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August 7, 2013 By Our Algeria Correspondent

TIZI OUZOU, Algeria (Morning Star News) – Nearly nine months since an Algerian court last heard his case, a Christian convert from Islam still awaits a ruling on the appeal of his unusually harsh sentence for allegedly “proselytizing” and defaming Islam and its prophet. Krimo Siaghi (also known as Karim Siaghi) was arrested on April 14, [...] Christian Girl Shot Dead in Egypt
CAIRO, Egypt (Morning Star News) – A Coptic Christian girl walking home from a Bible class at her church was shot and killed last week in Cairo by an unidentified gunman, human rights activists said August 9.
Amid a near-constant din of threats and scattered attacks against the Christian population in Egypt by […]

Anne-Marie Waters | Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion | Oxford Union


c: I agree, and I would add that she expresses what I perceive as being the greatest danger: this message asking to stay calm, while a tsunami is in the making. Ok one has to stay calm but have to organize very quickly. Personal history and history are full of these moments were it is when people speak gently and pacifically that began the upside down settlement.

I would like to believe pacific Muslims. But I know what belief is and I would not trust someone saying to me I quote ‘I would just wait for you to do it or for god to judge you’, like liberalist ‘I would not interfere or force’. Because if you hold true belief (or you believe truly in them) then it is in the logic of the nature that you gonna fight as your primary duty to defend your principles and what the principles themselves are elevated to protect.

Most importantly, if the pacifists loved islam they would do anything on earth to prove that they do not belong to the same thing, that they are against, fiercely, against the people that take islam to commit the worst human rights abuses. They would also make sure that alongside their speech they show, they group together and act as pacifist and religious, kind not king (waiting for the dominance of one group over another by the establishment of privileges particularly birth privileges. In all system privileges domination lead to the privileges coming from the crimes perpetrated, form and from the crimes in fashion) to every people and every one.


Or additionally, are peaceful muslims just people that know they have got to pretend to belief in order to stay unscathed by the, if left in this logic of terror, rising, according to logics’ law, extremists.

PS: No need to call oneself an extremist when you read what the Islamic reference have been, to be the next So, dom dictator. Only they are not doing that on the beacher, it is at home that could pry proceed horrors, veil and dignity torn, tortures of orgies, terrors.

About the pacifist or the gentle, If they ain’t strong enough to group this way, or if they do not have the courage or the opportunities, then it would be extremely foolish of anyone to count on their view of islam as legitimisation or has safety net since they demonstrate practically that they would be in 0,001 seconds outnumbered by their absence in the making. A religious groups as for force and only elevation the charities and justice they can commit.

I still thank people to be on the pacifist and respectful side or strike, because I do not want, for nothing, being cut from speaking and liaising with honest and loving and living people from Islamic countries.

Also the women would start unveiling because as far as we know they have been welcomed in liberal, democratic, atheist, secular countries. And that means that they ain’t less protected here than their at in their family and at large in Islamic countries, unless they want war. One can go on thinking they will be better off with authoritarianism countries permitting any human rights abuses only if they think that 1- they are the countries about to win --- and perhaps thank to their people diplomacy and ‘integration’. (Integer a quarter more like- or disintegration). 2- That these countries, that are to win, are the countries of slavery that they if not hope for, for which they would be ultimately for, or obedient to. Today everyone has the choice. But the millions political prisoners, or victims of human trafficking or simply used as middle ages servants.

And nota bene we were servants because under the sun and the cold every one was dying. It was these tough time coming from another era were we had to die around 20-40 max because of the humidity, the cold or the diet. And because of this lack or this lack of water that is resurging globally.



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