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JUNO: Chapter II Prick, pick

JUNO: Chapter II
Prick, pick

I or.

I think dogs understand the language they surrounded by a lot of more than people say. but anyway, with the adults telepathy works fully. do you do email alerts?


very good picture. the call of the wild. and beautiful. strong mother nature no doubt with that. i hesitate we kill so much everything just human modesty left that when calling nature i feel that it could be taken lightly. it is everywhere so anyhow.......

 I am a vegan and feed my dog vegetarian food, fostering was made very complicated.
Was made, ver wa war wear, weary.
Wa, wa, aid.
Very, Y-rev.

Gaygay men take the heat,

and gay women deprived of everything, including of their lives
, but public lure to thing, think, they aren’t while they are so violented that existence does not last long.

Sodom and Gomorrah.
Salt, is a bit like the salt of earth and also salt, sel, salir = soil, sell. But with that story everybody has been made oblivious of the fact that the escape Loth will commit incest after this story. degeneracies, and not of the story only but of the ones that tale it, again and again, with their false sense of sainty (sanity), real one, absurdity. and stupidity.
In fact, it is these peer pervading pervert teaching that incest is better homosexuality.
The same old rituals, pervert, under belief of believing, soiling even texts that are enough corrupted as they wee, were, but just added.
ADD, adder.

Hi, i have pictures if you want as well. it is about the bridge over the railway near the prison for women. The way, for pedestrians is surrounded by weapons like bladed barbed wired. i am almost petit, 1 m 65, and if i fall i would fall on them, my eyes would hit this 30 cm blades. i don't know why they are here in the first place but could you secure this path please.

-Your dog cannot live without meat (not meet).
-you are inversely as much as dangerously ignorant as you are an animal lover. though was nice your dog presentation (I love my dogs! What a revelation) just dumb basics basilica.
I suspect owners have fun with their animals just feeding them with others, just to be a sadistic punk with a licence. And licencing. Like the vets paid to torture them, or the ones paid to heal them that do half their job, would not give you advice for the slightless. Now with the medical never go to them or back without consulting google. If you know you want to know a shit about disease you might not be able to be healed from. Care privatization will sort us out because ethanisia won’t prevail in our area. Hope it never will. But not possible if you see our death applied record.

you know i am one, so it is not completely disparaging, but i know very pulling dogs and assertive, barking, etc... my bitch would bark saying no you are bigger so it is your turn.... i try to teach her no aggressiveness, no guard, because i am not good enough to have a guard type and still good good dog otherwise. but often the most assertive are also the most timid and paralyzed with fear when real danger is coming. I want to mean that your malamute might only have a fight with a dog his size, because he would not have, not risk these dogs are courageous, but just would have the presence of mind to say ok we stop we will cause damage. But not with a weenie because with a little dog, he won’t get hurt, he will just satisfy eagerly his destruction appeal. Tricky. He should get a consequence, lasting, on his soul. That is assess and train and … well punished. My bibi is not allowed to chew her cuddling toys, and they have animals shapes.
Me I would fight my dog on this, and I am a cool one, but would be the end of it with me, if it disobeyed.

Just thought of writing a few words.
You will enjoy Oliver to the full, he is a very adorable, nice, paternal and with a big sense of humor dog.
A few things that you may not noticed at once, I think Oli enjoys rock and a bit of techno music. Definitely he likes butter and as I am a vegan ate my vegan food.
For his meds you might have to be two because, do try, but he does not want it in his food with me. So one behind him to prevent him from go backwards and they other carer to administer is what we do. I crush the tablet and put it under small amount of liquid form in the syringe.
For his fur, for me it is the first time with a dog with long hairs. 3 of my brushes work, 2 particularly if you want I can send the link to you, they were cheap good brushes. But I need more than these, there are hairs I can only do them with my fingers, so I’ d need another brush. Working for collie presumably, he has a complex coat, but super for winter, U.K climate actually.
For his teeth, his teeth need care. Oli does not like meds, but I would do like with my dogs, with a toothpaste.

?? did you?
di-git. Git = lay in French or shelter.
Disparage. Spare.

Dinbl;, don’t give hard chewing toys or object to your dog.
i am sure he is a beautiful dog, that luminous black in him, kindness and curiosity. i think they mean that the teeth could get broken. they get over excited and competitive, and chew with such strength that they damage themselves. just youth really!*:D big grin  

but you use YouTube. i used to be no tv at all, but much less now I am married.

I think sometimes your videos are a bit slow, but i am quite experienced ans still watch many of yours. so i thought i could go with a tip. for walkers, you need walking shoes instead of trainers, because you need hard soil to beat the hardness of the concrete, this is for your health, for strong and unhurt feet. another trick about them, is that walking shoes might be super resistant, so outlining you think they will never worn off, while after months of using them they become too large and destroy your feet. also could you do a video on vegetarian diet? for the animals lovers. 

Humans hunt and hated without ceasing wolfes, bears and other wild species, or species that had not been domesticated because of just that. Humans are jealous of the freedom, humans have to make themselves pass as being superior, and god like , because they have lost, being robbed, and unwot, unworthed of their liberty. The lack of responsible acts, their relentless destroying the plantes and planet, soon planets, on account that the cosmos says yes, accompanied by his methodology, its superchery, its grandiloquy of them having a right, having the right supremacy. Them claiming they owe the mother of all, humans should not stay for long. Who would survive killing its creator? Or better what for? One sure thing, they as such won’t be, and preying that the cosmos if this charade gear along won’t allow what our brothers plants and other animals, by the sake of thinking else than technology, or at least technology visible to the eyes of humans, the one that himself slave would call themselves theology, for they would not give to their equal any credit.

it starts as watching each other backs. and then a discussion on how to do it better. dominance are so sad story, because humans does not think animals speak to each other. and then there are the one who does it strategically, intellectually, politically and physically. and they have entire sorcerers. to eat last, is to eat the pack, to know their scent, their health, disease, temper, and they therefore an end, and innuendos at their personality. without having to stupidly destroy but transform, not only them if possible, but transform the pack discouragement, scourge, discourse, and dismay.


Wolf and wolfdogs not to be possibly put with cats.
Thought in the wild, wild animal rescues other one, so wolf and cats? or maybe not in captivity.
And it is also why some wolves go alone, to be able to go this way.

The clicks, cliché on France romantic attitude, is desolation in front of the vulgarity of a people who never have been first to legalize gay marriage, and that think that speaking of sex makes the adulthood- of the cowards.

Crowd, claw. Clap, clos.
The allure of chic for women, that makes them appetizing, just rivaling, realising with what their mafia court and coot, counterpart cost the society of all of them, all of it regrouped. The regurgitation of the tombs that not stopped but nourished slavery. Why people are so well cladded. Just to appear the food, they stole from poverty, abuses, tortures and insanity.

I must resign myself and say ‘I loved her so much’. Such. So. What. I should have died decomposed, mixed, render to the land, the soil, taken back, when I knew she would not melt.

The mystery, almost the taboo around the role of actors. The fact that one plays another. Can be considered as demoniac. But that could it be sociological, the taboo around compassion, or about our lifes that after birth and the education, the place that is administrated to us by the society, is considered as thereafter, unchangeable.
Theaters of fate.
Sinister, disaster. Aster.
Sin, admi, ammo, admonishment. Administer.

Werewolves and other metamorphoses, get to do this to undo possibly the injustices done to them. To equalize with how human beings are in all impunity being bullied by the human species. Then it is stored, and go out in strength that has to defend itself from harassing. It is though in this legend the remaining problem, werewolf cannot consciously avenge past or present tortures done to others, but will like the human hordes killed just blindly, just what they can, that are at disposition, and not a bay.

Love has a stallion. A stance. I loved without being loved in return, but I know that elsewhere, after, I think being not deign but dignified, worth of having lived for this beauty.
Wore, th.
Worn, no, but the not being had to travel till insanity, as it a soul saw the paradise that even if lost came to my knowledge and caressed me, just like a caroused carousel barred caprioling stable and gently hidden in the clouds and asters, for ever having seen me, and thinking of its slave knowingly.
Known, gnome, dogma, dorm.


Thing? Th + ing
Th + eory.
Th + ought
Th + em
Th + the theology
-theo Phy (fit=did)

In French, Fit pronounced fi, did or go.

The grail, made of wood, decimated, rotten, burnt, mossed, is everywhere it could have been reintegrated. From wood work which we could not do without, at a period where humans lived still within the soil, able to hear the tremens of the ground.

The inquisition had to temporarily win since from the adult stage of any lives goes after the enchantment, the oracle and circle of sorcering.

Sorcery, society.

In inn.

You will have wild work to do with strays, mine is, from her i start compiling wolf dog info. romanian mine too. they are smaller, dashund, etc. me i think it is also becaause they are stray in what is still countryside, wilder, with a tiny bit of wild indenting territory, so they are smaller, bush like size. the maze of the undergrowth.

Whenever you adopt a dog, save lives. go dog vegetarian, go to zooplus for example, veg food there is more affordable.

We talk about animal society, and just hush the fact that society imbilicate, imbricate necessarily a notion, a nation of politics. The only theme that separate human from animal other than them is technology. Why?
Because the technology animals fabricate is not human, not visible to their eyes, and let alone less to their theories tethered to the tame.


Teeth, feet. Theft.

Vampiric society relying on drinking blood, could in a way being the consequences of an ancient, or middle angel, age believes in blood purging and bleeding.

Drinking, rain.

For stars wars film amateur, YOD – HA -VEH – HAH is the name fo of god.
First words pronounced Yoda. -

Fo of
And faux in French meaning wrong.

Baby lone.

Babel one.

Vets and other professionals teaching or campaigning for healing massages for dogs and all animals. help circulation, lymphatic, nervous, sanguine, etc...

Abused is also used in more ancient fashion to mean ‘deceived’.

Secrets are crucial as sanitization is the world of false order, liberty, will, aims and means. a mean to a sardonically laughing deity. one who does not think of human beings but for them to maim in order to feel superiority = being served, not the great good, but being served by default, because they can demand this to not only happen but been inscribed, up to stone, or until snake is back and encercle.

Serpe, Serpent.               Serpe, scepter.            French for billhook, druidic object.

Scepter, specter,       French for scepter.           

Druids, dur.

Hi, I would like to ask you whether you could accelerate the adoption process for lyra. It has been one month now I obtained the consent of the organisation i found that are willing to adopt Lyra in order to find her a family. My big problem now is since the organization has not received any conclusive news from ‘save a stray’ they came back to me saying that they then suppose that adoption is no more needed since no one communicates with them in order to start the adoption. I contacted roz about this and she told me that she will give an answer, my problem is that you know ‘guardian angels’ is the right opportunity as they would care for lyra if any problems. Myself I am ready to care for lyra until she find a family. The organization is ready to pay for the vets, which I cannot. Would it be possible for your organization to speed up the process? I am afraid that if not, adoption of lyra by this organization could be compromise, because from September things will get very busy for everyone, etc…
We just need a yes from you to this organization for them to be allowed to adopt lyra and take it from there.
Once upon a th, time, there were dreams able to conduct to the affrosities of our spirits, polished to give myths, and as well enriched. As not that lives aren’t richer than what has been admitted, in literature and religion, but bc because we are so unawaked, knocked down, damned or nothing but material. Matter all.
Now, to hope access to our collective and individual inconsic inconscious, then we have the news, and all this rubbigh rubbish around us, epitome of what we allow, gic vi give in to, support, concev conceived. Vision of our infirmity, inferiority. The big boat that will lead to deperdition


Fast, almost fast, desire unchained.

If it is possible to remove profile in Facebook or Youtube, simply because people do not like your political tone. FB them linked to other account, such as Microsoft, with your money transfer on it. If people can remove all your contacts, your groups, your efforts at campaigning, even though when you do not pay website such as F.B then campaigning becomes completely impossible as messaging people are not allowed if you do not pay.

De-letting,                          exclamation marks here would be re-rhetorical clecks, only,       

D. cameroom would should have stuck to golf. The only responsibli he took for the uk, managing firemen during flooding, and cut children care, like if groomers needed any.

Me, i still think that the video could be more personal to you, more artistic, personally i am fed up to see the same people, even the one i like. also miss my french besides the english to sing, and read, intensity. replu. repu. X

In religion one has said that believers were the temple of god.

Echoing religious and pagan idols, the sun, often depicted as a bird, the son.
Son in French sound.
Idles, waves
And to remember that scientists have discovered that human eyes only see 1/80th at best of repertoried colors.
Repertory, perfectory, prefectory, perfect, per, preformat, performed. Per-formed, perforated.

One. Ode, once. Sonder, sun, thunder.

MF has been said to be in love with a woman or a feminine entity which she has never been able to find again, at least in full. whence of her love songs, that are mystifying, and the rest. whatever the truth of MF life, it is what i think clearly her love songs are often about. truth, trove, through?

The valorization of acting with intelligence or acting without, both regarded as potential for gain is

The valorization of acting with intelligence or acting without, both regarded as potential for gain is

But naivity, gullibility may push us into doing things or urging others towards acts that are…’t good.
Therefore subjectivity aside, who controls?

NEWS that would be new.
End faking presidents.

Maybe more than where we come from, the where we go is the most crucial.
Simply because going there is creation.

I quote 'trop sacree, sous un voile'.    too sacred, lay under a veil. god not humane.

To, or for resting in paradise for eternity.
And if eternity here meant that once we know it, we will do (not whatever as it is not proof of sainthood or divinity) but will do a lot (minus oblivion, weakness, languor of thought, and also the energy that takes to remember and picture it, to let it guide, to ear and say) towards going back to it, or at last towards it. For eternity.

And nothing can be erased. But ria, raised.

Ria on edge.
Will submerge ebb and flow.
Will. Lliw, live, leave.

People, scientists will treat myths and themes touched on by religions and spiritual believes as being irrational. But why irrational, we don’t know nothing about the universe, nothing about creation, nothing about death, and therefore nothing about life, but still searching and advanced imagery to depict the immensity of what is bound not to prone to happen is derided as being insane. Insanity is to pretend knowing or knowing what is not…the unbounded, luxe.; or, is; I lust ulterior motives, fake self-sense of importance, tanned with pride and prejudice, the fell feeling sentiment of superiority, blindness universal
Uni, naïve, err, salt.

So ready we were for the holy wars, without acknowledging the inquisitor.
Acknowledging, ledge, lodge.

The gift of Christianism is to be able to stop rituals based on sacrifices with what the religions, in fact the sects, have of devilish, just this to sacrifice, and kill in the name of their priests and ignorant bliss. Blitz.
All the same, short of vegetarianism. To holiness just an ism. If the demon do not just itch.

The artists or the thinkers will long long for creating an object as maybe in their careers that they are regarded as unproductive they will know. But then the worker at least some hours in their days or some days in their months will need music, writing, an object that will imagination be creating for their minds to be still happy or at least not momentum-lastly, feistily, quickly, lessly dying without the sounds and sights needed for hearts and souls to fly higher than the ground we[cb1]  will all be the lodgers of.

Also, the workers, and we are all, once performing without thinking, and we need that pros start stop thinking to think to some other layers when strike the matter into intra the veins of their leaves, fears, fleas and flowers, would have to allow musicians and philosophers.
For when we are at the task, your hammering keyboards or hopefully not the ls last of our trees, cannot but digging inside our body.

Tour, route.


Humans are said to be ‘superior’ because of the technology they created.
One od od do we have proof that naim animals do not create technology just not visible to us?
Two, animals as every other souls have the capacity to understand, to see philosophy, to question and wonder, and what is the most of all, detect and influence energy. That is to shape, even to preshape, not a tool, but the world not as a object that you build but as the present waves that will everything else determine.

I made a donation of 130 GDP. i ll make the same next year. thank you for all your work. just as a note i think you need for all the dog that still need to be adopted to appear in the same page on the internet, because i cannot find the list of all your dogs needed adoption, people won't scroll for a long time to see who is adopted already and who is not. maybe as well since people chose dogs without seeing them, more pictures would be really helpful. Also what I think is really important when you look for a dog is to know about their weight, to have an idea on how big they are.
Could you say hello to Lyra for me, I know mika miss her here deeply, all the time pretty much so.

ok, i swear to you i am a big internet user, i searched your website and facebook pages so many times, scrolling desperately. this because i applied for Mika 5 times and had to contact you personally. also i thought having a dog with passport was ok, because i am french, but now my grandma has just died and here in the uk live is sometimes very unfair. i am ok with internet, i assure you you need to advertise this page to every of your user, everywhere, if they want to know more about the organisation then they will scroll but what they need is a very easy access to the lists of the dogs that are still available, 1300!!!. with their weight... i am sure of it. be assured of my greatest respect, it is an incredible job you do, it takes a super lady. all my very best. in admiration of you.

The lights so reassuringly concealing the darkness, camouflage where who knos, knows se tapit.from French tapisseries.

And if like we think of humans’ life on earth , earth to be a purgatory,
This life was in fact death, and after, an afterlife already.
And/or before or after, alter. Alterned.

I can't dance, but whatever must be difficult to rise when confronting, confronting, such a game infallibility full of sensational, sensuality, sensational, i just would like to learn tango to give you shoulders on which to think your extraordinary body, tender. sliding insatiability. but i would not, as i would have to think of the love of my life, and after a dance, you would also depart.

Ok, then ultimately, your own compo should all be there. I have gathered a minimum of 3 books, no one reads them, but still I am pleased they are somewhere for the viewing. I told you, in general the people with thousands of hits, most of them pay for most of the hits. I do for my writing a little bit. It is how I have sizeable traffic. I hope your channel will always be available for interested people to see, and there always will be. 

Just to say in matter of run away, above all on frighten dogs, even dogs with a lot of experiences can get frighten and go usually sides or backwards. good collars are extremely important, not loose collars when you walk near roads, you can also have them on harnesses with a double lead if you walk more than one. on collars, something called double up ensure true safety on the collar with clips. when walking your dog walker i assure you you want to remember this information. personally, near roads, i have one lead on the collar and one belt on the harness. also for example with trainers lead that will allow you different length, near road keep always my dog lead very short. possibly a head-collar for pullers, it is friendly, like for horses. and a crate, necessary for the safe place and also the calm down time place. with it, i ' d say you have to be successful.
i agree. harnesses will sometimes loosen themselves. Never only the harness near road. when I use harnesses it is with a collar never alone. one lead on the collar, and the belt lead or another lead on the harness (when I have 2 dogs).
It has to take the chest, cannot be cheap or minimalist on the gears, too dangerous.

Agree on harness, when far from road i use them, it is better for the neck, any time.

Please consider vegan, vegetarian food for dogs it is like humans, it is above any serious controversy that they will be healthy dogs. I don't know you but i had hens pets. unfortunately, not had kids, lambs, sheep or cows, as adorable as any others.

For kids, puppiness is happiness
Or any animals, that also in the home is happy.

I always wanted to adopt also animals with physical disabilities. i was wondering how it was to look after a dog with spinal injuries. she looks confident and adorable. for me you are the hero.

Things such as animal eating, and putting some of them to sleep i think made the animal business unbearable. but one has to create a space where this can be history. bad history but well. it is good you will have internet in order not to rely on the vet only. i would create a sensory room for her, with toys she can investigate, changing shapes, light, texture etc, without her having to go around. her music corner possibly.

i thank you for having taken care of me. i also wished i did not have to give you this additional work. if i may, i might want have a look at the chat on the transportation, the lyra's one. a woman had a problem finding the drivers, she gave her numbers just before, if my memory is right. they experienced problems for 10 mn. during this 10 mn she sent a public message to Julie saying that Maddison will have to be readopted, etc.
 a distasteful sting of other negative messages from adopters reinforced it.
She also publically replied and reveal that this same person blocked her number on her phone, after this public scorn and humiliation. Saying that she has every right to react this way, because she is supposed to look after HER DOGS.
If she was so concerned just to say, I think I would expected a lyra a little bit more successfully brushed.
As I told you before I really admire you for what you do, because, if I hope dogs will get sterilized before having to kill their offsprings in Romania like in the rest of the world, you do save these ones for almost certain death. But so do the person who are adopting them.
I wish I had money, but for Mimo, the 260 pounds and then the vet, the insurance, and also the neutering cost me largely the money I could have invested on a pedigree, just seen by a uk vet.
I did not. Because I wanted a rescue. I think it is very insulting to forget that adopters want also rescue them.
I need to tell you that because I think it could and would clearly tarnish the organization’s reputation.
To lash out at adopters this way, I think clearly raised question about how fit this woman is actually able of caring behaviors.
It is not reasonable, it is also threatening.

People on this chat, exchange food websites, insurance links… etc. I said that for animals lovers I had a tip related to vegan foods for dogs at good price. She left others commercialized the chat, I did not give any link, but just talk about finding reasonable price on vegetarian foods, and she asked me to stop.

Finally I would like to say that if you were to raise the issue with her, I d rather like to keep my complaint anonymous, because the woman has been given addresses and identity, and that her whole facebook page is full of negative comments on imbeciles, etc….

I would not be writing to you this, if I had to make you intervene to adopt Mimo. You know I am into dogs, and I walk dogs, I started to adopt mimo she was not 4 months. She finally came home at 5 months. Mimo is a though dog, and I think she might have needed to be adopted at 4 not 5. Maybe her mother with too old puppies could not fight back anylonger. I adopted mimo just because I saw this little girl and though I want this little girl. I asked repeatedly, and even start process for a potential other adoption, but almost every single day I was checking and mimo still was not adopted. So what was happening.

She yet again told me she told me many times that she had posted me about today’s delivery. The truth is that yet again I had to ask (not many times, I stopped interacting this way) for today, she told me I ll do it, and only posted me Friday about being not able to pick Lyra in no other times than this morning.

My parner, the driver, had work, you see. All what she can tell me is that she is very upset at this?????????
Who told people about this 3 days before that they won’t have any choice about the times they will be able to pick up a dog, 100 miles away?????

Also I insisted before that I wanted to pick Lyra, because I know I cost you money to deliver dogs. Last time for Mimo, I asked her to take my dog to kent as I was well too far from yorshire, she never did. And someone had to pay for her to be delivered to mine. It was not me, but you. I wanted to avoid this to happen again.

Lyra is fine, but I want to let you know about mimo, she bled, had blood on her poo. The vet said it could be stressed, but I fact gave us wormer and it stopped overnight. I thought I was worm but thought it was not good perhaps to assume this. 70 pounds was the bill for this. I just wanted to let you know that also this happened.

unfortunately, if you ask me and not only me, but the ones we slaughter, there is absolutely no studies towards food nutrition that would allow our and other species, studies and factories, production, to live without being murders.
For humans, many yogis and physical therapists recommend stretching session in the mornings and evenings.

my vet told me that blood in poo could be caused by stress above all in puppies. i have been advised to worm by my vet because of kennels inerrant conditions since my pup bled, also don't forget heart and lung (bearers or a lethal disease) wormer, only a the vets. there is something else than advocate though, less expensive. agree on harness, when far from road i use them, it is better for the neck, any time.

As our ancestors were the monkeys. I do know what you mean. omnivores both of the species. and unfortunately, if you ask me and not only me, but the ones we slaughter, there is absolutely no studies towards food nutrition that would allow our and other species, studies and factories, production, to live without being murders.

That death is really wished to happen as far as possibly.
yes, that's it, you are right, it is how it should be. 

And if pain, was the blows or relief id, I did not give nor throw.
Or did and do but to the wrong.

Humans are becoming so sick and fearful by the layers of reality, facts that they have uncovered or simply experienced that they quit searching for more. It is what might have been called ‘disenchanted’. A conspicuous not quite absence but avoidance of spirituality.

The horrors in this rich countries. This? The same, blue or red.
take this as an admission of the state of the states. You won’t be able to see it in china videos as they are under censorship. Well they banned the entire west web to enter, and information, true one is always a flow, an ebb.
Ammunition, admonition, administration.

Fed role, federal.
Fed drone.

Disturbance, distance. Hence sturdy stud, stir, dance.
Turf, rut, fur, surface, ace, race-ruse.

I know, i know the industry, there is always people that just adore animals. sometimes it is the ones that love them less that are paid money to look after them. you know you should write this on the website, people will feel proud to help people helping dog. to me i d rather you were paid to do your job. people are all afraid of paying people pretending they help and that in fact do fund raising for their own pocket. so all of this i would put it on the first page of my website.

yes, you said no admin fees. maybe explain a little more that it means. i assure you i am from the charity world, a lot of money spend on 4 figures salaries there.

Website, facebook is just a diary. website are permanent. they are not perfect. also a lot of people came to hate facebook. also it wastes people time sometimes into chats.

Sat, is, factory?
Sat, is. Fact.

Love and religion.
If I had a religion it would have this name. If I had a name it would hav thi name.
                                A dog.
        A cat

                  A treature, a treasure
Near of which tree? Would I ipiut all my belongings, I would have chosen one resembling the tenderness of your voice, the palour of you eyes. I habe to stop to describe you so, as I am sinner and to recognize the beaty you show me, it is in my rethink that I ve got extasy. And when you come back with same theory, this know rethorique the one I grown with, my god her image you,
                                                                                                           Her being too

This is poetry, a tiny little one, and god what should be beyond every principle one s got (goat) so lovely, demon, I let you know but why.
The human voice or consciousness or, is dirt.
The animal                                                    is discovery.
           Demon                                                    is salvage.
Or pout our purr pour, and mix, whatever is done with it, they are the same family.

When it comes to mental activities and phenomenom, the Pandora bode is that no one is talking, from where our belives, from where exhausting, from where all realities. Every one are bad perhaps all but the more accepted form of neuroses, as their forms are through which
one may order s.o without reasonable reason, neuroses?,
                   do    slo slo s.o
           Ascert s.o                         particular believes, which we could analyse, or think, or speak about, or devise
The psychology like they teach is capitalist, you dislike your mother it is good as long as your happy with miser cord (misericord

s-peak maybe not the mountain summit but when the bird songs
again a s. The word are hardness treated like ‘joly’ ‘coward, useless tongue’
one speaks words, one thinks world, are both ok, but when what about one is doing them both in intentionally dissociate them to discord

I did not know the why of her betray in fron t (frown) ot) to the whole community.
                                                                                            The whole
                                                                     The whole?

The fire that inhabited my heart. My sould. Shoulder, should. So old, My sold. My sole. My cry. Because I knew what you whisper, that you, your beauty, your beast, your profound, your pro-found, you depth. Inspire.
And I know that id
I did not success, follow. Nil, null, nell, lea, line, lamb, land, lane, me.
Not what is rest is the ambers and this ash that has for hope to be dissolved, int in sky and sou, soil, and air, by wind and flow, torrent, torment, inside, ma mie, mi. half. Half, without the affrays that can be cut, divided nor deleted.

Mien Offer in and on dilettante.
Tent. But haunted.

Last, taste, stale.

Censorship is evil. it is only stopped what is detrimental to universal rights of people when they are under attack, but that is not censoring, it is sensoring.

Since all careers is based on it, on self and other censorship, then one will have to re-read all people their breaths under, words and insinuations. To know what they forebode were coming.

To close, to come closer to the divine.
For overdose.
And the pun pan pen punishment on priority and property.
Pain, without exit.

Sens or absence.
K. Young (psychoanalyst).

Shanti = peace.
Om shanti.
Om, homme, home.

People have (has) thundered through the ages that humanity was finished. But this statement is not paradoxical. Now, we are finished is in motion and lived in repetition. To think that a devilish proportion of the big mammals may disappear due to human activities just took now no wonders for humans to know, for logos to say, what horrific thing would happen to the creature of doom that would stay.
But then some would retorque ‘humans might have killed them all out of leisured pursuit, faked ignorance, bone fide indifference, blind faiths, blunt dimness but the fact is that it is the species that are here to remain and pursue, evolve’.
After the destruction of its planets, or humans will have to survive another place without having taken strength from the first, in a growing circle of vainness and a vacuum the size of its pointless vanity.
Or what they will have become will not have nothing to do with humans, but will be just like the cell from which another species went from.
Yes, that is it, evolution. You know in a world where matter perish, the other natures, animals, realms and domains that man eradicated will have evolved, elsewhere, after death, in ALL BUT NAME.

Ream, remain for humans are moribund rests. Remains for the world, they not know nor care for, are an unhinged and unedged existence for the ones they massacred. Not evolved but to purity apparat.
A mass where or instead of a resuscitation will slay.
People like educated Darwinian wants to evolve when revenge of their lust and lost will come thru and beyond the land.

Apparat, apartheid.

All my life in love with a woman that never came. Or is it the love I had for the genre. Anyway, for the other life not being able of freedom, to delivery, as my prison had never been the lack of love but the weakness that made me not live up to her odyssey.
Ode, deed, slay.
O did say.

Audacity adduce.

The artic was too hot or cold, none the matter, dead before arriving I laid.

Who shows a most majour lack of humility?
The ones, shyzhoprhesn, that thnk they are prp prophets. Or the ones in temples or es else, or in office, that think they help (prophetising), that teach gospels.
Spell, going. Or the capt capitalist and other the ore of others researching, robbing, violating.

David, d'Eve.
Dave, ave.
Heaven, French pronunciation of (for) Eve.

  1. a small crane on board a ship, especially one of a pair for suspending or lowering a lifeboat.

For those who have for with wit to say that eating other animals is a sign of evolution, them then the vampires that would go on and under at the prey of the blood they have in share. Is just another sign that humans need to stare?

Chair, stair.

The vampire myth, one that feed for eternal life within the same body and the other that hopes to stay with the same anchor for the most they can come round. One that does it for a longer span in itself on the same, themselves, their vessels. And their partners that do it in order to trace them, and possess, what is or maybe, for doom, was, the envelop of what bring them the sense and senses of perpetual love. That very same that would entice you to any other move, to maybe any things, if they would entice not but entitle you to re-approach them- as them being your love = in the sense of property, in the sense that nobody, that I know of this scheme or then shame, could partake with any.

And then I love you, inasmuch that I take me to cry, showing my body that its water will its own soul drown.
Sold, shroud, should, shoulder sawn.

I loved you with all what I had. And then?
I had nothing.

The realization that even my soul-d will not suffice to follow you even though I would be damned if I could do so.

Oculd     could

The urges for producing military death machines instead of refined ones. Though the military ones might be refined. But think that you cannot afford one doing art and even sciences, or technology because you know it will be destroyed, or well might be. Reproduction or extinction.

We talk about politics as a way to organisde society. But organize is just of one all opportunities. Legislate, advocate, sanction, secede, saccate.

Echo, ecocide.
Narcissism boosts by religious that compare themselves to a looting god. Hope it won’t escape from the box they soil.

To have to drown into prayers to try and make an act good, free, and prosper. One act only and I sink into the abyss where I know will follow the matter encountered, loved and succeeded.

Like said the common wisdom the grail is just what cannot be terminated, an endless quest. Immortality. And to fight for a just cause, make it unmorbid. Death here is no desire but elsewhere.
Dis ailleurs. Ailleurs in French elsewhere.
D’ailleurs, something that is not here.

Just like Michel Zink says, the grail tale counts the revelation of silence and secrecy, that has to be broken when people need help or charity (here in the sense of brotherhood or solidarity). The edification of human knowledge cannot but be the sum of their goodness not a privilege, adding up to sacrileges.
Elevation, with the sense Latin of education towards something…of all beauty.

He used to be super sporty, and suddenly could not get up off his chair for several years now. he started getting bed sores...the body was too far from the ideal he spent his life nurturing. i guessed it could not last for much more than it did. 

Feeling like arts, like listening to a song that lift my heart, and renounce it, to lead me in front of the size I should try and exhort out of me. To let that sensation, take part, tale apart what is in me. Vie.

Terror is terror. And it makes people richer thinking that poverty protects them and poor people that the very dictatorship they are under could suit them whether it could be their weapon, why, weather could you. O sun, ossia, fossa, and stature, o water, the last destruction won’t have to be built but just thunder upon who.

That, hat

Trade, trite.
Bribe, treble.
Trible. Tribe.

Creating a doc with myriad of pictures of waves and sea alone.

On USA transforming its natural reserves into private development, changing nature into concrete, that die the Satan.
C.ET: MIND, you don’t know to have gone to Harvard to make easy money. I de rather not to comment plethora on it, or it could cause me prison, in a dictatorship, that ruin anything precious there is in their country, in the country. People that are directors, ceos, presidents, that need to be engulfed dick and hip till they’re joined by the sea.

polyethylene food wrap

When everything can and will meet and melt.
When it seems that you know in others’ expressions, what have been of your own separations, inspirations, devoting feelings and then this wind.

Abandoned it. Bond.

Academics don’t stop em-phasing discourse and discourse analysis, mocking again and again the simple statement of informative paragraphs, because they don’t have any information, they play being independent and critical but are all completely tied outer, inner, by organisations of all denominations, to find out, investigate and name the source of concerns.

We are used to hearing what will you be doing with such diploma?
Of course if you need to be or ‘he has been’ a former manager in a big fucking company known all other the place for its fundamental big problem (trade oil for example) instead of them recruiting people with real back grounds in human rights (how many people have spent their lives risking their own lives trying to reduce the scope of humanitarian disaster, how many people would be so enthused, so more than that to teach students about human rights that they would dedicate their time to learn what they are supposed to teach (and not like these guys that end up here because of the niche in another market or because they confound laziness with anarchism, authority with authoritarianism, sympathy with patriarchalism, efficient with hypocrisy, commitment with lies, )

On the bewilderment on how many teachers in university are not specialists in the subjects they are in charge of. How many guys, showing with how little serious and for all their glibness one can make a living off subjects they have no interests in rather than taking people dedicated to knowledge and lectures (bizarre in a system where fees are not accessible to the people in the street as and because (or thanks for the legislature to hold on to the legs of the gest politician partiture portraiture perjure pourriture) the building budget goes out the roof, being handled by 6 salary figures.
Most of them being formerly formally from the financial professions, parasiting again, this time jobs for teachers, or any other professions, obtaining posts by the dozens (while of what they know or did from before was how to crook before the sales) as fascist recruiting is best for the oligarchies that will take over the scrap left on this planet who should have us banished by the time hell was created. Ante now.

Manicure parks and

The narrow narrative imposed by ‘art of the dissertation’ itself (or almost holo cause).

Academic, cadet.

The immense gravity of saying ‘there are just words’ is to get closer and closer from the moment where one will get cue ‘and that is only a weapon’.
We have words, and swords,
And weapon and wee pen.


The seal of compass. Scion. SI on si non. Si mon. Scie mont.
And Pandora box.

University should be near to free, as its knowledge, or at least the knowledge it should be(d) procuring (pro-cut). Procuring. 
Compulsory education.
On citizenship and lost sould.


The seal of compass. Scion. SI on si non. Si mon. Scie mont.
And Pandora box.

University should be near to free, as its knowledge, or at least the knowledge it should be(d) procuring (pro-cut). Procuring. 
Compulsory education.
On citizenship and lost sould.

To neophytes from recruitment team:
Staff at uni, young and self-conceited. Just like the students that think appropriate to speak during lectures on unrelated subjects, forgetting that to enjoy the lectures the rest of us have paid.
Also like me, but at least it is to produce pun or controversies. And counter verses. Like one is supposed to drink the lectures content like it was holy.
To the self-sell called head of students (tool not stool) dwarf societies practicing monopoly over decisions, bring their mates to be sure to keep the bureau, and censor like crazy crappy nazyish (groovy( see above in the post) groupie.
Draw a dowry, dolly.
Like other students that take the lead to abuse the little power that give attitudes and cv to have been a student something in one of the societies. This greener THAN new bud that react like CEO of the work world cup of resistance to intelligence and optimum corruption assure.
And like the way to go ere ever rafter apocryphal hypocrite prick appreciated.

What about filling university staffing with all students of 20 years old playing hard to harder lines at teaching everybody how to work or better since in undisputable minority not to work at envies uneven rite city?
Landslide. Landscape ecorches (scorn v cor). Score, scorched.

The pomposity of saying that more humanites.vs business, increase the duality, are art rulers paid?
More critical studies when papers consist in political i.e and personal interest only.

Ok, me pompous, me ok.

Duschene. Oak oath.
Amazed and delighted.
Puzzled the time of adaptation delighted what you mean for a catholic?
Even so why catholic are in fact profane, nurturing if poorer always poverty , sign on imagery in having the lamb roested, and ignore the lifes or their holier lifes representant, as if Assisi spoke to the birds, we speak to them into the pot or extinction now.

Like these professional conpersons and liars would have topped just as far as she has done.
Uncivil nonperson.

When one ought, should and would rather work on the quality of their duties and education rather than being the mouthpiece of these 6 star hostels instituition(universities included or headed); were friendship is spelt accomplice and collaboration. Did not say conspiraseas.

Look honestly, I cannot say no more as if you simply ask, I mean the union itself, ask, as you have to add asking it is not issue automatically, one would think.
If you ask for how the expenses are dispatches, euh allocated. Well you still can ask but no one will be providing.
Unless maybe you threaten them with information act, who would have the time for that?? Ah and erm, the authority. The authority would you retort ok, but never again in security.

I’d like to make apology to the muslins, that one groups of veiled lassitude lady one day trailed me.
I thought it was sharia to come and adccuse, ad cue, someone with something, in saying nothing about what he is accused of, and I knowing nothing about whom is accusing. Something like something went wrong somewhere, or it is the generality as far as you are concerned, could you obligatorily answer this question.

I thought that that was sharia, sharia forgets about the law.

You don’t know what the charges are, (what do you think about the way you might be perceived, all go very psychological as if I could get a hand of what I am accused, and if somewhere ethics was examined by people believing that generations might going on without hoping for one’s cash to be in in thinking that we are last or will survive through unfairness or more generally by (temporary) enslavement or (and then) killing.
But no, it is practice in raw row university bureau, by its acclaimed? Aca indeed innate inmate inner intelligentsia.

And you don’t know who accuse you in order to avoid retaliation, everyone has to agree beforehand you are the one to shoot.

Any how the debate is not recommended and if it take place it is to be remind of the policies are in fact piece of papers serving the direction, that no information and then debate will go beyond the mansion, mention.

People are taught avoiding debating, like that the first beginning will be exert (expert, no impertinence) end exemplified exempted for the mass destruction without seeming doing can be worked out in tune till break down and exhaustion.

Hip hope: on the later let alternative parties that say enough to capitalist in consuming and polluting like the old porks they have been discontented by or with.

And of course when the E.T ads as a comment that you are or seem to be from another planet, the direction on your have to resign paper takes it as a reason sufficient.

To impose between students, and professionals, wahever when status are melt in meeting to reproduce the stylized relationship demands from the companies to make impugn dirty tricks and objectives for insanity: see pf profit as the cards trumping and cheating on everyone’s morality.
Hopefully the students now working, could sense that this order is the one of idiocy.

The hope in knowledge and in working for a country that beneficiate from relative peace settings, human rights flourishing would be. Not playing politing lay military for head quarters that wants your groin to stuff anything on the periphery of CEOfficer (soph, caugh (coup-coo) makes itself bigger moon honey.
On style incestuous and promiscuity required to run aground the country, whatever will go for us to play bossy.

Appear like a problem when questions are coming about a wider approach, and being reproached of not sticking to the subject (STRICKING). A can go for essays but for lecture.
Where profs resent (SCENT) questions only answer them in a way you cannot hear. In a fashion manner with the time like if they were the rabbit in alice. So who is the lice on the hare.

Allie. A lie.
All lie.

-Work in the offices are so shit as well.
-Yes but they are paid more.
-To poison more..?
-But at least for the higher education fees paid.

Eternal, meter nal.
Maternal, paternal pastern, past tern term?? Parent per rent?

To preach like they lie.
As preaching where covering the gap. Not that tat we discovered anything but to have another ease, ize, lease, activity, in parallel, try.

The vermined that dig their way in thinking that they can do as much harm as no one is paid to shoot them. Where a more liberal independent way of thinking should apply, edit not waiting for the social good to reward you, directly, in instantaneous wages for the job you did.

The versine ermine versus HWO, who? hum, who’re?? as humans think that they are the only one allow to say of other spices, no apology, species that they are.
Explaining then their true; ‘relation’ their hypocrisy to god. A good.

She was staying as she married an angel and her hope was to kill the other creature, the one malfeasant (phase), that occupied not entirely but normally, the remaining body.
False sentiment.
False, else, lasso. Tie. slaves slag, lag alfa’s.

To traumatize one’s children to keep them in a loafer lower status. Paid less that they work
and lure
 and psychically afraid raid and dependent. Dependency. Pd edent.
and lure.

To be sam aller but gathering knowledge enough on e naught snout one on a bigger to hate his unfairness harness and lack of honour, to be able to face them and be stronger.
Valid on the next ‘seemingly more imposing imponent.

To start killing people in order to obey or searching the ranking of supranatural.
Veil. Live.


Change in light are traumatizing, as the shadow and shape that are guessing and guesting, transform ransom reason ran over storm and sworn, wear, swarm the vacant surrounding.

The people that had to fight (fitting faith) more for their survival because of a hoarder harder natural conditions, or condition coming from the environment are more spiritual as they have to spouse the ship more than keeping foes. FOES, population at bay, that(-) renders their victories on land more of a scam sexual cockroach type, amorphous crabs.
But now to render on purpose life more complex and harder about stoic stunted would trump. TRUNK.
On purpose in order the environment not to be stolen, would have the comeback of many more spirits-stirrups that the pretense of progress missing on enlightment.
Jungle, jerk.

A well, ah.
I really felt in love with for my colleagues. But I could not possibly be in love, laugh and loaf with the p spspider spy in my bedroom. You ed bed, I work a lot and I have to rest, wash and sleep then. So it is not that really I could not be in love with the spider that come and see me, fell, heave and sieve, a little bit from time to time on me. But the fact that I already bound with ya. My heart taken broke a wall of misery that won’t start being. baby easy.

When communication by students.
Review by profs to allow email to lists of students only written ‘professional standardized to the political avoid with information but agenda naked from their details as could permit more informal but still buoyant of info for whom wants to ‘inspect’ or connaitre go cognate…

Immaculate conception, the making love through love, thought of the everysecond I live for you and for our progeny. That is.
And not only in bed that would be as functional as toilets mainly.
On stalking and prosecution, persecution.

I am not saying I am wicked wacked, decked, vampires, that would like me to be your sheep.

Don’t do that , the same, as I am belonging to a ‘ I have nothing t loose, as I have lost everything areaway ourway story. I sould not say that but I could no , almost beng your parent, or at least I with I shall and be. End be.

But at least list as good as you.

Having saying that I really appreciate the diversity of subject, the comprehensively a naming of the most that we can get of issues and information, misery and work tackling them, across the globe.
The refine, perseverant, applicated, industrious almost way of analysis - the films. The films media taken as the piece of art, a linguistic tool, the way people use images and words, or the way emotion, felling and believes are shown or hued. The way opinion is turned on. All of this in a films festival seen through the lenses, free-lance, of human rights subjects /and/or objects.
The organisational adventures, and communication efforts.
Also the conveyance of plurality of opinions and skills that shape chaps and buoyancy as well as bouncy bounty of today lecture. 
Every one feels very witty saying exactly the opposite of what they are thinking and ax-ex-experimenting, proble m is the lente death  of institution and sprite. Sp esprit. Special supernatural

Lente, Ethel, intel  

City. ligot, ignit, legit, let lectic lecture.

The fact that tomorrow every one can be a prof, even me, as nothing of this element where there, project a film can be that easy.

ALSO complaints formulate(d) by other point of view are legitimate, but are heard the moment they are vetted favorised even more undemocratic or discriminative, excrement grounds.
They are used politically as a threat, saying look what you can get instead.

Am I insane? Or not? In fact, might I be so, in preserving my reputation intact.
but rogue they would never tell you. unless they use  (A) degree(s) but let's not get too technical.
And also it would entail that you are able to listen.
For vanity and so dishonesty, I don’t think that the recipe is dialogue, or rod.
but let us (u.s) be honest it is surely due to your magnificent (cent) listening skills. just a guess. as for reputation honor, just spare child.
have you had (ached) any comment of the directors coming to a festival starring less than 30 people? on format performance. – funded by European reserves formerly ;)😉- a display of salvage of money- petit canape for the cleaner to cry the room box, boombox, affordable on others diners.
Former, melted.

because (cause free?) this for the reputation could come a bit gonzo gizmo. it is not difficult to start a project, the difficulty in the giving gig him place and breath. happy new year by the way.
family party? Or have the directors not gone out often?

;) what it is exactly this sign. a skulless, clueless soulless head without a noise?

sincere congratulation. problem is that they deign to answer to late.
And for you “boss” I mean to a late.
On being a hypocrite, thinking that saying good, good, good, make a good project. On being a zero. Orezzzz.

and in my youth, the cool had the dignity of not polluting.
You are so at rear with any principles that someone will have to ask you why you went to Thailand otherwise than to take a place plank without for yourself any reluctance.
Tail’s tale.

Very small unit, restraint specialty where people have to act fakely agree to together continuously as the count of their very tiny circle to be employed and company.
No nous nefarious.

And it is what companies will own, little diplomas, for which, for g the obtention or granted (via bank and loan) one will have to suck in chains. Enchained.
Chanting, Canny in can.

Smiling a mile to subvenventions, mansions not mention.

In university one don’t learn to react as a citizens holding account of the need of everybody, but to hold on to project defect as one was part of the one-state pary party.

Yes-yes man

And what we do, pumping home money, is extraordinary. Out of proportion rather but their lexicon, lessexsickcon is not that sexist.

I am getting tired of people coming to you and up to denounce the opinion and stance i have. i don't think that this is a working place where anyone is my boss, whre i sign job description.... will i be able to know what complains they are this time?? or would not be possible for you to explain that to them in the first place?
At the r fire place.

The mirror as who is gonad, gone paying attention. Who else, woo heiress. Rehearse. Whom, womb.

People rushing in management and administration as they ahave left nany hope or confidence into their talents being considerate as a proper element, else thatn how to deplete and drill people.

People rushing in management and administration as they ahave left nany hope or confidence into their talents being considerate as a proper element, else thatn how to deplete and drill people.

Human rights. You know we believe in business, etc, fair trade, as we are like you, human rights devoid depossessed of ethical strain and train.

For communist to be a real utopia in the sense of good for humanity it needs to be rudimentary, natural in the need one fulfilled and I bi give all possibility for anyone to conduct study towards abvsolute knowledge in any style and field.

Style. Stylet.

Sigen, sign, singer.
Signe, singe.


Ape aprete.

To learn to hear at hte hauteur  distance when one has to tend ones’ all own all and own, body towards survival and territory.
La vive, ruse.

Hauteur, auteur, high, remote, distance, complete observation if not pervasive.

Hear. Rea l.

Thank you very much muck for this. because me f### the gestival i really appreciate your discretion, equal reliable mood and elegance this past 3 (not so free) year. but a reference from another person could be more pleasing for who it may concern.
On integrity.

If you need another reference, because i don't know for you but it feels like begging from the other people that even though they work with you, saw you working and attending, are not polite, sane enough to acknowledge, no, life aside theirs.
Write to s.o. she is mature. humane and human rights.

Over other.
is that a conglomerate?
is that a conglowmerate?
-        Ewe, you.

straight hen


Fest, fairy

The play at university, to group between students, a little number---s, look as if you were intellectual actual and take the chairs in order to block access to any kind of further and other, over, overt initiatives.
The little groups doing nothing more than finding themselves and their dolce vita, grandiloquence and derisions to build garbage applauded.

Never has been religion but states.

The groups of survival that were genetics to the gent for the most of the odd, will change.
And also alas a loss o to take the spiritual-spatula, ritual survival – sour spur vie al of other species, concepts pets and generations.

The groups of survival that were genetics for the most of the odd, will change.
And also o to take the spiritual survival – see survivals of other species, concepts and generations.

Vile, vial.

Sodom suffers from a reputation of scatology. Whereas we reproduce by the same way that we pee. Exhorte, expel, sift, diarhee denree en ray. Den raied.
On the obvious.
Anus one of the most clean (free from infestioys bacteria), second after the eyes.
Very infectious the mouth- rough cough.

UNIVERSITY MATURE WRITING ~ pass psy possible pseudo.
People, possible?
Pesticide, noble.
Gas garantor of their high.

On a totally different note.

No cos basically as university is discreetly (creed-waster ideology) taking our purlieu nature. They are obtaining from some students to emphasize how the surrounding is green and lovely, which is true, but what about the establishment instead of protecting the inheritance from the past, and end try (dry dory forty) to enlarge it in view of the more than a environmental crisis more than known today????
They are contrarily to their publicity praising environmental actions and the natural, central and centurial beauty of the campus. They are building taking all the space “pricy pricky” (a description of you with your for-getting at car, oblivious absconding abuser of vital long term even not attending to the slightest step towards responsibility. Pons.  Parking. And bush survival minimum for the still living bunch of fauna, resisting. The bushes they are cutting.

To speak about information, to speak about recruitment. Happily leaving the institutions being ruined run by students, neophyte in everything but taking the piece out of democracy. Why??
Cos they are great advantages potentially to assault and ‘societies’ taking over.
Ex: funds raising named so with words like charity redirected to amicable cocktail where your members that you sorted out according to if for suit suite suttee you without wit another jobs or props or specs. They are ready. 
(don’t call me a racist I use words to depict prostitution, corruption and infamy or cur cruelty carnality actually eventually on infancy, pertaining to all over the countries. Count try. Hidden with whatever dubious call to basse court morality. 

Who are you reling quishing profs? Who rect recruit them??
Rectify, deify, rect-hom. Hum.

No cause in human rights why not to take on one that are not but vague notion of manage rings and knots skills for crook, well u know, internationally big company.
And left out of the door real papal apple people that risks their lives (our fivers) or are very experimented in at least on modules and that would be great at entertaining us with their real expertise??
I mean I don’t get it.
On how our university are ruled like 5 stars hostels
And manage like anti-democratic businesses not allowing (instead of questing, investigation) the slightest time to debates…
By staff not knowing if they flee after lectures because they obey the market or because they are afraid of being incriminated by f…little students that cannot stand an opinion if they are contrary to the talc that still apply their mummy.
Or just because they are incompetent. And not competitive (jive), just the way they will teach you to react to the criticism, no debate, no teachings ethics, not ethics, just spoiled dummies.
Some truly are, but I won’t throw them stones as as I try to denounce students game never campaigning, none, but complaining (and without any intelligence or honesty will be taken their complain, as what do you want to expect from a nano uni that have lost , its duties to educate with embettering the so calle(n)d word,

Cos it is not to do the pest, no, no, no.
But you know how much it costs that, the info that they are hiding away.
They will constant cost your being ready for interview at the end of a day.
View, vie, wive.
And what they do the don, con, they count, mon amil

Additional question. Do you think ti is the majority of your poff that have read a book on pedagogy.
Because the situation is:
-        They have to run towards other obligation that those of teaching, you see. It is with these arguments, here they argue, that some are more cod condescending that if I was the worst thinking monde, moldy money, monkey not yet manage not to communicate my relative intelligence, but proving it in laughing like a human in articulating is moody: wages and slip on banana as long as ape puck pundit punction. On salary.

Something intrude intrigue me too, ti is on intellectual ownership. How come that these head fob cattle leaves eve basically (and heave as for regeneration fog oxygen it is not the tons of wastage and tree cutting that will be produce from university green lying publicity)
-        . How come it is so ownerships, shipped like the taxes, and the research never handed, honor ship, the courses, even the description of a modules as roe is happy to provide 3 lines for their idiot (and edit indeed idiotic in scale with the forcing fording feeing foereign  that pay for the pounds of sheet crap how to lick and persevere after university) but ready to commit (what) student.


Otherwise than sending you to their something counsellor (performing under 2 courses sandwich) SAND, fantasising high graded psychiatrist under a Stalinist regime, but it is not all delusions as he has been taken by the ESTABLISHMENT, BLEACH, LEECH one of those purposes is to prevent people actively talking about the UK ace and world and worldly appealing center for FGM, Sharia law, ex-PIE, human trafficking, mercy killing campaigning

To read more:

?? check yourself on the internet — islamic schools etc…preach pedophilia in teaching people that mohamed the polygamous prophet of islam were married at a 9 year old child, (and) To worship worst form of sexual slavery.
And how this is (let to be) taught to children in UK and other liberals’ countries.

 I think that this information are not prioritized at all because of people wanting a comeback of rampant slavery, sexual slavery included. In fact tools at regression and status-quo of progress and research versus professorate of horror and manipulative stories in order to have servants docile since dying and domiciliary.

 (when you forgot it all about imposed and ritualized, rooted polygamist and knew nothing about sexual and other sort of slavery after pillages and wars- here what you got = what you are)

Also if you think I do not write well enough for your understanding, and that the above is a proof of islamophobia, just because it is exposing a fact, then you do not have to worry, take this to at least one of the highest in command of your university, I witnessed myself these beyond middle age white man, richer than you certainly will be with your spouse or partner included. They will be able or manage to just censor information like that…how come? For the better good of the community, no on the ground of religious sensitivity. But in sociology department the hell yeah, that is how one would joke but all the same be backed enough to obtain a promotion doing it.
A thought for the post-modern moderators.

If you think this with honesty, know that you are wrong, information have had the ability to change things, i.e., to have to follow what a system would end up forcing people to do, here not paying tax, even robbery tax but force ‘marry’ kids, and here following Islamic prophet live, the one so many times invoked that for some people his name has become a way of  punctuate and phrasing, to marry little girls with old men.
Also if you think I do not write well enough for your understanding, and that the above is a proof of islamophobia, just because it is exposing a fact that would lead anyone direct to the prison or gallows in certain Islamic states (not ISIS that is not a state, but many others: Pakistan, Soudan…), then you do not have to worry, take this to at least one of the highest in command of your university, I witnessed myself these beyond middle age white man, richer than you certainly will be with your spouse or partner included. They will be able or manage to just censor information like that…how come? For the better good of the community, But in sociology department the hell yeah,that is how one would joke but all the same be backed enough to obtain a promotion doing it.
Go to your post-modern moderators.

To tell them? To insist and tell them? To oblige them? Not bona fide.
Look, literally I needed my degree. They invited me in a room where i was supposed to apologise to a Muslim believer for having unveiled the writings of their religion, saying I did not say it with the right words or tone (am wondering how they would speak to victims of this pedo ‘marriages’, in fact it is pedophilephilic). Since this day, I understood that in fact polygamy, paedophilia are actively protected by the west and it is for this reason that the uk etc., are in fact trafficking people, let FGM happen by the thousands. it is like that that some groups recruit, promising money, wife, and live in total dishonour but since even universities do. ..

Pedo have their adorators.
This pedo marriage, in fact it is pedophilephilic.

I would not say any of this if people did not take the life of a pedophile as their contemporary model. beware in islamic state you cannot even almost name the islamic prophet if in order to put what he did into question.

People say that one should not talk like this because it is a major and expending religion???????????
I hope those will rapidly belonging to the minorities. People thinking they speak rightly because of this, are clearly brain-wash, the others???

And else, are you talking about colonisation?
You know 2 or 3 generations before none of the people living in mountains and so one followed Islam, none.

A good stuff Mohamed the paedophile is not one of a 5 pillars, short of?

Ask the government to stop the teachings (happening in public or private places, but even in schools or madrassas teaching children about the Islamic prophet’s ‘marriage’ to a child).
Ask the government to stop the teachings (happening in public or private places, but even in schools or madrassas teaching children about the Islamic prophet’s ‘marriage’ to a child).

I did not use the app, because it wanted to change my homepage and also because even if not, the extension will generally endanger your computer- weaken its firewall.

And the dog saw the pigs, and knew, and nothing new, they were brothers, they were dear cousins. And the dog knowing that the other lived in terror, and hope as humans still looked charming.
An inventor, little they thought, an inventoriator. And enlisted. The humans were, to something slow.

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Alli-gator. The pre-gate. The heart eaten, the heart hitherto, the heart he throw, and vengor.
And post-mortem Jeer earthing, the heart item.

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MORE WELL WRITTEN PARAGRAP-HER paraphrase, phase, far, phare = houselights, . fair. refer. prefer,

just a thought, dogs just like people if or when they understand you would like to have them put down, then survival instinct will rightly so kick down.

Ins and out.

I am thinking of the harness, the ones I think you must absolutely avoid, is the ones that dropped as a tactics onto the shoulder, the side of them, they are ok when on very short lead, as you can lift them up, but if you want to stop using it with the lead they drop so much on the shoulder that they hamper the dog's walk, and am sure it is painful. 

The spasm, the step, the story,
Whatever and every, however and very. Whir, weir, veer.
Whatever she has done, whatever she will do,
The other, is gone, and without conviction, she cannot let her think, that will this, it will do.

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Tour. Route.

To give an example, i seek literature on the fight against paedophilia, un centred, to compare it with other organisations' work. I cannot find them. Or not as much as it should, i mean not as much as 10% we would need to start tackling, not being satisfy with a kind of status-quo, incest, prostitution that is not but sex trade, rape industry, on minors, prostitution itself, and trafficking. the debate it too discrete, you have to underline discrepancy, quote the scholars' debate, but cannot do without primary texts. Items also managed to stand out and illustrate how absent, recluse, and backwards the stances are. such as a judge legalising a pro paedophile organisations...but scholars do not talk about items or not a lot of them, maybe sociologists, or social work writers but even then, they are more witnessing or victims account. 
Or to count on university to found writing on how to stop animal cruelty, when they are found to have them in laboratory, for the BA student in biology to perform vivisection or the like. thanks god, the uk banned cosmetic experimentation, they just will import the finish products, while experimentation in the u.k are on the rise despite NGO, main ngos saying they are against, while when they talk prove to you they are in fact partisan, funds. 
Avoid torture for nothing she said. 

Warning this site contains as much as auto-derision logically.
on C.ET: I posted this video, hinting at someone in particular, but more generally it is a good allegory for what an animal/human fight would be. And far from being iffy.
As come as it may, and will the rain, as sure as the pesticides we’ve string along, in this in not not long.

Staying sane on the miror micro part of the sel-f. shelves.