Monday, September 12, 2011

The memories lane is a tragic story. These hundreds that will soon become thousands just wiped ou of our recorded moments. What do we recall from all those years apart from information, reassert, repeated patientily? We talk a lot about not remembrances in our infancy, were, when the brain transform and that what is the most compelling is to discover discovery, our monjitor,mount thor, money tord = bend, and the imaginations, sensory...but finally what do we count of really define of what happened last year. Of course we could say a chronology but what of the trail, the film of last year would last one hour in my own library.

Head, ha ed.

The play on light and on movements reveal unespected shadows and ‘Desnite’, destine, density.

As one cannot go without its shadow when what they do is not light only, involved destroy no vestry but descried. When one knows that they do harm and that signatory to what vestiges or vestal, vexed and tall, the human behaviour become vegetal like if they could not but undergone the machine of thirst they moved in.

And when they try to produce but light then the darkness by the gallon galloping aglowing agglomerate in a more striking settings. As one should never be afraid but to the transformation of what they can or what they get proceed. And in a battle the flash and the ball of balancing black holes would come to a melt when the elements too close to irredently distinguish, would have to melt in what we are at the moment units of play mate.

I won’t put any photos, as the writer let the readers own his own imagination. It won’t be the authors views that will in the reader mind be represented. The reader is thinker as it has to bring back their own references in order to establish what have tried tiredlessly to be reconstituted by the popular as common interest just by the fact that they read a same material designed to embody: the same sentimental bestiary.

Fired after fthree warnings which is reedit realm ridicusoul ridiculous as at any time one can find three warnings for every one. Should these warning coming from the abusive rules under which we are supposed to comply, or should it be coming from the ones that shall be in circulation for us to be workers of freedom and not asylum.

People are so shallow that they could think that open the box of all evils by purpose, in their doing wrong or nothing of the contrary, could be scenery.

Logically the understanding would be our smaliness of its grandour.

Just a relativisation on how to die long and low.

Thinking it ‘s fireword, workd?

A free ticket by any chance?

As ti is to record you, I suppose it d be incredibly dull to hear from it. Extinction.

The fingers are ten like the number of babies one can I average laid.

In name of the knowledge people righ beneficiate from incentive to reproduce, in a way counties

Rise rival without consensus over being over populated.

And what is called the poor will rest, sa stay without universities access.


Chains of

To rememorate the breakthrough would work better than the exercice aiming at it, not at the breakthrough but reminiscences of what existences have been of obsolescence.

Of o course that oen know about politics allegiance and automatism. Is that we are prone to think sincerely about, fight heartedly fully fledge honestly against, only to realize that it was a question that we did not master nor entirely nor average.

It is why to discuss to look after together on any project, as every of them will have a impact outside, ultierior, by any other sphere and name.

However at one point people understand that what they do is liking the killing, out of calculating that their own life will be made easier to die and life out of to hers outer others’ sufferings, hey seigniors.

the businesses present themselves as enemy of human rights, brandishing foer forteresses prom prison for their supporters, war machines for the others. How war will be like as it is liked.

That is the truth is that one has to protect their eggs, and have to, must do it in any respect of all what is laid. What has been forgotten it is that there is justice at war. To have to obi abide to law that are not justice should the first reason to start to stop the businesspersons jaundice.

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