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L’ẬNE: VI Lilith


Six, French pronunciation = cease.

With these (alternative) way of living, you finish slaves or slavering.

To emprison people to try and not be toppled is illusory as it is the sing of a lack of political will of the people still serving onto ruling estabslishment at its apex, that is whith the enire entire population.
Elire, elect.
The wll of the majority, needed to rule a country, without the authroiriatrain manners become violent , political and social will and time to make the stuff run smoothly and take the energy of proges ress and creativity as well as building ac capatcity when benevolent and beneficient. The rest would result inevitably as run by people not involved in its  being shared and grown.

To kill on purpose, gratuisoulsy in thinking that removes it something less to think about, to look after, to relate to…
And have to think that it is the end of this world or that however bad what we do their salways a future make a grandious place to think that I have got nothing to do, to prove, more than being a predator.

“We shot a lto of stuf f and realize what it means twenty years later. “
“get enhtouisatic about horror film, about darenkess…’

“Or maybe are we gnna be the I living dead” as we gonna die
C: And die  what about our traces?
“the American nightmares”

It is normal to speak about and for one’s religion, because of you know that some of the language and people in or within its spehere of influence had been great humnistad or save in a way of another people form badness.

The generations think themselves as apocalyptic as they think that they are tat the top an dthat what only what they have created is so important that I t would be a shame and an tactis enough to put down altogether. This one thinking that are the on that did not suffer.
As appocalysmtic tick is in each people experimenting dath death. So what is about death when inflicted?

In a cemetery, the tombs and colons are on a hill and pis tower the scen and the sky give its sly ordered.

Going in life smilly like in an film of horrors, that reel through and en dlife in a second.

The way of protection yourself ga against crooks and crowds becoming rich that is to wrok indidrectly for mafia, or not indirectly.

‘The measure of a countries self confidence  is the degree of measure that it will igve to creative intelligence’

I am against no one , no muslims no religion, no groups, as long as they respect me like thy ereepsect themselves. Bu what if they don’t do respect themselves or others?
My best friends might comes from all other the comsoms as long as the spirit is of spirtirutual o all over protection. As long as they are friend to lifes, and all .
Racism ia is an habit that put every one in the same bod bodx. Pushing everyone to want to eradicate what is outside thinking tthat ist is only in their box that  they ar safe and killed if part.

The cctbv to make sure one is making properly job as idiot as the finishing species.

To write a work or whatever that can stay within gerneration is not immortality it is just to depict a soul while you r loul is gone, and for other sould to recongise what they are living and make moving.
Will I keep

 Prostitution the oldest trade, that is to say ours.

“I am looking for someone that can touch me like i was made of china”

So zoom zoo. And tourism.

Porno is the  fack of having sex, stimulation that are trained through mis en scene of the pain, as unpleasurable sex is about being chareed ecorche.

I was desperately clinging on to the so past memories of my first ex that never had wanted me ral eally.

People and peoples are ga against the western life styile and they are right we know it. We are or embroiled withint its conditions, only possible to find a work fashion, or

She would have thought I was going on and on and gather so much as a romanticism, even though she knew I was the last of her soc souci, but she had this glimpse in me that told her all my horny all my attempts to make me a good husby and e desirable her tempesty prayer for the forest of the world be a better place for it is its shelter from there could sing the birds and the mammals protect themselves from the human and the less kind that dream only of blood for a cheap and easy clot to build in the fin fond in the bottom of injuries . no surgery for these fantoms.

The poet, though I am not, is reading all the time, books, songs, and clocks, and po ised pissed by the rhythm the world come to him for being lined.

These guyes paly playing sympathisant positive? Taking back slogan, but who will never know about what they are tali talking about as no work back ground in the sense that they think the same will never do the equivalent. How to ruin . even the most ambivalent.

 in paralell to studying islamophobia, would you be studying 'islam'?

it is so great to see and watch the sea, washing away all worry, infinity the gradual play which will finish the comedy. as for tragedies they cannot wait to stay and go running this way, out of the plate. one can't be lay. add as for the plait and the hearsay only godess has charms to say 'sing my lord we won't die, all comedies are laught that die, and tragedy aren't here to stay. we are all lay to think this way.

 to steady go and run the mildy mild mild milky day.

 sherry, i mean i can tell you this like that as i know you are considerate. but what i think is that for the moment we have to take it easy with terry, she is agonising over Abby.

 that's great. and why get changed all the time!?
what worries me now is to get medical advice and follow up in order for him to keep on his walking capacities to a most.

Pro prix, prise, pris french for taken (in) son.
taken (in) son

have a look it will become more hunt un- entertaining for bilinguists.

Sometimes it is good to have negative experience. As taking this example if I would have taken this nullity in academic input from a prof of whom I did not have proof it was neglect and sheer boycott’ I would have tolerated. After this from no one I would, it is to dangerous to let it. The only thing is that you might accept it from one lecture s in thinking no time, the other one will do triple to catch things up.

“seen as a matter of security rather than humanitarian concern”

central london has this advantage of taking us somewhere with other gays around. do you agree? i mean we do that once or twice whatever how many times you want, and if we click i can meet you every where you wish afterwards.

i have to dam adm-it the red picture is because i lost my camera phone and i have got no other one.
well i d be my real pleasure to spend time with you. though you will have to decide about the places you wish us to go with one restrictions i go where i don't need to spend my pennies. what really sadden me it is that my place in london i cannot invite anybody to stay at night it is too 'insalubre' i got it very cheap in a most expensive quarters...what do you think of it? if you send me your email i just produced a file , i don't know if it deserves a pass, about an organisation similar to oxfam. 

et puis on parle francais, on peut tout dire, a part la personne a qui tu as decide de devoiler, persone ne comprends exactement ou juste un couple de temps en temps qu on peut semer. ca c est genial de temps a autre. and when becoming political come back into the lingua franca, hilarant.

on my blog can i quote independence day?
i am looking for website good not about recipe, yours is enough but about general advice for vegan nutrition.



 do not worry i knwo we cannot read it all.
french history, you mean the world, mon colon!

ok that is if you study si islamophobia you have to study the activity or activism about islam to. action, reaction, interactions. for all that to get muddled if not sporty. i think of this because i realize how fast one is liable to get biased when looking at one point of the story. it is often one against the other one. and what is all the more tricky is that we live in a communitarian society, blanking, bleaching citizenship. if you don't investigate one group none of their tenets is gonna appear in the press, ami mainstream press, it is all about building not peace and exchange but block of self interest rhyming (whose real meaning) with how to steal from other in all legality.
in where can we know about the details of policies , of achievement. no investigation is permitted. and the one invited become the wolf mouth dependent.
in september we could have something to celebrate apparently.

Nothing against polygamy if polygamy is for everyone but polygamy mean to possess more than one spouse when one’s spouse are monogamous, have to. It measns torture and inequalities maintenance (and not one of alimony) through and through via marriage and accoutumance.

On of the trauma in everybody life is to feel pain, and to absolutely don’t know what to do  where it comes from and how to go and what to do with it.

 The withc system is to design the people having not the same opinion, see hope. Or one’ sown children with an independent will, ostricing, exorting, exorcist.

The machines whose will, like humans, might be to go one , or might be to collapse. Or          to dialyze.

  i think that the uk is not an iota equipped to preserve the freedom of your father inside residential institution.

Ot these guys of the ‘h.r’ fake team that want nothing human or kind or e real and share and mutual, but wnant social power.

Whatever agglomerated people might say, the notion of antion or groups is to stir reproduction in having in mind t o breeding children ubut nto as if they a were you r own but just to the purpose of colonisaiton. Teaching thenm no love as they are no you wish, they are not your whope h, but your tools. Basically the otions of people is then destoryoing themslelvse and having for identity corruption an d networking , down l hill.

There is a lot of violence
From errol Flynn sword fights to real violecen.

This was before the Sunday times educated us, tha culture means digested opinions about marketable artisitic endavours.
Swinton, tilde.

Heritage as tourism.
Swinton, tilde.

I d rather not an answer as the love for her would transport me into admiration and fanzy un punitively. 

Homophobia comes from this huge and unchained sensuality coming from bisexuality f thinking, as hetero born (laugh out lound all around)  will see their homosexuality s experience as being translavted into bisexuality. The fear of having to work for sex, and to work in a condition of habing sex since the a barriers of gender separation and sexuality division would be vcollapsion.

Faith can make you toruture people for them to chang of opinion, but if it is only ano opinion then it is nothing to do with faith.
Faith that they have but cannot act it, as well as the torturers, ins as free as to act it, thatn in a locked short without door corridor.
Vestibule of destruction.  The faith basic abut still perceive of breathing but not forth.

The work , of a stream of sound which we acknowledge the variation time after  auditions.
The similarity with art as a genre, as a soicialibility ability, where everyone recount the same event, circumvent of insanity.

And it is a free film, not, but a film I ve seen for naught that gives me inspiration..

All individuals the results of family survivance, but family does family has a what role into evolution.
The morphology transpforming where the zones of tensions, interest, love, sesnastion, nothing to do iwht people that like you because you are the same maison.

I might be a pfuta but I d could kill for mum.
I might be a lesbian and…
The all w question of homosexuality and more or less patrhiarchy.
Freedom in sexuality or even more war and don’t rape and compulosory agreement, but still criss cross between sex or gender.

The world of art watching by artist and lover of the human and spiritu rendez  vous. Where would we ogo without?
Authoriatrain, more and more structured in order to crash, the way creativity did not permit us to be alive.
Destrt and volupty of the harass.

The people that changes the world of people that changed a part.
On rulers that if they were men were women inspired, not only and not only.
The world is ambiguous and androgyne, so whagt abougt misogyny?

To reaise one children ta elling lies but manage to pearce them with light of verity, and them to battle for the not utopia but principles worded.
To sa y I am honest when we are not to one’s child.
Will the child do the same and lie about what he is  or will he try and become so.

With the reisk of being diminished by his family not seeing hime pors prosepering’ economically.

Not having make difference between haiving sex and making love kept me away from flesh for a very long time. In ht terms of hight dreaming and be accepte d by the reality of our trance and restransmit or transfer on’s energy. To write instead of crying one don’t know what tragedy. The one of having freamt or not flirting with reality

The concept of intellectual propriety is o funiue importance in the field of philosophy, all human sicenes and all sciences in general, as no one but the author can with certitude and no one can exhaustively and prophetically comment and o bjectivise, explain the nature and aims of their findings. This for literature texts for what is not of the analyse or uuse of a work but about the authors secrets and magic knowledge of it, as for the use intentend for the formuala of a nuclear bomb.
And none should be deserving humanity nor one of the species or domaisn, stones…
Miinearls that has ben givent o the humans to know.
Bu t if you say this, then humans will start to say that they don’t know anything.
Minver minerve.

Like an author is to reread his old text not his young one, in order to suit a reedition that wouls sound being worked recently, ‘in the light of today knowledge, ‘ and emphasis. Or counter them .

What do you like in human rights’ ? eating the other species, (and all other discretdly(.

Whistle resembles like when you pee. When liqid are in pression. Have to say pee as where are the streams about us. Attention. Arhtung.
The birds shi whisling like water, like a dream.

To stop sympathysing, as one know s that one cannot help through’ that what would be if I had to state that I cannot support really, I was sympathizing and what? The betray and judas.

Sometimes to wish an attack or another pain in order to try and traet one more inside or more installed.

‘no matters how prestiguious or august is it s past, none institution can leave in its past.’
‘st augistine said a unjust law is no law at all’
‘that is I have a right and even a duty to resist’
“the great debaters” film.

If you r life were in danger you might not call the person you saved one’s life before as they would not or could not save you. But in a ap spriritual aspirational ow wolrd whol w owhl wo owl world (darkeneness reuinited) you might not do the same thing, as the person you saved would he;lp whatever called or not. One question remain it was what kidn of save, spiritual?
Of which nature, complete? Or which structure, real?

Sure he did not like me but have had supported me a little while. Was it with the right tool. Id did it deserve a little smile. Lagomon. Lesimple.

 as long as it is no harry  Herny. henry, sorry i just tumble accross with one.

I send to him the pictures of someone I said I loved. And whoever I could send I know he could see inti o it him, his self’ as I sqeek and saw sought and prove him in love.

Richard Armitage And Girlfriend

do you know what one of my own professors id actually did?
she used to have a blog where she entertained her readership with some parcels of her private life, political opinion and lack of ethics. she is a very glamorous person, counting on a political party for publishing, and of course from that (and out of it) pervading her lectures of slight logan, slogan, (slowgun). Pamphleting (chaplet of hamlet) personalities not concerning their callous acts or in the lights of intricate events, but according to their (theri) very appurtenance (once nonce nun), like if their own party or party dissidents were or totalitarians on those betrays and decadent policies,  or from it absent.
do you want the additional trick?
Although this teacher have been living with her long life partner, not the slightiest mention of it within the thousands pages of her dairy diary.
nicest to read for the young aspartame ashram aspiring students.

what do you do awake at 6 on your sundays, i bet you have headache.

the present time or occasion (now only in the phrase for the nonce)
[from the phrase for the nonce, a mistaken division of for then anes, literally: for the once, from then dative singular of the + anes once]

Prison slang a rapist or child molester; a sexual offender
[of unknown origin]

Wath what

"I told it not, my wrath did grow" [William Blake A Poison Tree]
"nursing her wrath to keep it warm" [Robert Burns Tam o' Shanter]
"wrath: anger of a superior quality and degree, appropriate to exalted characters and momentous occasions" [Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary]

Noce = weeding or celebration inf rench.
[From Middle English, pointed tool, talon of a hawk, perhaps variant of ponson, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]
[apparently from Middle English punson pointed tool; see puncheon2]

The gourou, my group makes me perform unfair horror, horrors, in selecting abusively, in selecting, not in a universal way , in sequestrating, in having, in her being employed or disemployed, disableding. Bleeding. Bled. My wife or my girld, friend, my mother or my shepherd, my wayd and wedge f of responsibilities. But the day I find through being brilliant lookind and being looked by the light of their love, I ll return not to my group but against their elites + the ones that help their being constructuous monstor.

Parvenin, parvenir, pourvenir, prevenir.

To be vigilant, and for no one to be able to c be creative, as malentendre happens from results that were not expected or to attend. And nothing new can c occur or concur, and the penultieme death is acc nnounce in all celebrations.

Sit distusting gust the heteros, as they ar bis, butt but don’t say and try to play.

‘my shoes will walf k me out of life’
Reflexion on a terminal patient.
‘blue’ Derek jarman film.

An older lover who not even encourage but led into a tight embrace with one’s destiny. Against her attention, my working on hard.

It used to have a time where I could hide my identity, doing mixing up with autobiorgraphical feelings

Michel, Michael.
A ng(st) el.
Menestrael. Israel.

h.being, well being is finished and not al little bit. The other species are waiting, even the birdies whose song s appear charming as they conceive all music reapeating.


Humans are in fact little ninin,
Hyporcrites and selfish
But we have to see an end of it
As they kill our people all our family
Endowed with the sciences of top on top of it.
Humans species is not finished a little bit
It is finished entirely.
We will have just to wait like tiny
As g big as teh protozoere that hid sould older than the president of the united states
Or you or me.
Just post here to reconsiderate, nor less or more tha n the ruins of the planet
The bow, teh a rain, the straw, and the camel flee

Song of a bird.

For message of hope go to Ebay.
Whereas there is no fruit, rut, no cereal, cervant, servantes left
For the birdy and its pygmees.

It s not an accident, you have actually ruined it.
Ruin, bare.
All around waiting, all waht feels, all what is living. For the human defeat.
Animals readier, don’t think slowlier.
Little bit by little bit.
Every day like uour errands.
Every week like our meetings.
Every months like our wages
Every year like your pass-over. And othe r sects who proscrines.

Shrines will of f and in abound
And the course of the horiozons will meet for only meat flesh you man that moribund

It is not actually hatred speech coming from another species whose we are the murderer. J

In this planet only prostitutes are in, so don’t look for magdelene.

Lane, ane, anne, mary.

I tested it for you, it is no much complicated.
And they will produce their white sp oriasis story that the world is nice and smiley.
They betray up to the bible no wonder a killer for prophet, Mohamed in the 60’s
To whom you will have to show respect as what will have you to o counter the fucking and Sodom and gomore west. Not me I like felation as with it no more hangind the lesbian would emasculate not the rest but the homeless mysogyn. Gene.
As for women in in, in in, whatever prostitute, mother , collegue that is undigne not to fight for children.
But not the children who will e permit to stya tranquill low key mocker but the rocker of what remains. To die with sisters, bor other bourg and sane.
                                                                         L ane.


I am only an heralder, and like the angels od do I am waiting to be carry by our buzzers.

We are all jesus, or mohammed whoever we ciet as example, though I want ed to stop making offering offerrands to pedophile and their liers, and their marriers.
As for jesus , beautiful child, what did he do before all that, but to get ready to be transported by the crowd but not intact.

I try to bet married like you, as the contrary is not normal, how many wanks or sexual relation to think that has been full the

It s not  a joke, all is dying, on the display of our conscience, or the ruins of our sciences’ that were here but to hear what? Insolent. Indolent.
It is not an accident, incident. Incisive dent, diss dent? D ici, d ante.
And your h children that you torture, daily in account of your bossies, not to be gay.
Well admit pufta is for you kit.
Your kit.

Not to be gay, for your bossy, or for your own perjury, to be obeyed, or if not quit, to batter up when not awry of your mark of birth, concupiscence , your aureal ol of virgin blanck. The anus of vagina, I wrote wrought by the devil, all these world you recognize it since judas is your obole.
Judas, sad ju.

Das jew.

Not anti jewis, there is as many gay as of kepi.

Not insiut you it is nature but the nature you kill happily. Happily workd of horror when human involve honor. Butchery not for liberty but cos too lazy too be busy, too seductor to say plainly we ain’t superior, if not monster. It is not superiority the genious but what should be helped to some degree to innovate pioneer without kill your help, the bird that lay, eggs and eggns an g gay and grey. Anatomy biology did not fascinate, fahsiste you are to the place the plaice palace of your disgrace, d where the G in race, county.
To emply this method as propaganda is even in what is said to be progress, as no one is crying the murder cause to simagre heal, what will release af furor more horrors that have the hell.

I should not have love on earth, sicne inside all l crouling. Crawling, bu thte love that determine to save my wife, and ll children with what resto of us brothers. Not you not me but what rest of humanity. It is ture but I cannot stop it to look for me a little bit, ar reflexion of my stupor, and a n essence of my tender douceur as without love I am luci. Fier and pround of exterminate h whoever has prevented its love on earth to come naturally your average from the sancscript.

And anyhow it is me the pop.
You see how it sounds when I am single.

But the master on earth it is not male or man, ti is luci since eve apple. Pppppppppppppppale.

No pussy but well it is ‘it’ and for the ale don’t worry what has hung just morbit.

Report me to the pop, gansta, for insanity, I did not notice all the lies and lays not in your private but right in front, slavery and lavette for cuisinier.
Everything is valuable and I cannot stop taking note about the joke.

 The cross inverse of a tree. Or wouldit be the base for root, the earh, and the branch on top, just like the body.  Head father, children belly, holy spriit a mummy, don’t think about gender dummy

So be it, the consequence of it, a feamale through locgic that not only is to jesus or h Christianity, an ncecssisty. Necessiteusx.

To pray for the devil to be good, as what we have done is devilish, who we, well w. e. wll ell
Whell. O.
What is left for us is pray.

I complain a lot but I respect him.
What id did I do more? Not inscribed in the archives. Chives. Chilvary, chicory. And ap ass er by, urinate yellow and pourge purge as long as they are not ethnic cleansing nor even for the b rabbit,

Fall             folle
F       all                 ell.
Fail              ail

To treat the lllness like a ghost. To deny and there the devil is in fav position, the one in which it can sperm.

Money and us, the devil negor roes. Neg roe. Posit. Neg, egg opposti. Ne gen. gain. Gore f gorou.
G orne.

Benefice malefic.
The sacrifice will come back and avenge on its protractors. However Talen t or noirceur. Morcel or splendor. Endehor. S

The Italians would call the mafia.
The vtican                       the pop.
The french                   the pasta
The greek                    the respublica
And the English               herny henry
Mind it is ow worth moahmed story and confuus abuse till after th e Olympics.

Cnonfuse in Biafra where civil war had it s tool toll and none of us respond but by being better doll. L dole could be the serou source serioius. Serial house.

I don’t fuck I mak e love, fuck is in the hand of religious taboo s or militia calling themselves army or civil servants.

And since mafia is everywhere, and prioritarily in the bat ican. Balkans, barbican, we have sex, ‘love is a too dangerous affair’.  
Affair, raifa, refer.

The degree of intimity between humans and its machines, computers, electric, electronique, iron age.
Iron nor he.
Nor i.
Where would bring us for another being our intimity. Where this brings. By intimatcy if like Damocles or Excalibur change the battle of the party.

To go c anc d come in an organization to sww what one can drop drip from it of the tax payeres of or donors money. H.r society.

Art is mostly copy and transcription while the rest of it is inconscient copy. And you need to be in the marketing and have adds and props to give the illusion as a banner that intelligence serves the rich (as without backing yyou are not reed)

I am pro Palestinians in the sense that ‘even’ arabs are not propalestianians only are for the palestinainas for them to push further into Israel (1949 territories-after holocaust in germany).
Buffer zone.
The problem coming from being gaza             gazer.
And being for it is erecting in one’s defense liability tha t would render us gaza in the hands of the rulers of or their acolytes. As I am in a good zone you are not topple with not the will of peace and harmonizing but of division, a framing, lynching. Institution devoror and not but oror, development of systematic looting, and the consumption of the useless and abuses coming.

i did not want to see no one else but you. i am not a socializing person. ok well if you wannna walk it is what we will do, very good idea in fact i like it better. i ll be free wednesday afternoon, and thursday. and then tell me where you d like to have this walk.

How many people stop voting left because they are for people not to have help or a pension at 60, but for people to stop working and contributing to the society, possibly scratpping the ability of attention andanalyse, the more ponderance of what is know by hadj,
Hadj, = as same prunciation of age in french.
And lose they ra a bility quirkiest in surviving longer to this anti coagulant, pain killer and relaxant or laxative play.

 for the food they are always fresh from the day.
he had his usual with lentils and custard but it is for dinner and when jim does not walk it is very light one.
i don't use the dryer, did not notice. though i had done the last washing with trousers and long john with urine, they were already in the machine.
when accident i do like jim i leave the long john in a litter bin in the bathroom in order them not to go elsewhere before being wash together. it is never very wet.
aminah asked me if she could keep the 2 days i own here till her holidays in july, of course i agreed.
i at last bought a phone for my old mate and the one for me i think that it was already gone but still available on my ebay account, that is to say i just bought an item that were gone. ... my god.

is there something to do or pay for your blog to appear on top of lists?

Sacred place where the faith is the nest for occupying all earth not to serve earth but like christains, say, just ‘take lavishly what it at disposition’
No wonder why there is jihad good for every body reason.

To have to write each tie time, even when at midnight, even if right after the edge of exahsustion, even if I must admit that I should recokon at another stage, because my fift is gift rift is only this little attention

It is just to say to you that finally I really find you are right to have reacted this way. I was getting too serious without even thinking of it. {why don’t English permits me to say without even though of it?) The why is that your own story reminded mine, and it was too early. Good luck. Good lunch, luck, and lush look.

The funny aspect of a communities sure of its superiority and wanting to curse and crush other, is that they give their time to their idol.

sorry did not realize was 10 pound shipping that is a no.

To have weird behavior, because not doing them usually but adapt one’s own when free and uninspected to the unexpectingly.
So weird here e meaning of first time for the doers that is seen by the wathcher or woyer as being otherwise accustomed. Maybe multiplied effect as being not in own’s habit and try to stay calm and there mirroring.

The west is e seen as being one culture by everybody, the elits even not but the rich payers by everybody. Everyong telling other it is finished while each group is there from having beng colonisator and think that they are the new power. On imbecility. Rather before this finish into gab.egy.
Egy, git.

To speak English or londonian.
Spe cialist ak.

Learning by heart as it would explode when enmergently needed. Weapon of the talks and breferenctial sentecnces.
Like a cruxifix. That everyone has in stacked.

The people knowing animals and therefore able to witness live, and life is equal, no more no less, without discussing their discussion as valuable as the holy spirit reassembles us before the thread th-reasd threshold freshly heold are not welcoming but demon.

“she is generous to a fault”

En glee.

Agn ang.

Grammar.                     Ram maR;

“Evolution of human rights”
“status of human rights”
Forsythe, david.

Jack donnely.

Eau equality but using which means? Equal means? Means towards equalitarianism?

In international realation “Non-interference in domestic affairs of the state”, (Forsythe, 2006)
C: but is h.r breaches domestic affairs?

‘Human rights age worse of time’ Charles dickens in Forsythe
C: As on scene its articulated treason.

Eurpote impressibve h.r mechanism compere to other, righ t after w.w 2

Governance without h.r?

‘bi polar, multi plar or uni polar international relation’
(Forsythe, 2006)

Not being agr fri aid of death in adults as they ar e supposed to ahve produced utmost.
As old age is disregearded to keep memories, perhaps discarded as old age could mean that one has been a bird of prey previously. But her e without bringing nothing of god od ood, but theories.

 Like in some sciences fiction film why telling again and again the same biblical sotoryies like if they were the end. Another world will be bring with its own commencement just like the commencement here is unknow n and the per emisses of what ishere is even not imagined. Belle paroles, belles paraboles. That reign under and over qui? Quid?
The poor pluck, absolutely disgutsting ly dirty , repeating how eve was second, without the slightest understanding of their adamant stupidity.

Double standards and philosophies and political status between domestic and foreign policies in some politicians or civil servants. (Forsythe, 2006)
‘incremental but imcomplete revolution’(Forsythe, 2006)
C: not at all if ever begun beggg.

(Forsythe, 2006)

Liberal democracies are not democracies as they scrapped the states and citizenship duties.

Human right to push development motor of western not values but pollues.

I think that Forsythe told us about western bias, but when talkinga about these biases talk about minor almost abuses, while since the motor, they had been therefore complicit for all abuses on earth adn should do its term down not tenure in.
Price on.

‘exercing a h.r regimes without duties’ = censorship/
censorship/? Yest I censor myself on that , cess, cease fire.

‘imperfections and imperaisism’ ialism’
(Forsythe, 2006)

This man, of which I don’t remember more than a vague description of a 50-60 from algerie or other Maghreb countries just saving how many months, or year of my work , just there in a luggage that I don’t know on earth I could have forgotten the importance of staying every inch on it, the lac k of money , trying to fly to avoid spending my pennies. I was about to forget what I kept all this way.
He told me knowing it was my papers really.
What he surely cannot suppose, that may, the blessing I do on his aura, like a wish a convulsion compulsion of all my soul wonder on his generosity.

 How do you want to work social, as social worker you are not allow to speak.
Speak about freedom, the end to work and solidarity seed. Seed and seek.

I can see she is too young, but I a m too young to see how.

The language are very important to be kept, not only as living language as we have to use one in common, but as authority on the main language to follow and calce calc the over structures and justaposition , extensions, and so be ti it, of all over linguistics and ethymolgic, sementics inventions.
Calc ium.
Raz le bol du francais.
Et pas seulement pour plaisanter.

Asking her partner sex when unexpected in order for her/him to keep awake alert in this situation ever after or for eternity. Maternity.


The cat that won’t hold yees or no contact with the object of their communication as they perhaps (they can but not always do) they may  retain in them the picrtures and its luminosity of their gan lances.
As the retine ccan see in the penumbre.

Half a sentence is balnality the other one too, together can bring ingeniosity.
The human race is one of exploration, but it s pretension of violation.

Cahrles dickens a hero.

To have to knock down our children senseless instead of letting them and make the t streets a safer.

H whit havin g passed over?

In matter of joke, the shortest thte better, am not a fashist whatsoever.
The appier.
Not that the best is me, no conseour.

To what avall being a prophtet, of a people that is dead.

Glolden will not only contain the best version, but the revisited selection, and of the political correct portion.

To work on poetry, and retain one’s own by heart in order not it to be stolen, and tak talk mythology to account and maid speech for each wants if not follow go along. Allow. All low.

Where the celebs, even Virgil, get an entry in the wikipedial

Mind we could always argue that in rome too were biaised the law of marketing.

Fearing torture, as well as fearing havng act wrongly. And what if don’t know how to act appropriately. What I do to protect me…from torture? Me in the sense of me and others.
Me, em, aim, aime.

Mess, I , ya.

Mais si.

Mess         age.

Hter s no such being as free range hens or chkens.
But free range human.

The bands banks making themselves customers fridendly and ask in g for all information s orn earth till the day they will ask me for which paryt ties or if my organs  trafficked. cn be

Jesus gave stories for a human dimentsion to godless like people.

The cond fessions of a criminal reveal what is ‘evil’
And for the confessions what has to be done?
Perversion ro or condone, condole.
Or what secrets making or denial could absorbe of our symbols, oboel, aureaol.

L bowl.

And if one day men realize that they be ve got a vagina, it be fault of dickey.

To be glamorous paralle to exterminate or being exterminated. Terminate.


To pay for cheap arts, not because of lack of a talent, but talent cannot express themslevse why art is in fact represtenting what is forbidden or cannot afford to do everyday.
Example, to wear altenrative clothes and for this to see one having a palce place a seat in theatre to play and pay.
When art is not art but rplete replete replay.

the film about sharing.
Said that people can be fed, as peasantry are the jobs that are the tearget of devalorisation. Devalorising consideration for the sources, resources and its nurturing. Facilitation. Facilities.

I am writing and keep busy.
End of song. My birdies.

Thank you for your email. I commented on your blog this following. I am not always a good writer but I think that this might make sense.  

but the comment does not appear on your 'conversational' thank you for this blog.

It is a classical comment on how passive people are represented not inviting people beneficiating from the right to work to want hear about charity that portray famines as people that need to be fed (inorder not to put into question or production means and end = how long are they gonna last, and what is the value of lasting when we actually know how damaging are the agro-accultural market.
in a world where unemployment is one of the major cause for no supervision job and ethical implementation to take place. Where every one is frighten to death to lose one's living of the privileged (being employed)...where work is considered? Where work is considered outside the frame of existence or of living. To say that “people could be fed”, instead how could we work the land without weakening.

Where earth gift and nature devotion to our being greedy is taking g for grant heed.
Where the peasant is chased by the chemi.
Chime call.
All chemy.

Chemin. Chemistry, ministry.

ok, let's hope that every one will be equally happier under the new french presidency. i did not know there were a strike i am sure am for you anyhow. so strike well.
for you, with you?

wednesday, thursday,sunday, monday? maybe you could give me your number i could also phone you depending on the weather, and you too.
Weather an d humour.

After you have an affair you will feel ALIVE and HAPPY once again...You'll feel like you did when you were single and dating new people. In fact, you may start feeling like working on your marriage again to make it better...You just need that spark again in your life that only someone new can give you.

Cany ou believe this, happy ever after, on another christianism.

After you have an affair you will feel ALIVE and HAPPY once again...You'll feel like you did when you were single and dating new people. In fact, you may start feeling like working on your marriage again to make it better...You just need that spark again in your life that only someone new can give you.

Inaccuracies immaculate.

Idle, need, needle.

Old an d hitler and all nations, just crippled with dign consternation at the comprehension (of what they have been doing)
Human nature of repent and realization, human not only in live and its admirality.

We always do withing the structures, but what about doing or having to do onto the paths not yet pointed out and pointed to a procedure. Designing. Sing. Sign.

Is that sin is sing but not if sing grace?

the bureaucrats lie in making false policies, and not insuffling nay responsibility making  or observing....
and what’s best?
Is that the staff is obliged into liying as well and set up who would underline the gap , abyssal ke y.

first women in to politics seats was not suffragettes, but women associated with the conservatist.
On feminists.

Nancy astor.

So many lifes put into the track of ds estiny, fate is not, as one would have to look towards eternity.

ok, let's hope that every one will be equally happier under the new french presidency. i did not know there were a strike i am sure am for you anyhow. so strike well. mind it is no  new presidency but another prisdent.

It is not because there might have been evolution with certain in this land chronolocgical logical? order that there is an inversed numbers in the role of status rank and the demolution that is oparted by the human to reach a status quo.
Low geek. Logic. Sea gull hole.

sorry i did try to comment on your blog. can i ask you why it is not appearing?

Not managing to

On members.
People are pushed into being more and more communitarianish, as for example if you are raped because you are a white or a black, or a mormons… you attackers will be punished (if at all) more than if you are not targeted as belonging to this community. So what about people freeing themselves from any parties.????????????????

War gang s emulation.

Could rape being charged and on top with racism attak only to be only for ‘sexual assault’ pourposes?

They say tese guys had benn charged for having sex, it si, not having charge d for sexual assault and pedohphilya more than 30 – 40 – 50 years old that had time to think before. And what 5 years in a r e isidential place?

Only because they are teen and English whites, as did you aske the uk what prison penalty would they get to do the same in trafficking with immigrant women? Naught.

tell me now if you are not there on sunday.
if you are in london only on sat, i could try and swap with my colleague.

spam (maps?) are usually about viagra.

not on pourpose.
don't worry if it is not done, i know you are welcoming.

or to find you some job or it is not of importance, oblivious is good practice.
Or not deem that it is in order to maintain you like a slave without anything lese daring .

to know that if I had lost my text, how vulnerable and without proof of my making, how disparaging situation would completely be.
The same applies for a nation, culture or philosophy, to save texts, fabrics, materials’ like if they were more important that us to live, as they are ourlives, and the lives of those who permitted mits meets it.

To respect the old, tok respect one’s rage and rags, as to trespect what gave us earth. Life agsinst ainst angst, ? the protection of one’s .

If I did not meet tough females les, I d be too soft a pussy. Because I would have not dammit admit what my life without borders and restraint would be and make me perfecting as I would ‘ I marry I made sacrifice ‘ say.

Waste of time, and thanks the amazons that says ney.
And the whys so important is marriage not directed, not taken from grants or for granted.

Hu. R in the wester, liberal democracy lol, is to use it to prop dvep = freedom , not being freed against s market servility.

Universal h.r appeals to every one vote, but if not pout in practices and pratising ve censorhip in the pretense of defending what they in fact are contravening. ?

See internationalist glossary.
Where you can read how the world is managed grossely killing people for the oever to over shopped, disease and death through job, for us to have nice cup of tea…

The only way the mainstream maestron  communitarians justifies their being not good but with better chances, is to enslave their population while the other s might be more disgusting.
On pollution. Po p u la tion.

The woman = the preson receiving attenition, can not be only females, will know that she , he, alos act as tranisituion, focusing area where affection gather between sibling, grandgather, and sons…including bi, lesbias, a gays and between people enemies ofr for not wanting be assembled explicitly.


In order to master English I am waitng for English to be mastering me.
Waiting, wave it.      

h. pretend s genious out of being completely mad.
In healing diseases while creating suffering. Creator.

Seingnery enseigner, sain saigner,
So lord blood.
S load, old, dolr dlo dolor.

To know aou about what one is against, h they have to work on that. And work on the gathering s of all word to make suer that sufferindg wont’ be the results of apartheid, so no apartheid and here the combat.

To still like daylight, daylight or day time, for the birds wisthling, but knowing that they a sat start well before is its beginning.
Rg grace needing r.


Is the crucicfic, used as a prop regarding vampires, signified put to death for a Christian?

Singinify, maenigy, magnify, vilify.

And thence called vampires, or wthch not people killing othe r people but attacking them citing their spiritual or like said that h.r are horrors taking instance where they are helping.

Morals,           and more of all.
Morals design to have more and produce more members to one’s sects or tribes.

arson, son are. Sonar.

and when you think they are police. really trained carers and with being good intented, with protective garment if needed could do the job without any harm whatsoever.

In human beings walking is associated with digestion and reproduction or are these gravity associate?


\rou royal  retard.
Bourgeois bastard.
Whore worker. Ward.
= workard.

extended families and the 20 odd children possibility.

Duality h.r security.
Or individuals versus community.
Is community worth? Or should not the individual be used at protecting what it is worth of?

Evolution don’t come from body a but how we see.
The canince coming from the yees that know that piercing the y have to be.  From the summet of the skull to the door of the chin and the lock of base bottom ooof the ears.

Totally independ nogo ngo needed for investigation of the asylluum seekers into h.r breaches perepetruated by their countries? When?
When it be un preoccupation.

Og state responsibility = obligations. Mind non one what to treat of rate reproduction.
Look at how   the  U.N (nations?) treat of these subjects. The unit instead of unity.

Detergents used in precincts or in other occasions should be tightly controlled as these shits
cannot be safe for nature, in the simple basis that try to drink water after them and
empirically you will understand.
it should be used regularly only in place like hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and now and then in, once
a month, a term, a year, in order to remove fatty grease and protect the material from
clean with water or dusting only.

Where a bouts.
Where to put.

To bind back to one’s olfaction, territories recommendations.
Bodily odour, survival and sexuality.
Humans forget everything linked to evoluation. The life inseminated through the resine, dw, dew of forest, mountains and der sertinono desertion.

Liberal democracies , ‘democracies deficit, gave the o power to be detrimental to companies, idn dividuals, governments. We would like to attack U.N or other golobla institutions that are here for what?
To divert and disgrace. To give the thumbs up to destruction, but as every one gather around us as they are in fact pawn , leur , of the one’s pulling the cordons.

People are very frightened of gay people as they are lenient with sexual assaults, rpa rp apes , rpo stitution, and work is hi, or can be highly sexualized. Or the refusal to certain persons to certain jobs leading to their ‘enslavage’


Talking 5 mn is not enough to spread affirmative knowledge about my psychology while one is frustrated that theire own ego could not shine en na eatly.

  The rethoric of the killings.
Tales about animal that you are gonna eat.
The killer rethoric, and Christianity.

Or tales about the magic and how envioronment will be the grave of our doomed shape
Shaping is not order but dream and the courage that takes it.

Killed by ignorance or betray as one don’t look after one’s brood and extensively.
If not being killed is to come back on another boat with the same n energy.

The fire in the body. Faeces when release fumes like the log of a chimeney.

You are a male, taking the position of one, versus or pro females, mysoginistic only normal, givetn that they do to your child-en.

Or the setting of house stang dards, what we gonna do to live, and what we gonna do for work tyranny does not come. Happy with finest tools as the simplest will serve other destiny,  and my grandson.

The sexual act, as in order to protect nudity and ‘rapability’
In order to v coever the other one’s body. In order to block entry.

If we had provide for him it would have done the best schools as mathematics would have implosed on him. Tu but destiny was to be a mechaniscs. So what?
There is about life something . not this. Existences short of existentialism.
The moment you take to think and with it philosophies and the weather and tast e of the im time pr ervading in. evading.

No serious to be sad.
No serious enough to be sad.

Happily some teachers reassure himi in this domains as without them t he would had passed for blow below average, at most a medium.

The human species id did so unintelligently that one would hope that they aren’t going up to the last species remaining.

Extinguish passions, and one would not only find broken heart. Lonely only hearts.

Like a noise during th e night or the moment one is asleep that tear the brain of its wanting and needing to be rested. Resting.

No one realizes the extend of the ddestructive allusion hallucinations of being civilisasted. As life is counted when counted as a breath after the present one.

Ac--------cute. Cuts.

We wish come back kto avenge our rpa raped freedom. But would we get down again, would it be for human. ?

Out? Every one is, get down for formulation when most appropriate.

To stop being arfraid of knives you hsave to incessantly throw it.
Master is the continuous efforts towards one’ s attachment.

To say that she is good not to anything, as to have her doing everything for him.

The rapists and the ones that endorse rapists behaviors, or seixsm and sexual exploitation or domestic legasl………are t very afraid of homosexualas as if they are or malses or females vengeance would be directly on them as the perservsion that is social would be unleashed and then stopping proffeietering from people = society and peoples’ general weakness.
An to be themselves in the trhat of being raped not to teach them a n lesson but as natural traumatical reaction, as twhat would you do with people having profeetering and conduction such typ e of exploitation.

Get to move, why one move, and the heart.

Leisure an d or domains in which one own sensibility, lklinke to one’s own experience and sesns e of experimentation can apply , as during standardisattion of worlk every onte has to react the same as as naz.

Psychology standardization.

The sole way of checking and demonstrating that is used is through cash fulux and in fulux. Lux.
Not on means and efficiency…

To have to drink in order to get on with a job that otherwise ll be excrutiating and impossible to do. Or som smoke.

Taking over by the females in withing a society or f patriacrachilsm, social care beacauom e soon matriacrahism when females does every thing without hope for enay one to beneficiate form it.
No training n, no equality,

The emphasis on patriacrachlim an femme trick as well, to proffet about a semblance of sexuism that are destroying moreal, intelligence, nonesty. …

Would England h owned it s success to horses and ones.

To do things knowing that everything else is your equal. It is not being good, it is something else; it is being just.

And these things that one does thinking of it and thinking like it will more than produce but reproduce the incomparable. No jealous, hip hoping. Hippies.

To bombard the enemies and kill the ones’ who help… there is no such thing as wars. Citizens as much as the military a system’s prisoners.

Why are the birds able to fly.
Because they are light and flwxible.

Religions can calm claim so many people as they will be the sole resemblance all of them will gather.

Serials n in t.v about us or not middle classes lesiuring, anb beeving or
Not once about other people and their ways of surviving. This what is called. Democracy for the liberals.

The difference between animal language and human ones, is that animals has not written, or at least not what we cean dechipher, now noise in animals don’t need to be articulated, or not articulated the way people uor average people not living with and for animal can understand.

To have lost languages, nature, relationship that describes the language and doing, and means of survival. Ancestral sot lost and fanatically reclamised as we  don’t know nothing about it, only the struggle that are the outcomes of billions of billions od f death.

To quote people that quote people m, but hust just beneficiate from the lost o in tv or pulishing. Coas their language rare epurated with related notiong of resareach as a way of changes.

Bible,   babel……………a same pronunciation.

To the bottom-up , fuckign putas. Like if you were up

To pout patient in a wards for every one benefict but problem is the way it is managed is maddy.

It is through hard work that bring us tradition and all longer liing stystem that people don’ twant to loose our usual ways as they are the means that brought ust o survival for millenaries.
On the principles that one has to be nasty to survive well one has to be adamant ly aggressive okn what don’ t permit existence in its most largest sense. For all.

You don’t want homo or homos family well keep on going tight with your asshole, as one will not do that to your family if they do it by nonesty, honesty.

To eat early as food is in body later as ambers.

Before I could pretend to any ages over 20’s , now I ma getting older I have to bar any ten in fact less than younger that and stop myself becomein g ageist = trying to get exiting for oldest feamls as they love me like if I was their child.

The womens treating adolescent like usless c scum bags only taking the piece n in a home, or oldest like if they had an harmen a disposal, conduct both into unemployment and taking pills when they after a life of training at building hopefully the opposite they settle down into thinking that they might be pure pervy. Social services and residential homes, thanky.

To avoid or coutnerposed the one that ain the opposite line want us dead ora live rejuvenating the national fronts, so fed up with earth and all of it. 

 What a was counting in this family was not the reputation but the way one could go on making money, and in certains b subcultures (as let’ s hope that they would not last long, let’ spray) one can make monehy when the reputation is one of ordure, going down to illtreating children to all others. A culture by destruction of self esteem , bribrery, forcing, rapes, vuilatiions inctitment.

Left without indictement.


Playing all m amused as sued. As it is the consequence of some accomplicity., but being a disfarce. For the all society , secretly withins got be teaken over by alines if necessary as all other s kept themselves through that very ckind of competitivitity.

To react like on’s is in a box mentally in order not have to react emotionally and go one concerntrating on ones’ specific focus.

Chech teacher. Get . tv.

Scandals e seemlingly managed whereas sanctions are taken if the majority of the public react to malpractises, and that have heard or realized what happened before, and touch only groups or so srious offences that it will be feature on national new tv. Slap stick comedy.

To give to medical house your name that is played on the waiting room na dyou rabandk account number as you are stet to believe that this crook of the psuedu o government are not I onto impoverish all.

This all world is not run by money but by spirits.

so were low would you be if it was legal? 18 year old haven't got fully developped brain. and there is a time when attractiveness are in reverse. thank to repulsion and other concepts besides prettiness. who would make you self righteous you fake barby?

so were low would you be if it was legal? 18 year old haven't got fully developped brain. and there is a time when attractiveness are in reverse. thank to repulsion and other concepts besides prettiness. who would make you self righteous you fake barby?

21-22. but after this age.

what about maturity, and the knowledge of consequential acts, feeling management, firing passion...etc.
think about it. you are so fit you can draw anybody into your bed no bet about it. 

Pet al.

Floor, used to e be flora.

Floor, flour.

Fl oor, m oor,
Fl our, m our.

Terrorized by the our people , never had ever imagined homowsexuality as a right.
Of prostitute.

To be good in one’s feell good in its old skin of vampires, as dust is not cold.

Planning to reread the buldge of my correspondence when approaching 70 and do an anylsis, psychoanlaysisi of what went so terribly worng.

hi, i cannot say i hate everything, no. but it helps sometimes that i can tell you. as for love, here' s the hope for everything not to go youth through.

Like and motivate.
‘looking for the unattainable’

Not to be born through parents but through the parents obeying reproduction and breed ofr the ‘nation’

To make you into f a family and to obey the rueles that not behaving the way teach by the etnies wil brign us them inot troubles. And make families the sine qua non without it you cannot find opportunities as you wll belong to a mafia.
Ceheap nation, freak state.

To wathc your children or the ones you inspired to see what you do only by half. But for what to be inspired by living one is enough  for the imagination to bring you back on track.

‘girls nastier than boyse as they are more imagination’
Upstair, downstair.

‘corrupted by t.v#
‘seven plus seven’

i am a bit creative, and cherish a relation that is. am in love with solo voice or instrument, and occasionally when combined.

Human already giving only by comptuering servcing where nothing ac can be changed even when it should be done out of common sense or sense of human intellgince… ex you forget something or you select that erroneous stuff that make all you order rubbish, but no one can e help you as it is like pring t for ever in more than scriputer ensacred.
To tame h.b not counting on the person behind or fronting a counter, the till. The boss as for being the bossier. See new generation, mind my generation were more discreet to me that I used to realized it, so did not hit me like now I can from the cub perceive every of it.
Who’s next?
Preacher, pressure.

The tail, ail.

i have a look at the websites. it is a so big subject. and so many children just suffer withing their family if left full time, above all in our system leaving children, all chirldern hte total recipient of thei parents' own system, values, prides and prejudices. you could have a hell of a job in front of you as these sites are very empty indeed. what do you think?

Realism and liberalism seemingly? Jot note only simulation of one wanting toatlitariansim in favor of economic developemtn, = preying, versus on who want totalitarianism in favor of h. r. just to play a fight for h.r in saying apply it and we will all be servfant, sthe servant of one’s servants so don’t apply it and the struggle can continue with its sole exist, all zazimut destruction.

Photos of holocaust vestiges where woods can be seen a tiny bit, one tree or tow, reinstoring. As it is now the scarce woods picture I can see in the ville , = frecnh for town.

The left still emphasing on social security’ while not addressing it s own predicament that is the individual freedom as well as social refinement.

In not only are mament.

What is to talk about ‘self-managed ‘ unit of production? Self management just outcast any notion of accountability.
To speak about  ‘the fight for survival’ in a political text talking about a government take over is absolutely frightening.

To speak about hegemony in criticizing the lack of sovereignty. I have a question I would like to know exactly what the european would take of a country sovereignty that would bring it in a position of not being any longer to exert better democracy rules? Is there such things?

pardon me if i am ignorant i know the situation to be dreadful, it is all that i know. there are really questions.
people say that the greek bankrupt are due to their non taxation system. true?
i find Self management and  hegemony frightening in this context.

It is not conspiracy theory, just the whole boat destination or drifting.

S      one.

Shank, thank.
Beurk gay.

Relent, lent = slow motion

‘musical performance alone makes the drama mom memorable.’
Cambridge grammar.

mom memorable

a mom.   Amor.

At 70 and thinking of what is left of expectation or inspiration or aspiration, thinking puo pourvu that I start dying properly


Roe, root, route.

Rodney, kidney?


What one feel for a party (one of a gender, or an extreme, or a differenciation when coming from h the same angle) will be strong reaction for one that will empahsing and o sourt sort out own s ow one emotion, while we will have for the other one the same feeling but experimenting gradually.
At when implementation on strict gender polorisation versus the real perception of them exact fabric, more than sistery,
Fab, rick.

Cannot forward petition or info to one’s colleaut or chiof of department at uni, or being threathende with expulsion or like in freance isoliation, and psychiatric punition.
Pet al.
cheptel, shaoeoe sg shap, shao l  faol 

The im-portance of having known one exclusive absolute, even though utopianistic, love as a no no eclipse of one’s golden value, absolutely not slot. Tols.

Tio ‘have a cub’ assistance into trick that daulst could not perform as heavieness would prevent vent performance.preference, reference

‘hyporcrysy’ as long as not fake, coarse, cursefd of vandals, permtit to detect lower iiiin negative emotion sentiment and pereveive o how just how the positive is nabr navrant.

Tuerie. Curee.
Killing, di kielley. Tueree.

The temperature,s that have to be very precise and accurate and reliable in range for us own felin flexibility, and the humidity rates, as always been element of torture naturally invoked.
Warming and globally deroute .

And without the demons promising for the t hell on olympe in course end, we could do at a nything moribund without dying inside elsewhere. Insane.

In the social setting, setting psychological response of stereotypisation, conducting the service users to react aggressively ast at whatever is not within the same networks and procedure of reactions (fucking psycho nurses and assiatnat patented yb by council harringday) 

Messierus, mais si, mission, mas maison

Rac k.

The Christ is anti martyr story as one will survive.
ante ante
ahn hante, haunted.
Auny. Aunt.

In the mirror cannot see the vampire,e as can you see the vamire in you?

In the mirror cannot see the vampire,e as can you see the vamire in you? In the mirror cannot see the what is left of the preconception that were previously?
Or the one drying out there, immiscietint like party tpolitics to be the only left right that remains.

To children of homophobe parents, don’t fordget forge, that you are the result of you r parents. Having said that fight is open. As open as the mind is might or shut it.

Forget, forge. =
Smith, master, workd
To become ones work tool and atelier

Human objectives would have been, should have been to eradicate the need to eat ‘upt to the vegetal, mneral, anything’ as well as avoiding it for all other abstract, concrete, and being.

abstract, concrete, and being.
Abs tract.
Basse, bas.

Con crete,

Sait and sent, sang.

Sait sail sell. Less

To feel, and be driven uncontrolly, without having real prof, yes, but incommensurable proof here meaning verifiable ones, as pssion I passion is the uncommensirabilityu
T o know,m is that this passion brought up you to experience, the same patience that were enlightenening you from the other  discretely .

To ah ave in life only , one ‘s work alone, to reflect condition, premature, premediation, condition, nature, promiscuity. Rather than their on other never in distortion and incongruity.
One day work will be about other, withing society = meaning here universe and cosmoly.
Not meaning.

Mon – mie mine in french.
Mine = mine
Coso mos and black hle

To have only oene#s work to reflect fect affect fake, one’s progression , not going ontot others but into others is not possible without permission, the permission of doiung it for comsos and godeification, of all element . not onto but into and perforation,

The element that makde to hter eyes the team respectable.
No aura of the same without thim.

Voila, voile,       veil.
Here it is,
Sail. Lias, note, and link


Tall in.

The language is not french in francophony but latine.

But, tuve. Tube

The languatage is not English, but English speaking. S--peaking
And their photography.
Writing is simpler. Aim at ti. It. Aimat, emma, aimer.

Ni noting,


Clement, lenkent, ment.



Success, sucession
Or ho w come or how much I manage divulagaiton as pro-creation?

Pros like cons.

A selfish ness.
Tremor replicate domination

Doing it at night like in amiddle of a dream.

Offer, su Lucifer,

Offer, recommendation.

Offer reffo.
Of fer, fo fer.
Fo = foe = fauex.

Fois foi.


Off faire.

Tp cpmtrp; pne part , part out of having (totally failed)

To still llive without one’s sense as there is more than olfaction but the event of this scent.

To be the devil or the devil secretary?
To which ones o confession?
To one of a prey, and to pray by contention.
Content. Tempt.

Poet, op.

To like hard and repressibe selfishness that a colelective that neick you.
Logaryth, , ooooooooon arithmetical and multidimentsional.
What now it is by ludicrousit;y we are linked. ?

Fact, caf.

To be damned quiet.
Or playing to report other saying as to only describe people as totally la liensated
And to report any sense of others talking about what they feel might happen.
On grass ification.

Grace rate and grease absorbtion.

Fierce, hearse.

F offer.  Offrande

Fr   ere.

And still in culture of offerning, the danger of unautonomous learning would stay.

Can feel one teeth, through one’s skull and eyes and the nape of the neck, for a beginning.
Neck, ken.
And feel the absence of one’s part but never its rootlessness.
Prolong, dialogue.

Sanctify, scarify.
Fier, fire.

Se fier.

Sanc time onmninous.

 you are super quick for this quality of text. thank you for your time and expertise.

if no love you might remove the pics. it s not by close mindness it is a convention.
tell me but i am apparently not your type.

C: Totally agreed, you would think that to stop communicating is not the way forward, but inviting them at your birthday party. . .
Mind if strict invitation was the word, and to no one that would beneficiate from tyranny, would one , anyone, have come?

Vitamins D against breast cancer.

Marriage for all, yourpi, youray!


And cruelty

You would try and defend the case’ of abuses as a U.N ambassadors, that you culd not. You would insist that you would loose carer and notes.

edit. edu.

 To charge s.o with something that is not a isin, just for this so.o to bre happy to be put behind and be tolerated. At distance, and for the other to have the axe of the butcher and be let alone to perform ture true horrors. You are gay, just get lost, while I am on the children pedophile or necrophile that I am.

To accept the pain, as if not experimented enough, would one take it too fel exible that they would slip and it be a cutting knock.

Pain, = bread in french.
It reain, Read.

Rain, roi, reine.
Water till the end.

There is not problem making piece of art, as nothing is expressed or disclosed in the society. Whatever jobs no trasparancy or transpirability.
The huge hurdle though is to live. And report without losing liveability.
Viability, not in this world.

The devil and hell, at the image of what one knows their acts could have caused of badness.
Not Only the figuration of actual consequences
But the figuration of actual consequences Only

To explain thouroughly

The realation to one’s spirit and its warning. and lessons.


The living experience that this not the end. Just to assert it to muffle one’s voice and not to be condementd by people indolence and irrespect gesture calling spiritual matter insane.

The social system belonging to the families as they decide who will care and who will teach. What your appearance is appropriate, your discourse, and objectives, and the measures that will have to be taken in cacse of h.r breaching. The law concerning the family aren’t developed as it is condis sidered as private affairs’ and the law on business permit to ve be vil.
The law on trafficking women for sexual exploitation is that one is gonna  be jailed no more than a few years, 2-3, if caught, if caught at all, if investigated at all.
What it is goanna be. Gonade gone.

Law, lowlife

your way of life, what your day are generally consistig of?

Of course it is only horror films to see the robots you use turning against you in a frenzy attack. But what is at work is that attack on your psyche as lonas g as one don’t reconginse the right of a ‘thing’ what you are not calling living to be intergraly respected. To rubbish things and stuff tin with flesh and ti p river, and buy and throw 020 more than needed towards the quest to progress and illness preventing, will drive the species what they are in the doing. More dangerous thatn useless.

1500 friends, oen enomies.

Enemies. Economies.

Road, ord , rod,

Strike would not be a problem as if solidarity between workder people woul d not find employer up to the job, but no solidarity and common ethics and practice towards one’s jobs.
But would the boss had a problem having to take on imcompettent or ruthless people?

Mixing , confounding background, knowledge about reality, and interest.
What you want and how you have to get it.
And you ve got people that don’t have a must but will as if,  unscrupulous calss.

Things can get worse before getting better, because touch and explore for the first time, and thouch particular , painful feelings.
‘play therapy in action’ british association of play therapist.

People braging themselves being the new master = in their very mouth unfair, and prdataro. In that case is their own s children that woul have to become the level they settle, fucking poutas, and would have to deal with the mess left for them, the work of an opulent people profiettering of all what they mjight lie their eyes on.

It reassures me a lot that christian comes out. it means that religion is alive. as religion are in the research for human rules, one that would be the one of discriminative people would be just too terrible.
i d be interested to know about how you practise... i mean if we get to speak about it.

i guess i am opiniated. but also know that in life you need to understand people. my disagreeing would never break my friendship, it is more the way round. people are getting fed up with my opinions on subjects. faith is a completely unexplored subject. yes, nice pic. why don't you put it into your profile. i d like to speak more. would you like to meet?

“they beat you in order not to break.”

no i am not looking for a friendship. it is a relationhsip that lacks in my live. one to one sex, just mean that i would be ok with less than a relationship but a relationship is what i am looking for. you can block from messaging this user, you know. i ve been there many years. i met people. just a very very few.

i donm't look for an heavy one either. i don't want to stay in london. it is all on my profile but there is always way to share a little but of one's time. i am leaving near roehampton university. 
how long have you been a single?

london is no longer a fun place to live but i have been here all my life so i dont know anywhere else. my family are all here except one sister.
yes you are right we can all give a little of our time, there is enough to share. but a relationship requires quite a bit of our time and space i have found. it can be suffocating and demanding sometimes.
i have been single since Feb last year after 3 yrs relationship. how about you?.
here is my email if you are interested in mailing so what do you do in your spare time?

i find reassuring the way you talk about your time. i am borne a single, or almost.
in my spare time i read.
so would you like to meet?

What is race
“rac in guetthos and treambleing to go just come home and alongside the street

Guarde, garden.

Religions as we are divided by what we believe. But what do we believe, the cosomos find a nou house in any soul , that a live.

The blackness of the skin in countries where one get tan even in the shadow.

Playing it mcho and self content, but in fact have so much on one’s ass, that nothing is no longer felt. Servants.


Maby maybe failures are not only good, but al leats leatsst one get to get ride of sentimentality.

To give pills for an alzhwimer patients proffering judgment s such as sexual exploitation for women, concentration camps for foreigner, and men as judas as the bourreay, gay bashing…. While the streets are full of men and women practicing that kinda rethoric in the ir politics of the day to day.

To hate whites or western not as a matter of racism but just because they are paid to produce hegemoniac theory or to act in this way using the most smilling approach till the split seconds where you ask- perhaps for the second time- what ‘s the good of a policy or attituted that are or unpleasant or even the plague for people. After their smile the psychosis is a reborn notion not to mention the mansion of collaboration that put you in the pseudo street of dole. Or into jobs of underlined poverty.

Knowing more than one morphology, and though knowing metarmorphosis, or simple polymorhpysm, as in relation to oen’s own body aptitutede at feeling and developing itself and in relation to its attitude at feeling, interpretating, and subjugating anothers’ bodies, and also, even their fabric. Fab rec.

Whose people have in mind the job description where they are not undergone abuses while others ordeal is a matter of silencing and catechism.
Cathedral of lessons. Cat and grail on which ton. Tone.

I am sure that it has beend one ; however I would like to conduct a research about the official and non official reaction to the shoa’ by the catholic church.

To yell at one’s children or just be disapprobative, or on contrary hopeful, or chherful, serious, though of affectionate; while the children knowing it is for their own good. But no pea rents is perfect. Parents.


And even remotely as like is in society people would be more than the majority but an absolute if each key were found for each body = the key found is the green light to go where will be drilled and mount to a harmony.

hi, pof said you might like to get in touch. horses and nature are pure love. kind of activity if practice for freedoom that render life formidable.

‘Daft sense of humor’

Test, text. And v/v.

The foreigner or the dissidents, possibly alien, as not wanting to establish better ruels rules to the state and society but weakn those for the ‘sake’ sack of other “””communities””””””’. Between brackets.

Even in remoter town we don't have the chance to be near to animals' life. they know, the folks and herds, that it is to the slaughter house they are 'destined'. and the wilder ones that we destroy all what they have. to deromantize the country life made human prey. i would really like to tell you to come, but i choose to spare my money that is i don't live in a place where i can invite people over. maybe when you are on holiday or week end you would like to stay for the day?

Media manipulation, or discreet account of the motivation of society?


You think that a prostitute could like it. They could like it with the perstpective of li killing, not liking, lik, kil, of killing the ones that allow, it or tolerate it thinking that it is the – man – in –the – stere steert street way.

Th birds brating harmony the length of more than the day. Before the dawn starting enlightneint pitch by their knowing and feeling, perception and caliing.

Who sings for them?
No one can take, t-acke, the l blame , of infamy , black poverty only. Are we letting poverty reign just to permit us dirt lucut luxury?

Lux, ust , lust.

Very right to talk about psychiatric abuses. just to say that it is used in the west. between nurses that main job consist in doing nothing with people, whose sole objective is to keep them at hand, to tame their feelings and render them totally intolerant to challenge, to the challeng of working or simply to move for oneself. or in france where i coming from, where poeple treat you like if you had mental illness when you start discussing their way of managment. result? france take the biggest amount of pills not calming mental illness but preventing their sadness becomes revolts, or their having complied to institutional abuses reason for 'dysfunctional within their work function' remorses

On thousands different networks existing out of fear of censorhisp, outcasting, or discriminatory casting; 
I tried to watch you video link, my computer had to be restart twice, the link could be helpful also in a more mainstream networks.

But would not be the place of the women, that we protect unqualifyingly, not be able to endorse and generate a power equal to men, of course, a sould is a soul, and this no one can undo it, but via "political" power that are in fact accepting to share its powers, seats and pecs only if one is colloborating with a system of abuses and slavery. like if women were not accomplices not under patriarchy but breeding its simplificate decaying (the reigns of the mortals decades) logic of consumerism, in consuming one's own people pride and family, in the destruction of autonomy in exulting terror amplification and solution that are not but obitaries.

Love teaches fear as the agony of being separated or not in the situation of being protected and in order of for protection.
Love Preservation. Serv, salv.
Ere, all.

Youth tali tak talking to ;older; , not lack of maturity but experience?, like if they a were their dealers.
On p opportunity treatment.

In order to fight ethnocism or natuionalism one has to fight what is discriminatory and falsly protective of national or any other kinda identity. Dent. Pity. Hideousl

Chevere = goat,
Lost in french, stubborn and repeating same sort s of acts in desperation of finding and understanding the real issues, laer, lair.

Poly languages for the sake of translation.

Sucees are not determined by how hard , or little we work, but how we work. Longevity. Longetutidnale


The usa fashion to advertise oneself as a personality might be good to take definitely someone into accountability, till fhte structural causes are not addressed on every stage.
on every street.

Age, hit.

The international re lation permitting to people coming from other states only to study about economic or economical affairs, having to abandon ethics in politics as how to policy am make while the work expected to be backed by tortureian or failed states, and the huaman development activities permitting life, and not death incarnation, arts, sports, the nature,llll…

Bourgeois revolution with not the state authoriatarianism but the boss@ deciding how live and how is gonna die the nation.

Complete, company.
Lete, any.
Lit, ani versarry.

Thoughts, the way we react, we order and ordone, adorn, permit, refould, fold, numerate.
The way we believe the very ‘nature’ it s superficiy, se specis, special, space, will shape.
And to go no to the gorbidden but to the limits and assy umption break.
And this limits onto others’ universe converging, is the magic,
Taking beyond one’s own perception, rendering selfish, and beyond pseudo precept of control that renders us magnanine

hap  (hp)
1. Fortune; chance.
2. A happening; an occurrence.
intr.v. happed, hap·ping, haps
To happen.

[Middle English, from Old Norse happ; see kob- in Indo-European roots.]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

n Archaic
1. luck; chance
2. an occurrence
vb haps, happing, happed
(intr) an archaic word for happen
[from Old Norse happ good luck; related to Old English gehæplic convenient, Old Slavonic kobǔ fate]

hap2 Scot and eastern English dialect
vb (tr)
to cover up; wrap up warmly
a covering of any kind
[perhaps of Norse origin]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
ThesaurusLegend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
hap - an accidental happening; "he recorded all the little haps and mishaps of his life"
chance event, fortuity, accident, stroke - anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause; "winning the lottery was a happy accident"; "the pregnancy was a stroke of bad luck"; "it was due to an accident or fortuity"

Incidence, Inside.


London infrastucuture of transportation looking the 50’s
Journalists The independent on RT
While they take away minimum wages lalary.
??????/hwere, s the gap has gone?


To have a syndrome but hust just to be going over, not showing effects, or effects here but not impeaching some remarkable or classified as being perceived functions. The c most commons or most pragmatic’

In a world were wars in not anylonger conceivable, because every one is inot a race to be the landlord and the exploitor of ‘ressources’.
While wars is about saying these are not resources but pathcn and domains of narture that must be left respected, and therefore wars is aobut forbidden man not to contact and get in touch with it bkut about forbidding them to kill it.

‘Timeless landscapes that in that are geologically very recent’

As the beast of the planet is like glacier, ‘not static, just moving.

‘as the sun will be afar from the varying distance of earth roatation , ice iof age will return again. Ice every wher.

I start to wash my clothes not out of what I lknow of hygien or what I know of the priciouslity of water, not listening my instincts but to comply to vaut rien.

To divide acess to states – law making and enforcement.
On races lines, as it won’t then be impossible to make ethics of ‘power’ or rather ethics of ‘action’ prevails.
The most  stupid monster.

If one does not want to pay to be sure that stuffs are happening harmless, not happening but just be viciously circumvented…etc, then society will be run by mafias or other types of death.
So why about that it is the mafia, or people being for them, paying for the need for policing?

Homos are takne to be a new races of individuals, out of touch whith what had happened of terrible or of kind, and gentry withing o countries and centuries. Thisis a blapsphme.
We are half homos, and half ther rest , complicit and actors just as everyone else.

Autonomy to states, local government and individuals. Towards?

To cut oneself and be amased as how the pain is almost left, and how the body react at it, the blood rushing the final poke of the gighting lightning kink d of blame.  Ame.
To be amazed as how one heals, as how one has to care after themselves.

Selves, la slaves.

one year and half i moved. near uni, new shackles, new job. for once i am good.

People saying that it is the end of their world if homos are ok.
Nowithsitanding that if you go on preaching heterosexism it is the end of you.

Peoples adoring themselves, d aduling the crowds and thinking that their family and patry are gonna next be.
Killed by one’s own children.

That in fact are never ve be children but the one breed in order to make their parent successful econonomical or’and socially.


To show one’s reaction, but that is in fact to late as one would have notice before the stimulus came ideally.

If our tears were the communications between the minds that we realize did not go well. The pulsions, and different thought and real tee that did have a life but have to go one their exploration, as pure awareness is put redundant and cruelty is oin the line.

I am a 'writer'  i am paid when s.o buy my books.

There is  a question of privatisation and nationalisation or supranationalisation.
water is everybody needs and should be under guard.
it is so abject to see people using it without any ethics, people and industry poisoning it. and everyone of us knowing that blood is gonna flood globally for its being possessed.

Yes in the public domain, but is the question enough. in the public domain to be abused by a particular public or by a particular industries or nations?
water is our shame, like we are gonna be killed by the sun for polluting and destroying the air. water is the sign of us living out of other people decimated by draught and famines. of our way of live equalling looting. no life any longer but killing the indigenous discretedly with the help of pipes absorbing soils' richesses and soils itself' and chimney doing the human reign the dead line needed.

I can be seen most afternoons redesigning the London traffic system, making it more effective and accident free.

A catch.
Head role.

speaking about child.

good but little about the nature of the job itself. let's passionate about? crucifixing.

Some examples.
mohammed, the islamic prophet married a child.
AISHA, the fourth ‘wife’ of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, had been ‘married’ to ‘the’ ‘prophet’ she was 9 year-old.

The state authority only legitimate to employ collective fore force to save each individual from being eradicated, or these multiple signs and means. Divid. Vivid.

With the phone i cannot load more than 10 pics, the why there is no a program about the cubs. is alright if i order a memory card and an adaptor?
attached, pics of the trees under the green policies of unis. eradicating the last but one half of an acre more wilder area than a park for serene. peace.

Melting, moving.

To be wear but in aspiration as the new give the old its purpose and attention.
kristy mackenzie, The Nature of the Beast.
"Beauty and the Beast"

The social institutions sole to take you as an autist spectrum, not eluding it in reckess rancor as business ma of r mad scientisets, and firing you to be not against their proving that intelligenct is polyfirm or form.
Prometheus politess that has become indigence.
Indi gence. Gent,

To t reread people like a scred sacred bok book with patients. Patience.

To render justice, or balance with or without support. As when not done by the social regulation, no more laws permits to be lawless , up to now, and after that , nameless prison. h@@l.
It is that the news of censorship, name disgression.

Rithuals in live, as existence lige live litige lit tige, trifled with moment of yours, imblecile, l . rituals permitting the orchestration, analyse, mis en conscience of all moment, and convert hesistaiton into convicting that dayi da dying is out of w question, out of action.
The funerals changed into renewals and accompanying the soul.

The dogs kills the rats, that wer libin gin an area more calm not by kindness but pseudo quai quasi, modo k distinction.
It is not enough to insult people permitting the dog. That the rats were too much tranquil assert themslef with pere pretension.
Need to talk. Lock.
In richmondo park the dysney land of predication.

Iso lant.

A welfare state that back family in the sense of idling people at thom e training their children to be imbecile defending the chamber like ill behaved and sick gnome.

All in black like one mourns, ca hatting like cacketting, racket, the harem is out. What is the outing?

Sob, so sub.

Platonically, plat, onirically.
Manic , manually.

Respiration and heave.
Spire, ave, habre, habr havre, heeve, ivre. Hive.

Cell exchange, stock mark et.

Saltimbanck, salt bank, huble, humble. Jumi, humi.

The worse than macho, the ones that is in agreement with machismo not n protection but in indecency, as true macho give protection gratuislously while giving outlet for ba ravour to any gd gender, include the lesbi, as war don’t win by an army fo flse false brother and identity.
To be get rid of like they would with prosti. Like prosti. To use the same vocabulaty.

Lair, l-ail, l air.
Ere, irelanc.

Counting on youth to ocntrol people in order to reape rape.
Macho discount, count.



Brother hood could come if borders close and see hwo would come fidelity. Fideloi
Fiddle. Accord.
Instead of seeking the global to shrink to mediate population affole. Foliate. Napalm.

The need for demonization, as epp epope people e when comparing can flatter themselves of not being so low, slow.

What kinda penaly tut y would be equitable, to a person that would harme or kill a toad because he is expecting you to talk to him living in a land of plenty for the fear and load, laud, of am maxiumum.

Not resembling her but the same intensity. Not writing for anthing but re reading and link the simple truth wilh more , much time, in living. L yves.



Not to condemn s.o but an attitude.
                              An attidude, but a circumstance.
                              A circumstance , but ????

To be afraid of ??? death and suffering, torture and living.
Even for Dracula so the story goes.

How can we find the courage of braving what has us haunted

Haunted by its very nature of having our vital in check. But what worth if this not having?
Not brave but half aving. Halv, affres.
To become one’s fear or its enemies equivalent, wanting the danger in order to become even more afolant. And divert and defend offend the fiend that erstwhile would manipulate fate and stain on the whyle. Why hail. Heil.

To read the s answers in every cracks and the noisy become telling.
To become an healer having passed throuth thes f phases of hystery. Peheasant. S


To be the heir, as these two persons g ive me no limits as for how I would have loved and sited, citex,cited, sighted, sought, seated. Death is the notion ofo love due to one’s spouses but after death is the one learnt out of misery. Ise, s iseult, s isocele. Sorcele. Ease, halt. Ease ut.

May the lord, god and the rest forbid me to buy the, our, story.#
Is story.
H, h.
Nuclear. Nu clear.

To see a dying rat and know on in eyes that your, one’s sons he could be, they had been it. And hear the summon of the bourse bourgoeise that segozille applauding his theirs verse death as it could have been to the food she they d ved, veda, did not covered or protect. The rat surviving in the garden that is called the biggest londonina park, that once had been his freedom, freed home.
Hatred, is not just a sapiens, a speech, sp=ich.

Each. Ache, ac, assez

Assets. Tessa. Temoins. Moins.

Win I witness, of wit?

Serinner, lointain.

Sidharta, seed, cid.
Dees, dis.
Heart, aorta.

The super heor error hero featuring indiscriminate divine intervfention to save the human.
Lets see what the supernatural will invent out of the scene of the global market. The mark.
Here I av 2 read the if still surviving

And inside how they will die, they = thiose to who think they three they r alive.

Religions or denominations should produce the short in short of t what they think the laws are, to prove their worth, and to be laught, in that case loath or admire, in that case add miroir.

To be able to transorm in a place that one loves, or company.

Skin you or muer.


Sonnet, rattle.


Not to write a lot about fea males as may be ti history, men are finished, or then exterminate their pudor, impudic, p impudence. Sexual slavery = males and e their servants = anti males are male quality = independence able to secure a need for a nest = not the females but need for seed, the son of the bitch, not children but existence expectancy. Whose machist and their prosti betraid and embedded.
Note: not only islam I or cchristianity, Judaism or Hinduism, butr their accomplices. The cool that think it is fine as long ag s they can fuck it. Not the fuck but the condone, con done, am with the pap on this.
Not on unmarried relationship but the spreading of the diseased, sex fo r undermining. Sex before other duties. Money to secure not live or businesss but prosti, you the pimps, the police, the aca demics, endemic, demonic, structural cultural demeanor demise, devor, dev-il , dev-or. Ilill ill our.

To like Satanism, for reason of fervor. To be continued.
Not continual, contingue.
Count down and ivrognerie.

To transform speech inot love story, that is mot d amour, ame that s it. The end of
It. Eat. Eat element. E at. atE

At –e.

 Imagine a massacre, in the in night even when the birds are singo ing. As they did more than seeing our sins but the lack the complete lack of haven, the total depletion of nature and natural oven, taking the warmth in, would logically lively make them rehearse for the scythe to come down and faster than global warming, fast than warning, do the job of t justice. Ice. Not quite but sur place. Religion are finished as they were to believe in human writings.
B g

;put me in prison for this. Nos. irp. Rip.

To wish the species to live on and freed on.
To t with wish the end of man.
Of course not as a species, the same, equal. But as they are.

To be green is mocking the color of nature, b vacca.

Vacuum, be the species that spread doom that empty, pray for that.
Equilibrium liberty.

To need pain killer of whatever to go on what loves to do. Not against love. But not to do what forced to do. But what to argue with the morgue. Morat mortary. Soli, soil
Mortar. Mortal. Portal. Vauxall. Vox, veau, ox, hoax. Buffalo. Beef, cut. Vampire and higher is you. Meat eater the defect, the dechet, the next to do -d-o-d-o.
Od Od

Rug, drugs, as it is not free u but to free.

I see someone but it is tnot the psychiatr. Thought the g psy would rather, his wages tenor. On institutionalism. Nothing against expert but those who applaud your boss to be sodding ya home.
Dp sod, dos.

Tres, sert.

We are  all bad and good, but what about do the part of chose. On fucking bigots.

Bi got. To take it all and forgot. Big hot. To do harm and judge, to think ill and doc. To harass and unequal and call for god, and to mock their call, to be the sod, no t the homo but the pedo the killer of love.

The people that abime marriage in arranging to fuc, and produce children like one platform . politics of the devils, and to tra eat people like they do of rats. People are not know that they are not superior and therefore terat the speices the same, horror from auton, to dawn.


And one doens not know havfe to whistle like a bird to be in communication. The birds listened, attentively as you their targets is us. Instead of flying without restraint and see our head and perched on them, they a have to be attent and device the way of terminate our blame.

Blame and bleme 

And shhhhhhh is cold.

Orge, orgue, organ, morgue.

Manor, mane.

Main, mani, manhy

For the love of god. Of human is not, religion are the betray, grunt , groin and blahshpemy of human the rubbish of earth society. Rub it. Rob.

Bor and in fact work si the bore-dom, mod
Work, wkor, vercor

Pdedophilice realationship or people loving the same sex person, as there is a person in our life that we loved more than any thing and one else, had to marry to another, and still love them like on love s their tutor. Like d a dad or a mum , what disgrace. And accept thus all the remontrances like it is expected of a youngest. Th hetero company. Any.

Yojngest here the one having to lose sight of their own. Won weane waning

Vane floode.

The devfil is the human borther . bor broath.
And it is not matter o fhate, why hate what is extinguished. Not distinguished. But the devil in human assert themselves in being subservient and to the nature they will be so. As finsished as they deemed so. Doom.
Rang, rank ransom.

Te only range people are able to, is not miracle, but dplore the end of them as their work or progeny finitude, and even not as at this point could peer or spear a ltille thouch pouint o fspirtiuatlyil. Ality.

Devil is not def vil to say to the human you you, you are logicall not worth the understand.

You rpeached would come.

How come human a hate human, as we aer solely a part of it, a part human.
And human a part of it, of heat.

A coold om own system.
Sist aim

Ro remission .

 The need for pad, the size of t a tebi.

To a vampire one’s have to found their heart and what if they were here to save and rescue the honor killing of f
Other species and the human tortursed and killed. One cannot found one’s heart as lack of skills.

The leclectricity cannot be stored, so it has to run all the time more than we could expect for users that abuse it like pork. Bath in it.

Bare trees are not enough, oen need jungles and undergrowth, horses, foxes, ducks, ponds, snakes, wolfes...list beyond human rich and reach. thank you for your spaces.

Some people, pretending to do some politicis , assert to the youth that they are for decroiminalisation of vandalism, while they are not for that, they are for criminaliasation of their parties’ bullpit.
All the same: I really don’t know what to do when you see people building where it used to be forests or banks rivers ,and play gold near the see from whre you cannot see the tip top of the c recycling by dip deep horros.
I am not for f vandalism, but I am for them not to be build. What to do? But the excitement of poor taken for dumb by all parties, in the easy business of topple over, is a not.
But What to do?
Criminalization of pollutive attitude and sites.

And what when the government applaud the crooks as being embraced and brass by them?

You ve never told a child that is far better, crucial to be father less on some co c occasion?

The reading in that sine qua nonof writing mainstream, clarity for chief and serhaphin, is not good for our dementia. The jungle, and jongle , the colors, and liaison, the order as it feels as it seems and sound description of the rushing pass the our = time.


capital towns.

A broad.

Broth. Brother.
broth  (brôth, br
n. pl. broths (brôths, br, brô, br
1. The water in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been boiled; stock.
2. A thin, clear soup based on stock, to which rice, barley, meat, or vegetables may be added.
3. A liquid containing nutrients for culturing microorganisms: "[They] grew bacteria in a small flask of broth" (Horace Freeland Judson).

Roth, root, roof. Oath.

 It is just to say jacky, i know the existence of something call purcellin oil it has the effect of even skin tone. i never used it but it is i guess the equivalent of an oil for particularly dehydrated skin.
 if not ask a chemist about its real value and quality.
simply to chat as i think you are, and look, sincerely, just splendid like this. it contains vitamins perhaps an interesting recipe but i am not sure of that.

Splend, spleen.

One needs tolerant ty standers and in between to realize that one ffeels good with other person with whom the contact might be f difficile.

Con of human praising meat, when you see what produiges herbivores almost now did, guese, guess gesse flowing the imalya etc. almost as what is gonna left. What?

The matire. ,ar mary martyr, mature, nature.
Nature programs onlu depicturing now the global warming and desertification doom

The new sacred book would have only these pages on which human a say.

The stupid patriarach fool arguing that they are stronger and asserting superiority, should be devored then by the mammals in a mouthful which would show their hast at dest dust. Innee

So who is inferior, human without a knife?
Religion is  of animal killer for the stupidity

These stupid commentators that said of herd of females with a main male o n the delimitated territories that they are wifes.

Poor scientific try to alarm people saying they arelosing specimen that they are not yest studied. But to spread death, studied before or not, will reap the same in debt.
Go and put seeds in bank and dsttroy the mountains will see what happen to our species so random.

Ram don.

To cover one’s head and the precisous precise information abvout the skulss a shape and hair style and fiber and affirmation of individual physical identity.
Guerrilla, anti social behavior and constant terrorism,  a mission.
Mind the state would not e recongise you if one had to become paria.
Mind when one will think to become such hostage, the states destorye or permit , let destruction, just slow enough to make report and document out of that .nuclear. muck lea.

Punition. Pun it.

oh ma. you were in dubai?? single?
i d like to live in johanessburg, i really like you tell me about it. were you out?
a yes, well it is a bit complicated, i am writing now what is worth the reading is much more random.

Gay, girls, guys. Hurl hi, wuy.
Woo why.

ok thank you for the description. the second country in the world for criminal rates. were you there for edition jobs?

Cream, ream.

How people are gonna pay their setudy? Not a queston to ignorant political people, not even neglect, but b victory for them not to have to breed their j children in real competition, and therefore have to learn and etheach from and to the population to respect person and to respect jobs, in them being proof of charity no but charitable attention. As they can bet old to be shark none of us would have the opportunityes to have similar diplomas, sole skills and expertise certificated.
Birth certitiicate.
Learingin, earning. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It is not a racism but to wonder if people potentiall y from the same countries is adopting the same perspective than the ones of the others when they rally, and recoil in thinking they don’t want equality and respect and longevity…

It is only that human considered too mediocre to defend values regarkdless of the actors. And in fact racism is to not defend these values as in order even not to receed but to stay in these areas where slavery is going on, discreetly, with contractarianism. So what did you say? How come we agree to live and assemble under professional pressure, with these same profession or family feud foment our extermination. Aren’t we slaves, what should we say?

I don’t thkin unemployment is regarded as a wast e on the waste economy, as they are these jobs where people would have to check on the justice and rightness of how job and d administration is convey.

I don’t think that politicians are so dogdy forgetting lessons of history I think it is the same conditions ofr extermination of population that they are conductiong.

We are indeed guided by our itntuition and spirit but they are also with experience linked, not prediction but deduction, which one has to combat at some point of the construction , actively combat, oppose bla alnaece, submit.

Of people that are expecting from the other s to give and give with nothing in return, as the pressure to work is not libert y and well being but do it if you want to survive but not as another human being but as a servant that has to accept being lott looted by individual and social pressure permited or inctieted by the law or the absence of law and their implementators.
Not talking about about countries casting out or killing or with high degree of poverty only, but just like the uk or the social legistlator is who ever has money and is in command of institution without regrard for job with ethical quality, of what should not be called juob at all but to stop and modifiy before it is the lif e and liberty of everyone they take and inboexed.

People watching tv to work their understanding of a social world and use the script and persona in order to know what to do in certain social situation.
Dr tohy attwood, asperger syndrome

i could go on and on even though i am not , far from it, any encyclopedical brain, but cyclop are king in a blind kindom of h.r distress, dark poverty, vile, violence and violation, pursue by the feast of h.r party under its name of self contented spurning administration. :} is the fun of it.:{
 is hertforshire your native? i d like to read one of your piece.

“Occupation or civilization”.
Yesterday cahnnel regreattablly historical on ww wolrd only.
Why no t historic slecture instead of expensive same typo fo programs and archives?

Tve don’t conduct knowledge and this is a proof of  as it is a object of propaganda clearly.

To consume and to demand, not for need or progress, but just to make certain that other one’s will be lead to str arving and to beg.

It is somewhat fun to say that plagia is fordidden as essay at university consist mainly in paraphrasing or anyhow even for the ost most talented students just guess work throught what they previously read, but why?
Because investigation is forbidden. Inquisition is not over, it is now its form and firm type fo fallacious reign.

Hwose with the particularity of their mind is visible not wanting in society just by corruption and like frecnh hitleer cooperation, jew not wanted. As the operation or and ordination of the social ladder and social discourses and exploitation won’t entitled people who would say no or people taking advantages of people and situation and environment and all being s in an even more perve and vicious way, .
Social, ehay.

To find the usurpator in discourses, saying , promises, and background attmoshpere newer reach.

 The picture of impassible guys while ga  haiving of giving sex not so much dum as would shwe permit me to devor here body her, in any smooth and cavity?

My old lady, old means mother.

A thief dying side with side with jesus.
‘devil at for o’clock’ film

The afternoon is kind of average as I think of cataract as soon as in the light.

For the recruitment personally I could go on with these hours at least till October. I already made a mistake to reduce my hours last year that could have been big if you were not so flexible and in fact so kindly arranging.
For the holidays I would not mind replacing aminah for a fortnight or for any length of her holidays. 

did i pass for more pessimistic than expected?
Not that I have been never amusing anyway; even if I would have wanted.

The sensation of an heart attack is the ones of your spirit telling your body an dthe mind attached to it, that I could go any moment. Or at point foment.

What would be the extend of my ‘exxpression’ would my idea or impression be possibly written as easy as spoken. The volume of my volume and others as high as the bable tower or these of 9-11

Every one could argue or would tink that they are hl. R as their jobs consist into production and give means of cosn sumption. As long as one don’t kil l or maybe could kill what is on the way of progress.
Decess. Recess, decease promise .

Like a musicians that write down what is already here in their head, but before it arrived the mind makes place for it to be welcome. Work and circumstances and capaticity of creation only in unison with the world and the humans reaction to other worlds.

He composed his music like the earth, wind, and sea. Or like a black birds responded to the dew coming from high and its condensation sounds beauty. Or the scene and theatre of the rumble of a city or a town hall. Or in the meanind of a discussion even dieeper than polit or at least measured tone.
Sorry for yesterday, I could not send u messages anylonger, had sent you too many as I am a basic member.
It is great you were into a relationship there. I admire people able to write for mainstream, all welcome readership, I am not direct enough for that, nor entertaining. Though I do try to be readable b y all souls, not clarity but translucide cied.

It is not studying but th e getting ready to study that takes all my energy, but I do it on purpose so it’s all right.

The g] frenesy of being ‘sucked’ by a vampire is that the heart is pumping , is avid, while the blood leave, till the heart had to stop and being replaced by void vide as oneself has to protected from the most usual violence type of other beasts, predators and mediocre animals such as human beings.

anna name

Central, carnal, carnaval.

To be happy as when looking the work of an artist combating for its own originatlity, and its work finally winning stable ground onto society, when I reached their 50’s , when the forece of their vision can be completed as autonomous and self servient acts and rights. The whatever one’ s achieve will stand and beams for a while. For a good while.

“slave to the system” and their colleagues.
Peer, pire.

These people climbeing the everst in sing of victory when earth has been killed by dim dummy.
In awaiting the judgment arriving before the apolcaolypse hopefully, not knowking, or in fact knowing that we have nor ight here but to finins what were beraing us, tand that we ate instead of cherisihing.
What conflict you want to resolute when one is able to posely raphsody poison the all planet bying buying flight and 1 pound bleach down the drains?

Absolutely agree, and the social it would be responsible for what?
i mean one has to have true, if genuine, multi inner vocation and hopes and sense of duties equally thought and respectful of all system not lying on the killing on whatever is picked on or become weak by the harrassment collectively ensured or observed and let die out of the simplifi-faction that makes a world raped, sucked, and parodied. our caricature of a society.

AISHA, the fourth ‘wife’ of Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, had been ‘married’ to ‘the’ ‘prophet’ she was 9 year-old.
It is written like belonging to the past, in any way a dead-int he sense of unkind, unknown, hind, story. Ubt what about their present worhsipper, peur.

As a safety net, people might be treated as not human = as not equal by other human, but being treated so will have on the psyche a not belonging an not feeling that will render them determined in their own have to liberate from what went on them not as a relatives but as a predator.
Pre-dating and foreplay.

loot  (l
1. Valuables pillaged in time of war; spoils.
2. Stolen goods.
3. Informal Goods illicitly obtained, as by bribery.
4. Informal Things of value, such as gifts, received on one occasion.
5. Slang Money.

[Hindi l, from Sanskrit loptram, lotram, plunder; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

Of course no one like states, and use wicked people acting like ditactors and spoils to hate the idea of them being organized and officials. As the realists are in fact monarchists wanting dictact while calling it lord and ladyship.

And the all of us wanting more an more money, as obkligde to work for mafias, but fearing like nothing else, being taken by them.

On top the heterosexism and marriages as brothels, as society ditact what to waer and eat, and will make sure if you don’t you don’t get married or only in love, in partner ship or a free humans only associating with each other, seeking love and verity. Marriage or outcasting, mariiage or die alone, worrying one’s old mother, and once you are and have a family they have to spend their days spur you into the puta communities

Someone liking her body, and voluptiousity. sexy pics without vulgarity, a natural? sensuality in all her present persona. someone who likes being touched and caressed.

And me the one to just wanting to caress you adept.

The best music (is) from the bird singing.
To be here is an option.
Essence .
Being is circumstanceial. Essence superficial, so what is under the lining.

Religion and the right to be a control freak not in the search of harmony and verity and love, but in the name of discreet convention on nationalism for the prosti. Humor. Has if they had been a majority of god prayer. However when one can see one’s society to have come so bad that there is no much more than to pray to fulfil emotions.

Nationalism piss.
Unless if for deterring other worse regime? But can we be contented with the lesser evil? No.

Pedophily and infanticide.
And parenticide for a future. The nationaslist hypocrite like that would start doing their horrific gand g rape, gang being their community , more discretly. Could perhaps heal their dillusion and kill the abobinable, abode, as above is their maison, moribund.

I really appreciate the way you are taking initiatives.
i would really want to go and live in africa myself it is for this reason that i cannot propose to you for a visa as in a few years i ll go on your continent. and maybe i will have to marry someone i might meet there.
go on with your research, you might be the happiness of a lady.
though be careful, even a nice person could quickly forget that you are free. free within your relation. you want to become married, but you know here it is very difficulut to find the right person if at all possible. and a partner to your partner you own entire liberty = no pressure for sex, house keeping...etc. i wish all the happiness in the world.

To use leeches in medicine for them to pump limb and make the blood recirculation.
 i think that for the leeches the trick would be to manage for them to adopt the right boundaries to be understood. Dangerous though possible. Righty ambitious. Though like vegan the ultimate idea is them not to need human or blood at all- chlorophyll or nay other mater all (material) included- life (lift) boil blood. i think i would encourage it. for it. foray.

Foret. Foret. ^

Is symbiose symbiose as it consist in killing a tiers party.

Aamoebic, mobidic

To be able to turn one’s head 180 degree, nothing bad or evil or impossible, it is what birds does, the guess what geese and ducks speciality.
it is high time we get to reproduce inter sept species spec,

Who ever we are we will all finish in institution where people will, and anyhow will be able , to pretend to look as fter you, and with joy, at best.

Th e eurpopean institution w that permits things to go so badly that we are all at the mercy of tyranny and that would like us to believe that it is the fault of emigrants ‘ whom after all do what is piss possible o and of tradition, seize the opportunities. Cah charogne.
Blog it. Lot log blow hog.


Family, close to politicians, as one fight not for states equally represented, butd evororer mafia. And not willing to take up the challenge of justice. And social adeaquateness
Relevance, releve, next generation certainly not. Certainement pas.

No wonder oussama ben laen pass to be a saint, when one understands what is meant by development by the whites, the black, and all the indigene genst.
Terror is the a main stream or stain strain am th british realtor. .
Sue me for hate crims, crimea or fine land of falklands fake lands. Lane of destruction by ignorant. Ignore horrors and amuse themselves in salve adore.

The fright of the night not unrationale and possibly shelvd as useless since nothing happens, as the spiriti itself has it as its burden. Bur.

If infantilise people in view of conscious or yncouscous pedophily

A female whose job is teasing you till you answer and find it is hight time to call the police.
Not talking wih their skirt but tongue that let your lose paradise, hell, prêt du mont, a porter et purgatory end, all in all and at once. Well they would usually need a hour h journey.
Jourd an , journey day.

The s’limness of tis chances’
Slime, slimness.

The geese neck like a snake. Naked, acked.

Fling, flacke, ake. A lake. Necklace.

The snake, the leeches, like a tongue.

An ainimal is l killed and it is the disappearance of somebody I used to know.
To animal reign I am sure they avoid to kill their aquaitances whose they have a connections with, by the sown sword word of the lord, ord-her.
But by fucking animals that think of themselves that they can invent everything and that could generate and produce other means, by the gift they have had from god, and the result of the creation and the evolution that permits them, throuth a contract, of diverse ability, to have this particularity. And now to destroy everybody, and know not to design everything possible and permissible to avoid it, to chose hell versus and contrary to paradise woud be. And though. S I lay without so much no much than mots. A mot. Remote. Note. Fr denote, connote. Not. On’t

It is when the survivor realize that he own, even partily, the fact that they are out of bigger trouble, not to kindness or justice spirit from others- and themselves= but to being still in a more favorable situation- style social no doubt but however arbitrary, still protected by some but endangered and sneered by other buddy biddy, birdy, then your mode of survival and set of mind change as well.

Pepel a said that with males homos, the females could be endangered and the males forece to prostitution. But to what say about a a male hetero wanting the same of heterosexuality? It’s in the form of marriage, it is ok. When are you gonna quit your family, aliens alienes.

Loss has for advantage and for play to make one aware of having to preserve , defend, spare ans attain. To the fore.
 Rof, rough. Roar, error.
Error coming from row or from rahan?

Ramadan.  Ama, adam.

How to preach pedohpilia? In preaching in facor of mahamead.
Were? In mosque, in schools, in the u.k.

What ‘s the hope for the child, and their parents, raped and molested daily? None whatsoever. Get rid of the blancs.
Bland, blanck. Whom proof to be the worse of ditactor meedling with companies exploitation and global inrremediable, unconsolable, uncurable poising with torture the most vile and the most pervert demonic lies and unbalanced  coupled.
Terrorism is a lolly. A pop compare to thee.

The psychologist that in fact hu just deserted the uk system of social and care, are though so quoted, perhaps still there with ba and master of psycho having studied the same degree, and imposing them view on relationship dynamic so that one is obliged to adopt the same kinda behavior everywhere, with te same fleghm phlegm an d politeness in fact distnaciation and false polticis that make people robotisation. And we will be clear with camera on top of ti.

It is nothing personal , you are  a blond.

prophet prophetess
noun soothsayer, forecaster, diviner, oracle, seer, clairvoyant, augur, sibyl, prognosticator, prophesier Merlin, the legendary magician and prophet
prophet of doom pessimist, Cassandra, Jeremiah, doom merchant, doom-monger, doomster The prophets of doom were predicting that the glory days were over.
Related words
adjective vatic
"A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country" Bible: St. Mark

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque, it is happening in schools, and all this in the U.K. What is left of one’s pray.
Mode hell.

To look for the person one did not thank enough or went unjust on them, to for the first I time try and recognize in sometbody our one’s ha shame.

Your Groups (11)
Amnesty International (AI)
Your membership is pending approval.

Healths mean that you take care of yourself in order to be the most autonomous and performing and is in search of well being??
Pre-ferment and not only yours?

What are our eyes designed to see?
What is there and that is not perceived by our orbital visquous b globe?

Like the e tears that are here for us to clean our eyes and go one seeing thought the sadenss of spiritutility when we know that our existence is welkenly dirty

Never, nowhere, males have had more ir ir right than females.
As the way males are to behave when specified is not a choci of them u but a has to do if they want to go unbeaten, unransacked, and if their friend, s females or males , the y want to protect.

Without nothing to do but haunting on’s own house or os. So. It is what communities are try to put into place, people so desoeuvere, so without nothing more than families and the abuses necessary to keep in live events, and cactivities. For the madeness to come over and hurt everybody that may. To lose touch with the essence of life, its movenmess and liberty.

What is reality our beliefs and perception through imagination or the daily records of our lives, records as they don’t belong to the taboo of personal inner perception. Or perhaps are they inner of not being shared and describe and discussed.

Care, core.

And what is to do to search and meet god as well as its creation?

Nature through what has been called the human consensus has been destroyed, and some would not like replace it. And the human relation wil have to talk e all the passions that the nature and other speices were sharing with us. And the fire of the recipient could not bear the content anylonger will rage through heart and body.

What one forgets in the west is when people living there are threaten by people there fo r a few generation ‘only’. Is that they know the countries of their origins run by people now richer’ whose origin is from the west.
Run meaning just go there not to ameliorate job condition s or private life depriavation…but to takes the pieces. And ruin the nature and ruin the part of the culture that were its protection just as wll as protect the part of the culture that help to enslave people further, nicking morals and life desire. Wars.

To have til up to wish the fal of somebody in order them to understand what it is to be classee based.

Societies are ni in t fact agglomeration of corporations where a groups is needed to protect their interests , abilities or passions. As otherwise neglected and endangered by unblalanves of fakening needs aiming at othes destruction or stop pin thei r being equal protection.

Public p;laces or place for gangs reclaiming money and infratrucutres by the stat.
Bil v bail

What do they do to have power?
But what would power would trigger on the man in the street mind?
The classic case. And happening. Pen.

To have one’s child’ as to be with someone one loves.

Arse son.
Melody in word and Melody in terms.

To have let the rulers to take the pieces by the most revolting manners, as if ti si not torture at its hightest degree then people just claim what is due, a harmony in relation.
To have the rulers of everywhere and etchic divides are so grotestque than they are frightening.
Enlighten or blazen.carbpmose/

Melody in melodrama and same. Sw sw sewm harm ony. Onir.

Ti is not surprise no prophet is claim, the end.
And shame of religion.

People that are not moderate but that play in the middle to beneficiate from the mainstream as they play at being able to cast the most o vote for them. And do their diritiness simply looking for the same spirit that push them to appear sweet but dimwit. Money.

The uk with more people having to take part ime jobs than anywere in the uk.
RT channel
Normal time to do voluntarre job!

teach, taught, thought.

Watch, hatch.

Human being is stystematically destroying everything as they don’t want object growing will soul that are able to make their voice heard. As an adult the mo ve and noise inhabit the unit provoke more and more descriptible and communicative to chosen others = in this reality, for and shape of speaking that will reveal but is taken like betray. Betray the fact that everything as a soul and so that the human are acting just like if they were parasites, killing without boundaries. But a soul that ah ave been forbidden to live won’t  be frozen, it will go elsewhere and organize in another manner, and avenge tis ti t its lack of liberty.

It is in a system of prostitiutiont that homowsexuality is fear as ti is another form, well the same, form, but with multiplied potential of marriage arrangement and number of potential partner, as in bisexuality.
Fear of homosexuality as in gohmore because people as sinner are knowing and wanting a system of prostitution and fear that at their service may.

To think of a philosophy is to aboi void oblivion as they are knowledge and not info. They are what life has erected into our recognition. Unforgettable and unforgiven if treason.

Health mean that you take care of yourself in order to be the most autonomous and performant and is in search of well being??

To keep them away from the desire inspired by the mother g figure, they were treating her as if she would have been a demon, I the sense as not pertaining to the group, as within the groups and even between parents, chkild the realation were so py hsysical than extreme limit pedophilic.

People destroy the nature fearing its extension, and destroying any blalances as their the ir name of the game is desertification.
While the only and ultimate aims of the human being was to work on these.
Balances with the missions of not stir death, that would come to reimburse bourse and the s-talion.

All these companies that every individual build intrasequally to what, are as many as babel tower.

The si sip slippery sleep of the mind that could last years, months, weeks, decades but not, never for ever.
Whence the cruciality of the unity, as one might perceive it and any assembly or being.
Whose purpose it is to know, w even though university have unreachable = that would reinstate the true definition of ‘unpopular’ into the unpolitical voca.

To would like to work 8 hours a day and spend the rest enjoying a wood, a spectacle, to stay with partners and one’s child… but there are people paid to destroy the world and they have to stay 12 hours in offices and corporations or wharehojuose or white house most schakles. What happiness one would like to pursuit but in debt, death.
Ind ebt to the death.

We all thought that if we were killed or harassed out of jealousy, we could come back our strength ten fold. But why come back under the form of human?

Of people that have suffered injustice and that are faced with othe r people treating them as willing prostituties while treating the one with unlawful money like heros and heoroine.
What kind of force might have come, came and are gonna florish this way?

To expect to be treated nicely as nicely is the way one has found the priviledges’ to act while violating others. To appear like the middle upper class or poorer but in some kind of exploitary niche from the one one can smile as someone lese will be found to realize their envy = that are nothing to do with liberty, creativity…etc but has tod o with the acuumulation of property and not in view of construction but in view of insolation.
Of course one’ needs one’ spossession but is travel at the expense of climate now and for future generation is one at tall?

Virility overrules health’
Bergman. Film

The middle g  calass or whatever else that play poshy and teach their children not to be se weet but acting like sweet as oo long as you carry their stuff for them.

Not to write too long or if you don’t understand o have experienced it , just like dim wit.

I would like to cease complaining about my fate, and rdress the horrors inflicting on others . and it is when I feel of my weakness, the strength that fakes, defect, fact effect.

The passion is overcome when one know s he, they will die. And to know that human or the species or ideas, or whatever we know we have to defend might perish , sould s are stronger than that. But to get rid of its passion is, cannot be do without,  to k lo edo do everything possible to protect life.

To want to be part of organization promoting marriage, in hoping constantly to be with someone ameniable. To be able to love one like it is not even imaginable.
But this can be found out of wedlock. On the wedlock story that would make us do the most despicable. Love is in itself incommensurable no need to be attached not to it, but the society buying it.

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque, it is happening in schools, and all this in the U.K.
To give you an example, that want to become a model.

You a sole machine, can steal mind and body but never the soul.
The sould that will go into body and have to experiment and find path to infiny.
Resolve, dissolve.

You don’t want them with a family. But everyone has, and touch their children and you are beter otherwise than alive.
And why te h world is dead from having impeaching gay love.
And why the world is dying from having harm anyone.

We were not as trained, we were complete dummy, but we had to persevere as we could do more as a trainee the formal and qualified one hast to p optempare with sheet job and description of it or application of merda, really.

Having been a drinker of f and on , or drugs other, and behaving like such wehne o holding a water bottle or something like a cig. But not too much addiction replaying but madness out of sadness.
Ed retro.

To the idiots that think they have a particular relation with their dogs, cats, rats, parrots and that don’t think of what think animals when they see us destroy their habitats or breeding them to sell them to ungrateful or the average vomiting plate.
Plainly disgraced.

In fact you really liked to be bred like a f goat.

Is it possible to speak about poverty measurement if people want to become as consumer as the ones that e research them and thus trigger, being one of the main componenet of poperisation.
Maybe the brave sould could be deter from fighting ppoverty as the main arms provided is growth of nature eradication, growth out of nature depletion.

People have had to stay with their dying tradition, in fact killing ones, as their skills and the remaining of the people under the most layers of exploitation.
Or do we have any choice other than economical option. Astronomical.

To be kill without sun, and now kill with it, as are gone the skil skies, or what is upon one?

Human beings were not even responsible but just into position of protecting species not possibly by dead end to eat each other , or in position of killing everybody.

It is no prophecy, but just holding a knda phd.

Sold. Old.

We are born killer. But what is about life if not life?

We will need to be careful my phone play with my nerve i received miss calls without me noticing me, a luck i was there and so it goes for your last message.
yes do watch the youtube ones, not the thing i have them to send you. the you tube ones are very nice. i think they would be so happy being together and sing with you.

To have the feeling of deperdition, to know that it will happen, not that is preventable as the accident cannot ve be rationally seen but here it s fallen. So what about the feeling of research and intuition that we barred not from being nasty but seen as quaiont or abnodrmal. What were their revlations?
Lost. Tsol.

To have lost, and have to go round and back one’s work to notice even if only uncounsciously the missing notes, and reconstruct the beant places in it. Inhibate.

And on thse loss to pray for god that it retrieve our gift to thee.
Maybe the next generation could see what we did so be.

Or in the deed is just a way to understand a construction that anyway lost or preserve will go to you and back will come.

To start verbvose refinery and poetry as the quantity we know store in cannot be or for sure won’t stay for eternity. Try it shorter for the sound in the ears can arrive and depart form our sons, daughter and to appease the enemy.

The mission of human is to preserve natural equality. Who they profeet from intelligence and perception not absorbe in the management of killing or exploit other to survive, will have to pay the dividend.

The aneantiissment of losing one’s poor secular work, or any attempts at diverting attack. The time to pull it back.

To deem what one has lost has been bad and inutile, to try and soothe what is wasted.

And through the knowing of what has gone, to want the silence to bridge the dam.

Bridge, rich, ridge.

To know of what is lost that it had to be retrieved. Life would be hell if anyone could steal from beauty and bounty and life is genial. And genius stil has to be found anc d call or the time through our veins will display its charms, larms.


To cry like for asking the eues to forget and continue. And the loss the dram re written as they w ould have thought and seen it as perdu.

While having lost so much being so gutted or let the smile gone to the wind or to any other one. Since twhat is lost is lost because it would have brought back happiness and hope that ain’t fake.

Using ‘I am Christian. To say I am homophobe and criticise people for their freedom and theyre not having money all day.

It is not possible that none of our acts had been erase, as why would sing the bird, and wise the barney, happy the mossoon, angry the rabbit, well equipped the whales. All our writing and breathing recorded in some or another way .

Offer, reffo, reference.

To use to think that the world could become peaceful. But what peace are we talking about but the one in more advance economical countries whom growth pattern cannot but cause worsen wars. Also we have to admit that the logics is toooo widesperead the cuase of the conflicts everywhere if any hope for solving it more than awaiting for everyone to yeilf d to most violent dictactorship.

Why are these salvage s still existing counting on murders, rapes, tortures?
Because you kill them, the civilised cultures.

Their mission equality and justice helping and to make usure they found their way, what punishment for humans if it is what they are failing?
To profeet from each creature to be in duties to work on its abilities and kill them while at work, and not at the work of having to protect one’s back. Only that each creature has death and life sercreet, and that kill it will destroy all outlet for the guys to return or to start. So each of us should be son constantly watching for their survival directly? Or survival not the name of the f game but do god and divine, so don’t care if one is killed? No, so avoid it. But what will be I missing from the threat that has come from human intent or reluctance to solve feeding problem?

I am like dead, nothing able in my mind to settle, I lost my job, I lost my work, and would need in don’t know how many hours to start takin off or landing somewhere safe wehre the obcession of amputation and waste and violation won’t be my spy. And the people around taking all the emotion, of the existence tensialisation that still I like live has given me, thinking that it s them that are the subject of all this.
Sp stupidity.

The relationship of parents with children, when one thinks that they relish on f heteorelationship. While we all know how pervert the differentiation , e sexism on both sides is one cannot bearingly more horrible.

The children of aboundance of the well fare state, threatening everybody if they cannot go on with prejucices , doin t g nothing for good pay, and play the goodies while thaking the nick and mickey from everybody. Smile of allegiance.
And molusque are plenty if the thought of empty seas drive you insane.

People think let the idiots do the dirty job and torture, but in whom would the spirit as redemptor after enter. If not into the ones that let it, the bureaucrat, the well fare state that only wish more voter.s

In fact what are the famous people, if not rich richer and richest goint g into enquirires into how they rob and for which and through which sake. And that’s all. Fine 10pence for the making fun of all parties. Pretty and sahame.

To get anxious and to get reassured, and back to square one, it is the way we won battles as each step of victory makes place for having to fight more misery, proportionally to the sterngh si summoned.
To be killed psychologically but permit to evade the sentimentality and knowing how vital ist o concentrate on not human but alls ources of living, vital. Lativ.
Anyhow people without spirituality are ubut psychology anad as for uor intelligence, whom it has been to some use? Comfort, sciences? Art, poetry. They still are in the air, human being ivented nothing but just tried to dig and offer poet potentiality to a world of light and the shadow that spare us from having done it all. But what now? The world is nto gone, but despair.

To have lost, and to write, and do, and talk, and move so many times more, and so how many empty in order to recoup if knowing that never recover the loss. Ssol.

In any torture, will come the jouissance of making the pain disappear. Any torture that is not coming from any will or means of advert ti totally.

The communitarian atmoshphere being so painful that anti capitalist even are happy to find big society form wich to buy as when they d buy to shop they deal with shopper that don’t welcome, because of their d color or sexual orientation or whatever. To start thinking that one don’t wnatn to lay one’s money to someone who would direct their lives and death, in order to be more paid than order to make slaves.
But what will happen when the anonymous companie s will have ti all, and that non one will afford the veg we need to fight cancer and storke and a heart failure, adn the rootening or decalcification of the fless that flesh than t need the most basic of one’ can be found in nature. As the more with cell, complex, nature know s it should have been avoided, like on fo ‘t kill thei r bor other in pretext of nurture.

Surviving b voluntarre caniblalism, whose hope?

Canal, can all, caniblabla.

Racism come from the fact or to say that people , innocent, havfe to die, and liberty as well. Or from people saying that murders and dictacture of murders and others were not under their responsibiltiyes, evern.

Whatever the work I do, I lose, and so whatever what I rush to repair, my life sounds lie k e mediocrity.

Mediane, of perhaps humility, that meakes more than realised but be that there is no achievement in our hands but our spirit.
God. And all the universe that accept to take our transpire ity.

As I recongnise how my skin became lax and that know its crease though nearest to the bone would do half an inch, I could imagine how I would caress and repose and cheer her skin 20 years older than the one I can through and through feel.

The darkness in the desert sun.

That we do are standing somewhere as negag]tive.

Good will, be bienfaisante

Sades, marquis

The horrors of wanting the misery of people, of children down the streets and treat the  people who voice it the bastards, and there is no other world word. But waht do you sai about people who let the misery or worse happening to children and people whatever how many miles down and up the earth?

Hetero and homos exuality are reviled as they are the consequencs of a society tha tdon’t leave any choci but ply roles. Castrated, eunuch having to say yes to a world that vanished and is kileed.

It is about the wikipedia on          . This                   whatever they were known for                      is not working anylonger but use the fact he is on wikepedia as an active professional to escrow and extort people.

Escrow in French, escroc = croc = fangs

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but child married to adult and old man. It is happening in mosque; it is happening in schools.