, et puis apparemment les conditions qui entrainent a la mort, n'effraye pas, il n'en est pas question dans les rapports de presse. Donc en fait fini de vivre dans la plus dure des pauvretes quand on veillit, nos populations n auront meme pas a nous assassiner...le coranavirus va s'en charger. 
Donc non, je pense que celle qui va vraiment faire mal, aussi dans nos esprits va nous faire mourir doucement et graphiquement. inspirer la terreur, que l'homme a mis a l'oeuvre sans meme en ce siecle et age le traitait comme erreur. et oui, il y a le nucleair qui lui sert d'alibi. 


Chinese Citizens Being Ordered to Dispose Pets Despite Any Connection with Coronavirus Outbreak

According to MailOnline, to reduce the spread of coronavirusvillage officials in some Chinese cities have ordered citizens to get rid of pets, to stop keeping them or risk having them taken away.



C.ET: it was predictable, even possibly helped by the buddhist culture of leaving suffering destroy life. The party needs a rational to get rid of the emptying but still splendid and sovereign jungle. The party wants the zone (the same way they got Tibet) where it is still possible to breathe, have a nature that has not been polluted, the want the junble, they also want to super capitalistic scheme of plastic grass without snakes there. They will kill all what they can and more.

The phatic function is the part of communication which keeps open the line of communication itself; it is the means by which two or more speakers reassure ...

In linguistics, a phatic expression /ˈfætɪk/ is communication which serves a social function, such as social pleasantries that don't seek or offer information of ...

Roman Jakobson defined six functions of language (or communication functions), according to ... The phatic function: is language for the sake of interaction and is therefore associated with the Contact/Channel factor. The Phatic Function can ...

"All right?" - the Phatic function. The phatic function of language is that which keeps the channels of communication open. Despite it appearing that content is ...

Phatic communication is verbal or non-verbal communication that has a social function, such as to start a conversation, greet someone, or say goodbye, rather ...

C.ET: fatal

To torture animals, to make people torture animals or kill them, is the last thing done before they kill their own species, it drives so much despair that people stop believing in any.

I am not for suspending her account, and you are right, you will be next having your twitter, facebook accounts, etc suspended as everybody that is an activist has been suspended. but on her, if i did not misinterpret her words, assertions and attitude, she is a racist, the way she says things (thinks?) is just nationalistic and she presents herself as superior. racism or islam as it promotes slavery, etc, it is more or less the same thing.
You talk about courage, i have a hypothesis about why it is not as dangerous for a racist to insult islam, because more or less, ultimately, in the long run, they protect the same values.

Tired, or tried, when nature tells us that she shall not play for more.
When pain let us know about waste and scarcity.

‘eece’, look like curls.


I don’t think people think that eating or powdering themselves with animals products will cure cancers, etc…what they think is that invoking curing cancers will preserve their traditions of killing everything that comes from nature following core, the ones core precepts of capitalism, communism and anarchism ideology alike.

Petition: Justice for Disabled Dog Cruelly Abandoned by his Family Twice

C.ET: provided you do not end up with other monsters, sometimes it might be a could idea to be abandoned.

I am very happy you have adopted. it is relieving to heard about a success story. i spent my life roaming and being too busy surviving to really on a regular basis mix with the gay world. (i tried to persuade myself it was because for example in paris, the swimming club i join, though i would have liked kufu, though i d like rescuing animals even more, had 10 women in it----but in fact i realised since i have been with my wife---my ex-boss...the only way i could date without knowing...that i was painfully timid. meno-pauseAalso, i abhor rejection so much that i rather flee, also i know i am a bit special and do not want to impose it on someone so gentle that they would not know. am what they call a butch, and that unveil people as so intolerant, it is sicko) also because it is so very niche, that to me it is almost non-existing. we live in the shadows. when i was young i thought, heteros are the same, i ll live with them and travel- i wanted to go and help in africa, and did not try my best to join the gay community. from where ensued a life of misery practically. i did not know, but at one point i could not evolve any longer without friends, and the problem is to be with people that do not know, or do not care, you are literally beyond dying being without girlfriend. i was too much in love with my ex, she is a teacher, and i could not be serious for other relationship- always said I know who is the love of my life, and I want to travel- even though I would have recanted if facing love, but this followed just like a curse on me. She was pregnant, she did say I had something to do with it. it last 25 years. this year i saw the second husband from which she is divorcing and in my head, the most improbable happened, my heart stopped bleeding. from all that bullshit now i am free. 
Take great care of your teenagers, the problem in life is to be preyed on. and knowing to protect oneself while managing still to be fair, loving, and helpful when possible. 
Also with one’s children, the whole psychology of an individual is changed the day they think they have lost their parents, that they do not have this last address that would save them from sleeping rough. People are easy to kill, when the managers all start agreeing.
We’ ll run out of water, the earth is on the ridge of having to throw up all its poisoning. Veg will become scarce while the solutions looked upon, are more and more animal slaughtering. To care for animals to eat them. Like the vets that urge people to give meat to their dogs, while dogs are very healthy vegetarians. Like the medical profession that enter it because of having a good memory and advocate assisted suicide. Last time I had the malamute, the dog of a doctor, the vet asked them thousands pound to diagnose a big skin problem. An Alaskan malamute moreover in this country needs brushing. I know most of it might come from that she keeps her fur for ever more, in overheated rooms in her home. The vet did not say, they kept the bills going…

You forget he is a teacher, and have to refrain from having his students fans and other following him on these points. you know cults are rapidely fomented. As for university, it is like the rest, they have to respect the religions, and it is fair, because not they are what you say, imperialistic and slavery defenders, but because other are too, even though some all wear ties and suits and claim salaries thousands fold.
Far right has done enough damage not to have to go under an umbrellla, it is in the politicis of trumps and johnson, waiting for the people to crumble anyhow. with their left arms ready to help with the skin heads in france or germany, the bickers and gangs in the us, and the rednecks protecting their farms and the animals they slaughtered to feel manly and entitled to any. and this is only the curtain of a middle class that have more than one work and cannot do one correctly or working class that stopped working or just work in so bad condition, it is better to be dead. to the people to declassified until get to ghettos and outcasts can rise again.

WASHINGTON — President Trump released a $4.8 trillion budget proposal on Monday that includes a familiar list of deep cuts to student loan assistance, affordable housing efforts, food stamps and Medicaid, reflecting Mr. Trump’s election-year effort to continue shrinking the federal safety net.

Trump’s $4.8 Trillion Budget Would Cut Safety Net Programs and Boost Defense

C.ET: recipe to populism, have nothing to do and nothing to hope except going to war, and to finish with that, is at thyme home.
Lure laurel.

It’d be better to trade by boats for the environment and could wait more. no problem

It is not even a salary, from that are the thieving commissions and then i am not employed but self-employed, even with 9 pounds an hour it is not enough to live in this area.
Le Royaume-Uni démantèle petit à petit, depuis une dizaine d’années, de nombreux réseaux de violeurs en série quiexploitent et prostituent des enfants. Le rapport officiel de 2019 (Department of Education, characteristics of children in need) , publié fin décembre, est glaçant : au moins19.000 victimes en un an. Le nombre total depuis le début des années 2000 est inconnu mais se chiffre probablementen dizaines de milliers.Dans le cas des viols de Rochdale (banlieue de Manchester), la police avait de solides éléments dès 2008. Pourtant,l’affaire n’a éclaté qu’en 2011. L’origine ethnique des coupables et des victimes, presque exclusivement desmusulmans d’origine pakistanaise s’en prenant à des fillettes européennes, a poussé les autorités à ne pasenquêter : elles craignaient d’être accusées de racisme ! Comme en France, l’immigration massive associée au politiquement correct met nos concitoyens et avant tout nos enfants en danger.

In a statement aimed at calming jittery investors, the Fed signaled a willingness to cut interest rates if the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

C.ET: helf, helpful. Not half few fee hefty helpful.
Anyhow becoming fascists and ruining people lives will always work as it gives not only the opportunities but the will of everybody to take revenge and hit to whatever they still can do.

Mr menu.

The clouds cradle by the wind, accompanying the flow, changing temperatures and pressure, massaging the seas, the winds that we will never know. The ones that was chanting for the forests, for the gorges, for the crests, for hays, and hedges. The air that we spurting with insults sweeping and softening what we have been soiling. The earth, and its reactions in chains, the sweat and breathing of earth’s charisma.
Shin. Like the sun that will nod for a scold. Scalded.

Is it life or simply the bullying of the organic versus what appears to be less so? The organic only able to eat itself though.

Similar to people talking on about prefer, performance of the industry, performance of the killings they imply as their baes base, their consequences on the world, on the species. Just like in a sci-fi novel that everything will be given to the god tenant technology or growth-
They should be given then, not talking about their dogs, but conspicuously the 6 figures salary boasting their host. The go, ghost.

No wonder why poland or russia are against LGBT. When you do spirit before lunch, you put yourself in a very bad spot when it comes to sexual promiscuity.

Maybe a naga?
Cobras are incredibly mesmerizing.

All these talks on intelligence while humans does not need a full one, he does nothing in particular, not emprint with genius anyway, as he destroys all the way- here the fondation (fund damnation) of the shared philosophy and measures taken to fulfil it.

Naissance = nativity. Aissance, errance.

Ici. Ici-bas. (in French, here, here below, beat, and icy?) assis = ass= asissi, sat.
Is he?
He, she.

Finally feeling good when i have lost my energy.
As i don't know where i would have put it.
The on-non eating, the sleeping or keep down, calm.

Do you believe in the numbers of deaths suggesting by china?
It does not make me an expert but the crazy amount of censorship exerted by china that in fact has been predominant for years and years, and has been worsened by the current president, chief of the party, chief of the army, shi. Called the new emperor or at least the new Mao…should severely ring a bell.
Propaganda in order for people to comply to say that the best is the party and to galvanise good opinions from the ‘foreign countries’ (outside the middle kingdom that is to say). There is a cliché on china and maybe all other expansionist country, saying that it is better to keep the far lands happy while trying to snitch the ones that are at hand.
It let me wonder, and everyone else, how china could on earth limit his number of deaths below the ones of spain, by building makeshift hospitals??

When I lived in china, I had to undertake a nearly 45 min by bus journey (wasted of course since mine was with English applications), while I was teaching in a very very numerously habited outskirt of a big town in china, simply to find a shop able to look at my computer. It is that centralised!! The same if you want to buy a car or a part. You have to commute in quarters where hundreds of the same kind of sales take place (hundreds of shops selling phones in one quarter and none of them being there mile around). It is that centralised.
In rural places, people are not physically the same as people in town. They are the ones fitting the description of ethnic minorities that is so often mentioned but never ever in depth discussed or even described.
They are like all people in countryside, the happiness comes from living in the edge of the jungle, near the snakes, and forests, to which no poetry or romantic movements can be equal, nor come closer to holding no candles in no hand.
 In this countryside, where people live (it is where, surely because unfortunately or incidentally I am not much of an adventurer and the edge of the Chinese forest is the wildes patch I ever have visited- I met the biggest human specimen I have ever seen- not particularly tall but more than big, or wide but as tone as the tropical trees and also the extraordinary dimensions were to be found in the way of the thickness, how chests and other parts but busts in particular or more visibly have developed, their depths- in these places between jungles, mountains, the hot sun and freezing clouds or clouds from the unchained sea, from being bare foot on paddy fields or collect tea or bamboo, it is to have the electricity that is a luxury.
Many a home are abundant or still with no proper flooring.

What I want to say is how china is currently managing to massage the figures??

Tv gives us the image of the wealthy china’s streets and high streets. The same one from which the poor and poorer population are losing their plots and being relocated. In china it is worst than in London, for a flat you need to live with your parents for many or be a civil servant- as they may be offered state lease. This is for the promiscuity, without talking about the complete lack of drinkable water, and the frequent water and energy cuts.

In china some people are so poor and outcast that they cannot pay for their IDs, that bureaucracy makes impossible to gather the papers, and we will not mention the around 80 certificates that on average Chinese people will need to manage to live in the eyes of the administration.

In china people who in the west knew nothing until now are show new streets and new high streets or ancient touristic spots.
The superb schools that looks like if they were roman or grecque temples. But nearby, piles and piles of rubbish or rumble  heaps upon which whole population live and work on vegetable gardens, amongst or next to rubbish and dust tons abandoned in corner of the towns, rivers, former parks and walking valleys.

Man still tries to assess how intelligent, technologic, refined, how amazing and servingly deservingly they have been. Whatever however high the wounded tower, men will collapse with what he built. He? How confuse are we?
Be-cause then men will pretend that the all benevolent god is a he…malign.

what i think i will do is still walk until it starts becoming widespread and then self-isolate.
I was listening to the national french radio, hospitals lack of everything, ventilation tools, protective gear, humidifiers, ‘rare’ products to make solutions and medications...
They unplugged people in coma to make ‘space’.

My old watch chose now to stop working, so i was unable to count the time well, it must have been around 30 min, short i lost the ball to the road so i went. I will avoid grooming to avoid cross-contamination. it was very nice to be outside. They now talk about virus load, so activities like mine is not in presence of the virus via many sources, so i should be ok. I may self-isolate though if capacity gets overloaded at hospitals. it is not for me, it is for my partner. 


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Flew, flue.
Flue= vague in French.

Blew as a sign, good sign it is exponential in line.

In the uk, police know about sexual trafficking, the know where the people are, and when the media report it they would say that there is no enough resources to start enquiries, to even go in the places the traffick is taking place.
police, palace.

Shrine shine

Review terre 2011-03

The devil  is not the bad guy, I sth victim of ten generalisation.
I f we suffer because it took my honey for exempli and if I try to bit him it will him or hter 
Are you gonna t o like my poetry#??

If I do that it will bit me back
is it love? Is ti sex? Is it company? Is ti buoy? Is it buoyant? Is it bouillant?>>>...<<<
myaybe it oucould be that for differenciate us from our ability, aspirations, on what ahs been left inside, the big lodl old rulers of sheer thrive on peace and lselfom seldom seldom done.
Happiness ot to depart from.
Depart from and even if my heart had been taken by so man-y of charpies, from my sole prayers and hope of keeping you near me, would grow a heart? Even from two lesbians, even heaven our baby.

The pleasure of sex? As sex is sacred.
But what about being a sinner?
It is a planet that I would have to find for you, for us, for our children and forebar,forbearer.
When I realize doint that I should not do, the desire of an empire for you, my sole compass in between space and virtue.

Not to be consceint of one s beatitude.
And grind, and laugh, and grin and no in specific speial way you  are the one that did not understand.
Ethy they think being the support o satan, to enjo the human or another creature wekness, and they like saying that people, seeing the trouble sthe tremble enjoy.
But man they are pathethic because they will die, they are beat, they are innocent, thy ar pporly clear voyant, as if you do decil, the devil itself will eat what is left or you r corpse, as it is already doing it in life. You are not conscient of this, is that sttategiclayy the better is to eat your brain and sex
Strategically or tactically you are the dummy, of the poverty one sow, they eill be the one in the palate plate of the devil. For goodness sake don;t you understand that you are annoying it when you ask think it will give you from not controlling them. Satan is the creature of god, and more if we are all the children of divinity.
It does not want you to beg for tyranny but if it gives you, its supper, it has to have a support, in th mouth of another satan will be, don’t think of yours, or it will be the day that you will realise that your mouth is not your mouth, that the next word you freely pronounce too ...

I love you, but what happens is that I loved you even before, as you are the one that are already perfect even when regarding my intrasequietly complex, womby, so difficult time, that since you are here is paradise to me, the pathe of destiny.

You tu sais les gens se demande a qui la faute mon homosexuality.
et ben moi je le dis.
Mon homosexuality tout du moins pour les femmes superbes et bonnes.
est le paradis.
Et pour mon homosexualite qui n est pas bisexualite est bien j ai ete en position heterosexuel et peut etre certainement grace a toi puisque je pensais que pour toi ce etait l amour d etre avec papa.
Toi, justqu au jour ou tu insistais lourdement et tu sais c est plutot degoutant de pas tomber sure les bons gens.
Mais pour les gars, je veux dire ce que certain pieds nickes appelle les vrais hommes mais sincerement il n y a plus qu une solution de bien vieillance a son propre egards, corps et abilites:refuser.

Mais quand je te lis, mais quand je te vois, let me tell you that you are the paradise on earth for me.
How are you managing this dichotomy?? Mmmnnn, for goodness sake if I had your secret.
Doing the opposite, what should it exposit?
It? Human, sweet corn, what differenciation the mind will create to allow itself exploration dual.
Mutan, one will invent mutan not to admit that everything is in peering and awaiting for its pendant.

The writer knows of words that if or with only one clause or even one word, they can change the altogether mark and structure of a character’s identity. What is it, why, in relation to whom, with with clichés this comment may then be perceived. The labelisation, in one word the hc h character can even change genderisation, can change or at least make you believe, belief shifts, bereft are gains, and happiness forgiveness, the tool of the devil or some hanged pendulum not knowing what the next second his I.D will mean for these ones, opens, that read it wilst whilst suspicious of cultural and social fears, limits and boundaries.
Hoe, hue- hope ends.

Logics, my life.
Human beings are growing more and more, the pullulisanime pulluler way.
Also they aer too many above all cos they don’t think of the past, memories, in brief, they are all in danger of finishing, they aer becoming weaker and weaker, n o one dare to say I am living and I d like us to do the right thing, it is finished, it is finished, we are finishe.
About she you always bar you rom, from any comments in saying that the devil was others.
It workd, it works? But make bearing a coross, cross to somebody and in a life of another, I ll become bigger than twice or thrice what brought to the liar, oto the cheater the way of avoiding work, the duty of the just, not just the duty of the slave owner.
Honor, will be spelt to the human as they don’t belong anylonger to mother. Unearthly. I am not saying demoniac, the demon are a natural happening but who kills nature, raise all other creature final anger.
Final. Final. Fall.

We hate their parents, we hate our prarents, but we don’t know what happened in them.
Happens in them.

They call him the poo, but in French ist means leace.
And it is in not on your brain hthat go its nits.

Who would believe that god has slaves?
First I will stop calling god ‘it’ because one of the calassical lessons, forgotten but not forgone, is that god is not one, it is not all, it is not anything but god.


What they called political is in fact traditionally the pourparler, concensus, that bring, and in fact at any cost, population out of military rules. Politics are not politics not in most, but in any present regimes and political system in the working, no in the crooking. The words politics has been transformed in its devil counterpart, not devile, not devil, not debile, that is not at all devil in itself but transforms as politics means politics and not deserve an intellectual wall if not engage in the overall equation towards improving the whole (the wohole known-maybe this refusal could vom, com from the greed, or fear to know something else-if we are good at this, what is next to come and obviously more and more potent realities, as minds would be getting ready to face, endure, analyse, and help finally.)
Politics are this vulgarity, saying be happy you are not control by the army.

The vegetables whose roots say one thing, we are the underworld reperesentant kingdom.

You are here my love you are here and you know and undergrieve everyparcel of me.
So when I am thinking a context, I cannot do like if I were with my facility.
In other contexts I could post my theories, they are mone, mine if I a m surrounded by people who don’t know me I ll bring something to the ceremony, but for you.
Since you are here I ll have to remember that it is not with my each itm gmt time same sentences that I will revolutionize my day, your, our existence, the mission, the cause, my brain who would inspire less pity. Find for you, find it. Transe. As I am accompagnied by you, my conscience, my air, my sex, my ear, my wife, my husband, my child, don’t see there any pedophily.

Devil, debile, a rpporoof of how the ancestors were.

I like the macadam we can walk without destroying the soil, but what about the macadam recovering it, what about breathing. Who don’t know that the yanky were using macadam to recover people with it. They could not breath, the sking could not breathe and in a few hours they were dying. What is a few hours in geology?

Exercice and remember in order to compare in order to forecast in order for the live to prevail.
Freedom, freedom.
And it is in it s care and core it does take dom.

To give time, to give you all the time as if we were to make love attempt, we could, we would, no matter where high is our passion, tear each other body from being with our suspicion and doubts about how real an d profound your, mine truset, thrust, trust can be.
The truth, the trust that people, that society does not allow themselbes as if without fraternity, you think you make a jump to survival, knowledge, beaty, ascendency, you jump as far as you thought needed and live is stopped by the cord on your head.

Nein: my love story terrestrial, the one who gets the universal, for me to fol.low her in the whole, all real.

Don’t ask me to explain it is why one other is a treasury, you held master pieces I would not even sketch at the level youheld for me on this regard, the love you d have for you r baby.

To do you a 69, in which you have nothing to do and me to have for object and necessity to tender your fountain my wolfe is thirsty, my wolf is dizzy.
Np = the one I won’t blog

We should stop talking, we gonna lose our everything biais via ‘cultural economy’

She respected her hsusband like a dad, but since she was erotic, the story, the sexual part finishes in gabgy. cruel unofficial forced orgy

Cure, cruel?

I have to remember that I love somebody else (escape, est-ce = is it?) for not tken you as my god, my only god, the one I could not even look at, loo kat (and you being in a certain space) certain, certi, speak ot to, speak of. Of my dgodess are you her priest? No who are you. Jesus? Yes. Her child reincarnatded in you.

Run, ruin, demoniac ruin, the death ond none one dedicated to someone or someone else’s.
And death is a siren who don’t need to run to bite her constructor that applied for the dark side of it. No more ruins, but the depth of all melancholy.
Good melancholy one has to kill the one that the y love for escaping reality, love. Love and its dangerosity. Bara danger, bar poney, bar appaling, we cannot bar anything here is not the paradise no one desrve it is life who h asks for esprit, and melancholy would be dead if people along their life founded their queens, their kings, no the demons killing taking everybody, the one you help for communal and individual salvation. Sale, VAT, no.

I will submit an iponion opi.
And I come and come and come and meidai mediatheues , and medidate, mdedicate, meditate.

Port, pork



I did not want to hear the birds because I am amusician and if I was approfunding the art I am gift with I would play and imitate them and answer and question the birds and their friend, and let know their enemy that life parasitic will have their own end. Name. Nemo? Memo?

To foment saints, that people ‘admire’, they ask to them every explit, exploit, every value, every monk, parole, parabole, palace, palate, heave, pround, pal, pardon, for them, for redeem their shame of malfunction they want to operate on a goat, every parody, shceme, scinematography, maladie, disease, die cease, progeny, kisses, kyess, pairs, call, poll, pole...
But without the “allowance” to feel and flee for their own ceremony. My love if they don’t let me to love you, we will finish cripple and raped ready.
And inslolence would have us let sole, completely solitary, but this time not by our choice, they would like to sese see us separated for life and to see a long dead victims servicing the volunteer of their probe, l’aime. Problem was you, but without you am dead, but my life will be in your searching or in their tu ris. (tu ris=you laugh’/tuerie=you die)

Your voice conseilling me reming me old teacher I had when I was 10 or so, and you were 10 or so, and we were in different coutntires, who were this teacher, do we hear me with her voice coming back, or where you speaking to her while we had to join the same place, the same room, the same bed, the same reading, the same street, project, baby, clothes, mattress, magic to undress symbiose.
I attak this teacher, a geer even physical warning of my being jhamrmed, I am hauting by her because I realize how far I could be horrid. But whith you evenif I think my self a perfect gentle lady what would I do, that would be of this level of perjury? Without knowing, nina, without knowing my love.

You use to fear the viper, you use to faer animale, but now not. No. I am yours, snakes, birds, insects, mammals all the kings and the queens that I could be impersonating for me? For ya. Ya, ya, ya.
Who am I without being regarded by you, a rat? No the rat also is for you. I am nihility.
And this nihility is the worse, is the worse of all catastrophe, unless if her baby, you, is coming back presti-ge. Je = I = game in French you have the all words, the whole world I know and the one I don’t as if I live for you, death the door by which is the corridor for more and more of you, insight, as in their is no home, their is no dome, there is only the sly lksky and what ever we can have as appuy. (wells),
I warn you that if you don’t do the necessary to keep your territory, you will loose me, as here it is a rprison if they don’t deem you strong they will ask me, as well as you to go off I am too destructive, disturbing. Every dis you want. And if you loose me, what is of any use philo, I ewas your forse, horse, dogs, wolf, sex, boat, coffin, muffin, laces, comportment, compartiment, accoutrement, severly, you have to draw me.

Try ya.

I don’t have family, I have only hte dismay of having met you, and the happiness of desiring you. For having been meeting you, it is a horror to know how life is precious, how much I culd not beg enough if you were to go off.

Review terre 2011-03
If I do that it will bit me back so I ll have to reaise the awareness of not doing harm for the pain should not be back any time soon.
As it will go vack as ho not to be bitten first time I did not understood.

If I do that it will bit me back
is it love? Is ti sex? Is it company? Is ti buoy? Is it buoyant? Is it bouillant?>>>...<<<
myaybe it oucould be that for differenciate us from our ability, aspirations, on what ahs been left inside, the big lodl old rulers of sheer thrive on peace and lselfom seldom seldom done.
Happiness ot to depart from.
Depart from and even if my heart had been taken by so man-y of charpies, from my sole prayers and hope of keeping you near me, would grow a heart? Even from two lesbians, even heaven our baby.

The pleasure of sex? As sex is sacred.
But what about being a sinner?
It is a planet that I would have to awareness of not doing harmfind for you, for us, for our children and forebar,forbearer.
When I realize doint that I should not do, the desire of an empire for you, my sole compass in between space and virtue.

Not to be consceint of one s beatitude.
And grind, and laugh, and grin and no in specific speial way you  are the one that did not understand.





Look at how your site is rated and thereby filtered! do you think that the filters are gonna permit for much longer relatively free freedom of information and further contrarily they are set to do permit any kinda unfair trade and bodily exploitation (am horrified thinking what kinds of stuff and services one will be able to put into place without the shadow of policing - ok, ok, horrified by the states and the police? Of course as they let that happen, it is why the scapegoat is at the honors, the first we shoot if one asks for fairer account) transaction? A chance i can find your link still.
A chance, hack hence. Vacance.
Morality is easy to find, it is the cross path to follow, they could start the police to police your life, like its absence does but then who to ask for redeem? Fucked fatality? 
If people pretend to do bad stuff under morality, it is just the trap of common misery. But since it is command common disability at handling it proper, the fear of the police would not exceed the fear for (of) the neighbours. The police becomes too big, nothing we can see.
Well the people have to start by what they can, not the neighbour (bobby), it would be the scapegoat, but one what they do, the civil society, a prison like every one, but a prison improbable in probation? Which proof on her being improving -able?? Maybe some consideration.

As for some site about which you have any kind of very accurate information (the hosting site, the name of the titles...), you can screen all your live if you don't have the exact address with all comas and the right space, they will never ever again shown. Appreciation.

Access to site Denied

You have attempted to access the following web page



The Public Network filtering system has categorised this web page as

Tru-View has categorised this page as Pornography & Adult Material

The Library Service has deemed access to sites in this category as inappropriate for viewing in                   public libraries. 

Please contact a member of staff if you feel that the system has incorrectly categorised this site.
Site categorisation and access will be reviewed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused


I would still try to do it, but i have too many problem with the time consuming admin, log in, changing my id on skype, etc... I always have difficulties with it on the computer and i like giving tuitions but having to do the admin every week just is too much. 
The admin work on top is just too much for me.  Nerve-wreching. Having to click dozen times, to log-on several different places, to claim money out of a job that is paid nothing even on its own, but still with an admin and it system that make you work one hour on paper to claim your one-hour work of choir already done paid even not the minimum wage in my countries, paid with foreign money upon which I ll have to give dividend.

Admin? Damn
That is not be employed is to doubly-exploited.

Every right will go out of the window; in a world where the normality, the protocol will be begging.

Will be poisoned with micro-plat plastic that will leave populations at the door dropping on the streets, and that humans will have mocked so much the sky that the next virus will come from those angled cornered agnus angels that once had, were watching, why watch people that poison through will. Poison when they know, when they are recorded, re-ordered, when they could do ten, scores all without destroying any time of the day, anything, that have known how to do that so long before, they will start praying- as the post of the deluge are in-
Before being poisoned by the buttressed, tarred, cemented, unvarnishable, unstoppable, unblamable hatred of animals that once thought that human intelligence, human capability could have thought of helping, but how can humans help but what they sow, far far more than dismaying.
They take everything, the spread of their unposed poisoning, to this space to this species that has been spared by the colonies of hungry insects, rodents, bird of preys and biggest predators, as animals know they have to reconnect to the forest to avoid relentless carnaging.

The animals that men is pretending, do not have it, and affirm that under all tones. The animals that men had robbed, the animals whose common spirit, earth and skies and beyond are for men something to eat.


Cru = raw in french

It appears that could be because of someone using something interfering, bigger than our waves or something. but the bottom line, provider claims they cannot do anything about it, they sent my partner on a goose chase, asking the neighbours whether they had a special server or something- supposedly invading our line. they would say anything. they are not good enough to repair. 
Today i had another software blaming it on windows. The last software, less expensive, i used for exactly the same thing, works perfectly well with windows....they are customer services, what can we do-...

For me.

Salvery (salvation), slave, vesal approaching vessel or vassal.
Vestal. Vested.

Hoot, boot,
Look, loom.

To hold remembrances, had i been a true writer, i would govern my timeline with what i recall working on, words, ideas.

The chinese mother mays spend days and nights with their newborn for several years, they share the same room at night too, and often the gran looks after them too.

Rococo, corona, Corrosion

Miss treat.
Miss, ma, ms.

Writing is therapeutic, because when one manages to make the trip backwards and re-read what they have done, the day after or years longer, and to come to the conclusion that they did god good or just awful. In my case, to have never been able to understand otherwise that part and sometimes whole of what I was saying was so uninteresting, AWOL, unintelligible. So much so, that, also the years where I recalled I lost my mind, but that was I in white and black also, I would have sworn that this, that, the writings, those layers and layers of thoughts could never have come from me, or that at least I would have discarded it- but no, there are there one by one, months after months, in my classified files, hour and days, of long written exercise of the mind.
And my complaints, to living, too searching, why not even to get along, but to reach resolution instead of this fall, long, tongue.


Mon nom.

It is good writing, re-reading the stuff, I would otherwise never ever imagine how silly the outcome.

At least i realise what silly things i have been writing, it is that therapeutic.


Who did it, who abbate it. Whos stand by it? Who is up to lie??
What the situations were?

Anne, diane, liane.

To talk to people the way a monkey knows about sociology, racist and descrimination is ain’t good, respect this and that, whilst they don’t. So, what’s that? I meant the way would know how to write it. As that kind of wisdom is animal entirely not human particularly. So you think that the intelligence peculiar to humankind is used?
Humans say they are not animals, this enabling them to be nothing- off the kind.

Over eating linked with procrastination. The pleasure of stopping eating when ones knows rationally that they have enough nutriment for the day at the condition of having in front of them an activity that they are hungry for. An activity that they know they have to perform, be it interesting, compulsory or cleansing (eg: not interesting but part of the actions you do and that will enable you to make life freer, and anxiety free. Or action that bolden or strengthen you. That in fact make react the body or make space for more.

What can a plant feel? Hear, touch, see, taste, smell. Sense.

The risk of looking after children being moar more and more an industry. To ask fund for kids with needs and never provide for them. Just like these teenagers assigned to their bedrooms with games or the opportunities to do parties, drugs, that will be never harnessed to the education system. Will never be asked to do their homework even when there are more staff than pupils.
What about when these private agencies will look for their quota of children they can remove from their families, to get to work, to get more hours, or what not. In a system that allows that, soon the families to which children will be stolen will be single mothers, or people that already are being destroyed by societies and communities.

D’elle ivre rance
D’elle live, ere hence.
Era. Hera.
Délibère. E délire, delier, delivra.
Delia, delivrera.

Squirrels like monkeys, in the face of the trees.

To have mauled nature out of jealousy.

At last, I am blogging almost a decade of writing, so you will re-appear on my blog (you remember you authorized me :) before summer. I was a complete idiot, more than that in fact, I must have a co-morbidity demeanor store in my head so permanently I don't even fight it- I just wait for death, decay and decadence to spoil it). It is frightening, a decade like that left like if it was nothing, while it is my whole life (my partner not included, but i would not be worth to be with if ever i had participated in losing the rubbish i have been writing- though saved in many places but never all updated and who would trust a few usb, online storage whimsy and account deleting and never responding to users and a Microsoft system). So many days, all my years after bread activities grabbing- not good tactics I could not grab anylonger- I fought for them while everything past by what I was doing. 

She was keeping the ser secret from everyone. Even from the one who could have guessed because of knowing her genuinely- or mostly, or organically.
What was she thinking, what were hter beliefs, what on earth? Being the reincarnation of cleopatra? what was it? No more, u much more complicated than this.
Si the vase vast? Vessel.

Whose body did not need the contact, it once looked for and crave, for information, and recomfort. As its extremities, just in-carved like the hands and feet, even its head and busts maybe, was shaped as the ones of a tree.

Et il y a plein de verbes qui sont le plus souvent suivis du subjonctif : "il faut", les verbes de crainte, de doute, pour exprimer le but ou l’opposition aussi (entre autres).
En fait, à chaque fois que l’action est virtuelle, pas encore réalisée, on emploie généralement le subjonctif.

The one that broke and stole my heart, but that still lead my soul. All these years. But in fact not assuming right. I though I was dreaming of her. And certainly my mind establishing a support for sanity and body, that did not perceived that the dreams I had, of course they all periclited, was about the woman who could make me feel life, not the trip into the sky more and more cold and more and more hazy.
That was the bit of the universal I was missing for 2 decades, that would have brought my corpse still inhabited to change itself into sand, as a sign of relief, oblivion as limon and then cement.
Sedo, sediment.

Tender press

To kill for fear.
To kill for fun.
To kill for fear a third person will use the ones that is killed, but could transform the assassin into a victim.
Killer, murderer or assassin.
Instinct, insanity, following orders, or the fear that society or the groups they belonged to, or the one they are dependent on, inspire.
Or the fine fun.

The memory of computer will look after humans’ past. And computers will choose their humans like one has t o care for their pets. Per haps. Let’s hope, if they are kinder than that.

Sun, son.


C.ET:  power of categorization through definition whether subjectively people feel they are what institutions say they are. Utilized in nazi Germany in order to send in concentration camps labelled jews and homosexual
( 5 pm  07 novembre, France culture)