Monday, May 19, 2008

reinsertion schools


no info about the child i had in charge.

staff not able to explain their jargon from their own policies.

sometimes two teachers for one pupil- which may be ideal of course to learn from each other teacher techniques- but for ex no one to conduct PE lessons or lessons where the teacher play along without taking the risk of asking or letting them to play.

the child did not know where he was.
no schedule, no intro to his school mate

i was not offered the child's profile and when i asked for it i can't find anything inside.

the schedule doesn't have the number of the doors or rather doors without are left number.
of course i could be answered that it is because i am only temporary that after one week the child knows where to go but this school are special school designed for pupil unfortunately taken away from normal schools with normal curriculum and the luggage needed to be competitive in the job market.
also i feel that instead of being viewed as temporary solution to a behavior that should be hoped as being of a short duration, these schools are transformed into long term asylum?

about the system of time out, a system where the teenager is asked to go out of the room to go in a kind of cupboard in order to think about his behaviors.
i wonder what they are supposed to invent during this lapse of time.
i would like to remind the fact that if they don't find people within the educational institution to speak about life, they will fulfil this need in the streets where there as much philosopher than everywhere else but the fact that in the street you learn at the same time the fear of being stabbed.

i do know that no one is really allowed to philosophe anyway, and in that case our mind thirsty with mastering turn to the canon powder.

it is obvious that staff are afraid of loosing their jobs if accused of giving juged not right advices.

also at almost each lessons they draw, the level of what they are asked is often below their capacity as non chalant behavior is prefered to challenging their capacity. the big problem of course is that this low expectation keep them in a state of ignorance towards what their capacities and what the potential they would be asked, if bring to a more serious form of studying or commiting.
one thing is sure is that at this rate or they are to become cheap worker or won't count on a work anylonger.

the doors don't have number that is to say you have to ask your way all the time, certainly it is a device for the child to ask for it and follow the group but since it is a special school i was wondering if the fact that you lost the child first is good as it means that he is to stay long whereas he should keep in mind that a better level of education is still available for him at any time. i think that residential unit should be seen as temporary and not permanent solution.

inside it is 26 celcius, still heating on, open widows, have you not heard about global warming?
by the way overheated area are very bad for the health, breathing and blood circulation, as well as for the concentration.

i have this luck of having quite good experience but i find it a shame that you expect your staff to be already trained, without the right to make mistakes and therefore deprived from the right and duties to take risks and challenges. also staff follow superficially rules which finally no one understands anylonger why they are, or even if they are any good, and yet less how to improve a practise without foundations.

how it comes that some people get one to one care whereas in some mental health home people very isolated don't benefit from any psychologists.
why old people and young people are not melted in a same place, as older are natural guardian and teacher???

they are serve movies, insteasd of literacy, i understand that move as they are likely not to have sky at home and a good movie is an art work that may be very useful to be seen,
but this kind of activities should happen after school, like a reward for good work, and never like a hour throws at expense of real work on academic or artistic or technical or vocational etc skills.

the pupils are said to be help on their behaviors whereas they are left without for example tidy, take their pens and notebooks. they are taught to believe that it is the task of the teachers alongside pick their rubbish up, alongside have cleaners for them taken for granted at the end of their day.

how many youngs are left without working out?
how many youngs would like, for the sake of body and energy knowledge, to practise between one and two hours of sport - i would say genuine sport.
you can see pupils in a gymnasium waiting sitting for the time passing without doing anything more than other pupils practising a sport without previous warm up, without stretching, and without real work out, endurance, some exercice at which they can push as well as respect their boundaries.
i can see that sport teachers are apparently not anymore trained that 50 years ago, as that kind of denying of warm up and cool down through stretch is a killing for the body and its lasting, the absolutely shame is not to be a teacher and be wrong about that but is to left doing it, is not there none assessment on curriculum, needs, capacity, performance.
or your young are they regarded - no i am sure only left - for making the rest of the people believe in cretinism, worthlessness, under realization and finally natural in ours inequity, and inequality.
don't worry for my not having found enough words to explain that they don't get the activities and physical and intellectual that would calm them down, as i feel like throwing up.

this is worse than refused, as they are given a pretense of hours of literacy or sport without actually doing any.

the computers are access internet, that can be found in library, instead of being educational software only.
result, you have to watch your pupils doing nothing more than gaming - as some others activities would be sure to be answered by bullying.
that along with backing up their idling will have to effect to kill our intervention and exchange and finally our teaching mission- talking about learning, fields, issues, realities, accomplishement, language, exploration...knowledge.

in conclusion, in intro of sociology we can learn that student

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