Tuesday, January 27, 2015



These guys and pour pour poufiasses of sects, that insist of their being cah catholics, or wahetever religions, o for us all to remind how great some of religioius teachings and technics were so beyond essentials.
And from it and its more than pesant legitimacy, not but legitimation, pour their bad habits, et and deterioration.
Mauvaise graines et education.
Catheshism. Shism

Cah a cathar.

Cather chime.

I think it is also this in a couple, that if one stays alone they experiment boredom to death, the sensation of having no count. the emptiness of the flesh and what is said to be heartless as the mind has only itself and up to the mind will succumb without a hand.
or the danger to be in couple, I mean in a happy, affectionate, in love couple, would be the absence of boredom. when one has to feel uselessness and deterioration of the world around one's sole fusion; to fight back, to respond. to avoid decadence. decades.

Or this sensation of perpetual duty, if the couple are at odds of completing themselves naturally- without effors, on what they would do alone exactly- that lure us all into a sense of turmoilsity. When the real couple is the ones that get stronger in order to make it through the world endless challenges necesiyt. Necessity. Cessity. (aveugle, blond blind in french. 

Vic viscuousity.

To whom wear channel % 5:
when i think you are paying for Brad pit advert. it is why i incountournably rather live en l hermitage.
Inevitale, ti vitable.
Inee. Intuit.

Everytimes the journey of thought will have to leave a ta trace. Insignigficant but have to be there as it is the witness and stone of an altogether another world out there. And the byoancy of a life, that is boiling with mistery and secrecy, that should be forgotten even though we are staying on the path we know, as we or someone has ua us assigned. And always us as the choice of our comfort and hall too gave hour, the way our way, the one never exept us went so furthery. He.

It is the ones that pursue the concept through actions who have permitted the theorisation, as the academics or writer are studying the consequences of a system that is running.

I found dates, but I don't want to meet them.
Because of you.

Manageable, mangeable.

Thr t right to live as to sustain the right, the life that has been bestowed by the creation. To be naturally stronger against who that wonj’t respect it. As they are the creatures more developped and serving the end of the game: life and its balance, against decay, disparition,  sufferings. #

I stopped altogether having  alcohol and its hangover when I lost my job for a morning after it.
it is not a universal remark, I am without limits personally... I was still drunk.

when I said that I would not mind being with someone my senior, I was talking about women that make me feel in love, by their intelligence, elegance, class, tenderness, grace, graceful intendments, the respect they ve got for their body, their beatitude, their humour and attitude, their courage and persistence, their resistance. and more on all what I love, on all. my first love, I mean love that is called love, as it lasts for long enough for you to plan 'reveries' was my French teacher 4 years older than mummy.
and vlan! take this.

Team manager finally paid to put the child in need of social and academic skills, and in need of true support, like they wanted to see themselves, changing the education team, carer, support workers, everyone, on little servants, more or less obediente, but by the end of the day use at one stuff, pretending to not being able to do anything, (as if they try they would get the sack, that is  real, and anyhow one cannot act alone)
And get the kids into the impression that they will have room to lock themselves into to watch tv and staff to clean behind them without never ever mentioning school or they would start being bullied to the ground of what their contract ‘d be ended. And it would.

I can see from here, youth that cry thinking when they were in social care, as the room was rich and the cd.rom and dvd plenty, without anybody pushing them, teaching them to go to classes, to work to obtain to go to the flicks and stuff like this. In the habit of firing themselves the staff if this one try to coach that the others ain’t their commis (cleaner and accomplice in believing that i am great and that for ever even if i let myself without any skills or productive activities). #mind you are great, kids, is not that i want to prove here, just that waiting to be served, the policy of social services should not be#
They would have another reaction to crying when having lost everything the guy who would understand that it is neglect he experimeneted that thses managers were building other social handicap, and why not physical as health isn’t build on being provided with a room where you have to plan what you, adolescent, and further more adolescent in general being victims of neglect, absence, resulting in deficiences already,  want, or think to do in it.

To do something, or even to be able to say that one has to be taught about this, is obviously pricey.

that you watch tv here or relax and have diner, instead of at home, won't make a difference. anyhow it makes you got up at different hours, it s good and restorating for the body.
I ll call u tomorrow to see if you need anything for Tuesday.
and I don't manage to change jim.

Pepo people play being racist whereas they would in fact sell daughter and son.

not really good. the guy I look after is sexually challenging. and my colleagues feel so good about it that, hoping she end as his main and unexchangeable carer, report nothing of it. I would need a real increase in medication, since we don't work in appropriate settings. he is always able to approach women, but with this he is compliant when appropriately led. but is living 24 hours with his carer, and is practice the same amount of time of sex pesting and mental harassment. not physically but psychologically. my great luck is that my boss understood the situation not for it! so I can go on working like decent.
I ll go off the net, if not I ll spend my day on ocb checking.
And our job consisting in being ‘compliant’ to him for him to finally listen to us when in the street- this ok since he has not his cane- or to change hsi clothes... so he is not so bad, but if someone start smilling at him he looses his restraints. So much when the staff you work with adopt the reverse as bondaries. She is pretending seeing nothing and she is cajoling him so that he cannot find other staff reaction as normal.
she is too much. and I am not specially tolerant. I can't stand people taking the piece. and the mickey. but let's not talk about this, or you won't call twice.
And i really better avoid or i ll talk for ages about it otherwise.

One is liable to desire, or being in some flash of, or on the verge of desiring as callin war, as they don’t put on with anymore consensus that are going towards slavery (slayer, salery) agreement, be it at high or very low speed, the slighest regress a possibility to sunk in all complete. Completely. Replete. Pleat and shackles.  No prison, no price on.
Indignant discrepancy.

I hate knowing that you have an extra day working at such issues.
I ll try to smooth things over, I will really try hard.
as for jim changing I have to admit that this is becoming harder and harder. and that the last thing I want is to push jim or into a state of violence or or hyper sexuality that will dispatch at others; as his expectation are now to be aroused in order to co-operate.

I stopped worrying myself just a couple years ago, just so. It took this while to understand that my gut instinct, if providing me with adventures, in moving term just as static, as we act on it or feel pair and separating despair.
I always thought that i could, in fact i had met someone with whom i could live in peace and happiness. It is a couple of year only, when to follow my gut instinct or to decide not to follow it for the thousands millions times proved a catastrophe for about half this fugue of a
I had always thought i had to meet this person, and therefore ameliorate myself in this perspective.
But what i realize now is that to render the other person happy, you have to be yourself happy.
I do know i pass for being a hatter, and to be honest what i wrote in french is at 1% valid only. But this is what i like to do, the way i feel i do something in this life, my pleasure, my leasure, my raison d etre and i try to be my duty that it becomes shareable in some sort of way.
I told you i had a definite lash out with my father, well amongst other it is because he told my other family members, my mum mainly, that my intelligence was too below average for my pursuing graduate studies be valuable. And now i come back to people that nodded at this and that think that telling me that finally i could pass a degree, they were mistaken, are supposed to soothe even not anything but all things- or nearly.
So i know that someone sharing my life would have the same reaction, why aren’t they production? But null is to say that i would not dream needing justification.


And, od, onde = wave.

And if

Motion,   ask me for my opinion, so given me some credigt to think myself and les considerated, and if fact could not give a damn. Compensate?
Statutory right.

The problem that I can see in a long distance relation would be time and money consumption. one has to stay long time out of alcohol, it wrecks people life and abilities a lot through its being taken with regularity. but what can I say your profile is to me, indeed tempting. I don't want to write a lot it will consume my mind. If i don’t ask you if you want to come over right now is that i m having a fight with someone i really loved, and v.v at the moment, and and if I don’t wait for it to be completely over, it... I could call you sometimes?


Or psyche takes a shape, us, aura, or something lik that, which is transmittable, through imitation within a context that the ‘secondary source’ will feel on in one’s time compare to what it received it through the ‘primary source’ to him, when he ow would have observed, or would stor e it.

Clan constitutes when someone sees himself imitate and vice versa e and the communication of the soul, thus confirmed.
When we imitate people seen on tv or in the stree that don’t see us, or late people or people no more in view, or no more actual friend, what then?

Amongst people who discuss if the Virgin Mary is a saint or not, in this compte and tales it is obvious that mary is beyond sainthood but is made the potential  re-creator of humanity. After this account, one cannot say any longer what would we do if we were the sole remaining, that it would have to be a woman and a man, etc, fertile person, or nobody at all. It is clear that the day “humanity is meant to go on”, a human being = gene transporting, will be able to reappear be it from a tree or from a sexual encounter with a mountain, or a same sex couple.

Obe pious

Devot, tot.
That, vote

- it s a gig or just a place you go to get officially taken for granted, legit, stoned? Approved

- nope.

- ok babe dance a lot then. listen and play.

why does it have to be accompanied like in a sex party opposite to being a single?

being or becoming a couple, while being happy with oneself, happy and aiming towards more completude, is more cerebral I would say.

I think that finding love is that when with the other ones, you can be yourself, your best self. only that you don't belong to anyone, you belong to a destiny that would want you to be with your wife- as your partner, and  look after the orphans, as well. and it is as sweet, spiritual, fun, life changing, than tough and continuous struggling.

ok, I was not talking about having flirts or girl friends made it casual; which I am not against by the way.  my point here is construct yourself and respect other life and personality, as much as mutuality.
think of yourself, there is no shame to want to be with someone for a bit of company or for more serious stuff as long as you think to be happy, fair, and performing and live the way that make you feel the vibes- speaking about deeds not drinks, I know I made the confusion when I was roughly your age, not that long ago, is why I repeat it over, I have an idea about the damage. and do that things that challenges us, our intelligence, our abilities, our perseverance all day. that kind of trances and maturity. not that I personally managed but it is good to word it. X

i tried to express to him that i could hae been hetero, ten years older, or younger, whatever criteria and in loe love with him. And i did not like that. Treated as what?

To live the casting out and to know for what, as teh bully s always invent false reasons, as it is alwasy the same ones, the fear to substain s a world of equal, as it is pure job, and sometimes that one cannot afford, but it is the aim to undo this and otherwise perform. To know why and to bring to monster humanity a path to prevent such outrage, disgrace and disarray. Offring, end, ofrrande souffrance, soufre, sufferings, not as accepted being bullied but the struggle for not being, as much as for other not be. Not be bully.
Other wise haven’t got nothing against bulls but the ones that make them otherwise than full, or is almost ‘inventive, nativity’ of ‘inevitability made off rand, meat, mit = co in french, frequent, beef for off ring mite morale being against their godness seize inhumility.
People thinking that nature and animal is here for us to feed, me included?!

Hag, ga.
Gaga, a gars.
Haggard. Ecart.
Hag = a vielle mechante ? laide femme.

to have so many rivers, streams, brooks, littered with rubbish and taken just like a tip, in the u.k, with its primes minister advocation for the population ot to clean it voluntarily meaning not volunteer anylonger but work for free = free wanting not freedom but slavery, or to propose to hard work like that to be paid 3 pound an hour while him is 3000 thousands an hour ‘’’’’pay’’’’’payday, mermaid, mayday.

Character of this country, character dirty.

Snake as arm and the harm possibility, oh pardon me, oppportunity.

To feel to have been in a mental state not y by going on, and acting like if it was normal and the flow of the course that is logical; but in stopping it, in fighting it, and then to find oneself on balance, like a moment suspended- a normality of time consumption, and going on with old demons- realisation of a break.
Brake breaking
Brad, bread, brader = discount.


the gear and fear amongst us has for consequences us to stay apart, and study without bothering but to preserve one’s study. Away.
Has for, or as consequences; but bad consequences, the results of this consequences not compared if we were opened- and ready to be eaten or ready to collaborate with hitler or more discrete fashism===what most called discreet, most fashists of course bro, browse and sister, cease and blisssssssster.
But if we could not bother about being raped or rippe d off.

Abstract, as, absconds.
Abs, sent, scent, second.

So much training, permitting the abstracton of the situation when badly developing, and render the performance just like if one were on a insland, nice land, ice land melted, (not that one) the one of the paradise that art and heart don. Done = give, or don = gift in french.
Or transplantation when connecting to the people one feels they can trust in. or the audience that wheel and wield, wish they come in liaisons.
Will, wi’ll. Wi = oui french for aye.

Pres, pere, pese.


to give to children money to grow and develop, but with the help –or bullying and execrable- of what adults.

Poorly, I need to think or at least not sleep or slipped totally over my essay, and downstairs loud, at least not disco loud tv. I hate London, I hate Londoners, i hate cities. I hate noise.
go back to work, speak to u later. 
am semi rural as well but it is very unfortunate that no one thought of sharing home according to their noise level. it is also, alto, a loss,  because the most noisy would not tole, toll---rate others to be like them; as it is most of the time a share sheer sign of discrepant 'discreet', not admit, creepy disrespect. rampant.

Living god, living dead.
Dead, dad.
I fuck mysoginistic of all sex and party, women and men hater or their adorators, of those who hate and those who net, i a m a dad too, and a mum in the same way, the apocalyptic elliptic ellipse Ely see, Ely see, elected, electee of the dna.
Eclipse, elapse, ox ecliptic, alas, crypt, encryption, inscription. . .

am knot arguing. i won't (=can’t do that.
but I ve got the colour and the tone of your skin and its at alterations and reef and slim reflect right sliding in my iris. and the taste of it.
Color, roloc. Roll lock.
Ocular, colour, roulor = rolour. Role lour = heavy. Roule = roll in french.
Our geographical and the geographic disparity.
Evan evasion.
Eve, and its reject, target, trajectory.

I am afraid I haven't received the software. what I need now it is the confirmation you sent it long ago for me to look for another one. I needed this cd 'emergently'.
Don't worry about telling me I think I might have had a problem with my 'co-mate' taking what is not hers. 

‘She is homosexual, but she is apparently a good woman’
Keep it for your self you butt.

The phallic approach like the branch inside a round clock.
Puss, push

It is like the hell vision, where you see the surrounding and eating, craving, carving, it virulent, ire afire and on top the matter sink into abysmal, even not abysmal as there is no walls but a wishing well too dark to be spotted or a spot or a cliff in any manners.

Lord, hord.
L’ or le or la = The in french.
L = elle, or le      she, or the. Vie.

Pain – bread, labot labor.

To preach not for o morality, but to put people in prison, without having to build them ; nor the wall or the humanity. Ptolemy.
Totem, toll aim. And the sky that now will have to discover in the sense of uncovered human E.T

To remembrer re-membrane, member a person and fell feel their souls again.
Their souls when communication, the sould soul of the subject when sole experiementation = remember an actor on t.v for which thousand s of person cannot feel? But just look at the symbol of their own fancies and preoccupatoions, their own destiny. Tiny, tiny,
Des = dice.

These flashes that might make one think they get older, more mature, more sensitive and perceptive, are they reminiscences or constructions?

Confusion, confusing, fon, confucius.

better would b afternoon but i don't want to see the other pussies = any people (george talk).

The sex is this hole , this space, not hole but (onduit = (to facilitate passage in french, range ranch), conduct, conduit, that are between the leg, or in the center of through the sacrum. Above all organs reside, and would by obey, abbey, the rules of gravity as for falling into where reside our reproduction capacity.

reproduction capacity.
Cap pay city.

A mine.
Anime, animal.
Us depending on mineral.

Us, being.

Lynda, could even open a sort of shop with exotic food in it, if she had to come down London often. in these areas simple green lentils are 3 times the price than in here.
the rest are unknown.

Bullying as one would have rather worked alone at their own personal and professional development, development here as perfectionism, progress, inventivity, research and more than one can expect of travailler.
Worked and be.

Worked and be.

5 The stream, rhymed carol.

Y what, water.
Elementary, watson.
A wat so, va, sot, vassaux.
Va, sale,

W, at, er. Her, it.

Her, not pussy, but lig liquid.
And reflect silvery, sanguin ere.
Head of hair, air.

To have enough money to buy anything but the house where one lives in, and enough space to ensure tranquility and security.
Pay even the plain, plane, ane, to the banana republics , to the same, are we are ad as deep democratically us all, for fruit but not enough cash for the train, to socialise between regions and boroughs.
Plain borrow, tranquile. Quilt quille, quit. Guilt.

Golden, doree, erod.

Religion as a support for marriage ar as arranged marriage is not but potential hell in life, and are designed first to asssociate familly, and incidentally be the nurture or ordure = detriment, of the generation future = when parents are not parents but bigots or their opposite, praising church for fun, and be malicious, malevolio, alleviant, or to make fun of religiousity just to take every piece away.
For everybody, familly.

From being said to be consentent for rape because one is ‘rapable’, cannot prevent it, and to be wet from the blood that one’s body spilled- to be assessed as being consentent from being opened?
As one can’t prevent to be bashed or bullied. Who asks for it? But the one that should be treated the same they treat others. Not the killer that killed for not being killed, but the killer that kill for profit. Offer. Coffer.

sorry, I am not clear on this. what were they convicted for?
for being homosexuals or having homosexual activities?

Convict, convince.

Stary, starvy.

Disclosure, enclosure.

you know it is hell to find anyone in London! at least as far as I am concerned.
do you own a home?
the odd is that she will say no, in fact she says it, but I cannot think of being more flirty. she is clearly my senior also.

C: don’t see into it racism but disgusting family and institution values.
The world of the straight (jacket).

then don't bother with having to get the money, is like the castle in our home.
To work for one’s home and all around.

People are not divided, or trying to divide on race line. But on racist line.
Hurry, Harry up.

I d like to know if we could see each other in the morning for the 8th of February?

Without protecting other species just like they would protect themselves (better and better, longer and longer- progressive idea, not the ideal of the parents that got children to make sure to bully all day with scars that will last a life for the ones they undertake.
Without protecting other species just like they would protect themselves like we should our dearest- to make them stronger and fairer and with all our time, through education or research, human being will never find himself.

Hymn.  ones that mime, him.

I am thinking of you really, albeit I always think of you strongly, so the feeling like sending you my wishes for this new year.

maybe this would make sense for somebody

Volver,      spanish.
Vol = steal or flight in france.
Reve = dream.

Dream,    maerd,             night mare.

D , day, drew, delay, decay, dray,           ream.

Condition, con-dit condition on. Con, dis
Dit-n (haine, aine.), dicton, dit-on
Et l’aine sorti comme DE de dedans la cuisse de jupiter, l’aine.


Dic, discreet, discrete, direct. Secret. Secrete,

Begin, beg---in, ain’t my philosophies, the respects isn’t there, the older if doing it, would have to worry guard. But, tube.

To protect one’s rights, as a natural right, not that it is best to declare that it is natural to do something versus cultural, but more explicative to say that human are ruled by the wheel of logics, and long term won’t permit him; to mock openess as well as rudeness, malleability as well as craftiness, reset restlessness against stillness and beaute, delicatness as well as roughness.
Rough equality.
Roughless, rootness.

Begin, be gin.

The work of whom spend their time taking other as if they were idiots, and looking at them with more than a layer of comedies, volutarily pushing themselves in behavoiroral aand even mental state of being angry or happy, respectuous, affectuous, in order to hide the fac t they understand that to delay serious consequences, i.e. abano abandonment the other people must think they did not understand it.
To feign. The work of whom spend their time taking other as if they were idiots, in plain playing idiots, idioms, while the other party is themselves asking what the mystery of all misunderstandings. Blackness, protrude, exclude, avoidance. Re-established. Shed.

Estable, etable = stable as in (ferme, firm, fir, fur) farm.
Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff arm.

I won't moderate you if comment (or commend) not simply spam, I welcome hyperlink or intolerant of others' rights = not the right (as allegiance) of absolute sovereign but right = conducive to everyone and lives  (all is living, like everything) well being, mutual respect and liberty.

so ur email meant, you don't want garlic? I ve got some, and it is good against vampire, and it is weekend, so the well with your digestion, though I need u to text me if u come Friday, to know when I cook the humus. am fed up checking my mails.
 it s not cryptic you, it is elliptic. elo, elico, elites. I car. us.
Illico. Alas.

Scare crow. Duress.

you are a psychic? whence the ocd? one has to investigate one's intuition sometimes.

it is great to pet and communicate with animals, it makes you realise the nature of the human society, not having started to institutionalize vegetarianism yet. if not I d fancy ya.

you like someone with a bit of masculinity on?
Some on. With the add comment that it does not mean boy playing begin boy with each other, and girls, that just instaure role to permit them to be intolerant of everything drastically, and then found a family and a nation taking in fashism and nastiness as their emblem and package mandatory. Forfeiter.

soup carrots, turnsip. turnsnip.

Hall, hell.
Hill, hull. Holl.

My blog mainly, not in fact, my blog is more my rubbish box, cos I ve got -too many-writings waiting to be rewritten, but I never find anytime. where do u go libraries, museum, outdoors? the web-

to the fem female that like standardise in women an d that = who, even if my progession is a repellent, thinking of which we build yourself according ‘permission and tru trauma-  i truly like. Permissive, passivity.

 Or fasho activation in the met, meet, making. Malign to announce one’self as tolerant when just pretending. Meet,      me            et.           Me and et.  
lord I wish I was feminine...

not warming just melting. it is good you have to walk, made you enjoy. snow does not come often, and when on time it's purifying the soileds.

mmh, good move. she knows it's u? hetero?


Align, a lig.
Ament, ue.

Hungryness and the rythm of the search.
Music, tempo

mind I cannot complain the women I loved, all chef changed my life in some ways, dramatically.

Ce chef, chow.

mind I cannot complain the women I loved, all chef changed my life in some ways, dramatically.

took me for a walk this morning, but her is hetero, she really likes me, but it s my boss, and I cannot say I d rather not to pursue if we aren't dating. she is good to me just like a very good friend- and I return the grace with genuine sentiment- very open minded person she is (too much perhaps, but here might come my jealousy-, and I felt in love but cannot afford to hold on to it.

ok for this but I don't want to have sex with a friend, it does not work for me.
I need to be the best of friend to whom feel desire enough to exchange intimacy and some keys of the bodies. am not saying sex, as sex without love don't match. but. and one spends lots of time becoming friend with becoming no more, and I am not looking for friends basically. for me they are the ones that came with destiny, a girl friend is the one for whom I give myself more than, a tiny bit more than, what I want to pursue on my own. the others, they are circumstances', acquaintances, and relation that one cannot avoid lest be tagging anti social.

mmh, but this is still working in the strict sense that time spending is not sparing.

The gays are called bend because there is no more wrought and wry that sexism discourses, from the gays but of course mainly from the hetero exclusivistic propaganda. In a world of corruption , the beggars try and choose.

Gay, gas. Gaze.
Ayes dads. days .

Duo daubs, dams,

I don't think at all that I have made you open minded, you are an extremely tolerant person. flexible, very, very considerate and humble.
and I ve got a growing calf.

as for my answer it will have to be crude: as adventurous as keeping the preposterous coward that would say that I am a transvestite, just in order to outclass me.
 the type that only thing to their looks, the one that never gave anything more than control freaky.

let's not pout that on my staff record.

*O:-) angel*>:) devil night and day, but I am not doc jerkill and me hide, good that some regularity.
and for that need to prevent the poison to run the veins of unpopularity.
and since of that the soul only can rest when making sure they try to keep the devil at bay.
And for will, to socked suck succeed to say. At least, not last, for a time being setting up the play. *>:) devil*O:-) angel

Ore, roe, oror. Terror.

T          err estrial. Equestrial.            Estrier.      Strider storm.    Equine, equinox, Pegasus. Gas.  
Peg, gep, get and gap.  Esquire,               terrier.    ȾȚțŤŦŧťʈʇʇṬṮṰẗ₸∟∏┴┬╦╥╤ﻎﻞ

to be or not to bee, y, by.

I am , yes, I am a iam cat.

I hope you manage to catch up with your hours. if not don't go to pilates, your work first. not just kidding you can go to pilates, it s a honorable break. or I could help you if needed, perhaps.

Searching jibe juvence. a little sport, no drugs, no alcohol, self reflexion, when not serious, seriously relax, a lot of sleep. the 
boring type. As life becomes more than a field, leif. Leave one’s leaf.

I do nothing more. regular serious life are necessary to spare time to reinforce reflexion. and adventures are superb and revealing but they are all about preparation.
after work I am as good as dead anyhow.

I really like working with special needs, but what we do in those settings are managed in a too cruelly boring  practises and activities' so, I am not overjoyed when I get there.

Craft, raft.

- Stop wanting.
- I did that too. but three years?!
there were something else. bor broken hearted

yes but they don't employ me for this..
I love your French .
It took me a while, to get the irony of people saying things about my accent, you know as I was babbling.

same than you. to compare all the time what is ahead or what we think we have missed, what is gone, or the time search (spine, penny) spending or the quality of time that one can build just staying alone, perhaps to meet the one that would love us for what we have constructed.

Awaiting for the rights to a have a name for people to have recourse to court, where lies are bigger and more obscene. Caen, cene, Sain.
Not to be proactive and build and enforce and a lot of checking place that will not only stir but establish democracies. Not only on their terms, but sine qua non for depth of them: right for everybody, and respect all the same.
And of course not bugger wanting to destroy everybody or anybody at their head, and head answering the communities. But who think the communities as an avid group of members on verge to be insane.
A monster just growing.

how ‘UN wire’ speaks about global warming how 'UN wire' speaks about global warming, and they are paid, and just like they are paid to boost the economy, spilling rubbish of this sort down the drain. – or how are we ‘run’ (politicians are all sold) discounted on pessimisms of convenience.

The experts.
Cone, and prism. Prick. And restrictivism, mind the ‘lords’ are so much the visions (vizir, visors) of a comprehension that stop s to the money. Decadent in cadence.
Candid, can did and punt pundit puri-bondry purity. Punditry, posit. Point, pint.

little UN looking like if depending on media release to trace its own stance; if it is.

prude, puribond, puritain
Affecté; ...prétentieux, provocant, prude, puribond, puritain, raide, simulé, snob, tarabiscoté (fam.), tartufe

Pen, pent.

Still, llits.
And the power of concentration.
Stilts. As the passing of time and burning of recommendations.
Thunder when slack.

Tranform. Trans port les formes.

To be found on internet, one has to utilise jargon and specialist or specific working or d wordings as if one speaks about life without naming and associating then they will be listed as one of the thousands who have utilised these terms. Even though they would have managed to speak with them so beautifully that simple words would have suffice for the others not to be part of the photography.

erature in distress.

Eratic, rature = not rated but scratched in order to supprim (suppress)

Lit,         era

Subprime, sup run, re rehab, rah, rap, rag, hag, rhea, rime = rhyme, thymes, theme, time, supreme.

The favorite expression of european, would have been outcast at the opposite of outclass in order not to emphasize the end of the game  doing like their habits, to sack kpeople more performant, ethic, serious, cool, preoccupied by morals and professional standards without hassling harassing one of them.

In these authoritarian or anarchist states, where choices are the ones of prefering being raped than being married.

The erp person that liked being sucked; like that the only ones to do it hey, they ain’t. and not to remember the fact that they are still sole to think it is the end of all games.

To forget, to forfeit. Confetti and decadences alumni.

two kids is alright, but the lingering ex...
last time I tried that I ended up trying to patch them up.
I am knackered and I am academically, in all the sense of the term, late.

i am all for south africa, provided you take a boat, in that case I could go along, not to the wedding, but to look for a job or something, a job experience rather as you are one cannot be better employer, ... and to be with you.

on the boat I could finish my plan and you jude. and share a cabin, I swear I d be silent. anyhow not say a word is a bit of heaven as far as I am concerned, plus you ve got work to do.


I stop already mate. one I ve stopped- try to stop- for years in order to try and catch up somewhat. and I also stopped again to chase them now, as even if I am accostumated to dead end, the woman that looks after me today, is genuine, sincere, is here a lot. and I have to shut up for a little more, even though she is confounding me, the tenderness and open mindness is too much in the way to have the heart at any thing apart. for me today it would not be something else but apart from her. the problem is that tomorrow she can belie me and confirm me the week after, so...let's get on with my study.

''generation rights' or rites.

I like the idea of the cake, but not on the floor. I am crazy late. and you wrote right. I really really would feel like meeting you. but I have to check where is nowhere, at least today I don't know that I am nowhere and try to be satisfy with it. it was my previous behaviour, and it destroyed me as well as making some space for fortitude on other matter than half searching but all souls seeking. I ll let you know, and next time if I am defo in a dead end and you not with your opera singer, and not on any thing mentally or intellectually stirring I d like to call you. I really like to, indeed. kiss ya dog of you.

maybe do something more nutty, or fruity, avoid sugar. for the kids and for grown-up, ok but as occasionally as possible. do something they could eat 3 times a week and grow healthier for it...
she is a fem?

Life and experience ‘meandering like rivers’.

maybe do something more nutty, or fruity, avoid sugar. for the kids and for grown-up, ok but as occasionally as possible. do something they could eat 3 times a week and grow healthier for it...

alright, anyhow these singers, opera, stuff, it is so powerful- physically, psychically so, that was count is magnificent. it breaks the mould of gender, as identity is what is to convey, but to no one but to god = love and sincerity, hate when threatened. danger. dagger.
a bit cheesy, but I rather stop writing to you, it s not a good idea to develop feeling, even if you are for me a first rated soil.

maybe wait next sunday. maybe text before saying I ve got a hug cake...
you sound impassionate, cannot be a judgment from my part , I tend to be on the ber verge of folly, with similarity.

Berger, = shephered.
Verger, = orchard.
Water and fruit, to tend them, and not to harm them, spirituality.

The highest.

Spiritual. Rips, it.
Ripe. Rope.

green light, don't wait for it. love is positive if not we are the one that ruin our own life. and ... they ARE gor goddesses.

I cannot say I am on top of my form. extremely busy and let's say let into confusion state, but at least is a warm feeling this time for me.
I now am in a living position, very much nicer, even though colleague play it dirty and dirtier. my boss still give full protection, though the other lies like crazy; she is one of the most sadistic person I have had to keep on working with. a whore simply, playing on promiscuity, want people for her slaves, speak about peace when all she wants is people in cage working in red quarters, a pimp calling herself a lady.

I hope, I really hope you are well, and that you find a pretty lady.

Theme, fem.

Sensuality, apesanteur and gravity.
Flesh, aspiration inspiration, lightness, lightless. And grav-ities.
Sere seriousness and possession. Not capitalistic but love needs protection as much as one could; and as much as one should, need here changed into more than aspiration, but adventures that made the change undertaken with and into, in, and in the name of infit infinitude.

You d be a feast,

I am not hopeless. I did love hopelessly, knowing it or not, but romantic knows that love is the thing that brings them and everything for an d of the fate on the ridge.
Sometimes you love to challenge yourself with this power that makes mountains the island you ve got to marry to see if the sky bring over marvels.
You should write to be read, at least a little. Are you bloggy?

Dest-iny in it sed.
Deist            dest,           de   = dice             dust.

Des- sed

Arth is this feeling that one has to take the snapshot, without knowing everytime why. As the feeling comes from this strenous habit and the impression that on gets to have and that varies some time. And knowing one’s work, to be able to analyse what ensure inspirit inspires us, what in the shadow gave one’s light.
Relief and variation as the worlds meet us in abstention.

I also have been contacted by a former employer for teaching assistant position, so the specs could become a serious emergency. I cannot see from far at all. I would be disable without it.
could you try to send them rapidly to me?

sorry, this note was meant for you.

sorry, this note was meant for you.
am more and more tired, and do things, more and more silly. bigger and often infer increasingly.

I cannot say I am on top of my form. extremely busy and let's say let into confusion state, but at least is a warm feeling this time for me.
I am struggling without my glasses. I cannot meet at the moment, and I guess it is pretty the same for you. would you mind sending them to me.
I now am in a living position, very much nicer, even though colleague play it dirty and dirtier. my boss still give full protection, though the other lies like crazy; she is one of the most sadistic person I have had to keep on working with. a whore simply, playing on promiscuity, want people for her slaves, speak about peace when all she wants is people in cage working in red quarters, a pimp called lady.

Not to mention a thief, in fact she is a violent one, she is even threatening the guy we look after with being beaten if and when he listens to me (I 've just added this last sentence, so good for my file) 
let’ add, the type that threaten you with rapes, tortures and murders, for the sake of her to have more money and nothing to do more than bully. And completely pervert enough to dream that the threat be executed first on your family ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... but let’s not add it often before it drives myself utterly mad. And people who would do anything to grip power = being sadistic, anything including drop any morals, common sense and even sell every inch of their body: but there is a reason why one has to refrain pitying them, for being victims at some point, it is because the moment they really accept to be beaten, they in fact by this way increase their sadism, no limits and break the boundaries of sensibility, sensitivity that the body owns. Still steal, yet again a theft. 

I hope, I really hope you are well, and that you find a pretty lady.

sorry, this note was meant for you.
have a guess to whom I sent it instead.
my boss, it is the second time, the other time is when I allude she was becoming my utter fancy; I might get the sack sooner than expected.

are you with someone?

There is lies, white lies, and the ones for you to survive, and there are set-ups.

could you try for the letter to be smaller, she already stole a software from me. she dips her hand into the letter box.
 I think of rocky regularly, and of course of you, though we did not have the same activities, I found that you were the most beautiful -I loved rocky, I really did, and that did not happen to me so many times, I had with it some high compatibility of character- it is a real turn of fate, he is not in france, but although I really like my friend, I was wondering if he would have released him enough, and I did not wanted rocky without flying all the time- I did not want to send him where I was not sure he would get that. do you know if he is good there? of the companions I have ever met. I insist also because you know how I use negativity- and you let me express. thank you for that, I know I am a bore.

The deny of it, is amount and consquences direct of grave manipulation and traumas. Of what we are all in a bisexual state, as it is natural = divien = sane = genuuine = graceful, to be attracte d to sexes, to their full blossom without being biased and lunatic and torture oneself rejecting or attracting more the others in the worst discrimnation spree that are on fundamental freedom, and fundamental needs, and worst in that they apply in all and in the most intimate and crucial. Family life.
It is all waht is have to say.

I should have taken him? what do you think? I should have taken rocky.
how old is she? what does she do? am hap you finally finish it with jane, you have to find someone for you.
give my warmth to dom, and that he starts dating for goodness sake!
me, I would think that domi is in fact heart broken- you know kind of high expectactions, preventing us to see the right in all types of sweet and truthful relations, what do you think?

you remember the bird I was supposed to take? he escaped, he is dead. my that say no finally because I fear that        did not let him enough flying.
I loved this bird. I love him to bits. discreet, intense, curious, caring, distant. quiet, accurate, wild, liking, shy, nibbling, meticulous, assiduous.
 I seriously felt that I could have him all the time with me, in my room, in my shoulder, in my pocket...

the 'ex' found a better, more mature match.

''generation rights' or rites.

Andes glaciers melting at high speed
A study reports that glaciers in the Andes mountain range of South America are retreating at rates faster than any in the past 300 years -- between 30% and 50% since the 1970s -- and "will probably completely disappear within the coming decades," said lead author Antoine Rabatel. Among the areas likely to be most affected are the Santa River valley in Peru, and the city of La Paz in Bolivia. BBC (1/23) LinkedInFacebookTwitter

Mone, money, monk, maniacal, monocle, maniacal, monarchal.

which one deb?
I might be mistaken but the last time I tortured my self not entering any relationship but marriage is when I was completely, the end of the travel of the heart broken. and was here only the grave in my religiosity. having saying that I am not saying it is the case for Dom.
can you try to make the package quite slim and small?
I am sad for rock. don't worry for the money, I owed it to you anyway. I liked being in your home.  

To make love at any hours, as it is still the selfish but in couple thing, the most desirable way and act that one finds in life; in between hypocritical socialisation and jobs.

             was worth a companion for me, he did not have a price, or it is not what counted.
as I told you it s your money.
thank you for my specs.

the full album, listen, it's angles. angels, angels.

Sept, set.
Seven, seve =

Without police, being able to shoot people that ruin lifes, as with police they will still run, and run the place.
Good without the police sometimes.

Or some time, or at some point. Or why don’t they catch them?

sounds of language probably determined by the way one is breathing; and the sound that are around. Birds like rivers, winds like trees. ..

for ME, yes.
I honestly did not know you would have unmasked me at once, but I truly knew this irreducible weight of attraction could not be or go 'forfeit'.

I mean I acknowledge the fact that I cannot go unnoticed. nor recurrent thoughts, inspiration, and, or appeal.
I could not but help thinking of some connection.
but then, what made you think of me? Sundays and its religiosity, or the character rather generous of my mail? or is it that it is a little while youi knew it was to be done, as you put me on verge of questioning my own identity?

It is the beauty of technology, to have one little information, and to find every data needed, from an email address, the job application, address, preferences, past references... I think I am gonna hide my address even from my cvs.

I thought you could have found this a cavalier letter, but I am relieved.
are you doing anything on sunday?

People pretend more usually that what draw someone astray from the human forms that human consensus in societies gave to themselves is cursed.
They are are so, as gifted, i ‘d say.

I ve got an idea. why not say that you don't know exactly with certitude. because like that it will leave me a little bit of a leeway, simply?

do we go for a run? as long as I am not responsible for any mistakes. I discharge you from my below average plan, I needed to sleep, battery are recharged now, they are as they come anyway. we could plan late afternoon?

And if my intuitions, rewarded by finding a trace of what i supposed, or a supposition of what i was tracing, was here not to say that i was right u but just to acknowledging a spirit world.
Just like instinct could lead me to unjustly murder while in my head the calls sometimes and at some point could have revealed some reality in the ground hidden.

Of course, she is in love; she wants her/his marrow bone.
Her, not her own, but friend lesbian story. Or hetero, vampires are just like human, depraved, bond bone wanting society.


A language made spiritual, as the poets brought its rhythms and rhu rumousr and rhymes above all its meanings as incantations hoped and chanted.

check but cats' tooth are particularly prone to decay because of sugar.

check, it is not to freak you out, at all. but me example I was reassure I did not have my address foundable through 192, to just found myself, I am checking from time to time what I can google from the info numerised, that through my email, people can find my address as it is on cvs I have upload on public sites, type 'found a job for a dummies'...
not my present address though. former ones.
identity thieves, and other miscreants, villain and bandits.  

“approximatively one in every 300 people on earth is a refugee”.
C: How many refuges?

Peace and love, or piss in the viole, viol-in. ation, ancien.

---ation, ancien. Ancien, nation, caution, action, bastion, solution,

I got the specs yesterday. take care, like I know you like it.

It, ties.

To die from love, to be out of love, as in love was you.
To be your dead lover. And find me back, and my true destiny, my truth as real love after having finished with you.
To have died, but not to have got rid of you as all. Chimera.
Carol and spasm. Spasm.
Psalm in French psaumes.

Slam, alm, like aumone, aumonery.

Pre-jude, ice, dice.

Read, re radical, racial.
Radius, rhizome.
Root, ride, get ride.
Rid. Dir.
Erection, erosion, erudite.

Rude, ite, height.

could you hold up the postage please, I ll measure my wrist.
just a note, the measure thing could appear elsewhere than on the email. it is by mistake, or automatism I opened it.
thanks for the service.

Ettec, est-ce?

I ve just 'being told' ... well I always thought, because it is what mama said, that she would never take pictures of us when we were children, or keep our poetry, or some other essays, because 'we were messy' and it was just like that. that it was kept at the grannies for the pictures granny took. and for the poetry and school stuff of a baby, it would, bet, bet, be those of the daddy.
what was untold is whom were throwing what we had done pen painfully. painstakingly.

Ettec, est-ce?

One should not be attributed the name of a nation, territory where the people agree to be the first to be served; compared to enhance global citizenship, in term of h universal.

Human, as manual.
Verse, as versatile or wordy. Vord, Vaux + valloir = worth, ord.

just a note, the measure thing could appear elsewhere than on the email. it is by mistake, or automatism I opened it.
thanks for the service.

= I did not know that your bracelets could be shortened otherwise than on this email I opened by mistake.

Ring, gnir. Near. ‘when this near can be heard the bells or smaler calls’.


i need to call you this evening, there is simple things, i ve tried many times to explain to amineh, but I don't manage that. she does not understand, start being angry, and I rather leave it like that. I explained it thoroughly and calmly many times any how. and the sole answer I get is me getting warning from her, distorting what happens. distorting the very explanation she kept interrupting.

let's forget, tonight we will be in the same building. and it is not the moment to propose for a stroll as we are both burlesquely too much occupied.

I am taking my chance, but I am gonna be comatose all day tomorrow. really need to do late evenings. I rather know you are resting whenever you need it.

just ask for advice, would you think that this below would satisfy 'undercover age' for the Pulitzer prize?

Please check on the net by typing anything like ‘age of aisha, mohammed,  islam’ and you will see that paedophilic enforced torture way of life is a grande classic of muslim literature.

or would it be a syndrome of so much puritanism?

am 9,5 stone usually and took on weight recently. still it is only 6 kg more than u and not just in fat. you have me grumpy
and njot only of fate ate and brain.

when coming accross with the unexpected, proceed alsways, mm by mm
mmmmmmmm as fast as a caterpillar, as things were not set for it but on the contrary were set not against but on the way of what we had been organising for it. Fort if. Fight.
To        22222222222222222

For        4444444444444444444444
Redouble of circumspection, section and effort.

Gettin g old my eyes lose on details what my body gain in traces and track, cer carving up its time. De-tail.

some people don’t debate, they behave just like they own a territory of their profession. they behave badly and are against further research and commitment, as practising for example real trying to come a bit close of environmentalism, would mean in some part, majoritarily, total restructuration.
they are like these people in charge of orpheanage, that want their pupils to become unemployed, servants, or low life. and that boss around their colleagues same fashion. the type of school dean that pay to the children one cake a day, to go with all other corruption and descholarisation, and serious teaching away.

political sex discrimation, as it is.

Decimation, discrimination
Discrimination, addiction, addition. Add diction.
And thought restrain
Restriction, res, trick. Traction, track.

When muscular, the male breast almost as developed as the females one.

Sour, recess.
Aces. Assize.

Pride, ride, rid.

Fate, ate F= future.

if left uncommanded would soon become to reign through lack of scales or prison of shackles.



extension, extinction.

The head of a human, ova, oval, like ovule, like the more ajar and rounded slit of the eyes of a cat in the dark when a flash (no more than a light) is provided.

Oval, vale.

Women were not, like postulated Rousseau, to prone to emotions; but to prone to persecutions and as for bribery, it was good to say women different as men were bribes as much as any. And lack of emotions is one, following its little daddy.
Dead dye.  And the roll, role, over veer of dice.

sorry it is to ask about the insoles, are they pieces of metal one put under classic insoles and that last for years?
Magnetic insoles.

better offer

and you are an opera singer?
there is no more powerful that a voice that grounds and pierce.

If you are only the second wife, not very long with your husband, and if you 'are due to die' to make him and its children inherit sounds more like if you disinherit your own children from first husband a little bit...depending on previous arrangement.

if we have a one hour one and an half walk session from time to time, I don't mind you preferring other friends, then I don't think that this time imparted will hurt anybody.
yesterday was just a day for me to understand how you want me to behave. won't happen again. I am thing, think, thick, sorry.
But when i am not thick, am deep or in the air down, down, down, and up the hill or in the air anyway.

dumped and simple.
we had another entire day explanation yesterday. it dashes all my hopes still remaining, so so far so good. I am happy because I am really really attached to her and we need to sort it out in depth. it took months.

sorry, but I was thinking, you like having intimate relationship, you went to his archery, you were doing the same activity, you were doing much more of your share cleaning wise...
so what on earth would make you a person difficult to live with?
it is a real question.

I like to see you in the morning, I ll be working early evening.

I think I ll try to enter the competition, nothing serious, but for the gesture. I ll need a mentor, if it has to be rather academic like.

it’s like the little macho play.
That sucks.

To be bullied, and to endure, as one has to perform, evolve, fight in all other cirm circus and circomstances, constent, seize.
And then becoming mature, older, thoughte, tougher, harder, weaker but built and sine since acids received colmater,
And to see in oneself, the ancietn traces of ones’ ancestors, parents, mentors, and to wish terrace anyone who would assail our endurance store, sot storey.
And do it, as violently as is the mort, maure, maures, morales.

Mere. = maman.

so dead line are now from 2 weeks to 4 days, with modified criteria, interesting, the student union likes it to be challenging.

9.30 is absolutely perfect,

I ll send you the very few draft paragraphs I did accompanying my plan. I sent to you because it would not be polite to send it to you later. but what I propose is that you don't look at that. I work this year very difficult, long hours. each day has become a matter of fighting exhaustion. I need the money as much as the security it might provide its little bit.
I need the money and job experimentation.

what I could try is to send you a plan a bit more written on Thursday evening, it is poor it must not take you long. I ll try to make it up for the time in march. I ll try to be ready for this dissertation.

Toe, tow.

I am rethinking of sunday.
I realised we already had this conversation.
it took me this to understand your grief. And how bereavement has left your life ‘empty’.
you have to pardon me when I am blind.
I am for talking, that completely, but I am not sure I am the best choice to speak about it particularly; as I lost all objectivity. and lost for it all envy.

To reincarnate into a caterpillar, all round and comfy, elastic, caoutchou, then in a flyer, a butterfly to be so light, but so heavy’ how pein painful to stir this big par pair of wings, and wingery.
Do we know that?

To have been set up as being thieves, by thieves, who wanted us outclassed, like outcast.
And having for e remains or practically, the pride to dome become expert at stealing, since no one would allow us a living of a life, not with dignity, but a life in which living did not rhym with deal decay.

Book, hook

Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo        obbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Also if you spot abuses, don’t report it because who is gonna give you or not access to another jobs afterwards, you former boss. it is what they say or make clear by punishment like that.
The system of reference! A lock-up system.

That it is still, is this person locked up by the council for being autistic and not being able but to shot to describe his horrors at things.

Religions, philosophy, technics, and all other system of thoughts and actions as the repository of human evolution. Not that evolution means the most that one has done, but the results, seen or unseen, of this melt-pot.

Devilliers  lepen

Wearing copper.
Not need medication or tablets to avoid deficiency, help joint pains, proved by mainstream medicine since antiquity.

Copper has been used for healing since early times. It is an essential metal which our body needs, which can be readily absorbed when wearing a copper bracelet next to the skin.

sorry, I am not clear on this. what were they convicted for?
for being homosexuals or have sexual activities?
mind I cannot complain the women I loved, all chef changed my life in some ways, dramatically.

I had a review with my bank and these crooks did not tell me i could have a better interest rates by regular payment directly onto my saving account.
I also found out that my interest rates be much better on the same account if i ask them to 'refresh' it. i had to ask for them to update my rates for the record i cannot believe it.
I am not sure i ll stay with them but if possible i d rather the wages to be paid on my other account now same bank, lloyds tsb.

I should have done it earlier, but i wanted to start do and compare stuff, but now they rearrange my rate this could be delay, plus the stuff i talked to you about.... so it is certainly worth to change the account order, even though i am ready to change this bank for any thing better, should it be a fraction better. simple inside traders. click a button a create interest hegemony.

I was off today, having a quick sporty walk with my boss, who I really don't know if she will decide ever or not to be dating me. arrre there a lot of girls in Brighton?