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Blute nur, du liebes Herz: V Hence end a sense of purpose- to poor and pour; propose to the moon (2)

The green spaces are marvellous in city but illusory in the sense that deprived or of undergo undergrowth wild life cannot be, but grey birds “an attacked” by pollution and unable to have an haven in colder conditions.

Politics game has made the way that all the energy one can put will be towards replicating the same pattern and therefore not make politics but just a taking over play that is as dull as its absence or bleaky synchronised progress. Also people will prefer to stay at egoistic activities as the society as the one that we should be grooming is not, as much as activism is infertile, as growth is not about being but output and productivity that by extension will change technology into a flesh replacement aim; dare deprived as, deriving from one’s sould of having to work and learn without dignity and others’ as the heart of artillery.

The gender chiasm alongside marriage, as living and loving your counterpart would have put you in greater danger.
Marriage as way of reproduction but spurning one’s spouse in order, roader, to live like a celibacy and do not fear to go into adventure, as free as the wind might be.

Taboos with sex?
As if one has a partner to have top mutual consent and value free (disinterested) sex; then they would or at last could become perfect marriage ultimately.

These marriages of celebs that show up so much of disagreement and reconciliation; that should let us to think that they are paid for this good mediatisation.
Greed, greedy.

On almost every conferences, that invite headlights not having time to master the conferences’ matter more than a glimpse and give out their generalisation instead of further on the spot analyses. Exactly like tv where they speak about the inventions, without never explaining it deep, but only sweeping visualisation. Additional problem- it is the main exercice of propagation of knowledge for which we paid the hell for it.

i like your review that's for sure but there is a but...
about people writing about a theme, only here to prompt them to discuss the subject they will model, but certainly not discussing this specific subject as they would never have time to real study it: consequences? vulgar repetition, gloss on gross, hegemony.

Why capitalist allow this inequality and the poorest rules to happen to direct every production?
Why ; for which pourpose, you find people doing nothing on one side and doing do and produce further more of pitiful actions, way of making, working regulations, that are but and by enslaverization?
Because capitalist are about slavery, to pump others’ labor for its own safety, as will render and redden bloody, the most nicest cubs originally to have think its way out, People.

 To have millions of sentiments for one person but for others…
Does not mean that we don’t like them, as this person inspires the break of uncountable, incalculable chains. Obedience Nobility.

To listen a bird, and not understanding what he wants to say. Be brewed with his chants, and be able to answer ti one day. Illumination.

Something will occur in two years time, what nor me nor you can imagine. It wll b about us. It is just that I hear, so many time now, for us charming reunion, for them pure catastrophe. Id on’t have no concerns but you and cetvies. 06 2011, I ve been hearing that for a couple of months now. A revo is what you want, I ll do my bit toward it, you know why I wanted to be your poodle, and not just a little of it.
If I have been too physically present or demanding, pleas forsgive

It was not a question of being vicious; every one has to learn how to make love and how to stop. Everyone by his past learning (leading) is prompted.
When she talked amourously she was using animal analogy as she had been taught and protected by all but human beings in her far of the lot farm in her country. Luck. Ain’t fuck.

To refuse someone else egal legal marriage of and or sexuality, is the equivalent of a social organized rape.
On forced on and homosexuality.
I hip hop you got all the topics.

In the cities hwere the nature has been made unexistent, people will recreate the atmosphere of jungle and fear of the instant needed for intuition to be developed.

Lordship = right, property????????to chech

“The chink in the arm-our”.

The residents from foreign contries that are depicted as removable elements while belonging to this country in the sense that their input of labor and life span is in there. Thereby self nation hatred, and which other discrepancy. Diaspora and zion, or threatening the host state with a coup over cultural and in fact social domination. Social? Salvage sacking package.

For not fearing the supernatural, one should, must, have to be, be old
On segregation of the older wisdom; the world will yield to hysteria and hypochondria.
End hypocrisy.

Have to be old and sage.
To moral scrutiny, add death, cleavage.

And if to see one was the delivering deleverage of a secret. Socrates secrete.
Serried Serrate serving.

To believe in satan in the sense that one knows that evil in society have the might to render good intentions into torture from doing it. Render people that could redeem into nefarious goers.
Fearing and needing what is most intnelligent and that could kill instantely.
But not by cruelty.
By being compassionate an Dooley do or dare devil  self indulgent.
A human?

To meet, meat, and transfor into?



but how come that because one is a famous writer, he will get to write about everything that he does not know, instead of calling the specialists of the subjects, and leave the intellectuals to their real jobs, to critisize on top of specialists review but not reviewing that they are not specialised in.
about people writing about a theme, only here to prompt them to discuss the subject they will model, but certainly not discussing this specific subject as they would never have time to real study it: consequences? vulgar repetition, gloss on gross, hegemony.

In order.
Ore der.

When the skies is not speaking, is when one does not hear.
He Hew out. 

Illogism that studies will cost what that only the high-qualified people might have as salaries to afford the fees.
Working class ransacked, ranked.
On being a global caste.

Lesbian love like else, staying accurate and stiffest;  rubbing or more need for no more than brush, skim the highest point and caress.

In history the fact that western societies become capitalists and liberal might be down to the fact that they were wielding money and trade power that could not allow them to restrain the individuals to work for the rulers own and sole interest as the territories they own was smaller than the territories explorable and drillable.
It was not literally liberal but escapable.

Now, that globalisation is here, what will become of those under the money masters?

(liveral) leveral.
Lover, Liber, labour.

When looking at pictures of people’s face turned upside down, could one say that their eyes seem to go slighty more towards the sky than towerd the ground.
Towars, tower.

Stopping trying to imagine, as the going forth with one’s knowledge and ability gives to its bearer and loyal what one could not imagine even if devoted to it at length of the days.
Don’t be fooled imagiiination is an adventure thaaat can beee as real as introspection of reality as long as 100 % is made of it.

In richmon upon thames, London, the house of magistrates stand out as a white and black building.
They said to me I could identify you.
The anser in a more boisterous atmospheres would be, not end me but “and me”.

The parabol of loving one’s torturers, as live is love or horror.

The work of a depiction of a character in are, art, is to guess how, what other of their characteristics are, more than the one that are given by what might be perceived of what one is on appear.
The work of a writer, an actor, a painter. Of what they are the epitome and embody them with these otherwise translucent attachment of which they are home.


Money is this tool that have permit people to exchange indirectly things (labor, at different reate exchange) that have not the same value but at the same price. I work 10 minutes, I have got 1000 pound ofr you to work 2 days for this. It is the way people steal each other without the object possibly can be found.

Also people don’t want to stop this trade, as in position is so easy to make some. Paid to shush inefficiency and bribery.
At the opposite so difficult, if at all, to honestly make it. Pr-axis.

The veil.
Sisters in harem.
And to say that homo are pedo in haste.

We resemble, reassemble, since she is the present person I would have long for and love along the path and not the past; as the powere of gathering hold this emotion.

Gat, archaism for got- her.

Offer, off her.

Puss and poodle.

Tease             lead on

A mat may muffle much ado.
Am at.

The politicians that should be renamed ‘tax avoiders’ in business.
For the sole purpose of their tenure.

Through hasten.

Clef = key in france.

Something will occur in two years time, what nor me nor you can imagine. It wll b about us. It is just that I hear, so many time now, for us charming reunion, for them pure catastrophe. Id on’t have no concerns but you and cetvies. 06 2011, I ve been hearing that for a couple of months now. A revo is what you want, I ll do my bit toward it, you know why I wanted to be your poodle, and not just a little of it.

Quell est ton status, j ai besoin de le voir noir sur blanc
Et peut etre l art romance pourra t ell continuer.

Common Comment come on!: climate.
Climb mate. Climb Hate.

Not wanting to be the secluded slave on account of loving but a love ascertain and ambiguous.
I want to retrieve, the whole meaning without I d be drown or grow insanity.

I don’t want children, I want to travel. I don’t want a word from you or kill it.

The strongest being the oldest; mentally. It is amusing the way they are talked and told like dolly.

Having to fight with the means we have, before we cannot on them no longer rely.
And be put in prison; instead of slavery or the other end salvage slaves’ directors.

My parents would say of me that I could not solve a 6-year old problem, should I not have obtained this diploma once I ‘got’ out of their house.
Now I undertake their level of qualifications, part-time, food, meal, roofs, roves, and craves,  does not cook cock by themselves. They would spend their time asking me when when I do something else, or when I quit or what is the all fuss for the rest intelligently; as soon as they start speaking to me intelligibly.
On having been supported.

you know sometimes i am worry for the community, in a way it is expensive to come to central london.
i am not sure i am not working.

You, oui.

Why, who.
Ou = or, or where.

As a young that think they know every, they think that are disobedient the body.
And then when you start interacting with it; you could be relieved and grateful for it to adopt ways of hiding and faint, feint discrepancies

Quoting political comical tv show.
‘we have to be really bad to go in prison nowadays, like doing a bit of slandering’.

I was ready to kill father; while I was nourishing friendship for mother, not discerning that she would have indeed trampled on me.
Spurious disconnection. He would have reacted like her with me it would have said I won’t put our brothers and sisters upon you gratuistously or in the aims of constraints and pusillanimous punishion. O

The jewish people might have been targeted as it was very difficult to enter their groups.
The pass-over of the conversion possibly operating through the marriage to females, females that will traditionally marry less in an exogame way that men, travelling and dealing more with outside economy, could.
If I cannot enter your groups or if I cannot pretend to a woman- let alone the heirloom and so on, passion have been dictacted so much by families and much more by love stories.

if I cannot have my family say the outcast, I ll become your death, like you have been mine.
The fire in my heart promises me to come back, even through body changes, even after suffering and die.
I am already buried from being made enduring a life without the prospects of happily marrying.
Death is something I know, through there, will come

have to do research on vodun.

More than felling for you, but a sense of belonging, to be added.

La guerre des guerres.
         Ders   des  ders.

We own half of hell.

everyone was calling him pedo, sexpest, and he did not quite deny, even he kind of admit it.
Theory, the woman are not prostitute if they have to perform sex for money, they are just getting by. Prostitutes are licensed.
The lure,                hidden
Something derouting though is that he did not have the behaviour of someone completely criminal in his sexual behaviour, so you though no, he is not.
The tick? Sexpesting was not the speciality.
Speciality was lying and manipulating, profiteering in fact, let people believe that he was such only for them to think of his behaviour that he could not be it, what was underlying was any random cruelty. Down to the most, worse of the lots, ye, ultimately.

It could look like a gang, it is what is to avoid, it is the slant over watching, the easy lapse and slip, do not be lenient.
As for your protégé, take distance, I d feel like a butt head just now.
Ps: be carelul wiv the sun, you burn your slimy face.

Tu es le sosie de mon frère de temps en temps et si jamais tu me trahis ma colere redoublera justement. Et cette fois nte compte pas sur les parents.
Unless it is me who I am, and that it is a reflection strip streak trap of nine, mine.
Don’t treat me like an under, or a Cinderella it could cost you a punch or something like that.
Or if you lie once again.

To try not
To move the eyes, as reflection of the light would announce my breathing.
And the erosion of all winds. Oz.

The state erosion made the ‘state of head’ no more any of that but just vaguest voguish C.E.O working for companies. For the state, the people, the nation?
Selling the universities, for lucrative business changing them into without rules deshumanized place.
After all ti is but knowledge, the fruit that have grown out of the heir? Heir not honourable, heirloom of sap, sweat, blood and severe (sectarian, secluded? The universities their giant on-going).

As sure as war of communities will maintain rethors, errors, rotors horrors ready.

On own, Our, our.

War of communities? No cultural but economic.
They spend their time advertising their not being racist, but nothing has changed, all what is asked is money.
That’s economical.

Pollution as a nice word, an understatement for deliberate poisoning, for destruction, for promises for (perhaps slow) infused agonising.

To be obliged to work with your right hand, as no one wanted (waned) to develop the artistic and therefore critical part, relativizing the imposed real of the reel brain.

I am told to write when I should be reading, reporting perhaps what I saw was missing. But people ret rather ore order something new, and on his own, this neutrality that permit us to know nothing in its entierety. You cannot go to far in your research; or one would at one point the crucial necessity for redeeming, remedying it.

Het up.
But if you want, homero, could do the same.

She made me suffer privately, she suffered professionally.
the females pretending love, the males to be courageous.
Propaganda infantry.
Justification for schizophrenic family and better neuroticment.
Den endocrine.

If problems of mentality with one’s species, one can fraternize the saem with other species.
You don’t want me to be a lesbian says the gorilla, and take as a girl friend the chimpanzee.
Homo? Exo?

To use to believe one loves someone in particular.
Whereas it was wolfe life loving.
Of course love someone else but the number one, the  general(,)  being.
Why? Because one cannot or because it is more sensible and more sensitive.
Life alien, alike when our energy goes into others’ gene, for us to disappear but into life singing and breathing.
This movement, called, melodically, inspiring.

They castrate the animals to avoid insipid or avid jealousy.
For com companion the only.

Homosexuality is perceived as a sin.
Like heterosexuality proved that prostitution was the results of encouragements.

As wisdom knows that with ageing wish are changing.
Win some.

The gifted is desexualised, as one everybody to succeed in healthy giving and learning.

The time one seeps and spends to understand someone.
The other hour sits, to understand oneself.
Seeds and speed send.
Secular on what about the sermon ands/ante semen.

Anti, before?

(Human) (human + e, feminine termination?) famine.

Pardon me.
I should not have addressed you sesxualy and we could work seriously and officially now.

Serious? In rife riches or in mature motherly.
Mater, et ternity.

Pere mere.
Fer, bear, care, dare, ..........

To be married, to have your body every night next to me.
To dare hope wheeeen at least or last when you are asleep, furtively, kissing ti.
Conjugal Duties.
To persevere, not to obtain, the act of our melting sweat and smell, but feeling your warmth; finally.
An al.

To believe in a divinity.
As for being its receptacle.

Getting rid of the exemplary staff.
Question of politics?
The should die dirtiest of it. Politics is not but the name given for escaping the morals.

Is your late grandma talking to you regular?

Sometimes we believe and intercept anything.
And sometimes lives like events were as simple as the simples simplest grasping one can havce of it.

The writer understand little by little that its thrist for love; to write better, to write on it.

In an heterosexual image inanery world, every one gets the way of fucking with hetero pictures, whereas the way of related, personiificating, self embracing, empathysing to it, whereas homo interpretation might apply, inconsciously or at will.

The day you start listening, without lest of approving every body.
Is the day when baptized.
And not only your pussy, your doll, your pretended love, that imaginary up to our evils and pride on lot cherishes.
War spirit, as a hole.
Body integrity as a prerequisite.

Honor sense and census.

Ecoute, tu veux un ingredient pour se declencher une szichophrenie?
Le jour out u comprends que quelqu un t as fait prisonier. Et comprender que cela se passé alors que tu aurais tout fait pour aider la persone qui te renferme pourra certainement aider.
Et au psy as tu raconte comment vous avez les chattes toutes les deux mourir lentement abandonees la ou ells avaient ete elevees?
Peut etre pourra tu le conduire a la meme place et conclusion: separez!
Quand a papa, le chasseur du dimanche pourra tu lui dire que partout en angleterre il y a des gars et des, leurs, putes comme lui, qui les femmes avec des voiles preferent, pour leur clients ba, ba, va don’t worry.
C est pas fini the rest is in English I ve lost enough time like that with you, this rest I will tell mamy, not you who spends her time teeling you what a waste you are, whereas even though they were educated, your parents did not spend one second telling you how much it is important to obtain your degree, ofr so many reasons, you brought us like the poorer with envy of the richer for my brother, only for that there are the right reasons for hating you. It was the sacred minimum to make us understand that we had to develop our intelligence instead of our money, while you were too much of an hurry one to see me quitting the place, two, to let your son believe you were the cream and let him have the best part of your apartment for a few years without him doing nothing at school or in the kitchen, I ll tell you in my language you are pourri, rotten. I ll give you a gift though in case you read those, my ecrtis, I ll signal when there is something I write for you and for your better understanding this one, this appeal, with surligner you see? I am not altogether gone, ripou, tenrot like your husby. I don’t fear or jealous my children potential succeeding, unlike me, that I have to recruit them standards facho to be chosen for the big job, an d yes.mind to put in place other fashco people, other ethnies for not citing them, it is wahat people would think and even say. Again a famine in the making in Africa it seems. You see it has never been a question of race, the blacks are everywhere and none considere the guy dying as their brother, at least not the majority. Yes but as a group they could enslave the whites? It is certainly why rules on marriages still pervading discreetdely, have won over this centuries. Every one regarding the pufta as the new reace to kill, while they still are unable to marry dignify hetero in between.


Not being as workers, but as tools; and like them as they are ill considered, will end up on the tip of rubbishes.

Being stunned by the green in London, and then be wondering about the diversity of the flaura and fauna as they are not undergrowth wider than 3 or 10 yards in the green city. And to remind that one of the business were about how be so much cunning as organising ‘sea poisoning’ by get rid of the litters by the tonne in wherever could the dump be.

The people with down syndrome very much disparaged as the totters others want them to be killed before boring borning, they want them to be exterminated.
Su’ syndrome?

How come our lives and style are so crappy and dangerous?
Because despite the big assurance of the contrary, people are not intelligent enough for fair and true ruling.

Peace, piece.

Mind to be heterophobe help you to in understand how homophobe not ‘rationaly’ but at least ‘proportionaly’ “fear us”.

The virulence against homosexuality as trying to control the first segregation taking place between sexes. As if you want to separate sexes then it be natural for them to live as couples together going on discrimination each other the same in their loving life than it is done in the working life; or like if I don’t do the same than you but be considerate as subordinate no more than it a loving relationship is permitted if not hypocritical and out of vaguish interests or complexes.
Population exercicing a double violence, a perpetual violation of sexes, love, sexuality, life, relation separation.
Permanent coercion of natural trends and sentiments and their capacities at generating energies, thoughts and decisions in proportions.
To have separated the sexes and justifying it in abuses and insulting their sheer natural being and raison d etre.

And if academic texts, asking references was at the students levels, a way of skimming the poors, as I read it but it is a library books, I don’t have it in my shelves. Don’t have the pound, don’t have the space.

When it starts not being politics, is what it is, people thinking or fighting with the premises that peoples own people and their cognitions, and conditions. Degradation, depravation, devaluation.

  problems are the rights good? Good way of implementation           rights ill implemented or conceived a horror of constraint upon others’ rights

Females are seen as less able physically in the fight for survival, as fights are represented the males win them, in boxing and alike appareil.
Question remaining, how could females kill as much as? New ways of taking place and time. Of auction and hunting.

And the day the style encounters it would be between masters respecting all of the others, security, liberty and sexuality.

To be at teh center of gossips, add and wear the veil.

To say that austerity measures reinforce will and the ones that are up to out themselves from the average.
Inside the family already pervading the unfair situations where some are pushed and others restraints, or the propensity limited at teh extremity that parents could have to find what are their offsprings more supreme ability.

Homoseuxuality feared like liberalism. What if one would promote it just to impose the way they want to be fucked and fuck; without having at heart body, and spiritual integrity of any other possessing less money or way of having its rights respected?

Cameroun and its pretenses at decentralization and devolution to power towards locality is a de democratisation as these small unit will have less and less constraints upon observance of regularity.

To ahve the power of tearing the wall proportionally to what the sufferance of trying fairly provoke in one. Anger. Angel angle.

The horrors with domestic work is that if you do it for your family in order to ‘pay’ the house you are in, still you are very likely of not having choose the activities. And do all the day long this single task without diversity. Like to work in town when no choice but working in the same factory or the non access to other profession, because of the cost of the university or training or because the seats are strategically limited: the neo ex-slavery.

Before becoming wise you know that you will have to understand what you are presently conspuing.
Presentable conspiring.
Since the first second of you admitting the stories and histories are unknown of you but yours that already proves that you did not have ideas about your own origins and upbringing. The living a mystery, a rebus, a charade; existence, absence of knowledge permitting infinity in glory of travel no facile.
Prove, rove.

Forbearing, forbearance.

They have been violated, tortured, humiliated, and people don’t stop (or stop to approve it, like when in the un they don’t act even after thousands of proof, mine mondeus ignoble) approving it. Today they know that with the sem mind set it is killer that they would, wouldn’t they. This mindset that one owns to the very same society in which they have grown.

She was hiding her body, thinking it has age and suffered time and time again, enjoy the way we cope as well...but for him to touch her parts was to touch her, it was love, it was paradisiacal.
It was this gift of the touch were you can see it dried and aphonic but as light as depth one will it relieve, relive.

Indigeneous cultures if protected could welcome other cultures in the aims of protection due to lands, local knowledge and philosophies.

Instea of forming groups endowed with their own reasons, to perfrom and protect equitably, whilst in communication freely and agenced by a mother, a central, present politics want us to be scattered and unconnected, in a way where no one other options than gang mentality and isolationsism, race to live, will be.

This person errors in having welcoming her impatiently, not analysing, and therefore the cold element, the hinge and pignon loosing losing.
She could recalled that, and think good, it had been done on me, but I won’t to no one be doing that.
Moments hunter.
Monumental search for wiser? Acknowledged at least and touch.

To feel like having a babay when teh lover on the ideal courses of lueurs, free of torpors as they are but theorical, the fertility triggers, seed by them and germinate by the person one has married.

In some countries they hanged or hand over to the police people who don’t obey forced marriage and other techniques of segregation, or coercion, and obey no hierarchy but the ones that want for them servants and circumcise circumscription.
In others, when no one and else could be done; they had to hang aristocracy.

They are fore.

but i also risk doing some additional points in the hope of being trained.
Or start some research.
Directed or in unexplored bona fide.
But what else than “empty fortress”, “hampering novelty and uncovering life nesting, anchoring famine, implementing carelessness, infanting greediness, infructious implied, fertilization banning,  on our cooperation though called social.
The research, ill, in killing.

To have been used to thinking how much good was to knowing love feeling. And now to live without this urge of to another belonging but the freedom and self determination that individual research procure and permit instantanetly.

To be a sage one had to open the door of feminity and masculinity, whence sexuality premises.

To blow sexuality as energy are thus tuned out.
This feeling like anger, cries, frustrate, boredom…all these sentiments and fluids taking over phlegmatic, potentially replaced by the various way one can come and wipe growth of humour.

In academic writing one criteria comes back every single line. Clarity. And if it was about clarification of lies. Forgetting about dead end and degree. The easy path, the all clear, the denegation of struggles, hurdles even haies.

To be depressed or in so king of low and enforcingly deep within explanatory lay.

Wht kind of exhaustioin precede someone knowing being at the end of its life?

Search for formal estathism betray a mentality of neuteurisation and decerebration that needs signals to remind the possibility of excitation and the bow when coming closer to the sublime.

Only beautiful. But being sensed as  beautiful is also the way one to give themselves run and managed.

To inner stand the work of another, life oeuvres.

To measure upon its gor forebearers and wait for the offspring to make the span a stream of incarnation materialized and inacted.

Tochoose by passion the domain in which one senses its energy at making and entrenching or tackling taken for granted differences.

The next revolution will be us commanded by the scarcity and severity not of jungle nature but deserting one out of human pomposity.

The horrors potential of politics adapting notion of rights and need accordingly to one’s own social, economical, political, mental- religious and spiritual, and psychological situation

Love is the birth of the beautiful and of the strong of the inexorable brought by meeting you. And having your pursuit as the happiness in sense, in sense intense, essence and insane.

Altogether with establishing who will bear burdens and responsibilities and the fruits of their consortium-condemn or condone…one doing nothing but meeting.
To the United-Nations assembly.

dim diplomatical bargain

in academic writing, a balanced point of view is asked, like if even a comprehensive stance and glance or scrutiny into what are debated, could be informed, wise and serene.
Like if these fools knew everything, poor lads for whom any entrance, in the name of impunity, aren’t permitted.
Like the docs, the day they would know about a ailment is the day they can dissociate it from its predicaments without any secondary effects.
Objectivation is statu quo quest.

I love you but it is no so important asw egoism and egocentrism will made fact simile fool of us, sub species.

To wish the light of the moon to be ours’ in by the skywindows enters.
As a gloss not blink bid blinding.
For a loss, lean and lead, for the bead blear bleak its lid.

I was overt to be so. And in the need of encountering some one else to become what you leg to me.
Ethics sobriety.

People when talking about professions or political are set to expect the sovereign coming of the in-all-domian lair almighty.
That on tip, presupposing that he or she will be doing will stay in grand secrecy.
No wonder it raised dubiosity; permitting to power holder to justify their defiance and impudence and dishonesty relativized by their not being dictorial totally.
If leaders were explaining what they were doing, presupposing that what they did was not in order to ensure tacit and hidden part of the population for having been spoiled and favorized not throught their fiar participation but just as for buying cheap allegieance apathy; then human beings would resume thinking as an intelligent species that knows that fairness (only able to be implement progressively; as thoughts and results on practices takes the philosophical son and stone for its reaping to grow rocky) is the only path to live as a giving, to existence as a paradise in tone, and content of not   perishing for enable any some to empty.

you know what this site is gutting me.
it is not so often you insist when someone stop answering. and you would never think that the person actually replied, or maybe did not you received my note at all at the first place. i never received your answer but i thought we were chatting nicely so i wondered. it was i wanted to make sure you were a lady as people here are guys with 'borrowed pictures'. do you want my number, i can call you if you wish. 07757850484
am happy you are still on line.

The examination timetable will be available from Friday 5 August

The classes struggle and their arbitrarily differences: “possession of property and education”, puke
Avineri, s
And we don’t talk about adamanted academisation, by which every data is sieve, that is the data that will be published, meaning 0,1 % of the sum- remind you a certain proportionality?
But about education- as participation and retribution of the informed and informing citizens.
And run and go and tell everybody, please.

Above all in those climates of parcellisation, and what is called pluralism, changed into groupuscules whose interests is molesting others and overcome by dysentery.
In these climates where we are loosing common god, goods, institutions, social structures (they are called services for not saying lucrative) as they them too went private and at discretion of the less culture, depravation of solidarity and common respect on where and who we have to share, the fuckind sacrosanct fucked planet mainly.
In these climates where gangs are made compulsory, classes? Hold the bar, duckies.

Mind classes have always serve other classes in the aims of profeetering of the whole concert against of not dethroning it. Human?
And without humane it is of one’s own content and constitution that one can say so long, nothing of it will stay, not even as much as partly.

And yes this is back, reminiscences??

Are we finished? Not as a product….

To be young is to build up strength
To be old is to have the satisfaction at sensing, re-sensing, no resenting, the affect and effect of resorting to gesture magnanimous to feel how freedom vibes fiver handy fibers and possible.
Manganese and dig.

You are for classes?
I am for gangs.

Pea in pod.

Cap pit.

To have a strong libido when comes to one’s feminine side and an introverted one when masculine, or vice versa.
Tile, heads and tails.
Holding the power, or fucking it.

To say to ‘have and hold’ one love and unique one, unique one yes certainly like it.
To arouse else than sentiments.
Feel in?

To determinate oneself psychologically, psychically comapare to an in emulaion with the fables and the heros that one’s culture- we are pluri cultural now, but how deep rerun the knowledge or connoissance of the details- reflection of appreciation and cherishment- gives one has example of a necessity or ideals, or scenes of witnessed accomplishment whatever imaginary or with grounded unprecedence at the utmost of their accomplishment and revelation of being told; when taboo and officialised-officialising lines advertised and make taboo redundant.
The culture impact that have on one.

Confidentiality principles ill-used as impunity and absence of, accountability, of hand over and training, of transparency, of intelligence working. Worrying.

Wor          king.

To have the urge of bawl a call for C whilst they are the unconscious reminiscences to do it for B, whilst be was accredited with our transferred passion for A. and countdown transcend Z.

The intuition one has, like in dream reading, when you hint for example at your school when you were a child that rig rings the bee and bell could be in indirect association with you future course.

With, win.
The, an.



On how profound couple or partnership struggle are and reached.

The social lines of conduct that make particularity, errors, daring, odd spell of courage and their necessity, forgetness…any of our course of apprenticeship to be condemned with life penalty, or a scare of inflicted injury with a continuel, discontinuel impact on one’s development and bona fide attainment.

There’s worse than cowardice, it is to treat the one you can easily kill like a prey. Whreas to your slave owner bending, bowing, all what a spell of cruely cope will have on, one for ever enable to repay.

Off air.
Of fair.

Spirituality is not discovering per se, but agreeing to the deeper of deeperness already caved out, and realize the universe is speaking sound and loud.

Will, wills and swill.

Taking a a pretext the laziness for reading, academic if pristine and feathering oneself into being clear, short of any detailed examination, is emptied of serious recommendations or denunciation from only being theoric in the sense of not providing investigated in all areas “on-the-ground survey” explaining the very universal detrimental or would  be benign mechanism at play. They do not go into, an d they are truncated.

Results, soil, salts, sell.
Test on taste?

Crying in the sense of tears bursting might be triggered facing the scientifical proof of dying and its physical outright disappearance.
Smiling and laughing and grinning, in the sense of being seen doing that, though other animals are very clearly queuing for doing the same, at the relativisation of seriousness and the absolute remaining though helplessness.
Frankly griming or groining or grinding?

To think that one can bear life alone, only sexually want to take its tone, think really of it, and approve it.
Think that one would in living with another one finds its, their revolution, think really of it, and approve it.
Saturnal sitting stage on truth and reality, even when it comes to oneself one is surpassed, on-off, period, subsidized to one’s past and subsequent verity.

The wanting to ban discussion about sex, like wise one has banned all leisure, and not in the aim of helping focusing society on its purge but in order to render people barely able to think otherwise than to serve the boar(d)s- and their porklet cutlet- of cultures.
O b

To know how much sufferings, injustice and how much looming. To realize that on sleeps to well at night.

hetero/homo schisms in the optique of one aim: artificially pomping our false views and stances on a all-out-and-billed-and-bailed made compulsory, redundant, lavished, self-satisfied and for-others-ascertained sexuality.
B o

Me dicou, has never had a wife and will have a revenche on this.
Was ti question of money, was it question of appearance, of clads, of habits?
Id on’t know for you but love, the conjugal one is what makes you go on, whatever, the one for one’s children, maybe, but what about them before having brought towards an ideal, towards a super ego in order to, the person of one’s dream, if not obtain, approach, if not approach, reve, soupire, imagine, empager. I ve lost my sacre, I am in walls, I don’t think that life last may.

Imagine you stifle me,  and then? It is in your arms I’d be.
Go one yu can betray, don’t imagine one sec that god will give you the ok.
It was love, not hate that had driven me insane.
And burst open the order of societies, for you to be lay, to be lay m;y gay.

At work a complet frame discouraging, firing all spirit initiating. What would ahappen if we d try to be and work better all at once? Opened borders and period of fronde.

To do several months of prison to have been on the boot of the queen car because if one would start allowed this, the queen would be killed in some days of that.
Security is one of the why we cannot transform society only little bit by little bit. And it is not a problem as long as we wwould have done it.

Would another countries take and invade, would we become too cool?
Of course, as one has to work with other countries, with whatever and who ever they know about.
Exit stance.

In the place where I was no possibility to find a partner. So you think all this live I ll live without the trying to find someone with who I could have a bit of everything and moment share. As if happiness was that was (what?) not permitted.
To think of you as if you were a demon, as if you were in-human.
B o

Unhappiness, coming comm. Groom, from the fact that all my happiness it is of what I wanted to expected from my other half that I thought I was. That it was in fact there, because she has this strength accepting every one, this incommensurable love, this matter for me?- to get into; wise.
But mate, except the one, in matter of fender? Of gender, that if we start loving people for their sexes, for being homo or hetero theoretical propagandator, well we are more and more slanted slatied slantern.

Homosexuality was fear as well because if you start loving someone you will automatically fear more their being denigrating you, and perhaps will you have more patience, and anyhow more strength and the unbeatable love and universal reason, push by the vital momentum without which all with crumble with absence of dimension.
B o
Mainly love for one’s (one is) other, any other, could kick stop tyranny, or kick start tart it sadder, it, if manipulated.
Mansion, mention. Shone.

This morning I write happy, freely, because yesterday I thought I was all wrong, and that I will have to transcend unhappiness by the hard way, that I had been thrown into a prison.
This morning I can see and advertize, look, I had make a few, what about absolute? It is any way, any man and woman rendez-vous. What about my sins, and sacrileges? Sacred age?

In graphology, like in psychology one will adopt traits that belonged to their teachers. Also the one analyzing will see primarily the features one want to adopt, or have adopted, not what is nesting in reality.
As well as that it is like children. If you don’t look after them, then they are not yours, as if you look after them in order to be like you, with what you don’t have overcome then…betrothened and more like clown.

It is strange, it happens twice, co in cadence. Coincidence. Spirit.

My courage, my abstract.
You, my idol, my icon, my distraction.
The comments that bring out more than my quality; but what I know should be required to progress.
And you, giving me the spur to humility, to hear those and going on, to know that I needed those to grow on; and you my love as the aims and reason for rationalizing my operture, my overt groan.

To learn to be discreeter, is to learn new ways. And throught them to mimetize fashion that we have on others encounters. This made possible by the fact that we accept a self transformation, then another referee will be manners of others, insest of our own ole old habits rather.
And whence know what they meant, by having be discreet the results of taking into account others’ability, the consequences spotting it.

be human, or be humane and rebel against prostitution.
As you can see, man roots are not always proud occasion.
Mane. E famine feminine terminaison.


The woman playing women, overdoing over-toning, relativising in fact gelatine, concealing, reason finding, enthralling authority, cajoling acceptance [..] is it, too, persons not knowing about abandon and recrudescence to whom they are they talking?
B o

Police or state-backed mikey milking made maid-militia.
B o

To become thougher and older carne.

To say to oneself, to assenser, assener, I will have to do that and that and to sacrifice. To dauntingly? Doubtelessly? To assert that I must not do that, not to half, to have a wife or husband, you, mu love, to be for heaven ready. To join you, to aim at this at this entity my life time during which everything else must be but comedy.
And then, well, no. as for the best of all, should I be forbidden for love and al.
As love is love, and its secrets would come. Whatever with who, if we were making it, it, in the nest, would come. Isolation, celi bacy makde compulsory a connery, one more, for people not doing it. Holiness, religiousness, involvement, social commitment, enter, deny.
To the musulman.
but If this liberty is of the price of gender conditioning and imprisonment then it is the whole education that has to be not any longer rehearsaled, but re-on-doing, refait.
Rehearseling. Sell limb. Hearken.
Hear out. Hearse, heresy, hearsay, hire, lingo lingering, seal. Hearty.


you could not speak about you job? the world become fashist isn't it?
i am doing nothing interesting, nothing tremendously so.
so you are looking ideally to found )find, fund( a family, any candidated?
for me don't ask, love and even flirts are near to dead.

It is reaining I don’t kneed to play the music to stifle the noise I make that could be overheard, or overdone as iit is not to be communitative, communicative, no fantastic.
The drops accomapaniyng my rites. And sites an existence of trepas, but proud, as alone, the universe is at a breaking peace straddking straddling pace, and not inverse, and not at reverse.

The guardian, thank you for letting occur the comment.
On limitation?
Not for naught they are the fourth power, it means that how can we meet informatly but by the news and other antiquities reading?
Comments closed after four days you cannot talk, you cannot connect, you just co write for born still debates.

-All a question of money?
-And your head?
-Yours too.
-Yes but me, I am not up to live (nor die) like this.

I am.
Am same pronunciation than ame = soul, dod die sold?

To fecund you.
Entreat me with having to do it for you, to do it for me. For the results to be yours, mine, ours. Parenting will diversity.

It is not about absolutism, but one system cannot be voted only when you are sure it will function, as you are under political responsibility, the life of all; and that you are legitimate only when you ensure that was it voted will be undetrimental to none.

With undemocratic practices, one never cannot make it even, as long as they exist.
B o

To wait for their death, as a passing of foe the time; like a thought transmission, and expect mine.

At the end of one’s life, physical and mental capacities found confound. Thus whatever one practices one or the others, we will attain a capacity similary to excellence, body and spirit harmony. At an advanced aged, the battle itself the vainquish by the art of touching and moving by proxy.

The person will and with good ideas shall be discarded, like if it could not be heard or realized.
Once dead these ideas will be taken, and put into practices the way he would have said “I did not mean like that”.
B o

The religious? They don’t want heroes, but martyrs.
The tenants atheists? The y pretend believing in nothing, lke that without names you can do it.
The humanists? They pretend there is only humans living and vomit on all the rest, while when calling rare for composts call a lorry and about their golden heart vocifere.
Rationalists? Ration on population they are waiting for disasters.

To have lived a terror, and find infinite solutions to cope.
And then to be able to go beyond as the armour and tool will tenfold.
To have know the exaggerated; to take the daily harassment for one’s crushing play.

If jumans muse ulman have bahve better, would have retured er returned jesus, maybe in the shape of a dove this time, but who would have spotted, a shooter?

One cannot say nothing about how they will address death, l effroi.
On what it teaches is to life defyal.

Gloves, golf, play with hands, a writer game.

Godson without god means son?
I stop joking, thanks it I don’t have anyone to look after this deeply.


look you stop critizising the press each time- or if so do a decent survey providing info once upon a time, that you and your little team of future fat rats are practicing censorship more than the chinese and your catching but infectious if propagandist- (in the open however,oh yes, darling) stance on it that serves the people you like better to melt with, if you don’t stop count on me for the advertizing else where than on my site, directly where you contribute, tight right?

One minutes, fuck fire you Beirut, bastard, it is that you vanguard my lick dick, are you waiting for china arriving and show that you did. It is ok for tianamen, because you have taught the gangs from the opposition, the one you are trying to sort them out with your pocket, to shush it damn quiet- or shot it down?

To overcome fear, by abslou, absolue, love, eternity, and sadness. Nihilism? Ridiculness.

The fear one can feel at night in wook, woods. The fare of mirroring. The other animals can semen, smell you and know how human are to say it faintly, pueril. And in your mind enter the devil, the death, the torture as they know what is worth a two-legged.

She heard these hearsay. To think he could have gone throught these torturs amused her, he would have let believe them, slay, just for a sleigh. But already her regard darkened.
What happened?
In the brain for it to emprunt up to what one dim deem shadowy?

Assessment on relativity, on relation, on sacrality?

Animality, intelligence? No, humans are sole to feel, experience and display?
One result From the question. human is alone.
And humanity?
B o

Co, un, true.

Un, an.
An nu al.

Of this couple that need a public because love is absent from their htus unreal moment.

It is when you touch a vegetable that is rootening that you can better establish a connection with a flesh, similarly from an animal and putrid. The test that this is actually leaving life, since dying.

Shadows on my skin, in the darkness diverse diving, differ.
It is like black I could have been; not the skin. The entire flesh, dried, carbon, mines, harrowing.

To love other persons.
I love you so much but could not dream of it; therefore my love find another outlet. Again an inaccessible.
I love my parents, no way it was permitted. In exchange I love unreachable aims and my life still without anyone embodying this aim.

But parents for this don’t pressurize. To serve yourself via a child’s love is incest, sex ist vernissage.

Don’t listen, parents the more difficult job on earth, it is why it is left to the family alone. Or in community outside people for serve disorder await, in order of false accomplishment. Of compliment from the ungrace.
The worsen worst one when you have a child that will become the last of slave.

Is it worth to denounce the most fashising acts even though once you have been got rid, since as soon as denounce people will, to show their support to this kind of practices, crowd: begging discretldy? Unshamely to be protect, as totalitarist as they are lazy and in position replete. Deplete.
Empty the word humanism as work is the on e of demons. Diamonds? Mondo is to god and its goods to the devils when it is to the lavish they belong undeserved.
How to deserve it? Ask humility when sisters and brothers await for the flood to stop the reasons of being drought, drown, and their disarray displayed.

More than development, humility. I am not talking to the Bahrain muslim or those in the Vatican, “these two medieval university (mourn mount of)” whose one god did not spread universality. One cannot bargain for the mentality.

Mourn the moon, the mound, mountebank.

Some people pretex wanting quick race weapons success in case of another civilization.
Would they visit earth, would not be enough a few canons but for implosion.
Meaning? Meanness.

As with individuality that did not mean the florishment of the self but the fight between them in ground of stalking others due and duties rendering possibilities.
You don’t do good, as if you do good, you cannot prevent us to employ the ones that will poison you like we did we with all what can be grasped, colonized, seized, like play, like play.
Individual looking for thieving against individuals to do the same or to back it, (any) asking?

Like the private wanted to mean I work for me, that know it means we do what we want, it is not business but bribery.

To serve people as if they were kings. An even when you get a good king, what it is to anyone that someone is served while not serving? Diminishing the both side of capacities and the duty to strengthen one’s inheritace, spirit and body.
Shall it be by meditation and prayers, ok but don’task for your cleaning, don’t ask nobody.
Own, earn path and spirituality.

What will happen is a magic of depletion.
Deplete as what one has been given, the nature destroyed won’t say nothing.
We will lose loose our jou jouissance and juice.
Nothing but death will be fronting. And death when deserve is as mute, as cold, as unforgiving.
Finish the poetry of a nature regenerating, when you know you married with the air blowing.

The world is a stage, and the playwrighter recoding recording the drama hushing and still unfolding for being in the paper nah.

To try and try and to recoil as the snowball won’t recall.

People repell the symbolic as it has value spirit.
It be to dangerous to admit,
That the strength is not human as much as elastic.
And then to chase the one that talk about magic,
Like that the rationality is not to live but to comic.
And to pass the shaman for the sick
What are his leitmotiv t o say.
While us kill all that is at the environment drastic.
All that approaches and when kindly and the ckik that say careful buddy not to be busy, when it comes to life and hope and their classics.
The spy psychology the terrorist of what mind have to say.
You find them so violent that their death at your display.
Not a plight to see, the logics of scarcity.

The intellectuals that are paid to re read what could not be hidden any longer from being too conspicuous.
From there they are allowed to prodcuce some papers, to let thing think that it is possible and wec welcome to criticized, that they investigate assess in any way.
Not true.
They read, and re read, without details, opinion, and what one can not conceal,
In a let our distress, and dismay go through the valve of its discontentment.
Not to do anything nay. To say what they say and prove that one can eventually write and speak about sig disgruntlement.
They are not allow to build networks or rehearsal of profession, they are just halls were wht you are told is to avoid disseminating, would the assement come like the safety rules that ask you to ethnic cleansing.

The ants that has been crushed in a battle or by being trampled mistakenly or by cancer…
Is dying transmeting uncounsciouly or consciously the whys of his dying.
Transmit to the soldiers, the walker or the way of living and transforming or maturating.
Morale: the signal of suffering.

To tell one’schildren who to marry, in order to get one’s way by any means any sexual or conjugal coercion, is of the pedophile field.
B o

To be srong strong enough for not bending to none, elevation.

You would deliver spirits recovery the day the electronics would have your brain supplanted.
 B o

To feel one’s own warm and charm is enough to infant, the desire of going forth and well coming onto new areas, stiff enough to fear love and combat.

People feel they duplicate educate their children for their standards and pourposes.
People have children in oblivion of the common cause.

It is we are in the same territory I dislike you.
Society lack of experience, concordance .

Inversion of perverse.
The hope of over coercion

To find the irreproachable way to do.
To be countered from doing right.
To know where to crashed the nasty.

To be as homophobe as heterosexuality (inverse reversible, recto verso homo enfir eb enforced society would be that fasho) is completely compeling

The reincarnation? To come back on earth in 200 years time?
In a farce would be, an aknowleggment of the indecis.

the liking for relaxation, you are dry serious, isn't it?

Never have been a question of size but of junction and adjustment.

The shadows the shapes and angles transform.
Shaded transferred.
What one looks like, terror.
Terre in frech = earth, heathen. 

To be afraid of one’s father when saying something.
But as he has evolved since the grand pa beating you up would have been.
On smile and reciprocity when you start liking moment, you once loathed.

“kindness is undervalued”

Ok i could impersonate soft and cutty, for it to be a little more than no.

these people that are waiting that the situations are so bad, as to need to under paid the dummiest warden.
Doping? dumping.
Dooming? Come on, a trait of jest. Stripping.

“Not to need pornography when rape is institutionalized by marriage, prostitution or family gently talks.”
Be happy, harpy.

as individuals we are all doted with specific ability; the self freedom at research, and the seek for liberty by the band will transform ability into facts and effects.

People permitted by the community to act depravedly and meanly openly. In order to put them into shame and redumption discreetdly.
You kill but you sha ll be repentant or wish the soul to find rest and further respondance.

Could the notion of ‘I could be diying or I could be dead’, ve be the subject of my cry?

One has to gor forgive the humans, they are only children.
Permissing each other into incestuous accoupling.

To make one’s culture sings as shibboleth.
Symbol of cultural, human aspirations towards a wider comprehsnsion and usig ongeslef oneself as its Sybil.
Not to believe but feeling an incantation like the wish propulse for the blessing to be echoed in what we thought to be relied reliable respectuous real and paradise as religion should be.
Rl’ass. In Arable maghreb that is it.

he was saying to his wife that he would commit suicide. He fare from did, accumulation mistresses, asking the house to be slaves and inferiors, and all other treasons.
What he did however was to reverse its suicide story in saying to one of his child you have to disappear, or intellectually, or mentally, or physically. Or I kill or rape your mother.
B o

Homos aresaid to go through identity crisis for the sole reason and insufficient sensibility that the whole population are around the questions putting the all forced marriage institutionalized prostitution and slavery contains by the family into the arena of the unsage usage.
Religion, moral? Prickdom of the unsaved realm of the insemination of the fowl. Reproducing not for the sake of life but to find the next ducky, another slave, another warden or wife.


My marriage to u, spiritual as the matter. When my body itself in an evidence of my sense confronted, will your own body, trait for trait, resembling, transforming into the same feature.
Like a baby, the metamorphosis, a progeny’s progenitor.

The human noise cartilage, a truncated beak.

In film, the sex are shaved for clinicality appearance more than animality.
The hairiness of it ressembling wildness and intemporality.

What supports what is ‘known’.
Heavy, dense.

‘People wanting money as digne work cannot be found anywhere’.
B o

Social tensions are so degradating that people are ready to like the kill.
Should we stay in the atmosphere of unjustice, and indignity?

As in a round of logics, this devil maudit the other, in an unconscious or tactics way of protection.
The balance, bi-polar plan, of frictions.

To make random or instinctive mistakes to revise. To densify the rules, categories and memorize.

To make sure one’s stomach is light enough for the body to run. And free from rush that would compel the heart to go faster than an elastic pace of perfectioning.

To be ununderstanding of people thinking; unknowing their experiences and their consequences of their terrorizing.

Human beings in their restrictive sense of the immaterial think that hypocrisy is not showing.
But can one not be addressed with a third impact brought by communication energy?
And be eaten by what was peer perceived as being warm?
Being beaten from not acknowledging forms of other’s living.

My son turned out to become a fasho, as his mother was targeted.

social processes depending on social conditions: both imposed and or not control or controlled freaky.

To cooperate with one’s body is to accept its formation. To endure new types of sensations, the ones that would be sufferance as announcing older age and above all need for redeem.

To counter, contract, or open and let go, will change the waves and construct another go.
Ex-change. On former rebound.

To try to forebode in order to believe?
Not in order to believe but to be sure of it to be effective?
To try to forbid?
To try and magic, what for the meaning, what for the mailing, and breath and live remaining, active.
The taboos of what for? For it plays all day with consistency and upbringing, shaping mentalities, maybe on clouds founded, fended, instable and disappearing.

When you saw wevery single horror, sexual concept, as homosexuality wll raise fear of prostitution in places where gender are damned separated.

Ad men, ad mend.

Do you stare at the bad if you encountered?
Yes contact would be a consent, if it could destroy one in return.

 We say that you ll be sodomed.
As you run and wll be rattraper.
An d while you arre followed by hell’ you won’t certainly turn back.
Wolf were (wear).

To reproduce as it is exacting exicting to choose the moment where you can melt your product. By finally do it without thinking of children dying already, without thinking we are billions on an earth meurtrie. Poorly.

It is better to work under good than under bad; but what would I be or it be, when I start to try and wriggle out my way ?
To be beaten does not mean being weakened. And after?
And after?
And after if you go? And after if you stay?

Every family and its own re rapport to the intellectual, the psychological. The spiritual.
Family totem? Taboo.
The fragility of the stalked individuals, the way one is controlled into being the sole educator, against billions to compete for the same cuppa, the same coulpa, all alone.

Sex in order the bodies tranmit to each other another substance, smell, satiety, sacrality.
To transform what we were before going it.

To resist violence. This person touches him. This person that he loved.

To be different person but co exist, habit, work…to be able to feel without being able to do what they are entitled? Or by accoutumance or by customs or by self conscience or lack of experience or the results of another work…

In the best situation, as marriages were forced institutions, the serious about faithfulness to preserve the bloodbath, and prostitutions to preserve people from having to perform it when not wanted inside their already forced to live and raise a family in a coerced way of having been grouped.

Secret of family for not the more exploited members does not notive notice the strength they have for resisting their infamy.
B o
And when the family comes out the legend fo the villages, that comes along with that it had commented on.

I don’t want to find myself and get some sort of intelligence.
It si too dangerous, depressing, destabilizind for the self and the ugly communities that are (, it is) demonic.
Af for after affres.

To become a couple repose on biased grounds, even if unconsciously.
To be a working team one has to resolved them, and sublime them into beating inner and outer a priori. Inot working for best own and alter. To transform a duo, or tri, or any number into a paradise.
Dice theiry.

All are deviant and daring, all are dei device despite; but the experiment on some focuse. Don’t generalize, don’t particularize, don’t discriminate as the next is the rolling outing of people wanted.
To eat what have been backed without lift the pack.

Nic all

Our defaults that mirrors, short coming, won’t astray, in the space they will stay, till one deign to elaborate on the redeem.

The one  breaking the taboo, or the one around which taboo is breaking is demonize, as dishonesty tied people into denying the fact that they do, whilst abusing while doing and serve this like a voodoo.

Getting older and your anus reaffirm letting it to ascert its thin.
Flipper and dolphin

Friendship to keep your our their necessities.

Couples, family, corporations, communities, states.
To be in somebody’s clutches.
, states when they praise each other to be isolated.

The difference between an homophobe natural killer, because of their having to play the slut, and a homo natural killer due to their having to protect their lives. Is reason.

To look at the picture of someone you would have wished as your spouse.
To understand intrinsically now that love is not on the menu of many and that therefore love is not follow or back up by society.
To look down at the picture of the violence instant for your sadness to come out un-tellingly. Unfeelingly. 

Soc, sic, sec.

To dictact from being short of idea or short of will, since there is no dication in the unfinishable process of infinite skills. Carrying.

He taught me ‘philosophy. And when I read this word, her face come to me. Since.

To ve able to cheat on someone on the basis that when you are not with them, their reality does not longer exit, exist. Ex (s)it.

She remembered being push by this instinct, push  because she knew that the answere would not be a favor. To be pushed though her young age, the one of the younger of the reminiscence of being pushed by it. Ask your mum yet again to help you with your lessons, to check simply.
The answer was no. you see why having done it?
Because you remember, re member, being hit. Eat and rest you ll be able, no?

People remind that there is poverty and torture in this world, not to help other out of it, but to suppress the rights of us, developed countries, rich.

How people are dying? Of older age particularly. The heart decides, too, stop?
There is a le key in the body.
What is the key? The voice of its speaker is everywhere in the body.

Could be the individual, the private, the intimate, the key, and the door, what is outdoors, the universe, the society, our brothers, zoology.

She thought I was hypocritical to say something other that was in my whole body (key thinking), but it was to protect the torpors that would have been accepted, recognized, appreciated, wiped, by no body. Body? Forebear, for bidding. Binding? Psyche? Other travels that, who, how, wool not (wolf would) agree.

TOD    au today, my hand by itself recroqueville , in its forefinger and smaller one pointing, just like the head of a snail.
Yesterday, I had gathered snails becaue the paths had been razed by the ‘environmental no friendlyow yok worker’ to put them in another piece of green, for them not to dry like our children will.
She whirls so, I was my finger like proding, prodingly, sonding, inspecting. A little after I had to go, and I just don’t know by which sweetness, I fell under my feet that I did not weightily rest, a slug. Not crushed, sole touch with my feet bare, bar from killing tomorrow; cab can now in a garden let her go.

I am not saying I am afraid of any particular people being mean.
But what I say is that if one leaves any one to undervalue their equals (women, and pufta let’s say, children and pieta) to even in fact go as far as commanding for their good pleasure what someone else has to do- the attitudes, their relations, their garnments, their (social) position, their sexual preference, the children they want, the children they will be spat on…
One day the day after you are treat the same, instead of being a being like the neighbors: peace threat.

Why not giving examples? Beef, because tomorrow I will be the minorities, threaten by the worl and by my own communities. Because tomorrow those I despise may suffer the same fate of poorly felt hate, because tomorrow those I applaud, might be the ones who explode.

The feeling of this encounter, knowing now exactly what was going on.
The same feeling about altogether another encounter, of which one cannot factually relate prescient.
But be careful this one is not exact science, as sure as exact science cannot be apply or cannot last, here the intuition, the cross road of feeling and déjà vu, the experiments’ reimburment, are exact in your brain. Solely. And still sciences as long as we don’t take their search and results for more than coming life’s information; and not for religions.
That will be deas the moment our live will detach to gather in some other grounds. At this exact instant. In stanch.


The sound of a machines is discordant, the son of a music instrument.

no its simply that i felt you as being someone focus and i guess your open minded profile made me 'come on even poetry one can try'
i think sleep and take time are healthy. to dream and probe what we are made of, or D.I.Y

to cry in front of movies, without fond, bottom, but ground for it.
Crying like the tension is down. You relax and are caught back, rattraper. Trap.

“building very quickly like fortresses, to burrow inside and make evil”.
Building boosting. I am not talking avout privacy, right to leasure. I am talking about WWork.
I am talking about lock. In and out.
The families in, and out the poison re-order.

Kpeople are for fashisation, because no one told them that fascism was bearing the logics, of each other killings.
That they say oh, ue yeses pussies, I ll be the alpha.
Kill logics as any logics shall the boomerang come back. Fascination. Mcmachination 
We ve done it all, The nazion.

To like doing gravure, as I was specially phalique, to like the strays and monture, the effect of raisure, ease by shadowing and percected fe perfected traits and measure.

The families avoiding marrying for not tensions upgrading or marrying for making it dependency.
Town, communities, friends, what kind of alliances.
My cousins?

He was the devil for them.

It is not conscious, ok.
But what tehn was conscious. What another ideas bring forward like residual, these convergence of universes apart but nto wh we hearse,

The expression of the agony, the adder anger of d god.
Was expression of the supernatural rather.

If the example of secession is taken, and because inappropriate and dangerous claims to take over a territory could multiply and become more daring, and any groups or communities wanted to be the owner of resources (as sovereignty principle defend this nation’ landlordship) that already should be logically the heritage of scarcity and under the responsibility of all (nations, institutions and individuals) secession rights, too, need, should by all means, bear specific clauses preventing people to attack a state in view of a coup or in view of territorial misappropriation or criminal occupation (Smith, M, 1996), that is when a state (or is willing to) attains its function of fair protection under its jurisdiction.


As a comment the fact that SER Social The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.
The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.
The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.
The vampire society it is what it will become, it is just to explain the myth that I try here to confirm. To re-iterate. Inmate.
Economic Rights are dealt very poorly in the literature stock compared to that of the civil and political right theory is reflected in the name of the commission for the convention of civil and political rights which is called human rights commission as if those rights were the sole ones regarded as deserving the status of human rights. And therefore, of human in general. To be hold and bear as such. While capitalism just undermine everything that is not communism.