Wednesday, November 3, 2010

work samples

Work samples.

Sometimes I don t have a heart, as it must be let travel.

People say that a more shared society and egalitarianism society could not work, because they pretend that this society of shark works like a dream. The utopians are them pretending that the in put they imagine are right, almost comprehensive and perfect.

What leagues?

You will have to teach them something.

Or else, they will likely being taught by the predators raison.

Raise on.

Raise son.

Every time I feel lonely, doing it because the silence is going to stay and then my love giving itself in for contemplation may invade all that I am, a soul whose heaven is when what I do enables up to you my spirit and will.

A stake to which everyone is allowed to explain, complain…


In for supposed to have everyone as equally treated as free.

Some full-time job society.

The eyes may be the souls’ mirrors as they are very active and are a view on the inner; connected to the holes, to the mucous membrane, revealing the quivering of the mind and thought. To leave that area so with so fine barriers, remind us of the high, red zone of any dramas, of any dangers. High frequency movement of the eyes.

-Your are the boss.

-Why, because I look after your kitty?

The cleaning jobs are ill-considered now because we clean while destructing our environment in using chemical, poisoning, defertilizing, bleaching…

In fact instead of cleaning we just aggress, sterilize the place we live in.

And also because people have lost this notion of what we messed we have to put back in order, as they think it is logical that people looking after the mess others bring about, be less paid. Ironic. Iron nic.

The words racism should banned from being used. As it is a long-know scientific basic that there is no human races, only one race within the species.

Mind, were there several, pray for it do not matter. But it still would has people simply does not take into account others beings.

On being vegetarian.

It is bad, prostitution as it distorts the rules. One cannot expect to know how to behave properly (towards a human being) as long as this one is not free. Free from constraint, or greediness stemming from the torture of thinking that those are the laws for survival.

I cannot know until everywhere can express one’s true will and beauty.

Truth and genuineness.

Gene and trace.

To be dominant is to let oneself be dominated by fancy, = predetermined rules, which you do not challenge.

People mocked a lot cannibalism. A way of asserting, we don’t do that we are civilized (look at how people react when poorer, viva the progress, viva at any prices.)

And now it is the organs that will be on the sales.

-to work for power.


-I did not say abuse of power.

The human have as a mission to remain the herd of all others animals.

That is to say making sure that everything is settle for every species to live on the best of the environment and our kind of intelligence searching for these environment to be the freest possible from violence. Violence mainly caused by lack of territory and resources by firstly stopping killing other animals for our own selfish use or from our lack of respect for their biospheres.

And like that starting to communicate with other species and begin the travel on all seas.

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