Monday, January 28, 2013

Please check on the net by typing anything like ‘age of aisha, mohammed, islam’ and you will see that pedophilic enforced torture way of life is a grande classic of muslim literature.

Aisha, "married" to the "prophet" Mohammed, "consumption" "marriage" on her ninth year.

In preaching Islam, some back the live of ‘their’ spokesperson or representative, preaching worse than imaginable, but children married to adult and old men. pre---aching more than paedophilia but act of torture that ought to be punished by severe stay in prison in this world all beyond rotten and  moribund. It is happening in schools, and all this starting (being official) in the U.K.


Please check on the net by typing anything like ‘age of aisha, mohammed,  islam’ and you will see that paedophilic enforced torture way of life is a grande classic of muslim literature.

Ps: It is not of any unbiased thesis that paedophiliac attitude is more east-centred. as for proof how on earth come that a very little proportion of the population is not aware of this, though screwed to their journals and TV.
Because of a culture that is incestuous and sexist, and slavist in the west as much. and how many of men and women, white if spare when the coming back of Malthus, are longing to be lingering near harems, brothels or others. Or at home, just like the under coverage of sexual exploitation within ‘job positions’ and ‘family’, ‘enforced prostitution via unemployment running and citizenship payday (pederast) is an help at supporting innocent and ingénue disarmament,  for the strengthening of all perversity.
With the west helping depravity, as more anxious to satisfy their control and detainment or denouncement sexual and sentimental over homosexuality, than stopping job for lust and the shortage of opportunity.
Just like purist, polishing their lines of toleration, hiding by any means, that puritans were just that much decadent.
Talking virginity deforming up to their own virtuosity.
West con-sensus, census.
Sense common to the coerced, imprisoned by nothing less than censorship that will leave us senseless, ready to eat and seasoned.
In other countries you cannot fight it.
In the uk they call the veil your liberty.
As if every one agrees.
The gangrene is our blame.
Why do you cover, of what are you ah ashame.
In here the carpet that produce you baby.
Is called cultural diversity.
Thank you for the law, the royal.
For you the polygamous is cheap labor
That would appease your rancour.
You can thank the whitey
For them your being sold is plurality
They say you will, mary.
The day you reach puberty.
Domains of pedophily,
Homos are feared and threatened.
Since you don’t or you do know aunty.
What is your shame.
But to have to be humiliate
By pedo in rayban glasses
And call it humility
What s the whole threat.
Unemployment, domestic ex plea.
What is if you rebel
You lose families?
Don’t worry
This is the world story.
How not think of reveange
When your sex could be the exchange
Thank you to the uk
Where the women rights won’t curtail
Where the burkha is a good curtain
Since the world could cult transform itself
Of one of macho
Miserable pussies
Waiting for slaves and harem
Like the white also are awaiting discretely
Thank the uk where servants are the ones who get the permit.
And now how could they not play the prick
Like if you were the choosers
Elsewhere you d stone
I ike
The beggars, boggers, baggers, bed, bad,
Take arms.

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