Friday, May 16, 2008

paradise is not perfection offer

I am very aware than these suggestions are nothing of my invention since a lot of scholars have been working on solution to sustainability, social justice and the alike.
also this text should be regarded as a very simplistic version of what can be designed as for a system concerning a whole society could possibly work; it would have to be as complex as the society, the individuals and their surroundings themselves are.
And that is endless as the very aim of life is to find out about those elements and their intrinsic capacities at pushing boundaries.
Similar living and working conditions
Community work:
Having to do « community work » to assure the basics needs of each member of the community.
Maybe 4 - 8 hours a day (more, less ??)
Possibility for choosing the trade the citizen will be at according to:
Basic needs
Farming, distribution, clothes, building, transport, security, infrastructures, health, research.
Control over consummation, production, labour, social citizenship, Human, animal, environmental protection.
diverse working conditions:
Working conditions diverse as more qualified professional need more state-of-the-art equipment as far as being relevant and adapted with their activities.
Ex: an international journalist doesn’t need to use the same material than local ones.
A phd student does not need the same material than that of an undergraduate.
For the profession requiring a lot of training
Doing a trade (ex doctor) for the sake of it, not for the money, will probably avoid a lot of butchery.
+ encourage vocations.
catching up system:
When it comes to professionals who are asked and accept to provide more than the average of the working hours’ community then he should be provided with a mechanism of catching up regarded to his timing.
for ex for someone working 3 hours more than the average an infinity of option could be provided :
for ex find them a home nearer their offices so less transportation
cook for him
tidying 1-2 hours.
1 hour of theatre...
living conditions systems and principles:
the fact that everyone gets the same living condition is not a ban on luxury as the ultimate aims is to produce things of higher possible quality as well as their maintenance.
(i find it surprising that we are in a so called capitalist society and that we are not able to maintain our objects, give them the respect that a tool as being an helper should get, by using them till they are designed for - for example people wear new clothes without giving respect to them as they discarded them just because they have been used, more than being in a consumption culture, we are in a throwing away and waste culture.)
also if you fancy a 5 star meal then you can cook it during your free time or you can give another service against a meal of this quality. the material provided according to our dexterity, training, and also in a basis rota- i had that since there is no possibility to cook every meal 5 star for everyone.
natural competitivity:
-as the intellect as to satisfy his needs of experimentation and curiosity- life rises questions than our bodies, spirits, souls, intellects, emotions, perceptions will by a way or another have to answer.
- need for improving conditions and states - we face problems and as long as we are in the position of looking after solutions then we will sooner or later will work on it.
(maybe this lack of willing in the past as the opportunities of improving the general well-being were not there-as we were in a divided world in the sense that countries and structures were not connected the way they are or are able to be now- in one instance if you are asked to produce weapons without choice on what can be our personal choices for inner development and individual and creative participation in the society.
- need for fulfilment links directly to well-being.
- team, mates competition: the need for more responsibilities, the need for having your partner happy and then have to improve your own behaviour and performances.
- searching into chosen profession, methods. the more you commit the more you can instil ideas on, or take our own experimentation as being a pioneer ones, that is to say a circumstantial models.
- natural needs for moving. we have to move to keep healthy.
then if needs to work more to do our daily tasks or to exchange on abilities against another then good to do gardening, cleaning (with as less as detergent as possible with an aim or not using them at all).

Search for well-being, as an inner competition in relation with feeling of freedom, solidarity…

-objectives: infos gathering + author of findings promote to more specialised or sophisticated offices, if they want to do so or if they want to initiate these further offices.
to avoid "dirty small secrets" rights to the population to know exactly what happens in each offices, units, structures...


deal with responsibilities:
ex access to spots provided that security, cleanness, tidiness maintained
if peculiar, persistent behavioural problem, then the individual will depend on a mentor as long as they need, not to do the work at their place but to help them to be introduced in group of their choices.
For example in a classroom if pupils enter use something badly- and don’t tidy or repair then should they be allowed to enter the next room.

if the system causes a problem moral of any kind to the individual commission devoted to complaints towards the state, kind of unions but with a central voice this time.

quotas on consumption:
strict on sources of pollution and non renewable resources:
- heating illegal at more than 20 Celsius - with a derogation on the room where old people or young babies are if needed.
- stop by all means nature destruction- seas pollution and deforestation.
- planes keep only for emergency purposes. if you really want to pay a visit to other continent then take the boat, and there should be at disposal way of going on with your work while cruising- internet, office work, manual work, everything that may be done on board in making sure that every professional may be able to be busy and in so doing working while travelling = be allowed and possible to travel without damaging our the nature or the contribution own to the community.
- quotas on other tools and objects according to what we choose to be needed.
that is to say "unlimited" range of choice in order that every people see its need and particularity respected. if you want to use a round table instead of a square table, an armchair instead of a chair, a pad of paper instead of a exercise book-
-about the restriction of the space rather, in order to move freely and to stock object the ideal is obviously rather spacious home.
-spacious home but without being too spacious because what you get you have to clean and tidy up by yourselves + since the demand for bigger places would be likely to be important, and also because we have to build quality products in order to be maintained properly and finally last longer as well as work and being a tool more efficiently, easilier used-
-the problem with the space of the homes is the closeness or promiscuity among the household or between neighbourgs.
on this i can see two main problems:
1/ noise pollution: also people more or less noisy, from partying to silence, even with similar hours of presence, silent activities, or noisy activity could live together according to the level and time of their making noise.
2/ maybe optionally could count the fact that green areas are in any case necessary but what could differ would be the level of outside entertainment wished or looked for: people who want look after and enjoy gardens, different type of centers- like maybe street or boroughs more or less specialized in the different favourite human activities.
rules according to every thrive, quality, eco diversity, restriction on development when problem of sustainability, or causing damages appears.
As every thing have the right to be protected, a ethic of restrain and abstention should be observed as long as 100 per cent of evidence, people, souls don’t agree- end of parasitism but symbiosis.

The calculation of what is to do to reach the right amount is infinitely complex.
as more intense jobs.
The right to execute a job at on one’s pace.
According to mobility, natural inclination- this redeem by the fact that the aims is to perfom and perfection the thing or we are better at or the ones we wish to undertake.


more jobs as everlasting higher performance for quality.
plus quantity according to the space of search.
since space limited logically everything what is found should be taken into account and respected, consequences - lasting space.
as we look after the space we discover more depth about the world we are in as well as since the world we acknowledge right now is well kept then is the way for getting ready for endless discovering of new "territory" , consequences - more space, ensuring the quantity.
as the duties of the society is to protect the nature its strength as well as its people.
a big problem in our society is that the right or duty to work is not respected.
the so called vulnerable people - who are vulnerable only because they are deprived from the protection of the society and from participing in it. for whatever reason by nature dubious, someone who needs or are liable to work differently or at another space.
also each person shall be entitled, encouraged and help when necessary to bring their time and their abilities to the society.
how on earth it comes that physically able people are discarded from participating in physical activity.
like how it comes than like two centuries ago, when the mute were considered as being intellectually deficient- give you an idea on how large the intellect is countabilized, people in general and even mental health professionals, think that it is because you are deprived from moving or gesturing as the man in the street does, that you can think for yourselves.
two centuries ago we find the hand and body language for the deaf and mute to communicate, one decade ago we have find for people who can move one of their part of the body enough to computering that these people previously majoritarily said to be deprived of common sense, suddenly could study at university.
autism is the key example of someone who is regarded as being of a lower-average intelligence because of the inability of all the rest of the people to communicate with him and through proper communication discover their genius.
as each living creature own a spirit it is only logical that one detains one world, that is to be the key of every other else.
the fact that people with disabilities, with a problem of communication that entails others' lack of perspicacity labels the people with certain registered disabilities -in the sense of put into a collection of what the society asks its people to execute - as being useless or unable by not allowing them to perform their duties and rights to participate in the society.
like that elderly are politely repelled from organisations, or people with severe disabilities are not helped being in the center of mainstream activities (for example not to go with a mentally different person to public places because they are likely to have more reactive and expensive reactions.
or our elderly outside the community because they would need an armchair and an helper to participate in, be in, instruct through their very presence and enjoy the daily life - parks protected by guardians with summer activities, choirs, any kind of activities where the from 0-130 will be more than welcome, asked and helped to come, and the more festive occasions, the so called popular party.
for the enforcement of the amount of work as we do need a minimum to have the basics fulfilled and for producing or offer the more than basics possible through our extra available others activities.
since it is not right and in fact impossible to force people -without causing pain or at least repugnance or causing missing into doing something.
But to that is a reaction- to refined- If someone won’t help so be it, you’ll stay apart from any activities.
The justification to that recipe is that if someone throw one’s rubbish on the floor I have the rights not to do it for them, or if I count on someone to get my basics needs as I provide them for the others, then rest one thing left for me, wait for them to accomplish their duties.
Also If you throw a rubbish then you ll have to pick it up and if intervention is needed then I ll have to pick a yard up as the need for intervention should not be.

It is very important to differentiate intervention and training. Training is the extra info you have to learn, teach and search as well as discuss. Intervention is when everybody is assigned a clean job = for the good of everybody and the communities, and that you object doing it.
If you object doing it for a particular problem that you think should be raised then raised and settle the problem while choosing another one.
If the individual does not want to cooperate then there is a basic needs for survival and good thinking it is to be provided with time, food, and rest.
So the individual can be left in a insulated room to have a good thinking or meditating as they are the brain’ orgasm.
To keep the example of school it is obvious that there can be incentives outside this tight system of the factories for products, as a school is a school where you are taught to help the capitalism, king of alienation, poisoning, imprisonment and laws establishing inequalities.
If the school does not have connection with hobbies, its relevance cannot apply.
If a pupil does not complete his maths exercises you cannot say to him look before watching the movies you ve chosen you must finish the work of your choice that you owe to your society.
The citizens are cut from the Arian’s thread.

stand still:

people fear an eventual stand still of the economy.
in fact this fear is fed by the the fear of being unemployed or employed at very low wages.
every one reminds how the collectivism had sometimes led to a standstill that went as far as not having enough food to eat as people had lost of motivation.
if they had lost their motivation the reason is that they had been deprived from incentives.
at that time the world were divided, and the perspectives of development were translated by arms races and so on in a general atmosphere of cold war.
also every effort were aim at nursing conflicts, wastage, pollution, wars since inequalities, pace of auto-destruction.
quota on consumption adapted at each person choice.
= if you want to paint, you choose some painting instead of another tools.
matter provided but without wasting and since using. use with due respect, create as elaborately as possible.
objects creation of object that can be useful, kept, solid, refined.


food restriction would be dangerous as if we knew really what to eat, then we will be nearer from the immortality.
as well we know that the food we can buy is of very poor quality compared to what they could be if farmed with the respect due to the land and plants.
also it can't possibly have restrictions on it.
for food it could have another system then say.
for each person every element, product available
enhanced competitivity:
Leisure time or time devoted to search:
Creativity time created for exploring what we want to learn, teach, construct (whatever)
If we want to do so or time socialising _ infrastructures, provided by states for leisure as long as participants maintain the good conditions of what is lent as well as openness- if problem with a member then resolution involving external helper_in counsellors- + more control over the controllers to avoid mechanisms of discrimination.
Time devoted to search, no censure or imposed priority.
Encourage vocation
Some Remedies to totalitarism trend:
Systems where when you are confronted with a problem you can find really response to what your problem is.
report to authority – authority plus counter-authority itself controlled

not in the sense that your concerns is not taken but answered, or answered by not discussed.
For each problem a person should be allowed to consult one or two advisors in different independent autorities due to help citizens problems
Authorities check on their performance at doing so.
And each problem treated with due respect and problem solving attitudes as each sand grain is a major warning.
Authority controlled and controlling.
- civil servant
- people and its representant.
Able to check on each other

Circonstancial problem – money.

A nuance on what higher wages is as long as unequal conditions and treatment exist.
And just cos it is unrealistic that people would accept it also the system has to prove beforehands that it can work on an equalitarian and safe way.

-as our means of living can stop at every moment- lay-off, illness, change in condition, competition, disagreement with policy, resignation- this as we are in a world where you can be discarded, discriminated, boss around, ordered to work on immoral basis and aim. So money can be protected from being abused or sold or dependant bounded

-you may understandingly want to keep money or assets for if you can’t sustain yourself anymore.

-for your pension.

-even for your relatives, or heirs.

-decide to work for free. Volunteer work, choose a work or mission or launch a prototype of organisation and have to count on other sources of income.

Style of transparency, spend regulated by how much you spend.
That is to say every person spending regulated and given the transparency.

Money kept as a measure of security but loosing its purchase domination- that is to say you cant buy more than the others, not purchase power as this system ask for a revision of every institution what would ask several years of restructuration and amendments – cooperatives, states agency, independent agency.

To be much more assess, control, visit, check and re-check .
Inspection on practises, methods, utilization. As all actions should be.

Through Training, forum, demo direct that bring institutitonal problem at the national or international level.

On Democracy.

We just can’t deny that some processes, laws and costumes, ideas, situations and so on that have been found are in accordance with what democracy owns to morals.
But I think that a big mistake is done when we are talking about democratic countries_as I would be unwise to say that they are the opposite, as in doing so we use a term to qualify an entity – a state or a nation – whereas the evidence of it relies only on specific situations.
Here are some reasons I claim that we can’t pretend any democracy as long as:
-destroy the environment, the safety that healthy nature procures and the right to beneficiate from the same
-animal rights violated.
Painful experimentation, freedom violated, eating them. The violence made to them logically producing pains and desperation that can only be cause of illnesses spreading both by our lack of respect to life and by the natural survival spirit, irreducible features of natural reflexes or instincts.
-the rights for flora and fauna to live in our towns. Space for parks, inhabited by both plants and freed animal_ with enough space provided for satisfy their natural need for move.
-enables companies, nationally and internationally to loot natural resources that must be used for the common good and purpose in harmony with renewable and sustainable production.
- that it is possible to vote for laws against people. Legislation that authorizes company to pollute the common good- see nature, or make money and by that and in order to feed the exploitation of the people and of the resources vicious circle.
-every person does not vote- in knowing that to vote you need to have and understand the information about the subject.
-high wages are officialised corruption. It is doubly dangerous since imply a relation of dependency and obedience in itself
for who does not have the money and for whom have the money then it is exactly the same as to keep both your position and wages then you have to comply to rotten rules.
- Reality of poverty lines = ex of children eating potatoes and having nowhere to go and by then becoming street-wise.
- weapons sales to nurture civil war and genocides.
-working place where you can lay our staff because of their personality or saying; places that are hardly controlled over the way the quality of the support; training, freedom of expression…
-Import or buy product without control over Human .Rights whereas international control, assistance and cooperation should be a must in any industry.
Drop in price that kill the industry endowed with more control, and better wages.
Drop in the salary as the worker can afford goods, but those that have been done while breaching decent conditions that is to say the developed countries worker buy what the sweat-shoppers make.
- name it.
duties and rights for the state to protect individual and collective fulfilment- respect the other and their thriving.
freedom stops where you begin to destroy others' environment, whatever it to be past, present or future, that is to say we have to preserve the work of the ancestors, support our present actions and situation and ensure the protection of the future.

in a democracy it is of the first importance for the politician to receive not more money than the average, i would say that the means for them to work for the population as well as being protected by this latter in order to be able to ensure justice without being under any pressure is the jewell that the society must provide to its defenders.
however the fact that they are elected to represent directly the people - appointed to be the links between words drained from being apartheided - must imply that their first jobs should be the abolition of their financial privileges as the day they accept to be over-paid by the people then they despise them and the day they accept privileges they accept to maintain the circle and vices of the system of abuses.
i think that politicians accepting unjustifiable money resources are just not politicians.
obviously it goes without saying that that would be the ways of setting a model towards the same rules for the non lucrative businessman.
since plato we know that politicians should be devoted and not to their wallets.
for being the representatives, the links, it is a bit illegitimable_whereas untrust and disgust for politcs-since its denaturalization.
First of all i am not an expert at all. I know that a lot have been written on the subject and I apologize for not being as literate on this subject as I wish I were.
I am expecting that this work will be regarded as being one of a new-born. I admit that it is nowhere near to be completed, that I already know that It can’t be finished and that I can’t hope make any progress on it without it to be debated.