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institutional abuses in care in london boroughs.

Article directly related to a council corruption investigated by the council. No way for victims or witnesses to halt them, as they are sole judges of their own actions and decisions.

Institutional abuses in health and care in London borough.

Madam, sir,

Here is an account of national scaled institutional abuses that are rampant practises in every borough of London.

First, you will find below the letter I sent to a borough.

It is about someone attributed with 8 hours a day care by a borough who does not bother having any report about him.
The very stunning point is that this service user is supposed to benefit from large amount and varied help but the pluri-disciplinary staff don’t link nor share any information.
Obviously despite an in principle big team of people at disposal, this lead to a very low standard of care, as explained below.

This story is to highlight because it is the representation of what happens when several agencies or departments are involved, or more definitely not involved with each other.

I have been a carer in the uk for this past 3 years –and 3 years more in France- in different and various positions and I could provide you with other striking examples.
In the case of J, he is a young autistic man, deprived of clear speech and put aside of any social activities and it is why I ask you to read the following.

The point 2 and 3 roman, are very particular to this case also you may not be interested by reading them but please do read the letter and point 1.

Please if you have any questions, I am ready to work on this text or on telling this story to someone willing to rewrite it.

I wish the contents of those facts or a part of it could be published in order to alert the public opinion. I could testify they are all 100 % true, I witness them and there are proof about that.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Social care and meeting.


Institutional abuse:

I write to you to let you know about an absolutely aghasting borough practise.

It is about the care of your service users.

There is in your borough a person for whom you provide a package of full time care and that has been lasting for years. For doing so instead of employing staff working directly for the council you delegate to a support worker agency what is surely supposed to be a subsidiary of the state or at least supposed to be working hand to hand with the borough and the professional they employ directly.

The fact is that this person’s well being depends on his carer knowledge, serious and following of daily targets and naturally the daily, weekly, monthly reports of his behavioural and activities management, the strategy put in place to improve his chance of linking with people and of engagement in activities.
The shame is that he has several carers, to whom not, even not one report on their activities and monitoring is asked and worse; though it has been years of daily work with him, not one, not even one single meeting implying his team of carers has ever taken place. Do you consider this situation as being appropriate or justifiable at all?

This was the letter addressed to the council.
Their reaction? Dismiss the agency from this particular case.
I am afraid that is no proof of that reality being taken seriously.
Of course, a part of the question is about the policy of the mere agency.
The main priority and sources of immense concern lay not in that particular case though treated as if it was isolated. That example cannot be the forgotten piece of the whole story but simply reflects the kind of no-links, no communication and not even the most remote sign of implementing one. A comprehensively mute bunch of people in charge and without any devices for having a feed-back loop system or for conveying info for a better professional practise, (and after years of having practise like that let s say without doubt, without plan nor the shades of one). The result of a dismantled depleted network it should have been for this situation went on for 5 years.

The council allows one person to be taken everyday for years, 8 hours a day, a person with very serious speech and communication impairment and therefore depending on people knowing him very well to report the way he wants or he needs things and what things to be done.
Instead of that no reports asked, not a single meeting. Like that thousands of hours of get to know the job and performing the job duties, lost.
Even in the case where he does have good carers, without detailed description of how one proceeds, if the main carer leave, the next carers will found themselves without the information that have been gathered in years of pragmatic experiments, observation and hours of practising how the service user will like and need to have people assisting him and with that.
But when you said not a meeting, actually there is.
Only for the means supposed to be at his disposal yield so little advantages:

Here is the situation-


A team of one psychiatrist, one psychologist, social worker, senior carer, and several carers. One or perhaps two meetings a year.
But what kind of meeting?
Not one including his daily workers team, just like if they did not work or did not wish to have objectives while working.
Among this highly qualified persons (psy, social worker…) not one person that will wonder how it come that daily carer are not asked to give reports or to attend meeting for a then possible re-assessment of the needs, capacities, projects and targets of the very young man service user’s life and schedule.

I really like to know how it comes that all these people have readily accepted to leave things in that state. To that question, blatant facts will strike the mind.

One, they manage to pretend to assess a situation without enquiring about the daily happenings or non-happenings which is supposed to be the basis of all decisions and which will have a conclusive effect on everyone else’s deeds towards the life of the service user. . For every case it is the case but this man is deprived of speech, plus when you send people for 8 hours shifts you expect them to do something somewhat intelligible with it.

Two, whereas psychologists, social worker team should try to assess a situation with the purpose of improving or adjusting this situation, the fact is that they don’t try to check out what difficulties his only carers
(and only person who are in real contact with him may come across with. Check on their possible, better put, advisable-should-be-compulsorily-requested questions, claims, projects, strategies, differences, techniques, and if any work done during these 8 daily hours, their practices.
These person who are supposed to look after the well being of a person just don’t ask for any records about what the only staff that are in interaction with that person do.
This fact underlines that they are supposed to assess the life conditions of an individual about whom they know nothing, and about whom they don’t try to ask anything.

There is no pluri disciplinarity team, whereas the taxpayer pays for one and is told that there is. There are several people, agencies who work but do not team up. Who absolutely does not bother about the hackneyed notion from the nvq 1 health and care of the holistic approach.

A team of staff left without aims, without objectives and assessment of their jobs.
A service user file thus life management and planning without the latter are meant to say ‘no futur’

To what everything in place there is not a single attempt at verifying, gathering, assessing, compiling information nor the will of having that.
That is to say there is no way of checks and balances, the basis of democratic system has to provide an info and grievance canal.
Nothing checked; nothing shared.


Nb: It is useless to add that this absence of any checking is open-door to abuse among staff, or hierarchic, towards the service user, or abuse of the time or the means put at disposal.

Three, it is just common doing, and implicitly better for each one not to make comment on anything in a clog.


This young man has been discarded from the system as a whole.
His health condition has for effect him not to be able to stay in place where there is noise.

This young man is ‘barred’ from having any kind of social grouping due to this sensitivity to excessive noise, as the same council has been enable to find for him a place- when you think this is actually happening in London-, a centre where he could have regular encounters with someone else than his carers.

The carers will find themselves being given the schedule of an outcast, with no socialising place in his timetable, taking the pretence that he needs somewhere quiet to feel well, he is left on his own, like if you could not find or even make up a quiet group for people who need quietness to enjoy their time.
With will and cooperation this would be easy to find and to eventually enable J to have at least a weekly meeting where he can meet people instead of none a year he has been imposed with.

In conclusion he is left with only his team of carers, to whom he is totally dependent as for his goings and comings, and all activities, or any sort or planning they will offer. The same people to whom no one asks what they do, how they practise, or to hand out their reflective accounts; and the same people that are left on their own without support, nor objectives.
He is left with not other encounters.


In parallel if you got a problem – violence or abuse in the surrounding of this person or among the professionals, or if the person you look after is subjected to abuses…without the network of a pluri-disciplinary team (it would take two meetings a year, some forms, and shared reports), are you supposed to rely on telling the social services, that demonstrates on that they just don’t talk in any case about what happens in the actual service users’ care.

Because this case has been reported and what they did was to suspend everyone, like if it was a surprise to them that family and team of workers endure problems if they are left cut from other places. Sometimes unsolvable, often leading to the wearing of motivation – one cannot be the only one in the village- stop doing of activities or of their coherence or of their relevance to the need of the service user that without detailed writings will stay unknown, no thinkable continuity to it (there are nonexistent), nothing about what have been done. And about the endorsement of one’s responsibilities? There is no more frameworks and a general fear of taking initiatives since the support and surrounding coming from higher is at zero. This type of organisations always leading to isolation and the impossibility of using the resources needed to render comprehensive care. Dignity.

Like if they were surprised by the absence of this meeting whereas they are the one not asking for any.

Like if it was the fault of the workers that dare pointing out this fact.
Like you I thought that it was the fault of the agency. But in fact the agency itself just look for being competitive, and this include not too much demand from her staff as the salary is limited and that the other agencies don’t ask for reports either since, it is simply not ask by the boss, the leader of the care programs, the councils.
Agencies who are only what they are taken for, a commercial, administrative, logistic, company who merely applies the rules that the very same council ask them to follow.
Provide me with temporary, no-unionised, cheaper, got-riddable-of-at-will-without-contrat-nor-the-inch-of-a-view-inside-the-pyramid (5 years they have been relying on temporary workers for the same job with exactly the same type of care and schedule, not an inch of change, nor the perspective of doing it). Be happy taxpayer, twice as much expensive these temporary agencies, spare our administrators the burden of the responsibilities, of the feed-back to their staff, of a file that is supposed to be filled, gathered, shared and read.

I report that to the council. I had not choice. I wanted to complain about the council but when I went to the government site, they say that if you want to complain about the council then you have to write to the council! How is that possible? Not in a democracy.
It is not an isolated case, just a mistake, an oversight. It is sheer common implementation, professional customs, organisational cordiale entente, systematic arrangement; oblivion.
It is institutional abuse.
The council suspended the staff of the agency that take on them, like if it was the problem.
They suspended the team, not responsible for not having no one to talk, no one who are here for supervise, advise, collect, put further, forward…
They treat the temporary worker like inexistent and when they voice the problems of not being able to link with anybody, they give you the sack.

Madam, sir, sorry about this, I admit, a bit long and heavy description of what is to find inside the thick walls of our institutions, but just a reminder- here described a council job.

No one checks, no one assesses, (those are a very widespread, endemic everywhere happening, but at least in some places they provide to fill up a form that gives you a chance to whistle blowing).

No grievances procedures, no help, no security.

The game was clear. If you speak, they remove you. So what do you do if you need the job?
More vicious than that, no one needs a job in particular but something you desperately need is references.
You may work very satisfactorily for two years with you boss, if the 25th month he decides you have been a rubbish the way long it is what he may just decide to begin saying.
You don’t possess, it should be compulsorily given, here in the uk it is forbidden to ask for it, a regular overview. A say quarterly appreciation of your work by your manager, attestation by what you may appreciate that you cannot work anymore for a person that don’t give you good references, or improve your practise if the comments are justified or by what you are sure that if someone say you are a good worker one month he won’t be totally allow to say that you are inadequate the days you are not anymore in his books.
Also if you spot abuses, don’t report it because who is gonna give you or not access to another jobs afterwards, you former boss.
The system of reference! A lock-up system.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Entirely unreview draft about uni, still makes sense at time III.

Uni rendering people dangerous. Instead of temporizing thei student reminding them that university is the place where you learn academically to put into acritical lense every thought, act, statement, interpretations,…, they let them muslims student to think that it is fine to report somebody for having


‘Who thinks that recruiter will be happy with insolent, ignorant’, that take place because of profeetering from con money and playing at being famed and friend and yelling at whatever is not registered party?

Of course the same that close h.r modules or open h.r in order to tell everybody that everything is fine and are fashos the ones that disagree. On fishy.

To train the ones behavior that should be closed o down. For the ones that respect h.r and t for the rest as one don’t win nothing breeding false unrest. Ster, tser, stair, stern, star, tsar.


Hi Darren, I am thinking a tiny bit about what it is possible to do with a h.r ba. And I start getting concern about this issues since there is no schools left. For example with a h.r ba, what other domains (s.s, political sciences) would give me any equivalence. Did roehampton look after this huge concern?




For reader only from the university.

Now seriously who wants to date a prof?

Ot o o it is time to get them involved in different sphere of their job, holistically,

The reachable, the achievablem the completude of the all realtion in simplest but deepest harmony.

For me don’t ask, at last I find my alpha nan (bread winner).

And it s not a crime.



The whole story.

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ok, i tried to ask these questions so many time no one involved bothered to answer. i thought it is obvious the difference between an injury inflicted by a concrete piece of stone and a iron bar.

i wrote on the story if you want to have a look.

hi there!
Here is my blog.
Link to free literature on Human.Rights and duties, social, political issues, well-being, spirituality, environmentalism.

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These incredible proffeetering disgrace think that it is in organizing set up, lying, disreputation that one raise themselves up, but on these occasions I don’t care to be your target, I am not an ennemi, the left party is mine entirely, as there is no one living sould left, at least appearing to be. Loose it.



To come all the way down to an institution to see at work the ethics and strength of a spirit of a corporation, is instead seeing at uni the taking over of the institution by the whim of second year ba

Of course no alarm, it is just the trick they are no institution. Tuition fees with a play ground deemed to satisfied vile not virile.



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  1. Clive 26 Mar 12

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You forgot to mention that Alfie was hit on the head by a lump of concrete thrown at the Police from behind him.
You forgot to mention the fire extinguisher thrown at the Police from the roof. You forgot to mention the broken window of Prince Charles' paint spattered car plus the wrecked shops. Etc. Etc.

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I dont doubt that the injuries caused to Alfie Meadows were very very serious. However no proof has ever emerged as to how he was caused his injuries.

Interestingly Alfie Meadows legal team asked for the IPCC inquiry to be halted until his trial has gone ahead. Call me a cynic but the liklehood is that during said IPCC investigation evidence relating to Alfie Meadows violent disorder charge probably came to light.

The IPCC would have pieced together his movements on CCTV and through witness statements in order to pin point when he was assaulted. I would guess this is how he has come to be charged.

I have no doubt he will mount a defence of I was brutally beaten up by police. Be interesting to see what physical evidence of this is actually forthcoming. Even if this did happen which is clearly a good possibility it doesnt mean he has a defence in law.

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Forced marriage is still not classified and treated as a criminal offense

Should forced marriage be made a criminal offence?
The Home Office is deciding whether to criminalise forced marriage in England and Wales.


April 4, 2012 | News covering the UN and the world

Grim prospects for 2.4 million trafficked humans

While some 17% of the 2.4 million people trafficked annually are forced to perform labor, nearly all the rest are exploited as sexual slaves, said Yuri Fedotov, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Human trafficking is a $32 billion per year business in which 2 out of every 3 victims are women, he said, and only 1 out of every 100 victims is ever rescued. The Washington Post/The Associated Press (4/3)


  • Protests spread over child marriage in Morocco
    Women's rights activists in Morocco were outraged at the invitation of an accused rapist to a roundtable discussion on child marriage. The invitation to a man who reportedly forced 16-year-old Amina Filali to marry him after he had raped her is being presented by activists as further evidence of unwillingness by the state to halt the surge in child marriages, estimated at more than 41,000 in 2010. Filali killed herself after a court ordered she wed. The Guardian (London) (4/3)





your beautiful when you don’t look so serious like in your interview :D. I maen serious you are beautiful too. But don’t be ashamed of being of your genr gen eration gender extreme. Beautiful les now I have the occasion. X


not attacking person but their effigy.

Person - no one. In french and in English aussi


Confounding language, prospect and territories. History Ease tory.

The wigs. Giw. Guy falwes.


People forget that in eploring a story, they have to bear their own shame. The fruit of our communality as goes history.



peace in your soul.


And for some it is not they let the students to attack you and reap off the construction of generation on end and rip off thiers

For some ti is they led.


Prof that has to be aske d thousand times to give you the average ffeedbakc on a finished essay. Prof that answer you directly giving you an appointment to dusicuss your package. Of course one won’t ask the prof to help at each stage. But once a year for who would ask. I think it is ok. Education is their speiciality if they want research it is some other adventures they should be signed in on.

And if they want to do nothing well it is yet another project.




  1. bar 03 Apr 12

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ok, i tried to ask these questions so many time no one involved bothered to answer. i thought it is obvious the difference between an injury inflicted by a concrete piece of stone and a iron bar.

i wrote on the story if you want to have a look.


who does activism with the tax payers money for education , protection, art, …be on a voluntaree baisis. This head that should be brought down the sink.


Security will become private. And the poor or the one targeted, for its political view or social activities, would have under the law that robbers should be prosecuted. The lw will be we protect you from the mai fia if you ve got money.


The different star tegies to acquiere soft power. Look ethnic, if not ethic, speaking like a dum, speaking like a thug: appear popular, in ded fending but one seat. See at.


Don’t worry about the ‘teachers’ they know about all that.

So when they endors e one of these lads that think that taking people for being thick will dive give them advantages (hem) or laughing at principles, to be in charge, or to do dirty tricks to be operational, or to do half a job to apper on dead line, and be inpolite to appear busy, or relentless to appear on the job, or careless to appear ready.

If the pros fs like ti ti ti it.


he looks so lovely this horse! caring, mhh. he looks like if he is cuddled fed, initially.

maybe for you to know a little more, your eyes are fantastic.

hi there!
Here is my blog.
Link to free literature on Human.Rights and duties, social, political issues, well-being, spirituality, environmentalism.

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i thought it was obvious, i am so sure.


When they get behavioralistic, patting the dog, even though one like that would just throw w away in a while every thing build in the name of human dignity an dmutuality.


You know about the unfortunate of tuen tune tuan tuna of them fort tur tru is that as a worker almost unskilled as who would train and who would give sr erious honeste responsibility to seomeen working, I could be the boy of these guys making the weather at uni, and walking on others skulss skill, even my granny could have e been.


The power of the university is what it is now, but what will it be in f the future. Powers and the rights their disclosure, an other horrors. Eroors. Error.

And it is true that it is in roehampton that I have observed one of the most respectuous of other, and their sincracies and particular creativity, and modles of politeness , discretion,

Many, many places wehre to socialize and studies.

Good asonorisation and when it is sunny.


this is no good.

Quite in touch with more and more gratuitous police assaults, I felt that the little I saw previously was quiter control attempts at restraining or displacing. But not this one, this one should be punishd.


"shadow banking"


i thought you could like this band. a couple.

Lyrics to Stars by t.A.T.u. All rights belong to respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Uploaded by Katherine10101 on 8 Feb 2008

Here is a video I made with the lyrics to All the Things She Said by t.A.T.u

Hope you enjoy it

Song and pictures are NOT copyright to me. Hope this clears up any confusion.

don't mind about the final items on the appendixes on galloway, i ll finish it later.


And how to obtain sheepish behavior I n letting con students impowe se their I w.

Take a lieav leave.


I would like to thank my fellow student for havind decided not to throw me to the lions. I maen it was most graceful.



yes,  i can attend on thursday.

if d. tinham want to justify my being put outside any other lectures, i presume that the witnesses would be the whole class.

roehampton gathered once students in order to discuss participation in classe, no one needed me to know if the students had been witness or actors. i specified to you that d.tinham persistly came very close to me physically after he had pretended me to be of some agressivity. i don't know if anyone could recall that as i did not tell anyone about my problem with d.tinham, although the atmosphere after d. tinham has deliberately lied about my own behavior was tense acknowledgedly.

but the reflexion on being prosti.


to your concern about me naming people witness, well what i can suggest is simply to ask d.tinham if he did not come and stay right behind my back not leaving more than an inch between him and me, while there could not have been more space in order to avoid it, in fact i went directly at me, the same ways but more discretly afterwards, as i conspicously change of seats. i told you that lying to incriminate somebody is the most offences that brings and help justify all the torture of (and still nowadays) world. this just after lying to other professors saying that he thought about calling security (see what i described about how this happen). i am not in a red quarter directed by pimps i am sorry. and after me writing a letter specifying that i could not be in trust anymore of someone inventing stories instead of discussing in a mature manner of the concern i had raised in the class room; and that therefore i would rather not been approached again fearing not even misinterpretation but harrasment.


Eh whence the obligation to educate (and not of education) and arrange other conditions where people cannot be , at leisure, due to lies or disagreeing psychological, or mental problems if it is like that I know everyone has that, I can take the blame.

 jacky, i would like to see you next week or at your convenience. i tried many times now to get to facebook page of humanrights society of roehampton no one anwered me.


In education and training spread like may be observe almost day long in juvenile center were are the specifically called chave.

Watching dvd, without n o study. And the one starting asking question is the next to destruct as we talk about social not about social just-ice, no.


Just in ice. As unchangeable.


On line learning or the obligation to elavorate shcem. As who is gonna teach me if everyone torture and wringled by homophobia feeling?

response to your own concern at dending everybody. what i had to send to grove house

and whence the need for alternative arrangement instead of participating into the possibilities of condemning anybody with their right to choose a degree. Without this arrangement it is clear that you give people the possibilitity of ruining somebody. And my reputation at the discretion of two false declarations, or a moment of insanity – send letters to somebody that never bother answering but violently.

The university a community? Not one, so where

‘s . islam and political party that are not about politics or policy but allegiance and seat grabbing just the churche were when it was as fashionable as the robe is in plaestine. Pla pl pales palace. .

i might be presently grabbing a chance at the possibility of expressing this concern. in 10 years time it might not be the same. see totalitarism if it goes at the present pace. Yours also actually.

Thanks god you are still protected, ans dprotective of a some sweetness of mind. But what if you start apply that a l infini?

push so in the face,

  • Phobi of his living.

  • And report him as it reacted violently. Staring at you maby.


And the selection of very good academic , texts. Exemplitary of the bvest production on a subject.


Too often, mostly one does not talk about development but industrialization.


Print extract of this should not be interpreted agains the very spirit of the declaration........ am for h.r am foor h.r. for everybody.

Not euquivalence of right for you the sweeper but the same rights. How? Sto pthe bankers and other gutter taking the cake or baking in fact us.


Same rights. I am a woman having same right a s men = marry a woman. (consentent and not accepting because I am the new c banker no honey)

If not having this right to make us equal count on me.



every of the above person have been involved in the disclosure of complaints, part of them having the potential and the capacity to damage my reputation entirely and my deemed ability at nurturing appropriate relationships and working relationship. i have been a support worker for almost 10 years, trained to react in a non dangerous ways at the most challenging physical and psychological behavior (that does not mean that one is not expect to be challenging in turn in the most efficient, respectuous of the person and psychological process and really working on it school of thought). calling on me security while it is done by a prof, people endowed with much responsibilities and oath could result in my being entirely professionally casted out.

super thank you. i d like to talk to you a little bit about my written behavior if you wish, i think i need to come to terms with some of the circumstances. it is not optimum feeling oneself perceive as a potential rapist, bully, or any type of harassment. also i d like to tell you how much time roehampton have make me lose time in not disclosing what was gonna to happen to their part time student: i went full time this year, jeopardyisng my work patterns- and thank to god my boss had made every disposition for me to retrieve more hours once the end of the second term-even though i had to refuse her a full time position beforewards.

and i asked her all this, with the risk of losing my position or some of my hours, in actually losing hours all this 2011-12 academic year, because despite my asking several times, the department let the profs know only now that existing students would not see their fees triple- though the best new of the year.  

i ll have to know if you can lend me your adress at roehampton, i need my university in paris to send my first year results. the paper has been already lost in one of my ex adress, i have to ask you as i am very afraid of a problem in which case they would be very reluctant to send my result again.


Rpof (P.O.F) you can admire for them give you excellent example of professionalistm.

-quality of hand out. And text chosen. Their involvement to the subject thye teach, their expertise, ttheri cknowleged and acknowlogement of the importance of teaching. And respect to the learning process and already in place database and experience of al their studenst.

Fees or towards some of this colloque were people are discussing human rights with actually cooked dishes between the 45 min lectureing on nothing action stirring, like if they had the 24 hours shift of marathon coming on.

And some are starving.


thank you for your answer.
a possibility to explain and rehabilitate, healing the social that has lashed its priviledged way.


Don’t forget human institution in the green capital, they are a part of the bio sphere and system. Dicateted by nature and a part of the nature failure . failure. Ail.


i am really sorry jacky i realized i messed me days up. on tuesday at 11 i ll be finishing my aisha 's exam. can i contact you for the week after i have days and night to to do at work, i swapped them to be readier.

 but one is not perfect.

not for those profs ath have a aim to porotect their datas, bying time to summarizing other researches. And desperate about selling their own book. Inteeliectual protection is necessary but the perspective of building empires with ti would just to say, you think, no , u I am alone think, you go on with the mess, and for t me the brightness of shaping copyright recess.


It is not too late for demands about the amount of your fees, as parliamentary actions begins and ends ath the basis and roots of our very grassroot institutions:

Or at least demands about how fees is rediverted (nothing to do with, or little to do with parliament but the senate of your collegues)


ONE YEAR 2010, students for an afternoon took a meeting, and the roofs for a week session. I bet the boss found that amusing and would have put their mistakes on the account of this distraction (like the day where you say to your mommy, I wish the snow –the rain more probably- were all over the globe for ages- and stop schools)

I hope I will be abel t able to distribute theis leaftlet as I don’t belong to any political sections, the fear of reprisal, legal , crorporative, the amount of ingormative form, the pressure is on the low and I could be get ride of like a little ant crying famishing.


  • Must show you are responsible and go to the grove house (GH) to manifest your disbelieve in the way fees and grants are spend.

  • Ask roehmapton what they mean by being ‘green’ while they throw to the tip hundreds of tons of furniture perfectly functioning and during the years and just last year, cut chunk of the tiny wookd , alone able to protect some creatures.

  • In every of the bushy spots have e removed the mouss and grass and herv hervs herbs, not nerds, or herd, carpet around an d below the shrubs, don’t think that the spare plants they have put in the middle of the campus is any good for the species that are discretedly dying because of grove house politics of beyond the in the tstreet students cutting.



Fish. And uppish perish epic


To the people of reohampton, these geese, ducks adn hens, foxes and baggers, are not only from Richmond pard, k, but your locals are from what people indirectly has sponsors, the collegues now reassemble into the university. Without the woods kept by generations, the tiny woods, the don’t endangered by killed lasvisily by wry pretension to developemtn ath as will see us slaves and dusty poisoned to and through any membrandes of survy. Survie. The two little pond , the birds still chanting, even if alarmingly, over and between yoru roofies., it is why.


Different species are quite indicative, it si not the fam female dstinte to be physically smaller. Of less wax.


The clash between the posh students form Putney area, and the students poorer coming from theise area where their parents hav s eserve d the richer to ba gian their bread, to have th s shame same shape, student life zero, in the conrener or a myrigad of little society pumping money and direct by dictactor.

Reohmapton police.

Have any one seem joy in there, but little dogs playing politics in the way the

grnad mother of 77 thing that there is no more to say. And in o your own pocke t stay.

In advice on how to write essays, in almost all dadibice like crimninals prostitute like pimp and tradies dishonest if needed to be added or adjusted, make sure you are confdiendn tadn be enthusiasm, peruadidng in all waht you say, to be sure and adamsnt, even if obiously you ll be paide to o go on knowing nothing. Pedant. By who are we gonna to be 8ill, replaced? As university universlaised the pedentaic effect and its affect of poupee.




For real handicapped pepo;le, we should look after themselves abut let an arragned time s ofr themselves to study like other head aches and express what are like al other the results of theri perceptions. But not left studying or being assisted, as what is perception is that unless being under social press? Preferably.

And who is net next? No one for the willy.

above all don't juge my blog too quickly is a bit of a banter, still and since there are a few essential information in it. So don’t hesitate to contact me, I am not on pof for it. In fact I like a lot of what you write in your profile. The ‘watch me society where we are in’... what ‘s your occupation.



The notion of gender is an abus absurdity. In our body there is a soul that invit e human and demons, and other buddies, which are females or males or neutral. But in the being count not the fabric he h uses but the karma.

Whence the all discrouse about huma biologiy that is in fact primitive completely, we dont’ know nothing about life, and the wy and how of its moves and spirit.

And also to avoid to speak about beyond what the fles prescribes, about the more magical and other world conjunction with the body , of thought , of will, of politics?

Gender. : _)






I passed to like the left as I am an equalitarian. But I am fucking not the left. I se spend hours on this post to refine that I wanted to say, and for some due to m y mistake or whatever I did not control my doc id did not save, the refinement that I had conveyed. The left fuck us, all waht I am is anticapitalist, and in fact even not, all what I know is that I am anti abuses of any sort. And capitalist shall be , industry, pollution, exploitation shall be the target of all honesty. In all honesty, now to say that I have a recipe, far from it as the datas and ingredient as well as all matter and content would change by will automatically.



i forgot to precise that d. T,,ham explicitely says in his lectures and out of his lectures, that anyhow (in relation to the department possible redundancy) that "there is not only human rights", when asked what he was planning to do withing human rights if made redundant. just rejecting the possibility of having to fight the human rights preson responsibilities we have all in all situations, and further more rejecting the responsibilities of having taking a so prestigioius a key job within the human rights filed field, to have beneficiated of a university support and training (of two in fact, as he is employed by kingston) {one of the scarce place in london, how many professionals would have done everything they could have for it?- as one should, as one must} just to say, that easy, and repeat in front of professionals or students giving their time, money and perseverance to our discipline dangerously being shrunk by other preoccupations that those of life protection.

i mean i don't think i express what it does imply correctly.

 this sole chair given, and ensured to this kind of heralder by roehampton monopoly, just happy to fire their student in front of every other student because of having raised ethical problem linked to money and efficiently, carbon zero, pertinence, and utility.

preson responsibilities


Hampton, map.



Praising obama, to hold the bal black student, praising Palestinian and the arbas that push them to Israel

I already wrote that so many people were pro Palestinians (following the available volunteer activities they want to emphasize and went on; and the one sided approach or information discussed by roehampton certain modules) who made very clear that only the mention of Israel geo political situation was totally out of question. When I insist discussing this aspect, I have been labeled a ‘fashist’, ‘racist’ or whatever might help getting the question, as well as my participation, and any serious debates in fact any casual, very informal, mundane talks out of the way. From a chat ban to my being sacked and my reputation, more than a reputation but my actual capability at following human rights courses.

Bien a vous.



Pro prix, prise, pris french for taken (in) son.

taken (in) son


fashist’, shit.

In relation to what the department decide to ami maintenaid a s an attitude jruridsprudence that will have to weight on the conscience worse than policies, because you would have this kind of policies we could sue you in an European court


That I admit I did too much in roehampton. I get involved too much emotionally, ten years that I planned to get ready linguistically, culturally, professionally, economically and geographically to follow the sole specialist degree in h.r. but after that where to go? No other schools. And this one no content with having siphoned funds destined for human rights and therefore promising , secret oath holds by good governance and ethnology of any countries’ honest morals to hold on to humanrights pri oject’ and therefore haben’t have the curtesy to permit all horizons to come an d pay yes, but actually to inter-act and express with what they have been v ested and bestowed upon the self yes. They further permit the modules, some of the modules to be emptied, managed by people without significant experiences nor uqualification, that these people (I know for one of them, for all of them I know it is not the case, but one is enough to draw my attention) to exert their apprentiship over half a dozen modules, when h.r defenders risks their lifes on other on continents and time to actually risk doing something. That they let their students u run the show the wway no one but buthch of their societies will be permitted to actions (to sectarize into private societies what should be the buldk , a place building the networks, exhaustive in view and ifnformations, and auto regulating itself


Sometimes it is good to have negative experience. As taking this example if I would have taken this nullity in academic input from a prof of whom I did not have proof it was neglect and sheer boycott’ I would have tolerated. After this from no one I would, it is to dangerous to let it. The only thing is that you might accept it from one lecture s in thinking no time, the other one will do triple to catch things up.

And if sometimes I repeat re-pit myself it is because they put me on hundreds of time over through the same process. Mind if done with some intelleigence and honesty from both part it is like that that institution s roles one could refine.

Nformations, summation.


And I talk and I talk but never on roehmapton issues appear ‘ you just raise the issues that this guy was polygamous and "married" (that last degree of all horrors) ordure, to a child, .

Soteris about a young girl in a university y that teach her to react worse than in what should be pertmitted in madrassa.


oui bien sur. i am there because of my university. it is even not in london. but anyhow. my uni is a place where there are two ponds of a good size enough for the bigger birds to live and be sheltered. the buildings always have a quiet place in where to study. i am in love with this place. you maybe you can come to london for a day you choose what you want to do and go. there is the choice. after we can go to a hotel we could find something not too expensive and je dormirais dans un endroit sympa. un truc deux lit simplement pour que je te raccompagne sans se presser. or an early coach and the latest coach, and you see if you want me in your smaller territory.



Would be profs forced not to remind students of ethics and h.r even in h.r studies as prof s taken for ‘ a soft touch’ would be terrorized by insubordination not for being nice but for not being ‘es westernised’ that is to say should be former expression to say to want not to take the piece in fabrication servants and slaves. Esclaves, enclaves.


















England Queen diamond jubilee. Daimond.

‘traditional diversity’ in helloping family? Don’t kno w but frutited fornication ok.

Fucking retard.


The English renamed the bowers. Boers.


This vicious government not in, but of the u.k., 2012, instead of obeying the laws of higher instance, and try to limit pollution towards a zero tolerance and zero degree, while making sure that people are at the uptimum in matter of existential and physical well being and technicality. Want to privatized the road for the poluter to paid, for the plu oluters be the one s iwht money

There is something to do aginst rulers like that?

Is there something one can do to stop that?

And if in prison, how one would train the prisoners?

Train rail.

And the trail of grandeurs, grantors grinders.


And roehampton still throwing children literature party (I mean it is not that like children we need of enaything. Enay, ebay.

And h.r conference.



To be albe to use almost compelte quiet rooms at reo is not even good but absolutely precioius.


Even due to the fact that roe is excentred and so onerous when access is concern.

The library loan not permitting too elastic ones, like if we were locals to rhchmond estates, or establishment as there it is Oxbridge studies fo r the inhabitants.



Highness of voice.


People from ‘the left’ in fact academics and paid t party politics admins, like with the hoodies and skin head of the rights, discretedly giving incentives to youth around 20’s and younger, or to people with so much frustration and anger that would never be employed by them just to do what? To risk their crb. Entice by the lectures empahsing the patent dictactorhsip of present governments and parliaments, calling pokice and judges militia, why not we are all conducted to the wall. But motivating these young people to commit vandalism while oneself is clinging to one ‘s seat or of opulence and I am left to do right the same , to speak.

Hike Spike.


All poiliceis in the policing of the adverse party, to promise worker the banker money.

Ploy, de troy, destroy.

The state of the art hypocrisy, only for dummy.

Dummier and dummies, doom dom.

At the left parties. The kitchen At the left parties.

The kit shown.

Quit shone.


attached, pics of the trees under the green policies of unis. eradicating the last but one half of an acre more wilder area than a park for serene. peace.















Dear Alex,


I have a query regarding one of our students,                   , and access to the Human Rights Society run by students within our department.  C                                           c ame to see me this morning to say that she is denied access to the Human Rights Society, in spite of several requests to be able to access their facebook page etc. 


I have no expertise regarding student societies and need to seek clarification on Caroline’s behalf of the terms of reference and the mode of operating of student societies.  As far as I am concerned, student societies are run for and by students, and the staff in departments they belong to do not interfere with their operation – but I may be wrong?  Caroline’s point is that as a department we encourage students to join societies and we promote them, so we have responsibility to ensure that all students have access to them.


I would be grateful if you could give me some guidance on this.  I have copied in                                          as he is the Human Rights Programme Convener, for information, but he also has a depth of understanding that I do not of these matters.

 you are super quick for this quality of text. thank you for your time and expertise.


That I cannot anylonger have a normal intellectual lives within roehampton is the only answer I could be providing.


saw you on edit. edu.

 roehampton is not green, check their creative writing. that are not tales for imagination and the other universes discovering but bona fide, crude oil lie.


World renowned postgrad course at University of Roehampton, London.


How people are gonna pay their setudy? Not a queston to ignorant political people, not even neglect, but b victory for them not to have to breed their j children in real competition, and therefore have to learn and etheach from and to the population to respect person and to respect jobs, in them being proof of charity no but charitable attention. As they can bet old to be shark none of us would have the opportunityes to have similar diplomas, sole skills and expertise certificated.

Birth certitiicate.


Administration rules by ex prof. not denying that an university should be administrated and not onyly as need the academic set of mind, need the expertise of profs, their manners, their rectitude, and research sli skills and concern, the determination and passion, the open I mindedness and sense of no finitude or imperial reason for determination and self sufficience, and that academics needs jobs, more than people were more tehcnics than expertise, more application than ideas are needed.

These people recommending you money doctors that did not even warm, even when s asked, indirectedly because there is only teachers as interface, where their s the admin, no where there is a qualified and with the mind set of an administrators, it is the teacher that does it to double their pay. As no one told the part time student their fees were not to doulb or triple in 2012. How many of us would have try to modify our shifts, hours at work to avoid to pay the full 8000. You did not need to is the response we got when we shif t every thing at work included the amount of what is paid and of course the security of securising amount of work, and wages regularity in this atmosphere of having a job is also a chance when it is not through sacrifices of ding dignity.

But about what they care these people? The amount of competituiton will be the ones they want for their son. No one else at unvierstiy. Just cannot afford and for what to pay fat bastards teaching you the policies and sciences of the I rather you being in the sewages and shacled I rather this kind of society, knowledgeable.



Of course western are more openminded, as they reate of depletion is so faste that they will kill anybody before the ladder of adder.

And more and more ladder, the starving style operating for killer. Relliks. Democracy as Relics of The ancient times.


So what would prevent in such servile conditions a revolution? Or total imprisonment or the promises that with little diplomas you ll find jobs where money is easy and quick. Wahat kinda ho ho jobs? Taking the piece, we grow the economy at the expenses of third countries and and 3 decades down the lines the decay, but who cares honey?



asap but i am working long hours. i am a bit amused by people letting me searching mount clare for miles in hinting that i am lying about the fact that my woolies got caught by the machines. just to let you know the odds are that the persons that said to you that it is not coming from a washing machine are lying to you. but whatever innit?


And to have to speak to the tewenties like if they had it all. And thenm to react as they knew it all. Is the job description of stafef not wanting to be the target of whimsy new cockculd.


On the art to work. Not very.



The disabled {the f differently able, thank you very much, and still much able in common tasks, some sum moning –sun mor’ing in most} don’t move a shit in this country- mind view to the degree danger of abuses practices between staffs, and customers, commi unites… people are very afraid that people targeted as vulnerable could whatever their strength- wherever normal or even stronger- could not be spared by the staff rodent here to get the easiest no of work but salaries-, because of the policies, mind the youth having employment such as office s in university, ngos, businesses, etc usually start insulting everybody , the older ones , included when ask to do more than acting in superficiality.

Ex: say yes to any question without even listening to the questions.

Do not solve problems encountered by people using their companies or institution services.

I give you a 0800 number for misinformations given to you and leading you to nothing.



What would be civil disobedience with peple doint g it for their salaries only. Without wanting changing the exchang of their work against well being for them and free from damaging others, while how many people want poison on what they will have the power to purchase?



Environmental team.

Telling me, lecturing about how they can possibly say that the birds can not do with any of the staple that we eat, that we waste, not waste but throw in that instance. While any other is professional environmentalist sites caution over the type and way of feeding the birds but of course welcome any food able to helpe to the protection of the wild of semi domesticated species- if not why who uld they exist? No, no brave hearts, no the existential question about the animals but the essence and nature and purpose of these orgainisation.

Enviormenal tam to me tnad to the public demands violently people to stop feeding the birds. The lot of academics with tphd, obeying or in fact counstituting the green roehmapton cutting the rare remaining trees, the last but one but scanty square of woody land in the all county, insisting they want only to praise the orchyard for the sake of their damned ancestry.

The old orchyard.




The prostitutes of men, men rom roaming the streets pretending they are armies.

Or the m armiesl prostitutes.

Are arm of the states. What are the states? Tate.


Jessus had to be a male in the story as hw o would hae stirred the question of him having being raped, and what christinas could forgive ti?


Would excuse the way I write but try and appreciate just the elements that has been found. Ll please don’t care about the writing, muy own, but the few articles that , original, that I came across in the way.

The pervertissement on only read people writing well, academically, journalistically, or literally, as these people are paid an d not too much too follow the form but their backgrounds. Pay to deliver an information like it has to be. Or too enthuse and engrosse in the makig of the forms or in deed in retar retracing information without ever inspecting it.







To be akne taken by students or post teenagehodd hood staff’ (let’s hope for some by the fel exibility of their contract, as a couple of years more and nothing more is tract. For gthe o good ones let’s them find efficiency and relevancy in another institution.

By postpubere often no hairy or a day past milky that talked to you like if they had more experience than uncles and a pa.

A pa.

Pas, appat,

you said you did not find any evidence. there is one point i tried to emphasize thorough, amongst drawing a picture of the worryingly low academic amount brought by dave tinham in three of two of the lectures i have attended.

i repeatedly told you that D.T,,ham burst out the room after i commented on the fact that i did not find the topics of the two modules i followed widespread enough. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,quit the lecture taking this commment as a stumbling stone and this in front of all the students- leaving once again without any serious analysis, or context after 2 hours of viewing films-. your not having found evidence is or due to no investigation or because you consider this attitude appropriate


don’t they have a minimum check on lecturers’ apport?