Monday, May 19, 2008

paradise is not perfection add 1 19/05/08

packaging packaging that you have to bring with you to refill, ex glass bottle, casserole, hermetic boxes. no more throwable.

comfort at work: food, drink, restroom, bathroom, naproom, work and quiet room, closet room provided.

ex for cloning and alike: create human - animal embryo YES

but if it is to make experience on them = create pain.
+ improve artificially life span of human = more population, human more and more in position of a natural and unavoidable parasite invading everywhere and widespreadly at the expense of others.

in forgetting than kind symbiose are in these embryo and our ill people when looked after this antidote transformed into spite and more illnesses when vampirized.

work on cell YES
just like human should give blood as long as their health is not threatned.
what about quotas?
if we know that one person can give blood without problem once a term then we could ask for once a month as we are prone to errors above all when variation in specific individual applied.

for them who does not want give then no problem only if there is an emergency. or natural shortage or extraordinary circumstances. earthquake.
whereas it sounds unlikely that if facilities are easy for the people plus with one day off for the service, that blood will be lacking anymore.

for organ don.
same remarks than blood.
problem: if healthy person are killed for the sake of it, organ traffic.
1: don't be so suspicious, it is already happening, it is therefore too late to think of being picky.
2: double check of the double check on this.
3: i think that organ from a murder in the view of doing traffic will have to become poisonous, highly.
4: the type of funeral were justifiable as it was a protection agains cannibalism, cholera, necrophily, and the lack of knowledge about recycl-age. it is not justifiable anylonger.
if the customs lasts it is a culte to death and the genuine offrandes is in her wake.

give blood. tiredness = eq one day off work