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Hi deer hole, on university perdition and fees for pigeons.

Hi deer hole, on university perdition and fees for pigeons.

i wrote, but to facilitate your reading underlining parts which are visible on this site might well be prove more than useful.

Fees (kath) price erect edict education likes luxury as, at the image of, its building anti-sustainablisterofausterity and anti-humility facing not but shaping the restricted humane are standing as a proof of ‘bourgeois liberalism’ (or adoption of starlet = middle class, attitude) prostituition institution (service) sovereignty and absolutism abbot ado.

You are on the site that are going to try and deal about the fact that Roehampton university, makes its publicity citing its environmentalist sensibility, is hosting three businesses on the main campus: the 3 different cafes and canteens. These private businesses don’t want to give out the left-overs of the kilos of food they throw a day due to mismanagement. For the birds and other creatures of the campus. On being used system.

Remember the preciousness, the cruciality of food, remember that there are birdies in roehampton (thanks to Richmond park not to the uni that cannot even manages the recycling well, that leave the lights on days and nights, that frown known damn gown hundreds of mattresses, let them under the weather without calling an organisation for the poorer that would have be happy to collect those at the drop of a hat, to take on an environmentalist professor maybe that will say about the squirrels that they are tree-rats - that make me really wondering how they can boast in their (international business star strategy) advertisement about roehampton being a model in term of ennui = bore-dom or ennemi? (I forget they pay you the circus stall this year when the event should be owe won by, down to the students) In therm of environment. As this area is one of the last semblances of grand green left in London. Deprived of undergrowth bushes, diversity on species is al-ready at its alarming lowest... these spineless prim-ates will use hygiene and safety and business mindless to justify their not wanting to give a bit of food to the local fauna. (Borough recycling ‘produces’ trucks emission and avoidable labour) I ll ask you to sing a petition in order for the pets of the uni to be fed by the left over of what you paid (of what every one paid in fact food don’t rain or each drop a benediction rather), when I ll have made out how to do a petition on line, if any suggestions please drop me a line.

If you want to know a bit more about the uni (pervi) you can as well read:


Guys, I d like you to know that france is holding on to their 300 pounds a year, for paying universities.

300 pounds a year, brothers and sisters, this was what euro would have meant, more than the money.

What do you think they will do with your fees? Well look around you.

"In a university where the majority of students come from relatively modest backgrounds, most will prefer to know that what they are paying is being spent directly on teaching and learning." Quote from roehampton uni site [money spend on learning???] Direct = die in our rectum cos roehampton is the all precincts that we don’t need to learn, this level of novelty that should not be legitimated by queens nor royalty are here the bottom line blossom (do share holding facilitate money laundering??).

I d like to know where a detailed account of money spending might be available, any ideas???

Well the P.D (deontology post) have it prĂ©cised for you, afresh, the entry fees for you student don’t even think it is brought back into research they insist it is not (they have the choice between 6000 and 9000, they choose 8ooo) YOU WILL BE HAPPY STUDENTS TO BE TOLD, LIKE IF WHAT YOU WERE STUDYING WAS RESEARCH ANYWAY. How to justify a so conspicuous dishonesty, to rip off people with rise of salaries, when people are getting poorer, with abuses on the land and its products, when pollution are poisonous and dire (look at the state of the buildings! When we could be on desk made by our grandmothers) it is social sciences scenes sickness thinking- thank you for it all, IT IS ALL WHAT THEY THINK OF THEREFORE IT IS ALL WHAT THEY GOT, JAM, IN BETWEEN THE EARS, or IN BETWEEN sneers?

SO WHERE go your fees? As to be or no longer be, left-overs of the question.

Into the lectures that never last as much as the 70 % of time announced in our timetables, there is so little to be refined, cute. "Professor Paul O'Prey, vice-chancellor at Roehampton University, had a 21 per cent pay rise to £218,000, (now on £246,000) as well the 'tax-free benefit' of a home." (Daily Mail) We should have unit, your site has been a model of disorganization? The fees rise, the salaries too, for intellectualizing actual bourgeois b#sstardsort of way.made the elites edit their spitespermit copulating pullulating each other in between .

Info thanks to h.rights roehampton site source.

“It is actually written in the university of roehampton ethos: we work to promote social justice “(o’byrne, d.) When in the past promoting for a subject on the remand but that has achieved to ‘....’ ‘secure founding for crucible = h.rights despised project once it did not bring money directly from the tax payers to these bandits-unable to try to organise public awareness and in fact slashing popular courses in human rights reign domains as business (dough mains) their true engine and motives don’t want to be fit to h.r enquiries.

You could have send students or not (paid syndically) for the promotion of human rights in high schools, working or not working, this was under our moral duties and source of legitimacy.

An interrogation still hovers with no remain: Justice at the service of?

On the books forever? Or on the university vice cons ulul’s salary rise, but not on research? Or on the ignorances’ puerile bliss. But where it is hurting that it is just not that, deliberately abusing- learners will be happy to be placed on the same tack. Or ignominious ignoramus “bay be say”. Bay? Remote, add acdc acid nitric but sounding as daddy as sugary.

On the nation? On citizenship? On the staff, or you future guys that could be about to deceasely decide and declaim. De side. Deck lame. ‘desk arse on’ on “marketisation” of the knowledge Babel arable peril babble: the uni inverse, city.

Mind on the deck you could pretend be the future staff of those 5 star hostellers (I never thought that I would have to see millions pounds buildings used by thousands persons years after years managed in order not to show a stain-stainless but not on the blame) that has become university, a show down on means, a production of the based biased, p-residenced by the dean of the business schools, herself taken for being an authority on tourism and personal management, bailed morocco life style touristico (on phase) Fes (as we can still do resources management study to ruin Morocco more successfully). You will savour the day of your bin taken on by people on this resort, neo colons and national compeer consorts. Nagging jackcousi (aloof alouf jealousy) Suzy n’a guere, S’s army you ll be delighted to make your own foe fee fake free? With a bit on condescendence to the personal, individual, to the whole people and the next generation, working free trade hours for a couscous, see? if you are a choir of spired trainees. You could start-up in leather jobs or tanning staff instead of sing, things.

I ll tell you what afoul the fess, about the fees: why not bring the “Mona Lisa” in, morons??

For receptions, the catering, the building renovated every 6 moons or monsoons, renovating on and on, destroyed fashion tombs raiders mercenary, they play the thieves and the gendarmerie (vive cabals cavalry v.a.t). the special conferences that bring other professors from all over the world -especially for the university last year for human rights, the very same month of the closure of the human rights undergraduate department (previously funded by the tax payer money-convert into what?) was announced. Guys, profs in that instance that read their papers and show to students and other professional absolutely no signs of having come to fulfil any projects whatsoever (for what were they invited but to boost this miserable economy of despicability) that would have been the true underling, underlining of their venue (no networks, their patrons would no like nor let knowledge to be anything that fabricated and sell by them Salem: teaching sole and only at uni the arguments style, your essay, that if you argue once to your company, even the uni has been transformed into one discreetheadheedheelly, redundant you ll be made I ll let you ima gin-e [e man gene] cf: Botox or lynch leech leach loch electronic for the droll men), lights all nights, for porks that don’t put their prudery pridely produced shits in the litter =bins. Summary: they took planes, hostels...just to read their papers in front of a hazardous assembly (the room was short of being empty, we were there, playing truancy, uncalled for, unprepared, not directly concerned = not working on the subject, is still fine, it is good to have, get an idea, but no one were working is here the problem of the final era.). Nothing more. Nothing more to hope or opt for. Did it count as teaching or learning this slow show of efforts? Bribery in direct, here was the headlines. As for the academics coming to talk about Gaza (or holocaust) conditions of living, applauded at the end when not cut from having trespassed their speaking time...what are they gonna say? Harried and back. If ever they depict their travel to the west, we are ensured with a worse reputation than for me gay.

Pede = pedicure, pediment, pedigree, pedologist, penologist?

Ps: folk, what do you think about the uni and its thousands of students not having at disposal even not one free of entry kitchen facilities where one could bring one’s bona fide terra cota (no costa) mugs and tea bags, the odd home-made sandwich, a sink, a kettle, a fridge where we would like the food for us to stay. (it is for creation of jobs they have only bars and cafe, who finds interesting to serve those obscene pedants while the planet is the target. Tar? Tare in French = vice. Defecting. Ask the chancellor, how he protects more human humble backgrounds.” Don’t worry guys I ll teach humility to ya.”

Even not one kettle. But kitten kittling kittling by the plice.

Ps2: for the one satisfied with the new computers, 8000 would have our perso lap tops, not asking 20 minutes to print from a computer in this university, paid. A nicer room, a good diet, no stressed by the how will I repaid this society whose main activism is not to repair but jack-the-reaper moaning while moneying. I hope for your parents they ve got the teachers’ salaries to help you not taking a loan to the same richer that will command the slayer, you would reimburse then later, or if not that your loan won’t by montage mortgages pursuing be, I hope they don’t clean, (not that cleaning or building is less of a profession but with the wages you cannot pay further, higher study (natural selection like the vice-lards called it). To get educated? To obey the inDUSTry... For the propos and the prolos , for the rabble, don’t be mad at any one, they cannot afford the housing, let alone university = schools for adults, long-live study...mature thinking prohibited. It is why human rights students are doing project for euthanasia, no further education, the freshers, the tenders will look over, see over to that, with their own sensitivity, sensibility! Rational, the human one apparently.

Ps2: everyone was again hooliganisms when protesting, after the elected mps revert on their promises and render entry to university a matter of “vic-tor-ious” circles. They don’t go in prison nor Peru (in the nick) for performing perfurming prefunding perjury perfusing, they pass orders to the new buildings to be brought down and take commission on each newest fancy as viscous as tick tip as it might be. Conclusion: national scale vandalism practise.

The uni-versity?

The per-versity.

Caught roehampton university twice lying through their teeth hugely on the build bulk of its very v-incinity,

On a so called world excellence center = endowed with 5 books even not related and no fewer leaflets of what really was left of the u.k human rights (h.r) society.

The other presenting themselves as a model of recycling when they bin every furniture at each beginning of the term, but because they got recycling bins.

To come onto human rights and duties or being the gangsters canister delivery.

why is tin that the surface of the wall students might stick their enquiries is shrinking as much as pastor’ pardon smelly smiley?

For the students that are for that being the topless of the cream; well you will have to start differentiate between a recommendation letter from you nanny and the ones of predecessors that yse to applaud and strut and now cry as they have getting at, after having wanted and plagueia-ring for gathering aggravation on every single stud sturdiness end and stubs you could put your hand on.


No more space, not much, space to placard ideas, links, events not related on the relation to comfort and sense of achievement and the price of the delivered pizzas around.

To note: look at the space devoted to students bowarding they are shrinking. You could be retorted, if asking, that it is the age of electronical networks, that this is the reason why physical space (obs or because of fire and arson endangering) has been repeatedly condemned and barred as muchk as barrened. People are not expected to be willing to search for info: when you are waiting for a lecture, when you want to know in a glance what kinda alternaive native (navel of but nave all) or narrative where your body are = no having to have your computer finding the info, and you clicking the mouse one hundred times each session in order it to spot the pages from nowhere that it has to be recontextualised if ever it did not caco, eu or a-phonic clash before attaining so. Where any how, because there is no electronic forum for the uni as a whole, and even if there was internet is not an instrument yet clear and malleable and quick usable on overview thumbing and overall (not overcalled) dei desirable. Internet opening and finding spots, altogether with lay-out permitting plurality and contrasting and spontaneous, quick and simultaneous work on research and reading, as well as save and set and ready availability and data and setting. Computer use is not savvy, it transform you into a a robot repeating tasks indefinitely, speaking to no one in particular, just foreing ot what a respected wall might provide, pluralism of provenances, and the fact that underline, thumbing, glancing, sliding, bigger spaces on multiples windows, change of pens, won’t take me days, bugs, lost tasks, eluded skills, unskippable rituals, soiled provenance and fundings- we could be disallow the right to write soon mind- and hone the disappointing-absence of interaction or responses, would will read anyhow...of introspection.

How come no forum? No forum to assemble students, alumni, visitors, actors, befiends, befriends, different amicalbes, associations, pupils?, organisations,

There is no forum, therefore there is no such thing named rightly university. Schools, harem or armed wing of industries possibilities.

The don’t gather towards cluster of knowledge and formation of a more objective, global, comprehensive view on realities and the power out of viewing that would be raised to balance and weight up the sway not sla(ver)y.

Instead of being the depositary of knowledge and nexus of shared progress and unknotting unravelling different fields espousing reason by preserving human rights interest. University hide and made pay not knowledge but certificate of not new rules but fetters. It has become the locker up on latch, it has become the propaganda on hatch, the lackey and doorman of economical elites, cheap and lacking. It has become the retention of info and makes hostage of the dissipated ignorant as well as the poor, as it don’t decimate and make the illiterate expentionaltally more than twice pay for having been made serf.

Instead of being the enlightment the monopoly of it and IT, obscurantism and mal version will permit.

Purveyor of staff, university is not about knowledge but favouritism, not about research but fabrication, not about kiddo or laid diploma but faking in person.

University is no debates but commands, issues but orders, data but finances, deciding but plot contriving in order to find the next one break willing, or human rights starring development of scary scarring salaries on top of agenda, informing but ordinances of what will make the other for so less and no shift no alter, dissidences is viper to the ones aiming at a chair overlooking lives on capital sentences.

Look at the department of English, I am talking about them because regarding the other departments I had lost all my hopes for extra subject, in fact expression of the free in sense of freer, being considered already, as means of meaningful, constructive argue- what dangerous? Look ,invent a rule and if it is dangerous we will apply it to ya, and we will see if people banter and bargain over sensibility that much, forced dishonesty. Look at the English department. Super inviting lay-out. Poetry everywhere, you are invited to think imagination, creativity, ivy invitee, vital, invention is crucial. But on the walls, that them are escaped fake policy on indendy fire security (cause when you get a real danger of arson your main preoccupation should be to protect means of expression and communication) instead of blanketing, sorry corry, blanked the wall in white hi hospital stay.

Ivory towel.

Well these boards are for the directors and sulbaternes, the teachers or professors out of research academic within university capability.

You understand what happens? You enter a place where there is arty stuff everywhere, a place of education, a place for primary education furthermore (meaning you ll teach youngster all the bases; including independence of thinking and just that to create their own space, to person that are too young to know if (and how, and the cruciality of its findings) there will be one, any really...).

To finally come to the conclusion that ll all this literature are from the profs obeying a policy that say that in their own department the students will only find place on the wall designed for top to down communication and certainly not the opposite or certainly not down communeication at will at all. Like borders space are the limits of the world we can scramble upon. As blanked as veiled are the networks and their webs of cine.

When socio is just about realists.

Set the scene’ of the crimes background of at any price irrespectuous pomposity, luxury over famine, pretension over education

Not totally insane but insane yes.

I don’t know what, it is a woman I don’t understand totally.

Ps: you will have also to ask your banker to go and demonstrate

Demon, monster, money tate, state, strate. Show or illustrate.

Ask monsieur bore is will be agumentate the bus ticket by hate perscent again in the name of the Olympic game (perhaps could we be boycott all the company sponsoring the Olympic for being contribution of such d-aft policy post-second world war, where guetthoisation war-saw pheasant fashion will see the people wanting to drain their there brothers, cousins and companions.

We know now wh y this pigcop crib, crumbled us with bicycles publicity, that for sure these pants are fundamentally cover with crumpet shrumpft darf fart when he manages to do that miles away, otherwise that wen one of his anger or intervention by an audience spectacle of payed called clappers will record the venue.

Cycling road in London, in north London even more, are bumpy, just sewage, the car driver , the bus driver not educated. A true cyclist would have started police operation fining the ones not letting the bike with a required one meter of space between the automobile and the pavement or sewage hole. Just to say we ll have to do what to use common transportation?? At hteir reate of speed, and money.

Or people just tearing off sin, sign of this type because it is near their places o offices perhaps or because it could be something else than fishy scale limeyt on gener rosity.

You think, we are too much occupied, so too make short one little note could be empathise, emphasize, is that behind our doors we see comfort, the comfort of study, of a job that brings average consumption, even though the nature of what we produce and the policies that we follow had forgotten about ethical conception.

And there are the people, even if of course everyone suffer indirectedly from unfair trade, abuses, and all that poison life and beyond the city; but there is other people that suffer more directly. That more than expose to have unethical or endangering occupations, are treated like slave for the average middle classes take bath, planes and bleach. And one day human rights short of any resources and good, fair and justifiably, just able to stable organisation, will be those of retaliation or simple need of water for survival, with no laws or trials.

And even though it would be true to say it, it would not suffice to argue that ‘we never were a free people, you know it now?’.

On saving the birds, tree-rats (so called squirrels, squire????) and other pests.

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